Cherry Sundaes, Part 1

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Published: 3-Mar-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I decided to leave from work early one day because I needed to run some errands and clean the house. I didn't tell my son Brad that I would be coming home early. Brad is in 9th grade and usually stays at school until lacrosse practice starts. Since today was the last day before Spring Vacation, the school released the kids early for a half day, which I had completely forgotten about until I got home, when I could see Brad's bike out front, telling me that he was home. As I carried the groceries up to the kitchen, I saw Brad's girlfriend, Cassie in the kitchen. She is in 8th grade. In our town, the middle school and high school are in the same building. Cassie lives next door, but is pretty much always at our house all the time. Brad's dad and I separated a few months ago, so it's just me and my little man in thie great big house now -- so it is nice having Cassie around all the time.

I've known Cassie since she was a baby and we are very close because she has always spent lots of time at our house for as long as I can remember. She was wearing Brad's lacrosse jersey and not much else from what I could see. It was a common occurrence in our house to see Brad and Cassie run around half naked (or more than half). You see, I made a deal with Brad about a year ago that they could do whatever they want in our house with each other except intercourse. I would catch them every so often in intimate positions, kissing, cuddling, feeling, even licking each other, from time to time, but I always tried to give them their privacy. So it was no surprise to me that Cassie had nothing else on besides Brad's lacrosse jersey. I could see through the mesh material of the jersey that her tits were braless. And when she reached up to a high shelf, the jersey rose up over her bare ass, showing me that she had no panties on, either.

Cassie is the smartest girl in her grade. In fact she is so smart that they made her skip a grade. She is only supposed to be in 7th grade and just turned 12. Brad is the best athlete in his grade and is also considered the best looking boy in school, so he is very popular as you can imagine. Cassie is flat out the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen at that age. They are like a little power couple. Everyone in town adores them.

Brad is actually supposed to be in 10th grade, but was had to repeat Kindergarten. He is 15 years old. So even though they are only a grade apart in school, Brad is actually more than 3 years older than Cassie. Brad was already the oldest kid in his grade before he got held back, and Cassie was among the youngest in her grade even before she got moved up a grade. Because he is the oldest in his grade, Brad is also the most developed, and with all the training he does for lacrosse, he practically has the muscle tone of a 20 year-old.

Cassie bloomed early, so skipping a grade was no big deal for her, as she looked like she belonged with older kids anyway. She was now the same height as me, about 5' 3". Who can forget the day she got her first period on the last day of 3rd grade? she was so embarrassed and ran right to our house where Brad's dad Peter and I comforted her. By the end of 4th grade, she needed a bra. By the time she got to 5th grade, she had a full C cup. That was when they decided to move her up to the middle school, which she was happy with because it meant that she got to be in the same school with Brad again.

Now she is in 7th grade and 12 years old, and her D cup boobies are the exact same size as mine. I know her bra size because I am always finding her bra's all over the house, and in the strangest places sometimes. In fact, I think I'm wearing one of her bra's right now. We wear each other's bra and panties so much that I don't even remember whose is whose anymore.

I saw her rummaging in the kitchen as I was coming up the stairs. I asked "Hi Cassie. What are you looking for, honey?"? She said "Hi, Mrs. Turner. You're home early. I was just looking for some chocalate syrup." I gestured toward the grocery bag I was carrying and she saw the syrup bottle and grabbed it and said "Thanks" and gave me a kiss.

We always kissed each other as we greeted each other. I think it is because I am the "young, cool" mom in the neighborhood. I am only in my late 30's and have a tiny frame except for my size D boobies. I keep in shape and have a thin flat stomach and dress perhaps a tiny bit more provocatively than any of the other moms in town. Most of the other moms are jealous and make snide comments about how I dress half my age. They're jealous bitches. I always say if you've got it, flaunt it, and if they want to be stuck up bitches about it, that's their problem. I don't really care.

I said "you kids sure do drink alot of chocolate milk, that's the second bottle you've gone through this month."

Cassie winked and replied innocently, "actually it's for my cherry sundaes" and she kissed me again as she walked away.

I asked where my son was. She replied "he's fuckin'... down in the basement." I said "OK, thanks, honey, you kids have fun. I'm just gonna put away these groceries." Sometimes when Cassie kisses me, I can taste cum on her lips and tongue, which was fine by me. If Brad is cumming in her mouth, that means he is upholding his end of the deal and not having intercourse with her. This time was different, though. It tasted different. I'm no lesbian, but I'm no stranger to the taste of a woman, either. I might be crazy, but I'm pretty sure Cassie's lips tasted like pussy! I thought that couldn't be right and it was a fleeting thought at best. I forgot all about it, as I went to put away the rest of the groceries.

What Brad didn't know was that I knew Cassie was no innocent little virgin. I had heard from two different friends of mine who have spotted her coming out of our local abortion clinic. I told Brad "trust me, your little friend's no virgin. Promise me you won't have intercourse with her. She could get pregnant and trust me you don't want to have children young. (I had my daughter who is now 24 when I was only a teen.) You guys can do anything else you want, use your hands and mouths on each other, you can even walk around this house naked. But you will not put your penis inside Cassie's vagina. And I don't care if she tells you she is on birth control. Teenage girls, even college aged girls, can't be trusted to take all their pills correctly. Young girls on birth control get knocked up all the time. You don't trust a girl to take birth control correctly until she is at least 21 or 22 years old. Do you hear me?" Brad promised me he would follow those instructions to the letter.

So you can imagine my surprise when I walked downstairs and saw Cassie (who had shed the lacrosse jersey by now and was completely naked) on her knees next to some other naked little girl whose face I couldn't see becase my Brad was on top of her, also completely naked, with his dick pistoning in and out of her. Brad was fucking her good and hard, and oh my goodness, Brad was huge! I gasped "Brad, what are you doing?"

Brad shouted out "Cumming! I'm cumming! Yes! I AM CUMMING!"

His penis was down deep inside the girl as he came inside her pussy, flooding her little womb with his cum. Cassie immediately stepped into action with the chocolate syrup. She squirted it all over the other girl's stomach and hairless pussy, and as Brad pulled his still-hard dick out, she dove face first into the little girl's pussy and started eating her out, her face smeared in chocolate, and she was clearly sucking Brad's cum out of her friend's pussy. There was a little bit of blood, too.

Brad said "See mom, look at the blood. She was a virgin. It's ok."

Cassie mumbled something about cherry sundaes being her favorite. I said "Huh?"

She said, "you know, a cherry sundae. A virgin's cherry juice, chocolate syrup, and Brad's cum. It's my fave!"

By this time, I had seen the face of the deflowered virgin. It was Melissa, who was 11 years old. I know her as she lives a couple doors down from us. I said, "OK girls, time to go. Hit the road". They could tell that I was angry but had a puzzled look on all their faces like they couldn't understand why I would be upset. Cassie took a towel and wiped up Melissa's pussy a little, but saw my scowl and the girls hastily got dressed, leaving panties and a bra behind them as they left. Melissa was so flat chested, I doubt she even owned a bra.

"Brad, what did I tell you?" I fumed.

"But mom, she's a virgin. She can't get pregnant. You said. You said I could only have intercourse with virgins."

"I never said anything of the like, young man. You obviously haven't learned anything about sex from me. I don't kmow what more I can do to teach you about this. But I know who can... Yes, that's just it. You are going to spend Spring Vacation with your sister! Pack your bags, young man. I'm putting you on the next flight to Miami."

My daughter Heather was also a very smart and beautiful young lady. She works as a nurse down in Florida. She studied all about biology in college. She can at least give Brad some of the knowledge that I never learned because I had to drop out of school to raise her. I called her up and explained what I had seen, and what Brad and I had talked about. I explained that he would be on a plane leaving our airport at 6:00 the next morning and asked her to meet him at the airport in Miami, to look after him for the week, and to give him some sex education. She cheerily agreed.

The next morning, I went into Brad's room to wake him up to go to the airport. Sure enough, Cassie was right there alongside him in bed, both naked as the day they were born. I said "I guess you can come for the ride, too. In fact, I would like to have a word with you after we drop Brad off at the terminal."

