Trick Photography

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Published: 4-Sep-2011

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This is fiction and fantasy. Nothing of sorts happened nor should happen in real life.

As a single mother I prefer to take my ten-year-old daughter with me whenever I'm required to attend a work conferences around the country. This time it happened to be in L. A. and like always I tugged Ally along to accompany me on the trip. Usually she prefers to stay in hotel room watching kids shows, but this time she wanted to come along and enjoy the sun and pool at the place we were staying at. It was delightful and every day during our stay we enjoyed some great food and pool time after the meeting ended on early afternoon.

On one occasion, there were two women sitting next to us, and we became acquainted with them. It turned out that Amanda, the slightly older woman, was a photographer, and Sue was her assistant. They had privileges at the hotel pool and would take advantage of this when they finished work for the day.

I said that Ally and I had often talked about having a professional photographer take a number of pictures of her; pictures that she could enjoy in later years. She was a beautiful child and I wanted to capture her beauty, but the ones that I had taken never did her justice. Besides the usual pictures of her in a dress or swim suit, I also had secret desire for some sexy shots of her in tiny see through lingerie or even some nude pictures, but I knew she was reluctant, perhaps being embarrassed if some one else saw her naked body in the photos.

Just then Ally came out of the pool to join us and upon seeing her in her tiny wet bikini, Amanda remarked that she was quite lovely little girl, and indeed she was. She was very attractive for a child of her age, with a pixy face and a finely toned body of a gymnast, a perfect example of a child-model with lovely bumps on her chest that were mostly her sensitive nipples, a flat and skinny tummy, and long beautiful tapered legs. I especially liked her round bottom and never tired of caressing and feeling its soft shape.

I asked Amanda what type of photography she did and Amanda said mostly fashion, almost exclusively women and children, and she did models in all manner of attire, including dresses, sports clothes and lingerie, depending on what the various magazine editors wanted. By this time Ally was attentively listening to our conversation.

After looking at Ally, I asked Amanda if she could do some professional photos of my daughter. Amanda hesitated, and then said she might be able to work her into her schedule, so I asked how much it would cost. She quoted some rates that were not in my price range, and I said her rates would be too expensive. Then Amanda appraised Ally again and said she could do it if we signed off on the pictures, saying it was possible that she might interest one of the publishers in a picture or two.

I was very enthusiastic, and I asked Ally if she would like to pose for Amanda. Ally was reluctant and shy at my suggestion, but I persisted, and finally she agreed. Amanda said that she could do some shots the next evening after her regular schedule was completed. Then she said that she was not going to supply the clothing for the shooting, and she suggested that we look over the clothes and lingerie that she had with her and shop for additional items. When Ally heard this she protested about the lingerie but I said that I would love to have some tasteful shots of her in some lovely underwear even if it makes her little embarrassed. Amanda said she would look good in some lacy and shear lingerie. We then parted and agreed to meet in Amanda's studio the next evening at seven.


That night we looked over Ally's clothes and lingerie, and decided to shop in the morning. We purchased a couple of small dresses, short skirts and blouses and of course some very attractive lingerie. We bought sheer slips, camisoles, sheer lacy panties, both regular and open legged in pink, beige and white. Also, some sheer stockings and child-sized garter belts. She protested again about the photo shoot and people seeing her in state of undress, but I reassured her again that she will make a great child model.

We arrived at Amanda's studio, and Sue answered the door, escorting us in, seating us and soon Amanda appeared. She sorted through the clothing that we brought, and nodded approval, especially at our lingerie choices. Then Amanda introduced us to another female assistant, and also a male helper. Amanda said the two women would pose Ally, and the man, Karl, would help with the lighting and some camera work. Amanda had another male helper who did some camera work and some developing.

I could see Ally was nervous with all these people, especially the men in the studio, but Amanda reassured her that they were needed, and were very professional. The women then took Ally behind a dressing screen and worked with her on clothing. The men busied themselves with the camera and the lighting, the placement of a sofa, and some props.

Finally, everyone was ready and they posed Ally, now in a short black dress, in various positions, and began the shooting. They did several shots, the women eventually raising her dress to expose more and more of my daughter's leg. Next were some shots with her shorter skirts and low blouses to expose her upper chest. When the women wanted to expose even more leg, so as to show all of her sheer stockings and straps of her garter belt, Ally blushed, protesting and looking with her pleading eyes for me to intervene. Sensing Ally's humiliation and embarrassment, Amanda halted the shoot and everyone took a short break until Ally was relaxed again and shooting could be resumed.

