Precocious Pee

[ bg, mF, ws, spank, group, het, oral, 1st ]

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Published: 13-Aug-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Age Six

"You pull yours down first!"

"No, you!"

It was a game of doctor and both of us wanted to be in charge. I was just six and she was seven, so I had to give in. I was a little nervous. Would she laugh at my thing?

Lisa stared with wide eyes. "It's so big!" she said. "Jake's isn't as big as that and he's nine!"

I was relieved. She wasn't making fun, and I knew a big thingie was better than a small one.

"Now your turn!"

Lisa looked a little shy and hesitated before pulling her panties down, revealing her private girl parts. I was excited, as they were only the second girl peepee I had seen. And they were a little bigger, since Lisa was seven and Ellie had just turned five a couple months before.

Lisa was still looking at me between my legs. "And what's that hair?"

"Men have hair there, right?"

"Yeah, they do..." she said, voice trailing off.

I felt proud of my thingie. Lisa respected it.

"I want to touch you," I said, feeling some sort of hunger for those little parts she had.

"No, me first!" she said.

"No! You got to be first before, now it's my choice!"

"OK," she said, eyes still on my boy thing.

I reached over eagerly to cup her girl stuff. They were cute plump little half globes, without any thingie or sac or anything.

"It's getting longer!" Lisa said.

I felt ashamed for a second, then figured it was OK. My thingie had gotten long off and on my whole life, but not when playing doctor before.

I rubbed my hands gently against Lisa's parts for a bit, which she put up with but didn't react to.

She said tentatively, "Now it's my turn."

I realized I liked the idea of having her touch my thingie. She reached her hand out slowly, looking a little worried. As I saw her hand approach and touch my little tip a thrill went through me. It twitched and she drew her hand back. "What was that?" she asked.

"Nothing, it just does that," I said.

I felt my boy thingie getting even harder than before. With determination she reached out her hand and grabbed it.

"Ouch!" I said. "Not so hard."

"Oh, sorry," she said.

As I felt her little hand around my thingie I felt my hips moving back and forth. After a second she loosened her grip so it slid inside her hand. "That's nice," I said. Why did I want to do that? Then she got the idea of doing the motion herself. She slid her hand back and forth, and that felt even better.

It was cool having her touch my thingie, but her panties had the stuff I hadn't seen. "I want to look inside!" I said, eying her luscious little parts. Why were they so fascinating? It was more than just curiosity, somehow.

"No," she said.

"Ah, come on!" I countered. "I'm letting you touch me a lot!"

"Well, OK," she said, "but there's nothing to see."

She sat on the bed and spread her legs wide. I sat too, but with my legs still on the floor, as I applied both hands and eagerly pulled her little flaps apart .

"Ouch!" she said. "Not so hard."

"Oh, sorry," I said.

A gentle pull was plenty to spread them apart. I had never seen inside a girl before! I wasn't sure what I was seeing, but I liked it. She said it was nothing, but it looked like a very interesting something to me. There were more folds inside the outer ones.

"Your thingie is twitching again!" she said. It certainly was.

"You want to grab it again?" I asked. "It felt nice."

"This is so naughty!" she said, giggling. "I got my hand on your thingie and you have yours on my peepee."

I poked my fingers around inside her flaps.

"Not like that, it hurts!" she said, squirming.

So I went back to rubbing my finger gently back and forth inside her lower lips, and she rubbed me. I felt strange and thrust my hips in time to her up and down strokes, and she matched my rhythm. Suddenly it felt really good, like I'd never felt before -- and some stuff came out the end! She withdrew her hand at once.

The stuff dribbled on her hand and the bedspread.

"You peed! That's gross!"

"I did not!" I said, a little dizzy.

"What's that, then?" she exclaimed. She had a point. What else came out the end of a boy's thingie? But I knew it was different. I hoped I didn't have some disease. A little freaked out, I swiped the little that was still on the end of my thingie and brought it cautiously to my nose to sniff.

With an expression of disgust, she started to wipe her hand on her thigh, then tentatively sniffed her hand. Her disgust changed to a wondrous smile. "It smells really nice!" she said, sniffing over and over.

We both looked at it. It certainly wasn't pee. It was too mushy, kind of like some of the stuff you spit.

Lisa sniffed her hand over and over, smiling and closing her eyes. I sniffed again, but it didn't smell especially nice to me.


It didn't work out for us to be in the same place for a week. I tried not to seem too eager as I went up to her house. She saw me coming and motioned me inside. Her eyes were bright with excitement, and as soon as we were in her room with the door shut we started our naughty play. We pulled our panties and underpants down in unison. As soon as those girl parts came into view I stared at them and my thingie started hardening.

We sat on the bed facing each other, with one leg on the floor.

"It's even bigger!" she said, grasping it.

I opened her little parts up with one hand and gently prodded and rubbed inside.

"Rub mine!" I said.

What she was doing felt really good.

"Lie down on the bed," I said.


"I just want you to."

She did, with a grin. "This is so naughty!" She spread her legs really wide apart, showing off her girl parts.

I got up on my knees on the bed, then grabbed my own thingie and started the back and forth with my hand. She smiled. As it started feeling better and better I leaned forward over her. I had my eyes fixed on her little girl peepee, the flaps partway open because her legs were spread so wide.

My breathing got faster, and I stroked harder, then that amazing feeling happened again, but better than before. This time we both looked. The stuff didn't come out all at once -- first one dribble, then another. The stuff landed right on her chest.

Lisa sniffed the stuff and then cautiously dabbed a little on her tongue. "It tastes great too!" she said, licking her fingers off.

My eyes were locked on her girl peepee. I then did something that was both naughty and thrilling: I took all the goop I could get on my hand and rubbed it all over between her legs.

"Derek! You're so naughty!" she said, eyes wide but sparkling. "That feels weird!" Apparently it was a good kind of weird because she stuck her own fingers in the gooey mess that was on her peepee and rubbed it all around, especially inside those inner flaps where she had told me not to touch because it hurt. "Ooo, what is that feeling?" she asked as she lay there.


I was surprised to find her knocking at my door a couple days later, saying she wanted to see my dinosaur collection. As soon as the door was shut, she started flinging her clothes off, and I happily joined her in naughty nakedness. Boys and especially girls weren't supposed to let themselves be seen naked by the other sex! But we had already been much, much naughtier than that, of course.

"I've got an idea!" she said, bubbling with excitement. "When you go to the bathroom this time, do it right at my peepee spot!"

"All right!" I agreed. That sounded perfect somehow.

She lay back as before, legs spread as wide as they would go, but holding herself up on her elbows to see what was happening down below. I leaned over her and rubbed up and down on my thing. I couldn't get the tip right at her peepee spot without holding myself up with my hands, and one of them was busy.

"Lift your legs up," I said. That way I could get my knees outside her hips and poke the tip of my thingie right at her peepee, actually touching boy peepee to girl peepee.

"Oh, this is so, so naughty!" Lisa exclaimed, thrilled.

So I stroked my hand back and forth on my shaft, but as my hips rocked back and forth, the tip of my thingie kissed right against her little girl lips, and it felt wonderful. I found myself giving more insistent kisses on every stroke.

"Derek!" Lisa said, alarmed and excited both. "Gentle, OK?" But she put her hand over mine that was jerking up and down fast, and aimed my thingie at a slightly different spot.

I knew vaguely that she had said to be gentle, but I wanted to kiss my thing against her so bad. Little shallow kisses weren't enough. I needed to poke harder!

"Ouch!" she said after one strong thrust -- but she didn't aim my cock anywhere different.

I knew that my good feeling was almost there and I would be doing my special pee any second. I had to press even harder; I just had to!

Then I felt the most amazing thing. Her flesh parted and my tip actually went inside! I wondered a little if I had hurt her, but I was so excited I had to press as my whole lower body glowed with pleasure. And with the shock of hot, wet girl flesh all around the tip of my thingie, I got that great feeling, greater than ever, and I felt my body peeing away, one spurt after another. When my thingie stopped twitching, I pushed her upraised leg out of the way and let myself down on the bed beside her, panting heavily.

Lisa shivered. "That is so totally nasty and naughty!" she said, excited. "You went to the bathroom in me and I liked it!"

I was confused. "Where did my thingie go? I hope I didn't hurt you... That wasn't your poop hole, was it?"

"No! It was that other place!"

"Where you pee from?" I was confused.

