Stories from Mortice Deadlock

Securing Sarah

This is the first few chapters of this story. More to come soon.

Chapter 1

I saw her face light up as she took the handcuffs from the rack and turned them over in her hand.

I said, "You look like you've used those before."

She smiled. "They remind me of a boyfriend I had in college. I spent quite a few hours in them then. It was fun, but that was as kinky as it got."

Wow. When I invited Sarah up to see my shop, I had no idea she was into this stuff. I wanted to find out more, but I didn't want to push my luck, so I proceeded with caution. "Well look around anything else. Try something on if you like."

She smiled, saying "Thank you, it's good of you to let me look around your shop when it's closed." She put the cuffs back and browsed on to some hoods. But she stopped and turned to me. Hesitantly, she said, "Do you think you could help me out?"

"Yes, of course", I said. "What can I do?"

"Well, seeing those cuffs has reminded me what they used to feel like, and I'd like to feel it again. Could you put these handcuffs on me?"

Would I! I'd thought of nothing else since she picked them up. "Yes of course, glad to be able to help."

She put her hands out in front of her, saying, "I wouldn't let just anyone do this to me, but I've known you a while, and I know I can trust you."

I took the handcuffs from the rack and took off the pair of keys hanging from a loop of wire. I closed one cuff around one of her wrists, watching her face as she reacted to each click as though it were a kiss from a lover.

I looked at her hands, and said, "I don't suppose your boyfriend secured your hands together in front of you, did he?"

She looked confused, so I turned her around and secured her hands together behind her back, and when I turned her around again, her face was a combination of disbeliev at what I had done, and elation at loving it! She wriggled to test her bonds. I said, "How's that? I can take them off if you like."

"No, please leave them. If you'll help me, I can still browse the shop while I'm cuffed."

She looked at other things, asking me to pick them up for her, or turn them over. She liked the look of a furry blindfold, so I put it on her. She loved it, and would have loved to carry on browsing while wearing it, but that wasn't very practical.

And all this time I knew I had this beautiful girl doing kinky things in my shop, and I respected her far too much to take advantage!

Then she came to the chastity belts section - shiny steel devices in a display cabinet, some fitted with dildos and others with buttplugs. She stared open mouthed at one of them, saying "Is that what I think it is?"

"It sure is. No one secured into one of those has any chance of having sex, or even touching themselves without the key holder's agreement."

"Could I... try it on?"

"Sure, but the steel ones are made to measure, and these ones wouldn't fit you. But you can try a leather one on, they're adjustable."

I pulled one out of a drawer, and then said, "I think this is one thing you will need your hands for," as I removed her cuffs.

She took the device into the changing rooms, and I waited patiently. I had had no idea what a strange evening thiswould be, but when I found out, my jaw dropped.

She came out of the changing room, but gone were the skirt and blouse she was wearing, replaced by a black bra and a leather chastity belt. I really couldn't answer when she turned around and asked, "How do I look?"

The belt consisted of a leather triangle over her pussy, straps around her waist, and a few straps over her arse cheeks. She experimentally tried to touch her pussy, and was just about able to slip a finger around the side of the triangle.

She was disappointed, but I said, "It just needs adjusting." I tightened the buckles on the straps across her arse, which made her wince. But when she tried again, she couldn't touch anything.

She handed me some locks, and innocently asked, "Where do these go?"

I snapped one lock on each of the buckles, and handed her all the keys. "How does that feel?

"Nicely secured! I don't think I could get up to anything with this on me."

As her hand rubbd her trapped pussy, I could see she was thinking something through. She said, "How much is this?"

"Well," I sad, "You could borrow that one, if you'd like to try before you buy."

"Thankyou, but... well, I wouldn't want to borrow all of it, exactly..."

"What do you mean? "

"Well, could you keep the keys? Just look after them for me. I think it will improve my experience no end if I can't release myself."

I could think of nothing more sexy than keeping the keys that secure this girl's pleasure! I took the keys from her and put them in my pocket.

I said, "Well, let me know when you want them back. Or, would you prefer to decide now on when I should return them?"

