Throw Mama On The Bed by Kathy Andrews Chapter 1 Never in her life had Roxie felt such feelings. Sex simply had not been part of her life. Until now. For some reason, she thought about it constantly. Images of hard cocks would come into her mind at the most inappropriate times, often embarrassing her. She would be shopping in the supermarket, and an unusually shaped cucumber would suddenly resemble a thick, long cock. She found herself looking for things that resembled a cock, blushing furiously when she realized what she was doing. Even mundane objects like a telephone pole made her think of cock. Once, much to her embarrassment, she had come out of her bath, forgetting she was naked, and she had bumped into her son in the hallway. For a moment Roxie had seemed disoriented, until she saw how her son was staring at her. Then, with a cry of embarrassment, arms and hands covering her tits and cunt as best she could, she had run back into the bathroom and slammed the door, sitting on the toilet and sobbing into her hands, wondering what was happening to her. Later, after she had calmed somewhat, she wondered what her son must think of her. Tossing soiled clothing into a washing machine, she felt it vibrating, against her hips and thighs. Immediately she felt such a responding throb in her cunt, and she moaned, not wanting to feel such wanton sensations. Her hips pushed against the machine, the vibration sending quivering thrills through her body. Squeezing her eyes shut, Roxie felt herself giving in to the urges, for the first time unable to resist. Arching her back, she inched her skirt up. The cheeks of her ass tightened, then began to bunch in a writhing motion. Her cunt seemed to swell, become puffy, her clit knotted with fiery heat. "No," she whispered in a desperate try to stop herself. "No ... no ... no." She slipped her skirt to her narrow waist, glancing over her shoulder to make sure the door was still closed, that her son was not peeking. Sliding her hot palms up and down her thighs, Roxie began to twist her ass, swaying sensuously. She was moaning softly. Her hands cupped the grinding cheeks of her ass, squeezing hard. She was acutely aware of her cunt, the expanding sensation of it in her tight panties. She felt the moisture in the crotch, on her inner thighs. Gripping one cheek of her ass, she pushed her other hand between the washing machine and her body, curling her fingers into her cunt, pressing and rubbing in slow motion. Roxie did not hear the door open, nor see her son peeking at her. Rich stared at his mother's ass, her skirt twisted about her waist, watching her squeeze her asscheek, knowing she was rubbing her cunt with the other hand. A grin spread over his face as he watched. Roxie was deep in an erotic fantasy now, and she turned, with her eyes still closed, feeling for the handle of the car door. She opened the door, sitting in the seat. Leaning back until she was flat on the seat, she spread her knees wide, sliding a hand beneath the waistband of her panties. Rich watched, his eyes burning in fascination, seeing his mother's panties bulge outward as she began to move her hand inside them. Soft pussy hair gleamed along the spreading edges. He saw how puffy the lips of her cunt were, heard the hot, liquid sound as she moved her two fingers into her cunt. Plunging her two fingers into her cunt as deep as she could, Roxie whimpered and tossed her ass upward, grinding in tight screwing motions. Her other hand was beneath her ass, clutching a tight asscheek once again. She rammed her fingers in and out, the friction bringing sobs of ecstasy from her. "Ooohhhhh ... ooooh!" she moaned, the sound carrying to her staring son. "Ahhhh ... ooooooooh ... mmmmm!" As the hot feelings increased, Roxie tossed her ass up and down, swinging her hips wildly, plunging her fingers in and out of her cunt with wanton, mindless rapture. Jerking her hand off her ass, she darted it under her thin sweater. She didn't hear the gasp of her son as she exposed her tits. Feverishly pulling and twisting her nipples, Roxie began to fingerfuck herself with vigorous strokes, arching her crotch. Her panties pulled away, and her son gazed in steamy fascination, now able to watch her two fingers penetrating the hairy wetness. "Ooohhhh, yes!" Roxie sobbed. "Oh, yes!" A low whine came from her as her ass lurched upward. The whine changed to a throaty scream. She buried her two fingers as far into her cunt as she could, smashing one of her tits almost flat with her palm. "Yes! Ohhhh, yes!" Rich saw his mother shudder, then her hips seemed to start jerking out of control. "Oooooommmmmm!" She strained her cunt onto her fingers as the convulsion burned through her, her stomach rippling. Then, as the spasms weakened, she let her ass slump, but her fingers were still inside her cunt. Rich kept watching, seeing the stretching of her pussy. His cock almost burst from his jeans Roxie slowly pulled her fingers from her cunt, her legs moving together slowly. By the time she was sitting up in the car, Rich had closed the garage door, and she never knew he had been watching her. With a blush on her lovely face, she stood on shaky legs, smoothing her skirt down, returning to the washing machine. She felt dazed for a moment, concerned that she had weakened and given in to the wicked urge. Then a smile spread over her face, eyes gleaming softly. She felt good, very good. The relief had been needed. But she still felt ashamed of what she had done. However, her relief was short-lived. Soon after dinner, Roxie was horrified to find those urges coming on again, stronger than they had been that afternoon. She was sitting in the living room with her son, watching television, when her clit started swelling. She glanced at Rich, feeling guilty for some vague reason. Her cunt began to throb with such wild heat, it seemed impossible that he didn't know. Roxie let the sensations flood her, unable to stop them in any event. Pressing her thighs together didn't help at all. In fact, the pressure only made it worse. Rich looked at her and saw his mother staring at him with a wild, almost mindless expression. Roxie sat upright in the chair, eyes wide, mouth gaping, as her cunt throbbed and burned crazily. She looked at the front of her son's pants. She curled her fingers into tight fists, her palms itching. She felt the strong impulse to jerk her skirt up above her waist and expose herself to her son. She began to tremble, now