Good Neighbour, Part 1

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Published: 14-Mar-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My New Neighbours (my almost 7 year old model)

(This house is perfect.) I thought as I looked around. The house had three bedrooms, the smallest one would fit all of my computer equipment, the largest would be my bedroom and the middle would be big enough to accommodate my ever-increasing library of books. Outside, through the front windows, I could see a selection of young children, mostly girls I was happy to note, playing in the street. I made the usual non-committal comments about the place, took one final look around then left. Shortly after reaching my apartment I put in an offer for the full asking price, six weeks later they had moved out and I could move in.

I had reversed the car in the drive and was unloading some of my boxes and decorating equipment from the boot when I was startled by a "Hello!" from around the side of the car.

"What'cha doin'?" asked a little girl who was stood just to the side of the car looking in the trunk. She had a cute heart shaped pixie face, light blond hair and emerald green eyes, she was dressed in a pale blue smock style dress that came down to her knees and her hair was tied in two ponytails with blue ribbons.

(What a doll) I thought (Can't be more than 5 or 6 years old.) I said, "Hello, I'm moving in... I've just bought the place and I'm going to decorate it before moving my stuff in. What's your name?" "My name's Tracy." She said as she stuck her hand out for a shake. "Pleased to meet you Tracy, my name is Ben," I smiled as I shook her hand.

"Can I help Mr Ben?" she asked, as she looked into the trunk again, curious what was there.

"Just Ben please Tracy, and I don't think so," I shook my head. She looked so saddened by my rejection that I continued, "Well, if you don't have anything better to do, you could help by holding the door for me, it keeps blowing closed."

"Sure." She squealed happily and ran to hold the front door, while I carried a box of books from the boot of the car and into the house.

I staggered with the box into the front room and dropped it on the floor. When I turned to leave I nearly bumped into Tracy, she had followed me into the room and was looking at the boxes I had already dropped there.

"What's in these?" she asked pointing at some of the boxes.

"Books," I replied smiling.

"And these?" she asked pointing at some others.

"More books," I smiled again.

"All these boxes are full of books?" she asked incredulously.

"Yep," I nodded, "but these are only some of my library." As I was speaking Tracy had crouched down next to one of the boxes and was opening the top folds. As she crouched there, looking at the titles, the hem of her dress slipped above her knees and I got a clear view up her dress to her panties. As she kept leaning into the box to pick out book after book, her knees got wider and wider apart, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her crotch. She was wearing pale-pastel-blue cotton panties with a teddy bear picture on the front, but my main focus was where her little pussy pushed out the tight material and her tight little slit was clearly defined.

I don't know how long I stood there staring, but my wonderful view was abruptly cut off when Tracy suddenly stood up. She must have been speaking but I had no idea what she had said.

"Pardon," I said, "sorry but I didn't hear that."

"I said," she said, with her hands on her hips, "that you have all the best authors, Heinlein and Asimov and the like."

"Oh, you like science fiction then?" I said surprised, my guess of her age must have been wrong, "I would have thought most of it would be too old for you."

"Yeah, I love Sci-Fi," she said laughing, and then realised what I had said and angrily continued, "What do you mean too old, I am seven you know... well I will be next month." With that, she stomped out of the house. After replacing the books back in the boxes, I returned to the car to bring in the rest of the gear.

I had returned with another load of stuff from my apartment and was again unloading the car when I heard Tracy's soft voice again.

"I'm sorry," she said quietly with her head lowered, "but I don't like people making fun of me."

I crouched down to her level and said seriously, but smiling warmly, "I'm sorry too. I was wrong to assume your age simply from your appearance, will you forgive me?"

"I guess so," she said, and then raised her head grinning, "as long as I can borrow some of your books."

"Well," I hesitated, "I don't usually lend books out to anyone."

Again she looked crestfallen so I continued, "But, I suppose I might lend you some if I can trust you."

"Oh, you can, you can." She said almost bouncing on the spot. "Hmmm," I said thoughtfully, "Maybe, but first I need to get the library sorted..."

"I can help," she interrupted me.

"To do that I need to get the shelves up, and before that I need to redecorate..."

"I can help, I can help," again, she was bouncing excitedly. I looked at my watch and said, "Well, it's nearly four so I thought I would drop off this stuff, then go get the paint I need and start tomorrow, bright and early. If you get your parents permission, then I'll be grateful for any help I get, ok?"

"Yeah!" she cheered, then ran to hold the door for me again.

The next morning I dressed in an old paint splattered T-shirt and a pair of old paint stained shorts. I arrive at the house reasonably early, but the day was already quite warm, and promised to be a scorcher. I took the paint tins up to my new library and opened all the windows on my way. I prepared the walls for painting and was stirring the paint in the first tin when I heard a knocking on the front door.

I ran down stairs and opened it to reveal a paedophile's dream come true. There stood Tracy, grinning with excitement. She had come to help dressed in a pale yellow bikini that looked a little too small. The bottoms were so tight that every crease of her little slit was clearly outlined, and I could clearly see the darker spots of her nipples through the tiny top.

I had to give the appearance of being "normal" so I asked Tracy, "Can you take me to your mum, I want to ask her something."

Tracy took hold of my hand and quickly dragged me across the road to her house, she then opened the door and ran in shouting, "Mum, Mr Ben wants to speak to you."

When she returned, Tracy was dragging a slightly older version of herself along with her.

I switched on the old charm and said in a serious tone to Tracy, "Tracy, I said I wanted to speak to your mum, not your older sister."

Tracy's mum smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Janet, Tracy's mum. You must be Mr Ben. Tracy told me you moved in yesterday."

