Young Girl's Bike For Sale

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Published: 22-Apr-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I picked up a free local paper in one of the towns that I visited during the week and read through the small ads. 'Young Girl's Bike for Sale' it said and I read the whole ad several times.

The town was four hours drive from my home and I got there early on Saturday morning and used a payphone to call.

"I'm phoning about the bike you have for sale," I said after a teenage girl answered the phone. "Is it still for sale?"

She replied that it was and I asked, "If I wanted to come and see it today is there any time that wouldn't be convenient?

"Well so long as you come after one o'clock," she replied, "because there will be no one here except my sister and she is too young to see you on her own."

"Can I see it this morning before you go," I asked?

"Only if you can be here before 10.00," she offered?

After checking the address with her I told her that, as it was too far to get to before 10:00 I would come at two o'clock to see it, then hanging up the phone I raced around to the address and parked up the road waiting to see them leave.

I could hardly believe how stupid some people are but I knew from being a salesman that if you asked the questions in the right way people often told you more than they should.

I now knew that for three hours there was going to be a young girl alone in this house. I didn't know how old she was or what she looked like but if she was halfway decent it was going to be a fun day, well for me anyway.

At about ten to ten the family came out and got into their car. Father, Mother and an attractive Daughter of about 19 sped off after waving to someone in the house and I waited until five to ten before getting out of the car and walking up to the door of the house.

Ringing the bell I waited until an attractive girl of about twelve or thirteen opened the door.

"Hi," I said, putting on my most friendly face. "I spoke to someone about a girl's bike you have for sale and they said that if I could get here before ten then I would be able to have a look at it."

"Uh, they've already gone out," she said after a pause.

"Oh but the person I spoke to said that they wouldn't be going out before ten," I said allowing the disappointment to show in my voice. I don't suppose you could show it to me," I asked? "I know that your sister said you were too young to show me on your own but you seem pretty grown up to me." As I had hoped she coloured up at the suggestion that she was too young.

It only took a moment for her to make her mind up but I knew that she was going to regret her decision for the rest of her life.

"I'll show it to you," she said, "Just go down the side of the house and meet me at the back door. I'll get the garage key."

As I turned and walked down the side I heard the front door close and after waiting a few moments heard the key turning in the back door as she opened it before stepping out and walking over to the garage.

Following her I sized her up. About thirteen years old and four foot nine inches of tempting female, she had shoulder length blonde hair. Her face was very cute and there was the swell of a small pair of breasts under her shirt. Looking down I saw she had a tiny bum covered by the cut off jeans she was wearing and a nice pair of legs with a good summer tan.

I enjoyed the sight of her bending down to open the 'up and over' garage door and stretching high as she held onto it as it sprung open.

She had to stand on tiptoe as she tried to stop the door slamming on its too strong springs and the sight of her stretching was making my cock grow hard.

"This is it," she said as she walked into the garage and bent over with her back to me, to pick up a small child's bike from where it lay on the floor.

I was ready and pulling a rope with a loop tied in the end, out of my backpack, I quickly dropped it over her head and pulled it tight around her neck. A quick tug cut off her air supply and pulled her over onto the floor. Her hands were trying to get between the rope and her neck, as she struggled for breath but I kept it tight and tossed the loose end over a garage rafter.

Now I pulled down hard on the loose end of the rope and watched as the young girl struggled to get her legs beneath her as she was pulled up until she stood on tiptoe.

Quickly I tied the end of the rope off to a bracket on the wall and stood back to watch as she struggled to keep up on her toes in order to stop herself being strangled.

Taking a pair of rolled up socks from my pocket I forced them into her mouth and tied them in place with an old scarf before catching her flailing arms and using a cable tie to fasten them behind her back.

Everything had gone just as I had planned it, with hardly a sound from my frightened captive who now stood on tiptoe in front of me as she struggled to breath. Since she was now subdued I loosened the noose around her neck a little as I didn't want her passing out on me just yet.

I closed the big door on the garage and turned on the lights to get a better look at my pretty young captive, enjoying the look of fear in her eyes as I just stood watching her. Now she could breath again she was making little whimpering noises that caused my cock to swell the front of my jeans.

Allowing myself thirty minutes to get away, I had over two hours left to enjoy myself with my little playmate, so had plenty of time to savour the moment. After examining the front view I walked around behind her and watched as she tried to twist her head to see what I was doing.

Walking around to stand in front of her I reached out with one hand and stroked her soft blonde hair. Her reaction was to jerk away as far as the noose would allow her, which wasn't far.

Reaching out I grasped the end of the rope that was tied to the bracket and pulled. This soon had her standing on tiptoes again and gasping for breathe as the noose tightened.

"It's not a good idea to piss me off," I told her as I held her there. "Just nod when you are willing to behave for me and I will let you down."

