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Oliver Naked in School

by Daphne Xu
Copyright 2015


Oliver got up Wednesday morning earlier than usual, and showered and dressed for school. Again, he wore a pair of knee-high socks and hiking boots, but this time he wore a red tee-shirt and a pair of knee-length shorts. They would be easier to remove at school.

Heading to the kitchen to get an early breakfast, he was surprised to find Jenny, still in her nightgown, eating breakfast.

"Hi Jenny. What gets you up this early?" he asked. Jenny's elementary school began later than the middle school, and she was usually just getting up when Oliver left for school.

"Oh, nothing. Are you excited about school today?" Oliver couldn't make out what it was, but there was something strange about that question or the tone of it.

"Eh?" said Oliver, puzzled.

"You're getting up quite early yourself," said Jenny. "I thought you didn't really like school."

"I'm walking to school. I have to leave early." Oliver was glad to have that excuse, because he only just then realized how excited he was, anticipating going naked at school.

Jenny's eyes caught Oliver's for a good ten seconds, but only said, "Hmmm," as she broke the stare.

Oliver ate breakfast quickly, wondering if there was an adult or something under Jenny's eleven-year-old exterior. He grabbed his knapsack and departed for school. At least it wasn't his Mom.

The buses were only just beginning to let students off when he arrived, and only a few persons were waiting at the entrance. As he mounted the stairs, the Assistant Principal emerged with two boxes, for his clothes and Thuy's.

"Good morning, Oliver," the Assistant Principal cheerfully greeted him. "You're here bright and early this morning."

"Hello, sir," he replied. He didn't like the Assistant Principal, and his Monday morning encounter made it all the worse. The man was just too big and frightening. He wondered if the man's cheerfulness was just a nice, friendly, bright-and-early, sky-is-blue-and-sun-is-shining cheerfulness, or whether he had something sinister up his sleeves.

Hesitating, nervous, he asked, "Do I, um--"

"Speak up, young man, and don't say `um'."

"Do I change now, or wait for Thuy?" he asked quickly.

"That's up to you, Oliver."

Shrugging, he set his knapsack down beside him, and lifted his shirt off, dropping it into the box. Vaguely hearing people out front shouting, "There he is!" and other shouts, he lowered his shorts, stepping out of them easily despite his hiking boots. His white briefs had a bit more difficulty in surmounting the boots.

A crowd of students had gathered on the stairs below. He stood up and faced them to a round of applause, some of which came from behind. He turned to face the Principal who had joined the Vice Principal.

"Young man, you've certainly come a long way from the shy, reluctant boy in our office Monday," said the Principal.

"Hey, Oliver!" called out a familiar voice from the crowd. Thuy was pushing her way through the crowd. Oliver froze bug-eyed at the sight of her in bright neon-pink tank-top and red short-short nylon shorts. She dashed up the stairs and, in no time flat, had both her top and shorts off.

Tossing her clothes in the box, she turned and gave Oliver a quick hug. "You look wonderful!"

"Lg-ulg-ulgt," he helplessly gulped, sitting down hard and pulling Thuy down on top of him.

"Children, children," the Assistant Principal tapped both of them. "There will be time enough for this later. Remember the rules, no PDA." Thuy rolled off Oliver, who managed to sit up. His dick was as hard as a rock.

As soon as Oliver got to his feet, a girl ran up and flicked his dick, shouting "PING!" and ran off giggling. His dick bobbled up and down, and everyone laughed including Thuy and the two Principals.

"Silly sixth-graders," Thuy said, and she took his hand and led him into the building.

They separated at the rest rooms. Some girls followed Oliver into the girls' room. When he entered a stall and reached down to pee, a girl behind him whispered, "Hey, let me do it."

He recognized that voice, and glanced behind him. Sure enough, it was Heather. She took his dick-tip in her fingertips and gently but firmly pointed it down toward the toilet. His hard dick developed a kink.

"Um, it's rather hard to pee right now," said Oliver.

"Perhaps he needs relief," said another girl.

