Uncle Brian

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Published: 13-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

"Ya know, Kerry, you might want to watch your daughter around Brian."

Not the kind of thing I was expecting from my wife's cousin, and I didn't connect his meaning.

"Huh? What do you mean?" I replied.

"Well, .... Let's just say that he had a bit too close a relationship with Sarah [his wife] when she was growing up."

Now the light went on. "Oh, uh, OK, uh,....Thanks."

I looked across the room. Bridgett was sitting on the old guys lap, a couple of other little ones, boys, were at his feet and seemed really interested in what he was telling them. He was moving his arms, pantomiming something. I assume he was telling them about dog fighting over the jungle in '65. I had heard that he spent some time in the "Hanoi Hilton" and had to respect him for that. He had come back, raised a family and made a small fortune. Now my eight year old was on his lap, watching him with wide eyes. He finished the demonstration and lowered his hands, one arm went around her waist, the other hand rested on her thigh. Bridgett kind of squirmed in his lap and slid one of her hands under her butt for just a second, then looked up at him with a smile I know well. He, just for a moment, looked at her. First I saw fear, then as that passed, he broke eye contact and went back to talking with the boys but, from the look on his face, I could see that he was no longer in Viet Nam.

Later that evening he engaged me in a conversation; asked about how my business was going, offered some advice, offered to maybe give me some help with my plan (if I wanted). This offer really was genuine, no one trying to get a business off the ground would turn down advice from a fellow who had started with a dump truck and back hoe and, 20 years later, had a cash flow in 8 figures building freeway interchanges. It was a couple of days later that Rachel (my wife) told me she had accepted an invitation to dinner from him and that we were absolutely required to bring our daughter.

Nattie's is one of the best Mexican places in San Diego. It's also casual enough for an 8 year old and it was pretty noisy. The food was great and we moved from there to Brian's bungalow overlooking La Jolla bay for drinks on the deck. Bridgett played with Mable, the Great Dane, while we made small talk. After a little while, she climbed into my lap, a kind of bored child at an adult get together.

"Honey, why don't you go climb on Uncle Brian's lap," I said, using a sort of bored and dismissive tone, "I'm sure he doesn't get many little girl hugs these day."

"Come her doll," he stretched out his arms.

Bridgett danced across to him and climbed in, being cuddled and putting her head against his chest. After a few minutes she interrupted, saying she could hear his heart. "Well yes child," he replied, "hopefully it'll keep going a while longer." Then he looked at me, "Cholesterol, hypertension, they used to call it 'hardening of the arteries.' Damn doctor wants me exercising, not eating any meat- nuts and twigs-don't sound like too fun a life."

"You aught to get an exam," Rachel said as an idea began to form in my head.

"I have no desire to have them split me open like a can of beans," he said. "If my time comes, it'll come."

I knew he wasn't going to molest my daughter right there in front of her parents but I could see that there was a bulge in his pants and that he was a little flush, breathing a little too fast. It was time to go and, as Bridgett gave him a kiss goodbye, he cupped her ass with one hand and held her just a bit too long. When he stood up he sort of stooped over to try to hide his hard on.

"Hey, if I bring some of my books over, can you look at them?" I asked.

"Sure-haven't much else to do with my time."

We left the time unarranged.

It was three days later that I picked Bridgett up from school and drove to Brian's house. He met us at the door and, as Bridgett was encouraged to run around the back yard, we dug into some of the minutia of the financing for my start- up. I had purposely left a couple of documents at the office and had also had a bit of a talk with Bridgett on the way over.

* * *

"Do you like your Uncle Brian?" I and asked.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"He's a really nice man. I need you to be especially good and really sweet to him, he and I have some important business to talk about."

* * *

I acted like I was embarrassed when the missing report came to light and arranged that Bridgett would stay while I ran back to my office.

"Bridgett, I need to run back to my office, will you stay here with Uncle Brian?"


"You be sure to behave and be really nice...do what ever he asks, Ok?"

"Yes Daddy."

She was sitting on his lap as I headed for the front door.

* * *

The old guy's heart was racing, it had been 30 years since he had had a little girl like this sitting on his lap. She slouched down, watching the cartoons, her legs spread apart, one thigh outside his right, the other between his. His half hard cock was pushing against her left ass cheek.

She was wearing one of the school uniforms so common these days-polo shirt and kaki skirt. He ran one of his hands up and down her thigh. The skirt hiked up and, soon he had his hand against the smooth skin of her leg. She squirmed a little, moving her ass against his hardened cock. He froze as she lifted up, thinking she was going to climb down, but instead she moved sideways, now leaning across him, her right shoulder blade in the center of his chest, her head against his left shoulder but his right thigh still between her knees. Now his hard on was positioned nicely in her ass crack.

His heart went into over drive. He couldn't believe it-this little third grader was asking for him to finger her! He moved his hand up and down her thigh and, in response, she spread her legs a little wider. He was just getting up the courage to move his hand even higher, making the move that would cross the line, when he heard the car in the driveway. He was both disappointed and relieved.

* * *

The short review of my papers proved what I already knew. If two particular contracts didn't come through within the next couple of months I'd have to shut down. We left with the usual handshakes and the "I'm sure it'll work out" bullshit.

That Saturday, we were on our way to the beach and I told Rachel we needed to stop by Brian's so I could drop off a counter bid one of the contractors had sent. The three of us went in to visit. We were already in our suits, Rachel a shapely blue one-piece and Bridgett in a too big pink bikini made out of very thin nylon with the lining cut out. It was so big on her that the leg holes hung slightly open. When selecting a suit, you can go with too big or too small, either way you get a nice piece of eye candy.

It was obvious to me that Brian was thinking the same thing as he eyed my little girl.

"Hey, you want to come along for a couple of hours down at the cove?"

"If that's alright," he said, looking at Rachel asking permission.

"Sure Uncle Brian. Do you good."

