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Published: 5-Apr-2012

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Author's Note: All of my stories are FICTION, borne out of an over active imagination and a fondness for children... these events did not happen and therefore should not to be viewed by minors, miners or mynahs. If you fall into one of these categories, then I suggest that you march yourself immediately to your local police station and throw yourself on their mercy. Failing that you could just stop reading!!

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Comments, requests, suggestions, fantasies always welcomed. Please remember that a VALID email address is required if you would like a reply - I ALWAYS reply to genuine emails - and ALWAYS ignore flames!

This story is a work of fiction which means that it did NOT happen. If stories featuring adult/child sexual activity offend you, THEN DON'T READ IT!

Chapter One

My names Steve. I'm well, let's just say I'm in my thirties... okay the higher end if you must know. I'm divorced and moved to my flat about 4 years ago. We just kind of drifted apart really. Maybe if we'd have had children it would have been different, I don't know. Or maybe that would have made things worse, I don't really know. You see, I'm a paedosexual. No, not a paedophile. According to the rest of the country, especially the media, paedophiles molest and rape. I don't do that. Yes I'm sexually attracted to kids and have also acted on those feelings, but always with the child's permission. I like both boys and girls between about 5 and 11, but that's not really rigid. It's like women, it depends on how attractive I find them. Anyhow, this is the story of how I came to befriend and seduce one of the most gorgeous little girls I've ever met in my life.

I saw her most days since she'd moved in, usually going off to school. In the winter she'd wear her little school uniform of grey skirt, white blouse and blue cardigan... not forgetting the school tie of course. In the summer she wore one of those blue gingham school dresses, which was nice a short and showed off her little legs and thighs a treat. I loved seeing her in the summer as she would often be out playing, sometimes with other local kids, but quite often she seemed quite happy on her own a lot of the time.

Now, maybe it's the way that I think or maybe not, but when she played, she always seemed to have a very short skirt or dress on. Not that I'm complaining you understand.

My cock twitched every single time I saw her and despite my predilections, no child had done that for me for a little while. She was a perfect little girl in every way. Her hair, a mousey brown colour, came to her shoulders and most often it was tied in bunches on either side of her head. It seemed to make her look younger, although I wouldn't have put her at more than 8 anyway. Her little legs were solid. Not overweight, but not skinny or spindly either, and from what I could see of her little bum when I saw her wearing tight shorts one day, it looked like you could eat your dinner off it - if only I could be allowed to lick the plate!!

I'd admired her from my window for about eight months now and I almost drooled over her, but she didn't know I existed. Well, that's not exactly true. I was going out one day and she and her sister were going out to play. I called the lift and they happened to be in there. Her slightly older sister was attractive too in her own way, but I only had eyes for her. That was how I learned her name. I heard her sister call her "Emily". I smiled at the girls.

"Hello!" I said politely.

"Hello!" they both replied.

But that was as far as it went. The last thing I needed or wanted was to attract attention by two little girls telling their Mum that some strange man had been chatting to them in the lift. The lift doors opened and the girls stepped out. Emily turned to me, smiled and waved.

"Bye!" she said in her little girl sing-song voice.

My heart melted immediately. Is it possible to fall in love with a child? At that particular moment I had no doubt, and would have walked over hot coals to get to her if I'd had to.

I went out to do my shopping but I couldn't get Emily out of my mind, especially as she was wearing a short lilac summer dress, the bottom of which gave the appearance of a ragged cut, a bit like a cowgirl. It wasn't, it was simply designed that way but gave the appearance of it. As I drove out the car park, I saw her again and I got another heart melting smile and a wave. At last I thought, she at least knows I exist.

When I got home I put the shopping away, but my cock was still semi hard and I still had little Emily on my mind. I sat there having a coffee and a cigarette, a lovely summer's day and my windows were open so that the summer breeze blew in. I could hear a child's voice from downstairs and so I looked out of the window. There she was, my little angel. I just had to formulate a way of getting close to her. I couldn't just walk up to her and start chatting - maybe her parents were watching. You never knew who was watching and if nothing else, I was always very careful. To take my mind off things I decided to wash my car, so getting the bucket and cloths ready, I went out on my mission.

I turned my stereo up loud, made sure all windows and doors were shut and started about my task. I'd only been at it about five minutes when little Emily appeared. She sat up against a wall next to where I was and watched what I was doing. She sat with her knees drawn up and I could see straight up that short little dress. I now had a major distraction. I tried however, not to make it obvious that I was looking as I stole glances. Those smooth little legs, milky thighs, and then the holy grail... a really good view of her little white knickers spread tightly over her little girl mound. Instantly my cock hardened and I couldn't concentrate on the task in hand. My glances got longer and longer and she caught me looking a couple of times, but was rewarded with a smile.

Suddenly she got up and I felt a real disappointment that the show was over. Then she walked towards me and I felt sure she was going to say something about me looking up her dress.

"Hello!" she said sweetly.

"Wotcha Em!" I replied.

"How do you know my name?" she asked.

"That's 'cos I'm clever!" I laughed.

She just accepted my answer. That was one of the things I liked about children. Everything was so crystal clear. Unlike adults, the seeds of doubt and mistrust aren't there. It's society that makes them mistrust everything and everyone.

"What's yours?" she asked.

"I'm Steve..." I told her.

"Oh," she replied as if she was thinking about what to say next. "Can I help you wash your car?"

"If you want to sweetie!" I told her. "You might get a bit wet and dirty though?"

Emily giggled a sweet little girl giggle.

"It's okay. They're my play out clothes..." she told me, "and it's hot, so it won't take long to get dry if they get wet!"

No arguing with her logic, I thought.

