Erotic Stories by Darius Thornhill

My Sister's Baby

My Sister's Baby by Darius Thornhill

I know it's corny but my little sister Emmy really was frightened of storms. If she heard thunder or saw a bright flash of lightening she would run and hide, or if it was at night she'd crawl into our parents bed to be comforted. That's fine when your six, but not when you're twelve or thirteen and starting to display some of the teenage charms that will develop into a fully rounded female body by the time you're sixteen.

It was inevitable that my parent's would ban her from their bed as being 'inappropriate'. Emmy didn't really understand why. She pouted and complained at the change and the meanness of our parents. She was too young to understand the temptation my father might have felt when feeling a smooth-bodied and warm young girl next to him in bed. I can sympathise with him. Explaining an erection to your young daughter and your wife would not be a fun thing to do. I understood more than she did but I still couldn't really explain it to her apart from telling her she was a big girl now and big girls aren't afraid of storms. But the problem was, as any child psychologist will tell you, that didn't change her anxiety, it just suppressed it.

We don't live in a particularly stormy place, just a few a year so the problem of a big storm at night didn't crop up for maybe 2 or 3 years. Emmy was nearly sixteen, a few weeks off her birthday and I was 18 when it hit. I was awoken by a window shattering explosion that seemed to be directly over the house and intense flashes of lightening as a major electrical storm passed over us. The dim light of my bedside clock flickered and went out as the power went down. Seconds later my bedroom door was flung open and Emmy dived into my bed and under the covers and lay there whimpering and shaking.

“Emmy, it's all right, it's just an electrical storm, it'll pass over in a few minutes, you'll be OK.” I tried to reassure her. But it didn't. The storm stalled over our area and the banging and crashing went on all night. Emmy grabbed my arm and pulled me close behind her so I lay with her cute little bottom nestled in my lap. The warmth of her astounded me. It was the first time I'd been in bed with someone else. I could smell the subtle fragrance of a young girl. I was fascinated, but mainly I was concerned with Emmy who jumped and shivered every time the lightening flashed or a thunder cloud rumbled its threat of annihilation.

Now, I know what you're thinking. You think she turned me on and either I seduced her while she slept or she felt my cock get stiff and she got excited so we fucked and then came the interview with the parents about how Emmy came to have her brother's baby growing in her cute belly. Well it didn't happen like that. How could it?

Emmy was terrified and I was very concerned for her. Eventually the storm did pass and we both fell into an exhausted sleep. Our parents found us there in the morning innocently cuddled up like we were 6 year-old's. Nothing of a sexual nature had happened. We were after all wearing pyjamas so there was no direct skin to skin contact. But... and isn't there always a but? The experience had left me with the knowledge of how it felt to have my sister's warm body close to mine, and I couldn't quite get that thought out of my head. I had tasted of the forbidden fruit, well not really tasted, I had just sensed the aroma and gladly let it permeate my body. I couldn't forget the lovely feeling of her against me and the smell of her close to me.

After our parents found us we had the 'lecture' about how we should stay in our own beds in future. They did their best to make it clear what the dangers where without actually saying 'you may have sex and Emmy could end up pregnant' but the implication was obvious to both of us. We knew very clearly where babies came from. But knowledge doesn't always protect you does it? You need common sense and self-control to support that knowledge, two qualities that are largely absent from most teenager's characters, especially where sex is concerned.

After the 'interview' Emmy came into my room and sat on my bed.

“Thank you for looking after me last night. I know it's silly but I am petrified and I just can't help it.”

“It's OK Emmy. I understand, I really do, and I don't mind. But listen if it happens again you need to make sure you are back in your room before they catch us.”

Emmy said “You're a star Chris.” and gave me a kiss on the cheek. That aroma again... what was it? Perfume? No, I didn't think so. Maybe it was just her, how Emmy smelled. One thing I did know is that I liked it. She smiled at me. “I felt safe last night. You made me feel it was all going to be OK.”

I admitted to her that it 'felt pretty neat cuddling like that'. She scooted up the bed next to me, lifted my arm round her shoulder, rested her head on my neck and said 'yes it was pretty neat'. There was a tension in the air that strangled my vocal chords. I heard my voice croak 'any time is OK with me'. She whispered 'I love you big brother, thank you'.

