Off The Beaten Path, Part 1

[ Mgg, inter, spank, rough, sad, tort, rape ]

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Published: 1-May-2012

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Dear readers this story contains Adult material and is purely fictional. It has been created as a fantasy for those readers who have no objections to the listed story codes or themes. If you do not fall into those category's you must pass this story by.

The Town

Allysha Williams had little time to attend to her two daughters Calista who just turned 10 years old, and her very pretty younger 8 year old sister Lynelle. The girls daddy had left them years earlier leaving their mother Allysha with little in the way of financial support to raise them. As a matter of fact the bum was more of a draw on any money she could earn rather then a contributor.

Allysha had been a worker most of her life and now as a single mom with two young girls, she had to earn enough money to support them and herself. The Williams family lived in a rural racially segregated by choice part of town. The black families kept mainly to themselves and were very wary of the white people. Past racially motivated incidents causing great harm to the black folks made them cautious, and there was good reason for their wariness, since the old sheriff and his deputy were both white and had never taken the side of any of the black families who in large part were the victims. Most of the crimes committed against them involved their little girls who were being abducted and raped. In a few cases the little girls went missing and have still not been accounted for. Those who did manage to return home told of horrible things being done to them by one of the towns richest and most influential white men. His name was Phil Mason and he owned many acres of beautiful land with large fruit trees and a little fresh water brook that ran across it.

It was the lure of his private land with its fruit trees and cool water brook that attracted the little girls, especially since the evil Phil Mason had a jogging path that ran across his land along side of that clear water brooklet. Mr. Mason knew the children of the town would sneak onto his land and use his private jogging path and climb up on his fruit trees and even swim in the brook. So he posted signs that said "private property keep off violators will be severely punished". The black community also had a jogging path but it wasn't anywhere as alluring as the path that ran across Phil Masons property.

The towns schools were naturally desegregated and both races attended, it was there that the little black girls heard about how fantastic it was to jog on the path that ran across Mr. Masons land. When the little black girls asked about those no trespass signs the little white girls only laughed and said, "Oh those silly things, we ignore them and nobody ever chased us away."

So it was established in their minds that they too could jog on that path if they were brave enough and all those stories of rape were probably lies just to keep them away. Actually those little girls that were indeed raped were told by their mothers never to tell anybody what happened to them. They were afraid of the consequences involved in being caught trespassing on private property, especially when that property belonged to Mr. Phil Mason who they knew held enormous power over the entire town.

When little 10 year old Calista told her mother Allysha about what the white girls said in class about jogging on Mr. Masons jogging path, her mother nearly hit the ceiling and scolded her for even thinking such a thought. She told both Calista and her 8 year old daughter Lynelle never ever to go jogging on private property owned by Mr. Mason. She told then that he was an evil white man that would do the most awful things to them if he ever caught them on his land and made both little girls promise her that they wouldn't go anywhere near his land.

That Sunday like most Sundays Mrs. Williams and her two little daughters dressed themselves in their short jogging pants and set out for a morning run. They drove over to the jogging path in the park which was on the boarder line separating the colored section of town from Phil Masons private property. They began their jog from the parks parking lot and ran all along the path which took them past all the parks benches and water fountains, then past the baseball field and moved along the picnic area to a tree lined stretch that led onto a steep hilly section. Once the path leveled out they jogged along a section that ran adjacent to Mr. Masons private property but at the same time ran adjacent to Mr. Masons private Jogging path. The comparisons between the jogging path they were on and the Jogging path that lay on the other side of the property line was stark. There was no denying the contrast between the two jogging paths. The Jogging path on the Mason property was lined with beauty on either side and then there was the cool water of that brook that ran along side of the path, and all those fruit trees, it was a delight. Those joggers that ran along the path that Allysha and her two daughters were on sometimes stopped to gaze at the so called forbidden fruit of the private property jogging path.

