The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 14

by Ole Crannon

Warning: This story contains descriptions of incest, underage sex, bestiality, oral, anal, very young pedo, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, ws, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.


Rob and Lynn woke to little Kari climbing on their bed, carrying one of her Early Reading books. She snuggled in between them as they tried to fully wake up, and wanted them to help her do reading. Their starting her education very early had made learning fun for her and she was probably two or three years ahead of the average child her age. And ten or fifteen years ahead of most other children in her sexual experience. But she liked both of those things and loved to do them all.

Sissy was standing in the doorway, watching. Rob looked up at her and gave her a somewhat sleepy morning smile and said, "How's my future porn star, this morning?"

Sissy smiled. "Well, she apparently wants to do some reading with you." Then with a wicked grin, she said, "Oh! You were talking about me! I'll be fine as soon as I can get in front of a camera. Wanna help? I know Storm will probably be ready, so that would work."

Lynn looked at Rob with a questioning look like 'What's all this about?' but she didn't say anything, her attention captured by her youngest daughter who had started to read, or point out, the first letters of a page of the book out loud to them.

Rob grinned to Sissy then said to Lynn, "Oh, I guess we didn't mention last night that your eldest daughter wants to be a porn star. At the age of twelve. She wants to make videos of her doing the most outrageous of things."

Lynn absently said to Kari, who was reading to her, "Uh huh, honey. What's the next one?" Then to Rob she said, "We've talked about how much we both enjoy being exhibitionists." She looked at Sissy. "I assume that's part of it, at least?"

Sissy came and sat on the edge of the bed and said, "Yeah, but I really want to MAKE some videos. You know, plan it out, write a script sort of, like act up for the camera. That kinda thing. Not just turn on the camera while we fuck."

"That sounds like fun, dear," Lynn said absently, her attention split between listening to Kari's reading and Sissy. "Although, you know we still haven't even had time to look at all the video that we've done so far. Or the one of you and Karen at the kennels. It'll be fun making things like that, but when will we get the time to watch them all?"

Rob looked at Sissy and said to Lynn, "Uh, I don't think you quite get the complete idea, dear. She wants to be a PORN STAR. She wants to make videos for the perverted public to view."

Lynn's attention shifted instantly to Sissy and she said, "You're much too young for that. Even showing a video of you in some of your skimpy outfits would be enough to be prosecuted for kiddie porn. It's going to be years before you can do anything like that. And I'm not sure I'd want you to do that, anyway."

"Oh, Mo-om," Sissy whined, "I'd really get off on making really kinky videos. Even if the only ones who saw them were Ben, Karen and Sarah and like that. But I really wanna act in a hugely pervy video. You'd help me make one if it was just for us, wouldn't you?"

"Well, if it's just for us. And Ben and Sarah. Or the doctor. And maybe Patty," Lynn said. Sissy squealed and bounced on the bed. Lynn continued, "But if you want to do that, you're going to have to sit down and decide what you want to do, and write it out. Your father can help you with the camera. If you do that, it would be fun. I'll help as much as I can." She looked at Rob and said, "Maybe your father can even make one of me doing some nasty things."

Rob laughed and said, "Sure. But all you'd have to do is remember to turn on the camera when the delivery guy stops by. Then we'd have something to watch."

"Oh, honey, that's why I want you to get some more cameras. So we can get some of that kind of thing on video for you to see," Lynn said.

Sissy said, "But that's just plain fucking. I wanna do some far out stuff on camera. And dad's gonna help me, aren't ya, Dad?"

"Within reason," Rob said. "But I agree with your mother. You need to plan out what you want to do and then you and I can review it and see how we can do it. Remember, I'm a tech guy, a nuts'n'bolts kinda guy."

Kari was still reading out of her book and trying to get Lynn and Rob's attention. Not being successful at that, she sat the book aside and crawled under the covers to grab Rob's cock and get it into her mouth. Sissy laughed and said, "Where's the camera, now? We should get Squirt sucking on Dad!" She ran out of the room to go get the camera.

Rob looked a little sheepish at Lynn as he helped his little daughter get better access to his hardening cock. He said, "That's not anything unusual though. We can get her doing that almost anytime. Day or night."

Lynn said, "I know. But if you're up to it- and it looks like you're getting that way - maybe we can get a good shot of your hard cock penetrating her little cunt and getting her off. You've always liked a good early morning fuck. I'm sure she will too. And dear, I absolutely love watching you in her."

Rob watched as his little daughter sucked on his cock like a lollipop, as she loved to do. Shortly, Sissy came back holding the video camera. "How does this thing work? What do you do to make it record?"

Lynn got up to stand next to her and showed her how to turn it on and then which button to press to start recording. Once the viewfinder came on and Sissy could aim it at her dad and sister, she pressed the record button. She said excitedly, "Ok, Dad, it's recording. Go ahead and do it to Kari."

"I think you're supposed to say 'lights, camera, action' or something like that," Lynn said, chuckling. Rob looked up at the camera, somewhat embarrassed and then moved his legs and helped get Kari in the right position so the camera could record what she was doing. Lynn showed Sissy where the zoom control was and Sissy zoomed in tight on Kari's mouth sucking and licking on Rob's cockhead. Lynn went around the bed to the side where Rob was and knelt down on the floor next to them. She put her hand out around the base of Rob's cock and held it for her little daughter.

"Honey, would you like to have daddy put it in you and make you feel good?" Lynn asked Kari, who nodded and smiled happily.

Lynn helped Kari to stand up and straddle Rob, then squat down so she could take his cock in her cunt. She'd never done it in this position before, so Lynn held Rob's cock and helped guide her until she could get down on it enough to feel it going into her little slit. "Ohhhh, fee' good. Luv daddy ina me," Kari said, and grunted as she squatted down to take more.

Sissy moved over to the side of the bed and slowly knelt down, resting on the bed with her elbows, holding the running camera. She zoomed in to get an extreme closeup of her dad's cock entering her little sister. "This is so kewl, Mom! I'm getting it going right inside her. Kari, bounce up and down," she said, trying to give stage directions.

Kari was too engrossed in the sheer delight she was feeling as Rob's cock slid up into her to even care what Sissy was telling her to do. Lynn held Rob's cock around the base of it so it couldn't go too far into the little twat. Kari was mumbling and moaning about it feeling good and wanting 'mo' daddy'." She finally let out a loud grunt as Rob felt his cockhead bottom out in the little cunt. He was helping to hold her and balance her in the squatting position. Kari looked at him and said, "Good daddy! Fee' good," and then pushed down a little more to put more pressure inside her. Rob helped her to lift up slightly, then ease back down and once she realized what to do and how it felt, she started almost bouncing up and down on her own, with Rob holding her for balance and Lynn holding his cock in place and keeping it from penetrating too deep or slipping out.

Kari was giggling and moaning, thoroughly enjoying the fucking. Sissy was squealing with delight, zooming in and out and moving around to get different views of the coupling. It didn't take long though for Kari's little legs to tire and she couldn't raise and lower herself, no matter how good it felt. Lynn suggested to Rob that he turn over to put Kari on her back and fuck her that way, which she helped him do. Sissy moved around to shoot between Rob's legs, getting extreme closeup views of his cock stroking in and out of her little sister. Sissy was completely absorbed with and excited by running the camera.

On Rob's part, he was totally enjoying the feelings of his cock being enclosed by the tight, warm sheath of his little toddler's vagina, and he held himself up off of her so only his cock was going into her. He bent down and kissed her on the forehead, nose and cheeks as he stroked slowly into her. As Kari giggled happily at that, Sissy moved around to the side of them to get that view, but she soon found out that it was very difficult to get a decent view of the fucking action of that position without the two principles assisting a lot. She moved up onto the bed and said, "Dad, sit up so I can get a better shot of your cock in her."

Rob grinned and sat back on his haunches, keeping his cock sheathed in the tight little hole. Sissy almost climbed on top of Kari, trying to get a good shot down between them of the point of penetration. Rob assisted her by holding Kari's hips and moving her a little back and forth, so that his cock was going in and out for the camera. It didn't feel near as good, but he wanted Sissy to be happy with her video. After all, he had years of enjoying fucking Kari ahead of them.

Sissy moved back off the bed and said, "OK, Daddy, now fuck her fast and hard, but pull out before you cum and spurt it all over her hole. I love to watch that in the videos." Rob looked at Lynn, who just smiled at him like 'Don't look at me, I'm just here to help'.

Rob told Sissy to get behind him and then he leaned forward, holding himself up over Kari on his arms and spread his legs wide so Sissy could shoot between them. After Sissy was in place, he started thrusting fast into Kari's tight little hole, and Kari started getting very flushed, moaning and mumbling about it feeling good, do more. Rob had to be careful that he didn't bottom out too hard in her shallow little vagina. He didn't want to hurt her, even though she seemed to really enjoy the pressure in her.

Remembering many porn videos that he'd seen, Rob kept thrusting in and out until Kari started to stiffen and kick her legs a little, showing she was getting close to her orgasm. When the tears started flowing, he slowed and stroked deliberately, bringing himself to the edge of orgasm. As Rob felt the beginnings of his cum starting to rise, he forced himself to slowly pull back until just the head was inside Kari's little cunt. As the first spurt started, Rob pulled back enough so that the spurt splashed against and into Kari's red gaping hole. He pushed all the way in, then pulled back so Sissy could get a shot of the last couple of spurts going into Kari's hole and up onto her little clit.

Sissy exclaimed, "Great, Dad! Nice one." Rob pushed his cock all the way into Kari and held it there, then told Sissy to come around to the side. When she did, he slowly pulled his cock out of Kari's hole, his cum covering it and slowly oozing out as he pulled back for the camera to see. Sissy kept the camera on it in close up, saying "Ooooo, great Dad," then pulling back to get a shot of Kari's tear streaked face, eyes tightly closed. As usual, as Rob pulled out, Kari said, "No daddy. Do mo'. Put ina me 'gain." Rob slowly inserted his cock back into her and her face lit up in a smile, her eyes still closed.

"Does it feel good being fucked by Daddy, Squirt?" Sissy asked her. Kari nodded, looking at the camera and smiling. "You like Daddy's cock inside you, just like I do, doncha short stuff?" Sissy asked her. Again the little girl nodded enthusiastically and started mumbling about "fee' good. Mo'. Do mo'".

Sissy giggled and said, "Dad, pull out of her real slow. I want to get a good close view of that." As Rob pulled out, Kari began her objections to it again, and Sissy said, "Dad, move up and stick it in her mouth. That'll shut her up." Rob grinned at how much Sissy was getting into the making of the video and did what she told him. Kari did shut up and happily sucked his cum and juice covered cock.

"Mom, get in between her legs and lick her cunt," Sissy told Lynn, it not even ocurring to her that she was giving out orders. Lynn chuckled and moved to do what she was told. When she got Kari's legs spread, she started licking Rob's cum that was drooling out of the hole. Sissy moved away from her sister's sucking and down to get Lynn working on Kari's little cunt. "That's it, Mom. Stick your tongue way up in her. Great. Now lick her clit. Oh, that's great. Now lick that cum up. That's it. Can you lick her asshole too, then put your tongue all the way into her cunt." Sissy unconsciously kept giving orders and Lynn and Rob enjoyed doing what she wanted them to do.

After getting as much cum out of Kari's cunt as she could, Lynn moved up beside Rob and Kari, and Sissy did the same thing. Lynn whispered to Rob, "When you can, go ahead and let your piss flow. Kari likes it. Sissy will too."

Rob nodded and continued to let his youngest daughter suck on his cock. Then he grasped it and put his finger on his urethra and tried to relax to get the stream started. As he felt it rise up his cock, he pinched with his finger, stopped the flow as a little bit squirted into Kari's mouth. Her eyes widened and she held her mouth still on his cock, waiting for more. Rob relaxed his finger and his piss filled Kari's little mouth. She swallowed and pulled off, smiling brightly and said, "Good Daddy! Mo'" and put her mouth back on his cock.

Lynn grinned at him as if to say 'told ya so'. So while Sissy continued to shoot, Rob filled Kari's mouth, squirt by squirt and she swallowed it down. Sissy said, "Kari, open your mouth. I know Dad's peeing in it, but I can't see it."

Rob pullled back away slightly and then let another spurt go, splashing into Kari's open mouth. She swallowed, laughed and then opened her mouth again for more. When Rob was almost emptied out, Sissy said, "Mom, get in there and let Dad pee in your mouth too. I wanna get some of that."

Lynn chuckled and laid her head close to Kari's and opened her mouth. Rob moved his cock over and squirted some into her mouth, then moved it back to Kari to give her some more. He continued to alternate between the two mouths until he was dry. Lynn engulfed his cock with her mouth and gave him a few final sucks. Kari giggled and tried to get in some licks too. Sissy was saying, "That's so kewl. Looks neat."

Rob finally sat back and sighed. He was really interested in seeing what Sissy had recorded. Then he said to Kari, "Did you like that, sweety?"

Kari nodded and said, "Like daddy pee. Want mo'. Yummmm." Lynn laughed and hugged Rob.

"That was so good!" Lynn said. "I can't wait to watch that video. What a way to start the morning, huh? Fucking your little daughter and pissing in her mouth."

Kari said, "Piffin' mouf. Good Daddy!" Then she pointed to her crotch and said, "Daddy cum. Good. Luv daddy-cum ina me."

The three broke out laughing and Kari clapped her hands and giggled. Sissy stopped recording and said, "That was awesome, Dad! I loved it. I can't wait to watch that. Will you put it on my computer for me so I can see it? Or show me how?"

Rob took the camera from her and flipped out the view screen, then put it in playback mode and rewound. Then he hit play and handed it back to her. Sissy watched the playback and said, "Oh, kewl! That's so neat!" as she watched the video run.

Lynn had her arm around Rob and said to him, "One real cock slut, piss drinking daughter and another a budding porn video director. This is gonna be very interesting." Rob kissed her and smiled.

Lynn said, "I wonder what Bobby's doing. Has he even come out of his room this morning?"

Sissy said, still watching the video replay, "He's probably on his new computer. You probably won't be able to tear him away from that except for sex or food." She laughed.

Lynn stood up and Rob said, "Let him be, hon. He'll come out when he's ready. The computer's gonna be new for a while."

Nodding, Lynn said, "OK, I'll just go get you two a nice warm washcloth. Then we should go get some breakfast, I suppose. I like you not having to go into work so early." With that she went to the bathroom and soon came back with two warm washcloths. While Rob cleaned himself up, Lynn cleaned Kari's juicy cunt and crotch. Kari told her that it felt good. "I know, honey," Lynn told her, smiling.

The video ended and Sissy said, "Dad! That was great! I'm gonna just love doing videos 'n stuff."

Rob smiled at her and said, "Now you see some of what it takes to make a good video. You've gotta consider camera angles and how the action is playing out. So, you should get on that new computer of yours and do some research to find out all about all the things you need to know to make a good movie. Then you'll be able to plan out the ones you want to make. Does that sound logical?"

Sissy jumped up and hugged Rob. "That's a great idea, Daddy! I'm gonna go start doing that now. And I'll plan the little video with the bugs that we discussed, so we can make it soon. Thanks Daddy!" She left the camera on the bed and ran out to her room to start her research.

Lynn turned to Rob and asked, "What's this about the video you two discussed. What's she want to do?"

"A budding porn star, remember?" He grinned at her. "I'll tell you about the details later. I need to check with Ben on some stuff, but suffice it to say, she takes after you. More than you know."

Lynn had a quizzical look on her face. She said, "Why can't you tell me now? Oh, alright, I'll leave you two to plan your little video. Just let me know so I don't worry. M'kay?"

