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deirdre style, (MF, exhibitionism.)

Showoff: By Purplecat.

I think my husband, Sam, is a little on the *jealous* side,
not that he would ever let me see it, but I do think so. He
does like to show off my *body* to others though. I like to
show off my body too, but I would never let him know that.

I remember when it started. I think I was about six. There
were lots of boys in the neighborhood that were my age and
we played together everyday. We had a storage shed with an
old *trunk* and that's where I had my first experience.

It was Bobby Bernstein that started the whole thing. We were
playing and he said,

"I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours."

I had no problem figuring out what he was talking about,
because he was holding his *crouch* the whole time. I agreed
immediately because I wanted to see his *thing*.

There were three other boys there and Bobby suggested we go
into the shed. I didn't want to get naked with them watching
and when I saw the trunk I had an idea. I opened the empty
trunk and climbed inside.

"You guys close the lid and when I'm ready I'll pop out," I
said," Sit down and wait."

I was never so excited in my life as I wiggled out of my
dress and panties. The trunk was big so I had no problem
getting my clothes off. When I was *naked* I got into a
squatting position and put my hands against the lid. I
pushed the lid open and stood up. With my hands high over my
head I twisted around in front of them showing every inch of
my little body. Then I giggle and pulled the lid back over

I quickly put my clothes back on and stood up again.

"Do it again," Bobby said.

"No you promised to show me your thing."

All four of the boys pulled their little dicks out and
showed them to me. I just stared at them. They were all
sticking out and looked *hard*.

"Now do it again," Bobby said,

So I did it again.

After that we went into the shed several times a day, I
showed them my body and they showed me their little dicks, I
never touched them though and they never touched me.

That went on continuously until I was eight. That's when My
Dad was transferred and we moved away.

I never got another opportunity to strip off in front of a
group, but the thought has never left me, it's always
lurking somewhere in the recesses of my mind.

Actually I almost forgot about it until I was in college.
The girls in my sorority decided that we should all go to a
strip club. Not because any of us were lesbian, but it was
the best place to meet *men*. The young men from our school
crowded the place almost every night.

When we went into the place there was a beautiful half naked
woman dancing on stage. It wasn't long before she was
totally naked and I felt my old desire to strip off in front
of a crowd flood my brain. It would have taken very little
to get me up on that stage, tossing my clothes to the crowd.
I somehow managed to restrain myself and I'm glad I did.
That's the night I met Sam.

There were several of us girls and luckily we were early
enough so we were able to push enough tables together so we
could all sit together. There was a table full of men seated
next to us. When the woman dancing finished and left the
stage there was a lull in the music. Evidently the delay was
longer than usual because the men started voicing their
disapproval. One of the men leaned over to me and said,

"Hi, I'm Sam. Why don't you get up there and dance for us?"

"I would if the *price* was right," I said grinning.

"How much?" he asked, grinning back.

"I don't think you guys have enough," I said," and besides
the manager is paying me not to dance."

"Why's that?"

"He's afraid I'll give his dancers an inferiority complex,"
I laughed.

He laughed too, but then said.

"Hey I like your attitude, wanna go out."

"Sure, why not?" I said, still laughing.

At this point I was laughing to cover my nervousness.

"Have you had dinner yet?" he asked.

"No I haven't we planned on eating afterward."

"Wanna eat now?"

Sure let's go," I said, a little surprised at myself.

We wound up at McDonalds with a Big Mac, Fries and a coke.

I liked Sam, he was a neat guy and he treated me like a
lady. On the fourth date we had sex and after that we were
inseparable. It was my first time and I think his too, but
he would never admit to that. We became a couple and after
we graduated were *married*.

Right from the beginning the old *show off* inside of me
took over. I hardly ever wore anything. Just enough to keep
up the mystery I took every opportunity to put myself in a
sexy pose for him. I think the poor guy sported a *hard on*
every minute he was at home, at least when we were alone.

He bought a digital camera and began taking pictures of me.
That really turned me loose, off went the *mystery*. Now I
posed totally nude and in every position I could think of.

He was really proud of the way I *looked*. He was too
jealous to show them to anyone we knew so he started putting
them on some of those amateur sites on the Internet. I loved
getting email from all of those strange men telling me how
*good* I looked and all of the things they would love to do
to me. Some of them sent me pictures of their dicks and some
sent pictures of them *cumming* on my picture.

All of this was very exciting and made me get even
*nastier*. We started putting pictures on there of us having
sex. The camera had a time delay that allowed us to pose
before it took the pictures.

