Waking Up Hung, Part 1

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Published: 14-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Staring through the dirty side window at all the excited kids laughing and screaming as they run past me, I sigh dejectedly and hug my backpack close.

It's a late Friday afternoon in mid-April, and my first full week attending this new school has nearly finished. I'm sitting by myself in the back row of a long school bus jammed full of rowdy kids, all of us waiting for the door up front to close so we can go home for the weekend.

Earlier this month, me and my family moved across the country to a small town on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, for my dad's important new position in the military. Of course, this means I had to leave literally everyone I know back in Washington D.C. - and now my parents are irrationally expecting me to suddenly make new friends, find new hangouts and fun things to do... basically, build an entirely new life here in boiling hot Arizona. The problem is, I barely had a social life in D.C. - but what I did have was a fantastic best friend that I'll probably never get to see again. I've been brooding about universal unfairness all week long, secretly hoping that my two sisters would remain as miserable and grumpy as me... but like salt on a wound, they've already started to fit in at school and are making new friends like it's easy or something. Boys my own age haven't even bothered to speak to me outside the classroom, and the idea that I might already be seen as an outcast is just too depressing!

Bah. If new friends don't want to come to me, then I don't want to go to them!

"Hey there! Brandon is it?"

My head snaps to the side at the unexpected sound of my name. The speaker is a rather skinny boy about 11 years old, same as me, with shockingly blue eyes and blond hair so light, it's practically white. I don't recognize him from my new grade five class, so he must be in the other one.

"Um, yeah, hi," I reply not particularly welcomingly, immediately turning back to the window. Leave him standing in the aisle - I'm too angry at the world right now to be interested in talking or pretending like I want to make friends. All I want is to do is go home, have a snack, and watch my favorite show before my annoying sisters get back and depress me with their totally unfair level of happiness.

"Can I sit here?"

With a half-hearted shrug, I reluctantly snug myself tighter to the window as the boy throws a bright red backpack on the floor and jams himself on the bench next to me.

Great. And I liked having the whole row to myself!

"So, you're the new kid in school, right? Liking Arizona so far?"

At that moment the big bus engine roars to life, and with an ear-piercing screech of grinding gears, we lurch into motion. Letting out a weary sigh, I turn to face my uninvited visitor - who I guess I'm going to be stuck with for at least the next fifteen minutes. "Um, yeah, Arizona's okay... I guess. Bit hot for April."

"Heh, yeah buddy, and that sounded real convincin' there. An' if you think it's hot now, just wait 'till summer when you can fry a frickin' egg on the back of a seagull! So, uh, you're like in Mrs. B's class, right?"

"Yeah, I guess..." Mrs. B - otherwise known as the unpronounceable Mrs. Beskryostnov - is my new fifth grade teacher. I suppose she's okay - I mean she seems nice enough, not too strict, young and pretty like a European model... but all I really know is someone told me this is her fourth year teaching here.

"Mmm, you're one lucky bastard. I so wish I'd got her this year, but I got dumb Mr. Moone instead."

Mr. Moone teaches the other fifth grade class, as well as my gym class. He also seems fine. "Really? Why'd you want her?"

The blonde boy sucks in his breath. "What? Don't tell me you haven't noticed the amazin' tits on that bitch? And that juicy ass! Geez, dude - whenever she bends over, those tight jeans pull down an' you can see the top'a her ass crack! It's like she's begging you to stick a finger down there and see how fuckin' hot 'n' ready her puckered little asshole is..."

Mortified at the kid's unexpectedly graphic language, I chuckle nervously and feel my cheeks flushing scarlet red. I've never heard anyone my age speak like that before - at least not someplace where total strangers could hear you! "Uh... yeah, man... I guess she is pretty enough..."

"Pretty?" shrieks the boy far too loudly. "Geez, dude, she's like a fuckin' wet dream rolled in a Playboy model! God, just thinkin' about walkin' up behind her in front of everyone... slidin' my hand down the back of her jeans 'til I reach her crinkled brown hole... I'd rub it 'till the slut moans an' squirms, then I'd finger-fuck her wet pussy 'till she comes right in front'a the whole class!"

Uncomfortable with what the boy's saying and especially how loudly he's saying it, I can barely hear the bug engine over my racing heart thumping loudly in my ears. "Geez, keep it down dude!" I hiss. "Someone will hear you!"