By now my little playmate was desperate and she started nodding the second I finished speaking. Letting go of the rope I gave her a minute to get her breath back, enjoying the way her small breasts heaved as she sucked in as much air as she could get.

"Now lets try that again shall we?" I asked as I reached out and stroked her hair again. This time she stood perfectly still and I allowed my hand to move onto stroking her shoulder. Lower and lower went my hand intent on reaching her breast and I felt her tense as she realised what came next.

I raised my other hand to the rope and could see her make a physical effort to remain still as my stroking hand reached and cupped her small breast.

Now I brought my other hand to her breasts and felt them through the shirt and bra. Although small they were exciting me and the fact that the girl's eyes were fixed on my hands, as I played with her breasts, made it even better. Pinching the end of her breasts between my thumb and first finger I squeezed tightly and watched as she danced around in pain as I held her there.

Little mewing sounds were escaping around the gag in her mouth, which went up in volume as I twisted her nipples and pulled. Tears were trailing down her lovely face when I finally released my hold and her eyes were fixed on mine.

"Now I have your undivided attention sweetheart I will tell you why I did that," I said to her. "I don't want to hurt you, but I do want you to do as you are told and now you know how much it will hurt if you annoy me, I hope that you are ready to cooperate."

"I am going to take the socks out of your mouth now," I told her. "If you make a sound it will be the last thing you'll ever do!" To make my point I pulled on the rope until she was raised onto her toes again before letting go.

As she struggled to get her breath back I untied the gag and pulled the socks from her mouth. She surprised me by not begging but just stood trembling as I reached out and gently squeezed her breasts.

"What's your name?" I asked as I continued to fondle her.

"Charlotte but everyone calls me Charlie," she replied her voice almost a whisper.

"How old are you Charlie?" I asked, one hand dropping to stroke her tiny bum.

"Twelve," she told me. "Please don't hurt me," she begged.

"Well I don't want to hurt you Charlie," I lied. "What I am going to do will hurt a bit but if you are good and do as I say I wont hurt you too much."

"Do you know what oral sex is?" I asked but she shook her head. "What about giving head?" Again she shook her head. "Ok I guess I am going to have to teach you then. Get down on your knees," I ordered and released the rope from the bracket retying it once she was kneeling down.

I could see that the concrete floor was hurting her knees so looked around for something for her to kneel on the ease the pain. On a shelf I found some carpet tiles and some local runny honey in a jar, which gave me an idea.

Putting the tiles under her knees eased the pain somewhat and I received a grateful look from her for my trouble. This turned to a look of horror however when I unbuttoned my jeans and took them off along with my underwear, letting my hard cock stick out straight in front of me.

I'm not huge but apart from porno films I've never seen anyone with a cock bigger than my six inches but to Charlie, being the first she had seen it must have looked huge.

Her eyes widened and she began to beg me to let her go but I told her that she was mine for the next two hours so had better get used to the idea.

I wanted a blowjob from the sexy little preteen but I didn't really want to have to force her to do it. I knew that girls complained about oral sex mainly because of the taste so I got out the jar of honey and coated my cock from top to bottom with a generous layer of it.

Standing in front of my kneeling victim put my cock at just the right height and as it touched her lips she jerked back. Taking hold of the rope I tightened it slightly, just enough for her to get the message.

"I want you to clean all of the honey from my cock," I ordered her and pushed it against her lips as I pulled the rope again. This time she opened her mouth a little and her tongue licked some honey from my cock before disappearing back inside her mouth only to reappear and repeat the process.

Finding it was not as bad as she imagined she worked harder and soon her little tongue was wrapping around my cock and her lips were sucking the honey from the skin in a way that had me nearing the point of no return. When her tongue licked the slit on the head of my cock and I saw that as well as the honey her tongue was coated in precum I knew that I was not going to last much longer. Luckily she had it all clean before I came.

Taking several deep breaths to calm down I got the honey pot and again coated my cock before returning to stand in front of her.

"That was very good," I praised her and was rewarded with a little smile. "Now I want you to open your mouth, take my cock inside and lick and suck it until I tell you to stop. Remember you mustn't stop until I tell you that you can."

Once again my cock was touching her lips and after a moments hesitation her lips parted and her head moved forward to engulf me in the warm cavity of her mouth. Her eyes looked up at me and I knew I was going to have a struggle to stop myself coming as I looked down at the little preteen beauty with my cock buried in her mouth.

"That's it Charlie," I told her as she started to suck and lick my cock. "Just keep your eyes on mine and it will soon be over."

Taking hold of her head I began to move my cock in and out of her as she sucked and licked, slowly going deeper as I fucked her face. Now I buried my hands in her hair and deepened my thrusts until she began to choke as I touched the back of her throat with my cock.