Rob put his arm around her and said, "OK. And how are you doing? Your young daughter drained everything out of me, so I don't know if I can help you much. But there's always this." Rob held up his fist, then extended one finger and crooked it like he had when it was in her uterus.

Lynn said, "I'm OK. I got myself off a little bit while you were fucking Kari. It was so hot watching you!" Then she put her hand on his fist and said, "But I do want to enjoy that again. And soon. I liked it. A LOT!"

Rob turned and picked up Kari and gave her a kiss. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back, then told him, "Daddy fee' good ina me. Luv Daddy."

"I love you too, punkin'," Rob said to her, "and it feels good for me too being in you. I'm glad you like it."

Lynn said, "Yeah, it's a nice way to start the morning, huh, sweetheart?" To Rob, she said, "It's really nice that you can take some time from work like this. I think I'm gonna like this new vice-president thing and its perks."

As they headed to the kitchen, Rob laughed and said, "Yeah, you're gonna like the perk of being fucked by the boss, you wanton harlot." Lynn just grinned and swished her ass in front of him.

When they got to the kitchen, Lynn started getting things out to make breakfast. Rob put Kari down and Lynn asked him to feed the dog, as Sissy was busy on her computer. Rob made the mistake of opening the backdoor and the Rottweiler bounded into the kitchen as he had many times before. Slipping and sliding on the slick floor, he got to Kari and started licking her excitedly. The toddler laughed and giggled, letting the dog slobber over her until his enthusiasm knocked her down. Of course, with her on the floor, it gave him more access to her and Kari immediately opened her legs to give the dog and his magic tongue access to her crotch. She wasn't any dummy and remembered the nice feelings his tongue had given her before.

Rob watched as the dog lapped at his little daughter's cunt with her giggling and enjoying it. Lynn closed the refrigerator door and saw what was going on and gasped, "Oh! Damn! Rob, I don't want him hurting her. Please get him away from her."

Rob said, "I can't see where his tongue is hurting her, dear, and she seems to enjoy it."

"Honey, that's not what I'm worried about, but if we let him at her, he's going to want to do much more and he could hurt her badly if he tried to get into her. Please, will you get him off of her?" Lynn said, and it wasn't actually a request so much as an order.

Rob nodded and grabbed the dog's collar, pulling him away from the happy little girl. As the dog had no traction on the floor, he slid back easily when Rob pulled on him. Since Lynn was not very far away from where he ended up, he turned his attention to her putting his cold nose and long, warm tongue into her crotch and started licking. Lynn had both hands full and couldn't push him away. Kari giggled and pointed, saying "Doggy ina Mommy. Ina Mommy. Goo' doggy."

Rob couldn't help but laugh. Kari sat up, watching the dog orally attack her mother. Rob said, "You know, I haven't seen you take him on since we brought him home. Why don't you let him do you this morning, since I won't be able to for a little while."

Lynn said, somewhat exasperated, "No, Rob! I don't want to do it in front of Kari, because she'll get the idea she can do it and he could hurt her."

Rob said, "Hon, she's already watched it happen. I'm sure Sissy has taken him on while Kari was there. It's not gonna be new to her and we've gotta teach her that she can't do it unless we're with her to help. C'mon, I'd love to watch him get you. Breakfast can wait."

The dog's tongue had been snaking in and out of Lynn's crotch and had gotten her pretty aroused. Because her rational mind didn't work as well when she got turned on, she placed the food on the counter and spread her legs a little more, letting the dog get his tongue further up into her snatch with each lick.

Rob picked up Kari and said, "Honey, you're too little and too young to do this unless we're with you and help. Do you understand?" Kari nodded, watching the dog work on her mother. Rob said to Lynn, "Go ahead, hon, let him have at you. You know we'll both enjoy it."

Lynn sighed and grabbed a couple of towels and put them on the floor. Then she put her hand on Kari's chin and said, "This kind of fun is for Mommy and Sissy. You do not try this unless we're here with you to help you. Understand?"

Kari nodded and said, "Mommy do doggy. Yummm. Doggy fee' good fo' Mommy?"

Lynn laughed and said, "Yes, dear, he does 'fee good'." Then she kissed Rob and said, "I know you like this, but I still don't want her getting ideas." Then she knelt down on the towels and called the dog, "C'mere, Storm," and patted her ass.

The dog was more than happy to oblige and moved behind her to run his long tongue over her ass and crotch. After a couple of good licks, Rob said, "Mount!" and the dog jumped up, putting his forepaws around Lynn's waist and stabbing at her crotch with his somewhat firm cock.

Rob said, "Maybe he needs some foreplay, dear. He hasn't gotten completely hard yet." As if he understood what Rob said, the dog slid off Lynn and moved to her side, trying to mount her that way. Lynn was getting a little frustrated and looked around and grabbed his collar and yanked him around in front of her. He gave her face a big slurp before she pushed him away and pulled his hind quarters toward her. With him sideways in front of her, she grabbed his cock and leaned forward to take the pink tip in her mouth. The dog held still for her to do this and Lynn started bobbing her head on his rapidly stiffening pole.

Kari pointed at her mother and said, "Mommy get doggy-cum?"

Rob said, "Not yet, honey. She's just making the doggy feel good and getting ready. You watch. But remember, this is something for grown ups and you don't try this with the doggy unless we're here with you to help. OK?" Kari nodded, keeping her attention on the dog and her mother.

Once the dog's cock was good and hard, Lynn pulled off and pushed him around toward the back of her. She said, "Mount!" and the dog again jumped on her back, trying to find the hole to stab his now hard cock into. Lynn reached back between her legs and tried to guide it into her cunt, which she was successful in doing after a couple of tries. As the large member split her cunt and drove into her, she dropped her head and gave a big sigh of pleasure. Storm then proceeded to jackhammer his doggy cock into her, to Lynn's increasing satisfaction. She moaned as he thrust into her, filling her up with his hot meat. Lynn was excited too by the fact that she knew her husband and little daughter were watching her perverted coupling with the hound.

Lynn reached down and fingered her clit with one hand as the dog drove into her. That was the nice thing about being fucked by a dog. First he would drive into her and rapidly fuck her hole for a while, then stop and relax for a bit, then start up with the hammering thrusts. Lynn enjoyed this for a while, getting herself off twice before the dog started a steady spurting of his doggy cum into her hot cunt. As Lynn felt that, she climaxed again, dropping her head and shoulders to the floor and abandoning herself to the feeling of pleasure washing over her.

Since she didn't let him knot her, after spewing his cum into Lynn's cunt, the dog finally pulled off, moved away and laid down, licking his cock while Lynn knelt panting and flushed on the floor. Kari squirmed and wanted to get down, so Rob put her on the floor. She immediately went over to the dog and knelt down, putting her hand on his still firm cock. She looked at Rob and said, "Me get doggy cum, Daddy?"

Rob grinned and moved over next to her and nodded. "Go ahead, sweety. But be careful." Kari bent down and took the dog's cock in her mouth and started licking and sucking it. The dog looked at her curiously, then flopped back to let her work on him. He apparently knew a good thing when it sucked on him.

Rob hovered over Kari, wanting to make sure the dog didn't do anything to harm her, like snapping at her. He glanced at Lynn to see her still kneeling, ass high in the air and head and shoulders resting on the floor. Her eyes were closed, face flushed and her breathing was returning to normal. Kari ended up flopping down on the floor, still holding the dog's cock while she licked at it. She looked back up at Rob and said, "Doggy! Yummmm!" then went back to work on his no longer completely wilting rod.

As Rob watched his little daughter orally minister to the dog, he wondered just what it would be like if the dog did fuck her. He could imagine her in several positions, the dog cock hammering in and out of her little cunt and her gurgling and moaning in pleasure from it. While he did feel a little twinge of guilt, the mental picture was arousing and his cock started to stiffen.

Lynn finally sat up and looked at him, then at little Kari. Grabbing one of the towels she had put down, she held it to her drooling snatch as she got up and stood next to Rob.

"This is exactly what I wanted to try to keep her away from," she said to Rob.

He replied, "She's gonna see you or Sissy doing it and it's better if she knows only to do it if we're here. Besides, she's not doing anything that'll hurt her right now. But she sure is a little cock slut, isn't she, hon?"

Lynn put her hand on her husband's firm cock and said, "Yes, dear, she is. And you seem to like it. Or at least watching it."

Rob put his arm around her and said, "I love watching you girls do anything. I've yet to find anything that I don't like or that I find disgusting. No matter how hard you try to find all those new nasty, kinky things you want to do."

Kari saw the two of them standing there watching her, and got up to grab Rob's cock and wrap her mouth around it. She bobbed on it a bit and then pulled away and said, "Daddy cum ina mouf? Like Daddy cum ina mouf'. Pwease?"

Rob and Lynn looked at each other and Lynn broke out laughing. "See what you've got yourself into? You're just a cum factory for her."

Kari said, "Wuv Daddy!" She held her arms up to be picked up and when Rob did that, she gave him a big kiss. "Wuv Daddy!" she said again.

Rob chuckled and said, "See, I'm not jus a cum factory for her. She loves me. Right, sweety?" Kari nodded and hugged him.

Lynn wiped her cunt with the towel, then said, "Well, let's get this hound out of here and get some breakfast started." With that, she moved over to the counter and started working on cooking. Rob put Kari down on the floor and grabbed the dog's collar and led him out the back door. Then he went back inside and got the dog's bowl, filled it with food and took it back out to him, this time making sure to block the door so the dog didn't get back in.

Rob stood there, watching the Rotty wolf down the food and Kari toddled up beside him. She looked at the dog and said, "Doggy fun! Wuv Daddy." Rob picked her up and stroked her soft little body and said, "And I love you too, sweety. So much!" He gave her a soft kiss on the neck and Kari giggled.

They walked back into the kitchen, Rob making sure the back door was closed securely and walked up behind Lynn. He put his free arm around her waist and gave her a kiss on the neck. Kari leaned forward and kissed her neck too, mimicking her dad.

Lynn turned around and put her arms around both of them. "I love you all so much!" They hugged, then Lynn said, "Why don't you set the table then call the kids. This'll be ready by time they get down here. And make some toast real quick, will you?"

Rob put Kari down and told her to go get her sister and brother and tell them breakfast was ready. Then he put some bread in the toaster and poured some milk for all of them. He said to Lynn, "You know, this is really nice not having to be on a schedule and having a little flex time to enjoy my wonderful family. This is gonna take some getting used to. I keep feeling I should be rushing around, getting ready to go to the office."

"Does everyone there know you're not gonna be coming in?" Lynn asked.

"Yeah. John's been sorta working up to this, now that I look back on it. He's been shifting things around and getting me more and more into the overseer or supervisor role, rather than having me do all the grunt work. It's rather nice. I mean, I've got a lot more responsibilities and I'll be managing a lot more people, but he made it clear that I was to manage them, not try to do everything myself. So it's sorta been coming on. I guess I sorta figured that I'd test it a little today by going in late and see what happens." He grinned at Lynn. "Nothing will, I hope."

"Well, I'm going to enjoy it," Lynn said. "Although I don't know what I'll do with you all the time. Hope you won't just be underfoot and get in my way." She grinned and kissed him. "I don't want you scaring off the delivery man and the real estate guy."

They laughed and hugged as the kids all came bounding into the kitchen. Sissy said, "Dad, I LOVE the computer. Thank you so much!" Bobby echoed the sentiment and came over and put his arms around both Rob and Lynn and said, "Yeah. You guys are great!" Lynn noticed that he had a bit of a hard on and as he ran his hand over her butt cheeks, she realized that all the signs lately pointed to the transition into puberty for him. She hugged him to her, then they all sat down at the table. Sissy put Kari in her booster seat.

Sissy said, "I'll feed Storm after we eat."

"That's OK, hon. Your father already gave him a bowl full of food. So he's probably fine."

Kari piped up, pointing to Lynn, "Doggy cum ina Mommy." Then she pointed to her mouth and said, "Me get doggy cum. Yumm."

Bobby grinned and Sissy said, "What's this? You've been doing the dog and not sharing with us?" She grinned wickedly.

Lynn said, "Your father had to let the hound in and you know what he's like when he gets in here. Your little sister started it." She grinned at them.

Rob said, "Yeah, and your mother finished him. And he finished her. Then Kari did a little clean up."

Bobby said, "That's hot, Mom. I'd love to watch the dog fuck you. You should have said something."

Sissy said, facetiously, giving Lynn a hard time, "Yeah, Mom. You've gotta share with us. You can't have him all to yourself ya know."

Lynn realized that they were just having fun and said, "Well! It's MY dog and I'll do what I want with him. Remember that!" She smiled at the two.

"Did he knot ya?" Sissy asked her. Rob grinned at the interplay.

"No, honey, he didn't. I didn't think we had the time. After all, I had to get breakfast ready for you all, so all I had time for was a quick doggy fuck. Which your father seemed to enjoy watching," Lynn said, chuckling.

"Yeah, he did a pretty good job," Rob said, agreeing.

"That's neat, Dad. I want you to make a video of him doing me. Don't forget that. And I found a few other things I want to do, too," Sissy said.

"I don't doubt that at all," Rob said ruefully. "Look, I don't have to go into the office right away 'cuz I can login at work from here, so maybe after breakfast you can show me that one video that you wanted to try."

Lynn gave Rob a questioning look but Sissy said, "Sure. I've got a couple others I want you to see. And you can show me how to write up a script thingie that we'll need. OK?"

"OK," Rob said. "Your mother wants me to get a couple more video cameras so we won't miss anything that goes on around here. I'll do that later on today when I go in to the office."

Sissy brightened and said, "Oh, yeah! Maybe the delivery guy'll stop by again. We didn't get a video of him last time. Mom, you gotta remember to do that. It was fun messing with his head, although he didn't do a bad job. Not great, but it was fun."

"I don't know about you two," Rob said, shaking his head. "I don't think anyone is safe around you," he said, playfully.

Bobby was quietly eating, taking this all in, but he did have one hand down in his lap, stroking his hard little cock. He loved the sight of his naked mother. And his big sister. He found himself being horny all the time lately. He'd spent the morning on his computer, finding pictures of some of the young pop tarts that he'd like to see naked. Unfortunately, none of them had nude pictures online, although some of the ones he found were really sexy with the slut clothes that they wore that barely covered them and in some really provocative poses. He had tried to make Ms. Williams picture into wallpaper, but it was too small and wouldn't work when blown up to full screen size. He wanted so badly to have a naked picture of her! He was looking forward to going back to school next week so he could see her there. Maybe he'd even get up the nerve to go talk to her sometime like his mom told him.

"Bobby! I asked if you were going to stay over at Jerry's tonight. Did you hear me?" Lynn was asking him, breaking through his reverie. He'd been caught up in his own daydream and didn't catch her asking him the first time.

He startled a bit, then embarrassed, said "Uh, sorry, I was... ummm, thinking about school. Yeah, Mrs. West only works part of the day today and she'll be home later in the afternoon. She said it's OK for me to stay over. She seems to really like me to be there. She wants to do all kinds of things. I think she wants to be as nasty as you are, Mom."

Rob and Lynn looked at each other. Rob said, "What does she want to do when you're there?"

"Aw, just sex stuff all the time. Me 'n Jerry like that. But she does ask a bunch about the snakes and mice. I think she's gonna want to do that pee hole stretching thing that you did too. I'd like that," Bobby said.

Rob laughed and said to Lynn, "See how bad you're corrupting other innocent people?"

