Live-in Molester

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Published: 12-Apr-2012

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Note: All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Henry worked with Al for years at the plant. They went hunting a few times, fishing, camping, and just plain drinking allot. Both men had no wives but Al had a girl he lived with.

Henry had a daughter who was turning ten this fall. He'd bitch to Al about what a pain in the ass it was to raise her by himself. His wife had left him when she was little and they never heard from her again. Henry thought, 'good riddance'! The bitch was always on him about piddly things and now he could go drink and fuck like he used to do when he was out of high school.

The only thing left from his no-good wife was their daughter Bonita, a name Henry never liked. Bonita had grown up Benny and that was fine with her.

Al never had many good relationships with women. He had a secret taste for younger girls, mostly around twelve. Al had gotten away with some feeling up when he was a teen himself with some of the middle schoolers and nobody told on him because the girls liked the attention from an older boy. He liked to watch Benny when Henry was out of the room and he imagined getting into her panties when she was older. Oh, yes. Al had plans.

Benny didn't cotton on to Al's thoughts. She did like the attention he gave her, like a cool uncle. Henry was just glad Benny wasn't bugging him.

Benny was growing and her spirit was getting rebellious. She had a poor life, with dirty clothes and beer bottles always underfoot, little supervision, and little family. Benny had always had banged up knees and elbows from being a tomboy, and Al remembered seeing her with a black eye once. Henry later told him she'd talked back to him and he let her have it. Benny just got more difficult.

Then Al's girl friend got fed up with his careless attitude and threw him out. He came to Henry's and moved in to the couch of the prefab house Henry and his daughter lived in.

Both hosts were extra nice to Al since they felt bad for him getting kicked out for no reason. Actually, Al's girl friend found his collection of underage magazines and had no room in her life for a pervert.

After a month, the house was back to normal and Henry and Benny fought constantly. Benny also started to catch Al eyeing her in her undies and once woke up to him standing next to her bed in the middle of the night. She didn't know how to tell her father about it, though. Al and Benny soon wrestled allot, which Benny loved since she was more tomboy then girl anyway. But it would always get funny and soon she was wrestling very seriously to get loose from his probing fingers.

Al soon after, reached a point where he thought Benny was old enough and was planning on how he was going to fuck her.

Al thought about taking her to a hotel but she would be noisy and it would look suspicious anyway. He thought about a walk in the woods or driving her someplace in his truck, but the same problems soon became the one problem of how to keep her from telling on him.

Benny was clearly not going to just let him fuck her.

Henry had been drinking more then usual that day as he and Benny were really at odds that whole week. They both had said things like, 'I hate you!' and other hard to forget shouts. Al then asked Benny to sit on his lap and in her anger, did so. She thought she had Al on her side but she soon realized that he was in his feel her up moods and struggled to get free.

Benny yelled, "Let go, you ass hole!" and broke free. Her father slapped her in the face for swearing, though Benny cussed like a sailor many times before and got away with it.

Henry told her, "You deserve what ever you get, you worthless bitch!" and slammed the door to his room. Benny turned back to Al, her face screwed in anger. She wanted to yell something mean back but knew better then to piss off her father when he was like this. But when she saw the leer on Al's face, she decided that it would be worth it.

Benny banged on her fathers door but didn't get a chance to say anything when he swung it open and grabbed her short, brown hair and dragged her to Al.

"Hold this bitch and keep her quiet! I'm sick of her shit!" he snarled. Then he snarled at Benny, "If you wake me up one more time, I'm going whip your butt raw!! And I mean it!!" He stared at her long enough for it to sink in and Benny saw the drunken rage in his face.

Al said back to his friend as Henry walked back, "I'll keep her quiet for ya. And I'll whip her if she gets out of line."

Henry's last words as the door closed behind him, "Fine with me."

The door slammed and Benny looked at Al's face with some alarm. Al was smiling wickedly. He had her in a good grip and started right away on her. Al's hands were up into her shirt and trying for the inside of her jeans. Benny struggled hard and made it very difficult for Al. He could feel her tiring and with out planning it, held her face still and stuck his tongue into her mouth. Benny spit and almost bit down on it. Al got angry and yanked her jeans down and bent her over his knee. He swatted her a few times and Benny was very close to screaming out. She didn't though and Al reinforced it with, "You know what he'll do to you if you wake him. You'd better just relax and let it happen, 'cause I'm not going to stop."

Benny still had her jeans down to her knees and she couldn't get her arms free to pull them up. Al was still all over her and worse now that he could get into her panties. She kicked and bucked like a horse when he started to pinch her little hairless pussy and when she thought he was letting her go, he instead yanked her pants all the way off. The idea was to spread her legs but she got a kick in and freed herself and ran for her bedroom.

It was the door slam that brought Henry out again. He pushed on her door and she was holding it shut from the other side. But when he yelled at her to open it, she did, realizing it wasn't Al. Benny still didn't get a chance to tell on Al and Henry was holding his belt.

Al strolled to her open door and watched Henry beat her ass with red stripes which ended up on her legs too. He got up, seething, and said, "Next time, it's your face!" and slammed the door to his room again. He didn't seem to care that her pants had been off. Benny laid on her bed, crying. Al sat next to her and was kind for a moment.

Al petted her head and reached for her. She slid into his arms and cried into his shoulder. He held her for a time and when Benny had calmed down some, she realized she was straddling Al with just panties and a t-shirt. She pulled back to look at him with fear.