"Just keep looking into my eyes sweetheart, It is almost over," I told her. "Now I am going to fill your mouth with my cum and I want you to swallow every drop. Don't you dare spill any or I will make you pay. Do you understand?"

Charlie tried to nod but with me gripping her by the hair and my cock shoved to the back of her throat she didn't get very far. I was past caring anyway and just shoved faster and harder as I felt my balls tighten and the cum travel the length of my cock before it burst out the end and hosed down the back of the preteen girls throat.

As she coughed and choked I just held her head against my crotch until my cock shrank as she swallowed the last of my cum and had managed to catch her breath again.

"Ok sweetheart just pretend it's coated in honey and clean it up for me," I told her and with a look of resignation she began to lick and suck the slimy mess from me. By the time she had finished I was semi hard again and ready for the next stage of her torment.

"Back on your feet again," I ordered and pulled on the rope to keep it tight as she struggled to her feet in front of me.

"I am going to release your hands," I told her. "You had better stand still and do as you are told or I will hurt you."

Using pliers I cut the cable tie that was holding her hands and watched as she rubbed her wrists as the blood began to flow again.

In the corner of the garage was an old sofa and I pulled this over and sat down in front of her, as I looked her over.

"Please I've done what you want, can't you let me go now?" She begged as I sat watching her.

"Soon sweetheart but first I want you to undress for me," I told her.

Charlie stood there shaking her head for a moment. She had thought that her torment was over and had not anticipated that there would be more.

"You've been a good girl up till now," I told her. "Don't spoil it just when I was beginning to like you," I continued with an unspoken threat in my voice. "Get that shirt off."

The little darling stood forlorn for a moment, the noose around her neck being her only restraint, but finally began unbuttoning her shirt as little sobs escaped her, shaking her body on their way out.

I watched, as she slowly revealed more and more of her smooth flesh, finally pulling the shirt off her shoulders and looking around for somewhere to put it.

"Just drop it on the floor and take your shorts off," I told her and watched as she unbuttoned the shorts and slid them down her lithe legs. She had to drop them and kick them off, as the noose around her neck prevented her bending down.

"Now your trainers," I ordered and after thinking for a moment she bent her leg up behind her and pulled the trainer off without undoing the laces. Putting her naked foot down she had to stand on tiptoe, having lost the benefit of the heel on the trainer and it took several attempts, with precarious balancing, before she managed to catch the other foot and pull the trainer from that one too.

Now she stood, on tiptoe, in front of me dressed only in matching pale blue bra and panties. I let my eyes wonder over her body enjoying the stirring in my cock as it again stood up straight. The look on Charlie's face told me that she hadn't missed the fact that I was hard again.

"Please sir, could you loosen the rope?" She asked as the effort of standing on her toes began to get to her.

"As soon as you've taken off your bra and panties," I replied and waited for her to comply.

I could see that she was having trouble keeping up on her toes and that the noose was beginning to cut into her throat and I watched as, with a look of defeat, she reached behind her and unclipped the bra. Pulling the straps off her shoulders she dropped the garment onto her shirt where it lay on the floor.

She was gasping for air now, as she was too tired to hold herself up on her toes any longer and with a look of desperation she pushed her panties down her legs as far as she could get them. Squirming her body from side to side she managed to get her panties to drop to the floor where she stepped out of them.

I slowly pushed myself up from the chair and walked over to the rope, before slackening it off enough that she could stand flat on her feet, then I returned to sit comfortably in front of her as I waited for her to catch her breath.

Little Charlie had the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. I like young teenagers with small tits but this little preteen had a pair that had my cock jumping with excitement. They were about the size of half a small orange and stood out firmly from her chest, each topped with a tiny pink nipple that stood out hard.

Dropping my eyes to the top of her legs I was pleased to see that she was almost hairless with pouting lips on her pussy that had me licking my lips in anticipation.

Pushing myself out of the chair, she offered no resistance as I refastened her hands behind her back with another cable tie and then, standing in front of her, I raised my hands to fondle her naked breasts.

It was only when she winced in pain that I realised how carried away I had got as I mauled her lovely breasts. I tried to be gentler but found it difficult, as I just wanted to grab and squeeze her tits as hard as I could. I rolled her hard little nipples between my fingers and thumbs, again finding it difficult not to squeeze and pull them too much.

Letting one hand slip down her body I ran it across her stomach and down to the slit of her pussy. "Open your legs," I ordered and she moved her feet about a foot apart, which afforded me easier access to her little pussy.

At first I just moved my finger lightly up and down the soft lips but gradually I pushed my finger deeper inside her until I began to feel her slit getting wet. Dragging my finger to the top of her slit I flicked it across her hidden clit and felt her jump in shock at the feeling.

