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Sisterly Fun

"Hey, Kenan," Shawn greeted me. Today, he wore a light blue dress shirt with gray slacks and black shoes. A black tie loosely hung from around his neck.

"Shawn," I replied, stepping inside, before he closed the door behind me. I was wearing a red collar shirt, tucked into black jeans, and a pair of white and red sneakers. "Hi, girls."

The girls sat in the same spot they did before last month's 'event'; deja vu, huh? Nina was wearing an orange shirt with red shorts that reached down to her kneecaps. Ariel wore a light gray T-shirt with white shorts that stopped at her mid-thighs. They were watching Danny Phantom. To play it on the safe side -- at least in front of Shawn -- I sat across from them.

"I'm running a little late," Shawn announced. "Be good, girls. Bye." He opened, then closed the door behind him.

Ariel turned her head and looked out the blinded windows. Through the gaps in the white blinds, we could see Shawn stepping into his red sedan. Within a few seconds, he pulled out of the driveway and was gone. Ariel whispered something into her sister's ear, then they both looked at me and smiled. The two grinning girls then approached and nuzzled into either side of my torso.

"Thanks a lot for babysitting us again, Kenan," said Nina, caressing my chest.

"Yeah. We had a lot of fun last time," continued Ariel, running a hand up and down my left leg.

Tittering and using my chest as a cushion for her head, Nina crossed her right leg over mine. Ariel did the same with her left leg, brushing her bare knee against my cock and stacking her leg on top of her sister's. We stayed in that position for a long time, me looking back and forth at each girl's angelic face as they smiled up at me.

"Shouldn't we do this upstairs?" I suggested.

Ariel smiled at me, then nudged her sister to that direction with her stretched leg. Standing up, Nina grabbed the left sleeve of her shirt and pulled her arm out of it. With her right hand, she pulled the shirt over her head and carried it up the stairs, bare from the waist up. Ariel pulled her shorts down a little bit, then walked away. Half of her little ass was exposed as she left me. Soon after she was gone, those shorts were thrown to the bottom of the stairs.

I felt a little lightheaded thinking of what happened last time, but those thoughts also motivated me to follow the young imps. Halfway up the stairs, I found Nina's shorts. At the top, I spotted a black pair of panties. Just to be on the safe side, I picked them up and took them with me. What I saw as I turned the corner of the lit hallway made me drop the clothes.

There was Nina, bent over with her hands on her knees. Puffy pussy lips looked so tight below that round ass of hers. Her cheeks were open a bit from her bending over, allowing me to see her dark hole. She turned her head and giggled when she saw me staring, then ran into the room. When I entered the bedroom, the girls were completely nude, laying with their heads on their pillows and their feet facing me. I sat down in the same spot from the other day.

Wildly, the girls kicked their legs up and down, giggling as they did so. First Ariel, then Nina, slowed the kicking to a stop. Ariel lifted her legs straight up, then bent her knees, and her sister copied. Then, the older girl reached out and lightly tapped on the center of her sister's butt twice. Nina giggled, then gently slapped her sister once on both cheeks.

Ariel suddenly sat up, grabbed her sister's ankles, and stood up, dragging the younger girl's head off the pillow and sending her into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. She then held Nina's legs over the girl's head and crouched over her upturned butt (and cunt). "You like it up the butt? Hmmm? You like taking it in the butthole?" Nina continued to giggle as Ariel bounced up and down, slapping their rears together. "Only butt sluts like it up the butt. Are you a butt slut, Nina? You like having things in your big ol' butt?"

With that, Ariel swiftly shoved her middle finger up Nina rectum, making the pinned girl scream in excited laughter. Speedily, she stuck it in and out several times. "Yeah? You like having my finger inside you?" Her hand was a blur as she mercilessly fucked the 6-year-old's anus. Vigorously, Nina squirmed on the invading digit, rocking her older sister back and forth.

