Melanie's Busy Day

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Published: 30-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Little Melanie Grant slid out of bed, and pulled the cotton nightgown off over her head. The pretty eleven-year-old looked in the mirror at the small pointy cones, where her cute little titties were just starting to grow. She stood sideways, to see how much they poked out. Then, she ran a fingertip over the puffy nipples, and looked down past her flat belly to the fleshy bulge of her prominent cunny mound. Cupping it, the little girl turned to face the mirror again. She let her middle finger sink into the tender slip between the fat hairless lips. Melanie liked playing with her tender little slit, because it felt so nice. Now she watched in the mirror, as her finger almost disappeared inside the little crack, while it rubbed her private parts. She pressed against her clitty with the base of her finger, then tickled her pee hole with her fingertip.

"This is exciting, getting yourself off in the mirror," thought Melanie, so she pulled a chair over in front of the mirror, and sat as close to it as she could get; her legs spread wide apart so she could see all the interesting parts between her legs. She watched her cunny puff up in the mirror as she rubbed and played with it with both hands. The little girl liked to watch herself masturbate. Her slim hips thrust jerkily up and down, as she rubbed her protruding clitoris with two fingers of one hand. At the same time, she stuck two fingers of the other hand up inside her tight little hole. The child sighed with pleasure as she made herself cum, jerking and grunting in ecstasy.

When she finished, the little girl realized she had to pee. So, Melanie went down to the bathroom and plonked herself down on the toilet. She spread her legs and looked down at herself; tipping her hips back a little, so she could watch the pee come out her pee hole. She tickled it again, and watched it twitch and open up as the first drops of pee came out. Melanie tried to pee slowly, pressing on her pee hole with one finger and starting and stopping the flow; getting a finger wet with her piss and tasting it; then cupping her small hand in front of the trickle, and filling the small hollow with her urine. Then she tried to bring it to her mouth, while spilling as little as possible.

She almost did spill it, when she realized she was being watched, but still managed to sip several drops. She looked up as her Daddy came the rest of the way into the bathroom and saw what she was doing. The older man grinned at his little girl; happy to see his daughter enjoying her drink of nice hot piss.

Melanie was happy too. She could see that her Daddy had a piss hard-on, which always excited her. The man came over, and let his daughter hold his thing, while he pissed between her legs, and down into the bowl. The little girl made her Daddy piss right on her open cunny, making it tingle where the hot stream hit. She lifted the man's member up, and made it splash on her budding titties. Then the little girl leaned forward; and closing her eyes, she washed her face with her own Daddy's piss.

Melanie sprayed the hot stream into her open mouth and leaned forward even farther as she gulped the tingly fluid down. When the flow finally stopped, her father's penis was partly softened, so she slurped as much of it as she could into her mouth, cleaning off the last of his piss and tasting his thing.

Melanie looked up at her father and slid her lips all the way down the shaft of his thing to the base. She felt the shaft with her tongue, and started cuddling his balls with both hands. She loved the feeling as her father's thing swelled inside her mouth, lengthening and thickening and hardening, growing down towards the back of her mouth and down into her throat. When it was completely hard and erect, the little girl's mouth was stretched wide open by the thickness, and it had slipped partway down her slippery throat. Melanie slid it in and out of her mouth, sucking her Daddy's hard thing, while the man helped his daughter by guiding her head back and forth on the thick shaft. The little girl smiled as best she could at her mother, around her Daddy's thick cock, as the older woman came into the room.

Francine Grant smiled back at her cute little daughter and knelt down beside the little girl. Glad to see her little girl enjoying herself; she decided to help. Reaching down, she slipped a hand between her daughter's open legs and started to masturbate her little girl. She liked to fondle her daughter's sex parts. So, she began touching the little girl's small titties, fiddling with the big puffy nipples and making the little girl squirm with pleasure. Melanie wiggled with delight, as her Mummy touched her favorite places between her legs.