Bobby said, "Aw, I don't think she's innocent. She likes all kinds of stuff. She talks about it with us all the time I'm there now. She really likes to have me pee in her mouth. I don't hardly ever use the toilet to pee when I'm there. I think that's neat!"

Sissy piped up and said, "Better than pissing in my or Mom's mouth? I think I'm jealous." She grinned, showing she was just kidding her little bro.

Bobby didn't really get it and took it seriously. He said, "Oh, no, I love pissing in Mom's mouth. There's nobody better than Mom!"

Lynn joined in the kidding and said, "Why thank you dear. There's nothing better than being someone's toilet."

Bobby then suddenly got the joke. He grinned and said, "Oh, I get it. You're OK, sis, but Mom's much better!" He ducked the playful punch that Sissy aimed at him with her tongue stuck out.

Kari joined in and pointing to her mouth said, "Me too! Ina mouf'. Yummmm." Everyone burst out laughing at that comment.

Rob said, "Yeah, me too, sweety. I love your little mouf." He stood up and leaned over to give the little one a kiss on the cheek. Then he said to Sissy, "Let's go take a look at those things, if you want. I've gotta login to work and check things, then I'll be there in a few minutes."

Sissy said, "OK, Dad. But I gotta talk to Mom about something first." Rob nodded and left to go to the main computer.

"Can you come to my room for a minute, Mom?" Sissy asked, getting up from the table.

Lynn was taken aback by the serious tone of her voice and the look on her face. She nodded and stood up. "Bobby, would you clear the table and then take your little sister in to the front room? I'll come back to finish up."

Bobby had noticed too and said, "Wow, are you in trouble, Sis? What'd you do?"

Sissy stuck her tongue out at him and said, "No, dickhead. It's just girl stuff. Something you wouldn't know anything about. Dork!" Then she headed out to her room and Lynn followed, wondering what could be the matter.

When they got to Sissy's room, Sissy closed the door most of the way and said, "I've been having sort of a discharge the last couple of days. At first I just thought it was all the cum and pussy juice mixed, but it's been pretty strong. And this morning I found this." She pulled the covers on her bed back and pointed to a few red spots on the bottom sheet.

Lynn breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Is that all? From your voice I thought it might be something bad. Honey, we've discussed this before and I think that your time has come. I think that's the first indication of a period starting."

"Yeah, I was thinking that," Sissy said. "At first, I thought maybe you had broken the skin when you nipped my little clit last night, but everything seemed OK when I went to bed. I went to the bathroom and checked down there and nothing seems broke. Then I figured that maybe it was starting. Shouldn't it be a lot more than that if it's my period? I mean, that's such a little bit compared to what everybody describes the flow to be like."

"Well, the first time or two can be just a little bit," Lynn said. "Everybody's different. Haven't you been getting any pubic hair growing in? Or under your arms?"

"Yeah, but I pull 'em out as soon as I notice them. I HATE hair down there." Sissy said.

"Well, it seems like you're on the timeline, alright. First the breast development, then pubic hair then the period. You're not a little girl anymore, that's for sure," Lynn said.

Sissy grinned and said, "I ain't been a little girl for a long time, Mom. Unless I want to get Daddy or Mr. Sullivan into my pants." She assumed her little coquettish voice and innocent little girl face and mimicked, "Oh, gee, mister, that's so BIG. I don't know if I could fit that all inside me? But I'll try, mister." She giggled and Lynn laughed out loud at the joke. Then Sissy said, "But Mom, I'm gonna hate having a period. It's been so good doing everything without one. Can't I just get a pill or something that will get rid of it except for, like, once a year?"

Lynn laughed. "No, honey, that will screw up your body and your hormones. That's why I don't take the pill. We're just going to have to get you to the doctor and get an IUD put in. That'll take care of the possibility of pregnancy, but it won't interfere with your period. And that's a good thing."

"I dunno. I'd still rather not have one if I had a choice," Sissy said.

Lynn put her arm around her daughter and said, "Don't worry. Some guys aren't turned off by the blood. In fact, if you ask your father to do you when you have your period, he'll be more than happy to do it. He's not turned off by it and we've done it quite often while I'm in the middle of my flow. It just can get messy, but that can be planned for and easily taken care of."

Sissy said, "You mean Daddy won't mind fucking me then?"

From the doorway, Rob said, "Won't mind fucking your when? Honey, you know I'll just about fuck you anytime. You're my slutty whore daughter and you can ride my cock whenever you want, you know that."

Lynn said, "It seems your young slut daughter is entering her fertile phase so we're gonna have to take that into consideration. But you might tell her that you'll still fuck her, even when she's bleeding."

Rob sat down on the bed and put his arm around his daughter and said, "Awww, baby, a little red won't stop me at all. Some guys are really turned off by it, but not me. So, you're gonna be a fertile Myrtle now, huh?" He gave her a little hug as Sissy giggled at that name.

"Yup, fertile Myrtle. That's me. But I guess as long as we can fix it so I can't get preggers, and I don't have to give up fucking, it's OK," Sissy said, leaning into her dad to cuddle with him. She said fiercely, "I'm NOT about to give up fucking. Ever!" All three laughed.

Lynn said, "I've already discussed it with Doctor Barb and she wants to get you in to her office for an exam anyway, so she'll take care of this too. We talked about how young, or old, you have to be for an IUD and most doctors don't want to put them in young girls. But she said the research shows that age doesn't make any difference and you're old enough to have one. Like I said, the pill is different and it can screw things up. And the IUD is actually statistically as good as or better than the pill for contraception."

"Thanks, both of you," Sissy said. "I do so love you guys and that I can talk about this stuff with you. Some of my girlfriends are so freaked if they have to talk to the 'rents about anything having to do with sex. And some of them can be so clueless. I'm so glad that you're my mom, Mom. And that you're my lover, Dad! I don't ever want that to change!"

Rob tweaked one of her nipples and said, "Even when I'm old and gray and laying on my deathbed?"

Sissy laid her head against him and said, "I don't even want to think about that, but yes, I'd bounce on your cock just to make you feel good and die happy. I love you so much, Dad. Both of you."

All three were pretty misty eyed and finally Rob stood up and said, "Well, porn star, you wanted me to help you with planning your videos. Let's get working on that. I logged on to work and I've got a a little time before I need to go into the office. So let's see what you've got started."

Lynn kissed Sissy and wiped a tear away from her cheek, then said, "I'm going to clean up the kitchen and check on your brother and sister. You two take your time and do whatever it is that you're planning on."

"OK, Mom. Thanks," Sissy said and Lynn left the room. Sissy sat down in front of the computer and Rob leaned over her shoulder to look at the screen. Then he gave her a light kiss on the cheek and said, "No matter what, I want you to know that I love you so much words can't describe it. Now, show me that bug video that you said you want to try."

Sissy turned her head and kissed him, then turned back to the computer and started a video running. It was over an hour long, and she knew Rob didn't have that much time, so she fast forwarded to the main part which showed a Japanese girl with a speculum holding her cunt open while several different types of bugs were inserted into the hole. Cockroaches, beetles, crickets and several other different kinds filled her up, then the speculum was withdrawn, leaving her cunt stuffed with insects. Some crawled out from between her cunt lips. As Rob watched, he started getting hard. Sissy noticed.

"Turns ya on, huh Dad?" she asked, grinning. Then she clicked on another video to start it, running it through to the main part where another Japanese girl had over a dozen live newts stuffed in her cunt. Sissy wrapped her hand around Rob's hard cock as he watched the video. "There's a company that makes a whole series of this kinda stuff. They stuff all kinds of things in the women's cunts and asses. I just found these ones, but I'm gonna get more of them so we can work on how to make some like them. OK, Dad?"

"Shit, Sissy, where do you find these? And I thought your mother had gotten some outrageous ones," Rob said.

"Prolly the same places where she gets hers from. I sorta copied a couple of URL's from her and then found them. Daddy, I want to do them. It's so pervy and far out. I'm gonna download as many of this series as I can, then we can go through them and pick the best ones out to make the videos. You'll help me do that, woncha Dad?" Sissy asked him in her little girl, pleading voice that she knew he couldn't resist. Plus the hand job that she was giving him kept him thinking with the little head that she was massaging rather than his big, daddy head.

"Sweety, you're only twelve. Are you sure you want to do these things?" Rob asked her, breathing hard.

Sissy licked the head of his cock and looked up at him and said, "Yes, Daddy. Please?" then engulfed the whole head in her mouth and started sucking on it, licking the underside with her tongue like she knew he couldn't resist. It didn't take much more of that, coupled with the visions of the videos before Rob blew his cum into his daughter's mouth. Sissy kept her mouth fastened around his cock until he had finished spurting all his cum, then she slowly pulled back, keeping her head back and looking up at him, mouth open, showing his cum in it to him. She smiled up at him and slowly swallowed his cum down her throat.

"Like my little sis says, 'Yummm. Daddy-cum!'" Sissy said, smiling. "You'll help me won't you, Daddy?" she asked, grinning up at him.

"You're as much a wanton slut as your mother," Rob said, grinning at her. "Damn! Yes, I'll help you, but you'll listen to me and we do them the way I say. And use the things I tell you to. OK?"

Sissy jumped up and threw her arms around his neck and said, "Yes, Daddy. I'm gonna download as many of this series as I can find, so we can get all kinds of ideas on different things to put in me. Oh, Daddy, this is gonna be so exciting! I can't wait to feel all those nasty things inside me. I loved it when Karen put all those goldfish in my ass that day at the pet store."

Rob kissed her and said, "You're just like your mother. Warped! Now I'm going to go get ready and head out of here. I've got to pick up the video cameras and then go to the office and try to get some work done today."

"I wish I could come with you and try to seduce John, but I don't want to do it when I've got my damn period," Sissy said to him.

"Don't worry hon," Rob told her, "you're gonna have plenty of time to do that. I'll try to figure out a subtle way to let him know it's OK to do you, without giving the whole thing away."

"Tell him you're worried that some of the boys at school have been fucking me. No, wait! I wanna pretend I'm a virgin for him." Then she cracked up. "God, Dad, I can't even pull off saying that with a straight face."

Rob laughed and said, "Kiddo, It's been so long since you were a virgin that I don't think you could even remember anything about it."

Sissy said, "Yeah, all I can go by is watching Kari. And you've busted her little cherry but good." She hugged him tightly then said, "But we both absolutely LOVE you for that, believe me. I wouldn't trade it for the world."

"Well, I'm glad you feel that way," Rob told her. "I certainly love you both and enjoy you both more than any words could ever say, I can tell you that. I'm glad you don't regret it."

"Oh, no, Daddy. Not any part of it," she told him, hugging him again tightly to her.

"Good sweety. Now I'd better go before you give me another hard on, you wanton little slut." Rob grinned down at her as she finally let loose of him. He kissed her and walked out of her room. Sissy turned back to her computer, wanting to find more of the twisted series of videos to download.

Rob had gone to the bedroom and was almost dressed when Sissy ran into the room. "Dad! I wanna go with you and do John! Pleeeeze? I got so hot thinking about doing those videos and then I realized that with my period, I could maybe convince him that he took my cherry. Wouldn't that be fun, Dad? Pleeeeeze?" She threw her arms around him and gave him a hug, rubbing her little titties against him.

Lynn stood at the door. Rob glanced up at her and she smiled at him, then nodded. He said to Sissy, "Honey, you're a dirty little slut. OK, I'll take you with me, but I don't know how I'm gonna work it into the conversation that it's fine by me if John fucks you. He may not even be in the office."

Sissy gave him a squeeze and said, "That's OK. I'll just enjoy being with you if he isn't there. Besides, you don't have to tell him anything. I want to try to seduce him."

Lynn gave a laugh and said, "Sweety, you can't seduce a guy who wants to get his hard cock into you. In fact, all you'll have to do is lay back and spread your legs." To Rob she said, "But I can see her point. If John sees a little bit of blood, he'll think he got her cherry. I know how men think." She stuck out her tongue to Rob. "Besides, we want to get to doing things with them anyway, so it'll break the ice even if it doesn't break her cherry." She grinned.

"OK, sweety, go put on something that won't make you look like a total, naked twelve year old slut," Rob said to Sissy. "Remember, we ARE going to my office and I still have to work with all those people."

"Awww, Dad, you're taking all the fun out of it," Sissy grinned and pulled her dad down to kiss him.

"Just put on a nice mini and a simple blouse with some saddle shoes," Lynn told her. "I guarantee you'll have every guy there drooling after you. The innocent schoolgirl look always works."

Sissy giggled and ran out of the bedroom to her room. Lynn walked over to Rob and gave him a kiss. "Are you sure you don't want to take Kari with you and strip her down and fuck her in front of the whole office?" she asked, grinning.

Feigning seriousness, Rob said, "Umm, as much as that idea turns me on, dear, I think that we'll have to leave that for some other time." He playfully slapped her fanny.

Lynn said, "Rob! You mean you'd actually DO that? I was just joking!"

Rob grinned at her and said, "Yes, dear, I was just funnin' ya. But you know, after actually fucking Kari in public at the restaurant, the idea does appeal to me. Well, it gets me hard, anyway. Just like thinking about you letting the real estate guy fuck her."

"Oh, Rob, I don't know what came over me that day," Lynn said. "I was so aroused. Especially because I'd just had the damn snake up inside me. When I get that horny, all reason just goes out the window."

"I know, honey," Rob told her. "The same thing can happen to me. Like at the restaurant. But it's soooo damn exciting." He hugged her to him. "You ready for another little exhibition pretty soon?"

"Oh, damn, yes!" Lynn told him. "What do you have in mind? I don't know how you are going to outdo what you had me do at that bar."

"I don't know yet, dear. But I'll come up with something," Rob grinned at her.

Rob finished dressing and shortly after, Sissy ran into the room. She had on a plain white blouse that was a size too small for her, obviously no bra and a cute little mini skirt that wasn't quite as short as some she had that were more like wide belts than a skirt. She had a pair of casual heeled sandals on her feet that really made her shapely legs look sexy.

"I didn't want to wear the saddle shoes, Mom," she said when Lynn looked down at her feet. "Besides, I can slip these off and on really easy."

Lynn laughed. "Well, you don't QUITE look like a cheap street whore slut, but you'll certainly have every guy in the office drooling after you. Couldn't you at least put on a bra? You nipples are poking out in that blouse."

"Awww, Mom, I didn't want to have to take a bra off and then have to put it back on again. This way, I can get naked in about 10 seconds. After all, isn't that the purpose?" Sissy asked them.

Lynn gave Rob an exasperated look and said, "It's up to you. It's your office and the people you work with."

Rob grinned and said, "They've all seen her before and if they don't know how much of a slut she is already, it won't make much of a difference now, I guess." He looked at his daughter and said, "But it's gonna be really difficult for me 'cuz she'll give me a hardon every time I look at her."

Sissy gave Rob a kiss and said, "Aw, Dad, that's nice. After all these years, I still turn you on."

Rob hugged both of the females to him and said, "You BOTH turn me on. Constantly. And you know it. I can't very well hide my hardon from you two. Well, let's go get this started. I've got the feeling that nothing's gonna ever be the same at work after today."

Sissy went to grab her small purse and joined her parents. When they walked into the living room, they found Bobby and Kari sitting on the floor with their backs against the couch, reading one of Kari's big letter books. Kari had one of her hands on Bobby's semi-hard little cock while Bobby held the book. They both looked up, Bobby smiled at them, and Kari exclaimed "Daaaadddddeeee!" and jumped up to hug her father. Rob lifted her up to give her a kiss and said, "I've gotta go to work, sweety. Bye."

Kari looked at Sissy and pointed to her. "Sissy go?" she asked.