But the boy clearly doesn't care, and thankfully neither does the rest of the bus. "Oh, c'mon, Bran... everyone at school already knows this shit. I'll bet some guys here have even got to taste that sweet pie. Hey - did you know the rumor is she'll fuck anyone who asks? Only thing is ya gotta have her as a teacher, and have a cock big enough to get her off. That so coulda been me! Stupid Mr. Moone's class..."

One of my eyebrows arches at the extremely unlikely notion that any kid in this elementary school would be able to satisfy a pretty woman like Mrs. B. I mean I'm only 11 years old, so my little dick's like maybe two-and-a-half inches rock hard - and yes, I've measured!

So, I merely laugh and shake my head. "Yeah, sure dude. Keep dreaming! Besides, Mrs. B's married, so it'd never happen."

"Uh huh, and bein' married is why she only hooks up with kids at school! That way it's someone she knows and she don't do it at home, so hubby won't find out. Plus, if anyone tries to tell, she can be all innocent an' shit and just say they're blackmailin' her for grades or somethin'. Smart, if you ask me."

Hmm. That doesn't actually sound totally unreasonable, but I live in the real world so I shake my head in disagreement.

"Fine then; don't believe me. It is just a rumor, anyways. But she was in sweats today and I saw a killer camel toe on her in the hall, so I'll damn well be thinkin' of layin' her down when I get home an' drain my balls!"

Maybe I've led an overly sheltered life, but I have absolutely no idea what any of that means! "Mmm, yeah, I kinda gotta whiz too."

The blonde boy snorts and giggles. "Oh, c'mon Bran - you know that's not what I mean!"

"Oh...?" I ask cautiously, not actually looking forward to his answer.

"Yeah... I mean I'm gonna go home, whip out my fuckin' huge cock, and jerk on it 'till I explode and so much sperms comes shootin' out, my mom'll get pregnant just washin' my shirt!"

Huh? This time it's my turn to laugh! "Oh yeah, like sure dude!" I exclaim, rolling my eyes and shaking my head dramatically. "You don't got no huge dick, and you sure don't make that much sperms either!"

"Do so - on both!"

"No you don't, you big fat liar."

"An' how would you know?"

"Because I'm not a total moron! I've seen my dad so I know what a grown-up dick looks like, and that's a hell of a long way from mine... which my doctor says is perfectly average for my age. Our age. And at camp last summer, there were a buncha circle jerks and only the older boys could make any real sperms come out. The guys my age could only do a few drops if that." What I don't say is that I've never personally had any sort of ejaculation - not even a single drop of clear juice. But definitely not for lack of trying!

"Uh huh. So how big is your cock then?"

If possible, my face turns an even deeper shade of red. "Um, that's personal," I mumble under my breath, fidgeting with my backpack and turning back to the window. Average or not, two-and-a-half-inches rock hard isn't anything to brag about!

"You just said it's average. Why's that personal?"

"It just is, okay? But you're the same age as me, so fact is I know you ain't much bigger than what I got, and you sure ain't making real grown-up sperms."

"What ya wanna bet I do and can?"

I blink for a few seconds, processing the kid's stubborn refusal to accept the undeniable truth of human physical development. I'm absolutely positive there's no way this braggart could prove what he's claiming, but on the other hand I don't particularly care about showing him up to be a liar. I don't even know the guy. But then he's probably counting on me backing down, so he can boast to his friends that the new kid's some kinda wimpy pushover. Could I ever build a decent rep in this new school after taking a hit like that?

"Well... y'know, dude... I'd like take you up on that, but I don't got no money to bet with."

"I don't want your money. If I prove I got a huge cock, then all ya gotta do is one little thing I ask. Then if I prove I make sperms, ya gotta do one more thing."

My face twists with uncertainty as I debate those terms. "I don't know... what kinda things you talking about?"

"Mmm, I don't know. Maybe like make me a sandwich or something. Nothing fancy."

The bus turns a corner and shudders to a stop. The two of us sit on the bench in silence, watching a large group of kids get off at the first stop. My stop's up next. When the bus continues on its way, the blonde boy punches me lightly in the arm. "C'mon, dude! You say I can't win, so there's nothin' to worry 'bout!"

Sucking air through my teeth, I seriously consider taking the bet. I'm sure he just wants me to back down, like my first impulse said... but then why push the offer so hard? It's gotta be a double psych-out!

Casually, I poke my finger into a rip in the vinyl seatback in front of me. "And when I win? What do I get?"

"Um... how 'bout fifty bucks?"

