Daddy, I'm Sorry, Part 6

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Published: 5-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The girls had been put to bed early, before 10pm. Phil woke them up at 6:30 am since there was much to do before Emily was to be picked up and Kelly had to prepare for church. The girls were still tired from the night's orgasmic delights in fact they were exhausted. They each had multiple orgasms, most good but minor. They also had several big major explosions of rapturous pleasure. They couldn't get to sleep until the batteries ran down. Emily's died first; being it was larger then the one in Kelly's tiny, virginal hairless pussy.

"Come on girls. You need to get cleaned up."

Phil cut and peeled the tape off their bodies. They felt sticky due to the adhesive stuck to their bodies. Phil had a solution that would dissolve the glue. He told them to get in the tub for a hot bubble bath. The girls lay in the water as Phil cleaned them. He had Kelly stand as he cleaned the slit from the front to the back. She shuddered as the hot, wet washcloth pushed into her twat. Cleaning her rosebud was fun also. He pushed the soapy cloth into her anus and twisted his finger, right, left, push, right, left, push. This was thrilling Kelly, but Phil stopped cleaning her there and had her sit down. Emily watched the performance with wide eyes. She saw Kelly's face expressing sheer joy at her Fathers attention being paid to her. The look on Phil's face showed he enjoyed it too.

"Emily, your turn."

Emily slowly stood up.

"Please spread your legs."

Emily did as she was told and Phil soaped up her pussy. The warmth of the water and the cloth started a tingling, no rather a coursing of pleasure through Emily's body. Her breathing became ragged and turned to panting.

Phil suddenly moved to Emily's rear and with a soapy finger slowly pushed into the puckered little anus. Phil worked the finger until it was completely inserted. He only worked her for about two minutes. He withdrew his finger and used the cloth to rinse the entire pubic area.

Phil dried them off with large fluffy towels.

"Ladies, finish up while I make your breakfast. Emily get dressed. Kelly, here." Phil handed his daughter her bathrobe.

While Phil prepared the food he was considering his actions. He wasn't being consistent. Already he wanted to end these strange punishments. Let alone what was going through his sick mind. What he planned for today sent shivers down his spine and there was a danger with this one.

He cut fruit and thought that Kelly had suffered much but did so magnificently. He considered her 'fence'; he thought that it was pretty much repaired. She's the one who confessed to more that he didn't know of. She's the one who wouldn't let him stop. Maybe today's punishment could force her to say 'no more'.

Breakfast was almost ready when he called for the girls. The table was set so when Emily came in she just took the seat Phil motioned for her. Kelly though looked at he plate and then at her Father, she was confused.

"Kelly, take a seat."

Kelly sat as Phil put a platter of eggs and bacon before the young girls.

They ate and talked as girls do and Phil relished listening to the chatter.

Phil took the plates and started cleaning up. Emily's Father would soon be there so they continued their conversation about the boys they knew.

Phil looked at Kelly and saw an animated vivacious daughter, his daughter, the one he lost 14 months ago.

A short time later the doorbell rang.

"Kelly would you please get the door."

Both girls got up to answer the door. It was Tom Dubois. Emily hugged him as she bid him good morning.

"Did you enjoy yourself last night?" He asked.

"Yep. I'm still tingling."

Phil walked in and shook hands with Tom. They discussed the girl's night together.

"Kelly, would you like to spend the night at Emily's some night?"

"Yes sir." She said as she looked at Emily who smiled at the suggestion and answer.

"Phil I'll call after church and we'll talk about these two."

Tom & Emily left, hand in hand. Phil thought; " How Sweet."

"Kelly. It's time for your next atonement. Please go to my room."

Soon Kelly was standing nude in her daddy's bedroom. Phil was taking something out from a drawer, something that looked really odd. It was a belt, attached to the back were two leather thongs. About 12 -14 inches down the length of the thong was a large knot made from another leather thong. It was about 1 inches in diameter and very irregular in it's circular shape. Phil buckled the belt around her waist and then took the thongs and adjusted the knot between her butt cheeks and pressed on her rectum. Phil then took the thongs and pulled them up between Kelly's legs. The thongs were positioned along her leg and her pussy. Then the thongs were run up to the belt where two holes had been punched through the leather, and then tied off.

"You'll wear this belt until we get back from church. Now go and get dressed. I suggest a full skirt so the lump in your rump won't show."

Kelly being the now biddable daughter did as instructed. She soon realized what the effect of the knot would be on her. Every time she took a step the knot scraped inside her crevice. She tried to move as little as possible. While waiting for her Father, she stood with her legs spread and motionless.

"Ready?" Phil asked.

"Yes sir."

"Good. Its such a nice day lets walk to church."

Phil saw the horror in Kelly's face. Church was only four blocks away, four long blocks but with that knot in her ass it would feel like a marathon walk on hot coals.

