Child Brides of India

By C. Stanton Leman




Chapter 95: Family Night at the Races





After Leeyas talk with me about becoming accomplished bakers, we were able, after a hectic week and a half with Mikos schedule, to have our family meeting regarding Leeyas request the second Friday after shed first brought it up.


We were all sitting nude on our huge custom-made bed in a circle Indian style (American that is) to begin our little pow-wow. Priya, Monaavi and Miko looked expectantly at me and when I didnt say anything they looked at Leeya.


Leeya, looking down then shyly smiling at me said, Go ahead, tell em.


I chuckled, shook my head with a smile and rebutted, No, this is your baby (pun definitely intended), you tell em.


Leeya picked up on the double entendr and giggled. Priya, the head honcho snorted, Well, one of you better tell us. Leeya seemed to think this was a big deal, so lets get on with it.


O-kay, Leeya squeaked, geez, give me a minute will ya?


Sensing this was important, Monaavi reached over Priya laying her hand on Leeyas thigh and said, Its okay, Sweetie, just tell us whats on your mind.


Babies, Leeya blurted.


HUH? Priya asked astonished.


Whatd you say? Miko followed.


Babies, Leeya blurted again, Ive got babies on my mind. I asked Sean if hed make me pregnant since Ive finished high school. Id like to stay home, have a baby and help Monaavi raise and teach our kids. Since its not necessary for me to go to work, Id rather be a mom than go to college.


Wow! Monaavi answered, I think its a wonderful idea dont you, Priya?


Priya was still trying to digest what Leeya revealed for a few silent seconds then replied, God, Leeya, youre only twelve! Why cant you wait a few years then get pregnant?


Looking Priya right in the eye and not backing down Leeya retorted, Why wait? What kind of degree do I need to be a mother or to home school our kids? Ive done some research and I dont need a college degree to home school. If that requirement changes, I can always get a degree online.


This is stupid, Leeya, Priya admonished, youre just a kid.


When Leeya heard the word kid, that lit a short fuse on ninety pounds of C-4 strapped to Leeyas ass because she exploded with, You sanctimonious little bitch! You need to get off your first wife high horse and talk to me with some respect! Youve done your little thing with impunity and blessings from all of us while Monaavi and I have borne the brunt of raising Malina. Am I pissed about it? NO! In fact, Im doing exactly what I want to do and thats raise our children.


Leeyas eyes were venomous as she stared at Priya waiting for a response. Priyas look revealed she wished shed have bit her tongue rather than to have uttered those words and was really set back by Leeyas vehement anger at her remarks because she sat silent and looked at her like Leeya had just shot her between the eyes. When a response wasnt immediately forthcoming, Leeya honed in on Priyas eyes like a stinger missile with laser sights and pulled the trigger on salvo number two. Ive practically raised Tina by myself. Am I jealous? Damn right Im jealous because you know how much I want a baby and have waited and watched while you and Monaavi have both had your dream children. You treat me like an adult when its to your advantage but when I want to be an adult member of this marriage and bear our husband a child you think Im still a stupid immature child.


Taking a breath Leeya continued, I was happy for you when you got pregnant. I didnt even have tits but I worked hours and hours and hours to bring in milk for your child: even if it was just a little but I felt so much like a woman when I fed her and Ill never regret doing that for you.


Leeya had her hands over her face crying and when I tried to put my arm around her she slapped my hand away in defiance. With a composing sniffle she wiped her tears with her hands, looked at Priya directly, only her face softened slightly and said more calmly, Priya, besides Sean, you are my second soul mate. Were cousins, sister wives and lovers. Im so hurt that youd treat me this way; I thought youd be more understanding.


Priya had her head hung in shame sobbing because she knew Leeya was right. Still looking down as she shook her head with her hands covering her face, Priya confessed, Im so ashamed, Leeya! In a lot of ways Im so jealous of you because you are so good with the girls and are a much better mother than I am. I just dont have the gift you and Monaavi have when it comes to kids.


We sat in place while Leeya turned and embraced Priya lovingly as Priya buried her face in the hollow of Leeyas neck. They embraced one another for a few minutes until Priya had calmed down enough then Leeya broke the embrace and kissed Priya passionately.