"Yes, Sissy's going with me. You stay here and be a good girl. OK?" Rob told her. Kari vigorously nodded her head 'yes' and Rob put her down.

Bobby asked, "Where 'ya goin', Sis? You look good."

"Thank you. I'm just going with Dad to his office and to shop for some video stuff with him," Sissy told him.

"Oh. OK. Can I go with you to work some day, Dad? See all the stuff there?" Bobby asked.

"Sure, kiddo. We'll figure out when we can do that," Rob told him, then kissed Lynn and Kari goodbye. When they walked out the back door, Storm was right there and did everything he could to get his nose under Sissy's short skirt and against her fragrant slit.

Sissy grinned at her dad and said to the dog, "Storm! NO! Sit!" The dog obeyed, sitting down. The two left him and got into the car. Rob looked over at his daughter and saw that her skirt had ridden up, exposing her hairless little slit. He grinned at her and she said, "What?" Then she followed his gaze and looked down at her exposed crotch. She looked back up and said, "You like?" teasingly spreading her legs a little bit.

"Honey, I like everything about you, but you're going to have to be a little discreet when we get to the office," Rob told her. "You know, like keeping that skirt down enough to cover that voracious little hole of yours. My God, the guys won't get any work done today, I'm sure of it."

"Oh, Daddy, I'll try to be careful. I'll only try to be sexy when John's around. Besides, I'm just a twelve year old girl. Those guys won't pay any attention to me," she told him.

"Honey, your pussy perfume alone will have them hard when they smell it. I doubt you could turn off your natural sexual attraction if you tried. But if you can, please try to act like an innocent twelve year old rather than the wanton, hot for sex slut that you actually are," Rob told her laughing.

Sissy grinned and stuck a finger down and ran it along her moist slit and put her other forefinger between her lips and gave him a faux sweetness and light look that was hotter than most porn stars could do. Rob laughed at her and she giggled.

They had a good conversation during the drive to the office, discussing some of the things to do to make Sissy's videos, the cameras that they would be buying and then talking about some of the people at work. Rob told her that he had a suspicion that John's executive secretary was bi in addition to being fucked by John on occasion. Sissy said she hoped that the woman wouldn't be jealous of her doing John. She told Rob that she needed to go to the restroom as soon as they got there so she could take the tampon out th
at she had in her.

"Why wait until then?" Rob said, pulling into his parking spot next to the building. "Just whip it out now. I'd love to watch, honey."

Sissy said, "That's right, you don't mind that kinda stuff do you?" Rob grinned and shook his head, so Sissy spread her legs and fished around for the tampon string. Although the end of it was pretty obvious, she seemed to put more effort into finding it, putting on a little show for her dad. Rob didn't say anything and just watched her play with her hairless cunt, finally getting the string and very sloooooowly pulling the tampon out from between her labia. When it was all the way out, she dangled it between them and said, "Wanna taste, Daddy dearest?"

Rob chuckled and said, "Which one? The tampon or your lovely little cunt that it came out of?"

Sissy grinned and wrapped it in a tissue, putting into the console box. "We'll save that for later for you," she said, a wicked grin on her face.

Rob said, "OK, honey. That's enough. We've gotta play this pretty straight. We can't afford to have everyone in the office thinking you're a kinky slut whore who'll do them all, men and women alike. So hike that skirt down and see if you can even try to remember how an innocent twelve year old should act." He grinned at her.

"Oh, DAD!" Sissy said. "I'll only go after John. And maybe that guy that I liked at the picnic. Oh, and maybe John's secretary. Let's see, who else..." she grinned. Rob just sighed and got out of the car.

Sissy got out and pulled her skirt down so it was presentable, straightened her blouse and demurely held her little purse in front of her. Rob put his hand on her shoulder and they walked toward the building. He held the door open for her and noticed that her sexy sway started to turn into a more clutzy, pre-teen walk, like she wasn't experienced wearing heels. As they approached the elevator, she turned her head to look at Rob and gave him a very knowing smirk. He realized that she fully knew how to play the innocent twelve year old, gum chewing, air head role. They stepped into the elevator, which was empty, and she hugged Rob's arm to her, rubbing it against her breast. She looked up at him and grinned, then let go of his arm as the elevator stopped and the doors opened.

The company occupied two full floors of the building and they were at the top floor. The elevator opened into an elegant reception area. Sissy had been here with Rob before so she knew what it was like and where Rob's office was. At least his old one. As Rob walked to the receptionist, he could hear Sissy's footsteps clunk occasionally. The girl at the desk smiled at him and Sissy. They got to the desk and Rob said, "Gail, you remember my daughter Sissy, don't you? Sissy, this is Gail."

Sissy smiled at her and said, "Hi" and looked around the office.

Gail said, "Of course! Hi Sissy. I think we met at the picnic last year. You and your brother were in the three legged race."

Sissy smiled at her and twirled a strand of her hair, saying, "Yeah, I remember that. We fell down a lot on that one." She giggled like a little school girl.

Rob said, "Is John in? I've got a couple of things I've got to talk to him about. Sissy can wait in my office."

Gail said, "Yeah, he's been on the phone most of the morning. Overseas office had some problems."

Rob nodded and waved at her as they headed down the hall to his office. He didn't look back at Sissy, but he could hear the clunking of her footsteps. He was hoping she wasn't overdoing it.

They had to pass a row of cubicles before getting to Rob's old office, as he hadn't moved to the new one yet, and as he turned to let Sissy go through the door, he looked back and saw several heads that had been looking out but suddenly popped back out of sight as Rob looked. He grinned. Despite her best efforts, Sissy had already made an impression.

Sissy plopped herself down in one of the chairs, her bare snatch fully exposed as the skirt rode up again. Rob grinned as he walked past her to his desk and she demurely crossed her legs to cover up and pulled the skirt down a bit, which actually made her half way presentable. Rob picked up the phone and called John on the intercom.

"Hi, boss. Just got in. Gail said you might be having some problems. Anything I can do?" he said. He listened a bit and then said, "OK. I'll be there in a minute. Oh, I've got Sissy with me today. We're going out later to do some shopping and she wanted to come with me. Hope that's OK. She can just stay here in my office." He grinned and hung up.

"From the sound of his voice, I think John's happy you're here. Let me go in and see what he needs me to do. You can come in later after I see how things are going for him. 'Kay?

Sissy grinned and nodded. She picked up an IT magazine and started leafing through it. Rob knew it would be better if he had some pop culture or gossip mag for her, but he didn't. He headed out and down the hall to John's office.

John smiled and said, "How's the new VP? Ready to tackle some crap overseas?" He paused then said, "Uhhh, where's Sissy? She can come in if she wants. If you don't mind. I haven't seen her in a while."

"Oh, I didn't want to bother you with her. Gail said there were some problems and Sissy'd be just a distraction. You know how kids are. I didn't want to bring her, but I'd just have to go back home and pick her up to take her shopping later, so I made her promise that she'd stay in my office and not get in the way," Rob told him, knowing full well that John would just LOVE to have the little distraction to look at. Especially if she sat down opposite him and spread her legs.

"Not a problem at all, Rob. Glad you brought her. I'd love to see her again. I'll bet she's grown since the picnic. She was... uh, quite cute when I saw her last," John said. "Anyway, the problem isn't that big a deal. I've handled most of it on the phone this morning and since it's evening there, we can't do anything until they get back to work in the morning. In fact, you might want to probably web conference with Jacques and help him with some of the code. You can probably take care of it all right from your office. Just make sure they're handling it right and we can follow up with them and the client as needed."

The two talked about that project and some other things that were in the works, but John seemed a bit distracted during the conversation. Rob knew exactly what it was that was the distraction, as if John could smell Sissy's hot, moist pussy all the way down the hall. So he said he'd head back to his office and send Sissy back to say hello. John brightened considerably at that. As he headed out the door, Rob said, "In fact, if you don't mind, the longer you can keep her here, the less she'll distract me from everything. But just send her back down to my office if she causes you any trouble." He walked out the door with a big grin on his face and stopped at the secretary's desk.

She looked up from her computer and said warmly, "Hi Rob! I missed you this morning. Hope you're not going to be avoiding us now that you can do a lot of work from home."

Rob grinned at her and said, "Don't worry, Holly, I'll come in just to be able to see you. You're looking nice today."

Holly rolled her chair back a ways from her desk so Rob had a good view of the tops of her legs, barely covered by the miniskirt she was wearing. She crossed her legs and said pointedly, "And I'll be glad for you to see me, Rob."

The two had played and flirted back and forth for a long time and Rob had never followed up at all because he hadn't wanted to intrude on John's territory. Or to cheat on Lynn without her permission. Now that he had both Lynn and John's permission, he had no worries about dallying with Holly if she wanted.

Rob leaned over the desk and said, "What I meant was that you look exceptionally delicious today, not just nice." Her face brightened up even more with a smile at that. Rob continued, "But I've got my daughter with me today, so I'm gonna have my hands full. If she wanders down here and gives any of you and trouble, just beat her and send her back to my office." He gave her a wolfish grin.

"Well, that's unfortunate. Oh, not that you have her with you but that you're otherwise occupied. But I'll try to take care of her if she gets down here. How old is she now? I don't think I've seen her since the picnic."

"Yeah, that's what everyone's saying. She apparently made an impression then. Uh, she's twelve right now, going on thirty or forty or whatever," he told her, grinning conspiratorially. "But she did say she wanted to say hi to you when we were driving in. You apparently made an impression on her."

"Well, send her down. I'd love to see her again," Holly told him sincerely.

Rob thought, 'I'll bet you will'. and headed back to his office. Sissy was sitting at his computer when he walked in, looking frustrated.

"What's the problem, sweetie?" Rob asked her.

"Oh, I just wanted to check some friend's Faceweb pages but I couldn't get to them," she told him.

Rob grinned at her. "We've got them locked out of our system, hon. Too much of a security risk." He walked over and put his hand on her shoulder and said, "John just can't wait for you to come say 'hi' to him. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if he walked in here any second." Rob looked at the lights on the phone and said, "Well, he's on the phone right now, but if he wasn't, he'd be here. I swear he got a hard on when I mentioned that you were here. And Holly remembers you and wants to say 'hi' too. And probably more than that if you want to. Just be careful." He grinned at her.

"Oh Daddy, I will. Unless he's a lot bigger than you and Storm, I can take him. And I like it a little hard, like Mommy does. So I'll be alright," Sissy told him sincerely.

"No, honey. I didn't mean it that way. I know you can handle him. I just want you to be careful and not hurt him. He's a lot more fragile than you are," Rob said grinning wickedly at her, only partly kidding.

Sissy hit him in the arm and said, "Oh, Daddy!" and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse, straightened her skirt a bit and then walked out of the office, a big smile on her face. And Rob noticed that the clunky, uncoordinated pre-teen walk was now a very sexy, hip swaying gait that would make hardened men drool. He shook his head and sat down at the desk, wanting so much to be able to see what she did with his boss. He loved the idea of his young daughter being used by other men. Oh well, maybe he could immerse himself with the overseas office problem.

Sissy sashayed down the short hall and up to Holly's desk. The young woman was concentrating on the letter she was typing and didn't notice Sissy until the girl edged over into her field of vision. Startled a bit, Holly looked up and smiled brightly when Sissy said "Hi, Holly". Sissy walked around the desk and Holly stood up to give her a hug.

"Oh, Sissy, you look so good. My God, you've grown up a lot since the picnic. You, uh... look so... uh, hot," Holly managed to get out. Sissy still had her arm around the secretary and she pulled the woman to her.

"You are so sexy, Holly. How do you keep all the guys here from jumping your bones? I'd be on you in a minute," Sissy said to her, holding her tightly.

Holly was a bit taken aback by that and said, "You mean if you were one of the guys? Well, thank you. I do pretty well for myself. But how old are you now?"

Sissy didn't let go of the woman and said, "Old enough. But no, I didn't mean if I was one of the guys. I'd be happy to... well, do whatever you'd want to." Sissy looked the woman in the eye. Holly blushed and was a bit flustered.

"But Sissy, you're so young," Holly managed to get out. She was aroused by the sensuousness that the young girl had but still aware of her young age.

Sissy looked around to make sure they couldn't be seen by anyone and when she was satisfied nobody was looking, Sissy leaned forward and gave Holly a light kiss on the lips. She pulled back and said, "But I know what I want." Then she reverted a little to the pre-teeny and said, "I want to say 'hi' to John. Will you tell him I'm here. And make sure we're not interrupted?" Sissy let go of Holly and stepped around in front of the desk.

A very flustered Holly plopped down in her chair and pressed the intercom announce button. "John, there's a young lady here to see you. I'm sending her in." Sissy grinned at her and turned to John's door, flouncing her ass at the young woman. Turning the doorknob, she smiled back at Holly, then opened the door and entered John's office. Before the door closed, Holly heard John's booming voice say, "Sissy! It's so good to see you!" Then the door closed.

John was standing behind his desk and Sissy ran over to him and threw her arms around him. She said, "Hi, John. I've wanted to see you so badly since the picnic." She rubbed her little titties against his chest and wiggled her hips. John put his arms around her to hug her close to him.

"My, you're such a sexy young lady! I've missed seeing you too, precious," John told her, feeling his cock starting to harden. Her little mounds felt so good against him. He dropped his hands down to her tight little butt and squeezed a bit. Sissy just smiled inwardly and continued to hug herself to him, letting him feel anything he wanted to. Then she wiggled her butt a little bit to let him know that she liked what he was doing and to rub against his hardening cock.

"You certainly feel good, little one. I'm sorry you haven't visited for a while," John told her, feeling at a loss for words and not wanting to let her out of his grasp. He was a bit conflicted as he knew just how underage she was and what could happen to him if he was caught doing anything to this little nymph, but the blood rushing to the little head wasn't letting the big head do much critical thinking.

Still hugging him, Sissy looked up at him and said, "Daddy said I could come visit you and do anything we want to as long as I didn't bother him and let him get his work done. So, whatcha wanna do?"

John was at a loss for words, so Sissy pulled her arms from around him and reached them back to hold his hands that were on her butt. Then she moved his hands down further until they met bare flesh of her upper legs, then pulled them back up to her bare butt under her skirt. John gasped at the touch of bare skin.

"You don't have any...uh, you're not..." John stuttered out.

Sissy pressed his hands against her bare butt cheeks and then lifted her skirt up around her waist. "Nope, I don't. I hope you know what to do about that," she told him matter of factly. John usually did know what to do with adult women, but this time he was a bit frozen in place. Her little bare cheeks felt so delightful in his hands and her little tits pressed against him, and he was speechless, for the first time in memory.

Sissy knew that his chair was right behind him, so she pushed against him a little, forcing him backward until the edge of the seat hit him behind the knees. Sissy wanted to get things going a bit and really wanted to feel his big cock inside her, but he wasn't getting going. She pulled back a little from him, looked into his eyes and said, "Why don't you sit down and let me make you feel good, John? Really good."

John dropped down into the chair and Sissy stood in front of him, holding her skirt up around her waist. John's eyes immediately went to her bare slit in her little Venus mound. Seeing where he was looking, Sissy rubbed a finger though it, then knelt down between his legs. She started to unbutton his pants and pull the zipper down. John grabbed her hands and said, "Sissy, honey, somebody might walk in here and catch us."

Sissy looked up at him with a grin and said, "I asked Holly to not let us be interrupted. Call her and tell her if you want."

John looked at the sexy young girl incredulously. He reached out to hit the intercom button and said, "Holly, make sure we're not interrupted with anything. And hold my calls. I want to talk to Sissy without being bothered."