When both little 10 year old Calista and her 8 year old sister Lynelle also stopped Allysha who was ahead of them had to stop turn back and yell at them.

"Now don't you two children get any funny ideas in your heads, I told you about that place and made you both promise not to go jogging there. If you disobey me and get caught trespassing by Mr. Mason what ever he does to you will be your fault. Now move your little behinds and lets finish our run, come on now girls lets go."

Soon all three were jogging once again along the path they started on, and after running for nearly 35 minutes they finally made it back to the parking lot and after toweling off got back in the car and drove home.

The next day Monday, both Calista and her sister Lynelle once again met with their white girl friends and told them they went jogging with their mother. They said they were looking over at Mr. Mason's private Jog path and how they really wanted to go there but were afraid of getting caught. Their friends said nobody ever stopped them from jogging there even though it was private property. But Calista said maybe they weren't stopped because they were white and that if she and her sister tried it she was afraid they would be punished or even raped like the stories they heard from their mother. That's when the two white girls began to giggle and then said.

"Getting raped might be fun for you, don't all little black girls like getting raped?"

Then they laughed out loud and walked away leaving the two sisters standing there looking at each other, until little 8 year old Lynelle said, "Why did they say that? is being raped fun? the way mommy talked it was a bad thing to get raped."

Calista said, "Oh don't listen to those girls they don't like us anyhow cause we're black, anyhow I don't really know how it feels to be raped I never spoke to anyone who was actually raped all I heard was rumors and stuff."

But that night when the two sisters were in bed they continued to talk to one another. the images of that private jogging path and those fruit trees and the thought of taking their shoes and socks off and dangling their feet in the cool water of that little brook kept them awake. They continued whispering to one another about their conversation on Monday when they spoke with their two white girl friends and the talk about rape. The two sisters were touching themselves in bed and wondering if it really did feel good to be raped like their white girl friends said, or if it was something terrible like their mommy told them.

The next day Tuesday when they went to school they were teased by their two white girls friends about sneaking over onto the private property of Mr. Mason and getting raped. The teasing went on for the rest of the week until on Friday 10 year old Calista said, "If I wanna I could sneak onto Mr. Mason's property and take my little sister with me d we're not afraid of that old man, besides we can run a lot faster then him, we go jogging lots of times."

Their two white girl friends then said, "Ah your just saying that, but I bet your scared to go there, we dare you to."

With her little 8 year old sister Lynelle looking at her, Calista said to them, "Well you just wait and see I'll even climb up on his cherry tree and bring both of you back a bunch of cherries that'll prove it to you so there."

When they were alone little Lynelle said to her older sister, "You were only making believe right? I mean we're really not going to do it are we? Mommy would kill us if she found out."

But Calista just shrugged her shoulders and said, "You know if we really did go there and I climbed up on one of that old white mans fruit trees you could bring our camera and take pictures, that would really shut their mouths wouldn't it."

Her little 8 year old sister was beginning to think that Calista was actually thinking of going onto the private property of Mr. Mason. The thought of it frightened her but it also excited her.

That evening at dinner Allysha Williams told her daughters she had to work on Saturday and they would have to be by themselves for the whole day. When the two little girls went to bed that Friday night the events of the past day ran thru their minds. From the encounter and teasing by their white school friends, to the dare that was made and then the announcement by their mother that they would be by themselves all day on Saturday. They whispered to one another in bed about rape and about the private property signs that said keep out violators will be severely punished. They thought about that beautiful private jogging path right along side of that great cool water brook, and all those fruit trees. The two girls were so excited about what they were talking about they could hardly fall asleep. But it was Friday night and that meant they didn't have to get up early for school, so when Saturday morning arrived and Mrs. Williams left for work allowing both her daughters to sleep late, they awoke and had the entire day to themselves.