Mewling with bliss, the little girl started moving her head back and forth faster on her Daddy's hard thing. He told her when he was about to make that nice white-stuff come out. So, she slipped her head farther back so she could lick around the big helmet-shaped tip of his hard thing and taste the stuff as it squirted out of the hole in the end of it. Melanie liked the cream to flow over her tongue, so she could taste it properly. Melanie particularly liked the taste of cream when it squirted out of someone's hard thing, and right into her mouth. The little girl felt that drinking cream was the best part about sucking a hard thing.

Now, she sucked on the head of her Daddy's thing and masturbated the shaft with one hand, while she cuddled his balls with the other. As she did so, the shaft swelled up, and began to throw thick spurts of hot gooey slippery liquid into her mouth.

Melanie whimpered with delight, and gulped her Daddy's semen down; licking his cock-head and doing everything she could to get even more cream out. After he finished coming, she licked the last dribbles out. As his thing softened and got smaller, she sucked out the final drops, smacking her lips at the taste.

When she finished with her father, the little girl leaned back and let her Mummy masturbate her some more. Her Daddy knelt beside her Mummy and helped by slipping a finger up his daughter's vagina; finger-fucking her while her Mummy rubbed her clitoris. Melanie loved it when both her parents played with her sex parts, and it wasn't long till her small hips jerked as she came.

Afterwards, she realized she hadn't finished peeing, so she thrust her bottom to the front of the toilet seat and spread her legs wider. She let first her Mummy, and then her Daddy lick her between her stretched-open cunny lips. She liked the way they tickled her pee-hole with their tongues, then stuck them up her trickle hole, and wiggled them around up inside her. She tried to pee a little for each one of them, when they each held their tongues so the pee trickled down them like a red carpet and dribbled into their open mouths. Then, her Mummy lay down on the floor and spread her legs apart, so Melanie could kneel between them. She licked her Mummy between her legs, and put her fingers in her mother's big cunny hole. While she was doing this, her Daddy felt her naked slit and her pert little titties, then played with her Mummy's big titties until she came as well.

Now Melanie could see that her Daddy's thing was big and hard again. So, he lay down on the floor and she squatted over it. Then she sat down on the big thing; sticking it up inside her tight little hole. Melanie always loved this, because it filled her little hole so well. When it was all the way inside her, she bounced up and down, and made it go in and out of her little crack. At the same time, her Mummy felt her little titties and her Daddy rubbed her clitty. The little girl kept sliding up and down, until she felt her father's thing get bigger inside her, and felt the first big squirts of her Daddy's sperm warming her tummy.

Melanie always liked it, when her Daddy squirted his white stuff into her hole, because then she could feel it hitting her insides, making her feel all nice and warm again. When her father had finished squirting inside her, Melanie's Mummy lay down and had her little girl squat over her face so that she could let her Mummy lick her little cunny, until all her Daddy's semen had dribbled out into her mother's mouth.

When her Mummy finished, she told Melanie's Daddy, "Well, at least she's not bleeding yet, so we don't have to worry yet."

Melanie wasn't quite sure why her Mummy was worried about her being cut inside her cunny. After all, her Daddy's thing certainly wasn't sharp! Melanie knew it had something to do with getting pregnant, but didn't see what the big deal was. After all, that was the reason she liked it so much, when her Daddy's white stuff had a chance to soak inside her tummy.

The little girl knew that the white stuff made babies in little girls' tummies, and she wondered when she would be big enough for a baby to grow inside her. Would it be her Daddy's stuff that made the baby in her, or would it be someone else's? Melanie really didn't care, as long as she had lots of fun getting the white stuff inside her. Melanie ALWAYS seemed to have fun! Well, maybe it would be a LITTLE more fun, making a baby with your own Daddy. Melanie knew that there weren't many girls her age, whose fathers loved them enough to make babies inside their tummies, like hers did. "It's so nice, to feel the sticky stuff that makes babies inside you, even if you can't do anything with it yet," she thought.

Once Melanie was cleaned up, it was time for her to get dressed and go to school. This was her second day at her new school and the little girl was quite excited because it was new.