Since it was so early (4:00 am), all I wore was my nightgown, which was nothing more than a long t-shirt. Cassie put on a long t-short, too, and nothing else. Brad dressed up nice, cargo shorts and a polo shirt. His shaggy hear (or his "lettuce" as he calls it) was all a mess, but he still looked very handsome, and he even sprayed on a little cologne. He didn't shower that morning but he had the night before. We put his suitcase into the back of my car and the kids both got in the back seat.

No sooner than when we were out of the driveway did Brad's belt buckle and pants come undone. Cassie rubbed Brad's dick with her hand until it got hard. Brad reached under the bottom of Cassie's nightshirt and started fingering her pussy. I adjusted the rear view mirror to get a better look at Cassie's pussy. She had not one single hair on it, which surprised me considering how quickly she had matured. I guess early growth spurts don't affect all parts of a girl. She was glistening now, bordering on soaking wet. She then shifted positions so that I couldn't see her pussy anymore. She then started sucking Brad's cock. I couldn't see the action, but I could hear the suction. Since they couldn't see me, I decided to reach under my own nightshirt and I fingered my own pussy a little. I had to admit the little show they put on yesterday made me very horny. I fingered myself to sleep the night before, the scene replaying in my mind, and I was still horny when I woke up. By now the whole car must have smelled like pussy.

We only live about 15 minutes away from the airport. When we got close, I said "OK, this is the exit. We'll be there soon." I think they got the hint. Cassie speeded up her movements and increased her moaning. Brad responded with some deep breathing. I was increasing my pace, too, and by now my pussy was soaking wet and I let out a soft moan of my own as I stroked my clit, which was pretty stiff by now. Brad groaned "OK, I'm gonna cum. Mmmm. I'm gonna... I'm cumming. I'm cumming, Cassie.' She moved her head all the way down as far as she could. Brad erupted "I'm cumming!" Just as he shouted that I let out a louder moan. I don't think the kids detected that I had my own orgasm as Brad had his. I don't think Cassie got the chance to cum, the poor girl.

We got to the departure terminal and found the sign for Brad's airline. I got out of the car and opened the trunk, pulling out Brad's suitcase. I peeked in the back window and could see Brad's head, but not Cassie's. I walked around to Brad's door and Cassie's head was still in his lap. She was sucking every last drop of cum she could get out him and clearly swallowed all of it. I rapped on the glass and said, "OK, you too." Brad said goodbye to Cassie and got out of the car. He gave me a quick peck on the cheek and said thanks.

I said "you listen to your sister when you're down there, you hear me? You do what she says, too."

Brad said, "I sure will, Mom. I promise."

I kissed him on the cheek and said "see you in a week."

I got back into the car and Cassie stayed in the back seat. She sat right behind me, so I could see her face in the rear view mirror. She looked pretty sad and dejected. As we started to drive, she asked me a question "Why did you send Brad to Florida for Spring Vacation?"

I replied "He needs some sex education that I can't give him. He thought virgins couldn't get pregnant. Heather's a nurse. She'll show him what's what".

"He didn't actually think that virgins can't get pregnant. He fucks virgins because that's your rule, or at least he thought it was, anyway."

"I'm not sure where he got that idea."

"And you think that fucking his sister all week is going to cure him?" under her breath just as we were walking into the garage. It was still dark out, but the sun was just starting to peek out.

I had asked Cassie to come into the house with me. I explained that there was something else I wanted to discuss with her. She agreed. When we got inside, we went into the basement room where yesterday's little sexcapade happened. Cassie sat on the couch, right where little 11 year-old Melissa got deflowered the day before.

I said to Cassie "Would you mind explaining this?" as I placed a little round mirror on the coffee table in front of her and sat on the other couch. Cassie quickly got down on her knees and snorted one of the lines of cocaine that was on the mirror. She said "Oh you could have had some if you wanted." I stood in shock, my jaw must have hit the ground. She quickly snorted up another line. "All of Brad's cherries bring some over. That's ome of my rules."

"Cocaine is a rule?"

She said "yeah. You have your rules and I have mine."

"But you kids are in middle school. How do you even get cocaine?"

She said "Please. Are you serious? This isn't the 1900's anymore, Mrs. Turner. Middle school kids can get cocaine easier than they can get store brand diet cola. Why do you think they moved the sixth graders into the high school? Too many 6th graders were doing coke in the elementary schools. The teachers didn't want the younger kids to see it quite so much at that age." I never felt so old as I did right then.

I said "Wow, I'm shocked to hear this. When I was a kid, we were lucky if we could get cocaine in high school, let alone middle school. And you mean to tell me that the teachers know about it?"

"Are you kidding me, some of them buy it off of us students. Some sell it to us", Cassie explained. "Like Mrs. Freel for instance, remember her, that really pretty blond science teacher?"

"Of course I do" I replied. "Peter was fucking her. How could I forget the slut that fucked my husband. And I hear she's still married to that jacked muscle-bound weightlifter dude".

Cassie explained "Well I'm not sure you know the whole story. You see, Brad took her down first, way before Peter ever did. They had a thing for quite a while, actually. She told Brad that her husband has a tiny dick and cared more about his muscles than pleasing her. So she has needs and she knows Brad's reputation, so she would let Brad fuck her in exchange for for some cocaine. Brad didn't care, he gave her all the coke he could get his hands on. And you got to admit, she is really good looking. Brad said she rocked a full bush, too."

I replied, "No doubt, every father whith a kid in that school fantasizes about fucking her. She is a sexy little perky blond, I hate to admit. And she's only what, 23 or 24 I think."

Cassied countered, "Well Peter found out she was fucking Brad in exchange for the coke, so he basically blackmailed her into fucking him, too. He eventually got caught with her and, you know the rest. The whole thing just spread from there."

"What about my Brad? Is he into coke?"

"Pfft, are you kidding? Mr. lacrosse captain? No way. It would fuck with his training regimen, and ahem... vitamin supplements too much", Cassie said cagily.

"Wait back up, what do you mean?", I inquired. "Is Brad on steroids?"

"You know many 15 years-olds with muscle tone like that? Look I've said too much."

"OK, OK, so, what are the other rules?", I asked.

She said "Well, ok. I'll tell you. First, as you saw yesterday, Brad is very well hung and knows how to use it. Everyone knows it and every girl in town wants a piece of him. You have your rule about Brad being only allowed to fuck virgins. So every girl in school knows that they can only get one shot with Brad, and they have to go through me to get to him.

"I am Brad's girlfriend, and I am the only one who gets to do stuff with Brad besides when he takes a girl's cherry. I make sure the girl is good looking and I confirm that she is indeed a virgin. Yes I check their hymens, and then we have a little fun, just me and the virgin. They eat me out until I'm convinced that they want it enough and that they're not prudes. Then I put them on the schedule... to... get deflowered".

Cassie continued, "They know that when their turn comes, they have to bring an 8-ball and they have to snort a little with me, and they know that once they get here, Brad is in charge. They have to do what he tells them. He usually like to watch me and the girl fool around first. When he's ready, he lets them know. He doesn't use condoms and he cums where he wants, when he wants. Brad always cums inside, and afterward, I get to have my cherry sundae and the girl never gets to go near Brad again."

I just looked on in amazement as she continued.

"Every girl in town knows the rules. So pretty much every decent looking girl in school is saving her cherry for Brad, because they know it is their only shot at fucking him. Even some girls who are in committed relationships are holding onto their cherry until Brad fucks them".

"You're not serious" I remarked, stunned.

Cassie explained "Some of the boyfriends even go to Brad to get him to ask me to move their girlfriends up on my list. It's so funny, these guys, some of them are these big, tough, athletic guys, juniors and seniors some of them, and they're begging Brad, a freshman, to fuck their girlfriends so that they can finally start getting laid themselves. Some of the boys give Brad money, coke, and other gifts. Some boys have even offered to give Brad blowjobs to get their girlfriend higher on my list."

Cassie continued "And the big rule is, if a girl gets knocked up, it's not our problem. It's up to each girl to take care of it."