"Kind of, but not really. There's another place. I knew it was there before, but after last time when we covered it with that sticky stuff it started feeling funny. " She stuck her finger between her legs. "I don't think your thingie would have fit before."

She looked at me with a big grin. "Could you do it again?"

That was an exciting prospect, and my thingie was getting hard again.

"Derek? Dinner's in five minutes, OK?" came my mother's voice from the hallway.

We pulled our clothes back on in record time, all thought of a repeat performance gone.


As soon as the end of my thingie was inside Lisa, I knew I would be going to the bathroom very soon, but I felt an urge to poke in farther, to poke against the end of the little pocket up inside her body. But when I pressed I didn't hit against anything. My thingie slid in farther.

"What... Does that hurt?" I panted.

"No!" she said, looking amazed.

I pushed back and forth in this new deeper cave that took more than my tip.

"Try deeper!" Lisa said with an excited giggle.

I couldn't believe it would be OK with her, but I pushed more, and my thingie went in even farther!

"Deep as you can!" she said, seeming shocked but very pleased.

I readjusted my hips to get the leverage to push in more, and to my amazement my thing just kept sliding up into Lisa's body, farther and farther. It felt like I was invading her, kind of. My thingie was way, way deep in her body. Our bodies up on the outside bumped together, and that was the only reason I couldn't get in even farther!

"How on earth can it get so deep?" Lisa asked, eyes full of wonder.

"Does it hurt?" I managed. How could it not hurt? How come she wasn't bleeding and screaming, with my thingie having ripped its way inside her?

"No!" she said. "I don't know why, but it doesn't!"

I had to keep moving my thingie back and forth. Lisa was so excited she wriggled.

That good feeling built fast, and it was very strong. I knew the sticky stuff would be shooting out soon -- but to go to the bathroom way up inside Lisa? So far in her insides? My hips were pressing my thingie in as hard as it could, as deep as it could, and that felt so right. Our bodies up on the outside were mashing together so hard.

But through my incredible pleasure, I was thoughtful enough to ask, "Can I pee in you way up there?" If her innards were wet with blood and mushed-up tissues, could she possibly want that pee up there? What an insult! But she seemed if anything as excited as I'd ever seen her.

"Yes! Go ahead and pee!" she giggled. "It's so nasty and naughty I can't stand it!" she said.

Yeah, it sure was naughty. Why did I want to do it so much? Why would I want to pee so high up in Lisa? But I did, and I put all second thoughts out of my mind and let the ecstasy take me. My thingie was so hard it hurt a little, and as I pushed in deeper than seemed possible I felt the spasms in my lower parts that meant I was peeing. I just kept going and going even after the pee was all gone.

But Lisa was moaning, in a different tone, "Oh, no! What is that? I don't... Oh, it's so so good!"


"I don't know, I just..."

She wasn't making much sense, so I just lay beside her and let her babble as I relived that amazing feeling of peeing that special goopy pee way up inside Lisa and how good it had felt.

She finally opened her eyes and looked at me in wonder.

"That felt so amazing! I don't understand."

I looked between her legs, and there was no blood. "I don't get how I could get my thingie in that deep without like tearing you apart."

"I don't either!" Lisa said.

She swiped her hand down in her peepee place and got a good handful of goop and sniffed it, over and over.

My thingie had risen to life again. "Want to do it again?"

"Yes!" she said.


We had discovered sex, though we had no idea what it was or what it was for. We didn't even know any real names for our body parts. Somehow my body had developed early and made me interested, and something about my semen expanded her vagina and awakened her interest as well.

I had no signs of puberty that showed to the rest of the world, but inside my underpants I was almost like a grown man. Lisa and I didn't know how unusual it was.

Whenever we could get together in private, we spent the time naked. I thrust my penis high up into Lisa's vagina and ejaculated -- what we thought of as going to the bathroom. It's a formulation I find erotic to this day. I experienced a splendid orgasm each time. Lisa felt something beyond orgasm.

Big girls and women experience orgasms after lengthy physical stimulation. The male's ejaculation and semen have at most a psychological effect on pleasure. Lisa in contrast felt only mild genital pleasure, and her orgasm was triggered when my semen touched her cervix. Later some of the girls got orgasms in the normal fashion and they described a difference. Both were extremely pleasurable, but the semen-induced orgasms had another layer of pleasure to them, and they were much more addictive.

If we had two hours, we might do it six times. I was strongly interested in getting up inside her vagina again and again as often as I could, delivering load after load of semen, feeling the fantastic orgasm yoked to ejaculation. Lisa had her ecstatic experience whenever I deposited a fresh bit of semen high in her vagina and was even more driven to get it than I was to give it to her.


Sex felt really good with Lisa, but I wanted more. I remembered of course Ellie, my first partner playing doctor.

"Pull your pants down, Ellie," I said.

"Good girls don't do that," Ellie said. "I'm supposed to keep those parts private."

"Ah, c'mon," he said. "You've shown me before, remember?"

"Yeah, but... Well, OK," Ellie said, who despite her misgivings was eager to please an older boy.

As we stood face to face, she pulled her jeans down to her knees.

"Panties, too!"

"You have to show me too!"

"OK," I said eagerly, dropping my jeans and underpants. My thingie was already pretty long and hard.

Ellie was shocked and a little scared. "It got so big!" she said. It hadn't been stiff in our earlier games of doctor, but now that I knew the pleasure I could feel with a girl's private parts, it got hard with anticipation.

"Your panties, now," I said.

"I don't think I want to," she said, eying my big thingie.

"Oh, c'mon. I've got this really cool thing we can do. You'll love it."

"Let's get dressed again," she said, starting to pull up her jeans.

"No, wait!" I said. "I won't touch you, OK? You just watch."

Ellie's jeans were around her knees, her panties in place but exposed. I knew what she had in that little white cotton bit of clothing. It was just what Lisa had, and I wanted so badly to get into it. Ellie wasn't going to let me today, but it was fun just looking at the panties. I started rubbing my thingie and knew I would pee very soon. I didn't want my pee to splat around everywhere, so just as I went into my really happy part I put my other hand over my thing to capture the splats.

Ellie looked confused.

"That's my special pee," I said, panting.

She reached to pull her jeans up the rest of the way, but I said, "Here, take a sniff," and put my cum-covered hand under her nose.

She froze with her jeans halfway up her thighs. The smell obviously affected her. Probably it smelled just as good to her as it did to Lisa.

"Now, pull your panties down, please," I said slowly.

As in a dream, she let go of her jeans that she had been pulling up and grabbed the hips of her panties and pulled them down several inches.

"Here's where it really goes," I said, and quickly cupped her little girl parts with my hand, which had big pools of special pee in the palm.

"Derek!" she shouted when she realized what was happening. I rubbed it on her and made sure to slide some into her slit too. She squirmed away from me. "Yuck! What IS that stuff? I didn't say you could do that!" She reached down with her hand to wipe the stuff away, but once she had it on her hand she brought it up to her nose and sniffed again and smiled.

But she soon shook off the trance, dressed and left.

I really wanted to get my thingie into her and pee, but at least I got to rub the pee into her special girl parts.


Despite her fear before and her objection to my rubbing the stuff into her without permission, Ellie was happy to play doctor again. She was OK with taking her panties down. She thought it was weird I wanted to press my big thingie against her -- but she was fascinated too. She was surprised when it slid inside a little and the pee went in her body, but she came back for more. And just as with Lisa, the third time I was able to slide all the way into her body with my thingie and shoot my pee out way up there. And when that happened, she got that incredibly happy feeling. From then on, it was harder to get her to keep her panties on than to take them off.


I was so busy poking and peeing in little Ellie that I put Lisa off sometimes instead of peeing in her privates every chance I got. Lisa was great, but Ellie was new.

Lisa crept into my house one afternoon when I had said I was busy -- a time she knew my parents weren't home. I had just gone to the bathroom in Ellie and made her really happy when my bedroom door opened and Lisa marched in.

Ellie and I were startled. All kids playing doctor have that little fear of being discovered, and it had just happened to us. I didn't know what to say, and Ellie hurried around finding her clothes as best she could as she pulled herself out of her orgasmic stupor.

"You said you were busy!" Lisa accused.

"Well, um... I was, as you can see!" I panted, trying to make light of things.

"So that's why you're never free to poke your thingie into me!" she said, eying Ellie with disapproval.

"I just love doing it in both of you!" I said. "Wait, Ellie!" I called to the littler girl, who was on the verge of leaving.

Lisa's eyes shifted to my thingie. "It's OK, Derek, can you just pee in me too?" she asked, tentatively pulling her shirt up partway. "Now?"

