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Came off a local board, figured you folks would like it.

After a hard day at the office, Cherine wasn't in the mood for
her usual "gentlemen callers" tonight. She hoped that she could
simply go home, take a nice hot bubble-bath, and wane her vice-
presidential tensions at a gourmet home-delivered meal. But
tonight there was a slight detour from the normal state of
affairs. Her friend had called late in the day, pleading with
Cherine to take her beloved "puppy" in for the night, because she
had an out-of town emergency, and was worried about her "Cappie"
being all alone. "Oh well", Cherine mused. What trouble could a
small puppy cause?

Cherine arrived at her house with some expectation of what
was inside waiting to greet her - probably a perky little
dachsund or terrier of some sort. Upon opening the door, she was
met with a bit of shocking evidence that "Cappie" wasn't all that
little nor even close to a "puppy." Quietly lying on the floor
of her living room rug, was a basic, full-grown Great Dane of
about seventy-or-so pounds. She closed the door and went over to
make friends with the new roommate for the evening. The big
canine just rolled over and allowed Cherine to pat his tummy.
Obviously, though of great size, this beast was going to be
pretty easy to charm. She noticed a tag on his collar that was
stamped "El Kapitan." Hmmph! "Cappie indeed, Cherine thought.
Nonetheless, this night would be no problem. At least that's
what she thought.

Remembering her relaxing plans, she phoned an order into the
local Jaiponaise restaurant for a light supper for delivery and
went through her mail while waiting for the meal to arrive. When
the food arrived she carefully arranged the entrees on serving
dishes and sat down to feast. Then she noticed that Captain was
looking rather hungrily at her and recalled her friend's
suggestion about feeding him "'cause he gets awfully aggressive
when he's left hungry." Cherine spied a bag of dog food next to
the door and fed Captain about 1/3 of it. She finished her meal
just as Captain plopped his huge frame back down on the rug and
fell asleep. "On to the next planned event - a hot bath!" she
reminded herself as she left the sleeping hulk for the welcoming
rush of foamy hot water.

Sinking into the huge whirlpool tub full of bubbles, Cherine
completely relaxed into the warm massaging water, letting her
long brunette hair flow over the side of the tub. In her state
of utter contentment, she admired her curvaceous torso and well-
rounded, firm breasts floating in the bubbles. She ran her long
fingers down the soft skin of her belly, through her wiry pubes,
and along the inner surfaces of her shapely thighs. A rush of
sexual tension flowed from her head to her toes as she returned
her fingers to the most-sensitive area between her legs. Her
hips moved to the side a bit to allow one of the water jets to
surge directly towards her awakening labial surfaces. The
forceful flow stimulated her now erect clitoris causing electric
reactions within her vaginal cavity. "Mmmmm" she moaned, as she
inserted a searching finger into her cunt. She felt the walls of
her vagina becoming engorged and swollen an she pressed deeper
and deeper into the steamy cavern. Reaching for her breasts, she
directed her pussy directly into the oncoming water jet, bringing
her ever closer to a climax.

Cherine massaged her round and perfect globes, caressing the
soft flesh yielding to her firm grasp. Her erect nipples were
beginning to ache from the stimulation of the bubbly water. Her
ass began to grind towards the water jet as her orgasm grew in
intensity. "AAAGGGHHHH!" she cried as the first wave of
climactic passion shook her entire body. The water jet felt like
an onrushing shaft as it drove Cherine into higher and higher
states of pleasure. As her orgasm slowly faded, she felt even
inserted a searching finger into her cunt. She felt the walls of
her vagina becoming engorged and swollen an she pressed deeper
and deeper into the steamy cavern. Reaching for her breasts, she
directed her pussy directly into the oncoming water jet, bringing
her ever closer to a climax.