gripping the arms of her chair. Rich's cock looked huge inside his jeans; she could see the shape of it, the slight bulge of his balls. Roxie swallowed nervously. Rich gazed at her, remembering what he had seen her do earlier. His cock began to stiffen. Roxie stared in horror, seeing her son's cock lift and harden, and still she could not take her eyes off it. It lengthened, thickened, right before her eyes. She moaned softly, her cunt pulsating. "Rich," she whispered, eyes on his cock. As if unaware of what she was doing, Roxie stood up, still gazing at his now-thrusting cock. She took a stumbling step toward him, one hand lifting. "Ritchy ..." With a low whimper, Roxie stopped at her son's knees. She knelt, sliding her hands up his thighs. She stared at his face. Ritchy wasn't startled. He spread his knees apart as his mother moved her hands along his thighs. Roxie was breathing deeply, her tits lifting and falling, nipples pronounced behind the thin sweater. Once more she stared at his cock as her fingers approached it. She was shaking, hands trembling. She murmured his name once more, then touched the tip of his cock with a fingertip. Rich gasped. "Ritchy ..." Roxie ran her palm along the length of his cock. "Oh, Ritchy!" Feverishly, Roxie ripped at her son's pants, getting them open. Rich pushed his ass to the edge of the couch, eager and willing. Pulling his cock from his fly, Roxie began to pant as she closed her fist about it. She jerked and pushed, pumping vigorously, the hardness and heat searing her palm. She stroked his cock vigorously, mewling with uncontrolled pleasure, watching the head swell and bulge in her fist. "Ritchy!" she gasped. Jerking her hand off his cock, she jumped to her feet. As her son watched in pleased fascination, Roxie yanked her skirt to her waist, tearing and ripping at her flimsy panties. As they slid down her legs, she almost jumped astride her son, spreading her knees over his hips. With a wildness that was almost frightening, she grasped her son's cock at the base and stuffed the swollen head into her cunt swiftly. With a low moan, she sank onto it, feeling her cunt spread about the thickness. Throwing her head back, gripping his shoulders tightly, Roxie began to bounce up and down, fucking her son. "Oooooh, yes, yes!" she cried. Rich grabbed her waist, squeezing, as he strained his cock up to her burning cunt. His eyes were glowing, mouth gaping. The wet heat of his mother's cunt closing about his cock was making him tremble and gasp. Roxie jerked up and down, the friction of her son's cock becoming more intense and satisfying than her fingers. Her cunt felt so deliciously full, so tightly crammed. She cooed, jerking her ass back and forth, then bouncing on his cock again. Liquid sounds came from between her legs as she humped, her head tossing about frantically. Her tits jiggled. She was aware that her son was pushing his cock up into her cunt, that she was gyrating her ass lewdly, that she was about to come, and that she was fucking her son, yet it seemed like a dream, unreal. "Uhhhhhh ... uuuuuhhhhh!" she moaned, jerking her ass back and forth, feeling her clit scrape along the hard shaft of his cock. "Oooooh ... uhhhhhh!" Rich, now showing the strain on his face, thrust his hands up his mother's thighs, holding her grinding hips as she began to ram up and down again. Roxie began pounding her cunt onto her son's cock as her cries of ecstasy grew. Her eyes widened, her pussy ready to explode. Her cunt gripped his cock tighter, the rippling pleasure making it clamp and relax as she jerked up and down. Throwing her head back, almost falling off him, she rammed as hard as she could onto his cock, pressing and straining. She began to gasp, then she wailed. "Ritchy!" she screamed. She began to come, strong and hard around his cock. The gripping of her cunt brought a cry from Rich. He dug his fingers into his mother's hips, pushing his cock as hard as he could into her squeezing cunt. Like his mother, he threw his head back, and then gushed into her, sending a hot spray of come juice up her fiery cunt. "Oh ... oh! Oooooooooh!" Roxie cried, shuddering helplessly. Each spurt of his cock sent tremors through her, making her orgasm ripple powerfully. She clung to his shoulders in desperation, bending far back to push her cunt as hard as she could onto his squirting cock. The shattering spasms slowed, weakening, leaving Roxie wrung out. She slumped, panting, her fingers losing their grip on his shoulders. For a moment, she leaned against him, then with a cry, she jerked up. She yanked her cunt off his cock and almost fell as she ran from the room, one hand over her face, sobbing in horror at what she had done. She ran into her room, slamming the door behind her, falling face-down on the bed and sobbing in misery. How could she have done such a thing! Rich would surely think she was out of her mind now. Chapter 2 The next day, Roxie was more embarrassed than ashamed of what she had done with her son. Her lack of shame surprised her very much. Usually she was very modest, always making sure that her knees were covered and together when she sat, and seldom did she wear revealing clothing. Those women who wore short shorts, with half their asses exposed, were shameless, she felt. Her own shorts came to midthigh, and they were not at all tight around her hips or ass. What she had done was more shameless than wearing revealing clothing, yet she didn't feel ashamed. As she bathed, she tried to understand what was happening to her. None of it made sense. Her hand moved between her thighs, and a tremor swept through her when she touched her clit. Jerking her hand away quickly, Roxie scrambled from the tub, horrified that she was touching her pussy without even knowing it now. With her mind still dwelling on the day before, she pulled on a pair of panties, snapping the elastic around her hips. She selected a sun dress from her closet, and slipped it on. Although she dressed modestly, she was always dressed attractively. Her long, medium-brown hair sparkled, and she applied a faint coat of lipstick, then an eyelash enhancer, the only make-up she wore. Nervously, she left her room, not knowing what to expect from her son when they came face to face. Rich was in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal when she entered, finding a fresh pot of coffee already made. Pouring herself a cup, she sat at the table and avoided looking directly at him. "How do you