My thingie had been shrinking. Even though Lisa was fully dressed, the sight of her body got the blood pulsing into my thingie again. I knew what she had in her pants, and how good it felt when I poked into it.

"OK," I said, but there was Ellie. I didn't want Ellie in her clothes and leaving, I wanted her naked and with me. "Only if Ellie can watch."

"Oh," said Lisa, thinking.

I then spoke to Ellie. "Will you stay to watch? I'll do it to you again later."

That was a powerful incentive. Ellie asked Lisa, "Does it feel this good for you too?"

"Yes!" cried Lisa.

All three of us smiled then with excitement. The girls would get to see me doing it with the other one, and I would get to look at two girls instead of just one.

"But you can only stay if you're naked," said Lisa. Ellie needed no prompting. She wasted no time in stripping once more as Lisa ripped off her own clothes.

"Let me have some," Lisa said to Ellie, reaching into her crotch to get some of what had oozed out of her. Some had already leaked out to stain her panties, but there was more. Ellie giggled. It was so sexy for me just to see one girl taking my extra stuff and smearing it around her own girl parts.

The two girls then lay back on the bed, side by side. Ellie's legs were together while Lisa's were apart, signaling which one was going to get peed in next. Lisa's expression made it clear just how much she wanted my bulging thingie to fill her privates. I was all too happy to oblige. It slid in quickly. It was exciting to have Ellie lying there naked too, smiling sleepily while I saw a little more of my pee leaking out of her little hole.

The need to pee came on quickly. "Oh, Lisa!" I cried, "I can't hold it!"

"Don't hold it. Let it all out!"

She wanted to be peed in, and I wanted to pee. I felt enormous pleasure as I was very naughty up inside her girl hole while my thingie twitched.

"Aaaarrrggghhhh!" Lisa yelled. I kept poking in and out and peeing a good long while. As she watched, Ellie giggled a little and squirmed.

Then I lay down between the two girls and one snuggled up against each side.

But within a few minutes my thingie was hard again. There was a girl on each side, each with a peepee that the girl wanted me to stick it in.

"Ellie," I said, "Can I go to the bathroom in you again?"

"Yes, Derek, yes, yes, yes!" she said and smiled, sliding onto her back with legs spread a little. I didn't need any more. I knew just how to get my thingie into the tube it craved so much, especially with Ellie so very cooperative in making her hole easy to get at.

Lisa smiled and brought her head close to where my hips were snug above Ellie's hips, watching my thingie plunge in and out.

"Show me your butt!" I asked Lisa as I pumped hard inside of Ellie.

"What?" Lisa asked.

"Turn around so I can see your butt and the peepee."

"Oh, OK," Lisa said. And there was her little butt, little girl peepee peeking out below. It was easy to see where I had just peed, because it was dripping out of her little peepee hole as I watched.

I strained and pumped hard, driving into upper Ellie. In under 30 seconds I peed again, convulsing and shooting my stuff up into her deep hole.

Ellie convulsed again too, of course.

Lisa smiled and said, "It's cool to see your thingie going in and out from over here."

I lay back and rested between my two little naughty playmates once more. I even drifted off to sleep.

In half an hour I was aware of Lisa stroking me lightly.

She said, "I'd like you to get happy in me again -- if you want. Let my little girlie hole be your toilet -- you can pee in it as much as you want!"

"Me too," said Ellie. "My private parts in my panties -- you can get into them any time you want. You get two toilets to choose between!"

Both girls giggled.


Lisa burst into my bedroom where Ellie and I were waiting.

"You'll never believe what I found out!" she crowed.

"What?" we asked.

"When you do that thing with us, we're doing what grown-ups do to make babies! You're not peeing at all, Derek. It's called sperm and it's what could start a girl's baby!"

"Am I going to have a baby?" Ellie asked.

"No, we're both way too young," Lisa said. "But you look like you're all grown up, Derek! Like on the web when they show a big man."

"Ellie and I aren't like women, though," she said. "They've got hair and their pussies are larger."

"Pussies?" I asked.

"They've got all these fancy words. A pussy is a word for our peepee. There are other words, like 'penis' and 'vagina' and 'sexual intercourse'." She continued in a whisper, "But there are some naughty ones too. It's called 'fucking'!"

I said, "So when someone says, 'fuck you!'..."

"This is what it comes from! And our holes are called cunts, if you want to use a really dirty word..." Lisa shivered with excitement. "And your thingie is a cock or dick or prong... tons of words for that!"

"And it's not peeing at all you do, it's 'ejaculating', or 'coming'."

After a pause, Lisa said, "So now, Derek, will you fuck my cunt? Stick your dick in my pussy and come?"

"Yeah, fuck her, but then me too!" said Ellie.

Feeling even naughtier with our new vocabulary, I eagerly mounted Lisa. "Can I fuck my cock into your cunt?"


My outie stuck into her innie and flew back and forth until I dumped my cum up her cunt deep.

Age Eight

Lisa and Ellie were great, but they weren't enough. The school was full of little girls with little panties and little cunts up inside, and I wanted to fuck some of them and pee up deep. We still used that word even though it was kind of babyish. We had some potty talk mixed with our pussy, dick and fucky talk.

Some unusual condition had brought my genitals to readiness at age six, and given me a sex drive to match. As the months went by, my sexual hunger grew to be super-big. Fortunately, my ability to keep having sex increased at least as fast. I produced huge amounts of goop and could have orgasm after orgasm with very little rest between.

I was too busy to note it at the time, but it had been two years ago that day that I had first dribbled a little bit of semen onto Lisa's bed. I was eight years old, and among the girls I was very popular. Only the girls I liked best got invited to our parties.



I knelt and leaned over, my very hard cock aimed right at the smooth pussy lips of little Kathy, age six. She was lying on her back, legs spread wide, hands under her butt to press her pelvis up at me. She had long blond hair, messed all around her face, pure blue eyes and the most compelling, sexy, "I want it so bad" expression.

One girl on each side of me had a hand on my cock, already thickly lubricated from my earlier ejaculations, and each rubbed away, Rachel at the tip, Martha below. I thrust my hips back and forth, practicing in thin air the motion I did inside luscious girl cunt. My two little cock-strokers had their butts stuck up in the air as they bent over. Martha's butt was naked, and cum oozed out of her little slit. I had fucked her full of my cum just a few minutes before, very satisfying for both of us. Rachel's was covered with some clean white shorts, and I could see the panties through the legholes when the angle was right. I would be giving Rachel's butt my lusty attention soon, but for now I was focused on Kathy.

Kathy needed two more days of preparation, or maybe just one, before I could unload my balls deep up her pussy hole as I was so eager to do.

Girl hair and naked girl parts were all around me, and excited girl twitters and whispers were music to my ears.

"Be sure to aim it right at her cunny hole!" said Martha to Rachel.

Kathy, the cum socket of the moment with twat so prominently displayed, said, "Not just at my hole, poke inside, so I can get bigger!"

Ecstasy rose in me, "Here it is Kathy, sperm for your pussy." The two little girls wanked me harder and faster. I sighed as I thrust. It felt so good, and I was going to pee any second. They aimed the tip so it kissed right against her pussy hole, and the first shot went in between those tender lips.

"No, stick your thingie in!" begged Kathy. My deep, nasty animal said, "Into the cunt! Into the cunt!" agreeing with Kathy. And if I got my dick in a little, then I could give her a full fuck tomorrow instead of waiting an extra day. I pressed my tip in urgently -- and while her lip flesh kissed me I pumped a little harder, deforming it until my head popped into her very tight little pussy hole!

"Owww!" she wailed. Yeah, it hurt her -- that was why I was going to wait a day. But she knew the risk. Bathed in her wet embrace I shot another three dollops up her little girl cunt. Still firing, I pulled out and my little girl helpers aimed my cock higher so my next shot landed on Kathy's face, and then two with smaller arcs blessed her left nipple and bellybutton, a final drip landing on her mound. She eagerly licked up what was on her face, hips undulating as she tasted it. If her pussy still hurt, it must not have hurt too bad. Martha licked up the blob on her nipple, Rachel the bellybutton splat.

"Next time," I grinned, "You can have the whole thing!"

"All the way up my cunt?" she said. "Oh goody!" and in her excitement she banged her heels alternately on the mattress, showing happiness like the little girl she was -- as she lay with legs spread wide and goopy pussy parts.

There was a lull as my cock took a brief rest.