This time the girls were posing her more suggestively, showing her lovely stocking clad legs up to her sheer panties. Then Amanda said it was time to do some lingerie shots, so she was taken behind the screen again, and now it was a sheer camisole top, sheer lacy half slip with her nylon panties visible, still with sheer stockings and garter belt. Ally was blushing again when she became aware of the men looking at her but I kept reassuring her with my smile.

As she was being posed in her lingerie, she was looking incredibly sexy, and even though she was only ten years old and my daughter, I was becoming aroused by erotic interaction played out before me. Amanda continued shooting as more and more of Ally's small body was exposed to the cameras. The girls managed to make her look incredibly erotic as they posed the child with her legs spread, her camisole lowered slightly, beginning to expose her budding nipples, and soon pictures of her with her slip pulled above her waist, the sheer panties failing to hide the plump, pink lips of her child-cunt.

The women soon had her changed into pink lingerie, half-slip and panties and camisole. This time her panties had wide legs and was very arousing. Just as the women wanted to put her in further erotic poses, Ally looked at me embarrassed and humiliated for guidance and I said it was all right to continue. When Sue and her assistant wanted to expose her body more, my daughter finally rebelled. Amanda and I tried to reassure her so we could continue, but she did not want have them take nude photos of her. Finally, I had to take her aside and have a quiet talk with her, making several promises and few threats along the way before she became compliant, but not before she said that it would be up to me if she was to continue, and I said yes, that these were great shots and she looks like a professional fashion model.

Soon her panties were lowered, exposing her little cunt to all of us in the studio, her slip then bunched around her waist, more photos, and then her camisole pulled up to expose her lovely aroused nipples. Amanda said these were going to be great, as she continued clicking her camera, and I saw that she also had a camcorder going. These poses were much more erotic then if she was totally naked. I was even more aroused observing the effect my child was having on the men who looked at her nude body, and even the girls, and Amanda seemed to be enjoying the spectacle of my now compliant daughter, her resistance almost overcome, and I noticed that Ally was now flushed, and appeared to be aroused by attention everyone was giving her.

After another change of underwear Amanda wanted her posed in even more erotic positions. When Ally began to protest we took a break but it was clear at this point that Ally was certainly feeling the effects of voyeuristic attention she was receiving, but still would not continue unless I agreed, which I did, thinking that there was not much more in the way of erotic poses that we could imagine.

Subsequently I was proved wrong as Amanda raised the shooting to another level. My little girl was manhandled into one erotic pose after another, her legs spread and her cunt lewdly exposed to the camera, which now appeared quite moist, gaping slightly, the lips puffy and red. It was clear that Ally was now aroused also, and the men appeared to be enjoying the view as they adjusted lights and cameras around the studio while shamelessly watching the lurid spectacle before them. Amanda noticed my arousal and smiled, and I think that I was more excited with the women and men watching my daughter now being shamelessly displayed, photographed and sexually touched by complete strangers.

The women then took Ally behind the screen but we could easily see them as they selected very sheer lacy white lingerie, beginning with a white garter belt and sheer white stockings. Next, lacy white panties were added, very sexy with open legs, followed by a short half-slip and a sheer lacy camisole. They were very sheer, and did little to hide her small prepubescent body. After a few routine, and very sexy poses, she was placed on a large flat sofa on her hands and knees. Then Sue removed the headband that Ally was wearing, allowing her long hair to cascade over her shoulders. Amanda directed some more photos, and then asked the girls to pose her again.

Working together the girls pressed her head and shoulders to the sofa, sliding her camisole up and exposing her small cone breasts to the air. At Amanda's direction they lifted her slip up so that it fell from her waist, and then they slid her panties down her thighs till they were at the tops of her stockings, her garter straps stretched over her bottom. She couldn't have been more erotically exposed, and my pussy responded, becoming even wetter from feelings no parent should ever feel for their own child. Then Sue and Carol moved Ally's thighs apart, keeping her head and shoulders down. Her spread thighs and her lovely rounded ass invitingly in the air completed the erotic picture. In this position we saw Ally's pink and moist cunt beginning to gape more, shiny with her moistness. The little girl was flushed, embarrassed and humiliated in this exposed position. She looked at me pleadingly and I nodded, reassuring her as if there is nothing more natural than taking erotic pictures of little girls.