Melanie had heard that her arithmetic teacher liked to look at little girls. So, she sat right at the front, and made sure she sat with her legs apart, where the man could look up her skirt and see her underpants. Melanie wore white cotton underpants. She knew the man would be able to see her crack through them, because they were so thin. The little girl saw her teacher staring at her a lot, during class. Whenever he bent over her to show her how to do the work, Melanie leaned forward, so the older man could look down the neck of her T-shirt, and see her naked little titties.

After class, Melanie asked the teacher, if he would help her with her arithmetic. The older man grinned at the little girl's question, and invited her into his office. Melanie let the man look down her front at her titties some more. While he was looking, she pretended one was itchy, and slipped her hand up under her T-shirt and began scratching and playing with it. Her nipples got all hard and big and she wiggled around in her seat.

When the teacher asked her what was the matter, Melanie replied that her titties were feeling funny. She lifted up her T-shirt and showed them to the older man. Melanie knew he was partly nervous, but he kept looking at her; so she asked him if he thought she was pretty, and had nice titties.

He said, "Yes," but that she shouldn't show men her titties.

Melanie told him she was practicing to be a model and asked him if she could practice with him, because she could see a video camera on the shelf. He held the camera while Melanie got up on his desk and posed for him, making faces while she held her T-shirt tight, so her titties poked out of it. Then she lifted it up to show them to the camera. She took it off and told him she wanted to be a topless model, and wanted him to take pictures of her naked tits, and of her feeling her nipples with her fingertips. After he did, she sat back on the desk and pulled her short little skirt up halfway to her hips. The teacher then filmed the little girl as she pulled her skirt up to her hips and showed off her long slender legs, right up to her underpants.

The little girl lay back and watched, as the older man moved down by her feet, and then told her she should model underwear, while pulling her skirt up to her waist.

She knew the teacher could see the dark line of her naked cunny-slit through the thin white underpants. Melanie saw him taking a close up of it, so she spread her legs open slowly. The little girl was feeling horny, so she slid a hand under the waistband of her underpants and slipped her forefinger into her slit at the top. She knew the teacher could see her fondling herself, but he kept on filming anyway. To tempt him further, Melanie told the teacher that she felt all funny, and used her other hand to pull her crotch of her underpants to the side and expose her naked, hairless cunny with her finger buried in her slit. The man gulped and kept filming as the little girl displayed her private parts to him.

Melanie used both hands to hold her cunny as wide open as she could. She showed the teacher how big her vagina was, and how he could see right up inside it. She then took off her underpants and let the man touch her right between the legs and put his finger in her hole. While he was fondling her like this, the little girl asked him if she could see his hard thing.

So the man undid his zipper, and pulled it out. Melanie told him it was a nice big one, and asked him if he liked to have fun with it, and make it spit-up like her father's did.

When he nodded, "Yes," she asked if she could suck it and drink his cream.

He nodded, "Yes," again, so she put as much as she could into her mouth and sucked on it, while he played with her little bare clit and felt up inside her tight little hole.

Melanie licked the big head of her teacher's thing, and played with his balls. At the same time, she rubbed the long part up and down until he told her he was going to make the white stuff come out. The little girl looked up at the older man, and smiled around his big thick thing while it squirted hot cream into her mouth.

Melanie let the thick white goopy stuff fill up her mouth before she drank it all down. She savored the taste, hoping that she would be able to get lots more from her teacher during the rest of the school year. Somehow, she felt fairly sure the older man would be willing to let her taste it fairly often.

After school, Melanie walked home. As she passed a building site, she stopped to watch the construction workers. When she noticed some of the men looking at her, she asked them if she could have a coke, and then sat on the edge of a table in their rest shack while she drank it. the little girl could tell the men were all looking at her short skirt and thin T-shirt. There was one man in particular, who was sitting right in front of her, who was almost drooling. So Melanie let her legs drift apart. When the little girl saw the man bend down, so he could see partway up under her skirt she knew she had him hooked. Melanie could tell that the man had a lump in his jeans, where his thing was getting hard. She decided to let her legs slip a little wider apart, so the man would be able to see her underpants. She complained that she had an itch up under her skirt and asked the men if any of them would help her find it. A couple of the bolder ones said, "Sure," so Melanie suggested they each feel up under her skirt, to see if any of them could find the itch. One of the men, who seemed to be in charge, stared at her for a moment, when she said this. When he didn't say anything though, one of the bolder men decided to do what the little girl wanted. Soon, Melanie felt as if there were a hundred hands roaming all over her body.