We could hear them in the entryway. "So what happens now?" the new girl asked.

"You'll see," said Missy.

As soon as the girl came around the corner, I caught her around the waist and brought her to me. She looked to be about five.

"What are you going to do with me?" she asked, nervously. "And why are all the other girls naked?"

I didn't answer. I figured I'd let the other girls deal with mere words. I had girl flesh to deal with. I slid my hand up under pink dress smoothly and quickly.

"You nasty boy!" she cried, struggling ineffectually as my hand found the panties at her crotch. "You can't touch me in my peepee parts! My mommy says no stranger can ever do that!"

"Don't worry," Missy said. "This is Fanny, everyone."

Within an instant, my fingers had snaked around inside Fanny's panties to feel the lips inside. She had been standing, but I sat her down on the mattress on the floor before pushing her onto her back. As I did I shoved her pink dress out of the way. My cock had risen at the prospect of a new girl.

"What is that?" Missy asked.

"It's just his peepee."

"Don't tease me," said Fanny. "It's way too big to be a peepee."

"Oh yeah? It's a big boy peepee, or cock. See how it comes out of him right where a peepee does."

Now the straining hard organ poked against the fabric of her panties, over and over right at the squishy spot. I knew just where that squishy spot was, even through a girl's panties.

"Ewww," said Fanny.

But the outside wasn't enough. I held the leg of her panties aside long enough to slide the tip of my cock inside that lovely bit of cloth between her legs, where her flesh was so soft and warm. My goopy straining cock found Fanny's tender girl pussy parts right away and settled for mushing them from the side, getting them ready. Just making my mess inside a new girl's panties was very exciting. The cave was part girl and part cloth, but it was luscious nonetheless.

"Fanny, it's very nice to meet you," I said, smiling with pleasure and anticipation.

"It's so naughty!" Fanny said. "Your thingie is big and weird."

"Yes!" I said. "And now my big thing is gonna make your panties all messy!"

Fanny looked down. "Are you going to pee in my panties?" she asked incredulously. "Don't pee in there!"

"It's not pee," I said with a leer. "It's stickier and messier than pee, but it belongs inside your panties!"


"Goopy panties are part of being a happy girl," said Missy. "It feels funny at first. Derek's so naughty and nasty with us all but we love it and you'll love it too!"

My dick pressed with greater force and urgency inside the panties, poking against twat flesh. Fanny then said, upset, "It's just what I'm not supposed to let you do! Up under my dress! Inside my panties! And your big gross peepee!"

Missy held Fanny's hand and continued, "I wish he was doing those things to me right now. Just wait until you know how good and happy you'll feel. You're a lucky girl!"

My balls were boiling at the sight of my cock poking urgently inside the crotch of her panties, "Oh, Fanny!" I said. Pleasure built. "Here's my nasty yucky sperm for your cunny lips!" and climaxed. I held still briefly to feel the first shot of my cum soil that warm cave between pussy lips and panties with wet and goop, then I wiggled back and forth fast, splatting more and more magic smelly yucky stuff all over her pussy and panties, surge after milky surge, my blunt cock inside mushing it all around. Her panties were slimy and goopy with the stuff right away, but I mixed it all around, smearing gobs all over her twat's lips, some getting inside.

"Gross!" Fanny moaned.

When my balls had given her enough, I pulled back, and Rachel moved in and took the panties and tugged at them.

"Raise your bum so I can get them off!"

"But then I'll be naked and he can see me!"

"He's already been very naughty and done his nasty, yucky business inside them, so it hardly matters if he sees."

Fanny sighed and raised her butt and slid the goopy panties off, revealing to sight the goop I had deposited. The inside of the cloth was covered with the stuff, and her pussy lips were too. Fanny instinctively brought her legs together.

"Nah!" said Rachel. "Show us your pussy! Pussies look great. See ours?" And some of the girls spread their legs and showed their little pussies.

Martha reached her head towards the mess on Fanny's pussy with her tongue out, but I gently pushed her aside, and stuck my little finger into the silvery mass all over her cunty twat hole. "You want it in... here!" I said, as my little finger found the little hole that she had never used before but would beg me to fill soon enough. The finger pushed inside.

"Ouch!" she said briefly, before the soothing lotion of my jism calmed the tissues. Rachel said, "You're lucky, you'll see! You get super happy-happies when you're big enough that his cock can get all the way in and shoot out that mess way in deep, when he fucks your cunt."

"Those are nasty words!" Fanny said.

Missy answered, "Yeah, but they're very sexy words that help girls feel so, so good. Cunt, cunny, twat, snatch for our girl parts; dick, meat, cock, prong, tool for his boy thing."

Rachel licked the panties and smeared a little on her face. "Aaahh!" Then she looked at the shorts she still had on, turned to me with soulful eyes and said, "Derek, you told me to keep my pussy hidden because you like it to be a little shy, but you won't forget about it, will you, just because you can't see it? It's very hot and wet." She paused, then whispered in my ear, "Can I wiggle it in your face so you'll fuck it full right now?"

"Sounds cool, Rachel. But I know just what's in those shorts and panties of yours and later I'll be, 'Fuck, fuck, unnh, unnh, unnh!' right up inside you!"

"You promise?" Rachel asked earnestly.

"Promise? I'll rape you if I have to. I'm going to come up that hot snatch of yours whether you like it or not!"

"OK!" she said, her breath catching for a moment.

Missy snatched the panties from Rachel and took a deep whiff herself before telling Fanny, "Now put them back on, so his cum stuff is against your little pussy lips the rest of the afternoon. Hide them from your mommy so she doesn't wash them and at night before you go to sleep, bring them up to stick over your nose so you can remember."

"You promise it's going to feel good later?"

"Oh, we promise all right!" echoed the various girls in ragged chorus.

"OK," Fanny said uncertainly.

"I've got to clean up all this yucky mess!" she said, looking at her pussy area.

"Oh, no! Keep it there as long as you can!" said Rachel. "It feels especially naughty to walk around all sticky and wet from his stuff."

Fanny seemed to get into it a little, and gave an evil little giggle as she stood and put the panties back on, goop from her pussy rejoining the goop on the panties to make the same sticky mess inside the little cave as when I had splatted it there.

"Come back tomorrow and you'll be on your road to happy-happies!" Missy said.

I patted her on the butt.



I had started groping all over Rachel's chest, then sliding my fingers up inside her shorts when Alison appeared timidly at the door, long blond hair carefully combed back, looking down and biting her lips, a tear in her eye.

"Allie!" everyone said. I had given Allie her first full fuck five days before, and fucked her twice that day and two the next, still giving the others what they wanted. Then for some reason three days before I had felt the need to fuck her five times, filling her cunt over and over again. We hadn't see her since.

"My mommy says I shouldn't come here," she said. "I'm a very bad girl for it. I should go away right now, but I can't," she said. "My panties feel empty and I want you to mess around with what's inside them, make a mess in there -- well not in there, but that secret private cunty tunnel. I wanna get you into my panties, but I shouldn't!"

I had a naughty idea. "Tell you what," I said. "First I'll spank you for being such a bad girl, and then when you've taken your punishment you'll be all even and then we'll see!"

"Does that work?" she asked, hopeful.

"Oh, yes!" I said.

"OK!" she said brightly.

I got myself up to sit in my straight-back chair. She eagerly came over and stood with thighs pressed against my legs. I leaned her over my knee and lifted her dress up, the white fabric swishing luxuriously against her smooth thighs. Her bare tushy popped into view.

"No panties!" I said. "You are very bad! What if some boy saw your little cunny?"

"I'm so bad!" Then uncertainly, she added, "Can you spank me a little extra to make that OK too?"

"Oh, Allie, you've exposed your bare girl cunt fuck-spot right here where I can see it and get bad ideas!"

"I know, I'm such a bad girl, but I can't help it. Can you spank me more for that too?"

I started some light spanking, hitting just enough so it stung. Ten times I slapped her little butt. But then her cunny lips begged for attention, and they were right there, so hard to miss, with her little butt up in the air and the little fat bulges sticking out at me.

The girl's head was upside down, blond hair dragging on the floor.

I gave her two more spanks, then eagerly pulled aside her girl protectors to reveal her ever-so-fuckable tender inner parts. I shoved my middle finger right up her cunt and shoved it back and forth a few times. Then I pulled her around straight so her body dangled down between my knees. I had her by the hips, holding her whole luscious girl crotch. I was also pretty strong for an eight-year-old. She spread her legs. I brought my nose into the heavenly spot and took in her sweet odor, innocent but tinged with sexy desire too. I quickly licked the outer lips but was so excited I couldn't wait to burrow in to the inner lips, plunging tongue into her pussy hole, already wet with anticipation.