"You mean get an abortion", I replied.

"Bingo. Our abortion doctor in town, Dr. Haynes-Williamson, is such a pedo that he'll do an abortion for a free piece of teen pussy. Some girls pay in cash, some pay in pussy. His dick is so big that sometimes you don't even need an abortion. When Dick knocked me up for the first time..."

I interrupted her "You mean Randy Haynes-Williamson?"

"You know him?"

"Yeah, sorta. Wait, did you say you got knocked up..."

She interrupted me "Yes, Mrs. Turner, I have been pregnant and have been to the abortion clinic before."

"No I mean, did you say that you got knocked up by Dick, my first husband?"

"Oh, umm, yeah kinda. We had a little thing going a couple years ago. It was after you and him weren't together anymore."

"Well, yeah I figured that. We broke up before you were born".

"So anyway, as I was saying, Dr. Haynes-Williamson's dick is so big that the first time I got knocked up, he fucked me so deep and so hard that I miscarried. I didn't even need an abortion that time."

"So you've had more than one."

"Umm, yeah, are you mad at me?"

"Oh no, honey, I understand. You kids grow up so fast these days. Between the sex and the cocaine, and the abortions... I'm just dumbfounded."

"Yeah well I'm dumfounded that you sent Brad to his fucking sister for Spring Vacation." She emphasized the word 'fucking'.

I said "what do you mean, I already explained it to you, that he needed some sex education and I'm not the one to give it to him."

"I don't see what a week of fucking... sun and sand are going to do." Again she emphasized the word 'fucking'.

I asked her what she was getting at. She said, "He is gonna be fucking Heather all week! What's that going to teach him?!"

"What do you mean by that? They're brother and sister. They're not going to..."

She cut me off. "Bullshit they're not! Remember last summer when Heather was up here visiting everyone, while Morgan was away at summer camp?" (Morgan is Heather's 11 year-old daughter that Heather had when she was 13).

I said "Yeah, what about it?"

"Well remember she was showing off and bragging about her new tit job", Cassie reminded me. Poor Heather definitly didn't get my genes. She was tall, though, and more athletic than I was. The one thing we do have in common is we both have kick-ass athlete's bodies and we both love to show off our flat stomachs.

Cassie continued her story, "Brad was always teasing Heather that his not-even-12-year-old girlfriend had bigger boobs than her, so she went and got them done. So when she was here visitng, she gave Brad and me a more umm... intimate showing. You were at work, it was just the three of us in the house. We were changing into our swimsuits in Heather's bedroom and she said 'see Brad, my boobs really are bigger than Cassie's'. Brad said 'I still don't think so. Let me compare.'

"We were both like 'no, that's not gonna happen' but he convinced us both to take off our tops back off. Then he had us stand back to back, then side to side. Then he said 'Heather's taller so it's hard to compare. Lay down on the bed on your backs' We both thought it was silly but we did it anyway. We both wanted to be the one with the bigger tits."

"Brad touched one of mine and asked Heather if hers was as firm as mine. She said 'I don't know' so Brad touched one of hers. She gasped as he grabbed it, but her nipple got really stiff, so we could tell she didn't mind. He said 'it's firm but it feels different, see?' He looked at me and gestured toward Heather. I looked at her and could see that she was ok with it, so I grabbed her other boob. That nipple perked up, too, and so did both of mine."

"Umm.. Mrs. Turner, between the cocaine and telling you this story, I am getting so...", Cassie trailed off.

I could see her nipples almost ripping a hole in her t-shirt. I had unknowingly put my hand under my nightshirt and was slowly rubbing my pussy. She noticed and said "I see the story is having the same effect on you." She then started rubbing her pussy as she continued.

"So as I was saying, both Heather's and my nipples were rock hard now. I started feeling up both of Heather's boobs and said 'oh yeah I see what you mean, Brad. They do feel different. Brad leaned in and licked one of Heather's nipples as I was feeling it. He said 'oops, wrong one' and then started licking one of mine. Heather laughed and said 'no it's ok, do what you gotta do to compare. He then went back and sucked Heather's whole right nipple into his mouth as he gently squeezed her left breast."

"Heather moaned just a little and I could tell she was enjoying it. I rubbed my hand on her stomach. She is so thin and her stomach is nice and toned, and tan, like yours. You could tell she was an athlete. Brad was licking and sucking both tits now and I could tell Heather was enjoying it and figured she was probably wet. I untied the knots to her bikini bottoms and confirmed my suspicions."

"Brad of course was rock hard by now and the back of Heather's hand brushed against Brad's crotch. I was now down at the foot of the bed and could see everything as I started to remove Heather's untied bikini bottom. She was so into what Brad was doing that I don't think she even noticed me checking out her snatch. I ran a finger up and down her wet slit. By now she was blatantly cupping Brad's cock through his swimsuit with her open palm. Heather had now spread her legs and moved her other hand down to her pussy, where it met mine. Heather said 'I seem to be the only one who is completely naked here. How did that happen?' We all laughed and I untied and kicked off my bikini bottom."

I was enjoying Cassie's story so much that I was now openly and obviously fingering my pussy with my legs spread wide open. Cassie bent down and snorted another line. She gestured toward the mirror and said "you want?" I nodded yes and she came over and set down right next to me and she handed me the mirror. I said "Goodness, I haven't had coke since i was pregnant with Brad."

Cassie said "just like riding a bike" as she handed me a straw that she must have had hidden somewhere. I snorted up that last line and said "so then what happened?"

"Well as I said, I had dropped my bikini bottoms and one thing led to another. Heather and I ate each other out for a while And let me tell you. for a chick who hasn't been with a lot of girls, that girl knows how to eat some pussy! We didn't stop until we both came all over each other's faces."

I deadpanned "Heather's bi? I had no idea."

Cassie said "Well she had that thing with Morgan's babysitter for a little while, and goes home from the clubs with girls or couples once in while, but I wouldn't call her bi, really. Well, not like me, anyway. She just a straight chick who eats a little pussy."

"I know exactly what you mean", I replied, coyly digging two fingers deep into my wet quim.

"So anyway, I made her cum, but I knew she wasn't going to be satisfied with just me eating her out. So then I motioned to Brad and he dropped his swimsuit. Heather's jaw just about hit the floor. I guess she didn't realize just how big Brad was when she was feeling him up throgh his swimsuit.

"Brad asked her if she was on the pill and she said she was. So that's when he took charge of the situation. I guess that's another one of your rules. He can fuck girls on the pill if they're over 21. He swung her around onto her knees, you know, like doggystyle, but he rubbed the head of his cock against her asshole. She said 'why'd you ask me if I was on the pill if you were gonna assfuck me? I want your cock in my pussy, Brad.' He chuckled, 'just wanted to see what you'd say'. Before you knew it, he was balls deep, doing his thing, just hammering the shit out of her and making her scream. Heather said that Brad pounded her pussy harder than anyone else ever has."

Cassie went on as we now fingering each other, "They sucked and fucked each other every day, every which way, the rest of that week, sometimes with me involved, sometimes without."

Cassie complained "That's exactly what Brad and Heather are gonna do all week in Florida. That's why I gave Brad a great blow job before bed and right before he left to get on the plane, so that maybe he wouldn't jump right into bed with her the very second he landed."

I replied, "See that's where I think you're wrong. Heather went off the pill like 3 or 4 months ago I think. Her doctor said she needed to go off of it for a while, so she won't let Brad do that now".

Cassie replied, "I don't know, Mrs. Turner, Brad can be pretty persuasive."

I replied, "well maybe he is, but he at least has to learn about pulling out. So even if they do have intercourse at some point, that will be his incentive to pull out."

"Mrs. Turner, I have blown that boy about a thousand times and have helped him deflower about a hundred virgins. In all that time, I have never once seen> Brad Turner's dick actually squirting cum. Brad cums inside. Always has, always will. End of story."

"Well, if he does cum inside Heather, she could get pregnant, and I don't want another grandchild who is the product of incest." I quickly put my hand over my mouth.

"What did you say, Mrs. Turner? Incest? You mean Morgan is...?"