Al wiped her tears away and put his arms around behind her for a good grip. "Shhh." he hushed. "You don't want to bring him out again."

Benny tried to push back from him and he tightened his grip on her. The belt was still on the floor and Al reached down with her and picked it up. She shied from it but he didn't use it on her, at least not to hit her with. Al, instead, yanked her wrists behind her and use the belt to bind them back there. It was tight and it cut into her skin a little. Then he threw her to the bed and got up to shut the door.

Al had his pants off when he came back and Benny was trying to crawl away from him with just her legs. Al had an enormous erection and it scared Benny still. She'd seen enough TV and movies to know kind of what sex was, but she didn't realize a cock would be so big. In the short silence they both heard Henry snoring. Then Al was on top of her and pulling up her t-shirt. Her little nipples were not quite nubs yet and her belly was flat with a slightly out belly button. Al went down on her belly and sniffed at it, while pulling off her cotton panties. They were most of the way down when Benny grasped where Al was going to go.

He tasted her and she held still for it for a moment, but then kicked frantically when his tongue wormed its way inside her. He could not get her to hold still so he could enjoy this and finally pulled her back onto his lap facing him. His cock was behind her and pressing back against her butt cheeks. He ripped her shirt in half, baring her chest for good.

Al was becoming overcome with lust now. This was the moment he was waiting for. Benny was trying to wiggle away and struggle with her arms and legs. he held her tight and savored the moment. When Benny understood that he was waiting for something, she stopped a moment to look why. Al was staring deeply into her face, the unmistakable look of lust on his.

Benny knew on a primal level what was going to happen then and that she'd already passed the point of no return. He was going to fuck her and there was nothing she could do to stop it now.

Al grabbed her head from behind and pulled her face to his. He kissed her full in the mouth and she almost bit again, only this time Al had a hand on her neck and squeezed it when she threatened to bite.

Benny didn't bite.

Then he let her pull back and Benny's face looked half lidded and slightly sneering from the wet intrusion of his much larger mouth violating hers. She panted, sickened, with saliva down her chin. She wanted to be anywhere but there but was stuck tasting and feeling every awful moment with a grown, smelly man intruding into her most private places.

The kiss unnerved her and she has only half aware of being lifted up some. Then the hard head of a full grown penis pressing up between her legs brought the full horror back again. She was wet with his spit and he held her bottom lips apart and the shaft sank into her enough to make clear the coming pain. She felt like she would rip down there.

"Shhhhh." Al warned and covered her mouth with his other hand. Then, with an arm over one of her shoulders, he pressed her down over him and broke through her ten-year-old cherry. Benny started with a muffled scream, which changed to a frozen wheeze/squeal as Al penetrated her as deeply as he could, one agonizing inch at a time. He held her down until he felt himself hit bottom and then just held her there. Benny ran out of breath and he uncovered her mouth to let her breath.

She didn't try to scream again. Her eyes were unfocused from everything happening to her body and Al was nice enough to wait until it lessened before starting the rhythm. At first, it was slow and grinding and peeps would come out of her before he could stop her, then he got ever more excited and worked up his speed.

She was tight and her little body felt like a wound up spring. He fucked her harder. It wasn't long before he started to feel her hairless lips bump against his hairy pubic bone. He was all the way inside of her now and felt a pleasure like nothing he'd ever dreamed of ever experiencing in his life.

Al wanted to drink and eat Benny. The feel, the smell, the taste, everything! He wanted this moment to last forever. The orgasm building up inside of him changed that. He wasn't going to last another minute in her.

Not wanting to lose the joy of this possibly only chance he'll ever experience with his deepest fantasies, he couldn't stop the orgasm so he hastened it instead. He rolled her down onto her back, pinning her lower legs under her, and leaned his full weight down on her as he started to pound into her freshly popped cherry. The yelps started to get loud and he muffled them with more of his tongue down her mouth.

He came in her that way. Pinned, penetrated, and choking on his drooling tongue. She could hardly breathe and he took his time finishing.

With a last spasm, he rolled off of her jerking body and lay back, dreamily. Benny gasped and choked and eventually got her breathing under control. She didn't run. She didn't move.

She tensed when Al eventually pulled her over to lay on him, but he just undid the belt holding her arms behind her. With joy and appreciation, he even rubbed her wrists to smooth out the lines from where the belt was digging in. Benny was spent. She lay there and didn't try to run anymore. She thought, Al got what he wanted, and now he was being kind to her. He held her and she felt an odd mix of shame and feeling protected.

"Benny." Al said. Benny didn't look at him. "Hey, Benny." he said softly again and held up her chin to look at him. She winced a little at remembering his face before. Al smiled. "I'm sorry about hurting you." She looked at him for real. He really looked like he meant it.

"Then why'd you do it?" she finally asked.

"I couldn't help myself. You're very pretty and I always wanted you. You know that? Ever since I met you, I wanted to be your lover." He smiled again at her. All was right with the world for him. He got his fantasy. He wasn't even worried about being caught right then.

"It really hurt." she told him.

"I know. It always hurts the first time. But you were just fantastic. It won't ever hurt again. I promise." All smiles, Al was.


"You betcha." He brightened up. "Hey, you wanna go get a soda or somethin'?"


Al was in heaven. Benny was already forgiving him and it sounded like they might do it again too. And she never woke her father either.

Benny wasn't going to tell.

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