"Oh, well I don't want to be able to just ask for them. I think you should choose how long I wear this for"

"Okay, well perhaps we should just say that it won't be any time too soon. You're going to be locked up in there for a while to come!"

She had the most beautiful, sexy smile i've ever seen!

Chapter 2

Three days later, she came back into the shop, just at closing time, wearing jeans and a tee shirt.

She looked around as I locked up. I innocently asked, "So how are you? "

"Horny!" she said. "The belt was rubbing my leg a bit, but I sorted that out with some cream. Otherwise, it's just been very effective at keeping me horny and keeping me away from myself."

I said, "So you don't need to be released yet?"

"Oh no, i'm loving being kept in it. In fact, is there anything you can do to make me feel any more secured?"

I thought. "Well, let me think... I could lock a chain around your neck?"

Her eyes lit up. "Yes that sounds like fun! I would have to wear things that covered it up, so it would be like you controlling what I wear as well."

I took a short chain and lock from a rack, put the chain around her neck, and said, "You realise that once I lock this chain around your neck, it could be on there for a long time, and there's nothing you' be able to do about it."

She screamed, "Do it!"

I clicked the lock shut.

She thrust her hand down between her legs, crying "Oh that gets me so turned on!"

I said, "Me too!"

She pushed her other hand into my crotch, felt the bulge of my hard cock, and said, "So it does!"

Chapter 3

It was nearly a week before I saw her again.

She came into the shop, like last time, but this time she was wearing a short black dress with a scooped neck that clearly showed off her neck chain and padlock, and black boots.

She had a look of lust in her eye. She said, "I need an orgasm!"

I reached for her keys. "You want me to unlock you?"

"No, I need to earn it. I need you to make me earn it."

Wow this girl was getting very into power play, but loving it. I wasn't sure how far to push it. "What do you want to do?"

"I need you to make me suck you off."

I stared at her for a moment, dsbelieving what I had just heard. Then I took a dog lead from a rack and clipped it onto her neck chain. I pulled her over to a clear space in the middle of the room. She happily followed.

I ordered, "On your knees." She did, and eagerly unzipped my trousers. I pushed her hands away. "Not so fast! First, strip!"

She put her hands on the hem of her skirt, and in one quick movement pulled it right off over her head, leaving her naked except for the leather triangle of the chastity belt and the neck chain. I unclipped the lead momentarily to untangle the dress from it, then looked down at her slender body and pert breasts set free before me.

I could wait no more. I said, "Now you can suck me."

She pulled out my painfully throbbing cock and thrust her whole mouth around it. Between the spasms of pleasure her lips and tongue were giving me, I saw her thumping the leather protecing her pussy.

I pulled her keys from my pocket, then pushed her onto the ground and unlocked her chastity belt.

I hesitated, not being sure what I should do since we hadn't discussed how far this should go, but as soon as the last lock was off, she took my hand and pushed it past the leather into her soaking pussy. I pushed fingers into her hole and over her clit, as she grabbed my cock and rubbed its head furiously.

Within minutes we were both howling. She let out a cry of orgasm, and when I heard this I shot my load into her cleavage.

We both panted for a moment, then hugged.

I said, "There's a shower out the back you can use if you like."

She said, "After that, you will lock me up again, won't you?"

Chapter 4

I didn't see her often, about once a week on average, but she was always locked up, always very horny, and usually we both got an orgasm out of it.

Once she said I was being too easy on her, so after that I would sometimes not unlock her at all. She didn't seem to mind going home horny, but she would be back in a few days wanting more.

She needed to be controlled more, so I came up with orders for her. Sometimes I had her wear a butt plug, either after she had been with me, or once she left. She found it difficult at first, but got used to it. Other times I would tell her to wear high heels, or a very short dress, or something in leathr or pvc. She always obeyed.

It wasn't long before she needed something more secure than the leather chastity belt, and she was always wanting more bondage, more security, more of a challenge. So I measured her for a new device, without her knowing of course. And finally it arrived.