"Oh boy, I can't believe I've told you that, Cassie. You must promise never to tell anyone, especially Brad, and especially Heather. They don't know."

"How don't they know?", Cassie asked.

"I never told Heather who her father is. It's not Dick, my first husband. I can see how you would have thought that, but I got together with him after Heather was born. It is your friend, there, Dr. Randy. He was the one who knocked me up when I was in 8th grade."

"Damn, he was a pedo even back then!?", Cassie replied.

"I don't know, maybe, I mean not really, I mean it's just, well he was 18 at the time. He had just graduated from high school and was about to go off to college. It was the summer. I was going into the 8th grade and crashed a high school party with some friends. It was a pool party. Everyone was drinking, the music was loud, a lot of girls topless everywhere, people sucking and fucking everywhere you looked, it was fun. I didn't have these yet", pointing at my breasts, which were now engorged. "I mean, not really. I was more of a late bloomer. I didn't get these until after I had Heather".

I contined the story and continued fingering Cassie "So I met Randy there, in the back yard by the pool. He immediately came on to me, and got real flirty. He got me drunk, which didn't take much, we shared a joint, and he lured me into a bedroom with some cocaine. One thing led to another and we ended up sleeping together. That was the night I got pregnant with Heather. And no I wasn't a virgin at the time. It was the first time I had tried cocaine, though. And yes, that guy has one hell of a big dick. At the time I didn't appreciate just how big it was, because I didn't have much to compare it to, and I never saw a dick like that again... well, not until yesterday anyway.

"So I didn't even know I was pregnant until a couple months later when Randy was out of state at college. I never thought I would see him again. I thought he would go be a doctor in some big city, not here. But then I found out like 12 years later that he does live here in town and that he was fucking Heather. I don't know why, but I never confronted him or Heather or explained that he was her father. She had no idea she was fucking her own father.

"Next thing you know, Heather was pregnant with Morgan. She was only in middle school and made the same mistake as me. So I decided to support her as best I could. I raised Morgan as if she were my own daughter while Heather was away at college, and most people thought I actually was her mother. Heather had enough stress in her life. I didn't need to add to it by telling her Morgan was the product of incest. Do you understand, Cassie? Besides, Morgan was born perfectly healthy and is one of the smartest kids in her grade, so why even bring it up. We don't need child support money. Look around. Look at this house and the car I drive. I'm doing all right for myself, despite having only an 8th grade education."

Cassie replied "I understand Mrs. Turner. Your secret is safe with me. I will never tell Brad or Heather. I'm glad we can have this kind of open relationship where we can tell each other everything."

"You know, Cassie" I said as I leaned in closer to her, "it seems that everyone in this family except me has buried their face in that pretty little pussy of yours at one point or another. Except me and Peter". Peter was Brad's dad. I kissed her on the lips, a little more intimately than our usual greeting. She kissed me back hard and continued to finger my pussy.

"Actually, Mrs. Turner", Cassie interjected, while still fingering me while leaning her face against my tits.

"You didn't!" I exclaimed. "Peter, too"?

"Yeah, kinda" as she tugged at my nightshirt, hinting that I should remove it. "He knocked me up a couple times, too. But I got it taken care of and I'm on the pill now."

"A couple of times? How long were you fucking him for?" I started to get feisty and grabbed her cunt hard.

"It wasn't that long, but I wasn't the only one. He fucked a couple of the cherries after Brad was done with them. I guess I got in on the action, too. But you found out about him and Mrs. Freel shortly after that and threw him out and that was the last I ever saw of him, I swear."

I continued to finger Cassie's pussy, and wow was she wet now. So was I. I said "Oh honey, I can't stay mad at you, how could you have known that it was wrong." We were now passionately kissing each other and we removed each other's t-shirts. I revealed my nudity to her for the first time. I of course had seen every inch of her body before numerous times.

"So Brad, Dick, Heather, and Peter have all gottne a taste of this little pussy before" I said as I pushed her onto her back on the couch, the same couch where Brad had deflowered 11 year-old Melissa yesterday, and where Cassie had eaten a "cherry sundae" directly from Melissa's freshly fucked pussy. The thought got me even wetter. "Now it's my turn." I lifted and spread her little legs and kissed the inside of her thighs.

"Yes, Mrs. Turner. It is your turn. I've been waiting for this for a long time. Look at how wet I am for you." She wasn't kidding. She was dripping wet. I wanted that wet little cooze so bad. I've been with a few women sexually, usually just with threesomes with men. I've never dated a woman or had an ongoing sexual relationship with a woman, just flings, and I've never been with a little girl before. Women were fun, but I usually only got horny for dick.

I was never hornier for a piece of pussy than i Was right then. My own pussy juice was running down my legs. I kissed Cassie's pussy on her outer lips and she smiled. Her pussy was so wet that that little kiss made my lips glisten. I went back down and this time licked her up and down her slit with my tongue. She started breathing heavily. I spread her little lips apart and stuck my tongue deeper into her pussy. She brought her hand down and rubbed her stiff little clit. I got the hint and licked that clit and sucked it into my mouth. I finger fucked her with 2 fingers that slid into her pussy with ease.

She was now moaning loudly "Oh Mrs. Turner, my ount is so hot for you. Make me cum. I'm almost there." I said "not so fast, I need to cum too." I spun around so that my pussy was directly over Cassie's face. She wasted no time and reached up and buried her face into my pussy. She really went to town licking and flicking my clit. She even fingered my asshole. "Oh my fucking God, that feels good!" I shouted. This girl was a master pussy eater. She had me on the edge.

Just as I was getting ready to cum she chimed in "Mrs. Turner do you want it?"

"Yes!" I screamed in reply.

"You want to cum?"

"I want it bad"

Just then, we both picked up the pace of our licking and sucking, the sounds of pussy juices flowing and splashing filled the room, along with our moans. We both came hard intense orgasms at the same time.


Brad's plane landed in Miami right on time. His sister Heather was there to greet him at the baggage claim. "Hey stud" she greeted him as tousled his hair as she hugged him. "You look handsome, but your hair's all a mess." Brad responded "Hey sis, early wake up call, what do you expect? You look good too."

Heather was wearing short shorts of a soft terrycloth type fabric and a blouse tied in a knot that exposed her flat belly and flaunted her cleavage, and thong sandals. Her long blond hair was pulled back in a ponytail and she had big sunglasses on. "I'm double parked, so let's hurry. I don't feel like getting towed. Morgan's in the car."

When Morgan saw Heather and Brad exit the arrival terminal, she leaped out of Heather's car and ran over toward her uncle. "Hey squirt" Brad called out to her. "Come here and give me a hug." Morgan was dressed in the same outfit as her mom, except she didn't have the cleavage that Heather did. She was blossoming though, and Brad noticed. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra, but sure needed one. She was a handful, definitely more than an A cup, probably a B-cup. She also had a thin flat tan stomach that looked damned good in that belly shirt. Brad picked her up off the ground and lifted her above his head before bringing her in for a big hug.

They got into the car and Brad decided to sit in back with Morgan while Heather drove. "Mom told me yesterday about what she saw, with you and Cassie and Melissa. I know all the sordid little details."

"OK well, what do you want me to do? I know what I want and I get what I want." Morgan was sitting directly next to Brad, her head leaning against his upper arm. He lifted his arm up and put it around her. She then laid her head in his lap. "Oh you're exhausted, honeybun Go ahead and take a nap" Heather said. "Brad, let her take a nap and you and I can talk."

Morgan quickly fell asleep. When Brad ascertained that Morgan was asleep, he whispered to Heather that it was ok for them to talk now.

"Brad, you know why Mom sent you here, right?"

"Yes so I can learn sex from you because you know more than mom about biology and umm... human anatomy."

"Umm, yeah, something like that", Heather responded. "Brad, you know mom and I both got pregnant very young. Mom doesn't want you getting some little girl pregnant, too."

"Oh please, I've gotten plenty of girls pregnant. They always take care of it."

"But still, you need to learn how to enjoy sex without risking getting someone pregnant, so that's what you're going to learn here."