"Daddy do we have to? You can drive."

"We can also ride our bikes but that would really hurt, don't you think?"

They walked out the door and Phil took her hand. Kelly didn't pull away and in fact squeezed as the pain increased with each step. Kelly found if she clenched her cheeks together the knot would rub all the harder. If she relaxed, the sway of her hips caused the knot to scrap her. This was going to be a long two hours.

At church they sat in the back, which Kelly at first was thankful for the fewer steps. When she sat down it was a different story. The knot now pressed unto her tender brownspot. Fidgeting didn't help, that would rub, scrape, dig in and press. Sitting still only pushed the knot against her poop chute.

Kelly fought back the tears, she was squeezing daddy's hand and her breathing was becoming irregular and it wasn't from sexual excitement.

Kelly leaned over and whispered; "Daddy I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back."

Kelly got up and hobbled her way to the ladies room. Phil was no fool; he knew she was going to do something about the knot. He wondered if she was backsliding. Time will tell.

In the ladies room Kelly took several of the paper towels and stepped into a stall. There she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties. She put the towels between the knot and her chafed skin. The paper was soft but the burn didn't go away.

Kelly found walking a bit easier and she could now sit without fidgeting.

Kelly's lack of movement only confirmed to Phil that she cheated on her atonement. This saddened Phil, now he only wanted to see how far she'd go with her supposed deception.

They had gone to the shorter of the three services and 35 minutes later Phil & Kelly walked out of church. Kelly was getting odd looks from the parishioners as she was walking like the Frankenstein monster. She wondered why daddy hadn't taken her hand. She thought he did look a bit absorbed. She wondered if he knew. She was going to tell him anyways after all she couldn't very well hide the paper towels if she had to strip in front of him. She may as well do it now and get it over with.


"Yes Hon."

"I have...I have to make a confession."

"Does it have anything to do with the knot?"

"Oh poop... he knows." She muttered.

"Yeah When.. I mean, yes sir. When I went to the washroom, I put some paper towels around the knot. I'm sorry daddy but it hurt and burned so bad and..."

"Hush Hon, I knew you did something, I was concerned that you'd try and trick me. Instead you told me. I'm proud of you. Does this put an end to the atonements?"

"I did most of the atonement. Isn't there something else I can do or have done to me?"

"You couldn't finish this one. What makes you think you can finish the others?"

Looking up to her Father, she stopped him and said; "I can only try."

"Here's the problem, assume a person stands before a judge awaiting their sentencing. Does the person tell the judge what the sentence should be?"


"Well that's what you did. You only served half your sentence."

"But a prisoners gets time off for good behavior don't they?"

Phil could not help but laugh at accuracy the logic. He hugged her and said, "Yes dear, and you've been very good. I can only hope you stay that way. Most important you told me the truth remember, when your caught in a lie 1,000 truths are put in doubt."

Kelly grimaced, she had told quite a few lies in the past. She vowed to herself to be honest.

They started to walk again as Phil continued; "When we get home, you'll strip. I want to check to make sure the knot didn't cut you. Afterward I'm going to insert a butt plug up Then You'll stick your nose into the corner and you'll stay there till lunch is ready or whenever I let you out. Okay?"

"Deal!" Kelly said with joyous relief figuring that a butt plug must be sexual and so far it's been fun.

Once home, Kelly was again naked and across her father's lap, she was getting used to it by now. Phil had her spread her legs while he inspected her rectum and the inside of her cheeks. She wasn't bleeding but was badly chafed. He applied a heavy dose of healing cream, which helped the butt plug to be inserted. Kelly never thought she'd have anything like that in her. At first it was uncomfortable, stretching her anus to where she wondered if daddy wasn't going to rip her open. Then making her feel as if she had to have a massive bowel movement.

She stood in the corner, nose to the wall and legs spread in order to let the air help with the healing. No sooner had her nose touched the corner than the phone rang. She can only hear her Father's muffled voice.

Phil answered the phone and was happy to hear it was Tom, Emily's Father. They discussed the week the girls had off. It seemed that Tom and his wife had to work and was concerned about Emily being alone most of the day. Tom did managed to get Thursday & Friday off but Monday-Wednesday he wanted Emily to stay Phil & Kelly. Phil was happy to have Emily over after all she seemed to be somewhat submissive and Tom sort of encouraged Phil to indulge himself concerning Emily.

Emily asked if she could come over and Phil said only if she'd stay for dinner. She'd be there in 15 minutes.

Kelly heard the doorbell and the bile started to churn in her stomach. She really didn't want anyone to see her like this She heard daddy talking to someone, "Please oh please don't invite anyone in!" She thought.

"Kelly, someone's here to see you." Called Phil.

"OH NO!"

"Hi Kel."

Relief flooded Kelly as she realized it was Emily.