Holly's amused voice came over the intercom. "Right, Boss. Have as long a conversation as you want."

By this time, Sissy had gotten his zipper down and was trying to work his cock out of his pants, but wasn't having a lot of luck. She looked up at John with exasperation and said, "Would you get that out for me. I really want it."

John could only stare at the sexy young thing kneeling before him. He finally lifted his hips and pulled his pants and shorts down to expose his very nice sized cock. Sissy let out a long "Mmmmmmmmm" and engulfed the head with her mouth. John gasped at the sensation. That and the fact that the mouth belonged to a twelve year old girl. He threw his head back and just sat there letting Sissy give him one of the best blow jobs he'd ever had. His cock was rock hard and he could feel his balls and ass tightening as she worked. Licking the underside of the head, she looked up at him and said, "I hope this feels good. I've wanted to do this since we were at the picnic, but there were too many people around then."

John moaned and nodded his head. Sissy continued to lick and suck on his hard cock, making John moan with pleasure. When he started thrusting his hips at her, she pulled back and looked up at him.

"John, I want to feel you inside me. Will you be gentle with me? I know it might hurt at first, but will you do it to me? Please?" Sissy asked him.

John was in heaven. Getting a blow job from a sexy twelve year old, and now she's asking him to take her virginity. Fuck!

Yes, that's what she was asking him to do to her. Fuck her. Still speechless, he nodded numbly and lifted Sissy up so she stood in front of him. "How do you want to do this, sweety?" he asked her. Sissy grinned inwardly. She looked around the office and saw a good sized couch against the far wall. She took his hand and after he had kicked off his pants and shorts, led him over to it. Sissy pushed him down on the couch and then straddled him. She reached under her to grab his cock and rub the head along her slit. She was so wet, it fairly slid between her lips. She looked down and saw an almost unnoticeable smear of blood on the tip. Sissy grinned to herself. Perfect!

Holding his cock to the entrance to her dripping hole, she lowered herself down until the head was just inside her. Putting on a little play acting, Sissy held there and groaned like it hurt her. Then with John watching her, she put the knuckle of a finger into her mouth as if to stifle the pain and dropped down, impaling herself on his cock. At the same time she quietly screamed in faux pain, biting her knuckle to muffle it.

John was totally taken in by her act and he asked her, very concerned, "I'm sorry, Sissy, did it hurt? Oh, God, I'm sorry!"

Sissy groaned a little like she was in pain, but shook her head and said, "Only a little bit. It's getting better now. It's sorta a good hurt." With that she started raising up and lowering down on John's hard rod. He looked down at where his cock was entering her and saw a little red on it. He couldn't remember when he'd had a virgin, and never a twelve year old one.

Sissy continued to bounce up and down and moan with the pleasure John's cock was giving her. It would bottom out against her cervix and the pleasure/pain was really turning her on. She bounced more and then started grinding her hips against him, making him groan with pleasure. Sissy fingered her clit to bring herself to orgasm as she knew John wasn't going to last very long. As her body stiffened, John's cock started spewing his cum up into her tight, little cunt.

Sissy rocked back and forth, mewling "Oh, Daddy, Daddy, yes, that feels so good. Oh, Daddy, fuck me hard. Oh God I've wanted this for so long, Daddy!" John was sure someone's fist was inside his asshole, squeezing his balls from inside, his orgasm was so strong. He felt spasm after spasm empty his semen into the young girl's hot, tight, no longer virgin cunt. John's face and chest were flushed red and he could hardly breathe. He wondered if he was having a heart attack, but figured if he was, this was certainly the way to go.

Sissy fell forward to lay against his chest and he put his arms around the tight little body, holding her to him. They both rested like that for while, Sissy's little tits pressing against his chest, his softening cock in her pussy and his hands on her bare butt. Their breathing started to return to normal and Sissy tilted her head up to give John a kiss.

"That was wonderful! It was all I hoped it would be. Thank you John," she told him.

John said, "Oh, God, I can't believe it. I hope I didn't hurt you, Sissy. I didn't know you were a virgin. I'm sorry."

Kissing him again, Sissy said, "No, no, John. I wanted that. I wanted you to take me. It felt so good. Now I can make love to you anytime we want. Thank you, thank you, thank you." She kissed him between thank you's.

John was still totally shocked and couldn't believe what had happened. He just held the girl until his soft cock slipped out from her wet cunt. When Sissy felt it slide out between her nether lips, she rolled over and looked down.

"I'm afraid I've made a real mess. I'm sorry, John. Is there something we can clean up with?" Sissy asked him, innocently.

John moved over to let Sissy lay on the couch and he got up. He went to a small alcove behind his desk and got some paper towels and wetted them with water. He walked over to Sissy and knelt down beside her, spreading her legs and using the towels to clean her up. The towels picked up the red from her cunt. It wasn't much but it certainly looked like real virgin blood to John. He went back over and got some more wet towels and cleaned his cum and blood stained cock off. Then putting on his pants, he went over to sit beside Sissy on the couch.

She threw her arms around his neck and said, "Thank you so much, John. I loved that. Please tell me we can do it more!" She buried her face in his neck, grinning.

"Oh, Sissy. You were wonderful. But if anyone found out about this, I'd be in big trouble. It's got to stay a secret between us. OK?" John told her.

With her grinning face still buried in his neck, Sissy said quietly, "Oh, John. It'll be our secret. And I can come and visit and we can do it all the time. I love you so much John."

John pulled her arms from around him and looked at her. "Sissy, honey. You can't love me. I'm too old and you're too young. If anyone found out we did this..."

Sissy knew she had him right where she wanted him. She interrupted him and said, "But John. Nobody needs to know. You can make love to me anytime and it'll be OK. You DO want to make love to me, don't you John?"

Flustered, John said, "Uh, well yes, dear. But I can get in a lot of trouble for this. You can't tell anyone."

Sissy smiled at him and said, "As long as you'll make love to me, I won't tell anyone. Although, Holly might be a little suspicious of our time together. Will she keep quiet? She won't get jealous of me, will she?"

John said, before he actually started thinking, "No, we have an arrangement. I'll keep her happy." Then he realized what he'd said to this pre-teen girl and said, "I mean, she's a very good secretary. She won't say anything to anybody. Uh..."

Sissy almost felt sorry for the powerful executive. She giggled to herself inwardly, trying to keep a straight face outwardly. When she couldn't do it, she buried her face in John's neck again. She said, "Oh, that's wonderful John."

John was starting to get a little of his mind back to functional order and he asked Sissy, "Honey, what's with you calling me Daddy and saying you've wanted that for a long time? Is there something I should know?"

Sissy feigned embarrassment and said, "Oh. I didn't realize I said that. Oh, John, I love my Daddy so much. You just made me feel so good, like I want him to do. I mean, when he holds me and everything. I love him so much."

"Ummm, well, yes. I suppose you do. Sissy, you've got to be very careful. You could get people in trouble doing things like this and saying things. Promise me you'll be more careful," John said.

"Oh, I will, John. And thank you so much, again. That felt so wonderful. Did it feel good for you?" Sissy asked him.

"Damn, girl, it was indescribable. I don't think I've ever cum that hard before," John told her.

Sissy said, "Even with Jan? 'Cuz she's sooooo beautiful. She must be able to make you feel so wonderful, too."

John said, "Uh, yes, she does. She's a wonderful woman. But she has her own needs and desires. But she can make me feel really good. Yes."

"That's good. I like her so much. Can I come and visit you guys sometime?" Sissy asked, seriously wanting to do that, but also wanting to give John a bit of a hard time.

John hemmed and hawed a bit, trying to reach a happy medium between agreeing to have this sexy little pre-teen visit him and his wife and not pissing her off by denying that. Finally, he told her, "I'm sure Jan will be happy to see you, dear. We'll have to arrange a get together for all of us. Your family and Jan and I."

Sissy bounced up and down next to him in childlike glee. "Oh goody! Daddy and Mommy were talking about getting together with the two of you soon. It'll be so much fun!"

John wasn't sure that her definition of fun and his was even close to the same when it came to the two families getting together. John wanted to bang Sissy's mother and watch Rob fuck his wife, Jan. And Jan certainly wanted that too. But he doubted that was what Sissy was referring to. Sissy, on the other hand, knew exactly why they all wanted to "get together", and it was the same as John's. But she wasn't going to let him know that now.

John looked down and noticed Sissy's mini skirt exposed her still red and wet crotch. He took her hands in his and said, "As much as I loved having you here, your father is going to be wondering if you've gotten lost. Or been taken hostage. You'd probably best be getting back to his office so he doesn't worry."

"Oh, he's busy. He won't notice me gone," Sissy said. Then she looked him in the eye and asked, "John, are you trying to get rid of me?"

"No, not at all dear. But I mean, I've got a lot of work to do. Not that I don't enjoy you here. Uh..." John stammered out.

"OK. Well, I'll go talk to Holly." Sissy got up and straightened her mini and pulled it down to cover her bare cunt and ass. She leaned down and gave John a delightful kiss. When she straightened up, she undid two more buttons of her blouse. She looked at John and said, "There. That's much better isn't it?" She bent down to give him a good view of her little cleavage as the blouse fell away from her. John stuttered and Sissy gave him a light kiss. She turned and he watched her sexy ass walk to the door. She turned and blew him a kiss as she opened the door and walked out, closing it behind her.

Holly looked up and smiled a knowing smile. Sissy walked over and around her desk to stand next to her. "Wanna share?" Sissy asked the woman, who looked at her with a questioning look on her face. To Holly's surprise, Sissy took one of Holly's hands and pressed it between her legs against her dripping snatch. When she pulled it away, it was smeared with John's cum and a little of Sissy's blood. Sissy smiled and said, "'Course, it's that time of the month. Hope you don't mind."

Holly was just about as taken aback as John had been by this precocious sex kitten, even though she was as kinky and adventurous as John was. But her mind wasn't as clouded as John's male mind was, so she recovered quickly. She looked around to make sure nobody was looking or could overhear their conversation. She pressed a button, reached into her desk and got a key, then took Sissy's hand and said, "Follow me."

Holly led Sissy down another hall, on the opposite side from her dad's office. Unlocking a door, the two slipped inside. Sissy was impressed by the rather sumptuous furnishings of the large restroom. Holly grinned at the young girl's expression and said, "Executive washroom. We're pretty safe in here." She took both of Sissy's hands, facing her and said, "Now, tell me all about it. What did you two do? As if I can't guess."

Sissy squeezed Holly's hands and said, "I hope you won't be jealous. I've wanted to do John since the picnic. I talked Daddy into bringing me here today. Don't tell him, please?" She gave Holly a pleading look. "Don't tell him I'm 'sexually active'. I like doing it. I let John believe I was a virgin. He thinks it's true. But I wanted to see if you wanted to share his cum." She leaned forward to give the woman a kiss. Holly put her hands behind Sissy's neck and held her while she returned the hot kiss.

"Mmmm, you taste good," Holly said as the two broke apart. "But how did you know... John and I... you know."

"Oh, I've heard a few things. And I saw you guys at the picnic. And before I went into his office, I saw the look on your face and heard your voice over the intercom. I was right, wasn't I?" Sissy asked her.

Holly said, "Yeah, I guess. And your're right about liking girls too." She leaned close to Sissy and said, "Although, I've never had anyone as young as you. And I don't give a damn what time of the month it is." She turned Sissy so her back was against the counter, then lifted her up to sit on it. Spreading Sissy's legs, she bent down and started to lick the young girl's wet snatch. John's cum was still drooling out, only slightly tinged with Sissy menstrual blood.

"Mmmmm, you taste good, girl. That's certainly John's cum. I can recognize it," Holly told Sissy. Then she pushed Sissy back on the counter and pulled her legs up over her shoulders. Then she got down to really working on Sissy's slit. The young girl moaned with delight to let the woman know how much she was enjoying it. Holly took a long lap all the way down along Sissy puckered little asshole and Sissy shivered with pleasure.

"I want yours next, Holly. Even if it doesn't have any cum in it," Sissy told her in between moans of pleasure.

Holly put her thumb on Sissy's little clit and started rubbing it back and forth as she stuck her tongue into the drooling hole. It didn't take long before Sissy was shaking with orgasm. Holly let up and Sissy started to feel the hard counter top pressing against her ass as she came down from her climax.

"Oh, that was nice. I hope you got all of it out," Sissy told her. "Now, let me taste you."

Holly said, "I got most of it. You taste really good. How long have you been fucking?"

Sissy hopped down off the counter and laughed. "Oh a little while. I like older guys mostly. The kids my age are worse than useless. Older guys really know how to get you off."

Holly pulled her thong off and jumped up on the counter, spreading her legs to give Sissy access to her cunt. She said, "So who're the older guys that have done you. Besides John, now?"

"There's a teacher at school that I like. And a few others. I haven't really done that many guys," Sissy said, which was true. Sissy had actually had more dogs, horses and snakes in her than different men. Her father had been her only adult for so many years up until Mr. Sullivan. But it was best that she didn't tell Holly that fact. Sissy pulled Holly's lips apart and started tonguing her clit and slit.

Holly moaned with pleasure. She said between gasps and moans, "I had a teacher that I had a crush on when I was in school, but I never had the chance to do anything with him. I was too shy. Boy, I wish I could go back and do that over again, knowing what I know now! Ooooooooo, that feels good." She put a hand to the back of Sissy's head and pressed the girl into her crotch. Sissy redoubled her oral efforts and soon had Holly breathless.

When Holly was panting, Sissy used a finger to feel around Holly's nether hole. After running the tip of her finger around the hole, Sissy started to push against it. As her finger penetrated Holly's asshole, the woman moaned, "Damn, I'll give you an hour to stop that. Ooooooooo!"

Sissy got the finger in as far as she could and then started wiggling it around while she lapped at the woman's sensitive clit. After a short while, Holly's legs clamped against Sissy head and the woman started shaking. Sissy slowed but didn't stop her actions and brought Holly to a good climax. Keeping her finger all the way in the woman's ass, Sissy let up on the tongue action and looked up at Holly. The woman's face was flushed and she was panting, but started to slow down as she relaxed.

"God, you're good!" Holly told her. "Who taught you to eat pussy so good?"

Wiggling the finger in Holly's ass, Sissy said, "Oh, Mom..." Sissy caught herself, hoping that Holly didn't pick up on that slip. "Uh, Mona, my friend Mona and I have experimented a little."

Of course Holly didn't become a top flight executive secretary in a very successful company because she wasn't sharp and didn't pay attention. Even while her cunt was being eaten out. But she only sighed and asked, "How long have you been doing this?"

Sissy grinned, thankful that her slip hadn't been noticed and said, "Oh, only about as long as I've been fucking guys. I really love being fucked by guys, more than anything. But I like girl stuff too, sometimes. Like now. With you." Sissy slowly pulled her finger out of Holly's ass and held it up between them. Then she put it in her mouth and sucked on it. Holly's eyes widened.

"So you're a dirty, nasty girl too, I see. Someone after my own heart," Holly said.

Sissy squealed with delight and put the finger in Holly's mouth. The woman sucked it and smiled.

"I just LOVE being nasty and dirty," Sissy said. "You don't know how dirty!"

Holly grinned and said, "I'd sure like to find out. Sometime soon. But hey, we'd better be getting back or your dad or John will be missing us. And suspect something's up."

Sissy leaned forward and gave Holly a kiss. She said, "You know, you should fuck my dad. He's a really good guy and I don't think he's had a lot of other women besides my mom. And she's cool. It wouldn't be any problem."

Holly slipped down off the counter and picked up her thong. "Do you think so? To tell you the truth, I've wanted to do something with him for a long time. We've flirted but he's always been the perfect gentleman."