She let each man feel up underneath her skirt, and touch her underwear over her bum and her front, and all over her panties. It felt especially nice when they touched her crack, but her underwear got in the way. So, the little girl complained that they hadn't found the place that itched yet. She lay back on the table and lifted her skirt up and had them all look at her underpants. She then lifted her bum and told the men to pull down her underpants to see if the itch was inside them.

There was almost a fight, over who would do this, but eventually one of the men took off her underpants. Melanie said "That's better," and let them look at her bare-naked sex.

The little girl spread her legs and showed them all what she had between her legs. Then she opened up her hole for them, to show them what a big girl she was. She told the men that the itch was up inside her hole, and they could touch her if they wanted to. Some of the men felt her trickle-hole and rubbed her clitty and some of the others felt up under her T-shirt and touched her titties. She took her T-shirt off and let the men look at her titties and play with them. When they still couldn't reach the itch with their fingers, the little girl asked if they had anything that could go up inside her hole, that was bigger than just a finger.

The bold one unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard member, and asked the little girl if that would do.

Melanie said "Oh yes, that's a lovely big one."

The man asked her if she was sure she wanted him to do that and she giggled again and said that she was sure it would be just what she needed to stop the itching, especially if they put that nice cream inside her. So she lay at the edge of the table, and the man got between her legs and put his big hard thing next to her little hairless hole, and rubbed it up and down her crack. Melanie told him it would fit better, if he licked her hole and all around it, to make it all nice and wet. So the man licked her cunny, and made his tongue go right up in her little hole. Then she helped the man put his thing inside her hole.

While he was pushing it in and out, the other men took off their pants and let Melanie look at their big hard things. One of them got by her head, so she turned her head to one side and sucked on his hard thing, while the first one was sticking his big thing in between her legs. Melanie liked doing fun things like this, with two men at once.

When the second man's hard thing spit thick sticky cream in her mouth, she smacked her lips and gulped it down as fast as she could. The little girl then told the men she liked the taste even better than her teacher's and almost as well as her Daddy's.

The first man made his cream go into her insides. When he was finished, Melanie asked the others if they could help her by putting their cream in her hole too. So, all the rest of the men took turns putting their hard things into her hole and making them go in and out. After each one had put their thing inside her, they stood and watched their friends doing it to the little girl until their thing got hard again. After a while, Melanie made them stand next to her so she could suck on their hard things and play with them while she got fucked. After they had all put their cream inside her hole, Melanie squatted down, and cupped her hands underneath her cunny to let their sperm drool out into her hands, until they were full. She then lifted up the handful of cream, and drank it down; smacking her lips because it tasted so good.

Afterwards, the little girl let each of the men feel how nice and warm her cunny was, from all the fun they had. As she was leaving, one of the men, asked her if she needed a ride home.

Now that she wasn't so horny, the walk didn't seem so far to Melanie any more. She told him, "No thanks," enjoying the drip of white goo running down her leg.

The man seemed to struggle with himself, then asked Melanie if she wanted to stop by the next day, as they would be working there for the next month or so.

Melanie's smile got big at the thought. She told the man she'd try to stop in tomorrow, if she could. She left, skipping happily.

When she got close to home, Melanie heard a lot of noise and splashing from behind a nearby house. When a beach ball came sailing over the high board fence that surrounded the back yard, Melanie ran and picked it up before it bounced onto the road. A door in the fence opened; and a man of about forty wearing a bathing suit looked out and saw Melanie with the beach ball. When she handed it to him, the man looked at the cute little girl, and suggested she join them. Melanie looked into the yard, where she could see three men lying around a swimming pool and a girl about her age playing in the water.