Once at the beach, the bathing suit had the desired effect. When Bridgett came out of the water, the crotch both clung to her skin and hung loosely, giving maddeningly sketchy folds and creases. You couldn't tell which were just fabric and which were made from the skin underneath. I arranged for her to sit in the sand in front of us and play. She sat with her legs wide apart, making sand castles. As she moved around the loose suit would get pulled this way and that, giving little shots of an ass cheek, then a lip. A couple of times I saw some of her slit. At one point, when she got up on her hands and knees, it was pulled completely to the side, uncovering one of her entire ass cheeks and giving a wonderful view of her hairless (and sandy) clam down below. I saw Rachel smile to herself as Brian tried to cover his boner with a towel. She gave me a laughing look when she met my eyes after inspecting my half hard on beneath my trunks.

We showered the sand off Bridgett before getting back into the car and drove back up to Brian's place. There we assembled again on the deck with drinks. The Pacific was a stunning cobalt blue. Bridgett went running off into the yard while Brian distributed the drinks. We sat and chit- chatted for a while until Bridgett got bored and came back to us, wanting to climb into my lap.

"Honey, you're still wet. Go get the beach bag," I said.

She returned in a moment with the overstuffed canvas bag. I dug around in it and pulled out a towel, a pair of her panties and a yellow jumper that I absolutely love. It's made of terry cloth, shorts held up with elastic then a strapless top, also held up with elastic, all in one garment.

I handed her the jumper and a towel, then turned her around so she was facing Brian. "Here, change into these."

The little 8 year old dutifully pulled first the top off, then stepped out of the bottoms. I could see that Brian's blood pressure was heading critical. He was white and, although he tried to continue the conversation, his voice was shaky. His hand trembled when he picked up his gin and tonic. Bridgett, true to form, stripped while looking straight at him. Then, as she was getting ready to put on her panties, she dropped them and went running after the dog into the yard. For the next 8 or 10 minutes we watched the naked preteen playing with the Great Dane until Rachel called her back to get dressed.

It was a couple of days later that Rachel arranged to have Brian watch Bridgett for the day. I dropped her off on my way to work.

"Hon, do you like your Uncle Brian?" I asked as we made our way south on I-5.

"Yeah." She was busy munching on a breakfast bar.

"Well, you be sure to be very nice to him and do everything he says, Ok?"

"Ok Daddy."

I looked down at her, our eyes met, "Even if he wants to play with you." [We called it 'playing,' she knew exactly what I meant.]

A thoughtful look passed over her face, "Ok." She seemed to be thinking about what she should feel. I smiled and patted her thigh (she was wearing a short green dress).

"I know you'll have fun. Brian said he was going to take you out to a movie this afternoon."

"Are we going to see 'Cars?!'"


* * *

It was mid-morning before the old guy made his move. He had fed her a nice breakfast of English muffins and poached eggs, then she helped him clean up the dishes. He set her watching the TV while he looked over some financial reports Kerry had dropped off with the girl. The reports were a dismal counterpoint to the pretty little girl lolling around on the floor, using the friendly Great Dane as a pillow. They showed a company under capitalized and on the edge. The girl had gotten bored and gone off exploring the house.

A little while later, Bratz was on, she was again sitting on the sofa, her attention wrapped in the TV. Brian sat down next to her and, over the next few minutes, maneuvered her onto his lap. His cock was already hard and his heart pounding in anticipation as he ran his hand up and down the little girls thigh. As he slightly pushed the hem of her skirt up she slithered around, slouching down and spreading her legs slightly. She sighed.

Brian's pulse hit 140 as he moved his finger along the cotton panties, feeling the shapes underneath. He pushed a little and was rewarded by Bridgett flaring her hips out slightly. Now he moved his fingers up and was surprised to find she was wearing thong underwear, something he had never seen on a little girl before. He pushed them down and was in ecstasy as he ran his finger along the hairless little snatch. Bridgett's clit was a hard bump, she had lost concentration on the TV and was now totally focused on the sensations made by her great uncle's attentions. He ran his finger down and pushed it into the opening of her cunt as was, again, in for a big surprise-no cherry. His finger didn't find any barriers at he worked it up inside the eight year old. She wasn't wet, just sort of damp and sticky, so he wasn't able to finger fuck her properly, so he pulled back and concentrated on the tiny clit. As he moved it in circles with the pad of his finger he felt the little girl stiffen and she caught her breath, then she shivered. He held his finger still, putting pressure on her clit, then moved it side to side slightly and she had another wave of orgasm. Then, having broken out in a sweat, she relaxed against him.

"MMMmmmmm,...That was nice," she said in a low tone.

Brian's cock was screaming for release. When she got up a couple of minutes later to go to the bathroom, he pulled it out and jerked off. After only five or six strokes he blew semen onto the leather couch and some hit the floor. He was just putting his cock back into his pants and wiping up the mess with a Kleenex when Bridgett came back into the room. She eyed the wad of tissue knowingly, then kissed him, then called the dog and ran outside.

They went to a 1:30 PM matinee in a big multiplex with stadium seating. The place was almost deserted and Brian led his little charge up the stairs from the front of the theatre, counting only 5 rows left between them and the back wall they went into the center section and sat down. Only ten others came in, a woman with three children, a man with his son and a group four teenagers. All of them sat well in front and below Brian and Bridgett.

When the lights went down, they were still munching on popcorn and drinking their cokes. Bridgett held the paper bucket between her knees as she ate handful after handful, Brian also stuffed more popcorn into his mouth than he had eaten in the past 10 years. The salt made his lips feel shrunken and he was grateful for the two 32 ounce drinks they had. He thought about what his doctor would have to say-salt, fat, empty calories from coke-fuck him.

Almost as soon as the lights went down, Bridgett had climbed into Brian's lap. As the trailers ran he hugged her while still munching down on the theatre fare. Almost as soon as the movie started, the popcorn ran out. Brian wiped his hands on a napkin, dropping it in the empty bucket on the floor, and hugged Bridgett, marveling at the wonderful feeling of her light frame and thin ribs. He moved his hand up over her chest, feeling for any sign of breast and almost immediately she took his hand and pushed it back down and around to her side, rejecting him.

"Later," she whispered up to him. Then she smiled.