She appeared at the usuall time, looking as sexy as ever and just as she'd been ordered: short tight PVC dress, high heels, and with wiggle in her walk that told of the large butt plug she was carrying around. She saw I had the bondage frame, so she got herself ready. She took off her dress, put her feet by each foot of the bondage frame, then bent over forwards, letting her waist be supported by a bar across the frame and letting her hands hang down the other side.

I walked around her, fastening the straps that held her wrists and ankles to the frame. This position offered her plugged arse up beautifully, and was the position I often took her in, fucking either her pussy or her arse.

But tonight would be different. "I have new toy for you," I said as I popped the plug out.

She giggled excitedly. I hadn't let her cum for 2 weeks so i'm sure she was hoping it would be something she'd enjoy.

I unlocked her leather chastity belt and let it fall away. I lightly brushed her pussy, which made her let out a low groan. I slipped a finger inside and smelled her anticipation

Just as she was starting to pant, I stopped toucing her - she squealed in frustration. I said, "I don't want you to see your surprise too soon," As I put a blindfold on her.

I continued, "I suspect your leather chastity belt is just a bit too flimsy, I don't know if it's really enough to keep you from yourself, so I got you something a bit more secure."

I took out a box from behind the counter, and lifted out the shiny steel that would be her genital prison for quite some time. She heard the rustling of the wrapping, and turned her head as though she could see. I started to wrap the thin steel band of the belt's waist around her waist - she gasped when the cold steel touched her. I wrapped the band right around her waist, clipping the two ends together by her belly button.

She asked, "What is that? What are you doing?" She sounded anxious - I liked that.

"You're getting an upgrade," I said, "to something rather more... suitable."

"Oh!" She said, with a delicious mixture of fear and excitement.

I clipped two flat chains to the back of her waist belt, and let them fall down over her arse cheeks. Connected to the end of them was a triangle of steel with a large hole in it - this I pushed between her legs. I pulled the end of the triangle up to the front of the waist band, and clipped it in place, pulling the chains tight over her arse and the triangle flat against her pubes.

I then clipped a cuved bar to the center back of the belt. I said, "I hope this feels comfortable on you."

With trepidation, she replied, "Yes, why? "

I said, "Because it's going to be on you for a very long time!" I put a small box against the front of the belt, and pushed a button. With a whirring sound, the belt got tighter as all clipped in parts became secured.

She said, "My god, have you locked me into a new chastiy belt? "

"Not exactly," I said as I pushed my fingers through her legs and into her pussy. "The current arrangement is that I still have full access to you, but you can bet that won't be the case by the time you're released from the bondage frame."

Her pussy was wet, so I opened my fly and pushed my already hard cock into it. She moaned, but it was only with frutration. I wasn't touching her clit, and she wouldn't be able to cum by penetration alone. Her situation got me so horny that it didn't take me long to shoot my load deep into her.

After I had recovered, I said, "Now your pussy has been used for what it's needed for, I can secure it from prying fingers until next time."

She gasped again as she felt something slide into her pussy. But this time, it was a small rubber dildo, attached to a triangle of metal which clipped onto the larger triangle, which between them covered her entire pussy region. I put the control box over it, and pushed a button which securely locked it. I said, "There, you're going to be enjoying that little cock in you for quite a while!"

The curved metal bar attached to the back was hinged - I swung it downwards, but I had to push it for he last 6 inches of its journey, as the buttplug on its end forced its way into her arse, causing her to wince and squirm.

Ten minutes later, she was up and looking at herself in the mirror. She agreed that the shiny steel underwear looked very sexy. She banged her fist against the pussy cover but could not get any sensation to her clit, which was probably throbbing with frustration inside its prison. She walked around the room - I could see her struggling to deal with the strange intruders in her pussy and arse.

In a moment of seriousness, I asked, "It's not too much, is it?"

She smild, kissed me on the cheek, and said, "It's beautiful!"

She dressed back into her sexy short pvc dress and tall boots. By now she had almost got used to her very alternative underwear. She asked, "Are you going to keep all this locked onto me? "

I smiled, "Of course I am!"