This went on for about five years. Sam gave me a *stage
name* at least that's what he called it. It was, DiDe. To be
honest that just whetted my appetite to get up on a stage
and strip off naked in front of a crowd. I could just hear
an announcer in my dreams,

"And here she is ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only,

It was just a dream though, I knew it would never happen.

Just about every morning I meet with my friends for coffee.
We meet at a little sidewalk caf, not too far from our
apartment. It's a standing thing we meet every morning at
ten. If you can't go it's no big deal, because there will be
plenty of others there. Most of the time there's about six
of us, sometimes more, sometimes less, but there's hardly
ever less than four.

It's mostly just girl talk and gossip. If you don't want to
be the topic of conversation you'd better show up. Women can
be kind of vicious, especially when they talk about another

For the last few days the topic has been three old men that
just sits and stare at us. One smokes a pipe, one a cigar
and the third eats constantly.

My friend, Darby said they're stalking us. Finally it was
decided that one of us should confront them and find out
what they're up to. It was decided by everyone but me that I
should be the one doing the *confronting*.

I really didn't mind, after all they were just three lonely
old men that probably couldn't do anything even if they
wanted to, so I walked over to their table,

"Good morning gentlemen," I said.

"Who said we were gentlemen," The man with the cigar said,

The man eating laughed.

"My friends and I were wondering why you keep staring at

He took the cigar out of his mouth and smiled bigger.

"We weren't staring at your friends. We were staring at
you," he said.

The man with the pipe smiled and said,

"Your name is *DiDe* isn't it?"

If I'd been hit in the head with a sledge hammer I couldn't
have been more stunned.

Sam always blocked out my eyes or I wore sunglasses when
being photographed, but I always suspected that it wouldn't
keep me from being recognized.

"*No* it's not," I lied.

"It is to, I'd know you anywhere."

I really didn't know what to say.

"Hang around after your friends leave, we have a proposition
for you," the cigar said.

I just turned on my heel and walked away. I walked back to
our table in a daze.

"What did they say?" everyone asked at once.

`They said they were sorry, they didn't know they were
staring. They said we're all so beautiful that they guessed
they did it with out thinking."

"Oh, they are so sweet," Darby said brushing back her hair
to give them a better view of her face.

All of the other women pulled out their compacts and began
touching up their makeup. I just *smiled*.

I couldn't imagine what kind of proposition they were
speaking of, but I was very curious. They obviously had seen
me naked from every angle and in every conceivable position.
None of my friends knew about my pictures and I didn't want
them to find out. I decided to wait until my friends were
all gone and talk to these men. I didn't want them coming by
our table and calling me *DiDe".

Darby and I are always the last ones to leave and I was
wishing she would hurry up and go. She finally did and I
walked toward the men's table. They all stood and the pipe
smoker held a chair for me. After I was seated they all sat
and introduced themselves. The pipe smoker was, George, the
cigar, Jake, and the eater, John.

"Okay, what's your proposition?" I asked, I think rather

George smiled and said,

"Before we get into all that, let me explain why were here,"
He took a deep breath and started. " About a week ago I
stopped by here for a quick cup of coffee and happen to see
you sitting with the other women. I was amazed because I
never expected to see you. None of us ever expected to
actually meet you. I recognized you immediately from the
hundreds of pictures you've put on the Internet. When I told
Jake and John about seeing you they didn't believe me, so I
brought them here the next morning and there you were.

We've been coming back every morning since and admiring you.
We've been trying to figure out a way to get to meet you and
talk with you. We figured that flirting wouldn't work, look
at us were a bunch of old codgers. We figured you'd just
laugh at us.

When you came over to our table earlier all three of us
about had a hemorrhage. At our age you can't stand many
shocks like that."

I couldn't help but smile at them. They looked like three
little kids that just met Santa Claus. I was quite
*flattered* by their attention.

"What's the proposition?" I asked, still curious.

George continued,

"We have a men's club, we call it the Dirty Old Men's Club,
all the members are our age. We're all either divorced or a
widower and we meet the last Tuesday of every month.  You're
kind of our mascot. We all have pictures of you and we trade
them like baseball cards. We were wondering if you would
come to one of our meetings and meet the other members. We
couldn't pay you or anything and you're welcome to bring
your husband if you want. It would really mean a lot to all
of them if they could meet you."

"Maybe you could do a little dance for us." Jake grinned.

This guy Jake had just rung my *bell*.

"Do you have a stage?" I asked.

"No, but we could get one," George said.

"Maybe you could do a little tease," Jake suggested.

The man was still pulling my chain and ringing my bell.

"So what you're asking is for me to get up on a stage and
take off my clothes, right?"

"We never really expected you to do that, but yes that would
be nice." George said.

I thought about that for almost a second.