feel, Mom?" "I ... I feel fine," she murmured. She felt him gazing at her, staring right at her tits. A blush started on her face, and she was beginning to shake. She spilled a drop or two of coffee on the table. He kept staring at her, and her nipples were stiffening inside her bra and dress, starting to tingle. She was reacting to the way he looked at her. With a start, Roxie found she was wondering if her son had a hard-on. Startled by the thought, she dropped her cup. "Oh, shit!" She darted her hand to her mouth, her face flushed. The cup shattered on the floor, coffee spilling everywhere. She stared down at the mess. "I'll get it, Mom." Rich grabbed some paper towels and squatted at her feet. "You're sure jumpy this morning. Are you nervous about something?" She felt his eyes staring at her knees, and with a little gasp, she realized they were spread apart. She clamped them together tightly, then heard her son laugh low in his throat. But the instant she clamped her thighs together, the pressure set up a hot tingle in her cunt. She relaxed, then, to her horror, she saw that Rich was peeking between her legs. Her legs refused to move, and she placed her hands on her thighs to close them. Even that didn't work. She was blushing furiously, knowing her son was peeking at her, maybe even seeing her panties, and she sat there in a trance, frozen and helpless, trembling with a heat that consumed her flesh. As Rich looked up, Roxie stared at him, eyes smoldering and glassy. The tip of her tongue moved over her lips, and it was all she could do to stop herself from reaching for him. She felt his hot palms cup her knees, and when he gently pushed them apart, she was so weak there was nothing she could do. A soft sob came from her throat when her son spread her knees. She slumped in the chair, eyes closing, as her face burned with embarrassment. But excitement began to rumble through her. It was almost like her fantasy of being looked at in the car. Her cunt began to pulsate wetly, her clit bulging. She clenched her fist at her hips, leaning her head back, eyes closed. Rich gazed between the satiny smoothness of his mother's thighs, recalling her wanton exhibitionism in the car the day before. Young as he was, he sensed his mother was helpless, that he could do just about anything he wanted to her. Being a young, horny boy, he was delighted in what he discovered. He pushed her knees wider apart, seeing the tight crotch of her panties, the soft pussy hair curling along the edges. His cock, already hard, pushed at his pants. Roxie sat with her knees held open by her son, spread very wide, in a very lewd position of invitation. She was blushing furiously, but he was burning up with need, too. She felt moisture seeping from her cunt, soaking into her panties. "No ..." she whispered when she felt his hands move up her legs under her dress. "Ritchy, no ..." Rich ignored her, caressing his mother's velvety thighs, feeling her flesh. Now he had the chance to do what he had longed to do for so many months--feel a girl up. He ran his fingertips along the edges of her panties, then over the front. Roxie gasped, moaning softly. "No ... no ... no." Her breath caught when she felt him tugging at her panties, felt her ass cooperating with him by lifting off the chair, She felt her panties slide down her thighs, and her feet lifted so that her son could remove her panties. Once again Rich spread his mother's legs, gazing at her crotch, seeing her hairy cunt. The triangle of soft hair was thick, and he smoothed it with his hands, exposing the puffy pink slit of his mother's cunt. Roxie felt as if she had no strength to resist him. Her son pushed her knees wide, then he pulled at her hips until he had her ass hanging over the edge of the chair. Roxie peeked from slitted eyes when she heard the snicking of his zipper. Again her breath caught when he stood, his cock thrusting from his fly in a raging hardness. She stared hungrily, no longer blushing, her passion taking control once more. She saw him close his fist about his cock and pump it a few times as he stood looking down at her cunt. She gasped when he rubbed the fiery head against her thigh. She listened to him breathing hotly as he stood between her legs, stroking his cock. Her cunt clasped tightly, juices seeping from it and onto the curves of her ass. She gripped the seat of the chair in an effort to keep from reaching for his cock. Then Rich was moving closer to her, the head of his cock pointing at her cunt. Roxie turned her head in a futile gesture to keep him from seeing her face. The head of his cock touched the tip of her clit. She gasped. Her pussy seemed to clamp up as a quick orgasm shot through her. Rich pushed his cock down, the head rubbing from her clit to the hot slit of her cunt. Roxie held her breath, feeling the swollen tip of her son's cock pushing at her cunt. She began to sob, but it was the sob of burning passion. Suddenly her son pushed his cock into her cunt. "Ritchy!" she cried, her hands jerking off the chair and clutching his hips tightly. "Oh, God, Ritchy!" Rich held his mother's shoulders and pushed his cock deep into her clasping cunt. Roxie lost all control once more, and her hips jerked up against him. His cock felt so big, so thick, so long, inside her cunt, filling her to full capacity. Her cunt seemed to close about his cock tightly, caressing it with rippling movements. Then Rich began fucking her. Roxie moaned and sobbed softly, her hips grinding with his lunges. The rough texture of his jeans on her sensitive thighs seemed to intensify, and she tightened them against his hips. She strained her cunt at him, hips gyrating in wanton passion. The shaft of his cock sent thrills shooting through her crotch, up to her tits, making them hard. Wet sounds came from her cunt as his cock stabbed quickly. "Oh, Ritchy!" she moaned, her head tilted over the back of the chair, hair hanging down. Her eyes opened and closed as her hips jerked and thrust to his rhythm. She clutched his hips, jerking him into her cunt. "Ohhhh, Ritchy! My God, Ritchy!" Rich was panting, staring down at his cock sliding in and out of his mother's clinging cunt. He could see the pink flesh gripping his cock, watch her clit rub at the shaft. He curled his fingers about her tits through her dress and bra. Roxie cried out, her hands flying off his hips to cover his, smashing his palms hard against her tits, almost flattening them. She bucked her ass up