"Yep, that's my dad. Believe me, it'll be OK to do something. He'll like it and it won't be a problem. Trust me," Sissy said. "Unless John is the jealous type."

"Uh, no, I don't think that'll be a problem," Holly said with a faint smile. "John's up for about anything. Well, obviously if he's fucked a twelve year old girl in his own office, while her dad's down the hall. Shit!"

As they left the washroom, Sissy whispered to Holly, "Well, really, I actually did seduce him. He didn't have a lot of say in it. Really. If I set my mind on someone, they don't stand a chance." She looked at Holly and said, "As you've found out."

Holly whispered to Sissy, "God, you're a slut!" Sissy grinned and nodded. Holly smiled and said, "Too bad we haven't had a chance to get together before this."

Sissy said, "Well, we'll have to see if we can make up for that, huh?" She saw Rob walking toward Holly's desk and she said, "Daddy!" and ran to him. She grabbed his arm like an excited, giggly pre-teen girl and said, "I had to pee and Holly showed me the executive washroom. It's nice!" Holly smiled a little guiltily and hoped it wasn't too obvious what the two girls had done in there.

Rob said, "That's nice, sweety. Holly's a very important part of our company." Holly blushed, not just from the praise but from knowing what the two had been doing. Then Rob asked her, "Is John in his office? I need to talk to him."

Holly nodded and hit the intercom. She said Rob wanted to see him and then nodded to Rob to go ahead. Sissy said, "Daddy, I've gotta run and get something from my purse. I'll meet ya back here," and headed toward Rob's office. Holly just grinned at him.

As he headed to the door of John's office, he said, "I hope she's not been too much trouble."

Holly smiled, shook her head and said, "No, not at all. I really enjoyed her." Then she thought, 'If he only knew how much I enjoyed her and how'.

Rob walked into John's office with a grin on his face and said, "I hope my daughter hasn't been too much of an annoyance for you, John. She can be a little minx at times."

Rob had never seen John blush before, but he did now. John said, "No, no. She's a wonderful little child. Please bring her in with you anytime. I enjoyed her."

Trying to hold back a lewd grin, knowing exactly HOW John had enjoyed his daughter, Rob said, "Well, I sent the code updates to Jacques and he'll work with them tomorrow morning. Their morning, not ours. He can get me at home if he needs me and I'll check in with him on the webcam from home. I think everything should be just fine. They're a good group over there."

John sat down at his desk and motioned for Rob to sit down. He said, "Good. Good. I knew you'd be able to take care of it. Say, have you given any more thought to what we discussed the other day. You and Lynn, Jan and I?"

"I talked to Lynn a little about it. It was kinda hard to discuss the subject with her, but she just loves Jan -- and you too -- and she was amenable," Rob said. "You know, we've never done anything like this before. We talked about trying to find a swinger's group, but with the kids and all, we just never got around to it."

"So you don't have a problem with me and Lynn?" John asked.

"If you don't have a problem with Jan and me," Rob laughed.

"No, I don't and Jan would rape you in the parking lot if she thought she could get away with it. She's one twisted cunt. Exhibitionist. She really should have gone into nude modeling," John said. "Don't know why she hasn't."

"Well, we'd better be careful putting the two of them together then, 'cause Lynn's the same way. She'd do it on a stage if she knew it wouldn't hurt the kids," Rob told him.

Right about then, the door opened and Sissy bounded into the room. She bounced over to John and plunked herself down in John's lap and put her arms around his neck. She said to Rob, "Daddy, John's been so nice to me. You know what he did?" Both men looked at each other. John was almost shitting his pants and Rob was trying to hold back his laughter at John's almost lack of bowel control.

Sissy continued, "He gave me the nicest compliment. He said I was very mature. Whaddaya think of that?" She winked at her dad so that John didn't see it.

Rob said, "That's very nice, dear. But you should get off John's lap. It's not proper to act like that."

Sissy started to get a pouty look, but John immediately jumped in and said, "No, no, Rob. She's just fine. I just love having a young one around here. It livens the office up."

"Yeah, Daddy. John said I can come and visit here anytime. Didn't ya, John?" Sissy said, wiggling her butt on his growing hard on that she could feel under her. John flushed and Rob just grinned, knowing exactly how John felt and what his little minx was doing to him. It was nice to see her doing it to someone else for a change. She certainly had the innocent little girl act and voice down to a 'T'.

Rob said, "Well, I've got to go talk to some of the team. And I wanted to discuss some things with my new replacement."

Sissy piped up and said, "I'll stay here with John, Daddy."

Rob said, "No you won't, young lady. John doesn't need you distracting him from business. Now go see if Holly might take you with her when she goes to lunch. And try not to pry any of our trade secrets out of her while you're with her." He grinned.

John was going to protest, but Sissy said in a pouty tone, "Oh, alright, Daddy." She turned and gave John a peck on the cheek and whispered in his ear, "I want you in me again. When we get back. OK?" She looked at him expectantly. John looked at Rob then back at her and nodded.

Rob looked at her and said, "Now, git, young lady. John has a business to run." He smiled apologetically to John, who could only blush. He didn't dare to stand up as Rob and Sissy left because of the tent in the front of his pants. He couldn't believe the little slut. Right in front of her own father!

Sissy was standing by Holly's desk as Rob walked over to them. "Holly, could you take Sissy with you when you go to lunch? If it isn't too much trouble and you wouldn't mind?"

Holly smiled and said, "Sure. Why don't you come with us?"

Rob said, "I've got some things I have to go over with the team and the new manager. You won't mind taking her, will you?"

"No, we'll have a nice girl talk over a late lunch. Never know what we'll come up with. Maybe we'll talk about you," Holly said, grinning at him.

"Uh oh," thought Rob. "This can't be good. Or can it?" He'd wanted to get into Holly for a while, but never felt quite safe doing it. He'd always tried to keep work separate from play. But Holly had certainly let him know she was amenable many times.

"OK, well you two girls have a good time. I'll be here when you get back, then we can go do that shopping we need to get done," Rob told them. He gave Sissy a fatherly peck on the cheek and quickly whispered in her ear, "Be careful."

She smiled at him and nodded. She skipped back to his office to get her purse, then joined Holly at the elevator. Rob watched heads pop out of the cubicles as the two girls walked by. He grinned. Holly had that effect and it was just doubled with his sexy daughter next to her. Rob cleared his throat and the prairie dogs snapped back into their burrows.

Rob walked into his office and gathered some materials, then headed to his replacement's office. Holly and Sissy giggled and laughed together during the elevator ride and through the building lobby. They were aware of men's heads and gazes following them but they didn't pay any attention. They talked and laughed as they got into Holly's little sports car.

Sissy said, "Nice!"

Holly said, "I like it. It's fun. And the guys always look at it."

Sissy said, "Uh, I don't think it's the car the guys are interested in, Holly."

Holly's laughter tinkled above the sound of the wind. She said, "No I suppose not. I really like them looking at me, too."

Sissy squealed and said, "Oh, me too. I wish I could walk around naked and fuck everyone in public. I just LOVE being watched."

"So you wouldn't have minded if I had come in with you and John earlier?" Holly asked.

"No! I'd love to double team him. Do you think he could take it?" Sissy said, laughing.

"I don't know," Holly said. "It'll be fun finding out, won't it?"

The two giggled and laughed and chatted through lunch and the trip back to the office. By the time they got back they were fast friends and had plotted the corruption of several males, including Rob, and some females. Sissy wanted to get Holly together with Karen. The three of them would really have some fun.

Holly had also confirmed to Sissy Rob's suspicion that John was banging her. Not all the time and not often enough, according to Holly, but they did go at it. She also said that Jan knew all about it, too. Holly wasn't under any delusions about marrying John and having his children. She just enjoyed the sex and the perks it got her and had no desire to change anything, other than possibly widening her field of sexual activities. Sissy couldn't let her know yet, but her field was about to get enlarged. Sissy came away from their lunch with the impression of Holly as a truly nice young woman who loved sex and didn't seem to have any hangups, just enjoying life. On top of all that, Rob had said that Holly was an extraordinarily competent executive secretary and could probably almost run the company herself, if it came down to that.

Sissy also made a point of letting Holly know again that it was completely OK for her to get a little with Rob. And that Lynn, like Jan, would not be a problem. Holly was interested in how Sissy would know all that, but Sissy knew she couldn't give a lot of secrets away, so she did her best to avoid those questions.

When they got back to the office, the two got off the elevator giggling like school girls and approached the reception desk where Gail was sitting. Holly asked where Rob and John were and she was told they were both in their offices, as far as she knew. Gail had a smile on her face and asked what was so funny to the two, but Holly just brushed it off with a "We were just having fun" comment.

Gail made a remark about how Sissy seemed more "grown up" than when she first got there. Sissy giggled, looked at Holly and then said to Gail in a conspiratorial tone, "Oh, I didn't want to get the guys too excited at first."

Gail said, "You mean not like at the picnic? Honey, I don't think that worked. I overheard some comments by some of them." She leaned forward to whisper to Holly and Sissy both, "And there's a couple that I'd LOVE to get excited." Holly and Gail nodded and giggled and Holly turned to look over the sea of cubicles. She chuckled as she saw quite a few heads that had popped up when they came in suddenly retract back down behind the dividers when she looked at them. She knew there was a horny bunch of guys here. After all, Holly had banged several of them from time to time. And as an exhibitionist, she loved being the center of their attention. Or lust!

Holly pulled Sissy close to her and whispered in her ear, "So it's OK with you if I make a play for your dad? I mean, to get him to fuck me?"

Sissy nodded vigorously to her, grinning. Sissy knew she couldn't let the woman know too much about their family sex life and that Sissy would love to be there with her and even join in, so she said, "What do you have in mind?"

Holly smiled and looked around to make sure nobody was looking, then reached down and slipped her thong down her legs and stepped out of it. Putting it in her purse, she put a finger to her lips to warn Gail to be quiet, then took Sissy's hand and started down the corridor. Holly whispered, "If you want to go keep John distracted, I want to tempt your dad. That is, if you don't mind?"

Sissy grinned and said, "Nope. I don't mind distracting John at all."

Holly playfully slapped Sissy's arm and said, "That's not what I meant."

Sissy laughed and whispered, "I know."

They got to Rob's office door, which was open, and they stepped inside his office. Sissy said, "Hi, Daddy!" as Rob looked up and then, "I'm going to visit John for a minute." She turned to Holly and leaned forward to give the woman a kiss on the lips, which Holly wasn't expecting but didn't object to at all. Sissy looked at Rob with a smirk and turned to walk out the door, closing it behind her.

Rob had long since ceased to be surprised at what either his pre-teen daughter or his wife did sexually, and in public, so he just looked at Holly with a knowing grin. Holly put her hands on the front of Rob's desk and leaned down, giving him a great view of her cleavage. Since she quite often wore half cup bras, Rob had quite a pleasant view. "Sweet kid," Holly said to him, and Rob nodded.

Then Holly walked around his desk and pushed his chair with him in it back away from the desk and sat down on his lap. She put her arms around his neck and gave him a very nice, passionate kiss. When she pulled back, he said, "Mmmm, tastes good. But what was that for? Just passing Sissy's kiss on to me for her?" He had a big smile on his face and Holly was a little disappointed that he wasn't taken by complete surprise.

"Nope. I've just wanted to do that for a long time," Holly said. "She said that maybe you wouldn't mind."

"Not at all," Rob said, "but what's gotten into you all of a sudden?"

Holly grabbed his hand and pushed it under her short skirt, spreading her legs so he could feel her bare, moist slit. She said, "It's what I want to get into me. And you know what that is, I think." She reached down to rub Rob's hard cock through his pants.

"Uh, I thought John was taking care of all of that," Rob said, and realizing that he wasn't supposed to know that as soon as it was out of his mouth.

Holly just smiled at him and said, "Doesn't mean I don't get a little variety in life, you know. So whatta ya say? Here or the wash room?" She wiggled a little so her hand could find his zipper and tried to start working it down.

This was going a bit too fast for Rob. He'd tried to maintain as much of a professional relationship as possible, especially with Holly. She'd been so attractive and flirty to him and he'd tried to keep it very friendly but professional, so it wouldn't create problems. Now she was literally throwing herself at him. And ON him.

Rob said, "Holly, I don't think we should. This is our workplace. I don't want to screw that up."

Holly said, "Look Rob, I don't mind. John doesn't mind. I'm not suggesting a long term relationship. I just want to feel you in me and enjoy it. Do you have so much work piled up that we can't take a few minutes to enjoy ourselves? Consider it an afternoon break time. Just the two of us." She kissed him hard again.

When she pulled back, Rob took a deep breath and said, "Well, since you put it THAT way. I've always fantasized about taking you bent over my desk." He paused, then said, "But, Holly, Sissy could come back in here at any time. It wouldn't be right."

Holly chuckled and said, "I have a feeling that she'll have John tied up for some time." Rob tried to look surprised, or something that would pass for it. Just how much had Sissy told Holly he wondered, as she stood up and bent over his desk. "Like this?" she asked, hiking her skirt up to her waist and baring her gorgeous ass to him. Rob decided that he wasn't going to get out of this one, and really didn't know if he wanted to. He stood up and unbuckled his belt and pants and let them drop. Then he pulled his shorts down, freeing his erection.

He put his hands on her smooth cheeks and caressed them. He said, "You know, I'd really like to do this in a lot more pleasant surroundings and with more time."

Holly was looking back at him over her shoulder and said, "I know. But right now, I just want you to fuck me. We'll do the nice surroundings later on. So just put it in me." She reached out a hand and touched a button on the intercom and said, "Gail, Rob's going to be busy for a while. Make sure he isn't interrupted." She didn't wait for an answer and clicked the intercom off.

Rob chuckled at that and rubbed his cock up and down through her wet slit to get it lubricated and then started to slide it into her hole. She was nicely slick and his cock slipped right in to her. Holly groaned as it went in and rested her head on her arms on his desk. "Fuck me, Rob. Please," came her muffled words urging him on.

As Rob stroked into her, he said, "Can I ask what suddenly brought... uhhhhng... uh, this on?"

His hard strokes into her were making her rock back and forth on the desk and between gasps of breath and moans of pleasure, Holly said, "I've just wanted you for a while. And.. unnnnng... your daughter thought... ahhhhhhh... that you could use your...oooohhhhh... ashes hauled. That's all. Nnnnnnggg. God that feels so good. Harder, Rob!"

Rob again wondered just how much Sissy had let on, but at this point, Holly's warm, moist cunt on his thrusting cock was taking most all of his attention, so he just put his hands on her hips and enjoyed stroking into her. After a while, he heard Holly's breath rasping and ragged and figured that she was pretty close. Rob felt that he could cum anytime soon, too, so he bent down and reached around her with one hand to find her clit. As soon as he started flicking it with his finger, Holly started moaning around the back of her hand she was holding against her mouth to muffle her sounds. Rob felt that he couldn't hold back any longer and pushed hard into her, frigging her clit vigorously as he started spurting his cum up into her. Holly gave out a little scream, mostly muffled by her hand and her body shook. Rob thrust five or six times into her with each spurt of his cum, emptying everything he had into the lovely, hot cunt. He could feel her cunt muscles spasm a bit with her climax.

Holding tight into her for a while, Rob finally pulled her back with him until he could plop down in his chair. Holly laid back against his chest with her head next to his. When her breathing slowed down a little, she turned her head and gave Rob a light kiss on his cheek. "Thanks, Rob," she said in a whisper.