"So how am I supposed to use the toilet? "

"Taking a piss is no problem, there are holes or that. And you can take out the buttplug any time you like. just try it."

She pulled up her dress, grabbed the bar attached to the plug, and with a grunt she pulled it out. The bar was hinged at her waist, so it now stuck out. She tried to pull her dress down, but the bar made a strange bulge at her rear. She had no choice but to push the plug back inside her and let the bar nestle between her cheeks - then she was able to pull her dress down neatly.

She said, "It's a lovely piece of equipment. I only have one other question."

"What's that?"

"How am I supposed to have sex in this? "

Chapter 5

I couldn't leave her too long with a dildo stuck in one end and a buttplug in the other... Could I?

After 5 days I told her to come in to my shop. I thought before then she would have come in begging for release, but I'd heard nothing.She was smiling when she came in. "This is so frustrating, but so sexy too! I've had to put up with sticking this plug in my arse all the time, and every time I do it I get horny, and there's not much I can do about that! And this plug bar is too big to hide under jeans so I've had to wear skirts and dresses all the time!"

That turned me on so much, her being so controlled by what I'd secured on her. "Are you okay to keep it all on for a few more weeks then?"

"Oh!" She looked shocked. "Well..."

I had no intention of keeping her in that long, but I thought I would tease her. "If you want freedom, you'll have to earn it."

She smiled at that. "Of course, Sir. I would expect nothing less." But I understand what that smile means - she thinks she'll get an orgasm out of it. And do you think I'm going to let her?

"Assume the position!" I ordered her as I prepared the bondage frame. She bent over it and I strapped her in.

I heard her gasps of excitement as I unlocked the cover holding the dildo in her pussy, and slid it out. I tickled her clit to hear her moan and dampen her pussy. I slid the buttplug out of her arse as I rubbed my hard cock over her pussy lips, getting her juices over it. But then, to her frustration, I pushed it into her arse, leaving her sensitive clit untouched.

I thrust until I shot into her, then sat down to watch her struggle in her bonds to try to get some stimulation. She gave up and slumped down, exhausted. But I knew what would get her going again.

I sat down next to her bound body and slipped my finger into her dripping pussy. As I brushed her clit with it, I said, "You should make the most of this sort of freedom while you still have it."

She was panting as she said, "What do you mean?"

I could feel her tension rising. "Because next time you come here..."


She was really panting now. "...I'm going to give you..."

"Yes? Yes?"

"Some piercings!"

And then she let out the longest, loudest orgasmic scream I've ever heard!

Chapter 6

We had arranged it all. She knew all that was going to happen to her, up to a point, but beyond that she didn't want to know. She trusted that I would keep her safe, and that was enough for her.

Of course, I had to suitably prepare her for the big day, so she had not been allowed out of her chastity belt for three weeks, her longest time encarcerated ever. She had not met Bill, my piercer friend. And she said she didn't want to - she liked the idea of never meeting the man who was going to push needles through her body. And, of course, during the process she would be in thorough bondage, so would never see him.

The day came, so I gave her a buzz and she came in. No, I didn't call her, I sent a signal to the remote controlled vibrator in her chastity belt. When she felt a tickle down there, she knew it was from me - one buzz meant she should come in to the shop, two meant call me, three meant put in a buttplug, and seven meant "I bet you're horny!"

Sarah arrived in in a black PVC catsuit, as I had told her to. She had worn it on the bus on the way, and she knew she would have to wear it on the way home. I knew it would embarrass her, and she knew that's why I ordered her to do it.

She unzipped it to reveal her bare naked flesh, protected only by the shiny steel that encased her pussy. No words were needed - I kissed her lips, then placed a leather hood over her head. Once I had tightened the lacing at the back of the hood, the built-in blindfold pressed tightly against her eyes, and the gag pushed into her mouth, silencing her except for grunts.

Only then did I bring in Bill, who had been waiting in another room. We had decided that he should not speak if he could avoid it, to give her the right atmosphere. Bill and I picked Sarah up and put her down on a table. We strapped her hands to the top of the table and a put a wide strap around her waist. Then we attached two poles to the end of the table and strapped her ankles to the stirrups on top of them.