"Oooo! Mmmmm!" she moaned as my tongue covered her clit with frantic, intense strokes.

I wanted to make her happy, but more important I wanted to possess her, cram my dick up her cunt, dump a big mass of sticky sperm and make her pregnant. That's what we said to make it more exciting, but none of them was old enough to get pregnant.

"Enough of that," I said, letting her down. "Time to present yourself for up-the-cunt fucking!"

"Oh," she said, brightly, but then the guilt came back. "I want it -- but my mommy says it's wrong... If I say not to and you do it anyway, then I'm not so guilty, right?"

"Right!" I said, letting her down to the ground.

"Don't touch me!" she said, trying to sound convincing.

"I need to see all of you."

"But that's not nice! You can't!" she said, as she raised her arms to let me lift her white dress over her head. "You're not supposed to see me naked! It's not modest! It might put nasty ideas in your head!"

"Oh, I've got those ideas already!" I took time to sniff and lick selected spots on her torso, including her little nipples.

Finally I commanded, "Lie back!"

"No," she whimpered, though she was cooperative enough as I lay her down. Her legs were tight together, and I opened them against her resistance. But once I had them apart she left them open. Eagerly I descended, and spread those glorious puffy little pussy lips with two fingers as my bulbous cock head snuggled against her pussy opening.

"Not inside!" she said.

"Yes, inside!" And with that I slid smoothly all the way to the back of her pussy hole, the entire way wet and hot and silky. I began to pump with long, even, wonderful fuck strokes. It was so satisfying that I could get up that big-enough cock-caressing glove-tube pussy that was tucked up between her little girl legs. Most girls in the world weren't big enough, but mine were! I starting by molesting them by touching any part of them I pleased in any way I wanted, but soon I was splatting cum right on their pussy lips, then inside a little. My magic sperm enlarged their pussy tubes.

Allie's perfect girl cunt lodged in her little girl body took all of my manhood -- well, boyhood, actually, but it was the size of a man's. I drove it in and out with a passion and primitive desire like any man's. Allie had her defenses but I had broken through all of them and was now setting about possessing her and making her mine.

"You're not going to peepee up my hole, are you?" she asked.


"The sticky, messy kind?" she asked.


"But my pussy is so sweet and clean way up there, sugar and spice and everything nice and it's not nice to go to the bathroom inside someone, especially a sweet little girl!"

"But I'm going to," I said, my pleasure building with her dirty talk.

"You can't!" she said weakly, then after a pause, "Your big thingie is making me feel like a big girl who wants it, but I'm too little!"

"You're big enough... Allie, I have to pee really bad!"

"Then find a potty!"

"No, I'm going to have an accident!"

"Well take it out of me and at least have your accident on the mattress, not in me!"

"No, I've go to do it in your wet upper cunny!"

"Inside me? That is so nasty!"

"Yes, wet your upper pussy cunt!"

"No... No... It's so gross!"

"I've got you," I said. "I've gotta pee soon!"

"No, stop!" she said, and I wondered for a moment if she meant it, not that I would have stopped anyway. "I'm going to get a big, fat happy-happy! It's so bad of me that it feels so good when you're being so gross! And then I'll have to come back tomorrow for another one! I'm so bad!" she wailed.

"I'll spank you ... tomorrow too ... OK?" I said, short of breath, feeling my whole being lining up for plastering her upper cunt way up high with my special peepee juice.

"No, no, I'm so bad... I'm bad for wanting it..." she murmured, panting with excitement and anticipation.

"Oh Allie, I'm going to have an accident! Right up your cunny!"

"And make a big mess in my pure little girl innards?"

"Oh Allie, I can't hold it! I've got to pee in you right now!" My cock was hard, the tip wide and on the verge.

"Then, oh, Derek," she said, on the edge of her orgasm, "Fuck me deep and hard! Go to the bathroom in me! Give me gobs and gobs of the big mess of pee! Give me a baby! Have your accident on purpose!"

"Ahh, Alison!" I said, the ducts opening, ecstasy overwhelming me. Then I lost my toilet training totally and like a little boy I peed inside her little pussy, but I did it in a big boy way. I fired one pulse, but then another, rocketing and spewing forth my nasty goop up her deep silky hot wet kitty cunny tube. I didn't even try to hold it. I tried to pee her upper cunt as messy as I could.

As she felt the urgent magical mess of sperm up where no one else was ever allowed, it unleashed her own ecstatic spasm, pussy tube squeezing while her brain was overwhelmed with pleasure, almost too much to take.

Still I grunted and moaned and kept up my terrible naughtiness, messing her with more special pee, feeling added ecstasy at the thought of plastering her forbidden cunt with sticky goo. Once I started having an accident there was no stopping until my body told me it was through, and strong spurts kept enlarging the sticky invasive mess in her upper twatty cunt. I gave her a dozen spasms, each delivering a full, heavy glob of mess. Finally, when I had given her the entire load, I pulled out. As I did, a flood of my goopy pee came out too.

"Now you've messed the bed, Allie!" I panted, smiling. "Couldn't you hold it?" Giggles came from around the room.

"Sorry," she murmured, far beyond concern for humor, for she lay limp, lost in her pleasure and giving only an occasional twitch.


Bonnie and Betty

Bonnie was just two, and came in accompanied by her mother Betty. It was the first time a grown-up had come in with us when we were all naked and sexy, but then Bonnie was very little and wanted her mother for reassurance. Betty took our nasty antics in stride.

"Oh, Bonnie!" the other girls cried one after the other. They loved the little girl. But Bonnie had eyes only for me. "Dewek!" she squealed.

Bonnie was just two but Betty didn't want to deny her little girl anything. When she heard about my collection of girls and how very happy they all got when I unloaded my sperm up their vaginas, she brought her over. I went through a fairly standard progression, a little longer because Bonnie was so young. First I ejaculated on Bonnie's belly and slathered my sperm on her little pussy opening, and it opened her up a little. The next day I got my little finger inside her with some of the goop, and the next day I happily knelt with my cock right at her little hole to spurt some inside, and the day after that I popped the head inside to give a full dose up her baby cunt, though right near the opening. Now we all knew she was ready for her first full fucking and I relished the idea, my cock rapidly pulsing to life at the thought.

Betty knelt and took off Bonnie's shoes and socks, then the little flower-pattern dress to reveal the sweet specimen of girlhood within. She had on a diaper, and Bonnie tugged it down, revealing her luscious set of little girl lips. The diaper and the girl were both dry.

As soon as Betty released her, Bonnie ran to me with her arms wide as I knelt on the mattress. She gave me a tight squeeze of the kind that only delighted innocent little girls can give. She also humped her pelvis against me. "Dewek kith my kitty?" she asked eagerly.

"Yes, Bonnie, but first pee for me, to make sure it's all out of you," I said, and Missy pulled up a potty to the edge of the mattress. Bonnie took a few steps and sat on it. I adore the sight of a little girl peeing, but nothing came out right away. So I took her left hand to my mouth and licked it before putting it in my mouth. Stimulated by the warm and wet, a little stream of pee trickled out of her. I eagerly lifted her off the potty and then wiped her with a few strokes of my hand while I gave her sweet face a few lovely little kisses.

Then I lay her back on the bed. Bonnie wriggled happily as I stuck my head between her legs. I greedily licked inside her little pussy lips, making the little one coo. After a minute, as she got thoroughly wet, she said, "Dewek peepee!" She was ready.

I eagerly leaned over her, and positioned my throbbing cock right at her slit. She was a tiny girl, but her pussy was just about as big as the others.

"You lucky girl, to start so young," Missy said, holding her hand. "It will be weird, but don't worry!"

I started pressing my tip in, and Bonnie just smiled. I had done that before. But I kept sliding. Her eyes grew wide and she squeaked.

"I know it feels weird," Missy said, "You feel so very full, but feel how nice it is, too?"

I bottomed out in the little tike, and slowly began my back and forth. "Dewek peepee!" said Bonnie excitedly. She had adjusted to the sensation of being filled so deeply with such a big thing, and it evidently ratcheted up her pleasure.

"Let me teach you the right word," I said panting a little as I screwed the little one with fast, deep strokes. "Derek is fucking you. "'Fuck' is the word. Say 'Fuck me, Derek'."

