Harmony and I, Part 2

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Published: 31-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 6

After telling Debbie her best friend was pregnant by her father, Debbie informed me she wanted to have my baby also. We decided that it would be best for both girls to be pregnant at the same time. We kept track of Debbie's menstrual cycle, the day she started and timed it from there. I had a friend bring me an ovulation chart from Planned Parenthood so we could time her cycle just right. Debbie and I played around a little, but she did not feel in the mood when her period began. I could sympathize with her as could Harmony. After three days of her bleeding she slowed to where we could start having sexual intercourse. I told Debbie that she could sleep with me tonight. She smiled so big it lit up the room. She ran over and hugged me and said "I love you Daddy." I told her I loved her too, she asked if Harmony could be there with her as she lost her virginity to me.

"If you want her to be there then she can, it is your day." I said.

Debbie just smiled at me and kissed me telling me how much she loved me.

"How are we going to handle your mother when you are pregnant?" I ask Debbie.

"I just will not go visit her after my first trimester," Debbie responds.

"Good plan, I hope it will work." I say.

At this time Harmony walks into the room. Debbie looks at Harmony and asks her if they can talk.

"Sure," Harmony says.

"I want you there with me when I lose my virginity tonight." "Will you be with me.?" Debbie asks.

"I don't know it is a special moment for a girl." Harmony replies.

"Please, I really want my best friend by my side." Debbie says.

"Harmony, Debbie is your best friend; if she asks you then she wants to share this moment with the two people she loves." I say.

"Ok, I will be with you." Harmony says.

Chapter 7

It is finally bed time in the household. I have both girls in my bed. Harmony and Debbie are both naked. I look over at Harmony and smile, and then I smile at Debbie.

"I was not going to be here without getting an opportunity for some of that sausage myself," Harmony says.

"Oh you are a bad girl," I say.

"Only because I love you more than life itself," says Harmony.

"I love you also," I say.

I look at my beautiful daughter laying there naked as the day she was born. She is nervous as she is biting on her lower lip. I tell her to relax or it will be a terrible experience for her.

"I know Daddy," she says

Then she starts crying. I ask her what is the matter and she tells me she feels like she is hindering my relationship with Harmony. Harmony reaches over and hugs her and then kisses her cheek.

"You are not hindering my relationship with your father," Harmony says. "I am going to marry him when I am old enough." "He is your father and I can't stop him from loving you ever and I would never demand that of him, it would be selfish of me to do so," says Harmony.

Debbie's crying starts to slow and I ask her if she will be ok. Debbie nods her head yes. Harmony whispers something to Debbie and both girls giggle. I look at Harmony and she just shrugs her shoulders and smiles. I remove my clothes and climb in bed with both girls. I tell Debbie to lay on me with her face in my crotch area and to put her pussy on my mouth. Debbie does this and I start licking her pussy from her asshole to her clit. Debbie gasps as my tongue slides across her virgin pussy. I tell her to take my cock and put in her mouth. I continue eating my daughters' virgin pussy and she is sucking my cock. It is not long before she screams as she has her first orgasm. I continue to eat her out and she starts building towards another orgasm. She has her second orgasm within fifteen minutes of the first one. I tell her to get off of me and to lay on her back. I take her left leg and place it over my right shoulder. I tell Harmony to rub my cock up and down her slit.

Lubrication is not needed as I am leaking a large amount of precum and Debbie is soaking wet from her two orgasms. Harmony starts rubbing my cock up and down Debbie's pussy and then she places it at the entrance to my daughters fuck hole. I figure it will be best if I take her virginity quickly. I tell Harmony to kiss Debbie on the cheeks and stroke her hair.

