By Ivan the Terror


Codes: MFf+, mc, m-dom, inc

Chapter 1


On the first day of class, the chemistry teacher had taken one look at the gaggle of cheerleaders taking the class and arbitrarily assigned partners, making sure that no two cheerleaders were together. I, who am perhaps one of the biggest geeks in the school, ended up paired with the head cheerleader, Tami Wells. Like most of her group, she was a perfect ten, 58, long blonde hair, classic Nordic looks, C cups, perfect ass.

Now, I wasnt complaining, my little head was too happy just being near her. I really couldnt figure her out though; she was smart, but played the bimbo to the hilt. She went out of her way to be a lousy lab partner, and a month into the semester, she still got my name wrong, although who could get Kris wrong is beyond me. I was Kevin, Karl, and even one day, George for some reason.

I wasnt that bad looking, I thought. No pimples, I wore contacts, I was on the swim team so I was nicely muscled, was 6 tall, and had a nice eight inch cock. But since I hung around with the other geeks, played chess and talked about Star Trek, I was untouchable.


It was a week after Thanksgiving. We had been given a choice of projects, and Tami had jumped at the chance to do a perfume base, although it was the most advanced project available on the list. Most people were just making aspirin. The mixture was using musk oil (the base ingredient in many perfumes) and it stunk royally, so we were all alone in the back corner of the room. She was glancing over occasionally while she texted all the other cheerleaders, commenting about how much it stunk.

It smelled so bad that I made the first mistake. I sneezed. It contaminated the sample with my DNA, although I didnt realize it.

Tami was supposed to be mixing up the support ingredients, and had four test tubes ready to add in after the base was done. Heaven only knows what she actually put into the test tubes.

I told her to add the contents of the test tubes she had mixed. She sighed, and while texting, just poured them in without really looking. They were supposed to go in one at a time at carefully measured quantities. Instead of becoming transparent and smelling nice, the mixture bubbled and spat a little bit of greenish snot, which landed on her cheer skirt. She shrieked and jumped back. The teacher, Ms. Chen, rushed over and sighed. Tami, hold on and we will get something to clean that up. She went over to the main sink. Meanwhile, all eight cheerleaders in the class gathered around Tami commiserating over the stain. It was just me and the cheerleaders in the back corner of the room when it happened.

Suddenly, the test tube with the concoction exploded, instantly filling up the corner with purple smoke. I saw, through the purple fog, the cheerleaders go down unconscious just before I did. The last thing I remember is the emergency sprinkler system going off and water in my eyes.

Chapter 2


I heard a voice. ...There is no reason for their continued unconscious state. We have tested and retested and have no idea why they havent awakened.

Have you figured out what happened yet? That was my moms voice.

Unfortunately, no, went on the other voice, who I assumed was a doctor of some kind. The sprinkler system destroyed the remains of whatever they mixed up. The teacher and rest of the students report a purple smoke that covered that part of the room. The security camera says the same thing. The experts say that the only purple smokes are toxic, usually the result of industrial waste, but there are no contaminates in their blood that match that type of situation. We are, quite frankly, confused. Samples have been sent to the worlds best toxicologists with no results.

I figured that was enough info, so I opened my eyes and said, Hi Mom. So how long have I been out?

Simultaneously, the beeper on the doctors belt went off and he rushed out of the room. My mom and sister both immediately hugged me and started bawling. My dad stood there with a tear in his eye and gave my leg a squeeze. My mom and sister bawled into my chest as my dad answered, Four days, Kris.

Daaang. I assume from what the doctor said that Tami and her friends are here too?

Yeah, the nine of you filled up this place. Everyone was in quite the panic.

Sorry I missed it. So, besides knocking us out like a light, the gas do anything else? I feel great.

Before my dad could answer the doctor, Dr. Semenov his nametag read, came in and said, No, Kris, nothing that we can tell. So you dont feel anything?

Just a pinching in my arm. I assume that it is an IV?

He smiled, That is good. Anything else?

Well, I am thirsty and could use a bathroom.

Good. That is normal. What is interesting is that all of the other victims just woke up at the same time you did.

The exact same time? How is that possible?

I dont know. This whole thing puzzles me. I am going to keep you all overnight for observation, but I cant keep you longer than that without any actual reason. We are going to talk later though. He rushed back out.

A nurse came in a few minutes later and removed the IV and gave me a glass of ice chips. I sat up and hopped out of bed. I almost fell over. Four days in bed made me surprisingly weak. I staggered over to the bathroom.

That evening my parents and little 13 year old sister, Karen, who had red eyes from crying, left. I got up and went down the hall to Tamis room. She was sitting in the room chair staring out the window. I went into the room. She turned around and looked at me. She was so breathtakingly beautiful I couldnt talk. After a mutual staring contest, she finally asked, What do you want?

I said, What the hell did you put in those test tubes?

Her eyes defocused and she said, I took them from some of the other tables. They were the right color. She shook her head and glared at me.

Are you nuts? You could have killed us!

She just glared harder. I turned and went back to my room.

The next morning, Sunday morning, I went home. I was all energy, so I jogged around the neighborhood for a few hours. I felt great.

Monday morning, I went to weight practice. I worked out for the 45 minutes required for the swim team, then went and changed, still feeling great. I was pulling on my jeans when my best friend, Larry, came into the locker room and said, It Lives! in a Boris Karlov accent.

I rolled my eyes and he said, Seriously, man, how are you?


Well you wont feel all that great after I tell you the news.

Whats up?

Tami is blaming you for the accident.

You cant be serious.

Yup. The mill says that she went to Principal Davis first thing this morning and did her bat the eyes thingie.

God dammit. Thanks for the warning.

Good luck, man.

I headed out for my first period class. Later.

Halfway through first period, I was called down to the office. Davis was sitting at his desk. He waved me to sit in the chair across from his desk. He glared at me, then said, Why dont you tell me what happened.

I told him about how the Tami had poured in the test tubes all at once, and how she had told me that she had stolen the tubes from other tables.

He waited until I was done, still frowning, then said, That is highly unlikely, Mr. Stevens. I have heard a completely different account from Ms. Zane which is much more believable.

Then please bring her in and have her tell it, I would like to hear what I am accused of.

Because of the seriousness of the situation, I will do so. He checked his computer then called Tamis classroom and had her come to his office.

She came in and sat in the other chair. He said, Please tell us what happened, Ms. Zane.

She deliberately looked away from me as she said, We had pre-measured all the ingredients. Casey here poured in the final ones without taking time to do it as was written in the procedure. There was a green glop that spattered out on my skirt, and then suddenly there was a purple haze and that is the last I remember.

I said, Where did you get that story? Just tell us the truth.

To my complete surprise she said, I made it up Sunday afternoon so I wouldnt be blamed for the explosion. What really happened is that I stole the test tubes from other projects and then poured them all in at once since I was busy texting. She realized what she just said and clapped a hand over her own mouth, but it was too late.

Principal Davis said, Tami, you are telling me that you lied this morning?

She hung her head and muttered, Yes, sir.

I appreciate that you came clean. We will deal with your dishonesty later. The main issue is the lab accident. I am afraid that I will have to write it up based on what you both just told me. Ms. Zane, you are suspended from school labs for the rest of the semester. You will, of course, receive an automatic fail for the class. He punched up something on the computer. Your grades will just barely be above the 2.0 average required for you to stay on the cheerleading squad. Any other mishaps and you will be cut from the squad. Do you understand?

Yes, sir.

He turned to me. Mr. Stevens. I apologize for my assumptions. You are free to return to class.

Sir, please dont go too hard on her. I knew she was distracted, but I let her do it anyway.

While it is nice for you to take part of the blame, Mr. Stevens, I dont think it is warranted. Dismissed. I got up and left as he waved me to the door.

Fourth period I had chemistry. Tami wasnt there, I assumed she was in study hall. I was without a partner, which was okay with me, now I might actually get a good grade in the lab. About halfway through class, I was surrounded by cheerleaders. I looked up and said, Yes?

Why did you get Tami in trouble? Asked an angry looking cheerleader.

I didnt. Dont blame me. She did this to herself.

Suddenly all of them smiled and said, Okay! They began to discuss among themselves. One of them said, I told her to pay attention in class. Another said, I am a little mad that she got us caught up in her mess. They went on talking like that.

I was in shock. I was beginning to see a pattern here. Whenever I told one of the cheerleaders something, they immediately did it. The teacher had told them to stay at their desks, so they werent listening to everyone. My mind was running a million miles an hour. I wondered if it had something to do with the gas explosion. I had to test it. Hmmm... something innocent that would be something they would not normally do, but wouldnt be bad for me if they didnt do it.

With a flash of inspiration, I knew what to say. Well, you all secretly know I am really cool, so I cant do no wrong. That would make them laugh if they didnt do it.

Debbie, Tamis #2, said, True. They all nodded.

Holy shit, it worked! Now for something a bit more daring. And I am the sexist guy you know, a real god.

Suddenly they were all standing closer, and I had a dozen teen boobs in cheer sweaters surreptishishly being rubbed on me. Damn. I didnt know what was going on, but I liked it! My little head was starting to take over. In fact, I am the guy you like, even love. You ache for me at all times. Then as an afterthought, You cannot be jealous of any other girl I am with, you are just happy I am with someone.

They got more and more flirty. Then the damn teacher showed up and said, Break it up ladies. Get back to your tables. They reluctantly went back to their tables.

I sat there thinking hard. God Damn! I have eight unbelievably beautiful cheerleaders who will do anything I want! It was the ultimate male fantasy. I just had to take care of Tami. It was a real rush, the feeling of power.

Now that I wasnt surrounded by hotties I started to think with my upper brain. I wondered if I had done the right thing. I had just permanently attached seven, soon to be eight, girls to me. What would happen after I got tired of their hot bods? I had seen that with my cousin Frank. He kept marrying hotties, then divorcing them after a few years. He once told me that he felt he was in love, but the sex grew old, and then he realized how he didnt actually know them. I didnt want that to happen, especially since I figured I was stuck with them no matter what.

Oh my god! What have I done? In ten seconds of letting my little head think I had completely changed my future. I would have to go to college with these girls, provide for them, have kids with them, grow old with them. I was panicking. I took a few deep breaths. Well, my fate was set. I might as well make the most of it. The immediate problem was what was I going to do with them? How was I going to get together with all of them? Hmmm, I had swim practice after school, and they had cheer practice. Actually, they must have a game if they were in their outfits. Perfect, I would meet them after practice at the game. I just had to figure out what sport has games on Monday. Probably basketball although it could be hockey. I knew that football and soccer were both on Friday. Swimming and baseball didnt have cheerleaders and I knew both of those were on Wednesday anyway.

Since I was already done with my lab, I pulled out my phone and looked up the schedule on the school website. Yup, basketball at five. Swim practice went until four thirty. Perfect.

The bell rang and I was surrounded by hottie cheerleaders again. As much as I wanted to play, I had to get to my next class and so did they. Some of them probably had lunch, the lunch period was staggered with fifth period, but I had Math first. I told them that I would see them at the game tonight and they all squealed in delight and jumped about. Nice. Then we all had to run to our next class.

Chapter 3


I saw several of my girls over the next few periods. Every one of them waved and tittered. Seventh period I deliberately sat down next to Tami. She started to complain and move but I said, We need to talk. Stop complaining and sit down here next to me. She immediately shut up and sat down. Everyone gave us space since they didnt want to be anywhere near her the second they saw the mood she was in.

Mr. Fernsted, our seventh period history teacher, raised an eyebrow at me sitting next to Tami, but didnt say anything.

I had prepared a list, so I whispered it to Tami.


1.       You love me, Kris Stevens, more than anything. I am the most wonderful person in the world.

2.       You ache for my presence.

3.       You cannot disobey any direct order I give. You cannot even conceive of disobeying any direct order I give. You are very happy whenever you obey one of my orders.

4.       I am the only man who will ever touch your pussy. All other men disgust you and you get ill at the thought of them touching your pussy.

5.       If we are separated for more than a week, unless ordered otherwise, you will do anything, except let a man touch your pussy, to get back to me.

6.       You cannot be jealous of any other girl with me, you are happy that I am with someone.

7.       The most wonderful thing in the world is my cock.

8.       You know in your heart and soul that I own you. Everything that you are is mine. You are my complete slave and you are extremely happy about it.

9.       You love to stay in shape to keep yourself hot for me.

10.      You are extremely proud to show off your hot body, letting everyone know how beautiful and sexy my slave is.

11.      You cannot make any decisions about your long term future without consulting with me first.

12.      You love your slave sisters more than anyone except me, of course.

13.      You cannot tell anyone you are my slave unless they already know or I tell you to. You can tell them how much you love me.


I figured that would do for now. It was a bit more complete than the one I had done for the other girls, I would update them when I met them at five. I let her stew for the rest of the class, I could see her deep in thought. Just to be safe, I read the list to her two more times. At the end of the period, I said, See you at the game! Then I left quickly.

I ran to my hall locker, dumped my books and then took off for the pool area before any of them showed up. During practice I was all energy, easily doing laps and coming in first at the practice heats. I even set a personal best at the 50 meter freestyle, 20.8 seconds. The coach commented, You should take a week off more often! I knew he was joking, but it was interesting.

I stood in the shower a while, then slowly got dressed. Something more than just being able to order those girls around was happening. Swimming today was TOO easy. Somehow I had changed physically as well. I didnt look any different, so it was all internal.

A few of my teammates, including Larry, came over and slapped me on the back. One said, Hey, lets go celebrate at Joses! Joses was a Bar and Grill type place that didnt serve alcohol. It catered to the high school kids and was just down the street. It was very popular. I said, Sorry, I have a date over at the basketball game.

A date? Way to go, bro! Whos the lucky girl? Like me, most of the other team members were a bit geeky, so they didnt get many dates.

You wouldnt believe me if I told you. I grinned and left. They all called out, Wait!, Stop!, Come back!, but I kept going.

At the game, I slipped in and sat at the bottom of the bleachers. The girls were cheering and jumping about almost mechanically without much oomph, except for Tami who was really enjoying herself.

Carlie, one of the girls, saw me, squealed, and they all trampled over to see me. I said, Hi ladies!, and they all sighed with delight. I quickly pulled out my list and read it over a couple of times, making sure no one was near enough to hear me. They all became much more flirty and bouncy like Tami. I guess the line about showing off their hot bods was working. I told them, Why dont you ladies go do your thing? I would love to watch.

They all giggled, then went and started cheering like there was no tomorrow. With all the winks and grinds directed at me, it was really hot. Problem was that is distracted the players a lot too. Fortunately it distracted the other team as much as ours. We finally won, 55-42. Not a high scoring match.

My girls came over and swarmed around me. I said, Nice job out there. All of them closed their eyes and sighed at the compliment. I asked Tami, So whats the schedule now?

Umm, we go take a shower, then there is a party over at Gregs house since we won.

My little head immediately said, Well then, lets go take a shower. I gave a big lecherous grin.

Chapter 4


I followed the giggling cheerleaders back to the locker room. I was in a daze, was this really happening? I hesitated at the door, then went into the ladies locker room. The girls found their lockers and started stripping. I stood there like an idiot with my jaw hanging open and my tongue hanging out. This was like a wet dream. Way better than Porkys or Nuns on the Run. I watched closely as Sheri, a sophomore, peeled off her sports bra. Damn, she was perfect. A beautiful pair of C cups.

As she peeled down her cheer panties, she glanced over and said, Arent you joining us? By the time she had her panties to the floor I was naked. I went over and gave her a big hug from behind, my cock rubbing her perfect ass. It was the first time I had touched one of the girls. Suddenly I knew everything she felt. An almost giddy happiness, a deep love for me, and a horniness off the scale. I cupped her perfect tits and gave them a squeeze. She sighed and didnt move. I realized via the mental link that she was so horny that she couldnt move. Wow.

She leaned forward thrusting her ass back at me. I couldnt resist and bent my knees slightly and shoved forward. We both gasped as my hard cock slid into her wet tunnel. It was a wonderful feeling. I just stood there with my cock buried deep in her pussy, my cock head hitting her cervix and my balls banging on her legs. After a minute I pulled back and thrust again. I was feeling everything, in both hers and my bodies. Being a virgin up to that point, I didnt last long and started shooting a massive load deep inside her. She orgasmed at the same time.

Suddenly I knew everything about her, I was connected directly to her mind. As we orgasmed together, I saw her entire life and memory, from her first word to when her Daddy fucked her in the hospital bathroom last week. I saw my commands from today cutting through everything and completely reprogramming her mind. Those commands literally changed the way she thought. It was so erotic feeling that I slid out and was still hard and raring to go. I picked her semi-conscious body up in my arms and carried her to the showers where her sisters were waiting, my hard cock bouncing as I walked.

I walked into the shower, suddenly all the giggling stopped as they saw my hard cock. A few of them licked their lips. As I set Sheri down sitting against the wall, they realized that I was carrying her. Debbie exclaimed, Sheri, are you all right?

She had come out of it enough that she just smiled and said, I am more than all right. Wow.

As I stood back I realized I could still feel her in my mind. I knew her basic feelings (complete and utter satisfaction) and her location. Interesting. Not as interesting as a shower full of hot naked cheerleaders though.

Feeling bold, I went over to the nearest girl, Debbie, and pulled her in close, her perfect C cups pressed into my chest and my cock rubbing between her legs. I reached up and used a hand to pull her head close and kissed her hard, our tongues dueling. I squeezed her ass with my right hand. Like before, I could feel everything that she was feeling, a horniness level that was sky-high. I lifted her a few inches, then lowered her down, sliding deep into her dripping pussy. She wasnt as tight as Sheri, but her quim was still wonderful. She moaned into my mouth as we slid together. In a flash her legs were up and wrapped around me. I leaned her back against the shower pole and began thrusting. A minute later I came, shooting my second load of the evening into her tight box, triggering her orgasm. Like Sheri, I saw deep into her mind, realizing that my commands, which had burned deep into her mind, had changed her from being a very strong lesbian. She had been a virgin, although she had lost her hymen to a dildo years ago. She held me tight and whimpered in overwhelming ecstasy. I set her down next to Sheri who was still dazed. Like Sheri, I knew what she was feeling and where she was.

In order I took Henrietta (another blonde with A cups), Jasmine (hot black girl with D cups), Erin (redhead with D cups), Wendy (dark redhead with B cups), Carlie, and Yoshi (Japanese girl with B cups). I easily left a load in each of them. Somehow my mind kept track of how they felt and where they were. Last one was Tami. I pulled her into my arms, laid her out on the wet floor, and slid into her quim, breaking her hymen in the process. She was a virgin to my surprise. As I made out with her, I began to fuck her hard. Soon she was shrieking with delight as I filled her with baby butter and our minds linked. Wow, was she born with a silver spoon. Girls schools until she was in high school. Her mother actually took her out of a preparatory academy and put her in regular school so she could be a cheerleader. Tami was filthy rich. Since she was 18 now, she had millions from her dad who died when she was three. She was an expert at blow jobs; that was how she had kept her virginity while dating the football team quarterback.

I sat her down next to my other girls. I knew how they all felt, which was wonderful and completely satisfied and deliriously happy. Somehow I was mentally tracking them as well. I wondered what the range was, if I would still be able to know their feelings and location from miles away after we all went home. I stood in front of them all, watching the cream pies dripping out into the shower. I couldnt believe I had cum eight times in a row and I still felt I could go on. There definitely was some physical change going on.

I enjoyed the view for a few minutes. The girls were happy to show off to me, and kept their legs parted the whole time. I was a little embarrassed about cuming so fast, so I apologized, Sorry about that girls, but that was my first time.

They all gasped, and Erin said, If that was your first time, I gotta say you have one hell of a natural talent, and I cant wait until you get more practice!

Three of them said, Hear, Hear, sister, while the rest nodded in agreement.

My ego stoked even more than it already was, I said, Thanks girls. By the way, when is that party?

Tami glanced over at the wall clock. In about half an hour.

Mind if I go with you?

They all looked at me strangely and said, No.

I took another look at all the cream pies and couldnt resist. You ladies know that my cum is the most delicious and yummy thing you have ever tasted, and I notice that you are letting it leak out on the floor. Why dont you try a fingerful?

They all reached down and scraped their fingers over their overflowing cunts, then put them in their mouths and slurped their fingers clean. All their faces lit up and they went, Yum! and started transferring fingerfuls from their pussies to their mouths. Hen exclaimed, This stuff is great!

Enjoying the view, I said, Be careful girls, dont eat too much, you need to leave some in your pussy so you will be marked as one of my girls. They all nodded and reluctantly stopped.

Sighing, I got up. As much as I love the view ladies, it is time to head out. Tami, what is Gregs address?

She gave it to me. I said, Ill see you there, I have to go pick up something for you ladies.

They got up whispering at each other, wondering what I could be getting them. I went and found my clothes, put them on and headed out to my car.

Over on the far side of town, literally on the wrong side of the tracks, was a sex store. I had never been inside, my 18th birthday had only been a month ago. I drove over and, making sure no one saw me, I went in.

Chapter 5


Lining the walls were shrink-wrapped dildos. There were several rows of blow up dolls and several more rows of XXX porn videos. On the back wall was what I was looking for.

The big fat guy behind the counter watched me as I went to the back and looked through the collars. There were different types. There were plain leather and vinyl ones that were for short term use and looked just like the ones dogs wore. Then there were the ones I wanted, the long term wear ones with a fur lining so they didnt rub. Those had a snap, and I was looking closely when I saw exactly what I wanted out of the corner of my eye. In a display case there were brown fur lined steel mesh reinforced waterproof collars with a key, so once they were on, they couldnt be removed without the key, they couldnt even be cut off without industrial steel snips. I checked and there were eight of them in the color I wanted in stock. Perfect. I called the fat guy over and asked for all eight. He didnt say anything, he just unlocked the case and gathered them up and we went back to the counter.

They were expensive, $60 apiece, but I would be getting money from Tami soon. It nearly drained my account. I had only about $200 left.

All the collars had the same key, so I stashed the extra seven keys in the glove box, unlocked all the collars, then put the remaining key on my keychain. Then I went to the party. It turned out that I didnt even need the address, I could feel exactly where my girls were and I homed in easily.

The street was packed with cars. Parking down the street, I dumped out my books and put the collars into my book bag. I got out and went up to the house. It was pretty loud. As I approached the door, it was yanked open and my girls came running out and swarmed around me. I said, Hi ladies!

They all squealed and said, Hi, Kris! Debbie looked at the backpack and said, What did you get us?

I smiled and said, Its a surprise. I have to give it to you girls in private though. Do you think we can find a room somewhere that we can be alone?

Debbie, obviously desperate to know what I got her, said, Sure. Follow me. She led us in the door, upstairs, and found a bedroom with an open door. We all went in and she closed and locked the door.

I said, Girls, line up. They quickly got in line. I want you to ask yourself something. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever? I want you to think hard on this, and if so, step forward.

They all immediately stepped forward. I smiled and said, You all make me so proud to own you. There were a few tears and sniffles. I reached into my bag and pulled out the collars. I am giving you these collars as a token and to mark you as mine forever.

I stepped up to Tami. Tami, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I do.

I put the collar around her neck and kissed her, saying, You are mine. She bit her lip in joy and almost fell over. Moving down the line, I collared the rest of them. They were all crying in happiness, barely able to stay on their feet, in fact, a couple of them fell over. As they recovered a bit, I gathered them all into a group hug.

I then asked, We are now a family, so I will ask, how will your birth families react to this? Will we have any problems?

Sheri said, My dad will be pretty upset about not being able to fuck me anymore.

Carlie said, I will have the same problem with my dad.

Yoshi said, My family will be very upset and will probably disown me five minutes after I get home. I am supposed to marry a business associate of my fathers right after graduation.

Yoshi, you are 18. If they are that narrow minded, pack your stuff and move out to the motel over on route 5. We will be getting a group apartment soon. They all squealed and clapped their hands at that. Carlie, your 18th birthday is only a week away, so you can do the same thing, maybe share it with Yoshi. They both nodded. Sheri has a problem. Anyone with ideas?

Debbie said, Blackmail the bastard. We all looked at her with raised eyebrows. She went on, Tell him you are moving out to be with your boyfriend. If he makes a fuss, say that if he doesnt let you, that you will go to the cops.

Sheri said, Thatll work for me, but I have a younger sister that hell take it out on.

I said, Take her with you then. Well do up the paperwork and force him to sign you two over to me.

Sheri exclaimed, Oh, you are such a great master!

The other girls murmured among themselves, Master? Yeah I like it Yes he is.

Carlie said, Master, hmmm, I like calling you that, uh, Master, how are you paying for all this?

Im not. Tami is.

They all looked over at Tami. She said, Master, how did you know I had money?

I decided to be mysterious. Im the Master. I know everything about all of you. For instance, I am surprised Debbie didnt mention that her mom is fucking her too. Not that I mind, Im a guy so I love a little woman on woman action and her mom is a total MILF, but she has a hot temper and may not let Debbie move out. Debbie is 18 and may have to leave like Yoshi and Carlie.

They all stared at me with big eyes, not believing that I knew all that. I smiled and said, Lets all head for home and see how things turn out. Tami, be ready to draw on that trust fund of yours for emergencies.

Yes, Master. Tami closed her eyes and bit her lip. Damn I love to say that.

We all left the party and went home. An hour later I sensed that Yoshi and Carlie were pretty upset and had moved to the motel. Some of the other girls were upset, but not much. Debbie was surprised and intrigued. She was still at home. Sheri was upset, and suddenly she was in pain, a lot of it. I dashed out to my car and was on my way to her house. My cell rang as I was driving over to Sheris location. It was Debbie. Master, my mother has a proposition for you.

Okay, but Sheri is in trouble. Can both of you get to her house, fast?

Yes, Master.

Sheris pain was worse, if possible. I called 911.

911 Emergency.

My girlfriend Sheri Reynolds just called. She has been beaten badly. 1561 Sycamore Lane.

What is her condition?

She could barely talk. Broken leg, broken arm, maybe a broken jaw, and chest pain. She has a little sister as well. I dont know if he did it this time, but her father abuses them regularly.

Police and ambulance are on the way.

Thank you.

Well, our plans went right out the window. Sheri was in a lot of pain. I could feel her injuries. Time to try something. I pulled up and parked. Concentrating, I tried sending, Girls, get to Sheris house immediately! Emergency! Shes hurt! 1561 Sycamore Lane. It must of worked, because all my girls were immediately worried and started moving in this direction.

I wanted to play hero and rush in, but I knew Sheris father. He was very dangerous.

Simultaneously, a squad car and Debbie arrived. The police officer asked me, Who are you?

Im Sheris boyfriend. She managed to call me for a second. I want to go in, but her dad is a survivalist nut and has weapons all over the place. I dont know the status of her little sister Clair. I knew all that from the memory dump I had from her earlier.

He got on his radio and said, 10-78 Requesting backup, 10-16 D&D at 1561 Sycamore Lane, 10-32 reported weapons.

Please stand by, 10-76 additional units in route.

Debbie clung onto my arm, her mother clung onto her. She was as hot as she appeared to be in Debbies memories.

A minute later several more units arrived. They quickly surrounded the house and went in. Shots were fired. A few seconds later an officer came out and waved in the paramedics, who had arrived during the entry.

Sheri had a few sharp twinges of pain, then was heading toward the door. I told Debbie, They are bringing her out.

Sheri was in bad shape, she was unconscious on the stretcher. Her little sister, who was 14, limped out following the stretcher. She saw me and limped over. You must be Kris. Sheri told me all about you.

Hi Clair. She told me all about you too. I cant believe that bastard did this to her.

She was defending me. I am glad he is dead.


Yeah, he ate a bullet when the police broke in.

Sorry. I know he was bad, but he was your father.

Yeah, Ill be upset later, right now I am still just mad. And now I also have to deal with child services. Yuck.

Dont worry, well figure something out.

Thanks. Now I have to go with Sheri. Later. She went and climbed into the ambulance. I decided that I liked her.

Debbie said, Master, you need to talk to my mom.

I turned and asked, Okay, whats up?

Debbies mother, Ariel, said, Master Kris. Debbie says that you own her now. Is that right?

I saw no point in lying. Yes.

God damn, that is so wonderful! she squealed.

Not the response I was expecting.

She went on, The only problem is that I dont want to lose my little girl.

Of course not. So you really dont have a problem with me owning her?

It is the best thing that could have happened! She hesitated a second. Could you take me as a slave too? It has been many years since my last master, Debbies father, died. I have been so unhappy and frustrated. Debbie has been my only joy in life. If I could be a slave with her, that would be so wonderful! I can tell you arent into S&M, and that you will just be a good Master.

Debbie said, I have been thinking, we have a huge house with six bedrooms and a big pool. It would be perfect for all of us.

I thought hard. Ariel wasnt linked like the rest of the girls, but she sure was hot enough, she was only 33 and could stand in a row with my girls and fit right in. She seemed to be a natural submissive.

Tell you what. I will take you on a trial basis. FYI, with me there is no safe word, and you are mine at all times, 24-7, whether you are with me or not. Any arguments or disobeying orders and we will forget the whole thing. In a few days we will see if you have earned your collar.

Oh, thank you, Master!

I looked at Debbie, Your sisters will be arriving momentarily. I felt them coming down the street. Since Yoshi and Carlie are living in the motel now, you will help them move to your house. The rest of us will go to the hospital. After moving your sisters, you will join us. I will take my new slave, Ariel, with me to get to know her. I noticed that Ariel moaned and bit her lip in delight when I said that. Maybe she would work out after all.

The other girls arrived. They were a bit puzzled. Erin asked, Why are we here? I suddenly had a terrible feeling that Sheri was in trouble and an urgent need to get here.

The other girls nodded. I said, I called you. Sheri was beat up pretty badly by her father. Yoshi and Carlie, you will move your stuff to Debbies house then join the rest of us at the hospital.

They all nodded. Debbie, Yoshi, and Carlie took off. The rest of us piled into our cars and headed for the county hospital.

As we sat in the waiting room, I said to Ariel, Tell me about yourself. I know everything that Debbie knows, but she obviously didnt know about your old master.

Vance and I grew up together. I am obviously a submissive. He really got off on that, and so did I. I got pregnant with Debbie on my fifteenth birthday when I lost my virginity. We got married on my sixteenth when Debbie was two months old. He inherited a lot of money from his parents, so we lived comfortably. He died in a car accident when Debbie was five. I had to find a job to support us and I have been working as a receptionist at Hanson Auto since then. She glanced over at me, Please master, if there is another source of income, can I quit? I hate my job.

If you earn your collar, of course you can. Tami also inherited a lot of money. And when I say a lot, I mean a LOT. She had inherited the majority of her fathers money. The only draw on it had been schools. Currently there was close to $220 Million in the account. For some reason, it was just sitting there, the account it was in wasnt even interest bearing. That was something I was going to have to fix soon.

Sheris younger sister limped into the room. They told me to wait here for child services, she grumped.

I said, Clair, when the social worker arrives, tell her that your sister is BFFs with Debbie and that you and she spend a lot of time over at their house. Okay?

Sure, why?

Ariel and Debbie, you say the same. Also say that you can take in Sheri and Clair. Maybe we can keep them out of the system.

Ariels and Clairs eyes lit up. Clair exclaimed, Kris, what a wonderful idea.

Ariel said, Master, you are so smart.

I said, Why dont the three of you talk and get your stories down pat before the social worker gets here.

They nodded and Clair moved over and began talking rapidly with Ariel and Debbie. I snuck out and went down the hall to ER, no one paid any attention to me. I found the room with Sheri. Funnily, she still had her collar on. The doctors probably couldnt get it off. Sneaking in I went over to her and whispered, You awake?

She opened the eye that wasnt swollen shut and murmured through her teeth, Yes.

Thank god. I love you, you know. There are a lot of worried people out in the waiting room.

I could feel a small string of happiness start under the pain. Your sister is safe and alright. Now, when the social worker asks, you tell her that your BFF is Debbie, and that you spend all of your free time at her house with Clair and that you love Debbies mom Ariel. We are trying to get you two placed with them. Understand?

Yes. A small thread of hope was added to the thread of happiness.

I gotta go before they catch me here. But you have a lot of people who love you rooting for you. The happiness increased. I took off back to the waiting room. As I went down the hall, the happiness grew as she thought about it, and she became almost serene, even with all the pain.

I went back into the waiting room and reported that Sheri was awake and knew that we were all rooting for her. I felt so much relief over the link from the girls that I almost collapsed. Wendy vocalized all their feelings with a, Oh, thank god! and started sobbing.

Half an hour later the doctor, who was Dr. Semenov from before, came in. Clair. Could we talk please?

Everyone here is like family, Doctor.

He blinked in surprise. Oh, okay. Sheri is in stable condition. She was beat up pretty badly. She has a badly bruised leg that she currently cant use, a broken arm, and several contusions to the face, two of which required stitches. She will need to stay here for another day for observation.

He hadnt said anything about the abdominal pain. Doctor, Sheri told me that she had a lot of abdominal pain. What is that from?

He looked puzzled. When did she tell you this?

As she was brought in.

I hadnt heard about that. Please excuse me. And he rushed off. I felt some pain spikes from Sheri which I figured were from the doctor poking and prodding. He was back half an hour later. I checked Sheri and her X-Rays. She has considerable bruising from what appear to be gut punches, but fortunately no internal organs appear to be damaged. We will keep her for an extra day to be safe.

As he left, a harried looking woman about fifty years old bustled her way in. I am looking for Clair Reynolds.

Clair said, Thats me. May I help you maam?

Yes, dear. I am Ms. Williams. I am here to take you over to the county home for the night, and then we will find you a nice foster family tomorrow.

B-b-but I thought I was staying with Aunt Ariel? Good acting.

You have a relative here, Clair? I was told you didnt have any.

Ariel spoke up. Hi. I am not technically her aunt. She calls me that since she spends every waking minute over at my house with her sister who is my daughter Debbies BFF. She leaned closer and whispered, I think it was to escape you know who. Ms. Williams nodded in understanding. Leaning back Ariel said, I have four guest rooms, and it is not like they havent stayed in one of them before.

Four guest rooms?

Yes. Actually, another of Debbies BFFs, Yoshi here, is staying in one of them. Her family kicked her out when she turned 18 so I took her in.

Ms. Williams said, Yes, unfortunately that happens a lot. And since the kids are 18, we cant do anything for them. She sighed. I dont see any problem with them staying with you on a temp basis. Contingent on them staying, I will be stopping by to check on your house and ability to take care of these girls. Hmmm... It is now early Tuesday morning, how about Wednesday after school?

Sounds good, Ms. Williams. Ariel fished around in her purse, pulling out a business card. She scribbled her address on the back. Here is my full name and address.

Ms. Williams waddled out. A minute later Ariel checked to make sure she was gone, then said, Tami, I need some money in my account. Debbie and I were living paycheck to paycheck, and I have to look good for Ms. Williams.

Of course, hand me your checkbook. Ariel did so.

Tami looked at the routing numbers on the bottom of the deposit slips, then started punching buttons on her phone. A minute later she said, All taken care of.

Thanks, sister. They hugged.

I said, We need to work out a schedule. One of us here at all times. Wendy, you take first shift since you are the freshest of all of us. Ariel will take over at dawn while we are in school. I looked over at Clair. Clair, you will not go to school tomorrow, I will talk to the Principal. You can come here with Ariel.

Thanks, Kris.

None of us will get in to see her tonight. Well head home and Wendy can stay. Will your parents be okay with that Wendy?

They already know I am here. I dont think there will be a problem.

Good. Lets go.

The next morning I went in to see the Principal (I skipped weight training). I explained Sheris and Clairs situations and he agreed that Clair didnt need to come in. He called and spoke to the middle school Principal, excusing Clair from class. Then he asked me, Why are you telling me all this? You arent exactly who I would expect.

Its funny. After yesterday, Tami, the rest of the cheerleading squad, and I got to talking. I admit I was expecting to be royally dissed, but I ended up sort of adopted as the cheerleading mascot. Heck, I am a teen boy and Im not stupid. I am rolling with it.

He actually started laughing.

I added, Last night, I was the one Sheri called, then I called 911. I think it was only because she hit redial and I was the last number, but I was with the whole group and Debbies mother Ariel half the night at the hospital. Good thing there isnt a game today, I dont think the cheerleaders are up to it.

Damn, what a fucked up mess. Then he realized he had said that in front of a student. Sorry about the language.

Dont worry. I was thinking the same thing. Perfectly justified in this case. I grinned at him, then grimaced. I have to get to class. I have missed enough time as it is.

I agree. Thank you for coming in for Sheri and Clair. I nodded and headed to class.

In fourth period, my girls and I called Ariel. She reported that Sheri was up and passed the phone to her. We all told her that we loved her and would be there after practice. We texted Tami and told her that Sheri was awake and talking.

I shooed my girls back to their tables to get the assignment done. I think the teacher had given up on all of us, she completely ignored our group.

Again in practice, I was all energy, easily swimming lap after lap. In the shower I noticed more muscles and my cock was a bit longer. I couldnt measure it though with other guys around. I was a little worried, I didnt know where this was going. So far the changes had been positive, building up my Alpha male, but what would be the end result?

I quickly got dressed and met the girls in the parking lot. We took my battered car and Erins old station wagon over to the hospital. Sheri was looking much better. The swelling on the face was gone, just a few bruises. The cuts looked almost healed through the stitches. Her leg was sore but usable. She said her arm really itched though. She was running the straw from her cup of ice down the cast to scratch it alternately with lovingly stroking the collar with her fingers. To me it appeared that she was healing awfully fast from such horrific injuries. She apparently got some physical improvements from the purple smoke as well. I had noticed that she felt better all day, but I had thought she was doped up or something.

Sheri exclaimed, Guess what? The doc says that I can go home tomorrow! Well, to Ariels house anyway. Isnt that great!

We all murmured agreement. I sent Ariel and Clair home to get some rest. When it was just me and the cheerleaders, I said, Girls, when I say something, unless I say it is an order, it is a suggestion and I want you to obey it only if you want to. If you think it is a bad idea, I want you to argue with me. If I make it an order, you will just do it. That is an order.

They all nodded as they internalized that. Carlie said, Oh, Master, you are so wise! I was suddenly in a group hug. It was wonderful and I wasnt complaining.

We stayed until we were shooed out at nine. Henrietta had permission from her parent and stayed the night with Sheri. The rest of us went over to Debbie and Ariels house. I knew the place from Debbies memories, but it still looked impressive to me. As soon as we were inside we were making out. Soon I found myself naked on the couch as a naked Tami slowly slid down my hard pole. I played with her hard nips as she rode me. Soon her tight pussy had sucked me into cumming deep inside of her, sharing her soul with me during the climax. She moved out of the way, and Debbie took her place on my still hard cock. Soon I left another load in her. They switched off, going down the line.

I was still hard, but thought I was done when a felt another pussy slide onto my hard pole. I opened my eyes and it was Ariel. She obviously worked out a lot. Her body was toned and perfect. Her C cups were tight against her body as I flicked her nipples with my thumbs. She was gasping, Oh, Master, I love you so much! Suddenly she came and I felt her. Not as strongly as my other girls, but I felt her mind. About halfway through her orgasm she gasped and her mind opened up the rest of the way, completely. Like my other girls I knew her entire mind. I knew that she was serious about being my slave. I mentally sent my list and watched as it cut through her consciousness and became a permanent part of the way she thought. What was interesting is that there werent many changes necessary. Her eyes went wide and she collapsed next to me into the pile of semi-conscious cheerleaders.

Before I could say anything, Clair slid into place. She was tight and had a nice toned body with beautiful young teen puffies. She was also a virgin. Her sister had done a good job protecting her from her father. She exclaimed, Oh my god, this is so wonderful! as she rode me for several minutes. She worked herself up to a full orgasm, shrieking in delight. Her mind snapped open and I saw everything as I filled her quim. I programmed in my list, she had a major crush on me and so it didnt have to change too much in her mind, just permanently locking down many things. She collapsed on top of me and we all rested for a while. I noticed that my sense had added Ariel and Clair so that I knew what they were feeling and where they were. Both were radiating complete contentment.

I moved Clair off of me. She was still out cold and whimpered and kicked her arms and legs a little as I moved her. It was endearingly cute.

Tami was coming around since she had gone first. I mentally said, Follow me to her as to not awaken her sisters. Then I went into the kitchen. She followed me. I said, I need to make some purchases for you ladies. Could you transfer over some funds? I handed her a slip with my routing numbers.

Sure! she said brightly. She punched in some numbers into her cell phone and exclaimed, Done!

I said Thanks! and pulled her into a big smooch.

A minute later as she collapsed into a chair with a big grin, she said, I am going to have to make more transfers if I get that every time!

Honey, you can have that anytime, transfers or not! I gave her a big hug.

She started sobbing. Master, I love you so much!

I love you too, Dear. She started sobbing even more at that. I checked the microwave clock. It was 8:30. Tami, I need to go get something before the store closes at nine.

Do you have to?

I whispered in her ear, I have to go get collars for Ariel and Clair. Shhh.

Her eyes widened. In that case, go! And she shoved me towards the door.

I grinned at her and took off. The store didnt have any brown ones left, just pink and black. I got three of each using my credit card since Tamis transfer wouldnt take effect until 3 am.

Back at the house, the girls were still half out of it. Tami gave me a big grin when I came in with the bag. I whispered in her ear, What do you think, pink or black?

Pink for Clair and black for Ariel.

I gave her a squeeze. I went over to Ariel and Clair who had just come around and were still sitting on the couch. I reached into the bag and pulled out one pink and one black collar. Their eyes got big. I said, Okay, you two, front and center.

They scrambled over and kneeled in front of me. I asked the same thing I had asked the others. Ariel and Clair. I want you to ask yourself something. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

The both immediately said, Yes, Master. They were quivering in excitement.

I stepped in front of Ariel, Ariel, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I do.

I fastened the black collar around her beautiful neck, marking her as mine. I kissed her and she passed out again in delight.

I moved over to Clair, Clair, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I do.

I took the pink collar and locked it down, taking her as mine forever. I kissed her hard. She sighed in delight and collapsed as well.

They both laid there naked except for their collars. It was a beautiful and very erotic sight. The cream pie dripping out of their snatches only made it better. It made me very hard. The other girls were squealing in delight. I said, One or two of you get over here and suck me off.

I dont know how they communicated, but Wendy and Yoshi scrambled over and began a wonderful two girl blowjob. The others just stayed put with big happy smiles, occasionally using their finger to clean the cum mixture dipping down their legs and licking it off in obvious ecstasy.

Wendy and Yoshi would simultaneously lick up and down the sides of my hard cock; then they would alternate with one sucking on the knob with flicking her tongue over the slit while the other lightly sucked on my balls. Needless to say, I was soon filling Wendys mouth with a load of cum. Yoshi looked left out, so I held back my last spurt or two and filled her mouth as well. Wendy had her eyes shut as she licked her lips muttering Yummy! over and over. Yoshi took her time, savoring it, then exclaimed, That is so delicious!

I sighed as my cock went back to semi-state. Okay, ladies. Time for those of us who have to report in to do so. We have to keep up appearances until after Ms. Williams check-in tomorrow. Tomorrow Ariel will pick up Sheri. Clair will come home here after school and they have to appear normal and happy for Ms. Williams. We will head over here after practice.

They all nodded. We got dressed with lots of kissing and squeezing; then left.

Back at home I went in and my Mom was waiting in the hallway. Kris, honey, could you come into the living room please? I followed her to where both my Dad and sister Karen were sitting waiting.

I asked, Whats up?

Dad said, Your Mother feels that you havent been paying enough attention to schoolwork and have been staying out late.

I said, I told you about last night. One of my girlfriends fathers went postal on her. I was in the hospital until two waiting. I noticed that Karen looked pretty upset.

My Dad smiled, How many girlfriends do you have?


I heard Karen squeak. My Mom said, What? loudly.

I said, ten. The cheerleading squad decided that they liked me, so I am dating all of them. Also two more, but I wasnt going to say anything.

My Dad started laughing. Pretty high maintenance, son. I see why you have been having late nights.

My Mother gave him a dirty look and said, Kris, you are neglecting your schoolwork. And we never get to see you anymore.

Mom, I have straight As in all my classes, including chemistry, and have already taken and aced the SAT. So I guess your problem is that I dont spend my time sitting in my room playing video games anymore.

I wouldnt put it exactly like that.

Mom, I found myself a place. I am enjoying myself. No booze, No drugs. I am a senior and am 18 so I will be moving out in a few months anyway. What is the problem? A bit of empty nest syndrome?

My Dad said, Barbara, he has a point. He is already pre-accepted to ten different colleges. Why shouldnt he enjoy his senior year?

Mom said, I dont know...

I said, Tell you what; Karen, do you know Clair Reynolds?

Yeah, she is a year ahead of me, but a nice girl, a bit shy and quiet.

She is the younger sister of one of my girlfriends. Karen, how about having a sleepover? Then you and Mom can quiz her about everything.

Why would she want to hang out with a seventh grader? Really, Kris.

Because she was just saying how friendless she felt. Her closest friends are her sisters friends from the cheerleading squad. She would love it if you called her and asked her over for a sleepover. Her Dad just died, so she needs friends. I had just gone through her memories. She needed friends.

Her Dad just died?

Yeah, she is the younger sister of the girl whose Dad beat her up. He put a gun in his mouth right in front of her. She needs all the friends she can get. She doesnt have a mother.

My Mom said, That does it. Karen, you will ask her over tomorrow in school.

I said, She should be free any time after five tomorrow. After school Ms. Williams the social worker is inspecting the house she is in to see if it is okay as a foster home. Another of my girlfriends mothers took the two of them in and is getting emergency foster certification.

And you have been dealing with all this? My Mom said. No wonder so much of your time has been taken up.

Yeah, and there will be the fallout of dating the cheerleaders too. Soon the jocks will start getting upset and I will have to deal with it. I grinned, But Dad, it is so worth it!

He snickered, Yeah, I bet!

And if Karen and Clair hit it off, then Karen can spy on everything for you, Mom.

Mom smiled, But of course.

Everyone okay then? I need to go do my homework and get to sleep.

Dad said, Yeah, were okay. We are just wondering where we lost our introverted son and got this super extrovert in his place.

The lab accident made me think and reevaluate a lot of things.

I guess it did.

Night, Mom, Dad, my cute little sister. I grinned as I ran up the stairs as Karen said, Hey!

An hour later she wandered into my room. She was dressed in a skimpy nightshirt. Her nipples pointed out and her long perfect legs seemed to go forever. She said, You really think I am cute?

Of course I do. And damn sexy in that nightshirt too. Although I will admit that you arent so little anymore.

She blushed. Thanks. She hesitated. Do you really want me to ask Clair over?

Yes I do.

She pondered that for a minute. Why?

Karen and I had a pretty close relationship. So I decided to trust her. Can you keep a secret from Mom?


