Slave Twins of Gowharshad, Part 1

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Published: 27-Mar-2013

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All events and characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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I was birthed in the city of Gowharshad, a name that supposedly means 'Shining Jewel' in some ancient Old-Earth tongue. Whoever named it had honorable intentions, but after centuries of neglect, wars, and uprisings; calling the city 'festering dung heap' would be more appropriate. Not to say that there aren't any spots of beauty left in the city, but the few that remain are protected by the upper classes for their own benefit. I run a reasonably successful trinket shop, but that is nowhere near enough to rank me among the elite that run the city.

The city of Gowharshad sits upon the eastern continent of our world, which is called Cyrus, the fourth planet from our sun. Our year is slightly longer than Old-Earth's, but our days are slightly shorter, and so it almost balances out. The government of the earliest settlers decreed that our day should be divided into 24 parts, like that of Old-Earth. I'm sure our sun has a name, but since the people just call it 'the sun,' the name isn't something that I recall learning in lessons. I do know that we are in the constellation Virgo, as seen from Old-Earth. I don't know how many light years (I think that's the term) we are from Old-Earth, but it doesn't matter, as we have no way to cross that vast interstellar distance again, even if there was a reason to return. The colony ships landed a thousand of our years ago, and what little knowledge remains of Old-Earth tells us that it was overcrowded and dying.

After the landing, our city and people prospered for three hundred years, until the first 'glorious' revolution. That new regime lasted for another two hundred, until it too was overthrown. Group after group plotted against the then-current reigning governments, and seized power until the next dissatisfied group came along, sometimes within a year or two of the last coup. In fact, the last such toppling came just a twelveday before this tale begins. Thankfully, the common folk such as myself haven't been much affected by these revolutions, the killing is usually confined to the nobles and lords of the previous regime, while we go about our business. For that reason, I am glad I am not more well-to-do. Still, it's a shame, though. The last dynasty had been in power for a remarkably long period, almost 150 years. They had begun to take some steps that would have benefited us commoners, but this new group craved the power, and that was the end of that.

I wasn't sure why I turned towards the slave market that day half a year ago, but it led to a chain of events that changed my life.

Chapter 1

Thomas hated this place. He normally avoided the slave pens, as they stank of human misery and suffering, but inattention had caused him to head straight this day, instead of turning at the end of Merchant's Lane. Despite the lateness of the day, one dejected slave stood on the platform, while the barker lounged against the wall with a vaporstik dangling from his mouth. Other than those two, and a beggar sleeping on one of the benches provided for the prospective owners, there was no one else in sight. Thomas started to turn back the way he'd come, but the barker stopped him with a cry.

"You, good Sir! Come to buy a slave?" the man shouted across the square, hurriedly shoving the vaporstik in his pouch. "No better time for it, there's no crowds seeking to bid against you, and this prime worker can be yours for just a couple of creds."

"Sorry, not interested," said Thomas. "I just made a wrong turn, I need to get home before dark." He swiveled to head home, but was again stopped by the barker's words.

"Kind Sir, if I may appeal to your sense of compassion. I have orders that if this slave isn't sold by sundown, she'll be sent to the mines."

The mines?" asked Thomas, as he turned to look at the slave. "Why, is she a criminal?" He glanced at the woman, and while there was no movement of her scarred face, he could see a beseeching look in her eyes.

"Not at all, Sir," the barker replied. "She has merely been offered for the past sixday, with no takers. They usually prefer prettier women. There just comes a point when we can't continue to feed her." He opened the woman's mouth to show her teeth, and pulled back the sleeve of her tunic to show her lightly muscled arm. "She is strong, of good stock, and trained for household duties. She only has thirty years, there are many years of work left in her."

"Fine, what's the asking price?" Thomas asked. "It would be heartless indeed to condemn her to the mines, if she's not a criminal. I do hope you won't take advantage of my good nature, my credstik is quite low. As you can probably tell by my dress, I'm not a fancy lord, just a humble merchant."