My eyes go wide as I pull on the rip and enlarge it. Woah. A whole fifty bucks my parents wouldn't know about? "And that's like real money, right, not Monopoly shit?"

"Yup, real money in tens I've been savin' up since my birthday. So, it's a bet?"

"Uh, maybe... but when you say you're huge, it's gotta be like way bigger than mine. And lots of sperms can't mean just a drop or two, okay?"

"Let's say big enough to stick out a toilet paper tube, and if you've seen any pornos, then I'm talkin' a big load of sperms like that."

I give the boy whose name I still don't know a quick once-over, just to double-check that he isn't some undersized teenager pretending to be 11. My eyes linger on the crotch of his faded blue jeans, which doesn't hint at any unusually sized bulges beneath.

This guy's so full of crap. That fifty bucks is mine for sure!

"Fine, dude. It's a bet!"

* * *

We decide to settle the bet at my place, since the boy - who still hasn't bothered to tell me his name - says he lives just down the block, and I know we'll be alone in the house for a while.

As I unlock and kick open the front door, the boy surveys the interior and lets out a low whistle.

"Woo, cool pad you got here," he comments, stepping over the threshold.

I close the door behind us and throw my backpack on the floor, then look around my new home for perhaps the first time without being blinded by resentment.

Open floor plan, natural stones, stained wood, tempered glass and stainless steel - honestly, it really is better than our crummy old townhouse. It's probably even the biggest house on the block, and newly renovated especially for my dad. We're still unpacking, so there's a lot of cardboard boxes laying around that we're supposed to get to this weekend.

"Yeah... it's okay, I guess. The government pays for all this 'cuz my dad's like really high up in the military."

"Oh! Your dad's in the Air Force?"

There's a massive Air Force base not far from here, so it's not much of a leap. "Uh huh..."

"Well, guess what - so's mine! Wouldn't it be crazy if our dads know each other? What's yours do?"

Good question, actually. "Um, I dunno. He never says, though he's out at the base all the time and gets a lotta calls in the middle of the night. I like to think it's Area 51 hush-hush stuff."

"Um, y'know Area 51's in Nevada, not Arizona."

"Well, Area 52 then! And hey, this block isn't even base housing - I'm surprised you guys are living way out here too!"

"Oh, my dad's pretty special in the Air Force too." He pauses for a few beats, thinking about something. "Anyways, we gonna be alone for a bit?"

"Yeah, for sure." I lead us down the hall and into the expansive living room, where I switch on the massive new flatscreen TV mounted on the wall, and throw myself on the big leather couch. "My mom won't get home 'til like after five, and then my big sister took my little sis with her to some cheerleader thingy. So they won't be back for like half an hour."

"And your dad?"

"Meh, I dunno... but much later."

"That's good," replies the blonde boy, flopping down beside me and sticking his socked feet up on the glass coffee table. "So, how old are your sisters?"

"Um, Chloe just turned 13 and Dee's 7."

"Sweet. Older and younger. They hot?"

I choke on my own saliva for a second. "What the - how the hell am I supposed to know that!" I shriek. In truth they probably are, but I'm biologically programmed to ignore them - for the most part. Regardless, what kind of ridiculous question is that to ask their own brother?

"Oh, c'mon, man... you gotta look, right? Sneak in a glimpse of ass and pussy now and again to help the wankin' along?"

"Good god no - they're my sisters!"

"Meh, that wouldn't stop me if I had such a convenient source'a pussy," mumbles the blonde boy as he crosses his legs. "So anyways, let's see what I'm up against here."

I glance sideways at him. "Huh?"

"Your cock. Show me your cock!"

My jaw drops. "I will not! Did you forget that you're the one showing me yours!"

The boy looks down at his lap and twirls a finger in a figure-eight pattern over his thigh. "But Bran... you said mine had to be like way bigger than yours, right? So, I first gotta see yours to know what I gotta beat. Maybe you'll win right away."

My mouth pumps open and closed as I try to think of a way to protest this completely tasteless demand, but I can't fault his logic. It's not like I haven't shown my dick to my friends before - it's just that I don't even know the guy! Speaking of which, is he here because he wants to be my new friend? I'm not sure about that one yet.

"Fine then, whatever," I grumble, slumping down on the cushion.

Unbuttoning my jeans, I lift my butt off the couch, push the thick denim past my hips and slide it along my legs, then finally kick it past my feet and let it fall to the wood floor. Glancing anxiously at the blonde boy who seems unduly interested in what I'm doing, I grip my tight briefs and yank them off in one quick motion - revealing the not-so-impressive glory of my scrawny and unfortunately very pale white body, along with my little circumcised penis draped limply against my hairless groin.