Ariel stopped, allowing her sister to catch her breath, but her half of her finger remained inside. She turned her head to me and, with an evil grin, shoved her index, ring, and middle digits deep into her sister, causing her to yelp. The fingers slowly came back out, then were immediately pushed back in. The girl's large eyes, focused on mine, were full of mischief that matched her horny smile. Before pulling out, she took a deep breath and gave one rough thrust that made her fingers disappear and Nina let off a painful grunt.

Then, still holding her sister's ankles with both hands, Ariel turned around so she could face me, and sat on the backs of Nina's thighs. Next, she grabbed both butt cheeks and spread them apart. "Look at how big her butthole is, Kenan. She's always sticking things in there."

"Like what?" I gulped, now standing at the foot of the bed. My dick was rock hard from looking at this girl's dark anus, which looked to be the size of a half dollar.

"Like her fingers, crayons, pencils, markers, and toys. She even does it with her Barbie doll heads. She never had a dick up there before. Wanna be the first to fuck her in the butt?"

I looked at Ariel's face and replayed her comment in my head. She sounded sincere. Tilting my head, I looked at the restrained Nina. She didn't seem scared at all; her face was a picture of anticipation. I don't know if this was some sort of 'wet daydream', but I could have sworn she was looking at me with pleading eyes. Uncertain, I just nodded gently.

"Can I suck it first?" Ariel requested. Before I could answer, she crawled over to me, held onto the base of my dick, and put it into her mouth. Tiny mews escaped her lips as she bobbed her head and swirled her tongue on my cock. When she was satisfied, her head reluctantly moved backwards, until my dick popped out of her mouth, connected to her lips by thin strings of drool. She then sat Indian-style beside us.

Nina rolled over, onto her hands and knees.

Turned on out of my mind, I walked on my knees with my hard dick in my right hand and put my free hand on the girl's belly when I got close enough. Nina twisted her head when she felt my head bump against her anus, but made no attempt to move or even complain. My dick was lubricated with Ariel's saliva, so I just poked the 6-year-old girl's anus and pressed into it until about one-third of it was inside.

"Oh!" Nina gasped, flinching.

Convinced that I hurt her, I decided to pull out. I spread her cheeks with my left hand and began to pull out bit by bit. Unexpectedly, Nina pushed herself backwards and gathered even more of me back into her.

"Don't stop," she whispered.

"She likes it, Kenan," Ariel said plainly, as if she was talking about something as simple as a flavor of ice cream. "She had bigger things up her butthole before. Go ahead and fuck her."

That statement was all I needed to hold her sister's hips and carefully go deeper, until about 4 inches was inside. Nina didn't cry out at all, or seem to be in any pain. Just then Nina started to push herself backwards, against me. Soon enough, her motions sped up. Turning her head, she smiled at me.

"See? I told you she could take it up the butt. She's such a butt slut. Look at her fucking you back with that big butt of hers."

Absent-mindedly, I thrust against Nina just as she did the same to me.

"Mmmm. That was nice," she finally spoke.

"It'll be better if he ever decides to fuck you," Ariel noted, half jokingly, half-impatiently.

In response, I sped up my thrusting, fucking her a bit harder, but trying hard not to do it too roughly.

"Ooooh! Yes! Yes!" Nina moaned, fucking me back.

Nina's anal ring was tightly holding 5 inches inside of her. I matched her rhythm and we thrust into each other repeatedly. My hands were on her hips, pulling her small frame back and forth with ease. It went on like that for what felt like hours, neither of us slowing down.

"Kenan, are you gonna cum?" Ariel grinned, seemingly reading my mind. I looked at her and nodded, gritting my teeth. "Fill her butt with cum! Make her butt explode from all the cum inside her! Come on, do it!"

"Oooooh!" Nina screeched.

"Fuck!" I moaned, stiffening up. I felt a string of cum escape my cock. Several more thrusts caused a second load to fire up her bowels.

"Come on, come on!"