"Okay," I said. "There's another sponge in the bucket. I tell you what, I'll do the top bits 'cos I'm big, and you can do the lower bits 'cos your little!"

Placing her hands on her hips as if she was offended by my comment, she said to me, "I'm not THAT little... I'm nearly 7!"

"Well... that's me told off ain't it?" I said to her laughing. What I meant was you're smaller! Nearly 7 eh? I'd have said you were at least 8!"

Emily smiled her heart melting smile. She obviously liked the compliment that I thought she was older. I always found flattery works wonders - no matter what age!

Emily actually worked really hard, and I got occasional flashes of her little white knicks as she squatted down washing the wheels and things. I found it harder to work with my cock hard straining against my jeans. It was hot work and soon I was sweating.

"Shall we take a break?" I asked my little helper. "Fancy a drink? I have some cokes in the car?"

Emily nodded and stood up, throwing her sponge back in the bucket. I got in the driver's side and Emily climbed in the passenger side as I turned the stereo down. I didn't want to deafen the poor child! I grabbed a couple of cans from my cool box and handed one to the little girl.

"Thanks!" she said as I opened it for her.

I took a big gulp of my own, and then lit a cigarette as I opened a window.

"You shouldn't smoke!" she told me. "It's bad for you!"

"I know..." I said, "nasty habit! Don't you ever do it will you?"

"No way!" she told me.

Here's a little girl who knows her own mind, I thought to myself. I glanced down to see Emily's dress had ridden up and I got a close up view of her little white knickers. However, Emily wasn't stupid.

"What you looking at?" she asked as I admired her lovely little body.

I nearly choked on my drink.

"Er... er... nothing!" I spluttered.

"Yes you was... I saw you!" she said with a smile. "Were you looking at my knickers?" she asked.

I nodded sheepishly. I'd been caught. Shit!


"Er... because I like them!" I told her honestly.

"But why?"

Fuck I thought. How do I explain THIS to a 6 year old.

"Well, some men like little girls..." I started, hoping that she wasn't going to run off screaming to her parents or something.

"What do you mean?"

Shit, she wasn't letting up. I decided I'd try and change the subject.

"Do you always ask so many questions? You must drive your Mum and Dad mad!"

Emily giggled.

"That's what Daddy says... you drive me mad with your questions Emily!" she said, doing an impression of her father.

I laughed.

"Is that how he talks?"

Emily laughing loudly, managed to squeak out a "yes".

When she stopped laughing, she said again "What do you mean by some men like little girls. I thought everyone liked them?"

Fuck it. She was back on that again. I had to admire her determination to know.

"Well..." I said, searching for the easiest way to explain it, "some men like ladies, some like other men... and some like little girls and boys. I like little girls and boys!"

Something inside her head must have clicked and a few moments later she nodded her understanding. I left it there and we continued washing the car.

When it came time to rinse the car down, we had great fun throwing buckets of clean water over it, and splashing one another in a playful way.

"EMILY! EMILY!" I heard a female voice call from one of the windows.

I was right. Someone was keeping an eye on her.

"Yes mum?" Emily called back.

"Hope your not being a nuisance to that man?"

I looked up to see a woman at the window.

"She's okay!" I called up. "Actually she's been a great help. All that bending down to do the wheels... I'm not as young as I used to be!"

The woman laughed.

"I know what you mean! If she becomes a pain in the arse, send her up here!"

"I'm sure that won't be necessary will it?" I said to Emily with a wink.

She shook her head.

Then I said to the woman, "I'm moving down to the underground car park in a moment to vacuum it. IS it okay if she comes down with me?"

"No problem!" she replied. "As long as I know where she is. You behave madam!"

"Yes Mum!" Emily said sarcastically, like she'd heard it so many times before.

I was ecstatically happy. I would be able to take Emily out of public view. The underground car park only held about 10 cars and was kept locked. I was lucky enough to get a space and had a key to it, although I had to pay extra for the privilege of course. I didn't mind as it meant I could vacuum the car using the power point in there, and best of all, it was out of sight and had restricted access. This meant that I would get plenty of warning if someone was unlocking the gates. I threw the last bucket of water over the roof of the car and heard a noise.

"Aargh! That's cold!" I heard Emily shout.

I hadn't realised that she was crouched down the other side cleaning a wheel and I hadn't seen her. As she stood up, I burst out laughing and so did she.

"Oh sweetie..." I said in between laughs, "didn't know... you were down there!"

Little Emily looked like a drowned rat but she was laughing, obviously seeing the funny side of it.

"You better go and change!" I told her.

She shook her head.

"Mummy might think I done it on purpose and keep me in... it'll dry soon!"

"I'm so sorry!" I told her, trying hard to keep a straight face and not laugh again.

"I'm gonna get you back for that!" she told me, and you know... somehow I believed she would!

"Want to do me a favour?" I asked.


"If I give you the key, can you unlock the gates for me while I drive the car down?"

"Okay,"she said, proud to have been given the responsibility.

I handed her the key and she ran off ahead of me while I threw the cleaning materials into the boot. I started the car and by the time I was at the gates, Emily had not only unlocked them, but opened them as well. I drove in and then Emily closed and locked the gates behind us. Smart girl I thought to myself. She could easily have left it all wide open, but this way, we'd know if anyone was going to disturb us, although at this point I didn't know if anything would happen anyway. I parked up and jumped out. It was still very warm but much cooler. As Emily walked over to me, she was pulling at the wet dress which was clinging even tighter to her now it was wet.

"What's up sweetie?" I asked her.

"It's getting really itchy!" she told me.

I swallowed hard.

"Take it off then. I'll hang it up here and it'll be dry in no time!" I told her.