Brad's dick grew hard while they talked and it started to brush up against Morgan's face as she slept in his lap. Brad's dick stayed hard the whole rest of the car ride. They got back to Heather's apartment and Morgan disappeared into her room.

"Brad, do you know how a girl gets pregnant?"

"Yes, from sex."

"But specifically", Heather asked. "What about sex results in a pregnancy?"

"Beats me."

"It's your cum. When you cum in a girl. Your cum contains spersm. If the girl is fertile, the sperm finds the girl's egg and when it does, the spermed up egg turns into a little tiny baby. If you use a condom, your cum doesn't go inside a girl and she can't get pregnant."

Brad pointed to his hard cock, which was poking a tent in his cargo shorts. "I do not put tight, constricting, life-restricting, rubber straight jackets on good friends of mine, this guy right here most of all" as he used his hand to emphasize the outline of his erect penis in his shorts. Condoms fucking suck."

"Well then you need to practice pulling out."

"What do you mean, Heather?"

"Don't cum inside a girl's pussy. Pull your dick out before you cum and shoot your jizz on her stomach and tits." Heather was clearly starting to get flushed.

"Oh I never tried that. What's the point?"

"The point is not impregnating a girl, and you need to practice", Heather said, as she sat on the couch next to Brad.

"Oh kay! Let's get on with the lesson. I'm pretty confident I can get the hang of this pulling out thing. Let's give it a whirl, sis. You look good enough to eat in those short shorts" Brad leaned in closer to Heather and put his lips on hers and put his hand over her pussy.

"Brad, we can't. I mean, maybe we can fool around later and you can eat me out or I can blow you or something, but I'm off the pill. If you cum inside me, I will get pregnant. I'm in my fertile time of the month."

"Fertile time? What are you talking about?" Brad was genuinely confused.

"Brad, a girl's menstrual cycle has a period for a week, when she's not likely to get pregnant, followed by a second week when she is progressively more and more likely to get pregnant. After that second week after the period, the girl is at her most likely time to get pregnant. Then after a week or so o peak fertility, the chances get smaller and smaller, until the end of the fourth week and the girl gets her next period. Maybe your last day or two here I will be out of the most fertile time, but we definitely can not practice now."

"What about girls who never even got a period?"

"They can't get pregnant, stud. That's probably why you've been so lucky most of the time".

"I see", Brad replied. "So the girl from today probably is all set."

"You mean yesterday, right? The one Mom told me about?" Heather inquired.

"Well yeah, her too, but I was really talking about the cherry I busted on the plane."

"Brad! You had sex with a girl on the plane today? I can't believe you, stud", Heather said, as her nipples began to stiffen just a little.

"She sat right next to me and was traveling alone, too. She was 11, had long slender tan legs that poked out of a short sundress, said she was a virgin, and hasn't gotten her first period yet. Just my type of girl. And she was smoking hot, just like you. Actually, she reminded me more of Morgan. First she rubbed my cock under the blanket for a while, then I took her into the bathroom and took these before I deep dicked her and ripped her open, and came inside her little pussy." Brad pulled something out of his cargo pocket. It was a pair of little girl's panties, white with little yellow bumblebees on them, and bloodstains.

"Brad, you stay away from Morgan", Heather warned. "She isn't ready."

"She isn't? Please. She was practically blowing be through my shorts in the car and was giving me a real good look at her braless little titties, too. She's already got the same size tits you had before you got yours, you know, enhanced, last year. Believe me, she is plenty ready. Besides, she hasn't gotten her period yet, has she?"

"No she hasn't" Heather replied. "But that doesn't mean..."

Brad interrupted her "So if I practice pulling out on her but accidentally slip up and cum inside her, no harm no foul. You're not gonna let me practice on you, so Morgan seems like the logical choice."

"Somehow I doubt we'd even get her to consider it, Brad. She's only 11."

"Do you have any idea how may 11 year old cherries this dick has busted" pointing at his engorged erection. "11 year olds are down to fuck, period or no period."

"Well, I guess you have a point, stud. I'd rather have you slip up and cum in Morgan than in me. And if you get good at pulling out, we can go at it ourselves later this week. I haven't forgtotten what this dick can do" she said as she grabbed the outline of her brother's cock through his shorts. "Oh my goodness, it feels even bigger than it did last year."

Brad and Heather had no idea, but Morgan was listening to every word they said and was furiously fingering away at her pussy. The idea of having her sexy uncle Brad take her cherry was too irresistable not to have a quick fingerblast. She always had the hots for him and had no idea he fucks 11 year-olds, and apparently even has been fucking his own sister. She thought that surely he would be willing to fuck his niece if he's willing to fuck his sister.

Later that night after dinner, Heather suggested that they watch a movie together in the family room. She has a huge projection screen tv in there. Brad got changed into pajama pants and a tight sleevelss undershirt that emphasized his musculed physique. Morgan put on her pajamas that look like a princess dress. Heather put on a long t-shirt and clearly no bra. Brad and Heather sat on the couch. Morgan got on the floor on her stomach.

Heather got down on all fours to pop the movie into the player. Her t-shirt rode up allowing Brad to see her whole pussy and asshole. He knew it. Heather was definitely up for some fun. Why else would she show off her pussy to him like that.

The movie started and Brad said that the air conditioning was cold. Heather's puffy nipples certainly didn't argue the point. He pulled down the blanket that was on the back of the couch and draped it over himself. "Hey give me some of that", Heather demanded and Brad shared his blanket with her. It wasn't a very big blanket so they had to sit close together so that the blanket covered both of them.

Heather pressed the fast forward button to skip the previews. When the movie started, she said "I'm just gonna put the remote down over here" and reached under the blanket with the remote. Her hand brushed against Brad's hard cock. Damn, this kid was permanently hard she thought. She put down the remote and started rubbing his cock through his pajamas until it poked out the hole in the front of his pajama pants. She rubbed his dick and spread his precum around the head of his cock. Morgan was obliviously enjoying the movie and laughing. Her pajamas rode up and Brad could see her hairless slit had no panties, either. Maybe panties were against the rule in his sister's house, he thought.

The movie progressed and Heather was giving Brad a handjob under the covers until he said "look, Morgan's fast asleep. Let's have some real fun."

"Take her to bed first. Then we can take this party to my bedroom" Heather said suggestively, as she squeezed her brother's massive erection.

Brad put his dick away and picked Morgan up and carried off to her bedroom and laid her on top of the bed. "I'm not actually asleep, Uncle Brad" said Morgan. "I just wanted to get out of there to let you have some fun. I heard you and my mom talking earlier. I know you fucked an 11 year old today. I'm 11, too, and a virgin, ahd have never gotten a period. I got my pussy nice and wet for you. Look."

Brad reached down and felt Morgan's heairless 11 year-old cunny. He slipped a finger just inside her lips and said "oh yes, this is going to be fun. But not right this second, honeybun. Your mom needs to teach me about pulling out first. Besides she is waiting for me to come back out and finish the movie."

"No she's not, silly. She's right there" gesturing at the door.

"We might as well get this overwith," Heather said. "This little sex kitten is going to be coming out of her cage sooner or later, it might as well be when I'm around to make sure no one gets hurt. Do your thing, stud", Heather responded, as she reached one hand under her t-shirt and tugged at her clit.

Brad lifted up Morgan's princess dress over her head. He saw the B-Cups on full display that he had only gotten a sneak peek at before. Morgan's nipples weren't nearly as pronounced as Heaher's, but her clit sure was. It was engorged. Brad has seen a lot of young cunnies, but never one with this kind of clit. He rubbed her clit and she responded, gushing girl juice and breathing heavily.

Morgan asked to see Brad's cock. When he dropped his pants, she gasped. "Wow are all dicks that big, mommy?"

"No not even close. Uncle Brad has just about the biggest I've ever seen. Now it's going to hurt the first time, honeybun, but Mommy's here, ok?"

"Ok, Mommy."

Brad said, "Wow, Heather, she is ready. I've never seen a girl get so wet so quickly."

"Haha, she's been fingering herself nonstop since she found out you were coming. That pussy didn't get that wet in the last 2 minutes", Heather said as she walked toward Morgan's bed.