I shook her hand and smiled, "Please just Ben. Yes I'm decorating before moving all my stuff in and Tracy has kindly offered to help. I just wanted to check and see if that was ok with you."

"More than she does around here." Janet smiled, then she looked at Tracy and continued, "you should change into something old if you're going to paint walls."

"Aww mum," Tracy groaned, "do I hav'ta, it's goin' to be hot."

"Well... ok," Janet relented, "but don't get any paint on that costume, ok?"

After Tracy had agreed to her mother's demands, she and I returned to the house and headed to the middle bedroom. I stirred the paint again and then poured some into two trays. I gave Tracy the choice of roller or brush and was left with the brush. I gave Tracy some brief instructions on how to paint with the roller and then watched for a short while to ensure she was ok before turning to my own task.

When I had finished the edges of the second wall I turned to see how Tracy was doing. As luck would have it, I turned in time to see her bending to refill the roller from her tray.

The back of her bikini bottoms had wedged into the crack of her arse slightly, and her bikini clad pussy lips were pouched out between her legs, looking delicious. I suddenly had a wicked idea, I turned back to face my wall and held the brush near my leg with the paint laden bristles pointing backwards. I then carefully backed up into Tracy. When I heard a squeal of indignation I knew I had hit my target.

Well almost, I turned and started apologising for "accidentally" bumping into her. I knelt and looked at Tracy's back and saw I had caught the top of her bikini bottoms to one side and the bottom of her back, "Oh no," I said in mock horror, "I got paint on your costume."

"Oh no, my mum'll kill me," she wailed in true horror.

"Not if I can get it washed out," I said, "Quick, into the bathroom."

We rushed into the bathroom and I wet a cloth and wiped the paint from Tracy's back and butt. The wet paint easily washed off of her back and out of the bikini but I said frowning, "It looks like it will need to soak to get it all out."

"Mum'll kill me," Tracy moaned again as she quickly pulled down the bikini and handed to me. I filled the sink and pretended to wash it thoroughly, even adding a little soap, then I turned back to Tracy.

She was stood with her hands modestly covering her little pussy and blushing slightly, but still concerned about her bikini. I chuckled, "Much as I would like it, we can't have you running around the house naked, what would the neighbours think?" I stripped off my T-shirt and handed it to her and watched as she turned and put it on. It was long enough to cover her but only just covered her cute round butt. "We'd better leave them to soak for a while and carry on painting," I said as I shooed her out of the bathroom.

We returned to the library to continue painting, me with the brush and Tracy using the roller again. I kept looking over my shoulder at Tracy trying to catch a glimpse of her. Once, while I was staring at her back, she bent over to fill her roller again. This time I clearly saw a naked set of bald pale pussy lips pouched between her legs and got an instant hard on.

When I had finished the edges of the walls I swapped the brush for another roller and started to fill in the remaining bits Tracy couldn't reach. She frowned at me, not liking the fact that I could reach the top of the wall, and dragged over the stepladder and climbed up to paint the top of the wall that she had missed. I stood at the bottom of the stepladder to hold it steady and was able to look up the T-shirt at the most adorable little butt I had seen for a long time.

I didn't want to frighten Tracy with my lustful stares so I turned and sat on the bottom step and waited for her to finish painting. When she finally climbed down the ladder I suggested we check her bikini. When I removed it from the water and wrung it out, it was clean of course, Tracy squealed her delight. I hung it to dry on a nearby radiator and, considering it was close to lunchtime, I phoned out for pizza.

While waiting for the pizza delivery Tracy and I chatted about ourselves. I told her I was an IT consultant, mainly working from home. And I learned that Tracy's father had left her and her mother before she was born. I realised that her need for a father figure could work to my advantage if I was careful.

After eating Tracy put on her still damp bikini bottoms and returned my T-shirt. As she stood there waiting for me I said, "Do you know, you look like a model stood like that."

Tracy smiled and said, "Really? You don't think I'm too skinny?" "No way," I protested, "You look beautiful, I just wish I had a camera..." I then stood with a groan and said, "Well... we'd better get on with the rest of the painting."

We finished the small bedroom (my office) and got a second coat on the library before we had to quit for the day. I escorted Tracy home and while there said to Janet, "Thanks for letting Tracy help today." And then to Tracy, "and thank you for doing such a good job."

Janet replied, "I was glad of a peaceful day." While Tracy just grinned.

The following day I again arrived fairly early and again opened all the windows in anticipation of another hot day. Again I head a knocking and grinned as I opened the door to another paedophile's dream. Tracy was wearing an old white crop top and a pair of worn faded pale blue swim shorts that were very tight. I ushered her in then followed her up the stairs. I had another hard on as I followed that cute butt in those tight short shorts.

Together we stormed through the painting, and managed to paint the master bedroom, put a second coat on the office and then a second coat on the master bedroom. The rest of the house was in reasonable decorative order, so together we had managed in two days what I had expected to take at least four.

When we had finished cleaning the last brush I said to Tracy, "I can't thank you enough for this help Tracy, I think I should pay you for your help."

"No, thank you," She said smiling.

"Well, if you won't accept money," I said, trying to find some form of payment, "I feel I should get you something."

"You could let me read your books," she said hopefully.

"We shall see about the books," I replied, "I meant something else, is there anything you really want?"

She thought for a while then said, "Not right now, but when I do I'll let you know, ok?"

Again I walked her home and thanked Janet for Tracy's help. While Tracy was out of the room I asked Janet, "I want to repay Tracy for all her help, is there anything she really wants or needs that I can get as a gift for her?"