Consequences Of Taking The Dare

From the moment they awoke both Mrs. Williams little daughters knew what they would be doing that day. They seemed to sense it without even discussing it, they had a light breakfast and then pulled their very short jogging pants over their little cotton panties. They both wore cotton tee shirts to cover their chests, even though Calista was 10 years old she was kind of small breasted and really had no need of a training bra. So both she and little 8 year old Lynelle had nothing on over their little titties except for their pretty colored cotton tee shirts that said "less bounce to the ounce" they took empty plastic water bottles with them and little Lynelle grabbed her little camera and put it in her jogging bag with the empty water bottles.

The parks jogging path was about five miles from where they lived and since Mrs. Williams went to work, the two girls had to take the local bus to the park. When they arrived they could see from the big clock at the top of the recreation parks main building which housed the rest rooms and showers, it was 9:00Am. They filled their plastic drinking water bottles from the water fountain and set out on their run. It took nearly 20 minutes before they arrived at the same point they were at on Sunday and just like then a clear view of Mr. Phil Mason's property appeared before them. There it was the always alluring private jogging path their white girl friends dared them to run on. This time for some reason the signs that said "private property keep off" and the other signs that said "no trespassing violators severely punished" seemed so much larger to them.

But the two little girls hadn't come this far to be thwarted by some signs their school friends said that they ignored, and after all a dare was a dare and they weren't going to back down especially when Calista told them they weren't afraid of some old white man who couldn't run as fast as they could. The only concern she had which was only momentary was that her younger sister looked a bit frightened, she too was just bit hesitant. But once both girls climbed over the short perimeter fence and landed on the other side their fears were replaced by the excitement of the moment.

although the Mason private property was beautiful to look at and had all those wonderful fruit trees and shrubs and acres of manicured grass along the private Jogging path. There were a few deep gully's, some of those ravines could injure a person who wasn't careful when running off the jogging path. So the two sisters started out from the small fence and ran across the grass towards the private jogging path. When they reached it they were nearly out of breath not so much from the short run but from the thrill and excitement of finally seeing up close what they in the past could only view from the park. Calista just stood their catching her breath and said to her sister,

"Oh look at it Lynelle just look at it, isn't it wonderful? did you ever see anything so beautiful? come lets go to the little brook it looks so clear I bet we can see down to the bottom of it, come lets toss some rocks in it."

Little 8 year old Lynelle was just as excited as her older sister and suddenly all their previous concerns about what their mother told them, and all those rumors of little black girls being raped by that old white man seemed to leave them and were replaced by the thrill of the moment. Here they were actually on Mr. Masons private jogging path moving to the clear water brook they could only previously dream about.

They contented themselves for the moment with tossing little pebbles into the brook and watching the splashes they made. Then Calista said, "Come on Lynelle lets jog along the path past the fruit trees I want to climb on the first big cherry tree and pick a bunch of cherries to bring to those two white girls and show them that we weren't afraid of that old Mr. Mason, and you can take some pictures of me on the cherry tree to prove it."

Lynelle nodded her head and said, "Ok but can we go after that? I don't want anything bad to happen and I don't want Mommy to find out we were here."

Calista said ok, but you know I bet those two white girls will really be surprised at the pictures of me you take. Especially when I hand them a bunch of cherries from Mr. Masons own cherry tree, then they wont think they're the only girls who could go jogging on his private property.

The property was a bit hillier then they first thought and as they jogged they found that once they got to the rise of one of the hills they could actually see Mr. Masons home. It was off in the distance and looked large and beautiful like something they saw in their mothers magazines of rich peoples homes.