"Now Morgan, this is something you need to learn about, too. It always helps to make a dick go in your pussy easier when your pussy is nice and wet like you are now. It also helps to get the boy's dick wet first, too. You see Uncle Brad's pee hole? The clear white liquid stuff that comes out is called precum. It makes the dick more slippery, so that it slides into your cunny easier. See how I'm spreading the precum around his cockhead with my fingers? Now I'm gonna do something else to make Uncle Brad's dick nice and wet so that it slides inside you real nicely."

Just then Heather got on top of Morgan's princess themed bed. She got down on all fours and brought her brother's dick right up to her lips. She kissed the peehole and more precum leaked out. She used her tongue to spread the precum around Brad's cockhead and shaft, pointing out to Morgan what she was doing and why. She then took Brad's cockhead into her mouth. She licked and sucked up and down his shaft, almost gagging as she got her lips just inches from the base of Brad's 9-incher.

"Are you all right, Mommy?", Morgan asked, concerned about the gag reflexes she heard.

"Yes honeybun, I was trying to deepthroat your uncle, but it has been a while since I have tried to do that. Not every girl can deepthroat, but every girl should suck cock,"

"OK, Mommy, I'll try" Morgan said as she sat up, then got onto her knees, just like her mother. Morgan bent over and took Brad's cock into her mouth and right down her throat. The girl was a born cocksucker. She deepthroated Brad's whole cock and got her lips all the way down to his base. Brad groaned.

"Wow, I am so impressed, honeybun. That's amazing" Heather beamed.

"Yeah my pussy might be a virgin, but my mouth and throat aren't" Morgan proudly proclaimed. "I'm so glad I saved my cherry and didn't give it to that tiny dick guy, Mr. whats-his-name. Cuz now I get to give it to my favorite uncle, Mr. Big dick." They all laughed.

Brad dove down to taste Morgan's virgin pussy. Brad didn't do a whole lot of pussy eating, that's what Cassie was for, but he did like to at least get a taste of every virgin cunny before he deflowered it. Brad like the way Morgan's cunny tasted and actually stayed down there longer than he was planning. He flicked Morgan's engorged clit with his tongue and easily made her cum. She screamed out and unleashed a river of girlcum. Brad's whole face glistened with Morgan's juices. He lined up his cockhead at her virgin entrance.

"You're sure a cock has never been inside here, Morgan?"

"I'm sure Uncle Braddy. You can check my hymen if you want."

Brad had never done that before, It was always Cassie's job. "Heather, you're the nurse. Is this hymen intact? Take a look."

Heather got in for a closer inspection. She spread Morgan's cuntlips apart with her fingers. She gradually inserted her middle finger into her 11 year old daughter's pussy and proudly proclaimed "Yes, Brad, this is her cherry right here. Feel if you want."

Brad said "It's ok, I'll trust your expert opinion." Since Heather's hand was already right at Morgan's entrance, she spread the cuntlips apart again with one hand and grabbed Brad's shaft with the other, slowly guiding it toward her daughter's entrance.

"OK, stud, time to break another cherry. Remember, no cumming inside. This is your training."

Brad eased his cockhead slowly past Heather's hand and said "OK you can let go now". Heather complied. Brad was now right there. Morgan looked somewhat less nervous than he was expecting her to look. Less nervous than most of the other virgins he has deflowered. But Brad didn't think anything of it, and his cockhead slowly stretched out Morgan's pussyhole. She was able to accommodate him rather easily. He pushed forward another inch, then another, with very little resistance. Her pussy was so wet and his cockhead so slippery that it wasn't a challenge at all. Then Brad decided to go for it and slammed his cock as hard as he could. She didn't take all of it. He got stuck with a a few inches of shaft still outside her cunt. He withdrew a little and slammed again as hard as he could. Morgan screamed out. This time he bottomed out all the way into her pussy.

"I've never been fucked this deep before. Fuck me harder, Uncle Brad. Your cock fills me up so good, so much more than..." as she trailed off.

Brad was pumping away hard and fast. He looked down at his cock and couldn't see any blood. He always makes his conquests bleed. Morgan settled right into a rhythm and matched him stroke for stroke. This girl knows how to fuck, he thought to himself.

Just then Heather moved in closer to Morgan and sucked a nipple into her mouth. "Yes mommy, suck that nipple" Heahter cried out. "Suck it good and hard while Uncle Brad hammers my pussy. He's getting so much deeper than..."

"Yes he is, honeybun" Heather affirmed. She then kissed Morgan passionately and tweaked her nipples. Morgan reached up and stuck a finger in Heather's snatch. "Feels good, honeybun" Heather cried out. "You know how to make Momma feel sexy."

Brad had by now figured out that Morgan was no virgin. In fact she had apparently been in a threesome with her mom before. "So you're no virgin?" Brad asked, knowing the answer.

"Do I fuck like a virgin?" Morgan snidely replied. "Mom told me all about you how you go around taking cherries, blowing loads left and right inside all the virgins in your school, and never talking to them again".

"It's true, Brad" Heather confirmed. "You need to get out of the habit of fucking only virgins and always cumming inside them thinking it won't make them pregnant. Virgins and non-virgins alike can easily get pregnant. This is part of your education, remember? So now that you're fucking your first non-virgin, I think it would be appropriate if you pulled out and show me how much you've learned."

"You guys are crazy, I know I can get virgins pregnant and I've fucked some non-vergins, including you, Heather. I've knocked up like 8 chicks, maybe more, all of them virgins. I only fuck virgins because that is mom's rule. And now I know that Morgan isn't a virgin, and still isn't able to get pregnant because she hasn't had her... period yet."

Just then Brad erupted. He was deep down inside Morgan. His cock exploded cum all inside her tiny little womb, but didn't say a word. After he had dumped about a gallon of cum inside her, he said "OK, I'm gonna cum. He pulled out his still-cumming dick and shot his last few squirts all over Morgan's stomach.

Heather said "Nice job, stud, I'm so proud of you for pulling out. Look at all this yummy cum". Heather bent down and licked her brother's cum off of Morgan's stomach. "Eat my pussy out again, Mommy", Morgan pleaded. "I need another cummy."

Heather got down into Morgan's snatch after she cleaned up all of Brad's cum from her stomach. "Oops, Brad it looks like you squirted some right on Morgan's pussylips. That isn't safe. Please be careful". She licked up the few drops she saw on the outside of Morgan's snatch. "But it's ok, this is your first time pulling out. You did good, stud."

She continued to lick and suck on Morgan's pussy and continued to taste cum. "Umm Brad, call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure I'm tasting cum here, inside Morgan's cunnyhole."

"Nah", Brad said, "it's just still on your lips from when you licked it off her stomach. I didn't get any inside her."

"OK, yeah you're probably right" she said as she kept eating out her daughter.

"Mommy that feels so good, I'm gonna have another cummy." Morgan exploded in another orgasm. This time there was no mistaking the river of cum that flowed out. "Brad! You did cum inside her. Look! She could get pregnant!"

"Not if she hasn't had her period yet, she can't", Brad said defensively.

"Umm, about that... Brad, Morgan has had her period. We told you that she hadn't so that you would feel safe fucking her because this was part of your sex education. Luckily she isn't on her fertile time yet, but she is getting close to it. She should be pretty fertile by the end of the week, but you will be able to fuck me by then, so it will be fine".

"OK, well, you lied to me. If she is knocked up, it isn't my fault. Just get it taken care of", said Brad dismissively.

"Brad, If Morgan's knocked up, she's keeping the baby", Heather explained. "I don't even care if the baby is the product of incest. Chances are it will be fine, anyway."

"OK, fine, whatever. Look I've had a long day. Let's go to bed and see how things look in the morning" Brad said. "Fine", said Heather. "Good night honeybun" Brad and Heather said simultaneously to Morgan. They both went over and kissed her, each on one cheek. "I enjoyed fucking you, honeybun even if you weren't a cherry", Brad reassured Morgan.

"Can I keep fucking Uncle Braddy, mommy?" Morgan asked.