"Okay I'll do it, when is your next meeting?"

"Just so happens it's tonight," George said, grinning.


"It's in the ponderosa room at the Hill Side hotel on Park

"What time?"

"The meeting starts at seven you can come anytime after

"I'll be there, be sure to have the stage ready."

"Yes ma'am everything will be ready for this," George said

I got up and started to leave when a thought hit me.

"There is one thing I want in return," I said.

"Just name it," George said.

"After I dance I want all of the men to show me their

All three of them were shocked, at least they had a shocked
expression on their face. George finally managed to say,

"I'm sure that can be arranged, you can see mine right now
if you want to."

I laughed,

"No, after I dance will be fine."

I left there with my head in the clouds. This was my dream
come true. It had worked out almost perfect, because Sam was
out of town on business and would be the whole week He did
that the last week of every month, so that meant I could
dance at the Dirty Old Man's meeting every month. I was so
excited I was simply *bubbling*, down there I mean.

I spent the rest of the day getting ready for my big moment.
I stripped off and danced in front of my full length mirror,
I tried different poses and different speed music. I think I
tried on every sexy dress I owned, as well as panties and

A little before seven, I put the finishing touches to my
make up and took one last look in the mirror. I was pleased.

I was wearing a low cut, strapless, black evening gown.
Under it I wore a gauzy black thong, a black *see-through*
bra that pushed my breast almost to my chin and a pair of
black thigh high hose. Long dangly earrings finished off the
look I wanted. I'd fussed with my hair and had tried it done
up in every conceivable way, but finally decided to let it
flow naturally. I have long hair and I thought it might add
motion to my dance.

I arrived at the Ponderosa room at quarter after seven and
was met by my three recruiters.

There were about a dozen other old men there sitting around
tables, there was a stage in one corner of the room that was
plenty big enough to allow plenty of moving around while

George, Jake and John took me around and introduced me to
the other men. They all ogled me a good bit and a couple
actually let a little *drool* escape from the corner of
their mouth. Their compliments were plentiful, and I ate it
up. At last they steered me to the stage. *My moment* had

I stood in the middle of the stage and watched as George and
John fiddled with the CD player. The Music started and so
did I. The song was a slow sexy one and I danced slow and
sexy. I tried to remember all of the sexy moves I had
practiced, but in the end I just let nature take its course.
I shook my hips, wiggled my butt, bent over and let them see
down the deep valley between my breasts.

Near the end of the song I unzipped my gown and let it fall
around my feet. I didn't realize that fifteen old men could
make that much noise.

The next song was faster. I danced wearing my bra, thong and
hose. Half way through the song I slipped off my bra. I
thought they were making noise before, but now they were so
loud I could hardly hear the music. I wished I had some
tassels, but since I didn't I made my *nipples* spin.

At the beginning of the next song I pulled off the thong and
tossed it into the crowd. It was a really fast song and half
way through I felt something unexpected happening. I was on
the verge of an orgasm. It kept getting stronger and
stronger, but it wouldn't explode like it should. Suddenly I
had to have it. I lay on the stage and pointed my toes at
the ceiling. With my legs spread in a wide V I delved my
fingers into my sex. The room became strangely quiet except
for my screams of ecstasy. I'm sure it was the strongest
orgasm of my life. I almost passed out from the *joy* of it.

The music was stopped and I sat up rather sheepishly. My
three friends gathered around smiling.

"That was wonderful DiDe," George said. Jake and John nodded
their heads in agreement.

"Now it's time for everybody to show me their penis," I

"Yes, that's right. The members feel self conscious about
pulling out their dicks in front of everybody else so we
rented a room. So you can go in there and each member will
come in and show it to you."

"That'll be fine," I said, "I hope I did well enough that
you'll invite me back next month."

"Oh, you were superb, but we have a standing rule that a
woman can only dance for us once. The members are afraid of
getting stuck in a rut."

"But I thought it was going to be a monthly thing."

"Oh no, we must follow the rules you know, unless that is."

"Unless what?" I cried, about to burst into tears.

"Unless you have sex with us."

"Have sex with you? You mean all of you at the same time?"

"No, one at a time, when we come in to show you our dick
just give us whatever we ask for. You must do each and every
one of us."

"So if I have sex with all of you I can come back."

"As often as you like, in fact you can be our regular
meeting entertainment."

Boy, this really was a bunch of dirty old men. I didn't
think about it long. I thought about my jealous husband and
what he would do if he found out. I could see myself in
divorce court. In the end there wasn't much to think about.
There was no way I could *possibly* not come back, so I did
it, I *did* all of them, each and every *one*.

The End
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