Well, besides what I said before, which was true, she needs friends; I am dating her along with all the rest of the girls.

No! Really?

Yup. When you see her, she will have a collar on. I gave her that. It means that she is mine. I assume she will have some excuse for it because she cant tell everyone that, of course.

A collar? Isnt that a bit extreme?

They all insisted on calling me Master and said they were my slaves forever. What else was I to do?

Wow. She sat there for a minute. So you fucked her?

Of course. She is mine now.

That is so cool. I am definitely going to ask her over. I am going to have to go see your harem too.

Really? You have no problem with it?

Why should I? Maybe I am a little jealous, but I figure I can talk you into letting me join the harem in a year or two, so I might as well get to know them.

I pulled her into a big hug. Girl, you dont have to talk me into anything. I would love to have you join, especially if you keep wearing hot outfits like that nightshirt. But please hang around for a bit and make sure of it first. Okay?

Okay. She said happily.

Damn girl, I love you, you know that?

I love you too, you big hunky goof.

She punched me lightly in the arm, gave me a tight squeeze, then went off to bed. Sighing, I finished my homework and went to bed.

Chapter 6


The next morning at weight training I was benching over 400 lbs. I made sure no one noticed. In chemistry, the girls and I called Ariel, she was home with Sheri and they were fixing up the house for Ms. Williams. I told them we would be over at 4:30.

At practice, the coach asked me why I was suddenly doing so well. We could have been contenders if you had done this earlier in the season! Now we have only one meet left! He threw up his hands and stalked off.

I knew that things had gone well with Ms. Williams; Arial, Sheri, and Clair were all happy and relieved.

I met my girls in the parking lot and we rushed over to the house. There wasnt a car out front so we went right in. Keeling in the living room were Ariel, Sheri and Clair. They were naked with their heads bowed and their hands behind their back, except for Sheris arm in the cast.

I commented, Now thats a way to greet someone! I went over and pulled Sheri to me and kissed her hard. Welcome home, honey!

She moaned in delight, managing to get out a, Thank you, Master. I gave Clair and Ariel a quick kiss as well. Soon Ariel was giving a blow by blow of Ms. Williams visit. Apparently she had liked what she saw, and had approved Ariel as foster mom for Sheri and Clair.

I said, Ladies, we need to talk about something. They all quieted down immediately. Ive noticed some physical changes in all of us, probably due to the purple smoke. I have been getting stronger and faster, and Sheri has healed a months worth in two days.

Startled, everyone looked at Sheri. She turned a little red in embarrassment. Tami said, I wonder why? Im willing to bet Sheri could take off that cast right now. Those stitches definitely are about gone.

Debbie and Jasmine were rubbing my arms, Jasmine said, Yeah, you are definitely more ripped. I like it. She reached down and squeezed my bulge. Hmmm, definitely more ripped, she repeated.

We stood there for a minute, until Clair changed the subject, Kris, your sister asked me over for dinner and a sleepover tonight.

Yeah, my mom wants to find out about all of you, she doesnt know that you are one of us. She wants to grill you about my girls here. My sister knows all about us and will keep the secret. I think you two will be good friends.

She nodded, That explains why Karen reached over, touched the collar, and said I hope Kris gives me one too.

She wants to join you girls, but I told her she needs to wait for a bit and observe to make sure.

Tami frowned, Master, I think you should add her sooner rather than later.


Shell keep our secret, you dont want her to get frustrated waiting; also, you dont want to have her feeling left out. And I think it will be good for Wendy, Erin and Jasmine; then their little sisters will have more reason to join in, thus keeping us together. Otherwise they will get suspicious and may cause problems.

So you think I should recruit Karen, Natalie, Betty, and Olive because of security?


Hmmm, well all of them are pretty enough to be worthy of me... I will do so if it comes up, okay? Funny, none of them commented on how I knew what Wendys, Erins, and Jasmines little sisters names were; much less how pretty they were.

I asked Clair, So when is this dinner we have to be at?


So we only have half an hour until we have to go.

About that.

Then I had better take care of Sheri. She has missed the last few days. I pulled Sheri to me, kissing her hard. Then I said, Could you girls help me get my clothes off here?

As Sheri and I frenched, the rest of them pulled off my clothes. I laid her back on the edge of the couch and slowly slid in as she had small climax after small climax. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and cried out, Oh, Master, I love you so much!

I love you too, Mon Cheri.

She gasped and started having a seizure like orgasm. I could see everything, her love and complete slave submission was hard wired into her brain at this point, she was totally mine, body and soul. I filled up her quim; she felt the warmth in her belly and passed out from the power of her orgasm.

I slid out and let Carlie lick me clean. I got dressed, kissed everyone goodbye, and left with Clair.

At my parents house we went in. Karen immediately latched onto Clair and they ran upstairs. I rolled my eyes and went to set the table. They stampeded back down when my Mom announced dinner. Clair was peering around examining everything. As we all sat at the table, she said, Wow, its like a restaurant! Everyone eating together at the table.

My Mom asked, Didnt you eat like this at home?

No. Generally what we did is nuke up a TV dinner when we got hungry.

Well, honey, this is the way most people do it. We all eat together as a family.

Yeah, Ive seen that in movies. I didnt think anyone actually did it that way. Cool.

We ate for a while until my Mom couldnt stand it anymore. Clair, Kris tells me that he is dating your sister and the whole cheerleading squad.

Oh yeah! They all love him. He helps them out with things, is always nice and romantic. He saved us when my sister and I got in trouble Monday. I just wish I was old enough to be one of the cheerleaders!

My parents smiled indulgently.

My Mom, to change the subject, commented, That collar is interesting.

Oh, it is the hot new style. My sister Sheri loaned this one to me. She and her friends wear them all the time. Isnt it neat?

My parents exchanged looks. Sure, my Mother said, not very convincingly.

Karen rolled her eyes and said, Can we be excused, please?


The two of them disappeared up the stairs so fast that it almost looked like they teleported. I helped load the dishes into the dishwasher, then went upstairs to my room. Kneeling in the middle of the room were Clair and Karen, naked with their arms behind their backs and their chests thrust out.

Karen was pretty hot. I hadnt realized she was already a B cup, and had a perfect figure with a nice narrow waist and perfect curvy hips. She was the ultimate sex goddess. With her innocent face, she was actually the hottest girl I had ever seen, including my ten girls. I exclaimed, Damn, Karen, where have you been hiding that bod? Yousa!

She grinned and said, You like?

Im red blooded and I am male, how can I not like? I repeat, Damn! I looked over at Clair. Clair, get over here and undress me.

Yes, Master. She scrambled over and pulled off my clothes. As she pulled off my undies, Karens eyes got big and she licked her lips. Pussy juice started dripping down her thigh.

Clair commented, Master, you are definitely getting bigger. I looked down and my hard-on was at least ten inches. I hoped it stopped growing soon, before it got too big to fit in my girls.

I looked back up at Karen, then went over, pulled her to me, and kissed her hard. She kissed back with lots of tongue. I had known she had a long tongue, but wow! I backed her up and laid her back on the bed. Normally I would eat her out for a bit, but she was already dripping, so I just slid into her perfect snatch. Her hymen broke easily and I slid in to the hilt. Thrice Damn! This girl was built for fucking! Her pussy started pulsating up and down my cock, it was unbelievable. She was trashing about as she orgasmed over and over. I realized that these werent the normal pre-orgasms, but full orgasms each time. Her mind was an open book. I slowly stroked as I examined her thoughts. I was amazed, almost all of my list was already in place, naturally. I added the one remaining command, to show off, then I locked it all down. Her synapses were firing like crazy as she orgasmed and everything immediately cut deep into her psyche and became permanent.

A few minutes later I started cumming, and cumming, and cumming. I must have dumped a liter of semen deep into her snapping pussy. She was quivering as she passed out with every neuron firing and her pleasure center lit up like a Christmas tree.

I was exhausted. My little sister was fantastic. I groaned as I rolled off and collapsed next to her. Clair eagerly licked both of us clean as I dozed off.

About half and hour later, according to my alarm clock, I woke up. Karen was just beginning to come around. Clair was kneeling before the bed, waiting quietly.

I got dressed and went out to my car, getting one of the pink collars like Clairs. Back in my room the two girls were excitedly gossiping like crazy. I went in and said, Karen, come here. She quickly scrambled over. I pulled out the pink collar. Her eyes got really big. Karen Stevens, I want you to ask yourself something. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

Oh, yes, Master!

Karen, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I do!

I locked the collar around her neck, saying, You are mine. She squealed in delight, moaned, bit her lip, and a minute later she began to dance around with Clair.

Clair flipped out a cell phone, heaven only knows where she had been hiding it, and called my other girls. Guess what, Kris just took possession of Karen! I could hear the squeals over the phone. They went on for quite some time, Clair and Karen passing the phone back and forth. I rolled my eyes and sat down and started my homework. The two beautiful sexy naked girls giggling and bouncing about were distracting, but the floor show sure made doing homework fun.

They bounced out of my room and down to Karens room. At about 10 my Mom appeared at the door, Good night Kris. She seemed happy that I was doing my homework.

Night Mom.

I heard her go down the hall to Karens room.

Good night, you two. Lights out. You have school tomorrow.

Yes, Mom. Good night.

Good night, Mrs. Stevens.

She went back downstairs. A minute later the girls were back in my room, peeling off their nightshirts. I asked them, Have either of you ever given a blow job?

They both shook their heads. I decided to try an experiment. I concentrated, taking the blow job expertise from Tami, isolating it, and then pushing it as hard as I could toward Clair and Karen in front of me. They groaned and said in chorus, What did you do?

I took Tamis expertise and copied it to you. Did it work?

Karen said, Something happened. I have a lot of ideas now when I think Blow Job.

Clair said, Same here. How the hell did you do that?

I am your master now. I can do anything with my girls. Now get over here and do a dual blow while I finish my homework.

Both of them were a little wide eyed and questioning, but scrambled over and started using their new found knowledge, sighing as they had micro-orgasms while they licked, blew, and sucked. Now THAT was the way to do homework. I clenched the muscle under my cock a few times to stop from cumming, keeping them working for nearly an hour as I finished my essay on the Aztec empire. I relaxed and let them blow me until I came with the head in Karens mouth and my balls being lightly sucked by Clair. I started blowing and they took turns wrapping their lips around the head, slurping down my cum. It was wonderful to behold.

I checked, the girls had arranged pillows to make it look like they were still in Karens room if Mom checked. Good. I took a leak, then pulled the two of them into bed with me, one on each side. I fell asleep spooned around Clair.

Chapter 7


I got up pretty early, around six usually, because of the weight training for swimming. So when my alarm went off, I chased the two sleepy girls down to Karens room, kissed them both, then got dressed and headed out as they fell back to sleep.

The weight coach finally noticed that I was benching over 400 lbs. He was astounded and proud. He made me push myself and I made 500 for a couple of presses. I think the guy was in shock as I went and showered. I was a little upset, I sensed from Erin that something was wrong. She wasnt in any physical pain, but she was really really upset.

Before class started, Erin came to me bawling. She was missing her collar and she hugged me tight and sobbed. I held her and stroked her back for a while, then asked, Are you okay? What happened?

M-My Step-mom saw my collar. She made my step-dad go get bolt cutters and take it off. I feel so naked and alone. I am so sorry, Master.

Shhh. Its all right, honey. You are never alone. Your sisters and I will always love you. I held her for a minute. She was calming way down. She finally relaxed and was just hugging me for fun. I asked, Did she say why she was so upset?

No. She took one look, shrieked, A collar? scaring both my little sister and me, called for my step-dad, and told him to take it off me. He held me down with one hand but couldnt get it off with his hands or scissors, and she was getting more and more frantic. He finally dragged me into the garage and used bolt cutters and cut it off. I told them, Now, you happy? Evil bastards. I grabbed my sister and ran to the bus. Betty didnt really understand. Tell you the truth, I dont either. What is my evil step-monsters problem?

Erins family was interesting and tragic. Her father had died in a car accident when she and her sister were little. Her mother had remarried, and then died of cancer when Erin was thirteen. Her step-dad then remarried, so she and her sister had two step parents.

I said, Hmmm, sounds like we need to get you and your sister out of that house. I wonder what your step-dad would do if you told him that you two have a place to go and wanted to move out? He might just let you. He technically has no legal authority over you. Its not like he adopted you or anything. You are seventeen so you are one year away from being away from them anyway.

*sniff* True. I will try that after practice when I go home today. Good thing Betty is a JV cheerleader so she has the same schedule as I do.

Just call Ariel and give her the heads up. We have two guest rooms left. You and Betty are welcome to one. Call when you need us to rent a U-Haul and help you move. We can store anything in the giant attic above the garage. I dont know why Ariel had such a monster house for us, but I am glad she did. Actually it was a family house from her dead husband, who had inherited it from his parents.

Forth period, Erin told her sisters what was going on. Carlie commented, I will be so glad when this shakeup is done and we can put an end to all the drama.

I said, It wont be done until I have all my girls living under one roof. I know that is a ways away with Wendy and Hen, but I am eagerly awaiting the day. I pulled them into a hug. I released them before the teacher could get too upset. As for Erin and Betty, I think I will be waiting in a car down the street, just to be safe. After what happened to Sheri, I am not taking any chances with my girls. I love you all too much.

They all sniffed happily. I was nearly overwhelmed by the feeling of love blasting out from all of them. I noticed that my four girls who werent present suddenly felt loved and happy as well. I must have relayed the feelings without realizing it. I managed to say, Now, scoot, we need to get our work done.

Seventh period I filled in Tami, but she had already heard it from the others.

Practice was good until I was completely distracted by the almost overcoming worry being broadcast by Erin. I met her and the others after practice in the parking lot. I drove Erin and Betty home. Erin told Betty what she was going to do. Betty agreed. As they were getting out I said, Remember, I will be two houses down waiting in my car. Good luck. I love you, Erin.

I love you too, Kris.

Betty blinked at the exchange of endearments, but she didnt say anything. As they marched up to the house, I backed up until I wasnt in plain view. Putting the car in park, I closed my eyes and concentrated. I could feel everything from Erin. Her slightly uncomfortable shoes, her worries, her thoughts, and what she saw and heard; I got it all.

Erin, followed closely by Betty, marched into the living room. Her step-dad was sitting in a ratty old Lay-Z-Boy drinking a can of beer with several empty cans scattered about. There was a football game on the big screen TV that he was busy yelling at the referee about, not that he could be heard by anyone, or that anyone cared what he thought.

Erin bit her lip then went over to him and said, Brad, Betty and I are moving out.

Without even looking up he said, Good.

I sensed that all my other girls, including Karen and Clair, were nearby. I called Debbies cell and told her to go rent a U-Haul fast and get it to Erins house. She said that she already had one reserved, and would be there in fifteen minutes. Smart girl.

Twelve minutes later the twelve of us were hauling bedroom furniture and family heirlooms out the door before Erins step dad came to his senses. We stripped Bettys and Erins shared room bare, took their grandmothers secretary desk and china, their grandfathers and fathers boxed items from the back of the closet, pulled all their papers out of the file cabinet, grabbed the family photo albums and we were on our way in half an hour, long before the end of the football game. Erin and Betty went up to him, said, Goodbye, Brad and walked out. He didnt even notice. Their step-monster was gone shopping the whole time. I figured she wouldnt have liked them taking the china or antique furniture if she was there.

We put most of it into the garage attic at Ariels old place and returned the U-Haul. Then we waited. We knew that Erin and Bettys step-monster was going to have a spaz attack when she came home. To our surprise, Erins phone never rang. Betty was crying as we all hugged her and welcomed her to the family. As we were relaxing in the living room, I said, Erin, front and center.

She came over and kneeled in front of me. Betty was watching with wide eyes. I pulled out a black collar. Erin, the symbol of our family bond was stolen from you. I give you this new one in recognition of the fact that you always are and always will be part of my family and one of my girls. As she sobbed in delight and relief, I locked it around her neck. I pulled her into my arms.

Betty asked, What was that all about?

Yoshi said, It is a symbol of our complete devotion and love for Kris. Like a wedding ring, but stronger.

Betty stared at her sister sobbing into my chest and said, Oh, no wonder she was so upset this morning.

Some of the girls went and started cooking something up for dinner. Betty looked thoughtful. She looked at Erin and said, Do I get a collar?

I said, No. You have to earn your collar. If you cant, well still let you live here, dont worry. As Erins sister, you are sister to all of us. There, I made it a bit of a challenge. I saw a determined stubborn look appear on Bettys face. Good.

Karen and I were out of time. I kissed all my girls hard with butt squeezes, and then we headed for home.

Mom was feeling alone and trying to keep us around. She made our favorite, Shepherds Pie. I think she was feeling a little empty nest syndrome since I was eighteen. I couldnt really do much about that. I fact I was trying to figure out a way to get them to let me take Karen with me when I moved out. My parents had always wanted to be missionaries; maybe I could push them into early retirement. I was going to have to see if I could get them some money.

I checked and went into shock when I saw how much Tami had transferred, she had put $10 million in Ariels account, and $150 million in mine. Holy shit! After Karen did her homework, she came into my room, kneeled and began a slow blowjob as I began concocting a way to get money to them.

I had to give them enough to pay things off, but also make them want to do the missionary work like they always wanted. Maybe somehow make the money contingent on them going to Africa or South America or wherever. I was going to have to talk to a banker and set up some sort of trust. I would take a half day tomorrow and do that.

Now to other things. Karen was doing a wonderful job, I relaxed into the feeling and was soon painting her tonsils white. She orgasmed, stiffening up and nearly falling over. She did lick me clean and collapse backwards against the wall under my desk radiating happiness. I let her rest for a bit, then chased her back to her room before mom came upstairs to check on us.

The next morning I skipped weight training and went to the bank. I asked to speak to the bank manager. He apparently hadnt checked recently, because he took one look at my balance and got very accommodating. He cut a check to the IRS for me on the taxes, then was happy to set up an anonymous $2 Million trust. The trust stated that Frank and Ilene Stevens would have access to the monies for the express purpose of paying off debts and doing Missionary work. They would not be able to access the funds without a letter of intent. The bank would be happy to administer the trust for a fee of %. I put together a letter from an anonymous old church friend telling my parents of the trust and put it in my book bag. I got to school after first period. I told the office that I was sorting out financial matters at the bank. Since I was 18 I could write my own excuse, so I was excused. Forth period I told my ladies what I had done, and they were all hopeful that Karen would get to go live with them.

Seventh period I was going to thank Tami for the money, then I realized that it would undermine the meaning of the collar if I did, so I just told her what I had done with it.

After practice, the girls knew I was going to give the letter to my parents so they all gave me hugs and kisses and let me go. I drove home. Yup, like usual they hadnt collected the mail yet. I did so and slipped the stamped envelope with the letter in it into the pile.

My dad usually sat on the couch and read the newspaper after work, then went through the mail. Sure enough I heard him calling mom into the living room at about six. They were shouting back and forth, I had expected that and wasnt worried. Karen also knew what was going on and wasnt worried.

A little while later, Mom called us down for dinner. During the meal, I could see that Dad wanted to say something, but couldnt get it out. Finally he said, Kris, Karen, we got an interesting bit of mail today. I just got off the phone with the bank to confirm it. Your mother and I have been offered the opportunity to go to Africa for missionary work like we always wanted. He paused.

I took the opportunity to jump in, Wow! Thats great! I assume you want me to take care of Karen while you are gone?

Actually that was one of our sticking points, we hadnt even considered having you take her. What do you think, Ilene? Perfect, he bit.

I dont know. I think that Kris is biting off more than he can chew.

I said, Come on now, we are talking about Karen here. I winked at Karen.

Karen said, Yeah, what do you think I will do, throw wild parties? Since I will probably be staying with Kris at his place, it is not like I wouldnt have a million people milling about anyway. Perfect. I was proud of her.

At Kris place?

I said, Yeah, I have had a standing offer of a room. I was planning on taking it to be closer to Green Heights. They wont mind if it is two people. Green Heights was a local community college. I had already told them that I was planning on going there.

If we do this, we are going to sell this house. Everything will go into storage starting at the beginning of January. We would leave right after Christmas.

Fine with us. Well miss you, but we know that this is a once in a lifetime thing.

Karen added, Yeah, Ill miss you a lot, but I agree that this is something you cant turn down. Youd regret it for the rest of your life if you did.

My dad said, Ilene, shes right you know.

Oh, I know. It is just so hard.

I added, And we can come visit every couple of months.

That decided it. We spent the rest of the evening with the details. My dad was going to call the real estate agent tomorrow, and they would be leaving for Tanzania right after the Christmas holiday. I love it when a plan comes together. Just call me Hannibal Smith.

Karen managed to suck me off quick before bed so I wouldnt have blue balls for the night. If I had known that my parents were going to spend the night squealing like stuck pigs and banging their bed against the wall, I would have had Karen join me.

They were still at it on Saturday morning, so I pulled Karen into the shower with me. We took turns soaping each other up. It was wonderful soaping up that perfect body of hers. I leaned her forward against the wall and slid into her dripping pussy. It wasnt wet from the shower! Thats for sure. We enjoyed a fast, wet, wham, bam, thank you maam.

To keep them in a good mood, Karen and I went down and cooked up some omelets. The smell got them from their room and Karen and I laid out a breakfast for them. The two of them looked great. Almost like teenagers again. I joked, You know, you should stay up all night like that more often, you look great. They both blushed. Karen added, Yeah, you have a glow about you, I wonder why? *snicker* They got even redder but didnt say anything.

Karen and I took off after breakfast to arrange for our move to Ariels house. I went in the door and my eleven girls were naked, kneeling, arms behind themselves and chest thrust out. They were all excited, pussy juice was dripping down their legs. Karen immediately stripped and got in line with the rest of my collared slaves so all twelve were lined up. I could feel the love, horniness, and contentment at obeying radiating from all my girls.

Betty was standing to the side with her jaw dropped. I glanced over at Betty and said sadly, I was right, you dont have what it takes to be a proper collared slave.

I went over and stroked her sister Erins hair. Erin moaned in delight. She cried out, Oh, I love you so much, Master!

I love you too, Slave Erin. Erin moaned again, barely staying upright.

I went over to Clair and stroked her hair. Slave Clair, your sister friend Karen will be moving in here.

Oh, how wonderful, Master! I can hardly wait! Well have such fun!

I said, Guess what girls? I will be moving in as well.

They all got so excited that three of them, Ariel, Tami and Yoshi, fell over having orgasms. The rest of them managed to stay upright, but the pussy juice was gushing down their legs. All of them moaned in delight.

Betty commented in a puzzled tone, Why would that make them so happy?

You really dont have what it takes, do you? They are happy and excited to be able to serve their master 24/7. Most of the girls gasped, Oh, Yes! when I said that. I said, Now, slaves, get over here and undress me. They all scrambled over and lovingly stripped me down while I stroked their beautiful hair.

I pulled Henrietta to me, lifted her onto the couch pushed her knees back to her shoulders and slid in. As I worked in and out she climaxed and stayed at the peak. I dove deep into her mind. Her love and devotion to me were already burned into her mind, hardwired so to speak. I went deeper. I saw that there were already controls embedded to prevent her from getting pregnant by automatically shedding her uterine wall, similar to the way the pill worked. I must have done that subconsciously. Good. I told her body to grow her breasts. I didnt mind her A cups, but I knew that she was pretty upset over them. As part of the experiment I also told her body to lose all hair below the neck. We would see if that worked. I stroked one more time and blasted her full of butter. She shrieked in ecstasy and passed out. The other girls eagerly licked me clean and licked up fingerfuls of cum out of Henrietta.

Betty was watching, licking her lips as my girls licked me clean. I commented, You really are lacking the ability to be a proper slave girl, arent you? That is so sad. Look at Henrietta. There is no one happier on this planet right now. It is sad that you cannot achieve that. Just letting go of everything, knowing that you belong to your master and that you and your body exists to make him happy. There is no better high. That is why a proper slave can achieve the perfect orgasm.

Betty was crying silently. There is no way I can do that. Surrender myself like that.

Erin was there hugging her. Its okay Betty. Someday you will learn how to surrender yourself to Kris like a real woman. And that day will be the best day of your life. And on that day I will get my sister back. I look forward to it. It will be the second best day of my life.

I kissed Erin on her forehead, then I got dressed and headed out back. It was a very dry winter, there was no snow on the ground as I walked the perimeter. The house was one of those built on new land and had five acres. I noticed that the house next door was a prefab one bedroom. And it was for sale. Perfect. I would buy it, tear it down, and then add the land to make 10 acres.

I wanted to build an extension onto the main house to add several bedrooms and a large open family room. And a fence, definitely a fence. I was surprised that there wasnt one with the pool anyway. If the weather held, we could do it now. I would call some people when I got back to the house. I noticed that the back of the property was to a state forest. Perfect. No neighbors in that direction to worry about. I walked along the back to the other side. The property there had a chunk of a lake that was in the state forest. And it was for sale! I would buy this property as well. The house was an old cabin that had seen better days. There was a decent boat house, actually in better shape than the cabin. I couldnt take any chances. I flipped open my phone and called the real estate agent that was on the sign. I got the asking price and offered it without haggling. I also did so with the other house since it was the same agent. She was making quite the commission today. I was the first to make an offer on either property in a long time. She was sure the offers would be accepted by the owners.

I walked back to the main house, thinking. I would have Ariel cosign on the two other houses, and have her transfer ownership on the main house so we were both co-owners. That way if anything happened to me or her, my girls would be taken care of.

Back at the house, I found most of my ladies in the Kitchen cooking up lunch. I told them that I had purchased the two properties next to us, and after they stopped jumping around, I mentioned my idea of adding an extension onto the house. They jumped around some more. It was fun to watch since they were still naked.

No engineering firm was open on Saturday, so I had to wait until Monday to get quotes. While we were eating the real estate lady called and said that both owners had taken my offers and wanted to close as soon as possible. I told her any day of the week after five except Wednesday. Weekends anytime. Ten minutes later she called back with appointments on Monday at five and five thirty. Those people really wanted to sell!

I was thinking that I would leave the prefab, it wasnt that bad of a place, but the crap cabin had to go. I would talk to whomever I got to do the addition onto the house about removing it.

The girls saw that I was deep in thought and didnt bother me except to be a bit distracting. It was hard in more than one way when Debbie bent over to put the dishes in the dishwasher.

After lunch I had them line up, asses in the air, head between their knees, and I went down the line, sliding into their wet pussies and leaving a load. As they felt the warm load, they would orgasm and collapse, semi-conscious, radiating pure contentment. I still didnt understand what was happening to me, no normal guy could fill twelve pussies in a row. Betty watched with an envious look on her face, silently crying in frustration. Good, we were slowly breaking her down.

I got dressed and went back to my parents house. They were busy packing. I grabbed a few boxes from the pile and ran upstairs to my room and started filling them with things to move to my temporary room at my house. I filled five boxes, then drove them over, dumping them in the den, then Karen and I went back and got another three loads. About seven oclock I rented a U-haul and Karen and I started moving our bedroom furniture. That is when our Dad stopped us and asked what we were doing. I said that we were moving the furniture into temp storage at the new address, that we would have rooms for it soon, but until then we were sharing a guest room there. Mom said that we didnt have to move yet, but I argued that we should go now in case there were problems while they were still here. They glanced at each other and agreed.

I suggested that any high value items be stored with Karen and me, and they also agreed that was a good idea. So as Karen and I finished loading our bedroom furniture, my parents also tucked in Grandmas china, my fathers coin collection, their wedding china, and all the family photo albums and papers, minus what they needed for their travel.

Back at our house, the girls and I unloaded the U-Haul into the garage attic storage, then I took it and dropped it off just minutes before the ten oclock closing.

An interesting item was that Karen definitely was NOT physically enhanced like me or the nine cheerleaders. It seemed that the purple smoke did three things, physically enhance the girls and me, secondly, gave us the ultimate Master/Submissive bonds, and third, probably part of the Alpha male enhancement, gave me the gift of being able to delve into the mind of any female submissive to me. I had tried with others, with no luck. It seemed that outside of the cheerleaders, I had to fuck them to orgasm for me to initially access their minds.

I thought of forcing Betty by having my girls hold her down and then rape her, but what was left of my conscience streamed bloody murder at that idea. She had to come to me first.

That evening we all relaxed in the living room. I was on the couch covered by my girls; one in my lap rubbing, one for each arm, one for each leg, one giving me a shoulder massage. That left three to give me a side show while watching the movie. Nice. They rotated every half hour. Betty sat in the corner and sulked, feeling very left out.

As the end titles started and the girls were getting up, Betty screamed. We all looked over at her, startled. She stood up, ripped off her clothes, then kneeled before me in the standard position. Please, Master, take me as one of yours! I cannot stand being apart anymore!

She had a very nice body. I could tell she was excited, pussy juice was dripping down her leg. I said, If you believe you are ready, come here.

She scrambled over and pole sat. I felt my cock slip up into her, hitting a barrier, but she lifted herself until I was almost out, then slammed down hard, breaking her hymen and burying my hard cock deep into her. I could feel my cock head hit her cervix. She shrieked and started howling like a dog at the moon. I tweaked her hard nipples and she screamed and came. Her mind opened up to me like a book. She wanted to submit, but she wasnt, she was just enjoying the sex. I slammed in my list with all my might. Her brain resisted for a few seconds, and then my programming slammed into place. She arched her back, gave a wide eyed scream, then convulsed as her pussy sucked up my cum. She collapsed on top of me, out cold, radiating happiness and contentment with a touch of surprise.

She woke up a minute later and exclaimed, Holy Shit, Master, that was wonderful! I love you so much! Why the hell was I resisting? She hugged me tight. She repeated, Oh, I love you so much! All her new sisters were standing around us smiling, radiating happiness and love.

I gestured, and they all joined Betty and me in a giant group hug. I said, I love all of my slave girls. The intensity of the love feelings intensified as they started a feedback loop. Soon it was overwhelming as it built into a crescendo, and we all orgasmed together, the girls convulsing around me on the couch, and I pumped another few squirts into Betty, who was still impaled. We were closely linked still, so I mentally told Erin, Throw something on and go grab the last pink collar from my car. She threw on a shirt like a nightshirt and ran out the door, returning a moment later with the pink collar.

I said, Betty, kneel before me. She scrambled up, my cock sliding out with a slurp. She knelt in the standard position, semen and pussy juice dripping down her leg, slightly pink with her virgin blood. Her eyes got wide as I held up the collar. Betty Yates, are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

Yes, of course, Master!

Betty, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I do!

I locked the collar around the neck of my thirteenth slave, saying, You are mine.

She and Erin hugged and squealed in delight. Betty started sobbing as she cried out, Erin, you are so right! This is the best day of my life! I love you all so much!

We all collapsed in the master bedrooms king size bed and fell asleep.

Chapter 8


The next morning I awoke spooned around one of my girls. I mentally reached out and it was Tami. She was radiating happiness. I snuggled in and went back to sleep. I awoke again as I felt terror, alarm, fear, and pain coming from one of my girls. It was from Betty, and it was right out front! I was instantly awake. I pulled on my pants and ran out the door, down the hall, and out the front.

Betty was being dragged by her hair toward an old pickup truck. It was Brad. I heard screeching coming from in the house, it was Erins step-monster; however I just felt anger from Erin, Betty was being hurt. I yelled, Hey, let go of her!

He didnt let go, but he stopped and turned around. Why should I?

I couldnt say, Because you are hurting her! He already knew that. I needed some self interest here. Because what you are doing is highly illegal! Do you want to go to jail?

Aint illegal to take my own kid!

She isnt your kid. You are her step-father, and then only kind of. It is assault and kidnapping. We checked and neither you nor Susanne have custodial rights.

But we need her, and her nasty sister.

Whatever for? You hate having kids.

That is beside the point, I like my house.

Huh? That was a non-sequitur. Hmmm... I bet the girls dad left them the house. Tell you what, they will sign it over if you leave them alone.

He thought for a second. Deal!

Now get your bitch out of my house.

He marched in and walked back out with a squirming Susanne. He whispered something in her ear and she calmed right down.

I said, Meet you tomorrow at seven P.M. at McDs. Ill bring the papers. Now get lost.

They got in the pickup and left without another word.

The next morning I skipped weight practice again. What was the point if the last match was on Wednesday? I went and did a change of address for Erin and Betty. Then Erin and I went to the family lawyer, Dennis Tremlane. It turned out that he was executor of the estate. I explained what we wanted. He grinned and said that he would be glad to help. As for the girls, he pulled out a form, filled in a few lines while glancing at his notes, then said, Come with me. We followed him to city hall, which was two buildings down. He marched up to a door labeled Judge Chung and went right in. He asked the receptionist if the Judge was available and she sent him right in. After perfunctory greetings, the Judge read the sheet, and then signed it. Dennis thanked him, we backed out, and then he went downstairs and filed a copy. We still didnt know what was going on. He turned to us and said, Congratulations Erin, you are an emancipated minor and have custody of your sister Betty.

Both of us blinked in surprise. Then Betty hugged and kissed him on the cheek. Thank you, oh, thank you! she cried.

He just grinned. Then he got a twinkle in his eye and said, Lets get your scheme rolling on the house.

We wrote a document that was essentially a rental agreement but looked like a deed transfer. It made maintenance of the house the prerogative of Dean and Susanne, in exchange for free rent. In small print it said that they could be evicted at any time. Erin and the lawyer signed it. We made a color photocopy of the deed, which was in the lawyers files. He said hed see us at seven at McDs.

Smiling, Erin and I headed to school, checked in at the office, then headed to our fourth period class.

After practice, I rushed over to the house, picked up Ariel, went to the bank and got two cashiers checks, and then we went to the real estate agents agency. After my lesson in real estate mumbo jumbo that morning, I read through the contract, pretty standard, so Alice and I signed it and I handed over the check for $375K. Half an hour later I passed over the other check for $425K to the other guy who was selling. The property was ours.

Back at the house we all cheered, but Erin, Betty and I had a meeting to get to. We arrived at six-fifty at McDs. Everyone was there. Dennis whipped out the contract, then pointed to the signature line. Susanne signed it without even reading it. Then he pointed out another couple of spots, she initialed or signed the rest of them. Then he handed the fake deed to them and said, Enjoy. Susanne and Brad scurried out. The lawyer laughed and said, How long until they figure it out do you think?

Erin said, Oh, Susanne will try to mortgage it soon, I am sure.

I said, And the tax papers will come soon. They should be automatically forwarded to Erin and Betty, but they might not be.

The Lawyer said, If they come after you again, just call the cops. You are an emancipated minor, and they arent allowed to touch you.

We nodded and thanked him.

When we got home my girls were lined up across the living room, kneeling, naked, with their chests thrust out and nipples hard. Erin and Betty quickly stripped and joined in on one end.

I noticed that Henriettas bush was gone. It had worked! Of course I wouldnt see any breast growth for several weeks. I slid my fingers along her dripping slit and commented, Nice. She moaned and said, Thank you, Master.

Slaves, turn around, head between your knees.

Immediately I was presented with 13 perfect asses, spread for my pleasure. I quickly stripped and started at the left end, with Karen. I rubbed my hard cock in the dripping pussy juice, then slowly slid in, grabbing her hips as she went weak in the knees and started a series of minor orgasms. Without even having to concentrate all that hard I slipped deep into her mind, towards her brain stem and reprogrammed her to lose all hair below the neck like Henrietta. I also noted my earlier subconscious birth control programming. She rapidly built up and as I blew, she had a massive orgasm and passed out. I gently put her down on the floor.

I made the same changes with Clair, who was next in line. Then Sheri, Jasmine, Erin, Betty and Wendy. Next was Ariel, to whom I noticed that I hadnt made the subconscious modifications. I thought about that and left her hairless like the rest, but very fertile. I also left Yoshi, Carlie, Debbie, and Tami fertile.

I left all of them unconscious and drooling on the living room carpet, then went in the den and started drawing up plans. Since we had all the land, I planned out a ten foot stone fence in the front our 15 acres and 20 feet back on the sides, and chain link around the rest of the sides and back, except for the lake section, of course. Like I had thought before, the piece of crap cabin by the lake had to go. Maybe if the girls wanted, we could put in a horse barn there. The other small house would be fenced in with the rest of the land, and be isolated back in the woods with only four wheeler access. I started drawing detailed plans for the house addition.

An hour later I heard them start to stir. Wendy commented, Damn, I love it when Master does that. Jasmine said, I never thought I would say this, it goes against everything I have ever been taught, but I love being owned by our Master. There were murmurs of, Yeah Of course and I love Master. It was a nice ego boost.

I went and gathered up Karen, then went to see how the rents were doing. They had everything pretty much packed up. They werent leaving for nine days, so they were a bit ahead of schedule. They were still bouncy and eager. Karen and I gave them hugs and a kiss, said, I love you, then left.

The next morning I awoke to the 5:30 alarm. There were several voices around me saying, What the fuck time is it? Turn that damn thing off. Shit, it is still the middle of the night! I grinned and hit the alarm stop. There was only today and tomorrow that I would ever have to get up like that again. I slipped out of bed, leaving my harem in bed, got dressed and headed in to weight practice.

I avoided the weight coach so he wasnt hounding me so much. I managed to get out of there without any incidents. During lunch, I surfed and found what seemed to be reputable firms to do the house addition and the fence. After practice I called the fence place and they immediately scheduled a consult at five back at the house. The architectural firm also at six. Both were desperate for business since it was mid-winter. The weatherman said that the lack of snow would last another several weeks, so that was good news.

The fence people were ecstatic; they would start the next day in the back, putting up the chain link fence, and then start the stone fence from the edges in after Christmas, giving the other firm time to do the addition.

The architects liked my ideas, and they worked up a virtual layout based on them right on the spot. They would bring the finalized drawings over on Friday, and if approved, start digging the foundation on Monday after the Holiday. In the meantime, they would take care of the old cabin next door. I told them that there would be bonuses for fast work, but not for cutting corners. If they could use better materials, use them. If a beam could be a 2x12 instead of a 2x8, use it. And definitely use joists instead of simple cross beams.

That started me thinking, so I headed over to see what the house in the woods was like. It wasnt bad. It was modern, and had had some sort of computer person living there before, it was wired with a T3 and still had all the equipment in place. Nice. I would have an electrician come out and bury some LAN cable between the houses.

Since it was to be destroyed the next day, I then went over and looked in the cabin. Yuck. It was a hunting cabin and the only nice thing was the fireplace. I made a mental note to have the people tearing the dump down to leave the fireplace and chimney which I would convert to a grill or something. Maybe use it to heat the barn which I was more and more seriously thinking about.

I went to bed early, but I didnt have to get up early the next morning. The coach said that we could have the last day off. I drove in with my girls for a change. After school I had time to kill since the meet wasnt until six. The cheerleaders and I sat in the pool balcony area and talked. They had all decided to dress for the meet, although there had never been cheerleaders at a swim meet before. I made sure that they knew that absolute silence was necessary until the swimmers or divers were in the water. Then we just talked for several hours. Karen, Clair and Betty arrived to watch the meet.

At 5:45 I went, changed, and showered. When I came out, the girls were doing their cheers. The coach was scratching his head, he didnt know what to make of it. In the end he just shrugged and went with the flow. My teammates smiled and actually looked a bit pumped. I suppose drop dead gorgeous girls jumping about yelling your name will do that.

I really felt like I was in the zone. I swam better than ever before that meet, the 50m free I got 20.9s. Not bad. The 100m IM I got 51.6s. It was actually harder swimming slower rather than faster. Where I goofed and swam too well was in the 100m free. I did it in 43.7s. The referee was in shock, but the timing was electronic so it was precise. He immediately had me give a blood sample to the EMT on call. Apparently it beat the world record of 44.94s. Shit. I didnt want the attention, but now I had it. I didnt think there would be anything in the blood sample, after all, the hospital tested me six ways from Sunday just a week and a half ago. I may be stuck with it. When they announced it, my girls went nuts. They apparently didnt see any problems.

I was the winner in all three of my events, but our team was also in the zone. We beat the other team in every single event except for the 50m breaststroke. The coach was crying, exclaiming again, Why didnt you all swim like this a month ago? We could have won the state championships! Hell, Kris, your times are so good, you could have gone to the Olympics!

Hmmm, if that blood test worked out, that actually sounded interesting. Next summer was an Olympic year, I wonder if I could get in? Probably not. If I remembered right, I would have had to swim in a National or International Trial Event. Would have been fun though.

After the meet, I quickly showered and got dressed. I slipped out the back way, meeting up with my girls and taking off just as I saw the channel 5 news truck pull into the parking lot. Oh, crap. They would try to reacquire me at my parents house! Sigh, might as well get this over with. I headed over to their house with Karen.

I noticed the Sold! sign in the yard. Going in, I gave my parents a hug. Congratulations! Sold already, huh?

Dad said, Yeah, some couple with two kids who just moved into the area. Corporate move so we got the whole asking price.

Good deal!

Karen was bursting with the news, Kris has some news for you, too!

My mom asked, What is it?

I was embarrassed. Karen exclaimed, You big doofus, if you dont tell them, I will!

I said, Since you seem more excited than I am, you tell them.

Karen excitedly said, Kris just set the 100 meter freestyle world record!

What? my parents said simultaneously.

I said, Yeah, we figured that we had better stop by because the news trucks are going to be here soon. I am sure that theyll get this address out of someone.

My Dad said, Youre serious, arent you? Since when can you swim like that?

Since my little stay in the hospital two weeks ago.

They sat down. Wow, they said simultaneously again.

Ill make this quick with the press, then we can forget it.

My Mom said, Kris, stop it.


Stop it. You did this, if you didnt want the attention, you should have thought of that first. Too late now. You are an adult now, take responsibility.

*sigh* I suppose. I didnt want this, I was just feeling so good today that I let myself go.

Karen said, If you didnt want this, you should have done like Dash in The Incredibles.

I did for the first two events, but forgot on the last. You are all correct, I have to live with it now.

Karen said, You mean that you deliberately didnt swim your best on the other two events? You won those anyway.

Yeah, I was vain enough to want to win, but I didnt want the attention.

Karen rolled her eyes.

I saw the Channel 5 news van pull up out front. I said, Well here goes. But if they ask, How do you feel?, I am leaving.

Mom smiled and shoved me towards the door. Go take care of your mess.

I went out and sat on the step. A minute later a beautiful blonde reporter in her early 20s came up with a cameraman, she somehow reminded me of my sister Karen. She took a quick glance at a photo, back up at me, and then she greeted me with a big handshake. She looked dizzy for a second, then blinked hard, shook her head and asked, Hello, Kris Stevens?

Yes, maam?

Im Carla Peabody. I understand that you broke a record at a swim meet earlier?

Yes, maam. 100 meter freestyle.

A WORLD Record? Wow, she actually was able to capitalize a spoken word.

I shrugged, It was a lucky swim. Everyone has them once in a while.

So, are you planning on being a professional swimmer, or swim in college?

Not really. This was my last meet.

Youre kidding, right?

No. Swimming is a lot of work; hours upon hours of weight training and practice every day. No, I have plans for my life. If I swim competitively, there will be no time for anything else.

So, you are saying that in the last race of your life, you set the world record, and then just quit?

Lets just say that there are no current plans for any competitive swimming in the future.

Okay. Well, thanks.

Thats it?


Good, I am meeting some friends now and need to get going. I just came home because I figured you would be showing up. Later.

She nodded. I got up, went in and collected Karen, then went out and roared off in my car. Carla was doing her shtick in front of the camera. I had a feeling I would see her again.

Back home, the girls had decorated the house with streamers, a big Congratulations sign, and were all lined up. I went down the line tweaking nipples and French kissing each of them. They each sighed and fell back gasping with delight. I noticed that all of their pussies were bare now. It looked fantastic. Jasmine and Tami even had protruding clits. Nice. I couldnt resist, Tami was the last one, so I moved down and slurped up her big clit. She shrieked and quivered in an orgasm. Moving up I rammed home in her dripping pussy, making sure to rub her g-spot with my cock. I started ramming, hitting her clit with my pelvic bone as I thrust in. She was shrieking so much that she rapidly went horse and I felt like I was going deaf. With her projected feelings of bliss, it was only ten minutes before I filled her with warm cum and she arched her back one last time with a horse scream and passed out.

All her slave sisters were watching with happy smiles and feelings. I loved it when they were like that. A little competition was good, but I hate cat fights. I left myself plugged into Tami, her mind and mine linked, even though she was unconscious. I mentally told my girls to gather around and we got into a giant group hug. I squeezed a few asses and got some giggles and sighs. I rapidly got hard again and started stroking. Tami started to come around and was immediately sent into a series of orgasms again, flopping about like a fish, eyes rolled back, pounding her fists on the floor. It looked like a seizure. She was radiating so much pleasure that I relayed it to her sisters and they all collapsed and started flopping about. I came into her hot spasming quim again, and her radiated pleasure bumped itself up several orders of magnitude, if possible. All of her sisters simultaneously screamed at the top of their voices and all thirteen of them passed out with a burst of projected ecstasy so hard that I could barely sense them anymore. I was actually worried, so I pulled out of Tami and went around and checked a few pulses. I did rearrange a few of them who had landed at weird angles on the floor and furniture.

I projected my love towards all of them, and damn if they all didnt grunt, rotate their hips and arch their back and cum again! Curious, I did it over and over and they came every time. It seemed that they were hyper-sensitive in this state. Out of curiosity, I sent it over and over until they could barely quiver. The room stank of sex and the carpet was wet with pussy juice. All of the girls were sweaty, which looked great. Hard as a rock again, I filled a few of their quims. They were so out of it that there was no reaction.

Sighing, I went and made myself a sandwich and collapsed on the couch to watch CSI. I went to bed after the news, Carlas report wasnt bad; she used my line about not having anything planned. I DVRed it for the girls to watch later.

About four A.M. several of them crawled into bed, waking me up. I heard the shower going in the background. They collapsed, exhausted, and immediately fell asleep again.

When the alarm went off at seven-thirty, I popped awake, but the girls were so out of it that they slept right through it. I had read from Wendys mind last night that the non-residents had told their parents that it was going to be a pajama party, so that is why they were able to stay the night. It was a card they couldnt play too often, but they had felt it was important last night. They had all promised to be in school on time to their parents, so it was necessary for them to wake up. I carefully formed the command and broadcast it, Wake Up!. They all jumped up staring about. I said in a cheerful voice, Time for school!

Moaning and dragging, they stumbled out of bed and headed off to do their morning stuff. Tami, Hen, Jasmine, and Wendy had night bags from which they dug out outfits, everyone else pulled on clothes. The girls were so exhausted that I dont even think they tried to be fashionable. I saw Erin pick up some clothes from the floor, sniff them, then put them on.