Once they moved down the hill their view of the Mason home disappeared from their view. But soon they could see the fruit trees that lined most of the path they were jogging on. When Calista saw the large cherry tree she got all excited and shouted to little Lynelle,


Lynelle was just a bit hesitant but had her camera out of her jogging bag and followed her older sister to the large fruit baring cherry tree. When the two sisters got close to the tree they noticed that the lowest branch was just too high for Calistas reach. So she had to stand on her little sisters shoulders in order to reach it. Once she did that it was just a matter of moving from branch to branch for her to reach the branches that were higher up and had all those red ripe cherries just waiting to be plucked. She used her jogging pouch to carry the cherries she had begun plucking off the branches and told Lynelle to take pictures of her while she was doing it. She turned to look down and smile at the camera when her foot slipped off the branch she was perched on and she began falling she dropped the cherry filled pouch and it tumbled down to the ground. As she fell she tried grabbing onto any branch that would support her but each branch she tried to grab wasn't strong enough to support her and she just continued slipping down from one branch to another. She cried out as her upper and inner thighs were being scraped by the twigs of each succeeding branch she slid onto.


As she slid down the large cherry tree little Lynelle screamed.

"Oh my god Calista Calista don't fall, don't fall Oh my God!"

But there was nothing either of the two sisters could do to prevent the older girl from tumbling down from branch to branch and finally landing hard and awkwardly on her ankles and twisting them. She lay there sobbing and rubbing her bruised inner thighs and her little round firm ass cheeks, she tried to stand up but there was too much pain in her ankles and she just sat there crying. After a few minutes she turned to her little sister and said,

"Lynelle your going to have to go back and get somebody to help me, my ankles hurt me too much and I cant stand up on them."

Lynelle was crying and said, "But what if nobody will come with me, what if they don't want to go on the private property? Oh Calista what will happen if nobody wants to come back with me?"

Calista was crying also and said, "Just go Lynelle just go and try hard its too far for me to walk I need somebody to help me please hurry, go on just try hard"

Lynelle cried and cried but finally left her sister by the cherry tree and started on her way back to the park, she followed the same path back that they used to get to the jogging path and fruit trees. She ran down the same gully and back up the hill that had the view of Mr. Masons house, only this time the view she saw made her scream out in shock, "AEEIIIIIEEEEEE! Oooooooh Nooooooooooooo!"

She screamed when before her eyes stood Mr. Phil Mason, "What are you doing here on my property you bad little girl huh? didn't they teach you how to read in school? well? didn't they?"

Little Lynelle was panic stricken and couldn't answer him, she just stood their in front of him shaking all over and sniffling. Phil Mason grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her then said, "You better answer me little girl or I'll have to give you a very hard spanking and maybe pull your panties down too, you want me to do that? huh? well do you?"

His hands sliding from her shoulders to her waist.

Lynelle continued sobbing and shook her head from side to side mumbling, "No mister Mason don't spank me please we're sorry really we are, we're very sorry it was those other girls they dared us to come here."

Phil looked at her and then said, "We? you said we're sorry, who's the we? you here on my private property with someone else?"

Little Lynelle now able to speak without mumbling and realizing her mistake had no alternative but to answer him and said, "Its my older sister and she fell off the big cherry tree and hurt her ankles, and scraped herself, she's back there by those trees."

Phil grabbed the frightened little girl by her hand and said, "Ok come on show me where she is."

The two of them set out to find Calista with little Lynelle leading the way. It didn't take very long before she came into view, there she was sitting with her back against the very tree she fell from. She was rubbing the inside of her upper thighs that had been scraped by the twiggy branches when she started falling. When she heard Lynelle shout out, "Calista Mr. Mason caught me trying to get help."

Calista couldn't believe her eyes. There was her little sister being pulled along by the very man they were supposed to avoid at all costs. Her heart pounded and the only words coming from her mouth were, "Oh my god! Oh my god!"

She tried to stand up and run but knew there were two things preventing her. One was her sprained ankles and the other was that her little 8 year old sister Lynelle was being held by the grey haired white man who all little black girls feared the most, Mr. Phil Mason.

