Grandpa and Me

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Published: 28-Jan-2013

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'Grandpa and Me' is a fictional story written by Frenchie. This story is entirely fictional and is not in any way real, suggested or connected to anyone real at any time or place. Nor does this story mean that the author condones the actions of the characters in this story...The story is pure fiction and fantasy and nothing more.

If you are not 18 years of age or older, please leave now. If sex between adult males and underage girls is not your cup of tea, please leave now. Otherwise, stay and enjoy the party. Frenchie.

I have the most wonderful grandfather that ever was. I've known him ever since I can recall. He's always been good to me; he buys me presents, not only for my birthday and Christmas, but just because he wants to. He sits with me when mama and daddy goes out and he throws the neatest parties and invites all of my friends. He's a great guy and I love him very much.

Oh, by the way, my name is Ilsa. I think it's a funny name, but everybody likes it and says it fits me, whatever that's supposed to mean, so I guess it's alright. I have light brown hair and green eyes. Everybody, including grandpa, says I'm attractive and bright. I'm 7 years old, in the 2nd grade and grandpa says that I'm just short of 4 feet tall and I weigh 49 pounds.

Sometimes he drives me to school, but most of the time, we walk. He picks me up after school and brings me home. Sometimes we stop by the ice cream parlor and share a banana split or a couple of cones of Strawberry ice cream. After I do my homework, we sit in his chair and watch television, side by side. He holds me close and he puts his arm around me. I love my grandpa very much.

Sometimes, he opens his legs and makes a chair for me to sit on. I sit on him and sit back, then he puts his arms around me and rubs my belly and we cuddle. I like to watch television this way best of all. I think grandpa likes it this way, also. Only, sometimes when we do that, something between his legs comes up and I have to move by butt and squirm around to make room for it.

One day, a while ago, I was in my room and heard grandpa moaning. His room is right next to mine, at the end of the hall. So I looked in on him and he was doubled over, holding his stomach.

"Grandpa. What's wrong?"

"Oh..." He moaned.

I walked over to his bed and asked. "What hurts?"

He just looked up at me and moaned.

"There's nobody home but me and you. What can I do for you?" I asked. "Do you want me to call a neighbor?"

"No." He said. "Just sit next to me and rub my stomach, please."

I climbed up on his bed and sat where I could rub his stomach and he eventually stopped moaning. That thing that would come up when I was sitting on his lap started to swell and was poking up through his pants.

"Is that what hurts you?" I asked.

Weakly he said, "Yes."

"What can be done about it?"

He moaned again, softly.

"Is there anything I can do for you grandpa?"

"Yes." He said, slowly. "Open my zipper and take it out. It needs air."

I don't like seeing my grandpa in pain, so I opened his fly and reached inside of his underwear and found this thing that was about 7 inches long and pulled it out.

I was astonished. "What is this thing?" I asked.

"Now a days it's my jerk off stick."

"What's a 'Jerk Off Stick'?" I asked.

He explained, "Every now and then, it will swell up, like it is now and I have to stroke it up and down for a while, until the pressure is released. Then, it's OK for a while."

He paused a moment and then asked. "Would like to do it for me? It would feel so much better if you did it, sweetheart."

So, I leaned over and began stroking it up and down. It wasn't slippery at first, but after a while it got all slimy and slick and my hand went up and down easier.

"Not so fast, sugar. We don't want it to erupt so soon." He said. "Slow down a little."

"Erupt? What's erupt?" I asked.

"That's when it starts shooting semen out of the tip."

"What's semen?" I asked.

"Well, that's the serum that makes babies. You see, when a man and woman make love, the man shoots his semen into the woman and nine months latter she has a baby." He told me.

"How do they make love?" I asked.

"They lay down together and he puts his thing into her pussy and pushes it in and pulls it out, repeatedly, until it erupts, shooting his semen into her pussy."

"Huh." I said in relief. "So that's how babies are made."

"And, you see, I don't have anyone to make love to, so my willy gets kind of lonely and it starts to hurt. That's why it has to be massaged every now and then." He explained. "It's called "Jerking Off" or "Wracking Willy."

"Well, I'll be glad to whack your willy anytime you want grandpa." I told him.

Just about that time, his willy exploded, shooting grandpa's semen high into the air and it came down all over the place; into my hair, on the bed on grandpa and all over my hand and arm. It was sticky and gooey and smelled like bleach. I licked some off my hand and it tasted salty. I licked my lips.

"You like it?" Grandpa asked.

"It's not bad, I guess."

"Well, lick some more and maybe you will learn to like it." He said.

So I licked it all off my hand.

He told me not to tell anyone what we did just now, ever, because he would get into really big trouble.

"I won't, grandpa." I assured him.

"Now, go wash up, before someone sees you with that stuff all over your hair."

I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and grandpa took a shower.

The next Saturday, mother and daddy were at work and grandpa and I were watching television. I was sitting on his lap and he was rubbing my stomach, when he asked.

"Do you want to have some fun?"

What girl doesn't want to have fun? "Yeah." I said.

"Come on to my room." He said.

And we got up and went to his room.