Then events took an unexpected turn. Amanda turned to me and asked if she could introduce a man into the picture. I asked what she meant, and she said that she wanted one of the men to stand beside my daughter in a robe as if he was going to seduce the child. Amanda said he wouldn't do anything that I did not want him to, only the poses that we would allow. Amanda said that it would add another, more forbidden sexual dimension. Terrified, Ally looked at me for guidance, and I said that we should try it, and that we could stop at any time. I was very interested in what would transpire and it was clear now that Ally had trusted me with being in control of the situation, and it was also clear that she was very much aroused, her underage body flushed and tremulous, and also embarrassed at her arousal being openly displayed for everyone to observe and photograph in minute detail.

After it was agreed to try it, Karl came in from a side room, clad only in a robe. Sue posed him next to my little model as more pictures were taken, Steve working the cameras and the lighting. When Sue asked if Karl could remove his robe, I agreed, and then Carol removed it. He was well built, but most impressive was his cock, which was very large, even in his softened state.

It did not stay soft long as Sue grasped his cock, stroking and caressing it. That in combination with the sensuous sight of my little girl, her ass lifted invitingly in front of him, immediately produced an erection of significant proportions, his cock now very long and very thick, with a large bulbous head, quite reddened as if poised to attack the small child before him.

I was sitting in a chair beside Amanda, and she said "quite impressive". That was definitely an understatement. Ally glimpsed his cock, and her eyes widened in fear. I had always felt that most men were pretty similar in size but this was an exception.

As soon as this sight was captured on camera, the man's cock almost touching the child's thigh, Amanda asked if Karl could just touch the tip of his cock to little girl's pussy, saying it would make a great pose. I thought that would be alright considering the circumstances, so Sue directed his cock till the tip was just touching the moist red lips of my baby's cunt. Ally flinching as she felt him. The girls were still holding her thighs apart somewhat against her will, her knees at the edge of the sofa, her baby pussy on a level with the man's rigid cock. After this was filmed, Ally asked if Karl could put just the tip of his cock inside the lips of her cunt. I hesitated, but the scene was so erotic that I finally agreed. Karl moved forward with Sue holding and directing his cock between the lips of my daughter's cunt, spreading the swollen lips some as half the head of his cock pressed into her, Ally moaning at the intrusion. I was incredibly aroused by this scene, but felt that I couldn't let this go on much longer without permanently damaging my little girl.

However, Amanda asked if Karl could just put the head of his cock into Ally, and I looked at her flushed and worried face, and in a small voice she said "It's up to you, Mommy." Amanda urged us on, saying it would be a memorable picture that Ally would look fondly later in her life, so I agreed, thinking after that we would be finished. Then Karl moistened the end of his cock with her juices, and then started slowly pushing into the child, the lips of her small pink cunt stretching painfully, now spreading more, my baby beginning to feel the pressure of his entry, and groaning in fear and anticipation. Karl was now gripping her slim hips to hold her steady as he pushed more firmly, and with a soft cry from Ally, the head of his cock stretched her child-cunt fully as he entered her, her tiny body jerking at the forceful invasion. The scene was mesmerizing and I was wildly excited, and clearly the girls were also aroused, seeing this stud with the head of his cock inside the 10-year-old girl's cunt. I could not believe that I could be so aroused by watching this happen to my own daughter, right before me and with my full consent and approval.

As new pictures were taken of this unnatural sexual union, I said, "Maybe we should call a halt to the session." I was concerned about allowing any further invasion of my daughter's cunt. Amanda said "Well, we could stop here, but I think we could still get some great shots if we let Karl push in a little further. You will have some great pictures to view in the future." I looked at my daughter, flushed, tremulous, moaning, with the head of Karl's cock inside her painfully stretched pussy and people aiming their cameras at this sexual obscenity. Against my better judgment I said we could do a little more so Amanda told Karl to push in a little further. Moving back and forth a little, this brutal stud gradually buried more and more of his cock into the poor child, my baby groaning as she felt her sexy body being stretched and impaled even more by his shaft. Holding her hips, he stopped with half of his cock pulsating inside her while the photo session continued to record this violation.

At this point Amanda said, "Why don't we just let him push his cock all the way in since we have gone this far." It was clear that my trembling, aroused child was defenseless in their hands, and I was loosing control also, so I said, "yes, go ahead." Then the girls pushed her panties down to her knees, as Karl, gripping little girl's hips firmly, pushed himself fully into my helpless daughter. She cried out as she was fully stretched and impaled on his cock, crying out again as he gave little short merciless jabs deep in her child-cunt.