Putting my lips to hers I began to kiss her, still with one hand toying with her breasts and the other travelling up and down the little girl's slit. I forced her mouth open with my tongue and felt it duelling with hers as I kissed and rubbed her harder.

Now I dropped my mouth to her breasts and sucked each in turn into my mouth where I licked, sucked and nibbled on them while still rubbing her deep inside her slit.

Finally I dropped to my knees in front of her and kissed her directly on her little clit. I felt her jump as my tongue pushed forward and licked her button which seemed to grow harder each time it was touched.

Putting my arms around her I grasped one cheek of her bum in each hand and pulled her onto my face as I buried it against her pussy. The smells and sweet taste were wonderful and I kissed and licked her until she began to squirm against me, as she was unable to resist the feelings that my attack caused her.

As she became more frantic I concentrated on her hard little bud, sucking it into my mouth and nipping it between my teeth as she jerked about until finally she shoved her pussy hard against me as her first orgasm hit.

Suddenly I realised that she was choking as her legs had collapsed so I released her from the noose and laid her on her back on the old sofa, with her legs hanging over the side. Pulling her legs apart I knelt between them and pushed my fingers into her pussy. Despite it being well lubricated my fingers wouldn't go in very far as she was still clearly a virgin.

As she lay helpless on her back I took hold of my cock and guided it to the lips of her pussy. Pulling the lips open with my other hand I sunk my cock up to the entrance to her love channel and paused.

I love that moment just before you deflower a virgin when you know they are powerless to stop you. You know that your cock is about to be squeezed in the vice like grip of their love canal until you achieve satisfaction.

Gripping her hips with both hands I pulled her forward slightly and increased the pressure against her, feeling my cock slowly open her up. Pushing a bit harder I felt the head tear aside her hymen and slip inside.

Her eyes opened wide in shock at the sudden pain and a gasp escaped her mouth as I pushed another three inches inside her. Pausing for a moment to let her get used to me being inside her, I began to play with her hard little clit with one hand while the other crept up to her breasts and started to gently squeeze and rub them.

Slowly I began to move my cock inside the tight velvety sheath of her pussy, pulling and pushing gently, going a little deeper with each thrust as I stretched her open. I could see that there was some blood coating my cock but it didn't look much and I was confident that I hadn't done her too much damage.

As I pushed deeper and deeper inside my little preteen lover I continued to distract her by rubbing her clit and breasts but suddenly I was overtaken by my own need and grabbing her by the hips again I slammed into her with all my might again and again until I felt my cum boil up inside me and spurt from the end of my cock in a feeling of release and euphoria that can only ever be achieved with a virgin.

Sated, I lay on top of her until I recovered enough to raise myself up. Looking down I saw that her pussy was leaking my cum, tinged with pink from her virgin blood and the site of it turned me on again.

I pulled my little angel off the sofa and sat down, placing her between my legs.

"That was wonderful," I told her. "Now all you have to do is clean me up with your mouth and I will let you go."

Charlie's eyes focused on my semi hard cock, which was covered in slime, cum and a little blood and a look of horror came to her face.

Reaching out I grabbed her by the hair on either side of her face and pulled her to my crotch, mashing her lips against my cock.

"Open up," I ordered, "or I will have to really hurt you."

As her eyes looked up to meet mine she reluctantly opened her mouth and my cock slid inside.

"Now just pretend it is coated in honey and suck and lick it like you did before," I ordered and slowly I felt her begin to lick and suck me. I made her work on my cock for about twenty minutes by which time it was as clean and hard as it was going to get.

I could feel that the young girl was tiring and knew that I was coming to the end of my safe time.

Getting up, I picked Charlie up and laid her down on her back on the sofa with her head over the edge. Kneeling in front of her put my cock at just the right height for her mouth. Pulling open her mouth I pushed my cock inside and she began sucking and licking me again.

Now as I began to fuck her upside down face I knew her throat would be at the right angle for me to shove my cock right down inside it. With her hands still bound behind her there was nothing the little preteen could do to stop me as I gradually lengthened my stroke until my cock entered her tight little throat.

As Charlie gagged and coughed, squeezing my cock deliciously in her throat I continued to go deeper until I could feel my balls smacking against her face on either side of her nose, which was buried against my hairy balls sack.

Now I fucked her as I had her pussy harder and deeper with each stroke until I felt the cum begin it's journey from my balls to the end of my cock. This time it didn't spray out but just leaked from the end and slid down the back of her throat into her stomach.

Looking down I saw that my little plaything had passed out. After dressing I cleared up my equipment and ropes and cut off the cable tie from her wrists. Moving the sofa back to the corner I slipped out of the garage and back to my car without being seen.

As usual I never heard anything about Charlie's rape in the papers or on the news so I doubt if she reported it. I wonder if she even told her parents?

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