I took the control box for her chastity belt out of my pocket and placed it over her belt's waist, and heard the click of her freedom. She moaned slightly as I pulled it off her. Her wide stretched legs gave us a great view of her pussy. It had got quite hairy over the last few weeks, so I got some hot water and a razor, and after a few minutes it was bald. She was softly moaning all the time but we were careful not to stimulate her too much.

I leaned over to her head and said, "You know we're going to pierce you, don't you?" She nodded. "And you're okay with Bill permanently modifying your body, to my instructions?" She nodded harder. "And you want to thank Bill in the way we agreed?" I could see the excitement in her almost violent nodding.

I sat back as I watched Bill, who was already hard, put on a condom and slide into Sarah's already dripping pussy. He didn't speak but he grunted a lot, and she thrashed around in her bonds, making all sorts of noises through her hood, until Bill cried out.

Once Bill pulled out, Sarah was still twitching in her bonds, trying to get some more stimulation to make her orgasm, but she could get none. I whispered to her, "I hope you enjoyed that, because it's the last thing that will be going in there for quite a long time!"

Bill started to prepare his equipment. He soon had a needle ready, and he gave me the signal to say to her, "The first needle is going in now."

It's a good thing she was strapped down, because her whole body tensed as the needle punctured her clit hood. Bill put a small U-shaped bar through the hole. He pierced another 4 holes into her labia lips, 2 on each side, and put the same U-shaped bars through them. He then took a piece of slightly curved metal, and held it over her pussy. Each of the bars fit into small holes around the edge of the shield. He turned a key, and with a click the bars were fastened in place. Then he moved up to her breasts, and put a needle to her left nipple. I warned her what was coming, then he pushed it through. Soon there were two tiny silver padlocks through her nipples, with a light chain running between them.

Bill packed his bag, and I showed him out. Sarah had no idea who he was the whole time.

I unstrapped her hood and let her blink and stretch her jaw. I stood between her legs, put my hard cock against her new pussy shield, and said, "I bet you'd like me to thrust into here!" I could see her trying to thrust her hips forward into my cock, but it would do her no good.

As soon as I had released her left wrist, her hand shot down to feel her pussy shield. After only a moment she was banging on it in frustration - just the effect I wanted!

Once she was fully released, she was able to properly examine what had been done to her body. The shield was secure - she couldn't get around it and couldn't pull it away from her body. A raised bump in the shield stopped any of the metal from touching her clit, so a vibrator wouldn't get her off.

Her frustration got me very hard. I pulled out my cock and said, "Well, aren't you going to thank me?" She got down on her knees and took me into her mouth.

I held her right breast, tweaking her newly pierced nipple, as she filled her mouth with my cum.

Chapter 7

"It's not enough."

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. I was just releasing her from a contraption that had kept her bent over backwards in strict bondage while I fucked her, and this time I even let her cum - she screamed the building down. What more did she want?

While I secured the chastity cover back over her pussy, she continued. "I'm sorry I don't mean to sound ungrateful. These sex sessions are great and I love what we do together. But when I go home, it's just like I'm going back to dull, normal life. I want to feel like this all the time!"

I replied, "At home you're in chastity and still collared all the time."

"But, like I say, it's not enough."

I smiled. "And I was thinking I was pushing you too far."

As I took her blindfold off, she looked deep into my eyes. "Push me. Push me further than I can take. Push me further than you dare. I need it. I need the challenge. Do it. Do it, Master."

She sounded intense, I felt cautious. "But..."

She interrupted, "I always have my safeword, and I would use it if I needed to. Be confident in that."

"Okay, I will. In fact, I had a plan for you, but I'm going to make it more severe, and I trust you to tell me if it's too much."

She kissed me on the cheek. "I will, Master."

Once she was fully released, I said, "Open that box." She opened it, and pulled out a bundle of rubber, then held it up to find it was a rubber catsuit, with long arms and legs. I said, "I was going to have you wear that for the rest of the weekend, but since you want things more challenging, you're going to wear it for a week."