and down, grinding lewdly. She trembled and shivered, making gulping sounds. "Oh, Ritchy!" she cried, ramming her cunt up hard. A second orgasm was exploding inside her pussy, causing the fiery, hairy slit of her cunt to clamp around his cock. "Oh, it's happening again!" she gasped wildly. "I don't believe it, Ritchy! I'm--Oh, God, I'm coming, Ritchy!" "I know, Mom!" he panted. "I know!" He pounded into her, making fleshy sounds. He squeezed her tits as he fucked her relentlessly. Roxie cried out time and again, her cunt going through spasms that shook her from head to toe. She was coming harder than the day before, the ecstasy boiling through her, her mind reeling. She pressed his hands tighter to her tits, tossing her ass frantically up and down, her head twisting. "Do it, Ritchy!" she pleaded in whimpering rapture. "Ooooooh, Ritchy! Harder, Ritchy! God, do it as hard as you can! Oooooh, look at me ... at my ... my--cunt!" Babbling with erotic ecstasy, coming in strong, hot, liquid waves of orgasm, Roxie was totally unaware of what she was saying, only that she had to say it. "Fuck me! Ohhhh, fuck me hard! Ooooo, I'm coming, Ritchy! Ahhhhhhhh, I'm really coming!" Rich was panting hotly as he stared at her cunt bouncing up and down on the shaft of his cock. His balls burned with fullness, his cock jerking and getting ready to gush jizz into her cunt. He crushed the front of his pants against her swollen cuntlips as he tried to shove his cock deeper yet. Roxie spread her legs, straining with him, wanting his cock to go deep. The convulsions kept going, her orgasms fiery. Pushing onto his stabbing cock with all her strength, she kept babbling. "Oh, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Ooooh, my pussy needs that hard cock! My cunt needs that hard, hard cock! Fuck me, Ritchy! Fuck me and make me come! Ohhhh, God, ram that big thing up my cunt! I feel so ... so wild, so wicked, so hot!" She kept churning her ass in frantic gyrations, giving in to the heat, the beautiful, wonderful heat. "Make me come!" she sobbed. "Oh, make me come and come! Fuck me and make me come over and over, Ritchy!" But the strain was getting to him. His cock and balls were aching. He began to pump into her cunt faster, clutching her tits as tight as he could. His head lifted, a grimace of pain and ecstasy on his face. He pushed, and Roxie's hands flew to his hips. She pulled him in, her cunt squeezing at the base of his cock with fiery orgasms. Rich grunted, then yelped. His cock gushed, spraying hot juices along the satiny walls inside his mother's cunt. "Yes, yes!" Roxie sobbed. "Ohhhh, squirt it in me! Oooooh, I want that hot juice in my pussy, my cunt! I want it all! Ahhhh, come, baby! Come hard!" The final squirt spewed from him, and his shoulders slumped, hands falling down her shaking sides to her bare thighs. Her skirt had become twisted around her waist. Her legs fell limply apart, her cunt squeezing his cock out. It dropped along the hot crack of her smooth ass, and he stood there, panting. Roxie, now that some of her heat had been cooled, was surprised at her lack of embarrassment at the moment. She enjoyed the sensation of being exposed to her son, her cunt dripping his come juices over the crack of her ass. She looked up at him, a nervous smile on her lovely face. Rich stepped back, grinning down at her, still looking between her legs. Roxie spread them open, her cunt parting wetly. Rich dropped to his knees, panting heavily. He knelt at her side, and Roxie pulled his cheek to her bare thigh, his face turned toward her cunt. Running her hand through his hair, she trembled as she smiled at him. Rich's hot breath tingled on her naked thigh as she sat in the chair with her ass hanging over the edge. His face felt good on her naked leg, and she was confused about her feelings. She felt so very good right now, not at all embarrassed or ashamed. They rested, neither speaking, but looking into each other's eyes quietly. Roxie even lifted her twisted skirt higher until her belly button was exposed. She pushed her hand nervously upward toward her tits. "Ritchy, do you want to see them?" she asked, whispering softly. He nodded, grinning and sliding his hand to her ass. Her hand moved to her tits, sliding from one to the other. They felt much too swollen for her bra now, and her nipples were still painfully stiff. She slipped one strap down, slowly pulling the top of her dress downward. Her nipple slipped into view, and she watched his eyes as he gazed at it. She saw hot hunger there, a hunger that seemed as wild as her own. Surprising herself again, Roxie began to circle her nipple with the tip of one finger, making it tingle and bulge even more. Fascinated by her own boldness now, she cupped her tit and squeezed it, letting the nipple slide between her fingers. Using her other hand, she drew his hand up her body and curled his fingers around her tit. Rich squeezed, then began to twist and pull at her nipple. "Ohhhh, honey!" Roxie cooed, her eyes flashing in heat. With a sinking sensation, she knew the gates of her passion had been thrown wide open, allowing her son entrance to her inner self, her passionate inner self. With his face resting on her thigh, she pushed her knees farther apart. He kept pulling and twisting her nipple, but he was also watching her pussy spread open. Roxie smoothed her fingers through the soft curls, sliding the edge of one finger along the side of her clit, mewling softly. She spread her cunt open with two fingers, the wet, pink flesh pulsating gently. "Ritchy ..." she whispered. "Ritchy!" A hot gush of piss spewed out of her cunt. Rich jerked his head up, mouth gaping in surprise. "Oh, my God! I didn't mean--oh, that's embarrassing!" Roxie gasped, blushing wildly, clamping her hand over her cunt. To her horror, she spurted again, hot piss spewing around the edges of her palm. Rich stared, then giggled. Roxie tried to stop, but the harder she tried, the more she pissed. Her inner thighs dripped with piss, pooling on the floor. "What am I doing?" she cried in embarrassment. "Pissing, Mom!" Rich giggled. He tried to pull her hand away, but Roxie cupped her cunt with all her strength. But she was weak, and her son moved her hand easily. Roxie attempted to close her legs, but she couldn't do that, either. She almost managed to stop pissing, but it was still dribbling from her cunt. "Don't look at me!" she cried frantically. "Please, Ritchy, don't look at me!" Rich pushed