"Only if he PROMISES not to take anymore chances by cumming inside you", Heather chided, shooting daggers at Brad with her eyes.

"Promise her, Uncle Braddy. I need more of that dicky in me", Morgan begged.

"I promise, honeybun. Try not to be pregnant now, and I'll try not to make you pregnant later this week" Brad said, kissing her on the lips this time, and patting her on the pussy.

"I'll try, Uncle Braddy", Morgan said in a childish voice.

Brad and Heather went off to bed together in Heather's room. "Got another fuck in you, stud? I know you'll pull out with me because I'm fertile for another couple of days."

Brad replied "I would love to, but I really am wiped. How about in the morning?"

Heather replied, "well I leave for work at 7:00, so if you can get it up for a session at like 6:00, you know where to find this" she said pointing at her naked snatch.

"But tomorrow's Sunday. Who goes to the plastic surgery clinic on a Sunday?" Brad protested. "I really thought tomorrow would be our day to have fun."

"Tons of people get tit jobs on Sundays in Miami. It's one of our biggest days. In order to get the rest of the week off, I had to trade with some people and work the next couple of Sundays. But the rest of the week, you and I can continue your education uninterrupted. Morgan will be in school. Her Spring Vacation isn't until next week."

"Oh, ok, sounds like fun, Sis." They both dropped off to sleep rather quickly after expending so much energy.

Brad woke up in the night to take a piss and he was in a mean mood. How could Heather lie to him like that? Morgan's not a virgin? She might be knocked up and would keep the baby? He was very displeased with that. He decided that despite the fact that she is teaching him by letting him fuck Morgan and her, that he had to get even with her for lying to him. He decided to take his revenge tonight. He worked himself up into another hardon and did something that he hasn't had to do in years. He jerked himself off. God it was nice to not have to do that. Cassie was always there to take car of that need.

He got himself hard again and went over to his sleeping sister. She was sleeping completely nude and the covers were nowhere to be seen. He rubbed his fresh squeezed cum all over his dickhead and also into her snatch real good and deep while she was still asleep. He was determined to get her pregnant. She responded instinctively by getting wet. He poked his hardon into her wet cum-covered snatch. She then woke up and said "Yeah? Now? Ok." Damn this little slut was good to go any time, Brad thought. He worked his cum covered dick into her cunt ahd she liked it.

"Oh Brad, I forgot how big you were, and how many times you can get hard. Remember, you have to pull out. I am so fertile that if you put even a drop of cum on my panties I would probably get knocked up. I am at the peak of fertility and haven't had any dick since i went off the pill over 2 months ago. God I'm horny."

Brad pistoned his slimy cum-covered cock inside and out for a while. When he was ready to cum, he let just a little squirt go inside his sister's pussy, then made a big show about pulling out and shooting some cum on her stomach and cunt. "Oh it's probably fine" Heather said as she rubbed her cum-covered snatch, and she quickly drifted back to sleep.

When Heather woke up to get ready for work, she had forgotten all about her middle of the night fuck session with Brad's cum covered cock. Of course she didn't know at the time that Brad had rubbed his jizz all over her cunt and coated his own cock in cum before he entered her, in an attempt to impregnante her to punish her for lying to him. She woke up and thought to herself "Ha, I knew he wouldn't be up for a 6:00 am fuck session. I should just hit the snooze for 20 more minutes." But she got up and hopped in the shower, and her memory slowly started coming back to her while she was showering.

"Oh yeah, I guess we did fuck. My snatch kind of hurts", she thought as she soaped herself. "He stretched me out. God I wonder how poor Morgan's pussy must feel right now." She cleaned herself, paying close attention to her pussy, even giving herself a quick orgasm in the shower. She never detected the cum that coated her pussy a few hours earlier. When she got out of the shower, she hopped back into bed, gave Brad's flaccid dick a squeeze to wake him up, then sucked his soft cock into her mouth. As he started to harden, she knew he was waking up.

"We fucked last night, didn't we? My cooze feels stretched out. You pulled out though, right?"

Brad replied "Yeah I gave you some dick last night, after I woke up to take a piss. I could tell you needed it, and yes I pulled out. You semmed pretty happy about it at the time", Brad mumbled, still half asleep.

"Well I was. I don't have time to finish you off today because I'm running late for work as it is. Help yourself to breakfast when you wake up. Morgan can look after herself. I have a feeling she is gonna sleep in good and late today. I will be home after 5:00.

"Brad, please do not fuck Morgan when I am at work. And if you simply must, please please please, do not cum inside her pussy. Actually, why don't you try her asshole out today? I'm pretty sure that's the only virgin hole left in this house", Heather said matter-of-factly as she continued to get dressed into her business attire. No panties, Brad noticed and wondered what she had going on today at the clinic.

Heather left the room and went to go check on Morgan. "Hey honeybun" she said as she shook Morgan awake. "I'm going to work. I just wanted to see if you were all right. How's your cunny feel?"

"Pretty stretched out and sore. Uncle Braddy is by far the biggest dick that I've had in there."

"I'm pretty sore, too, honeybun. Brad stretched me out, too; you know it's been a while since I've gotten any action."

"What do you mean, me and Miss Steffy have been making you cum almost every day since you went off the pill." Miss Steffy was Morgan's 17 year-old babysitter and Heather's on again off again fuck buddy. Since Heather went off the pill, babysitting Morgan has mainly meant Morgan and Steffy constantly 69ing with each other and occasionally bringing in Miss Steffy's boyfriend, Carl, who actually popped Morgan's cherry on New Year's Eve, before she'd had her first period.

"Well, honeybun, Miss Steffy and you have been doing a great job of licking me and making me cum, but I meant it has been a while since Mommy has gotten any dick, and Brad stretched this out last night" Heather said as she quickly lifted her skirt to show Morgan her bare pussy.

"Can I have a quick licky, Mommy? I barely even got near you last night."

"Just a quick one, Mommy's running really late, honeybun" Heather said as she moved closer to Morgan's bed. Morgan slid over to the edge of the bed and sat up a little. She buried her head under Heather's skirt and suckled on her clit.

"Feels good honeybun. Umm, that makes Mommy feel so much better, but I really need to go. I told yur Uncle Brad no intercourse today, but if you want to give him you last cherry opening while I'm gone, you can."

"You mean my asshole, Mommy? Uncle Braddy's cock will never fit in there."

"You know where Mommy keeps her lube, right, honeybun? I really gotta go". Heather kissed Morgan on the lips and enjoyed the taste of her own cunt juices for a moment. She then left for work. "I'm leaving, be back after five." she shouted as she slammed the front door.

Morgan went into the spare bedroom expecting to find Brad. "Oh yeah I forgot, he fucked Mommy last night, so he's probably sleeping in her bed." She went into her mom's room as quietly as she could. Brad was laying naked on top of the bed with a semi-hardon. Morgan climbed onto the bed and woke her uncle the same way her mother did a little while before.

Brad stiffened up and said "like mother like daughter. Hi honeybun. Having fun?"

Morgan replied "Yes but I would be having more fun if this was inside me again."

"I don't know squirt, your mom said no intercourse today, but if we do I HAVE TO pull out."

"She told you that? She told me anal or nothing", Morgan replied. "But intercourse sounds better. You can pull out, can't you?

"I think so. I never even tried to do that until last night, though, so I'm not real good at it."

"That's why you practice something, right?" She had him there.

"I fingered myself and had a nice cummy so I am good and wet now. I want to make you wet, too" Morgan said as she picked up where she left off when Brad first woke up. She took his whole cock again, right down to the base, no gag reflex.

"OK you're wet. I'm climbing on." Before Brad could even protest she lifted her cunnyhole onto his cockhead and slid down his pole. Again, she couldn't get the whole thing inside on the first stroke. She lifted up again and then slid down again hard, this time making it all the way to the base.

She then started to kiss Brad. "Mmm you still taste like pussy from last night" Brad asserted.

"Last night? That's mommy's pussyjuice from this morning. She came in to check on me and I gave her a little licky" she said as she slammed up and down on her 15 year-old uncle's 9-inch cock.

"Morgan, you love licking pussy? I didn't see you licking last night.' Brad said.