And so it happened that I invited my sister into my bed. Did I know then what I was doing, what I wanted? I'm not sure. It's hard to say what motivates you, but I see now that I did want to feel her close to me again and that maybe I should have recognised that feeling for what it was. My parents half-stated warning that if we shared a bed I might impregnate my sister played games with my head. I turned the idea over and found it made me smile with a strange excitement.

Nothing happened between us for a few weeks but the knowledge was there, a little sweet thought that tickled me and bided its time. We were closer now in subtle ways. She was more comfortable being close to me and would always give me a more than sisterly hug in the morning or when we hadn't seen each other around. I noticed she was more comfortable with me when she was walking round the house in her bra and panties, but that she never let our parents see her in that state of undress. I was very happy to see her neat bottom and firm little breasts encased in her favoured flowery underwear, and sometimes I'd feel her breasts brush against me as she gave me my 'good morning' hug. We talked more than we had before and we spoke about more personal things like what we hoped for our futures and who was seeing who at school, but not anything sexual.

Emmy's birthday came and went with a house full of giggling and shrieking teenage girls and still nothing happened. Then our parents decided they wanted a second honeymoon. They announced we were old enough to look after ourselves and that they would be away for two weeks. “Aunty Liz will look in on you and you can call her or us if you need to.”

The car door slammed and with a final 'don't forget your homework' our parents were out of our lives for two weeks. Great! Freedom! We didn't want wild parties, just a few friends round now and again and space to be ourselves, to make a mess and sleep late at weekends, simple stuff really. And then there was that sweet little tension between us. Emmy felt it too because when we decided to go to bed that evening she hesitated and looked awkward.

“What's up Em?” I asked. Still she hesitated. She looked at me and shrugged, an unasked question hung there. I suddenly knew what to say. “Said on the news there might be a storm tonight....” Her face lit up with a big smile.

“Does that mean...?”

“Yes if you want to.” My throat was dry. Emmy got undressed and put her pyjamas on in her room and then padded down the landing and peeked round my door to make sure I was ready. I was sitting up in bed reading and wearing a cotton T-shirt and shorts. Emmy had pretty white and pink knee length bottoms that were tight across her bottom with a loose cotton top under which her breasts moved as she crossed the room. She looked happy as I lifted the covers and she slipped into my narrow bed. She snuggled up and asked what I was reading. I showed her and she asked me to read to her like I used to year's ago. So there I was with my warm and cuddly sister, her head on my chest and her arm around my waist reading D. H. Lawrence's 'Sons and Lovers' one of my school set texts. I didn't find it too interesting – Victorian novelists describe such uptight characters - and Em soon said 'boring!' and flicked the book out of my hands and onto the floor. I giggled and tickled her waist and she jumped and wriggled against me which felt very good. We lay still again and I reached over her to put the light out, stretching past Em's head and pressing myself against her and feeling her breasts against my chest. I breathed again that subtle aroma she had, and felt quite strange, elated, confused.

We settled down in the bed with Em again curled up on her side with me lying behind her, my arm around her waist. She wiggled her cute little bottom and fidgeted for ages until I said 'Em! Lay still.'

'I can't' she said.

“Why not?”

There was a moments silence before she said “Because....” and then I felt her throw back the covers and pull me out of bed. “Come with me.” she said firmly and led me to the door of our parents bedroom. Inside, the large bed was half lit by the light coming in the window in a soft blue glow. Em pulled the covers aside and pulled me in after her. This time she faced me and cuddled up along my side placing her leg over mine so I could feel the little mound between her thigh against my leg..

“There,”she said. “That's better isn't it?” I squeezed her shoulders pulling her head towards mine and burying my face in her soft hair.

“Em....?” I breathed the question as she pressed her warm young body against mine in response.

“Yes.” was all she had to reply, not a question but a statement, permission, encouragement. We both knew it then, that this was the moment when the unspoken was articulated by action.

I could feel her breasts and her warmth, exquisite and stimulating beside me. And something else too in this big bed, this wide landscape of adulthood, this taboo place where strange and half-understood rites took place. I felt mature, confident. Knowledge lifted me, encouraged me.

It seemed perfectly natural that I kiss Em gently on her soft and willing lips as I'd seen my father kiss my mother many times. It felt right that she kissed me back opening my lips with her tongue. It was absolutely right that we turned and pressed our bodies to each other, her breasts against my chest and my growing cock pressing against her tummy. When her hands slipped under my shirt and pulled it up, I easily reciprocated by pulling her top up and exposing her breasts so I could feel them naked against me.

