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Published: 9-Nov-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

With special thanks, as always, to PuppyLoverDawn.

I hate it when my mom comes to my school, mostly because she's such a control freak, and it's gotten WAY worse since she started dating Gideon.

There I was, in the middle of milf-hottie Mrs. Devlin's 6th-grade math class, and my mother started knocking on the window.

Everyone looked at me, and all I could do was roll my eyes. Cripes, she just loves intruding. Blaine, the cute guy who sits behind me, leaned in and whispered "Jesus, Haley, your mom's a fox."

"Eat my asshole, Blaine."

"Anytime, Haley."

I smiled at him, and he tugged at his cock through his shorts. Damn, he had a monster.

It's true, though. My mom is a total hottie, but it's so weird - ever since she and Gideon started going out, my mom never wears a bra or panties any more. I could see the dark outline of her nipples right through her dress shirt, and it looked like she had something wet and shiny running down her chin. She smiled at me, and gestured for me to come outside.

I turned to Mrs. Devlin, my teacher, and she just smiled and shrugged. "I understand, Haley. Family comes first. That's my motto."

She has a real crush on me, I think - a lot of guys and girls both have started looking at me like that since I turned 12, and I've noticed that I can get away with a lot more.

I stood, and mooned Blaine behind me as I got up, which I had been doing recently just to fuck with him. I had noticed that a lot of guys in class had started leaning in to watch me do that, so I had stopped wearing panties.

I mooned the whole class pretty well, that time.

Seeing the wide-eyed reaction on the face of Mrs. Devlin, I decided to give her a hug to thank her for letting me leave class to see my mom. She's pretty tall, and I'm short for my age, even in the high heels that Gideon bought me, so I just walked up, threw my arms around her hips, and pressed my tits right below hers. God, she felt good. I looked up and batted my eyes at her.

"Thanks so much for letting me run out for a second. I'll make it up to you after school."

There were a couple of wolf whistles from the class, so I pulled one of my hands back, lifted my skirt and flashed by bare ass to them again, this time so everyone could see.

"It's- it's no problem, Haley."

"Aren't you going to hug me back, Mrs. Devlin?"

"Alright, Haley."

She leaned in to hug me, putting both arms around my shoulders, and I felt her skin get warmer.

I whispered in her ear: "Aren't you going to kiss me, Mr. Devlin?"

"Let's talk about it after school, Haley. Come by my room at 3:30, maybe, okay?"

"If you really want to see me after school, Mrs. Devlin, you should kiss me."

She smiled, seemed to consider for a moment, and then leaned in again to plant her soft, full lips against mine. Man, she's cute, and a great kisser. I bit on her lower lip as she pulled back, and tried to whisper as softly as I could from the back of my throat: "I'm not wearing panties. Show my pussy to the class."

I felt her hands run down my ass and then hesitate. I widened my stance and started bending at the waist.

"Do it. Pull up my skirt and show them my tight, bald, coral-pink pussy."

She inched the fabric up, and I sent my tongue into her mouth. This drew applause from the whole classroom. We kissed for a few more seconds, and then I pulled away, running one hand across her firm tits as I broke the kiss.

Something warm and slick ran out the crack of my cunt and across her probing fingers. The class went silent. "Four men came in me already today, Mrs. Devlin."

"Ah, I ... "

"And a doggie, too."

"I see."

"I don't think you can. You can feel it, though, huh?"

"Yes, Haley, I can."

"One of them came in my asshole, Mrs. Devlin. Can you feel that part?"

She was blushing all over. I felt her cunt overheating as she pressed against me. "No, Haley, I can't."

"He came real deep inside me, 'cuz he has a real big long cock, like a forearm. It went real far in. Can you open up my asshole and try to feel where he put his hot cum up my shitter?"

I started breathing fast, hot and hard into her tits, as she opened me up. Thick rivulets of warm, sticky seed started running out.

Yeah, I might have lied a little. There were like six guys who fucked my ass today.

I cupped her squishy cunt, just once, and sucked on her slick fingers as I turned to leave. "Thank you, Mrs. Devlin."

She was breathing quickly, with a full-body blush. "Call me Jessie."