When Leeya broke the kiss, she wiped away Priyas tears with her tiny fingers and said lovingly, Theres nothing to be jealous about sister, Allah as given each of us gifts that complement each other. Mine just happens to be like Monaavis and that is children; yours is to be strong and a leader, to guide us and help Sean lead our family. I cant do or be like you any more than you can be like Monaavi or me but thats okay. Thats why Im content to be led and care for our children; but my contentment also means caring for my child as well as yours, Monaavis or Mikos.


Im so sorry, Leeya, Priya apologized, Please forgive me. Youre right. My jealousy got in the way of admitting just how much a woman you really are. Youve basically done my job by teaching Monaavi and Miko about sex and intimacy and about how to love our husband: the whole world can see how much you love Sean. This is another reason Ive been jealous of you because they went to you instead of me.


Monaavi cut in with Priya. Its not because I love Leeya more than you, its just that we were buddies and she is my best friend: thats why I turned to her. Not because I think any less of you. Youve taught me a lot about how to be a good Muslim wife.


Miko put her two cents in with, Priya, the same goes for me. I am in such awe of you, your strength, beauty and intelligence; it was just easier to relate with Leeya and she was so understanding and helpful to me when I felt like a child as far as intimacy goes. Monaavi told me how Leeya had helped her so I went to her and she showed me the same love as she did Monaavi. You are my idol and I know I could never be as smart or assertive as you.


With the air clear, I decided it was now time to address Leeyas question so I cleared my throat to bring a little order and said, Okay. Now that weve cleared up some of our insecurities, what is everyones honest opinion about Leeyas request to become a mother?


You go first, Priya goaded.


Ha, ha I snickered as I shook my head no, I will tell all of you how I feel after I hear from all of you: Leeya, keep your mouth shut.


Leeya nodded with a poker face and looked at her sisters. Monaavi thrust out her upturned one-inch nipples and proclaimed, For me, I think its great, swell her belly up like a watermelon!


Miko smiled and answered, I agree with Monaavi. I think we might be able to use Dr. Simpson also. If I remember correctly, he also has privileges at Union Memorial Hospital. They have a very good obstetrics wing. Well have to talk to him though.


After nodding heads and Ums, Miko turned to Leeya with a coy smile and added, Besides little big sister, the day you kill the rabbit, Im throwing my pills in the trash!


Everyone got a laugh out of that. I was bug-eyed to say the least. I about fainted when Monaavi chimed in with, Me too: my clocks ticking and Im thirty. Wouldnt it be fun if we all got pregnant together?


My balls almost became a companion right under my belly button at the thought of four pregnant women with hormonal changes, cravings and all the other niceties of pregnancy not to mention my tendencies toward sympathy symptoms I recovered with, I could take Leeya and Miko pregnant but we at least need Monaavi and Priya to help care for all the little screamers when theyre born.


Im not sure if it was out of trying to atone for her jealousy or she was trying to get my goat, Priya snorted and retorted, Ill have my PhD before any of them deliver, and I dont want to get pregnant for another year or so, knock em all up! Lets open a bakery and really bake some bread! What do you all say to that?


I was pounced on with endearments like Come to momma, from Monaavi, Breed me from Miko and Leeya took the seductive route saying very coquettishly Daddy, will you give me a dolly to play with?


Geez! I thought to myself, Im really gonna be fucked now literally!


Wait just a gosh darn minute! I hollered, You girls cant do this to me! We need to talk to Dr. Simpson about this first. Besides, you girls arent really serious about getting pregnant together are you?


In perfect surround sound, four grinning, nodding wives hummed out, Um hum


Priya proffered the beginnings of a plan: Leeya gets knocked up first then you two throw away your pills, deal?


Deal! The conspirators exclaimed, again in perfect surround sound that would make Bose sound like a cheap am radio.


Dont I get a say in this? I whined like a pussy-whipped little boy.




There goes that surround sound again! I wanted to strangle the guy that invented it!


Miko started laying out the plan by saying, Alright, listen up girls, heres what were gonna do


What is it with smart and intelligent women anyway? If four guys were talking about vying for rights to knock up a girl, theyd still be standing around trying to figure out their first seduction line. That fast, these four had not only made the decision but also had the plan! Damn! I thought to myself, Aint it a bitch: women have eighty percent of the brains, fifty percent of the money and all the pussy!


