Hedonism, Exhibitionism, Marxism and Trains

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Published: 16-Jun-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the original author, Phil Phantom, and can no longer be found online; it has been edited and posted here by Nicholas_Fellheimer.

All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Andrea Fanning found herself locked in a battle of wills with a most formidable adversary: a smooth-operating, silver-tongued, devilishly handsome photographer determined to win Andrea's lovely eleven-year-old daughter, Candice Fanning, over to his side. That was the side of hedonism, exhibitionism, lesbianism, and Marxism -- to replace virgin Catholicism and honor-roll-ism. First day, round one, the commie bastard was winning with the score being:

Lions, four; Christians, Zero.

Andrea saw it that way, because Drake shared a bachelor pad with two other career student sexual predators; predators who think they know everything, and think they can score on any female, married or minor, and easily score on both with superior intellect and strategy. Those three were part of a larger group of over two dozen -- with eighteen planning to be present through the summer. Drake Devon, their leader hero says, "American females are so easy to bed; why wed?"

Cocky bastards were all Americans, too, from wealthy families, all spoiled-rotten products of capitalism. First day of summer session, sharing a philosophy class with Drake, also being part of their "group," deemed worthy of joining them in "their" cozy corner in the student union cafeteria to "cerebrally masturbate" between classes, or during lunch, or before classes, or after the last. There was always someone from "the group" to sit and talk to, but the talk was either socialist utopia or sexual hedonism. Sexual hedonism put the utopia in the socialist model.

Andrea absolutely hated eating alone, being alone, waiting alone, and so much of her schedule was waiting. The "group" was a godsend until the mostly male group challenged Drake to apply his American female dictum to his new friend Andrea -- and to her preteen daughter, Candy. That was morning of day one just a few minutes after her introduction, and still Andrea clung to the group, partly because Drake stood no chance and stood absolutely no chance with Candy.

One could not fault the desire: with exceptional, long, full, wavy brunette hair - a mane - enough hair to make three long-hair wigs for three adult women, the adorable Candice was a modern-era wood nymph. She was a lovely girl, very pretty, whose idea of a good time was running around naked on a golf course until they eventually caught the mythical creature in a trap, identified her, and parents were called down to the country club to bail her out of country club jail. 'Jail' was their nineteenth hole lounge, where golfers who had wood nymph encounters were able to get her picture, autograph, and the legendary golfing distraction could bask in the mass adoration wearing only hair and a big smile.

She also came home with over a hundred and fifty bucks for signing men's balls at a buck a ball. She even signed a few golf balls. If you think that hellish prison broke her of the habit, think again. Getting caught was payday, but after a few paydays, they stopped treating this as a cute lark. The cure was being turned over to the real police and being bailed out of the juvenile detention center with a three-year probation. Caught naked in public again, she serves the remainder of her time. All she had to do was get through this summer and she'd be free, having paid her debt to society.

The nymph's mother, a rare beauty in her own right, also a green-eyed brunette, preferred to wear her hair short and simple: hassle-free hair; serious hair, professional career hair, teacher hair. Shave them both, put them side by side, one could easily see they were mother and daughter. The hair made the two look unrelated; well, hair and disposition. The mother being up-tight, reserved, modest, and conservative. The child was the opposite - free as a bird, naked as a jaybird much of the time, and with fingers in her gooey baby-pussy.

One wondered how Andrea Fanning came by such a child, because Wade Fanning was not exactly the outgoing thrill seeker, not even an outdoorsie type. Obtuse recluse and self-proclaimed HO scale model train expert was hardly the type to mate with an hot Andrea type -- nor to produce any type of Candy.

If any of them stood any chance with that happily married mother of four who was at least twice as mature and ten years older than anyone else in the "group," that person was Drake, the one closest to her age at twenty five. He was less than ten years younger than Andrea. At least he was brutally handsome: bright, witty, warm, friendly, charming, talented, sexy, and wanted her very badly.

He wanted Candy worse, but wanted Andrea badly, and the two together was the objective. That objective was stated clearly, in the parking lot upon arrival, he coming from behind to get between them -- with arms around both -- and state, "Don't we make a great threesome - two brunette cookies with a creamy blonde center."

That made Candy smile, and Andrea blush.

The gorgeous young man continued: "This would look great naked, on a big bed with black satin sheets. There's a big mirror on the ceiling if you two lovelies would like to see what that looks like. I have enough cock for the both of yo --, and balls, you won't believe the balls, cock and balls, so waddya say we ditch the day and make a memory or some gorgeous blue-green-eyed babies?"

Andrea had heard unique opening pick-up lines in her day, but that took the prize -- just the standard mother daughter pick-up line, used by those who had nothing to fear, and were well endowed with the right type of bed and bedding. That hunk did nothing but impress that wood nymph. As for the terribly mature adult student open to the idea of a summer fling -- with a mandate to get laid -- the guy, the bed, and bedding was perfect.

Actually, Drake Devon stood an excellent chance; Andrea's primary motivation in attending a summer session toward her masters was to get laid by someone other than Wade. Fifteen years of fucking the same man the exact same way once each week was driving that drop-dead gorgeous elementary school teacher right up a fucking wall.

Yes, a masters in education would help, but the happy marriage needed an affair. Andrea was like a writer with writer's block. Wade was an editor with a deadline. Andrea was the problem, but the solution wasn't sex on a weekly schedule. That does get a man laid at least once per week, but he gets sex with a woman who simply lies there and gets screwed. A healthy sex life required a healthy woman -- one who went after sex, hounded her man at times and in places he would least expect it. A sexual predator wife was what the Fanning marriage needed, all agreed -- but they had been in agreement for over ten years, with nothing to show for it except agreement.

A summer fling was exactly what that marriage needed -- and, like Candy's golf thing, one that was discovered, exposed, whined about, and cried over might just be precisely what the marriage needed. Wade took entirely too much for granted. Candy's desperate cry for sexual attention worked wonders for her. That did prove she was not a little girl anymore, although she still was when her career as a nymph ended abruptly. Andrea needed something on that order. Wade assumed far too much.

For one, he foolishly assumed that cheating simply was not in Andrea. Couldn't do it - needn't worry - could never confess adultery - couldn't sit in church as an unrepentant sinner - couldn't live life without church. So why worry?

So now she had a summer of classes, even night classes, heavy load, sure, why not, no problem, go, learn, enjoy. He should not have said "get laid," not even as a joke.

Shortly after being told to get laid, Andrea finds herself before a group of professed hedonists -- consisting of seven young men and two openly lesbian freshman who want to see how many in the group can fuck mother and/or child, and how many times in how many ways over the six-week first session. If that weren't enough of a hi-how-are-you, Drake has the balls to say, "You can put me down for at least one rear mount and one frontal assault, because I'm walking these American beauties to their American car."

If that weren't enough, she had Candy along because the soon-to-be junior-high student wanted to see what college was like.

She saw what it was like, but she did not see that cocky man walk her mother to her car and rear mount her. No way would she be seeing that. Andrea took her home first, then went back to be walked to her car after her last class, there to be rear mounted.

Not that it wasn't obvious and terribly embarrassing why they were ditching the last class on the first day to rush the child home -- only to rush back to appear to be coming out of that last class, meeting Drake at the Union so as to be walked to a car that was parked way out where one could be rear mounted, though she wasn't quite sure what that meant exactly.

She assumed doggie style in one or the other holes, one being virgin and doggie style being her preferred mount -- as long as it wasn't by a real dog, although before returning to school, she did give the unthinkable plenty of thought. One thing you can say in favor of dogs: they don't need to be talked into doing it doggie style. They can act the part more convincingly than any man. Two things, then.

Andrea didn't want to explain any of this to Candy, but Candy only wanted to talk about one thing all the way home, and that was everything about why. Andrea brought curious Candy on the first day because Andrea was so sure nothing would happen on the first day, hoping to satisfy her child's curiosity before a lover came into the picture. It was almost like he stood waiting for them. They met in the parking lot, and he decided to sit in on Andrea's first class - crash it with Candy. They were crashers, so they sat together in the theater seats of a large lecture hall, Drake getting between mother and daughter, would not stop talking, and were talking about that sexy mother.

Andrea could not stop listening, with burning ears and flushed features -- and with that young man's hand stroking indecently high up a bare leg because he asked the daughter if she thought that would be a good first move. Candy said YES!

Drake got up to Andrea's panties, but that was to prove him wrong. He had a bet with Candy that there were none, just a shaved bald pussy with a clit stud or ring. After overhearing that, Andrea had to let him know how wrong he was and how right Candy was. After he was sure beyond any doubt, even about the hair, he LIED and told Candy that he won; she lost.

After that, they met "the group," spent two long embarrassing yet invigorating hours with "the group": a lewd lunch, and then another hour debauch in discussion in the afternoon. The group loved tales of the fabled country club wood nymph, the greens streaker who made balls sticky n' stinky like pussy, an enterprising lass who made a killing signing men's balls; who could swallow more cum than any golfing foursome could produce. Being an ex-con still on probation made her a big hit.