As Harmony is kissing Debbie, I feel her body relax some. I then lunge forward and in one move rip through Debbie's hymen ripping it to shreds. Debbie lets out a blood curling scream as her virginity is ripped from her. I remain still inside of my daughter until I feel her body relax. I start fucking her with long slow strokes, and then I pick up the pace a little. By mow Debbie is enjoying this as her crying has turned to moans of pleasure. Debbie is enjoying being fucked. It is not long until she has an orgasm. I continue to fuck her as she has orgasm after orgasm. I fuck her through three orgasms before I pump her little pussy and womb full of hot fertile sperm.

I do not go soft after having my orgasm, so I continue to fuck Debbie and this drives her insane. I am pumping my cock in and out of her pussy and she has a small orgasm. I fuck her until she has two more intense orgasms; the last one is so intense that it milks my cock of its hot fertile sperm. I lose count after eight streams of hot fertile sperm is milked from me, it is like I am pissing cum. I focus on breathing, and then in a few moments I return to normal breathing and collapse on top of Debbie. Harmony sits there in a stunned silence. I kiss Debbie and tell her I love her, and then I grab Harmony and cuddle with her for about fifteen minutes.

Chapter 8

We are all laying there in bed. Debbie is laying there with her pussy open and some of my sperm leaking out onto the sheets. I find it hard to believe but Harmony has licked my cock clean of both my daughters and mine juices and has me rock hard. I cannot believe after such an intense orgasm that I am ready again. Harmony then climbs on top of me and starts riding my cock. It is not long before she has an orgasm as she was already dripping wet from watching Debbie and I mate. I continue fucking my future wife until she has a huge orgasm, which sends me over the edge and I flood her little pussy and womb with my sperm. Since Harmony is already pregnant there is no harm in filling her with sperm.

Harmony goes over and lies by Debbie and starts stroking her face and hair. She asks Debbie if she is ok. Debbie is all smiles and she looks at me and mouths I love you. I tell her I love her also. I go over to Debbie and hug her and kiss her. She just cuddles next to me and I hold her in my arms. We all go to sleep, satisfied. I wake up in the middle of the night having to go piss. I have Harmony cuddled next to my back and Debbie facing me cuddled next to me as well.

I return to the bedroom and get back into bed. I turn and Face Harmony and hold her. It feels like it is only five minutes but we all three wake up and it is morning. I ask the girls if they slept ok and they both say yes.

"You two stay here I am going to make you breakfast," Harmony says. "While I'm gone you need to make sure Debbie gets pregnant, so fuck her is what I am saying to you."

"Oh you little vixen," I say.

Harmony just puts her thumb on her nose and blows raspberries at me. Debbie wakes up and states she has to go pee. I look at the sheets and they are soaked in all of our juices and blood from Debbie being deflowered. Debbie returns to the bed room and I am rock hard seeing her sexy body. We make love again, this time getting finished just as Harmony brings us breakfast. I kiss Harmony on the lips and tell her I love her.

Debbie and I make love all day and Harmony joins us after lunch. The three of us spend all day in bed making love. I fill Debbie full of hot fertile sperm five more times during the day. That night I fill her full of sperm three more times. I make love to Debbie all week, just to make sure. I also make love to Harmony so she does not feel left out. How could one man be so lucky?

Chapter 9

One month after I make love to Debbie she misses her period. Three week later she has morning sickness.

Debbie decides that she does not want to see her mother at all during her pregnancy, so I have to think of a reason why. I tell Debbie she has to go over to see her mother at least once, Debbie reluctantly agrees. I get a call that night which gives me a reason for Debbie not to see her mother. Her boyfriend tried to have sex with Debbie and Debbie called me crying saying she wanted to come home. I went and picked up Debbie, she had a black eye from the boyfriend. I called the police and he was arrested for domestic violence. I asked the courts to make any and all visits supervised, it was granted.

Harmony and Debbie delivered their babies six weeks apart. Both girls had girls. Both girls agreed that their father was to be the one to teach them how to make love and to take his daughters virginity when they were old enough. Maybe if things went well the baby's father could plant a baby in them the way he did the girls' mothers.

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