Away Game, Part 7

[ mm/b, ws, tor, humil, best, inc ]

by dale10

[email protected]

Published: 12-Jan-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

A big black dick as thick as a coke bottle and over ten inches long fucked ten year old Timmy Lawson up the ass. The boy was in a state of shock from getting fucked by over a dozen teenage football players, and then having to take two massive hunks of fuckmeat up his raped stretched little rectum at the same time. A few hours ago, he had prayed that the nightmare would end, now he was beyond praying. He was beyond grunting. He have never know such agony as the long fat black cock churning up his guts. Terrence knew how to fuck a boy. He'd had plenty of experience.

He had been hired boy Coach right after being released from prison for raping a six year old white boy. I know what you are thinking, that a dick of these massive proportions could never, under any circumstances fit up the tiny asshole of a six year old boy. "Impossible," you say. Well, Terrence was living proof that such things are possible. He had been determined to get balls deep up the little six year old whore. It was the little shits own fault, playing outside in those tiny "fuck me" shorts and that tight little tee shirt. He was just fucking asking for it. Terrence had no intention of fucking little boy pussy that morning, but when he was the way the bitch wiggled his little ass, he couldn't help himself. He took the boy into a garage a few blocks away, made the crying child strip naked so he could get a good look at the smooth pale pink flesh, and then knew he had to fuck the slut. Terrence loved how coy boys of this age were. They pretended to cry and beg and not want it, all the while, wiggling their enticing little asscunts and flashing their big eyes. They were such flirts and tramps. And this boy especially had such sweet full cocksucker lips. Terrence had asked the boy if he had ever sucked black cock. The boy batted his big lashed eyes and sobbed for his mommy. Terrence had had a laugh at that. He fucked the boy down the throat, after first making the little bitch lick his big hairy black balls. Terrence loved nothing so much as the sight of a sweet little white boy face down between his huge, muscular black thighs. He loved the look of the boy's neck swollen with the hunk of black fuckmeat stuffing it. Several little boys he had throat fucked would have vocal problems for life.

After that, Terrence had fucked the six year old ass. It had not been easy. He'd had to really slam the boy into the cement floor of the garage to get the plumb sized dick head into the tiny asshole. It had ripped a bit too. But Terrence was a determined guy. When he started something, he liked to finish it. And he knew he would have to fuck deep into the child's intestines in order to get balls deep up this little tyke. One can indeed fuck ten inches into a boy of six if you are willing to actually fuck up into the bowels and intestines. You need to be careful of course to not rupture the insides, that would ruin the fuck, but Terrence was something of an expert. He knew how to stretch and rearrange a boy's innards giving maximum pain for the child and maximum pleasure for the fucker, without damaging the bitch too much. Oh the kids asshole might need some medical attention, and he wouldn't be able to control his shit for months, if ever, but those are just the things one has to expect if one wants a really good six year old ass fuck.

At any rate, Terrence had just gotten out of prison and was looking for boy ass. Coach found him and offered him a job as the team's bus driver and general gym maintenance man. Terrence was not fussy. Yes, he loved six year old boy cunt, but he also loved to fuck teenage boys. Hell, he loved to fuck anything. He would not turn his back on some decent eight or nine year old female pussy. In fact, he really enjoyed getting little girls pregnant. He had just recently starred in a series of underground films in which girls who who just had their very first periods were brought to big black men to be fucked pregnant. These were very high class films, in which girls of eleven and twelve were forced to carry the babies to term and then give birth on camera while the child's black father fucked the face of the girl giving birth. They were long term films, taking almost a year to film. While the young girls were pregnant, they were fucked over and over by a seeming never ending chain of black men. In their ninth month of pregnancy, they were mouth and ass fucked right up to the moment of giving birth. As you can imagine, the films were extremely popular.

Now, ten year old Timmy Lawson was enjoying the thrill of Terrence's ten inch cunt buster up his battered and bruised little boy ass. Once Terrence had grunted and unloaded his massive load of fuck slop up the kid's raped stretched cunt, Timmy was dragged over to a large fruit bowl in the middle of the hotel room. He was forced to squat and expel all the cum from up inside his ass, and there was plenty of it. Ass slime and some shit also splashed out into the bowl. Timmy could not squat by himself, and two of the football players had to hold him. They were horny again as boys get, and they rubbed their fat leaking cocks on the ten year old's soft smooth face, as the boy squatted and shit out the fuck mixture. Boys of sixteen and seventeen are forever wanting to rub their throbbing cocks against something...a pussy, an ass, a face, their own hand, bed sheets, the inside of their trousers...anything at all. They slapped the boy's pale face with their hard dicks, spreading cock leak over Timmy's face along with spit and snot. Timmy howled in pain as the cum shooting from his ass traveled over raw raped flesh. His horribly stretched asshole gaped red and sore. Poor team quarterback Tommy Lawson could not even look at his terribly abused little brother. He never should have brought the boy along on the away game trip, but Coach had insisted, and you didn't disappoint Coach.