All of that group time, adoration, and attention didn't do anything but raise Candy's ego, boost her confidence, and up her curiosity level to a point where questions came with a demand for answers, the first being, "Why are we ditching the last class?"

Other than the pro-golfing career, Candy had never been a problem child, nor much interested in sex, though she was headed into puberty with puberty being good to her. Under all that hair was a woman's body in miniature. She was a diehard nature girl from the age of three, but being naked wasn't a sexual thing, just a thrilling thing. Those hedonist sure lit a fire in that little woman's loins. That fire started when Drake got Candy on his finger; then three. Andrea did all she could to ignore that, then had to try to ignore the two he slipped into her. She hadn't known him one hour, and here she was bucking on his hand.

At least they picked a good location to play hide the fingers.

Drake's expert manipulations and provocative talk flipped preteen Candy's on/off switch to ON and adult. By the time Andrea got that curious cat home, Andrea had to drag her from the car with the final answer, "Because your mother is a bitch in heat and must get fucked - that's why!"

That was all Candy wanted. If her mother had said that in the first place, everything would have been just fine.

Andrea got her rear mount; Drake got her clothes, even the shoes. Andrea had to wait for the cover of darkness to drive, then had no choice but to walk in naked or sit in the driveway naked. The garage door opener thingie wasn't working -- so, still being undecided, Andrea moved the car alongside the house where they used to keep a boat tucked away. There, safely hidden, she awaited Candy.

Candy was on the front steps anxiously waiting on her mom to come home. She followed the car. Somewhere along the way, she lost everything she had been wearing. A grinning wood nymph got in. Would she bring mommy some clothes?

Hell no.

Drake said he'd do that; Candy promised that she wouldn't. A promise is a promise.

Andrea felt naked and soiled after Candy got in and sat in the passenger seat to stare in the crotch area. Seeing Candy naked was nothing new, but the reverse was. Andrea had her forehead resting on the steering wheel, sorely tempted to cover her crotch with a modest hand, knowing that when she finally gave up and got out, Candy would get a good look at everything and the remaining puddle of ooey gooey fuck slop. Drake came a lot.

In Candy's current state, she might lick the seat leather clean. She received a very thorough sex education in over four hours of group -- after an hour and a half in a finger-threesome with Drake and Mommy. No longer a wood nymph, the girl was now a dedicated socialist hedonist. One of those little girls would lick that leather and then that mother, then tell it in group and get praised. She might even get to wear the heroic hat of hedonism - a propeller beanie with one blade missing - until another came forward with something worthy of the hat. Candy earned that hat eight times during the day -- eight to Andrea's zero. Her wood-nymph stories about doggie-cocks were quite popular.

They were being much more liberal to the daughter than to the mother. Her golf course adventures were nothing compared to Andrea's high school adventures. Candy's were all suspect; Andrea told the truth without very much embellishment, but they were a tough crowd. Not for Candy, though - she was in the palm of Mommy's hand and wrapped around her little finger, hanging on her every word. She sat upon every lap. Every finger had the distinct scent of wood nymph. A more fingered child had never attended college.

Andrea sat there, but knew after two minutes Candy would be no help. Someone unplugged the garage door opener, and that someone wore a grin and nothing else. She might open the front door. Everybody was home - Daddy, Mark-15, Luke-12, and John-10, even Duke the dog was inside the house, and that outdoor mutt found the female crotch fascinating in anything. Nude and soiled would be a treat he'd need to be beat away from. Andrea asked if Candy would at least control Duke. Candy replied, "No ... I let him in because my mommy said that she was a bitch in heat."

In frustration, Andrea looked to the full-of-herself, very amused child and said, "You are damn lucky this is mother daughter day, and double damn lucky this is all my fault. If I could blame any of this on you, you'd be in for it. Mother daughter day is officially over. From here on, anything you say or do counts against you ... or don't do. I order you to get that nasty animal back outside, then distract your brothers down to the choo choo room. How, I don't care -- just do it. Flash the basement lights when you have them all down there. I'll be watching for the light in the basement - hurry!"

The little bitch said, "You can cut college classes short, but not a mother daughter day - twenty-four hours in a day, Mom. This one is the best ever. I want to stay up till midnight, and be with you the whole time - every second, right at your side, even through the argument, and if Dad does what I think he'll do ... well, that, too."

"Drake has poisoned your innocent mind and filled your pure heart with wickedness."

"Yeah, that's why this is the best ever, but you had no right to ditch me like you did. You owe me three hours and twenty minutes. I want it all spent with Drake at his place, so after you screw Daddy, lets go over there and you can screw Daddy some more by letting Drake score some more points. I'll keep the score. How many so far? Open your legs, Shy-Ann. I want to see which hole got it, or if both got it. Come on, no secrets on mother daughter day - show and tell. Show all - tell all."

Candy was making up mother daughter day rules as she went along. After a day like they spent, show and tell couldn't hurt. Andrea allowed her legs to part wide but wasn't sure why other than to amuse a curious daughter who was dying to see where her mother got fucked twice in each hole - dying to see a huge fucking mess that she helped create by being so god damn fucking adorable and fuckable. Two of those fuckings from that over-heated man were due to -- and meant for -- baby Candy.

When Candy forced a good beaver, she exclaimed, "OH WOW! Crack the door open so the light'll come on. He really fucked you good - both holes. Open the fuckin door, you sexy bitch. Don't be chicken."

For the same reason, after looking around, Andrea opened the door to put light on the subject and allow the left knee to fall out more. That brought another, OH! WOW! and "Boy, you really got royally fucked. Dad's gonna shit when he sees this. You will show him, won't you? With me right there? You can tell me all about it while you're telling him, and don't leave out any juicy details. It should be like we are right there watching. Man, Drake had to have scored ten points just between your legs. I'll betcha he got blowjob points, too. Or is this what a gang banged crotch looks like? Is that it? Did they gang bang you, Mommy?"

Andrea pulled the door shut, sat the daughter up, and closed the legs, saying, "Just Drake, and he scored four - two pussy - two ass. I suspect he faked that last orgasm in my ass, but the fact that he could get it up after three that weren't faked earns the point. It does in my book, and I confirm or deny the claim. He will be claiming four. I plan to confirm four along with some sucking to help get him up."

"I have got to be there to see that."

"Enough show and tell -- and you need to get a grip, girl. You have had a major overdose of sex today. I understand what that does to a girl your age, especially at your age. You spent the day in a very adult world with a very forward nasty man. I saw how much you were enjoying yourself. I wasn't about to rain on your parade. If you want more Drake exposure, you'll help me with my exposure problem."

"I want lots more."

"I know exactly what you want -- but I offered exposure, not what you want. I want Wade to see what one day of school did to my pussy, but not those boys, and not that nosy, nasty, vulgar, outdoor mutt. Help me, and I'll see that you get your three and a half hours with Drake ... AND with me. You won't see anything, and you will not be getting anything, but you can enjoy our company at his place. I doubt he is up to more this evening. Deal?"

"Mom, I set this up with Drake in case you tried to ditch me. He did what he promised to do, now I have to do all the things I promised him I'd do. Help you wasn't one; help make this a bigger, more embarrassing, more humiliating, and a more degrading scene was. You are not getting out of it. You mother daughter ditched me and that calls for an atonement."

"I agree, Candy, but could it be something else?"

"The guys are dying to see you like this, and so is Duke. How else are they ever going to? This might be their only chance, and I sorta promised them."

"Candy, you didn't tell them. Tell me you didn't."

"Mom, I only told them everything."

Andrea's head thumped the steering wheel, and her fresh-fucked cunt wet squish in the cum leaking from her ass.

"Nobody said mother daughter day had to be kept secret, and this is the neatest thing that ever happened to me, better than paydays at the country club. Neat sexual things are always happening to the boys -- but never to me. I feel like the baby, and I'm second youngest. Baby John isn't even a virgin."

"Candy, boys lie. They are all virgin. Damnit, Candy, why did you do that to me? We don't screw each other on mother daughter day."

"I'd be willing."

That popped Andrea's head up, and eyes open on that girl with a stunned mother saying, "Be willing to what?"

"Do the things chicks do. You know, like they were talking about. I'd do those things with you, like in a flash I would ... not now, but that's cuz its all poopy and mixed up. Boy, he creamed your asshole good, huh?"

"Candy, aren't we growing up too fast in the wrong direction. We should walk the straight and narrow for a few decades before taking any kinky side roads."

"Straight and narrow is for nerds and noodniks."

"What am I?"

Her preteen daughter smiled. "A hot, horny grade school teacher that wishes she had started off on a kinky dirt road -- with a hot lesbian in one hand and a dog's leash in the other."

"I explained to you, those are fantasies, and if I had ever wanted any of those fantasies to be anything other than fantasies, I had many many opportunities. What I did with Drake was one fantasy I decided to try -- my semi-public sex with a virtual stranger fantasy, and that's all it is. I think you had about one-hundred too many hedonist fingers in the cherry pie today, and wore the hat seven times too many. The hat has gone to your head. Don't let this one crazy mother daughter day get you all kinked and twisted. Don't get all turned around. Just take it in, accept it for what it was, and continue taking baby steps into adulthood."