Phil gave Emily the following instructions; "Kelly has to stay in the corner for one hour (okay he'd let her off early) however you two can talk or you can watch TV. However if Kelly moves out of the corner even if her nose comes off the wall, you're to smack her with this belt."

Kelly heard the snick, snick, snick of daddy's belt as he pulled it through the loops of his pants.

"If I hear a smack but not a yelp from her, you get two. Understand?"

"Yes sir."

Phil left the two so they could talk. In the one hour Kelly was in the corner, Phil didn't hear a smack of the belt. He wondered if the two had decided to put one over on him. Oh well, he was planning a little fun with them later anyway. He let Kelly out from the corner and told them they could do anything they wanted. He had Emily remove the butt plug from Kelly. It came out a lot easier then it went in. They scampered off to Kelly's bedroom where music was suddenly drowning out all other noises in the home.

It was 2:30 when Phil decided it was fun time. He went to Kelly's room where the girls had gotten into Kelly's Mother's makeup kit. Phil couldn't be angry; the stuff would have gone to waste if they hadn't used it.

"Emily, don't you think it's rude for you to be dressed while Kelly is naked?" he asked.

Emily froze; she was used to her parent's questions like that and knew she'd soon be punished.


Emily stood and undressed. Two naked nubile bodies stood before Phil.

"Kelly, you're supposed to get bedtime spankings, if you promise to take a nap I'll spank you both now."

Kelly nodded and so did Emily.

"Follow me."

The girls walked behind Phil as he led them to the workroom.

Emily remembered the ropes hanging down from the ceiling in this room and how she was suspended with those ropes. She recalled the punishment and the pleasuring afterwards. Her stomach was aflutter with anticipation.

Phil tied Emily as he had the night before. Kelly he did likewise, they were less then two feet apart, arms overhead standing on tiptoes.

Phil produced a deerskin flogger. He bought it the day Kelly made all the apologizes at school. He was assured that it didn't really hurt, it was meant to warm the body of the one being flogged.

Phil swung and hit Kelly on the back. She gave a small gasp expecting real pain and instead got a light thump. Then he struck Emily.

From shoulder down to thighs he worked the flogger till their skin was a dark pink. He then came to the front of the girls and started at their chests.

Emily received several more across her tits and was beginning to get excited. The moisture can be seen leaking out of her naked pussy.

Whup, whup, twack, whup, twack, twack, twack

Phil worked the flogger on their mounds of Venice. Emily's clit was peeking out and the gentle whip sent jolts through Emily's body, jolts of pleasure.

Kelly was beginning her throes ecstasy. Both girls were moaning as their bodies twisted and turned in their suspension.

Phil dropped the flogger and stood before them with his right hand he fingered Kelly, with the left, Emily. They were on the verge when Phil stopped. He picked another item he'd bought, a leather paddle.

Smack! Kelly barely responded to the stinging slap of the paddle.

Smack! Emily let out with an" Ooouuhhh."

Smack! Slap Smack Smack slap slap smack slap slap smack.

Six each. The heat radiated from their beaten behinds. The pussies dripped the fragrant juices of the female.

Again Phil stood in front of them and swirled their clits until they came.

Kelly and Emily moaned and mewled as orgasms flooded their bodies.

Phil let them down and once released he told them to go to his room and get on his bed. They did as they were told.

Phil had Kelly lie on her back with her head at the foot of the bed. He told Emily get on top with her head at Kelly's pussy. To Emily this was De JA vue all over again. She had done this with her parents many times.

Kelly on the other hand never even considered making love with another girl and started to protest.

"Kelly, remember last night when you told me to take the spanking, that it'd be worth it?" Emily asked.


"Believe me, please, you'll love what's about to happen."

Phil piped in with; " Kelly, there is no such thing as a bad orgasm it's just some are better than others. So enjoy and return the enjoyment."

Soon both girls buried their faces in each other's crotches, licking and fingering pussy.

Phil was about to get his. While the girls were doing each other, he undressed. He put his finger in Emily's dripping pussy and got her juices up to her anus. When she was thoroughly lubricated, he took his swollen dick and slid it in Emily's ass. Emily jerked her head up and gasped, sighed and returned to licking Kelly's clit.

Phil held Emily's hips as he piston her bottom. Phil came as the girls were having orgasm after orgasm.

Emily rolled over and panted. Kelly just muttered "Oh God, Oh God."

Phil had them get under the covers and told them to take a nap. He'd wake them for dinner.

Dinner was eaten in relative silence. The girls, still naked, heaved many a sigh as they basked in their wondrous afterglow. Phil too was lost in thought, remembering the sex with his wife. He missed her and her body.

After dinner, Phil had Emily get dressed, as he was about to drive her home. He handed his naked daughter a jacket and told her to get in the car.

Kelly was surprised at the order. What if someone saw her? But she did as she was told. Kelly and Emily got in the back seat and headed for Emily's home.

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