"Oh my apologies, Sir, you misunderstand. I am forbidden from just selling her, you must make a bid."

"Bid? Against who, that sleeping beggar? All right, what is the minimum bid?" Thomas couldn't believe it. Here he was, thinking of purchasing his first slave, even though he was somewhat opposed to the practice in general.

"The absolute minimum is ten subcreds, but I must inform you I am not permitted to sell with fewer than three bids. Don't worry, kind Sir, I myself shall be the second bidding party, as I too desire to head home for my rest." The barker bowed towards Thomas, and said, "If you'd care to start, good Sir?"

Thomas gulped, after the round of bidding, he would be spending upwards of one cred for the woman, and that was more than he'd planned to spend for the rest of the twelveday. He glanced once more towards the woman, and said, "Very well, I bid ten subcreds for the woman there."

"Ahh, excellent, Sir!" the barker said. "Do I hear eleven?" He glanced around for a second or two, and said with a wink, "Sorry Sir, formalities." Deepening his voice a bit, he drawled out in the manner of the country folk, "I be givin' eleven, and nae a wafer more!" Grinning, he pointed towards Thomas.

"This counts as the third bid, right?" Thomas asked. The barker nodded, and Thomas said, "I bid a full cred."

"Any more offers?" the barker asked. "You, the good farming master... No? Sold!" With that, he motioned Thomas up to the counter, and said, "Thank you, Sir. That will be one cred, and 5 wafers for the transfer tax." Thomas handed over his credstik, and watched as the other man inserted the stik into a com, then stamped an official document after it emerged from the com slot. "Here you go, she's all yours! Slave, you're to follow this man home, he's your new master."

"Thank you," Thomas said. He started to say more, but the man doffed his cap and entered the slave compound, pulling the door tight behind him. "Well, I guess I own a slave now," Thomas mused. "What's your name, girl?"

"My name is Cora, Master. I know I shouldn't speak unless spoken to, but thank you for buying me. People go to the mines, but they don't return." She offered a hesitant smile, the horrible scar skewing one side of it into a grimace.

"You're welcome, Cora. As you heard, I'm not well off, but you can share my meals. He said you were trained for household duties? I've never had a slave before, what all does that mean?"

"Please! N-Not sex, Master!" she said in a panicked voice, then seemed to recall who she was speaking to. "Oh! I-I'm sorry, my last m-master... he was very cruel." She touched her hand to the scar on her face, and continued. "I can cook and clean, or... or do w-whatever you require of me, including... sex... if I m-must. You are my master, and it is within your rights." She slumped in on herself after the last two lines, and stared at the ground.

"Relax, Cora. I'm not a rapist. You won't be required to do any... ahh, bedroom duties while you are under my care." He rubbed his chin a moment in thought, and said, "Cooking and cleaning, eh? That will certainly come in handy. Maybe you can learn to help me in the shop, as well. An extra person there would allow me to keep it open if I had to leave during the day."


"Cora, did you know it's been half a year since I purchased you?" Thomas smiled at the woman at his side, her arms laden with packages, as were his.

"Yes, Master. You've been very kind to me." She glanced at him, and said, "Master, I could carry more. You shouldn't have to be burdened when you have a slave."

"Cora, I've told you a thousand times, you may call me Thomas instead of Master," he said. "There's nothing wrong with my arms, I'm not some fancy lord who keeps one slave to wipe his nose and another to scratch his bottom."

"I understand, Master," she said, causing Thomas to let out a silent sigh at the use of the honorific. She glanced around and then said, "Master, are... are we going to the slave pens?"

"Why, yes we are. Cora, I have a surprise for you, how would you like to be freed?"

At that, she stopped dead in her tracks with a sick look crossing her face, and said, "M-Master, have... have I done something wrong? Are... are you making me leave your service?"

"Not at all, I merely thought... Never mind. If you don't wish to be freed, I won't force you, and I'm certainly not making you leave my care."

