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"You're such a naughty little girl, aren't you?"

The little girl grinned and nodded, holding her skirt up over her panties. She loved the little game they played, she loved teasing him. It made her feel grown up and special.

"Why don't you take your skirt off, naughty girl?"

She gave him a pouty look, then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, just a little bit. Just a little tease.

"You are such a naughty little girl!" he said, grinning.

She smiled at him, then climbed on the bed, lay down, and spread her legs like she knew he liked. He stood there and looked at her for a moment.

"Tell me you're a naughty little girl," he said.

"I'm a naughty little girl," she said, her voice soft and high-pitched.

"And what does a naughty little girl do?"

She grinned. "She lets a man look at her panties when he masturbates," she said. She lifted her legs up in the air and hooked her hands under her knees, spreading her legs wide, her little feet with their little frilly ankle socks held wide apart.

He unzipped his pants and took his penis out and began rubbing himself. He stared at her panties for a little while. They had a little cartoon character on their front.

Seeing that he was staring at her panties like this, the little girl took one hand away from under her knee and pulled her panties down, just a little bit, not enough that he could see anything. She knew he liked it when she pretended that she was going to pull her panties down.

"You like to tease me, don't you?"

She grinned and nodded. "I'm a naughty little tease."

"I think sometimes naughty girls shouldn't just tease. I think they should do more sometimes."

She pulled her panties down a little further, still not far enough for him to see anything.

"Do you think sometimes you should do more than just tease?" he asked, rubbing his cock in front of the little girl.

The little girl looked at him with her big dark eyes. She pulled her panties down a little further, far enough now that she was showing him a little bit, just the very start of her little pussy.

"What do you think a naughty little girl should do, so she's not just a little tease?"

The little girl kept looking at him with her big dark eyes, not smiling at all now. She pulled her panties down even further, so that he could see all of her little pussy. She felt very grown up and excited, showing her whole pussy to him. She had never shown her pussy to him before.

The man smiled as he stared at her little pussy. Her chubby little pubic mound was pale and bald, rising provocatively from her skinny belly, leading his gaze down to her virginal pussy lips. She had chubby little pussy lips, pale on the outside but reddish as they folded into her tiny little cleft.

The girl's face was bright red, and the man stood and admired her for a moment. She was so beautiful, so young, so virginal. She had dark brown hair in a shoulder-length bob, large, piercingly dark eyes, dark pink lips that were pursed together, and soft, round cheeks.

"Take your panties off, naughty little girl," he said softly to her as he continued to stroke his cock.

She hesitated. He'd never asked her to take her panties off for him before.

"You're not just a tease today, right? Naughty little girls who aren't teases do what the man asks them to do."

The little girl pulled her panties down, because she's a naughty little girl who isn't a tease today. Then she spread her legs open again, her panties falling down to her frilly white ankle socks. She took one foot out of the panties, and they remained ringed around her other sock.

It made her feel grown up, to take her panties off for him.

The man admired her little pussy now. He could see the wetness inside her, he could smell her sexual awakening, he was overcome with desire.

"Pull your shirt up now," he said as he stoked his cock in front of her, "so I can see your titties."

The little girl pulled her teeshirt up. She did not have any titties, hers hadn't started growing yet. Her nipples were light pink, adorable little things.

It made the little girl feel grown up, to show her titties to him.

He took his pants off and climbed onto the bed. He was on his knees between her wide-spread legs, his engorged penis sticking out above her. Her eyes were wide and dark, staring directly at his manhood.

"Touch my cock, naughty little girl."

She kept her eyes on his penis, still unsmiling. She'd never touched his cock before. But she kind of wanted to. She lifted her hands to his penis and begin a soft, gentle, tactile exploration. It felt hot, and hard.

"Do you like my cock, naughty little girl?"

She kept her eyes on his penis, touching it gently, reverentially. She nodded.

"Tell me," he said. "Tell me you like it. Tell me what you think of it."

"I like it," she said in her soft, quiet, high-pitched voice. "I like your cock, it's big, and hard."