Looking at this pornographic scene, I couldn't believe that things had gone this far, that step by step our resistance had melted to the point where my baby, on her hands and knees, had a stranger's cock fully inserted into her cunt.

This time without asking my permission, Amanda told Karl to move his cock back and forth in Ally's pussy a few times to get his cock shiny with her juices. Karl obliged, to my daughter's moaning, and more pictures were taken of this act. Then Amanda said, "Start thrusting into her faster and harder." Karl needed no further instruction, and he began openly fucking my baby with steady long strokes, soon fucking her faster and more powerfully as he continued holding her little ass in the air.

Ally's body was jerking uncontrollably to each thrust forced upon her defenseless 10-year-old body. She was moaning and crying out continually now at the pounding she was receiving by this stud. I couldn't believe that this photo shoot had progressed to the point where a man was now actively raping my daughter with approval from adults watching the rape.

I was speechless, caught up in this scene, and as helpless as my daughter was, as she was responding now, her cries louder now as Karl continued thrusting into her, till finally his brutal fucking forced her to orgasm which shook her body again and again. He held the child with his cock fully in her till her climax subsided. Then he slowly began thrusting into her again, in spite of her protests and tears. He continued raping the child, relishing her helplessness and surrender in his strong arms. The others were thrilled at what transpired as Karl continued punishing my baby with his massive cock, till finally she cried out in pain and throes of another orgasm. At this time Karl groaned too, as he fully impaled her again, and began spurting his seed into her. He finally withdrew, leaving Ally's cunt gaping and reddened with her juices and his seed seeping from her ravaged cunt.

He then released my daughter and she collapsed on the couch like a rag doll. She began sobbing softly, tears on her cheeks, hardly believing that she had yielded to this stud and been taken by him and responding as she had done, especially in front of this audience which clearly enjoyed her sexual abuse while photographing every detail of her degradation. I was angry with myself for being part of this scene, but I was too aroused to intervene. I could not believe how excited I was watching this stud thoroughly fucking my child, watching his cock pistoning in and out of her defenseless cunt, stretched widely by his penetration and then filling her with his seed.

I thought everything was over, but it wasn't, as the girls now rolled my baby onto her back and then pulled her panties and camisole off, leaving her naked except for her garter belt and stockings. Ally started to struggle against their groping hands and I said, "No more! Leave her alone!" As I started towards my daughter, Karl blocked me and it was clear now that they were preparing Ally for the next rape session, this time by Steve, the other man in the studio. He stripped and approached my daughter who was now crying in fear and humiliation as he came near, his cock erect. With one of the girls on each side her legs were forced open and her shoulders were held down, as Steve got between her outstretched thighs, directing his cock at her lubricated anus this time. He penetrated her fast and hard, easily sliding deep into her rectum, then steadily thrusting into her for a very long time. The girls did not need to hold her legs open now. She stopped sobbing, and she was now responding to being sodomized by her abuser, her hips moving some, and then folding her legs over his thighs, spreading herself even wider for him, till finally she gave a shrill cry as her orgasm was forced upon her. Then Steve groaned as he gripped her ass tightly, erupting inside her anus, spurting again and again inside the child.

Ally just lay there on her back after this stud was through with her, her legs spread wide, her eyes blank, juices again draining from her stretched, unprotected holes now both gaping open and abused. I realized that all that had happened had been captured on film, to be used how? Finally I got my tearful baby dressed and we prepared to leave before someone could abuse her again.

We clearly had been set up, and I was angry now at how we had been used, taken step by step to the point where my baby was thoroughly raped anally and vaginally, and my unexpected arousal watching these studs working on her child-body. I knew that I wouldn't soon forget the sight of those cocks penetrating her and thrusting into her sexy little body, my daughter helpless and unprotected, surrendering to these animals abusing her, her legs and thighs lifted into the air as they forced her to climax against her will. The sight of her lying so small and spread-eagled when they had finished with her, and observing her wet widely stretched cunt oozing sexual juices was a sight I would long remember.

They were all smiling as we left, knowing we could never take any legal action. We were totally humiliated. There were tears again on my daughter's face as we were driving back to our hotel, remorse at the way her little body betrayed her while being so sexually mistreated. She looked at me and said, "You were excited weren't you, Mommy? Watching your own daughter being raped liked that. You could have stopped them, Mommy. But you just let them do it to me."