"Thank you, Master. I... I have been a slave all my life, I... I wouldn't know what to do as a freedwoman. I know my place as a slave, but if I were freed, well... I have seen the way some people treat the freed, it's worse than being a slave. At least a slave can only be mistreated by their master, not that you have done so in any way. Master... I... I enjoy working for you, and helping in your shop."

Thomas pondered her words, and said, "Ahh... I hadn't really thought of it that way. you're right, though, I have seen people treat the freed as animals, and even beat them if they take offense. I guess we have no business here after all, let's go home."

Cora turned to follow him, and then let out a gasp. "Oh Master! That man! He... He was my former master, the one who scarred me."

Thomas scanned the small group of people lounging about the slave platform, and scrutinized the one Cora had pointed out. He saw a fat man in stained clothes, lounging in a shabby litter while the four bearers rested on the ground. One slave was fanning the man, while a female slave fed him morsels of fruit. "Well, what should we do about him? Do you wish me to confront him in some way, or should we just head home?"

"No Master, please don't confront him! I should never have mentioned him... OH NO!" A look of sheer horror crossed her face as she turned to face the stage, where the next lot was being led out. "Master, those little girls; that is what he likes above all else, and if he gets his hands on them, they will suffer greatly! Oh, please, Master! Could... Could you buy them to keep them safe from him? You... You can beat me later for asking this of you, just please help them as you helped me."

"Cora, have I ever beaten you?" Thomas asked, turning to look at the two girls on the stage. They were huddled together, covered in filth and bruises, both with long dark hair hiding their faces. "Will he rape them?"

"No, Master, you've never beaten me... Yet. Please help them, for once he buys them, rape is the least of their worries. He is a sadist, and he will enjoy finding new ways to make them scream."

"As you wish, Cora. I doubt I have the funds to compete with that lord, though." Thomas looked at the balance on his credstik, and groaned. "Business has been good with you helping in the shop, but I have little more than three creds remaining in my account."

"Master, as perhaps you can tell, he is a man of many pleasures, but few funds. He gets a stipend from his father, but it rarely lasts this late in the month. I would think that you have a good chance of outbidding him."

"Fair enough, I'll try, and if he bids more than I have, there's nothing for it." Thomas moved closer to the platform, and heard the barker begin his spiel.

"Ladies and gentleSirs, allow me to present the final lot of the day. We have a pair of twin sisters, they are young and can be trained up in whatever manner you wish. Do I hear any bids for them?"

Most of the seated crowd began to rise from their seats, with mutters of, "Too young for me," and, "They look horribly treated, I'll come back in the morning for the fresher slaves."

"Please, Sirs and Ladies, the minimum is only 20 subcreds! That's a mere one cred eight. Imagine having the patter of little feet in your house, and the joys of childish laughter!" The barker sighed as he watched the crowd depart, and then spotted the raised hand of Cora's former master. "Ahh, excellent. I have a bid of 1.8, any more?"

Thomas raised his hand, and said, "I bid 1.9." As expected, the fat man raised his hand, returning the bidding to Thomas. "1.11," Thomas said in a calm voice.

The fat man motioned one of his slaves over and consulted with him as they glanced at a credstik. The slave then raised his hand and stated, "My Master wishes to bid two creds eleven, and no higher." The fat man turned to nod in Thomas's direction, with a smug look on his puffy face.

"Oh, a most generous offer indeed, good Sir. And you?" the barker asked, turning to Thomas. "Do you wish to surpass that bid, kind Sir, or shall I end the bidding now?"

Oh, three creds is no problem," Thomas drawled in a bored voice, although he was shaking inside. "I can certainly go higher, if the gentleman wishes to continue. The girls are young, but I believe they can be trained to be hard workers." The fat man glared at him, then motioned to his litter-bearers, who picked up the divan and headed out of the square.