Miko continued to lay out her plan, Ill talk to Dr. Simpson tomorrow, Monday at the latest. Im sure he wants to deliver Leeyas baby and he can do it at Union Memorial. Hes already said he would keep our confidence and I think hell be able, with his good bedside manner, to have Sean fill out the birth certificate form, give it to him and hell mail it in. The state doesnt know Sean or Leeya from Adam and Eve. Well? What cha think, all in agreement say aye.




Im starting to hate surround sound! Now, I wanted to gut the guy.


Priya gave me a devilishly evil grin and quipped, Well Studley, as they say in the business, you now have one of those opportunities to perform.


Borrowing a line from Bill Cosby, I rolled my eyes, outstretched my hands and said, When did I lose control?


This night would be the mother of all nights when it came to revelations. Once I was outvoted and elected to become the sperm donor to three horny, fertile and nubile young women, they then proceeded to begin a feeding frenzy that made Jaws look like a cartoon! Priya and Leeya started it off by making kissy face and playing touchy-feely. I guess the motherly instinct was shelved for the night in lieu of some down and dirty lechery. As is always the case on these nights of Islamic debauchery (with a little help from the Christians), when Monaavi and Miko saw the two cousins reaffirm their Sapphic love for each other, Miko reacted first and pounced on my dick with a vengeance almost inhaling my balls as I suddenly found her expert tongue action slathering my dick and balls with the ferocity of a piranha. Monaavi wasnt to be left out and she decided to go bronco riding on my face and tried to tickle my tonsils with her mini dick of a clit.


The last look I got of Leeya and Priya was when theyd moved into a 69 and were seriously cleaning each others carpet so well they would make Servicemaster proud. Monaavi was grinding her smooth slick slit over my mouth directing me to her special place while Miko was swallowing Daddy Dick.


Miko has the ability of a gymnast with her tongue to do unbelievable things with a cock in her throat: its truly amazing! In no time it felt like she was sucking my balls through my urethra! Like on my wedding night to Miko (I guess they talked!), Monaavi turned the table on me. I was so engrossed with those fuzzy-wuzzy feelings in my dick, Id forgotten all about the mini dick in my mouth. Monaavi slapped my chest and ordered, Get that tongue action going Studley or Ill smuffocate you where you lay! and ground her sweet pussy harder onto my face.


Mmfffggfhtt, I replied with a mouth full of clit dick.


Miko was now slithering Pretty Pussy down onto my shaft and when her pubic bone hit mine she was off to the races. Cris McCarron would be proud of her because she was out of the gate and hitting her stride in no time!


As I envisioned my death by fornication, the horse race played out in my mind: And theyre off! Its Pretty Pussy riding My Dick ahead by a cunt hair closely followed by Mini Dick on My Face. At the first turn its Pretty Pussy on the outside laying into My Dick with a tight rein as Mini Dick starts jockeying for position: oops, sorry folks, thats a better position


I figured the only way to get out of this alive was to bring Mini Dick off so I could breathe; if I didnt, Id need scuba gear soon!


I sucked in Monaavis super sized tingle button and began flicking my tongue with the precision of an oral surgeon. LOL. Monaavi was getting the ride she hoped for because I heard a muffled OH GOD! and she came so hard she lifted off of my face. I guess the two were having trouble staying upright with all the bucking and bronking and had their hands on each others shoulders for support. Miko was getting those good vibrations with seven inches of Irish Islamic salami in her Nippon Christian cunt and her hands slipped down over Monaavis breasts as Monaavi was cumming.


Monaavi doesnt go for any touchy feely by a woman and slapped Mikos hands away. Undeterred from her mission, Miko put her hands back on Monaavis shoulders without breaking stride. Monaavi wasnt finished: she sat down promptly and said, Eat me some more, Studley!


Here we go again! Monaavi must have found my tonsils with sonar because she was right back in the saddle in 3.5 seconds and grinding away. And Pretty Pussy is still in the lead on the back stretch riding high in the saddle on My Dick with Mini Dick on My Face making her move


I began again in earnest strumming Monaavis tingling appendage like Charlie Daniels playing The Devil Goes Down to Georgia. I heard Monaavi start her banshee scream and knew Id make it to the finish line alive. Mini Dick is driving hard on My Face on the outside and gaining ground on Pretty Pussy riding My Dick as they come to the home stretch


I needed to breathe and started to see stars: no thats Monaavis puckered star. Eureka! Ive got it, Sherlock said to Watson. I wiggled my hand out from underneath Monaavis planted knees and started rimming her nether hole. I dipped down to get some good old fashioned fuck juice and came back up to the North Star (Isnt it white: this ones pink!).