"Okay," she said as she looked over it, but she didn't look too impressed. Since she'd asked me to push her, I thought of what more I could do.

I went over to a clothing rack and picked out another bundle of rubber. "I've changed my mind, you will wear this for the week instead."

She held it up to find it was another rubber suit, but this time it had attached hands and feet. "Wow!" she said. "This is totally enclosing! My body will be totally trapped in rubber except my head. Do I have to wear this for the whole week?"

I hadn't thought about it. That would be a difficult thing for her to do, but there would be no long-term harm done, and she wanted a challenge. "Yes, all week. To start with, at least."

I saw her hand move down to where her clit was trapped under a metal plate as she stared at her rubber prison, and then I knew it was the right thing to do.

I handed her a bottle of talc and she spread it over the inside of the suit. Then she started to roll the feet of the suit onto hers, and soon she was smoothing out the wrinkles of her smooth black second skin on her lower body. Then she pushed her fingers into the gloves, knowing they would be in there for at least a week.

With a little more pulling and smoothing, she had the suit on up to her shoulders, though still open at the back. I stood behind her and slowly pulled the zip up, listening to her gasps as the tight rubber got tighter around her body.

Soon it was done, and my beauty looked stunning in her new skin, carved out of black marble. She tried walking around the room, seeing how her new body moved with her, and I watched as the light reflected off her smooth arse. The suit had a zip to access her pussy and arse, and there was the rear zip for getting into it, but both of these were black like the suit, so it looked completely smooth from the neck down, even over her fingers and toes.

"Oh this is incredible!" Sarah said.

"And it's not over yet," I replied. "Touch your toes."

She bent over, and I opened her arse zip. I lubed up her arse, and she whimpered, guessing what was to come. I picked up her usual buttplug, but then, remembering she liked challenges, chose a larger one instead, and slipped it in. Her grunts meant she noticed the increased size. I said, "You can take that out to go to toilet, but I want it in place for the rest of the time. All the time!"

As she stood, awkwardly, I took a small padlock from a drawer, unlocked it, and showed it to her. "This is what's going to secure you into your new skin for the next week. Once this goes on, your only escape will be through me, or through cutting it off."

She solemnly said, "Yes, Sir."

She turned around, and I used the lock to secure her rear zip to her chain collar. She stared at her shiny black hands, saying, "This is going to be hard to hide while I'm in college, but even harder to hide from my flat mate."

I didn't know she lived with someone. "Tell me about your flatmate," I said.

"Her name's Sandy, she's my age. I've told her that I'm seeing you, but she doesn't know all of what we get up to. I keep meaning to tell her, I think she'd be okay with it, but I've never bought the subject up to find out."

Sarah said she wanted challenges, so I thought I would give her one. I said, "Do you mind if I tell her?"

Sarah was surprised, "Sure, you can if you want to."

"In that case, you won't mind if I make you tell her then?"

"What do you mean?"

"You'll find out. I want you to bring her to meet me on Sunday."

"Okay. Here?"

"No, it's not public enough. Lets meet at the food court in the shopping mall."

She started to look worried. "You want us to be somewhere public?"

With one hand I stroked her cheek, with the other I stroked her arse and pushed in her buttplug. "You want challenges. On Sunday I intend to challenge you to expose your fetish self to your flatmate and to the world."

Her eyes lit up. "Yes, Sir!"

Chapter 8

I looked around the food court, and spotted Sarah and Sandy. It was easy to spot Sarah, since it was a warm day but she was the only one wearing gloves. Sandy was an attractive girl, perhaps a little old than Sarah and a little less slim, and with beautiful long blonde hair.

I approached them. We exchanged greetings, and Sarah moved over to let me sit next to her.

Sandy said, "So you're the famous Tony I've been hearing all about. Well, she doesn't tell me much, except that she keeps sneaking out to your place for wild sex. All sounds a bit kinky to me!"

I replied, "Kinky? No, I think you're exaggerating there. I've never been called that." Sarah and I exchanged knowing smiles.