"Ahh well," the barker said after the fat man departed. "I had not expected such spirited bidding this late in the day, the girls are yours for three creds, kind Sir." As Thomas approached the counter, the barker said in a low voice, "Some days I find my duties distasteful, Sir. Thankfully, today is NOT one of those times. I have had to sell to that one before, and I have seen the broken remnants of the younger ones after he has taken his pleasures. Many of them have ended up in the mines, since no one else would buy them. In fact... Yes, I thought I remembered you, kind Sir. You saved your current slave from the mines, and she appears to have been treated well by you indeed."

"Thank you," Thomas said. "Although she seems to think that I should beat her for daring to suggest that I save these little ones from the other bidder." He waited while the barker processed the transaction, and was startled when he was given the handles of some chains attached to the collars on the girls' necks. "Are those necessary?" he asked.

"It's up to you of course, good Sir, although I should say that there was an... incident... with their former master. That is why they are in the state they are in. You see, he purchased them with less than pure intentions in mind, as was his right, of course." The barker winked at Thomas, and continued. "They ended up kicking him in a... shall we say, very sensitive spot; in front of guests I might add, and then the two fled from him. Fortunately, he caught them himself instead of reporting it to the authorities, as the flogging and branding due a runaway slave would have been much worse than the simple thrashing he gave them. He merely asked that they be sold as quickly as possible, even if he lost money on them."

"Ahh, well then, I shall pose it to the girls." Thomas turned to the young girls, and asked, "Well? Do I drag you along the streets like animals, or will you promise me that you shall behave and not attempt to flee?"

"Oh, please Sir," one of the girls began, then paused as she was elbowed by her sister. "Oof! Uh, I mean Master. We promise to be good, we don't wish to be b-beaten again, or... or f-flogged and b-branded!"

"That's right, Master," the other girl chimed in. "We shall follow you home and do whatever you command, as you are our Master now."

"Very well, could you remove the chains, please?" Thomas asked the barker. As the chains were clipped from their collars, he said, "I want each of you to take a couple of these packages from Cora and myself. Cora is a slave like you, but I want you to treat her as you would me, is that understood?"

"Yes Master," the girls said in unison, as they each took several bundles into their arms. The barker finished his work on their collars, passed over Thomas's credstik and the papers for the two girls, and bowed to the small group before exiting through the compound door.

One of the girls piped up, "My name is Yasmin, and this is my sister Sareh. We're eight! You can tell us apart because my collar ends in 6, and hers ends in 5, the same as the number of letters in our names."

"Ahh, thank you, Yasmin, I was going to ask your names, and you've saved me the trouble," Thomas said, as the group began walking in the direction of his home. "I don't plan to beat you, Cora will attest that I've never harmed her. However, if you behave badly, I may spank you as a father would his child. If you behave as it was said you did towards your former master, I might just give up the notion of helping you, and return you here to recover some of my creds. That is, assuming the guard doesn't capture you as runaways first."

"We understand, Master, said one of the girls. Peering at her collar, he saw that it was Sareh. "We... we weren't used to being slaves, before. Whatever we... we must do is still better than the punishment for disobeying, or for running away." Her sister nodded in agreement. "Plus, you seem kind, Master, unlike our former master, or... or that fat man who bid on us. I... I felt very s-scared from the way he looked at us!"

"Ahh, yes... Well..." Thomas rubbed his chin, and said, "Just treat Cora and myself with respect, and I shall do the same with you." He paused in front of a Doc shop, and said, "Wait here, I'll be right back." After purchasing a jar of pain-reducing salve, he returned to the group, and said, "Let's head home."

Upon reaching his home with the attached storefront, he directed everyone to put their packages on the counter, then to follow him to the bathroom. "All right, Sareh and Yasmin, I want you both to strip for a bath."

"But you're in--" Sareh started to protest, but was interrupted by a swift elbow from her sister.

"Yes, Master," Yasmin said, her sister quickly echoing the phrase. They removed their soiled slave tunics, and stood before him with their young charms on display.