"Do you want it inside you, naughty little girl?"

Her wide eyes were still staring at his penis, her hands still lightly touching it. But his question startled her, even if she didn't show it. He'd never asked to put it inside her before.

"I don't think it will fit," the little girl said.

"But if I want to put it in you, you'll let me, right?"

She tore her eyes away from his penis and looked at him, concerned. "Do you want to put it in me?"

"Maybe. But that's not the point. You're a naughty little girl who isn't a tease today. Do you understand what that means?"

She kept her wide, frightened eyes locked with his. "I understand."

"Good. Now tell me, naughty little girl. If I want to put it in you, will you let me?"

"Yes. If you want to put it in me, I'll let you." Even though she didn't want him to put it in her, it made her feel good to say it. Grown up girls let men put their penises inside them, she knew that. It made her feel grown up to tell him he could do it if he wanted to.

He reached his hand out and gently, lovingly, brushed her cheek. "That's a good little girl," he said softly. "That's a good little sweetheart."

She smiled up at him, a small little smile.

"Now, tell me you want to touch my balls."

"I want to touch your balls," the little girl said. She really did want to touch his balls.

He lifted his shaft and presented his balls to her. She ran her cool little fingers delicately over his scrotum.

"Tell me you like my balls, naughty little girl."

The little girl stared at his balls. "I like your balls," she said.

"Tell me what you think of them."

She smiled her small little smile again, still staring at his balls. "They're very big, and hairy."

"Do you want their semen inside you, naughty little girl?"

She smiled again, keeping her eyes focused on his balls. "If you want to put their semen inside me, I'll let you." She felt so grown up when she said that.

"What if I want to do it in your mouth?"

She looked up at him with her wide dark eyes. "My mouth? You want to put your semen in my mouth?"

"What if I do?"

She locked her eyes with his. "If you want to put your semen in my mouth, I'll let you."

"Will you swallow it?"

"If you want me to swallow it, I will."

"Tell me you want to kiss my balls, naughty little girl," the man said to the little girl.

The little girl looked back down at his balls. His scrotum was red and wrinkled and hairy. She did not want to kiss them.

"I want to kiss your balls," she said, even though she didn't really want to, because she's a naughty little girl who isn't a tease today and she has to do what the man asks her to do.

He climbed up on her, straddling her chest. His big hairy balls were hanging right in front of her face. Then he settled them down on her mouth.

"Kiss them, naughty little girl," he said.

The little girl kissed his balls.

"Do you like how they taste?" he asked her.

She nodded. She was trying not to taste them, but she could smell them, they were right in front of her nose. They smelled musty and sweaty.

The man started stoking his cock again, his balls still pressed against her mouth. His cock looked so huge, right in front of her face. Huge and red and intimidating.

He lifted his balls off of her mouth and began rubbing them all over her face, her soft, beautiful, angelic face.

"Are you ready, naughty little girl?" he asked her.

She didn't know what he meant.

"Are you ready? Are you ready to take my come in your mouth?"

She looked up at his face, her dark eyes wide again. He's really going to put his semen in my mouth? She did not want him to.

But she nodded anyway.

"Open your mouth, naughty little girl," he said to her.

She opened her mouth.

"Wider," he said.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could.

He sat back and looked at her. She was such a beautiful little girl, so pure and virginal and perfect, her round little face red with sexual arousal. With her mouth wide open, waiting for him to come, she looked like a little whore.

"You are such a little whore," he said to the little girl.

She lay there underneath him with her mouth wide open, looking up at him with her wide, dark eyes.

"Remember that you have to swallow it," he said.

She nodded, her mouth wide open.

"Oh my god, you are such a fucking little whore!" he said, his legs shaking. And then he stuffed the big head of his big penis into the little girl's mouth.

Her little mouth was gloriously warm on his head, and wet, and silky; his orgasm was reaching its peak as he entered her, but for just a moment, his come had not erupted yet and he sat there, his legs shaking as his whole body was overwhelmed with sexual excitement and release. And then the first shot of his come surged, from deep inside his body, down his cock, and into her mouth.