"But... but you'll see my knickers then!" she said.

"But I've already seen them anyway?" I reminded her.

"Oh yeah!" she said putting her finger in her mouth as if in thought, "But not properly though!"

"No not properly..." then I whispered, "but I'd like to. Only if you want to though?"

Emily pondered this for a moment and suddenly with the decision made, reached for the bottom of her short dress and pulled it off over her head.

I stood there and looked at this 6 year old, hair in bunches and standing there just her little white knickers. They were soaking wet making them virtually see through and they clung to her like a second skin. I could clearly see her sweet little pussy lips and my cock hardened in an instant. I ran my eyes up and down this sweet little child. I looked at her flat little chest with her little girl nipples, her smooth flat tummy, and that inviting little girl slit.

"You'll catch flies!" Emily said with a giggle.

I was miles away.

"Sorry?" I said.

"That's what Mummy says if I stand there with my mouth open," she explained. "She asks if I'm catching flies!"

"Oh," I laughed, "I was miles away there..."

"Come here sweetie..." I said holding the towel out, "let's dry the worst of you off!"

I took the dress from her and hung it up to dry out. I was sure Emily hadn't realised how see through her knickers had become, or how much of a turn on I found her. I opened the boot and found a towel I had in there. I crouched down and dried her off as best I could, before I put the towel to one side and felt her knickers over her little bum.

"These are soaking too," I told her.

"I know... and they're making me really itch!" she told me. "Down there!"

She'd pointed to her little pussy.

"And they keep sticking!"

Then, as if to prove the point, she reached round and with her thumb, hooked them out of her bum crack the way little girls do.

I made it look like I was thinking.

"You could... always take them off too?" I said, trying to sound helpful.

Emily looked like she was thinking about it.

"But if I do that... then you'll see my minny and my bum!" she told me.

"So?" I said.

"Mummy and Daddy, and my teachers said we shouldn't show these parts to strangers... we had a policeman come to the school and everything..."

Here we go, I thought to myself. She's had "the lecture!", how everyone's a nasty bastard out to hurt children. Talk about scaremongering and making the kids paranoid. Still, it wasn't the first time I'd encountered this, nor did I think it'd be the last I was sure.

"But you know me, you know where I live and you know my name, so I'm not a stranger am I?"

Emily thought about what I'd said for a minute.

"But... but what if someone sees?" she asked.

"No one's going to see down here!" I told her. "And anyway, if anyone comes we'll hear them and you can slip them back on!"

"Or get into the car so they can't see me?" Emily added helpfully.

"Or that!" I agreed.

I liked her suggestion. It meant she was seriously considering it.

"What if someone finds out?" she asked.

"Well, I'M not going to tell anyone... what about you?"

"No way!" the 6 year old replied. !If Mummy or Daddy found out I'd be in big trouble! I'd be grounded for life!"

I was happy to let her think that SHE'D be the one in big trouble and not me, for now at least.

"It could be our little secret!" I told her conspiratorially. "You know what a secret is?"

"Course I do!" she said like I'd just insulted her, "I'm not a baby! A secret is something you don't tell anybody... not even Mummy or Daddy!"

"Or best friend or anyone!" I added.

She nodded her agreement.

"I like secrets..." she told me in a whisper. "Okay!"

And with that, she reached for the waistband of her knickers.

"Can I do that... please?" I asked her.

Emily smiled at me and nodded. My heart was beating as the adrenalin pumped. I'd dreamed of this moment ever since I'd first seen her, and now it was happening. I was going to take my time and savour every single moment!

I placed my hands on the little 6 year old shoulders, then ran my arms down her back feeling the smooth baby like skin. There wasn't a single blemish. My fingers touched the waistband of her knickers and I hooked them with my thumbs and gently tugged. They were stuck tight. I slipped my hands into them gently cupping a bum cheek in each hand, I peeled them away from her perfectly rounded little bum. Emily giggled.

"They're stuck to my bum!" she laughed, "And you're touching it as well!"

"Sorry," I said, "but they're hard to get off because they're wet!"

"It's okay... feels nice really!"

I slowly managed to peel the back of her knickers down and then faced the same problem with the front. I slipped my hands down the front, brushing her little slit and nubbin as I went. Emily squirmed.

"That tickled... and you touched my minny," she said accusingly.

"Sorry!" I said again.

I wasn't but she didn't need to know that at this moment.

"It's the only way to get them off!"

"But... Mummy and Daddy says I shouldn't ever let anyone touch me there!"

I looked into her eyes.

"Do you ALWAYS do what they tell you?" I asked.

She looked down and said quietly "No... not really!"

"There you go then. And remember this is our little secret... no one else will ever know what we do. They only tell you that because they don't want you to know how nice it feels..."

To prove my point I ran my finger along her little slit again and I felt her squirm a little.

"Mmm..." she murmured, confirming that it did feel nice.

I continued to peel her knickers down and left them just above her knees. I reached for the towel to dry her bum and pussy off.

"Am I dry now?" she asked.

"Shall I check?" I asked her.

I think this was her way of getting me to do it again, not that I needed much encouragement. I put my hands on her bum cheeks and caressed them gently, slightly pulling her cheeks apart and tracing her crack with my finger tip.

"That feels dry!" I told her.

"What about the front?" she asked.

I traced my finger along her closed little slit. She felt wet but it wasn't from the water! Emily gave a little gasp again. With one hand I gently prised her smooth little love lips apart and again, more slowly and with a little more pressure, run my finger along the slit again. This time, when I reached the top I gave her little love button a rub with a circular motion. As I did this, little Emily opened her legs and squatted slightly to give me better access. She placed her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as I played with her.