"Nonono, I'm okay," answered Oliver. "I don't want to be late for class." He clenched and released muscles. Eventually he began peeing. As he did, his erection subsided, making it easier to pee.

Upon finishing, he was about to give his dick a good shake when the other girl slid her other hand between his legs and took his dick and squeezed downward to the tip of his dick. "That's how Pa always does it."

Her father? How would she know? He glanced at Heather, who shrugged.

As Oliver rinsed his hands off, Heather said, "Wait for me, Oliver. I gotta go too." He glanced in the mirror, but Heather was just out of view in her stall. She emerged a moment later and rinsed her hands. "Okay, I'm ready now." She took Oliver's hand and they left the bathroom. Oliver briefly made eye contact with a girl entering; they both smiled briefly.

Oliver and Heather walked together hand-in-hand to History class. The teacher was writing on the board, "Time is." "Time is of the essence," said Oliver, completing the sentence.

"How did you guess?" asked Mr. Peterson.

"You always write that. It couldn't be anything else," said Heather before Oliver could answer.

Oliver sat in his usual desk with Heather behind him. The bell sounded, and Mr. Peterson reminded the class, "Remember, everyone. We have a quiz tomorrow."

"Awww," groaned most of the class. Oliver remained silent.

"I'm afraid so, students," said the teacher.

In the middle of class, Oliver thought of what had happened yesterday, when one of the girls pushed his dick back between his legs. He tried it for real this time and worked his dick back between his legs, flat up against his crotch. He fiddled a bit more, hoping to hide his testicles and scrotum. He discovered that his bones had a couple nice gaps he could push his balls up into. He pressed his legs together, hoping to hold things in position without too much of his attention.

When class ended, he checked his dick and balls, pushing the latter farther in, before standing up. Heather giggled a high-pitched giggle as she looked at his crotch. "I like it!"

He had to keep his legs tightly squeezed together as he walked, to hold his dick in position. Consequently, he twisted his hips walking.

A boy asked him, "What's up? You trying to become a girl or something? You walk like one, too."

"It peeks out the back, though," added another boy from behind him.

Oliver stuck his tongue out at both of them.

"Pay no attention to them, Oliver," retorted Heather. "It's cute."

"Yes, definitely cute," said Meili as she took his other hand.

As they walked to Algebra, a proctor appeared through the crowd. "Frankly, I'm not sure about this. On the one hand, you are concealing your genitals. On the other hand, it might be considered a type of experimental exhibitionism. I have to discuss it with the Principal; I'll let it go for now."

In Algebra, Oliver took notes as the teacher did sample problems. At one point, he posed a theorem. "Can anyone provide a proof?"

Olive thought he saw a way. When nobody else volunteered, he raised his hand. "I have an idea."

"You sure you want to do it, Oliver?" asked the teacher.

"I think it'll work; I'm not sure." He got up and went to the white-board. In the back of his mind, he was holding his legs together to keep his dick in position, but his mind was mostly on the proof. He finished after filling up half the board with text, vaguely noticing a few laughs from the class behind him.

"Hmm... That wasn't my idea... But... It seems to work. I can't find anything wrong with it. An interesting proof. Thank you Oliver, good job," said the teacher.

As Oliver turned to return to his desk, the classroom burst into applause and laughter. He smiled a little in both embarrassment and appreciation.

It was only later that he realized that he'd gone up nude, perhaps looking like a girl from the front, but his dick sticking out back, and done the proof in front of the class while naked. That might have been what the applause and laughter was about.

Well, it wasn't worse than being naked in front of everyone at any other time.

At the end of class, just after he stowed his book and notebook in his knapsack, someone took his left hand and someone else his right hand.

"Hey, let me--" "Can I--" came two voices above him together. Oliver looked up; they were Lucy and Meili.

"Uh, sure. Just let me slip this knapsack on first, will-ya?" The two girls let go of his hands for just enough time to let him slip his knapsack over his shoulders and tuck his dick down between his legs.