He leaned down and kissed her, then went back to watching the movie.

About 20 minutes later Brian again moved his hand up and over the eight year olds chest. He looked around, no one was watching, in fact, no one could see what they were doing unless they stood up. Bridgett's chest was completely flat, no swelling at all. Through the cotton fabric he could barely discern the slight bump and firmness of her nipples.

She was sitting across his lap, her back supported by his left arm, her knees bent over his right thigh. The arm of the seat was folded up, giving her more room for her legs, but he was glad for the left arm to support his elbow. As he moved the fingers of his right hand back and forth across what he thought was her left nipple, she leaned her head back and looked up at him, smiling. He couldn't help it, he leaned down and kissed his grand niece and was ecstatic to feel her tongue against his lips. His already uncomfortably firm cock surged against her butt as the tips of their tongues parlayed.

He felt her spread her legs slightly and moved his hand down, across her stomach, then further to the hem of her dress. Next, his palm on her right knee, he moved his hand up into the warmth between her thighs. He gasped when he reached their meeting and felt the warm and damp skin of her pussy.

"Where are your panties?" he asked with a course whisper.

"I left them home." She spread her legs further as he moved his finger up and down her smooth slit.

The shock had sent his heart pounding, his breath was ragged, as he probed her preteen pussy. She pushed her legs so far apart that her left knee was over his and she slid down some. In the darkness, he could see that her dress had ridden up and now he could see his hand against the fabric of her dress which just covered her.

He looked up and over his shoulder at the projection window-there was no way someone could peer down at them, then across at the closed fire exit, then down at the backs of the others in the theatre with them. That's when he felt her pulling on her dress. With her left hand, she had pulled it up, uncovering herself from her navel down. The dim light was enough for him to see her little girl slit and his own hand and fingers, working between the lips, stroking her invisible clit.

Mesmerized, he moved his fingers down and, with his first finger, probed the opening to her vagina. He moved his fingertip from side to side, opening the gates as she spread her legs wider. He looked up, pretending to be watching the movie as he pushed his finger into the child's sex, but she just wasn't slippery enough.

Then he felt her hand on his, her fingers wrapping around his. She lifted him away, holding his pointer finger, then moved it up to her mouth. She took his finger between her lips and he felt her tongue, overly wet with her spit. She worked his finger around in her mouth, tasting her own pussy, and generously wetting his finger. Then she directed it back down to her sex. With her right hand (digging her elbow into his stomach) she spread her lips and pushed his finger into her pussy.

It slid easily up inside her, beyond the second knuckle, until he felt the bump of the opening to her immature womb. Now he started fingerfucking her properly while rubbing her clit with his thumb. He watched as she moved with his advances, humping to meet his probes. She started to breathe harder, pushing her head back against his left bicep, arching her back slightly. Only a couple of minutes later she arched strongly, digging her shoulder into his chest, and moaned, shivering with orgasm.

With his finger buried deep inside the child, she sank down into his lap. That's when they both became aware of his rock hard cock, painfully pushed down and across his left hip. The little girl pushed his hand away, pulling him out of her, then stood up, smoothing out her dress.

Brian didn't know what she was doing as she turned and sat down to his right. Then she reached across him with her right hand and, using the palm of her hand, rubbed along the length of his cock. Looking up at him, her eyes sparkled as she squeezed his dick just behind the head.

"Your turn now," she said as she dug at his zipper. Brian looked around and, throwing all caution to the wind, lifted up and pulled down the fly of his pants, then pulled his cock out. It stood up straight, freed from its cloth prison. Bridgett took it in both hands and cupped it between them, stroking up and down while giggling at him as his head sank back and he lost focus. It was less than half a minute later that he shot a stream of cum four inches in the air, plopping down on the thigh of his pants and running over the child's hands. She kept stroking as he pumped more slime.

She giggled again. "You like that?" she said.

All he could muster was a rough 'Uh-huh.'

She inspected her cum covered hand in the dark, then reached across him to the other seat where a bunch of napkins sat. She cleaned up her hand and he wiped the cum off his pants.

It was as he was struggling to zip his fly again while seated that he realized what else he was feeling. There was a dull pain behind his breast bone and down the back of his left arm. He tried to take a deep breath and the pain increased sharply. 'Damn,' he thought. He hadn't had angina for three years and had left his medication in his bathroom-it was probably out of date anyway. He sat back and relaxed as Bridgett leaned into the crook of his arm, his hand comfortably on her right hip. The pain eased as they watched the movie.

"So, how was your day with Uncle Brian?" I asked as we drove away from his house. "Did you have fun?"

"Oh, yeah!" she said. "We went to see 'Cars.'"

"How was it?"

"It was great."

We continued along, I stopped talking as I pulled onto I-5.

"Did you play any?" I asked.

Bridgett looked up sheepishly, "Yes."

"How much?"

"Twice," she paused. "In the morning and then at the movie."

I was amused that he'd have the guts to molest a girl in a movie theatre full of other people.

"Did he do anything that hurt?"

"Oh, no, Daddy. He's really nice."

"Did you play with him?"



"In the movie. He got all gooey on my hands."

I smiled. Things were going very well.

* * *

It was 9:30 PM, bedtime for little girls. Bridgett had taken a bath a couple of hours earlier, then spent the evening running around the house nude. She knew her daddy really liked this, not that it was a rule or anything, but she could see how he smiled whenever she was naked. Mommy didn't seem to mind either, in fact, she usually lounged around the house in nothing but one of Daddy's tee shirts. Daddy would also often get naked too, if he took a shower after going for a bike ride or something like that. Also, sometimes after dinner they'd all get in the hot tub together, and, of course, no one ever wore bathing suits in the hot tub, not even Mommy and Daddy's friends.

Mommy sat on the toilet and tinkled while she brushed her teeth, then Mommy combed out her hair one last time before bed (it was dry now). Then they went down the hall to Bridgett's bedroom and Mommy turned down the blanket. Once Bridgett was in bed, Mommy got a serious look on her face.

"Daddy told me that you and Uncle Brian played today."