"Nice?" I asked her.

Emily was breathing heavier and simply nodded. My cock was now hard as a rock and was becoming uncomfortable.

"I need to stand up sweetheart," I said to her, reluctantly stopping.

I could see the disappointment on her face, all pretence of getting dry now gone. I stood up.

"Shall we sit in the car?" I suggested.

Little Emily nodded, so I opened the back door and she got in. I followed in behind her, before I patted my lap and the 6 year old wriggled over to sit right on my hard cock.

"What's that hard lump?" she asked.

"That's my willy!" I told her honestly.

Emily looked puzzled.

"It can't be?" she said.


"Because I've seen willy's before..." she said proudly, "and they're not hard. They're soft and look like sausages!"

"Whose willy have you seen then?" I asked her.

"I saw my cousins... he's only 3... and it wasn't hard!"

I laughed.

"It only gets hard when it sees a pretty little girl... especially a pretty NAKED little girl..."

"Like me?"

"Like you!" I said.

"So did I make it go hard then?" she asked.

"You certainly did!"

"Why does it go hard then?"

Ah, this a more tricky one, I thought. Oh well, I decided to be honest.

"Well, it's so that a man can put it inside a lady... or girl!"

I added the last bit for good measure just to sow the seed. Emily thought for a moment.

"You put THAT in there?" she said pointing between her legs.

"Well yes, but you're too little to do that at the moment... but when your bigger..."

"Like when I'm 8?"

I laughed at her definition of "older" but the thought made me even harder, if it was possible.

"Yeah, if you like!" I said still laughing, although obviously Emily didn't get the joke.

I stroked the top of her thigh and she automatically opened her legs again.

"Do you like me touching you down there?" I asked.

Shyly, little Emily nodded.

"Want me to do it again?"

Another shy little nod. I brushed my fingers against her little slit and her legs opened wider. As my finger went up and down I felt her wetting up a little more.

"Do you want to be a really big girl?" I asked her.

Emily nodded.

"Give me a kiss!"

Emily pecked my cheek.

"No, not like that... on my lips!"

I turned her face to me and kissed her sweet little lips, letting them linger.

"Mmm... I like that..." she murmured.

"How about being a REALLY big girl... and I show you how to sexy kiss... like grown ups?"

Emily eagerly nodded, wanting to show how big she could really be.

"Okay," I explained, "when I kiss you this time, close your eyes and let your mouth open a little?"

I watched her eyes close as I touched my lips to hers. I then slipped the tip of my tongue into her tiny mouth. Emily pulled away and opened her eyes.

"I didn't know you were going to do THAT!" she said.

"Didn't you like it?" I asked her. "That's how you do a really sexy kiss..."

"It... it was okay... you surprised me is all!"

"Sorry sweetie!" I said. "Want to try again... this time you know what's going to happen?"

Emily nodded, so I tried again. This time she didn't pull away and allowed my tongue to searched her mouth. She very quickly got the idea and our tongues touched for the first time. It was so erotic to French kiss this pretty, naked 6 year old that I nearly came there and then. The kiss only lasted 30 seconds or so before I pulled away.

"That made me feel all tingly..." she said. "Especially down in my minnie..." she told me.

"That's because it's a sexy kiss and you're a very sexy little girl!" I told her, still gently circling her little clit. I knew it excited her as her little pussy was now very wet and slippery for a 6 year old.

"I need a wee!" she told me.

"Well," I told her, "you can get dressed and go upstairs... or you can go here?"


"In the corner here..." I told her. "No one will see you... well except for me..."

I hoped she'd take that option. I found it so erotic watching a little girl wee. Emily thought about it for a moment, then said "Here!" and jumped up.

I followed her as we got out and she went into the corner near to the car. Emily squatted down a little and I saw her pussy lips open slightly like a flower blossoming from a bud. I knelt down for a closer look which Emily didn't seem to mind. I then saw a dribble of pale yellow liquid start to flow from her sweet little girl slit. My cock was aching at the erotic sight of watching this cute, naked 6 year old pee only a few inches from my face. The flow slowed to a dribble and then stopped.

"I need to wipe myself," she said.

I had no tissue and told her.

"I haven't any tissues," I said, "but I have a better idea to clean you?"

Holding her by her hips I edged her towards my face before I stuck out my tongue and licked up the stray drops of her amber liquid.

"Yuck!" Emily said screwing her face up.

"It's not yuck..." I whispered, "remember how nice it was with my finger?"

Emily looked down at me between her legs and nodded.

"This will feel even nicer... trust me..."

With that, I thumbed her little lips apart to expose her little love button and her wet, coral pink innards, before I swiped at it with the tip of my tongue.

In all my experience I'd never met a little girl who didn't love their sweet little pussy licked once it'd been done for the first time, and Emily was no exception to this.

"Ooh..." she gasped as I sucked on her tiny hard nubbin.

Her hands came down to the back of my head and I felt a little pressure on me as I swirled my tongue around. I then decided to go the whole way and pushed my tongue into her tiny opening, well as far as I could at least.

"Aaahh... nice... ooh..." I heard Emily sighing.

Moving my mouth away, I continued with my thumb on her clit, rubbing harder and faster in a circular motion.

"That's it darling..." I whispered to her gently as my little finger of my other hand nudged at her wrinkled little bum hole. "Let it happen baby girl... cum on my fingers... that's it sweetie..." I encouraged her.

"Ooh... aaah... nice... nice..." she repeated over and over again as I felt her tiny body begin to jerk and shudder.