She began to stutter and mumble and said, "uhh ummm uh I uhhh I uhhhhh fell, please Mr. Mason I uhhh I ummm I'm sorry please let my little sister go she's only 8 years old and she only came because of me, it was those white girls in school that were teasing us and dared us to come here Please Mr. Mason I promise we'll never come here again oh wont you please let us go please!"

But Phil had a surprise for both of them, a surprise that would cause both of them especially 10 year old Calista to tremble with fear and regret. He said,

"I know all about the dare you speak of little girl, you see those two white girls as you refer to them are my housemaids daughters Janette and Brenda. They have been telling me all about you two children especially what you said about me, remember? well let me remind you. You said, "If I wanna I could sneak onto Mr. Mason's property and take my little sister with me d we're not afraid of that old man. Well remember now huh?"

Calista began to cry along with little Lynelle and then she managed to say, "I didn't meant it please Mister Mason please I didn't mean it I only said in because Janette and Brenda were teasing us that's why honest."

Phil was enjoying every minute of the two little black girls discomfort and obvious fear, in his mind he envisioned the sexual pain he was planning for both of them. His cock was already tenting his blue jeans and he had to reach between his thighs to adjust it so that it didn't lay in such an uncomfortable position. Both Lynelle and Calista saw what he was doing but really didn't understand it, they only knew it was a naughty thing and they became even more alarmed.

Mason said, "Ok Calista stand up and put your arm around my neck and I'll help you walk back to my house and Lynelle you can stand on your sisters other side and help her too."

Calista immediately said, "Why do we have to go to your house? cant you take us back to the park? ohhhh please Mister Mason my mommy will be mad at us if she knew we were here please let us go back to the park please, please mister Mason wont you please let us go?"

Mason once again reached between his thighs to further adjust his hardened cock, he naturally had no intentions of letting his catch go. It was just so thrilling for him to see and hear their fear and his plans for their punishment was his primary goal. So he increased the little black girls fear by saying, "No I'm not going to take you back to the park, your both coming with me to my house and then down to my basement for your punishments."

At hearing the ominous threat to them both girls screamed and cried, "Noooooooo!!!!!puhhhhh leazzzeeeeee! noooooo we're sorry! don't do bad things to us Noooooooo ohhhhhhhh pleeeeeeeease, they wailed."

But all their pleading had no effect on the outcome, Phil Mason grabbed Calista's arm and put it around his shoulder and now with the little sobbing lynelle holding her sisters other arm they began heading back to his house and the awful punishments the two little girls would have to endure.

Those Awful Rumors Turned Out To Be True

The two sisters were crying all the way from that cherry tree, then down the ravines and up the hills, past Mister Masons jogging path and the fresh water brook. Then finally to his large cottage where little 10 year old Calista was forced to hobble along on her sore twisted ankle, and where her pulse raced and her heart pounded when she saw the long flight of stairs that led down to Mister Masons dungeon basement. This time little 8 year old Lynelle began crying for her mommy, "Waaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaah! I want my mommy I want my mommy! Mommy! mommy! mommy! help us Waaaaaaaaah!"

Then hearing her little sister crying so hard Calista began crying also and begging the grey haired white man they feared so much to let them go, "Ohhhhh mister Mason wont you please let us go ohhhhhhh pleeeeeeeeease don't do bad things to us we're good girls we're really sorry for going on your jogging path."

By now both little children were standing in Phil's basement dungeon with the door locked shut. They were holding onto each other and their little bodies were trembling at all the strange things their eyes saw and those other things that weren't so strange like the wall of whips and spanking paddles and floggers and those hanging chains. Now they knew that those stories they heard were true after all and that they were going to suffer terrible pain and then experience what rape felt like.

Phil took his time there was no rush at all, he had the two little black girls all to himself down in his basement, and although his hard cock was aching to rape them he wanted to savor the moment. He walked around them while they trembled and sobbed and begged. Then grabbed little lynelle away from her older sister Calista and dragged her over to one of the straight back chairs that he used for spankings and straddle raping. He made her sit on it and then while she protested and cried he pulled both her arms behind the back of the chair and tied them by her wrists. She screamed and cried while she struggled.