When Melanie responded sadly, that she didn't have a bathing suit, they all told her that she could just wear underpants. So Melanie took off her skirt. One of the men looked closely at her barely formed titties, and slim build, then asked her how old she was. When she said, "Eleven," he said "That's not much older than my little girl, Gloria is," and pointed to the child in the pool. "She's 10, and just wearing underpants too," he said. He then told Melanie she was very pretty, and introduced Melanie to the other men, who he said were his brothers. Melanie jumped into the water with Gloria, and they splashed around. When they both stood up in the shallow end, Melanie saw that the smaller girl had nice little hills of titties just like she did.

Gloria giggled, and asked her father whether she or Melanie had the biggest titties. The men all looked at both of them; then said they couldn't decide, because they were too far away. Gloria's father suggested that they both get out of the pool, and stand right in front of the guys so they could see better. So the girls climbed out of the pool and stood next to the three men who looked up at the two pre-pubescent little girls standing in their wet underwear.

Melanie could see that the men all had big bulges in their bathing suits. She wondered if she could have some fun with them.

"I'll bet you could tell which of us has the biggest titties if you touch them and feel them," she prompted. One of the men said "OK," so both the girls let each of the men feel their titties for a while. Melanie always liked it when anybody felt her titties, because it made her feel all warm and excited between her legs. She looked down and saw her thin underwear plastered to her body. The thin white material had turned transparent, so the men could see her cunny mound and her trickle crack. The little girl giggled and looked at Gloria and saw that the other child's underpants were as wet and see-through as hers.

"Hey Gloria," she said, "I can see our trickles, look!"

Gloria looked back and forth at both of them, then laughed and said, "Well yes. Look, Daddy."

Her father said, "I am looking. You are both very pretty, but since your uncles and I can see you anyway, you might as well take off your underpants."

"Wait a minute," said Melanie, "I've got a trick."

The little girl made the crotch material of her underpants into a thin strand, then slipped the narrow material into her crack, so her fat cunny-lips bulged out on either side of it.

"Look," she said, "it's just like I haven't got any underpants on over my cunny, because they're hidden in my trickle crack!"

The men all stared at the little girl's naked hairless cunny, and laughed at the cute trick. Then Gloria did the same thing, not wanting to be left out.

Melanie told her, "I like to do this, because it rubs me in my cunny, and makes me feel all nice when I'm walking or sitting in class, 'cause I can't use my fingers to rub my crack with."

Then Melanie and Gloria both pulled down their underpants and let Gloria's Daddy and her uncles look at their bare naked cunnies as well as their titties.

Gloria's Daddy told the girls that they had pretty cunnies and lovely little titties. He asked Melanie to show them all how she rubbed her little crack. So the little girl put a finger in her crack, and started rubbing. After watching the other girl for a while, so did Gloria. All the men moved up close, so that they could watch the two girls standing in front of them, rubbing their fingers up and down their little hairless cracks.

About then, a boy about thirteen years old, came out of the house, and Gloria told Melanie that the boy was her big brother, Billy. Billy came and stood beside his father and looked at the two girls. Melanie saw the boy looking at their titties and cunnies. When she looked at his bathing suit, there was a lump growing inside it.

"Hey Billy," said Gloria, "what's that growing inside your bathing suit? Is it a snake?"

The older boy looked at his little sister, and grinned. "If you want to see what it is, then come find it," he told her.

The two little girls watched the bulge get bigger and straighten out inside the older boy's bathing suit until it poked straight up, and the tip made a tent at the top.

Gloria giggled and knelt beside her brother, then asked Melanie, "Should I let the snake out?"

"Sure," said Melanie, and rubbed her cunny slit faster.

Gloria pulled down her brother's bathing suit and his hard thing bobbed out and poked up in the air, about seven inches long, with just a little hair at the base of it.

Both girls giggled, and Melanie said "Wow what a nice big snake, all hard and straight!"

The men all laughed, and Gloria's Daddy asked Melanie if she liked to play with big hard snakes.

"Sure," said Melanie, "I like to play with them, and make them spit-up, and lie down."

"Let's go into the house," he told her, "and I will show you my snake if you like, and you can play with it all you want to."