My new little 6 year old girl friend was having her first ever orgasm and I felt fit to burst. No matter how many times I'd done this with boys and girls, I always got a big thrill from seeing them have their first ever orgasm. I always tried as hard as I could to make it the nicest feeling they'd ever have, so that they'd want to experience it again and again and again. Just as I felt Emily was at her peak, I slipped just the tip of my little finger into her tight little bum hole.

"Ooh... ooh... oooh!" the little girl cried as pleasure waves rippled through her little body.

I knelt up and gave the little 6 year old another "sexy" kiss. This time around, she responded with passion. When I broke away I looked into her eyes.

"You okay?" I asked her.

"That was SO nice!" she told me. "I never felt like that before...that was the bestist!"

I laughed at her terminology, but I knew what she meant.

"Told you!" I said.

Emily poked her little pink tongue out at me, showing her cheeky side.

"Can... I..." Emily said hesitantly and then stopped.

"Can you what sweetie?" I asked.

Emily suddenly looked very shy.

"Can I... can I see YOUR thingy?" she asked.

"My what?" I said.

I knew what she wanted of course, but I wanted to hear her say it again. It's so erotic when a little girl actually asks you.

"Can I see your willy... please? I never seen a man;s one before!"

"I don't know..." I replied.

I knew I would of course, but I wanted to ensure that it would be kept to herself.

"Please!" she asked again sweetly. "I won't tell anyone I saw it, cross my heart. It's OUR little secret!" she reminded me before she done a cross on her flat little chest as if to show her sincerity.

"Okay then!" I said.

Little Emily grinned. I tugged the zip of my jeans down and then unbuttoned them.

"Want to help?" I asked the little 6 year old.

Emily came closer and tugged clumsily at my jeans which eventually dropped. I slipped my thumbs in the waistband and pulled downwards, my hard dripping cock springing out. I'm not that well endowed, five maybe six inches, but plenty big enough for a little girl (or boy!), and no one had ever complained. I'm not circumcised so I had a long foreskin that hang over the end. It was definitely bigger than Emily's 3 year old cousin.

"Wow!" she gasped, with wide eyes, "it's big!"

I laughed. I could have had the smallest cock in the world, and yet it would still be big to a 6 year old.

"...and hairy!" she added with a giggle.

"You'll have hair when your a really big girl!" I told her.

!And boobies!"

"Yeah, them as well!" I told her laughing.

I reached out and took Emily's little hand in mine, touching it to my cock which jumped at the contact. Emily giggled and pulled her hand away.

"It moved!"

"Because it likes you touching it!" I told her, moving her hand back.

I was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum now.

"Urrgh... it's all wet!" Emily observed as some of my love juice leaked onto her little hand.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Remember when I said about a man putting his willy inside?"

Emily nodded.

"Well that stuff makes it all nice and slippery to put it in... so it doesn't hurt!"

This made sense to her.

"It's called pre-cum!" I told her.

"Pre...cum..." little Emily repeated.

"And when I get really excited... and feel really nice... like you did just a while ago..."

Emily was listening with rapt attention.

"That's called cumming..."

"Cum - ming..." she repeated again like she was storing it into her 6 year old memory bank.

"And lots of the stuff shoots out the end... it's white and hot, and slippery..."

"I know what that is..." she said proudly, "that's what makes babies!"

"You're right!" I told her, "Only in ladies though... it's called cum!"

"Cum!" she repeated.

God it sounded so sexy hearing a cute little6 year old talking about and saying the word cum.

"How do you make it squirt out?" she asked innocently.

"I have to make it feel really, really nice... or someone else does!"

"But how?"

Here we go I thought, questions again.

"You put your hand around it like this," I said as I wrapped my hand around it, "then you stroke it backwards and forwards. The faster you go, the nicer it feels... then eventually I cum and it squirts!"

I continued to slowly wank my cock as I explained it to her.

"Can I try?" she asked.

Oh there is a god I thought to myself. I took her small hand and wrapped her tiny soft fingers around it.

"You can use one hand or both... it's up to you?" I told her.

I then started to use her hand to stroke my cock, little chubby fingers around it with my hand over the top. Oh it felt so good. I slowly moved it backwards and forwards, getting into a rhythm. Emily soon picked it up so I took my own hand away and the little 6 year old began wanking me on her own. I knew I wouldn't last long, that was certain.

"Let me know when you're going to squirt out..." Emily said as she continued to stroke me, "I want to see it!"

The way I felt, I was sure she wouldn't miss it the amount I was sure I was going to pump.

"Hold a little tighter poppet... and do it a little faster?"

I felt Emily's fingers grip my tighter and she speeded the motion up, now using both hands.

"Ooh... yes... darling that's good... really good!" I gasped encouragement to the little 6 year old.

I could feel my cum rising and knew it wouldn't be long, with little Emily stroking me for all she was worth bless her. I loved the way kids wanked me. You could feel their awkwardness sometimes, but what they lacked in experience, they certainly made up for with enthusiasm, and it always made me more excited.

"It's cumming..." I warned Emily, taking over and pointing my cock away from her.

I'd have loved to have cum over her or in her face, but I didn't want to scare her off, or the job of having to clean her up and risk her Mum spotting cum on her 6 year old.

"Ooh... yeah... I'm cumming sweetie!" I panted as my cock spurted forth my load and shot through the air.

Emily watched open mouthed as my cream shot out in big long ropes high into the air, spurt after spurt. I eventually calmed down and took my hand off my cock.

"Wow... I never seen THAT before!" she said breathlessly. "Did I do it okay?" she asked.

"Sweetheart, you did it brilliantly!" I praised her.

I'd have said that even if she hadn't been. She reached for my cock and scooped a little of my cum up before she rubbed it between her forefinger and thumb.