Everyone gathered in the kitchen table, slowly chewing on toast and cereal. I commented, Geez, I guess we should save the nights like that for weekends, huh? A dozen groans answered me. Ariel managed a, Uh-huh. I added in, Ariel, you dont have school. Why dont you go back to bed.

Ugh. Sounds good. She staggered off.

Erin commented, We are awake, we are just worn out physically. I dont see how you can be so chipper after taking care of all of us last night.

I dont know, I just feel great. I would hate to be Betty, Clair or Karen right now though, they dont get the extra energy that we do. Heck, we are talking about them right now and they are so exhausted that they arent even commenting. The three of them were just staring blankly ahead, not saying anything. In fact, I mentally nudged the three youngsters, You three go back up to bed. You shouldnt skip school, but you just dont have the energy right now. Well say that you were up too late celebrating. Now go join Ariel in bed.

It showed how worn out they were when they got up without a comment and staggered down the hall. I said, Sheri, you are going to have to stop by the middle school on your way in and excuse Clair and Karen. Do you need a lift or can you drive?

Ugh. I can drive.

Ill take care of Bettys excuse. They nodded. We all got up and headed out to our parade of cars. Debbie took all of them in her beater minivan. I went alone because I needed to stop by the office.

I walked into the school office and everyone began clapping. Embarrassing. I went over to the truant secretary, Ms. Carter, and said, Betty Yates will not be in today, she wore herself out last night at the celebration.

She smiled, Not the best excuse, but in this case Ill accept it. Congrats, young man!

Thank you. Im sort of a foster brother now, and when she dozed off three times at the breakfast table, I sent her back to bed. I smiled back. And thank you for the thoughts as well. Even after celebrating last night, it still hasnt really sunk in. I looked around at everyone in the office staring, It appears that everyone knows. I guess it will be a long day. I rolled my eyes and sighed.

I heard a voice behind me. You should enjoy this, Mr. Stevens. You accomplished something yesterday that very few people will ever be able to duplicate. If nothing else, you need to stand up and let people be seen with you, whether you like it or not, you are a symbol now. Heck, you will probably even have your own float in the next parade!

I turned to see Principal Davis behind me. Sir, right now I am fighting to remain on an even keel. I have had too many ego boosts lately and I dont want it to go to my head.

He laughed. Just the fact that you are thinking about that tells me that it wont be a problem. Go ahead and enjoy the celebrity status.

Celebrity, ugh. Ill try sir.

He smiled, then looked serious, Now we need to talk, please come to my office. I followed him into his office and sat down in one of his uncomfortable hard hotseat chairs.

How may I help you, sir?

First of all, you should know that you blood test came back negative. So your time stands. I understand they even checked your sample for blood doping.

I nodded. I was really relieved since I had been worried that whatever was happening to me would show up.

And second, what did you mean by foster brother?

Oh! Ms. Baker, Debbies Mom..., he nodded, She runs a boarding house. She took in Clair and Sheri after the incident with their father..., again he nodded, and a few other people when their parents kicked them out of the house at age 18. In my case, my parents have a once in a lifetime opportunity to do their dream missionary work, and my sister Karen and I pushed them to go. We got a room at Ms. Bakers place. It is really good for Karen, she was socially not very popular, but she is BFFs with Clair now.

The situation is a bit irregular.

Well, Karen is in my custody, I am 18. And Ms. Baker is an official foster mother with the DSS. The only issue was that the party last night went too late, and we have already decided never to do that again, especially on a school night.

I will let it go without getting involved, for several reasons. The main one is that Clair, and Sheri, both need what you already did, have someone care for them. I would ask that you give a list of students staying at Ms. Bakers residence to Ms. Carter in the office so addresses may be updated on records.

Immediately, sir.

And congratulations, Kris. Good job yesterday.

Thanks. I shook his hand, and then went and gave a list of the girls staying at my house to Ms. Carter.

In every class that day I had to put up with applause. How embarrassing. In chemistry, my girls looked a lot better, they had completely recovered. I gave each a quick hug before the teacher looked. That restored the rest of their missing perkiness.

After school I went to watch cheer practice. Swimming was over with as of yesterdays meet, so I had my afternoons free. I sat in the bleachers and watched my girls frolic. My girls were blowing kisses and sending an occasional hip grind my way. I was getting strange looks from Ms. Howard, the cheer coach, but so be it. She was really happy that her girls seemed to have more energy and were stronger. She actually wanted to get into competitive cheerleading, so she was happy about that. The squad was much too small, but I could almost see the dreams of getting a large enough squad, although I dont see how she could do it with only just over a thousand students, which left only about 300 eligible females, only a small percentage of which were athletic enough to be cheerleaders.

I noticed that I was getting a lot of dirty looks from the basketball players practicing on the court behind my girls. I had been expecting that. Tami, Debbie, Carlie, Jasmine and Erin had all broken up with Basketball or Football players after connecting up with me. The exes had all taken it badly. Tell the truth, if I had girls like that (which I do), and they left me, I would be pretty upset as well. I knew a showdown was in the making.

After practice, I was waiting in the hall outside the girls locker room, when Tami came out in her street clothes and called me in. I was a bit surprised, the girls Basketball team was in there with my girls.

I raised my eyebrow, but followed Tami in. All the girls, both mine and the basketball girls, were dressed. Well, damn.

Gertie Soderheim, captain of the girls basketball team, was waiting at the end of the bench, next to where I fucked Debbie before. Gertie was pretty, athletic, really tall and really smart with a nice pair of C cups and a great ass. I didnt know her that well, we shared an advanced calculus class sixth period, but that was about it.

I asked, Hey, Gertie. Whats up?

First of all, you are probably sick of hearing this, but congrats.

Thanks, that actually means something coming from you.

She blushed and said, Thanks. Then she collected herself and said in a rush, The guys team is planning something nasty with you as the target.

I guessed that, but it is nice having confirmation. Thanks again. I gave her a quick hug. She froze, then relaxed a bit.

She said, What did you do to the cheerleaders anyway?

Do to them?

Yeah, do to them.

I asked them all out while we were talking after the lab accident, and they accepted. Anything else is between them and me... unless you care to join them and be one of my girlfriends.

She actually thought about that one, and then said, I will get back to you on that. For now, watch out. She blushed prettily again and ran from the room.

I looked at my girls and said, I wonder if it is a beating that they want, or some sort of practical joke? Hmmm, I guess well find out soon. Maybe they are immature enough that they will just TP my parents house.

I could feel some worry from my girls, but whenever I made light of it, they relaxed a bit.

We left and went out to the parking lot. My car was trashed and upside down. I called the cops. They arrived fairly quickly, took pictures and secured the security tapes of the parking lot. Since my car was an old junker, I just called a wrecker to take it to the dump. The girls and I went over to the local GM dealer, and I was looking at Hybrid Equinoxes when the police called. They asked me to meet them at the high school.

At the school, we went to the security room with Principal Davis and a police detective. Interesting, I had never been in there before. On a big monitor was a clear picture of most of the basketball team trashing and flipping my car. One or two of them were obviously trying to stop the rest.

Principal Davis said, Kris, the deal is this. If you want to prosecute, they will be arrested, and since it was on school grounds, they all will be expelled.

I didnt want to do that. Sir, I dont want to do that, but they do need punishment. However, the cost of the car is so low that repaying that isnt a punishment, especially when most of them can easily get the money from daddy.

Oh, dont worry about that, they will be suspended for a week, pay the damages, plus whatever I can think up.

I wont press charges then. I looked over at the police detective, Sorry, sir.

He said, Dont be sorry. You are the victim here. Just so you know, Justin Newberry is my oldest son. He will get punished, dont you worry. And he wont get any money from daddy, let me tell you.

I said, Principal Davis, I notice that several members were trying to stop what the others were doing.

I noticed and they will not be punished.

Thanks. Last thing I need is more bad blood.

Whats their beef with you anyway?

I started dating the cheerleading squad, and the girls broke up with some of them.

The whole squad?

I grinned. Yup. The ego boost from that is one of the main reasons I swam so well yesterday.

They both were quietly chuckling. Davis said, Dont worry, Ill make sure that they understand the choice to expel them or not was yours. They should be thankful that you arent vindictive.

Im just thankful they decided on property damage rather than person damage.

The cop said, Hear, hear.

One request.


Leak that video to U-tube. Otherwise people wont believe it.

Ill see what I can do.

Thank you. I shook their hands.

That evening I bought a new dark red Equinox. It wasnt too sporty, I had a family to take care of. The dealer was surprised that the bank card went through for the whole amount.

Chapter 9


The next day, Friday, I heard that the guys who had trashed my car were suspended until the second week of January. After school, while my girls practiced, I went over to the far basketball court where the girls team was practicing. At a break, I flagged down Gertie, kissed her hand as she did her wonderful blush, and said, Thank you. She was breathing heavily, and it wasnt from the practice. I smiled, squeezed her hand, said, You have a wonderful holiday, kissed her hand again, and took off for the cheer practice two courts over.

I met with the architects at five, and approved the plans to start Monday.

The non-residents of our house, Henrietta, Jasmine and Wendy, we wouldnt see until after Christmas. Tami was going to stay around except for Christmas afternoon when she had to be at a luncheon of her Moms. Karen and I were going to do the same, Christmas day we would spend with our parents.

I was completely lost, I had no ideas on what to get my girls. Courtesy of Tami, they all had all the money they could spend. Guy presents wouldnt work, except maybe with Carlie, who was a bit of a tomboy. I needed a secret agent. I cornered Karen and asked, Karen, do you have any ideas for Christmas presents for your sisters?

She grinned, No ideas, huh?

No, absolutely nothing. What do you get girls that have everything?

How about something for everyone?

Interesting. What do you have in mind?

How about a giant hottub?

Good, but I have to get it today. That will take until after Christmas.

Lingerie from Vickis?

Better, but I think a short nightshirt on a girl is the best possible lingerie. Maybe if the girls want it for themselves...

Well, duh.

I guess it was one of those girl things. Then I am off to the mall. You need to come and get anything?

Yeah, please. I have a lot more people to shop for now.

Gee, who?

She socked my arm.

We hopped into my new car and headed for the mall. The place was packed, this being the last shopping day before Christmas. I did a Tami and used my phone to instant transfer the daily max, $1K, over to Karens account. She jumped up, kissed me, then took off, her check card burning a hole in her pocket.

I went over to Victorias Secret. I spent around $10K on flimsy nothings, although I did like the thong underwear and bought a lot of that for the girls. I stayed away from the hosiery, I dont like that. After dumping the huge pile in the car, I went through the mall and found a place that sold super short mini-skirts and bought a few for each of my girls. The same store sold handkerchief tops and I got a couple of those for each of them as well. The very excited clerk showed me cut-off Ts and I got a few of them for each of the girls as well. I bought over $5K of stuff in that store. I liked the place, called Summer Love Fashions. From there I had to make two trips to the car. Unfortunately, unlike Vickis, they didnt giftwrap. I would have to wrap all the boxes when I got home. Maybe I would be lazy and just put bows on the boxes. For my parents I swung into Brookstone and got them two solar battery chargers for when they were in the middle of nowhere and needed to recharge their phones and cameras.

I met up with Karen as the mall was closing at ten. She had apparently spent most of her time in the junk jewelry stores. I rolled my eyes, but didnt say anything; she was a young teen after all. We hit the Walgreens in the mall parking lot and picked up several rolls of wrapping paper and bows.

When we got home the girls had the tree out of storage and up. Things were too busy to use a real tree this year. Karen and I took off for the den where we spent the next two hours wrapping. One present she got for Clair I vetoed, I didnt want any of my girls to have belly button rings. Besides the physical problems, I like the nice unadorned girl belly. I spent several minutes playing with her cute navel as she giggled, to show her. In fact, I cant think of anything better than a girls natural figure. Jewelry just hides the natural beauty. My girls were never going to wear anything besides necklaces, bracelets, and rings for body adornment.

It took six trips to haul everything into the living room to stuff under and next to the tree. There were so many presents from everyone to everyone that half the room was covered waist high with boxes. By the time everyone was done, it was two a.m. and we were tired, so we piled up on the master bed and fell asleep.

Christmas Eve, I awoke to a wonderful pile of beautiful naked girls. I sent out feelings of love, acceptance, and lust and they all started moaning. The more they got excited, the more their minds opened to me until they all had simultaneous orgasms. Then I sent it a few more times as they all flopped about like beached fish, orgasming over and over. Not wanting to wear them out like last time, I stopped after a few minutes, admired the sexy sweaty bunch of them who were gasping but awake, if not quite focused, then went and took my shower.

As I was finishing up my Cheerios, they started to wander into the kitchen in groups of two as they got out of the shower. All of them were only wearing a towel for their hair. Ariel commented as she got herself a bowl, Damn, Master! What a way to wake up!

I just smirked and replied, And this is the way to eat breakfast! I leered at all the pretty nipples pointed at me from around the table. They all giggled, giving their nips a nice bounce. I resolved to make them giggle more often.

I said, Anyone have any plans today besides making and eating a good meal, then opening all the presents?

They all shook their heads. Erin said, I was going to go take a look at the new back fence, I guess that is something.

Thats right, they were going to install the chain link part Thursday and yesterday, werent they? Lets go get dressed and walk the perimeter. Erin nodded. I headed for my room to find some clothes, several of the girls following suit. After getting dressed, I waited for them, then we headed out to the southern border by the small house. About fifty feet in the fence started. It was ten feet high with deep cement grounded poles and No Trespassing signs every twenty feet. Along the back, there was a forestry trail where a gate was put in, otherwise the fence ran right to the edge of the lake. Since there was a raised stone area there, it effectively stopped people. Over on the far side it started at the edge of a swampy area, people could wade around it, but I wouldnt recommend it. It was an impressive fence for two days.

I hadnt had a chance to talk to the demolition people and the whole cabin was gone. Oh well. They had capped off the city utilities nicely; it would be easy to add a barn or something like that.

Back at the house, many of the girls were working on the dinner. I relaxed into a chair with a few of them cuddling around me and watched TV for a while. Curious, I watched ESPN news center. I was actually mentioned on ESPN! Apparently it was bugging the heck out of many officials that I managed to set the record in a non-major competition. I was beginning to enjoy the notoriety, especially since it threw a wrench into the establishment. The big debate was whether to allow it or not since it wasnt a championship race. I hadnt realized it but the officials had come out and examined the timing equipment at the local pool. I was starting to appreciate Principal Davis more and more, he had kept me away from this nonsense. I was amazed that my cell phone hadnt been ringing off the hook. Not one call yet, and the plan was in my name. Maybe it was good that my parents had disconnected the house phone.

Erin and Carlie were curled up under my arms leaning on my chest while I slowly rubbed their backs. The feeling of complete and total contentment that they were broadcasting was very addictive. I just sat there all afternoon. Hen and Jasmine showed up and curled up at my feet, also radiating contentment.

At about five thirty, we got up and helped set the table. My girls had cooked up quite the feast. Roast beef, turkey, both escalloped and mashed potatoes, corn, both string beans and beans in mushroom sauce, the works.

Dinner was raucous, we all enjoyed it very much. After we had filled the dishwasher and put the leftovers in the fridge, we settled into the living room.

Since she and Clair were the youngest, Karen and Clair started digging through the presents, handing them out so they could be opened one by one. The girls squealed almost as much as when they were orgasming as they opened presents.

Hen and Jasmine had to leave at eight, so they got a big hug with butt squeeze along with a mental push of my love. They both sighed and radiated unhappiness, but put on their jackets and went to their parents home. Henrietta still had two years, and Jasmine had one year before they could stay with their new family permanently. We left the presents for them and Wendy under the tree for the day after Christmas.

Then the girls had to try everything on. What is it with girls and clothes? I enjoyed the outfits, but a girl was even hotter naked or with a simple nightshirt. But they were having fun, which was important.

I could feel Wendy and she was in horrible shape. I could tell she was crying. The only times she came out of it were short bursts of calm. The fourth time that happened I went to the bathroom, sat on the closed toilet and meditated, linking my mind with Wendy. Sharing her senses I realized that she was with her twin sister Natalie, which would occasionally bring her out of her funk. I wanted her to be happy, so I sent to her subconscious, I might as well enjoy this, nothing I can do about it. I need to tell Natalie how wonderful Master is and recruit her. Then I can be with her forever with Master. I could feel her new sense of purpose, she had a mission now.

I linked with Jasmine who was sad that she just had to leave. I set her with the idea of recruiting Olive, her hottie little sister. There wasnt much I could do for Henrietta except send my love. In a way that didnt make her crash her car, of course.

I was going to have to stop by the sex shop on Monday. I was down to one black collar. I was just going to have to buy out their inventory. There had been several more pink and about ten more black.

Taking a real piss, I used a wet wad of TP and cleaned myself off, knowing that the little guy would soon be busy. Then I headed back to join the girls.

The first thing I saw was Ariel, she had on one of her miniskirts and was figuring out how to fasten the handkerchief top with Tamis help. It looked really hot. I went over and hugged her from behind, sliding my hard cock against her bare pussy under the skirt. Damn, that outfit is sexy. I whispered huskily as I cupped her tits under her top. Her giggles from the cosplay turned into a whimpering moan as she thrust her tits and ass out. I bent my knees slightly and thrust up, sliding into her to the hilt. She was so dripping wet that I easily slid deep. Gasping, she leaned forward, grabbing the armrests of the couch, quivering in small orgasm after small orgasm. A few minutes of thrusting, vaginal rippling, and lots of cheers later, I filled her up with a huge dose of man juice. Every neuron in her brain was firing, to me she was almost as bright as the Christmas tree behind me. I gently laid her down on the couch to recover, relaying only a little bit of her ecstasy to the other girls, wanting to have them still awake for me to play with.

When I turned around, my remaining nine girls were all wearing their matching miniskirt and handkerchief tops. After they all had cream pies and were unconscious on the floor amidst lots of wrapping paper and clothing, I figured we could leave the rest for when we all would be here in two days. I felt that my other three slaves were safe in bed, so I sent a wave of love their way.

I cleaned up all the wrapping paper, and then using my newfound strength, I easily carried all of them into the bedroom. I climbed in amidst the beautiful pile of sleeping beauties and joined them in dreamland.

The next morning I awoke to an empty bed. I quickly showered, then went into the kitchen. Nine of them were around the big kitchen table, and Ariel was frying up some bacon. I poured myself some cereal and began eating, enjoying all the nips up and down the length of the table. Ariel brought over the plate of bacon. I said, Get rid of that apron and get under this table and give me a proper wake up blow. Without hesitating she pulled off the apron, tossed it on a chair, then crawled naked under the table and began licking my cock. I could feel that she was extremely turned on by being commanded and was radiating happiness as she suddenly deep throated my cock. Above the Formica, I was chewing on a piece of bacon and saying, Karen and I need to go see our parents for a few hours. So does Tami. Hopefully well be back early. By the way, Merry Christmas everyone.

There was a harmonious Merry Christmas! chorused back.

With a few hugs and giggles Karen and I went up to our room and got dressed. We drove over to the old house. The place was empty, our parents literally camping out in sleeping bags. All the furniture and boxes were piled in the living room for the movers on the next day. They were leaving Tuesday morning, they had to be there at four. I offered them a lift to the airport. They said that they were staying the night at the Airport Marriot, but would enjoy the assistance moving their cars into long term storage for them Monday after the movers left and then dropping them off at the hotel.

Karen and I gave our presents to them. Karen got them a Sat Phone. Good idea, she must have got more money from Tami. They loved my solar chargers and immediately began to work to figure out where to stash the phone and chargers in their luggage.

I noticed that Tami was getting pretty angry. She wasnt hurt or scared, so I didnt link up and find out what had happened after I sensed that she was heading back to my house. I told my mom and dad to call after the movers finished, then Karen and I headed back to our house.

We got back right when Tami did. She was really POed as she pulled in driving her beamer. I went over and pulled her into a big hug. She broke down and sobbed on my shoulder. We went into the house, were the girls were waiting in their standard position. I admired them for a minute with Tami sobbing, then said, Thanks for the greeting ladies, but your sister here is upset. Lets find out why.

I pulled Tami over to the couch, all my girls sat around us. I said, Tami, whats wrong?

Its my mother. The interfering busybody bitch! She started bawling again.

I pulled her to me and said, Shh, shh. Its all right, we all love you here.

*sniff* Yeah I know. I love you all so much. She cried for a little while. My mother, may she rot in Davenport, has decided that I am going to Harvard.

Why cant you just say no?

I did. She threatened to cut me off.

From what? You already have your inheritance. From the house? We can do an Erin and have you moved out in an hour. From your family? We are your family now. They will come around in a few years.

Tami sniffled and said, You know what? You are right. The family money would be nice, but I have plenty without it. She made a mistake in letting me go to a normal school. I have learned to live without.

I laughed, Over 200 million is hardly without.

She grimaced, But my mother is executor on the remaining 1.1 billion that I am supposed to get when I either marry or graduate from college.

Oh crap, I had forgotten about that. She may be executor, but can she block the disbursement?

If I dont graduate from a college she likes, yes.

What about if you marry?

No, the only restriction on that is if I am under 18, and that is past. You arent thinking what I think you are thinking?

Probably. You and I hit the JP tomorrow, get married, and then get her out of the picture. We would be legally married, even though in reality I am unofficially married to all you girls. They all sighed and radiated happiness when I said that. Anyone object? Silence. Good. Tomorrow morning then after Hen, Jasmine and Wendy get here. Well follow by stopping by Tamis mothers house with a U-Haul, and then calling the lawyers. And Karen...

Yes, Master?

Lets not tell mom and dad.

No, that would be problematic, to say the least. She grinned.

Tami was radiating happiness and contentment. Master, you are so smart. I love you so much.

I kissed her as her sisters pulled off our clothes. I slowly made love to her, relaying all our feelings to her sister slaves. We all climaxed simultaneously, all the girls passing out in ecstasy as I pumped Tami full of babymakers. I felt Hen, Jasmine and Wendy orgasm and pass out as well. Since Wendy shared a bedroom with her twin, I wonder what she was thinking.

Again, I carried my girls to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.

Chapter 10


It was seven in the morning when the sound of a heavy diesel engine woke us up. I went to the window and looked out. It was the backhoe. I had forgotten that the construction on the addition was starting this morning. I watched for a minute, these guys were working fast. The probably were so happy to get a job in the middle of the winter that they were enjoying themselves.

I noticed that the work had stopped and all the construction guys were looking out front. I felt my three missing girls arrive, the guys were ogling them. We all got dressed and went downstairs. The girls quickly filled each other in. They were all excited. Tami was still angry, but she wasnt sad anymore. I could tell it was all targeted at her mother.

After breakfast, the girls and I headed out. We stopped at the local jewelry store. The owner didnt know what to make of us, thirteen girls and a guy suddenly swarming into his shop. I stood back and let the girls look, finding a nice wedding ring for Tami. The excitement was palatable. It took an hour to find the ring, but they finally picked one and bought it.

Over at city hall, we got a license and went to see a judge. He gave the twelve witnesses a raised eyebrow, but said to Tami, Do you?


To me, Do you?


Congrats, youre married. He signed the forms, we signed them, then Ariel and Yoshi signed as witnesses.

The girls were a bit disappointed, not in jealousy, but in the non-romantic ceremony.

Like before with Erin, we went downstairs and filed copies. We had a U-Haul reserved, so we went and picked it up. Debbie drove the truck along with our two cars to Tamis mothers house.

It was a large house with pillars on a large plot of land. Tami punched in the gate code and we drove in. According to the maid, Tamis mother was at the lawyers, probably trying to screw Tami out of her inheritance. At the house, we knew that we had limited time, so as a group, we went straight to Tamis room with a pile of boxes and within ten minutes we were loading the boxes on the truck. Then we started moving furniture. We emptied out Tamis bedroom, bathroom, and playroom. We were in and out in 45 minutes. Back at our house we unloaded everything, filling the storage area above the garage the rest of the way.

As Debbie took the truck back with Sheri, Tami gleefully called the family lawyer. She informed him that she had just gotten married. I could hear the gasp on the phone from across the room. Tami grinned and radiated glee at almost overwhelming levels. She was having fun. She told him that she would call him back soon; then she hung up. She grinned and said, I bet my mom was sitting right there. Then she called another number. It was the lawyer that Erin and Betty had used, Dennis. She explained what was going on. He said that he was on his way over.

Fifteen minutes later, he was at the door. We gave him the details. He said, While I cant condone a marriage of convenience, I do agree that you need to take care of this now instead of later. He took a lot of notes then took off out the door.

It was still before noon. I took my car and went over to the sex shop and picked up all the remaining collars in stock. I took them home and stashed them with the one remaining black one that I had behind the books in the house den.

The foundation was dug and poured by two oclock. Amazing what you can get done with money. Now we had a two day wait for it to cure. Apparently there was a faster setting cement, but it tended to get brittle after a few years, and I had specified the best. At least it wasnt supposed to snow before then.

My parents called at two thirty. Karen and I hopped into the car and went to get them. They were ready to go. We packed their bags into our car, then we all spent a few minutes saying goodbye to the house. They had a storage locker, which they drove to and parked their two cars in. Karen and I drove them to the hotel and did our hugs and goodbyes.

As we were leaving, I felt Tamis anger flare up. A few seconds later the rest of my girls anger flared up as well. I quickly called home. Whats going on?

Ariel handed the phone to Tami. She said, My lawyer just called. It seems that my mom has been busy. She has managed to steal over half of my inheritance.

Shit! I hope she is being arrested, along with her corrupt lawyer.

Dennis said that he was taking care of it.

Ill be right there.

I told Karen what was going on. Then she was radiating anger like her sisters. We got home and waited. Dennis showed up at six. He told us what was happening. He had petitioned for the change of Executor with the court, freezing the accounts until the status could be determined. He said it was probable that Tamis mother would be made to pay back the missing $483 million and face felony theft charges.

Tami said, Im just glad that she is stopped. I knew she was interfering in my life, I just thought it was because she felt she was entitled. I didnt know she was a crook.

Suddenly I felt a wave of sorrow from her. I hugged her as she started crying. D-Damn it. T-This is m-my mom! What g-got into her? All her sisters surrounded us in a big group hug.

Chapter 11


Nothing much happened over the next few days. Wednesday the construction people reappeared and began work on the frame. Thursday, Tamis mother was in court. We all went and sat behind Dennis. Apparently, she had felt that she would do better in open court rather than the usual decision in chambers.

The judge, the Honorable William Slater, after the docket was announced, said, I have read the brief and note that the defendant, Mrs. Zane, has entered a Not Guilty plea. Does the defendant have any statement to give?

Dennis obviously was fighting a look of glee. The judge was already on his side. He just had to keep him there. He let himself have a small smile.

The defense, with a slight wince, said, These charges are ridiculous, your honor. Mrs. Zane has used the funds to invest and support Tami Zane, the inheritor. In no way has the trust been violated.

Dennis was squirming a bit, that bucket of hogwash was going to be easy to refute. From the puzzled look on the judges face, he felt that way too. Mr. Cullen, is that your argument?

Yes sir.

Have you read the original will of Mr. Zane?

Yes sir, I drafted it for him.

Then I will point out that funds for the support of Tami Zane were separate from this trust, also that Mrs. Zane was directly prohibited from investing from the trust. You are going to have to do better than that, counselor. You are doing Mr. Tremlanes job for him.

I could see Dennis fighting off a snicker.

Mrs. Zanes lawyer glanced at her, then back at the judge and sadly said, I have been directed to use this defense, your honor.

Judge Slater just shook his head in disgust. Mr. Tremlane?

I would like to start by thanking Mr. Cullen and your Honor for pointing out the problems with the way the will has been executed. I only wish to add that the target of the inheritance has fulfilled all the conditions of the trust and has the right to the inheritance, the FULL inheritance.

Judge Slater asked, Is Tami Zane in the courtroom?

Tami stood. Yes, your honor, except that it is Tami Stevens now.

And you have fulfilled all terms of the trust left to you by your father?

Yes sir. It was upon completion of the terms that my mothers theft was discovered.

The defense said, Objection! The issue of theft has not been decided.

The judge said, Sustained. For now.

Tami said, Okay then, her mishandling of the funds.

Thank you, Mrs. Stevens. Tami sat down.

The judge asked, Mr. Cullen, are you sure that you dont have any more arguments?

No, your honor.

Then I find for Mrs. Stevens. Upon presentation of the proof, the remaining trust will be transferred to her. Mrs. Zane, please stand.

She stood up. I dont understand how you could do this to your daughter. You certainly didnt need the money with the very large inheritance that you also received. Pursuant to statute, you are hereby ordered to repay Mrs. Stevens all the funds taken from the trust, all your accounts are frozen pending court appointed accountants. Pursuant to your previously entered plea of Not Guilty you are sentenced to Grand Larceny in the First Degree.

He continued. You are to serve not less than 35 months in a minimum security state correctional institution. You are granted until Monday to put your affairs in order before surrendering to serve your sentence. He pounded the gavel.

Outside the courtroom, Tamis mother went up to her and asked, Why are you doing this to me?

Tami said, Mom, you did it to yourself. Since you are now broke, come to me when you need commissary money. Tami steeled herself, turned and walked away.

Chapter 12


The $627 million that remained in the trust appeared in Tamis account the next day. She gladly wrote a check for $1 million and handed it to Dennis. Then she wrote another and also handed it to him. This is a retainer. He nodded happily. That was enough money for him to get a partner and several interns.

Tami said, at dinner that Friday evening, It wasnt that we needed any more money. Its was just the principle of the thing. I just wish my mother hadnt been so corrupt.

All her sister co-slave co-wives were feeling empathy for her, so I relayed it along with all our love. Tami immediately started sobbing, I love you all so much. I dont know what Id do without you. I relayed her love back to everyone. Soon everyone was sniffling.

Debbie tried to lighten things up. Okay, that crisis is taken care of, what is next? Wendy, Jasmine, Henrietta? Anything?

Wendy snorted, No crisis. I do have a surprise, but that is for tomorrow.

I commented, I have been a little puzzled. How are you three managing to get so much time to spend over here? Arent your parents getting a little suspicious?

Wendy said, Hens and my parents are both under the impression that we are hanging out with the cheerleading squad. She grinned. Which is the truth.

Jasmine rolled her eyes and said, My mother thinks I am already damned by the devil and am going to hell. She has pretty much given up on me. My dad is so out of it that he doesnt care. The problem I have been working on is my little sister Olive. She wants to come join us, but my mom is clutching on to her for dear life. She even made Olive quit the JV cheerleading squad for fear of it corrupting her like it did me.

Tami said, In other words, the same problem I had, for opposite reasons.

Yeah, pretty much.

I said, The only potential solution I see is the Karen-Clair con.

I got a lot of puzzled looks. Look, we have several girls who are around Olives age. Sheri, Henrietta, Betty, Wendy, Clair. Heck Sheri, Betty and Clair even live here. Let them become BFFs to Olive, spend just enough time at her house with perfect angelic behavior that her mom is convinced, then she can spend time over at her mom approved BFFs house, here, in other words.

Sheri said, I would love to, except that I am an evil cheerleader. Betty would be best. They are even the same age.

Betty said, Sounds like fun. Jasmine, how bout you and I get together and figure out a game plan after dinner.

Sounds like a plan, sister.

We put everything away and went to watch TV, Betty and Jasmine taking off to plot together. Jasmine took off after half an hour to fill Olive in. The response was that Betty was invited over to Olives house for the next day. Jasmine and Betty pretended not to know each other. Fortunately, Olives mother didnt recognize the significance of the collars. Betty returned Saturday evening with a very positive progress report. Betty said, I told her I couldnt come over tomorrow because that after church, I need to do my homework. She thinks I am a wonderful influence on Olive. She chuckled, I dont bother with church anymore, with Kris here I dont need the emotional crutch. I will do my homework though.

Wendy said, Now I have my surprise. Master, come into the living room in two minutes. She took off.

I went into the living room two minutes later. Kneeling there naked was not only Wendy in the standard pose, but also her twin Natalie. They were identical. I could only tell the difference because I could feel Wendy, visually Wendy had her collar, and Natalie had pubes. I said, Wow. Hello, Natalie.

Hello, Master.

Hmmm. Like Karen, it seemed that she was offering herself to me. I mentally commanded the others to remove my shirt and pants. Since we were at home, I hadnt bothered with underwear. Natalies eyes bugged out, staring at my hard cock.

I stepped forward, pulled her to her feet and kissed her. She was like butter in my hands. Laying her on the couch, I placed her legs on my shoulders and leaned forward, opening up her cute pussy. It was already dripping. Lining myself up, I slid forward, slowly sinking in to the hilt. Surprisingly, she didnt have a hymen. She almost immediately started convulsing in orgasm, and I learned why. The girl was as submissive as Ariel, maybe even more so. Also as sexually precocious, having taken her cherry with a brush handle, pretending it was her master raping her, when she was eleven. When Wendy had mentioned our group to her a couple of weeks ago, she had been horribly jealous, and had withdrawn in shame at her jealousy. The two of them had re-bonded when Wendy had mentioned that Nat was welcome to join as well. The idea of having a real master was so exciting that she had masturbated almost constantly for the past week.

I decided to grant her greatest wish. I programmed in my list, not that it needed much programming, she was a lot like Karen had been - the list was already there, just missing the show off item. After I felt the commands burning themselves permanently into her mind, I dove in deeper and gave her body the birth control and no hair commands. Every single neuron was firing in her brain. She was shrieking and arching her back, convulsing like she was being hit by CPR paddles. Her pussy latched onto my cock and was literally sucking on it, pulling my cum deep into her body. I noticed that I had been relaying her feelings out of habit and all my girls were flopping about in orgasm. I added my feelings of love and lust to the broadcast and they collectively shrieked and came harder. It seemed that every time I did this, it was stronger than the time before. I was going to have to cut it back a little or I would burn out the minds of my girls. I tapered it down a little. I pulled out with a slurp, but kept blasting them with feedback on their orgasms, keeping them all flopping about, but careful not to make it too strong.

I went and pulled a pink collar out of my stash, then returned to the living room and slowly ramped everything down to normal. They were out of it, but not as bad as the one time a week ago. I sat there and admired the sweaty bodies for about an hour before they started coming around. Tami commented without opening her eyes, Damn, do I love it when Master does that. I dont know how he does it, but I dont care at this point. I dont think she saw me sitting in the easy chair off to the side.

Erin said, Yeah, I love him so much that it is painful sometimes.

Ariel said, I am so happy. I just want to be near him and obey him for the rest of my life.

Hear, hear. Yeah. Yes. Me too. Sounds good. Uh, huh. Exactly. Way to say it, sister!

I heard Natalie say, That was the most wonderful thing in my entire life.

Wendy said, Sister, just wait until the collaring ritual. Even with no sex, that was the best thing that I ever experienced. As I gave up my body and soul to Master Kris, I was risen to such a feeling of complete bliss, I cant even describe it. Erin, I cant even imagine how painful it was to lose your collar, even for a few hours.

I was devastated, but Master Kris hugged me, and re-collared me. It was almost as good as when I was collared the first time!

Betty said, How is that even possible? I resisted for so long, but now I cannot even imagine life without a collar. I shudder in pain at the very thought.

Ariel said, I managed it for fourteen years, but only because I had a wonderful daughter. I probably would have slit my wrists otherwise. I hated being without a master.

Things were getting too maudlin. I said, You know, we have a collar ritual to perform. Why dont you slaves line up behind Natalie.

All their eyes popped open and they excitedly scrambled into a row. Wendy whispered into Natalies ear. Natalie eagerly kneeled before me, all her sisters around her. I stood, my hard cock inches from her face. She was mesmerized.

I said, Natalie Smith. Think on this. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

Yes, Master. She was radiating pure bliss. If I didnt hurry up, she would pass out.

I held up the pink collar. Natalie, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I do, Master.

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

She shrieked and passed out on the spot, radiating so much happiness that it gave me a slight headache. Wendy was right, it was more powerful than an orgasm. Her sisters all gasped as I relayed it to them, and they all broke down and cried in joy. Curious, I linked with Natalie. It was if every single neuron had shorted out. It was pure white mind-numbing ecstasy.

I didnt want to mess up what they considered the ultimate ritual, so I left them there and went to unpack some more.

Soon Hen and Jasmine had to leave. Wendy had her twin staying overnight at a cheer sleepover. Natalie was such a recluse that their mother was overjoyed that Natalie wanted to be social like her sister.

We all stayed up late watching cheesy movies and having popcorn fights. All nude, of course. It was much more fun that way. All of them ended up with another bellyful or two of cum before we went and collapsed in bed. My girls were all happy, even Hen and Jasmine, who were upset at having to go home, but knew they were completely loved.

The workers were there Sunday and Monday, even through the days were holidays. They wanted that 10% bonus I promised. They were also working against the weather, it was predicted to snow on Wednesday, and they were scrambling to get the outside done. The frame was up, and they were nailgunning in the wall board and shingling. Tuesday they were putting on the wood siding. They cut the hole for the hall extension on Sunday afternoon. After the weather turned bad they would do the interior. That reminded me, I had the electrician come and add the heavy underground LAN cabling between the back house and the main house, paying extra for a holiday. I also had the phone company turn on the T3 connection. The stone fence was almost complete. They were doing 50 feet on each side a day.

Monday was also the day that Tamis mother had to report to serve her sentence. Tami felt so betrayed that she didnt even go.

Chapter 13


Tuesday we were all, except Ariel of course, back in school. I walked in the main doors and saw the banner and was immediately embarrassed. It read, Congrats Kris, World Record in 100m Freestyle! As I was staring, Principal Davis came up behind me and said, We got word last Friday. It is official. You are the record holder. I just checked online, and your name is in the books. Short Pool 100 meter Freestyle. They said that your home phone was disconnected so they couldnt get in touch with you. I figured it was because your parents are out of town.

Yeah, they sold the house. Thank you for not giving them the number of the boarding house.

Couldnt if I wanted to, that is private information. He nodded at the banner. That was the idea of the office ladies.

Dont worry, I dont like it, but I wont say anything. Dating the cheerleading squad has taught me some politics.

He laughed. Ill just bet it has. Now get to class.

I smiled back, Yes, sir.

When I got to first period I checked the web on my phone. Sure enough, I was listed as the current record holder. It was hitting me; Oh my god, I was in the history books.

Fourth period, my girls swarmed around me. I couldnt resist and squeezed a few delicious asses, resulting in lots of giggles. They were all excited about the banner. I told them that it was now official; that I was the world record holder. They all squealed for the next minute until class started.

Sixth period Gertie sat down next to me. She was wearing a ton of makeup for some reason. She said, Wow, you really got into the books. That is unreal.

Yeah, it still hasnt fully sunk in.

She hesitated, About your question...

I thought for a second, then realized she was referring to my tongue in cheek, unless you want to join them.

She was shaking. ...T-the answer is Y-Yes. I w-want to j-join t-them.

Ah, that explained the makeup. She was about ready to collapse, she was so nervous. I said, Gertie, thats wonderful! Then I leaned over and kissed her.

Her eyes went big and she suddenly moaned and had an orgasm on the spot! We had contact as we kissed, and her mind snapped open to me. I put my hand on the back of her head to maintain the contact as I examined what she really wanted.

When I had asked the question while she was warning me before Christmas, she had also orgasmed right then and there. That was why she was so quiet for a minute. It had taken all her will to keep a straight face. Like Natalie, she had masturbated constantly the entire Christmas break, using her hand when out of bed, and a brush handle when in bed. She was head over heals in love with me, and figured if she had to share me to have me, she would take it.

That was good enough for me. I slammed in my list, watching as it burned into her mind permanently. I decided to do the other changes later. I released her from the kiss. She murmured, Damn, I love you so much! while radiating love, lust, and happiness.

I said, Stick around after practice today. Your new sisters and I will show you our house.

Okay. She smiled.

And get rid of that makeup after class. You are too pretty to be wearing that glop.

Okay! She had a big smile.

The bell rang and she was happy and bubbly for the rest of the period. I sent her off with a kiss and butt squeeze after class. Next period I sat next to Tami and told her that Gertie was joining the group. She got all excited and texted everyone about Gertie. I could feel the happiness reverberating around as the girls became almost slap happy at having a new sister. Debbie apparently shared seventh period with Gertie and the two of them sat together and gossiped like crazy.

After school, the cheerleaders started practice over by the girls team. We were forced to move back over by the guys team because Gertie was so distracted.

After practice, I waited outside the locker room. Gertie was the first out, rushing over and kissing me hard. It seemed that her nervousness was gone. She was very pretty without all the makeup.

Soon my girls came out and we all headed over to the house. Gertie drove a VW rabbit. Talk about a total chick car. As we drove in our parade of three cars, I could feel her excitement building.

I followed the lineup of perfect asses into the house. Karen and Clair werent home yet, so I let the girls show Gertie around. She was literally squeaking with excitement.

I took the time to take construction plastic and staple it over the new side hallway entrance so the construction crew couldnt get in the house. I also locked the back door and patio doors. The crew were almost done with the siding. The roof was complete. I didnt want them in the main house for Gerties induction ceremony.

I mentally called out, Line up! They all immediately headed for the living room. When the girls got there, they stripped and kneeled in line, head bowed with chest and ass thrust out. Gertie quickly followed suit. She had a great body, tall and athletic with tiny pointy nips on her C cups. I said, Natalie, get over here and undress me. Gertie, front and center.

Natalie scrambled over and began pulling off my clothes. Gertie moved over to the center and in front. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard. She started orgasming right away again. I turned laid her back on the couch, put her heels on my shoulders, then slid into her dripping pussy. She was a virgin, but had long ago broken her hymen, so she just shrieked in ecstasy and began convulsing. Relaying her feelings soon had all fourteen of her sisters flopping about like landed fish as well. As I dove in deep to her tight snatch, I also dove into her wide open mind, setting the no hair trait in her subconscious. I left her nice and fertile since she was eighteen. She was out cold along with her sisters as I went and retrieved a pink collar for her. I sat and admired Gerties sweaty body until she stirred about an hour later. A few minutes later I felt the others wake up as well. Gertie, although she hadnt moved, must have heard them, because she said, Damn, sisters!

They all chuckled quietly. Natalie said, Just wait until the Master gives you a collar. They all said, Um-hmm or Yeah.

I let them think on that for a minute, then said, Time to get up, ladies. They scrambled to their knees. I waved the ends of the line and it curved around Gertie and me. I held up the collar. They all snapped to attention, radiating pure happiness. I kept up the relay so they all felt it and it was reinforced higher and higher with feedback. Gertie was shaking and radiating pure joy.

I said, Gertie Soderheim. Think on this. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

Yes, Master. She was quivering in delight.

I held up the pink collar. Gertie, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I sure do, Master.

I reached over and snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

She shrieked and collapsed, flopping about in an orgasm combined with religious epiphany. I was relaying her white hot brain activity so all the others also collapsed and flopped about. I watched all the naked sweaty girls orgasm over and over; so was hard as a rock. I grabbed Karen, Ariel, Tami, and Debbie, leaving a nice cum dump in each of them. They were so far gone in constant orgasm that I dont even think they noticed. The smell of sweaty girls and sex was strong. I enjoyed it as I ramped down the emotional feedback.

I went in the kitchen and threw in four frozen pizzas. The girls staggered in as they smelled them. They were all bubbling over, welcoming their new sister. The feelings of happiness, acceptance, love and joy were almost enough to make them all collapse again. I ramped it down though. Gertie was sobbing with happiness, crying out, Oh, I love you all so much!

It took them another hour and another two pizzas to calm down enough to go take showers and get dressed. We all went out to look at the new addition. It was impressive looking. The stone fence was almost done. They had the gate and side door in place.

The windows and sunroof were in place on the two story atrium which was half the new addition. The rest of the addition was a giant new master bedroom for me, and three new large bedrooms on the second floor for the girls. There were five large bedrooms in the basement of the new section as well, with ground level windows. That made fourteen total bedrooms for the girls, and they would gladly share with their sisters. The old master bedroom I was thinking would make a good nursery. We would need it. The internal construction was expected to take another two weeks to finish. The fancy tiling in the atrium would take several days alone.

The deck was built, and we tromped around on it. It was huge, wrapping around the end of the new addition and the atrium. There was a hot tub, which wasnt installed yet, and a step down to the main pool. It was beautiful. Come spring, the architects wanted pictures for their portfolio. I told them that it wouldnt be a problem, just call first.

I was getting dark and Gertie reluctantly had to go home. She was eighteen and planned to immediately feel out her parents on the idea of moving out. Her dad was a corporate lawyer and her mother a doctor, so they were hardly ever there anyway. We all hugged her, Hen, Jasmine, Wendy and Natalie, and sent them on their way. The rest of us went and did our homework, hitting the sack together around ten.

The next day was snowing like there was no tomorrow. We got a good 16 inches, school was let out at noon. Good thing I had a new SUV, we left the Rabbit and old beater minivan in the school parking lot and all packed in to the SUV. We went and picked up Karen and Cheri, then went home. Gertie, Hen, Jasmine, Wendy and Natalie called their parents and said that they were having a sleepover because of the weather. All the construction crews went home. We took some blankets and went and set up in the new atrium, watching the blizzard through the giant windows while fooling around naked. Gertie and I, being the geeks, went and got the TV and propped it up against a wall on a chair, several of the girls went and got snacks, and we all watched TV into the night while the blizzard blew around us.

School was cancelled Thursday, and so was the construction. The girls lined up on towels across the atrium, showing their perfect asses. I couldnt resist and started at one end, lifted Karens ass up, and slid into her dripping pussy. As she began orgasming, I stroked in her tight snapping pussy, relaying at a lower amplitude to my other ladies so they moaned, but didnt cum themselves, yet. I shot a load deep into Karen, triggering a seizure like orgasm. As she started to come down, I slid into Cheri, who was next in line. I went down the line, filling them all up. They were recovering half an hour later, eagerly lapping up fingerfuls of cum from their dripping twats. They were all radiating satisfaction, love, happiness, and an undercurrent of remaining lust. The girls grinned at me, and Debbie took a fingerful from Ariel. Ooh, that was hot. It hit me that I had told them that I liked girl on girl back when they were hard wired to take everything I said to heart. Soon all the original cheerleaders, Ariel, and Natalie were making out and several were 69ing, slurping up globs of cum. Karen and Cheri watched with big eyes for a minute, glanced over at me and saw that I was enjoying it, then 69ed themselves. Gertie and Betty, who were also watching with big eyes, I waved over and they went to work on my hard-on with their tongues. There were waves of eagerness, horniness, slight confusion, and happiness being broadcast. I relayed everything except the confusion and it ramped up. Soon everyone was orgasming, including Gertie and Betty, who were happily slurping down my cum that I shot into their mouths as they alternated licking the exposed head.

Soon we all collapsed gasping. All the girls were radiating perfect contentment, satisfaction, and happiness. Much of the happiness was from making me happy, which was one of their primary goals in life.