I put a tub on the table. "I got some fried chicken. I hope that's okay with everyone?" Sandy and I took pieces out, but Sarah hesitated. I said to her, "I guess if you're going to eat finger food, you'd better take your gloves off."

I could see the dilemma in her face, but she knew she had to do it, it was part of the challenge. She slowly took her gloves off to reveal the smooth rubber beneath, polished shiny by the movement of the gloves over them.

Sandy nearly dropped her chicken, and said, "Wow, neat gloves! So why were you wearing one pair under another pair?"

I was enjoying Sarah's awkwardness. "Yes, Sarah, why were you?"

And she answered in the way I knew she would. "Because you told me to, Sir."

I said, "Well done." I could see Sandy's look of surprise and confusion, so I said to her, "Okay, perhaps I am a little kinky."

Sandy said to Sarah, "So you have to wear the gloves all the time he tells you to? That's neat! Is that rubber, or what?" And to me, she said, "So does she have to wear them to eat with too?"

"No, not at all. Sarah, you can take your rubber gloves off now."

Of course I knew she couldn't, and she knew I knew, but it was all a part of the game being played out for Sandy's amusement, without her even knowing it. So Sarah said, "I'm sorry, Sir, I can't take my gloves off."

I replied, in a slightly commanding tone, "Sarah, please show us why you can't take your gloves off."

A moment of panic struck Sarah, although she must have known it was coming. "What, here, now?"

With an authoritative stare, I just said, "Yes."

She took a deep breath, then quickly pulled her top off over her head. All her visible body except her head was now shiny black. At first she looked ashamed, but then proud.

Sandy let out a little scream. People from nearby tables first looked to see why she was screaming, then did a double take when they saw shiny Sarah.

Sandy was speechless. "What! How! What!"

Sarah was now beaming with confidence, having unloaded the burden of keeping her kinky life a secret. "Yes, it's nice, isn't it? It can be a little warm, and sometimes quite sweaty, but that can be a very nice feeling."

I said, "Sarah, please put your forehead on the table." She looked puzzled, but obediently obeyed. I pushed her hair aside from the back of her neck, and exposed the padlock. "This is what ensures she's not tempted to slip out of it when I'm not looking."

Sandy had got her words back. "So you've been stuck in that rubber top since Friday! That's incredible!"

I said, "Sarah, you'd better show Sandy the extent of your rubber now."

Her confidence had gone again. She started to question whether I really meant here and now, but she knew there was no point asking, she knew what the answer was. So, with the same obedience and trepidation as earlier, she started to undress. She took her shoes and socks off under the table, then carefully slipped off her jeans, almost as though she hoped no one would notice.

Sandy was trying to look under the table to see what was going on. I stared at Sarah with my "You know what you should do" stare, and she return a "Yes, Sir" look. She stood up.

Sandy looked her up and down, to see Sarah's entire body sealed in the skin-tight suit. And everyone on the nearby tables stared too. Some looked away in disgust, some called out, cheering or wolf-whistling. But I only saw the look of wonderment and lust on Sandy's face.

I said, as if nothing had happened, "I think I'd like a hot dog. I saw a stall selling them right at the other end of the food court. Sarah, do you think you could get one for me?"

She was certainly being challenged today, and I think she was loving it. She smiled at me, the biggest smile I've seen on her, then kissed me on the cheek. I gave her some money, and she marched off proudly, her body gleaming in the artificial light, turning every head as she walked past them.

As I watched her, I said to Sandy, "So what do you make of all this?"

"Incredible!" she said. "I've never seen anything like it. It's very horny - I mean sexy."


"Yes, well, it's a turn on. I mean, I don't think I want to get in that gear myself, but seeing her in it gets me... well, having her as your slave to command must be quite a trip for you."

"Yes, it is, and she's great at it. And I could use some assistance some times."

"Really? Wow, I'd love to help out."

She was agreeing, but she didn't really know what she was agreeing to. I noticed that her hand had fallen down to between her legs, and I think she was squeezing her thighs together. She probably didn't even realise how turned on she was.