"I know you think I made up those stories, but I didn't. Every one was true. I have not been virgin in my ass or my mouth for over three years. I love to fuck older men. I earned that hat, and you didn't. The stories you told didn't cut it -- a big deal to you, maybe, but not to any true hedonist. There was little or no risk and nothing unusual done, nothing bold or creative. Everything was passive, something you allowed or was forced on you. The guy who raped you and your best friend earned the hat. Everything I did was active, initiated and carried out by me with great risk."

"Okay, Candy, eight to zero, but you are still too young to be getting into kinky sex. If you want to experiment with same-sex sex, find another girl who also wants to. You don't go chowing down on your own mother."

"I will. I'd also eat your fine pussy before, during, and after sex, and Drake sure is dying to see a girl do that to her mother before, during, and after sex. I promised him I'd try real hard. You'll have to slap me real hard to stop me. When I see you fucking, I see you whipping me up a dreamy creamy snatch snack."

"Christ! How could one day do this to a perfectly good girl?"

"For one, you don't start out with a perfectly good girl. Start with a queer exhibitionist with eight good hedonist adventures under her belt; one who loves getting ass-fucked by a dozen old men on a fairway, and has since she was nine. What you get is what you see."

"I am beginning to see that, but I thought I started out with something entirely different. I never dreamed that your face and my cunt had a destiny after your head popped out of it."

"Well, I have dreamed it, and I'm tired of dreaming. I want Drake to see that and get pictures of it. I want Drake to have all he wants of everything. I think Daddy should know everything, so I told him everything, too."

Andrea flung her head back to look at the headliner as she cried, "Shit, Candy, what exactly did you tell him?"

"I told him you were fucking your lover in a parking lot."

"You said fuck to your father?"

"I said fuck. I said fuck a lot, a lot of other words, too, but they sure made his Engineer Wade cock hard -- and he sure is going to butt-fuck you, sexy bitch-in-heat mommy."

"You did not talk that way with your father, Candy, now you stop this teasing. I want you to get serious."

"Mom, I am as serious as tetanus of the tittie. He was praying to god that Drake would bust that tight and uptight butt cherry. Looks good 'n busted to me, that or you are a closet butt whore. See that he gets a good look at that butt fuck hole, because he doesn't care, so long as it is now open for business. He wants to be chief engineer on the pooh pooh choo choo. All aboard the Andrea express. Passengers are waiting ... woooo woooo! ALL ABOARD!"

"Candy, you are drunk on sex and you didn't even get any. What has that damn pervert Drake done to my innocent little girl?"

"He checked out my stuff, polished my cherry, and said I was ready - ripe and ready. No argument from me, but I'm not ready for that big cock. Not yet; he would bust my baby-cunt. I was thinking I might try a little incest, first."

Rolling her head on the head rest to look at Candy, Andrea said, "Oh no! ... Did you?"

"Just a little, but you're wrong about them all being virgins. You might have been right, earlier -- when you dumped me, all drunk on sex I didn't get any of, so that you could get all you want. I left one super horny one for you, but it isn't Daddy. He's the best old man who ever fucked my asshole."

Andrea gave the steering wheel a pounding while she cried out, "Oh fuck, this wasn't supposed to happen! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!...FUCK!"

"I figured you didn't plan this day to go this way, but it sure did come together like a plan, huh? You wanted to wake daddy up and get him to notice you, stop taking you for granted. He's awake, but he's not as horny as he was. He'll notice you. Since you're in this far, can you take a daughter's advice?"

"I'll listen, but the last advice I took from you was to lighten up and loosen up. That got me creamed in a fertile pussy and fucked in the ass - twice. I will admit, it was damn good advice, so go ahead. I'm listening."

"Don't go in there a busted Shy-Ann cheater. Be proud. Be cool. Pretend you're not naked, got what you expected, the plan went perfect, and let Duke get you all clean like that's his job. Mostly, stay naked and out where everyone can see and hear everything. By everything, I mean tell all while in beaver city -- and if it turns into fuckville, you ain't shy. A woman like you will fuck anywhere she pleases. If it turns into muttfuckville, I'm getting the video camera. We're starting a home video porn library. Actually, it's already started, but there's still more room on that first tape."

Andrea took in a deep breath, held it, let it all out, then looked to Candy and said, "So, this is the life you kids want, is it?"

"Beats church. I'd say you had a real good time, church lady."

"I wish I hadn't. This would be so much easier to deal with had I not. For one, I could stop hanging with socially retarded hedonists and stop exposing you to them. Because it was so good and I need a lot more, we have a date with Drake and his roomies, and for the express purpose of giving them a fair shot at scoring points off you."

This surprising news popped a wood nymph's eyes wide, saying, "Are you serious!"

"If I keep a crazy date made in the heat of the moment, yes, quite serious. I don't see why not. The fuck genie is out of the bottle, and you want to start off kinky. In a couple decades, you may want to try the straight and narrow. I can't swear that your way isn't the better way. I'm in the mood to walk with you, unless you don't want your noodnik mommy holding your kinky hand."

"I'd prefer you crawl naked on all fours with your long mommy tongue up my ass with Duke fucking you in your ass, dragging along needle-teethed puppies that are sucking on your tits and chewing on your nipples, but that's just a silly fantasy of mine."

"Christ! How long has that been a fantasy?"

"I don't know. What time is it?"

"Fucking Drake ... and speaking of fucking Drake, lets get back to the date at his bachelor pad on the beach."

"Yeah, let's talk about fucking Drake."

"On this date which will take place on Saturday, running noon to noon Sunday, all I can do is call fouls and stop action for one-minute cooling off periods, but if the seduction is clean and the kinky bitch wants it, I must allow it, keeping in mind that all is fair in love and war. I made him a promise I would try and wished him luck getting pussy points off you. Hell, I even wished his two roomies luck. I even offered to help get you started. Now, I very much wish I hadn't loved it, because that nasty bastard is going to be my undoing as a wife, mother, and good Catholic."

"I'm very much glad you did, and you be sure to remember that all's fair in love or war thing."

Sighing, "Oh Candy, this is soooo wrong, but god damn it feels sooooo damn good after being soooo damn good for so damn long. I can't believe I let that man finger fuck you in a lecture hall within an hour of meeting the cocky bastard. I should have slapped his face in the parking lot for that vulgar cookies 'n cream pitch he made, but intentionally ignoring what he was doing to you, not even one dirty look, only looks that took note and said, 'If you got the balls, go for it, stud.' That brought about this crazy day."

"I know, but the best was after he got my panties off and you put them in your purse. That was so cool, and super cool when you'd look right at my bare beaver, see where his fingers were, see how deep they were going, watching that man polish my cherry for me, then give that look, but I thought that look was, 'Show me what you can do,' or 'Show us what you got.'"

"He sure did, and I did give those looks. I came very close to leaning in and asking him to show us his cock and balls. He sure had balls. I just had to see that cock. Fortunately, he's a mind reader."

Candy sighed, smiling wistfully. "Man, what a great cock, but the neatest was when we both had a hand on it and were both pumping it, mother and daughter sharing a sexy stud on mother daughter day - IN a college classroom - theater whatever. Oh, the funniest was when we both got up the nerve to suck at the same time and bumped heads. That hurt, but I almost cracked up."

"I was so embarrassed - hurt and embarrassed. There was nothing at all funny about that. Great minds think alike, but that was neither the time nor place."

"If that hadn't happened, you know we would have been taking turns sucking him, or working him together - one licks while the other sucks. We were that fucking horny and you know it."

"Believe it or not, that was my intention. I figured you had to want to suck him as much as I did."

Candy giggled. "You figured right - exactly as much."

"I asked for this crazy day, Candy. Asked ... begged, but in all honesty, I only regret one thing - dropping you off at the last minute. He was so disappointed that I did that, chickened-out like a straight 'n narrow-minded noodnik wife slash mother slash teacher slash capitalist pig."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. You're not all that straight," she said with a big grin.

"Cute ... real cute, but you're right. I am not all that straight. I apologized, and swore I'd make it up to him. I as much told him I'd get you for him and his roomies to have fun with, a sexy little playmate for hedonists to enjoy all summer long. I must be out of my mind, Candy, but I now mean that, and not just for those three - the group, Candy, the group."

"You're a very bad mommy, but at least you share your Candy."

"That outdoor, risky, fantastic, four-ply fucking earned him all the Candy he wants. A very bad mommy promised him all the Candy he wants. He is the one who shares his Candy, and I knew that after the first fuck, knew all the details, plans, and sexual adventures by the last fuck. I made my promise after that last ass-fuck while licking his cock and balls."

"I'll bet we have a very cool summer - a mother daughter summer."

Andrea began stroking a finger through her messy slit under Candy's watchful eyes, so Andrea made a better beaver while saying, "It is shaping up to be one, and I'm not fighting it. Your face will never get slapped for getting near my pussy. If you'll do it, go for it. I may not return the favor, but I will sure watch you. I promise you this: if by the end of summer I haven't returned the favor, I will."