Bridgett could tell from her expression that she was being very serious.

"Yes, Mommy."

"Did you like it?"

The little girl thought for a moment. "He's different from Daddy. He's skinnier and his zippy isn't as big."

At this, Rachel suppressed a smile, then got serious again. "What did he do?"

The child got a whimsical look on her face. "Welllll....., In the morning he just rubbed me with his fingers. I was sitting on his lap and we were watching TV. He made me feel all shaky and then he stopped."

"Did you like that?"

"Yeeeessss?" she looked past her mother at the ceiling. "He played with my bumpy a lot, then he tried to put his finger up inside but it wouldn't go. But he stopped then and just rubbed my bumpy until I got shaky.

"Is that all?"

"No," she looked back at her mother, "we did it again at the movie."

"What happened?"

"Welllll....." again the little girl got whimsical. "I knew he'd want to do it, so I left my panties in the bathroom."

Rachel laughed. "At the theatre?!"

"No Mommy! At his house!"

"Ok," she continued to laugh. "What then?"

"Wellll..., you know, he put his hand up my dress and rubbed me. Then I pulled my dress up so he could see, Daddy always likes to watch. His finger wouldn't go in so I licked it like Daddy does, then it went in and I got all shaky."

"Daddy said you told him he got gooey."

The little girl smiled. "Yeah.... I rubbed his zippy until he got all gooey."

"Right there, in the theatre?"

"Yeah, he unzipped when I started rubbing it, it was really hard in his pants."

Rachel laughed, amazed at the guts of the man. "That was wonderful dear, I'm sure you made Uncle Brian very happy." She pauses for a moment. "Can I look at you?"

"Ooookkkkk????" the little one said and slid down in the bed, not sure why her mother wanted to look.

Rachel inspected her little girl's sex, gently parting the thick outer lips, looking for any sign she was bruised or cut. Her pussy was a beautiful pink, just as she expected-Brian had always been very gentle with her. Just on impulse, she leaned down and kissed her little girl's pussy, rubbing her tongue up and down the slit twice before they both started laughing.

"Oh Mommy, do you want to do that?!" Bridgett giggled.

"Not tonight dear, it's late for you to be up and we both have to go to work early in the morning."

"Can I go to Uncle Brian's tomorrow?"

"You'll be going to Gym camp dear."

She kissed the eight year old good night and, after checking the night light, turned off the overhead light and left the door to the hall open.

* * *

"So, everything OK?" I asked when Rachel came out from putting Bridgett to bed.

"Oh yeah. She's quite happy."

"She seems to like her great uncle."

"He was always sweet to me," Rachel said.

It was only a few day's earlier that she had told me about her and her uncle. She hadn't told much but I sure was interested-the whole idea really turned me on.

"Tell me."

She had sat down across from me. She looked up and smiled a little. "I'll bet you really want to hear all the gory details."

"You bet."

She was quite for a moment, remembering.

"Well....it didn't start with Uncle Brian. It started with Marian, my cousin.

"I guess we were about 8 or 9,....no, we were 9, it was the summer before 4th grade, I was staying with them while my parents moved us to Chicago. Anyway, it must have been my second night there and we were getting ready for bed. I remember I was in the tub and then Mary got in with me. We must have made a mess of the bathroom because we were giggling and splashing. Then I washed Mary's hair and she washed mine.

"Well, things went on from there and she started to wash me. I was kind of scared when she started washing me, you know, but then it started to feel real good. I remember she asked me to wash her too and, well, we quieted down a lot. I think that was the first time I ever came.

"When we got out, Mary dared me to go run into the backyard naked. Well, we giggled a lot and then did it together. Right out past Brian, he was watching TV in the living room. He came out after us, I thought we'd be in so much trouble, but then I saw he was laughing. He told us to come in and get some ice cream.

"Mary just went into the kitchen and I followed-it was warm and their house didn't have air-conditioning. I remember we sat at the table, the three of us, and had ice cream. At first I was a bit uncomfortable but then I got used to it.

"After that, we went to bed but Mary insisted that we not wear anything. She had a double bed, so we were in there together when Brian came in to kiss us good night. That's when things got really weird because, after he had kissed me on the forehead he went around to Mary's side and kissed her but, then he pulled the covers off her and said he was going to kiss her, he called it her 'cunny.'

"I was totally amazed as he went down on her, right there in front of me. Sometimes he'd look at me but she got off almost right away. That's when he asked if I wanted a kiss 'down there' also. I said no. Then he looked at Mary and said she ought to do it. I really didn't know what to do as she looked at me and pulled the covers down. I guess I was kind of scared and kept my legs together but, after she had rubbed me with her tongue a couple of times I relaxed and, well, I guess you can tell the rest.

She looked at my hardening tool and started to rub her neatly trimmed snatch.

"Did Brian ever go down on you?" I asked, stroking myself to full hardness.

"Yeah, the next day."

I went across the room and started licking her familiar pussy. Soon she was rocked.

"Remind you of your Uncle Brian?" I asked.

"You're better....now fuck me."

With her laying back on the sofa and me on my knees, I had a great view of my cock sliding in and out of her and it wasn't long before I emptied my load inside her. With dripping cock and pussy, we looked in on our little girl before, ourselves, going to bed.

As we were climbing into bed she said, "Sounds like things are going well between Bridgett and her Uncle."

"Yeah, he's pretty well hooked, she's also real good at doing what I say. I didn't tell her but the no panties at the movie was great."

"When are you going to spring it?"

I paused for a moment. "Well, there's a complication." I knew she didn't want to hear this. It was difficult enough to talk her into the plan, of course, now she was stuck with it, as were we all. "A few years ago he had cancer and was pretty sick. That jack-ass son of his got him to put all his money into a trust that he and his sister control. The only way to really get something out of him is to get him to change his will."

"That means we won't see anything until he dies?" She didn't look very happy.

"Yeah, but he still has some money-he'll be able to help out some. Also, I don't think it'll take too much for him to change his will, he really hates his kids for 'living like fucking pharaohs on my money." I did my best imitation of him, that got a smile.