Cherine massaged her round and perfect globes, caressing the
soft flesh yielding to her firm grasp. Her erect nipples were
beginning to ache from the stimulation of the bubbly water. Her
ass began to grind towards the water jet as her orgasm grew in
intensity. "AAAGGGHHHH!" she cried as the first wave of
climactic passion shook her entire body. The water jet felt like
an onrushing shaft as it drove Cherine into higher and higher
states of pleasure. As her orgasm slowly faded, she felt even
more excited than before about reaching another one very soon.
Cherine stepped from the draining tub and patted herself dry.
Then she noticed that Captain seemed to be watching her carefully
from outside the door, but she shrugged it off and left towards
the sanctity of her bedroom.

Her body still tingled from her climax and enticed her to
want more. She virtually leapt onto the bed belly first,
spreading her legs apart and eagerly returning her fingers to her
still damp cunt. She ground her torso into the mattress as she
fingered and probed her wanton hole. Suddenly she felt the
heart-stopping sensation of something licking at her thigh.
Cherine spun around to find Captain right at her side, with that
same hungry look in his eyes. She became fascinated with his
uninvited presence and even more so with his almost sensuous
gaze. She leaned back and again spread her legs in an obvious
display of sexual invitation. Captain immediately took the
suggestion and began licking her ever-moistening cunt with
fervor. His rough tongue sent chills of pleasure up Cherine's
body. Her ass began to grind up towards Captain's eagerly
lapping muzzle. The huge dog began to groan in increasing
tension as his spittle lubricated her pink and juicy pussy; his
extra-long tongue excited the woman's body into contorted lust.
Cherine stared at her canine lover and became entranced in his
extended stimulation of her extremely sensitive clit. Then her
eyes widened as she saw his huge cock beginning to slip from its
heavy protective sheath. It was huge even now as it lengthened
and thickened in unbridled animal lust. Seven inches of it
protruded from Captain's massive loins as it still grew and
stiffened in powerful throbs of power. Drips of dog cum fell
from its red, pointed tip as it almost touched her slender
calves, even while he was standing before her. Cherine's
emotions became volcanic as she gazed at the enormous dimensions
of the dog's throbbing prick.

Suddenly he stopped his animal cunt-licking to survey his
intended bitch. Cherine felt inside almost the same animal lust
that Captain was feeling. She slowly turned over onto her knees
to await the canine coupling she was about to experience. Her
asscheeks were directly in front of his huge head, and Cherine
could feel his hot moist panting on her soft inner thighs.
Captain's tongue went to work once again on her dripping snatch.
"OOOooohhh!" she moaned as the rough tongue bathed her pulsating
pussy and licked at her profuse sexual fluids that now were
seeping down her thighs into the satin sheets. Then Captain came
up onto the bed directly behind Cherine's waiting ass. She
closed her eyes to shut out the bestial action about to take

Captain's huge paws began to wrap around her upper torso,
when he stiffened for a moment and paused. He let out a whimper
and then rammed his huge bulging cock into her wet cunt, burying
it up to the hilt. "AAAAAaaaahhh!" she cried as her eyes shot
open and she found herself staring at the huge legs and tail of
the beast between her legs. The dog's golf-ball sized testicles
hung heavy below her dripping slit, banging against her sensitive
clitoris. Then Captain drew back for another heavy thrust as
Cherine hung onto the mattress for dear life. His massive prick
again slammed home into her throbbing hole sending more of her
sex juice down her thighs. Cherine felt then what she thought
was impossible - his cock was getting even bigger! Captain's
thrusts became faster and faster; the dog's enormous shaft
expanding thicker and thicker at the base to seemingly join his
prick with this bitch's cunt forever. Cherine's orgasm was
becoming unbearable. Her cunt was spasming rapidly around the
dog's invading cock. Captain's saliva began dripping down her
back and down her arms as he panted faster and faster with his
oncoming climax. His paws were almost hugging the breath from
her lungs, while her pendulous breasts swung back and forth in
concert with Captain's impassioned thrusts.