My five girls who had to report in called home. It was still snowing, so they were told to remain here. Good deal. They told their parents that they would be home after school tomorrow.

Betty spent some time on the phone with Olive, they knew that Jasmine and Olives mother was eavesdropping, so they kept it schoolgirl angelic. They talked for an hour about silly little girl stuff. As part of the plan, Olive suggested some things that Betty vetoed, playing her part as the good angel. After the call, Betty rolled on the floor with laughter. Jasmine joined in. Gertie asked what was going on. Clair told her, and then explained what she and Karen had done with my mother. Gertie got a grin.

Jasmine said, I just dont understand all this Jesus stuff. I mean, like really, all a girl needs to do is follow Master and obey his every whim. I dont see how anyone could not do that. She is so warped. I really worry about her.

I was taking a swig of my Dr. Pepper when she said that. I laughed so hard that it came out my nose. I hid it and wiped it up with a paper towel silently, so as not to disturb the conversation.

Karen said, Hell, Ive known that since I was a baby. Everything is right when you just follow Master.

Debbie said, Karen, you are so lucky to grow up with Master. We all had to learn the hard way. Our daughters will be so lucky, theyll get to follow Master from birth, like you.

Tami said, I cannot believe how we didnt just know how wonderful and perfect he is. I sat next to him in chemistry and just didnt understand. I cannot even understand how I didnt just know. It makes my head hurt, the idea of not knowing how perfect and wonderful Master is.

Debbie said, Ugh, me too. Jasmine, when I heard about your mother, I was actually scared for Olive. You never know how someone that warped will justify anything. I wish there was a way to help her.

Tami said, Olive or Tanisha?


The only way I know of for Tanisha is to get her to submit to Master so he can fix her, but thatll never happen.

Jasmine laughed, Thatll be the day.

I chipped in. You know, there is one other way, but it may be almost as hard as getting her to give her herself to me.

Really? Exclaimed Jasmine and Debbie at once.

Somehow get her to orgasm while I am touching her. I can fix her that way too. I didnt really want my trace to be with Tanisha, but if it helped Olive get away... Hmmm, Tanisha was a MILF, and only 35 to boot, maybe it wouldnt be so bad. Ariel sure was nice. Tanisha was messed up in the head, but maybe I could do something about that.

Jasmine said, Hmmm... that may just be possible.

Karen and Debbie said, Really?

Yeah, every night when she goes to bed the hypocrite uses a dildo to masturbate herself to orgasm, then she goes to sleep. If we could somehow get Master there to touch her when she cums...

Karen said, Cant he hide under her bed or something like that?

Maybe. I was thinking that he could pretend to be my dad, who curls up facing the other direction and ignores her.

I asked, But Im white, and while he is light skinned, Id never pass as him.

Shell never notice, just wrap the covers around you, then let them go loose while she uses her dildo. The more I think about it, the more I think it will work. We just have to get my dad to be somewhere else without her knowing it. On his next business trip, I will prevent her from getting the message and we can try this.

I still think we will end up with you and Olive holding her down while I fuck her into submission.

Maybe. That may be a workable solution too. She had absolutely no problems with that. Wow. I was Master and could do no wrong.

Henrietta came over, To change the subject, Master, but did you give me bigger tits? Wow again. I hadnt been paying attention, but she had blown past B cups and they were now a nice C.

Yes I did. I liked them as they were, but you didnt so I granted you bigger ones. I reached over and fondled her nice new tits.

Oh, thank you Master! Damn, she didnt even question how I could do that.

I concentrated and linked with her mind. I dove deep and removed the grow tits message to the sub-brain. It was getting scary how easy it was to do that now. I pulled out and continued to fondle her new tits. She was sighing with happiness and radiating joy. All her sisters were also radiating happiness and joy, their sister was happy, Master was happy, so they were happy.

At that point the doorbell rang. We glanced at each other. I pulled on my pants and ran for the door. The girls really didnt have any clothes. Wondering who on earth would be at the door in the middle of a blizzard, I opened it.

Standing there in a heavy parka was Carla, the reporter. Behind her was one of those little Japanese SUVs. I said, Come in. What on earth are you doing here?

She sounded frustrated as she said, Damned if I know. Every since that short interview I have been obsessing about you, and I dont know why. It took me until today to track you down. Once I knew where you were, I couldnt stop myself. She was staring at my bare chest where all my new muscles created some nice abs. Without thinking she reached over and put her hand on my chest. I gasped as I could suddenly sense her. I could feel confusion, a bit of anger, and an overpowering sexual need. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard. She gasped and kissed me back.

I peeled off her clothes and pulled down my pants. Her eyes defocused and she gasped as she saw my long hard cock. I laid her back right there on the entrance rug and slid into her dripping pussy. He mind instantly snapped completely open as she began orgasming over and over. I saw that it wasnt my fault, but hers that she was here. She had a dormant telepathic ability that had subconsciously recognized my alpha male on contact, and had programmed her to find and mate with me.

I slammed in my list, making her mine. Her subconscious immediately started radiating happiness as it found its Alpha. Her orgasm rose to its maximum level, firing every neuron as she started arching her back like she was having seizures. I filled her with baby butter as she screamed and passed out.

All my girls came running. I stood up and said, Girls, take your new sister back to the atrium to recover.

They picked her up together and carried her off. I went to the den and got a black collar and went to join them.

Debbie asked as Carla started to moan and come around, Master, what happened?

It seems that when I met Carla a few weeks ago, she instinctively knew of my greatness. She couldnt stay away any longer and had to come join you girls. I am going to have to be more careful, we cant take in too many more. We dont have the room.

Carla suddenly sat up, What? Where? She saw me and said, Wow, Kris, what happened?

Your subconscious liked me and sent you to find me.

That makes no sense, but for some reason I believe you.

Debbie laughed, Sister, you have no idea!

I said, Debbie, why dont you fill her in. Debbie nodded and started murmuring rapidly to Carla. I relaxed and finished my Dr. Pepper. Carlas, and most of the girls, eyes were glued to my cock.

Ten minutes later Carla said, You know what, I know intellectually that I should be upset, but I just know in my soul that Master Kris owns me and it is right.

Yes, sister. Right on. Cool. Yeah. Um-hmm.

I said, When you are ready, we can do the collar ceremony and induct you as a full member of our family.

I was surprised when she said, I am not worthy.

I quickly linked and searched her memories and found that she felt that her past bitchiness made her unworthy and could cause problems. I knew that that had been caused by her subconscious search for an Alpha that she hadnt ever found until now. I said, You are worthy now. That is an order.

Oh, thank you Master. I actually saw her vagina spritz and a broadcast of pure pleasure when I gave her the order. I hadnt done that yet with the other girls. She said, I will gladly give myself to you and take a collar.

The girls heard this and they scrambled into the semi-circle around us. Carla got up and kneeled before me as Debbie whispered in her ear.

I said, Carla Peabody. Think on this. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

Yes, Master. She was radiating pure bliss, I didnt have to relay it, she was radiating it directly.

I held up the black collar. Carla, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I sure do, Master.

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

Suddenly all the girls eyes rolled up and they all passed out, quivering occasionally. I linked in and saw that Carla had passed out in happiness and ecstasy, and was sending it to all her sisters. It seemed that her telepathic abilities had awakened. I wondered if she could send to anyone outside my harem.

As I watched, my list, which I had programmed into Carla half an hour ago, was reinforced over and over by her own ability, literally burning it so deep into her mind that even I wouldnt be able to remove it. I saw the You are worthy now order and her slave oath also burn down deep, bootstrapping off of the obey command on the list, so she believed it with all her mind and soul. It literally burned so deep that it became part of her being. Out of curiosity, I linked to some of the other girls, and they all had the slave oath burned in so deep that they couldnt exist without it. No wonder Tami and Debbie got headaches when they tried to intellectually understand not being a slave to me. The concept was just so completely alien to them now that they couldnt wrap their head around it. Damn, I was playing with fire.

They all started stirring an hour later. A couple of the girls made a dash for the bathroom. Carla sat up, but just sat there with a slap-happy smile, radiating happiness. She cried out, Oh, I love you all so much! and started sobbing in happiness. I saw that her transmitting all the time was going to be a problem. I let her have her time now, but I was going to have to talk to her later.

I did ask, Carla, so are you moving in, or are you just going to stop by a lot after work?

She looked around. It appears that you are renovating here. What if I wait until it is done, and then move in?

That will work. Itll be done by the end of the month.

Ill move in on the first then.

Looking forward to it. Out of curiosity, how did you find me? I could rummage through her memory, but it was easier to ask.

She looked down. I was so desperate that I snuck into the back room at the post office and checked your mail forwarding. I am ashamed, that is something I wouldnt even do for a story. I have done so many bad things, I know that I am worthy now, but just barely.

Do you want to know why you were so mean and bitchy before, but are so balanced and happy now?

Isnt it because I realized how wonderful you are?

Partially. The reason is that you and I are both empaths. I didnt mention that I seemed to be a full telepath. Your gift recognized me when we shook hands the other day, and it was desperate to find me so you could be with me. You were miserable before because you didnt have a matching Alpha like me.

Wow. I never knew that.

Yeah, you are going to have to be careful around your sisters and learn not to broadcast everything you are feeling. You knocked them out but good during your collaring.

She smiled and stroked her collar at the memory. Then she got a serious look and concentrated. I felt her loud happy transmission slowly fade to almost nothing, until I realized that I was reading it rather than just receiving it. I said, Thats it. You got it!

She was still stroking her collar, but was obviously thinking hard. I wonder if I can affect anyone besides my sisters.

I dont know. I seem to be limited to my girls like you. Although, I have been getting stronger and stronger, I may be able to affect others now. I will experiment in school tomorrow. Can you read as well? How is Debbie feeling?

She concentrated, Happy. That is all I get from everyone here, except for you whom I cant read.

I sent to her, %Hello, World!% After all, I was a geek.

She frowned for a second, Hello, World?

It seems we can communicate as well.

Her eyes got big. Cool! She concentrated again, I got a strong, %I love you% from her.

I sent back, %I love you too.% She started bawling in happiness.

I spent the rest of the day cuddling with my harem of slaves watching chick flicks. It was one of the best days of my life.

Chapter 14


There was another surprise awaiting me in school. Second period English I was randomly pitted against Masami, a cute female Japanese exchange student, in a debate. Suddenly we were debating in fluent Japanese! I dont think either of us noticed until Ms. Whittle came over and said, Okay, you two. Debate in English please. This is English class, not Japanese class.

We both stopped and stared at each other in shock. Apparently she hadnt realized we had switched languages either. I had either copied over her knowledge of Japanese, or was actively using her linguistic centers. I didnt sense an active link, so it seemed I learned Japanese like a native in a few minutes. I would have to test it tonight, watch some anime without subtitles. For now, we switched back to English.

Third period was Senior Social. A really stupid mandatory class required by the state. I deliberately sat next to Sarah Waters. She was the number two social girl in the school, after Tami. They looked a lot alike, both were the perfect teen blonde types. It was a sign that my status was rising when she didnt even complain. I spent the first half of the class concentrating on reading. No result, it was like it was bouncing.

The second half of the period I worked on trying to get around the block. I had copied Masamis language ability, so I concentrated on that. I didnt feel any blocks there, the language center of her brain was completely unprotected. From there I worked my way backwards up into her regular mind, sneaking around her firewall. Suddenly I was in! She was concentrating on me, wondering if I was as good of a fuck as all the other girls said. She liked how cute and sexy I was now. She was debating on whether it was worth the social hit of going out with me. There was no doubt in her arrogant mind that I would go out with her. I was getting a little angry. I modified my list and slammed in into her mind. It didnt sink in as fast as when a girl was orgasming, but it locked itself in place.


My modified list was:


1.      You love Kris Stevens more than anything. He is the most wonderful person in the world.

2.      You ache to be near him.

3.      You cannot disobey any direct order he gives. You cannot even conceive of disobeying any direct order he gives. You are very happy whenever you obey one of his orders.

4.      He is the only man who will ever touch your pussy. All other men disgust you and you get ill at the thought of them touching your pussy.

5.      You cannot be jealous of any other girl with him, you are happy that he is with someone.

6.      The most wonderful thing in the world is his cock.

7.      You know in your heart and soul that he owns you. Everything that you are is his. You are his complete slave and you are extremely happy about the idea.

8.      You love to stay in shape to keep yourself hot for him.

9.      You cannot make any decisions about your long term future, you just want to be his forever and any decision may disrupt that.

10.     You will work at all times trying to be worthy enough for Kris to take final possession of your body, your mind and your soul.


I resent the list several times, making it cut deeper and affect her base thoughts, forcing it down into her core. I checked and now she was thinking about how she could make herself worthy of Kris. She decided to talk to Tami fifth period. She fought a lot with Tami, she began to plan how to make up with Tami so she would tell her how to be worthy of Kris.

Wow, did this girl love to plot! I withdrew from her mind and silently wished her good luck. I was amazed at how my skills had grown. I noticed that the trace was missing. Good. It seemed that the trace only went into place with an orgasmic programming. Probably part of the Alpha male herd sense so he could sense his mares.

This meant that I could take care of Tanisha without the dangerous plan of Jasmines. That was a relief. I just needed to be near her.

Next period in Chemistry, I told Jasmine that I had figured out how to fix her mother without the orgasm. She was really excited at the prospect. I said that she and I would go to her house after practice. She was radiating (at least to me) a feeling of relief and happiness.

Last period I asked Tami how the discussion with Sarah had gone. She laughed. She came right out and admitted that I was right, and begged me to tell her how to be worthy of you.

So what did you tell her?

Be nice to everyone, even the nerds. She asked, Its that simple? I said, That isnt simple, but yes, that is the key. She went away happy. I hope she understands that being nice means not just when you are around. I dont think she realizes that you are the Master and will know if she cheats. Maybe you should just order her to be nice.

It doesnt help her when she if forced to do what she should do anyway. You earned it because, even though you were a spoiled snot, you still were nice to people, you ignored those you didnt like, you didnt pick on them. If you werent nice you wouldnt have my collar. You almost lost it when you blamed me for your mistake.

She was softly crying. Oh, Master, I am so happy that you collared me. I cant imagine not having it. Im so sorry for that. I sure hope that Sarah learns to be worthy. For her sake.

I squeezed her hand, Me too, honey.

The bell rang and we had to halt our conversation as class started.

After practice, Jasmine went to her moms house and I followed. The rest of the girls piled in Debbies minivan and went home.

When we got there, Olive met us in the front hallway. Jasmine whispered some things to her and she got really happy, giving me a big grin and thumbs up, and then taking off before her mother saw her.

Jasmine and I hung up our parkas, then she led me to the kitchen. Her mom, Tanisha, was baking cookies. She didnt notice us. Jasmine said, Mom, I would like you to meet my boyfriend, Kris. Kris, this is my Mom, Tanisha.

I said, Nice to meet you maam. She nodded and fingered the cross hanging from her neck. We fled the room. How could a woman so pretty be so screwed up in the head? I sat in a chair in the dining room, then began. I isolated her language center, then quickly worked my way backwards behind the firewall until I found her basic thoughts. I almost pulled out. She was really warped. If I didnt know better, I would say that she was already programmed to filter every single thought through a very warped concept of Jesus. There was no way to remove that programming. I needed to insert an intercept before it to divert thoughts away.

I put in a thought, Jesus is a good Master. That easily sank in. Then I put in, Jesus was a good Master long ago. That also sank in. Then I put in, Kris is a good Master. I repeated that several dozen times, forcing it deep. Then I laid in my provisional list, the same one I used with Sarah. I spent the next half hour re-sending the list, burning it in deep. Then I joined them with, Jesus was good in the past, but today we need Kris. That sunk in surprisingly easily. Her thoughts now diverted to me rather than Jesus. I put two final thoughts into her head, Jasmine and Olive need to go live with Kris, to be at one with his spirit and serve him. And, You need to wean yourself away from the church, Jesus was good two thousand years ago, but today we need Kris to take our bodies and souls. Those thoughts also were surprisingly easy to put in her mind. I unlinked and pulled out.

Opening my eyes, I nodded to the hovering Jasmine. She squealed and clapped her hands. Olive must have been in the hallway because she dashed through the door, Is it done?

I said, Lets find out. I got up and went into the kitchen.

Tanisha was throwing out the current batch of cookies. They were badly burned. She saw me come in and gasped, falling to her knees and crying out, Oh, Lord, how may I be worthy?

First, you need to apologize to your daughter Jasmine. She saw the light long before you did, and you were evil and nasty to her. She has joined with me and is to be honored for that.

She sucked in her breath, Oh, what have I done? Jasmine, I am so sorry. I didnt understand. Can you ever forgive me?

Mother, yes I can, because I am one of Kris girls, and that is part of being worthy.

Oh, may Kris bless you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. She was sobbing.

I had a nasty thought. You need to prove your faith. You will give your virgin daughter Olive to me to take as a sex slave acolyte like Jasmine. That should prove how deep the programming was.

Yes, my lord. She is yours, everything that I have or am is yours.

Then I will take her with me. When you next see her, she will have the collar of a slave acolyte and be holy. Tonight, you will use your dildo and think only of me.

Yes, my lord.

When you are in the shower, you will rub yourself and think only of me.

Yes, my lord.

And you will pray to me several times a day before and after you exercise to keep your body fit and attractive for me.

Yes, my lord.

Remember that your body and soul are promised to me, you want to be worthy so I will claim them, letting you be an acolyte, dont you?

Oh yes, my lord!

I put my arms around Jasmine and Olive and led them out of the house. They were both giggling. I said, That was necessary because she was so religious that she needed something as powerful to replace it.

Jasmine said, All that sex slave acolyte and holy stuff was funny. We all know we are just your slaves.

I asked, What about the rest?

She gave me a puzzled look. What of it?

Damn, she was serious. She actually thought that way. Jasmine and Olive got in her car, and I got in mine and we went back to the house. The construction guys were gone, so when we went into the house, my slaves were all lined up across the living room naked, thrusting out their tits and asses, head bowed. Jasmine quickly joined them, Olive hesitating for a second then also joining them making seventeen. Damn, she was hot! She was almost as hot as Karen.

I said, Jasmine, you are her natural sister. Get over here and remove my clothes. She scrambled over and removed my outfit. I pulled Olive to me and kissed her hard and deep. She kissed back fervently. I laid her back on the couch like her sisters before her, put her legs over my shoulders opening her beautiful dripping pussy, then slid home. She yelped like a puppy, and yelped again with each stroke. She screamed and arched her back like she was getting CPR Paddles, her mind opening up to me like a flower. My entire main list was already there. Jasmine had done wonderful work. I just locked it down and let her orgasm burn it in deep. I relayed the orgasm to the others and they all sighed and trembled in ecstasy. Karen and Carla collapsed to the floor.

I slid out and let her lie there to recover. I went and got a pink collar from my stash. Olive was propped up on an elbow. She said, Damn, that was wonderful! *sigh* I love you all so much.

I asked, Olive are you ready?

She scrambled to her knees. Always, Master.

The others gathered in a semi-circle around us. I was relaying Olives feelings at full strength. All my girls were watching with fanatical looks in their eyes. This was the ultimate ceremony to them. The creation of a sister.

I said, Olive James. Think on this. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

Yes, Master. Like her sisters before her, she was radiating pure bliss, I relayed it, the girls were panting and moaning in delight.

I held up the pink collar. Olive, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Of course I do, Master.

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

I was relaying and wasnt able to stop myself before relaying the pure white ecstasy to the others. All of them collapsed drooling on the floor with the occasional quiver as they came again. Pure unadulterated happiness and joy was coming from every one of them. I just loved the sight of a room full of sweaty naked girls.

After Olive recovered, Jasmine, she and I headed back over to Tanishas house.

They went in and Tanisha came out of the kitchen with her head bowed. Olive ran over and hugged her tight crying out, Oh Mom, you cant imagine, the happiness and joy! It is so wonderful!

Tanisha cried, fingering her daughters slave collar, and said, Honey, you are so lucky! Maybe I can join you someday.

Oh Mom, I sure hope so. I love you so much! Jasmine joined in and they held each other tight for a minute. Olive exclaimed, We need to get some clothes for school, plus our laptops and bathroom things. And I would love a picture of you. Tanisha cried a bit more at that.

I said, Tanisha, I am proud of how you behaving. Helping your daughters and paying me proper respect. Keep it up and you will earn your worthiness in no time.

Oh thank you, Lord. I lifted her bowed chin and kissed her. She sighed and collapsed. I snuck back in via her backdoor and she was in whiteout ecstasy from the kiss. I disconnected and went to help the girls pack up their stuff, including a box of teddy bears and dolls. On the way out I carried Tanisha to the couch and threw an afghan over her.

The next day the construction was mostly finishing. The workers were painting, all the wallboard was in place. The wood paneling in the main atrium was in place. The tiling was almost done. I offered another 5% for a total of a 15% bonus for the workers to come in Sunday and finish. They eagerly jumped at the offer. Sunday night it was done and the girls ran around and poked their heads in everywhere. We still had a few days to wait for the paint to dry since we were closed in and couldnt just open the windows. The girls were all staking claims for their rooms through. Because we were still crowded, I said that bio sisters would have to share rooms. Jasmine and Olive got a big room because they expected their Mom to join them soon. Ariel and Debbie also shared a room. They all blushed but loved my idea of converting the old master bedroom into a super nursery. We decided that the old living room would be kept immaculate for guests, but the main living area would be the giant atrium. We needed eleven rooms besides Karens and my room, including the reserved rooms for Henrietta, Wendy and Natalie. We had thirteen rooms.

Chapter 15


Monday in Senior Social, Sarah Waters looked proud of herself, she had conspicuously helped a freshman pick up her books that morning. I was suspicious, I think Tami was right, Sarah was only doing what she thought I would see or find out about.

I linked in through her back door. Examining what she had done all weekend, I was really disappointed. She treated everyone like crap, especially her little brother Sam. She actually tattled on him, just because she could. She was just mean to the poor boy. She thought it was fun.

I said, Why are you so mean to everyone, especially your little brother?

She blinked, How...?

Im the Master, I know everything.


Tami gave you good advice, why didnt you take it?

Please forgive me Master. She had the body language, but I was still linked and knew that she was acting. Nobody lies to me.

You dont really mean it. I cant believe you are lying to me, your Master.

She started panicking. Please, forgive me. She meant it this time, but I was angry.

Sarah Waters, here are your orders. She shivered and got excited. You will help your little brother with anything. His homework, playing games, teaching him to French kiss, or getting a girlfriend. He will be your new BFF. He is your brother, so you and he can tell each other anything. Unless he murders or hurts someone badly, you wont even consider tattling on him. We will see if you can properly enjoy helping him before I will even consider whether you are worthy. And remember, I know everything.

There, that should make a thirteen year old boy happy. I knew from her memory that her brother wasnt the type to go bragging to friends. It was a real test for Sarah. I normally wouldnt do something like that, but Sarah had pissed me off.

I was still fuming halfway through class when Sarahs right hand bitch, Jenny Groenwald, a knockout redhead but just as much of a bitch as Sarah, said, Why are you sitting next to us? Get to the back of the room, loser.

Sarah said, No, no Jen, its okay. But too late.

My anger doubled and redoubled. I went in through Jennys backdoor and seeing her utter contempt, got even angrier. I slammed the induction list into her mind. The strength that I had from my anger was ramped up very very high. It instantly burned in, very very deep. It burned in deeper than even Carla. I was angry. Jenny gasped, shuddered, she grabbed the arms of her chair hard and her eyes defocused as I changed the very way she thought.

Jenny started crying, Oh, Lord, I am so sorry. I dont know why I said that. Can you ever forgive me? She was sobbing, but keeping it quiet as to not attract the attention of the teacher.

I said, Jenny, we will see if you are more worthy than Sarah here. She was told how to be worthy and messed up bad. Sarah, what is the secret?

She bowed her head and said, To be nice to everyone, even the nerds.

Jenny, can you do that?

Of course!

Remember, I am the Master, and I know if you are cheating. Sarah found that out the hard way, didnt you Sarah?

Yes, Master. I sure did. You are the Master, and you know everything.

I said, Jenny, just remember that your cunt is mine. No more fucking your dad.

Her eyes got wide. She was realizing that I did know everything.

If you have problems with him over that, move out to Pattis house or the Motel 6 and call me. I gave her my cell number. Patti was her older sister.

Seventh period Tami asked, Master, what did you say to Sarah? She was so subdued.

You were right, she did try to cheat. I took your other suggestion and ordered her to be nice to her brother, just to see if she can do it.

I just wish she would get it. It is so sad when a girl sabotages herself so badly. She could be so happy.

I had been having looks from the basketball players who were back. I couldnt tell if they were nasty or thoughtful. I found out as I sat in the bleachers after school. As a group, they came over. Greg Otegan, head of the team, said, Thank you. We know that you could have expelled us. Justin told us how you chose the one week suspension instead. Justin looked at his shoes.

I said, You had the right to be pissed. As I told Justins dad, I am just glad you decided to take it out on my car and not me. Now for a slight fib. The girls told me that they decided as a group to date me because they wanted to simplify things. Ask yourself, would you complain?

They all chuckled, Justin said, Hell, no. I think we are all a little jealous though.

Greg said, But we understand that they had to pick someone outside the regular teams to prevent bloodshed. Hell, you turned out to be a bigger jock than all of us! Maybe they knew something we didnt. He grinned. Most of us are graduating soon anyway, so we would have broken up with them soon. I just wish that they had waited until after prom to do this.

I said, Ask some of the cute geek girls. Most of them would be glad for a date to prom. Ill even play front man if you want.

He glanced around at his teammates, Well think about it. Which meant, Not in public.

I just hope the football team is as understanding. I havent heard a thing from Chuck yet. Check was the quarterback that Tami had been dating.

That seems strange. Maybe because they dont get together much since the end of the season. Those muscle-necks have even poorer impulse control than we do. Ill bet any problems with them will be one-on-one. Id keep an eye out if I were you.

Thanks. I was surprised at how nice the bunch of them were. Not what I was expecting. It seemed that I was accepted as a jock now.

Their coach thought that was long enough for an apology. He herded them back to practice. My girls, although keeping an eye on things, had never stopped bouncing about.

Back home, Ariel had opened the windows for a while after we had left in the morning, now the new section was all aired out. The girls eagerly went in and moved into their claims. Karen and I moved our stuff into the monster bedroom in the new section, then we moved the king size bed from the old master bedroom. We had Ariel take one of our beds from storage. Olive took the other. Carla, with several of her sisters, eagerly went to get a U-Haul and move her stuff into her new room.

That evening as we relaxed cuddling watching the TV which I had permanently mounted in the atrium, Ariel said, Master... Debbie, Yoshi and I are pregnant.

Thats wonderful! We are going to have to have a party! I pulled them into a big hug. All their sisters immediately joined in.

The three of them had been radiating worry all day, probably got the test results this morning. I could tell it wasnt anything immediate, so I hadnt said anything. But they were now overjoyed, both at having a baby, and that I wanted them to.

We were interrupted by my cell phone. Ariel handed it to me and I answered. Hello?

Master, its me, Jenny. She was sobbing.

Jenny, whats up? Are you all right?

I left the house and am at the Motel 6. No I am not all right, I think my arm is broken.

I and some of my slaves will be right there.

Thank you, Master.

I hung up. Carla, Tami, come with me. I got dressed and they did as well. We drove over the Motel 6. As I got out of my car, she ran out of her room and threw herself in my arms, cradling her arm beside her. Oh, Master. She was sobbing. I said to Tami, Lets get her in the car and over to the ER. They nodded. I handed the keys to Carla; then got in the back seat with Jenny. As we headed to the ER, I slid in through her mental back door. I examined what had happened. Jenny had actually been trying to be nice to everyone, pretty successfully in school. When she got home and started to help her mom do dishes, her father became enraged that he didnt get his after school fuck. When Jenny told him no, he was even madder. He twisted her arm around her back, but Jenny pulled away and ran, deliberately running away from her mom so he wouldnt go after her. She ran the half mile or so to the hotel. I knew all I needed to know. I said, Jenny, when you ran the opposite direction from your mother without thinking about yourself, just saving her from your dads wrath, you earned your worthiness. After we get this arm looked at, I will gladly take you as one of mine.

Really? I kissed her for an answer. She orgasmed on the spot. I went in and updated her with my full list, adding a new item, You love being nice to people and helping out. With the orgasm, the list burned in deep, modifying the induction list with the full one. She passed out in ecstasy, even with the broken arm.

Carla said, It appears we have a new sister. I can feel her all of a sudden. Although that arm hurts like the bajeezus, she is really happy.

Tami said, That is good. Well have to have an induction ceremony later. I really envy you that gift, sister.

It is hard work. I have to concentrate constantly not to broadcast to you and our sisters. It is getting easier with time, but I have had a headache all weekend. If I wasnt so happy, I would be really super bitchy right now. I just hope that it doesnt require so much work after a week or two.

We are your sister slaves, we all understand. If you snap at us once in a while, or want to relax your grip for an hour or two when everyone is home, that is okay.

Ooh, I love you all so much.

You are the only one driving right now, go ahead and broadcast it if it is easier. Suddenly Tami sighed and was reflecting love and happiness in a feedback. I felt Carla broadcasting love like a drunk cupid.

We arrived at the ER and rushed Jenny in. Apparently it wasnt her first visit, because the duty nurse, a pretty blonde, simply said, Hello, Jenny.

Hi, Sandy.

So what is it this time, fall down the stairs or hit a door? Sandy asked sarcastically.

This time I was grabbed by my father for resisting my daily rape and had my arm twisted up behind me.

This time will you prosecute?


About fucking time, girl. I like your friends here if they gave you the guts to finally do something about that bastard.

They gave me someplace to go that is out of his reach.

Hell, girl, if that was all you needed, all you had to do is ask.

Jenny started crying. She sobbed, Why is everyone so nice all of a sudden?

I said, I think people were nice before, but until you tried it yourself, you just didnt see it. It is easy to be caught in a cynical mindset.

The nurse, Sandy, looked at me funny and said, Mister, I think I like you. She looked back at Jenny and said, It appears to be another broken arm, maybe a dislocated shoulder. Ill get someone to look at it. And in the mean time I will call the police. She went back to her desk and started murmuring into the headset and pushing buttons.

A minute later a tough looking nurse came out of the doors and gently led Jenny back. I went up to Sandy and asked, So were you referring to the local womens shelter, or to your place?

There is no local womens shelter. It closed fifteen years ago, I heard. No money.

Well, thats a bit scary.

No kidding. I see so many girls and women come through these doors that just need to escape their situation.

Tell you what. You build it, I will pay for it.

Her eyes got big. You serious?

Very. My only requirement is that I remain an anonymous donor. And Carla over there by the window is a TV reporter. She will make sure everyone knows about it.

She chewed her lip for a minute. I want to do it, but I know absolutely nothing about business.

I dont care if you hire someone to do the nitty gritty work, but my donation will be contingent on you running the operation for at least three years. I grinned and said, Lady, I think I like you.

She blushed.

I said, So you dont think I am some con man, I will meet you tomorrow at five with a lawyer to draw up a contract. Anywhere you want. Deal? I held out my hand.

She shook it without hesitation. Deal. Whats your name anyway?

Kris Stevens.

The new swimming world record holder?

Youve heard of me?

Hell yeah, I am a big swimming groupie.

Heck, if all swim groupies are like you, maybe I wont quit swimming after all.

Quit!!?! Why the hell would you quit? She acted like it was totally incomprehensible that I would quit.

The race where I set the record was the last race of the high school swim season during my current senior year. It is a lot of work that, quite frankly, I want to use for other things. I love swimming, but not when it takes four hours every day.

Harrumph, I can see that intellectually, but not in my heart.

Maybe Ill build a pool house for a lap pool this summer, but I am definitely NOT going to spend more than an hour or two a day in it.

That may be enough to keep you in shape if you do it right. My dad used to coach Marco Renaldi when I was a kid, so I grew up around racing.

How did you end up as an ER nurse?

Actually I specialized in sports medicine, but have you ever had to find a job these days?

Yeah, I know what you mean. Until recently I was a broke teenager. One of my girlfriends is rich though and we share everything.

One of your girlfriends? How many do you have?

Eighteen, including Jenny.

Damn, I hope she has a LOT of money, you are going to need it.

Yes, she does. You are welcome to come over for dinner if you like.

Trying to recruit me?

Hell yes. You are smart, nice, pretty, and a nurse, which we will need. And it would be fun if you were to help me get to the Olympics.

Ooh, flattery will get you everywhere, handsome. Now, Im not saying Ill join you, but my curiosity is aroused. Where and when?

Any night, just call first. Here is my address. I scribbled the address on the side of a breast cancer brochure.

Im off at six tomorrow, how about seven oclock? Well discuss that shelter idea then.

Its a date. I flashed her my best smile. She almost wilted. At that point the police detective came in and simultaneously she got a call so she had to go back to work.

The detective was sent right in to talk to Jenny. I went over and sat with Tami and Carla to wait.

It was a good hour later when Jenny came out with a cast on her forearm and heavily bandaged shoulder. The detective was with her. He asked, Just to make sure, you have a place for Jenny to go tonight?

Yes, detective. It is sort of like a boarding house, except that it is invitation only. She will have her own room for as long as she wants it. Life, that is. Plenty of company if she needs it too.

He looked over at Carla. Carla, what is your involvement here? I dont see a camera.

Bob, I live there too. It really is like a big family. Jenny applied earlier today, and although she hadnt been accepted yet, which she is now, by the way, we heard she was in trouble and came to help. Kris, Tami, and I were the closest.

Good, we dont want this on the news tipping the bastard off.

Now, Bob, that was unkind. You know I wouldnt release a story if it would hurt an investigation.

True, Carla. Sorry. It is just that cases like this make me angry.

Me too. Me too.

He took off out the door.

As we left, Carla said, I wish I could follow him, get this on camera.

I said, Why dont you?

Um, I have a family now. It is more important.

Your happiness is important to us as well. Didnt you hear Tami in the car? Tell you what, when we get home, I order you to follow up on this story.

She gasped and almost collapsed in delight, sending waves of happiness all over the place. Tami and Jenny moaned. Then she gasped, Oh, thank you Master!

I said, Now lets get Jenny home so you can get going. Ill drive so you can use your cell in the car.

Actually, Master, could you leave me here? It is near the station and the truck can pick me up.

Okay, good luck.

Tami said, Sister, also remember our family has money, so if you need something expensive for an investigation...

Carla hugged her, Sister, Ill keep that in mind. She added, Im just sorry that Ill miss Jennys induction ceremony.

Jenny said, While I would love to have you there, getting that bastards face on camera when he is arrested will be the perfect present, Sister.

Carla hugged her too, Thanks, Sister.

I said, Ill link you in when the time comes. You can find a ladies room for a few minutes.

Carla said, If I hug you, I wont let go. Now get going, all of you. She turned and went back inside the hospital, hitting something on her speed dial.

As we drove home, I felt her location move and head over to the police station.

When we reached the house, all fifteen girls rushed out of the house to commiserate with Jenny. They led her back into the house. Jenny was sobbing with happiness. Her homelife had always been pretty bad. But she was completely worn out. Debbie noticed and said, Would you like to go lie down in your room for a while?

*sniff, sniff* I have a room?

Sure. We have two left, although they are pretty much the same.

I followed as Debbie, Ariel, and Tami led her to the two remaining bedrooms in the basement of the new section. Both had medium sized beds and a small dresser, and that was about it. Someone must have hit the local K-Mart for some cheap temp furniture. Debbie said, There isnt much here yet, well see what we can get from your old house later. But this is yours. You are the same size as Tami, Ariel, Erin or me, so feel free to borrow clothes. There are basics in your bathroom. I glanced in, what she was calling basics was a set of brushes, two different types of toothbrush, a full shelf of hair products, and a full cosmetic kit. Women.

They were hovering so I said, Come on, let the poor girl rest. Jenny, if you need anything, just ask. I herded the three of them out of the room. A minute later I felt Jenny fall asleep. It was already past nine so her induction ceremony would have to wait until tomorrow.

I sent to Carla, %Honey, Jenny fell asleep, so the ceremony will be tomorrow. Any luck?%

%A little, Master. The detective decided to let me do a COPS type thing because it was personal to me. They just decided to call it a night and will be applying for the warrant in the morning. I am heading home.%

%Sounds good. See you soon. I love you.%

%I love you, too, Master.% She sent a big wave of longing and love with the last message.

Carla came in and joined us on the big bed. We were all mostly asleep. She got up early the next morning and took off. We got up and headed in to school.

At about ten, coincidentally during Senior Social, Carla contacted me, %Master, his car is at home, so the team is going in.% I got a feed from her of full sensory input. We could see and feel everything that Carla did. I was next to Jenny, so I linked her in, relaying the feed.

Carla stayed outside during the initial entry, good thing too. Shots were fired. Carla followed the cops in when they shouted, All Clear! Carlas mother was handcuffed and being led out, and her father had two through the pump. The cops were kicking away a shotgun. Apparently the guy had gone after the cops with the gun. Her mother was part of the warrant as an accomplice, although she might get off since she had been to the ER many times herself.

I stopped relaying and Jenny started crying. The teacher, a gym teacher that needed to teach some mandatory real classes, came over and asked, Ms. Groenwald, is everything all right?

I leaned forward and whispered, She just got a text. Her dad died.

How? He was a bit skeptical.

If you must know, in a police shootout.

Oh. He didnt say anything else, just went back up to his chair in front of class while we studied from the textbook.

Sarah looked a bit confused. Her sidekick, Jenny, was acting really strange. I linked into her and checked. She had tried, but just couldnt be nice to her brother. She had still shrieked at him when he peeked at her in the shower. She was a failure. I said in a sad voice, Sarah, you failed again. Come see me after school in the parking lot. Her mind was so ego centric, it was as powerful as my base commands. We needed something stronger. I had an idea, but it was a bit drastic. Id think about it for a bit.

As the day progressed, I tried to come up with another idea for Sarah, but couldnt. Last period, I told Tami that I had to take care of something, so Id miss practice.

Leaving the school, I saw Sarah waiting by the parking lot. I went past her saying, Follow me. She followed. When we reached my car, so we could relax I said, Get in. She got in.

I linked to her. She was puzzled, but hoping I was taking her home. She knew all this nice crap was a mistake.

Yes, I decided there was no other solution. Her mind was a lot like Tanishas, except that instead of Jesus as her primary filter, it was her ego that was the primary filter. She needed the same solution. She already had the idea that she was the ultimate authority, I needed to splice in a redirect. I slammed in, Kris is smarter and better than God or me. I concentrated hard as I could, writing that over and over, making sure it cut deep, essentially hardwiring it in. I saw her quivering in shock as this fact was added into her brain. Then I added a pre-filter for her thoughts, Because Kris is smarter and better, I need to check with him, not God or myself to do anything. That took some work, she fundamentally resisted it. It took a good half hour, adding this to the way she thought. It wasnt as precise as the sentence, I had to write down the actual meaning, linking the base concepts of me and what she should do. When I was done, this underlay everything in her mind. Every thought went first to her mental image of Kris, then his list, then God, then to her Ego. Originally it went to her Ego, the List, Kris, then God. I rewrote this over and over for another half hour. Suddenly she had a seizure. I could feel each redirected neuron locking down with a flash of energy as she flopped about on the seat, changing the base way she thought, subconsciously. I knew this would have the effect of completely destroying her personality, or what she had of one anyway. But that was to the good. I rewrote my inductee list into her mind, reconnecting it to the new brain patterns.

As she recovered, I drove over to Tanishas house. Sarah was just waking up, trying to orient herself. I said, Follow me. I got out and went into the house, Sarah stumbling after me. In the day room next to the kitchen, Tanisha was on an exercise bike. She immediately scrambled over and kneeled before me, head bowed. I linked to her and examined her activities during the last week. She had been working out a lot, trying to keep her body worthy of me. She had felt exalted that she had been able to give her daughters to me. She had told her religious nut friends that she now understood the Alpha-Reality and wouldnt be attending church with them anymore. That was interesting. Hmm, I could build on that.

I said to Sarah. Tanisha here is a Probationary Acolyte like yourself. She is a Senior Probationary Acolyte which means that she is almost worthy. You will learn from her how to be a real person. At all times, when you are not in school, you will be with Tanisha, learning to honor and worship me like a proper woman. Now get down next to her kneeling like a real woman!

Tanisha was overjoyed at my words. And that Master trusted her to train others, that was a gift in itself! She almost collapsed in delight at the very thought.

I said to Tanisha, Tanisha, you train Sarah here well, and you will have proven your worthiness. She is a real self-centered bitch, so you have your work cut out for you.

I had been working on this for most of the day, and I decided to use it. I liked Tanishas Alpha-Reality and decided to use that too. I incorporated it into my history.

I stood before the two of them and said, Time to let you know why I am the Master.

Their eyes got big as I went on.

Throughout history there have been men called Alphas. These are men who understand and are the ultimate male, by nature granted the herd sense like a stallion. They are very rare. Many normal men try to be an ultimate Alpha male, pretending to be one, but few really are worthy of worship like a real Alpha. The bible has a few of them; Moses and Jesus are good examples. They were good Alphas and led their followers to glory and happiness. Many kingdoms and Empires are founded by Alphas, the problem being when their children who didnt inherit the Alpha gene take over, and the empire collapses into corruption and ruin as the children try to be Alphas but fail. Some children are not Alphas but manage for several generations. We can only hope. I am the modern Alpha, there may be one or two others on the planet at this time because of the large global population, but none near here. You have promised your body, mind, and soul to me. That means that you will be one of my acolyte followers when you have proven worthy of me. Once promised to an Alpha, you belong to him forever. All this is called Alpha-Christianity.

Tanisha gasped, Oh, Master, that explains so much! It should, it was a load of BS, but specifically designed to fit her religious delusions.

Sarah was slowly nodding.

Tanisha, I will leave Junior Probationary Acolyte Sarah with you for training. I will stop back in a few days. Punish her if she misbehaves, but call me if she still refuses to obey you.

Yes, Master.

I kissed Tanisha on the forehead, making her almost collapse in ecstasy, then deliberately just left.

When I got home, Ariel was alone kneeling in the living room as I came in. I pulled off my clothes, then pulled her to me. She jumped up, spearing herself as I stood, wrapping those perfect legs around me as my hard cock sunk into her wonderful convulsing quim. She moaned and kissed me hard as she slowly thrust herself on me over and over. Suddenly she convulsed in orgasm, her eyes rolling back in her head. As I pumped her full of man juice, I deliberately avoided relaying the wonderful sexual satisfaction, love, contentment and happiness; knowing that my girls were in compromising positions right now. Carla was on the road, the cheerleaders and Gertie were in the gym, Wendy, Natalie, Betty, and Jenny were waiting for them on the bleachers like I normally did. Clair and Karen were on the school bus coming home.

I set Ariel down on the couch, leaving her crotch over the edge so the dripping cum wouldnt get on the couch cushions. Then I went and got started on my homework. It was going to be a long evening with Jennys ceremony and Sandys visit.

After the homework, I went out to the kitchen. Ariel, Karen, and Clair were cleaning. I had mentioned it quickly at breakfast, but I mentioned again that Sandy was stopping by at seven for dinner. I am hoping to recruit her, both as a nurse and maybe as my coach for swimming. They nodded. Ariel, who was just wearing an apron, went to put on some clothes. Karen and Clair, who were still in their school outfits, I gave big kisses and hugs.

I went out and drove around the neighborhood, curious as to what was around. The public road ended just past my property, going on to state forest grounds with a gate. Across the street were two old dilapidated shacks, one marked for sale and the other half fallen down. Both had the large five acre lots. Perfect. I called the agent, which again was the same lady as before, and told her I wanted both properties, and to find the owner and make an offer on the unmarked one. She said shed call back. Next were two houses, small two bedroom places. On the other side of my property was another old cabin. A big family lived there. If I wasnt in the Midwest, I would call them hillbillies, straight from stereotype. I literally saw them hauling bottles of shine from one shed by the cabin to another shed hidden back in the woods.

There were three pretty teen girls, about 11, 15, and 18; two boys, twins about 16; and a guy around 40 with overalls. All of them were working. Something must be up, they were hauling ass. So as not to spook them, I continued driving. It was a pretty normal park on both sides of the street, and a housing development on the left with a trailer park on the right after that. I generally knew that those were there, I drove past them every day for school, so I checked out the park.

The park was nice. There was a road on the far side, next to the trailer park, that went to the far east end, about half a mile, where the lake looped around and there was a swimming beach and boat launch. That meant that the state forest on the back of my lands must turn into a lake pretty quickly. The other side of the park was all playgrounds, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, basketball courts and the like.

I headed back to the house. I noticed that my neighbors were done moving the shine. The close-in shed was being pulled apart by the two boys and the older guy. The girls had disappeared.

Back at the house, all the girls were home, so I gathered up Karen, Clair, and Betty and asked what they knew about the neighbor girls. Karen and Clair said that the youngest, who was actually twelve, was Barb. She rode the bus with them. Betty and Olive, who rode the bus home, said that the girl their age was Sally. I asked the other girls, no one knew the oldest girl.

Checking the time, it was about six. I took Karen, Clair, and Betty and headed on foot down the road. The three guys were still pulling apart the shack. They stopped for a second when they saw us. I went over and said, Hi, neighbor. I saw that you were moving the shed and wondered if you needed a hand. The girls here wanted to see if Barb and Sally could play.

The guy just stood there. The twins looked at each other, then the left one said, Dads not too sociable. Hi, were Harry and Henry. Pop over there is BJ. Girls, go ahead, go in the house. Barb and Sally would be glad to have some friends. They held out their hands.

I shook both. Name is Kris. I just bought the place next door. Sorry about the fence, but we have a pool and the law says we need it.

The other twin said, We had to move this shack away from the house. Glad for the help.

I picked up a hammer and started prying nails. The older guy frowned, but we all worked for a bit. Suddenly one of the twins said, Say, arent you Kris Stevens, the swim dude?

The other said, Yeah, Ive seen your picture everywhere at school.

I replied, Yup. Thats me.

Cool. At BJs questioning frown, he elaborated, Kris here set the world record at swimming last month.

I said, Yeah, if I had known you had shine for sale, Id have picked up a jug to celebrate.

They all stiffened and BJ said, What shine?

The stuff you transferred to the other shack in the woods. I saw everyone out moving it.

He frowned again, What ur want?

Nothing. What do I care what you do? Could be convenient; maybe Ill buy a jug now and then. A bit unusual for these parts though, I thought most stills were out east or down south.

Harrumph, inherited the land from my old ladys pop. We had to leave Kentucky and so moved here. They relaxed and we started pulling nails again.

A twin said, Pop, dont let ma hear you call her an old lady. You may have to sleep with the still.

He chuckled, I reckon so.