"There, now you've seen. Happy?"

The boy snorts and crosses his legs the other way. "Nah, you gotta make it go hard first. For size."

Get hard in front of him? "And how am I supposta do that?"

He frowns at me for a moment like I'm some kind of idiot, then without warning reaches across the couch and pinches the base of my soft dick between his thumb and forefinger.

Now, I've jerked off plenty of times with my old best friend and even with the boys at summer camp, but I've never once had anyone touch my privates besides my doctor! This simple physical contact is enough to make my 11-year-old dick grow rock hard in record time - swelling with blood and straightening out to its maximum length of two-and-a-half inches, all while I feel the blonde boy's fingers squeezing me. That's so disconcerting!

To my utter surprise, he then wraps his fist around my newly hard dick and gives it a dozen or so expert strokes, thumping his clenched fist into my hairless groin and sliding the loose skin of the shaft up and down over my glans - something that feels so absolutely amazing being done by another person for the first time... even if it is another boy... that my eyes roll up into my head as intense electric tingles shoot outwards from my dick and travel straight up my spine.

When his hand at last releases me, my now painfully hard boyhood is left twitching back and forth, like it's begging him to continue.

"Man, your dick sure is freakin' tiny," scoffs the blonde boy, dismissively flicking the pink head of my throbbing stiffy with a finger. "It's like a little baby dicklet!"

Immediately my face burns red with humiliation. "Hey, screw you!" I spit back defensively, pressing the fat of my pubic pad down to try and make my stubby dick look longer. "My doc says I'm perfectly normal for 11! And if you're so damned big, then why aren't you showing me yours, huh?"

The blonde boy grins at me and reaches down to his beltline, making a show of slowly undoing the brass button of his jeans. "Okay, Bran... but seein' that your little dicklet wouldn't impress your 7-year-old sister never mind Mrs. B, you sure you wouldn't rather give up and call it a draw? No harm, no foul... no sandwich."

I knew it - he's insulting me just so I'll back down! "No way, dude! You ain't getting outta paying me that fifty bucks!"

Shrugging his shoulders indifferently, the skinny boy slowly unzips his fly. Bracing his feet against the coffee table and lifting his butt, he pushes the jeans off his narrow hips and halfway down his legs, then leans forwards and unhurriedly works them past his knees and over his socked feet. Beneath the jeans he's got on a pair of loose-fitting dark blue boxer shorts, which doesn't hint at anything interesting lurking below.

He then needlessly takes the time to remove his shirt and socks, and when at last his thumbs hook under the elastic waistband of his boxers, the boy pauses, turns to me, and asks, "You sure you don't want to give up?"

I throw my arms up in frustration. "Dude, put up or shut up already!"

Smirking, he starts pushing the boxers down his hips and reveals a few inches of creamy white skin, but then he doubles over and blocks my view of his crotch. When at last his underwear is lying on the floor, he sighs contentedly and leans back, finally revealing the entirety of his naked preteen.

What the heck?

First, the guy's entirely as lean, hairless and ghostly white as I am - a little surprising considering the amount of sun there seems to be in Arizona. Indeed, comparing everything from his slightly visible ribs to the sculpted "V" of his abdomen and even his slim legs, we could practically be twins... were it not for one important detail. Because on my groin where my average-sized age-appropriate penis sprouts up like a little finger - exactly the same as my old best friend and all the kids my age at summer camp - the blonde boy instead has this strange fat white tube that arches up about an inch, then curves back down and disappears somewhere between his legs.

Honestly, my brain can't even begin to figure out what it is I'm looking at, because I've never seen anything like it before. As I struggle to sort out what's going where, I gasp involuntarily as the curved tube moves.

Without being touched, the limp object begins lifting and straightening like the folded arm of a backhoe, swelling thicker and extending longer by the second - until a full minute later, what I now know to be the 11-year-old's penis is completely hard and sticking perfectly straight into the air, much like mine is. Except that his penis is the absolutely biggest one I've ever seen on anyone! A veritable tower of twitching hard boy-meat three times the length of my own - an impossible seven or eight inches long if it's an inch, and so massively disproportionate in size compared to the rest of his scrawny body, it looks like he's sprouted some kind of third leg.