"It's hot and slippery just like you said," she told me.

Then she sniffed it.

"Don't smell of much!" she said. "What's it taste like?"

"I don't know," I lied. "Taste it and see?"

Tentatively she stuck her tongue out and put a tiny amount on her tongue.

"Well?" I asked.

"Don't really know... kind of salty... but not horrible like I thought it would be," she said honestly.

"Well," I replied, "maybe you can taste it more if we do it again sometime. Would you like to do it again. I can show you other things to do as well?"

Emily smiled, thought for a second, then nodded eagerly.

"EM! EM!" we heard her Mum call again.



"OKAY!" she replied.

I grabbed Emily's knickers and handed them to her. As she put them back on I reached for her dress and then she put that back on too.

"Can I have one last sexy kiss before you go?" I asked my little 6 year old girlfriend.

In answer, she held her arms out. I picked her up and little Emily wrapped her legs around me. Her eyes closed as our lips met, before Emily slipped her little tongue into my mouth as I caressed that cute little bum of hers.

When we broke away, I whispered into her ear, "Don't forget..."

"Our little secret!" she whispered back to me, giving me a big hug.

"Anytime you want to see me, I live at 22... but don't let anyone see you!" I told her with a wink.

Little Emily tried to wink back, but ended up blinking at me the way kids do. I let her down and we walked to the gate hand in hand. Opening it, we went through and then parted company.

"Bye!" she said, blowing me a kiss as she skipped happily away and home for tea.

Chapter Two

I hadn't seen little Emily around since that day. In fact I hadn't seen her for just over two weeks, and I was worried. In fact, I was VERY worried. Had she run straight off and told Mummy and Daddy what had happened? I didn't know. I jumped at every knock on my door, and my heart skipped a beat every time I saw a police car drive down my street. I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, my paranoia overtaking me. God, I thought to myself picturing the cell door slamming and all the lurid details in the newspapers, I've overstepped the mark this time.

Then one morning I was sat in my lounge when I heard the familiar sound of the children playing downstairs. I always went to my window to have a look and was often treated to unintentional flashes of tight little knickers. I saw a group of about five girls. It looked like they were practising a made up dance routine of some sort. Then I spotted her. Emily was amongst them. I watched them for a little while from my window. It seemed that Emily kept making mistakes and the other girls were getting the hump with her. In the end I saw her storm off. "Don't want to play your stupid game anyway!" she said as she marched off to play on her own.

My eyes followed her as she moved to another part of the green which was nearer to my window. I wanted to call out to her, but I didn't dare. The others would have surely heard me, and you never knew who else was looking out. I needed to know what the score was, but had no idea how I was going to find out.

As ever, little Emily looked delightful. Her hair was in bunches and she was dressed in a pink t-shirt and a matching pair of tight ski pants. They were incredibly tight looking on her and it showed off her cute little peach of a bum to perfection. My eyes followed her everywhere she went. I was then distracted by the other girls. I watched as one of them started cart-wheeling, her skirt dropping down showing off her lovely, pink knicker clad bum. When I looked back to where Emily was sitting, she'd gone. My heart sank. I then looked in the other direction and I saw her again. She'd moved out of sight of the other girls and any prying eyes and she was looking directly at me waving and smiling. Tentatively, I waved back and she beamed. Maybe she hadn't said anything. It certainly didn't look like it from the way she was acting. It was doing my brain in not knowing. At that moment my phone rang and I went to answer it. Bloody sales call! I went back to my window, but Emily was nowhere to be seen. I went and made a coffee and sat down to drink it, lighting up a cigarette. I took deep pulls, my mind still going over events of that day with little Emily, trying to work out what she'd said, if anything.

It was about ten minutes later when I thought I heard something come through my letter box. I got up and had a look but didn't see anything on the mat. I opened the door, as sometimes parcels were left on the doorstep and I didn't want anything nicked. I opened the door and jumped. Emily was standing there.

"Hello sweetheart!" I said quietly. "Do you want to come in?"

The little girl nodded and she entered. I quickly looked around to make sure nobody had seen her enter and closed the door. We entered the lounge and I invited her to sit down. Understandably, she looked a little nervous being in my place. Not half as nervous as I felt having this cute little 6 year old sitting next to me on my sofa in my flat.

"Would you like a drink sweetheart? Juice? Cola?"

"Cola please," she replied.

I went to kitchen and got her a can and a glass, opening it on the way back and pouring it out for her. Time to find out, I thought to myself.

"I haven't seen you out playing for a little while," I said to her. "Have you had the hump with me?"

She swallowed some drink before shaking her head. That was a relief. So far so good.

"How come I haven't seen you about then?"

"I've been on holiday!" she said with a smile.

"Have you darling" I said with a huge sigh of relief.

"Where did you go?"

"I've been at Nanny and Granddad's... they live at the seaside!" she said brightly.

"Oh... did you have a good time?"

Emily nodded.

"I went to the beach every day... built sand castles..."

I pictured her in a swimsuit and my cock started to stir. I wondered if she wore a one piece or a sexy little bikini one.

"Sounds like you had lots of fun," I said, "but it's nice to see you back!"

She smiled.

"I missed you!" I added.

"Missed you too!" she replied.

"I thought you might have told someone what we did in the car park?" I said.

"Uh-uh!" she said shaking her head. "Our little secret!" she reminded me.

"Good girl!" I said to her, feeling really relieved now.

I put my arm around her.

"So... where's my stick of rock then?" I asked her laughing.

She looked at me seriously.

"I'm only joking Em!" I said with a smile, "But I do want a kiss. I want lots of kisses... two weeks worth!"

"A big girl kiss?" she asked.