The other twin said, It would be right cold, we just moved it and itll take a few days to get up runnin again.

I asked, Whyd you move it anyway?

My wife thought it was too close to the house.

Oh. I would suggest that you move it further into the woods, you have lots of land, all the way to the back of the fence, Id move it out of site of the street at least. Just dont put it all the way back so the rangers see it.

Hmmm, since we are moving it anyway, Ill do that.

Good. Youre lucky it was me that saw you today. A patrol car goes past here several times a week. They get really upset about that stuff around here.

Crud. You are right.

Keep your yard clean, put up a few no trespassing signs, put a filter on your stack to prevent smoke, and you will never have to worry. Ill help with putting up the signs and stuff, but tonight I have to be home in ten minutes for company. Be over after school tomorrow to help if you want.

Yer on.

Ill grab the girls and take off now. Nice meeting you. I went over to the house and knocked. The door opened and the oldest girl stuck her head out. Talk about stereotypes, she was the perfect country girl. Pigtails, freckles, steaming hot body and all. I said, Wow. Shaking my head while she giggled, I recovered and said, Tell my girls it is time to head for home, we have company coming at seven. And please tell me your name...


Why havent I seen you in school? I definitely would have remembered.

Silly, I graduated two years ago before we moved here.

Really? You taking classes over at Green Heights?

Naw, cant afford that. Ive been helping my ma.

Come over to see us sometime, well figure out a way to get you into Green Heights. Were just next door. Maybe you can help out in exchange for tuition or something.

You serious? she squealed.

Very. But I have to go now, please get the girls going, we are going to be late. I took off. My girls joining me as I reached our fence.

I asked, So, are they nice?

Karen said, Very. And they were very excited that someone wanted to be friends with them. I get the feeling that they are very lonely.

Betty said, Yeah, Sally said that everyone avoids her, the few friends she tried to make got scared when they saw her family.

I said, I hope you three arent so shallow.

Karen said, I like them. They add color. Clair and Betty nodded in agreement.

I said, Exactly what I was thinking.

Karen laughed, You just want to get into Fawns and maybe Sallys and Barbs pants.

I laughed too. True. But I still think they would be good friends.

When we got back to the house, Sandy was already there. She had an old K car beater. We went in and took off our coats. Gertie was waiting for us, she said that Sandy was waiting in the Atrium.

She was wearing a practical dress, standing by the large window looking out. As I entered the room, she said, This is a nice place.

I think so. We just added this part last month. I am thinking about adding a pool room with a 25 meter practice lane off that way in the spring. I pointed to the south, behind the atrium toward the hidden cabin.


If I do, I would like you to be my coach.

Hmmm, that would be fun.

Gertie was playing messenger. She stuck her head in the door and said, Dinner!

I led her to the dining room. Ariel must have decided not to overwhelm Sandy with too many people. There were places set for Sandy, Ariel, Debbie, Gertie, Tami and me. Carla was still at work and the rest of the girls were in Jasmine and Olives bedroom.

They had set out a full lasagna dinner with sides of broccoli and corn; also sparkling grape juice. Nice spread. Sandy asked, Wheres Jenny?

Ariel said, Oh, she is eating pizzas with the other girls. It would be too crowded with everyone in here.

I see. She ate a few bites and asked, So what is the story here?

I said, In a way, it is like a rescue house, similar to a womens shelter. Except that everyone here has fallen head over heels for me. Im not complaining.

*snort* I would bet you arent. Heck, I can see the attraction to you and this life. I am tempted myself. She ate another few bites. So that is why you were interested in building a womens shelter. There must be some scary stories here. You actually understand.

Yes. Heck, Jennys dad died in a police shootout this morning. There are a lot of stories here. All the other girls at the table were fiercely concentrating on their dinner. To change the subject slightly, I have put offers on the land across the road. If you are still interested in building that womens shelter, that is.

Across the road from here?

Yes, there are two old houses that are falling apart. I have put offers on both. If we get them, I say build a fence around the land, tear them down, then build a shelter to be proud of. I am thinking a dorm for single women, and a bunch of townhouses for women with children. Maybe an isolated dorm for battered guys. Should be up and running by early summer. Since we are on a dead end here past the park, it is an ideal location.

You have been thinking about this, havent you? I admit, I have been thinking more about the medical aspects of it, but I suppose that is what I do, isnt it. She smiled. Thinking along your plans, I think a whole building in front with a clinic, security and administration for the place. Your setup behind it where no one can get in.

Good idea. I didnt even think of a clinic. Full time doctor or RN?

Well need to debate that, but I think all well need is an RN with a doctor on call. Sandy looked around the table. And I think we have much of the staff for the place right here.

Not a bad idea. After all, they live right across the street in case there is an emergency. Girls, what do you think?

They all glanced at each other. Debbie, who was the usual spokesperson, said, We like it. Most of us didnt plan a future, and this doesnt sound all that bad. As long as we can get time off to cheer you on at the Olympics, of course.

I grinned, Of course.

Sandy said, Tell you what. Ill do it, if you build that pool house and train for the next Olympics you can get into.

I said, If we dont go overboard on the training, you have a deal. I stood up and reached over. She did so as well and we shook on it. We ate in silence for a bit. I concentrated and slipped in through her back door. She was thinking like crazy. She was slightly scared, committing herself like this, but felt it was worth it. She really liked this Kris guy, even with all the girlfriends, which surprised her a bit. She was wondering if she could get a room here in the mansion so simplify everything. That was all I needed to read. I laid down the inductee list. Her thinking changed slightly, wondering if she would be worthy of Kris and this task. She felt that she could be. It was a healthy confidence and self esteem, not anything like Sarah.

I said, Of course, you are welcome to move in to our last room here. We will be adding on more rooms when we build the pool house.

Ill take it. Ill also talk to the hospital and give notice tomorrow. They will probably want to put in their two cents worth as well. Thinking about it, all the local politicians will want to get their claws into the Stevens Shelter.

I winced, Lets not advertise until the project is set in concrete. The location is supposed to be secret anyway. Well welcome the hospitals input on the clinic design, but ask them to keep it under their hat. I didnt comment on the name Stevens Shelter she slipped in there.

Since she had the inductee list programmed, I said, After dinner, we are having the collar ceremony for Jenny joining our family. You are welcome to watch. I sure hope that you will have your own ceremony soon.

I had kept a half-link, and her excitement and hope levels rose. I would love to watch!

Good. We are waiting for Carla, shell be here soon, she is halfway home right now. Lets head for the atrium. We all headed for the atrium. I mentally called out to the girls eating pizza and watching chick flicks, Time for Jennys collaring. They all got the message sub-consciously, I could tell that their excitement level skyrocketed and they all headed for the atrium. I stopped by the den and grabbed a black collar. I started relaying the excitement, horniness and happiness to all the girls, carefully editing out Carla who was driving.

The girls were already naked, kneeling in a semi-circle around Jenny, who was quivering in excitement. I got undressed and stood before them. I felt Carla rush in, slam on the brakes, yank out the keys, run full speed into the house, ripping off her clothes as she went. She arrived and kneeled with the others, and I included her in the relaying. Sandy was watching with big eyes. I held my link to her and felt her excitement, slight confusion, and horniness at the sight of my hard cock.

Looking down at Jenny, kneeling before me, I said, Jenny Groenwald. Think on this. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

Yes, Master. As always, the girl to be collared was radiating pure bliss, I relayed it, the girls were panting and moaning in delight. I relayed a little of it to Sandy and she moaned.

I held up the black collar. Jenny, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Oh, Yes, Master!

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

Her eyes went wide and she froze. Every single neuron was firing in pure bliss. I relayed it to her sisters and Sandy, unfiltered. They all screamed in ecstasy and passed out. Jenny collapsed unconscious to the floor with them. As always, I enjoyed the sight of my eighteen sweaty naked slaves.

I left loads in the nearest slaves, Jenny, Debbie, Carla, and Tami. Then I took Karen and slid her down my pole, sitting with my cock buried deep in her and cuddling as I watched the DVRed NCIS and NCIS:LA.

The girls started waking up an hour or so later. Jenny and Sandy both said simultaneously, Oh, I love you all so much it hurts! Then they both giggled. Sandy said, I cant wait until Master takes me and collars me! That was the most wonderful thing I have ever seen or felt!

Yeah. Uh-huh. Truth, sister.

They all staggered into the main bedroom and passed out. I carried Karen in and joined them.

Chapter 16


The next day I sketched up the plans we had discussed for the shelter. Third period, I scanned a very quiet Sarah. She had been obeying Tanisha, but what they had been doing was scary. I told Sarah, Good job. You just might prove worthy after all. Keep it up. She orgasmed on the spot, gasping, Thank you Master.

I had to think about what Tanisha was doing. It was my fault. I gave her a religious context and she had run with it. The crazy woman had founded a new church called the Alpha-Christians. She had already recruited most of her friends and their daughters. They got together and worked out, talking about how wonderful I was. Apparently the Christianity modifier hook really worked with the fanatics. That she had recruited over 30 followers in one day was unbelievable. Her friends must have been real fanatics and really desperate for something plausible like she had been.

I was going to have to stop by her house after school. I had been planning on stopping by the architects, but that could wait a day, although I still had to stop by the neighbors. I got a phone call (in chemistry class) from the realtor, accepting the offer, and telling me that the other land was owned by the bank. I told her to make an offer on it too. We would meet at six tomorrow to sign the papers.

After school I rushed over to Tanishas house. There were five cars parked there. I parked down the block and snuck in behind the house. There were fifteen women working out in the greatly expanded workout room. I linked through the closest ones back door. Her thoughts were of how wonderful I was, based on the giant picture of me that Tanisha had posted at one end of the room. That I was the most wonderful Alpha ever, and that I would hopefully take first her daughter, then hopefully her as an acolyte. Every bit of BS I had spouted to Tanisha this woman believed beyond a complete shadow of a doubt. Like Tanisha she actually thought that way. I went from woman to woman, they all thought like that. Several more girls came in the room, daughters getting home from school, and more mothers who had been home waiting for them. They ALL thought like Tanisha. Even the daughters, some as young as six. The daughters were all pretty, in fact so were the MILFs. That must be part of Tanishas recruitment. Only the pretty girls for the Alpha. I went through them all again, this time locking down their beliefs so another charismatic person couldnt change them again, and adding the inductee list. I couldnt take them all in at my house, I was going to have to come up with some sort of meeting place.

As I drove home, I stopped at Fleet Farm and picked up a stack of No Trespassing signs. Driving past, I noticed that the house third down from the end across from me had a For Sale sign. I immediately called the number and made an offer at asking.

When I got home, I was surprised to see Dawn washing windows. She saw me and said, Ariel and I made a deal, help her clean for tuition. I watched her wash for a minute. Damn she was hot. I let my base instincts think for a minute as I slipped in through her back door and took a look. Wow. The girl had an I.Q. that was off the charts. She had aced the SAT.

Keeping the link, I asked, Why didnt you accept any of the scholarships offered to you?

How did you know... The girls said you know everything about a person, but that... Harrumph, anyway, my mom was ill. I had to stay home to help.

But what about six months later when she was better?

By then, I had talked myself out of it. Why are you asking?

Because although I love having a smart, nice, beautiful woman cleaning around my house, I feel guilty because you are so smart that you could make a big difference helping people.

She blushed, You think I am beautiful?

Dawn, you are one of the hottest girls I have ever seen. Outside of the whole Daisy Duke thing you have, you are graceful and kind, which really amps it up to a whole new level.

She blushed more and giggled. Thank you. Ive seen it in guys eyes since I was eleven, but you are the first to actually say it. Looking around she said, I like it here. And I am leery of going too far from home; that is why I am working on getting the money for Green Heights.

Here as in this house, or here as in this town?


You are welcome to move in here if you want.

She gave me a thoughtful look. You mean join your harem.

While I would like that, you can move in anyway. I grinned. That way I have time to try to convince you to join us.

She gave me another, Harrumph. She thought for a minute. You arent going anywhere, are you?

Nope. I am planning on living here for a long time. Several trips planned, but always coming back here.

She thought for a while, biting her lip. Can I bring my sisters? They are too much for my mom to handle in her weakened condition.

Of course you can. They can come as either rescues; sisters to one of my girls; or join and be two of my girls themselves.

She lowered her eyes and said, I would like to take them in as sisters to one of your girls. They have to decide to join you themselves.

Are you sure? This is a permanent commitment.

Yes. I have never been so sure in my life.

I was still linked so I sent over the full list. She had made her decision and welcomed it into herself. I could literally feel her mind absorb the programming and then lock it down itself. She gasped and dropped the rag as she felt her whole life change. A minute later she said, Oh, I understand so much now. Thank you, Master! I see why they all call you that now. I kissed her and tweaked a nipple, she orgasmed and I wrote my list again as her mind opened to me. The trace connected her to me.

After a few more kisses I let her recover. Then I said, Dawn, take me to your place now. I need to talk to your mom and dad.

Okay. They will be overjoyed at me getting a place here.

I hope so.

I walked with her back to her familys cabin, grabbing the pile of signs from my car and a hammer with nails from the garage. We went over to her house. I was mentally reviewing what I had learned of her culture in my mind. I decided a version of the truth is what was needed.

BJ was coming out of the woods. He saw me with the pile of signs, grabbed a hammer, and we headed for the back of the property without a word. After putting up two signs, I said, I talked to Dawn. She wants to be one of my wives.

Harrumph. Was his immediate reply.

I could tell he was thinking. I let him think for a minute then I added, She also wants to take Sally and Barb to live with her because she is worried that her mom is doing too much. It works for me, I suspect they will be over here to help you out a lot anyway. Dawn I will be sending to college here at Green Heights. Shes too damn smart not to go.

He grunted again. We went along the back, putting up signs every ten feet. Apparently he had ten acres, all the way to the edge of the park. We put up signs along there too, he didnt say a word.

As we finished the last sign heading back toward his cabin, he said, So whens the party?

So I have your approval?

Yeah. I see how you take care of your women, Dawn did good.

Then how about Saturday? We can have a whole day shindig over at my place. You can meet my other wives. Youll like em.


We got back to his place. As we went in, Dawn said, Well, Pa?

It seems we are having a shindig on Saturday for you.

She shrieked and gave him a big hug. Thanks, Pa!

Her mom, Miley, a frail looking lady about 35, started sniffling. Oh, I am losing my honey! Dawn hugged her.

I said, Hardly. She will be 500 feet that way. I thumbed toward my house. I expect you will be over there all the time anyway, after all we are kin now. You have lots of daughters there.

Her eyes got big at the thought. Yer right! She settled back happy.

I added, I expect Sally and Barb to be sleepin there as much as here. Until we get the new addition next spring, Dawn here will have a big room to share. I figured she could take the old master bedroom. We didnt need a nursery for another eight months, and by then the addition with the lap pool and additional rooms would be built.

She was still happy. Sally and Barb saw this and grinned at each other happily.

That evening after dinner we gathered in the atrium. All the girls stripped and lined up. Sally and Barb stood back and watched with big eyes as I took Sandy and Dawn and brought them forward. I pulled Sandy to me and kissed her, leaning her back on the tile floor I slowly slid into her dripping quim. My first thought was that I was getting out of practice with foreplay since all my girls were hot to trot at all times. Anyway, I slowly stroked in her sopping pussy as she convulsed in repeated orgasms. I relayed this to all her sisters and Sally and Barb. They all were convulsing along with Sandy. I left my load deep in her, rewriting my master list deep into her psyche as her mind opened all the way in orgasm. I turned to Dawn, placing her next to Sandy on the floor and slid home in her, breaking her hymen. She shrieked in ecstasy. I relayed it all except for the forgotten pain from the hymen. All of them were flopping about like beached fish. I filled her up and made sure my full list was written deep in her mind. While everyone was still orgasming, I went over and wrote my inductee list into Sally and Barb, noticing that a trace started on them since I did it during an orgasm. The two of them were really pretty and Barb would obviously be as hot as their sister in a year or two. Sally already was.

I went and got one black and one pink collar from the hiding place in the den. There was only one more of the black collars, which I was saving for Tanisha. I was going to have to order more.

Back in the atrium, the girls were coming to. Sally commented, Wow!

Dawn sighed and said, I agree with Sally. Wow!

They were all moving slightly, so I said, Front and Center!

They jumped up, Sandy and Dawn both kneeling before me. The other girls moved into a semi-circle around us. Sally and Barb had stripped down and were kneeling off to the side. Damn, they both were as hot as their sister. The only girl hotter I had ever seen was Karen.

Looking down at Sandy and Dawn, kneeling before me, I said, Sandy Reed and Dawn Carter. Think on this. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

Yes, Master. Both girls to be collared were radiating pure bliss, I relayed it, the other girls were panting and moaning in delight. It seemed that with the trace active, Sally and Barb got the full whammy automatically as well.

I held up the black collar. Sandy, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Yes, Master!

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

Her eyes went wide and then rolled back. Every single neuron was firing in pure bliss. I relayed it to her sisters, unfiltered except for Dawn whom I did at half strength so she would stay awake. They all screamed in ecstasy and passed out except Dawn who nearly did.

I held up the pink collar. Dawn, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Yes, Master!

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

She screamed so loud that it hurt and collapsed. I relayed her joy and ecstasy to her sisters and they all convulsed in an unconscious orgasm.

As always, I enjoyed the sight of my twenty one sweaty naked slaves. In all, a very enjoyable Wednesday evening. I went online and found a website that sold the collars. I ordered 100 black and 100 pink. I also ordered one brown.

I woke up in the middle of the night with an idea for Tanisha. On the other side of the trailer park down the street was a defunct Ballys. It had been sitting idle for a couple of years. I would call and see about purchasing it in the morning. I snuggled back up to Karen and went back to sleep.

In the morning, I left my usual load in Karen and went over and fucked Dawn, Ariel, Carla and Sandy while everyone else was getting ready for school. I was playing hooky today, I had a lot to get done. I called in sick.

I called Dennis the Lawyer and asked him for a get together. He agreed to meet me in an hour in his office. I called the architects who had done our addition and they agreed to be there as well. I then called the Real Estate agent and she said that the bank was glad to sell the land, I had beat her by about ten minutes calling her first. She also said that the owners of the house property three down from the end accepted my offer. We had closings at 6:30 and 7:00 tonight after the first closing.

At the lawyers office, which was newly spruced up, I shook hands with Dennis and Bart the Architect.

I laid down the three projects I needed done. They were both excited.

The first, of course, was to buy and revamp the Ballys. I told them that it needed to be done FAST. There were two exercise rooms, the smaller one was to be converted to a lecture hall/church type. The other exercise room was to be updated with new equipment. The pool was to be checked out and filled. Towels and the like were to be purchased. General maintenance was to be done. This could be done now since it was primarily an indoors operation.

Secondly was the second addition onto the house with the indoor lap pool and additional 26 bedrooms, like a hotel. No legal issues there besides the building permit.

Third was the shelter. Since we had the three lots, they would be cleaned out and a perimeter fence put in. A row of townhouses with a central park would go across the back and left. The front would be the administration center and guardhouse with a clinic. Outside the back of that would be dormitories. There was a whole legal can of worms for the shelter.

Since the last two we couldnt do anything about until spring, we drove over to look at the Ballys. There was a sign out front with a phone number. Dennis called and there was an agent out in twenty minutes to show us around. It was pretty much like I remembered from my mothers brief membership ten years ago. The agent wanted too much for the building though. He wanted 2.1 million. I said, Its been vacant for almost five years with no other bites and basic maintenance is costing a fortune. Lets reverse those numbers. 1.2 million.

He made a phone call. Quickly he said, Deal. They were really eager to sell, the lawyer would be in tomorrow at four to close.

From there I went home and got my last black collar along with Ariel. I hoped the order I made would come in soon. I headed over to Tanishas house. I had thought this over carefully. I would maintain the Alpha church separate from my household, although a collared slave like Tanisha could come and go as she felt she needed to. Because of the public face of the church, the word slave wouldnt be used in public, acolyte would be used instead, especially with a pastor like Tanisha who was African-American. People tended to be sensitive about things like that. The ceremony would have the sex and collaring as one.

While I could send to as many linked slaves as I wanted at once, I could only maintain about ten non-linked connections at one time, so I had to come up with something for that. I was brainstorming, then in an instant, I knew. With a grin I pulled up in front of Tanishas house. There were a good twenty cars parked along the block. Ariel and I got out and went inside.

The nearest woman on an exercise bike, a pretty blonde about 25 named Kate who had the inductee programming, saw me, gasped, and was instantly kneeling with her head bowed. The others saw her and in seconds, the whole room was kneeling. Tanisha came into the room to find out what the sudden silence was, and immediately knelt. Ariel would have knelt as well, but I had told her not to.

I quickly went into Tanishas mind, reading what she had been doing, and what the Juniors had been doing. Interesting.

I called out six names that stood out in Tanishas mind. Will those mentioned come forward?

They scrambled to their feet and came forward quickly, kneeling before me. I quickly linked to each one. Five of the six were ones I had sent my induction list to before, one was fanatic all by herself. I added the list anyway. You six have proven some of your worth and are promoted to Senior Probationary Acolyte. They were crying in happiness.

I went on, Senior Probationary Acolyte Tanisha. You have proven your worth and are to be promoted to Full Acolyte and collared immediately. Tanisha gasped, had a white out orgasm, and collapsed. She was still conscious, but barely.

Seniors, please assist Tanisha into another room. The collaring ceremony is for Senior and Full Acolytes only. The six of them jumped forward and literally carried Tanisha into the master bedroom. We closed and locked the door and blinds.

We are alone here. Full slave Ariel, show the Probationary slaves how to properly greet me. Ariel stripped and kneeled. I connected to all of the rest and there was no hesitation as they did the same. Not even a contrary thought. Wow.

They were all beautiful women with perfect 10 bodies. Tanisha was the oldest at 35. A hottie named Rennie was the youngest at 19. I admired them for a minute. Then started my lecture. Since you are all new except for Ariel, I will tell you the rules. You cannot discuss anything that goes on in this room with anyone besides another Senior Probationary Slave, Full Slave, or me. You are only to tell them how wonderful it is. You are addressed as your proper title of Slave in here, but outside this room you are an Acolyte. Do you understand?

Yes, Master. They chorused.

Good. Now Tanisha, front and center. The rest of you make a semi-circle around us.

They rearranged themselves. Tanisha was in the center trembling with excitement. I connected to all of the Seniors and to Ariels link. I started relaying Tanishas excitement, joy, and happiness.

I removed my clothes. All of the Seniors and Ariel added a heavy lust to their emotional broadcast. They stared at my hard cock. Several of them licked their lips. I laid Tanisha back and slipped into her surprisingly tight dripping quim. As I stroked and she had repeated orgasms, I asked, Tanisha Johnson James. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

She repeated, Yes, Yes, Yes! over and over. I toned down the amplitude of her projected ecstasy a bit as I relayed it so the others wouldnt pass out.

I held up the black collar. Tanisha, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Yes, Master! Oh, Yes, Master!

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

She screamed silently as her eyes went big and she arched her back. I relayed the perfect full brain orgasm to the others as I slammed in my full list which instantly burned down deep to the base neurons of her psyche. She and the others flopped around like fish out of water as I dumped a full load into her. As the Seniors orgasmed, I rammed in my inductee list again, this time burning it in deep as they orgasmed, and also linking them with me.

I sat in the corner chair and waited the hour or so until they started waking up. Most of them were crying in happiness. One, Mitsumi, a smoking hot Japanese woman, said, That was the most wonderful thing of my life!

Tanisha said, I have never felt like that before. I love Master so much.

They all murmured their assent.

I went over and said, Slave Tanisha. They all scrambled to their knees.

I repeated, Slave Tanisha. Every one of my slaves has a duty. You have amply demonstrated where your abilities lie. You are now my head pastor, in charge of the Alpha church. She and the Seniors were gasping in excitement.

We will have a proper church building starting tomorrow evening. This house is much too small. Senior Slaves, Full Slave Tanisha will show you where the new church is tomorrow evening at seven. Slave Tanisha, you are now permitted into my main house over on Quasar road. You can stay with your sister daughter Slaves Jasmine and Olive if you wish. In fact, we are expecting you tonight. I looked at each of them, I am very pleased with all of you. They quivered in excitement and happiness, reminding me of a bunch of puppies. I relayed it and let it build among them, excluding Ariel, until they all orgasmed again.

As we left I waved to the Juniors and updated two novices to Juniors, locking down the inductee list in them. They all blushed and bowed their heads more.

Ariel and I headed back to the house. Carla had left for work, so I took Ariel and Dawn and left giant loads deep in both of them.

I went over to Fleet Farm again and picked up a fancy grill, took it back and assembled it on the patio behind the atrium. Then Ariel, Dawn and I headed for the grocery store. Dawn knew what we needed for the party on Saturday. We spent a good $500 on meat of various kinds and we packed it away in the huge freezer. With the size of the family I was going to have to get a walk in. Dawn said that shed take her mom to the store to get everything else needed tomorrow morning, and then the wimmenfolk would spend the day cooking up everything for the party the next day. Dawn said that her dad had several relatives driving up from Kentucky and there would be several more women to help in the kitchen tomorrow and at the party.

Dawns Parents cabin didnt have much room. There was only one bedroom and one bathroom. Dawn and her siblings had been sleeping on the living room floor in piles of blankets. I asked Dawn if we should bring in a couple of trailers to park at her parents place for the guests. She said, Hell no! You put in a trailer and they will never leave! An empty trailer means that you want them to stay.

What if you have a cousin, like Betsy Sue, who is as nice as you?

If she is still unmarried, just ask her, then her dad, if she can stay. She was a bit of a silly goose last I saw, you may not want her.

She is almost as pretty as you, and I am betting she is like you as well in that she is hiding her smarts. I can tell quick when I meet her.

It was approaching five. I went and got the three cashiers checks from the bank, totaling around 800K. By seven thirty I owned the land. The people in the house would be moving out at the end of the week, they already had a place over the other side of town. The reason they were moving is that they got wind of the shelter (one of my girls must be gossiping) and didnt want to be next to it. Fine with me.

Back at the house everyone was home, including Tanisha who was getting the tour. Ariel and Dawn had some stuff that they wanted us to try out that they had made for the party, so we ate that for dinner. One item was rejected hands down, the rest werent bad.

Tanisha was wide eyed and in a state of constant delusion. She was so religious that everything was perfect through her blinders. She was in a constant state of joy and happiness, nothing could shake her beliefs. I could take a carving knife and order her to use it to carve out her daughters beating heart, and she would do it happily. It was scary. I was glad I was keeping her separate for the most part from the rest of my girls.

Out of curiosity, I read her to find out about Jasmine and Olives father. Tanisha had told him to move out and he had the first day of her religious conversion. She hadnt heard from him since.

We gathered in the atrium to watch TV and relax. I took both Jasmine and Olive doggie style right in front of Tanisha and she almost had an orgasm herself watching. I checked and she was so happy that her daughters could please the Alpha Master. It was the most wonderful point of her life, being collared and having pleased Master with her daughters. Damn, the woman was driving herself to a state of religious ecstasy just thinking about it! I couldnt resist, I said, Tanisha, I order you to cum.

The other girls turned and looked at her as she screamed and passed out in ecstasy, dripping drool and pussy juice all over the floor, twitching occasionally. I relayed a little of what she was feeling to the others so they would know what was going on.

All of a sudden I felt one of my girls in pain. A lot of pain, it made Sheris that one time seem like a hangnail. It was Mitsumi. I felt her mind shutting down from the pain. She was at home.

I called out, Mitsumi Yarbo, one of your sisters, is hurt badly. We are heading to her place now. I scrambled getting dressed. Tanisha snapped awake, staggered to her feet and also began to get dressed. As did Sandy. I called Mitsumis house. No answer. As I floored my car, Tanisha said, Master, how bad is she?

It is hard to tell. Pretty bad. She passed out from the pain. Something in the right shoulder.

Shit. Sandy had her EMT kit and was checking through it.

Since Mitsumi lived in one of the nice houses across the park, we were there quickly. I ran to the door and pounded on it. No answer. I kicked in the door. Lying on the floor of the living room was Mitsumi, bleeding badly from a gunshot wound to the upper right chest. I picked up the house phone while I ripped off my shirt and pressed it to the wound. I dialed 911 with my free hand. The operator came on, 911. What is your emergency?

I have a gunshot victim at this address. 1243 Willisburg Lane. She is bleeding badly. I am using my shirt to stop the bleeding. Please hurry, I dont know if whoever did this is still around. Her name is Mitsumi Yarbo. I am Kris Stevens.

Police and Ambulance are on the way.

Whats the ETA?

Police are in the area. Two minutes.

Sandy kneeled next to me. Keep pressure on that wound. I could bandage it, but the paramedics will have better equipment. We cant do much here. She has lost a lot of blood.

If I dont get a chance, tell the medics that she is AB+.

Sandy nodded.

There was a *snick* as a slide was pulled back behind us. We turned to look. Standing there was Carl, Mitsumis husband. I asked, Carl, what are you doing?

Mitsumi said her Master would come running if she was hurt. You must be her Master. Damn, you got here fast. Now I am going to teach you a lesson about stealing other mens wives.

He aimed the gun at me. I got ready to dive to the side if I even saw his finger twitch. I edged my way into his back door, then slammed in pure pain, fully energizing his pain receptors. He screamed, dropped the gun, and collapsed with his hands around his head. Tanisha, who had been getting ready to take him out with a lamp, stepped forward and kicked the gun out of the way. He curled into a ball and rocked back and forth whimpering.

The cops arrived fairly quickly. I explained to the Police Sergeant as Sandy took over holding my bloody shirt to the wound, and two patrol cops handcuffed the whimpering Carl and bagged the gun. My name is Kris Stevens. We couldnt get a hold of Mitsumi here and came over to find out what was going on. We saw her on the floor and came in. I pulled off my shirt to stop the bleeding. Sandy is an RN. She judged that we should wait for the paramedics to do anything else. That fruitcake came up behind us and said that he was going to teach me a lesson, pointed and cocked his gun. Suddenly he dropped the gun, curled up and started whimpering. He must have really snapped. The cop was scribbling as fast as he could. Tanisha kicked the gun away; then you arrived.

Do you know why he was going to teach you a lesson?

I dont know. I assume it was because his wife just joined our church.

Which church is that?

We call ourselves Alpha-Christians. Dont worry, were benign. I grinned. We are kind of a super-religion that encompasses the other religions. One of our main tenants is to help others. We are building the new womens shelter over just past the park. I thumbed over towards the park. We were going to break ground in the spring, but maybe well have to move in some temporary trailers. It seems like there are a lot of situations lately.

*sigh* Yes there are. I, for one, think the trailer idea is a good one. Here is my card. He handed me his card. When you get them in place, call me and you will have customers quickly. He looked over his notes. The detective will be here shortly. Youll have to go over all this again with him.

You mean Detective Danvers? He took my statement a month ago when my girlfriends dad beat her and then ate a bullet.

I remember that. Nasty. Hmmm, here are the paramedics. If he doesnt show up soon, Ill let you go to the hospital with her and he can take your statements there again.

Thank you, Officer.

He nodded and then went to direct things. Soon the paramedics had a bandage on the wound and were on the way to the hospital with Sandy assisting. The detective hadnt arrived, so we followed to the hospital. We caught the gift shop just before they closed and I picked up a t-shirt. Half and hour later, the detective showed up and took down my story, again. Mitsumi was still in surgery. Sandy had been allowed to watch from the observation room. I called Carla. %Honey, another story for you to report.%

%Master, what happened.%

%I dont know if you knew or not, but Tanisha created a religion in my name.%

%I suspected, but didnt know.%

%Keep it under your hat for now. Anyway, one of Tanishas recruits I promoted to the in waiting status, kind of like you were when Jenny was collared. Her husband didnt like that, so he shot her to set a trap for me.%

%*Gasp* Master, are you all right?%

%Im just fine. I just projected pain at him and he collapsed. Anyway, Mitsumi, your sister who was shot, is still in surgery. Sandy is keeping an eye on her. Ill head back soon. *mental grin* After all, I have school tomorrow.%

%Hmmm, Dawn and Ariel need to be awake for the cooking tomorrow. Ill get a cameraman and get over there to cover a domestic shooting with no police comment. When I get there, you can get back here and get some sleep. Ill keep Tanisha and Sandy company.%

%Good plan. See you in a bit. Love you.%

%Love you too.%

Twenty minutes later she was doing her reporter thing out front of the hospital. I watched out the window and also on the lobby TV. When she was asked by the anchor, Do we know why she was attacked? Carla gave a nice version of the events, Apparently, Jim, she had joined a local club called the Alpha Club to get back in shape. Her husband was upset that she was away from home. The anchor said, There is no understanding people. Thanks, Carla.

The TV truck packed up and left. Carla came in and joined the wait. When Mitsumi was out of surgery, and the doctors said shed be okay, I went home to get some sleep. I woke up at about 2:30 when Mitsumi came to. I called Carla, %Carla%.

%Ummm, yes Master?%

%Mitsumi just woke up.%

%Ill wake up Sandy and well go see her.%

%Good. Tell her we are all worried and happy she is all right. Send a few waves of concern and love her way too.%

%No problem. Now you get back to sleep.%

%Yes, maam.% I sent sarcastically. %You know I love you, right?%

%Love you too.% She sent a wave of love.

I sent one back and went back to sleep.

The next morning I told my girls at the house how Mitsumi was doing. I reminded them that they were going to get Miley over to shop and cook today. The rest of us headed for school.

Third period, I scanned Sarah. She had been nice to everyone. She had even let her little brother peek in on her topless and helped him with his homework while he peered down her shirt. She actually gave a damn about people now. I said, Sarah, you know Mitsumi?

Yes, Master. She is a friend.

Her husband shot her last night. She is recovering in the hospital.

OMG! That is awful! I am going to have to stop by there after school. I was glad, she had immediately been worried about Mitsumi, not her status.

I knew that she had been to Tanishas house yesterday after school and knew of Tanishas and the other promotions. I said, Good, you are almost worthy. You are promoted to Senior Probationary Acolyte. Be at Tanishas house tonight at seven to go see the new church.

Oh, Yes, Master! Thank you, Master! She was radiating delighted happiness and joy. Not one thought on how she could lord it over the less fortunate. Very good.

Next period with all the cheerleaders grouped around me, I said, You know girls, I really miss watching you practice, but I have so much to get done.

Tami said, We all know that, Master. You sitting watching us is always an extra bonus, but we all know you have lots of things to take care of.

I said, I love you all. I sent a wave of love and caring with it. They all smiled, their eyes defocused, and had to sit down quick.

Seventh period I stroked Tamis thighs as she sighed.

After school I went to the bank, got the cashiers check for 1.2 million and headed over to the lawyers place. One hour later, the building was mine. The contractor had already started preliminary work on the building, so he had one set of keys. I was handed the other three sets. We shook hands and the Ballys lawyers went home.

I went to the hospital, stopping in to see Mitsumi. She was awake. I went into the room and she tried to get up. I said, Mitsumi, stay put. She stopped struggling. The doctors had her doped up on something, I could feel her pain level greatly reduced. I leaned over and kissed her. Her endorphin level skyrocketed and she felt wonderful. I looked over at Tanisha and said, Tanisha, we need to go see our new building. She got all excited. I looked back at Mitsumi and said, I will see you later. She smiled and radiated happiness.

I drove Tanisha over to the old Ballys. One of the conditions of the sale was that the old sign had to come down within thirty days. No problem. Tanisha was all excited. I handed her one set of keys and said, Honey, the building is ours. We went inside. Even though it had been sitting empty for years, it still looked pretty good. I explained the renovations, and that the main exercise room would remain an exercise room, and to immediately move all the church stuff from her house to the exercise room. The other room, which had been for weight lifting, I told her was being converted to a meeting hall. She loved the pool. It was a full 25 meter six lane pool. Actually I loved it too.

I told her that she was to get together with the architect, Bart, and make whatever other changes she felt necessary. I said that the only conspicuous change to the outside should be replacing the Ballys sign with a nice Alpha one and fixing up the parking lot which was falling apart. I told her to get the new sign immediately and make it tasteful.

I took her back to her house where she was to meet the Seniors at seven and take them to see the new building. I left her to do that, I had to get home. There was a party to set up.

Chapter 17


Dawns relatives had been arriving all day. BJs yard was full of campers and pickups with toppers. It was a tailgaters dream. I parked in my garage, then went into the house. There were dozens of women running about, only half of which were mine. About fifteen little girls from the age of three to around ten came up, giggled, then ran off. I checked my link to Fawn, she was happy. Ariel was slightly overwhelmed, but she was okay. Fawns memory said that the guys were hanging out over at BJs place, so I headed over.

Sitting around the fire pit on logs (where BJs original still had been) were a good dozen guys passing around the jug. I sat in the obvious spot, and when the jug came around, took a swig. Yup, some of BJs best. I only took a sip, resolved to only pretend the rest of the time. Last thing I wanted to do was get drunk. One of the guys, I recognized him from Fawns memories as Uncle Scott, asked me, Kris, so how many wimmen do you have, anyways?

Quickly I went in through his back door and checked the reason for the question. It was just curiosity and manly envy, no tricks. I said, Fawn makes nineteen.

Damn. Whoo-hee! Shit. He-he.

Sure enough, when I pretended to take a sip next time around, the next question was from Uncle Joe Bob, So whyre you marrin Fawn?

Again I checked, this was a bit of concern for his niece as well as curiosity. I said, Besides the fact that she is the purtiest wommin around, you mean? She also happens to be the nicest and smartest. I want a couple of genius doctor kids in the family. Hell, shes smart enough, and loves helpin people, maybe even shell be one. I checked, they all liked that answer.

When the jug got to Scott, I said, My turn. So Scott, whatre going to do now that your farm is shut down?

Howd yall know bout that? He paused, Dont rightly have no idea. Was thinking about taking a load of BJs shine back with me, thatll cover me for a month or two.

I took my pretend swig and said, Do you know Grandpa Billys beer recipe? From Fawns memory I knew her dad was always talking about it.

Hell, BJ, Joe Bob, and I are the last to know it. Too much work to make it though.

I heard it was the best beer ever made.

BJ said, Hell, yes. It was actually sellin for more than the family shine for a while back before he died.

Were all kin here, right?

Scott said, I suppose. He was worried I wanted the family recipe.

Dont want the recipe. But if it is as good as you say, you and BJ make a batch to see if you can do it like Grandpa Billy. I have an idea. There was a defunct brewery in town. It closed because the beer tasted horrible. If Scott had a good recipe, Id front him and BJ a legit business.

Dont have the stuff here to do it.

Can you buy it at Fleet Farm?


Sunday, well go get whatever you want. Hell, in this state, it is even legal. Bathtub beer was legal. Just so you didnt sell it.

Scott said, Really. Well shoot. That takes the fun out of it. He was only partially joking.

If this beer is as good as you say; I give you my word you will have a lot of fun with it.

BJ said, I know that look, Kris. You are thinkin again, aint ya.

Maybe a little. Got to do some checkin before I say nuttin though.

Scott said, Yknow. To make a good beer takes a month at least.

Didnt know. Guess well have to get you a place to stay. Cant have Peggy livin in a topper truck all winter.

Reckon not. You sure bout this?

As long as BJ dont say no.

BJ said, Kris, you always have lots of good ideas. Im curious. You know, though, the wimmenfolk, Scotts Peggy, your Dawn and Ariel, my Miley, they are all going to be plottin all day.

I said, Be good for Miley. She needs to do some plottin.

BJ laughed, You know, yer right! Do her good.

Joe Bob said, Im almost tempted to stay up here in this frozen wasteland. But I got crops this spring to plant.

Cousin Walt, who hadnt said anything yet, commented, Same here. But like Joe Bob, I got a job back home.

Cousin Tenny said, It is just too damn cold here. No project is going to keep me here.

All the rest of the guys there were teens with Joe Bob, Walt, and Tenny. So it was a Scott and BJ project.

Gertie, who loved being messenger, came around the fence corner, trotted over and said, You guys need to head over to the big house for dinner. She turned and trotted back. We all watched admiringly.

Walt asked, Kris, another one of yer wives?


Damn. He said enviously.

That ones almost as smart as Fawn, too.

Damn. He repeated.

We got up. BJ said to leave the fire, it was almost burned out. Then we followed Gertie back to my house.

There was quite the spread. BJ, as the oldest, did the grace, then we all dug in. The ladies must have picked up some card tables, because there was plenty of room for everyone. They must have seen it earlier, because the guys didnt say anything about the house. The little kids were still playing in the atrium. They loved it.

I noticed that Scott parked Betsy Sue next to me on the left. Fawn was already on my right. Ten seconds and I knew that Betsy Sue was like her cousin, unbelievably smart and pretending to be stupid. I whispered to Fawn, Pretending to be dumb hypothesis confirmed.

Fawn raised her eyebrows. She hadnt believed that Betsy Sue was actually smart. In the din, private conversation was easy, so Fawn asked her leading questions, eventually getting an answer that a bimbo couldnt have answered. After answering, Betsy Sue said, Busted. It figures that you would figure me out, Fawn.

Actually, Kris figured you out, I was just testing his assertion.

She looked at me, How did you figure me out? I know my family is trying to get you to add me as a wife, and I resent it a little. So I have said almost nothing.

Fawn said, Kris knows things like that. And while you may not like being pushed, being a sister wife may not be a bad idea. Kris will make sure you get to college. Name another guy wholl do that.

Good point. I just dont like being pushed, especially without being asked first. I scanned her and saw that she really did resent being pushed, even though she really did like me.

I said, Tell you what, I will gladly take you as a wife, but I am not forcing it. Heck, your dad is staying here with your uncle BJ while the three of us do some business. There is plenty of time.

Really? We are staying here?

Yup. You decide if you want to be here in the house with Fawn and me or with your parents in the place they are getting.

Her mind was going a mile a minute. This means I have to switch schools. Good. I hate that redneck hell Im in now. Half the grads cant even read. And I am not rushing into anything if I have the time to decide for myself. I had forgotten that she was 17 and still in school. She looked over at us, I was planning on joining you, but I would like to explore things a bit first. You talked me out of it.

Fawn said, No problem. There is no way you will ever find a better man, so you will join us eventually. No rush. She grinned. She serenely believed that with all her heart.

Betsy Sue replied, I suspect you are right, but I want to make sure.

Fawn said, Hell, Sally and Barb want to be sister wives as well, but we have to wait. And let me tell you, it is the most wonderful thing ever. I have never been happier. And Im not just saying that because he is sitting here.

I can tell you are happy. You are positively glowing. Is it possible...?

No way of knowing for several weeks, it has been only a few days. The timing is right though.

Eeeeee, that is so wonderful. I am so tempted that I might just take you up on your offer. She wasnt serious.

Before rumors could spread, I looked at the other end of the table where BJ was sitting. I said loudly, You told them yet?

No, he yelled back. Scott was telling Peggy.

Peggy called out, Tellin me what?

Scott gave BJ and me dirty looks. We are staying for a while, getting a trailer.

Peggy said, You mean no more livin in the truck? Wahoo!

Damn, I hadnt read that from him. Too well protected since it was embarrassing I guess. They were actually homeless. I said, I never said a trailer. The place across the street will be empty come Monday. You are welcome to stay there. There were four months until teardown, and I had been thinking, it was a shame to destroy the house since it was so nice, just like my secret hidden one bedroom cabin back in the woods. If we fenced behind it, wed still have three acres from that lot, and the house would still have two acres of its own. I would revise the plans with the architect come Monday.

BJ frowned, Which one, they are both in bad shape.

No, not the two dumps, the third one, across from you.

Pretty fancy house.

Consider it a business perk for now. If this works out, Scott can easily buy it. BJ, you can also fancy up your house if this works.

Miley said, What is this? What are you men-folk plannin?

BJ said, I have an idea, it has something to do with Grandpa Billys beer. Kris is keeping the details to himself.

I said, Only until Tuesday or so after I have my lawyer check some things. Dont want to get everyones hopes too high. Theyre already too high now. Let me just say that I aint running no charity if it works, everyone will be making their own money. 100% legit too.

After dinner, everyone went to rest for the night. I emailed my lawyer, Dennis, and asked him to check up on what it would take to buy the defunct brewery and get the licensing straightened out.

I was surprised when he emailed back ten minutes later. I also represent the owners of the brewery. They are asking $1.6 million for the place. All the equipment is still there. A real bargain in my book. There has been discussion on stripping the factory and selling the equipment, they could get almost five million for it. Licensing shouldnt be much of an issue. So many people lost their jobs over the closing that the city would be glad to reopen it.

I emailed him back immediately and said, Ill take it. See about that licensing. We will know in a month if we have a viable product. If there is someone still around who has viable knowledge of how the place works, like a foreman or brewmeister, please send his or her contact information.

The next morning during breakfast with the fifty or so relatives, Dennis called. You have the place. Closing on Monday at five.


What on earth do you want with a brewery anyway? You arent even of drinking age.

Good point, will that be an issue?

Doubt it. Ill email over the info on Greg Vanderhoff, he was the brewmeister in charge of the vats before the place closed.

I could sense the big question. I am investing in some relatives beer recipe. Anyway, gotta go. Talk later.


As everyone gathered at ten in the atrium to start partying, I got up on the temporary stage and said, I just got conformation. If BJ and Scott can make Grandpa Billys beer, we are going commercial. The brewery downtown is ours!

BJ, Scott, and Joe Bob immediately came up and BJ said, Are you crazy? None of us know how to brew beer in that scale!

That is why I am hiring a professional to work with you to upscale the recipe. Yall have been doing this for a long time. Yall need the money. And yall can do this. Make a legacy for your kids. Harry, Henry, Roy, Dan, and Bill. They can have a future. Joe Bob, you dont want to be here, but you own 33% of the recipe. That means that as you three license your recipe to the brewery, 33% of the licensing fee goes to you. That will be on the scale of around $300 thousand a year. That should help your farm. BJ and Scott, you will also get that, plus whatever you make as co-owners of the Grandpa Billy brewery and as brewmeisters.

BJ said, You had me at They can have a future. Scott and Joe Bob nodded.

Scott said, You are dumping a lot of cash into this.

Yes. And because of that, the brewery wont make you any money outside of your salaries and licensing fees for the first few years. All the extra profit will go to paying me back. But I estimate in ten years that we will be splitting a nice profit check.

I held out my hand, Deal?

We all shook on it.

Now, I understand that Bill can fiddle better than anyone. Shall we see?

We hoe-downed for hours. Turned out that Betsy Sue and her mom Peggy were great singers. We grilled up several hundred pounds of ribs on my new grill, cleaned out five jugs of BJs shine, had a great ol time.

We all collapsed and pretty much passed out around nine.

The next morning at about eight, we were still out of it when the doorbell rang. As everyone moaned, I got up and answered it. It was the guy from across the street. He handed me the keys and said, We have the last load ready to go. Its yours. He turned around and walked away. I guess he really didnt like me.