Our kiss never stopped as she rolled on top of me and held my head in her hands while she sucked my tongue deep into her mouth, a clear and instinctive invitation. My hands stroked down her back and under her waist band to hold her bottom cheeks and press them to me. Following her instinct she opened her legs and straddled me so my cock felt the heat and the need in her vagina. Fabric ripped as I pulled her pyjamas apart exposing her naked cunt. She frantically pushed my shorts down freeing my stiff cock and then as easily, naturally, as if we'd done it many times before we positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt and she slid down onto it helped by my hands pulling her down.

The smooth tightness of my sister's virgin cunt closed over and around my hard cock, resisted for a moment and then opened for me allowing me to deflower her. My sister gave me her virginity and I gave her mine in the ultimate taboo embrace. At that moment we both started moving against each other so my cock slid up and down inside her. She never stopped kissing me or moving against me as I rolled her over onto her back and started to drive my cock harder into her eager young cunt. Em lifted her legs, opening her tightness and encouraging me to penetrate more deeply while her hands pulled my hips, asking me, telling me to go deeper, harder. And still we held that first incestuous kiss.

My hands held hers above her head as I entered her faster and faster. My body felt pent-up, full and hers felt lithe, nubile, ready. She exposed her body and soul to me, her need calling to mine. For minutes we held each other tight while we worked ours bodies as one, climbing with passion and need towards the dangerous climax. Her moans became deeper, more basic... but they might have been mine, I couldn't tell. Her body became suddenly rigid and clamped itself round me as my pent up feelings crested and my cock poured incestuous seed into her, just as her body became a thing of primitive beauty, bucking and spasming, milking my cock of every last drop of sperm in great waves of passion.

We subsided slowly into a series of longer, slower penetrations. At the deepest point of each penetration my cock gave out another little spurt to make sure my balls were empty and her vagina squeezed a few more drops out of me. And still we held our first incestuous kiss.

Eventually we relaxed into a series of small kisses and giggles at what we'd done, Em looked so bright and happy in the half light as I looked at her. She smiled up at me, her naughty vagina still giving me little squeezes. At exactly the same moment we both said “I love you.” to each other and kissed again. An adult kiss of care and reassurance, of enduring passion.

I smiled down at her. “We didn't use any protection Em.”

“I know.” she said, her eyes shining.

“You might be pregnant.”

“I hope so.”

“Me too.”

“Shall we make sure?”

“Yes please!”

So we fucked again... and again... Four or five times that night I filled my sister's hungry little cunt with my potent seed – just to make sure she was impregnated, that our baby would start to grow in her womb.

We did manage to get to school the next day, but as soon as we had finished we were back in our parents bed, romping naked, fucking and playing, laughing and giggling, free and carefree. We talked of the baby that might be growing in her belly. The very thought of that made me want to be inside her again and Em was always ready for me to enter her.

For the next few days we carried on like that. We took to being naked all the time so that if Em or me said “We'd better be sure...” we would have sex then and there – in the kitchen, the lounge, wherever we happened to be. But the best was still waking up next to Em in the mornings after a night of baby-making fucks and seeing her lying there safe and secure happy, loved by, and in love with, her brother. I would watch her sleep, knowing that soon she'd wake up and we'd have sex again before we got up.

For two glorious weeks we tried as hard as we could to make sure Em was pregnant, fucking at every opportunity, always with my cock in her vagina so as not to waste my sperm. Em could make me make me come six or seven times a day and we took full advantage of that while we had the opportunity.

After our parents came back we had to be a bit more careful, but we were frequently alone in the house together, and even if it was for a few minutes Em would sit stride me and milk my cock into her incestuous vagina. Often she'd creep quietly into my bed in the middle of the night. Sometimes I'd slip into her bed and her vagina very early in the morning while she was still sleepy. She always welcomed me with open arms and a wet cunt.

She missed her next period and the one after that, so we were sure she was pregnant. She glowed and became even randier than ever. Now she was pregnant she just wanted to find out how many different ways there were of coming and it wasn't important where my sperm ended up, at least not until she'd had the baby and we would want to start fucking for the next one. So I filled her mouth, her bottom and her vagina as the urge took us. Sometimes she wanted me to come over her baby bump or her breasts so she could smooth my cream into her skin. She swore it was good for her complexion.