"Of course... a nice sexy one! Do you remember how to do it?"

Emily nodded, put her glass down, and stood up in front of me. I put my arms around the 6 year old pulling her to me and our lips touched. She opened her mouth as I'd taught her and my tongue slipped inside. I could taste the cola she'd been drinking, and her little mouth was sweeter than I remembered. My hands slid down her back and then I cupped her soft little bum as we kissed.

"That was nice!" I said as we broke away.

"I like kissing like that," she said with a smile.

My hands were still kneading her little bum through the tight ski pants she was wearing.

"That's a sexy outfit you're wearing?" I told her.

"It's new," she told me. "Nanny and Granddad got it for me when I was on holiday. They bought be lots of new clothes..." and then quietly, "...and some new knickers!"

"Wow!" I said to her. "I bet they're really sexy ones as well!"

Emily giggled.

"I got a pair on now!" she told me.

My cock was hard now and straining against my jeans.

"Are you going to show them to me?" I asked her.

She thought about things for a few seconds.

"Are we going to do... you know... what we did before?" she asked.

"Do you want to?" I asked her in reply.

Shyly she nodded.

"So you liked it last time then?"

Again, a shy nod.

"It made me feel nice in my tummy... and down there," she said, pointing to her crotch.

"There's lots more we can do... make you feel REALLY nice?" I told her.

Little Emily smiled.

"Shall we go into my bedroom?" I suggested. "It's more comfy in there?"

Emily nodded and so I led her by the hand to my bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed, my little 6 year old girlfriend standing in front of me. I kissed her forehead.

"You are beautiful!" I whispered to her, and I truly meant it.

My hands were back on her bum, rubbing her through the material. She looked up at me.

"Can you rub my front again... like you done last time?" she asked me nervously.

"If you want me to darling," I said, moving one of my hands to the front and cupping her between her legs.

Instinctively, little Emily parted her legs slightly as I rubbed her mound with the palm of my hand.

"Mmm..." the little girl sighed quietly.

"That nice babes?" I asked her.

The little girl nodded. With my finger I traced her slit lightly and I felt her shudder. She obviously liked that. I brought my hand up and slipped it under her t-shirt, softly rubbing her smooth, flat little tummy. My hand went up higher and I ran my fingers over one of her nipples, feeling the little pips harden under my touch. My cock was really straining now, but I knew I had to take things slowly with my little angel.

"Let's take this off eh?" I said, lifting her t-shirt up.

Emily raised her arms and I pulled it off over her head. Of course, being only 6 she had a completely flat chest, but her tiny nipples were certainly standing out from my playing with them. With my left hand stroking her cute little bum, I bought my head down and lightly licked her nipples in a slow circular motion, while stroking her lower tummy with my other hand.

Is it possible to fall in love with a 6 year old girl? I asked myself. It certainly felt like I was. I know it started out that I just wanted to get into her knickers, but I now felt something more. I simply wanted to be with her all the time. Not just for the sex, although I always enjoyed that, but just to hold her and feel her little girl charms next to me. She had enchanted me.

As I rubbed her smooth flat little tummy, my hand inched lower into the waistband of her ski pants, feeling her sweet slit over her knickers. She parted her legs a little more to give me better access, but it was difficult with them being so tight. I pulled the back of them down to her knees, before Emily reached down and pulled the front of them down, so she stood there in just her knickers, her little pink ski pants around her knees. I looked at her new knickers.

"Oh they ARE sexy!" I whispered.

I looked at them. They were pink with little white polka dots all over them, with a darker pink trim around the waistband and leg holes. I traced her slit again over the top of them and they felt a little damp. Only slightly, but it was noticeable to me. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and slowly pulled them down, the gusset getting caught between her legs. Emily reached down and freed them. I could see the gusset very lightly stained a pale yellow. I longed to give them a sniff and inhale Emily's sweet fragrance. My little girlfriend reached down and pulled her ski pants and knickers right down and off, before stepping out of them.

If I'd have dropped down dead in that split second, I'd have gone to my maker happy, I truly would. Now I've been involved with a lot of little girls (and boys) over the years, but none were as captivating as this little naked angel in front of me now. One of the most erotic things about her was her total innocence, and the fact that she didn't know how beautiful she truly was. I fingered her little slit and searched for her hard little nubbin, giving it a quick rub.

"Ooh..." she gasped as the tip of my finger hit its sweet little target, followed by a "mmm" and an "aaah".

I withdrew my finger.

"Want to hop up here with me?" I said patting the bed.

Without hesitation, little Emily climbed up and in a flash was next to me as I pulled my own t-shirt off. I then unclipped my jeans, letting them fall to the ground before I kicked them off.

"Want to help me with these?" I asked the 6 year old, pointing to my underpants.

Little Emily nodded eagerly, so together we pulled them off and my hard cock sprang into view, making Emily giggle. Emily laid back on the bed next to me and I held her close, just enjoying her little smooth hairless 6 year old body close to my big hairy adult one. I stroked her thigh and her legs parted. I rubbed her clit again before delving into her closed little slit a bit deeper, feeling the wetness of the little girl there as again, she made pleasurable little noises of approval.

I grabbed a spare pillow and placed it under her tiny bottom, raising her hips up. I leaned over her and licked around her beautiful little mound just above her slit while playing with her nipples again. Gradually I moved lower down, the tip of my tongue searching for the tiny little nubbin, like a pearl in an oyster's shell.

As I made contact with it, little Emily bucked her hips upwards to my face, and I took the opportunity to slide my hands under her bum cheeks, pulling her closer to my mouth as I feasted on her little girl pussy. I tasted her little girl juices and took in her little girl scent. She smelt of a sweet perfume, mixed with her natural juices and a very slight hint of urine. I lapped it up like a cat at a bowl of cream. Emily was loving it, making little noises and thrusting up at me until I heard her do a loud "OOH!" and her body shook violently.

