New Family: Brothers And Sisters

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Published: 2-Sep-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The Wilson Family

  • Vince (father, 35)
  • Selene (mother, 34)
  • Tyler (son, 14)
  • Brooke (daughter, 12)

The Howard Family

  • Tim (father, 40)
  • Sophie (mother, 38)
  • Rebecca (daughter, 18)
  • Alex (son, 17)
  • Aubrey -darker auburn hair(daughter, 15)
  • Zack (son, 14)
  • Samantha/Sam (daughter, 11)
  • Austin (son, 10)
  • Emma (daughter, 9)
  • Maddie - long auburn hair(daughter, 6)


Brooke Wilson stepped quietly down the hallway toward her mother and father's bedrrom. The door was ajar, so she could look through the gap and see most of the room. The slim twelve year old put her hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp. On the kingsize bed, her mother Selene lay sprawled against her pillows, nude. The 34 year old blonde had both hands between her legs, which were spread wide. The middle finger if her right hand was a blur on her clit while two fingers of her left hand slipped in and out of her wet pussy.

Brooke was mesmerized. She had never even seen her mother naked before - though she had noticed the sexier clothing her mother had been wearing lately, and the skimpy bikini she had worn at the Howard's house next door the other day. But this was amazing!

She was so engrossed in the display before her that the 12 year old didn't hear her brother approaching. He touched her shoulder and she jumped, biting back the yelp that tried to escape her full lips.

"Jesus Christ!" she hissed "You scared the shit out of me!"

"Sorry," her brother Tyler said, his hands held up in appeasement, "What's going on?" he whispered. Brooke moved aside a little so Tyler could see. His mouth fell open in shock when he saw his sexy naked mother masturbating. He looked at Brooke and she looked back with an odd smile on her face.

"What should we do?" he asked, soto voce. Brooke didn't say anything for a minute, thinking. Then she looked up at him and smiled.

"Let's watch!" She turned back to the view through the doorway and Tyer moved behind her. He was acutely aware of the fact that his pretty sister was wearing a tiny yellow bikini she had borrowed from the next door neighbor, and his gaze kept wandering to her firm pale butt cheeks,. The suit was a thong, and she looked practically naked from behind.

Brooke looked over her shoulder when Tyler moved, and she saw him with his cell phone up, pointing over her shoulder.

"What are you doing?" she hissed.

"I'm recording this," Tyler replied, "to watch it later." He didn't add that he would be using the video to jerk off to. Brooke stared at him as if she might protest, but she turned back to the view.

"Alright," she whispered over her shoulder, "but I get to watch it, too."

She was as aware of her brother's presence as he was of hers. His hip was pressed against her butt cheek, and he did nothing to move away. In fact, the longer they stood watching the erotic and bizarre sight of their mother masturbating, the more he moved, until the 12 year old was sure she cold feel the ridge of his hard cock under his shorts pressed against her ass.

They watched as Selene slipped a third finegr into her cunt and slammed them in and out while abusing her swollen clit with two fingers. Her naked body was slick with sweat, and her feet had bunched the sheets into an unruly pile at the foot of the bed as they slid back and forth. Her back curled and her mouth opened as she came, her whole body shuddering rgidly with the power of her orgasm.

The petite blonde collapsed back onto her bed with a loud goran, spent.

Tyler tapped Brooke on the shoulder and they slipped away from the doorway.

Selene watched her kids moving away with a smile.

- - - - -

Dinner at the Wilson's house was awkward. The kids hardly spoke or looked at their mother, who seemed not to notice. Selene drifted through the evening with a distracted smile on her pretty features.She had changed into a form-fitting mini dress she had purchased that morning on her shopping trip with the next door neighbor Sophie. The dress barely covered her round ass in back, and she had donned a pair of four inch heels.

Vince, her husband, loved the view, and the attention, as she was very amorous. Selene floated around the house, smiling, laughing and touching her family. She would drag her hand across her husband's broad shoulders in passing, or squeeze his butt briefly. She stopped to kiss him regularly, flicking her tongue against his lips playfully, or stopping for a deep French kiss in the middle of the room, with the children watching.

Even the kids got their share of affection. Tyler was hugged and kissed frequently. He became familiar with the scent of his mother's perfume from her continuously leaning down to give him a peck on the cheek. He was able to see that she wasn't wearing a bra under her dress, because of the way the front gapped open to display her erect nipples. Her breath felt warm on his cheek and ear.