"Fuck me Dewek!" she said, and everyone smiled.

"OK, Bonnie, I'll do that." I plowed her with my deep long strokes.

Already primed with semen several times, Bonnie was feeling the joy of my huge organ splitting her, the joy of being filled, of the male body over and in her.

"Fuck me Dewek!" she said again.

I knew I wasn't going to hold out too long before I made a huge mess up her baby pussy.

"Fuck me, Dewek! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! O Dewek fuck! Dewek fuck Bonnie! Bonnie fuck Dewek!"

Judging from her babble, it sounded like the little one wanted to get fucked.

My balls were ready again, loins poised, pleasure bathing my brain with the promise of the ultimate to follow. "OK, Bonnie, big fuck as Dewek goes potty, OK? BIG fuck! Oh, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie! Uuunnnhhhh!"

At the base of my cock, muscles squeezed to blast forth each blob of cum as it got loaded into the breech. My jets of cum surged up the baby girl's cunt, up her kitty cat pussy twat, making a tremendous mess of the nasty roiling stuff. Before I gave in totally to the ecstasy, I saw her eyes go wide before she shrieked and started convulsing. Like every female, she went into a massive orgasm whenever my sticky cum spewed into her upper cunt. Despite being so little Baby Bonnie was getting a full big-girl-sized dose because my body wanted her to have plenty. But after nine full shots had messed her pussy completely and started oozing back out, I pulled out and lay to the side. The other girls surrounded us, licking the precious cum from my wilting organ, licking it from the sheet below Bonnie, licking it from Bonnie's private lips.

After we had been resting for nearly a minute, Betty said, "Thanks, Derek. Thanks so much for making my little girl happy."

I nodded and smiled. Our attention returned to this grown-up in our midst. At least she wasn't complaining.

"I was wondering, um ... Any chance you could..."


"You know..."

I looked at her, puzzled.

Rachel clued me in. "She wants to know if you'll fuck her too!"

"You?" I asked. I was eight years old. Fucking girls of six, four, or even two -- that was fine because we were all little kids. But a grown woman? I hadn't thought of a grown woman before. That was child abuse if she let me, right?

"Yeah, me -- if you're willing. Would you like to be a daddy?" she asked shyly.

There were gasps from around the room. We pretended we were making babies among ourselves, but all the girls were too little.

My cock had risen to full attention at this conversation. "Um, um... yes!" I said. "Why me?"

"You seem so great, and Bonnie so happy, and make all the girls so happy, I think I'd like another baby. A little girl, I think it will be. I know it's the right time of month for me."

"Here?" I asked.

"Right here!" she said. "If the other girls can do it with everyone watching, so can I."

She slipped her panties down and took them off as she stood, then lay back on the big mattress, dress up and legs spread wide.

There was a hush, and Betty looked up. "Haven't you ever seen a full-grown woman before?" she asked.

Many heads shook. I hadn't either, but couldn't quite get my head to shake.

"Just stick it in right here," she said to me, gently.

I approached her, a little bit intimidated. "I'm yours!" she said warmly. "Could you please, please, give me a dose of sperm high up my cunt?"

I nodded briefly.

"Any way you want. If you're making a baby in a woman, you should do it just the way you want. Whatever makes you happiest when you shoot the sperm out."

"This way is just fine." I leaned over her, and she guided me to her opening. I lunged in. Although she was a much bigger person, her pussy was just the same size as all my little girls. With that familiarity, I started fucking strongly, just like I would in any little girl cunt.

"Now make me pregnant, any time," she whispered.

That convinced my innards, and within seconds I built to climax. "Aaaarrrrrgggghhh!" I yelled. Perhaps it was knowledge of the impregnation, or perhaps it was subtle signals from her full-grown womanhood, but I sensed my cock innards getting a little fuller than usual as it loaded each shot, and a little twinge of pain mixed in with the pleasure as each spurt blasted out into her pussy.

Betty herself gave a full-throated scream, which startled the girls, then made them giggle. This grown woman had had sex before a lot, but never before felt what a blob of my cum could generate in the way of pleasure. I spasmed over and over again, rocketing an extra-large load -- this was for keeps, for making a baby!

After I pulled out, Betty lay limp, and Bonnie asked with concern, "Mommy? Mommy? Are you OK?" When Betty didn't respond, the others of us poked her and shook her arm.

Betty raised her head and looked at us blearily. "Oh, I'm fine, Bonnie. More than fine!"

Up in her cunt, millions of sperm found her cervix and swam eagerly upstream to start a sister for Bonnie -- twin sisters, actually. I wondered how soon she would bring them to me. Because while impregnating Betty had its own excitement, I really preferred girls my own age or younger.



The girls focused on Bonnie and Betty as they got ready to go.

But after impregnating Betty, my cock had already been resting for two full minutes. It was eager for more pussy to fuck.

Rachel lay on her stomach on the mattress between me and the mother and daughter pair who were preparing to leave. Rachel was propped up on her elbows, face in her hands, beautiful brown hair over her bare shoulders, some down the back, some falling to each side. Her knees were flat on the mattress, but her lower legs kicked up and down lazily. There were her cute shorts covering her delicious little butt. I could see up the right pantleg of the shorts just a little.

My cock was twitching. I wanted to get into Rachel. I had promised her. I crept up behind her and with left hand I dug my fingers up inside her right pantleg and found the hem of her panties as well and ripped them both to the left.

"What?" asked Rachel, turning.

But I was already in position, right hand guiding my cockhead to the slick little twat opening. I pressed hard, and the head slid in easily. I pressed the uncertain Rachel's torso back down on the mattress. My cockhead in her pussy was not enough, of course, so I pushed farther inward with each urgent stroke.

"Derek!" said Rachel.

"You wanted it, right?" I said. I needed to unload my balls up that wet pussy that had been hidden beneath the shorts.

"Yeah, but..." she said.

Fires burned in my loins, the ejaculation and fertilization reflexes were triggered, and I shouted as I splatted several large shots up inside Rachel. My cock did its job, you see. It made sure the sperm didn't end up on her shorts or her panties. It kept it from being splatted around her lovely inner lips and clit. No, by extending, long and hard, out from my body, my cock had pressed deeply up her pussy and made sure that all the sperm shot out up there, right where it could make her pregnant -- if she were old enough.

Rachel might have been surprised and annoyed to feel me suddenly and rudely fuck her from the rear, but the moment my first splat of vibrant sperm hit her upper cunt, all was forgiven.

"Oh, oh, oh," she moaned softly as my spurts pulsed into her, one after another. When I pulled out past pussy lips and panties and shorts, she lay moaning in ecstasy.



Annie suddenly appeared in the doorway, panting a little. She had her violin case with her. She was ten years old and wore a light blue dress that came down past her knees. Her hair was light brown and curled sweetly as it ended at her shoulders. Blue eyes were set in a pretty face. She looked at her watch.

"I only have ten minutes before I have to get to my lesson, but I hoped you could take me, Derek. I love it so much -- and I play better at my lesson afterward, too."

"OK," I shrugged. I loved getting up inside Annie, the oldest of my girls, but I let her think I was doing her a favor.

She quickly put down her violin and stepped out of her panties. She carefully folded the back of her dress up under her so it wouldn't get too wrinkled as she lay on the mattress and spread her legs wide.

"Can you wet my twat with some stuff?" she asked me.

"Sure," I said. "Let's get you some fresh stuff."

I crooked my finger at Rachel, who had rolled over onto her back and was just coming out of her post-orgasmic reverie.

"What?' she asked.

She wasn't moving anywhere fast, so I went over to her and unfastened the button of her shorts and pulled down the zipper.

"What now?" she asked.

"I want some of that stuff back," I said, reaching down the front of her panties to take a handful of the warm, sticky stuff that had flowed back out of her pussy and lay in a sopping mess between twat and panties. I took a handful and went over to deliver it to my next hungry girl.

Rachel was kind of mad as she said, "You didn't ask before you splatted it into me, and now you don't ask me before you take it back."

Ignoring her, I lay down on my Annie and aimed my hard prick at her pre-spermed pussy. I shoved in.

After getting all the way into delicious Annie, I pumped for thirty seconds, seeing her pretty face and the top of her lovely blue dress. She said, "Any time, Derek; I don't want to be late for my lesson."

I stopped pumping with my cock most of the way out of her.

"Listen here, Annie. I will come up your cunt exactly when I feel like it, not a minute before, do you understand?"