The little girl's eyes went wide. His come hit hard into the back of her mouth, some of it even going down her throat, and it filled her mouth completely. It was thick and salty and warm.

He groaned, "Oh fuck," and another shot fired out of him.

She felt her mouth fill with even more of his semen, and all she could think was that she wanted to get away from him so that he didn't shoot any more of it into her mouth. But then she remembered that she was supposed to swallow it. She told him she would. So she just closed her eyes, kept her mouth open wide, and waited for him finish.

It seemed to him like he just kept pumping come into her mouth forever. She just lay there passively, her eyes closed, a grimace on her sweet little face.

Eventually it did end, but he left his head in her mouth for a little while longer, letting the final twitches of his cock expel the last few drops. Then he pulled out.

She had her eyes and her mouth closed tight. It tasted so bad, it made her want to throw up.

"Swallow it, naughty little girl," he said.

He watched her, with her eyes clenched tight, her angelic face contorted with revulsion. But after only a moment's hesitation, she swallowed.

The little girl almost threw up when she swallowed, but the feeling passed.

"There you go," the man said, rubbing his fingers gently through her hair. "There you go, my sweet little whore."

She smiled up at him. She was proud that she'd been able to swallow it. It made her feel very grown up. And as he climbed off the bed, she thought to herself, if he wants to put his penis inside me next time, I'll let him. Grown up girls let men put their penises inside them.


Nickname Date Feedback
Vagus Flasher Damn good story!!!! It sure as fuck had me jackin off!!!Had to be carefull not to cum before the end.
Anonymous it was so so i dont get hot mon
glenn So nice how the little girl properly worshipped your cock and balls. I bet it looked huge compared to her little slut face and mouth.
jooses very good storie like to see it thank vm
Sam Excellent. Please write many more stories like this.
sweetie It was enjoyable and well written. I liked the interplay between the two protagonists. I did feel the story felt a little impersonal, without names or descriptions of the participants. This does have a positive upside in forcing the reader to imagine them.

My only real criticism is that I think the 'breaking point' of '"You're not just a tease today, right? Naughty little girls who aren't teases do what the man asks them to do."' should have had some sort of internal reaction from the girl, akin to feeling proud she had managed to swallow the cum at the end. This was the step further than they had gone before (several times from the tone of the story) and should have had a greater emotional pinching to it. He'd not asked it before but had she always wanted to? Was she excited, anxious, fearful? It's fine her doing it without question but a flash into how she felt by this as happened at other times would have been good.

So overall a nice bijou story. Keep it up.
Thank you so much for that feedback, sweetie, I definitely agree that the 'breaking point' would have been better as you describe it. When I get a chance I might have to go back and rework it a bit. A fine piece of criticism, many thanks.

Anonymous Wow love 2 hear more about this naughty little girl.
oldgnu wonderful
Anonymous As I read I could feel my balls rubbing her smooth sweet face And I could feel the head of my cock forcing her mouth open and shooting my hot cum down her throat. Would love to read more about this little slut getting her hot bald cunt fucked. Great read and good stroke
tomas Very pleasing. Let's have another one, when she's a little older, has some breasts to show him and a little pubic hair.
Anonymous Wow!!!!
threecats It's only proper for flat chested little girls to worship adult cock and balls. I bet shopping malls are packed with little teasers like this who wish to lure men in.
Anonymous Does your wife enjoy your stories?
It's an interesting question, Anon. I would love to say, "Oh, she jills off every evening to 'The Naughty Little Girl'" but I suspect you might not entirely buy it! The truth is that my wife likes erotic fiction almost as much as me and loves the stories I write about her (well, most of them). But she isn't into what she considers the darker side of my fantasies (mainly the underage sex, in particular stories where a young girl is forced or coerced into sex--stories like this one!). It doesn't bother her that I write these fantasies, she knows they are just fantasies, but they aren't really her thing. Which I totally understand and respect; they are my fantasies after all, not hers. She has her own fantasies, of course, some of which are indeed quite dark (and those are only the ones I know about!).