So, they all went into the family room, where Melanie knelt in front of Gloria's Daddy, and her two uncles. She pulled down their bathing suits, and let their big hard things jump up and poke out at her. Gloria's Daddy had the biggest one, almost nine inches long. The others weren't small though. Each one was nearly eight inches long, and very thick, with big hairy balls the size of lemons hanging from them. The men all let the little 11-year-old touch their big hard things, and feel them all she wanted.

Melanie licked her lips, and lifted their balls to feel how much cream there was inside them. She told the men how much she liked drinking cream, and asked if she could drink theirs. They said she could, if she wanted to.

Gloria's Daddy got a video camera, down off the shelf, so he could take pictures of all the things they were going to do with each other.

Melanie said she wanted them to put their big things inside her hole first. That would make her feel all nice and warm and full. She lay down on the floor, and had Gloria's Uncle Larry get between her legs and lick her naked cunny while she held it open for him.

When it was all wet and slippery he put his big hard thing at the entrance of her baby-hole and she held it open and helped while he worked it inside her body. The child's vagina was tight around the adult's huge penis, but she pushed up and felt the warm fleshy cylinder sinking into her. Melanie sighed with pleasure as it sank all the way inside her, stuffing her small body and making her cunny feel stuffed.

The older man wiggled his prick around inside her, and then pushed it in and out, while she played with her clitoris.

Melanie masturbated Gloria's Uncle John with her free hand while she sucked and licked on the big bulby end of his hard thing.

When Larry was ready to cum, he pulled out of the child's vagina and changed positions with John. John sank his hard thing into the child's waiting hole, which was expanded from the other man's cock. While he fucked the little girl, he watched as Larry knelt by the child's head where she licked and sucked on the other man's hard thing, while she masturbated him.

Larry shot spurt after spurt of thick tasty cream into the little girl's mouth while she whimpered with joy at the flavor. She cuddled his huge balls and gently caressed them, to get as much of the tasty goo as possible. After Larry came, he took the video camera from Gloria's Daddy. John let the little girl suck him off. Gloria's Daddy then sank his hard thing into Melanie and fucked the little girl until the child had another orgasm, and it was time for HIM to pour his load of cream down her throat.

After they had all taken their turn fucking the little girl and letting her drink their cream, everybody watched Gloria sucking Billy's hard thing. Gloria knelt down, and Melanie lay down beneath the girl's crotch and lowered her so she could reach the other girl's private parts. Melanie licked and lapped at the young girl's tiny hole and slipped her finger into it.

After a while, this didn't seem to be enough for the smaller girl, so she lay on her back, and Melanie helped Billy to put his big long snake in his little sister's tiny hole. It almost looked like the little girl wouldn't stretch enough, before her brother's big thing vanished up inside her. The little girl's father told Billy to, "Give your little sister what she wants."

Melanie liked what she saw so much, she started licking both of the children at once. She couldn't wait to taste the thick cream she knew Billy would be putting inside his little sister. It didn't take long, before she was rewarded by a thick ooze coming out around the boy's thing, and she knew Billy was filling his little sister's tummy with cream. Melanie tried to get every drop that oozed out, while the older boy jerked on top of the his 10-year-old little sister, trying to put as much of his cream, as far as he could up inside the little girl.

While Melanie was doing this, she felt a tongue at her own crotch. Melanie spread her legs as far apart as she could; and let the nice feelings wash over her, while she licked Gloria's tight little hole, that was stretched so tightly around her big brother.

Suddenly she heard a little whimper, and looked down to see that it was a big golden lab that was licking her little cunny! Melanie always had liked fooling around with dogs, so she held her little hole open wider, so the big dog could lick her better.

After a while, she stopped licking Gloria's hole, and reached around so she could play with the dog's hard thing, that was starting to stick out from the hairy sheath underneath his belly. It slid out and got all hard and long. Melanie knelt down, and made the dog lie on his side, so she could masturbate him, while she licked at the red pointy tip of his hard thing. It tasted nice, so she started sucking on it, licking it until the dog whimpered and jerked his back legs and made it go in and out of her mouth.