"Cora will show you how to wash those tunics in the morning, after your bath maybe we can find something for you to wear until tomorrow," Thomas said. He felt a stirring in his robes as he gazed at the two nude girls, and firmly focused his mind on the matters at hand. "Both of you face the wall," he directed, and as they turned, he inspected the various bruises and cuts on their bodies. "Hmm, some of these will have to be treated. Now then, are you old enough to take your own baths, or do you need help? I have never been a father, so I don't know much about caring for young children."

"Could... Would you wash us?" Yasmin asked, a blush creeping across her pale face. "In the palace, our uncle always gave us our baths... Oh! I'm sorry, Master!"

"That's quite all right. I had actually been thinking that Cora could help if you needed her to, but if you'd like me to wash you, I will," Thomas said, filing away the palace remark for future contemplation. "Cora, could you bring that package I purchased at the Doc, and then start dinner, please?" He sat the two girls in the bath, and ladled warm water over their heads. He applied some of the flowery-smelling soap that Cora preferred, and massaged it into the scalps of the girls. Rinsing them off he had them stand up, as he ran a soft, sudsy cloth over their bodies.

Yasmin guided his hand down to her crotch, and said, "This part needs to be really clean!" Sareh giggled at that, and pushed out her little mound as well. Thomas felt his hand shake as he gently cleaned the areas in front and behind, while the girls let out soft moans at his touch.

Upon hearing a sound at the door, Thomas turned to see Cora enter, holding the package. "Ahh, well, girls, I think you're clean enough," he said. "Now I'll put some of this salve on your bruises to help you feel better. Thank you, Cora."

"Are you going to... to rape us?" Sareh asked, as Thomas began rubbing some of the salve over her back. "You're our master, so we h-have to do what you say."

"Rape you?" Thomas laughed, as he motioned Yasmin over to apply some salve to her bruises.. "Certainly not, although if you WANT me to do something, that's different. Cora can tell you that I've never touched her."

"But she's old, and ugly!' Sareh said.

Her sister chimed in, "Right, and we're young and cute!" Thomas watched Cora reach a hand up to touch her scar, then she stared at the floor as spots of color appeared on her cheeks.

He immediately set the jar of salve down, and said, "Girls, that was extremely rude, and is no way to talk about another person, particularly since she is the one who begged me to save you from a very cruel man. I'm extremely disappointed in both of you. I want you to dry off, and then come see me for punishment. Cora, you may choose to put the salve up until tomorrow, or finish treating their more serious bruises, if you wish." With that, Thomas turned and went to his chambers.

Shortly, the two nude girls filed into his chambers, followed by Cora. "M-Master, we apologize for our behavior," Yasmin said in a sober voice, while her sister looked down at the floor. "It WAS very rude of us to say that, and Cora had done nothing to us. We're prepared for our... our p-punishment."

"I'm not the one who needs an apology, Cora was the one you wronged," Thomas said.

"Master, they did ask my forgiveness in the bathroom, without prompting," Cora said. "I believe they were sincere, and I forgave them."

"Very well, I shall just give them five swats each. Cora, you may go start dinner, for all of us. I was considering sending them to bed without supper after the spankings, but I think they both have true remorse for their unkind words."

He motioned Yasmin over, and draped her across his lap. "Now then, do you understand why I am doing this, even though you apologized to Cora?" As he positioned her, he noticed several of the bruises were gleaming from the salve that Cora had applied.

"Y-Yes, Master. We hurt Cora with our words, and we n-need to learn to behave better," Yasmin said.

Sareh nodded in agreement, and blurted, "If we do s-something bad, and get out of p-punishment just by saying we're sorry, then we w-won't learn."

"That is correct," Thomas said. "I'm sorry I have to do this on our first day together.' With that he rubbed his hand on Yasmin's bottom for a couple of seconds, and said, "Now count these."