Finding it hard to accept that this, this thing could be real, I lean in closer and notice that his dick isn't like the few grown-up ones I've seen before. For one thing, it's porcelain white just like his body, without any sort of darker coloration. There's a distinct lack of bulging veins crisscrossing its exceptionally smooth surface, and it's nearly perfectly straight with only a very slight upwards bow. It's also only about three-quarters as thick around as my dad's shorter dick, and curiously it comes to a pointed white tip made of rumpled loose skin - which I only now remember means he isn't cut like me or my dad, so the sensitive pink part of his dick is kept hidden. It looks kinda strange like that.

As I gaze slack-jawed at the fleshly monstrosity that somehow belongs to a young boy my same age, he reaches out and wraps a fist around his softly pulsing member - leaving more than enough room for two or three more hands to fit along its freakish length. He pulls downwards on his dick, stretching out the wrinkled hood of his foreskin and gradually exposing the bulbous pink head hidden inside. Ah, so there it is - it's big and wet looking, and his puckered pisshole seems as big around as a pencil.

"Killer, huh?" quips the boy with a proud chuckle. "Bran? I guess from your expression I won that one, huh?" He proceeds to stroke his fist up and down, shamelessly wanking himself right in front of me.

I'm still in shock at his immense size. Peering back at my own little stiffy, I suddenly feel inadequate and hopelessly jealous of this boy's amazing physical endowment. That's no mere dick - it's a goddamn fucking cock! "Um, like d-dude... oh my god! H-how is that even possible?"

"Oh, I just got me some real good genes. An' I'll tell you what, it's hella fun already, so I can't wait 'til puberty really kicks in!"

"Uh... yeah..."

He must be able to sense my envy. "Oh, don't worry, Bran. I'm sure your little dicklet will grow up... eventually."

"Uh huh," I repeat again, not really listening.

"Anyways... why don't you take your shirt off and lie back."

This surprising request finally snaps me out of my jealous daze. "Wait, what? Why?"

"Well, there's no question I won that one, right? So now you gotta do whatever I ask. And I wanna jerk off over you!"

Over me? He's got to be joking! "B-but, no! I thought you said if you won, you'd only want like a s-sandwich or something!"

"I changed my mind."

"B-but you can't do that - it's not fair! What if your sperms get on me?"

The boy smirks as his stroking increases in speed. "Oh, so now you think I can make sperms?"

God, looking at that thing... he probably can. But I can't admit defeat if there's even the slightest chance of saving my honor and winning the fifty bucks! "I... I dunno. No! Of course not; even with that freaky thing you're still just 11!"

"So then, just lie back and enjoy the show. If I can't do it, then you got nothin' to worry about. Easy peasy!"

With an uncertain whine, I reluctantly remove my shirt and recline sideways across the couch, placing my head on the armrest. I expect the blonde boy to get up and jerk while standing beside me, but instead he crawls across the cushions on his hands and knees and straddles my body, until he's looming right above my chest. I cringe at the touch of his bare skin on my sides, and only now take note of his balls: huge, plum-sized orbs dangling low inside a giant hairless sack and swinging back and forth like weighty pendulums.

I just might lose this bet after all!

Looking down past his huge schlong, the blonde kid grins at me and sits on my abdomen. I'm mildly disturbed by the sensation of his soft butt cheeks and ball sack on my skin, but when he suddenly adjusts himself backwards and my hard dick jams into someplace warm and slightly moist, I hope to hell he knows that I'm not gay and don't go for that kinda stuff!

Leaning back and bracing a hand on my thigh, the boy hocks a loogie into his other palm and grips his massive cock. "I so fuckin' horny today, it won't take me long to spew," he explains as he begins jerking in earnest.

I sure hope he's exaggerating...

The blonde boy's fist flies back and forth along the smooth shaft of his spit-lubricated cock, pulling and tugging on it so fast, I only catch brief glimpses of pink skin as his foreskin alternately covers and exposes his glans. His hips are soon rocking in a motion that seems familiar but I can't quite place, and at the same time I'm disturbed to notice that the unavoidable friction of my dick sliding up and down his ass crack is rather pleasurable.

Within a minute the blonde boy is moaning loudly and his hips are thrusting forwards with urgency. He's practically shoving me around on the slippery leather couch, so not knowing what else to do I reach out and place my hand on his hips to hold him steady - my thumbs naturally fitting into the crease of his abdomen and my fingers curling around his rhythmically clenching buttocks. Wow - I've never really touched someone else's bare ass before. It feels so nice and soft! I wonder if a girl's ass feels anything like this...