After doing this for a while, Melanie looked up and saw that Gloria's Daddy was taking a video of her. So the little girl smiled prettily at the camera, as best she could with her mouth full of hard doggie-cock. One of the men got behind her and felt between her legs, so she spread her legs even wider and pushed her bum back so he could feel her better. The man put his finger in her hole, then took it out and slipped his hard thing up inside her; pushing it in and out while she sucked on the dog's hard thing.

Melanie rubbed the dog's balls and made him squirt his stuff in her mouth. She always liked the taste of dog-cream because it had a lovely full flavor, and it came out in nice long thick sticky streams that squirted right down her throat if she did it right. She gulped it down and smacked her lips to get the last bits, just as she felt the man's hard thing start to squirt big gushes of stuff up in her insides.

Then the other two men did it to her, while she sucked Billy's hard thing and made him cum in her mouth. When he finished, she squatted over Gloria who licked her cunny and ate the big globs of cream as it dripped out of her hole.

After that, Melanie put on her skirt and T-shirt and went home. She left her underpants behind because she was in a hurry.

When she got home, she recognized the car out front as her grandfather's, and ran eagerly inside. She had been having fun with her grandfather, ever since she was a little girl. He was the one who taught her how to have fun with her cunny, and how to make his thing do magic tricks: Like get all hard, and stand up by itself, and then spit-up, and lie down again. He had showed her how her Mummy's cunny had hair on it, and showed her how he licked her Mummy and who said it made her feel nice.

He had taught her, that if he licked her little crack, the hair would grow on it too. So Melanie let him, and it felt so good it made her feel all funny.

Her Mummy told her how she used to play with Melanie's Grampa's thing when she was very little and he showed her how to do it. She let Melanie help her lick her grandfather's thing until it got all big and hard. Then, while they were both licking along the side of it, it started to spit out thick blobs of white-stuff. Melanie got some in her mouth, and it tasted so nice, that she licked up all the rest. Ever since then, the little girl had sucked and drank all the cream she could get.

Melanie found her Grampa watching TV, so she ran up and kissed him. The old man patted her bum, and asked her how she was. He looked at her T-shirt and remarked that her titties were starting to grow nicely. So Melanie took off her T-shirt and let her grandfather see them properly. The old man felt her up, and fiddled with her nipples and made them feel nice.

He then asked the child what color underwear she was wearing. This was one of their oldest games; one they had played since she was only about three years old. He would guess, then she would let him feel up under her skirt, to see if that would help him guess, then finally she would show him her underpants.

Melanie giggled and said for him to guess, so he guessed "White." She then told him to feel up under her skirt. When he did, he touched her bare naked little cunny, and they both had a big laugh.

The little girl lifted up her skirt for her grandfather, and showed him her bare cunny that still didn't have any hair on it.

The old man said, "I'd better lick it some more then, hadn't I."

Melanie replied, "Oh yes please!" The little girl put a foot up on the couch to open her hole, then held her cunny lips open so her grandfather could feel her all over as much as he wanted to. The old man noticed that her that her hole was nice and big, so she told him about how she had let the men on the building site do all the naughty things to her. Then, she told him about all the fun she had with Gloria and her family.

Her Grampa told her that he would like to meet Gloria. Melanie told him she would bring her home, and they would all have fun together.

Just then, the doorbell rang and it was Gloria with Melanie's underpants. Melanie invited Gloria in and introduced the other little girl to her Grampa.

Her Grampa told Gloria she was a pretty little girl and had nice titties.

Gloria lifted up her T-shirt so the old man could see them properly, then bounced up and down a little to make them jiggle.

The man felt both Gloria's titties and Melanie's, to see whose were bigger. Then Gloria lifted up her skirt and showed him that she wasn't wearing any underpants either.

Gloria and Melanie stood next to Melanie's Grampa and held up their skirts so he could look at their cunnies properly, and see who had the fattest cunny lips. Melanie knew that her Grampa always liked to play with her little trickle and tickle her pee hole and she asked him if he would like to feel both of their cunnies at the same time.