I thought to myself, This is gonna be good! cause I heard Miko chanting Yagate, yagate, yagate


I sucked Monaavis pencil dick and started gnawing on it like a rat eating cheese. Monaavi was into her full-blown battle cry when I rammed my finger up her ass to the hilt.


She violently shuddered, pressed down hard and quivered out her orgasm. About five seconds later she was so sensitive she had to lift off and as she did, she figured it was payback time for Miko. As she lifted off me she quipped, Here, Samurai Slut, take that! and pinched her nipples as she dismounted.


That was it! Miko screamed Ogazzumoooooo and rammed herself down so hard on my pelvis I thought Ill be in traction for a year and came super hard! She leaned back, broke her fall with her hands planted behind her and began squirting like a fire hose drenching Monaavi and I as if we were in a Kohler super shower! Monaavi squirmed out of the way with a giggle and an Eeeek! as Miko just kept hosing me all the way up my chest.


And Mini Dick on My face wins by a nipple right at the finish line.


I looked over at the two incestuous Sapphites as they watched on in amazement. Miko slid off my cock with a wet slurp and as soon as those two incestuous Indians saw my cum oozing from Pretty Pussy they were like mind melded in their purpose. They leapt over me and each took a leg and dove into Mikos pussy to eat their dessert.


Miko Eeeked and looked down to see her slurping sisters, threw her head back, grabbed each by the hair pulling them into her oozing slit and screamed This is so fucking hot! and thrust up to make sure they got the crack of her ass while they were at it.


When Miko gets wound up, shes a wet one and the girls were about to find that out. I scooted out of the way, and looked at Monaavi: God! Whats going on here? Monaavi was watching slack-jawed and wide-eyed and strumming her banjo dick playing Deliverance. (I thought she only played piano!)


Priya got the most of my cum, shared a little with Leeya and as Leeya continued to worship Pretty Pussy, Priya knee-walked up to Miko and hovered over her face. Priya gave Miko a closed-mouth smile, pulled on Mikos chin to open her mouth and as a wide-eyed Miko watched, Priya gave her a creamy snowball. That was all it took and she went off again spewing her cum all over Leeyas face.


Leeya was so wet she slid off Mikos squirting pussy but only for a nanosecond and latched on to her gushing pee hole and sucked for all she was worth. Monaavi came, Leeya came and Priya jumped on Mikos face and said, Suck it, Samurai Slut!


Miko, being submissive, did her mistresss bidding and got her first taste of feline pie. It must have been good because in seconds she had that magical tongue working on that chocolate slit like it was a sundae from Dairy Queen!


Everyone sated except Priya, we sat back and watched the show. I guess Priya found that Japanese sushi was to her liking because she dropped down and put a lip lock on Pretty Pussy real good!


I pulled Leeya and Monaavi away and said, Watch this, Priyas gonna get drowned!


I must have been telepathic because Id no sooner said that when Miko opened up the hydrant again. Priya, being an ex devote piss drinker found a substitute: sugar for salt and didnt spill a drop!


Miko was suffocating under Choco-Pussy and needed to get her mistress off so she did as I did and rammed her finger right up Priyas dark brown star. Well, Priya saw stars all right, she broke suction with Pretty Pussy and screamed Oh fuck! and slammed down on Samurai Slut hard as she shuddered out her orgasm. Miko was no slouch either and gave as good as she got and kept finger fucking Priyas ass like a jackhammer.


Priya was convulsing and lunged forward to disengage her ravaged ass hole from Samurai Sluts invading digit to land with her waist on top of Mikos feet. To make her Sapphic conversion complete, Miko sat up, pried open Priyas chocolate buns and stuck her tongue right up Priyas ass. She pulled out, gave Priya a slap on the ass and said, There, Sister, nobody sucks pussy like Samurai Slut!


Priya was convinced and answered meekly, Hai! Arigato!


What a fuckin night! I thought only men went into a feeding frenzy over pussy but after seeing this, I was truly a toe sucking, pussy whipped fuck toy!


We surveyed the carnage: it looked like there was a fifty-person orgy! The sheets looked like they were put on right from the washer. Miko actually slid a little when she tried to get up. We all looked at each other and shaking my head in disbelief said, So, Miko, nobody eats pussy like Samurai Slut, huh?