I don't know whether it's because of my touch or whether it was just his time, but all of a sudden the blonde boy lurches off my lap and towers threateningly above my head. He switches to pulling madly on his supersized cock with both hands at the same time; his fists making loud slapping sounds every time they slam into his groin.

"Oh fuck, Bran..." he moans in a breathy voice. "The feeling's comin' up! It's gonna happen real soon!"

Oh... shit, shit, shit! From my uncomfortably close vantage point, I watch his abdominal muscles clenching into knots and the loose skin of his dangling ball sack contracting close to his body. Realizing that this means an imminent orgasm - and no longer confident that he was pulling my leg about being able to make sperms - I enter full-fledged panic mode.

"No wait, dude! You win! You don't have to do this!" I wail in desperation, not wanting him to get any of his disgusting sperms on me.

The boy grunts loudly and yanks back hard on his oversized meat, jamming his fist into the soft pad of his groin and stretching his foreskin so tight, the shape of his glans distorts.

"Oh fuck, Bran! My balls say I do!" he moans as he forces his huge cock to bend down and aim straight at my face.

My eyes go as wide as saucers as his cock visibly throbs - the pink domed head swelling in size and flushing a deep shade of red, while his big pisshole gapes open and glints with moisture inside. The redness quickly subsides, and the boy makes a high-pitched whining sound just as his cock throbs again - and this time a drop of something thick and bright white instantly appears in the dark mouth of his pisshole, bulging out and threatening to drip away.

Wait - is that it? One lone drop of sperm? Oh, thank god! I knew the bastard was lying through his teeth!

My moment of optimistic revelry is interrupted when the blonde boy throws his head back and lets out a gurgling groan of pure ecstasy. His crotch pushes forwards and his knees squeeze fiercely on either side of my ribcage, and with a powerful muscular convulsion that wracks his entire body, the massive cock aimed squarely at my face erupts in a pressurized geyser of something thick and white that splatters against my chin and shoots halfway up my nose.

Oh shit! The guy really can make sperms - and they're getting on me!

My eyes reflexively pinch closed as that first gush of boiling hot boycum drenches what seems like half my face. Although I can no longer see what's happening, I can both feel and hear the second and third even larger jets spraying noisily against my chin and left cheek, followed by a couple of squirts that ricochet off my lips and completely plaster the bottom of my noise in viscous goo. Right away I realize that I can no longer breathe since the boy's sticky and curiously fragrant sperm-juices have blocked both nostrils!

After the next few jets spurt high over my cheekbones, I figure it's safe to crack open my mouth for some needed air - but the moment I do, the most voluminous spray of cum yet blasts straight on my lips... and I feel something unusually hot land on the tip of my tongue. Immediately there's this overpowering flavor of bitter saltiness, and even though I've never tasted sperms or anything like that before, somehow I know that's exactly what this is. My mouth unwisely opens to complain, but before I can make a sound the next wet spurt fires straight between my lips and coats both my tongue and the roof of my mouth in what feels like a gallon of thick glue.

I hear the blonde boy gasp in surprise. "Oh shit, Bran! I didn't think... today's so soon!"

His voice peters out, and I'm not sure what's happening. The relentless squirting seems to have come to a stop, so I figure he's done coming and begin to relax. I blow through my nose to clear my airway, but just as I'm trying to figure out what to do with a mouthful of thick sperms, something soft and rubbery probes between my lips.

Oh my god! That must be his cock! What's he doing - is the guy crazy?!

I squirm and attempt to push him away from my face, but it's already too late as the full weight of his body impels the bulbous head of his cock through my lips, over my tongue, and into the back of my mouth. I moan loudly in protest around his throbbing meat and struggle beneath his dominating body, but the blonde boy is much stronger than I expected and easily pins my arms to the couch.

"Uhhh! Fuck, Bran! I gotta get it all in you now!"

The blonde boy forces my head back against the armrest and elevates his hips higher, twisting his torso and driving his iron-like cock directly into the back of my throat, where it lodges into soft tissue and triggers my gag reflex. He pushes a few more times, trying to get it to go further, but it just isn't happening with my muscles convulsing. So, he pulls back a few inches, ever so briefly offering me the hope that he's giving up entirely. But all of a sudden his hips give a mighty shove forwards, and this time when his cock rams into my throat the long shaft strains, bends a little, and abruptly slips down my gullet.