He brought his hand up, then brought it down again in a resounding smack across Yasmin's rear. "One!" she gasped. He swung his palm again, and she sniffed, then said, "T-Two!" Thomas slapped her left cheek, and she snuffled a bit as she said, "Th-Three!" Thomas rubbed her reddened cheeks, and glanced to see her tiny rosebud winking out from the cleft of her buttocks. He enjoyed the view for a moment, then swatted the right side, causing her to gasp, "Oh! F-Four!" He swung one final time, laying his hand across both of the small but fleshy globes. "Ow! F-Five, Master!" Yasmin said, with a catch in her voice.

"You did very well, dear," Thomas said, as he inspected her rump. It was nicely red, with no bruising or patches of broken skin. He rubbed the area for a few seconds, again relishing the tantalizing peeks of Yasmin's puckered hole and smooth slit. "All right, Sareh, it's your turn," he said, as he swung Yasmin off of his lap.

Sareh approached slowly, already snuffling, and Thomas stretched his tingling hand. Deciding to switch hands, he positioned her across his lap in the opposite direction. Before he started his first swing, the young girl began to wiggle about wildly, placing her hands over her bottom and pleading, "No, M-Master, I'm sorry, I... I won't be rude again!"

"SAREH!" her sister hissed, "You'll get in more trouble if you don't behave! It's nothing like what our last master did to us!" Looking over at Thomas, she said, "I... I mean, my b-bottom does hurt very much, and I've learned my lesson, Master."

Thomas moved aside the long hair on Sareh's back to inspect the bruises, and asked, "Did Cora go ahead and put some salve on you? I told her that she didn't have to, you know."

"OH MASTER!" Sareh wailed. "She... She was so n-nice to us, even... even after w-we were so... so horrible! We... We DO deserve to be s-spanked" She stilled her motions on his lap, and lowered her hands. "I'm s-sorry, Master. I was just s-scared. I'll try to b-be good, while you s-spank me!"

"That's better. This will be over quickly if you don't squirm again," Thomas said. He swung his hand, and the girl let out a sob. "Don't forget to count, now," he reminded her.

"Oh! I'm sorry, M-Master!" Sarah gasped. "O-One!" Thomas spanked her flesh on the right, and she cried, "Ow! T-Two, Master!" He swung again, with his hand loudly smacking the left cheek, and Sareh sniffled, then said, "Th-Three!" Thomas rubbed her rump for a moment, moving the flesh so he could get a good view of her slit. He then swung his hand sharply against her buttocks again, causing her to yelp out, "Oh! F-Four!" Thomas raised his hand one final time, and brought it down again, causing the little girl to sob," F-Five, M-Master! I'm s-so sorry for being r-rude to Cora, and... and for squirming at the b-beginning! P-Please forgive me, M-Master!"

"I forgive you, Sareh. You did almost as well as your sister, after a bit of a rocky start," Thomas said, as he lightly rubbed her buttocks. Again, he inspected the area, gazing at the charms her position revealed. He swung her around and set her on the floor, and said to both girls, "Since you both did well in accepting your punishment, would you like me to rub you a bit like I did in the bathroom? Keep in mind, that if I have to spank you again, I may not do this afterwards, depending on the reason for your punishment."

"Oh, yes please, Master!" Yasmin cried, as she came to stand next to Thomas.

"Yes, that would be wonderful, Master!" added Sareh. "We loved it when our uncle did that, in the pal--umm, back home."

"Very well," Thomas said. He began to stroke their bald little slits, his fingers dipping into the crevice a bit, then gliding back up to circle their tiny clits. Encouraged by their little moans, he pushed his digits down and forward again, retrieving a bit of moisture from their clefts. He continued in this manner for about a minute, then stopped. "That should be enough for now, we don't want to erase the punishment, now do we?"

"But Master," Sareh pleaded, "We didn't get... Oh. I understand. Th-Thank you, Master."

"If you made us feel TOO good, we might not learn anything from the spanking, right, Master?" asked Yasmin.

"That's correct, or you might even try to get in trouble just so that I would rub you again," Thomas said. "Now, let's see what Cora has made for dinner."