"Well she really likes to read, science fiction of all things," She replied, "but what she really needs most is a friend. Most of the other children around here avoid her or make fun of her, and although she hides in her books, I can see it hurts her."

"I would be honoured to be her friend." I said smiling.

"I think she may have a crush on you..." Janet started, but stopped short when we heard Tracy returning.

I bade them both a good evening and returned to my apartment for the night.

As I was ahead of schedule I decided to take the next few days easy. I returned to the house to measure the library walls for shelves. Not surprisingly, shortly after I started there was a knock at the door, Tracy had come over to help some more. Together we measured the walls and I noted the numbers down on my pad.

When I said I would be looking around the DIY shops, Tracy wanted to come along with me. I checked with Janet who was happy for another peaceful day. Tracy and I spent a great deal of time wandering around the shops looking for the ideal shelving, eventually I had to order the materials from a timber merchant, but at least they would be cutting it all to size.

I decided to take the rest of the day off and asked Tracy, "I feel in need of a treat, would you like to see a film?" Tracy enthusiastically agreed and we drove to the nearest multiplex. They had a good choice of films and we eventually decided on "Star Wars 2 -Attack of the Clones". As we watched the film I felt Tracy link her arm with mine, so I upped the stakes and moved my arm from between us, moved the seat arm out of the way and put my arm around Tracy's shoulder and pulled her into a cuddle. We sat like that for the rest of the movie, until near the end I felt Tracy's hand on my lap slowly creeping towards my zipper. Unfortunately she was not bold enough, the movie finished before she had reached anything fun, but it was promising.

The next few days were hectic, having the removal men moving all the stuff I've collected over the years. Tracy wanted to help again, so this time I let her oversee the delivery of my possessions, I told her which room was which and each box would be labelled, so it wouldn't be a problem.

Eventually everything was settled, I had all the furniture in where I wanted, all the non-book boxes unpacked and put away and all my computer equipment unpacked, setup and working. I invited Tracy and Janet over for a home cooked meal to celebrate and as a thank you for Tracy's help. I made a simple pasta and sauce dinner and in the short time it takes to cook I showed them both round the house. Janet was polite, but Tracy had seen it all before until we got to the office. She had not seen all my computer equipment, as it had remained at my apartment until I had moved it in my car, and she was very excited, asking if she could play on it, what spec it was, etc. of course I kept telling her, "Maybe later."

A few days later, while working on a recalcitrant program, I was interrupted by the new front door bell. As expected it was Tracy, she was wearing her divine little yellow bikini again. As I let her in I thought, (I wish I could get a picture of her in that.) then I realised I could. I listened as Tracy chatted while I tried to formulate a plan.

Tracy said something about shopping so I jumped in, "You know the shops around here don't you?"

"Yeah," she replied, "why?"

"One of my projects deals with pictures," I said, "so I thought I would buy a digital camera to help. Do you know any camera shops?"

"I dunno, but I could help you look," she said excitedly, "Lets ask mum."

Again Tracy grabbed my hand and dragged me over to her house and ran inside while I waited on the doorstep.

Janet came to the door alone and said, "Tracy's just changing into something more suitable, she wont be a minute."

"Ok," I nodded and asked, "and how are you?"

"Much the same Ben, thanks for asking," she smiled, "Sorry, but I don't know any camera shops, I'm afraid you'll have to look."

"No problem," I smiled back, "but if this trip takes a little while, do you mind if I treat Tracy to a burger."

"No I don't mind," she replied smiling, "as long as you bring me back a chocolate milkshake."

It was then that Tracy arrived at a run, "I'm ready," she announced grinning. She had changed into a hot pink crop top and tight denim shorts. She grabbed my hand and dragged me back to my driveway to my car.

The drive to the shops was dull, so to liven it up a little and to test the waters I said, "It was a shame you had to change out of that bikini."

Tracy grinned and just said, "Oh?"

"Yeah," I said, "you looked good enough to eat, very... sexy."

"Really?" she asked surprised and blushing a little.

"Yes really," I said, "but don't tell anyone I said you are sexy, they might take it the wrong way, ok?"

"Ok." She said lightly, still grinning.

The trip would have been terminally dull if Tracy hadn't been there. She kept skipping in front of me then would try walking sexily by wiggling her hips, all the time giggling. As we walked around the shops looking for cameras Tracy kept stopping at the clothing stores and looking longingly at the displays. When she had again stopped at a display of bathing costumes I said, "What's wrong beautiful?" "Oh, nothing," she sighed.

"Go on, tell Mr Ben what's up," I insisted.

"Well," she smiled, "I wish mum could afford to buy me some new clothes."

"Why?" I said, "the ones you have are fine."

"But they're too small," she complained.

I knelt down and whispered into her ear, "I think the tight way they fit you looks very sexy."

She grinned at me and said aloud, "Really? You think I look..."

"Yep," I interrupted, "but keep it to yourself, we don't want to make the other girls jealous, do we?"

We carried on shopping and I managed to buy a good digital camera, able to take large pictures with high resolution, able to take movies and use flash memory cards. I also got four high capacity memory cards and a card reader. After shopping I took Tracy to the local McDonalds for a burger, and then we drove home. Janet smiled when I handed her the melted, almost-warm chocolate milkshake and said, "I was joking, but thank you anyway."

While Tracy was upstairs, I quickly and quietly talked with Janet about Tracy's birthday. "What do you think Tracy wants for her birthday?" I asked.

"Probably books," Janet replied, "she really needs some new clothes but I have to save up for her new school uniform, she starts her new school in September and they have a strict uniform."