He closed the door and told me to lye on the bed with my legs over the side and he knelt in front of me, between my legs. Then he pulled my dress and my slip up to my waist and then bent over and started licking my pussy through my silky panties. He started moaning. In fact, I started moaning too, it felt so food.

The more he licked, the wetter I got and the better it felt. It felt so good that I started whimpering and eventually began to cry out.

"Oh, my gawd... oh... oh..."

And he kept licking. My panties were soaking wet.

Then, he reached down and slipped my panties off and licked my pussy directly. His tongue went in and out of my cunt, around and he even slurped it, sucking it into his mouth.

"Oh, my gawd. It feels so good. Don't stop." I cried.

In a while, he started licking and sucking my little clit; licking round and round, wagging his tongue over and over it, driving me crazy!

"Iee... Oh... Eee..." I screamed. "Oh my gawd."

He licked an licked and sucked and sucked until my clit burned like fire and my pussy was dripping with oil. Soon, my pussy felt funny and it began to twitch, slowly at first, then it twitched more rapidly and he sucked even harder and I screamed louder.

"Oh... I can't ... stand it! Ow... Iee..." I was out of breath; weak, exhausted, wasted.

I think I passed out, because I don't remember anything after that. When I woke up, I was in my bed with all of my clothes on, even my panties.

We took care of each other every chance we could, especially on Saturdays when mom and daddy was at work. I didn't ever pass out again. I learned to "eat" grandpa's meat and he eats my pussy and we have a good time, together.

One Saturday, not long ago, grandpa woke me up as soon as mom and dad had left for work.

"Do you want to have some real fun?" He asked.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and said, "Yes."

"Come to my room." And he went to his bedroom.

I went to the bathroom and peed, then went to grandpa's room, where I found him lying naked on the bed.

"Take off your clothes and join me." He said.

I took my nightgown off, I don't wear panties to bed and jumped into his bed and hugged him. Grandpa put his arms around me and we cuddled. Soon, I was very wet and his penis was dripping oil.

He pulled me toward his face and opened his mouth. I had seen mom and day kiss with their mouths open, so I opened my mouth and kissed grandpa. An electric thrill tickled my body, up and down my spine, over my arms and legs. He sucked my tongue and I sucked his. The juices gushed out of my pussy and my abdomen felt funny.

He reached down between my legs and started rubbing my pussy, so I started stroking his willy, just like I had always done.

We started breathing hard and harder the more we rubbed one another, until we were both out of breath, so we stopped and just held each other.

"What does this mean?" I asked.

"It means, my dear, that I want to fuck you." He said, softly.

"You mean, stick your thing in me to make a baby?" I asked.

"No, not to make a baby, because you are too young to get pregnant." He explained. "I just want us to experience a feeling that only two people can share with each other, because I love you and want to give you that." He said with a tear in his eye. "I love you Ilsa, my dear."

I reached up and kissed him and said, "I love you too, grandpa."

We kissed and made out for a while and then he said.

"I'm going to stick my prick inside if your pussy and sometimes, but not all the time, it will hurt a little, but it soon wears off and then it feels good." He said. "Are you ready, sweetheart?"

"Uh huh." I said and he told me to sit on his belly, so I climbed on to his belly.

"Now I want you to go slow, so that you don't hurt yourself." Then he said. "Guide my dick up into your pussy and push down when you feel it's in the spot, but not to hard. Do you understand?"

"Uh huh." I said and started moving his willy up to my pussy. Soon, I felt it peek in, so I pushed my body down and it went in a little.

"Now back off and push down again." He said.

I pushed down again and more went in and I pulled back and kept repeating it until I felt a dull pain, so I stopped.

"Your hymen just broke." He said. "Do you feel pain?"

"No." I answered.

"Well, you're good to go, but take it easy, all the same."

So, I kept driving it in more and more, until about half of his prick was in me. It felt good. I never imagined anything could feel this good.

"OK, sugar, let me get on top. We'll roll over, together, that way we don't have to take it out." He said. "Ready?"

"OK." I said.

We rolled over and grandpa's prick stayed inside of me, until he was on top of me. Then, it started really feeling good.

He moved slowly, in and out, until all of his prick was buried deep inside of my pussy. It felt so good.

"Do you like it sweetheart?" He asked. "Doesn't it feel real good?"

Oh, yes," I cooed. "I love it."

And he kept on fucking me, until we both started breathing hard. He slowed down a little, but the feeling kept growing and growing. My clit started to burn. My pussy was full of grandpa's dick. It was marvelous. I never knew anything could feel so beautiful and wonderful; my pussy was stuffed with grandpa's hard and warm prick.

Then, my pussy started to twitch as his dick pumped his semen into my burning pussy. He pushed his dick in and out of my throbbing pussy, milking his dick dry. I became weak and breathless as grandpa's prick destroyed my pussy.

"Iee... Oh..." I screamed. Grandpa was tearing my pussy up. "Iee... Oyo..."

Grandpa was breathing hard. His eyes were closed. He must have been feeling good and enjoying this too. He slumped over me with his heart racing faster than a runaway train.

We lay there exhausted and happy that we had pleased each other and I was happy that grandpa trusted me enough to share this moment with him. I love my grandpa.

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