As they entered the dining area, they could smell a wonderful aroma. "That smells delicious, Cora," called Thomas. "I think it's late enough the girls can just stay nude through dinner and go to bed afterwards, as it's nice and warm in the house. We can get some clothes for them tomorrow, once they wash their tunics. Now, as for sleeping arrangements, since I wasn't expecting to buy any more slaves, I guess that the three of you can sleep on my bed for tonight, and I shall sleep on your cot instead, Cora."

"No, Master, I couldn't!" Cora gasped. "It would be wrong for me to sleep in luxury while you were on my cot. Ahh... I mean, of course, it is your right to put the girls in your bed if you wish, but I'll get some bedding, and sleep on the floor."

Nonsense, Cora. I suppose I could order you to sleep in my bed with the girls, but I have no cause to distress you. I guess I'll sleep in my own bed and the girls could join me there if they wished, or we can make up some pallets for them until I can get some cots."

After dinner, Thomas and Cora made some makeshift beds for the girls, and then Thomas retired to his chamber. Removing his clothes, he crawled into his large bed, the sheets cool against his skin. He was about to slip into slumber, when he heard a small noise at the door to his room.

"M-Master?" he heard a small voice whisper. "It's Yasmin, c-could I sleep with you? I had a bad dream."

"Yasmin?" Thomas muttered, as he let out a yawn. "Certainly, if you wish. Is your sister coming as well?"

"I don't think so, Master. Thank you," the sleepy young girl said, as she climbed into the bed and snuggled against his side.

Thomas closed his eyes and tried to sleep, conscious of the warm nude body next to him. Another noise at the door caused him to awaken again, and he heard Sareh whisper, "Yasmin, are... are you in here? I woke up, and you were gone."

Her sister replied in a low voice, "Yes, I had a bad dream and he said I could sleep with him. Come on, but be quiet, I think he's fallen asleep."

Thomas felt the bed shift as Sareh clambered in to lay against his other side. Thomas felt a questing hand pat along his body, and then she hissed under her breath, "Yasmin, I think he's... he's naked!"

"So? We're naked too, and he already said he's not gonna rape us," Yasmin whispered. Thomas felt her hand roam over his body, and he bit his lip to keep from reacting when she grabbed hold of his penis. "Sareh, I think it's bigger than Uncle's!"

"Really?" Sareh gasped. She stuck out a hand, and Thomas let out a muffled groan at the feel of the two little hands running along his organ. Both hands quickly pulled away, and he heard Sareh whisper, "M-Master, are you awake?"

Thomas decided to feign sleep a bit longer, to see what the two girls would do. "Master?" Yasmin whispered, then said to her sister, "It's all right, I think he's still asleep. Good night, Sareh." Thomas waited for a few moments, and felt some small movements begin under the covers, accompanied by Yasmin's soft moans and gasps.

"Yasmin, what are you... Oh," whispered Sareh. Thomas could feel the motion of Sareh start to rub herself as well, and for a few minutes, he enjoyed the low sounds of the two girls masturbating in his bed.

"I don't mean to bother you two, but it is getting late," he finally said, causing the two girls to yeek from embarrassment. "Would you two like some help, so we can all go to sleep?" He dropped his hands down to gently cup their hands as they rubbed their slits.

"Oh, Master, you're awake!" gasped Yasmin. "Y-Yes, please, I'd like it very much if... if you helped!" Her sister echoed the sentiment, and they each removed their hands from their hairless pussies.

Thomas grinned to himself in the dark, and let his fingers glide over the twins' slits as they moaned in harmony. He was surprised to feel a good deal of moisture coming from both girls, and slipped his fingers just inside their tight vaginas. Both girls gasped as he pumped the first knuckle of his digits in and out a few times, which produced more lubrication. Withdrawing his fingers, he moved straight to the little nubbin at the top of their clefts, and he started to rub those buttons vigorously, the wetness on his fingertips letting his fingers glide over the girls' clits.

