Tommy, Part 2

[ mf, school, teen, cons, wm, wf, oral, creampie ]

by GV

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Published: 7-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I walked through the breezeway, flicking through my school diary and looking for what lesson we had next. I came to a page full of pictures and I sighed internally my cock stirring. All the pictures were naughty photo's of July, some nude, some in underwear, bikini's or leotards. In some she had even stuffed herself with toys or grinding herself against something-

'Hey Tom' July brushed up against me and bobbed up to kiss my neck 'like the pictures?'

I smile 'it's better in real life.' I look at her up and down. she was wearing dark skinny jeans and a black leather jacket, her hair was loose, letting it flow down her shoulders and over her back.

She laughed, 'that's good because' she looked around and realizing that the breezeway was empty unzipped her jacket down half way, enough to show that she couldn't be bothered putting a shirt on this morning 'and' she zipped up her jacket and stepped up to face me. I put my hands on her slender waist and we kissed deeply for a moment as she pushed her body against mine 'I'm on the pill' she whispered before taking one of my hand with hers and leading me off. 'Cmon, I know a classroom that's empty' she smiled over he shoulder and winked at me with a wiggle of her, rolling her ass about that was tightly cupped in the dark denim.

We walked into an empty room, the windows were high up in the wall and had the blinds drawn close. The lights were off making the room feel secretive. July hurried up to a desk and sat her self down on it facing me. She giggled and wrapped her legs about me as we embraced, kissing hotly and deeply. I moved my head down and nuzzled her neck as I cupped her pussy through her jeans before reaching up to undo the button and fly.

She giggled, 'ohh Tommy your so eager, I like that' she cooed.

As soon as I yanked her jeans clear of her body she crossed her slender legs at the ankle, hiding most of her pink panties.

'If you want it you'll have to work for it!' she laughed laying back on the table. I struggled with her for a few moments making her giggled as I touched and felt her legs. When I finally pried them apart I darted up between them and planted a kiss on the inside of her thigh right up near her pussy. She moaned and relaxed. I moved my mouth up and pressed my tongue against her damp pussy through her panties. she gasped and bucked a little.

I smiled as I hooked her panties and began sliding them off her legs. 'July I want you bad' I murmured.

I heard her jacket unzip and her bra unclasp and looked up to find her pitching a twisting her own nipples.

'I want you-OH, oooh.' I pressed my lips to her slick aromatic pussy and licked her lips up and down before pressing them gently in between, tasting her eagerly before moving my tongue up to lap at her clit. She gasped and moaned and grinded against my face.

After a few minutes of eating her out I moved back up to her face, kissing her with my juice wet lips as I placed a forearm behind her neck raising her stiff, pink nippled rack up a little higher. I put my hand against her crotch and drew the outline of her pussy lips. She bucked and grinded against my hand as she gripped my erection through my jeans. She bit her lip with a moan and gave a brisk squeeze. The message was clear. I gave her slick pussy a gentle slap, making her buck and moan, before pulling off my clothes and climbing on top of her. I went to unzip the rest of the jacket, intending to pull it off but she grabbed my hands.

'I want to wear this while we do it, so you remember me and this time every time I wear it.' I smiled and nodded before moving my hands up to grasp her breasts, her nipples pressing into my palm. I kiss her one last time before thrusting in. She bucked into me and moaned as her lips widened to take my length. Her whole body quivered as she squeezed tight around my cock.

'Fuck me' she pleaded grinding her body against mine 'fuck me!'

I started to pump back and forth, slowly at first pressing my entire length into her and drawing it back out, making July buck wetly as my cock rubbed over her G spot. She wrapped hr legs about me 'faster Tom' she moaned.

I started to pump eagerly back and forth, the table shaking with each impact, in time with her moans and bucks. A wet slapping sound and the scent of her sex filled the air.

'Ooooh. OH fuck I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!' she moaned bucking eagerly against me. I pushed harder and faster until her body was shaking about and her tits were bouncing in my grip. She arched her back and screamed 'Oh fuck!' as she climaxed squeezing the cum from my cock.

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Wow! What a great read. Very passionate and hot!

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