I went and found Scott and Peggy who were half awake curled up together on Carlas bed. Heaven only knows where Carla was. I handed him the keys and said, Here. Then I went back to my room, curled up with Karen again and went back to sleep.

Chapter 18


After breakfast at eleven, I called Greg Vanderhoff, the brewmeister. He answered, Hello?

Hello, Mr. Vanderhoff. I am Kris Stevens. I understand you were a brewmeister for the Yanser Brewery?

I was until they laid everyone off last June with no notice.

Are you available for a consultation?

Yes. I sure am. I could hear his wife whooping in delight in the background. She obviously overheard.

Can you stop by the brewery Tuesday at five in the afternoon?

No problem. Is the brewery being reopened?

Maybe. That is one of the things we will be discussing.

Ill definitely be there.

See you there, Mr. Vanderhoff. I hung up.

The three brothers and I headed over to Fleet Farm. They argued, debated and finally spent $20K on some equipment and supplies, much of it from the attached grocery store. Heck, there was even a home brewing vat for sale that they grabbed. They also rented a truck and hauled it all back to Scotts garage where they were setting everything up.

Peggy, Nellie (Jim Bobs wife), and Miley had taken over the two bedroom house by storm. Apparently Ariel had brought them over to Sears and spent a fortune on kitchen stuff. I heard there were a couch, chair, two bedroom sets, and a TV being delivered too. The previous owners had left the washer and dryer.

I left them to it and headed over to see Mitsumi at the hospital. She was in her bed, watching TV with Tanisha. I came in and Tanisha immediately got to her knees. I could see that Mitsumi wanted to as well, but my previous order to stay put held. I said, Tanisha, I am proud of you for helping an Acolyte in need. Tanisha gasped and fell over, her joy radiating like a sun. I went over and kissed Mitsumi lightly on the lips. She almost passed out with joy as well. Man, were these women amped up. I said, Mitsumi, I hope you are well soon. I am looking forward to you being at the new church. Have you seen pictures yet?

Yes, Master. Pastor Tanisha showed me pictures and we discussed the plans.

Good. I will see you later.

I dug a blank deposit slip out of Tanishas purse and left. I could feel the happiness, love, and longing for me filling their entire being.

Back at the new Scott house, the three brothers were still busy. Betsy Sue had joined her mom and aunts in organizing the place.

I went back across the street to my place. All my girls were radiating love and happiness. They were also enjoying all the kids running around. Several families not directly related had left, so there were only about ten kids running about that werent local.

I gave Tami the deposit slip and had her transfer ten million to Tanishas account. I had the feeling that she needed the money and was going to start taking in strays like Mitsumi.

I was getting blue balls, so I took Karen, Clair, Debbie and Tami to my room, blocked the door with a chair, and told them to assume the position. They were almost immediately naked and kneeling with their tits and asses thrust out. I was naked just as fast. I went over and stroked Tamis breasts, pinching the erect nipples. I gave each of them a long suck. She moaned and nearly fell over. I relayed her absolute ecstasy to her local sisters and they moaned as well. I pulled her to me and kissed her long and hard with lots of tongue. I laid her back on the bed and licked her clit for a minute, then sensing that she was about to overload, I moved up and slid in. She gave a muffled scream and started convulsing, her pussy literally sucking on my cock. She must have somehow cross-connected with Karen, because I thought only her twat could do that. I filled her up and pulled Karen over next to her, sliding home in her. Yes, it was identical. I must have cross linked them somehow, maybe when I transferred Tamis blowjob knowledge to Karen. Anyway, I left a load in Karen and pulled Debbie over and did the same to her. Clair I bent over the bed and took her from behind. I left her and her sisters out cold with cum dripping out of their twats on to the bed and got dressed, heading over and taking my turn watching the little kids.

That evening, all my girls and I collapsed in my bed and just passed out from exhaustion. I barely remembered to turn on the alarm for school the next morning. Last thing I did was pull Karen to me for spooning.

Chapter 19


School was pretty normal the next day. Betsy Sue came in with us and registered. She was excited to go to a normal school.

In Senior Social, Sarah was all excited. I did a quick scan. Apparently she had spent the whole weekend helping set up the exercise room at the new building. She had eagerly helped everyone and had really enjoyed getting thanked. It was a new experience for her and I could actually see a big difference in her from it. To me, it was a minor thing, but the work and the thank you that she put in had really changed her. As much as my meddling had changed her. I told her, Damn, girl, you are really proving your worth! You are almost worthy now!

She had an orgasm on the spot, biting her pen to stifle her outcry. After recovering a bit, she asked, How is Mitsumi doing?

Wow, she actually cared. I quickly checked. Mitsumi was currently taking a leak in her hospital rooms bathroom. Her shoulder felt a lot better. I said, She is great. Shell be out soon. I made my decision, Be at the new building at seven tonight.

Ooh, Master, whats up? Again I was amazed. She was curious, but wasnt even thinking that it could be something for herself.

A surprise for you.

For me? Her voice squeaked. I checked. She was wondering what it could be. She hoped that it was a place to stay, her mother had been so upset that Sarah was helping others and hanging out with all these socially bad people that she had told Sarah that she had to move out, giving her one week. Then she thought that she was being greedy, and just hoped it was an opportunity to help someone. She had really enjoyed that. She began to worry about her mother, hoping that she learned to be a nice person. Sarah was really worried, it had taken her a long time and a lot of work to learn something so basic and simple. She wasnt sure her mother could do it. Sarah thought about her brother. He was peeking like usual last night when she was in the bathroom. She had let him see all he wanted. It was fun. She had even gone in with a loose robe with a boob hanging out and kissed him on the top of his head. She had considered helping him with his obvious problem in his jockeys, but had stopped herself because she belonged to Kris. Sam could look but not touch.

I was very proud of my work. Sarah had learned her lesson and was a changed person. I was going to bring her home tonight as number 20.

Next period I asked the girls, Do you like all these people hanging around?

Hen said, It is fun, but I really miss it just being us, Master.

Jasmine said, I agree.

Erin said, Hear, Hear. It is fine occasionally, but not all the time.

I said, I agree. Tonight I am bringing home a new sister to live with us. I just got done breaking her of her evil ways. You might know her - Sarah Waters.

They didnt say anything, but I could mentally hear them shouting, Sarah??!!?

She is a new woman. Worthy of being a sister now. If you want to take part in her collaring, meet me at the entrance to the Ballys building at six thirty.

They were a little confused, not knowing about the Alpha church.

Seventh period, Tami said, You really have Sarah on pins and needles. She is practically wetting her pants wondering what her surprise is.

I am planning on collaring her. She finally learned.

Oh, good. I was hoping.

And I have a surprise for you and your sisters too. Meet me at the Ballys building at six-thirty.

She was radiating curiosity. I just squeezed her leg and said nothing as class started.

After school I went and got the cashiers check for $1.6 million. Hard to believe that little slip of paper was worth that much. The bank actually sent a guard along with me to the meeting at five.

I met with Hans Yanser at the lawyers office. He was crying, but signed all the papers. I also signed them and handed him the check. He said, I sure hope you are reopening the brewery. I was forced to lay off a lot of good people when I closed. That brewery had been in the family for over a century, closing only during prohibition. I messed it up bad when my dad died. He started sobbing again.

I said, Thats the plan.

Good, that is why I resisted selling off the equipment, most of which is new from the renovations two years ago that we did in an attempt to save the company. Now that youve signed, I will tell you that you might need a cleanup crew. The silos are full of hops, but they have been sitting since June. We just dumped the vats, they will need to be cleaned.

To see his reaction, I said, We have Greg coming in to look at everything tomorrow.

Good, he is a good man. He is the reason we lasted until this year. Without him we would have shut down before the renovations two years ago. He got up, shook my hand and said, Good luck. Take care of my people. He left.

I asked Dennis to whip up a two month contract with NDA for Greg Vanderhoff tomorrow. He had that printed up in five minutes flat.

Dennis also said, The accounting teams are almost finished with Mrs. Zanes estate. It appears that she only has $360 million left of her inheritance. That is $129 million short.

What about the investments she made with Tamis money?

You know, I dont think they were even looking at those. I will ask them.

From the lawyers office I went straight to the new building. I noticed that the sign was already down as I pulled up. Already waiting by the door were all of my girls, including Tanisha. I put a pink collar in my coat pocket, then went up to the entrance. I told Tanisha to go find her Seniors. The rest of the girls I led into the lobby. I checked that Tanisha was gone and I said, This building is the headquarters of the Alpha Church. Tanisha, in a fit of religious fervor, established the church. There were so many members she recruited that I was forced to go along with it.

Jasmine and Olive groaned. Jasmine said, Oh, crap. She is such a nut.

Anyway, the church works like this: There is a novice level, which is anyone who walks in the door. A Junior Level Acolyte, who had committed to me, but hasnt proven worthy. A Senior Level Acolyte, who has almost proven worthy. And a Full Acolyte, which is you ladies. Now, when you walk in there, you will be the envy of and role model for everyone. They all want to be like you. So dont boss them around much and try to be mature and kind, which I know you all are. I glanced over at Sally and Barb, who had tagged along. You two are Senior Acolytes.

I went on, I have taken the collaring ceremony and compressed it a bit, joining part one and part two, and that is what we are here for today. Sarah Waters has earned her collar. Only you and Senior Acolytes are allowed to be present or know what happens at a collaring.

I looked out the window, and Sarah pulled in driving her lime green Bug convertible. In fact, here she comes now. The girls turned around and watched. Sarah couldnt see anyone through the tall windows because of the lighting. She stepped through the door and was surprised. At the same time Tanisha came back with all the Senior Acolytes, except Mitsumi, of course.

I led all of them, my twenty collared slaves, the seven Senior slaves, and a very confused Sarah Waters, to the empty gymnastics room, which was a two story 20 by 40 room. Empty right now. I had the Seniors lock the doors. Then I said, Everyone, assume the position.

In twenty seconds, every one of them was naked, kneeling, with their chest and ass thrust out. Sarah hadnt seen it before, so she took an extra few seconds. I said, Sarah, front and center. She looked puzzled. I grinned, That means get up here in front of me. She scrambled forward.

I undressed. As I was doing so, I said, Sarah, today you demonstrated the last piece formerly missing when you showed true concern for a sister. You have demonstrated that you are now worthy of being collared. I glanced over at Tanisha, Slave Tanisha, wonderful job of training. Tanisha gasped and fell over in delight. Sarah was also projecting a joy and ecstasy that I relayed to all of her sisters. I said, Assume positions for the collaring ceremony.

I put the pink collar on the floor next to me as they all scrambled into the semi-circle around us. Sarah was staring at her collar and radiating pure joy.

I said, Remember ladies, this ceremony is what binds us together. It is not to be shared with anyone outside of this circle. Even my house girls nodded with a fanatic look in their eyes.

I pulled Sarah to me, kissing her hard. She eagerly kissed me back. Like usual the girl to be collared was already dripping, so I cupped her perfect ass and laid her back, placing her knees on my shoulders. As her moist cunt opened up, I slid home. She was surprisingly deep. I just barely tapped her cervix. Most of my girls I couldnt fit my whole cock in them. She shrieked and came hard. As I slammed in my full list, I relayed her orgasm to the others. I reduced it a bit so they wouldnt pass out. Sarah was close so I asked, Sarah Waters. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

She screamed, Yes, Yes, Yes! over and over. Again, I toned down the amplitude of her projected ecstasy a bit more as I relayed it so the others wouldnt pass out.

I held up the pink collar. Sarah, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Her eyes opened wide as she stared at the collar. Yesssssss!

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

Waves of white out ecstasy, bliss, and religious happiness rolled off of her as she started flopping about, precursor to passing out. I relayed it full strength. I watched my twenty-one slaves and seven pre-slaves flop about sweaty and naked. As this was a special occasion, I kept relaying things about for a few minutes, watching their unconscious bodies all orgasm over and over. I went through and programmed my full lists in all of them, even the Seniors. It instantly burned into their minds. Heck, Sally and Barb had already absorbed the precepts from living with the others and didnt even need me to add to their inductee lists, but I did anyway. It was funny, the one item that took the most effort in every single mind I had programmed was the one line item about showing off.

I got dressed and mentally modified the inductee list last entry to be:


11.You will work at all times trying to be worthy enough for Kris to take final possession of your body, your mind and your soul by being collared. You will look up to the Senior Acolytes and Full Collared Acolytes, regardless of age, and attempt to learn from and obey them to be more worthy.


Then I went downstairs, and staying behind the fifteen foot blowup of my school picture, I went through all 115 exercising women in the main room, updating and programming in my inductee list. Over half of them were still little girls, but what the hell, raise them right in the church. There were a few cute teen girls leaning against the wall, waiting for their crazy mothers while playing with their phones. When I was done, they had joined in.

I made a mental note to add relaxation areas, I didnt want my girls all muscle; I wanted some nice soft parts too. I would mention it to Tanisha when she came to.

Maybe she already had, I saw several of my collared girls out in the room joining in, talking with the girls there. I checked my traces, it seemed that all of them except Tanisha were out there. Tanisha was looking for me, I sent a Behind the picture to her. She immediately vectored over to me. When she got there, she started to kneel, but I took her hand and kissed her. I nodded to the room and said, Good job. She started to faint. I said, Some small changes though.

She woke up and said, Yes, Master?

I want some relaxation areas, while I like my women fit; I like them to be soft and cuddly too. Add in a juice bar, free WiFi, things like that.

Yes, Master.

And I dont know if you noticed, I had some money put in your account to cover your house expenses. I expect that you may have to take in some strays. Like Mitsumi, how is she doing? I doubt she wants to go back to her place.

What a wonderful idea, Master. I will tell her immediately.

If she doesnt want to go back at all, send some of the Acolytes to get her things. They need to learn about helping others, and what better way than to give them tasks to do so.

She radiated joy and religious fervor. Oh yes, Master. Of course, Master.

And institute a free health plan. Dont tell the Juniors this, but I want all members checked for STDs. If they are infected, they cannot advance to Senior without special consideration, and I am sorry to say, will never be collared. Ill create a church account to cover the costs of the plan and building maintenance.

Understood, Master.

And make sure to pass the word, I want my women to be helpful, nice and courteous. I want lots of volunteers from here to be working at good charities like food shelves, big sisters, and the humane society. When someone thinks of charity, I want them to think of the Alpha church. Also, I prefer local charities to those in other countries. Lets take care of our own first.

That is an exhilarating idea, Master. She actually shivered at the thought.

Now kiss me again and get to work, Slave Tanisha. She kissed me long and hard with lots of tongue, then scurried off happily.

I listened in on the main room. My collared girls were having quite an effect. Each of them had Juniors grouped around them, including Karen and Clair; who had all the girls under 15 grouped around them, which was nearly 35 girls. All hanging on their every word. I linked into Karen, and she was being extra careful with what she said and did, but she was enjoying being on top. One of the girls was a bully in school and had been bothering her. Not any more. She really wanted to tell the girl to do something to embarrass her, but Master had told her to act mature so she suppressed the urge. She figured her Master had seen Spiderman too many times and was thinking of, With great power comes great responsibility. Well, Stan Lee had a point. Anything that she did reflected on the Master, and that was bad.

I was greatly enjoying it that my little sister was geeking out privately. I was also enjoying that Karen, Clair, and many of their sisters were wearing only sports bras and sweat pants. The other girls were eyeing their outfits. For fun I broadcast, Take off the sweat pants and work out in your panties. They did so. I sent, I love beautiful legs. They all said while they worked out, Master Kris loves legs. All the Juniors nodded in thought.

At about nine, I stepped from behind the curtain. Everyone gasped as was instantly kneeling. I wandered through the room, commenting, Nice belly button Great legs Nice ass Pretty hair and the like until I got to the entrance and I said loudly, Great work ladies! Then I slipped out. I felt a thread of amusement from my collared girls (except Tanisha and Sarah who took it seriously). All of them except Tanisha headed for the door.

Back home, I pulled Tami aside and we went online to our banks website and did the Create an Account. Then Tami transferred $100 Million to the account for the church. Then we did it again, this time for the brewery. Only $10 Million this time though.

I took Tami to my room, bent her over the side of the bed, and slid in deep. The vaginal rippling that she had got from Karen was still there, nice. I fucked her until she passed out screaming for joy, leaving a large deposit of baby juice deep in her.

I went and saw Wendy, Natalie, and Hen off as they headed for their parents houses. Jenny was finishing up giving Sarah the tour. I said, Jenny, you will share with Sarah until we get more rooms this spring.

Yes, Master.

I suspect that Sarah will be joining us in the main bed most of the time anyway.

So do I, Master. Jenny turned to Sarah and said, Sister, I am so glad that you finally learned the lesson. She hugged Sarah. It is so good to have you here!

Sarah started bawling on Jennys shoulder. I am so happy! She was and I passed it along to Jenny. Jenny bawled back.

We all headed for bed. I left loads in Jenny, Erin, and Yoshi, then, like usual, curled up with Karen and fell asleep.

After school the next day, I gathered up Tanisha, took her to the bank, and had her added to the church expense account. Then I dropped her off, and took the BJ and Scott to the bank and had them added to the brewery expense account.

By then, it was five and we went and met Greg at the main entrance to the brewery. Dennis was there as notary and Greg signed the contract. I told the two brothers that it meant that Greg couldnt tell any of their secrets without going to jail. They liked that.

The three of them spent the rest of the day going over the layout of the place, general plans for the upscale of the batches, things like that. It turned out that there was an actual R&D laboratory for testing micro batches. The brothers planned to move their equipment over since they hadnt started yet anyway. They actually got started on that while I talked to Greg about the problems that Hans had mentioned.

About half the hops will be bad. Maybe all of it if you need fresh hops.

Talk to BJ and Scott about that, but I would think so. This isnt a squeeze the last penny operation any more. We want the best, and if we cant do it, we might as well give up.

I will need to hire crews to clean out everything. That will take almost the entire first month.

It needs to be done. Do it. Well pay what you think is reasonable. Also, hire at least one accountant to handle the books. And the big item, what you are wondering, and what all your friends who want to come back to work are wondering, are we going to reopen? I grinned. He gave a faint smile back. It all depends on those two upstairs in the lab. If they can produce a good beer, and I have lots of testimony that their Grandpas beer was the best anyone had ever tasted, then we will ramp up production. I suspect the first few batches will be bad because of the learning curve, but once they get a good batch, I expect to reopen completely three months later. The deal is, if we reopen, you will be the #4 guy around here. I wont be here very often, you will primarily answer to those two who will be in the lab most of the time, I bet. You will get to be the hero and rehire everyone.

I went on, I know it sounds awful to base everything on the memory of two guys who learned how to do this 25 years ago when they were kids, and havent done it since, but thats the way it works.

He nodded. I understand. And Ill make sure all the guys understand too. I sure hope those two upstairs know what they are doing.

Me too. I have millions invested here. If BJ and Scott werent relatives, I wouldnt even be here.

Hear that.

Get that accountant in here to cut some checks for me to sign, then you can make your wife happy at the end of this week.

I definitely hear that! He grinned. One more thing, when Hans shut down, he really shut down. The warehouse is still half full of Yanser beer.

Really? Lets go look.

He was right, I had several hundred skews of beer, stacked five high each. Then several hundred more with four kegs each. I opened two bottles and handed one to Greg and tried one myself. Not a good beer. I asked, Is this just old, or is this what Yanser tastes like?

Unfortunately, it is what it tastes like. That is why we went out of business. Toward the end, Hans couldnt sell it.

Crap, any ideas? I suppose we could just dump it somewhere. Ive heard that beer is a good fertilizer.

Ill check around.

Just save a skew for historical purposes. Maybe take one to the local watering hole and give it away for some occasion. Not that great of an occasion, though. Not that great of a beer.

We could ship it to the city for St. Patties. Free beer, everyone will drink at least one bottle, no matter how bad it is.

Sounds like a plan. Now lets go see how the guys are doing. Grab a six pack for them to show how bad Yanser was. He grinned and grabbed a six pack from the skew, then we headed upstairs to the lab. The two of them were actually pouring hops! I asked where they got it and apparently there was a large freezer in the lab which was full of stuff. Scott said, There are two things missing, but those are added as it brews, so well pick those up later.

BJ asked, What do you have there?

I said, Greg and I have a gift for you. Greg handed him the six pack. Dont thank us until you taste it though.

They both opened a bottle and took a drink. Then they spit it out. BJ said, Dont thank you is right. What is this horse piss?

The reason this brewery is closed. That is what they made.

Scott said, You have got to be kidding.

Greg said, Unfortunately he is right. I am ashamed of this beer, but I was forced to use the recipe that the boss gave me.

BJ said, Well, after you taste this, you will be proud to use our recipe. I guarantee it. I just wish it didnt take so long to make it.

There are ways to artificially accelerate the yeast growth, but for your test batch, I would say that we shouldnt use them.

Dont know about that. But we will use our traditional methods for this batch. Play games later. All three of them nodded.

I left the three of them scheming and headed over to see Mitsumi. Kristen, a Senior, was there with her. Kristen immediately sank to her knees when I came in. Kristen was a beautiful blond woman, 19 years old. Apparently my list had sunk in, she was wearing a tight white blouse and skin tight jeans. I kissed her on the top of her head. I could feel her get wobbly in the knees. I moved over and kissed Mitsumi on the lips. I slid my hand inside the hospital gown and tweaked a nipple as well. She orgasmed, stiffening on the bed and biting her lip so she didnt cry out. I programmed in my full list into her welcoming mind. She was the last of the Seniors that didnt have a full list. From now on, when I promoted a Junior to a Senior, I was going to put in the full list. I gave Kristen a squeeze on the ass and left as they both moaned.

Chapter 20


The next three weeks went normally. The only real event was that the accountants had traced Mrs. Zanes investments, they were all bad, made to make Mrs. Zanes friends happy. Everything was liquidated and Tami got the $360 million. Tami put $200 into her mothers commissary account.

The renovations were finishing up at the church. A nice sign with big black letters that said ALPHA with backlit green was put up where the Ballys sign used to be. Tanisha had made drastic changes in the plans. She had left the weight room alone, putting in weights, and had done some minor conversions to the gymnastics room, converting half to an aerobics area, and the other half into a private room with mats for ceremonies. The front office was going full tilt. Many of the Juniors were working as secretaries and taking turns as receptionist.

Tanisha had come out with a pamphlet that explained all my rules and wants. Many of the women took one simply because somehow Tanisha had found a picture of me in my racing suit so all my muscles were bulging for the cover. I think one of the cheerleaders had taken it with her cell phone.

The first batch of beer was almost ready. The brothers had taken samples and were happy. So was Greg, who had sampled it and had been smiling ever since. He knew that he would soon be hiring everyone back. I heard the celebrations that night at the pub were something to remember.

After the successful sampling, I whipped out the contract that I had Dennis draw up. One million a year license to use the Carson family recipe. BJ and Scott signed. I put it in the envelope to have it sent to the local firm down in Kentucky that would take it out to Joe Bob to sign. Once he did, I had the three checks ready to go. I would send one with the contract so Joe Bob would get it on the spot.

We had finally settled on Gramps for a name, with an old picture of their Grandpa on the label. Licensing hadnt been an issue. We had both local and state licenses inside of a week. The old beer we had shipped and was sitting in a warehouse in Chicago, ready for free distribution on March 17th.

That Friday, I met with BJ, Scott, and Greg in the lab. BJ ran the tap and we filled four bottles. The stuff was fantastic. I wasnt really much of a beer drinker, but this was good. I asked, How much more is in there?

BJ said, About 30 gallons.

Why dont we fill another 120 bottles and have a grand reopening. Greg can hire everyone back at the party.

Scott said, We gotta send a case to Joe Bob, is 96 bottles enough for a party?

Greg said, Of course, it is enough for everyone to sample. How about tomorrow at the pub, five oclock? Well party and hire afterwards.

BJ, Scott and I looked at each other, we all shrugged, Sounds good, if I get some help here bottling.

The four of us spent the next two hours manually bottling the remainder of the batch. I suppose we could have put it in six kegs, but bottles with the label seemed more appropriate. When we were done, I handed BJ and Scott their checks. Joe Bob had signed.

The announcement when we all got home was big. Only Dawn, Sally and Barb of my girls actually cared, but they were all happy for me. I told them that they were all invited to the reopening party tomorrow afternoon at five, except for Wendy and Natalie whose dad was a laid off line-fitter from the brewery and would be there. I told Carla, Local interest story if you think it will be good. She said that the cameras would be filming. She thought it might even make the regional news.

Later that evening, I had the girls line up, asses in the air, and left a nice cream pie in every one of their unconscious drooling bodies. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. I carried the unconscious Karen to my room, spooned her and fell asleep.

The next day after dumping a morning load in Karen, then taking Dawn, Erin and Betty, I headed over to see how Tanisha was doing. I jogged down past the trailer park to the Alpha Center, as everyone was calling it. I went in the front door. Tracy, a sixteen year old tall brunette was manning the reception desk in the lobby. She was dressed in a tan mini-skirt with white suspenders. Only. I commented, Damn, Tracy. Nice outfit.

She blushed and gasped in delight. Thank you, Master.

I went over and kissed her. I just wish you could wear that when you arent here.

Me too Master, she managed to gasp. She was a bit out of it, delirious with happiness and joy.

I went through the fancy doors then dashed up to the third floor. Kristine was sitting at the desk there working on the web site design. She was wearing a tight sports bra and pretty thong panties. Nice. I said, Kristine, nice new panties. I paused to let her beam with happiness. Have you seen what Tracy is wearing?

No, Master.

I like it. A lot. Take a look later.

Ooh, yes, Master. She got all excited. I could tell that she was going to run and see as soon as she could.

Is Tanisha in?

She just started talking to some novices. That is what we called walk-ins.

Any way to look in without disturbing them? I had been curious for a long time about how she did it.

Sure, Master. She led me to a non-descript door. In fact, it was a janitorial closet. In the back of it was a small room between the two main offices, Tanishas and mine. The mirror walls in the offices were one way with chairs to observe in the hidden room. I sat to watch. Kristine went and got me a cold Dr. Pepper. I gave her an ass squeeze and she giggled and went back to her desk. I was willing to bet that she would sneak downstairs quickly to check out Tracys outfit.

There was a hot 30 year old redhead with what appeared to be her thirteen year old daughter sitting in comfortable looking chairs with Tanisha sitting across from them. She was slightly higher up, I noticed. Good psychological advantage.

The woman was saying with a puzzled look, ...I dont understand how you can reject Jesus, Tanisha. You were one of the most faithful of our church.

Would it surprise you to hear that one of the main tenants here is the Jesus was wonderful?

Really? A strong disbelief was in her voice.

Part of Alpha is to explain why Jesus was so wonderful. And Moses. Hasnt it ever bothered you how those men were so perfect, when all the men around them were so bad?

Of course. I wonder that all the time. But Jesus is Jesus. The lady blushed, recognizing how lame that sounded.

Here we explain why Jesus was perfect for his time. Once you think about it, everything in the whole of human history makes sense.

The woman was caught. I could see that. So could Tanisha. He daughter was frowning slightly, but not saying anything. Tanisha said, Our premise is biological. There are men who are perfect throughout history. The perfect leader, lover, worker, helper, father. This is simple biology. Look at horses. There is a lead stallion, his group of mares, then the other male horses that just support the stallion, but dont get a mare. Humans are the same way. There are men who everyone should follow and deserve all the women, and those who dont. The woman was nodding in agreement. Sometimes a man may approach this standard, and end up in power, but the true man, whom we call an Alpha Male, is very rare. They are natural leaders and are like Jesus, Moses, the first King of Persia, or Abraham Lincoln, and their every word should be followed forever. The woman was still nodding. I could hear Tanisha thinking, Got her!

But these Alpha Males, they are still a product of their times. Jesus was the ultimate Alpha Male, but he said and did everything framed for a bunch of Arabs two thousand years ago. The woman nodded again. There is only one modern Alpha that we here know of. We have chosen to give ourselves to him. If there is another Alpha, you would have a choice, but we dont know of one. She repeated. And once you commit to one, you belong to him. Tanisha deliberately paused for a minute.

The woman said, I can see that. It makes sense! Things I have been wondering about all my life are so clear now! Cindy, isnt it wonderful? Everything is so clear!

The pretty teen girl muttered, Whatever and rolled her eyes.

Tanisha went on to the next topic, me. We recognize that all men try to be like an Alpha, sometimes coming close, but only Alphas succeed. The children of the Alphas who start empires are often like that. The extremely diluted ones are like the average man. Wanting what an Alpha has but not ever getting it, except maybe catching a lone mare off guard and mating with her. Jocks often try to be like an Alpha, but just cant handle it mentally.

Now both the woman and her daughter were nodding.

We here at Alpha understand that we are part of the human herd and must obey and be with true Alphas. We have found only one so far, and that is Kris. She handed each of them a pamphlet with my picture. Both the mother and daughters eyes went wide. Tanisha laughed, Just say it, what a hunk! The two of them looked embarrassed. Tanisha went on, Here, in this building, you can say anything, even criticize Kris here, without censure or embarrassment. Of course, twenty people will attempt to debate on it with you, Tanisha grinned again, but you are free to say it.

Tanisha got serious, Now Kris is no average guy. He is an Alpha. He helps you when you are in trouble. He listens to your problems. He has rescued many of the women here from bad situations. Heck, he even faced down a guy with a gun for one of his women here. It is wonderful being one of his women. I have never been happier, Joanne. I know that I am completely loved, and will be taken care of until the day that I die with dozens of sisters who are with me.

The woman, Joanne, and her daughter Cindy, were both crying. Joanne sobbed, It sounds so wonderful! There has to be a catch!

The only catch is that you have to give up all the nonsense about one man, one woman. Alphas have many women, and take care of all of them better than any man I know of takes care of one. A woman has only one Alpha. I ask you, go downstairs, get on a stair-master or get a drink at the juice bar, and ask anyone if they are not happier now than before they realized Alpha. And if you dont want to commit to Kris, and wait for another Alpha, although I cannot think of a reason to do so, that is fine too. I think there are two members who have done that.

Oh, Tanisha, I understand now. She stood up and gave Tanisha a big hug. I am going downstairs like you said. She hurried out with Cindy in tow.

I opened the hidden door and went into the office. Slave Tanisha, way to convert a Jesus-nut! And nearly as pretty as you too. I am so proud of you.

Tanisha gasped, Thank you, Master! just before her eyes rolled up and she passed out in her own religious fervor over the complement. I caught her and lowered her back into the chair.

I went to the window overlooking the main room and watched all the activity. Amazing. I saw Sarah, who was as much of a religious nut as Tanisha, preaching to a couple of teen girls on a pair of exercise bikes. The two of them were actually listening. I left the office. Kristine bowed her head as I went by. I caressed her cheek. I went around to the far side and down the stairs, coming out in my usual spot behind the giant picture.

I mentally went through the room, programming in my inductee list to the novices. A lot of them were girls between ten and twenty. Apparently the first girls had brought their friends. The place was turning into a teen girl hangout. I wasnt complaining. I examined the thoughts of Joanne and Cindy. Both of them had decided to stay. I programmed in my inductee list. I had read something in one of the women that I decided to skip over her and come back. I projected up to Tanisha, We have a problem; Im behind the picture. She was down in under a minute.

I said, See that blonde woman in the red spandex?

Yes, she came in last week.

She is an FBI mole.

Big flash of anger from Tanisha. How dare she? The evil bitch. She was more upset that one of the flock could lie than anything else.

I said, Hold on and I will get her over here. I sent into the moles head the thought, I NEED to go over behind the big picture.. Fifteen seconds later she came around the banner. Her eyes widened when she saw me.

Jess Carmichael. If you would please come into the stairwell where we can talk privately? She was using the alias Deb Goodwin. Jess Carmichael was her real name. She followed.

The three of us stepped into the stairwell. She asked, How did you get that name?

Im Kris, I know everything. Have you made a decision yet, are we a dangerous cult?

I didnt think so until a minute ago. She was scared.

Fair answer. Dont worry, you should know by now that we are harmless.

She relaxed a little, and replied, True.

Actually, by definition, we are a religion, not a cult. As far as she knew. Programming minds wasnt something we did openly, or that anyone except me even knew about.

She said, Also true. I will admit, I am actually tempted to join myself. I think you are all a little nuts in your ideas, but I like what you do, and you are very good looking. But I have a job to do here.

I understand. All I ask is if you are going to report us as dangerous, please let me know so I can circle the lawyers.

No, I know you arent dangerous in the violent sense. But you may be dangerous is the sociological sense.

Hmmm, I can see that. You are afraid that we will disrupt this small city.

You already have, you have essentially killed off the local Baptist church, over 40% of its female membership has moved to Alpha, and the Lutherans are almost as bad at 37%. The Catholics you have only taken 23%. There are a lot of angry men out there. Reopening the brewery was a stroke of genius. Many of them owe you their jobs and arent really sure how to feel.

Shoot. Im going to have to fix that somehow. Thanks for the heads up.

If I were you, Id get some security here. She took a pen and scribbled a few names on the back of a pamphlet. Call these women. They can help. And it didnt come from me. Okay?


Damn, you are a nice guy. I am really tempted to join. Hard to find nice guys these days.

Tanisha spoke for the first time, Why do you think I founded the Alphas? Kris here is too nice of a guy to do it himself.

Kris, you didnt start all this?

Heck, no. All Tanishas idea. I was presented with fait-accompli. I just ended up paying for it all. I do admit it strokes the ego a bit.

Harrumph, Ill bet. She said, Can you tell me how I was made?

You were recognized and I was told.

Ah, maybe I have been doing too many of these undercover gigs if I am starting to get recognized. Damn, that means a desk job for a few years.

It was nice to meet you Special Agent Carmichael. I wont shake your hand because your boss is going to be pissed off enough with your cover being blown. I want to hurt your career as little as possible.

Thanks, but how would he know?

I assume that it is your partner that is watching with binoculars from the Perkins parking lot? One of the reasons I picked this stairwell was that it has a glass wall and he can see that we arent harming you.

Damn, youre good. I like you more and more. Who knows, maybe Ill get assigned locally and can join you guys.

Wed like that. Good luck.

As we went back into the main room, I created a special list and programmed it in.


1.  You love Kris Stevens more than anything.

2.  You will ask to be assigned locally.

3.  You will ache to be one of Kris Stevens girls.

4.  You will masturbate several times a day dreaming about Kris cock.

5.  Even if something seems fishy, you will give the Alphas a clean bill of health.


When she was back inside, she started crying. Damn, I dont want to leave!

I said, Go take care of things. You know one of our main credos is helping others. You are always welcome back.

A few sniffles and she straightened her shoulders, went and got her water bottle, then headed for the locker room. I said, Tanisha, if she EVER walks through the door again, let her, but I want to know immediately.

Yes, Master.

And help me brainstorm up reasons why women are leaving their churches and husbands to come here. Besides for me, of course.

Of course, Master.

I gave her a smooch while squeezing her hot ass, and as she staggered against the wall in ecstasy, I took off jogging back home, giving a leer and a thumbs up to Tracy who moaned, closed her eyes, and collapsed back against the chair.

As I jogged back I realized that the cold didnt bother me much. I used to feel like I was freezing when it dipped below zero. Fahrenheit, of course. It must be another physical change.

After the park, I was jogging down the street when I saw that my trailers were being delivered. Sandy was over supervising the start of her project. The four trailers were being lined up next to the old house that was falling apart. Crews were hooking the trailers into the utilities. I pulled out my phone and called the number of the cop who had taken the statement at Mitsumis house. Hello, Officer Vanderhusen.

Hi. Kris Stevens here. We talked a month ago about the shelter?


Well, you told me to call when we got the temporary trailers in place. They are being hooked up as we speak. End of Waldenberry Road on the right by the state forest.

Wow, thanks. They are really needed, especially now in the winter. Ill pass this on to Sheriff Olson.

Good, thanks. Ill be hiring some guards, just so you know.

With some of the hot heads around here, youll need them.

Yeah. Unfortunately.

The sheriff will want to come over and see what you have there.

Any time. You got my number from this call?


Just pass it on.

Will do. I have to get back to patrol now. Later.


I called the first name on Jesses list.


Hello, my name is Kris Stevens. I was told to call you about hiring some security?

Who gave you my name? I have been thinking about going into that business, but havent told anyone.

Im not at liberty to say. She wished to remain anonymous.

She, huh? Must be Jess.

I didnt say anything.

I dont expect an answer. Anyway, what type of security are you looking for?

I need to guard four places. Three of which require female guards. The first is a kind of church, which is threatened by vandalism, mostly female congregation. The second is a womens shelter, we obviously need women for that. The third is my house, which also need female guards because of the large female population. The fourth is a brewery, which just needs basic security, gender doesnt matter.

I see from your area code that you are a long way from anywhere. How soon do you need these guards?

ASAP, the womens shelter first.

I can get you several retired marines. All women except one. How long?

Long term. I can provide temp housing if needed. Right now the Womens shelter is run out of temp trailers, but come spring it will have an entire compound built. I can easily build in housing for you women if needed. Ill pay for a regular apartment or trailer as part of the package for your male friend.

Hmmm, what compensation?

Havent thought about it much. Lets say $150K for you to run everything and $80K for the others.

I am liking the sound of this.

Tell you what. Ill pay expenses for you to come take a look.


I gave her the address and city. She had my number from the phone.

Sandy had had them put one trailer in front and the other three in back. I told her that I had called the cops and that we were open for business. She nodded and said, Then I cant go to the party tonight. I will take first shift.

Damn, you are right. I didnt think of that. Sorry.

No, we need to have this open immediately. I will talk to my sisters about setting up shifts.

Okay. I did call and we have a guard interviewing tomorrow. Until then keep your cell close. Problems, call the cops. Anyone gets brought in or shows up, call me.

Yes, Master.

I gave her a hug and kiss, then went across the street. All the girls, mine and my in-laws, were getting ready. Wendy and Natalie looked dejected, so I sent them with some food to keep Sandy company. I gave the rest of my girls hugs, and then we all went on to the party.

It was quite the bash. The bar was an open bar, and everyone of age got one bottle of Gramps Beer. There were a lot of happy smiles. BJ and Scott were the men of the hour. After an hour, Greg led the two of them up on the small stage at the far end of the bar. He announced, BJ and Scott Carter!

Everyone cheered. BJ and Scott looked like they wanted to disappear.

Greg waited for the cheering to die down a bit. I am proud to announce, and any of you who have tasted it know it, that we are officially reopening the brewery!

Everyone cheered again.

Over in the corner, and he indicated a smiling woman with a laptop and a laser printer, is Mary, whom you all know. Sometime tonight, go to see her and she will have contracts for you to sign, because most of you start Monday!

The noise was deafening. Poor Mary was inundated as all the wives sent their husbands over to the table immediately. But she was ready. Most of the men were happy as clams. There were a lot of workers who had had to leave town, so many who remained got promotions. Many more that Greg knew to be slackers didnt, a few were offered actual demotions. Greg had thought long and hard on that, but he said that he wasnt going to hire bums. He didnt want to start with dead wood and drag the new company down.

I saw two different guys take two bottles each and leave. I guess they were spies from the other beer companies.

A lot of local politicians showed up, including Sheriff Olson. He managed to get me alone and said, I understand you opened a Womens Shelter.

I am backing one, yes.

Good, good, good. He nodded. Then some people wanted to shake his hand and he was dragged away.

About 9:30 my phone rang. I went outside and answered it. It was Sandy. Kris, you wanted to know if we got any customers.

Already? Damn.

Yeah, I know. I cleaned her and her daughter up with my kit, I almost had to call an ambulance.

Were they dropped off by the cops or walk-ins?


If they are still there, put them on the phone.

Hold on.

I covered the mouthpiece and said to Tami, Go get the Sheriff. She nodded and took off.

A cop said, Hello? just as the Sheriff arrived. I said, Hold on. Im talking to your boss. Then I said, Sheriff Olson, the shelter just got its first customer.


I agree. Problem is that the security doesnt arrive until tomorrow evening. Can I hire some of your off duty men to moonlight for tonight?

Heh, of course.

I asked into the phone, Are you a deputy or with the city police?

Deputy Larson.

Good, when are you off shift?

This was my last call.

Are you or your partner willing to moonlight as security tonight there at the shelter? Ill pay very well.

Im not allowed.

Heres your boss. I handed the phone to the Sheriff.

Sheriff Olson said, You or any deputy are authorized to moonlight whenever you want to for the shelter. He listened, then said, Yes. He handed the phone back to me.

I nodded my thanks, then said to the deputy, $500 to stay the night and play cards with Sandy, the nurse there. You, your partner, or both of you.

You have a deal, mister.

Hand the phone back to Sandy.

Sandy here.

Sandy, the deputies will be staying to guard you and the shelter, in case the new arrivals husband comes looking for them.

Okay, Kris.

Well bring over kitchen supplies in an hour or so. Ill check in with you then.

Thanks, Kris.

Love you. I hung up.

I commented, Damn. In operation three hours and we have a client. Makes me wonder how many needed it even in the last week, much less fifteen years since the old shelter closed.

Sheriff Olson said, We have wanted one for a long time, but financing has always been a problem. The city cannot finance it because then any women going there would have to give a police report. And women wont go unless they can go anonymously most of the time. There will be many people who are very happy with this. Ill leave with you in an hour and go see your setup.

It isnt much yet. Just some temporary trailers since groundbreaking isnt until the thaw.

I understand. Still want to see em.


The girls and I took our leave of the party. BJ and Scott were stuck for a while. Back at the house I waved the Sheriff over to the shelter and parked at my place and walked over. He was talking with the Deputies who had come out to see who it was. Wendy and Natalie had long since gone home.

The Sheriff looked around for a bit, looked over Sandys plans for the full shelter, um-hmmed, then left. I handed each of the deputies five C notes. I said, Anyone else who wants to make some money? We need a second shift during the day tomorrow.

They said that they would find someone.

It turned out the twins had done a run over to the other house and stocked up before they left. I sent a wave of love and admiration to Sandy and she sighed.

Chapter 21


I was surprised to be awakened by the doorbell. No one had used it since Carla. I grumbled as I slid out of Karen, threw on my jockeys while watching her whimper and kick her leg in her sleep (damn, she was beautiful and cute), and headed for the door.

I looked out the glass next to the door. There was a smoking hot blonde standing on the step. Puzzled, I opened the door and peered around it. Hello, may I help you?

You called me, remember?

I recognized the voice. Peggy Hanson. Ms. Hanson, I wasnt expecting you until this afternoon!

You said ASAP so I caught the red eye.

Well, good. If you dont mind seeing me in my undies, come on in. Ill go get dressed.

She grinned and stepped in. Leering, she said, Hmmm, not bad. You can stay in your undies if you want.

I could tell she was half joking, so I said, Have a seat. Ill be right back. I was glad she wasnt a prude. I went down the hall to my room and threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. I went back and said, You will probably see me like that a lot, I will be training for the Olympics in swimming starting in the spring.

Interesting. She sat up, all serious. I saw the setup across the street. That the shelter you were talking about?

Yes. We got our first customers last night, so I talked the sheriff into letting his guys moonlight as guards until I got someone.

Is that why there was a patrol car parked there?


You mentioned construction in the spring?

Yes. Obviously those trailers are short term. But the need was so desperate that we couldnt wait.

I understand. When I was teenager, I lived in one for over a year. I swore that I would never be a victim again. That is why Im a marine.

I can agree with that. What do you think of womens shelters?

While I wish they were unnecessary, I see the need. Not everyone can be a marine.

Hmmm, I think I like you. I borrowed Sandys line. Lets take a tour of the four properties. See what you think. Then you can tell me if you want the job.

She nodded.

I pulled on my shoes and jacket. I led her outside. Pointing in each direction as I spoke I said, The main house has fifteen acres, surrounded by fence. The back is chain link while the front here is stone. The only open section is the lake over there. On the lake is a boathouse. Over there hidden in the woods is a one bedroom house that also handles all the estate communications. Besides me there are about twenty women living here. Anyone who guards here cannot be a prude, we tend to run around without much on. She raised her eyebrows and grinned.

I led her out of the gate. To the south lives BJ and Miley Carson, they are family. Across from them are Scott and Peggy Carson, also family. Between them and the park I have no idea who lives there. They dont answer the door.

I led her over to the trailers. This is our temporary womens shelter. When spring hits, this whole 12 acre area will be fenced in, and an entire compound built with a guardhouse/admin building, townhouses and dorms, plus any security housing you want. Any questions so far?

Oh, lots. But I will wait until I take the job for details.

I nodded. Sounds good. Lets go take a look at the other two places. I led her to my car and we got in and took off.

Since it was close, I stopped at Alpha first. This is a little embarrassing. One of my girlfriends went out and founded a religion centered around me. By the time I found out, it was pretty much too late to do much about it. Because she had already recruited hundreds of women, her house was not viable anymore, so I got this building for her. Unfortunately, it has created some bad blood because many of these women are ones who would have been in the shelter otherwise and their husbands or boyfriends are mad that they are being ignored or dismissed.

Bit of a mess.

That is an understatement.

We drove to the brewery. The brewery here is for Gramps beer. The grand opening was last night. Just need basic security. Maybe a few guards during the day and a night watchman or two. But that is your bailiwick, not mine.

In reference to bailiwicks, Ive noticed that you are not specifying many details.

That is because the only security I know about is from movies. You will have free reign to set up your own security, I just get veto power. And anything public has to be unobtrusive.

By public, you mean...?

The Alphas, there it must be almost completely hidden, maybe even undercover. And the womens shelter, we dont want to scare off the poor refugees. The estate, just be reasonable, and the brewery, it may be best to have an obvious presence.

I can see that.

So, will you take the job?

I think I will. You are in desperate need here. I personally am not sure about this kooky religion, but I can deal with it.

I am not too sure about it either. I grinned. Can you live without a contract until tomorrow, when the lawyers are back in their office?

Yes, that wont be a problem. Can you extend whatever you have with the Sheriff allowing the deputies to guard the shelter, at least until tomorrow?

Yeah. He did it for half political and half conscience reasons. Im paying them a fortune though, so the sooner we can stop the better.

How much?

$500 each per shift.

Ouch. Ill have someone by tomorrow.

K. You can stay at the motel if you want, at the shelter, or at my place. The rooms are all taken, but I am sure one of the girls will let you have her room.

Id love to stay at the house, but I think for now it may be better to stay in one of the shelter rooms.

There are seventeen. One is taken. You can pick from the rest. Howre you doing for cash, need any?

I have enough to survive until the end of the week, which is payday, I assume?

I guess. Never had to really deal with it before. I suppose I need to set up HR and accounting. Hmmm, Ive skipped too many days of school, so Ill do it after school tomorrow. At her startled look I said, I am 18, in case you were wondering. Senior year.