Coach dragged fourteen year old Chris Baron over to the shocked, raped ten year old. "Get your tongue up that cunt and clean it out good. Make the little bitch feel better. Chris knelt down between Timmy's thin little ten year old legs and plunged his teenage tongue up into the kid's asshole. Timmy winced at the sharp sting, but then the licking tongue felt soothing. Chris Baron knew how to suck ass. The dorky team manager often had to kneel outside the shower room at school. As each of the football team players stripped out of their stinking sweaty uniforms after a game or practice and padded bare assed to the shower, Chris had to spread the boy's ass cheeks and lick and suck on his sweaty asshole for a few minutes. The Coach thought of it as a little reward for his boys. If they played hard, they deserved to have a good ass tonguing from the team faggot manager. Imaging having to ass eat over twenty boys. This took some time, and now the Coach had the idea that may little Timmy Lawson could become an assistant ass licker to Chris Baron. That would mean the line could move more quickly and each boy could enjoy a bit longer ass suck. The boys were always complaining that Chris barely got his tongue up their dirty rectums before they had to move on into the shower. The Coach understood this. He himself loved to have hour long ass sucks from boys. He would often choose a boy with really full lips and nice long tongue and sit on the kid's face for hours while he watched some game on television. Almost ever boy on the team knew what it felt and tasted like to suck the Coach's sweaty asshole. Mr. Alenby's asshole too. Alenby was the Asst. Coach and every bit as demanding as the Coach.

Coach Alenby held little Timmy by the head, yanking the kids face up by pulling on his hair. Coach picked up the fuck filled fruit bowl. "Here you go, Timmy, time for a nice drink." He poured the fuck-slop, ass juice mixture down the kid's throat. Little Timmy didn't even have enough fight in him to resist. He just obediently swallowed the foul liquid. His lips and tongue soon became coated with sperm squeezed from his fucked guts.

It was now the middle of the night, but the Coach was just getting fired up. After all, the boys could sleep late the next morning, and the big game wasn't until evening. The coach ordered ten year old Timmy to crawl into the bathroom. It was an easy order to administer, but a difficult one to obey. Timmy was so wiped out, he could hardly stay on his hands and knees. He kept collapsing, which cause huge guffaws from the horny teens and the coaches. Fresh tears dripped from his chin as he crawled toward the bathroom. His older brother Tommy was crying too...crying for his sweet little brother, but that didn't stop Tommy from jerking on his own seventeen year old fuckmeat. Terrence grabbed fourteen year old Chris Baron.

"Hey, you Mother Fucking Faggot, clean off my big black dick. I never got that ten year old bitch to lick it clean after I fucked him." Terrence yanked the young boy's hair and forced his cute face into his wire haired black crotch. Chris could smell the fuck stink on the black man's meat and balls. He opened his mouth and started to lick the ass slime off the thick heavy scrotum and dick stalk. Don't think for one second that poor fourteen year old Chris Baron wasn't sick to death of all the bullying and sexual abuse he received on a daily basis. But he had no where to turn for help. His father, who was determined to "make a man" of his faggot son, encouraged the Coach to abuse the boy even harder. Secretly, Chris suspected that his own dad got off on the boys sexual abuse. Each night at home, Chris had to stand naked in front of his dad and masturbate his teenage dick and recount in detail all the humiliation and abuse he had received that day. Imagine having to have to do this in front of your own father at fourteen years old. This was a kind of family tradition. Chris' own father had been made to stand naked and masturbate in front of his dad while he told him in detail about the girls he was fucking. Chris's dad remembered well how at seventeen he would be made to stand there and pump his prick and describe to his father the pussy and tits of his latest high school sweetheart. If hadn't fucked a girl by the second date, his dad would call him a "sissy boy faggot" and if he had not ass fucked her by the fourth, he was physically beaten by his dad. Of course these extreme acts made Chris' dad very popular as school, and now he was determined to make a similar man out of his faggoty son.