The parental interview was a bit fraught, but we presented them with a fait accompli. It was obvious that this wasn't an accident, that we had both chosen this course of action. I think it must also have been obvious that Em and I loved each other on a level way above that of usual filial love. We did agree to keep our incestuous relationship quiet at least until we had left school which seemed fair enough.

They were a bit nervous when we asked for a double bed to be installed in my room and Em to move in with me, but as we pointed out, we'd soon need Em's old room as a nursery. They agreed and eventually came to accept seeing us in bed together and kissing each other like the lovers we were. Mum became quite supportive as her first grandchild was due.

I love it when Em is pregnant, and can't wait to impregnate her again as soon as possible after one of our babies is born. I love to feel her bump as it grows from day to day and the way my horny little sister becomes randier than ever when she's with child. I love the smell of her body and the taste of her vagina when she is pregnant and nursing. I like to take my turn at her breast when the baby is satisfied and asleep.

We have four lovely, healthy, happy bouncing babies now and a fifth due very soon. As I write this Em is smiling across at me while our five year-old boy is playing with her big bump and her naked nipples. He's absolutely fascinated by his mum's naked body. Like father like son! Who knows where it might lead in a few year's time. Our two, soon to be three, girls have two older brothers. I'm sure they'll all play together as they grow up. Em is smiling down at my son now; he's sucking her nipple like he did when he was a baby.

As soon as the babies are asleep I think I'll ask my sister to kneel on the edge of bed. I'll breathe in the aroma of her pregnant pussy and taste the earthiness of her tight bottom before I stand behind her and slide my cock into my sister's taboo cunt. Soon she will be moaning and panting for more of her brother's cock and its gift of incestuous sperm.

Darius Thornhill
Copyright 2007

Readers' Comments:

  1. I absolutely loved the story as well as its sweet implications. The photo of that lovely pregnant girl ready to receive her lover is positively delicious. Now whoever said a pregnant woman isn't sexy?
  2. Outstanding! - or sitting, or laying back on the kitchen floor!
  3. Wonderfully beautiful. I LOVED it! I think pregnant women are extremely sexy in a way that other women just can't be. I look forward to embracing my wife when she is pregnant.
  4. What a wonderful story. It is so exciting. I never had any sisters, but I would have one like Em.
  5. Absolutely good story and admirable but I will suggest you as a request to write on father daughter theme.
  6. Reminds me of my cousin's first time. I was 19 and she was 14. Great naughty fun.
  7. Wonderful story. There is a lot of feeling in this story, and I am so happy it ended the way it did. Please keep up the good work.
  8. Don't like it.
  9. Very erotic! The aroma thing brings back a lot of memories!
  10. Wonderful story. I love how happy they are, how much they love having incest babies, and the idea that their children will be just like them one day.
  11. Great story, love Dd and Bs stories. This story was very sweet and hot.
  12. Great story. I love the thought of incest and making a family member pregnant turns me on.
  13. Love the story please write a lot more.
  14. A sweet tale of incestuous lust, passion, and fulfillment. While the result of this sibling coupling is to be revered, acceptance by the parents is quite another.
  15. Man, that is one great story. Keep up your writing. You have a sharp mind and write a really excellent story!!!!
  16. Not being an aficionado of incest, I make this comment on the basis of content and style. I liked the story very much and enjoyed the way it was developed. I loved the absence of swearing, which is always such a bore and indicative a poor imagination and vocabulary. Lastly, the story had an aura of class to it that made the love between Emma and Chris believable. Good job!
  17. what a beautiful story, their parents took it well. I love incest love stories. I always wish i had a sister and we could be as husband and wife and have children together. I love your work, thank you.
  18. I have now 3 children with my daughter (i guess i have 4 children if you count her!), and i love this kind of thing.
  19. I think it is nice when brothers and sisters get together to make love to each other. And I feel the Law should now be changed. So it is allowing consenting adults to share their love for each other. And even have a family together. (Author: these are fantasy stories, but I agree with you up to a point. However the idea of actually conceiving children with a close relative is not a good idea for genetic reasons.)
  20. If any of u had sisters you would not be thinking like that. Parents would not be like that and it was just terrible. (Author: I think you're confusing fiction with polemic. Fantasy stories like this are just that - fantasies. They are no more intended to encourage people to seduce their siblings than a novel about serial killers is supposed to encourage you to go on a murder spree.)
  21. U fucked ur sister ... 5 times and your parents was OK with it ... Fuck me like u popped your sister's innocent cherry. (Author: Thank you for the thought!)
  22. A lovely story that perfectly describes the excitement of sibling incest. What makes it exceptional however, is that the ensuing pregnancy('s) are met not with shame or guilt, but with joyous happiness. Emmy's unprotected womb is ever ready to accept her brothers sperm and their parents reaction to their breeding is a mere footnote to the story. I love stories about siblings breeding and this is one of the best.
  23. Not a bad story. I hope it is only a "story". Incest shouldn't be such a big taboo nowadays but making babies with your immediate family is definitely a bad idea now matter how good the thought may seem. We don't want to be breeding any more "retards" after all. Do we? (Author: yes, this is only a story!)
  24. Love a story like this where it isn't just lust, it's love and I'm happy that their parents went along with it and accepted their choice. Wish I had a sister like Em.
  25. Makes me want my sister again!
  26. Superb story.
  27. [Edited] Me and my sister fought like cat and dog. My sister got a boyfriend. ... my sister ... wanted me to bonk her so later that night I went into my room and she was on the edge of bed with a crop top and knickers down on her to her ankles. I looked at her hairy pussy and she pulled my trousers down and told me to get my cock on her pussy. I bonked her and left sperm on her pussy she got her finger and got it off her pussy and ate it. When ... our parents went to the pub and she said she wanted it to go further so we went into our parents king sized bed, stripped off and I started bonking her inside her pussy. Every time my cock went into her I heard I groan I thought I was hurting her but she said she was loving it so it made me confidant. Her pussy was really wet and she was griping my back and bum. I was shoving my cock into her pussy so much she had a orgasm. I was whispering to her I loved her boobs and her thighs she said my cock was bigger than her boyfriend and she was in love with me. My heart burst with joy. Over 17 years we had 6 kids all healthy and normal and have sex once day. We don't regret it. ....
  28. Reminds me of the time my brother got me pregnant. We're still fucking today. .... Even our parents are cousins. ;) They support us 100%...
  29. Very beautiful story.This is how an incest brother/sister should be.No other woman/man can love you that much. However, the only thing in this story which puzzle me a bit is that the parents could have so easily accept this reltionship. However if the story was a true one, its good that the parents did not get mad about them for the benefit of the four siblings concerned.
  30. I think a brother impregnating his sister is sexy.
  31. When my sister and I were younger we had sex regularly and used condoms. But one day it broke inside her and I filled her womb with my sperm. She didn't get pregnant, but years later we talked about it and discovered that deep down we both had kind of hoped she would be.
    (Continued:) Wrote yesterday about how my younger sister and I had enjoyed a very special and intimate sexual relationship for sometime together. And how a condom broke during one of our love making session. We both had enjoyed wonderful climaxes and were lying holding each other close kissing and exchanging our love for each other. Even after pulling out I didn't realize the condom had broken at first. We made love half the time in my bed the other times in our parents. Had she conceived that day our child would have been conceived in the same bed as we had been.
  32. I was (an) 18 (year-old) women who suffered from depression for years. To make it worse my boyfriend broke up with me. My 16 year-old brother heard me crying in my bedroom and sat next to me. I told him what happened and I couldn't believe my ears when he said I was beautiful and gave me a kiss on the lips. I stopped crying and gave him a lingering kiss back. He took the hint and we snogged and we managed to strip off and get into bed. He was like a animal and he kept fucking so much my pussy was wet so much. His eyes were fixed on me. We must (have) lasted about 2hours and (he) climaxed inside me. It felt sexy; his junk inside me. I managed to crawl next to him in bed thanking him. I got pregnant and the baby is healthy. Even though I'm married to someone else my husband knows about me and brother having sex. Sometimes we have threesomes. (Author: Edited for clarity)
  33. So-so.  Concept is good, but when the sex begins it all happens much too fast.  There's no hesitation on either sibling's part.; no nervousness at all.  His cock is suddenly in her pussy without any description of extended foreplay, of looking at, touching, feeling and/or tasting, each other's bodies.  It's sex, sure -- but it lacks real eroticism.
  34. Reminds me of when I knocked my sister up too, we had a daughter, when the daughter was old enough we invited her in our playing too, now she is sleeping with us every night
Copyright Darius Thornhill

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