"I hope you know what you're doing."

The next day I had to pick Bridgett up from gym camp at three, then I took her to Brian's house while I ran back to my office. When I was dropping her off I told him that I had gotten a distressing letter from a contractor and I wanted him to look it over. In reality, everything was going fine, but I didn't want him to know that.

* * *

The TV was on when Bridgett walked into the living room. It was some home show but, after the whole day at camp, she was perfectly willing to just stand there and watch. Brian was talking with her dad, she heard that she'd be picked up around 5:30, then the door closed.

She kept staring at the TV, more daydreaming than watching it as her Uncle came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned back against him as his arms crossed her chest and hands covered her ribs. He kissed the top of her head. She relaxed more. She was wearing a black leotard and baby blue gym shorts with FLIP in white letters across the butt. Brian ran his hand down under the shorts and began feeling her through the leotard. She felt a bit of a rush and a bit of a sweat broke out across her back. Instantly she felt horny.

She felt him sliding his other hand up moving toward her chest. With the pad of his finger, he rubbed her left nipple through the thin rayon, making it feel tight and causing a tingling down between her legs.

She leaned back against him and felt his swelling cock against the small of her back. That even excited her more. She reached around behind her, squeezing it through his trousers. He moved his hand to the side and discovered that the legs of this leotard were really high cut, the skin below her hip was uncovered. He pushed his fingers through the leg hole and across to her pussy but, because of the tightness, he couldn't probe very deeply without pulling hard on the fabric. He knew this had to be uncomfortable for the child. He lowered himself to his knees behind her, still hugging her against him, now his cock was against the back of her thigh.

He pulled his hand back, then he rubbed her lips and slit through the fabric. Bridgett leaned back against him, turning her head and looking up. She was surprised when he kissed her, he had never done that before, but she met his kiss, opening her mouth to his tongue, he tasted of coffee.

He lifted his hands to the neckline, then pulled the leotard down, working it free of her shoulders, uncovering her chest, then, using his thumbs along her sides, working it down to her hips. He worked it over her hips and felt it slip over her ass. Now it moved easily and pretty much fell to her feet. He brought his hands back up and, with one started rubbing along her slit while he also rubbed her left nipple with the other. She bent her legs, spreading her thighs slightly to give him better access. While she was wet for an eight year old, he couldn't get his finger inside her and he pushed too hard. He stopped when he heard a shape intake of breath.

"Go sit on the couch," he ordered.

The little girl did as she was asked, stepped out of her discarded leotard and sat down, her knees comfortably apart. She watched as he pulled his shirt off over his head. She had never seen his chest before, he was thin and the skin sagged into some deep wrinkles under his nipples and along his ribs. The small patch of hair in the middle of his chest was mostly grey. The skin itself was darkly tanned, looking more like leather than skin.

He came over and kissed her again, she draped her arms around his neck as, again, they dueled with their tongues. She felt his hand advancing from her knee up the inside of her thigh and she spread her legs to assist. Now his fingers were pushing at her pussy but, with her sitting up the way she was, it was buried under her. He pulled his hand out.

"Lean back," he said as he gently pushed her down. She did as told and was now lying like a question mark back across the leather upholstery. He pulled on her knees, sliding her down further so her ass was right on the edge of the sofa. This was, surprisingly, the first time he had ever gotten a really good look at the little girl's charms. It had been years since he had seen a little girl pussy and the blood was pounding in his ears as he inspected the smooth outer lips, curving down between her thighs with the pink clit hood peaking out from between them. With his fingers, he pulled them slightly apart and looked more closely, seeing the thin inner lips, these more reddish, themselves opening.

Bridgett felt a little self-conscious as her Uncle inspected her in this way. She felt his fingers spreading, first her outer pussy, then him dig a little and spread her on the inside. Only her mommy had ever looked at her this closely before, saying she wanted to make sure daddy hadn't hurt her.

As Brian expected, her cherry was long gone and she seemed a little stretched out. Then, without thinking, he leaned forward and started licking along her cleft.

Bridgett wasn't expecting this and the sudden explosion of pleasure took her by surprise. She spread her legs further, lifting her feet off the floor and pulling her knees up. She loved it when her daddy (and sometimes her mommy) did this.

"Do it harder," she moaned, pulling his face against her and humping up against him.

The little one tasted of urine and sweat-she had been at gymnastics all day, but he was so turned on that he really didn't mind. She came almost right away, shuddering and groaning. She had her hands on either side of his face and was directing him up and down as she jammed herself against him, her head thrown back, short breaths escaping from her throat. Then she relaxed and he lifted off, looking at her lovely hairless cooch, now shining with his spit and her own light juices.

He undid his pants and pushed them down around his thighs, his cock standing straight out. He shuffled forward and ran the head along her slit. "Don't put it in, that hurts," she said.

"Ok, doll," his voice was rough in his throat. He started rubbing along her pussy, she scooted down even more to help, then raised her legs again, bending and trying to peer down over the bunched fabric of her skirt.

She could see his dick head, moving forward and back along her. It felt good but wasn't the kind of turn on she had felt just a few minutes ago.

Brian was completely caught up in watching his rod moving along the spread lips of the eight year old, pushing against her little clit, sliding along the incredibly soft skin of her belly. Then she reached down and cupped her hands over him, pushing his cock against her.

The jez built really fast and, after just a few more strokes, he slammed forward, feeling his balls slap against the child's pussy, and shot a stream of goo across her tummy and chest, a droplet landed on her chin just below her lips. He humped more, filling her hands and coating her crotch with his sperm before he sank back on his heals, admiring her cum soaked snatch and gooey hands.

She sat up, looking at her hands, "That was a lot, Unky," she said. He was trying to catch his breath. He used his shirt to wipe her hands, chest, belly and crotch. Then he dabbed the cum off her chin.

"You're a wonderful little girl, Bridgett," he growled, still feeling lightheaded.

"I need to go potty," she said and started to sit up. Brian moved to the side as she got up and stepped around him. She ran off down the hall. He picked up her panties and wiped his cock off with them, then struggled to his feet, doing up his trousers.