Finally Tim reached the bathroom. The coach ordered him to get into the bathtub and put in the plug. He made the frail ten year old lie on his back. Then with his boys watching, Coach stood over the kid in the tub and let forth with a powerful yellow piss. This in itself was nothing new for the boys. He often had the boys piss on each other in the shower. He also had them drink each others' piss from time to time. He told them it was full of vitamins and good for them. In fact, he had water bottles full of his own piss in his office, and he often ordered one of his players or other to drink a bottle of "good Coach Piss!"

But it was the power of the piss as it cascaded down onto the pale raped body of the little boy that turned on the high schoolers. Coach directed the spray, so it hit the little boy square in the face. He ordered the kid to "open his face-cunt" and then he pissed into the child's mouth. Timmy gulped down as much piss as he could, but the spray was fucking powerful. Then upon Coach's order, the other boys crowded around the tub and all began to piss on the little boy. Only five of them could get in close enough at one time, but the others waited their turn. Five big dicks unloading piss onto little ten year old Timmy Lawson. Probably the saddest thing of all was that one of those big fat dicks pissing down onto him belonged to his own older brother. Tommy couldn't help it. It was such a bitchin' hot scene, to be able to take a heavy piss with your teammates onto the writhing body of a ten year old boy.

"Keep that fucking mouth open. Swallow that piss, you little whore!" Coach barked. The tub began to fill with pee overflow. Soon the child was lying in a lake of urine while he gulped down as much piss as he could. It stung his eyes and filled his nose. It clogged his ears and gave him a rushing feeling in his little head. The piss splashed against his baby boy tits and his little dicklet and sack. The next group of boys moved in, and the pissing continued. Coach Alenby, who had a really good sense of humor and was something of a jokester, grabbed the pissed on ten year old by the hair and hauled him up so he was sitting in the tub. Then he shoved his thick pink dickhead into the boy's mouth and pissed directly into the kid. Piss bubbled and sprayed out of the corners of Timmy's mouth. His eyes rolled up in his head. His little body began to tremble.

"Swallow, you fucking Bitch! Don't you know how to fucking swallow?" Soon the little boy's tummy was distended as if he were nine months pregnant. He was swollen with piss. Piss began to shoot out of his own pink ten year old dicklet. The boys and both Coach's roared with delight at that. The tub contained a good six inches of piss by now, so Coach held Timmy's head under the piss and demanded that he drink it that way. Timmy began to gulp down the piss from the tub. More piss rained down on him. Bent over that way, his little raped ten year old ass stuck up in the air. It was an invitation too sweet to resist. Coach grabbed a hairbrush off the counter and rammed the hairbrush bristle end first up the child's stretched asshole. Imagine the sight of a frail ten year old boy with a hairbrush sticking out of his ass. It was so cute. Coach lifted the boy's head up so he could gulp down some air. Piss shot out of his nose and mouth. Then he plunged it back down again.

"It's getting late. After you boys finish pissing, get back to your rooms and get some sleep. Tomorrow is the championship game!" The boys grumbled. They secretly hoped they would be able to cum one more time. It felt so good to unload their balls, and some of them had not shot a load in months. But at least they go to do it once tonight. They shuffled bare assed back to their rooms, playing with each other and slapping butt cheeks. Timmy lay in the tub, almost drowning in the lake of piss. Piss still shot out of his little boy dick. Somewhere in the dark abused depths of his young mind, he hoped that it was over for the night. He hoped that he would be able to sleep. He craved sleep more than anything. Healing sleep. But Coach had other ideas.

"All right, Asswipe, back into the other room. It's time for you to meet your new boyfriend! it's time for you to be Doggie Fucked!" Coach grabbed a handful of Timmy's hair and literally dragged the boy back into the other room. Coach Alenby passed him, dragging fourteen year old Chris Baron into the bathroom.

"See this bathtub full of piss, Bitch?" He demanded of the quaking fourteen year old.

"Yes, Sir!" the boy answered.

"You are going to drink it all. You are going to drink every last drop of piss in that tub, and then you are going to lick the tub clean. That is the piss of healthy teenage boys. Healthy jocks. Not pussies like you. You drink their healthy teenage boy piss, and you might develop some fucking balls." He threw the boy down next to the tub. There was so much urine in the tub, Chris didn't know how he could possible drink all of it. But he knew he had to at least make an effort.

In the other room, Tommy Lawson watched in horror as Terrence prepared the big black dog team mascot to fuck his little ten year old brother.

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