Calista screamed,


Phil shouted back at her,


Calista just stood there on her sore ankles and cried and cried and cried,

"Waaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaaah!"

She had nearly forgotten the pain she felt between her legs from the scraping her inner thighs received when she slid down all those cherry tree branches. But instinctively as she cried she had begun to rub them. Phil Mason saw her hands rubbing the inside of her thighs and moved closer to get a better look. It was then that he noticed a blushing tone to her dark skin all along her upper and inner thighs. He said, "Why are you rubbing yourself like that little girl, take your hands away so I can see what you have there."

Calista sobbed and said, "I hurt myself when I fell down from the tree, the branches and twigs scraped my thighs and now they hurt me."

Phil said, "Take your hands Away I want to see for myself."

Calista dropped her hands to her sides and continued to sob as she watched Phil Masons eyes looking between her legs at her bruised inner thighs. Phil reached out with his right hand and put it between her thighs and moved the palm along her thighs from just about mid thigh all the way up as far as it could go stopping only when he felt the fabric of her short jogging pants that covered her little pussy area. He began to squeeze the bruised flesh harder each time his hand moved up and down her inner thighs causing the terrified girl to cry out in pain, "Yowwwwwwww! Ouch! Pleeeeease stop Owwweeeeeeee! pleeeeeease mister Mason your hurting me Ooooouchhhh! it hurts."

Then from the seat against the wall that she was bound to, little 8 year old Lynelle began shouting,


Phil turned his head from Calista to her little sister Lynelle and said,

"If I stop hurting your sister then I'll just have to hurt you instead is that what you want me to do? huh? well is it?"

Suddenly the little 8 year old girl was faced with a dilemma she inadvertently caused by her outburst and didn't really know how to respond to the question. On the one hand she certainly didn't want the grey haired white man to hurt her and on the other hand she couldn't stand to see her sister Calista being hurt by him. So she lowered her head and cried, but remained silent. It was Calista who could see that Lynelle was in mental anguish, so she said,

"Oh mister pleeeeeease let us go wont you pleeeeeease let us go we promise never ever to come here again honest mister pleeeeease oh pleeeeeease let us go."

By now Phil Masons cock was ready to burst through his jeans and he needed to satisfy his sadistic nature as well as satisfy his lust. So he turned his attention back to the older sister and said,

"I told you before and I'm telling you again, your both gonna be punished now get those little pants off. I wanna see how far those bruises go, I just bet they go all the way onto your little pussy. Now don't let me tell you again take those little jogging pants off and I mean right now or I'll take them off myself and when I do I'll just go ahead and take your little panties off too. Then I'll spank your ass and your pussy too, I bet that will hurt you a lot more than some old twiggy branches."

With trembling fingers and teary eyes the frightened 10 year old girl began to unbutton and slide the zipper down that held her jogging shorts up. She sniffed and sobbed but could now see her words were not going to spare her nor her poor little 8 year old sister from the cruelness of this old white mans known sadistic ways. When she slid her pants down and stepped out of them she was left standing before him wearing her pretty red cotton tee shirt that said "less bounce to the ounce" and her little white cotton panties. Her tee shirt was the same one her sister Lynelle was wearing, only Lynelle's was Yellow instead of red and had the same words written across the front "less bounce to the ounce". Phil Mason promised himself he would test just how flat chested these two preteen black girls were under those shirts.

He licked his lips while looking at her little panties and then sat down on the other armless straight back chair and said,

"Now you can pull your panties off and when they're off you can get your little ass on my lap so I can find out just how high those bruises on your thighs go."