"How about if I buy her the uniform then?" I offered "No," Janet said shaking her head, "it costs too much and I can't ask it of you. You don't even need to buy her anything, just a card and possibly a small gift would do."

"Well, don't worry," I said, "we'll sort something out."

Shortly after setting up the camera and beginning to familiarise myself with it there was a knock at my door. Thinking it was Tracy I rushed down to open it, but there stood both Tracy and Janet. I invited them in then Janet said, "I don't want to be an imposition, but I need a babysitter for Tracy on short notice..."

Tracy moaned, "Aww mum, I'm not a baby any more."

Janet continued without pausing, "...and Mrs Pierce down the street is busy tonight..."

I nodded and said, "No problem, I'd love to," and then looked at Tracy and grinned.

Janet still rolled on, "...and cant make it, and Tracy said you could do it, but I don't know you've already spent the day with her..."

then it almost visibly sank in, as I smiled, "Oh, you will?"

"Yes, I'd love to," I said, "What time from and to?"

"Well, I need to leave by seven, and it could be as late as one or two in the morning, is that ok?"

"Hmm," I said thinking and planning, "if it's going to be that late Tracy would probably be better off staying here the night, she can have my bed and I'll sleep on the settee."

"Oh thank you." Janet said and left to get ready.

Tracy was stood in my hallway watching Janet return home when I knelt beside her and said, "I've been setting up my new camera, how would you like to help me test it tonight?"

She quickly turned to me and squealed, "Can I, really?"

"Yep," I said smiling, "if you bring a few sets of clothes, some bathing suits or bikinis and some sets of underwear, when you come over you can be my beautiful fashion model, and I can take you picture. How does that sound?" Tracy blushed a little when I called her beautiful but nodded enthusiastically and cheered, "Yeah, I'm gonna be a fashion model!" she then quickly hugged me round the neck and briefly kissed me then ran home.

Later, when I went over to pick up Tracy, she had three supermarket bags she wanted to bring with her. As Tracy and I were leaving Janet said to me, "Don't let her stay up too late, no later than 10:30 ok?" then to Tracy, "You do as Ben tells you ok?" then to both of us, "You two have fun and play nice."

Without any planning Tracy and I both replied in unison, "Yes mum."

We then looked at each other in surprise and started laughing. Janet continued, "Oh, and Ben, could you please make sure Tracy has a bath tonight, thanks."

Tracy blushed and groaned, "Aww mum!"

When we got back to my place I walked into the kitchen and asked Tracy, "Would you like a drink?"

"Yes please," she nodded, "what you got?"

"Umm," I said checking the cupboards and fridge, "I've got cola, juice, squash, hot chocolate or water."

"A cola would be fine thanks," she smiled, and then excitedly asked, "So where's the new camera?"

"It's in the office," I said as I got the cola from the fridge, "why don't you take the your stuff upstairs and have a look and I'll bring your drink up." When she had gone I quickly took one of my precious Viagra pills, broke it in half, ground the half of it into powder and added it to Tracy's drink. I had read that Viagra worked on women as well as men, and so purchased some to get a little girl horny when I got the chance, and I felt that now was my best chance.

I took the prepared drinks up to my office and found Tracy looking through my computer. "Found anything interesting?" I asked as I gave Tracy her drink.

"No... I wasn't... I just..." she stammered looking guilty. "That's ok," I chuckled, "there aren't any games on that machine as I don't get to play many due to my work."

"What'cha do?" she asked as she took a gulp of her drink. "I write computer programs," I answered, still smiling. "What, games an' stuff?"

"No, nothing exciting I'm afraid," I grinned, "just boring stuff for businesses. Speaking of which, how about that help you promised... little miss supermodel."

Tracy grinned at me excitedly and asked, "What should I do?"

"Finish your drink," I said, "and then follow me into the library."

She drained the rest of her drink, plunked the cup down and ran ahead of me into the library. I had previously tacked a pale blue dustsheet against one wall and setup some lights in there so all was set.

"I want you to pose in front of this sheet," I said, "it will give the pictures a neutral background."

"Ok," she nodded, as she stood in front of the sheet and struck a pose, "how's this?"

"Very good," I complimented her, as I snapped off a few shots as Tracy changed poses. I stopped and said, "Let's see what other fashions you've brought with you." We then entered my bedroom and emptied her bags onto my bed. To my great delight she had brought both the yellow and pale blue swimming costumes, a selection of dresses and tops and little panties of various colours.

"Ok," I said briskly, "lets start with a beach theme. I want you to change into the yellow bikini, then put this dress on top, and we'll see what happens." I then handed her a pale pink dress with small blue flowers. I returned to the makeshift studio and a few minutes later Tracy entered.

"Don't you look beautiful," I grinned, Tracy just smiled shyly and blushed slightly, the dress she wore only came down to mid-thigh and the material was quite light. I had brought a towel and a bottle of sun cream in with me, and I suggested, "I thought you could pretend that you have gone to the beach to sunbathe and I'll take pictures, how does that sound?"

Tracy smiled at me, nodded and said "Ok."

I started taking pictures and softly giving her posing instructions. After snapping a few of her posing there, I said, "Ok Tracy, I want you to lay the towel down like you are about to sunbathe."

As she bent to do it I stopped her in poses. When she had the towel flat on the ground I posed her again, "Ok hold that pose..."

click! "Straighten your legs and bend from your hips..." click! "Move your feet a little farther apart..." click!

At this point the dress was hanging loose at the front and had ridden up at the back, when I was on the floor (as I was then) I could see up her dress to those tightly stretched bikini bottoms straining to hide her bulging pussy lips.