"I sorta like the idea of being the group plaything -- with you being a member of the group that plays with the group plaything. Do what you want with a plaything. Nobody has to do anything to please the plaything. That's my number one fantasy, being a sex slave, and that is one that I've had for a lot of years. Plaything for hedonists would be a lot like that."

"I think it would be exactly like that, if I allow it. Pray that I won't, but brace for that I will. If Wade lets me, and you are willing, I don't know what would stop me. I am not as wedded to the church as everyone thinks. Your father isn't at all, so I am counting on the hedonist in him to come out even further."

"He might go along. He sure thinks this is major cool. He sure didn't think you had it in you, and so glad he was wrong. Got him some real good daughter ass, that he wanted real bad, by the way. I'm no fuck expert, but he fucked me pretty good, pretty long, pretty hard, and twice - once in the pussy, no condom, hosed me ... called me a sexy little slut, too. But do you know something? I am, and I do love getting my pussy fucked."

Andrea was as good as masturbating at this point, using both hands, but casually with Candy taking a keen interest, scooting up close and with her hands clearing wanting in on the action, so Andrea turned the cunt over to her, and Candy went right to work -- doing some serious masturbating of a mother. That mother fell back in a slump, offering the best beaver she could offer while saying, "True sign of a slut. Your father and I should have talked, because I never had a clue. What I got was his boredom with me, and that he could give a shit less who I screw so long as I screw off schedule."

Candy used four fingers in the sloppy cunt hole and three doing a nice rub on the fleshy clit while saying, "He wasn't bored with you -- he was frustrated, and he cares who and wants to know everything. I made him a promise that I'd do all I could to make you be that kind of wife, and that kind is hedonist exhibitionist sleep-around slut ... and bitch. Real bitch. I'm working on you, and that's why they are leaving us alone."

"You're doing a damn good job. Keep working, because it is working to get Drake that sexy little plaything he wants for the group. If Drake gets what he wants, your father will get the wife he wants. I do so want to give Drake a sexy little sex slave and just say, enjoy. That is what he is after, and he doesn't want to clear everything with the mommy."

"A sex slave's master shouldn't have to."

Breathing heavy, very close to orgasm, writhing under those magic hands, Andrea said, "I agree. If your father will go along; your parents will have no say all summer long. Whatever we get back is what we deal with, but you can bet it'll be pregnant, littered with amateur tattoos and professional piercings, AND be a very well-disciplined child. God help me, but I want one ... AHHHHH. YESSSS ..."

That woman had a damn good orgasm, and that child did a damn good job of pulling the most gasm out of that -- or by putting the most in at the moment of climax. The little preteen ended up with a hand inside, past the wrist, giving the clit and lips a soothing massage. Her mother turned in the seat, head and shoulders against the door, wasted and staring, hardly believing what she did or said, as well as what Candy did -- and was still doing.

Candy smiled while keeping up the internal and external massage, saying, "Are you ready to start a new cool life, or do you need more time? I could go get them ready."

Still staring at the crotch action, which was a gentle fist fucking with tongue clit-massage, Andrea said, "I thought you already did."

"I did, but they'd like to know how you'll be so they'll know how to be. You look pretty cool. You sounded even cooler, but if you're anything like me, everything changes after you cum."

"I looked pathetic and sounded insane. Weren't you listening?"

"Yeah ... pretty scary, but I like the fantasy so much, I'm willing to suffer through and deal with whatever comes out at the end of summer."

"I do, in fantasy. I hope Wade doesn't or we're fucked. You need at least one fairly responsible parent to keep tabs, with the ability to pull the plug if need be. I think it would have to be him, because if Drake thought you needed another hard whipping and another vulgar tattoo, I would agree, and would likely say something like, 'spare the rod, spoil the child,' or remind him and reassure him that those are his decisions -- although I would prefer this be a group project with you being at the mercy of a group consensus, say a two thirds majority with me stripped of any voting rights. The mother's vote being too biased."

"Simple majority would be better."

"Riskier and more would get done. How bad do you want this? Better yet, how bad do you want this to be?"

"Simple majority bad, with you getting no vote, sounds pretty good. There's only a few real freaks. All the rest are pretty cool. Drake is the coolest. I'd go simple majority, no sweat."

"I was hoping you'd say that. There's a way to make this even badder; ensure that you get more of everything."

"What, just let Madam Whips 'n chains decide?"

"That would, but I was thinking of Drake. He very much wants to work you over good and fuck you up bad. He isn't at all bashful about telling a child's mother what his plans are. I wouldn't want him making all decisions with no parental oversight, but I would be willing to let him cast my vote if Wade could wade in each week to look you over and decide if the plug needed pulling. That way, if things were getting too out of hand, they wouldn't go on too long. At least we'd have a safety net, and Drake would have the weekly inspection he needs to think of."

"Count me in. Let's go for it, but if you want to sell Daddy on this, he'll want the right to pop in and fuck me at will. He really likes fucking me and was counting on that while you had your summer fling. Ever since my wood nymph days, he has had a thing for me that just gets worse and worse."

"I can see why, but he never discussed those feelings with me."

"Duh! He won't give me over to a bunch of punks who are going to fuck me all up. Daddy likes his wood nymph pristine perfect with a tight pussy and an asshole ready for cock. I see problems. You are just thinking wild, hedonist, summer fling. He is thinking long term fling, like in still fucking me as often as he pleases after I get married. That'll make finding my Mister Right a bit more difficult. Fuck it. I'm game."

Andrea smiled. "I guess we'll have to play let's make a deal, but I can't believe I'm doing this, or that I'm just lying here watching you do that, wishing Drake were here to offer his ideas, opinions, and power of persuasion. He is much better at representing himself and getting what he wants. I'm trying to represent him. I would much rather lend him my support and approach your father as hedonist lovers who want his daughter for the summer on the most liberal terms we can get. I'm sure we'll come out better that way. Worse for you, of course -- better for us."

"This keeps on getting worse and worse. How worse are we eventually going to get to? I think you know, and I think I'm getting fed spoonfuls, giving me time to adjust before it's time for another. Put it all on a shovel."

"He wants to be very strict with you, quite harsh. I do think you need harsh discipline. I did tell him that, and said the harsher the better. He was very pleased to hear that, after telling me all the things he wanted to put you through and do to you. That in effect said, 'I like your plans and ideas, but I know you could do better.' He likes that type of mom, and I want to be that type for him. That's how bad I want this guy as a summer fling. I found the guy, found out exactly what he wants, and got into the mindset to give him exactly what he wants. I do need my head examined, but if you want that too, you get to lie down on the psychiatrist's couch, first."

Candy eased her hand out of her mother's and drew both into her own lap. Andrea remained in her vulgar beaver watching her young daughter think mature thoughts. That was meant to sober her, and it did.

Andrea let her think, just waited, but after a minute of deep contemplation, Candy looked into her mother's eyes and said, "Mom, I think you are going a wee bit overboard. I am shocked to learn that Drake is a heavy whips and chains freak. Tattoos, piercings ... torture chamber shit? That's what I'm hearing you think I need. Some tattoos and a few piercings where they don't show would be cool, but lets get real. I was thinking sexual plaything, but let's not baby the little bitch."

Andrea grew a smile and said, "Good, but I had to know what you were thinking. I thought I might need to get you to a head doctor. Drake is what he appears, but he does want a plaything he doesn't need to baby. I wanted to know worst case scenario, end of summer. I am sure you'll be slightly disappointed, but I am going to have to grit my teeth and try to keep my mother mouth shut if we approach worst case scenario. Piercing isn't too bad. Those can easily be taken out, but tattooing a child does seem a bit excessive. I can see a future school nurse or gym coach wanting an explanation. And there is always that unforeseen accident that gets a doctor looking your birthday suit over. I would rather not have that worry, but I could grin and bear it if you want it."

"So you were just testing me?"

"I had to know if you were a freak about this shit, because I'm sure he'd never dare do anything you don't want done or anything he didn't run by me first, but you never know. Guys do get stupid when their dicks get hard."

Candy smiled. "Girls get stupid when they see dicks get hard. Great minds think alike."

"Let's work on the timing. Okay, here's what I'll go along with: a very restricted group plaything, two-thirds majority, Drake has my vote, father can stop in anytime and pull the plug at any time. Everything permanent must be cleared through him first. I'm willing to pitch that this evening. If you are willing to play sex slave to a group of hedonists all summer, this is your opportunity."

"I am willing and wanting."

Andrea smiled, "The group will -- for the most part -- be Drake, his roomies, Daring Doug and Dashing Dave, Hardluck Howie, Gail and Tippy, on rare occasion one or two others. The perfectly safe and sensible group - also the most mature and most attractive."

"That leaves an awful lot of hedonists out. They won't like that, and my motto is the more the merrier."

"That is the real group, Candy. All the rest are under-graduate groupies who don't even know where he lives. He wants to keep it that way, so any cool and post-graduate or professor others will come from outside."


"I'm sure you'll find this cooler. Drake thinks that over an entire summer, you might meet and repeatedly treat as many as thirty, possibly forty, but never more than a reasonable and manageable ten in total at a time. You'll be number eleven, and when your father pops in, he'll be number twelve. Twelve is Drake's limit. He is very strict about that and about house rules, so if we have twelve and your father wants in, someone will have to leave."