From the other armless straight back chair that Lynelle was bound to, she could only sit and stare at the terrible spectacle happening to her sister before her teary eyes. She was much too frightened to yell out like she did earlier for fear of getting beaten and maybe even raped. By now Calista was certain both she and her young sister would be beaten and raped. She thought she would simply die of embarrassment if her two white school friends, the ones she knew now as the daughters of Mister Masons housemaid Janette and Brenda ever knew she and lynelle were actually going to be punished or even raped.

She tried to hold back the flood of tears running down her face as she hooked her fingers inside the elastic waist band of her little panties, slid them down to her sore ankles and then bent over and pulled them off her feet. Her back was facing the chair that Mister Mason sat on, and as she bent over she felt his hands grab her now naked ass cheeks and give them an extremely hard squeeze, "Ohhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh! Oooooooooh!"

She cried out in as much surprise as in pain but quickly spun around to get away from the assault realizing that now she was facing him and her naked pussy was in full view of his eyes. He wasted no time at all staring intently at the arousing sight before him. Then without hesitation grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap, so that her naked ass was resting on top of his covered but very hard cock. He moved his left hand from behind her back and wrapped it around her left hip letting it come to rest on top of her naked bruised left thigh. He then moved his right hand up and down her naked right thigh and continued to squeeze and occasionally pinch the sore and bruised flesh sustained in her unfortunate fall from his cherry tree.

Calista felt the pain he was causing her bruised legs by pinching and squeezing them and she cried out, "Ooooooh! pleeeeeeeease mister mason pleeeeeeease stop it hurts so much pleeeease Ooooooooooh Ouch! Ouch! Oooooh"

Phil only licked his lips savoring the pain and crying the 10 year old black girl was experiencing from his cruelty. Then suddenly he took his right hand from her right inner thigh and put it directly onto her naked pussy lips and pinched both her outer and inner labia. Suddenly the young girls sobs and pleadings turned to outright screams as she felt her poor pussy lips being tortured by the man everyone in her neighborhood warned her about.


It was only when she heard her own words being screamed out that she realized she called her little cuny a pussy a word she never ever used, thinking only bad boys and bad girls call their cuny's pussies.

Little Lynelle couldn't control herself when she saw what that mean bad and evil grey haired white man was doing to her sister so she screamed out, "YOU STOP HURTING MY SISTER YOU'RE A DIRTY OLD MAN AND I HATE YOU, YOUR A BAD MAN AND I HOPE YOU DIE I HATE YOU"

Phil Mason turned his head in the direction of Calista's 8 year old sister who he had bound to the other chair and then pushed Calista off his lap where she tumbled to the floor of his basement dungeon with a thud. He got up and went over to the now very frightened little girl who suddenly realized that once again she put herself in harms way, he stopped in front of her chair. Then very deliberately and with much haste began to undo the button and zipper of the child's little jogging shorts until they were completely undone then he yanked them down her legs and off her feet as the poor child screamed.


But he didn't stop there, next thing he did was untie her hands and once they were free he reached down to her waist and yanked her little yellow tee shirt with the words "less bounce to the ounce" printed on the front, up and over her head. then just as quickly he retied her hands behind the armless straight back chair leaving the nearly hysterical 8 year old with nothing on except a skimpy pair of white cotton panties. Next he reached out and squeezed her nearly flat titties and then pinched her tiny little nipples causing her to scream out in agony from the terrible pain she felt, "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! YEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OUCH! OWWWWWWWWWWW!"

End Part 1 Of 2


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Thats one heck of a story, great build up and nice layout and Oh did I forget to mention HOT!


I thought the story idea was really what any red blooded sadistic racist would just love to curl up in bed with Nah! just kidding but still loved every word.....dont keep us waiting too long for part 2


Great story, if it was winter time I'd say just the thing to keep you warm. Or in this case Hot.


Loved it hope part two isnt far behind


Hot story, great stuff, nice going. I enjoyed it alot, will be watching for the conclusion.


What a heck of a story, excellant, please dont keep me waiting long for part two.

The reviewing period for this story has ended.

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