I got her to stand and slowly remove the dress to reveal the tight yellow bikini. I felt sure that the Viagra should have been having some effect, then I noticed something. When Tracy turned to one side I could see her nipples were erect. I continued to pose her in more sexy poses, each one showing off her bulging pussy, I could hardly contain myself. "Ok, let's try another set," I said feeling breathless with excitement, "Umm, why not try on the blue swim shorts?"

"But I don't have a top for them," she replied nervously.

"I don't think you'll need a top," I smiled, encouraging her, "I think you'll look great in just the shorts."

Tracy flushed and whispered softly, "Umm, ok then."

She returned wearing just the pale blue swimming shorts, but with her hands hovering in front of her chest, as if she were trying to hide her nipples from my view. "You don't have to hide Tracy," I said softly and smiled.

"But..." she stammered nervously, "but I don't have boobies yet..."

"You look beautiful just the way you are," I said sincerely. She smiled back at me and relaxed some more, dropping her arms to her sides and allowing me to look at her erect little dime sized nipples. I snapped off a few shots as she posed, but the shorts weren't as tight as I wanted. "Do you mind if I make a slight adjustment?" I asked hesitantly.

She looked at me curiously and shook her head no. I moved up to and knelt beside her before I pulled the hips of the shorts up to make them a very snug fit. Then grasping the front and back seam I alternated pulling front and back, sawing the crotch through her little slit. Tracy gasped at this friction, I glanced up and could see she enjoyed it, her eyes were half closed and her nipples were very hard.

Finally I had the shorts as tight up her pussy as they would go and as a final torture I ran my finger along the seam from between her pussy lips up to her little clit, causing Tracy to gasp again.

"Ok," I said as I got back into position on shaky legs, "lets see how that looks."

I could see that Tracy was also affected by my play. When she turned to face me and pose, she was also shaky and her face and chest were flushed. As I posed her in more sexy and blatant poses Tracy's breathing grew heavier with her mounting excitement, but she remained willing to assume all the poses I wanted. During these poses I noticed that her pussy seemed to be getting fuller and more pronounced, then I saw the damp spot appear on the crotch of the shorts and thought, (it's now or never).

"Can you roll the top of your shorts down a little?" I asked, as calmly as I could manage. Tracy did so and I snapped some more shots then I said, "A little more." (click.. click) "Just a little more." By now the top of her shorts was rolled about half way down her tight butt cheeks and was just above her slit. Tracy had not been looking at the shorts when rolling them down, and was breathing heavily and trembling slightly.

"Can you roll them a little further?" I asked, feeling both excited and nervous.

She took a deeper breath and then rolled them all the way. The shorts were now tightly rolled between her thighs under her pussy and I could see strands of pussy juice connecting her shorts to her slit.

My dick was rock hard in my pants and I couldn't wait any longer. I wanted this angel, I wanted to give her all the pleasure in the world, I wanted to give her an Earth shattering orgasm, I wanted to do anything she wanted me to.

I crawled up to her, still on my knees, and said, "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." She simply smiled and sighed so I continued, "you look as excited as I feel... I want to love you... to make love to you... but only if you want to."

Tracy looked at me, and I could see she was not sure. "I don't know," she said trembling slightly.

"How do you feel right now?" I asked eagerly.

"Umm, I've got this funny feeling in my tummy," she said blushing, "and I feel excited and scared..."

"That's all normal," I said, "I promise I won't hurt you." I then gripped the bunched up shorts and slipped them off of her legs. Once she had stepped out of them, I placed my hands on her hips and leant in to plant a brief kiss on her plump pussy and clit where it peeked out of her slit.

I stood again and took her hand before leading her into the bedroom. I pulled back the bed covers and sat her down, and then sat next to her. I lifted her chin and kissed her forehead, her two cheeks and finally her lips softly. As we kissed I gently caressed her lips with my tongue before I broke off the kiss and looked at her.

Tracy was still unsure so I asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

She hesitantly shook her head no and then whispered plaintively, "I don't know what to do."

"That's ok," I said smiling at her, "do whatever you feel like doing, and remember, you can ask me anything."

I then licked my thumb and forefinger and started to play with her erect little nipples. Tracy gasped and then grinned at me. I leant in and kissed her again, this time when I licked her lips she opened them eagerly. I slowly pushed my tongue into her mouth and explored, playing with her teeth and tongue. I enticed her to push her tongue into my mouth and then gently sucked on it causing her to moan softly. She pulled her tongue back and I followed, she then sucked my tongue fully into her mouth and sucked and played with it. I moaned at this and slid my hand down her flat stomach to her bald little pussy and dragged my fingers up through her slit to her button and rubbed it briefly.

Tracy broke the kiss and groaned then said, "That felt strange, but nice."

"I would like to give you the best feeling ever," I said enthusiastically, "if I do anything you don't like just tell me to stop, ok?" Tracy nodded her agreement and relaxed as I laid her back down and briefly kissed her. I slowly kissed my way down her body, hoping she would like it. I snuffled at her neck but she hunched up giggling and said it tickled. I kissed down to her tiny nipples, and sucked on one and played with it using my tongue while using a free hand on the other, before switching. When Tracy started moaning aloud at this I stopped and continued my trek down her delightful body.

I briefly stuck my tongue into her belly button but this just made her giggle. I kissed and licked my way down to her bald mound and stopped. Tracy was panting like she was exercising and I could feel her body trembling, either with excitement or fear, I was unsure which.

"Do you want me to carry on," I asked seriously, "or stop?"

"No," she panted as she shook her head, "don't stop... please don't stop."