Outside the classroom, someone behind him slipped his or her hand between his legs and took hold of his dick. He gritted his teen and resisted the urge to shriek or look behind him. The caressing caused his excitement to grow in him until, he stopped walking and literally froze up. Leaning forward, he emitted a soft "Eeeee! Ahhhhh!" and inhaled between his teeth. His body tensed and buzzed all over as if electrified, and his dick pulsed and pulsed, squirting semen back behind him.

He eventually recovered. The hand on his dick was gone. He straightened up and breathed heavily, and said, "I'm okay now." The girls were waiting, looking at him with bemused expressions. Behind, he heard laughter and expressions of disgust. He ignored them both.

They stopped at a girls' room before going onto the French classroom. Lucy and Meili hugged him briefly before hurrying off to their own classes.

"Oh-la-la!" exclaimed Mlle. Ellut as Oliver entered. "Tu essais devenir une petite fille?" Trying to become a girl? Oliver blushed and said nothing. Denying it would only dig himself deeper.

Oliver continued to write his diary in French. He had his French-English dictionary now, so he didn't have to substitute English words into his text. He kept thinking about the following class, Art. Monday, Thuy had to pose nude. Yesterday, he did. Now, they would pose together. He was excited and terrified about the prospect. He wrote about the posing in his diary, hopefully (he thought) only indirectly hinting at his horrid crush and the excitement he felt.

Thuy and Oliver arrived at the Art classroom the same time. Oliver felt insanely jealous that Thuy was surrounded by boys, and then felt unreasonably happy when Thuy called out with a laugh, "Hey Oliver!" His dick, tucked back between his legs, was quite hard again.

The mob of students let them go, and they reached for each other's hand and walked into class together.

The art teacher giggled, "Oliver, that's classic! Let's keep it like that for our first pose, shall we? Up on the platform, both of you. Class, get your pencils ready for some serious model sketching. Oliver, Thuy, face the audience -- that's good, keep holding hands. You're good friends, almost lovers even. Oliver, you stand like this." The art teacher stood with one foot at 45 degrees, and her other heal up against that foot's center at right angles. Oliver tried to emulate the teacher's stance, keeping his dick tucked back between his legs. "That's good," the teacher approved. "Just like a traditional British nobleman."

Oliver tried to maintain a plain face, but he quivered inside with excitement and giddiness, holding Thuy's hand. His dick hardened out behind him and pulsated. It was a wonderful, aching, pleasurable experience. He did his best to hold the pose with a blank expression.

After ten minutes, the teacher had them change into a new pose. This time, Thuy faced the class while Oliver stood with his back to the class. He was to the right of Thuy, a little in front. His left hand reached across Thuy's stomach to her side while his right hand held her left hand to his shoulder. Her right hand clutched his left arm.

Another fifteen minutes later, the teacher said, "Okay, relax guys. Oliver, your dick probably aches something fierce. Any volunteers to give Oliver relief, class?"

A good many hands shot up, including several boys'.

Thuy said, "Miss? I think I need, uh, relief as well." She blushed red.

Oliver said, "Perhaps we could relieve each other, how about that?"

"That's a wonderful idea, Oliver," said the teacher. "Unfortunately, we don't want to preempt Friday's assembly." Oliver was puzzled. He knew there was going to be an assembly Friday, but what did that have to do with relief for him and Thuy?

The teacher continued, turning to the class. "Okay. Cynthia, would you like to help Oliver? And how about volunteers for Thuy?" Most of the boys and several girls raised their hands. "Okay, you George?"

Cynthia and George approached Oliver and Thuy. "Hi," Oliver greeted Cynthia. She had her face down, and was blushing fiercely. Oliver was feeling hyper-excited from modeling nude with Thuy; his pelvic muscles were clutching like mad. Cynthia reached out and gingerly touched the tip of his dick, he burst out in a loud wail and his dick burst out in white slimy liquid. Cynthia jumped to the side.

His dick remained hard, even after half a dozen spurts of semen. Fortunately, the semen had mostly missed the girl, only catching her on a bit of her hair. She ignored it and reached out for his dick again. She cupped Oliver testicles in one hand and slowly, timidly moved her mouth toward his dick.