"Sure," he said. So they let him touch them all over. He felt in between their legs, and felt their little cracks, while they squatted down. They held their cunny lips apart, so he could tickle them on their pee holes, and the little bumpy places at the top of their cracks. They then took off their skirts and sat down facing him on the couch completely naked, with their legs wide apart so the old man could feel them all over. Especially between their legs, the way Melanie liked it. They each leaned back and held their cunny holes open while he put a finger into both of the little girls' cunny holes at the same time. He then made his fingers go in and out of them.

Melanie's Daddy came in and saw what they were doing. So Melanie introduced Gloria to her Daddy and told him that Gloria's Daddy and uncles had big hard things like he had.

Gloria asked if she could see Melanie's Daddy's hard thing. So he stood next to the little girl, and told her she could pull down his bathing suit if she wanted to.

Gloria put her hand up the leg of his bathing suit; felt around inside it; and found his hard straight snake. In the meantime, Melanie's Grampa fingered her little hole.

Gloria pulled Melanie's Daddy's bathing suit down and said "What a nice big thing you have."

He replied, "You can play with it all you want to."

Gloria then asked him, "Can I put it in my mouth and suck on it?"

While this was going on, Melanie undid her Grampa's pants and showed Gloria what a nice big thing he had. Gloria said she wanted to suck on both of their things at the same time. So they both took all their clothes off and Gloria knelt down between them.

The little girl took turns sucking on the big purpley end parts while she made her hands go back and forth on them. While she was doing this, both men played with her little titties.

In the meantime, Melanie watched, and played with her cunny and made herself feel nice.

Gloria made the white stuff come out of both their hard things one after the other; holding her mouth open nice and wide, so the creamy stuff would squirt straight into her mouth. When she was finished, she lay down on the couch and held her legs apart so Melanie's Grampa could lick her all over in between her legs. The old man put his tongue up in the little girl's hole and licked her bum hole as well.

Gloria giggled and asked him if he would like a nice drink of hot lemonade.

He said "Sure." The old man lay down on the floor while Gloria squatted over his head, and held her cunny lips open. He tickled her pee-hole with his tongue, and made it open and close. Gloria giggled, and then let the pee come out and go into his mouth, slow at first and then in a big gush.

When they had finished, they all had milk and cookies. Gloria said she would bring her Daddy and her uncles over the next day, so that they could all have fun together.

When Melanie went to bed that night, she played with her little cunny one last time, because it felt so nice when she did. While she did, the door opened, and her Daddy came in. Melanie's Daddy wanted to be sure his little girl had her regular squirt of cream, that he always gave her before she went to sleep. Melanie always liked to go to sleep with her father's white stuff inside her tummy, so her Mummy made sure he gave it to her. After her Daddy had squirted his thick cream up inside her, he left, and the little girl fell asleep with a finger in her slit.

As she started to fall asleep, with her finger stirring the warm goop inside her hole, the little girl thought about how happy she was that she didn't bleed like her Mummy was worried about earlier. This way, her mother still let her take her Daddy and grandfather's white-stuff right up inside her tummy, where it belonged. Melanie liked the idea of having her father's baby-stuff warming her tummy, even if she wasn't big enough to do anything with it yet. She wondered if her mother would make her stop, when she got older. She hoped not. Having a baby would be a different kind of fun.

Just before she fell asleep, the child remembered that she HAD noticed a little blood on her underpants one morning quite a while ago. "Was that what Mummy was worried about?" she wondered. "No," she decided. She remembered Mummy telling her about her "period" that would happen every month. This had only happened once, for about two days, and that had been over two months ago.

Reassured, the little girl fell asleep, and dreamed happy dreams of all the fun she could have with tight little cunnies, and big hard things that fitted so nicely inside them, squirting thick sticky white baby-making cream up inside, right where it belonged.

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s

cummy cunnies

I don't know if you are the real Frank McCoy or are just posting some of his stories, but I'd like you to know that he is a legend and I will read and collect his stories until I die and then be buried and probably go to hell with them *huggles* ^.^

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