"Ohhhh!" Nina twitched and grabbed the sheets when she felt the next load go deep inside of her. "Oohh! Ooooh! Ooooohhh!" Both of her arms were in a straight, vertical line, holding her up. Her sweaty head was down as she panted. She was still on her knees with her ass up.

Exhaustedly, I pulled out and crawled until I could lay a few inches to Nina's side. White cream lazily oozed from her well-fucked rectum, which was now stretched even wider than when I first saw it. The hole yawned, slowly closing by the second. She remained on her hands and knees.

Then, Ariel did something that took me by surprise. After moving closer to her sister, she parted Nina's butt cheeks and shoved her face in between them. With my mouth wide open, I scooted up to Nina's side and stared in awe at this unbelievable event. The tip of Ariel's nose was pressed against the beginning of the crack of her sister's ass, her hands were holding the cheeks open, and her tongue was deep inside the hole. Her lips were latched onto the hole, noisily slurping out the sperm that was just deposited up there.

*Sluuuuurrp* *Slurrrrrp* *Sluurrrrrpp* *Sllurrp*

My dick was reawakening at the sound of the little girl greedily sucking my cum out of an even littler girl's anus.

Ariel rose to her knees and appeared to be adjusting 'something' in her mouth with her tongue. She turned and looked at me with her lips puckered. Slowly, my white cream oozed from between her pink lips until she was foaming at the mouth.

Pushing herself onto her knees, Nina spun around and scooted beside her sister, who by now had a couple droplets of cum on her maturing chest. Puckering her lips, she turned to her sister and leaned in. At the last second, Ariel pulled back and avoided the kiss. Wrapping her arms around Ariel's neck, she leaned in and gave her a kiss on the lips. The sealed-lip kiss with a reluctant Ariel lasted for several seconds.

Moaning in protest, Ariel put her hands on Nina's ribs and attempted to push her away, but Nina was holding her too tightly. The resistance eventually made Nina fall on her back, but not without Ariel ending up on top. The 10-year-old tried to rise off of her sister, but Nina once again followed her movement and they both sat up.

"Get away, butt slut," said Ariel, sperm bridging from her mouth to Nina's. "It's mine."

Nina kissed her again, before pulling away to talk. "It came from my butt," she retorted, before pulling her close and giving her another kiss.

This kiss made Ariel stop resisting. The sisters embraced in a long kiss, obviously involving tongues, judging from the movements in their cheeks. Ariel wrapped her arms around Nina's waist. Together, they pulled away and opened their mouths to me, showing no more semen in either of them.

"Did you like fucking my sister up the butt?" Ariel asked me.

"Uh, yeah, I did," I stammered.

"I think she did, too." She looked at her sister. "Right, butt slut?" Nina giggled at her pet name, I figured, and nodded excitedly. "You haven't fucked me, yet. Wanna fuck me in the coochie?" Spreading her legs, she laid back, sliding in front of me on her hands and butt.

A closer look at her cunt showed that she likes to 'stick things up there', too. I slowly rubbed a finger along the slit. Wet. My cock was just a few inches above her. It could feel the heat emitted from her hole.

Smiling brightly, she lifted herself upwards, mixing some of her juices with my precum. Gently, she gripped my cock and pressed it against her cunt, but not hard enough for it to slip inside. Her hips soon began grinding in the air, causing my dick, which she was still holding, to rub up and down her slit. She moaned softly as I repeatedly moved against her slit. I looked to my left, at Nina; the little girl watched us hungrily, eyes locked on mine and her sister's genitals.

Eventually, Ariel let me go and smiled up at me. I assumed this was a signal that she was ready. In my right hand, I picked up my cock and brought it closer. Ariel's grin widened as she felt my head touch her small hole. All six eyes watched in anticipation. It was just about to go inside when I heard...


A rather loud clearing of the throat nearly made me jump out of my skin. Slowly, I turned my head and saw Shawn standing in the doorway. Strangely, he had an odd half-smile on his face, despite seeing me -- his best friend for over a decade -- naked and in bed with his two nude preteen daughters.

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