"Well, I'm not leaving."

"Someone besides you. He wants you in chains except when you wish to sun, swim, surf, see a movie, crash classes, hang at the union, go out for pizza, or just take a walk in the park to talk while you feed ducks with him. Other than that, he wants you to suffer hell in bondage. Of course, I said, 'Do with her as you wish, darling. Fuck the sexy little bitch.'"

Candy smiled, then went down on that messy beaver and gave it a good mutt lap, starved for Mommy's sexy cunt. She stayed on the clit, then went to her belly to press out on the inner thighs; used thumbs to open the labia lips, then took a big mouthful of the messy guts, sucked, and used her tongue most effectively. Candy's first foray into Mommy licking was a complete success, bringing on a response of exquisite pleasure -- much like a cat's mewing pur,r and a petting hand on the head to show how much a mother approves of actions such as what.

Andrea purred, "Ummm ... you're doing the mutt's job, but doing a fine job. I am very impressed. As you see, I do not slap a sexy little bitch cunt-sucker. I was thrilled to find out I gave birth to one. I sure didn't marry one ... ummm, exquisite."

Andrea watched Candy suck enthusiastically; the preteen kept to the less messy upper half while reaching between her own legs with two hands to take care of a very personal need. The sight of her sexy little girl masturbating while sucking on a mother's fucked cunt gave Andrea her first true hedonistic rush and brought on a new rush of loin lust when Andrea thought she was all spent out for the evening.

There was one more -- and Andrea wanted it sucked out as badly as that daughter wanted to suck one out. Andrea quickly gave that girl every sign to keep that up until an orgasm was reached. That yawning, grinding, undulating crotch said "Suck this cunt!"

The two hands holding tiny Candy's head also said, "Suck that cunt!"

The sounds of Candy slapping at at her overheated clit, squelching fingers deep into her soupy baby-cunt while she sucked Mommy, were incredibly erotic -- they almost drowned out the sound of her moaning into her mother's pussy.

Andrea finally spoke. "Suck my fucked cunt, Candy. Audition for the part and work on that wife for your daddy. You need your daddy's cock in your pussy, that's what you need. Oh, yeah, you like that idea ... got the slut all fired up. Work it, Candy, cum with mommy. Baby, I'm right there. Work that sexy little pussy that Drake raved about, then whined about not getting after all that good foreplay. He sure thought he'd be getting some of that good, tight, slippery, juicy, cherry preteen pussy, and had every reason to. How many ways can a mother say, 'yes you may fuck my sexy virgin daughter' -- without coming right out and saying the words?"

Candy was loving the talk, struggling to pull an orgasm out of her own pussy. The one in her mouth was ready when she was, her mother using firm hands to ease her then encourage, ease, then encourage, all the while talking to the sexy little cunt-sucker.

Andrea said, "You can't say I didn't encourage that group to go for it. I certainly made no objections. Those finger-fucking freaks sure gave a mother cause. I sure passed their tests with flying colors, then flunked the final when I showed up without the sexy little bitch. They were all there at five, waiting on me to show up with you so that Drake could do as he said he'd do - fuck us both. There was great disappointment, and the whole group was there -- all eighteen, four lesbians who want you, fourteen college guys who want to fuck you, all looking at a big chicken."

She was almost there, so Andrea said, "I felt bad, but I did do a cool thing. Before Drake and I left, before I knew about groupies, I told Hardluck to put Drake down for five, two of each hole and a blowjob -- and to pencil in one of each on Candy's tally sheet for Drake, too. He's already fucked your grasping little asshole and dumped his cum in your little pussy, Candy; you just haven't given him what he owns yet."

That got her. Andrea felt her daughter shudder as she latched onto her Mommy's clit.

"Yes, cum together ... ungh ... UNGH! Oh yes, baby, eat that nasty pussy. Oh yesssss...soooo good. Ohhh, you are a nasty little whore!"

Andrea said that, because Candy went down on the ooey gooey core, sending her tongue in deep with lips pressed tightly to the hole. This was after her powerful orgasm had abated. This was good post-climax service that Andrea should have discouraged but encouraged with pulling hands that merged that pretty girl's face to a fleshy and messy fucked cunt. Whatever discouraged Candy earlier was no longer a problem for her. She went there on her own. All she got from her mother was encouragement after getting there and staying.

Andrea was very impressed, and said, "You are going to be such a good sexual playing for that raunchy bunch, and I do want you to be good and raunchy for them. I wished I had told them they would get you, but I did tell and promise Drake I would do my very best to get you for the true group. When he wanted all of my clothing, he got everything, shoes and all, no whining. At the time, he said I earned punishment. I thought so, too, and thought I got off easy. When he finds out my chicken-shit act cost him a fine cherry, I fully expect I'll catch hell. The look I gave you wasn't for fucking or incest, it was for giving Drake's prize cherry away."

That brought Candy out and into a sitting position, saying, "He was too big -- so odds are, he wouldn't have gotten it, and I told him so. I could get him in my ass, maybe, but I can take a baseball bat. He kept trying for my pussy anyway, and the cherry did get busted on his long fuck finger. He got it in the student union at the afternoon break, so he shouldn't cry about his prize cherry. He also got promised a raw fuck as soon as I had the prize pussy ready for a cock as big as his. That is a really big cock for a virgin eleven-year-old on the small side."

"He is a true pony cock, and a stud pony at that. Cums like a bull, too. Those balls aren't just decoration. Those are functional nuts hanging onto a cock that never quits."

"To you that's a pony cock, but I'm looking at a big stallion cock - great cock, but not for any hole I have. By Saturday all three will be if we're going to do this thing for real."

Andrea was still lying against the door in a slumped beaver aimed right at Candy, and Andrea was playing with it. That slippery, oozing beaver was a big distraction to Candy, a sure sign that Andrea was still glowing, still super turned on, loving what they were into and contemplating getting into, trying to make it all more real and doable.

Candy understood and was in no hurry, and it was neat watching her mother play with a vulgar beaver. To see that better, Candy aimed the map light and put the whole crotch area in a spot light. Andrea enjoyed being stared at by a girl who loves pussy that much. Candy proved to Andrea that she did, so Andrea was teasing that girl, possibly tempting her to get down to do more licking and sucking, and this time in good light.

Eventually, Andrea said, "Before we approach your father, we need to be sure about this. I'm sure I'm willing to place you in sexual slavery for one summer, and I now have no reservations about leaving you unsupervised. I think if you have the fantasy, you should leap at this unique opportunity."

"I do have it -- bad, and I know I may never get a better shot. Not, at least, as a young girl, which is a big part of my fantasies."

"An itch like that left unscratched usually gets worse. Best to get it well scratched now, I think. That would be my argument for, buttressed by my opinion that those who play slave girl are all responsible and mature, and that established rules will be followed."

"That will be important to him -- that, and a free pass to play."

"Just because they are true and trusted doesn't mean they won't play rough and raunchy. The true group calls themselves the wild bunch. By the way, Hardluck has the other half of the beach front duplex that he shares with Gail and Tippy. Those six go back to junior high school, and they got the name in high school. They just keep on picking up groupies -- a foxy mother and young daughter is what they have always wanted but never got. This is a very big deal to them and we could not be more perfect unless we were natural blondes. Exceptional brunettes are as good. You need to be absolutely sure. I don't want you wimping out after one rough weekend."

When Candy was sure she was being tempted back, she got back down on her belly and began licking the interior of the cunt her mother pulled open for licking. When she needed to talk, she talked and licked. She now needed to, so she said, "If I'm good and ready for it -- and I can take a lot of fucking in any hole. I won't wimp out. I can't guarantee it won't get old before summer is over. Once that itch gets good and scratched, I might say 'I've had enough' - but that isn't wimping. That's changing. I'm going through a lot of those, but right now, I'm heavy into my sex slave fantasies - got a bad itch that needs a good long scratching. Right now, all summer sounds pretty good, and that wild bunch group sounds perfect. I like all six of them. If I had to pick my six favorites, four guys, two chicks, those would be the six."

That speech took a long time with Candy pausing at every third or fourth word to do some licking in good light. Andrea did love watching that, and said, "I'd like to see you go the distance, if not as a sex slave in bondage, then at least as a play-thing we all get to play with: here, there, wherever. While I'm part of a hedonist group, you are too fine to leave alone, and I will get used to this type of service damn quick. I'm used to it already. I don't want to wake up one morning and find out that I have lost my precious cunt sucker and have to go back to letting the mutt lick peanut butter out my snatch."

Candy was licking womb all through that, but came out smiling to tease the clit then say, "You, too?"

"I wondered if that was you teaching him nasty tricks."

"He doesn't need peanut butter. Duke knows that pussy is damn good stuff all by itself. Me and Duke have that in common."

"I'll take your word for it -- but the gash never had much appeal, mostly because I was forced with a knife at my throat, and it was a bloody ex-virgin who had been butt-raped first. That does color one's world and get one back onto the straight and narrow with blinders on. I hope to get over my vaginal aversion this summer, and I am thrilled to see that you love a royally fucked cunt. You'll never get any argument from me, but are you just doing this to thrill me, or do you love pussy this much?"