Thuy by now was on her back on the floor, with George kneeling above her, hand down between her legs. Oliver decided to follow Thuy's example, and lay next to her. After a few seconds of indecision, he took her hand in his. Thuy clutched hard.

Cynthia knelt over him. Again she took Oliver's testicles in her hands and gingerly, scrunching her nose just a little, moved her mouth toward his dick. She finally took the tip in her mouth, touching it gingerly at first with her tongue. Her sucking became firmer and more aggressive.

In the background of his own approaching second orgasm were the sounds of Thuy getting ever louder and louder. His dick was hypersensitive, by now almost painful. He clenched his hand on Thuy's and let out a scream -- just as Thuy let out her own huge scream.

"Congratulations, both of you! You came simultaneously!" exclaimed the teacher. She gave the two helpers wet cloths. "Clean them off -- carefully. We don't want to arouse them again. We don't want him getting another erection; we've got to get on with the class now."

The teacher had Thuy and Oliver pose like running school-children -- Thuy leading Oliver by the hand. Then there were a couple other poses, including one where each of them sat holding his knee up tight against his chest, giving the class a crotch view. Finally, class ended and it was time for lunch.

Oliver and Thuy walked out hand-in-hand, to meet the usual crowd waiting outside to conduct them to lunch. Oliver was no longer surprised when a couple of sixth-grade girls ran up and pinged his dick, shouting "PING!" and running off giggling. He sighed, as some of the crowd laughed, Thuy along with them.

A boy ran up and flicked Thuy's right nipple. "Ow!" The boy laughed and tried to run off, but an arm grabbed him by the shoulder and flipped him around.

"All right, Russell," came a familiar girl's voice. Heather! "You're going right back up to apologize." Heather held the boy's arms firmly behind his back and marched him back up to Thuy and Oliver. "Now apologize to Thuy."

"I'm very sorry for flickin' your tit," said the boy. "I didn't mean to hurt you."

"You're forgiven, Russell." Thuy leaned forward and kissed his forehead. Russell turned a bright fiery orange and, slipping out of Heather's grasp, ran off.

"Were we as obnoxious when we were their age?" Oliver asked nobody in particular.

"Oh probably," answered Thuy. "But in different ways."

"My brother's a good kid, usually. It's just that he's entered puberty and, well, you know," said Heather.

"That was your brother?" asked Oliver, disbelieving.

"Yeah. Russell's twelve and in seventh grade." Heather took Oliver's left hand, and the three of them started to lunch.

"Hey, stick your dick back between your legs like before!" called out someone from the crowd.

"Yeah!" the crowd collectively shouted. "Do it!" But a proctor spoke out above the voices. "We are very sorry, but Oliver may no longer conceal his penis in that manner. It was fine as an experiment, but the Principal has decided to disallow it in the future." The crowd booed, but the proctor made his way up to Oliver and Thuy. "Oliver, I'm sorry to say that the same applies to your boots and sock. You have to remove them; they'll be with your clothes at the end of the day. You may walk barefoot, or here are flip-flops for you."

Oliver sighed as he found a bench and removed his boots and socks. "I think I'll go barefoot," he said. He wasn't used to flip-flops.

As before, Oliver and Thuy sat across from each other at lunch. Heather sat on his left, and Meili worked her way in to sit at his right. Fred sat on Thuy's left, and another boy at her right. Thuy kept glancing at Fred in a way that made Oliver jealous; he was to scared to object though.

Meili said to Oliver, "I see they made you take off your boots."


"Too bad. I liked how you looked in them," Meili answered with a brief hug.

Eventually, it was time for English. Heather and Oliver walked in together about five minutes early, followed by a few classmates.

The teacher wrote a list of topics on the whiteboard. "Today, we write another short paper." The students groaned. "Two or three pages will suffice. Pick any of these topics, or your own topic if you wish. It's due at the end of class tomorrow."

Oliver thought a little, and it occurred to him to write about the blowjobs he'd received. Dare he do it? What would the teacher say? Heck, he would have already been in horrible trouble in any sane world -- sitting stark naked in class!