Brooke, too, received her mother's attention. Selene patted her butt frequently when passing by, or trailed her hand around her waist in passing.

Brooke had pulled on a long t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, over the yellow bikini. She spent the evening teasing her brother by surreptitiously flashing him, opening her legs to show the horny 14 year old her bikini-covered pussy mound. Even her father noticed the frequent views, and was on the verge of commenting, but changed his mind, just sitting back and watching instead.

By the time they all headed to bed, the atmosphere of the house was thick with pheromones.

- - - - -

Selene attacked her husband as soon as he came to bed. She was waiting for him on top of the covers, naked. She pulled him onto her body and kissed him, squeezing his ass though his boxer shorts, which he always wore to sleep in. Breathless, he pulled back to look in her eyes.

"What's gotten into you today?" he asked with a grin.

"Must have been all the shopping," she replied evasively, pulling him back with her arms around his neck for another kiss.

She rolled her husband onto his back, while holding him tight, so that she ended up lying on top of him, her naked body pressed against his. She kissed him for a few more minutes, then worked her way down his neck, kissing and nibbling, pausing to nip his erect nipples with her teeth. He moaned as she licked across his belly, fishing inside his underwear to take hold of his hard cock. She pulled the stiff rod out through the flap in the front and slid her lips over it.

Vince tipped his head back and arched his back as she sucked his cock. Selene had always been a talented cock-sucker, but she was really into it tonight. Moving her head back and forth and moaning as she sucked wetly on his rod, her small fist pumping the lower half of his cock.

Putting his hand on her head, he thrust his hips upward, forcing more of his cock into her wet mouth, and she moaned encouragingly as he took control. He watched, amazed, as she reached between her legs to finger her own pussy while sucking him.

Encouraged, he took her hair in both fists, pumping harder into her mouth while she rubbed her clit and groaned around his wet shaft.

Vince had no idea what had happened to his wife, but he was perfectly willing to take advantage of it.

- - - - -

Brooke sat on her bed. She had changed into a pair of plain white panties and a thin tank top that left her belly bare. She was texting with Zack, the 14 year old next door neighbor who had shared her first sexual experience with her earlier that day. "Well gotta go. Bye" he sent.

"K bye c u tomorrow?" she replied.

"Sure! I'll text u."

"Kk" she sent. She lay back on her bed and sighed contentedly. What a great guy....

She was dozing off 15 minutes later when there was a soft knock on her door. It was Tyler, dressed in boxers like his dad, with an excited expression.

"Remember when I told you that I could see in Aubrey's window from mine?" he asked. Brooke nodded.

"Yeah, you said you saw her making out with a guy"

Tyler glanced down briefly, embarrassed

"Yeah, well," he answered uneasily, "She was doing more than making out. She was fucking a guy!" Brooke looked interested.

"Really? And you watched?" Instead of seeming disgusted, she looked excited. Tyler nodded.

"Yeah, and the guy's back. You wanna see?" She said she did, and the two siblings headed to Tyler's room together.

His room was dark. Aubrey's was not. So the Wilson's could see into the neighbor's window without being seen themselves. Brooke and Tyler sat next to each other on his bed, from which they could see through both windows. Unlike the last time Tyler had watched Aubrey having sex, the blinds on her window were open, so their view was unimpeded.

Aubrey had her back to the window, her arms around the neck of a young man. His hands were sliding across her bare back and squeezing her bare ass. Her lover's face was hidden behind Aubrey's head.

Tyler watched intently, but was distracted by his sister's leg against his own. Her skin was soft and warm. And nearby. As they sat together watching, he leaned a little toward her, until his shoulder touched hers.

She didn't pull away.

Aubrey pulled away from her lover's kiss and said something to him, then she started lowering herself in front of him, crouching as she kissed his chest and belly. Brooke gasped as the young man's face was revealed.

"Fuck!" Tyler said.

"It's Zack!" Brooke squeaked, her mouth hanging open in shock. Her face went even paler than usual. She gripped the front of her shirt in one small fist, and Tyler could see tears gleaming in her big brown eyes.

"That son of a bitch!" the 12 year old hissed. She was clearly pissed off. Tyler could only assume that she had developed strong feelings for the kid. He wondered again what had happened to Brooke at the Howard's house today.

"I liked him," she said, dejectedly. Unsure what to do, Tyler put his arm around her shoulders, and she leaned against him, her head against his cheek. He smelled the clean scent of her shampoo, and felt the soft tickle of her hair on his face. His hand slid up and down her bare arm. He didn't know what to say.