I parted her thighs wide and got my first good look at her most intimate parts. Her bald pussy lips were bulging, even though her legs were spread wide, and were tightly together showing only a thin slit. Her clit and hood were standing proud at the top of her slit. Then I noticed something I had never noticed before, her lips thinned down to a point towards her butt crack and were bulging near her clit. Like this, the outline of her pussy made the form of a valentine heart.

I had wasted enough time, so I blew on her clit and then using my thumbs on her fat outer lips I gently pulled them apart exposing her darker pink interior. She was wetter than I had expected, when I pulled her open a trickle of juice leaked out that I quickly leant in and lapped it up, licking from the base of her pussy to her erect clit.

Tracy shuddered and moaned, "Hmmm, nice."

Her pussy juice tasted of very little, but to me it was like ambrosia of the gods. I attacked her pussy like a man possessed. I lapped at her pussy, vigorously flicked her clit with my tongue, tried to poke my stiffened tongue into her hole and nibbled at her clit. I rapidly repeated all of these with various combinations and random patterns so Tracy would never get used to the stimulation. Soon she was moaning and groaning loudly and straining at where I held her hips down as she neared her orgasm. I slowly inserted my forefinger into her tight vaginal entrance, then stopped all activity. Tracy groaned her disappointment and tried to hunch her hips up at me ineffectually.

I waited until she had calmed a little and was off the boil, before I resumed my assault. I slowly pushed my forefinger into her tight canal until I met her hymen and then stopped. I continued using my tongue on the outside of her pussy and clit while my finger invaded her tight virgin hole. I pumped my finger in and out of her as my stimulation of her clit inevitably took her over the edge. When she came, Tracy arched her back up and off the bed almost dislodging me from her pussy, it did push my finger in through her hymen, when I felt it tear I quickly pulled my finger out.

I lapped at her pussy as she slowly came down from her shattering orgasm. Tracy panted, "Oh..." puff, "my..." pant, "god!"

I looked up from my lapping and grinned, "Like that did you?"

She sat up, leaning on her elbows and stared at me wide eyed, then said, "What was that?"

"That," I said grinning impishly, "was an orgasm." I got up and sat next to her on the bed and gently trailed my fingertips over her, toying with her hard little nipples. I looked down at her and said, "I guess you've never played with your pussy before then?" Tracy looked down at herself and said in awe, "Well a little, but it never felt like that!"

"I didn't know you could have one either." I said, "but I thought you might after how excited you got posing for me."

I continued to play with her nipples as I looked down at Tracy smiling as she looked up at me through half lidded eyes. After a short while Tracy said, "Hey! Not fair, I'm naked but your not!" She then scrambled up and off the bed and then standing in front of me she pulled my T-shirt up and off before started on my belt.

When she had removed my pants and underwear (with my full co-operation) she stared at my erect dick. "Is that your thing?" she asked quietly.

"Yep," I replied leaning back a little, "this is my penis. Also known as a cock, dick and a lot of other words, but I prefer dick or cock." "So why is your 'cock'," she said trying out the new word, "standing up like that? Does it hurt?"

"How much have you learned in sex-ed?" I asked.

"Nothin'," Tracy replied shaking her head, "I don't get that 'till next year."

"Umm," I started, "well, when a man is with a woman or girl that he likes and thinks is sexy."

"You said I was sexy," Tracy interrupted.

"Exactly!" I said, and then continued, "His body responds, he feels horny and his dick gets bigger and hard like this"

"Why?" Tracy asked innocently, still stood looking at my gently pulsing dick.

"It gets hard so that the man can stick it in the vagina of the woman," I said imagining doing just that with Tracy.

"But it won't fit!" she exclaimed in protest, "Its too big to fit in my little cunny."

"You're probably right," I said feeling mixed emotions about it. "When you've grown up a bit more, we'll be able to fit it in. But you'd be amazed at how much a little pussy will stretch."

"Can I touch it?" she asked hesitantly.

"Of course you can," I replied smiling, "but please be gentle as a mans dick is very sensitive, especially when hard like THIS!" I nearly shouted the last word, as it was then that Tracy's small hand gripped my dick just below the head.

She snatched her hand back as if it had been scalded and stammered, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to," and looked as if she was about to cry.

"No, you didn't," I said quickly, as I sat up and drew her into a hug. I leant back a little to look at her. "You didn't hurt me," I continued, "I was startled because it felt so good."

Tracy grinned and asked, "Really?"

"Yep," I said smiling, then leant back on the bed again and continued. "Go ahead, have a good feel."

Tracy grasped my dick gently and began a thorough examination. She asked me what all the bits were and what they are for, and I was happy to explain. All the touching was slowly getting to me, and I announced, "Tracy, if you pump you hands up and down the shaft, that will feel very good for me."

She started to slowly and lightly move her hand up and down my shaft, "Like this?" she asked.

"Can you use both hands?" I asked, "and go a bit faster?" Tracy modified her technique as I directed until she was pumping my dick like she had been doing it for years.

All too quickly I was very close to cumming. I said, "That feels great, keep doing that and I'll explode just like you did." Tracy continued to pump my dick until I felt my balls tighten, and my jiz boil up my shaft and squirt out the tip.

"Eeew, gross." Tracy exclaimed loudly. I opened my eyes to see her looking down at her hands in disgust. She then showed them to me and accused, "You peed on me!"

"No I didn't," I chuckled, "I came on you." She looked at her hands and then at my still oozing dick. "That's not pee." I said, "That is cum or Jiz or sperm. When a girl has an orgasm she just gets a little wetter, but when a man has one he squirts out that stuff." Thinking ahead I said, "Some women like the taste, why don't you try it?" Tracy looked unsure but she looked at her hand, sniffed it then licked a blob off her finger.