Miko licked her lips and replied unequivocally, Thats right Master, my tongue is even better than yours!


You got that right, Sister, Priya confirmed with a smile.


Ooooh! Priya added, But you gotta take it easy on my poopy next time, Miko.


Defeated and feeling my testosterone needed encouragement by about a hundred points I changed the subject and said, Okay, group shower and somebodys gonna get their ass fucked!


Thatd be me, Leeya squealed, I havent had my diet of man yet tonight. I have nutritional needs you know.


Choco Pussy chimed in with, Studley isnt getting any rest until Monaavi and I get some dick also!


I second that, Sister, Monaavi put in.


My little innocent and delicate lotus blossom was no more. I gave Leeya a good ass fucking in the shower and Miko was right there to clean her up and share with Priya. Miko, with a partial mouth full of cum turned to Monaavi and asked Waa suum?


Monaavi shook her off saving, No thanks, Ill get mine from the tap.


Miko gained two nicknames that night: Samurai Slut and Fluffer because she could raise the dick on a cadaver with that magical tongue. As soon as we got the sheets changed, Miko got me rock hard and I swatted Monaavi on the ass saying, Okay, Mini Dick turn around here so I can practice breeding you right!


I then proceeded to so some feeding of my own! After I dumped a load in Monaavis luscious cunt, I tickled Priyas tonsils with my impregnator until she got me hard again. When I was ready, she looked at me curtly as she wiggled her jaw back and forth and I commented to her You started it tonight and Im gonna finish it.


I knew I had little or nothing to give but I was gonna fuck her chocolate pussy into oblivion! I started out doggie style and when I pulled my knot out I flipped her over throwing her legs up onto my shoulders and fucked her hard into the mattress. She must have came about six times but I was gonna get her good tonight. I was rutting like a bull elephant in his harem when I pushed Priyas knees alongside her head and kept getting it on and ordered, Dont you dare come until I say so!


Panting Priya nodded in lust.


Miko! I ordered never breaking stride, Get your ass over here on top of Priya and start sucking face. Leeya, lay down here next to Priya and hook your arms under your thighs, Monaavi, you do the same on this side.


When I had all the girls where I wanted them, I gave Miko a good slap on the ass and asked, Whose pussy is this?


Yours master.


And whose ass and mouth is this? I asked again with another slap.


Yours master, Miko squeaked.


Looking at Leeya I smacked her upturned butt and asked, And you, Princess, whose ass, pussy and mouth is this?


Yours master, Leeya squealed as she giggled.


And you, Mini Dick, I asked as I slapped her luscious ass, Who do you belong to: ass, mouth and pussy?


You master, Monaavi sighed.


I pushed Miko away from Priya and looked into Priyas eyes: she was a smoldering caldron of molten obsidian and as I pounded her pussy I asked, And (stroke) whose (stroke) pussy (Stroke) mouth (stroke) and ass (stroke) is this?


Yours UUHH Master UUHH always and UUHH only UUHH yours Master! she grunted with conviction.


Then cum: now! I ordered as I drove into her depths and spewed out what I had left.


Priya exploded! She just lurched, shuddered and gasped as her rocket went into orbit. After several seconds of gasping for air, clinching my cock and milking me dry she sank into the mattress totally exhausted. I pulled out and dove into her pussy with a vengeance and sucked her dry with everyone looking on in wide-eyed amazement shaking their slack-jawed heads.


I sat up, smacked my lips and turned to all said unequivocally, NOBODY sucks pussy like I do and dont any of you ever forget it! Any another thing, since all your pussies, asses and mouths belong to me, I say who eats who, got it?


Priya awake now, answered with the rest in beautiful surround sound Yes Master!


There! I thought with a grin, Top dog again!


After that display of authority, all four were jockeying for position on either side of me. I grabbed Princess and said, Come here my preteen princess, Im a gonna breed you first.


I grabbed Monaavi and said, Come here, Momma, you didnt get to eat my cum tonight so you can wake me up with your beautiful mouth in the morning.


Leeya squealed and giggled herself into my side as Monaavi shuddered and groaned, grabbed my cock and said, Im gonna inhale your balls so be prepared.


Miko and Priya didnt feel too left out because they started sucking face as I dozed off to sleep after saying Goodnight, my darling slaves.


Goodnight, Master, they replied in vibrant Dolby surround sound.



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