"I slept with him," his sister muttered softly between sobs.

"You did?" Tyler said, surprised. Brooke raised her head and turned to look at him. Her eyes were red and puffy, glistening with tears. The tip of her nose was red, too, standing out on her pale face.

Tyler thought she looked beautiful.

"Then he's an asshole," he said, staring into those big dark eyes.

Movement from next door drew their attention. Aubrey was lying on her back on her bed with her knees bent over the edge. Zack knelt on the floor in front of her and was eating her pussy. It looked all too familiar to Brooke. She seethed as she watched the display, getting angrier and angrier as her new lover performed oral sex on his own sister. She glanced at Tyler and a thought went through her mind.

Can two play at that game?

- - - - -

Selene was riding her husband's cock toward yet another orgasm. She had straddled him several minutes ago, having gotten herself all worked up by playing with her pussy, and she moaned and thrashed as her second climax tore through her body.

"Oh God," she groaned, "I love your cock, Baby. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!"

"You want me to fuck you harder?" Vince snarled, "OK, you got it!" He grabbed her upper arms and tossed her on her side, rolling over to pin her beneath him, on her back. He hooked her knees under his elbows and pinned them back, folding her body in half and turning her pussy up toward his thrusting cock. She gasped and moaned as he pounded her pussy, pinning her beneath him, helpless.

"Uh, uh, h, uh," the petite blonde grunted in rhythm with his jabs. His face was inches from hers, and she lifted her head to kiss him. Her face was red and sweaty. Her dark blonde hair stuck to her cheeks and forehead in wet clumps, and her green eyes were glazed with lust.

"Take me, Baby," she gasped as her husband pounded into her, "Make me. Make me yours. Cum in me, Baby."

"You want my cum, is that it?" he panted, getting into the dominant role playing game. Sweat dripped from his chin into his wife's pretty face.

"Yeah. Yeah, Baby. I want it. I want your cum. I wanna see it. Can I see it?" she panted back.

"Okay, Honey. Here it goes!" Vince sat back on his knees, pulling his cock from Selene's slick pussy and jerking it in his hand. His wife sat up with her legs spread to either side of his thighs. Her freshly fucked pussy gaped open between her legs, and Vince looked at the glistening folds of her inner labia as he pulled on his hard cock.

"Show me, Baby. Show me your cum!" She rubbed the tops of his thighs, sliding her palms closer to his groin as he jerked off. She stared at his cock eagerly, waiting for the eruption.

Vince threw his head back and groaned as his cock exploded, spewing a long thick rope of sperm that landed on his wife's stomach. She squealed and giggled like a little girl as his cum splattered her belly and thighs. Her fingers trailed through the sperm that dribbled across her abdomen toward her pussy. She lifted her fingers to her lips and sucked them clean while she grinned at her panting husband. "Thank you," she said quietly.

- - - - -

"I slept with Aubrey, too," Tyler admitted. Brooke turned to look at him, smiling ironically.

"Quite a day for us, huh?" she said, pushing against him playfully with her shoulder. Tyler rocked away and back, nodding.

At the Howard's house, Aubrey's thighs were clamped around her brother's head, her knees bent. She had reached between her legs to grab his head, and her open mouth and quivering belly indicated that she was experiencing a hell of an orgasm.

Watching Aubrey and Zack have sex was having an effect on both of the Wilson kids. Brooke was breathing deeper, and her hard nipples poked at the thin fabric of her tank top. Her hands rubbed up and down on the tops of her thighs, getting closer to her crotch with every pass. She stole glances at her brother's lap, where his hard cock tented the loose material of his boxers. Staring at the sex scene through the window, Brooke let her hand drift toward her brother, until the side of her hand was rubbing against his thigh.

He said nothing, so she moved her hand slowly to his leg, until she was stroking his bare thigh, from his knee to close to his crotch. She could hear his breathing grow ragged, and he put his hand behind her so that his arm was in contact with her back.

She turned to him as her hand closed on his cock, gripping it gently through his shorts. He reached across her body to pull her to him and they kissed. Tentatively, almost chastely, at first, then more passionately, lips parted and tongues intertwined.

Reaching into his waistband, 12 year old Brooke found her brother's cock with her hand. The skin was soft and hot, the organ hard underneath. She slid her hand up and down inexpertly, until Tyler grabbed her wrist to slow her down.