Her little legs clamped shut around my head and I knew she had cum. Knowing that she'd be very sensitive there now, I left her alone to enjoy the remains of her little orgasm and the afterglow she would feel. My cock was leaking lots of pre cum and I had to wipe it a little. Emily had a dreamy satisfied look on her little face and that pleased me immensely. Eventually she opened her eyes and looked at me.

"Did you enjoy that baby girl?" I asked her.

She nodded her head.

"It was really nice!" she confirmed.

"The bestest?" I asked, remembering her terminology from last time.

Emily giggled.

"Better!" she told me.

"Do you remember how you made me feel nice?"

"When I made you squirt... you cum?" she remembered, correcting herself.

I nodded.

"Uh-huh!" she said.

"Want to make me feel nice again?"

In reply, little Emily sat up and wrapped both of her little hands around my cock. She had a firm but gentle grip as she began working my foreskin up and down.

"Oh... Emmy baby... you're making me feel so nice..." I told her encouragingly.

Emily continued to wank me and it felt exquisite. Then I decided to go a step further to see how she reacted.

"Emmy babe... how about making me feel REALLY nice... like I just did to you?"

She stopped and looked at me.

"With my mouth?" she asked.

I nodded. Emily looked uncertain.

"You don't have to, but it would make me feel really, really nice... and you'd be such a big girl too!"

She still wasn't too sure.

"Try it...." I coaxed, "and if you don't like it then you can stop. You won't know unless you try though will you?"

She thought about it for a couple of seconds, before finally nodding her head. Oh my god I thought to myself, I'm about to get a blow job of this sexy little 6 year old angel. I nearly cum before she even did it!

I wiped some of the pre-cum off. I know she'd tasted it before, but I didn't want her put off. There was plenty of time to teach her about swallowing my cum and pre-cum. All I wanted at this moment was for her to try it... and hopefully like it. She leant over me and held my cock in one hand, her tiny fingers barely stretching around it as I gave her instructions.

"To start with why don't you just lick it... like a lolly?" I told her.

I saw her little pink tongue snake out and she swiped the head of my cock before running her tongue up and down it. Oh it felt SO good!

"Now kiss the top..."

Emily done as she was asked.

"You okay?" I asked.

She nodded her head.

"Now open your mouth nice and wide baby... and slide your lips over it... ooh yeah that's it... mind your teeth... mmm you're doing great Em... now suck on it..."

I felt my cock in her wet, warm, willing mouth and the feeling was indescribable. My hands cupped her smooth bum cheeks as I fondled and caressed them gently. Little Emily's first ever blow job was clumsy and awkward, after all it was her first time and she WAS only 6 years of age, but it felt like the best one I'd ever had. I knew it wouldn't take very long for me to cum and I could feel it rising. Gently I took Emily's head off my cock.

"I'm going to squirt!" I warned her, putting her hand back on my cock. Quickly getting the message, she started to wank me again, faster than before.

"OH... EM... OH BABY... YEAH!" I gasped as my cock erupted and my hot sticky sperm shot out all over Emily's little hand.

"AAHHH!" I almost screamed as I had one of the most powerful cums I'd ever experienced.

Emily smiled as she watched my goo shoot out. Like before, it absolutely fascinated her. To be honest, I was so wrapped up in my pleasure that I didn't notice what else she was doing. Little Emily was licking my cum off her hand!! When I first noticed... fuck me I nearly cum again!

"That taste nice?" I asked her, remembering how hesitant she was the first time.

Emily nodded.

"Maybe next time..." I ventured, "you'll let it go straight into your mouth?"

Emily looked at me, and then shyly nodded again.

"Best get cleaned up!" I said looking at the time.

Within ten minutes we were both cleaned up and looking like nothing had ever happened. I took my little 6 year old lover in my arms and I kissed her passionately, her little tongue searching my mouth. When we broke away I whispered to her.

"I love you Emily..."

"I love you too..." she whispered back.

I had no doubt that she meant it. I certainly did. We made arrangements for her to call again the next time she could slip away unnoticed, and I kissed her again.

"Don't forget..." I told her.

"Our little secret!" she whispered back, putting a finger to her lips.

** Emily - The End **

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I am in love with little Emily. I can't wait to read what I hope will be further chapters!


wonderful story of course I love 6 yr old girls. {2 to 10} tender and well written. if only....


Wow! You did it again DC! Another amazing story thats not super slow but not rally fast. Love the details as always =D


Thank you for using the CORRECT terminology in the beginning of the story.

A great story here and I hope to see more and perhaps a continuation.


Wow what a reaction, both here and via email!! Thank you all very much for your kind comments, they mean a lot and I hope you enjoy my other stories just as much.

I have (well HAD now... lol) no plans to continue this on, but it looks like I may have to now - by popular demand as they say!

'Emily' for those who are intersted, was based on a real little girl where I used to live in a block of flats. In every story I write, there is a very small element of truth, and that is it in that story. The real Emily (yes that was her name) was beautiful. I saw her about a lot but only spoke to her the once - when I got into the lift and she was going out to play with her sister (as in the story), but after that, the rest is all made up, although she was my fantasy girl for a LOOONG time! So now you know lol

Once again, many thanks for the wonderful comments, it makes it all worthwhile. Take care & I hope you continue to read and enjoy my efforts!


This was excellent! I hope there are more chapters to this. The way you write about their blossoming relationship is so plausible and not overly ridiculous in any way.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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