Anonymous I think she should be joined by her little sister
Candi Yesss... a naughty little girl. We all love naughty girls, don't we? Naughty little girls let men use their holes: all of them! When he asks if he can fill her little back hole with piss as he fucks her anus she says, "If you want to, I'll let you pee inside me while you fuck my little butt hole."

He says, "And what if I want to do these things to your little sister?"

"If you want to, she says reluctantly, "I'll bring her whenever you want and you can teach her to be a naughty girl too."
Holy buckets, Candi, I like the way you think.

pedoman Love it when little girls tease you unknowingly. I have two nieces, seven and eight, who tease me all the time. They constantly flash the tight crotch of their panties and have the fattest little girl pussies hidden there.
anon Wonderful story. Keep it up. I use to post my stories on Loliwood but it's gone now.
Set up a "regular" asstr site here, anon. It's not hard. Let us know when you've done it!

barmay A very hot story. Well written. It describes the kind of situation we dream about and wish we could experience; if only we lived in a more tolerant society.
metoo my favoutites are girls watching on toilet tops and in parks. i like how your stories are so easy to read.thnks.
Bambinomane Il racconto originale senza dubbio, quello che non apprezzo che non descrivi dove si svolge, chi l'uomo (pap, zio, fratello, vicino ecc.) . comunque sono certo che sapresti scriverne di molto meglio.

[Translation: The original tale without a doubt, what I do not appreciate that not describe where it takes place, who the man (dad, uncle, brother, neighbor, etc..). however I am sure that you would know to write much better.
> greetings]
Bambinomane Sono certo che sapresti scrivere storie migliori, comunque complimenti per l'originalit dell'impostazione.

[Translation: I am sure that you would know to write better stories, however, congratulations for the originality of the setting.]
How cool to get comments from Italy! Thanks, Bambinomane.

This story is really intended to be very minimalist; hardly any description, no background, etc. I often find minimalist stories like this to be very arousing, so I like to write them this way, but it is hardly the only way I write. So if you don't like the minimalist style, do check out others of my stories (link is on the left hand up at the top of the page).

TT I know he will keep feeding the naughty little girl his cum, having her always swallow it each time. Soon she will be begging him to feed her more and more. The naughty little girl will be swallowing the cum from the hard cocks of her friends father's, her teachers and the family minister..... such a naughty little girl..!
gideon I like little girls that tease, being a long time nudist I get teased quite often at the club, but the best teaser of all was my granddaughter when she was 7 ( she is 34 now and married), every time I visited she used to tease by lifting up her nightdress and showing me she did not wear pants, used do do it also when I used to read a bedtime story to her, most stimulating. Liked the story, brought back memories.
pinkie Oh my God this made me unbelievably wet. I've never came to an erotic story that quickly before. Omg I want to read more of your stories. They are so easy to read and I love how you can see how he feels but also her thoughts too. It makes it so much more delicious! :-P thanks for sharing.
pinkie, you have no idea how much I like this comment! Thanks!

I think I'll just jack off for a while reading your comment!

john2006and good start!
brato4522 Wonderful story, Thanks a lot. I was cumming so much Reading your hot story. I love naughty Little girls, they are awesome.
Anonymous You realize that we are all sick people
Willow Great story. this makes me wish i am a little girl again. i would love to be her xxxx
Damn Willow this comment turns me on!

pedo I love it when a little girl licks my cock.
AZdad Sometimes the tease is such a turn-on as in this particular case.
sirmatt thanks for the story. It was so simplistic the reader could imagine themselves being a participant, rather than an observer.
T. Young Loved it, lots of places you can take it from here. I used to post on Loliwood but cant now as its not accepting new stories. How difficult is it setting up here on asstr?
I found it quite simple, actually. The hardest part for me was creating a format for my HTML pages that I like and seems to work well on hand-helds. I'm not sure I actually achieved that (feedback on this point--particularly on how my pages look on hand-helds--is very much appreciated).