For the remaining hour before Kerry returned, she didn't wear clothes. She playfully showed off to him a few times, waving her ass in his face when she was sitting on the floor watching TV. Her playful show got to him eventually and he pulled her onto his lap, then started fingering her. She had just cum and he still had two fingers buried inside her when they heard a car in the driveway-Kerry returning.

"So, what's this news you have?" Brian asked after they had settled on the patio.

"This came this morning. I spent most of the day meeting with three different banks but-no luck." He handed over the fake letter.

It appeared to be from one of the major defense contractors in the area. Through a great deal of legalize and business double talk, what it came down to was that they didn't think my company would be able to deliver on time making a critical part for a larger system they were building for the Army. In short, they felt I was under capitalized and wouldn't be able to get the machine tools needed to meet the production deadline. They gave me a week to develop a better financial plan.

"So, what will you do if you can't come up with the money?"

I kept a glum expression on my face. "Well, I have a standing offer at a former partner's company in Austin, Texas. Just hate the idea of working for someone else again and, of course, we'd have to move."

We sat quiet for a few moments, looking over the sea. I was nervous that he wouldn't take the bait, I was pretty sure Brian was wondering how pissed off his son would be, and whether that was a good or bad thing.

"How much do you need?"

"1.2 mil."

He got up and walked into his house, disappearing upstairs. Bridgett came out and climbed on my lap. She was no longer wearing her shorts or panties under the leotard, the shape of her pussy was nicely outlined through the thin material.

"Where are your panties, young lady?" I asked.

"I don't know, Unky took them," she giggled.

I smiled to myself, we watched the sea. The sun was setting between Santa Catalina and San Clemente Islands-the view was spectacular.

Brian came out and handed me a business card. "That's my accountant. I've arranged to liquidate some underperforming stocks as soon as the markets open in the morning. He'll arrange the transfers."

That easy and I was $1.2 million richer. I hugged my little girl.

"You just be sure that you keep bringing that wonderful niece of mine around."

* * *

For the next couple of weeks, I kept bringing Bridgett around. She liked her "Unky" as she called him and gave me regular reports of what they were doing. It had gotten to the point that she usually stripped all her clothes off as soon as she arrived. He seemed to really get off just rubbing his cock against her slit, then blowing on her stomach. He would also go down on her often, something she really liked. A couple of times he asked her to suck on him but she (as instructed) told him that that was "Yukky."

The infusion of capital into my company did have the desired affect. Although I had overblown the risk of losing the contract, it was cemented and I had a great time buying new equipment and expanding the production shop. Two new employees and I had the prototype to the customer a week early. It was two days after the signing of the contracts that I decided to move on to part two of my plan with my in-law uncle.

I arrived there unexpectedly at 10 in the morning. Bridgett was at school and I was pretty sure I'd catch Brian puttering around in his garden. Sure enough, he answered the door with dirt stained hands and knees.

"Hi Kerry, what's up?" he asked.

"We need to talk," I answered. I assume he thought it had something to do with my company.


He ushered me into the kitchen and offered coffee, I refused.

"Ok," now he knew it wasn't business, "what's on your mind?"

"I know what you've been doing to Bridgett."

He stopped. For a moment the color started to drain out of his face, then it stopped and, instead, his face took on a stern expression-I could see that the initial reaction of fear had just as quickly been replaced by some anger.

"Ok," he paused for a long moment. "What are you going to do about it?" He met my gaze.

"Well, I really don't know, Brian."

There was a few moments of silence, then he scoffed. "That little girl of yours is no stranger to men." His color was rising, "Don't think you can blackmail me Kerry. As soon as a social worker got a hold of her, you and I'd end up sharing a cell at San Quentin with 'Bubba.' And, if my doctors are correct, you'll have a lot longer to enjoy than I will!"

I could see that he was getting pissed-time to de-escalate. "I could just stop bringing her over."

"Oh, yeah. You'd love that. You get her all to herself, but, my boy, the gravy train's at the end of the track."

"So what'er ya thinking?" I said with a little smile on my face.

The old man was cooling down, now his expression of anger was changing to one of conspiratorial amusement. He got up and went to the fridge, then came back with too beers, cracked one open and put it in front of me, then opened the other for himself.

"My kids are assholes. You're an asshole too, but a hard working one. I've got to admire your chutzpa for coming up with that bull shit letter from GD." He paused for a few moments. "Let's just say that I'm willing to insure Bridgett's college fund is fully endowed and that you'll have all the capital you'll need."

"What's the flip side?"

"Bridgett spends the summer with me at my place in Ensenada. You and Rachel can come down whenever you want."

"Bridgett gives you the summer of your dreams and you change your will."

"You got it, sonny boy." He clinked my bottle with his- we both took a swig.

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "You're quite a guy to be turning your eight year old into a whore."

"Same goes for the fellow who's her john."

He laughed under his breath and looked away. "Fact is, I had my lawyer draft up a new will a week ago. I've been planning this summer for a while. You made it easy." Now I was surprised. "A courier will drop a certified copy off at your office this afternoon.

As I was leaving I reminded Brian that Bridgett had gymnastics that evening but I'd bring her by after school the next day. As promised, by 3PM I had a copy of the will in my office safe.

Two days later I picked Bridgett up from school and took her over to her Great Uncle's house. On the way we got stuck in traffic on Governor Drive.

I reached across and put my hand on my daughter's knee. "Honey?"

"Yes daddy."

I looked down at her. "Honey, I want you to do something really special for Uncle Brian tonight."

Her big brown eyes took on a serious expression. "Ok....."

"Will you do something for me?"


"I want you to let him get gooey in your mouth today."

"Is that all?!" she said with a little exasperation.

"And I want you to swallow every drop."

"Ok daddy. Just like I do for you?"

"Oh yeah, that'd be great." Just thinking about it was making my dick swell. She noticed and reached over, rubbing it up and down. "But I don't want you to let him put it inside you....that's just for me. Ok?"

I dropped her off and watched as she ran to the door and knocked. Brian opened the door and waved as he ushered her in.