"I was concentrating on fucking you and keeping my story straight", Morgan replied.

That's right, Brad thought to himself. She was complicit on this, too, just like her mother. He felt that he needed to get even with her, too. He was happy to know that he would get a chance to knock her up when she gets more fertile, later in the week, But first, he would have to win her and Heather's trust by pulling out every time they fucked.

She kept up a steady pace grinding up and down on her uncle's cock, enjoying the upstrokes as much as the downstrokes. When you're sitting on a cock as big as Brad's, every stroke feels good, she thought. He eventually flipped her onto her back, yanked out his cock, and gave it 3 or 4 tugs. He then shot a fairly sizeable load onto Morgan's stomach and B-cup boobies. He didn't get a drop inside her or on her cuntlips. Morgan looked down and saw the load on her chest. For the first time in his life, Brad pulled his dick out of a pussy he had been fucking without squirting a single drop inside.

"I can't wait to tell Mommy", Heather exclaimed. "She's going to let us keep fucking for sure."

Later that day, Heather got home. Morgan quickly spilled the beans and was smiling from ear to ear. "So her asshole is still cherry?" Heather inquired. "It sure is", Brad replied. I'll save that back door cherry for the end of the week when Morgan's getting more fertile. "Good idea" Heather intoned.

"I Had a great day at work, but of course, after seeing all those tits and pussies, now I am super horny. Three of the tit jobs we did were on girls who were beautiful enough to be models. One of them reminded me of Morgan, and when I got a peek at her chart, I confirmed her date of birth. Sure enough, she was only 12."

"Girls are getting tits at 12 here?" Brad puzzled. "Who would do that?"

"Hey this is Miami. The girl's mother was right there with her getting hers done, too. We even did a snatch job on the mother."

"A snatch job?" Brad inquired.

"Yeah that's what we call it when a woman wants to get her cunthole virgin tight again."

"Were they good looking?" Brad wanted to know.

"I think so, but judge for yourself. I snapped these when they were out cold with anesthesia and no one was looking", Heather said as she whipped out her smartphone. "I had the camera sound function disabled so that it doesn't make that annoying sound when you take a pic. If anyone sees me it looks like I am reading a text message or something. They have no idea I'm snapping pics or taking video."

Heather was quite the little sneak. She got before and after pics of both mom and daughter, and of the other patients of the day. She wasn't kidding. Some of these girls could be models. The clarity of the photos was amazing. Aftter they scrolled through the stills, Brad asked "get any video of the mother-daughter team"?

"Look at this", Heather said as she clicked on the first video. She first panned the camera around the room. There was no one there but her amd the patients. She got in real close to the mother's cunt, then the video showes Heather's finger gently rubbing the outside of the hairy snatch. Her voice on camera says "best perk about getting a snatch job is the free Brazillian that comes with it." She sets the camera down so that it is pointing right at the patient's cunt. We then see her pour and spread wax on the outer lips and pubic area, and ripping little pieces of paper tearing the hair off with it. The patient didn't move a muscle. She was out cold. Heather then gets in there and really goes to town on her pussy, finger fucking her and flicking her clit. She even licked the clit and lips a little and laughed into the camera.

She moves over to the daughter and points the camera at her breast. Again her voice on camers says "Why mess with perfection? Ahh who am I to talk, I got my tits done, too." She grabs both breasts but there isn't much to squeeze and says "yeah I guess a tit job isn't out of line here." She licks the nipples, making them both super stiff. Just like her mother, the 12 year-old patient doesn't move a muscle, either. She's out cold, just like her mom, who was still next to her. This one's not getting a snatch job, but Heather decides she wants to get a look at her cunny anyway. She lifts up the hospital gown and reveals a panty-covered pussy.

"What is this", she cries out annoyed on camera, rubbing the panties. "Oops, I think I made her wet" she snickered on camera. "Some girls get horny when you touch them there I guess." Next thing you know the video shows her hand holding a pair of scissors, reaching toward the girl's panties. "Should I do this" she wonders on camera. She takes the little strap on the side of her panties and puts it in between the scissors. "I really shouldn't." She holds the piece of fabric between the scissors for a moment. "But I will" as she cuts the strap on one side and then the other. She spreads the girls legs a little and easily pulls off her panties. On wait, it's a white thong. "This is not appropriate" she says on camera. "A thong at this age? tsk tsk tsk", she says sarcastically.

She then continues her commentary on camera "Hmm, she is developed down here but not up there" she says, zooming in on the girl's pussy. There is some hair there, but not a bush really, more like peach fuzz.

"I Stil have plenty of..." she reaches back. "I know she's not getting a snatch job, but I still think that hair should be..." the wax comes into the picture. Still no one in the room as she pans around again. She rubs the pussy lips a little "Oh yes I was right, look how wet she is". She reaches a finger deep into the 12 yeard-old patient's pussy. "I don't believe it, a hymen." I interrupted the video commentary and said "Are you sure?" sarcastically, as we all laugh.

Heather licks the virgin snatch for the camera. She is really going to town now. "Look how wet she's getting. I think she likes it. OK, I have a job to do here. I mean, she didn't pay for it, but she's getting a Brazillian, too. She pours and spreads the hot wax on the virgin's cunt and quickly rips off the few peachfuzz hairs with little pieces of paper. "Much easier than that hairy bush" she opines. She then goes back to fingering the snatch and flicked the clit the way you would flick a paper football. She did it a couple more times. "Wait for it" her non-camera voice said. She flicked the clit again then licked it. "There" she proudly exclaimed. "That little virgin had an orgams right there". That is when a door is heard opening and the video ended.

"Who walked in?" Morgan asked.

"Oh it was the doctor, He know what I do. He plays, too. That's why every single patient gets general anesthesia at his clinic. Most don't know the real reason. The few who do know don't care."

So my dick was standing at attention, practically poking out of my gym shorts. "damn that made me horny" I exclaimed.

"I figured I would give you that reaction. I'm so proud of you for fucking both me and Morgan without cumming inside, stud. I want to have a special fuck just you and me, so I can report to Mom how well your training is going."

Little did she know that Brad intentionally tried to knock her up. "OK sounds good." Brad knew he had to pull out this time or Heather would never let him near Morgan again, expecially later in the week when he knew he would get a chance to knock her up to punish her for lying to him.

Brad fucked Heather again that night, and one more time with both Heather and Morgan. It almost killed him but he pulled out every time. He kept that going all week. Heather was reporting back to their Mom how he was so good at pulling out now. Brad did leak a little cum in Morgan's cooze his last day there, when she was at her most fertile, but was pretty good about covering his tracks by this point, and he had pulled out so many times when he fucked both of them that they didn't even bother checking after a few days.

Brad suggested that Heather put Morgan on the same flight with Brad, so that she could spend her Spring Vacation with him, and Heather agreed. Heather told their mother that she was ok with Brad and Morgan fucking all week, but she asked her to keep reminding Brad about pulling out and asked her to check Morgan's snatch for cum from time to time. Her mom gladly agreed and figured Cassie wouldn't mind checking, either. She and Cassie had been licking and sucking each other the whole time Brad was away.


Part 2 to follow??

Did Heather or Morgan or anyone else get knocked up by Brad?

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s

Tanya Writer

Nice story. I will be looking forward to part 2. But I would like to see more with Cassie and Mr. Turner, maybe Cassie can line up some virgins for Mrs. Turner. After all she doesn't have to deflower them to have them.

The Critic

Before writing such a convoluted story as this, you need to create a TIMELINE that would show the span of time from the beginning of the tale to the end. This timeline should show WHEN each event occurred, WHO the participants were, and the AGE of each participant at the time. Barring that, you wind up with a completely unbelievable story like this one is.


really enjoyed the story. i hope there will be more. thank you for sharing.


Amazing story. I came twice and really hope to see more soon :D


Here's a vote for Part 2! I'd like to see a parade of 11 year old virgins getting dicked and licked by Brad and anyone else who might wander onto the scene, creaming onto or into hot little girls. Thanks for a great story!


I Love this! I'd love to see more coke use by the young girls though:)

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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