I watched as Sarah returned with the hot dog. I could have stared at her beautiful shiny body walking through the crowds all day, but soon she was back at the table. She went to sit next to me, but I directed her next to Sandy instead, which she did.

She sat very normally, but I said to her, "Slave, you look like you're sitting a little uncomfortably. Why is that?"

By now she was used to the game, so she responded without hesitation, "That is because of the large buttplug you ordered me to wear in my arse all the time, Sir." Sandy's jaw just dropped.

I said to Sandy, "I always know that my slave keeps herself true to me. Would you like to know how I know that?" Sandy nodded, with some trepidation. I continued, "Sarah, please open your legs. Sandy, if you want to know the answer, put your hand between Sarah's legs."

It was amusing to see the awkwardness in Sandy, knowing what she should do but not knowing how she was supposed to do it. She put her arm out and gingerly touched Sarah somewhere around the belly button, then inched her fingers downwards, groping but not knowing what to expect. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, then with her knuckles she banged hard on Sarah's pussy.

I said, "It's her chastity device. It's locked in place to ensure she gets no sexual satisfaction without my authorization. You should take a closer look."

Sarah's stare hit me - the fear in her eyes that I might order her to expose herself her in public, but the knowledge that if I gave the order, she would do it.

I added, "But this isn't the best place for it." Sarah was very relieved.

Sandy said, "Yea I'd love to see what one of those looks like." And to Sarah, she said, "That must get you really horny!"

"Yes," Sarah replied, "very much so, but it's the knowledge that I'm forced to comply with my Master's orders that really gets me going."

I said to Sandy, "One problem I have with my slave here is that I can fully control everything she does when she's with me, but I'm limited when she's not with me. And I don't like being limited."

Sandy grinned, "I'd love to help. Would you like me to lock on her chastity thing or something?"

"No, I'll look after that, but I'd like to keep her under tighter control when I'm not around. For instance, I often chain her to the bed overnight when she's with me. Do you think you could do that for me?"

Sandy looked awkward and glanced at Sarah. As if in reply, Sarah said, "I'm more than pleased for my Master's wishes to be carried out in any way he requires."

Satisfied with that, Sandy said, "I'd be happy to chain her up. It would be fun to have a slave around the house."

It was nice to have a willing assistant in my mastery. I said, "I have some straps you can attach to her bed, with cuffs you can secure around her wrists and ankles to keep her in place overnight. There's a weak link, which can be broken in case there's an emergency, but she knows that if we find it broken, she'd better have a very good explanation!" Sarah hung her head, oozing obedience.

I continued, "You'll find Sarah quite keen to be freed in the mornings, so you might find that of some convenience."

Sandy smiled, not so innocently. "Oh really, in what way?"

"Well, most of her body will be secured. I often have her hands in secure mittens, and she'll be blindfolded, and her pussy will be inaccessible, which only really leaves her tongue..."

Sandy's smile got wider. She said to Sarah, "I hope your tongue is in good order then. I often feel like I could use a willing tongue when I wake up. We might arrange a trade, you bringing me to orgasm with it in return for your release."

Sarah looked at first surprised, but then excited. "It's always good to have an incentive to do a good job. I hope I will serve you as well as I've served my Master when in the same situation."

I added, "You will find she's very willing."

Sandy said, "I can't wait to get started!"

I said, "My slave is your slave. Treat her well, but not too well, and she will bring you hours of enjoyment."

Sandy said, "In that case, I might start right now. Slave, do you remember the fantasy I told you about last Thursday? Act it out now, please."

With a 'what have I got myself into' look, Sarah slowly slid down under the table.

Sandy said, "It's times like these..." then she stopped, looked shocked for a moment, then smiled, very satisfied. "It's times like these when I'm glad I don't wear any underwear!"

They continued, and as her moans turned to screams, I could hear a dozen people on nearby tables saying, "I'll have what she's having."

More to come soon!

Please send me feedback on any problems or improvements to Mortice Deadlock <[email protected]>

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