* * *

The old man had been turned on all day in anticipation of his nieces' arrival. A couple of times he had thought about jerking off but realized that that would be a mistake-he had to save up for Bridgett.

They were 10 minutes late arriving, he had jumped at hearing the car in the driveway. He figured that the reason it was different now was that she was being delivered to him, knowing that her father expected her to do what he wanted (within reason, of course) and that she really was his. His cock was already tenting his shorts when she came in.

"Do you want a snack after school?" he asked.

She ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and drank a glass of Hi C while she told him all about her day. Then she looked up at him. "Can I take a bath now? I'm all stinky from today."

This had become a bit of a habit of late. One day she had come from school in sticky and smelly clothes-another child had spilled some milk down her front at lunch. He had told her to take off her clothes so he would wash them (she usually ended up naked anyway) and then she had taken a bath. It had been such an incredible turn on to watch her in the bath and she had asked him to wash her. He had ended up sitting in the tub with her facing him, between his knees, rubbing his cock. Afterward he had had to wash his sperm out of her hair.

Now, she was again in the tub, washing herself as her uncle watched. She knew what he liked her to do, so she slowly suds up her arms, then her shoulders. As she washed her chest she paid special attention to her nipples, rubbing the bar of soap over each one, then using only two fingers to rub the soap in, making them contract and stick out. She lay back in the tub, on her back and lifted a leg out. She reached up and washed her foot, then her ankle, slowly working her way up her thigh to finally move her soapy hand up and down along her hairless vulva. Then she switched to the other leg, again taking her time with her foot, ankle, calf, and finally, her thigh. Now she spent longer on her pussy, gently moving her fingers along her slit, making the tingling inside start.

Meanwhile, Brian was sitting on the toilet lid, watching the child masturbate. His cock was rock hard down the leg of his shorts and he couldn't help but rub it occasionally as the little one moved her fingers along her cleft, then deeper, pushing one finger up inside herself.

Slowly, she lost control and forgot that her uncle was watching. As she pushed one finger deep inside herself, with the other hand she rubbed her clit. She pushed a second finger in, moving them both in and out while moving two fingers from side to side across the stiff button above. She exploded with orgasm, gasping and jerking so much in the tub that some water splashed out onto the floor.

She sank away, feeling relaxed in the warm water, her eyes closed, a dreamy expression on her face.

By now, Brian had pulled his pants and shirt off and had been stroking himself, trying to get the greatest pleasure without emptying his balls in a stream that was sure to hit the opposite wall.

Bridgett opened her eyes and looked at her great uncle. "Mmmmm, your turn now," she said.

She climbed out of the tub, still dripping water, and knelt between his knees, taking his cock in both hands, sprinkling water from her hair to his thighs and legs. She often did this, just jerking him off, watching closely as he shot his white slime out of his cock. Some of it sometimes landed in her hair, on her face or chest. Almost always some dribbled onto her thighs. Other times, he'd carry her into the bedroom where he'd jerk off over her, spraying her pussy with his sperm. A couple of times he had put the tip of his cock on the opening to her pussy and pumped some up inside her, but never penetrating her.

Now she knelt below him with both hands wrapped around his dick. She stroked it a couple of times, staring it right in the eye. Brian had asked her a couple of times to suck him, but she had refused. But this time, he couldn't believe it when she leaned forward and took his head into her mouth.

His heart hit at least 200 as he felt the little teeth scraping along the top, the tongue rubbing the glans at the bottom of his dick head. She took him deeper, he felt the curved top of his bulb fit nicely into the back of her throat. She sucked hard and ran him in and out, looking up at him.

The blood was pounding in his ears, his stomach muscles and back muscles were cramped as he built. His breath was ragged and shallow as he felt his heart pounding in his chest. With all these feelings, he didn't recognize the significance of the dull pain in his left shoulder.

He started to hump uncontrollably into the child's mouth, watching her pretty face with its big brown eyes as she sucked his cock. She didn't seem to want to let go, even when he tried to push her away as his cum built behind his balls. He gave up, she certainly knew what was happening, and gave in. With a spasm, he fired his sperm into the eight year old's mouth. She made an 'umph' sound as his first gobs of jez filled her. He felt her throat contracting as she swallowed, just to have him fill her again with semen. Small white bubbles appeared at the corners of her mouth as he finished, relaxing back, sinking his ass back onto the toilet lid.

The child let his dick slide out of his mouth and looked up at him, smiling. White goo was around her tongue and between her lips and teeth. She swallowed, then looked up at him again. "That was nice Unky," she said.

"Oh God, yes child."

He was relaxing now, calming down, trying to catch his breath. Now he did notice the pain in his shoulder and arm.

A few minutes later, after she had scampered off, still naked, in search of his Great Dane, he took two aspirin and a nitro tablet but the pain didn't subside. Over the next two hours it got steadily worse. He lay on the couch for most of the time, watching the naked child play. At one time she came over and straddled his face, insisting that he lick her to a shuddering climax.

They were dressed again when Rachel arrived at 5:30. After he closed the door, he went upstairs and took another nitro tablet and two more aspirin. Then he lay down, willing the pain away. By 6:30 it was only worse so he got in his car and drove himself to the Emergency Room at the UCSD Medical Center.

By 11 PM he was in surgery, receiving three bypasses.

* * *

Brian was in the hospital for a week. In the end, the doctors didn't have a lot of good news. The bypasses would keep him alive but, with the amount of damage to his heart, if he was to survive for long, he would need a transplant. Normally, he would have been put in a nursing home for a month or so during his recovery but, because he did have such good support from concerned and loyal family members, he was sent home. A visiting nurse would see him twice a day and, among the family in the area, he would not be alone for any extended time in his house.

Of course, we visited him often in the hospital. We took Bridgett on the third day, he was sitting up in bed, even walking down the hall to a lounge area. She sat on his knee and hugged him and kissed his cheek, he patted her behind and, once, rubbed his hand up the inside of her thigh.

Rachel stayed at his house the second night he was home, his daughter had stayed there the first. Then, another cousin took over for that Friday and we were on tap for Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning.