Rob turned his head and gave her a kiss on the lips. "Hope that felt as good for you as it did for me," he said. She nodded her head and smiled. They sat there for a while, Rob worrying that someone would come in and discover them there. But Holly did feel so nice in his arms. Now he sort of knew how Lynn felt when she'd taken on the real estate guy. Well, maybe.

As Rob's cock started to slip out of her, Holly sat up and grabbed a few tissues from the box next to Rob's chair. As his cock slipped out, she wadded the tissues into her crack to keep the cum from draining out and down her legs. Then she knelt down between his legs and took his slimy member in her mouth and licked it pretty clean. She looked up at him while she was doing it and smiled around his cock. Rob almost felt himself starting to get hard again, but Holly let it slip from her mouth and she stood up, pulling her mini down to cover herself and make her a bit more presentable. She bent over at the waist and gave Rob another kiss.

"Thank you. That was nice. We've got to do this more often," she said to him. Rob just smiled at her, not denying it at all. "Well, I'd better get back to my desk. I'll send Sissy back here when she's done with John." She had a cryptic smile on her face. "He said he enjoyed her visit this morning and I'm sure she's keeping him entertained." She tried to straighten her hair, blouse and skirt before she opened the door and went back to her desk.

As Rob pulled his shorts and pants up and fastened them, he decided that he had best just leave Sissy alone, as he wasn't supposed to know what she was doing with John. So Rob tried to get back to work on his computer, but he really couldn't even force his attention to the monitor. Finally he picked up some pages of printouts of code and started to look through them, although all he succeeded in doing was looking busy if anyone should come in. His mind was actually on what Sissy was doing with John and what he just did with Holly.

As for Holly, she made a quick trip to the washroom and threw the wad of tissue away and cleaned her snatch. She considered taking her thong out of her purse and putting it back on, then thought better of it and went back to her desk commando.

Over the next half hour, Holly thought she could hear some moans and exclamations of pleasure, and the creaking of furniture occasionally. She wanted so badly to go in and watch John fuck Rob's twelve year old daughter, but she knew she couldn't right now. Besides, Rob's quick fuck had taken most of the edge off her arousal and she felt satisfied enough that she actually got a little bit of work done before Sissy slipped out of John's office with a big grin on her face. Her mini was riding up rather high and almost didn't cover her private bits, but holly did notice some sperm trails starting down her leg.

Sissy ran over and took Holly's hand and said, "C'mon" and led her to the washroom. Holly unlocked it and they slipped inside. Holly locked the door from the inside and turned to Sissy. "Well?" she asked, excited.

"Gawd, John's good! He filled me up again. We did it all over his office. Want a taste again? But I gotta tell you, it's not in the same hole as before." Sissy grinned at Holly.

"Hell, I don't care. Bend over that counter and let me have it," she ordered Sissy, who immediately complied, flipping her skirt up over her hips and spreading her cheeks. Holly got down and started licking the cum from the top of Sissy's legs, then tongued her no longer little asshole, where the cum was leaking from.

"You like that?" Sissy asked the woman.

Holly continued to work her tongue as far into Sissy's stretched hole as she could, then pulled back and said, "Honey, I love just about anything having to do with sex. And you're such a cute little slut. How could I resist?"

Holly licked and sucked as much of John's cum as she could get, then they heard someone trying to get in the door. Holly jumped up and Sissy pulled her skirt down. Holly motioned for her to go into one of the stalls, which she did quickly. Holly grabbed a towel and went to the door, unlocked it and opened it. She rubbed her hands with the towel as if she'd just washed and smiled at John who had just started to turn away.

"Sorry, Boss, I didn't realize that I'd locked the door. It's all yours." She reached up and touched his cheek, then walked to her desk. John watched her ass sway as she walked away from him. He never quit enjoying that sight.

John walked into the washroom and headed to the stall, unaware that Sissy was in it. He pushed the door open and gasped when he saw Sissy sitting on the toilet. She smiled up at him.

"Uh, I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone was in here. I'll go... uh, later," John said, his face flushed with embarrassment.

Sissy reached out and grabbed his hand and said, "No, John. Don't go. It's OK." She looked at him with a grin and said, "If you need to go, there's plenty of room here," and she spread her legs apart, giving him full view of her hairless slit and her delightful little pre-teen mound. He couldn't leave because she was holding his hand and wouldn't let go. He let himself be pulled into the stall to stand in front of the lewd pre-teen. She smiled and undid his pants and pulled the zipper down, then pulled his cock out. Holding the front of her skirt up out of the way, she aimed his cock at the opening between the front of the seat and her exposed slit.

John and Jan had played all sorts of games and he was no stranger to water sports, but this was the twelve year old daughter of his best employee and trusted friend. Plus the stimulation of her hand on his cock had started to get him hard, making it even more difficult to get a stream going.

Sissy said, "It's OK, John. After all, you just fucked my ass and filled it with your cum, which is still leaking out of me. You can do this. I want it."

John shook his head and said quietly, "I can't fucking believe you." He leaned down and gave Sissy a kiss then straightened up again and concentrated on relaxing all his muscles and getting a flow started. He finally got a spurt or two to come out, squirting on the floor and then onto Sissy's skirt. She giggled and tried to aim his cock, and when he got a stream going, she guided it into the toilet. Then she moved her aim up and directed his hot yellow stream over her bare cunt. Groaning with pleasure, Sissy reached down her other hand to rub her slit, directing John's stream of piss over her pubic area, cunt and hand. She made some little moaning sounds as she did this and she could feel John's cock hardening, making his stream a little stronger.

Finally, the combination of his erection and most of his bladder being emptied caused John's stream to dribble to a stop. Sissy continued to rub her clit with her pee soaked hand and leaned forward to take John's cock into her mouth. Sissy looked up at him with a happy expression and licked his cock clean, making sure she got the last drops. The man could only stand there with his mouth hanging open. An adult woman doing this he could understand, but this was a twelve year old girl. Damn!

Sissy let his cock slide out of her mouth and looked up at him with a totally innocent expression and said, "I hope you liked that. Now I've got to get cleaned up." Then she gave him her best little girl smile and said, "Or would you like to do the honors?"

After hesitating only a short while, John reached down and picked Sissy up with his hands under her shoulders and carried her to the counter, sitting her down on it. She spread her legs, almost instinctively and he pulled her ass to the edge, then knelt down and started licking her cunt. Sissy put both hands on his head and almost purred with delight as he worked on her slit. She shivered every time his tongue lapped over her little clit. Finally John pulled back and looked up at her. Sissy bent forward and down and gave him a kiss.

"You won't tell my daddy, will you John?" she asked in her innocent little school girl voice that she knew melted men's hearts.

John looked at her with a grin and said, "You mean that his twelve year old daughter is a pee slurping, three hole slut? No, I won't tell him."

"Good, because I want you to use any of those holes and give me more pee and cum anytime you want, Big John," Sissy said, smiling at him.

He handed her a towel and smiled. "Oh, sweetheart, I intend to do that as much as possible." He put his cock back in his pants and zipped up. "Can you finish up OK?" he asked her. She nodded and he said, "I'm going to go back to my office and try to get some work done. I don't think I'll be very successful, but I've gotta try." He smiled and touched her cheek lightly with his hand. Sissy reached up and pressed her hand to his and then blew him a kiss.

He left and as he passed Holly's desk, she smirked at him and said, "Hope everything came out OK, Boss."

John realized that Holly must know what he'd done today with Sissy and was OK with it. Hell, how could she not know. She knew everything that went on in the whole company! He just smiled back at her and went to his office.

Holly wanted to jump up and run to the washroom, but Sissy came out before she could do that. The girl had a big smile on her face. When she got to Holly's desk, Holly said, "Tell me!"

Sissy related what had happened after Holly had left the washroom and John had come in. Holly said, "We've never done any pee stuff. I'm gonna have to try that with him next time. Mmmmm, sounds like fun!" Sissy giggled and nodded.

"And Dad might like it, too," she told the woman.

Holly looked at her with a question on her face and said, "Uh, how would you know that?"

Sissy realized that she might have revealed too much. Thinking quickly, she said, "The walls are thin. And Mom and Dad aren't 'zactly quiet about everything. Kids hear things, ya know. Didn't you hear your parents doing it?"

Holly laughed and took Sissy hands and said, "Yes!" and they giggled conspiratorially.

Sissy said, "So, how did you and Dad do?"

Holly leaned close and said, "He took me bent over his desk. I've dreamed about someone doing that to me!" The two giggled again. "In fact, if you'd been a little quicker with John, I could have let you taste a little bit, like you did for me this morning." Then Holly realized whose cum it was and said, "Ooops. Sorry. That was your dad's. I shouldn't have said that."

Sissy said, "Hey, cum's cum. I'll take it any way I can get it. I don't care who's it is as long as you let me lick it out of your sweet cunt, cunt!" They both broke into a giggling fit. The two had become quite close friends in just a few hours.

Sissy stood up and looked out over the sea of cubicles. Their giggling had caused a whole bunch of heads to pop up and like before, when she looked at them, they quickly popped back down out of sight again. Sissy had to stifle her laughter.

"Hey, which one of the guys here is the best stud and the one that can keep his mouth shut?" Sissy asked Holly.

After thinking a bit, Holly said, "You know, Bryce Martin, down on the floor below is a good guy. A bit of a programming nerd, but a good guy. We've done it a couple of times. He's single, cute and keeps his mouth shut. Doesn't spread any gossip. Why?"

"Not that John didn't take care of my itch, but I was thinking of just setting something up for the future. He wouldn't be put off by my age would he?" Sissy asked.

"Hmmm, might be. But he's been a good horn dog. He wasn't at the picnic I don't think, so he may not even know who you are. What are you thinking of doing?" Holly asked her.

"Mmmm, I just have the itch to have someone look at me. You know, expose myself. I really like it and don't get much opportunity," Sissy told her.

"Well, Bryce would be a good one. He'll enjoy it. A LOT!" Holly told her. "Let's see, he's..." she pulled up a chart on her computer. "He's in cubicle 317. Just take the elevator down, then turn right getting out of it and..."

Sissy interrupted her, saying, "Why don't you come and show me. Did you cover up, yet?" In answer, Holly smiled and spread her legs, showing her shaved slit. "Great, c'mon with me, then. You know the guy already."

Holly chuckled at the thought and hit a couple of buttons on her keyboard, letting Gail know she'd be away from her desk again. Then she took Sissy's hand and said, "C'mon, let's take the back stairs. It's more private," and led Sissy to a stairway just past the washroom. As they went down the stairs, Holly told Sissy that Bryce had a chair across the cubicle from his desk that she could sit in to flash him. "I've done it a couple of times," Holly told her, grinning. "He likes it."

They walked through the cubicles, heads again popping up to watch them. Holly led Sissy to Bryce's cubicle and stood in the opening to it. A very nice looking, young guy looked up at her and smiled broadly, then looked past her to Sissy.

"Bryce, this is Sissy. She's here visiting John and I thought you'd like to meet her," Holly told him. She moved aside so Sissy could step into the cubicle and shake his hand.

"Hi," Sissy said, pretending to be shy, looking down at the floor, but watching the guy out of the corner of her eye. Holly motioned at the chair she'd mentioned and Sissy sat down as Bryce sat back down in his. Sissy kept her legs together for the time being.

Holly said, "Sissy wanted to know what the company does, so I thought you could tell her a little bit. I've got to get back to my desk. That OK?" she asked. Bryce nodded. Holly looked around, then bent down to put her hand on his thigh and as she gave him a quick peck on the lips, moved her hand up to rub his cock through his pants. "Thanks. You'll like her." Then she turned and headed back to the stairs.

"So, you're visiting John? Relative?" Bryce asked her, trying to make conversation.

Sissy shook her head and spread her legs a little bit, exposing some of her slit. "Just a friend. So what do you do here, Bryce?" She saw him look down and his eyes widen a bit. So she spread her legs further apart to give him a good beaver shot. Her hand was resting on her thigh and she innocently moved it, "accidentally" lifting her skirt up to give him a better view.

Bryce gulped a little and couldn't take his eyes off her crotch. "I'm a... uh, well, I... uh, do programming stuff," he stammered out. Sissy leaned back in the chair and Bryce had yet to raise his eyes to hers.

Sissy said, "Oh, that's exciting. So you make the computers do all the neat things, like play videos and music and stuff like that?"

Bryce finally tore his eyes from her exposed, hairless crotch and looked up at her face. She gave him a big smile. He said, "Uh, no, we pretty much do... uh, sorta make security... uh, programs that... ummm, companies use to keep their... uh, data safe. Things like that."

Sissy noticed a face above one of the cubicle sides looking down at her. He didn't have a view of her exposed crotch and Sissy looked up at him with a smile and said, "Do you mind? This is a private conversation." The guy mumbled something that sounded like "sorry" and disappeared back down into his own space. Sissy looked at Bryce and smiled at him. Then she raised one foot up to hook her heel on the edge of the chair, fully exposing her open cunt to his view. She adjusted her skirt to make sure nothing was hidden from him, then said, "So you do really important stuff then, huh?"

Bryce again couldn't take his eyes off her exposed crotch and tried to stammer out an answer. Something about high security but what he did was pretty boring, really. Sissy spread her legs a little more and then reached down with one hand and started fingering her slit, right in front of him. She ran her finger along her labia, then pushed it a little inside her hole. She said, "I hope you don't mind my asking questions, Bryce. I don't know much about computers. All I can do is get on faceweb and send text messages and emails. Oh, and I love watching videos online. Do you?"

The poor guy was hardly listening to a word she was saying. He watched her finger her hole without even trying to answer her. Sissy was hotter than a two dollar pistol and she worked her finger all the way into her hole and rubbed it around, further exciting her, especially since he was watching her every move. She grinned to herself and stood up from the chair, moving over to bend down in front of Bryce. She rubbed her juicy finger along his upper lip and then stuck it in his mouth, saying "You DO like to watch videos, don't you Bryce?" He nodded with her finger in his mouth, looking at her.

Sissy whispered to him, making sure nobody could hear, "If you want to show me where the washroom is, you can taste it first hand if you'd like. Holly said you were a good guy and might like that."

As Sissy pulled her finger out of his mouth, Bryce now had a full view right down her blouse, exposing both of her little titty mounds and the hard nipples on them. He gulped for breath and nodded, but didn't move from the chair. Sissy finally had to take his hand and pull him up to a standing position. She said, "Now, where's that washroom?" to try to get him moving.

Finally he led her out and down the corridor until they came to two doors, one marked "Men", the other "Women". Sissy figured that there were very few women on the floor so it would be safest to use the women's. Before pulling him in with her, she turned around and looked pointedly at the sea of faces that were peering over the cubicles. As soon as she looked at them, most of them disappeared back down below. The few that didn't, Sissy just stared at, until one by one, they dropped down. As soon as the last head was out of sight, Sissy pulled Bryce quickly into the women's room.

In normal situations, like with Holly, Bryce was probably a coherent and competent individual, but because of Sissy's age coupled with her outrageously aggressive behavior with him, a total stranger, he was actually dumbstruck. Sissy pulled him over to the counter and turned to wrap her arms around him and give him a big kiss. He was so surprised that he didn't even kiss back, his arms hanging at his sides.

Sissy was aroused, but starting to get a little impatient with him. She broke the kiss and said, "Bryce, dear, Holly said you were good and that you might like to taste me. I know I'd like your tongue in my cunt right now. So would you please eat me. NOW!" She hopped up on the counter, still holding his hand and spread her legs wide. Pulling him to her, she put her hand on the back of his neck and gently directed him down to her now sopping cunt.

He finally knelt down and started to put his tongue to her snatch. Then he pulled away suddenly and asked, "How old are you, anyway. I don't want to get in any trouble."