"Will do, Mrs. Devlin. See you at 3:30. I hope you like pissing in little girl's mouths while they get fucked by boys who stay after class."

I walked out of the classroom to meet my mom, swaying my hips to give everyone one last look at my cum-drizzling shit-chute. The cheers reminded me of the sound at the bar when my mom agrees to meet everyone in the men's room.

Damn, my mom is rubbing off on me!

By the way, I don't mean that she was 'rubbing off' on me like, literally. I mean, a few times since she started dating Gideon she's had me help her shave her pussy and has started frigging her clit while I was using my mouth to dry her labia, and there was the one time that she came into my room drunk after a party and made me feel the inside of her to see if I could guess how many guys she had fucked that night, but she very rarely actually 'rubs off' on me.

Sometimes, in the shower, I guess.

Anyway, outside, my mom had a big grin on her face, and I could see that the slick, pearly wetness across her chin ran all the way down her neck and down the inside of both her thighs to her high-heels.

"Yes, Haley, it's cum."

"Oh. I wasn't sure. From who?"

"You know most of them. Here, taste some and see if you can guess."

I leaned up to lick her neck, but my mom shook her head. She pulled her skirt up to show me her abused cunt, with semen still leaking out of it. I bent and started tasting.

"Mmm. Haley, you and I have a meeting in the Principal's office."

"About what, mom?"

"Don't talk with you mouth full. Gideon asked me to talk to your school, so I came by."


"Get my clit there, baby."


"Yes, like that. Gideon wants the school to make some special arrangements for you girls, so he, oh, fuck, yes baby, had me come by to talk to the, fuck, yeah, school's administrators."

"Mmm-mm mmm?"

"Oh, about all sorts of, oh, fuck yeah, things. You'll see. I think you'll, fuck fuck, really like this."

"Mmm, mm."

"Do you want to make mommy cum, sweetheart?"


"Alright, then you're going to get your hand wet in mommy's -- oh, fuck, yes, that's it. Okay, now put your -- oh, shit Christ, yes. Suck mommy's clit, you whore, of fuck fuck Christ fuck yes."

Guess she was pretty turned on from watching me through the window!

"Good girl, Haley. Alright, now we don't have all day. Get your little ass moving."

I stood up, and the school janitor was watching us with a wry grin on his face. My mother nodded to him, dutifully turned to the wall and put both of her hands against it.

"Haley, would you present my sloppy bitch-pussy to this nice man?"

I pulled her skirt up, one finger pointed at her gaping fuck-hole, still slick with my spit and the seed of at least a dozen men. "Yes, mom. Uh, mister, would like to fuck my mommy?"

He grinned and pulled at his dick through his jeans. "Maybe later."

"Offer to suck his dick to get it ready, Haley."

"Can I use my mouth to make your cock all hard so you can fuck my mommy, mister?"

He grinned. "Got a lot of work to do. Your momma free later?"

"Tell this nice man that your mother's hot bitch-pussy will be in the principal's office all afternoon, Haley."

"You can fuck my mommy any time, mister. She'll be in the principal's office when you want her."

He smiled and pulled out an impressive erection. "You think you can take this?"

My mother's eyes widened, and she stayed spread against the wall. "Tell him that if he comes to our house, I'll suck that magnificent prick rock-hard after he rapes you and your little sister, and then fuck him and all his friends on the front fucking lawn."

"She says she likes your cock, mister. You should come by our house and fuck her some time - with your big cock, I mean. I don't think I could take it all, at first, but I'll bet you that you could make me ... if you wanted to."

He smiled and chuckled a little. "See you tonight then, ladies."

"Sounds good, mister. Thanks for letting me look at your big cock!"

Once he walked away, my mother relaxed and leaned away from the wall. We headed up the school hallway, passing lockers and classrooms, and more cum kept running out of my mom. Jesus, she must have fucked like fifty guys -- and half again as many dogs!

My mom had a spring in her step and a mischievous smile in her voice. "So, do you recognize the taste?"

"No, mom. Sorry."

"You will."