You act a lot older. Although you really dont look any older.

Responsibility does that.

I drove her back to the main house. I invited her to dinner. Informal. She had a rental there. She drove across the street and went inside with her duffels.

I went inside and told my girls to expect the guard Peggy, not to be confused with Scotts wife. I told them that I wanted to recruit her if possible, but not to be pushy.

She showed up around four, wondering if she could help. Within a minute she was gossiping with Ariel, Debbie, Tami, and Jenny like a BFF. I shook my head, went and did my homework. I also sent an email to Dennis, asking him about ideas on HR and Accounting.

Two hours later they announced dinner. I went and got a plate, filling it up at the smorgasbord in the kitchen, then heading into the atrium to eat. It was pretty good. I commented, Well, Peggy. If nothing else I will hire you as a muse for the chefs here. This is good. Peggy and the girls from the kitchen all blushed.

Peggy said, Hell of a lot better than military grub, thats for sure. By the way, I have three friends flying in tomorrow morning. I asked about the second name Jess had given me, Harriet Jenkins. She laughed, Now I know you got my name from Jess. Harriet, Jess and I were on an op together last year. Actually, she is a good idea. Ill call her tomorrow.

We kept up small talk while we ate. As Ariel and Jenny were putting the dishes into the dishwasher, I said, Normally, Sunday evening we relax in front of the TV. We can forego that tonight.

Peggy asked, Why?

Because we usually cuddle au-natural.

Thats not a problem for me.

Okay. The girls and I stripped and settled down in our pile of cushions in the atrium to watch Alaska State Police. I kept a curious eye on Peggy. After a minute, she stripped and sat down next to us. She was pretty nice. Extreme hard-bodied with tight B cups. Shaven to a strip. She leaned back and I couldnt resist any longer.

I slipped in via her back door. She was a little upset, she was horny, but the only cute guy around was Kris, and he already had a pile of beautiful women on him. Ooh, damn was she horny for him. She might have to put her panties back on before she dripped all over the floor, although she noticed that all his bitches were dripping as well. Damn, he had a nice cock. It was almost starting to hurt, her need.

I got up and went over to her. Her eyes were shut as she shuddered in need. I kneeled before her and leaned in and kissed her. Without thinking she kissed me back. I tweaked a nipple with one hand while laying her back with the other, not breaking our lip-lock. Still linked, I could see that she really hadnt consciously realized what was happening yet. I slid forward, sliding into her hot dripping pussy. Her eyes suddenly opened and went wide as she realized that this wasnt a fantasy. Then she relaxed and closed them again as she decided that she didnt care, it was too wonderful. Several strokes later she convulsed in a massive orgasm and I slammed in my main list. I did some rewiring, she had already been brainwashed by the military, so I added a pre-filter to it: Kris, slave sisters, unit, core, God, country. Her permanent link activated, and Carla said, We have a new sister! as she felt it come online. The girls all cheered. I started relaying Peggys emotions and they all groaned and collapsed twitching. I decided to try something new, so as I came, filling up Peggy, I also relayed my orgasm. All of them convulsed, Tami and Karen screamed, and the whole room suddenly smelled like pussy juice as they all squirted all over the place. I let myself bask in the pure joy, ecstasy, and happiness floating around the room until I came two more times deep into Peggy. My girls convulsed several times for each time I came. I could feel Gertie, Hen, Wendy, Natalie, and Tanisha also convulsing at home in bed. I deliberately blocked Dawn who was on shift across the street, just leaking enough so she knew what was going on, but not enough to overwhelm her.

I finally curled up with Karen and went to sleep.

I woke up when Peggy got up around five. She was happy and was determined to do her duty. She had arranged to share a shift for training, O-six hundred hours at the shelter. She was a little confused, but very happy. Kris was a wonderful man, and she was overjoyed that she had met him. She could tell that she was falling for him hard and fast, but she didnt care, it was too wonderful. She worried that it might affect her work, but steeled herself to be professional.

Smiling, I went back to sleep.

Chapter 22


Dawn woke us at seven thirty. We all moaned, got up, and raced for the showers. We had put in a full room shower off the atrium for people coming in from the pool. Most of us shared that. Reminded me of my first shower with the cheerleaders, but I controlled myself.

Us old high school types got in our cars and headed in to school. The younguns Cheri, Karen, and Barb went across the street to see if the shelter girl Amy was going in to school. The procedure was, if she was going in, she would take a letter to the principal explaining things and removing her father from being able to pick her up.

School was pretty normal. Jenny and Sarah in third period, the seven cheerleaders in fourth, and Tami in seventh, were all super excited. They all were planning Peggys collaring ceremony tonight.

After school, I watched my cheerleaders for half an hour, and then I went to meet Dennis at his office at four.

His first question was, was this for the shelter or the church? I told him, Both. I hired security, and I need contracts. I will also need to hire people, probably insiders, to fulfill other jobs. I desperately need an accountant. I have a payroll now.

Kris, I suggest that you leave the HR stuff to my firm. We have a full time paralegal for you here, and that is something that she can do unless you are going to be hiring a lot.

No, just for the shelter and church. Like I said, probably all internal hires, without even a contract. Security is another issue. I have the particulars for the new security chief, Peggy Hanson, here is her full name and social number, plus starting salary. Ill send her in to sign and so the IDs can be checked.

Dennis nodded. I have a man in mind as an accountant for you. His name is Vance Dennison. Ive hired him as a forensic accountant for several cases and I know he is looking for a more stable position. I took the liberty of calling him earlier, and he is expecting your call. He handed me a card.

On the way over to the brewery, I called Vance. Hello?

Hi, my name is Kris Stevens. I believe that Dennis called you?

Yes. You are the one looking for a full time accountant.

Did Dennis give you the overview?

Not much.

I have a church, a charity, and my personal estate that have employees. I need all the accounting, taxes, paychecks and all that stuff taken care of.

Sounds like my cup of tea.

Okay, then. Go see Dennis, and hell get a contract and NDA for you. Can you start tomorrow?

No, but I can start Wednesday.

Good. The only place I have for you now is in the church, I am sure we can find a room for you there, it is the old Ballys on Waldenberry Road, right off the highway, itll say Alpha in big letters on it. We are building in the spring, and well build in an office for you then. Ill get you printouts from the accounts to get you started.

See you Wednesday.

I arrived at Gramps. There was a spot marked as Reserved for Kris Stevens. I parked and went into the main office. There were people running around everywhere. It looked fairly organized though. Greg and the two brothers were in the back, they looked busy. I didnt want to interfere, so I left again.

I went over to Alpha. Going in, I saw Denise, a pretty redhead about 25, sitting at the desk with a too short miniskirt and suspenders, similar to Tracy the other day. The style caught on quick. I said, Damn, you look great in that outfit!

She blushed.

I asked, Is Tanisha in?

I think she is doing laps in the pool.

Thanks. I leaned over and kissed her. She almost passed out in delight.

I made my way back to the pool. There were a good dozen women swimming. All nude. Nice view. I watched for a while, then went and tapped Tanisha on the shoulder during a touch turn. She stood up and smiled when she saw me. Yes, Master?

Much as I love to watch you exercise that hot body, I need a few minutes of your time. Can you get dressed for a moment? You are a bit distracting that way.

She grinned, Yes, Master. She hopped out of the pool. I watched her walk to the showers, rinse, then put on a mini-skirt and tank top.

I asked her if there were any offices, out of sight of, but near the entrance way. She led me to a whole section that was empty. There were several offices and several secretary desks outside of them. Perfect.

I have hired an accountant to do the books for you, me, and the shelter. He will also cut paychecks. So if any of my women here need a job, find one for them and get them on the books. How many are billeted at your place right now?

About 40 women and children. It is getting crowded.

Holy crap. Thats a lot. We need to do something fast.

Ive been thinking. There are a lot of empty townhouses to the west of us here. Maybe we should buy a few and fill them up.

Good idea. She almost orgasmed. Do it. If you run low on money, let your sister Tami know and she will put more into the account. Keep track of everything for the accountant. If we have any members who are electricians or plumbers, hire them full time to maintain all these places.

I couldnt resist any longer. I said, Turn around and bend over. She presented her perfect ass and dripping pussy. Damn, I love mini-skirts. I pulled out my cock and slid in. Tanisha passed out from carnal and religious ecstasy by the second thrust. I held her up by her hips. Since she was out, I didnt prolong it, I came a few thrusts later in her velvet pussy. Even when she was unconscious I could feel her shudder in another orgasm as the warmth spread through her belly. I placed her in a chair and pushed her behind a desk. Buttoning up, I left, giving Denise a long hot kiss, leaving her half out of it.

I was having such a great day that I took off jogging. Peggy (the guard) was instantly next to me jogging too. We had gone about six miles when she commented, You really are training for the Olympics, arent you? I thought I was in shape, but you arent even sweating.

I grinned and said, Well, you know I set the world record for the 100 meter freestyle swimming just before Christmas. Its in the books and everything.

Wow. I was talking with Sandy, Ariel, and Dawn all day and they never even mentioned it.

We went another two miles. She was panting so I had mercy and stopped back at the house. Peggy asked, When do you want to meet the rest of your core security team? They arrived this morning. After you meet them, we need to get them into position.

Where are they now?

Down at the Super 8.

We really need to get them started, dont we. Tell you what, its six right now. Ill let your sisters know that well be a bit late for dinner. Say... five minutes.

Can we make it ten? I need a shower.

Hmmm, tempted to join you, but you are right, times a wasting. Ten minutes out front.

Ten minutes later we were heading down the road to the Super 8. I said, By the way, my lawyer is handling contracts. We need to get you and the guys over there to do ICE verification and sign. Heres the number. I handed her a card for our assigned paralegal. She nodded.

At the Super 8, Peggy went straight to room 12 and knocked. A pretty redhead with startling green eyes answered. Hi Peggy. She looked over at me, Ooh, You brought me a toy?

Sorry, maybe later, Deirdre. This is our boss, Kris Stevens. Kris, this is Deirdre. We were in Iraq together. I shook her hand. Peggy said, Is Fiona in there?

Yeah. She turned and said loudly, Fiona! Come meet our boss!

A head appeared around the side of the door. It was identical to Deirdres. The twin said, Yummy! Are you sure this nice piece of man meat isnt for us?

As I told your sister, maybe later. Kris, Fiona. Fiona, Kris. Fiona nodded. From her angle it was hard to get a hand out to shake. I couldnt resist, I slipped into first Deirdres then Fionas back door and checked them out. They were as randy as they acted. I wrote in my inductee list. I would have to tweak things later because they had the military brainwashing like Peggy, but that took time, and Peggy was already heading for room 14, Deirdre and Fiona tailing. I admired their beautiful asses for a minute, then slipped up between them and put each arm around each perfect waist. The twins giggled. Peggy looked back and rolled her eyes.

She knocked on the door and a guy, maybe 40, answered. Peggy said, Tom, this is Kris Stevens, the boss. Kris, Tom Kalivas. I let go of one of the twins and shook his hand.

Peggy said, Kris, I gave them the tour earlier. I am now confirming. Tom, you are in charge of security at the brewery. Hire a few guys or gals and do what you need to do. You will pretty much be on your own. He nodded.

Fiona and Didi, you and I will take care of the church, shelter, and estate. Right now I am thinking of one group, taking shifts where needed.

Lets go introduce Tom and me at the brewery. Girls, you can come along or stay.

Well stick to Kris. Said one while the other giggled.

We got into my car. Tom followed in his rental. Over at the brewery, Greg was still in his office even though it was almost seven. We all trampled in and I said, Greg, I noticed that there was no security.

Never needed it. But with tensions around here, maybe we do now. I guess that is who these folks are. He eyed Tom.

I said, Greg, this is Tom who will be in charge of plant security. He will sit down with you and figure out what you need. One thing you didnt mention that I have been worrying about, this new beer is so good that we might get some sabotage. You two discuss it.

Greg nodded and shook Toms hand.

I went on, And this is Peggy, no relation to Peggy Carter. She is in charge of all my security. He shook her hand too. And these two just tagged along. They will be helping with my other properties. He nodded.

As plant security, I think Tom here should go through HR. I handed him a sheet that I had printed earlier. Here are the contract specifics. He glanced at the sheet and nodded. You two talk. I need to get everyone else situated, so I got to go. He nodded again.

As we drove away, I asked, Didi and Fiona, Peggy here is going to be joining my family tonight in a ceremony. It is very intimate, and for those who will be joining in the future. Do you want to be there?

They whispered between themselves. One asked, What exactly do you mean, joining your family?

It is complicated, but essentially I am taking her as one of my wives, and she will be part of the communal sisterhood of all my women. They will essentially be sisters like you had in the military. As close as you two.

Peggy moaned and said, Damn, that sounds so nice.

They whispered for another minute. Then one of them carefully said, We want to be there.

I gave them a big smile, which they both returned. After we got out, I put my arms around them again and led them inside. Funnily, the first two they met were Wendy and Natalie. Seeing both sets of twins made me really horny. Although it was dinner time, I pulled Didi to me and kissed her hard. She responded enthusiastically. Then I kissed Fiona as Didi pulled off my shirt. Wendy, Nat and Peggy watched with a big smile. I pulled off Fionas top, then Didis. As I kissed Didi again, Fiona pulled off the rest of my, then her, clothes. I turned back to her and started kissing downward as I watched Didi pull off the rest of her clothes too. They were both nicely trimmed to a little square above the mons. Nice. I kissed around Fionas slit, then ran my tongue up it. She moaned and collapsed back onto the couch. I turned and licked Didis slit and she collapsed next to her twin. I kissed Fiona and slowly slid into her quim. She orgasmed and I saw her whole life history. These two were black ops and had done some pretty horrible things. They fought with it every day in their minds; part of their defense mechanism was their sexual aggression. I created the pre-filter, like in Peggy, and installed it, along with my full list, changing things to Kris, slave sisters, unit, core, God, country. I filled her with baby batter, then quickly moved over and kissed Didi, quickly sliding into her. She immediately orgasmed, and I made the same changes in her as I filled her as well. I shared their emotions back and forth between them, with a weak relay to all the other girls, all of whom were here in the house, plus Sally and Barb, who were always there. Joy, Happiness and Sexual Satisfaction. Didi and Fiona orgasmed over and over in a feedback loop, forcing my reprogramming to cut deep into their minds. I decided to do a three girl ceremony tonight, so I stood back and began to reduce the feedback so they would be conscious for the ceremony in an hour or two.

The two of them lay there recovering and the rest of us went to get some dinner. Sally and Barb came to me. They said that they had permission from their dad to join my girls. I checked their memories, and they were telling the truth. So I decided to make it a five girl ceremony. I only had two blacks and one pink left in my stash, so I went and got another ten of each from the two crates in the garage attic storeroom. I took three black and two pink and stashed them in the atrium.

At eight, we all met in the atrium. After half an hour of gossiping, I said loudly, Girls, assume the position!

In seconds, I had a row of 25 naked beautiful girls thrusting out their chests. I leered for a minute, then said, Peggy, Didi, Fiona, Sally and Barb, Front and Center! The five of them scrambled to the front. The rest circled us in the traditional half circle of the collaring ceremony.

Peggy, Deirdre, Fiona, Sally, Barb. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

They all gasped out, Yes Always, sir, Of Course, I love you. I toned down the amplitude of their projected ecstasy a bit as I relayed it so the others wouldnt pass out.

I held up the first pink collar. Barb, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

All she could do was nod hard.

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

She shrieked and I relayed her ecstasy at about 10% power so the others wouldnt pass out. As it was they were moaning. Barb collapsed.

I held up the second pink collar. Sally, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Like her sister, she nodded, trying to speak but unable to do so.

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

She screamed silently and collapsed as her eyes rolled back in her head. I relayed her ecstasy at about 10% power as well so the others wouldnt pass out. Everyone was getting pretty hot under the collar as they were moaned.

I held up the first black collar. Peggy, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Yes, Sir!

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

She tried to control herself, but she fell down in seizures of ecstasy. I had to tone her output down to a trace as I relayed it.

I rapidly added Deirdre and Fiona, both of them like Peggy, trying to stay in position, but collapsing, arching their backs with their eyes rolled back like they were on CPR paddles. Since they were the last, I turned on the full relays for all my girls. I checked my Seniors, making sure they werent doing anything dangerous, and relayed to them too at a quarter power. All of them except one were at Alpha. That one was at Tanishas house. They all found a chair and collapsed. Back home I had a room of 25 beautiful naked sweaty girls flopping around in orgasm after orgasm and pure white out joy, happiness, a touch of religious fervor, and just plain pleasure. I relayed for a while in a feedback loop, enjoying what has to be the most beautiful sight in existence. Then I was merciful and toned it down and off. I noticed that Carla was still twitching, so I had to go in and force her to stop receiving before shed relax.

I grabbed a book from my room and went and sat in a corner of the atrium. Two hours later they all collectively moaned and woke up. They all just laid there.

Barb commented, I love Master so much!

Yes. I love him too. He is wonderful. I am so happy. Wow.

Whole new meaning to make love not war. That last was from Didi. She started crying. I love him so much it is painful.

I hear you, sister. That from Wendy.

Tami said, I hate to be the spoilsport, but some of you need to go home, and we all need showers.

Natalie said, It just isnt fair that Gertie, Hen, Wendy and I have to leave all the time.

Gertie said, No, sister, it isnt. But we will suffer so that we can at least be with Master part of the time.

Of course. You are lucky, at least you are a senior and your 18th birthday is only two weeks away. The three of us have to wait two years.

Olive said, Maybe you could ask Master to go talk to your parents like he did with mine.

Good idea! Master can do anything. And if he wont, then he has his reasons and it isnt my place to know.

Oh, Great.

Wendy and Natalies parents I really didnt mind altering to get the twins, their mom was a blah nothing and their dad worked for me over at the brewery; but Henrietta had a nice Dad who doted on her and I was reluctant to interfere.

I said, Ladies, if you want more time here, lay some groundwork first. Tell your parents about all the volunteer charity work you are doing at the womens shelter with the cheerleading squad. Also explain how the other cheerleaders help you with your homework. I know all three of you have had your grades go up in the last two months so that is supported. Also mention that you are working on getting the Alpha Stevens full scholarship. Dont mention that you already have it as one of my collared slave girls.

Henrietta said, Ooh, Master, you are so smart.

Wendy and Natalie nodded.

They all sighed, got up and headed for the shower.

I couldnt resist and followed them. I came up behind Sheri, bent her forward against the wall, then slid into her hot quim. I guess it was a mistake doing that against drywall, her enhanced hands balled into fists and her fingers punched into the wall as she orgasmed. I filled her up, and then carried her into the shower, putting her down by the door. The other girls were staring at my hard cock, licking their lips, reminiscent of our first shower. I decided to go along with that, and kissed Debbie hard, feeling her beautiful wet body rubbing on my front. Since we didnt have shower poles like at the high school, I leaned her against the wall and slid in as she wrapped her legs around me. As she came a minute later I shot a large load of splooge into her hot pussy. I pulled Henrietta to me, and in turn, filled her up, then Jasmine, Erin, Wendy, Carlie, then Yoshi. As they were semi-conscious lined up against the wall, occasionally slurping a fingerful of cream pie, I laid Tami back with her long legs around me and slid in. I kissed her passionately as she wrapped herself around me. I whispered in her ear, You know I love you, dont you, Mrs. Stevens? Her eyes went wide, she let out a silent scream, arched her back, pounded her fists on the tile, then passed out, radiating pure joy and love. I relayed it to the others at half power as I sprayed her cervix with baby batter. They all moaned and sat back against the wall, filling the shower room all the way around. Another of the worlds perfect sights.

Ten minutes later Hen, Wendy, Natalie and Peggy staggered to their feet. Peggy had to take over from a hired deputy across the street, and the others reluctantly got dressed and went home. Ten minutes after that Gertie also staggered out to her car and went home. The rest of us dried off and collapsed in my bed. I pulled Karen to me in a big spoon hug and we all fell asleep.

Chapter 23


The next morning after a everyone wished everyone else Happy Groundhog Day!, Didi went over to relieve Peggy while Fiona went and cleaned out their motel room. Hen had temporarily moved in with Wendy and Natalie, giving the room to Didi and Fiona. Peggy told me that she had six more lady marines coming in over the next couple of days. She said that unless it filled up, they would take one of the three bunking trailers.

After school I went for a jog. Peggy and Fiona came with me. We did a nice ten miles. Then Peggy had to go pick up two people at the airport. I went to check in with Tom at Gramps. Tom had taken over the empty guardhouse by the main gate. It looked like he had moved in, there was a cot with blanket and pillow, card table and chairs, and he was wiring in some sort of system. He told me that he had a few guys coming, but it would be a few days so he was living on site until then. I thanked him and headed inside.

Greg was with the Carter brothers, and they were carefully measuring some stuff into one of the giant vats. I didnt want to bother them so I left and headed back home. I went across the street and checked in at the shelter. Dawn and Fiona were on duty. They had everything well in hand, so I went back to the house.

I had felt a slight worry from Barb all day. I found her in the atrium with Karen, Clair, and Sally. The four of them were washing the floor, cleaning up all the stains from the leaked pussy juice from last night. They were talking so I stopped in the hallway, out of sight, and listened.

Clair said, I am sure it isnt anything to worry about.

Barb said, I think I am just too young! It makes me sad.

Karen said, I am only a year older than you. I know the Master. It isnt a problem. He is just a busy guy. Hell fuck you soon.

Barb said, I know that in my head, but my heart worries. With all you beautiful sexy sisters around, he wont ever be interested in me.

Clair said, Bullshit.

Sally said sadly, He hasnt fucked me yet either.

I stripped down, stepped into the room and said, You should listen to Karen, she knows me very well.

The three of them immediately kneeled and thrust out their chests with their heads bowed. Karen said, Thank you, Master. Clair, Sally, and Barb said, Yes, Master. They were all eyeing my semi as I sat on the couch.

Barb, if you feel that you need to be fucked so badly, get over here and get me hard. She was over licking instantly. She obviously had been taking lessons, because she used Karens move of licking around under the foreskin. I was at my full 11 in a flash. She was hanging on with both hands and still had half my cock to lick. I lifted her up and dropped her down, spearing her small body to the hilt. She screamed and began fucking hard, her pussy running a river with a pinkness from her cherry and small adolescent A cup tits deliciously bouncing. After only about ten strokes she came, flopping about like a fish out of water. I shot my load deep into her and she screamed again and collapsed. I had been relaying it to Clair, Sally, and Karen and they collapsed as well. Bummer, I had wanted to take care of Sally too. She was so hot lying there that I went over, flipped her over, lifted her ass, and slid into her cherry pussy. She immediately quivered in another orgasm. I fucked her for a minute, then filled her up. I positioned Clair with her ass in the air and filled her as well. Karen I was always ready to pump full of man juice. Im afraid that I left the four of them with an even bigger mess to clean up.

I sat and pondered for a minute, staring at Karens perfect body. Where my girls were all 9s and 10s, Karen was an 11. She easily could go get a multi-million dollar contract modeling. I figured that since I had the alpha male tendencies that the lab accident had awoken, as my biological sister she must be the perfect alpha mate. Neither of my parents were alpha types, so it must be the specific combination of their genes. This would make a wonderful science paper, but we wouldnt dare publish it. I just wondered what would have happened if she had been exposed to the purple smoke, I was willing to bet there was a good chance she was a latent empath like Carla, somehow I just got that vibe from her.

One of these days I would have to see if I could duplicate the purple smoke. I had stashed the lab video, copies of all the different projects and who was doing what, manufacturers of the chemicals, everything I could remember and everything Tami could remember in a locked safe in the back house. I had put both myself and Tami in meditative trances and written down everything, which tables Tami got the tubes from, when I sneezed, how long after that we poured in the tubes, what the tubes looked like, everything. I had also snuck into the school after hours and trashed all the teachers notes and security video so no one else could duplicate it; and I had stolen the big jug of musk oil (replacing it with a new one) in case it was something unique. I felt slightly guilty about wiping all the evidence, but it was too dangerous in anyone elses hands.

After duplicating the experiment I was thinking about deliberately exposing the rest of my girls, including all the Senior Acolytes at the church. I was going to have to wait a while until I had more time though. I figured it would take weeks to duplicate the experiment.

I was still pondering after doing my homework and curling up with Karen in bed.

The next morning I noticed that a lot of girls that I didnt know were bowing their heads as I walked by in school. This had been going on for a few weeks and I was curious. I stopped out of sight and linked in through the backdoor of one cute freshman as she dug her books out of her locker. She was a Junior member of the Alpha church! That explained it. Looking deeper I saw that Sarah had before school meetings where the girls, all 104 of them from the church who went to the high school, would sit and listen to Sarah preach about how wonderful I am, occasionally sharing stories, but mostly just praying and feeling religious exaltation about me. This girl actually considered it the best part of her day, only beaten by how wonderful it was to actually see me in the hallway. It was scary how my inductee list had sunk deep into her mind along with Sarah and Tanishas teachings and she now had the religious outlook like them ingrained in the very way she thought. She was completely incapable of understanding how someone could NOT worship their Alpha, which she had already set in her mind was me.

Curious, I listened to her thoughts. She was happier than she had ever been in her life, and so were her little sister and her mother. She loved the new townhouse with the other Acolytes, she slept soundly at night for the first time in her life; hell, she hadnt been raped in over a month! She wished Kris would make slow love to her, hell, even a quick fuck would be nice! THAT was what life was about. She silently offered a prayer to Kris that she be deemed worthy. She thought about that and decided that she needed to do more volunteer work; get more exercise to keep herself fit; and eat more fats to keep her curves. Yes, that will get her on the track to worthiness. She resolved to join the group jog over to Alpha after school.

I turned and went to class, a bit dazed at the ingrained psychosis I had created. I thought hard about it during class. The girl, and most of the others if they were showing up at the Alpha church, had personal problems and highly distorted ideas of reality already. And if they were with any of the standard churches, there were many dangerous ideas, like the Baptists who boycott art. I could control them and prevent a lot of heartache and evil this way. I couldnt save everyone, but I could save some. I realized I was rationalizing, but I could live with myself this way.

Second period I whispered jokes in Japanese to Masami, who was barely controlling her giggles.

Third period, before the bell, I gave Sarah and Jenny a big hug and whispered, I love you both very much. They both collapsed back into their chairs gasping and radiating love and happiness. The silly grins on their faces got them a few looks.

After school, I went out to see the group that was heading over to Alpha. There were over fifty girls that met out in the parking lot. I went and stood behind my car so they didnt notice me. Sarah met them, led a quick prayer to me asking to be worthy of me, then they took off at a jog toward the church which was a half-mile away. I just wished it was spring so they werent all wearing parkas.

I got in my car and drove past them to Alpha. Denise was at the reception desk again. I gave her a kiss and a nipple squeeze. She gasped and fell back in her chair in a happy daze. I headed over to see how Vance had done on his first day. I was surprised to see all three secretary desks occupied and two of the offices. One by Vance and the other by a hot blonde. I guess Tanisha had found jobs for several Acolytes. I said, Hello ladies! as I went past into Vances office. They all sighed.

He didnt notice me at first, he was really busy digging into some database. I said, So how was your first day?

He jumped, and then looked up. You must be Kris. He looked around at the piles of paper. I see what you mean when you said you needed an accountant.

I looked as well and asked, Where on Earth did all this come from?

The law requires a paper copy of all work contracts. I had Sue and the girls print them out. I was going through entering them into the database. I hope you have a signature stamp, because only half of them are direct deposit and I am told Friday is payday.

I said, No, but I guess Ill have to get one. Dont forget all the contracts handled by the law firm.

Yes, those were the first ones I entered. Im not about to forget my own paycheck! He grinned.

I see that Tanisha assigned you some help.

Yeah, I came in the door this morning, and they were all here, ready to go.

Good. Anything for me before Friday?

I could use the account information to print checks.

Oh, crap, youre right. I went to his computer, created a new account and transferred 10 Million to it, then printed the account routing info. That everything?


Ill head over to the bank to make sure that everything is ready to go on that new account. Call me if you have any questions.

I went around and snuck in behind the picture like usual. There was only one novice. I checked, and she was already dedicated to Alpha, so I wrote in the inductee list. I waited a few minutes, and the girls from the High School arrived. Surprisingly, there were six of them that were novices. I wrote my inductee list into them too.

I left and headed over to the bank. The bank manager was happy to check the account to make sure everything was correct. I had him set it up so Vance could do the direct deposits. He also had the equipment to order the signature stamp, and I paid the extra 15 dollars for a rush job. I got two of them, one for my use, and one for the brewery. I had them delivered directly to both Vance and Greg.

So things wouldnt get messed up, I headed over to the brewery. I was met at the gate by a guard who took me inside and, after checking with Greg, made me an ID badge. It had my picture, name, said President, and he programmed some sort of embedded microchip. Wow, Tom had got things organized fast. I went in and found the accounting department, told them that Greg would have the signature stamp Friday. Then I went to find Greg and told him that it would be there, and to lend it out only.

I hadnt seen the brothers recently, so I went and found them in the R&D lab. I asked BJ, How did Joe Bob like the beer?

He loved it. He said it tastes just like Grandpas.

Good to hear. Did the licensing check help out the farm?

Yeah, he used it to pay off the bank. Now, of course, he wants more beer.

He knows it is a month long process, right?

Yeah. By the way, we had one bad batch and had to dump it.

Damn. Already? What happened?

I think it was a bad batch of yeast. We have another 19 1700 gallon tanks that are good so far.

Great! After this lot is bottled, then we can hire on salesmen and make some money! I paused, The big question is, are you two having fun?

Scott laughed, Hell, yes!

BJ gaffawed, This is hard work, but fun. Great idea you had here.

Thanks. Well have to throw a party when we get all this bottled. BJ, you still making the shine?

Not since I got going here. Still have around 80 jugs left though. The little lady says that she likes that I am not doing anything illegal anymore, so I might just do a yearly batch during the summer or mid-winter.

Sounded good to me, but I wasnt going to say anything. I took off and went back to the house. I did my afternoon run with Peggy, had dinner with the girls, did my homework, then went to bed, curled up around Karen and went to sleep.

Two days later on Friday I checked in with Vance. The office girls were busy stamping checks as fast as the laser printer with the MICR ink could spew them out. The total? $90,112.38. I figured the brewery would be about half that. The next payday would be for two weeks instead of one and be twice as much. At that rate, it will cost $6.3 million a year to pay everyone. Operating expenses were $130K a year for Alpha, $150K for townhouse rents, and $8K for the estate. The brewery was $300K a year utilities and $1 Million for things like kegs and bottles. We had enough cash to run for 50 years (barring inflation) without taking any in. I hoped the brewery made money and hopefully wed get some more rich women like Tami at Alpha. If we didnt in a year or two, Id have to go recruiting. We should be able to keep going indefinitely.

Wendy and Natalie called and said that their parents were overjoyed. Except for a few minimum wage temp jobs it was the first paycheck their dad had brought home since the old brewery had closed. They had to stay home because of the celebration. I called and asked Greg how things had gone at the plant, and he said there was a party at the bar right after the workers picked up their paychecks.

Carlie and Dawn told us at dinner that they were both pregnant. Carlie was happy, but not overjoyed, but Dawn was ecstatic.

To celebrate, I had all my girls who were home line up and bend over. I went down the line giving each of them a cream pie. I loved the room with my girls piled up.

Wendy, Natalie, Carla, Didi, and Peggy werent there. Carla was doing a local interest story on the celebrations around town as the first paychecks went out. Didi and Peggy were working the shelter and Alpha, training in the four new girls that I hadnt met yet. Apparently there were two more coming on Monday as well, making nine total recently retired marines. Hoorah! No one was going to cause problems with them on guard!

In fact, since all my girls in the house were napping, I got dressed and walked across the street to meet the two new girls being trained there. I had just passed the trees at the start of the shelters driveway when I felt a hand going for a nelson. I grabbed it, ducked down, meanwhile throwing whomever it was over my head. She landed like a cat, twisted and was facing me in a crouch in an instant. She was dark, beautiful and feral, like Kinski in Cat People.

I quickly said, Hold on! Cant we talk before trying to kill each other?

She straightened up and grumped, I suppose. She still kept an eagle eye on me.

Didi came running out of the admin trailer. Farrah, stop!

Farrah called back, never taking her eyes off of me, This guy was trying to sneak in!

Silly girl, thats our boss, Kris! And he is on the main driveway, I would hardly call that sneaking.

No man should be here.

Not true, marine! Kris, Cops, and Medical Personnel can be on the grounds, in that order.

She relaxed and grumped again, I suppose.

I looked over at Didi and said grinning, Enthusiastic, isnt she? Didi rolled her eyes. I looked back at Farrah. Nice to meet you. Im Kris. The actual rules are that anyone can approach the admin trailer, but no one goes past it or off the driveway except for me, someone who works here, or someone with special permission and an escort. Nice move by the way. You almost got me.

Yeah, I have never seen anyone move so fast. Where did you train?

I didnt.

Her eyebrows went up. Didi said, Kris is an Olympic class swimmer. He has really good reflexes.

Farrah eyeballed the distance between us and suddenly her fist was heading for my face. I saw that it would stop an inch short so I just smiled as it stopped in front of my face.

I linked to her via her backdoor. The fact that I didnt even flinch raised me pretty high in her esteem. She had been treated pretty badly by men her whole life and was really jaded. By just not moving I was already the highest rated man in her life. She needed a focus, so I programmed in my inductee list; like Didi and the other military ladies, I added a pre-filter so that she thought Kris, slave sisters, unit, core, God, country. As she stood there she really struggled with the concept of actually liking a guy. Her mind finally chose the scenario that I was a white knight, setting up the shelter and Alpha to rescue damsels in distress from evil men. That concept was something she could accept and she actually delighted in it. Also she liked the idea of actually liking a man for the first time ever. She had been afraid that she would grow to be an old spinster. She smiled and said, Damn, Kris, you have balls.

I knew she had changed so I said, Sure do; anytime you want to check them out you are welcome.

She giggled, actually giggled, and said, Ill take you up on that.

Didis jaw literally dropped. She had known Farrah for years, and knew how much of a man hater she was. She was radiating pure shock. Another woman, dressed in camos, also was frozen on the edge of the woods. I assumed that she was the other trainee with Didi. She wasnt as beautiful as the others, rather plain in the face, but was attractive because of her health.

Farrah said, Boss, the woman over there with the surprised expression is Milly Mae. MM, this is our boss, Kris.

MM shook her head like a dog, blinked, then came over and shook my hand. Hello, Mr. Stevens.

Call me Kris. Nice to meet you Milly Mae.

And call me MM, everyone does.

The accent seemed familiar. I slipped in to check. MM, have you talked to your neighbor yet?

Uh, no sir, Kris. She was obviously puzzled.

Tell you what, after this shift, go and visit the people next door. Heck, the Carters were her second cousins. She was in for a surprise.

Since I wanted all my guards loyal, I slipped in my inductee list and prefilter. I said bye, winked at Farrah and headed for home.

I drove to Alpha where Peggy was training in the other two new guards. Peggy had set up in the office off the main entrance next to the front desk.

It was after school so Tracy was manning the desk. She had on her miniskirt and suspenders, light blue this time. I went over and kissed her, giving her clit a pinch. I said, Damn, I love these outfits of yours. The kiss, pinch and comment made her faint with joy, sexual overload, and religious fervor. She would be okay, there wasnt anyone in the lobby or parking lot, so she had time to recover.

I went over to the unmarked door and went in. Wow. There was an entire bank of video monitors that Peggy and a cute brunette with glasses were hooking up. Peggy glanced at me and said, Kris! We are just finishing up reconnecting all the video cameras that were left in the building. Apparently they just took the hardware and left, leaving the wiring and cameras.

That is a nice break. Whos your helper here?

Oh! This is Harriett, our tech op. Hari, this is Kris, the Boss.

Hari smiled and turned red. She said, Yeah, I saw the picture!

We all snickered. I turned red this time. I snuck in and programmed in my inductee list and prefilter into Hari. She was really shy, and already had a half-crush on me, so it was easy. As Hari blinked and started thinking about how to be worthy, I asked, So where is the other guard?

Peggy said, Alicia is doing rounds. Shell be back in a minute. You can see her coming around the building now. On one of the monitors a staggeringly hot blonde, as hot as Carla or Tami, almost (but not quite) as hot as Karen, came around the corner of the building from the west side. Instantly I wanted her, and I wanted her bad. I controlled myself as we watched her walk along the building to the main entrance, and then enter. I noticed that Tracy was awake again as Alicia passed her and then came in the security door.

Peg, howre the monitors work... she stopped as she saw me.

Peggy said, Theyre working great. Alicia, this is our boss, Kris.

She said, Hi, and shook my hand.

As I said, Hi back, I slipped in and programmed my inductee list and prefilter. She also had a half-crush on me, so the programming went right in. I checked and she had been a very high paid model before getting disgusted with the whole thing when she was 17 and had run off and joined the marines.

Suddenly I felt that Barb was in pain. Her arm hurt bad. Suddenly her gut hurt as well. Then it got more intense. I quickly linked to her mind. She was in the girls restroom at the park getting the shit kicked out of her. I said out loud, Barbs in trouble. I have to leave. I turned and left. I saw Peggy nod at Alicia who followed me. I called the house, Ariel answered. I told her what was going on, and she dropped the phone. Alicia and I climbed into my car and we burned rubber to the park. I called 911 while we were driving. We were close, arriving in less than a minute. The public restrooms were next to the playground on the west side of the road. We pulled up just as ten of my girls from the house plus Miley ran up. We could hear the yells from outside the bathroom. We all ran in. As I had seen, a blonde girl was screaming at Barb and kicking her. Five other girls were standing around watching.

Alicia grabbed the girl and pulled her back, holding her with her arms behind her. Some of the watchers tried to escape, but they were blocked. I knelt down next to Barb and said, Hold on honey, the ambulance will be here soon.

She tried to smile, but she was in so much pain that she couldnt. Miley and I stroked her face and hair until the ambulance and police arrived a minute later.

The cops took the five witnesses aside after one walked the assailant back to their car. At first they didnt want to say anything, but the story eventually came out. Barb had been walking by, had waved to the group and Cheryl had gone postal on her, grabbing her and twisting her arm behind her, forcing her into the bathroom, throwing her against the wall then kicking her over and over. None of them knew why.

Cheryl was then questioned. She denied everything at first. As they put her in the back of a car she started screaming and kicking everyone again. Goddammit! Because of that bitchs family my dad cant afford to send me to Aspen for break! I cant even get my Prada dresses anymore! and on and on in that vein. Talk about a spoiled brat.

Her father, the former brewery owner, came running up. He heard the rant and said, Cheryl, I have told you a thousand times, it is not their fault. They saved us when they bought the factory. He looked sadly at the ambulance where Barb was on a stretcher and the doors were closing. And nothing excuses this behavior. I will see you at the station. He turned and sadly walked back to his car, shoulders slumped, a broken man.

A shocked Cheryl was put into the squad car. Daddy! she shrieked as the door was shut.

Miley, Alicia and I climbed into my front seat, somehow the other ten managed to get in the back two seats. We followed the ambulance to the hospital. As we went inside, I said, We are here way too often.

There was a grumpy nurse around fifty manning the desk. I told her who we were there for and she scribbled it on a pad. Miley started filling out release forms.

The doctor came out and said, Is the family of Barb Carter here? He looked a bit surprised when thirteen people stood up. He amended his question, Is a parent of Barb Carter here? Miley stayed standing. Good. We need to talk.

Miley said, Anything you tell me can be said in front of these people, Doctor.

Very well. Barb has a ruptured spleen and needs an immediate operation to drain her chest cavity and sew up the spleen. We can do this arthroscopically.

If you are asking if you can operate, please get to it. I filled out all the paperwork.

What I am asking is if any of you are O- blood. We had a storage problem and we dont have any. We need at least two liters for the operation.

I raised my hand, Doctor, Debbie, Ariel, Tami, and I are all O-. Debbie and Ariel are pregnant though. Karen and Clair were also O-, but they were too young. It was actually very unusual to have that many universal donors available.

Then well use them as a last resort. Would you and Tami please come with me?

Tami and I followed him back where they were setting up donor chairs. We were quickly hooked up and the blood taken. We were escorted back to the waiting room.

Three hours later the doctor came back out. He announced, Barb is in recovery and is doing fine. She will wake up soon. You can go visit her in groups no greater than four.

When she woke up a few minutes later, Miley and I were there. She had one question, Why?

I said, Cheryl is a spoiled brat who suddenly doesnt have the money she is used to anymore for her toys. She wrongly blamed your dad, and when she saw you she snapped.

Thats just wrong.

Yes it is.

When can I get out of here?

The doctor answered from the doorway, In a few days. He looked her over and entered a few things on his tablet. You are doing great. He bustled out of the room.

Barb joked, a very good sign, Maybe I should thank Cheryl, now I dont have to fight for the TV remote for two days.

We arranged a rotating shift to keep her company, I gave her a kiss, then we left. Miley was the first shift, of course. After dropping everyone off, I headed over to the plant to tell BJ. Hed want to be there.

By Monday morning before school, Barb was completely healed, even the bruises were gone. I guessed it was the blood transfer since she wasnt one of the purple smoke girls, but Tami was and I certainly was. Maybe there was a concentration of stem cells in the blood, or something like that.

Chapter 24


I guess I had not thought ahead when I used religion to get Sarah in line. She was as powerful as Tanisha, combining her natural homecoming queen coercing ability with her new religious fervor. By the end of February, she had converted almost every halfway decent looking girl in the school, their sisters, and a lot of their MILF mothers. It worried me a bit, I was imagining pissed off husbands and fathers coming after me, but none appeared. There were a few boyfriends, but after the basketball hazing incident, they all stayed away, in fact most guys got downright friendly, back slapping, thumbs up, etc.

I added the two new security arrivals, Georgina and Zandy werent drop dead gorgeous like the others, but were pretty in an athletic way like Milly Mae. Milly Mae had a screaming match with Peggy (the housewife) to see who could give off happy screams louder when her cousin opened the door. I think they deafened each other screaming while hugging.

On February 29, after school, I went over to the plant. They were doing a bottling run with the full 19 tanks of beer. The trucks were running, shipping it all out. A good portion of this first batch was going to places where the critics could get a taste, samples were sent to All in good Taste, Brewery, and several other trade mags. The next batch would be staggered as batches were started after the vats were cleaned. No more of this all at once stuff. BJ and Scott packaged up a crate with twenty cases on it for shipping to Joe Bob. They also shipped four kegs and four cases to their old watering hole back in Kentucky. The local watering hole got all the kegs it wanted for free, of course. It was a perk and also good advertising.

It still took some effort for Farrah to work up some courage. She had obviously been drinking when she came into the shower naked while I was there after a jog. She walked in a sort of prancing glide. She was shaven, no correct that, she had every hair below the neck removed. I could smell her arousal from across the shower room. She pranced like a cat around the room, circling me, every hard muscle rippling. I pulled her to me from behind as she circled around me, rubbing my cock on her hard toned ass. She actually went, Rowlerrrrr like a cat as she leaned back. I cupped her beautiful tight breasts, flicking my finger over the hard nipple. She groaned and almost collapsed.

I bent her forward so she was on all fours. From behind, I slid deep into her, she let out another Rowl and sighed. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting hard. I leaned forward behind her head and said, You are mine now. I am going to put a collar around that lovely neck of yours and claim you forever. You will belong to me. Her excitement reached a peak so high it was almost whiteout. She screamed and started orgasming massively. I took the opportunity to ram in my full list, plus an additional cat role-play fetish deeply into her psyche. Purring with her pussy still milking my hard cock, she collapsed unconscious to the floor, I went with her, filling her up with man cream. I let the still running shower wash us off, and then I set Farrah on one of the benches as I put on some shorts and went to find some dinner.

A very drunk Hari tackled me in the hall outside the showers. She was naked and very aroused, pussy juice dripping down her leg. You took care of my sister, now take care of me! Geez, these marines sure are taught to be aggressive. She had my shorts down and my hard cock buried deep in her seconds later. Hmmm, damn. You are so hard and hot! She began to ride me fast and hard, cumming over and over, building up to a super-orgasm.

I grabbed her hip and shoulder and, in one movement, stood up, lifted her, then slammed her down and began to thrust deep into her. She gasped in delight. Like Farrah I leaned forward and said, Now you are mine. I am going to put a collar on you and make you mine forever. She screamed in a white out orgasm and collapsed unconscious. I dumped a nice big load deep in her.

Propping Hari against the wall to recover, I pulled my shorts back up and continued on to the kitchen. A couple of the ladies, Tami and Erin today, had a giant lasagna for people. I went up behind them and gave them a big hug, my fingers tracing the belly button of each of them as my arm wrapped around them. I pulled them back against me and said, I love you both. They sighed happily and Erin began crying in joy. I squeezed them once more, and then grabbed my piece of lasagna and headed for the atrium.

Tanisha was sitting in front of the window, just peering out. It was rare to see her here rather than at the church. I sat down next to her and said, Happy ninth birthday! We have two collars to give tonight for Farrah and Hari, well celebrate at the same time.

That sounds wonderful, Master!

Hold on, maybe well have more. I concentrated on my link to Tanisha. She felt a little lonely. Id give her a fuck in a minute. I went through her memories and found two more Senior Acolytes that had been worthy. So Janice and Pam have been doing good, helping others, teaching my way. They have earned their collars. I ask you, do you think a church or family collaring is for them?

We havent had one at the church for a long time. We need one.

So, they are both at Alpha right now. Do you want to head over and we can collar some new full sisters for you?

That would be wonderful, Master!

And I can see that there are ten new Acolytes to promote to Senior while we are at it. Those who are there we can do tonight.

I put aside my empty plate. I pulled her to me. Hmm, a bit young, only nine years old, but Ill take you. I joked about her leap day birthday. She was wearing the mini-skirt and suspenders outfit that was now popular at Alpha. I slid off the shorts I had put on after fucking Hari. My hard boner flipped out and hit her on the clit. She moaned. I shucked her suspenders off to the sides and played with her beautiful erect nipples as she rubbed herself on my cock, threw back her head and moaned in delight. I lifted her up and she sank down, impaling herself on my long hard 11 cock. (My cock seemed to have stabilized at 11 inches, thank god.) I pulled her to me by the collar, kissed her and said, You are mine, body and soul. She gasped in pure ecstasy. I felt her mind go incoherent and I reflected her feelings back into her. The feedback quickly built to white-out conditions as she had a massive orgasm, passing out drooling on my chest as I filled her with man juice. I rolled her off of me and left her on the bench to recover.

I went and told Hari that she and Farrah needed to be in the atrium at twenty hundred hours. I went and worked on my homework for an hour while Tanisha recovered. After that I went and told Tami and Erin that we had a collaring tonight and they got all excited. I also told them it was Tanishas birthday. They got right to work on a cake, Clair, Karen, Sally and Barb helping out.