After making a big show of tasting it she declared, "It doesn't taste too bad, just a bit salty is all."

I looked over at my clock and realised it was later than I thought and said, "It's getting late, why don't you have a quick bath and get cleaned up while I tidy up in here." Tracy skipped off to the bathroom and I gathered together her clothes, folded them and put them back in her bags. I retrieved the camera from the library, plugged it into the computer and downloaded the pictures. A lot of them were rubbish, but a precious few were real gems. The light was just right and the angle of her body. Looking at these picture got me hard again, then I realised Tracy had been in the bath a long time and went looking for her.

The sight that greeted me when I entered the bathroom was very erotic. Tracy was laying in the bath vigorously masturbating. She was using one hand to rub and tweak her nipples and the other to alternately rub her clit and insert into her pussy. As I watched she started panting and gasping, and then brought herself to orgasm. She continued to gently rub herself as she came down from it when I let her know I was there.

"That looked like a good one," I chuckled, "but you're supposed to be getting clean."

"I still felt funny... and I wanted to try it... and... and..." she stammered looking guilty.

I knelt at the side of the bath and chuckled, "Hey, no problem, anytime you feel horny and we're alone you go ahead and play, or better yet, ask me to." I nodded at the bath and asked, "You done yet, or do you want some more 'play' time?"

Tracy quickly climbed out of the bath and I wrapped her up in a large fluffy towel. I pulled the plug and then started to dry her off. Wrapping her in a second dry towel I then carried her into the bedroom and sat on the bed with her stood between my knees to brush her hair until it was dry. As she stood there Tracy was still squirming about.

"Still horny?" I asked smiling. Tracy nodded shyly. "There's nothing to be ashamed of," I said, "you've just found out how good sex feels, it's no wonder you're horny." (That and the Viagra I gave you) I thought. Then continued, "You'll probably find that it eases off after a while. How would you like a massage?"

Tracy looked puzzled but said, "Ok."

"You'll enjoy this," I said, "or your money back, guaranteed." I then fetched the bottle of baby oil from the bathroom.

I had Tracy lay face down on the towel on the bed and poured some oil onto her back. I spread the oil over her and then started a deep tissue massage, not hard enough to cause pain or bruising but enough so she could feel it. As I slowly worked my way down her back Tracy relaxed and I could tell by the moans and sighs that she was making that she was enjoying it.

After I had done the small of her back I stopped, reloaded my palms with oil and then started on her calves working my way up. When I reached her thighs Tracy opened them without prompting and I continued massaging to the top of her thighs and then her butt. It was the firmest, most resilient butt I had ever felt. I played with those cheeks for a long time, squeezing them, pushing them together and pulling them apart. When I pulled her cheeks apart I could see the pucker of her anus. I slid my oily fingers into the crack and lightly brushed her rosebud. I increased the pressure of my swipes and got no negative response, so I oiled my forefinger and started to slowly insert it into her arse.

The oil helped but her arse was very tight, when I got to the second knuckle Tracy suddenly clamped down on my finger and moaned, "That feels very funny."

"Does it feel a nice kind of funny, or a not nice kind of funny?" I asked.

"It's ok I suppose," she said, "but it feels like I gotta go."

"That's ok," I said, "just relax." When I felt her anus relax its grip on my finger I started to slide it in and out.

With this stimulation Tracy was soon on the verge of yet another orgasm so I extracted my finger, wiped it on a nearby tissue then patted her butt and said, "Ok, this side is done, roll over." With a little help Tracy shakily turned on to her back and lay there looking up at me smiling. I again reloaded my palms with oil and started massaging her shoulders and down to her chest.

As I massaged her chest, Tracy's nipples were hard and very erect for such small nipples. I played with them for a while, getting more sighs and groans from Tracy. I rubbed and stroked down her flat stomach and even though she kept hunching her hips up I kept avoiding her pussy. I finally gave her pussy one quick swipe then said, "That's it, your done. My turn now."

Tracy looked up at me pleading, "But... I didn't... and I wanna..." I lightly slapped her hip and said, "Come on, it's my turn. You can massage me now." Then I helped her up and took her place on the towel laying face up, (there was no way I was laying face down with my dick pointing straight out from my body).

Tracy stood there shakily for a few moments and I could see pussy juice slowly dribbling down the inside of her thighs.

"Right!" she said indignantly, and snatched up the bottle of oil and squeezed a large squirt on my chest and stomach, and then started to rub it all over. As she rubbed lightly I prompted her to rub harder or softer and I could see that she soon realised how good giving a sensuous massage can feel, so I closed my eyes to enjoy it.

Eventually she got to my dick, after avoiding it for a long while in payback. Her oily hands felt so good I had to think of other things to prevent myself from cumming too quickly. I felt her move to sit astride my thighs while still rubbing my dick. Then her hands left my dick and her weight left my legs. I opened my eyes to see her poised with her slit above my dick head.

"Are you sure?" I asked hoping she was.

Tracy was breathing heavily and panted, "Yes... I gotta..."

When she couldn't find the words I said it for her, "Cum?"

"Yeah," she said, "I gotta cum real bad."

"This first time may hurt a little," I said grasping her hips and helping to support her weight, "but if you're determined, then I'm willing, just go slow, ok?"

Tracy slowly lowered herself down until her pussy slit was just touching the head of my rock hard dick. Then she took a deep breath to steady herself and slowly forced her slit down and over my dick. Her pussy was the tightest thing I had ever felt. She continued to ease herself down onto me with a determined look on her face until I felt my dick head hit her cervix. The very tight fit had relieved my immediate need to cum, and I think it had the same effect on Tracy.