"I love your sexy pussy this much. I'd love to shave all the hair off, but the pussy looks great, smells great, and tastes great even all poopy & fucked up. I thought it would be gross and yucky, but it's not. I could lick you all clean and do your asshole if you'd like. I'd like to, actually."

Andrea laughed. "That's good to know, but we should leave some for da mutt. A shave is in order. In fact, a shave was an order. You won't believe this, but I am considering a clit piercing and a tattoo for my sexy shaved pussy."

"I'll believe that when I lick it."

"That shave is a big deal for me. I have never shaved a hair down there for fear of what an emergency room crew might think. You could eat off my panties for the same reason. Would you believe I wash my asshole each and every time I take a crap? You could eat off that, too. I wouldn't recommend doing it now, with ass the semen still dribbling out -- but under normal circumstances, you could spread peanut butter and jelly on my asshole, lick it all off, and swear you had a PBJ without the bread."

"Had it with sexy buns, even better. That's how I want my PBJs from now on, and I speak for all sibling offspring -- and Duke. Trust me, Mother, there is not a lot of difference between your male offspring and Duke. I have noticed a tail and some fangs, that fur coat, but that's about it. Why bother wiping ass, much less washing ass? Just call one of the boys. That's what I do, and they'll fight over pooh pooh."

"Are you serious?"

"As cancer of the clit, and they'll drink piss and thank you for it, all except Duke, but he'll lap at it while wagging his tail. You gave birth to shit-eating, piss-drinking mother fuckers ... wannabe mother-fuckers. I am tired of hearing it. Tonight they'll see what they're not getting until they grow balls enough to go for it. If you give them any without earning it in the bathroom, you're a fool in love with wiping and washing your own butt."

"Oh, Candy, I am changing so fast my mind is a blur. I want to, I don't want to, I want to be something in between, don't know what it is, but I know wrong from right, and this is all wrong. Honey, I am willing to be bad and do wrong, but I am not willing to ruin your life or contribute in any way to it's ruination. Stop being wonderful. Sit up and talk seriously with me - mother daughter serious. Try to imagine where you'll be twenty years from now if I act totally irresponsible, now, if I don't do what I know is right. I need to guide you, re-potty train you, and make you play golf by the rules."

Candy was sitting up, close to a mother who was now sitting up with her back on seat back. She threw arms around her mother, then kissed her on the lips, not a mother daughter peck but a lover's kiss that had the taste of pussy. When the kiss ended, noses were still touching as eyes locked and the daughter said, "I will love you whatever choices you make, but love you more if you let me make some."

Easing back a bit, Candy said, "You have the right to parent me, direct me, mold and shape me, but giving me some leash is a gift I will always appreciate even if I got fucked up while on given leash. When you pull hard on my chain and drag me back, I'll never whine or bitch. You are my master. I just never told you. I'm telling you, now. You are the master of my dreams, and you are a very good master: strict, sometimes harsh, but always in control with my leash in your loving hand. I live to serve my master."

"Where do you see us twenty years from now?"

"Twenty years from now, I will be married to a very understanding man who is helping me raise my father's children. I will be barefoot, pregnant, and I will ache to hear you tell me and my daughters that when I was your child, living in your home, I served you well and never once bitched, whined, or complained. If you give me to others who ruin me with perverse joy and no love in their immature hands, I will be hurt and disappointed in you. I will still serve my master. You will always be my one and only master. My loving husband breeds me to my father, but you are my mom. When you enter our happy home, the master has entered."

"I pray you always feel that way."

"You have no idea how I feel. I would eat your shit and drink your piss, but that is a character trait of any offspring of yours. That is an expression of love and adoration to the Nth degree. I know that my brothers love and adore me. I know because they prove it to the Nth degree. I want proof, and I am eager to prove it to you."

That melted that watery-eyed mom, who took that child's head to her bosom, held her tight, stroked her head, then softly said, "Every decision I make from now on will be with a twenty-year vision in mind. I very much want to be your master. I will give you a little leash with this wild bunch. This itch needs scratching, and I have one to see you get proper discipline. I could never give it to you, and Drake won't, but there are three wild ones who are into that shit."

"Let me take a wild guess -- Hardluck, Gail, and Tippy?"

"Good guess. They'd love to handle all of your bondage and discipline on their side of the duplex, called the dark side. They already have a B&D motif and toys. He said he'd go along with whatever I'd tolerate so long as he was sure you were willing to suffer it and had a safety bail-out signal with a light-side safety observer looking for the signal. That made your mommy's pussy very wet, Candy -- and as much as possible, I get to be an observer."

"Makes your daughter's pussy very wet, Mommy. Your one failing as a sex slave master is your inability to apply the right kind of discipline to the right place on a girl, or use any instrument. When you do use your hand on my bare ass, there is way too much love in it. To do it right, give free hand to a good sadist, then decide when the bitch has had enough."

That very excited master said, "I agree, and I would love to do that. We must do this right, as defined by Drake, who is leery of me as a light-side observer working alone. Getting a bad rape at age sixteen did fuck me up. His concerns are valid. We must do this his way. I can observe -- but can't be the safety observer."

"We must if we're to get any good scratching done."

"I am so ready, but I am clinging tight to your leash, or handing over your leash to someone who has my full faith, trust, and confidence. Right now, that would be Drake, your father, and your big brother, Mark. Drake swears by Doug and Dave. When I can swear by them, I'll add them. I'll be adding others over time, possibly myself if Drake agrees, but that's enough to see that you never are without a responsible overseer. Do any of them bother you, any reservations?"

"Not if you don't have any. I'm looking at a dream team that only needs another dreamy female. Are you open to suggestions?"



"Johnson, your third grade teacher?"


"Sweetheart, I know Tandy Johnson very well, and from way back in high school. We were going to be nuns together until we got fucked together. That story I told about the black jock who gave us a ride and good reason to hate blacks and jocks - that was Tandy who got knocked up. That was her fucked and fucked-up pussy I ate to the point of aversion. What on earth would make you pick her other than she is a terribly cute and sexy blonde?"

"She tastes good, too, and can discipline a child perfectly, knows exactly where and with exactly what - puts an itch in a sexy little bitch. No one can scratch that itch like Madam Tandy. She is dandy - loves her Candy; she's got a sweet tooth - more a fang."

Andrea couldn't imagine but was very intrigued. Tandy didn't live far, just a few blocks down, good Catholic, excellent fellow teacher, raising three daughters with a much older black bastard. That, itself, lead those who don't know to see a mixed-race marriage; raising three perfect and pretty white girls in natural blue-eyed blonde, an eyebrow lifter except to those in the know -- but this new revelation had Andrea's brows lifted high. She said, "Very interesting - very ... very interesting. Seems we both had the same itches put in us."

"Same itch, but she married a sadistic prick who insisted those girls be properly disciplined, and liked watching the black bastard do it while the mousy wife sucked his sadistic prick and watched along with him, and couldn't say shit with a mouthful of sadistic cock. That worked until she decided the best way to get rid of the asshole was to try chewing his cock off - worked real good, and her son kicked the mother fucker's ass. Toby is really a good guy, loves his sisters a great deal, not to the Nth degree, but those are very rare. She learned to do it perfectly. Toby does it perfectly. Those girls are perfectly disciplined."

"I wonder what else he does perfectly, and I'm not alone."

"Toby is a perfect mother fucker. They may as well be husband and wife. They can babysit me anytime. Those three girls of hers are yummy - yummy as mummy. If you like big cocks, strap on Toby and go for a ride. You could add Toby and Tandy as observers. If I tell her you're now cool and wise, she'll want in with three very sexy natural blonde daughters as payment and playthings. She's itching to get more of your sugar snatch, Mommy - got me dreaming about it - now I can tell her it still looks good, but tastes like shit and cum all mixed."

They both laughed. Andrea said, "She's won't believe you."

"She'll tell me I did the wrong hole. Flip her over and try again."

"Sounds like Tandy never got the aversion."

"She got it, but got over it. She knows you still have it because she's hinted enough."

"Yes, she has done that. Well, this is very interesting - two mothers, four daughters, one long hot summer. I know Wade will wade in, now. I do know how much he aches to bang Tandy's tarts, all three, and I began hearing about it three years ago when the littlest one was only six. The potential in him to fuck you was never lost on me. What I could not see was how he could ache to fuck them and not you. Even pretty little Tammy is no match for his Candy."

"Mom, it's getting late. Are we stalling?"

"I suppose. I'm afraid of taking this next step. Fucking Drake fulfilled a long-held fantasy to get royally fucked in a car parked in a semi-public place - my rape without any weapons or any other chick to get half of the attention. That's all I was set to do. This next step is a biggie, a step into a void of unfulfilled fantasies, and taking it holding your hand - a very big step, Candy, very big. Then again, if I don't take it, Drake will keep looking for his perfect mother and daughter. He may bump into Tandy and score big. Itches do get worse if left unscratched."

"Mom, in this case, doing the right thing is scratching bad itches and getting over old hangups. The church would disagree, but the church lives in a church world ruled by ten simple commandments, enforced by sexless priests and nuns."