We got to the office, and we walked in on something out of a movie: seven guys in a semi-circle, all in business suits, all with their hard, wet cocks out. My little sister Dani, wearing nothing but the leash and collar that Gideon bought for her, had a cock in each hand, and was sucking on a third. My mom dropped to her knees and took a dick in each hand.

"Sweetheart, you recognize the principal and vice principal of the Jr. High; these other two gentlemen are from the High School, these other two men are the administrators in charge of Dani's grade school, and the big-dicked gentleman raping your sister's mouth-cunt is the Superintendent of schools."

"Oh, wow. It's nice to meet you, sir."

He extended his palm, and when I reached in to shake it he pulled me close. I shivered at how strong he was, and he let go of my hand to wrap it around my neck. Two guys began to move in behind me, running their hands across my legs, tits and ass.

"Haley, it has come to my understanding that your mother doesn't feel that you are being properly educated at this school."

I looked over, and my mother had already fallen to all fours, one cock lodged down her throat and another buried into her shitter.

"Gee. I guess that's right, sir."

I felt the back of my skirt pulled up, and a thick cock-head began making long strokes through my overheating cunt. My tiny, firm tits fell free as my shirt was cut away with a pair of scissors, and another cock slipped into my left hand. I started milking it.

"Well, we take your mother's concerns very seriously, as I'm sure you can tell."

"Of course, sir."

There was a prodding at my fuckhole, and the shaft slipped deep inside my wet, grasping pussy. The superintendent tightened his grip on my throat. "How is she?"

"She feels fantastic, sir."

"Good. Now, although it's highly unorthodox, your mother has convinced us that drastic steps MUST be taken. She has been VERY convincing. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir. Look, can you fuck my face now? I need to gag on your cock. Like, BAD."

He smiled, and his hand wrapped tighter around my throat. "In due time. Now: it is the decision of the office of the Superintendent of schools, as witnessed by these gentlemen here, that you and your little sister are both to be moved to the High School, effective as of tomorrow. I'll be taking a firm hand regarding your education from now on; you'll be taking three blocks of Senior boys PE, two automotive classes, and a photography course. Your study-hall and lunch will be spent here at this school, catching up on things in several classes, and your after-school activities will be with whatever Varsity squad needs you the most, or in my office. You will be bussed to and from events, and will be expected to compensate the school for these expenses. Do you understand?"

The guy behind me began to fuck me in smooth, steady motion, and his long cock slid in and out with practiced ease. The meaty cock in my left hand started leaking pre-cum, which I rubbed up and down the shaft.

"I-I-I see, sir."

The cock buried in my hot, oily cunt pulled out, and I began to feel his hard slickness pressing against my tight, crinkled little butthole. Without hesitation, I licked two of my fingers and ran them across my sphincter, feeling my little preteen shitpipe warming up.

The superintendent let go of my throat: "Now, these men are going to take you on a little test drive, Haley. Specifically, they're going to fuck the holy hell out of you, and we're going to see if you're really ready to become our high school's class fuck-doll."

The cock behind me thrust into my ass slowly, and I felt my guts spasm around his long, thick member. The guy on my left walked around to my front, now letting me use both hands to milk his dick. My mouth was watering at this point.

"Oh, oh, oh, s-s-sounds good, sir."

"See, now that's what I call school spirit. Steve, tell this little bitch to slip your dick in her overheating cunt while I fuck her baby sister."

And that's how my sister and I became the youngest Freshmen at the school! She's dating a couple of Juniors these days, but I'm going steady with the entire Varsity football squad ... and the Principal!

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Holy shit, that was hot.


love your shit dude! but do some in 3rd person, not all of them in 1st person, eh?


Wow! Abandoned and delicious! Loved every word of it. Thank you


That was awesome!!! Looking forward to chapter two and a day in her life at school. especially all the details of it.


That was a hot story. I especially liked it from the perspective of the person telling the story. It would be nice to know the age of her little sister. Also maybe in a future story you can detail her activites with the bus driver, the varsity teams and any dog(s) that she might let fuck her of suck their dicks. Maybe she, her sister and her mom can all lick each other out after being gang banged by all the boys and the dogs. You could also expand on the peeing in each others mouths.

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