"Careful," he said, "It's attached."

"Sorry," she said, lowering her head and smiling shyly. She looked up at him through her thick black eyelashes and he almost moaned. She looked so beautiful and sexy. Her creamy skin was framed by her light blonde hair. She looked waifish, even younger than her 12 years. She smiled as she slipped off the bed onto her knees on the floor.

Tyler leaned back on his hands and watched as his sexy sister took his cock in her mouth. Her soft pink lips closed over the head and she leaned forward, taking a couple of inches inside her mouth. She moved her tongue around the shaft experimentally, tasting a man's cock for the first time, and found it not unpleasant at all. Tyler flinched when her teeth caught on the hard ridge behind his cock head, so she pressed her lips harder around his cock and held her teeth away, using her tongue more.

Tyler couldn't help but compare Brooke's clumsy blow job with Aubrey's expert mouth work, and there was no comparison in technique. Aubrey obviously had more experience - and now he knew with whom. But Brooke was so sweet, so innocently sexy, so beautiful, that there was no doubt that he liked this experience better. He wanted to lay back and experience her mouth on his cock, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from her bobbing head. Her hair was a loose tangle around her head, almost obscuring his view as her full pink lips stretched around his cock. Her hand held the base of his cock and moved up and down slowly as he sucked him, gaining a comfortable rhythm.

She looked up at him with her light blue eyes, his cock in her mouth, and he almost lost it. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up to sit next to him, kissing her again. He didn't want to cum yet. He wanted to make love to her first.

Next door, Aubrey was on her hands and knees while her brother mounted her from the rear. It was hard to tell if his cock was in her pussy or her asshole, but whichever, he was hammering her hard from behind. Her dark auburn hair flew around her head, bouncing with the impact of his harsh jabs. Her mouth was open in a soundless cry, her cheeks red and sweaty.

Tyler pushed Brooke onto her back gently, preparing to go down on her.

"No," she said, putting her hand on his cheek to stop him, "Just put it in me. I'm ready. Just fuck me," She looked almost desperate. Tyler wondered whether her desire was for sex with him, or revenge against Zack. But at the moment he didn't care. His beautiful sister wanted him to fuck her, so that's what he would do.

He pulled her panties down her long slender legs and dropped them to the floor, leaving her tank top on. Lying down on top of her, he guided his cock to her opening, which was slick with her own juices. She was indeed ready.

Brooke gasped and tipped her head back as her brother entered her. She looked back at him and stared at his eyes as he pushed deeper, pulling back and reentering when necessary to ease entry. He let out a long groan when he was fully embedded in her hot pussy, holding still for a second to savor the feeling.

Tears came to Brooke's eyes as Tyler set up a steady rhythm, in and out of her wet cunt. Whether the tears were of anger, sorrow, frustration or joy she wasn't sure. She was emotionally conflicted, but also horny as hell. She wanted this, wanted her brother to fuck her. But what was the reason? That she didn't know. So she put the thoughts aside and let the physical sensations take over, losing herself in the pleasure of the sexual encounter.

Tyler had already cum once today, so he lasted longer than before - well, longer than he would have if Aubrey hadn't teased him for so long.

He was in control this time, so he paced himself to wait for his sister. Brooke's eyes were closed in concentration, and he watched as her breathing grew ragged and deep, her cheeks flushed, and he knew she was close. He held off as long as he could, but Brooke was so beautiful, her pussy was so tight, and the situation was so strangely erotic, that he couldn't wait any more.

When he came, she could feel his cock squirting inside her, and that still-unfamiliar sensation brought on her own orgasm. They gasped and panted in each other's ears as they shared their orgasms.

For awhile Tyler lay on top of his sister as they each caught their breath. Then he rolled away, letting his cock slip from Brooke's pussy to lay limp and spent on his thigh. A trail of semen ran across her hip to his leg, warm and slick. He leaned down and kissed her, and she smiled up at him.

In the house next door, Aubrey's brother Zack pulled his cock from her asshole and jerked off, spraying her butt and lower back with his semen. Aubrey reached back and ran her fingers through the slime on her back and licked her fingers clean, smiling lewdly at her brother.

Shaking his head and smiling, Zack left her alone and returned to his room.

Tyler wrapped his arms around Brooke and spooned her until they both fell asleep. When he woke in the morning, he was alone.

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OMGGGG!!!! This story is soooo HOTTTT


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