"Oh! Oh Master! P-Please!" Sareh panted, as he stroked her fleshy bump faster and faster. He pushed his finger back into her slit, and used his wrist to continue the pressure on her little clit. "Nngh!" the girl keened, as he felt her tight vagina clamp down even further. His fingers became coated with her juices, and he could feel the rhythmic contractions of her young sex for several more seconds. "Oh, thank you, Master," the girl finally sighed, and sat up to give him a kiss on the cheek.

"Master, did Sareh already..." Yasmin asked, then gasped as Thomas's finger dipped back into her cleft. "Ooo, Master, it feels so good!" Thomas slid his finger deeper and deeper into her vagina, probing for her hymen. Unable to find it, he pistoned his finger some more, then switched to her little clit, as it had been neglected for a bit. He pressed hard on the nubbin, causing the girl to moan loudly.

He continued to rub her clit for a few moments, and was startled when she grabbed his entire hand and wrapped her legs around his arm. "Oh, M-Master," Yasmin caroled, as she humped her crotch against the bones in his wrist. "I'm... almost... It's..." She thrust against his wrist a few more times, her legs squeezing his arm, and then she moaned loudly as her orgasm hit. Thomas felt a small flood of juices coat his arm as the girl flopped back against his side, his arm still trapped between her legs. "Th-Thank you, M-Master, that felt w-wonderful," she said as she gulped in some air.

"You're welcome, sweetheart," Thomas said. "Now, may I have my arm back, please?" Yasmin giggled at that and relaxed her legs, allowing him to pull his arm free.

"You're silly," she said with another giggle, and then gasped. "Oh, I'm sorry, Master. I shouldn't say things like that."

"That's fine, I'd much rather be thought of as silly than mean," Thomas said. "Hmm, I guess your sister has already fallen asleep. That's probably a good idea, we all need our sleep."

"She usually falls asleep afterwards," Yasmin said. "But, Master, what about you?" With that, she reached under the covers and grasped his penis. "It was always hard for my uncle to fall asleep if he didn't get to feel good too." She started to stroke his erect organ with both hands, causing Thomas to groan.

"Oh, my little Yasmin, that feels so good," he sighed. "I won't ever require you or your sister to do this, but any time you want to do it, I'll gladly welcome it." He moaned as she moved faster and faster, the blankets jerking about in the dim light of his bedroom. "In... In the morning, I'd like to... to hear more about your... your uncle." He could feel his sperm boiling under her assault, and he concentrated on the feel of her tiny hands pumping the skin up and down his shaft. "Oh, child!" he groaned, "I'm..." At those words, Yasmin pointed his cock along his belly, while her pistoning arms continued their work. "Unhh!" Tomas groaned, as the first of several jets shot out to pool on his stomach.

Yasmin slowly stroked his softening shaft a few more times, then surprised him completely by diving under the covers. He could feel her tiny tongue licking up the globs of semen, and he shivered when she swiped a lick at the tip of his penis. "I... I just didn't want a big mess in the bed, Master," she said in a shy voice, after she reappeared. "After all, I'm sleeping here too, and... and it would get all cold and nasty."

"That certainly is wise thinking, Yasmin," Thomas chuckled. "Now, I think we should both follow your sister's example, and go to sleep." He leaned over to plant a kiss on her cheek, and whispered, "Thank you, child."

End of Chapter 01

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


great. hope there is going to be more


not bad. i enjoyed it, your writing is good.


Great story. Please continue. So looking forward to more


I love this setting, please write more, and include some jalousy from cora, and anal from the girls. I love the gratefulness to be slaves from cora, keep toing please!


Definitely a good beginning! I don't think that Cora would get jealous but she may become curious since her apparent previous history would not lend it to make her believe it could be pleasurable to females.


SnakeEater, you hit the nail on the head. Part 3 is done (focusing more on Cora,) although I still have to work on Part 2. I have ideas for quite a bit more in this world.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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