asstr.org has a lot of tools for various methods of uploading and editing files; I find I take advantage of them all. Some modicum knowledge of ftp and a decent client is useful but not necessary. I strongly recommend you set up a site here, and when you do, give us a link-back, I'll post it. Also, I couldn't locate your existing stories on Loliwood so again, give a comment with a link-back and I'll post it.

bald pussy lover I adore these kind of stories, so erotic.
bereaved daddy Another thumbs up effort Chris! I will probably spend the rest of my free time catching up on your underage stories. I had some suggestions right after reading it, but after you explained your minimalist approach I think I get it. Well done.
Anonymous I love the thought of the little slut teases and have known a couple over the years, nothing like a good stroke while remembering some hot little pussy being flashed. Great writing Chris keep it up, I would love to hear about her tight little cunt getting slammed
-M- you write very very sweet storys. My husband and I both enjoy them and even though haven't read this one yet we have read most of yours and really enjoy them the way you have them learn or teach them is something very special I know. I write as well under " DADDYS GIRL" and my English is not my best you would understand why if you read the story "Growing up with out momma"
Thank you so much for the kind words, M. I figured I'd post a little bit of what you wrote, since people probably would be interested in a link to your stories. I've read your stories and I think your English is just fine. It's not perfect, but whose is?

Here's a link to "Daddy's Girl"'s stories: //pegast-irk.site/ongkhachad/files/Authors/DADDYS_GIRL/.
kunt OMG this reminds me so much of my childhood. I damned near could have cum without touching my pussy. My grandfather, a beautiful man and proof that some pedophiles are truly good people, trained me to be his "naughty little cunt" from about the age of 4 when my parents died. I'm in my 60s now and still a naughty little cunt and my grandfather died decades ago. I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say here but lets just say my only regret is he restrained himself, in my opinion, far too much. But I clearly remember that first orgasm at 4 and truly thought I had just joined my parents in heaven. I was not prepared for the intensity of pleasure nor the depths I was willing to go to earn more. He died with his cock in my mouth. I was 16. I married my husband when I was 17 and he was 57. Yes I know what you are thinking and you would be correct. For 23 years I was HIS naughty little cunt. I guess my other regret was not training my daughter to please her father. She found my diary when she was 19, read the whole thing and confronted me quite angry that I never invited her to join in. I was afraid of the legal issues involved but now realize I was just being selfish.

Thanks for bringing back the memories
Wow, what a interesting story. Thank you!

Barbie A lovely story. I was wet in a very short time and couldn't keep my hand out of my panties. It reminded me of the first time my stepfather let me play with his beautiful 6" cock. I am looking forward to reading more of your stories. I also write porn but my stories are all about adult women and preteen girls. If you're interested you can find my collection at the lesbian lolita website. My per name is Barbie Doll.
Mmmm... What an great comment. And for anyone interested in checking out Barbie's stories, here's a link to them:

toby loved it, made me hard and leaking
DavidCent Love this story. I'm not much for the forced action, but it was still hot. I agree she needs to get fucked next time.

I also loved the idea another commenter had of peeing in her (though not in the back door - that's not my thing). That's a dark fantasy of mine, too. Not sure why, but the thought of peeing and then cumming in a little one just really pushes my buttons.

That along with a LG who wants to get pregnant (even if she can't yet) and BEGS to get knocked up. Then at the seminal moment (literally), she reveals she wants a little girl of her own to offer to her partner at his earliest convenience. ;)
anonymous this made me horny as fuck
Thanks the great comment, anonymous. I edited it down to post it, but if you want, you should send a comment with your email and we can chat.

RoxyDD I am crazy about this story! It felt like I was 3 yo playing with my uncle who was 45. I have a vibrator in me right now wishing I was a little girl again!
Thank you very much, RoxyDD, for that wonderful image. I imagine our male readers are as excited by your comment as they are by this story!