at her legs, spreading them far apart. Roxie was unable to stop him, and as her son gazed at her open cunt, she began to piss in a hard stream. She turned her face to one side, feeling fiery heat on her cheeks. She felt her son holding her legs apart, watching her piss. No one had ever watched her do this, and certainly she had never lost control before. And she had never pissed with her legs so far apart. "Keep it up, Mom!" Rich gasped. "Piss, Mom! Ohhh, you're pissing hard! Look at it spurt out!" Roxie peeked downward, seeing the hot stream of piss spewing out in an arc, hearing it splatter on the kitchen floor. She began to shiver, her cunt tightening, causing the piss to gush out in short spurts. Finally, much to her relief, she stopped. But Rick kept holding her knees spread apart. "Ritchy, let me ..." He released her, and she closed her legs. She couldn't look at him now, but she knew he was grinning at her. Getting up, she had trouble smoothing her dress, still trying to do so when she walked out of the kitchen. Roxie entered her bedroom. She stood in the center of the room, hands wringing as she tried to come to grips with herself. It had been bad enough last night to lose control and practically rape her son, and then to be so helpless this morning that she had let him fuck her again. But why she had begun pissing right there in the kitchen as her son watched confused her more than ever. Removing her clothes, she stepped into her shower and adjusted the water to a stinging spray. Later, in a fresh sun-dress, she sat on her bed, thinking hard about what had happened, finding no answers. Taking a deep breath, she stood up, drawing upon every ounce of courage she had. Then she left her room, determined to face her son. He was in the living room, holding her panties. "Ritchy," she said in a low, nervous voice, hands folded in front of her body like a shy little girl. "I think you and I have to talk." Rich held her panties up, grinning at her. "Mom, I didn't know you wore such pretty panties. What are we gonna talk about?" She trembled. "About what's happened between us." "If you wanna talk about it, Mom, that's okay with me," he said, dropping the panties on the couch. "But I'd rather do it than talk." Chapter 3 Roxie wanted to run away. The way her son looked at her was embarrassing. He seemed to stare right through her clothing. He seemed so much different, acting bolder with her than before. But then, she thought, hadn't she just given him that right? "Please, Ritchy, listen to me," she said, almost pleading, wringing her hands. "This is very important. Please, let me talk." He leaned back, looking at her, his face serious. "Ritchy, something is ... something has happened to me. I don't know why or what, but it's something I seem to have no control over. I've never been this way ... never felt this way, in my entire life. Do you understand what I'm trying to say?" He nodded slowly. "What we ... what I did, well ... I couldn't help myself. It happened before I could think, or stop it." "I think I understand, Mom," he said, starting to show interest. "I mean, I hope I understand." "It's difficult for me to explain, because I don't understand myself, and this is very hard for me, Ritchy." Roxie glanced at his crotch. The bulge of his cock and balls made her tremble. "Last night, then today ..." "Restless pussy, Mom." "What? What did you say?" "I said, you have a restless pussy." "Ritchy, that isn't a nice thing to say about ..." Rich sat up and leaned forward, looking at her keenly. "Mom, that's what it is--a restless pussy. All the guys at school know about that. A couple of girls have the same thing, and I'd say you have it, too." "I don't know what it is, but I know I can't seem to control it." "Pussy, Mom," Rich said. "Pussy, cunt. You didn't have any trouble when my cock was in there. What's the problem now?" "I've never said ... I don't talk that ... Ritchy, you're not trying to help me at all!" "I'll help you, Mom. Anytime you get restless, just let me know." "That's not what I want. I want--oh, I don't know what I want!" Her hands flew to her face, covering it. She was so embarrassed, she wanted to die. Even now, her cunt was on fire, pulsating so hotly that she wanted to cram her fingers into it. She trembled, wanting to cry, yet the tears would not come. "Mom, I know what you want. I don't know much about those things myself, but I think I know exactly what you want, or at least what you need." "Oh, God, I do!" Roxie sobbed. "I do, Ritchy!" "Mom, lift your dress." "I will not!" she gasped. "What do you think ... I'm your mother, Ritchy!" "Lift your dress, Mom," he insisted. Roxie trembled, hands falling slowly from her blushing face. She turned her head to one side and began to inch her dress up. She felt his eyes, very hot, following the hem as she drew the dress above her knees, then to mid-thigh. She was shaking so badly that her knuckles were white as she gripped the dress, her legs turning weak. She held her dress near her hips. "Higher, Mom. Lift it higher ... to your waist." With a little sob, Roxie lifted her dress around her waist. She closed her eyes with embarrassment as her son gazed at her. The panties were tight, her cunt puffing them outward. The shadow of her thick pussy hair was framed inside the thin nylon. Her legs were lovely, very smooth and unblemished. She heard him open his pants and a flash of heat ran through her. She knew he was taking his cock out as he looked at her. She felt so exposed, so wanton, standing before her son with her dress up. "Push your panties down. Show me your cunt, Mom." "Ritchy, please, don't ..." "Come on, Mom. You know you wanna show me your cunt." A shudder swept through her. Holding her skirt with her elbows, she reached for the waistband of her panties. She began to tremble. "Ritchy, I don't want to take them off," she sobbed softly. "Honey ... please. Don't ask me to ..." Her eyes caught sight of his cock standing out of his open fly. It was thick and long, with a swollen head that was dripping pre-come. With a moan, Roxie pushed at her panties, sliding them down her hips. "Ritchy, you don't know what you're doing to me! I don't want to do this! Ohhh, honey, please don't--Ritchy, yes! Yes, Ritchy!" She shoved her panties down two inches below her cunt. She stood up, shoulders back, tits thrust outward, her hairy cunt displayed to her son. Almost instantly, her embarrassment was gone, and in its place was a