I said, "It was so erotic the way they used your body in photo shoot, sweetie. I was so caught up in it I couldn't stop them even if i tried. Besides, it was clear that you enjoyed some things they've done to you."

She was still tearful and said, "I couldn't stop it, Mommy. I'm sorry. They pushed so deep inside me while holding me down."

I cuddled her closer to me and kissed her tearful cheek. "It's OK, honey. Nothing that little spanking can't fix when we get home."

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Fantastic story!


WOW! great story. Well constructed and very erotic. Keep writing. Can't wait to see what happens when they get home and mom cleans her up with her mouth!


Very nice indeed, lots of detail and I loved the slow pace of the rape. I too am an author and I was impressed with your work. Fine job, hopefully I will see more of your offerings.


What an awesome story!! I love this type of story where the mother gets excited watching their daughter being abused. Thank you for it, it really got me hard.


What an erotic and thrilling story. Well done and thanks Sadomommy!


You guys must be kidding. Nothing can be more absurdly moronic than to believe a 10 year old would have orgasms from being raped and sodomized. Why do people always add in this detail just in time to completely ruin the visual of the story? Why can't people let rape be what it is supposed to be without destroying the entire idea by trying to add some fucking retarted notion of romance to it? It is trully, the single fastest way to fuck up a good story fast. Why?


Amazing story! Very hot description of the sex and great progression (would love an even longer plot with a chapter 2 / a second photo set the next week). Nothing better than a yng girl coerced into getting fucked!!


This story had an interesting title and and even more interesting summary that had me wanting to read this as soon as I saw it posted. (A note to authors: A summary, even more a good summary can go a long way to enticing readers to your story). Right away I loved the premise of a mom being manipulated into having her help in the molestation of her daughter while the girl is being photographed. SadoMommy's story has the mom slowly drawn into this wicked endeavor at a slow but by no means boring pace so she cannot see what it is all leading too. Just like the frog in the slowly heating pot she does not sense things are going too far till they seem to have done just that. The rest of this story leaves the heat on having you feel steamy too in the end.

I hope we soon see more stories from this new writer. She is off to a great start.

Of my 1-5 girls rating, I give this one 5 girls, sodomized of course.


Wonderful story.Will you continue the series? I hope so! Thanks....Sara


Only read the first half before having a little accident. Will read the rest later. Very hot story, and I especially like the beginning.


Wonderful story!! Bravo!


Super-hot, and thrilling. The only thing that would have made it even hotter would be a long, slow buildup to the anal rape scene, or to have the mom clean the girl's cunt out with her tongue after the men were done with her.

old perv

loved it. i thought it was very erotic. i love it when moms or dads or both get involved with others in abusing their little girls. i thought mom could have fed that big cock into her daughter's mouth, and have her experience a big load of cum down her throat.


Very good!!! Felt like I was there :) Keep them cumming!


Fantastic story! Very well written! The description and pace of the slow rape is one of the hottest I've ever read. Please post some more stories!


I think you should have the ten year old girl raped with a strap-on by her mother when they get home.


This is a variation of a story called wifeshoot. Which one came first? Both are very good but one is copied from the other.


One of my favourite stories of this type.Loved the way mummy got more turned on as the man fed his cock into the ten year olds cunt. The anal rape was a bit rushed but overall i found as the mummy got more excited so did !


Fantastic story. I loved every second of it, especially as the scene of real child rape developed with mom getting off on it. I adore the concept of moms being accomplices to the rape of their little girls. More like this please with lots of mom inspired rape and abuse of their daughters. I came three times reading this one.


great story!!!! Nice to see someone show that little girls can get off too.


Awesome, definitely a *****-star rating so innocent kid.


Great story. Keep checking back for the follow up!


Wow. Hot story.


This story was fantastic please more but add oral as well I loved it!!!!


so was this 10 year old girl a virgin? because apparently she has no hymen and he easily slides his cock up her rectum? where was all the crying and yelling about the pain that she should have experienced from a cock that a grown woman called impressive? I agree with another poster, rape hurts and is not enjoyable by the person being raped especially a 10 year old girl. now he might have enjoyed it and the others watching but the kid no way unless this mother routinely let's her daughter get fucked. Nice masturbation story but too unbelievable to be a great story.


this is one of the HOTTEST stories i've read, i absolutely love the stories whith the parent and the reluctance/rape with the parent hesitant but getting of on what happening to there kid, does anyone know of any stories that are very similar, I have found some decent stories, but nothing as hot as this thus far. Thanks!

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