Annie started to protest, but then meekly looked down. "Yes, Derek," she said.

"Unless you'd like me to pull out and stop..."

"No, no! ... Sure, Derek, take your time."

"What do you want me to do, Annie?"

"I want you to slide your massive, wonderful cock in and out of my wet pussy until you can't hold it any more and then pee up my cunt."

Her suggestion had a powerful effect and I shuddered, on the verge of doing just what she asked.

"And when do you want me to do this?"

"Just as soon as you want -- or whenever it pleases you."

"Good," I said. I calmed my urge to come and then began a lovely, slow fuck of Annie. She smiled at me and reached up to twirl my hair lovingly. It was tempting to blow my load up inside the violin player, but it was also delicious holding back and feeling the tension build.

I could tell she was getting nervous as the minutes went by.

Missy spoke up. "Um, Derek, it's been eight minutes, and she said she only had ten."

Annie couldn't suppress an anxious look.

"Would you like me to pull out, Annie, so you can go?"

Annie hesitated only a moment before saying, "No, Derek, no."

I kept pummeling her innards, my cock supercharged by all the stimulation.

"How about I pull out now?" I asked after another minute went by.

She bit her lip then but then said, "No, not now."

I had tormented the poor girl enough -- almost enough.

"Say, 'Please come way up my cunt'"

"Please, Derek, come way up my cunt!" she said, trying to contain her excitement.

I gave in and let my cock follow all its animal instincts. The delicious tension moved quickly towards relief as my giant cock swelled.

I started on a series of incoherent grunts, then shouted and let my first shot blast out, followed soon after by the next and the next.

Annie shuddered and writhed.

After my eighth pulse I had shot my wad and pulled out.

Annie lay sighing.

"Ummm, the ten minutes are up," said Missy softly.

"I'll... I'll have to be a couple minutes late," Annie said blearily.

My cock wilted for a minute or so before starting to rise again. Annie got up after two minutes, sooner than she would have liked, it was plain, but she did pull herself together and gave me a smile as she turned to go.

I stuck my tongue out at her, she stuck hers out at me in turn, and we both smiled as she left.



Missy sat cross-legged, looking down, with her hands firmly covering her pussy.

"Do you have to go to the bathroom?" I asked.

"No," she said shyly.

"Then what's with the hands?"

"I'm comforting my private parts because they're so sad."

"Why are they sad?" I asked.

"Because they want you up inside my pussy hole."

"You're so sweet, Missy," I said, touched. "You can have me. You can have me up your pussy hole. How would you like it most?"

"It's up to me?" she asked with surprise and gratitude.


With that answer, she lowered her head and kissed my cock reverently before engulfing it in her mouth. It felt wonderful. A girl's mouth was a beautiful thing and a source of pleasure. As she kept going, I felt myself getting ready. I wanted to splat my mess out.

Sensing my excitement, she took her head off me and quickly asked, "If you do your peepee in my mouth, will you still have enough for my pussy?"

"Yes!" I replied, eager above all for that mouth to enfold me once more.

She engulfed me once more and swirled her tongue around my tip. I let myself go then, humping my hips very slightly, gasping, and pumping some spasms of cum into her. It felt wonderful, but my body held back a little and she only ended up with four. As exquisite as it felt, my innards knew this was the wrong hole.

"Now like a doggy?" she gurgled, not having swallowed the cum yet.

I loved that idea, and after a nod Missy turned around to present herself to me. My cock stayed hard.

"Can I back up to force you into me?" she asked next.

"Sure!" I said. And as I knelt, torso upright, I felt her lovely little girl butt backing towards me and felt her pussy hole engulf my cock.

She went back and forward for the better part of a minute, straining to speed up. Then she said, "That's nice, Derek, but I need you to mate me properly. I can't go fast enough!"

She was right, of course. Girls can't do a fast fucking motion, but boys can. So I eagerly got myself into perfect doggy-fucking position, the front of my thighs touching the back of hers, hands on her hips, and rapidly revved up my in and out.

I rutted urgently into her, banging away in her hairless slit. "Up my pussy cunt deeper!" she said. "Goop a baby up my cunty hole! Oh, it feels too good, my clitty-clit feels too good. Am I naughty, Derek, to let you do it to me like an animal -- and to like it so much?"

"Yes, but being naughty feels so good!"

"Are you going to have an accident in me and pee my pussy with cum?"

"You bet! I love doing you like a doggy!"

Missy switched to a little girl voice.

"Potty time, Dewek. Potty time. Peepee in my kitty! Pee your ooky goop! Give me nasty dirty happy! Fucky-wucky! Twatty-watty! Peepee! Dirty cum-cum, in my peepee parts! Naughty girl, naughty Missy. Naughty Dewek have an accident. Wet my cunty-wunty!"

My tubes churned. Ecstasy started. My cock was huge, but she gripped the whole thing smoothly and firmly, like hot slick velvet, and squeezed rhythmically. I lost my potty training and peed, painting and surging and gooping all over the inside of her upper pussy cave, the goop surging back out to flow over her clit on its way to the mattress.

Missy turned to rag doll, so to keep her from pulling away from me I quickly fell over to my right, taking her with me, keeping our mating organs joined. Still pumping away urgently, still shooting and splatting and messing her pristine little innards, I lay beside her.

Finally spent, I pulled out and lay on my back, flinging my left hand out. I felt someone grab it roughly and there was Rachel, frantically poking my hand against her little twat as she sat down on my hand. I stuck my middle finger up and she eagerly impaled her sticky hot cunt until I was nested deep inside, then slowly and gently bounced up and down, pressing her soft feminine parts sensually into my hand.



Leelee, not yet four years old, must have arrived while I was breeding Missy so intently. Now she straddled me, her smooth cum-free cunt heading for my mouth. I sniffed her delicious little self, then promptly applied my mouth. I dug within her baby lips and found her clit and started licking. Leelee was the only one of my girls who had orgasms without my magic sperm. She was just born with a hair trigger that matured very young. She immediately went into a little orgasm, "Oooo, oooo, oooo!" and little bits of ambrosia leaked out her pussy hole for me to lick up.

But her big orgasm came, as with the others, from a load of magic silvery semen at the upper end of her cunt. I gave her a full seven shots, and she got her big happy-happy too.

On The Wagon And Off Again

"Sorry, girls, it's all over," I said. "I'm trying to be a good boy now. My grades in school are awful because I'm spending all my time fucking you girls! I want to be a normal boy for a while."

Rachel said, "But what about our happy-happies? We miss them sooooo much! We can't keep our panties on at home, and our mommies get mad! At school, we have our fingers up under our dresses and everyone sees the bulges going up and down in there, and we get in trouble! And still we can't get happy-happy without you!"

Missy reminded the others, "And the sticky messes! Remember how it feels to smear it everywhere and taste a little now and then?" A chorus of assents.

Annie, the eldest, leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear, "Up inside my pink dress I have on some white cotton panties, but they're a little damp and smell of little girl sexy stuff. Sweet girl stuff has been dripping out of my little cunny-poo because I keep thinking of you. Imagine my dress sliding up and up until you see those panties, and the damp spot. Then imagine my taking them by the sides and sliding them down slowly, and then my little slit comes into view."

Annie at ten was pretty good with words. I covered my ears and said, "Stop," but without conviction.

"And I spread my legs wide with my panties down around my ankles so you can see the whole slit and so you can get at it with your fingers, and your tongue so you can taste it, and then remember how much you love sticking that little tip of yours, that hot, hard tip right at my little lips? And remember how I gasp and think it's so wonderful as you slide it up inside my cunt, inch following inch, and we both are so very, very excited and want exactly the same thing? We want you to thrust your hips to make it go in and out really fast and to poke me deep inside with your tip, and press your pubic bone against mine. And them remember how you feel it is just so amazing to see a little girl on her back with her panties around her ankles? Imagine her legs wide and eager to get that shaft that is sticking her between the legs -- eager to get it even deeper, and begging you to have an accident in her. And how you strain so hard because you want to so much? And the stuff shoots out and you are in heaven, and I'm in heaven?"

"Yes, Annie, I remember," I said. My hands had fallen from my ears as I couldn't shut her out anyway and I wanted to hear her sweet voice.

Her hand had gradually slid between my legs, and I removed it. "It's not right! You're just little girls. I'm just a little boy! You're not supposed to let a bad boy like me play with and poke your privates!"

There was more whining and fussing, but arguing was getting us nowhere.

"Out! All of you!" I yelled, and my gaggle of girls reluctantly left.