warm, erotic sensation. She felt her cunt throbbing, her clitoris distending. Staring at his cock, she parted her feet on the floor, the panties stretching wider on her thighs. Moisture began to run slowly along the insides of her thighs. Her eyes glowed as the heat increased in and around her cunt, spreading along her thighs and over her ass. She ran her fingers through the soft hair of her cunt as she stared at her son's cock, then she parted the soft lips, to expose her clit. "Honey," she whispered, rubbing her clit in slow circles with the tips of her fingers. "Do it to me again." Rich stood, pushing his pants down. His cock stood up at an angle, the head lifted toward her face. His balls looked so full and hot. Stepping toward him, she cupped her son's balls, squeezing them gently. "Oooooh, they feel so full," she mewled. "Ritchy, your balls ... so hot! Mmmm, nice, baby, very nice." Pulling her hand away from her cunt, she wrapped her arm behind his neck and smashed her mouth to his. She kissed him feverishly, licking at his lips. She moaned when she felt his hand move around her waist, then pull her tightly against his body. She felt his cock rubbing against the hair of her cunt, then his hands were holding the cheeks of her naked ass. Squirming hard against him, kissing and sucking at his lips, she got his cock between her thighs and held it against the slit of her cunt. She gasped when she felt his cock rub against her cunt. Roxie moved a hand behind her ass, feeling the head of his cock push between her thighs. Rubbing her palms against it, she pulled back, gazing at his face. "Do it now!" she panted. "Hurry and do it now, Ritchy!" He pushed on her shoulders. She knelt, then willingly leaned over on her hands and knees as her son knelt behind her naked ass. She spread her knees on the floor as her son caressed her satiny ass. Knowing he was seeing her in this lewd, available position made Roxie cry out with eagerness. She wiggled her ass wickedly. When he rubbed his cock on her flesh, the wetness of his pre-come seemed to blister her in a delicious way. Cooing softly as she felt him rub the hot head of his cock against her cunt, she lowered her shoulders and head to the floor, jutting her ass up very high. She felt the touch of his cock against the swollen, sensitive lips of her cunt. With a soft whimper, she twisted her ass. "Ritchy, please ... you're teasing me! Don't tease me, baby! You know I want it! You know Mother needs it very much! Hurry, baby! Can't you feel how hot Mother is ... how hot Mother's cunt is?" Rich was panting as he pushed his cock into her. Roxie felt her cunt spread around the head of his prick, then unable to wait for him, she thrust her ass back, feeling his cock slide all the way into her pussy. "Ohhhh, yes, Ritchy! Oh, my God, yes!" Ritchy grasped his mother's hips, then, after pulling his cock back, he lunged into her cunt with a quick thrust. Roxie cried out, his cock going deep into her. She clawed at the floor with her fingers, twisting her ass in a gyrating motion as the ecstasy bubbled inside her. His cock filled her tightly, her cunt clinging to it. Grinding her ass frantically to his stabbing cock, she jerked her right hand underneath her body and grabbed for his swinging balls. Holding his balls tightly, she pulled on them each time he shoved his cock into her pussy. Her mind was reeling with wickedness, her flesh on fire. "Ram it to me, baby!" she sobbed. "Oh, yes, ram that big cock to Mother! Shove it up my cunt ... way up my cunt! Fuck me, Ritchy! Ohhhhh, my God, fuck me! Oooooh, you're so hard, so hot and hard, in my pussy, my cunt! Ahhhhh, yes, Ritchy! Fuck me!" He fucked into her fast, banging upon the swollen lips of her hairy cunt powerfully. The harder he rammed into her, the better it felt to Roxie. She loved the bruising thrusts inside her cunt, the slap of his flesh against her fiery ass. Her pussy gripped his cock as tight as possible, her clit sliding and rubbing on the shaft. He began to fuck her so hard and fast that it drove the breath out of her. He was forcing her to move her knees forward to keep her balance, to hold her ass in the air. He fucked so hard that she came close to sprawling on her stomach on the floor. His cock slid in and out of her cunt with wet, sucking sounds. Sounds that excited her. Releasing his balls, Roxie ran her fingers along the edges of her swollen cunt, feeling his cock push and pull. Mewling and whimpering, she thrust a finger into her cunt alongside his cock. "Ooooh, baby, baby! Feel? Feel my finger inside my cunt, too? Feel my finger on your cock, Ritchy?" "Yeah, Mom!" he panted, digging into her hips and jerking her ass back as he plunged into her. "I feel your finger! Oh, Mom, this is great, fantastic! Ahhhh, you're so hot and wet, Mom! Your cunt is so wet, so tight on my cock!" "I'm very hot and wet, honey!" she sobbed. "Ohhh, you make me wet and hot and ... I love your cock up my cunt! Fuck me hard, Ritchy! Ohhhh, fuck me as hard as you can!" "I'll fuck your cunt, Mom!" "Ohhhh, fuck it!" "You're gonna get fucked! I'm gonna fuck the piss out of you, Mom! I'm gonna fuck you so hard, you're gonna piss all over yourself!" "Make me piss!" Roxie screamed in mindless passion. "I can do anything with your hot ass!" "Yes, you can! I belong to you, Ritchy!" "You're gonna fuck me anytime I wanna fuck you, Mom!" "I will! Ohhh, I will fuck you!" "You're gonna pull your dress up when I tell you to, Mom!" "Yes, baby, yes!" Roxie groaned, eager to please him as long as his cock was in her cunt. "Anytime you tell me to, I'll pull my dress up, show you my cunt, my ass!" "You're mine, Mom!" "Oh, God! I am ... I am yours, Ritchy! Just do this to me and I'll always be yours!" "You love getting fucked, Mom?" "Yes!" "Here! Take my cock up your cunt!" Roxie pulled her finger out of her pussy and shoved her hand to her mouth. The taste of their juices seemed to create a small explosion in her mind, and suddenly she was coming. Crying out with ecstasy, her cunt grabbing at his cock in waves of hot orgasm, she thrust her wet finger into her mouth, sucking at it greedily. Pulling her finger from her mouth, she gasped. "Oh, you're making me come!" Rich banged frantically into her contracting cunt, his balls drawing up tight, his cock jerking. Glancing downward, he saw her cunt pulling on his cock, the hairy lips gripping his prick. Her asshole puckered up, flexing as she came. The way her cunt gripped his cock was taking