Andrea smiled. "They're not as sexless as you might think, and the commandments apply to everyone except them. Just be thankful you weren't raised in Catholic school as Tandy and I were. We were becoming nuns for the sex. You do make a good point, though -- erhaps the right thing is to take this big step. I'd love to get Tandy's take. We don't really talk about sex -- the old days, the rape, or our personal lives. We just go about our business. Every semester, I get an attitude check. If I were to get one right now, I do believe I would carry her hand the rest of the way up my leg to my pussy and smile."

"Mom, there is nothing to be afraid of. Tandy made the jump years ago. She and her girls are so much better off after she did. Toby is, too. They are all so tight you can't believe how tight. I envy the way they live, and I have had a taste-- well, more looking than tasting, really, because Tandy doesn't want to do anything with me without your consent. I get the fuck teased out of me. That is so hard to watch and not jump in."

"I had a taste of that in the first class."

"Yeah, I climbed all over this mother daughter day. I saw it as a breakthrough day, when you could watch a pervert polishing my cherry while talking too loud about how much he wants to fuck me, cum in my pussy, and knock my sexy young ass up. I could see you eating that shit up. Next thing I know, we are both jacking on that pervert's stiff cock, and banging heads trying to suck the fucker. I'm thinking this is it, the big breakthrough I was told to look for."

"I was thinking he wanted to rape you pregnant with that big horse cock - horse cock to you, of course. I pictured it black and giving you holy hell wherever he shoved it in to the balls. Sucking him was my way of giving even more encouragement. I had no intention of sucking him off. I had every intention of leaving that class, all three of us, to go to the car -- I would have slid that thick fuckstick into you, wet with my kisses, whether you wanted it or not."

"You're fucked up, but that was a breakthrough: confronting your worst fears and just getting it over with. Tandy told me you might do something like that. I was to look for the signs, nurse the signs along, but to not allow myself to get raped. She told me at the first sign, start fucking, get ready, and don't become a victim. If possible, get you two together before anything big happens. She says there is a way to do this right. She does know what she's talking about, but you should take a few more baby steps by baby-stepping into the loving, adoring bosom of your family."

Andrea smiled, nodding. "Makes sense."

"Take a week of baby steps, but don't take the big step until you have a heart to heart with someone who has been there. Hopefully, you can do all that by Saturday noon, but there's no need to rush. That is the really big step, not walking naked into your own home and getting comfortable with being totally sexually open. That's all we are after for starters - getting loose as a goose - so loose it doesn't bother you in the least when your kids all act like the dog - all begging a pee pee or pooh pooh treat knowing that a good suck job makes you generous."

"Christ, Candy, what type of mom is that?"

"A snack bar. We all want a naked mom who doesn't mind being sucked on and licked, even when she is fucking the dog."

"Happy mother's day. Is Tandy that type?"

"Very much that type. We all spend time over there and pretend she's our mom. I even take Duke over there so he can pretend, too. She has three doggies of her own, one for each little bitch, but she loves Duke. He is a real good bitch fucker -- too big for most of us girls, but just right for a woman who loves a good hard fucking by an energetic stud with a big cock."

"Candy, how could I not be aware that you kids were spending so much time at Tandy's?"

"For one, we intentionally kept that hidden. You don't care where we are as long as we are all together and keep checking in. Every time I told you I was sleeping over at the minister's house, I was sleeping over at Tandy's. You never checked. When I walk Duke, I walk him straight to Tandy's, get him bred, get some action, then home after a three or four-hour walk."

"You sneaky little bitch!"

"You are easy, too easy, as though you suspected but didn't want to know. A girl on probation for a sex crime bears watching. You did for two weeks, then it was business as usual. Face it, Mom. You have been raising rape-bait since I was seven and in first grade."

"God, this is buzzing my scrambled brain. You're not pulling my hind leg. She is really like that: gives potty treats, bitch in heat, the whole bit."

Candy smiled, nodding yes. "She likes it when me and her daughters take turns fisting her. She can get two little girl hands in front, two in the ass; we make out for her while she cums."

"And she is able to present to the world the image of the opposite."

"I suppose she's still the way she was when I went to Fields Elementary, because she has been that way since the divorce. That was over three years ago. All through my fourth grade she was like that. We've been going there since then, every chance we get. She inspired me to be the country club wood nymph, hoping that might break you loose. Mother daughter days came after that flopped. We were about to abandon them, to try something else. This was to be the last one. The next was to be you discovering me and daddy fucking."

"Has he been in on this?"

"Mostly, no -- but recently, yes. I had to start warming him up for the new approach. He is fully caught-up and totally on-board now - and he does like fucking my ass. He's just waiting on you and wondering how to be. They all are."

"I have to be ready even for the baby steps, because those incestuous and terribly vulgar baby steps will cause a big step in the way I live my daily life. I don't deny I get a hedonist rush just thinking about it, but I also get a rush of revulsion. I can't picture myself mothering children who all act like vulgar animals, wanting disgusting treats from a real bitch. It is a powerful rush but in both directions. That's why I'm still rooted here."

"If you're not ready, you're not ready, but I don't see how you could be readier. If this is my best chance to get scratched, it's yours, too. I'll get my itches scratched -- but will you, if this doesn't do the trick for you? I'm thinking that if this won't do it, you're stuck in a rut on a straight and narrow boring-assed road that your loving husband doesn't want to be on."

"Honest opinion, Candy: what will happen if I can't get out of this rut? Is my marriage in jeopardy? Your opinion."

"I am thinking that when he gives up hope, he will divorce you and marry Tandy. She is the kind of wife he wants, but he'd rather have it in the flavor and style of you. Tandy is cute and sexy -- but she's no Andrea, Mom. Right now, he's filled with hope and terribly excited. He sees breakthrough as clearly as I saw breakthrough. Since this is taking so long, I'm sure he's worrying and fretting right now. Frankly, so am I. I think you climaxed one too many times. I should have left a sexual edge on you -- but I got over-eager, over-excited, over-confident, and I thought you had broken all the way on through."

"I haven't, but I can't allow Wade to give up hope. Fuck it, Candy, I have to take the baby steps. I must, at the very least, do that -- and keep on doing that, with a breaking on through being the goal. I can't go on in this rut. Anything is better. Candy, you have my permission to drag, poke, push, and prod me along as you see fit. I think these next four days need to be nothing but baby steps while you prepare to be a sex slave for the summer."

"I want to go to college with you each day and not be dropped off - no ditching."

"You'll get raped, and you might not like that."

"Drake won't rape me, but he will get me used to a bigger adult cock. We should spend some time at his place and some at Hardluck's, get a taste, baby stepping ever onward and away from the rut. At home, we'll take it slow and easy, getting you used to life as a sexy and terribly delicious bitch, helping you get even further from the rut. Your every waking moment must be a movement away from the rut even if all you do is play with a shaved beaver."

"That might be the best strategy, simply not letting this breakthrough day end till it breaks on through."

"You also need to spend quality time with Tandy at her place, our place, Drake's pad, a duck pond, whatever -- but bring her into your life and be open to anything sexual."

"Yes, that would be wise, and nice. I am very open to that. I always knew that if I was to ever get over that aversion, it would have to be with her. We were very sexual prior to getting raped together. You could say lovers ... but I think the very best of friends, intimate friends, is more accurate. There was a time I very much enjoyed licking her pussy as well as watching her lick mine. We never made love or even sixty-nined, but we did like getting each other off orally while the one being served just watched. That big, black, jock jerk asshole ruined it and us. Sorta like bumping heads."

"We're still going to suck that pony cock together. He didn't ruin her, and there's still hope for you."

Andrea smiled. "At least I didn't get my ass fucked or get knocked up. Tandy got both and hurt pretty badly, too. Funny that she was first to get over it, and here I am still struggling."

"She had a lot of help by marrying the right asshole truck driver. You married a nice guy, a toy choo choo train driver. What pressure were you under to get over it?"

"Excellent point -- but I'm under pressure, now. Candy, I'm ready."

"Can I go get them ready, or should I stick by you?"

"I'm fine. Go get them ready, and tell your father to please be patient with me - baby steps, but the first will be nude, unashamed, open, and letting Duke do his job. I'm not yet ready for any doggie kids, although I could be ready to give you some pee. While you are gone, I am going to close my eyes and see myself being that way."

"Tell me how you see this going and it'll go that way - no surprises."

Andrea thought, then sat up. "Okay .. good idea. I'll be in my recliner with my legs hung over the armrests letting Duke do his thing. Whatever he does is his thing, but I will try to act like it's the usual."

"If you do that, he'll lick you then fuck you. That is Tandy's favorite way."

"I figured as much, but no one encourages or discourages. You all pull up chairs and stare while I tell you about my parking lot fuck, then tell about our time out here. While I talk about what we did, do me like you did. I would love to pee while getting sucked, so I might do that if you are wanting it, drinking it, loving it, wanting more. I do have to pee real bad. Can you see drinking a bursting bladder full of piss?"