I found Tanisha staring out the window again. I followed her link in and checked out what she was thinking. She was just happy, relaxing a bit, eagerly anticipating the two collaring ceremonies coming up, the one at Alpha for Janice and Pam, and the one later for Hari and Farrah. She tried to remember her life before meeting Master, but she couldnt really wrap her head around it. Everything was so perfect now. It was hard to understand how it could be different. She watched a rabbit cross the yard and was happy. I called out to her, Tanisha, lets head over to Alpha now. Her nips got hard and her pussy moistened up as she was instantly horny with me around and following my orders. Life was perfect.

We pulled up at Alpha. Both Tanisha and I had reserved spots, otherwise we wouldnt have found a place to park. We went in.

Sitting at the desk was Tracy. I said, Tracy, find a Novice to take your place for a bit. We are having a collaring ceremony in half an hour at seven, and you are being promoted to Senior. Find someone new but dedicated. Meet us upstairs in the ceremony room.

Oh, yes, Master! She excitedly jumped up and ran off.

I mentally reached out to all links in the building, nearby in the townhouses and Tanishas house, calling my girls in for the ceremony. If they were collared or senior acolytes, they would hear me. Then Tanisha and I went to find the new Seniors. First on the list was Alicia from security. Looking in the door, she was watching the monitors. I said, Alicia, we will be turning off the recording until twenty hundred. You meet me in the ceremony room in a few minutes.

She looked puzzled but said, Sure, Kris.

I went around the main room, hidden, stopping behind the big picture like usual. I sent Tanisha out to give notices to the other new Seniors, which included Joanne and her daughter Cindy. The two new collared ones were already Seniors and would already be there. Tanisha said, Holly and Ursula will be disappointed to miss their Senior ceremony. Mind if I call them to rush over? They live in our townhouses.

Of course. Wish I had known where they were before. All the Seniors and Collared in the townhouses are already on their way. Tanisha nodded and ran up to her office. I followed up to my office. I didnt use it much, but I went in and took two pink collars out of the safe. The back entrance to the ceremony room was down the hall. Tanisha and I went down and slipped into the room. We immediately stripped, leaving our clothes on the rack next to the door.

Tanisha had redesigned the room. It was in rows of mats, stadium style in an arc around the center. Senior Acolytes were getting in rows, telling the newbies how to strip and get in line with them. I went up front and placed the two pink collars on the floor beside me. They all quieted down, kneeled and stared at me with bowed heads. Five minutes later everyone had arrived. Damn, Alicia was hot.

There were fifteen old Seniors, not including Janice and Pam, and twelve new ones. There were seven collared girls, plus the two new Collared girls to be. The room was designed to hold over fifty.

I called out, Janice Hanson and Pam Kovitz, come forward and kneel before me. The two of them excitedly came forward and kneeled again.

I looked around the room, meeting eyes. I said, Slaves. This ceremony binds us all together. The woman you see next to you is closer than any sister you have ever had. By being here you have promised to be one of us for the rest of your life and beyond. Those with collars have proven that they believe in this commitment and have put their sister slaves before themselves in all things, except for their commitment to me which is beyond all possible other commitments. Every girl who wears my collar had given themselves to me in a bond stronger than any mere marriage, their body and soul belong to me. Today Janice and Pam have earned their collars. Almost everyone in the room sighed.

I looked around, Remember slaves, this ceremony is what binds us together. It is not to be shared with anyone outside of this circle. All the girls nodded with a fanatic look in their eyes.

I looked specifically at Tanisha, Slave Tanisha, good job of training. Like usual, she gasped and fell over in delight. I carefully linked to the eleven new Seniors and relayed Janices and Pams delight to them and all my other linked slaves in the room. It would be difficult to do any more than that though, it was my maximum number of people I could manually link with simultaneously and was giving me a slight headache. Time to move forward.

I said, Janice Hanson and Pam Kovitz. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything that you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

They both were gasping, Yes, yes, yes!

I pulled Janice to me while relaying her feelings to the others. They were all gasping in delight. I slid home in her dripping cunt. Several of them shrieked and fell over. While slowly fucking her, I picked up a collar and said, Janice, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Janice forced herself to focus on the collar. You bet your ass I do!

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

Waves of bliss pounded out of her as I pounded into her. I toned it down as so not to knock the others out. They were almost all collapsed and moaning anyway. Janices eyes rolled back and she completely passed out. I shot my load into her, then slid out and pulled Pam to me, sliding deep into her while picking up the other collar. Pam, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Oh, by Kris, yes!

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

Her eyes went wide, all her muscles contracted, and she froze as pure bliss radiated so strongly I almost didnt have to relay it. I did and everyone in the room arched their back and quivered in a seizure like orgasm as I filled her up.

I kept the feedback going, maintaining a very high level of pleasure and bliss. All their minds were blank in pure white ecstasy. I went and programmed in my full lists to the new Seniors while they orgasmed constantly, establishing permanent links to them. That was a relief, not needing to maintain my manual links anymore. I kept the relays up, letting them all quiver in orgasm after orgasm. I just loved watching a room full of beautiful sweaty nude slaves tremble in orgasm.

I deliberately toned down the relay to Tanishas link. She would need to be awake in half an hour for another ceremony. I went over to see how Cindy was doing. She was a virgin, but didnt seem all that harmed by the constant orgasming.

I waited ten minutes for Tanisha to recover, and then she staggered out after me. The rest of the room was out cold. We headed back to the house. Tanisha came in my car since she was in no condition to drive.

At the house I could sense all my girls gathering in the atrium. I led Tanisha to the atrium where everyone was lined up, naked with their chest and asses thrust out. What a wonderful sight. Tanisha quickly ripped her clothes off and joined the line. I could physically feel the eagerness, love, devotion, anticipation and lust radiating from all of them.

I went and grabbed two black collars (I always used black for security personnel). Then I stripped and stepped into the atrium. At my physical presence the level of emotion rose a good 50%.

Slaves, today two more of you have earned the right to permanently join your ranks. The anticipation level rose even more. Slaves Farrah and Hari step forward. The two of them got up came forward in front of me and kneeled again. The others immediately formed a circle around us.

I said, Farrah Dunwoody and Harriet Bergen. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything that you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

Yes, Sir! they replied in harmony.

I picked up a collar and asked Farrah. Farrah, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I do. She was trembling with the effort to control herself.

I put the collar around her neck and kissed her, saying, You are mine.

Her mind immediately gave up the fight and she shrieked, yowled like a cat and collapsed, radiating pure bliss. I relayed it at 25% so the others would be awake long enough to witness Haris collaring. As it was they were teetering a bit.

I quickly picked up the other collar and asked Hari. Hari, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

I do. She gasped.

I put the collar around her neck and kissed her, saying, You are mine.

Her eyes went wide and she collapsed trembling. I relayed her white out ecstasy to the others and they also collapsed, eyes rolling back and having seizure like orgasms as the pure joy overwhelmed them.

Chapter 25


It was time to head for Chicago for the St. Patties celebration. I carefully told all my slaves that werent coming with me to, stay put until I get back. I wanted to make sure the rule about coming after me was not implemented. I wasnt planning on being away for a whole week, but you never know.

Tami, Karen, Carla and Jenny were coming with me. Gertie, the only other slave besides Sandy and the guards that was old enough and not pregnant, had a family reunion she was attending. Sandy and the guards (except Sandy herself) were too busy; there were eight women and twelve kids living in the shelter now. Sarah, Jasmine and Tanisha were pregnant. Sarah and Tanisha were so excited it was exhausting just being around them.

The brewery rented a block of rooms at an Embassy Suites. One for me and the girls, including Sandy as our bodyguard; one for the Carter brothers; one for the two other Marketing types, Joe and Valerie, that were coming; and one more for the four factory workers who were coming to set up the display. Two of them were going to give away all the old bad beer anonymously while the rest of us promoted the good stuff.

It had taken an agent two months to get the one day liquor license for the holiday. He had had to hire several hookers and pay almost $100 Grand to the licensing commissioner. The license itself was only $213. Gotta love Chicago.

We had a food truck with the company logo in big letters on the side. We got up early on the 17th and parked it on Balbo drive near Columbus, where the parade started, just before they closed the road.

Since Karen was too young to sell liquor, even beer, she ran around checking out the area. The truck was an instant hit. We had a line twenty people long in no time. What was funny was that the Chicago cops kept slipping in underage buyers, trying to trip us up.

Overall, selling at cost, we sold it all by three. People were thirsty, heck, even the giveaway piss was gone too. We packed up, and went to watch the parade.

Around four, I sensed something was wrong. Karen was two miles away and the distance was growing rapidly. I tried to connect, but she was non-responsive. Shit.

There was no way I would be able to reach her quickly with all the parade traffic. No point in reporting it to the cops, who wouldnt understand how I knew where she was. I told the others, then took off at a run for the nearest clear area. I sprinted full out, surprising quite a few people. I reached interstate 90/94 to the west fairly quickly. I told Carla, %I am at the interstate.%

%Is she still being moved North?%

%Yes. Must be on I94 by now.%

%What you need is someone who can move fast. Sandy says you need to find a cop and convince him to go in pursuit.%

%Youre right.% I saw a state trooper sitting on the on-ramp, probably checking for speeders. I ran over and knocked on the window.

A drop dead gorgeous blonde rolled down the window. May I help you?

My sister has been kidnapped. She is currently 12 miles north of here travelling fast.

And how do you know that?

I always know where my sister is. Kind of like twins.

She blinked. I could hear her debating that internally. She said, That is a bit hard to believe, but I cant take a chance that you arent lying. Get in back.

I climbed into the back seat. It was a very well maintained police car. Clean. Like most police cars, the floor of the back was small and I had to sit at an angle.

She took off with her lights on. Whats your name?

Kris Stevens. My sister is Karen. Shes thirteen.

She picked up the radio and said, Unit 3431, responding 10-39 to citizen reported 14-45 kidnapping, heading north on Interstate 90/94.

10-4 3431.

She looked back at me in the mirror and said, Kid, you better not be playing a practical joke here.

No, maam.

I picked the right cop; she was racing at over 100 MPH north, passing the rush hour traffic like it was standing still (which a lot of it was). When we got closer I said, Two more miles. I reported back to Carla, %Im in a state patrol car closing in on Karens location.%

%Master, be careful, please.%

I sent a wave of love back.

A minute later we were closing in. I could feel Karen in the white mini-van ahead of us. I said, Trooper Yanks, she is in the white minivan ahead of us. She is unconscious in the back.

Yanks called it in and we were soon flanked by several patrol cars. The minivan was not pulling over. Soon there were four patrol and two police vehicles in pursuit of the minivan.

I looked up and, sure enough, we also had a police chopper. Why werent these idiots pulling over? It wasnt like they could get away. The cops couldnt use stop strips because of the hostage, but with a chopper and six cars in pursuit, they werent going anywhere.

We sped up I94 toward Milwaukee. I think the guy thought that he could get away if he reached the state line. No such luck. There was a complete roadblock at the Wisconsin border. He slammed on the brakes, skidding to a stop.

I felt that from Karen. She must be coming around. I didnt say anything as she was still pretty woozy. I sent a strong %Dont Move!% to her and she settled down, although she was really confused. Linking with her, I saw that there were five other girls with her in the back of the van.

I relayed that there were actually six hostages to Yanks. She gave me a look, but didnt say anything. We sat there surrounding the van while the kidnapper tried to figure out what to do for what seemed like hours, but was probably just minutes.

Using the time, not worrying as much about Karen anymore since there wasnt much that the bad guy could do, I mentally slid into Yanks back door. I knew that we would need a friend in all this. Examining her, Liz Yanks was single, tough, and like Alicia, had been a high paid model. In fact, they knew each other and were close friends; small world. I wrote in my inductee list into her, where it easily sank in.

While Liz was getting her thinking straight, I checked with Karen again. No change. The kidnappers were just sitting there. Karen was awake enough to notice that there were two of them now and that they were armed. Liz had relaxed and settled into her new thought patterns, so I told her that there were two kidnappers and that they were armed. She immediately relayed that over the radio.

Unfortunately, the two of them were too far away for me to reach without a previous link, otherwise a quick sleep command would have been in order.

The negotiator finally arrived and started schmoozing over the bullhorn. I watched through Karens eyes as the kidnappers debated what to do. Apparently they were part of a larger human trafficking ring, and were dead men no matter what they did.

I told this to Liz, and she reported it to the negotiator. He rapidly talked on his radio then said through the bullhorn, We can off you protection and witness relocation if you give up your bosses. That did the trick. They both knew that there was a good chance they would be killed anyway, but this was their best chance to survive. They immediately put both hands out the window and let the cops approach and take them into custody.

With several cops I ran forward and opened the back end of the van. Karen said, Oh, thank Kris! And rushed into my arms. The other girls were still unconscious. They were all beautiful, but not as beautiful as my sister.

I was surprised to see Sandy in the crowd of cops. I checked and she had hopped a news chopper from the celebration. There was a crowd of reporters in the back. I waved Sandy over and we both hugged Karen. The other girls were coming around, Karen went over and gave them all hugs.

They were all quickly bundled into ambulances and taken to the hospital. Liz, Sandy and I followed in her patrol vehicle. On the way we discussed what to report. It was decided to report that we were following Karens cell with the Google Stalker App; that the bad guys hadnt got her phone turned off all the way. Liz wasnt too happy about lying, but she saw the need. We ironed out the details, and good thing we did, as soon as we pulled into the hospital, we were all whisked away by the FBI.

The next four hours were questions. Not quite an interrogation, but close. I was cheered up a bit when I overheard one agent tell another that he was going to enable Latitude on his daughters phone immediately. Finally, Karen, Sandy, and I were released. Liz had disappeared. There was a regular squad car waiting to take us back to the food truck. As we drove, I had the cop relay the message to Liz, Call Alicia.

Funny, we never heard anything about the kidnapping again from the feds. Not a word. It was on the news for a few days, but then it died down. Liz called Alicia, and after the two of them gossiped about me for a few hours, Liz decided to transfer to my hometown area.

Chapter 26


After the crazy events in Chicago, we needed a break. Karen and I decided to visit our parents, as we had promised.

Sandy was upset, she was really worried about my security, especially in Africa. A week before spring break, when we were going, she came to me. She was more relaxed than I had seen her in a while. Tom, I have a solution for your security on the trip.

I was a little surprised. Wow, really?

Yes. She gestured behind her. In came a beautiful black woman, C cup, perfect figure, in fatigues. Without even peeking mentally, I knew that this was one dangerous lady. Mary here is a friend of mine. Her parents were from Tanzania and she speaks native Swahili.

As I held out my hand to shake hers, I slipped in to her mental backdoor. She was already a fanatic about me, apparently she had spent a few weeks at Alpha and it had really sunk in. Although she didnt need it, I gave her the Acolyte list, like usual only having to push in the show off line and lock everything down. She had internalized Alpha completely, she was literally dripping down her leg with fervor at meeting me and having mild climaxes that she was hiding, her entire mind was an open book. She was one of the biggest fanatic conversions I had ever seen. Second only to Tanisha and Sarah, but completely natural.

Sandy said, I ask that you please take Mary here, plus Tami.

Deal. I understand Mary, but why Tami specifically?

Because she is your legal wife.

I felt stupid. Oh.


I spent the rest of that week making the rest of my slaves very happy. They were all floating in the clouds as the four of us headed for the airport.

We flew a puddle jumper to OHare, where we caught a flight to Tanga, Tanzania. It was a long flight with two transfers. The three beautiful women, Tami, Mary and Karen, who joined the mile high club with me helped a lot. By the time we made it to Tanzania, they and I were premier members.

From Tanga we hired a car to take us northwest to the small village where our parents were missionaries. It was on the border of Mkomazi National Park and was beautiful, if a bit dusty. Elephants, Lions and Zebras were right out in the open. I couldnt understand how people fought constantly amongst such beauty. Where we were going was currently at peace, but all their neighbors were still at war.

We came over a small hill and through the scrub into the village. Asking around, Mary and I (I copied Marys knowledge of Swahili) found that Karens and my parents were currently building a small church/schoolhouse at the far end of the village. Karen and I started marching over. What a dump. Another thing I couldnt understand is why the poor always lived in hovels when they actually had a choice to live in much nicer places. Looking at the housing, I could see that it had been built for them, and had been quite nice twenty or thirty years previously. Since then there had been no maintenance whatsoever. I just shook my head sadly.

As we approached the new building, which looked halfway decent, my dad was the first to see us. He bellowed, Kris! Karen! and then rushed over to give us big hugs. My mom popped up her head and said, Frank, what are you yelling about? Then she shrieked and ran over to hug us herself.

Dad asked, What on earth are you doing here?

Karen said, We promised to visit, remember?

Mom replied, But we werent expecting you for another three months, after school ended. It is so nice to see you though.

Dad asked, Who are these two ladies you are with?

I slapped my forehead. Duh! I guestured to Mary, This is Mary. She is our bodyguard and guide. Dad shook her hand. Mary had been briefed and so didnt say anything.

Then I grinned, put my arm around Tami, and said, And this is my wife, Tami.

My Dad blinked in surprise. My mom exclaimed, Oh! then was smothering Tami in hugs.

While the women squealed, Dad and I went over to the school he was building. It was surprisingly large, a big main hall and several rooms in back.

He commented, Wasnt Tami the head cheerleader?


Are you sure you know what you are doing?

I grinned and said, No.

He grinned back and said, Good answer. It makes me feel a lot better.

He showed me the school while the girls continued their squealing for quite a while.

We spent the next four days helping with the construction. There were a few celebrations for us, one for our arrival, and one for our departure on Friday. Those were fun, with lots of dancing and drums.

Funnily, Mary disappeared for most of that time. We saw her at supper, and that was about it.

I tested the distance of the connection to my girls. I knew where they all were, even though I was on the other side of the planet. I had a long chat with Carla telepathically.

The flight back was as tiring as the flight out. A good 16 hours. We were greeted home by a humongous party, all my girls and all the Carters. It was bigger than the wedding celebrations had been. I happily fell asleep in a giant pile of my ladies, spooning Karen, of course.

Chapter 27


After break, in third period, I gave my usual hugs to Sarah and Jenny, when I noticed that Abida, a Muslim girl who had always been completely covered, was wearing a mini-skirt and tank top, obviously with nothing under it. She was a very sexy girl. She was staring at me fanatically, like Sarah.

As I sat down I linked into her mind. She was a complete convert to Alpha, thinking that I was the latest prophet of God, the first one since Muhammad. Digging deeper I realized that she had been converted by Mary, who had adapted the Jesus was an alpha idea to Islam. Wow, take the fanatical Islam, and apply it to a real person, and things got so fixated and obsessive as to be scary. The rest of the world was just a setting, I was the purpose for her existence. She was fanatical on the same level as Sarah, Tanisha, and Mary. I was ready to program in the inductee list, and realized that it was already all there, even the show off command. Mary had trained this girl thoroughly. And her own fanaticism had locked it down, making everything permanent.

As usual, Sarah and Jenny sat on each side of me. Abida sat right behind me. I reached back between the seats and gave her foot a squeeze. She orgasmed on the spot. I slammed in the full list and linked her to me. I was actually getting worried. I could smell her pussy juice, which with a quick glance back up her panty-less miniskirt to her obviously newly hairless pussy, I could see dripping on the seat and floor. She was going to get in trouble if she kept it up and it was only five minutes into the class.

I whispered to her, Abida, I love the outfit, but we need to tone it down for school. I had to give her a reason. If you get expelled, then you wont be able to go to school and be smart, and I like my girls smart.

She nodded seriously and straightened up in her seat. I gave her foot another squeeze and after she moaned, she paid more attention and didnt drip quite as much.

Over the next few days I noticed that all the Muslim girls in the school were suddenly wearing risqu outfits. I secretly examined several of them; Abida had gone through and converted the entire Mosque. They all knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that I was the newest profit since Muhammad. And since I liked them sexy, they were being sexy. They all secretly enjoyed it anyway, getting rid of the hajibs. The entire group had got together and removed all body hair from each other with electrolysis, having observed that my other girls were hairless. They were so religiously serene that they had barely felt what was a fairly painful procedure. They just laid there and prayed while the other girls removed every hair below the neck. Then they went to the next girl, then the next. All of them in one day.

What was interesting was that quite a few mothers were there too. They kept their hajibs because they were married and their husbands would get upset if they removed them, but they completely and totally supported and encouraged their daughters. It was unreal. If it wasnt in the memory of a cute freshman girl, I wouldnt have believed it. Her mother actually said, Now you go and be cute and sexy for the prophet.

What really shocked me were the several the fathers who had said, Do not bring dishonor on our family, go and be as the prophet wants. I was dumbfounded. When I read that from the memory of a sophomore named Naveen, I sat down against the wall and was stupefied for a good five minutes. That was completely over the top. I rationalized it a bit, it wasnt too different than the devotion of my other Alphas, the worship was just coming from a different angle. I was sure that Tanisha supported it whole heartedly. With that thought I got to my next class.

Thursday I jogged over to Alpha and snuck in the back, hiding behind the giant picture, like usual. When I scanned the room, every single girl I checked was fanatical, as in suicide bomber level fanaticism. I was starting to get worried. This concentration of religious fervor was dangerous. I started brainstorming for a solution.

I slipped up the back stairs and went around to my office. Out front, like usual, was Kristine. She was dressed in, well, nothing. Completely nude except for her collar. She saw me and her nips immediately sprang up hard, she started breathing heavier, and I saw her eyes dilate. The smell of pussy juice wafted through the air as she started leaking all over the chair and floor. I commented, Nice outfit, and she almost collapsed. I went over, pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard. She sighed and fully collapsed. I hadnt fucked her in quite a while, so I pulled myself out of my pants, sat her on the edge of the desk, and slid into the velvet warmth. She cried out and almost collapsed again, while clamping her pussy down on me. She immediately orgasmed, and continued orgasming with every stroke, culminating in a final scream as she passed out from the intensity with every single neuron firing in her brain. I dumped a full load of baby makers into that luscious cunt, slid out and tucked myself in; then left her passed out in her chair as I went into Tanishas office.

Tanisha was behind her desk wearing the suspenders and mini-skirt pseudo-uniform. She looked pretty hot. She was only a couple of months along, her belly was not showing yet. I sat on the couch and waved her over to sit on my lap which she did with a big giggle. I played with her wonderful nipples and commented, I notice a lot of new acolytes lately.

She gasped and said, Damn that feels great. Hmmm, anyway, yes, we have been getting a lot of Muslim converts lately. Im not sure why there is such an upsurge. Oh! That is wonderful!

I said, Mary and Abida enlightened the local mosque. I am worried, because of their fanaticism other mosques may declare jihad on us.

Oooh. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. It is a lot more than the local mosque. I just sent Mary back to Tanzania to handle the close to a million converts there that have come from the few hundred that she created when she was over there with you. And I didnt know Abida was the cause, but every mosque within 500 miles has converted. It seems that the Alphas somehow fit directly into their creed. Damn, that is nice. Hmmm. I dont pretend to understand why Alpha is accepted instantly by every Muslim that hears it, especially with the 180 on the treatment of women, but I am happy about it. I licked her hard nipple and she grunted and came hard.

I sat there and held her semi-conscious body while I pondered that amazing revelation. Somehow the made up religion I created to control Tanisha and Sarah fit in with the Muslim beliefs, making me the new prophet. This seemed very strange, since there was no way I was following the true faith of the Quran. The complete surrender was there, that was for sure! I just didnt understand. The few that I had examined had Alpha right down to their core beliefs, like it had always been there. The only thing I could think of is that somehow Alpha and Islam were like two puzzle pieces that came together and created a new whole.

When I got home that night, I was deep in thought. The girls recognized that I was thinking hard and didnt bother me. I decided to talk to someone. Of all my girls, the ones with the greatest grip on reality were Karen and Carla, coincidentally the two natural alpha females; yet another thing to ponder, but later.

I rounded the two of them up and we went to Carlas room. I told them what Abida had done. They both let out a simultaneous, Oh, Shit. Good, they understood.

Then I said, And guess what? Mary did it in Tanzania too.

Karen didnt fully understand, maybe she was too young, but Carlas eyes went wide. She was speechless. She knew that it would potentially unbalance the region even more than it was and probably cause holy wars.

The reason I am telling you two is that, of all my girls, you two have the best understanding of the outside world. They both nodded at that one. They knew that telling this to most of my girls would just confuse and scare them. They were scared, but because they understood.

Karen asked, Crap, what are we going to do? Master, do you have any ideas? They both looked hopefully at me.

Nothing besides letting it play out and hope that it doesnt get anyone hurt.

Carla said, I think you need to step in now, before it is too late. You need to beef up the pamphlet to a real study guide. Islamic types take the written word VERY seriously. Karen was nodding in agreement. I suspect it is already being used that way, Tanisha was commenting the other day that she had printed over 100,000 copies.

Oh, what a mess. You are right. I will play hooky tomorrow and this weekend, spending it beefing up Tanishas pamphlet to a Small Catechism.

We printed 200,000 copies of that small book. By two weeks later, we printed 500,000 more for local use and 500,000 more, which I translated into Arabic and Swahili, were sent to Mary in Africa. I just hoped that my parents wouldnt see it with my picture on the cover.

I put many things into the booklet. I put a lot of thought into basic things in Alpha that were causing problems plus several other things that were bothering me.


1.  ALL people, women or men, need to be educated.

2.  There are five levels in the church. Novice, Junior, High Junior, Senior and Full.

3.  Men, as well as Women, were welcome as Junior Acolytes.

4.  Junior and High Junior Acolytes in the church of Alpha can marry if they wanted, and only if they wanted, but once becoming a Senior Acolyte, a woman belongs to her Alpha.

5.  Any High Junior, Senior or Full Acolyte could perform a marriage for Junior Acolytes, and that a person had to become a Junior Acolyte to be married within the Alpha church.

6.  Divorce is legit. If your spouse is an asshole, leave them. Take the kids if they can be hurt by staying.

7.  Covering up is an offense to god. He gave his gifts, and they should be displayed. Common sense should prevail for environmental and social conditions.

8.  Helping others is a main goal of the church of Alpha. An Alpha cares for ALL of his flock like family, and in turn they should care for others as well.


I also codified many church traditions, such as a basic swearing in of Junior Acolytes, giving an oath to follow the churchs teachings. I also created the High Juniors, essentially for churches that needed a leader and I wasnt there to create a Senior. They were created by Seniors in a ceremony at an established church. Another big item was that I wrote down the basic premise of the church, just who Alphas were and how they fit in with the other religions of the world, basically what I had told Tanisha. The only thing I was afraid of was another man claiming he was an Alpha, so I put in several examples of what Alphas can do.


1.  An Alpha NEVER hurts any of his women.

2.  An Alpha can feel everything that his women feel, no matter how far away he is.

3.  An Alpha knows exactly where his women are at all times, no matter how far away he is.

4.  An Alpha always knows if one of his women is injured in any way, no matter how far away he is.

5.  An Alpha can call his women to him silently, no matter how far away he is.


I hoped that science couldnt duplicate any of that. I figured that it would in about fifty years when communication implants became commonplace, but the tests would be good until then. I put in the first rule just in case.


The result of my catechism was immediately obvious. Men and boys showed up at Alpha, working out with just a jockstrap. There were immediate pairs formed amongst some of the Juniors. However, most of the girls stayed single, hoping to advance to Senior, at least locally. There was a lot of flirting and staring that went on, especially amongst the middle and high school kids. I secretly observed Tanisha and several others get together and create several High Juniors from Juniors that came on pilgrimage from Africa.

During third period, I probed Abida and determined that great changes were being made. Most Muslim women no longer covered themselves. Tolerance had taken root and many of the members were helping out in the community, together.

In the town, tensions evaporated as women learned that they could join the church and stay with their husbands. Unfortunately, we still got women who were fleeing a bad relationship quite often, the trailers across the street stayed about three quarters full. We were taking in people from the surrounding three counties as well.

Charities had to turn volunteers away due to volume. They just couldnt take hundreds of helpers.

Chapter 28


As the snow disappeared, I began to think about the addition to the house. We really needed it badly. Also the construction needed to get started on the shelter. The architects had been working on both sets of plans all winter, and I needed to get together with them and do whatever changes were necessary and to green light digging.

I was maxed out on missed days of school, so I arranged to meet the architects in their office on Saturday. Their office was downtown, I hadnt been there is ages. The street was lined by old buildings, pretty typical old America. What was disappointing was that most of them were all closed, either due to the closing of the brewery two years ago or just the economic downturn. I resolved to get the bank to make some very low interest loans and revitalize the area. At least reopen the diner and Radio Shack.

The office was above an old defunct antiques store. What was interesting is that the store, although boarded up, still appeared to have its inventory. I wondered what the story was there. Anyway, I filed it away for later pondering.

The architects had apparently been pretty bored over the winter and had built models of everything. It was an exquisite model, it had the fences, trees, everything; even the broken down gate to the state park.

They had followed my sketches on the design and I didnt have to make any revisions off hand. We discussed it and decided that they would start Monday on both the extension on the house and the back row of townhouses and the streets at the refuge. Once the back row was done, we would move the families in and get rid of the trailers so the main building could be built.

We discussed the security, I told them that any construction worker had to remain in the construction area, no wandering around. They understood. Again I told them, quality first, speed second, then cost.

It is amazing what can be accomplished with motivated workers. Since they were building in bulk, the entire row of townhouses shot up all at once and they were done by mid-April. The house extension was finished at about the same time. The trailers were put in storage and the refugees moved into the townhouses while the guards moved into the main house. Peggy (the guard) and her sisters loved the new rooms, each of which was like a hotel room with bed, small living area, and three quarters bath. Dawn and her sisters moved to new rooms as well and the original master bedroom that they had been using was converted to a nursery. There was another shower room, mostly for the pool. The pool was a dual lane 25 meter.

With Sandy coaching, I started doing two hours every evening in the pool. It was fun just to let go and swim. If any officials could see me practice, they would have had a coronary. I was actually down to 40.2 seconds for a hundred meter short pool, and that was without even pushing myself. That easily beat the 43.7 seconds with which I set the world record last fall. Sandy stood there with a stopwatch and the largest grin I have ever seen.

Chapter 29


Ah, graduation. I had skipped prom since I had the problem of too many girls to take, so this was the last big event. After graduation there was the senior class all-nighter at school. I had donated a lot of prizes via the local brewery to that, from a small car, computers, cameras, and gift cards to helping the class pay for the catering.

The actual graduation I had Karen video so we had something to send to our parents. She was inexperienced with the camera, but it didnt turn out half bad. We posted on U-Tube and sent mom and dad a link.

The all-nighter was boring as watching paint dry. After the evening raffle, the fun and games were several people hired to do a pretend casino. A few kids got caught up in it, but the rest of us got bored quickly. I couldnt do anything with the fifty or so girls following me around, the event was chaperoned. At 8am I was glad to go home.

Chapter 30


Abida had become the leader of the Muslim girls in and out of school. She had passed on my comments about toning it down in public and that I liked my girls smart. Words directly from the prophet. The other girls hung on her every word. I advanced her to Senior Acolyte and she literally passed out with joy.

Standing behind the big picture I dug into her mind. She was overjoyed at being closer to me, but a lot of the girls were now bringing problems to her and she was worried that she wouldnt be up to helping them. She had responsibility now and it scared her. She thought about a problem a girl had asked her about that morning, that her father wanted her to properly dress in a miniskirt and halter as the prophet wanted, but her grandmother was old fashioned and wanted her to wear the full hijab. It was causing many arguments in her house. It was a corundum, Abida wanted to tell her to wear what she wanted, but a good Muslim girl always obeyed her elders.

Abida considered the eight other girls with similar situations. That maybe the solution was to wear the hijab to and from Alpha, and changing before Imam Sarahs morning prayers, and then changing back before evening prayers and going home. If the girl told her father, but not her grandmother, that she was doing this, that would keep everyone happy. Yes, that would work. Abida would talk to Imam Tanisha and arrange lockers for the girls. Satisfied, she relaxed and concentrated on the big picture of the Prophet in front of her. It was so wonderful.

I winced internally. Holy crap (no pun intended), she was a fanatic! It still puzzled and amazed me how my faux-religion meshed so perfectly with Islam. I needed to get more direct control of this. I sent, Come back behind the picture.

She immediately got up and came over to me behind the picture. She saw me, moaned as she orgasmed and knew no more. I caught her, rolled my eyes and lowered her to the floor, sitting her against the wall. I mentally called Tanisha. A few seconds later she arrived. She must have been working out since she was wearing panties, and nothing else.

I commented, Nice outfit!

Tanisha grunted in a minor orgasm and leaned against the wall. Her nipples going erect and juice dipping down her legs.

I waited a minute until she recovered, then I gestured at the unconscious Abida and said, Abida here is even more into Alpha than you and Sarah. Can you see where that may be a problem?

Intellectually, but not emotionally, Master. She thought for a minute, She has been really good with new recruits; she has brought in over 500 girls and several dozen guys alone. I do think she needs more guidance.

Do you think making her a sister will control her?

It is about the only thing that will. With all our new Muslim Novices, I read the Koran, and see that she has taken the submit completely into her heart and soul. Tanisha looked sadly down at Abida. She will make a good sister, and it will show her how we live and maybe make her think a bit. She looked over at me, Many of the other Muslim recruits have also submitted completely, but they arent in the leadership position that Abida fills.

I did a quick scan of Tanishas memory. I see that there are six more ladies to advance to Senior, so we need to have an advancement ceremony tonight.

Yes, Master! She started quivering in excitement. It did interesting things to her hard nips.

Disable the cameras for an eight oclock ceremony. Gather all the seniors, the six new seniors, and Abida.

I left a very excited Tanisha there keeping an eye on Abida, who was still out cold.

Back home, the girls were excited that I was adding a new sister for them. Tami, Erin, Henrietta, Yoshi and Sandy wanted to come to the ceremony. We all piled into my car at a quarter to eight and headed over to Alpha.

At Alpha I gave Tracy a nipple pinch and a hot kiss. She was all excited over the upcoming ceremony and that put her over the top. She passed out drooling in her chair. I knew she would come around soon so I headed upstairs to my office.

In case Tanisha hadnt been able to contact everyone, I broadcast, Meet in the ceremony room, now. I noticed that several traces started heading this way that werent before. I grabbed a pink collar from my stash, hung up my clothes in the closet, then headed for the ceremony room.

As I entered the room, I noticed that there were already three rows of 25 or so Acolytes; plus a row of collared women who all were staring hard at me. Several of them licked their lips as their nips got harder and harder and juice started dripping down their legs. What a wonderful sight. I went up to the front of the room and put down the collar. There were a few seniors that were coming at a rapid pace so I waited for them to arrive. Several times one of the acolytes collapsed and was helped back up by her sisters. Finally the last acolyte was kneeling before me.

I looked around the room, meeting eyes. Following tradition I said, Slaves. This ceremony binds us all together. The woman you see next to you is closer than any sister you have ever had. By being here you have promised to be one of us for the rest of your life and beyond. Those with collars have proven that they believe in this commitment and have put their sister slaves before themselves in all things, except for their commitment to me which is beyond all possible other commitments. Every girl who wears my collar had given themselves to me in a bond stronger than any mere marriage, their body and soul belong to me. Today Abida has earned her collar. A huge sigh filled the room.

I looked around, Remember slaves, this ceremony is what binds us together. It is not to be shared with anyone outside of this circle. As usual, All the girls nodded with a fanatic look in their eyes.

Following the protocol, I looked specifically at Tanisha, Slave Tanisha, good job of training. Like usual, she gasped and fell over in delight. I carefully linked to the five new Seniors and relayed Abidas delight to them and all my other linked slaves in the room. I noticed that it was easier than usual, maybe I was getting stronger?

I said, Abida Jabara. Are you ready to make a full, permanent commitment to me? To be my toy and property forever to do with what I want? Everything that you are and that you own belong to me? Everything that you accomplish in life will be mine? To love me forever?

She gasped, almost passing out, Oh, yes!

I pulled Abida to me while relaying her feelings to the others. They were all gasping and groaning in delight. I slid home in her dripping cunt. Several of them shrieked and fell over, like usual. While slowly fucking her, I picked up a collar and said, Abida, do you take this collar, swearing an oath to be my complete and total slave for the rest of your life?

Abida grunted and focused on the collar. Khem alix llica. (As you wish.)

I snapped the collar into place, locking it for life. You are mine.

Waves of white out bliss pounded out of her as I pounded into her. I relayed it to the room in general, the new acolytes passing out orgasming and flopping about like beached fish. I immediately rewrote my full list into their minds, establishing the trace. I came deep inside Abida, filling that pulsating pussy with what must have been a quart of man juice.

I went back to my office, leaving the ladies to recover. I went online, did a credit check on her father, and then paid off her fathers bills as the tabag-baran. I made a printout of the transaction and put it in an envelope on a platter to be taken over to his house.

Chapter 31


Abida loved living at my house. She spent most of the day at Alpha and travelling around to mosques recruiting, and every evening hanging out with her new sisters and learning what the prophet teached. She joined up with Sarah and the two of them preached at every morning prayer meeting, with Tanisha joining in occasionally. What was scary were the hundreds of pretty naked girls, and some guys too, who fanatically followed their every word. Tanisha, with no prompting from me, had to tell Abita that what happened in private, stayed in private, and that she could only pass on lessons from that, not tell everyone.

The church was growing at an exponential speed. Abida had converted every Muslim in the entire Midwest, plus several on the east and west coasts. Every single Muslim from Mozambique to Yemen was now an Alpha. Both Shiites and Sunnis. All the religious wars had stopped, girls were going to school. It was too good to be true and I was really worried.

What really scared me was when a group of Japanese visited Alpha and I learned that Alpha had taken Asia by storm as well. Like it meshed with Islam, it seemed to also mesh with Buddism, where I was considered the rebirth of Gautama. It also meshed with Shinto, believing I was the direct personification of Kami spirit energy.

How could a religion that I made up on the spur of the moment have such an effect? Heck, when Hubbard made up Scientology to make some money, it had nowhere close to this impact! It was scary, my every move was being analyzed by hundreds of millions of people. I must have hit upon a biological truth that resonated with all these people. I knew the shit would hit the fan at some point.

Another aspect was that people were actually donating to the church. Alpha was easily making a profit (no pun intended) at this point. It had become self-sustaining.

Chapter 32


I had a secret side project that I needed to get going on immediately. I needed to recreate the purple smoke. The ingredients that I had were aging and I wanted to use them before they went bad.

I spent several hours a day in a makeshift lab that I set up in the remote cabin deep in the woods. I had to tell my girls not to follow me.

From all the notes, I finally, after several weeks, was able to duplicate the purple smoke in small quantities. Twice. I grinned happily behind my gas mask. The procedure was repeatable. However, I was not able to repeat it without the original musk oil. There seemed to be something special about this batch of musk oil, good thing I had swapped out the original. I had enough for nine large batches of purple smoke, but I wanted to save a liter to have analyzed for differences from standard musk oil, so I could do only three batches.

I had to test it. I was a little nervous as I led Karen and Sandy out to the cabin. Karen as the Guinea Pig, and Sandy to take care of her if there was a problem, as well as to put in the IV if it worked. I had set up a bed with an IV and bedpan in the cabin for her three day recovery. I was worried for Karen, but I also wanted her suped up like my original girls. I had asked Karen if she wanted to do it, and she was actually excited about it. Go figure.

Karen was all excited and had probably explored with the rest of the younger girls so she had seen this area of the woods before. Sandy hadnt. She asked, So what is back here?

There was a separate lot here originally. I left the small house here, but isolated, when we added the fence.

So there is a whole house back here?

I grinned, Yup.

Wow. We came out of the woods and she saw the small house. She asked, Why am I here?

You know of how I became an alpha, right?

You mean the lab accident at the high school? I remember that. It was a royal mess at the hospital. They arent set up for that number of patients at once.

You also know about the physical changes that were the result of that, for me and the cheerleaders?

Ariel tried to explain it to me once, you are stronger and heal faster?

Much faster. And I have figured out how to duplicate the original accident.


Yes, and Karen here wants to test it.

She lifted an eyebrow, but didnt say anything. She did go over the equipment in the cabin, examining the contained negative pressure chamber I had built and the recovery bed. Karen was scrambling around saying, Neato! and Cool! over and over.

Since I couldnt premix the chemicals, I sat down and started the procedure. Karen went into the chamber and stripped, passing her clothes out to Sandy. I got to the point where the final chemicals were to be added (the ones Tami had randomly put in) and I put them all in an attached isolation box and opened the other end to the chamber. Then I added the chemicals. A few seconds later it pumped out the green snot, then a few seconds after that it blew, filling the chamber with purple smoke. Karens eyes went wide and she collapsed. I hit the water flush and the chamber sprinkers came on and emptied the air of the purple smoke. Sandy and I broke the seal and ran in to see how Karen was doing.

It was interesting, while I could still sense Karen, I couldnt actually read anything. She was in a coma, just like the cheerleaders and I had been. I carried her to the medical bed and Sandy began to hook up all the monitors and inserted the IV. While she was doing that I cleaned up the chemicals and put them away.

At that point Carla called in a panic. Somethings happened to Karen!

No, its alright, I said. Come out to the house in the back of the yard.

She was there in three minutes. She took one look at Karen and asked, What happened?

I explained. Carla nodded and relaxed. If it was something I did, it was okay.

For the next three days Sandy, Carla and I took turns watching Karen. After two days, I started feeling feedback along my connection to Karen, similar to that I felt with Carla. It was encouraging. At the same time the cheerleaders and I had awakened, down to the minute, she opened her eyes.

Wow, was the first thing she said. Did it work?

Sandy, Carla and I smiled and I said, You tell me.

I dont feel any different.

I sent, %Can you hear me now?%

She started giggling, Carla smiled. Karen sent back, %What is this, a TV commercial?%

I said, Seems that it worked.

Sandy was looking around confused as she asked, How can you tell?

Since the girls already knew about Carla, I said, She is now like Carla.

I was right, Karen was a latent telepath like me. Somehow the combination of our parents genes created both a male and a female alpha. I doubted that there were any other alpha females in my group, most of them were betas, although it was a possibility. There werent any of my collared girls besides Carla and Karen that seemed to have a full grip on reality like they did. Sandy was the closest and she still had a lot of blind spots.

I started thinking about how to dose the rest of my collared slaves. I only had two doses left, but one could potentially dose all of them. I just had to figure out how to take care of the 30 women who would be unconscious for three days. I had my original group plus Karen now, I suppose that would be enough. Now where? I could do it at Alpha, but I wanted more control. I suppose the pool area would work, but I wanted to do it in two batches, one now for the non-pregnant women, then again in nine months for the rest. The clinic that was in the final touches of construction at the shelter was a possible answer. But again, I wouldnt have full control. I decided it was time to build the barn that I wanted to build where the old cabin used to be. It would be large and would also have the water and sewer connections. Perfect.

A day later ground broke on the fancy barn/stables. It went up fast, under a week. I purchased a large hazmat negative pressure chamber with sprinklers and had the tech girls from Alpha install it in the main barn area to keep it secret. I moved the ingredients for one batch to the big room, Sandy got IVs ready and showed Karen how to do them so she could show the others when Sandy herself was down; then I called together all my collared girls in the atrium at home.

As they all kneeled before me with their chest thrust out I told them, I have duplicated the purple smoke.

They all gasped.

Those of you who are not-pregnant, we will upgrade physically immediately. Those of you who have already been physically upgraded will assist. I said it in a way that left no option. I know it was a scary idea, but we needed to do this. Quickly so no one could find an excuse to chicken out.

I neednt have worried. Like Karen, they were all excited about it. The pregnant ladies, like Arial, Tanisha and Sarah, were disappointed. I actually had to tell them, Dont worry, we have enough for one more batch next fall after your babies are born. That cheered them up. Again, I had underestimated my control over my women.

I herded them into the barn and into the hazmat chamber. I put on my hazmat suit, went in and mixed the chemicals, opening my hood for a second to spit in the brew. Pow! The room was full of the purple smoke. All of them collapsed. I hit the sprinklers. Quickly the smoke dissipated. I went and opened the door and all my original girls plus Karen and few pregnant girls rushed in and started carrying out the unconscious girls, setting them up in the cots provided and attaching IVs.

It was a surprise when I went over and noticed that Betsy Sue was in the group of unconscious girls. She must have been in the house when I gathered them together. She was as hot as Dawn, her cousin. I had no problems with that. However, my next surprise were the group of nine pretty young girls between 10 and 13 years old that I didnt recognize. I called out, Anyone know who these girls are?

Karen came over, took one look and said, Damn, those are the girl scouts from Sallys troop. What the hell are they doing here?

Ariel arrived and said, Crap, how did they get here? I thought they were planning the campout over at Nikkis house. She gestured to one of the girls. They must have tagged along out of curiosity and got hit with the smoke.

I asked, What are we going to tell their parents? They are going to be gone for three days.

All of them are from Alpha, so that shouldnt be an issue. Well just tell their moms that they are on a campout or something.

The other issue is that they are going to be de-facto seniors when they wake up.

That shouldnt be a problem either.

I hoped not.

After two days I started to feel them again. To make sure, I started broadcasting, Love Kris. He is the Master. Over and over to all of them. While they were in their coma, I had to give Karen the Order vs. Suggestion speech. She had been taking everything as an absolute command like the original ten. After reading my list a few times to the ladies when they awoke, I was going to have to remember to give the Order vs. Suggestion command to them as well.

Like Karen, they all awoke within a minute of the time the original girls and I had awoken. I got up on a chair after they were awake and had taken their initial potty breaks and read my full list ten times. Then I gave them the Order vs. Suggestion speech.

I went over to the girl scouts. Being good Alphas, they all scrambled to their knees with their heads bowed when they saw me. I said, When you see your parents, you will tell them that you spent the last three days camping on my estate, which is the truth.

I got a chorus of, Yes, Master back.

You are all now listed as Senior Acolytes in Alpha.

Yes, Master.

I turned and went over to Betsy Sue. She smiled as she saw me and got to her knees as she had seen my collar girls do. I circled her, checking out her hot body and said, So you decided to be one of my girls, eh?

Yes, Master Kris.

Then we will have to have another collaring party for you after I talk to your dad.

She and Dawn, who was on the next cot over and listening, squealed and quivered with excitement. It was so high pitched it made my ears hurt. I smiled and moved on to Carla.

%So, you feel any different?%

%No. I deliberately scratched my arm and it has already healed through, so I suppose it worked.% She hesitated, %It is much easier to talk to you like this now. Feels natural, like talking. I had to put forth a little effort before.%

%Good. Too bad you cant report any of this, it would be a good story.%

%Yeah, I know. Dont rub it in.% She grinned.



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