"I'm in you as far as I can go," I said, awed by her determination. Tracy looked down at our union and saw that she had most of my six inches inside her but not all, there was still a little over an inch outside her. "But you're not all in..." she protested.

"True," I smiled, "but that's ok, your pussy will stretch with more practice." (and some growth) I thought, and then continued, "Now slowly slide up and down on my cock in a gentle rhythm."

With my help Tracy raised and lowered herself on my cock. I felt her loosen up slightly and get even wetter, drenching my 32 year old paedo fuck stick with the juice of her impaled little 7 year old cunt . All too soon though, I felt that familiar tense feeling near the base of my cock and my balls begin to tighten. Tracy looked to be enjoying herself but didn't look as close to cumming as I was, so I started playing with her erect clit.

It was all she really needed, as she gasped I felt her pussy spasm even tighter on my cock as she came hard. I thought (Oh my god, I've just fucked a little girl, .... and she loved it!) and that thought was enough to push me over and my orgasm was the strongest ever as I blasted what felt like gallons of hot cum into her tight little pussy.

Tracy collapsed onto my chest as she came down from her orgasm, so I reached over and pulled the cover over us and cuddled her with my softening dick still snugly and fully encased inside her tight pussy. And we fell asleep.

I woke early the next morning, from a highly erotic dream to find it had become a reality. Tracy was inexpertly but enthusiastically sucking my cock. Shortly after I opened my eyes and saw her little pink lips wrapped around my hard dick I came, and blasted a great load of hot cum into her mouth. This surprised her but she swallowed most of it. Only a little cum escaped her lips, running from both corners of her little mouth to her chin.

"Tastes better fresh." She said laughing.

"Well turn around is fair play." I said as I flipped her onto her back and dove into licking and sucking her juicy little pussy. I licked, nibbled and sucked on her lips and clit, but kept stopping as she got close. After I stopped for the third time Tracy pleaded, "Please..." puff, "let me..." pant, "Cum!"

I relented and attacked her pussy with abandon. When she came it was a thundering climax, I had my mouth completely over her pussy, sucking on her, at the time and was rewarded with a wash of sweet but slightly musky pussy juice. I swallowed and went back for more, continuing to lick and suck her sweet little pussy and tongue her hard little clit, prolonging her climax for a long time.

Eventually she came down from her shattering orgasm and I stopped licking and sucking and looked up into her tear filled eyes and I was lost. I knew it; this little girl of nearly seven had captured my heart. She looked back at me and said simply, "I love you Ben, my Mr Ben."

I looked back at her and smiled, "I love you too Tracy."

She scrambled up from the bed and hugged my neck in a death grip, all the while blubbering and kissing my face and neck.

Later, we had a long naked cuddle and serious talk and I tried to explain. "You know we can never tell anyone about what we did, don't you?" I asked.

"Why not?" she asked innocently.

"If anyone found out about the licking and sucking and fucking we shared we would both be in trouble, but I would be in real trouble and would be sent to jail." I said sadly.

"Oh..." she said looking serious, "Did I do anything wrong?"

"No," I said hugging her tighter, "it's just that people in general say that adult men shouldn't fuck and suck with little girls."

"Oh..." She said, "but why not? It all feels so good. I liked ... fucking."

"I don't know." I answered, "but if we keep it a secret and nobody finds out we can keep playing and having fun, ok?"

"Yeah!" she cheered. "I want to do it a LOT!"

After we had cleaned up the house, and ourselves, I walked Tracy back over to her house and returned her to her mother.

"How was she?" Janet asked.

"Like an angel," I said, "We had great fun. More than I can say" (I chuckled to myself) "Any other time you need her watched, I'm your man."

After a few further pleasantries I left to return home. It felt empty without Tracy. I hoped to have the pleasure of her company again very soon; my cock twitched.


To be continued in Part 2, ... if you liked part 1?

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Hi, A very realistic story. A bit lengthy at the beginning though the frequent references to the erotic way Tracy dresses is captivating. I think you should introduce Tracy to some elderly men too!


Wonderful story... simply wonderful and I do hope you continue it. Will Janet become involved? Thanks... Sara


Liked it?????? bloody loved it.


OK I'm hooked, parts two,three and four please.


Loved it...fantastic Our kind of story, and age group too

Been & Greg

Lil Laren

Yummy! My pussy tightened and dripped thru this story! Soooo HOT! More please!


I am not usually into girls this young for hard core erotica ,only because I wasnt aware that they could be this sexual ,but IF they are physically and mentally able to concent to a loving sexual relationship , then my mind is changed :) ( I prefere stories where all the particpants are happy ) . But DAMN ! Logical or possible or not ,this story was DELISHIOUS ! Just imagining cute little girls of this age actually WANTING to get fucked is PURE RAPTURE ! I love litte girls and I wouldnt want to do anything to hurt them ( and as I said , cruelty even in books doesnt turn me on )and I would only like to hug and kiss them , but if it didnt hurt them ...

Well , with any questions of harm and brutality out of the way , I was intranced by the absolute love and care between Tracy and Ben ,and hopefully ,no one will come around later and tell her that what he did to her was wrong .

Well , lets just say if these lil vixens are THIS sexual then they are apparently ( in this story atleast ) sexually mature or atleast partically .


I loved part 1


Great start. Part 1 was hot.


Go for it...You have style that will excite a polar bear.


Beautiful little story with a beautiful little girl. Let's have much more of this. Perhaps her mummy could get involved...


Deliciously sexy

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