Before she quite got all the way out the door, Annie turned and hitched up her pink dress and pulled her panties down partway. "Just once more? Just a little quickie up my pussy? One more shot?"

"No!" I said, and shut the door.


I woke to the sound of little voice and giggles.

"Derek, can you hear us? Hey, his eyes are open!"

My eyes flickered back and forth in panic because I could not move a single other muscle on my body -- I could breathe a little, just barely.

"Allie's dad had some stuff she stole that makes it so you can't move. We thought if you wouldn't make nice to our pussies we'd make you! See, now we're raping YOU!"

Kathy knelt over my hand with legs spread. I could feel her taking my finger and sliding it up higher under her dress until she caressed the fingertip right along the slit. "That's so nice, Derek!" she said.

They worked me out of my pajamas, revealing a raging hard-on. Whatever muscles hold the blood in a dick were doing their job!

I felt a floating mop of fine hair all over my cock area as some little tongue caressed my balls, the tongue lifting each one in its sac, wetting the sides.

Annie said, "Now watch this!"

I had no choice.

She knelt over my head, then spread her red dress so I was in a tent with her thighs and the white panty crotch where they came together. Her hips went back and forth slowly so the panty crotch moved seductively, then she slowly lowered herself, bringing it closer to my face, until the panties grazed against my nose, and she wriggled back and forth slowly. She pressed the panties gently against my nose and wiggled, sliding my nose up and down the slit that was under the panties. Every breath I took was suffused with the aroma of girl -- horny little girl who had been deprived far too long.

"Remember how good it smells?" I heard her muffled voice from outside the little tent that my head shared with her pantied crotch. Then she shifted so the panties were down by my chin and she rubbed them over my mouth area in a circular motion.

Then the cave disappeared for a few seconds but then reappeared, this time with no panties covering her twat. And she lowered herself gently again until her little hairless slit just brushed ever-so-lightly against my lips, then she moved it up and down, so my lips kissed against her little pussy.

That was so incredibly sexy and I was so horny I would have been unloading my balls just from that -- but I couldn't move, and although I had an erection it seemed I could not ejaculate. Annie rose.

"Hey, you won't go to the bathroom in us, but we can go to the bathroom on you! We don't have any number three, but we have lots of number one! We're going to do our girl pee on you. That's what we think of a selfish boy who won't make girls happy any more!"

They managed to carry me to the tile bathroom floor with its drain and gently put me down. You first, Bonnie."

The little one knelt over a potty but they had my hand right under her twat. So when she let loose the pee instantly made a warm flow all over my hand and fingers as I saw it flow out of her, then from my fingers it went into the potty.

"I'm feeling so naughty I'm not going to use a potty!" said Missy. She knelt on my chest and let go and a positive flood of pee gushed out of her and all over my chest, then onto the tile floor. All the girls giggled. I was embarrassed to realize that instead of feeling grossed out, I found it exciting.

"I'm going to do it on his peepee!" said Kathy. And she squatted right over my cock as it lay hard but flat against my stomach and she covered it with golden liquid, warming it momentarily.

Allie held my cock up straight, just under pee hole, and her pee fell in smooth rivers against me. The others also peed on my cock in various ways. When they had all done their business on various parts of me, they managed to get me and the floor cleaned up and back to the bed.

"OK, now we're going to get it up our pussies!"

Allie impaled herself on my hard cock. Up and down she went. "Come on, Derek, pee in me! Let it out!" But I didn't. I felt all the exquisite pleasure, but I couldn't finish. After two minutes, she reluctantly dismounted.

Rachel said, "Let me try," and engulfed me in herself. It felt so exciting!

"Let me see if sniffing our cunnies can get him to cum if he does it at the same time," said Allie, recently dismounted and acting frustrated. She moved up over my head, descending to rub her privates all over me. Then she got herself positioned so my nose was right by her pussy opening, where I could smell her aroused genitals, with a trace of the odor of my cock, but not my cum. "Remember how much you like to smell it?" she asked me.

I remembered very well, and the smell was driving me crazy. When Rachel got frustrated humping on my cock with her hot, wet vagina and gave up, Missy took her place on my cock and Rachel moved up to my head and brushed her engorged vertical lips against my horizontal ones. If only I could stick my tongue out! But mostly I thought I would die from my inability to satisfy the overwhelming compulsion to fire my sperm into these hot cunts.

One after the other the girls kept impaling themselves, rubbing. Leelee had her little orgasm while pumping up and down on my shaft, making everyone else jealous.

Annie was so determined she tried twice, but finally dismounted from me after giving me such exquisite pleasure I would have come three times -- if I could.

"I'm so frustrated!" she whined. A chorus of assents. "I love his cock, I just love it, but I need that special pee for my happy-happy!" Further agreement.

Then she started crying a little, and the others did too. A pall of frustrated sexuality hung over the little group.

Then I realized I could breathe a little better. I could open my jaw a little. Something felt a little different down at my cock. I didn't know if I could come, but I sure wanted to try.

"Girls," I whispered, but no one could hear me. "Leelee!" I murmured to the closest girl.

"Hey, he's talking!" she said. Suddenly the girls were all around me.

"More," I managed, my cock still on the edge, as tormented as a person with a bad case of poison ivy who can't scratch.

Annie got my drift and straddled me again. The instant she touched my cock to aim it I gave a spurt that rocketed over my head and hit the wall. She was momentarily surprised, but she managed to get herself on top of my spurting cock, then drove it deep into her, and when I contributed a couple ejaculation blobs to where she wanted them most, she gasped, moaning my name, then sighed and started falling over.

Rachel caught her but didn't waste any time comforting her. As Annie slipped off my cock and it sprang free, it fired another spurt. Rachel lowered herself to the hilt and took my spurts. When she was in position, my continuously convulsing cock gave her two pulses at the end of her cunt. She gasped and moaned and started losing her balance too. I had fired ten in all before I start feeling a little relief to go with the pleasure that was coursing through me.

The other girls caught her, and dragged her and the limp Annie out of the way so they could get at the erupting geyser they craved so much. And one by one they mounted it and had their need relieved with ecstasy. After Rachel, I stopped firing when my cock was just loose in the air, but as soon as it felt surrounded by pussy it spasmed again several times.

After my resolution to be a good boy, it had been hard on me. I hadn't come in a whole week, trying to get back to being a normal boy. Three days before this little session, I had awoken to find I had had a wet dream that completely drenched the sheets. My body was used to ejaculating so often that I was loaded with the stuff.

Bonnie started whimpering. Missy looked up to investigate. Bonnie couldn't get herself up on top of me to get her own dose of sperm. My cock was still rock-hard, and with the long delay, it shot forth another pulse that rose six inches in the air before splatting onto my chest.

"Oh sweetie!" said Missy, "Let me help you!" She lifted the little girl into position and guided my cock up her little cunt, where my body relieved her need too while adding to my ongoing ecstasy.

Missy managed to untangle the limbs of the pile of post-orgasmic girlhood and get them all more or less comfortable.

Within a few minutes I could lift my head a little.

Allie lay closest to me, the last girl before Bonnie to get her semen pulses.

Seeing me move a little, she lifted herself up onto her elbows and faced me. "Derek," she said, quietly. "Please don't stop again? It's so hard on us."

I nodded.

"Do you promise to be nice to us?"

"Promise," I croaked.

"Really? You'll start fucking us again regularly?" she asked again.

"Yes, I promise."

"Hey girls, he promises he'll start doing us all again!"

A collective sigh of relief and a chorus of happy girl sounds went up from the pile.

I knew that when I got my strength back, hopefully the next day, I was going to spank every one of those girls -- well, maybe not Leelee and Bonnie. I was going to spank them hard for what they had done to me.

But when each one had taken her punishment, I was going to fuck her. And when I had done them all I would do them again, vigorously, from every angle and every position. Over and over. No more Good Boy for me!


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That was real fun and hot story. Nothing like young pussy.

John Doe

Please continue the story,your attention to detail is absolutely incredible. I can picture each girl's appearance, not to mention the sex senarios themselves.I emplor you to continue this story or make more. This story was FANTASTIC. BRAVO


Wow, this is one of the wildest stories I have ever read. It's every boy's and most men's dream to fuck all those little girls as much as he wants. I would like to see more especially when he gets older. Does continue fucking his current harem or does he keep adding more and more younger girls? How does his harem change as they start to mature and their bodies change? Does he lose interest in them or continue fucking them and get a couple pregnant?

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