his breath away. "Mom, you're gonna get it up the cunt!" "Yes, up the cunt!" she cried. "Up my cunt, baby!" Coming harder than before, Roxie lifted her ass high, feeling his cock penetrate a fraction deeper. Her clit, throbbing in orgasm, felt so big. She thrust her finger into her cunt alongside his cock again, just as he started to come. She felt the hot gush of his juices spurt along the soft walls of her pussy, then it was coating her buried finger. "Oh, yes, come in my cunt!" Roxie sobbed, yanking her finger out of her pussy again and thrusting it into her mouth, sucking in a frenzy, her tongue licking. "Ooooh, that's good, so very good!" She strained her ass back, his cock jerking as he spewed into her pussy, burning her sensitive tissues in a beautiful feeling. Even though she was coming hard, she could feel his cock jerk, feel each squirt of his hot come juice flooding her pussy. Her chin scraped the floor, her muscles drawn tight. "Ahhh, Mom!" Rich groaned as he finished. Roxie's knees were splayed outward in her effort to spread her cunt open for his cock. When he pulled free, everything seemed to come apart, and she fell forward, yet her knees remained spread widely. She lay trembling, moaning softly, feeling her son's come juice seeping from her cunt. She closed her eyes, a wonderful glow filling her. There was now a gentle pulsation in her cunt, a very satisfying pulsation, yet the heat was still there. Rich sat back on his heels, watching her. Her dress was still twisted about her narrow waist, and he watched the cheeks of his mother's ass quiver, seeing her cunt dripping wetly, the soft hair making an exciting frame for the pink slit. In a few moments, she rolled over. She lay on her back, looking up at him. She spread her legs and caressed the soft hair of her cunt. Her face glowed in satisfaction, her mouth looking swollen, eyes sparkling. "Am I good?" she asked softly. Rich nodded. "I guess you are, Mom. I know I love it with you." "I can be better," she purred, sliding her hands to her stomach. "I can be so much better." He grinned. "Are you gonna show me your tits, Mom?" "Do you want to see Mother's tits?" He nodded. "Ask me," she sighed, pushing her dress higher on her stomach. "All you have to do is ask me." "Show me your tits. Let me see your tits, Mom." Roxie, gazing at his face, pushed her dress upward, past her tits. They swelled out in firm roundness, nipples still peaked with stiffness. She circled her nipples with her fingers, writhing her hips. "What else do you want Mother to do?" she asked huskily. "You'd do it, Mom?" For a moment she hesitated, biting her lip. Then she nodded. "Yes, I'd do it." Chapter 4 Rich looked at her closely, wanting to make sure she meant what she said. Her eyes seemed on fire, and her tongue moved about her lips as she waited expectantly. Roxie knew she was giving her son control of her body, but she was helpless. She wanted him to have that control, to ask her to do wicked things, things she would not do otherwise. Whether it was because she wanted to do them, or if she needed her son to ask her to, she didn't know. What she did know was it gave her such shivery feelings that she was about to come again, spread out so lewdly for his eyes. "Really?" he asked. "You mean all I have to do is ask you, and you'd do it, Mom? Anything?" "Ask me," she whispered, pulling up on her tits and trying to lick her nipple. "Ask me." For a long moment, Ritchy gazed at her. Then he laughed. "I sure hope you mean that, Mom." "Try me," she said, beginning to pant. She lay on the floor with her dress pushed beneath her chin, posing wonderfully naked to her son. "Just try me, Ritchy." He leaned over, moving his hands through the hair of her cunt, making her shiver. Her hips moved upward as the steamy feeling in her body seemed to change her whole personality. From a modest young woman, Roxie became a wanton woman at the mere touch of her son's hand. The transformation was swift, not giving her any time to mentally adjust. She arched her hips high, knees wide apart. She moaned as her son parted the pink wetness of her cunt, staring at it. His fingers pulled at the hairy lips of her pussy, and she felt the deep pulsations increase. She watched his young face as he looked her crotch over, seeing his excitement there. "Mom, I wanna see you piss again," he said, his voice thick. "That's very wicked, Ritchy," she moaned. "You told me to ask." Roxie now understood she had known very little about her son. But the thought of pissing while her son watched sent lewd ripples of surprising eagerness through her. "You want to see mother ... piss?" she asked, stammering slightly. "You really do?" Rich spread his mother's cunt as wide as he could, leaning down and staring at her crotch, nodding his head. Roxie saw the fiery excitement on his young face. "I will!" she panted. "I'll do it for you, Ritchy!" She moved her hands down, putting them on top of his, helping him to hold her cuntlips spread wide. Drawing her feet up beneath her body, knees held wide apart, she sent a quick spurt of hot piss into the air. Rich groaned as he watched it arc up and then splash downward. Roxie mewled, getting more pleasure from her son watching than in actually pissing. "See?" she panted. "See me piss! See mother pissing!" "Yeah," he grunted hotly. "I told you!" she whimpered. "I told you I'd do it if you ask!" The stream began to slow as the force weakened. When it started dribbling from her cunt, Rich watched it run slowly over the cheeks of her ass, down along the crack. He pushed a hand over her pussy, feeling it. "Now, that's a wet cunt, Mom!" He laughed. Roxie began to giggle. "I guess it is. Wet with piss." "Oh, and pussy juice, too! Piss and pussy juice, Mom! That's a wet cunt!" He lifted his hand, and before she knew what he was going to do, he rubbed it into her face. "Ritchy!" she screamed. "I saw what you did when I was fucking you, Mom," he said, smearing her mouth with his wet palm. "You stuck your finger up your cunt and licked it! This is no different." "But ..." His fingers slipped into her mouth. She tasted her piss and her own pussy juice. Her eyes widened, then closed in passion as she began sucking at his fingers. "You like it, Mom, you really like that," Rich said. He pulled his fingers from her mouth. "That was mean, Ritchy," she said, but the huskiness in her voice and the fire in her eyes told him that she had enjoyed it. He sat down and pushed his