Sissy felt a little sorry for him. She said gently, "Lover, I'm old enough to have your tongue in me. And old enough for you to fuck me if you want to. Please, just get me off. Holly said it would be OK." She pulled his head to get his mouth back to her cunt. He didn't resist.

Bryce couldn't believe what was happening to him. First this young girl exposing herself to him, then fingering her cunt in front of him and letting him taste it. Now she wanted him to suck her cunt and even fuck her. Jeeezus! He would have tried to remind himself to buy a lottery ticket on the way home from work, if he could have concentrated on any other thought than licking the lovely, hairless pre-teen snatch in front of him. He rather enjoyed orally pleasing a woman and enjoyed doing it with Holly before they had fucked, one of the reasons she had chosen him when Sissy asked. But this young thing's age just weighed on him. Not that he didn't find her sexy and arousing, and not that she didn't taste wonderful. And certainly not that he wasn't as hard as a parking meter post. Visions of him being led off to jail in handcuffs flitted across him mind, but he was so turned on he just disregarded all that and applied his tongue to Sissy's hole. She moaned with excitement and pleasure.

For what seemed like an hour to Bryce and mere seconds to Sissy, he worked to make her feel good. He did admit that she tasted great. When he pinched her little clit between his lips and flicked the tip of his tongue over the tip of it, Sissy's legs spasmed and trapped his head. She shook and moaned delightfully with an orgasm.

After she could breath again, Sissy grabbed Bryce's ears and pulled him up to give him a kiss. Her own juices tasted good on his lips. Then she pushed him back and hopped off the counter. Taking his hand, she led him into one of the stalls and shut the door. Sitting on the toilet, Sissy pulled Bryce to her and unbuckled his pants and pulled them down, along with his shorts. His stiff rod stood out and Sissy took the whole thing into her mouth. Bryce wasn't quite as big as her dad, so she knew she could deep throat him without a problem.

Bryce put his arms out and pushed against the walls of the stall while Sissy set to work, giving him the blowjob of his life. She circled her thumb and forefinger around the base of his cock, with her palm pressed against his pubic bone and exerted pressure. Then she licked all along the base of his cock, ending with taking him fully in her mouth. She swirled her tongue under the head at that little V where it was so sensitive for males. She knew how much her daddy liked that.

Bryce had been turned on since she had flashed him in the cubicle and eating her out just had made him harder. Now, her expert mouth work was just too much to resist and he felt his cum starting to shoot up his urethra. "Oh, God, I'm cumming!" he warned her, and Sissy just increased the pressure of her hand and let his cock hit the back of her throat. Then she felt his cum spurting down her throat and she swallowed quickly, thoroughly enjoying the man's ejaculation. Sissy just loved the taste of cum and had since she was a toddler.

After Bryce finished spurting into Sissy's mouth, she pulled her head back and licked her lips. "Mmmm, that tasted good, Bryce," she said. Then she licked the underside of his cock very gently and as his hard on continued to wilt, she reached down to pull his pants up for him. Bryce wasn't too steady on his shaking legs right now and he might have fallen over if he tried to bend down and get his pants. So Sissy got them up for him and he absentmindedly fastened them and zipped up. Sissy pushed him back aways so she could stand up and then gave him a tender kiss.

"That was so nice. Bryce. Thank you so much. You've been so good to me. I'll have tell Daddy that you've been so nice." Sissy grinned at his shocked expression. "Don't worry, silly. Not this part." She reached around him and unlocked the stall door and pulled it open.

After they stepped out of the stall, Sissy was in her full on pre-teeny mode, playing the total innocent. She chattered to him about it being fun to be out of school this week, but that she had to go back next week. And that maybe she could stop by after school sometime and they could do it again. Just before they walked out the door, Bryce finally got his voice back and asked, "How... uh, I mean, what... uh, school are you in? I mean, what grade. Uh, how old are you? Who's your dad?"

Sissy got up on her tip toes to kiss Bryce on the cheek and said brightly, "I go to middle school. Seventh grade. I'm twelve, but I'll be thirteen pretty soon!" She almost broke out laughing when she saw his eyes get as wide as saucers. "My daddy works upstairs. He's a vice of something or other." She opened the door and looked out to make sure nobody was looking. She turned to the befuddled guy and said, "Just wait a minute after I leave so no one sees us go out together. OK?" Then she slipped out the door. Bryce just stood there, dumbfounded. He would have wet his pants if his sphincters weren't so frozen shut tight.

Sissy spied the stairs that they'd come down and she headed toward them. As she rounded the corner of cubicles, a few heads popped out of the openings to watch her wiggle her little, sexy butt down the corridor, giving Bryce good cover as he came out of the washroom. When she got to the stairway, Sissy turned to the numerous heads that were hanging out of or above the cubicle partitions and blew them a kiss. Then she ran up the stairs, giggling.

Sissy burst through the door and headed right to Holly's desk. The woman had earbuds in and was typing on the computer. Sissy ran up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder, giggling. Holly turned and pulled the earbuds out and said, "Well, did you flash him? What did he do?"

Sissy related her adventure and how poor Bryce was just about struck mute. Holly was laughing until Sissy told her about telling him her age and who her dad was. Holly put her hand over her mouth and gasped. "Oh, the poor guy!" she exclaimed. "I'd better call him and tell him everything's OK. He's gonna die!"

Sissy said, "No, don't. I'm gonna have Dad do it. Don't call him until after we leave."

Holly chuckled a little and said, "Oh, the poor guy! I'm gonna have to take him home and give him some lovin'. He's gonna be a total wreck. You're a little slut. Damn!" They laughed together. Then the door to John's office opened and he came out. His eyes got wide as he saw the two females talking together.

Sissy ran over to him, squealing "John!" and grabbed his arm, hugging it to her against her little breast. John's face reddened and Holly smirked at him again. Sissy got up on tip toes to give him a kiss on the cheek, which just increased his flush. Then she said, "Holly has been so good to me. She's helped me a lot. I hope I can visit again." Sissy smiled at Holly, then looked up at John with her butter-would-melt-in-her-mouth, innocent look as she rubbed his arm against her little tit mound.

"Uh, any time, precious," John said to her. To Holly, he said, "And uh, thank you for helping her?" It was a question rather than a statement and Holly grinned at him.

Sissy said, "I'm gonna go see what Daddy's doing. Bye, John. Love you!" and she skipped off down the corridor to Rob's office. John just watched her little tight bubble butt, barely covered by the mini she had on. Holly just laughed.

"She's got you wrapped around her little finger, Boss. Or should that be her little thing wrapped around your big thing?" Holly said, a wicked grin on her face.

"Uh, you know?" John asked quietly?

Holly crooked her finger at him to have him come closer to her. She whispered, "Yeah, I know. Who do you think sucked your cum out of her holes both times? And loved it?"

John was taken by surprise. He said, "And you don't mind? I mean, I know we're not exclusive by any stretch. But you're OK with it. Even her age?"

"Boss, like Rob said, she's twelve going on thirty. I've got the feeling that she's gonna take you, eat you up and spit you out. But it'll sure be fun to watch!" Holly told him.

It was finally starting to dawn on John and some of the things Sissy and Holly had said started to sink in. And with his high sex drive and anything goes attitude, John finally said, "So if you like girl-girl stuff, then you wouldn't mind if we... uh..."

Holly stood up and took his hand, leading him into his office and closed the door. She pulled him to her and kissed him, then said, "Yes, Boss, I'll be happy to help you fuck the little slut. Or have her help you fuck me. Whatever. And it had better be OK with you if I do her daddy once in a while. OK?"

John had had a day full of surprises and none of it connected to the business, mostly. He put his hands on Holly's ass cheeks and squeezed. "I'm gonna so enjoy all of this. You're quite the nasty slut aren't you?"

Holly laughed and said, "This coming from a guy who just fucked the twelve year old daughter of his vice president. Twice! I don't think you've got a lot to talk about, Mr. Kettle. But you'd better keep Jan satisfied or I'll have to go over there and help her out myself." She gave him a big grin and reached down to squeeze his cock through his pants.

"You fucking slut!" John said, smiling at her. "I knew I'd made the right decision when I hired you."

"And you knew even better the first time I sucked you off, too," Holly said. "So are you all fucked out today by that little minx or do you want me to take some special dick-tation?" she asked, with special pronunciation of the word.

"Truth? That little slut really wore me out. I think I'll pass, if you don't mind," he told her. "Besides, we've both got a load of work to catch up on, I think."

Holly nodded and parted from him. "Just give me a call if you change your mind. The little slut got me all excited today." She opened the door and went to her desk.

After Sissy had skipped away from the other two, she went into Rob's office. He looked up and smiled at her. "Hi, kitten. Having fun with the boss?"

Sissy went around his desk and threw her arms around him and gave him a kiss, and not a daughterly one either. "Oh, Daddy, this has been the kewlest time." Then she started regaling him with everything that she had done. Rob listened, sometimes open mouthed and in astonishment, but not really surprise. When she finished describing the look on poor Bryce's face, Rob had to laugh.

"That poor guy is probably still peeing his pants right now. Kitten, you've got the nastiest sense of humor. Just like your mother," Rob told her.

Grinning, Sissy said, "Uh, there's just one more thing I want you to do. Can you call him up here and we'll let him know that he isn't in any trouble. That's it's OK."

"Honey, we can't let anyone know something like that. That I know you sucked him off and it's OK by me," Rob told her.

"No, Daddy. I just want to ease his mind a little, but still play with him. Call him up here and you can tell him how you appreciate him showing me around and things. We won't tell him that you know about what we did. C'mon, Daddy, it'll be fun. Besides, Holly does him and she's gonna let him know it's OK and he won't be in any trouble. Pleeeeeze Daddy?" Sissy pleaded.

Rob felt sorry for the poor guy, but he did see the humor in the situation. After all, they let Sissy's teacher fuck her. It wasn't like she was really a twelve year old virgin. He mulled it over in his mind and remembered Lynn's conversation with the real estate man on the video. Oh, what the hell. Unfortunately, he didn't have a video camera to record this one.

Rob looked at his pre-teeny slut daughter and said, "What's his cubicle number?"

Sissy squealed and said, "317".

Rob picked up the phone and dialed Holly's extension. When she answered, Rob said, "Holly, dear. My daughter said one of the young programmers was especially nice to her today and that you know him. Could you give him a buzz at 317 and ask him to come to my office right now. I want to thank him for his kindness to her. OK. Thanks, kiddo." He hung up.

"I don't know about this, honey. The poor guy is going to have to go home early to change his shorts. But it is kinda funny," he told her. Sissy kissed him on the cheek and giggled.

"I know, Daddy. But why should Mommy have all the fun?" she said. She went over and picked up a folder that was laying on the table and sat down to read it. Several minutes later there was a timid knock on Rob's door.

"Come in," Rob called.

The door opened and a very pale Bryce walked in. He gulped and said, "You wanted to see me, Mr. Harter, sir?" He looked at Sissy who had jumped up out of the chair. She ran to him and grabbed him by the arm, pressing his arm tightly against her little boob.

"Daddy, this is Bryce. He was so nice to me. He explained how he does the programming that helps secure your client's in-house systems and protect and separate them from outside attacks and security breaches. He made it sound so easy to understand, and told me how your clients are in seven different countries and that all the programs have to handle the different languages and time differ... uh, diffidental... uh..."

Rob grinned and said, "differentials, honey. Time zones differentials."

Sissy nodded and said, "Yeah, he explained all that. Don't worry, though. He didn't give away any company secrets. Right, Bryce?" She squeezed his arm and rubbed her little boob against it. The poor guy hadn't told her any of that and all he could do was just nod. After all, he was standing in the company vice president's office, whose daughter was rubbing her boob against him. If Bryce had been able to think of anything right now, it would be a wish that he'd brought a change of underwear. He was a close to peeing his pants as he'd been in... well, anytime.

Rob said, "Well, I appreciate what you did for her. She said she wants to come back again and learn more about what we do. I hope you won't mind showing her the same courtesy that you did today. You have my permission to help her in any way she wants. Thanks, Bryce."

The young man mumbled something, but remained glued in place. He didn't even realize that he had been dismissed. And wasn't in trouble. Sissy bounced up and down like a twelve year old, her tit rubbing against his arm, then led the poor guy to the door. She said, "Thanks so much, Bryce. I look forward to visiting you again... and we can do even more." She could hardly suppress the giggles as she watched him shuffle off to the elevator, completely dazed. Sissy came back in the office and went to Rob and gave him a big kiss.

"Daddy, you were great. Thank you!" Sissy exclaimed.

Rob looked at her and said, "Honey, where did you pick all that stuff up from. You told me Bryce could barely get two words out while you were flashing him."

Sissy grinned and said, "Oh, I just remembered a few things out of that annual report I found over there on your table. That stuff all sounds important. You'll have to tell me what it all means someday."

"Believe me, kitten, John and I'll have to watch out or you'll be running this company and we'll be working for you," Rob told her.

"Oh, Daddy!" Sissy said and hugged him. "I'll never be as smart as you are," in her little girl, adoring daughter tone of voice.

Rob grinned and said, "Like I'm gonna believe anything you say after that. Sure thing!"

Sissy serioused up and said, "You know Dad, I didn't realize how important you are here. I just used to think that you played with computers all day. From what I read, you guys do some really serious stuff. And you're in charge of it all. Seven countries, huh?"

"Well, a lot of that stuff was written to impress investors and government types," Rob told her modestly. "I've been here with John since the company was really small and sometimes I don't realize how large we've gotten. I think John wants to put some limits in place and maybe sell a division or two off. Uh, don't tell anyone that, honey. It's 'insider' information and could get people in trouble." He winked at her.

"Oh, Daddy. I won't let out any company secrets," she said. "At least until I want to do a takeover or MSN or something."

"I think you mean M&A, sweety. Mergers and Acquisitions," Rob told her.

Sissy laughed and said, "Oh yeah. I knew it was something like that. I think it was on one of the pages I read."

Rob laughed. "God, I'm gonna be in fear for my job pretty soon if you start plotting like that!" He hugged her to him. "Look, sweety, I've got about an hours worth of work here. How 'bout you going down to the shops on the ground floor and look around if you want. Do some shopping. I can give you a call when I'm ready to leave. How's that?"

"OK, Daddy," Sissy said. She grabbed her little purse and headed to the door.

Rob said, "And DON'T go down and bother Bryce. He's had enough torment for one day." Sissy grinned and blew him a kiss from the doorway.

She headed to Holly's desk first before she went to the elevator. Holly smiled as Sissy walked up.

"Holly, you can give Bryce a call now and let him know that everything is OK and he's not in any trouble. Oh, and that I want to see him again sometime. And that I really enjoyed him." She smiled lasciviously at her new friend.

Holly said, "Yeah, I'll do that. The poor guy's gotta be freaking out after finding out you're the VP's daughter. Where're you goin'?"

"Down to the shops. Dad says he doesn't want me terrorizing any more of the employees. Give John a kiss goodbye for me," Sissy said as she headed to the elevator.

Holly called out and beckoned Sissy back to the desk. When Sissy got there, Holly pulled her close and whispered in her ear, "Tell your mom... or 'Mona'... or whoever that the cafeteria at my 'Y' is open anytime she wants a snack. From your technique, I can tell she does a great job." Holly gave Sissy a pat on the ass and turned her toward the elevator. Sissy realized that she'd let a little too much slip. But it didn't seem to be a problem. She grinned at the heads that popped up from the cubicles as she sashayed her bubble butt to the elevator.

[Continued in Ch. 15]


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