So he began writing. His title was, "On the Receipt of a Blowjob." The title sounded appropriately like the ancient titles of various works he'd learned about in History. He blushed at spots, describing what the girls had done Tuesday and earlier today. His dick hardened as he wrote, recalling the event. Furtively glancing about, he hoped nobody noticed.

Three quarters of an hour into class, Oliver thought the paper had enough written. He rewrote it neatly in pen, revising some, and blushing at the turns of phrase that he used.

He hesitated for some time after finishing his rewrite, folding the sheets a couple times and wondering if he should just tear it up and write something else. But finally he worked up the nerve to raise his hand.

"Yes, Oliver?" said the teacher as she came over.

He blushed, not looking up, as he handed her the essay, folded up sever times. "My paper," he whispered.

"Finished already? Well done!"

The next class was PE. Oliver arrived at the girls' locker room in good time, went to the bathroom, and entered the showers.

"I'm going to join you today," said Valerie as she joined him in the shower.

"What do you mean?"



As they left for the gymnasium, Oliver spotted the very shy girl -- Wendy, he recalled. She was also nude, walking toward the gymnasium He and Valerie hurried to catch up. Wendy looked terrified, yet she had a steel-eyed fiercely-determined expression as well. She was determined to fight and overcome her shyness, Oliver could tell. "Hey, Wendy!"

She turned, and her expression instantly relaxed into smiles of relief, seeing both Oliver and Valerie naked. The three of them continued together, and lined up for warm-up exercises. Glancing around, Oliver saw that a few other girls were naked as well.

But what surprised Oliver the most was when Mrs. Brock, the teacher, came out naked. "All right guys. I see that several of you have decided to join young Oliver here nude. I heartily approve; your performance will improve considerably from that one change alone."

Wendy stayed with Oliver and Valerie throughout the class, and joined them afterwards in the showers. Again, a couple sixth-graders ran up and pinged Oliver's dick. Before separating for their final class period, Wendy briefly hugged Oliver. "Thank you," she said.

Oliver hugged her back, feeling a surge of happiness.

At the end of the school day, as he put his clothes on before going home, Oliver thought to himself that the day couldn't have been any better.

"Hey Oliver," said Thuy. "Want to come over this afternoon?"

"Your house? Sure! Where do you live?" Thuy told Oliver; she lived almost two miles away, but he knew he could walk or take the public bus. Unfortunately, the school bus wouldn't allow students to take buses other than their usual bus home.

"Okay, seeya there."

Oliver decided to walk directly there. It took about 45 minutes. It was a nice day and a nice walk, but the closer he got, the more nervous he felt. Was he making an awful mistake, going to a girl's house? Would he be intruding? Did Thuy really invite him, or did he just imagine it? What would her parents think? What would *his* parents think? Should he go through with it?

The houses here were big. This was obviously a wealthy area. He hoped he'd found the right house. He hesitated as he approached the door, then waited a whole minute before finally ringing the bell. A voice sounded from the voice-box: "Hello?"

"I'm, uh, Oliver Nelson. Is this Thuy, um Pham's house? She invited me..." He was wishing he'd never come.

"Hey, Oliver, it's me. Come on in. I'm down in the basement. To the right, downstairs" The door clicked, and Oliver pulled open the screen door and pushed the door inward. Nobody was visible, but he saw the stairs leading downstairs to the right. Fearfully, he followed them down.

The stairs ended in a basement room, with a blue mat covering the floor. "Hello? Thuy?" He was in for it, he just knew it. He stepped into the room, onto the mat. Something grabbed him and turned him over. He found himself on his back, with a naked giggling Thuy above him, her foot pushing in a small soft spot just underneath his ribs?

"Thuy!" he angrily exclaimed, trying unsuccessfully to push himself up. "What the heck? Let me go!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry, Oliver. I was just having fun. My instructor would probably kill me for this, though." She removed her foot and helped him to his feet. "Wouldn't you like to learn how to do this? It really works! And it's fun! Take your clothes off, and I'll show you how it's done."

Oliver removed his clothes, wondering what the heck he was doing. Here he was alone with the most beautiful girl in the world, both naked. Suppose her parents came home; what then?