He slept most of the afternoon but came down for dinner and we sat out on the patio and watched the sun set. Bridgett ran around the yard with Mable (the Great Dane), giving her some exercise. The dog had been kenneled while he was in the hospital and now spent all her time on the floor at the foot of his bed.

We had dressed Bridgett in the sexiest outfit we could come up with-real tight and small white shorts and a yellow tube top that was no more than two inches wide. The shorts were so short that her ass cheeks stuck out when she bent over and the front clearly outlined her pussy lips. I knew that Brian would notice and, sure enough, when he had her sitting on his thigh, I caught him, a couple of times, brushing his finger along her slit. He wouldn't do it if Rachel was around but, one time, he met my gaze while he had his hand in my daughter's crotch.

About 5:30 the nurse arrived and took the old guy upstairs for bath and to dress his wounds. She hung around until 7:30, then we sort of ushered her out the door. It wasn't long before the three of us were watching TV in his room, Bridgett sitting next to him in the bed. Around 9 Rachel and I begged off, going downstairs to do the dishes and 'tidy up.' Rachel also said she was going to go to bed herself.

After about 20 minutes, I snuck up the stairs and, taking advantage of the placement of the door and the hallway, was able to peek into the bedroom without being seen. Brian had slid down some in the bed, the covers were across his thighs. Bridgett was half on him, half off, on her belly. They were giving each other an incredible tongueing. He had his hand down the back of her shorts, around her ass and was obviously fingering her pussy. She was stroking his rod through his undershorts. This couldn't go on for much longer or my plan would not come off tonight. I quickly went back down stairs, then called Bridgett. She came down, her clothes still disheveled and sweat dampening the roots of her hair. I took her by the hand and led her into the kitchen where Rachel was waiting.

"Honey," Rachel started, "you're Uncle has been really sick, you know."

"Yes, Mommy."

"I know he's really missed you, and the things you do," I chimed in.


"Bridgett, would you do something really special for him tonight?" I asked.

"Yes, Daddy."

"We'd like you to go all the way....you know....let him put it up inside you, Dear," Rachel said.

"But, Mommy, that hurts," she said.

"Honey," I said, "You know how it's really a lot better when I put that jelly stuff on me, right?"

"Uh huh."

"Anyway, you told me he isn't as big as Daddy," Rachel interjected. "Also, we'll put some of that jelly stuff up inside you so it will slip right in."

The conversation didn't take much longer. Rachel had Bridgett take off her pants and lay back on the counter. Then, using the applicator from some sort of women's medication screwed onto the end of a tube of KY, she injected a generous amount of the stuff up inside the child. The sight of the long, thin white applicator disappearing inside my eight year old's pussy was enough to make me, almost, cream in my pants. After she had her shorts on again, we told her exactly what she was to do.

* * *

Bridgett walked into her great uncle's room and smiled. Then, walking up to the bed, she told him how much she loved him and how much she had missed him while he was in the hospital.

"Did you miss me?" she asked.

"You bet, child. More that you can dream."

She climbed onto the bed, on her hands and knees next to him and leaned down and kissed him. When he stuck his tongue into her mouth she reached down and slid her hand under his shorts, taking his cock and stroking it like her father had taught her years ago. He was instantly rock hard in her hands. Then she moved over and, pulling his shorts down just below his nuts, she sucked on his rigid tool.

"Oh, God, child,....you shouldn't do that," he wheezed as he lifted her off of him.

She sat up on her heals and looked at him, then slowly pulled her top off over her head. Brian, through the slightly disorienting haze of the painkillers mixed with the Scotch, lost his concentration and abandoned his self control.

The eight year old stepped down off the bed then, never breaking her gaze into the fellow's eyes, pulled her shorts off, then her dark blue thong. Brian unconsciously licked his lips as he looked at her thick pink lips with the darker clit hood peaking out from between.

"I want you inside me," she said as she climbed back onto the bed. The child scrambled back on top of the bed and stood up, straddling the old man. Then, slowly, she squatted down pulling her preteen pussy lips apart. She reached down between her knees and took his rod, then guided it as she slowly lowered herself on him.

Brian was aware of only one thing-the sight of his dick slowly getting closer to the girls slit, then the end pushing against the entrance, then the inner lips opening as the head of his cock moved inside the eight year old. He was amazed as the bulb and then half the shaft slid inside her. He became aware of the excruciatingly soft tightness and warmth of her vagina. Slowly, she rose, then dropped on him. He gasped for breath as she started a regular movement, up and down, on his rod.

"Ohhh....you feel so good," she moaned as she fell forward on her knees, now rocking back and forth.

Brian reached down and cupped the little girl's ass, pushing a finger between her legs and feeling his cock sliding in and out of her. He was now humping to meet her as the jez quickly built inside him.

Bridgett was so far gone fucking her uncle the she actually drooled on his tee shirt as her first orgasm overtook her. She threw her head back and shoved down on him, driving his cock as deep inside her as it would go. She gasped from the self inflected pain, only to rise up and then slam down again.

With this stroke, he exploded inside her with an enormous load of sperm. She rose again and, for a third time, shoved down on him as a second purge of jez shot into her preteen pussy.

With this second shot, the old man's heart contracted with the greatest force it was capable of and a suture joining one of the bypasses on his left coronary artery ripped free.

As he humped to meet her again, and fired the last of his cum deep inside the little girl, a streak of pain shot across his chest. He coughed and tried to take a breath but couldn't. By now, the end of the transplanted artery had torn completely free and blood was gushing into his chest cavity.

He coughed again and pulled the child down on top of him. Now it was all clear, she had been sent up here to do this to him. He felt the lovely child panting against him, her breath blowing on his cheek. As the darkness closed around him all he could think was that, at least, he died with a smile on his face. "I love you darling," he said.

* * *

"Daddy?" the naked girl appeared at the doorway to the dining room where Kerry and Rachel were drinking wine, wetness was smeared around her pussy and milky goo was slowly running down the inside of her thigh. "Unky fell asleep. Can I watch some TV?"

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