Anonymous Great story. Reminds me of some of my encounters with my 10 yo daughter's friend.
chuck54 Damn good story, kept my cock hard as a rock.
Graham Chris,
This story has me gagging for more and I've only reached the early part where she lets him see her mound for the first time. I cant finish now, it has to go away until I have enough privacy to enjoy it properly.
Oh my, I adore the style.
Louise M This brought so many memories back about me and my eldest brother. Just like this little girl I hated swallowing, but did so because it pleased him so much. I'm 48 now and always swallow my husband's, but secretly still dislike it. Ah, love!
JimM Great story. Short, sweet, very erotic. I could definitely like being in the same position as he was.
Anonymous Hellow from Brazil! Your storys are amazing. Sorry to post here, but please, continue Cali series!
Thank you so much, Anon, and welcome to my site! It's always fun to have people from foreign lands, I don't know that I've ever gotten a comment from Brazil. And as for the Cali stories, yes I have been terribly neglectful of the poor thing, haven't I? I promise that I haven't forgotten her, I'm just off on a million other projects, as usual. Thanks for the feedback!

mistyeyesgirl story was lovely and the way she was built up was good... had me thinking I was her and I loved that I 'felt' the story... well done xxx
wishiwastheirray Loved it. Reminded me of my first time with a girl about 5 years younger than me who lived with her Aunt. I was about 14 and we were on the way home from church and she said she wanted to do a wee. I took her down this lane and found a hidden spot and she did. The next Sunday I said on way home "Do you want to pee?" she said no. I then said well you better try or you will be in trouble with your Aunt and get spanked if you wet yourself. So she did and I told her to take her knickers off and I lifted her up and held her whilst she did and I could see her pussy. After quite a time I got her to toss me off and one day take my cock in her mouth and suck it and eventually I cum in her mouth. She gagged and then was Ok and after that she got used to it and I am sure she liked it because on the way home she would say "Are we going down the alleyway today" and I said "Yes if you will suck me" . I cannot describe the feeling of power you have at such times. My wife regularly sucks me off and swallows my cum she says it tastes sweet and I love the magic words "Open it wide (mouth)" and then shooting my load from my throbbing cock into it.
Nice reminiscence, ray, thanks!

bratov4522 OHHHH yessssssssssss it is a horny story,,,,,thanks so much I need a baby like her
Dana 2/22/2016 Chris--This story is exciting. It's cool at the end with his few final "twitches" and her reluctant swallowing. I think that a follow-up story where things go a little further would be great. You're one of the best writers, Chris--keep them coming to keep us cumming!
sparky 7/7/2016 omg just cum over my keyboard ,never new so many people like lttle girls like me, i have cum over lots i have known and all came back for more .Its the excitment off growing up .they luv to show the pussies and play with mens cocks. keep up the good work!
Jelly belly 7/10/2106 I loved your story it was awesome .ive only just found this site .id love to read more about her .it feels like it's me lol xx
Glad you liked it Jelly belly!
goodtrainer 7/11/2016 Worthy of an Oscar! Very well done. Perfect age. Her trainher knows exactly what to do and when to do it. The confidence level is necessary and deliberate. This 'naughty little (whore in training) can't resist urging the nice man to show her his thing. It is a helpful thrill to her own developing need.

Follow-up chapter could reveal the naughty little girls pedo mom who is secretly filming her daily encounter. Together they will take the film to their club's managers so they will have an entry in Friday's night of competition.
morky1 7/11/2016 lovely story, would love to meet a sweetie like her and blow in her mouth, maybe have her piss on my cock while I wanked, mmmm!
steviecomer 7/12/2016 What a wonderful story...had me jacking off hard.
Jelly Belly 8/13/2016 Lol
Loved it all over again it's so real and exciting to me
Glad you liked it a second time, Jelly belly! :)
Dado 12/25/2016 Great story Chris. I felt I was that guy stuffing his cock into her mouth and shooting my load. Great teasing build up with a slow removal of her panties. I held off coming myself until the end!
Anonymous 1/21/2017 she don't care she so sweaty and sexy she don't care if her mam found out

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