My throat convulses wildly as the boy groans with pleasure and feeds his overgrown cock inch by inch into my mouth, only stopping when my nose squashes into his hairless pubic pad.

Wait... that means - it can't be!

If I could make a sound, it would be a shriek of total surprise. I simply can't believe that the blonde boy's massive tool has somehow gone all the way down my throat - but instead of continuing to fight his actions, my brain enters a kind of dazed, hypnotic state.

Without giving me time to adjust to the presence of his invading member, the boy thrusts a few inches in and out of my mouth, rhythmically whacking his dangling ball sack into my chin. Although I'm uncomfortable and finding it difficult to breathe, I become fixated on the unique sensation of his long cock sawing in and out between my lips and sliding back and forth over my tongue - in particular, how the silky outer layer of skin slips loosely over the steely hardness below. I don't know why, but instinctively I create a vacuum with my mouth.

The boy keeps this up for a minute, his breathing becoming louder and more labored with each passing second, until he abruptly cries out as though in pain, trembles all over, and pushes so hard it feels like he's going to break my nose.

"Uhhh! Oh fuck, Bran!" he wails breathily. "I can... I can feel it coming up again!"

For a moment, I expect him to pull out and squirt on my face like before... but then his cock swells and twitches violently against my trapped tongue, and I swear I can actually feel a rush of fluid rippling along the tube at the bottom. A split-second later, an odd pressure combined with an intense heat erupts halfway down my throat, and with sudden butterflies in my stomach I understand that the blonde boy is squirting his sperms inside me.

Holy shit! That's not at all what I wanted! I'm straight, goddamn it!

Helpless and barely able to breathe, I lay pinned under the orgasmic boy's convulsing body as his cock spews rapid-fire volleys of hot preteen cum again and again into my belly, to the point that it feels like my entre throat is being coated in molten lava. I count exactly sixteen orgasmic spurts - which seems like an awful lot considering he just came minutes ago - before he groans and his tense body begins to relax.

Backing away slowly, the blonde boy holds my head between his hands as he carefully withdraws his long cock from my aching mouth, until at last the fat knob pops through my lips with a lewd slurping sound.

Instantly my submissive demeanor vanishes and I begin sputtering and coughing. "What the hell, man!" I yell hoarsely in outrage as the boy wobbles unsteadily and collapses back on my lap. All I can taste is his damn sperm, and it's so weirdly thick I can't even spit it out! "Get off me, you pervert!"

With a dreamy smile on his face, the boy chuckles but refuses to budge an inch. "Oh, calm down, Branny boy..." he replies in a singsong voice.

"Calm down? Calm down? First you squirt your sperms all over my face - which is bad enough, I'll have you know - but then you stick your dick in my mouth and make it sperm all over again! God! Why would you even do that?!"

"Mmm, I think that was actually the same load. I kinda freaked and stalled when you opened your mouth and my cum got in, but then I lost it and I had to, uh, put my whole cock in there too!"

"God - one load, two, who cares! The point is I didn't wanna hafta taste your stupid dick juice! That's just so, so... gay!"

"Well my friend, I'll tell you what... it felt beyond amazing. And I don't think feeling good is gay at all, unless you want it to be."

Rolling my eyes dramatically - although secretly flattered that he called me a friend - I scowl as the blonde boy rubs his softening cock back and forth on my stomach, smearing around globs of thick goo still dribbling out the end. Does he ever stop making that stuff? "Well, I still think you're one sick bastard. You could've said something."

"Mmm, I'm sorry I didn't warn you first, but just consider that me collecting on the second half of our bet. You owed me for losing... and now were even."

"You're damn right we're even! God, all I can taste is your sperms! You made so much and it's so think... I think it's like glued to my throat! And it's so hot, it kinda feels like it's burning my insides. Just how much of that stuff do you make?"

"Oh, whatever's needed... but it sure did seem like a lot, huh? I swear my balls are sore now 'cuz of you!"

"Well, my whole damn throat's sore and on fire now 'cuz of you, you sperm-spewing freak! God, just get off me already!"

"Oh, c'mon... it couldn't've been that bad. I know deep down you liked it."

"Did not, did not!"

Grinning toothily, the blonde boy wiggles his ass... and I'm utterly mortified to discover that my little dick is still rock hard and wedged somewhere under his taint. As if to further humiliate me, he grinds against my lap, rolling my dick back and forth between our bodies, until all of a sudden it pops up behind his ass. With a snicker, the boy reaches behind his back and pushes my little stiffy between his buttocks, wedging it firmly in the warmth of his ass crack.