"Okay, you are about to be thrown and there's nothing you can do about it."

Oliver lost track of time, as they practiced how to fall safely, and then a sequence of defense moves flipping an attacker to the ground, over and over again. He forgot his crush, forgot his nakedness, forgot his now soft and short dick, until a male voice greeted them.

"Good afternoon!" Oliver was on the floor, having been thrown for the Nth time. Thuy straightened up, and Oliver followed her glance toward the stairs to see a middle-aged man. His heart jumped to his throat in panic, realizing that was Thuy's dad.

"Dad, this is Oliver. He has to go naked in school along with me." Oliver stood up and approached with trepidation, acutely aware of their nakedness.

"I am pleased to meet you, Oliver," said the man.

"I'm pleased to meet you too." Oliver extended his hand for a handshake. "Thuy has been showing me how to," he paused, not knowing how to describe it. Throwing people to the ground seemed so uncouth

"Oh, I was just showing him some Aikido moves," Thuy said.

"Enjoy yourselves," said Thuy's father as he returned upstairs.

"OhmyGod!" Oliver heaved a sigh, letting out all his breath, and landing on the floor. "I thought I was cooked!"

"Nah, it's okay," answered Thuy. "Dad knows about you and the Program."

Oliver had to get dressed and leave shortly after. He was on Cloud Nine all the way home, even though he was beginning to ache a little. He briefly noticed how he was sweating, but forgot until he got home. He arrived just in time for dinner.

"So where did you go this afternoon?" his Mom asked.

Oliver's stomach sunk. Dare he admit to having been at a girl's house? "I was at a friend's house."

"That's good, dear. Now you should go upstairs and take a shower; clean up before dinner. Have you been working out or something?"

"Yes," he answered, as he went upstairs, relieved that he'd avoided a potential embarrassment. He took a nice warm shower, realizing how sweaty and smelly he really was. He also noticed a certain stiffness and soreness.

Mom had cooked the family favorite, spaghetti. Oliver quietly gobbled down the spaghetti, thinking about the events of the week, hoping that his occasional flushed face wasn't noticed. Conversation flowed around him in the background. He was barely listening until out of the blue sky and green pasture, Jenny announced that Oliver was going naked in school this week.

The room went silent.

Oliver looked around, his face burning crimson. Mom and Dad were staring at him. Jenny was looking down with a shamefaced I-shouldn't-have-mentioned-that expression. You're darned right you shouldn't have mentioned it, I thought hard at her.

"Is that true?" asked Dad sharply.

"Yes, but--"

"Young man." Dad jumped to his feet, came around and grabbed Oliver by the collar. "I have no idea what's possessed you, but it's going to stop now." Dad half-led, half-dragged Oliver to his bedroom, forced him down to his knees facing the bed, pulled down his shorts, slid his belt off, and lashed his bare butt.

Oliver screamed, "Stop it!" in agony, and continued screaming as Dad continued lashing him. Finally Oliver broke down in weeping and Dad stopped the lashing. "You stay in your room, no more supper. Nothing more will be said about this." It had always been like that, although the last hairbrushing had been a few years earlier, and this was the only time it had happened with a belt instead. If he ever brought it up, it meant another hairbrushing for disobedience

Oliver stayed on his knees and laid his head on the bed, crying himself out. "I'll kill him, I'll kill him!" knowing he never would stand up to his dad.

He only barely heard a soft knock at the door, and only looked up when a shadow passed over him. It was Jenny. Oliver felt like slugging her, but that feeling vanished when she burst into tears, and cried, "I'm so-so-sorry!" She collapsed onto the floor.

Oliver crawled down next to her, and took her in for an embrace. They held each other for a long time. Oliver didn't recall ever hugging his sister before -- a least not within the past five years or so. Then he thought of something.

"Jenny, I have a history quiz tomorrow. Would you be so kind as to get my knapsack?"

"Of course." Jenny dashed out, and momentarily returned with Oliver's knapsack. Oliver got out his history book and read the relevant chapter. Jenny got out a book of her own, sat at the end of the bed and begin reading.

Oliver fell asleep with his head in the book.

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