Cherine then reached back between her legs to feel the dog's
thrusting prick. She felt the huge veins and thick shaft divide
her sticky fingers with each fucking motion of the massive dog.
Faster and faster the dog drove his mighty throbbing cock into
the spasming wet hole of the wanton bitch. Her ass rippled with
his powerful thrusts; her belly stretched with each inward push
of Captain's enormous mastiff. Then Captain began to snort
heavily as his orgasm became eminent. His cock expanded even
bigger to seal in the liquefied fuck juices that issued from his
shaft. Then the dog stiffened and began to shoot his hot cum
into Cherine's tortured cunt. Cherine's orgasm blew into final
explosion as she felt the hot jets hit her womb and fill her
pussy. Captain came in massive blobs of sticky white dog sperm,
quickly overflowing the woman's convulsing opening. He thrusted
his prick with lust crazed force to jam his hot semen into her
uterus and impregnate his bitch. Then suddenly Captain stopped.
He would have to wait until his now engorged cock receded enough
to pull it from her hole. Cherine gasped for air and bathed in
the glow of the most satisfying fuck she had ever had. But it
was not over yet.

Cherine's over-ravished body slumped to the mattress. She
fell asleep almost immediately, while Captain layed on the other
side of the room licking his huge cock clean of the residual
evidence of Cherine's lubricating fluids. Moment later after
finishing, he suddenly got back up on the bed and began to lick
Cherine's battered pussy once again. She awakened from her
restful stupor and realized what he was doing. She tried to push
his invading muzzle away, but it was to no avail. His long wet
tongue began to send sexual impulses through her body again,
completely beyond her control. She unconsciously began to
undulate her curvaceous ass towards his lapping tongue, turning
onto her belly once again. Flat against the mattress, her
buttocks were pressed together but still Captain managed to fully
reach her entire crotch with his tongue. His wetness slipped
between her asscheeks to her puckered asshole and bathed it with
his saliva. His drooling further lubricated the crack between her
cheeks until the combined fluids of the dog's saliva and
Cherine's cunt juices bathed her ass in wetness. She began to
raise her ass from the mattress to further expose her pussy to
the dog's fervored licks. But the exhaustion from the previous
session left her in only a semi-awakened state.

Captain once again mounted her in dog-typical fashion and
began his entry preparation thrusts. But Cherine was a bit low
this time. His huge cock was bumping against, not her sweet
pussy, but her anal opening! Suddenly with a fast and powerful
thrust, Captain shoved half of his cock up Cherine's unsuspecting
asshole! Cherine's eyes popped open wide in surprise and part
pain. She tried to shake the sodomizing beast off, but Captain
was too quick and was quickly shoving the remainder of his
lubricated prick up her stretched asshole. "Aaarrrghhh!" Cherine
gasped as she felt his invading shaft pumping her colonic tube
with bestial lust. Captain was even more excited than before by
this new tightened opening. Again his cock began expanding in
all dimensions, further stretching Cherine's ass to new limits.
Cherine began to experience tingly pinpricks all around her hot
and sticky crotch. The pleasure/pain connection had been made.
She reached back and tried to spread her asscheeks even further
apart to allow Captain's massive prick to penetrate to deeper
depths. Then she let her hands drop to her dripping snatch to
rub her now swollen clit and perhaps reach a more powerful
orgasms than she had before. Every thrust expanded Cherine's
tight asshole and brought delicious pleasure. She could feel his
prick sliding in and out of her ass through the thin barrier in
her wet cunt. Cherine was actually being ass-fucked by a dog!

Soon Captain began to heave and thrust heavily as his cum
boiled up from his huge balls. Cherine met each thrust with a
thrust of her own. She began to pant in synch with the dog's
rapid breaths. Then Cherine felt Captain's massive cock expand
one more and blast forth its sperm into the depths of her heaving
belly. The feeling of cum filling up her asshole pushed her own
orgasm over the brink as her sphincter muscles milked the sperm
from the enormous shaft. Cherine was in heaven as Captain's
labored thrusts subsided. His cock slowly shrank and popped out
of Cherine's gorgeous ass with a final plop. Captain returned to
the living room rug, cleaned himself, and fell asleep. Cherine
felt both revulsion and excitement over what she had just
experienced. Animal unbridled lust was now part of her life and
Cherine would never again be hesitant to explore the unknown.
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