"You like your little dicklet back there, huh?" he sniggers, rocking his hips.

"Hell no!"

"Oh... sure feels all hard like you do..."

"That doesn't mean anything!" I protest weakly. We stare at each other for five long seconds, me glaring angrily and him merely amused by my reaction. Ten seconds later, I can't keep it up any longer and abruptly burst out into a fit of giggles. "Oh shit... whatever, dude... I'm still mad, but I can at least admit it was a little hot! But please, my leg's cramping - so get the hell off me!"

Beaming in victory, the blonde boy finally climbs off my lap and I pull myself straight to take stock of my condition. My entire face feels like it's caked in multiple layers of stickiness; I can't taste anything in my mouth except for his bitter sperms; my stomach is now decorated with a half-moon patch of smeared cum; while that burning heat in my throat is slowly sinking lower like a coating of thick cough syrup. But, overall... even though I didn't get to come, I actually feel remarkably good!

Turning to the total stranger I've now been more intimate with than anyone else I've ever known, I look up and down his naked body and smile softly to myself. He's standing there with his head bent down and both hands on his hips, watching his own cock as it slowly wilts. It's still projecting from his body in a huge upside-down arch, and when he suddenly flexes and it bobs up and down comically and flings off tiny specs of wetness over the couch, it suddenly dawns on me that I think he looks kinda... sexy?

By all rights this feeling should frighten me to my core, but for once I dismiss it with a shrug. Whatever! I'm only 11, so who cares whether I like girls and hate boys... or like girls and also like boys. I'm sure that'll sort itself out eventually, and in the meanwhile I should just have fun.

Glancing up at the clock on the wall, I do an immediate double take. "Holy cow, dude!" I shout, jumping up in a panic. "My sisters are gonna be back in less than ten minutes! And just look at me - I gotta clean up all this stupid sperm! You like hafta get outta here right now, okay?"

"Sure, Bran. No problem."

As I rush off to the bathroom to wash my face, the blonde boy dresses in the living room. Two minutes later, he pokes his head inside the door and flashes me a goofy grin.

"Okay man, I'm off. Everything's okay here, right? You're cool with what happened?"

Staring at myself in the mirror, I take a second to think. I did manage to miss my favorite TV show. "Well... yeah, I'm okay. I've been kinda thinking... that if the tables were turned and I was the one with that, uh, that thing between my legs, I'd probably wanna do exactly what you did. I'll bet it's really hot getting to shoot your sperms on someone else. Not that I'd know anything about that. So... just warn me next time, okay?"

"Oh? You want there to be a next time?"

I turn to him and smile. "Sure. Why not? I don't got any other friends in this dumb town, and even though I'm gonna be totally jealous of that big dick every time I see it, you do seem like you'd be fun to be around."

"Ha, I knew it! From the moment I first saw you, I just knew you'd be perfect. I shouldn't have doubted myself. Now, I want you to enjoy it, okay man?"

I frown as I wash my face with a wet cloth. "Enjoy what now?"

"Um, your brand new life in town, of course! You're gonna be so freakin' popular 'round here it's gonna be scary. And remember what I told you about Mrs. B - soon her pussy's gonna be yours for the fucking."

"Uh, dude, don't you think we've proven that me and my little dick ain't gonna work for Mrs. B? I bet she wants someone big and hung... like, uh, you."

"We'll see, Bran. We'll see. Give it a few days, and you might just surprise yourself."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

The boy turns and leaves without answering, and all of a sudden it registers on me that I still don't know what to call him.

"Hey! Wait a sec, man! What did you say your name was again?"

I hear him call back distantly, "I never said!"

A moment later, the front door opens and closes and I'm left all alone. That was all very... odd. What was his game there? What's he talking about me being perfect?

Ah well - maybe there are no answers, and he's just a bit weird. What I do know is that my sisters will be back any minute now, so I'd better hurry up and get ready for them.

Guess I'll just have to get the guy's name when I see him at school again on Monday!

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very hot!


Oh so this is going to be kinda like Oh werewolf infecting a person that becomes another werewolf, but it's size instead. Clever!


Great story, I loved it...wonder what happens....


This is the first story I have read here that did not make me 'HOT', it made me feel like I should stop and go make 'cup cakes', this story belongs in a nursery school book of children stories, that is how un-interesting and boring it was.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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