Candy couldn't stop smiling. "Your piss, sure -- dream it all the time, and do it all the time for Tandy while pretending she's you. Don't even concern yourself one bit about that, but your sons are going to be so jealous if I get all of the mommy nectar."

"Dare I ask what my shit is?"

"Butt fudge, but don't get a swelled head. Mine is, too, and so is Tandy's, Tammy's, Mandy's, and Cindy's. Any good looking bitch produces butt fudge."

"Oh good lord ... my three sons, shit-eating mutts."

"The trick is to bury their nose in your cunt while they eat the fudge. Get's em high, I guess."

"If I ever pass fudge to any of you kids, we have gone on through."

"Hold that thought and keep that goal in mind. Ready?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

With that, Candy left the car and dashed to the front door of the house. Five minutes later, she was back and opening the driver's door, saying, "Your audience is naked and erect. Your dog is eager to meet you -- as in 'M-E-A-T, meat' - got him pumped up. Are we still ready?"

Helping her mother to stand, Andrea said, "I don't know what I am, but I am not going back into that rut. Lead the way."

Candy led the way into the house and straight to the recliner that already had five chairs pulled around in a half-moon fronting the chair. Wade, seated in the center chair, assisted Andrea in taking her seat with Duke already licking legs and ass. He began at the door and tried a rear mounting before Andrea got seated. She got some dick in her pussy and took a few jabbing strokes before Wade and Mark arrested the over-eager dog.

That served as a delightful ice breaker, which built confidence in the nervous bitch. Andrea didn't react -- except positively, and even looked willing to take her fuck standing up. The others wanted her to take it sitting down in a good beaver, so they arrested that fucker, then assisted the bitch, perching her butt at the forward edge, then hanging her hind legs for her. Splits-wide wasn't good enough for Luke and John. They weren't satisfied until the knees were almost in her armpits and the asshole was up and fully exposed.

Satisfied, all took seats -- with Wade holding firmly to Duke's collar. They all wanted to get a good look at that vulgar, slippery spread before the mutt got in their way. Andrea didn't seem to mind their overt stares. She caught Wade's smiling eyes, prompting him to say, "My. T'would appear you have been terribly unfaithful."

"Not to my lover, and I do now have one."

Her loving husband smiled. "Two, if I turn loose of Duke."

"If you want me to have two, turn him loose."

That was all Wade needed to hear. Duke went right to that mess and ate like a famished hound. He went at that asshole like it was full of peanut butter, repeatedly sending his long tongue deep into her colon. Andrea had never had that unique pleasure before. That sensation needed finger action on the clit. That was when Andrea noticed Candy seated on the right zooming in to capture the event on the video camera.

That did nothing to cool that woman off -- in fact, quite the contrary. She turned out to be quite a ham for the camera, soon reaching in with both hands to pull open her glistening cunt, which drew tongue action to that hole. That bitch was soon every kind of turned on and ready for a mount -- or, as the wild bunch would say, a frontal assault. The irony was that her first dog fuck would be people style, whereas her first person fuck had been doggie style.

Candy could see how ready her mom was and said, "It would appear the bitch is in heat -- then again, she did say she was. Seeing is believing. We may get a litter of people pups out of this horny bitch. Mom, when you are ready, pat your chest and say, UP BOY. Be ready to guide his cock or it's pot luck. Whip me up a creamy pussy delight; I'm in the mood to slurp doggie-cum from your Mommy-cunt."

Andrea was ready, patted her chest, said 'UP BOY' -- the mutt mounted, the bitch captured the cock and steered it to the pussy hole. That dog had as much cock as Drake with the addition of a knot about the size of Candy's fist. He crammed knot and all into that bitch, then fucked her hard, which crossed her eyes and had her flailing her head like a bitch in heat getting the dog shit fucked out of her.

The dog was trying to lick her mouth, and could when Andrea stopped flailing. She stopped when Candy said, "Hold still and open your mouth wide. Your doggie lover wants to kiss."

This sounded odd, but Andrea followed the odd direction and ended up getting that long tongue sent down her throat, deep down as though that mutt were trying to lick stomach contents the way he licked ass contents. That was the oddest sensation, but that did get her yawning mouth into the back of his yawning mouth. They did look like kissing lovers. She felt like the mutt was licking the tip of his own dick.

She always thought a dog might make an okay fuck, but never dreamed a public mutt-fucking could be so great. The family watching and video taping the event did add to the excitement, bringing about an orgasm that Andrea didn't think was possible, almost two when Duke got his nut and flooded her insides with his hot seed, a most copious load by the feel. That near orgasm left that fucked bitch horny and loving tongue.

She wanted to remain coupled with the beast, and wanted to keep on kissing. He seemed to want the very same thing, seemed to love licking out mouth and getting his tongue sucked. She loved getting his long tongue down her throat, so mindless of all watchers or the tape being made, those two lovers carried on for a solid ten minutes after Duke's orgasm, and Andrea ground her cunt against him until she came again.

Never in Andrea's wildest bestial dreams did she imagine it would be this way or could be that good. Kissing a mutt never dawned on her, as it rarely dawned on most female teachers. Dawns on their students, though -- that, and sexy teacher taking it up the ass like a bitch. What student hasn't thought those thoughts? I'm sure you had at least one female teacher you had those thoughts about.

Fields Elementary had two - one blonde, one brunette. Candy was making a very valuable tape with three brothers who knew the value. When the spent and limp mutt finally dismounted, Candy stopped taping, ejected the tape, and aimed it at each thinking brother, saying, "Touch this tape, any of you, you're dead meat."

The bitch was too wasted to pay much attention to that, but was soon aware of her vulgar repose and her gawking, grinning audience. Dog cum poured from her. Her husband Wade spoke. "My goodness, Andrea, but you are full of pleasant surprises."

"I'm full of your dog's semen is what I'm full of, Wade. I hope you're happy, and I hope you have a safe to lock these tapes away in. If one gets out, my teaching career is over."

He smiled. "I might be able to get you work. Perhaps a carnival?"

Candy had the camera loaded with a new tape. After handing the camera to her father, she knelt at the beaver, rubbed her hands together, then dove in. Andrea wasn't ready for that and neither was Wade who said, "Wait, Candy, I wasn't set. Let me get seated in your chair, then wait for me to say 'action'."

The face came out and licked smiling lips. Andrea said, "This is sick -- as sick as can be, Candy."

"We know. We're sick. Sick as can be ... glad you could finally join us."

"Whatever, but this is very sick."

"I love you, Mom."


Down she goes again, but this time, Andrea was ready and eager to see that sick act in good light. Right away, she felt like pissing, so the first time Candy got a mouthful and sucked, she got a squirt she wasn't expecting. That stream made her cough, come off, pound her chest with a fist, then look to her mom with watery eyes to say, "You pissed straight into my lungs. How about some warning, Leaky Lucy?"

"I'm new at this. What sort of warning?"

"Just don't squirt. I'll be ready from now on. Right now, I'm trying to get that mutt semen out. First thing's first."

"I need to pee, first -- so take care of that, then have dessert."

Wade zeroed in on that girl sucking on a pissing cunt, could see her swallowing steadily, could hear his wife making relief noises, and could not believe his eyes or ears, saying, "Darling Andrea, you are blowing my mind, lady."

She shot back, "If you see a lady, fuck her in the ass."

Handing the camera across to his eldest son, Mark, Wade smiled and said, "Here, son, take over. Luke, John, take ankles and put then beside her ears. Candy, give it a rest. I see a lady."

Candy came off and made room for her kneeling daddy, grinning. "You'd see an aardvark if it meant you could fuck it in the ass."

Everyone else laughed, but Wade had one thing on his mind and the head of his dick in it. Getting the rest in was just a matter of lightly pushing. When he was balls-deep in his wife's grasping shitter, he made a sound of pure ecstasy, then stayed still with a grin on his face. Andrea laughed and said, "You're getting sloppy thirds, for Christ's sake. You act like that's virgin asshole."

Now giving her a long and steady stroke, he said, "It is to me, dear, it is to me. But I can tell a horse got here ahead of me. Where'd you find a lover hung like my dog?"

The boys were loving this and Candy was all smile, proud of her mommy. Andrea knew she was doing fantastic, far better than she imagined. She said, "I sure didn't find him at the dog pound. He found me, swept me off my feat, fucked by brains out, dumped cum in me a half-dozen times, and told me he wants our daughter to be his summer sex slave. I said 'no problem'. I want to keep this guy happy, so I presume you are okay with that."

That took the happy pappy aback. He thought, then said, "Maybe he'd rather play with my trains. Did you mention my trains?"

That had them all laughing, because NOBODY plays with Wade's trains. He didn't need to say 'she's the most precious thing I have'.

His one little joke said it, and got him a loving smile from his wife and a kiss from that daughter, who hung on his neck after the kiss and overlooked the slow fucking of her mother's ass. Candy giggled. "He's a hedonist with a beach pad and lots of kinky hedonist friends. Tandy and her three blonde tarts will be slaves there, too. You'll get a free pass to Fuckville, Suckville, and the Candy Kingdom of sexual delights."

He thought, then said to Andrea, "This guy sounds very responsible. I'm in."

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