pants off his feet, then stood up, his cock in his hand. Roxie looked up at him, understanding his intentions. "No, Ritchy," she said, pushing her feet outward and starting to roll away. "No, don't ..." He grabbed her arm and pulled her back onto her side. "Be still, Mom. You told me anything, so be still." She lay back, wanting to cover her face, feeling embarrassed again. She stared up at his cock, trembling visibly, wanting what he was going to do to her. Rich suddenly sent a hot spurt of piss over her stomach. "Oh!" she gasped, feeling his piss sting and splash over her flesh. Her eyes slitted with steamy pleasure. "Ritchy ... oh, Ritchy!" Grinning down at her, he stepped between her knees, and Roxie drew her feet once again underneath her body, spreading her knees apart. Rich pissed over her cunt, drenching the soft hair. Roxie made slow grinding motions with her hips as his piss spattered her cunt. It felt wonderful, stinging the sensitive lips of her pussy and her clit. He arched his cock and sent hot piss up her stomach and over her tits. Gasping hotly, she cupped her tits and strained them to the hot stream, her nipples tingling. "Piss on me!" she cried out wantonly. "Ohhh, Ritchy, piss on me! Ooooh, that's so hot! Piss on Mother's tits ... piss on Mother's cunt! Piss all over Mother!" Rich laughed in delight as he soaked her from tits to cunt, her body glistening. Roxie was overwhelmed with passion. Her son pissing on her was making her want more and more wicked things done to her. "Ahhhh, piss on Mother!" she panted. "Ooooh, my tits, my cunt! Oooooh, it's good, Rich! Drench me ... drench my naked ass in hot piss!" Her hands flew to her cunt, fingers spreading the swollen lips, then smashing them together. "Piss in my cunt! Ooooh, piss inside Mother's cunt!" Rich thrust his hips forward, spraying the pink flesh of her cunt with a strong stream. Roxie felt it splash against the flesh of her cunt, then she let out a scream. "I don't believe it! I'm coming!" Her cunt was pulsating with contractions, and her son watched as she came. Roxie twisted her ass. Her eyes were wild with heat, mouth gaping in surprise. Her body trembled as her orgasm faded, her ass thumping weakly against the floor. She lay in sprawled lewdness, her son laughing in pleasure above her. Roxie felt as if she wanted to blush, yet she was unable to. Her body quivered with excitement even after her orgasm. "What are you going to do now?" she asked when he stepped over her body, straddling her. "Something you want, Mom." Roxie looked up between her son's thighs, at his balls and cock. A blush came over her, spreading over her face until it was pink. "Not that, Rich!" she protested weakly. "I've never done that before! Please, not that!" Rich squatted above her stomach, knees apart. Despite her pleas, she could not take her eyes off his crotch. His balls hung down, his cock was half hard. When he lifted his balls, she saw his asshole, and her blush became deeper. "What do you mean, not that, Mom?" he asked. "How do you know what I'm gonna do?" "I know," she whispered. "You said anything, Mom." "But I ... Rich, I didn't know you'd make me do that. I've never done it before." "Mom, you don't know what I'm gonna do." "Yes, I know," she whispered. "You're going to put it in my mouth." "And you're gonna love it," he said. "No, I won't." "You're gonna suck it anyway, Mom. You told me you'd do anything and I wanna put it in your mouth." He moved his crotch toward her face. Roxie stared warily, unable to stop him. She put her hands on the insides of his thighs. Her cunt began to steam again. His cock was very close to her face. She moaned, pushing her tongue out and touching the tip of his cock with it. The smoothness of his cockhead on her tongue felt good. Looking up at his face, she opened her mouth wide for him. "I knew you would!" He laughed, then lowered the head of his cock. Roxie tasted his cock, then closed her eyes. The feel of his cock in her mouth, the way it made her lips tingle as she closed them around it, excited her more than she expected. She curled the tip of her tongue around the smooth head, licking it, tasting it. Remembering that he had just had his cock inside her cunt, then pissed on her, made her shiver. The taste was strange, the feeling unusual. She had her hands on his inner thighs, her fingers near his balls. Leaning forward, Rich pushed his cock into his mother's mouth until her lips were smashed against the wiry hairs, his balls nuzzling against her chin. With her mouth full of her son's cock, Roxie looked up at his face, seeing his pleasure. "Mmmm, Mom! That's nice!" he moaned. "Ohhh, your mouth, Mom!" Roxie made a purring sound deep in her throat as she felt his cock starting to stiffen in her mouth. As it grew, she licked at it. The head of his cock stretched toward her throat, and she was surprised that it didn't choke her. "Suck me, Mom!" Rich gasped. "Oh, suck my cock!" Seeing that she could move her head, Rich lifted, dragging his cock along her lips. Roxie clutched him tightly, clamping her lips around his cock, feeling the sliding friction. She stared at his face when he began to thrust into her mouth. Her lips tingled and burned in a pleasant manner, becoming puffy around his cock. She ran her tongue over it, twisting and licking. His cock was so hot, so hard, and the way it throbbed in her mouth sent a delicious rippling delight through her flesh. "Mmmmmm!" she moaned. Sliding her hot palms along his thighs, over his hips to his ass, she palmed his sweaty asscheeks, caressing them, as her son pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. His balls felt so hot when they smashed against her chin. Rich looked down at her face, watching her lips stretch about his cock. "Ahhh, Mom, suck it!" he moaned. "Suck it hard, Mom! Ooooh, your mouth is so wet and hot, just like your cunt, Mom!" The comparison of her mouth to her cunt pleased her, and Roxie sucked hard on his cock when he withdrew, her tongue pushing the pulsating shaft to the roof of her mouth. She squirmed her ass on the floor, the heat between her legs becoming very intense. Roxie mewled, surprised to find that she enjoyed the feel and taste of his cock. Her tongue could not lick fast enough at times. He dripped pre-come on her tongue, and she loved the slipperiness of it, swallowing when she had to. She kept gazing up at his face, watching his expression. Being seen by her son this way, with a hard cock in her mouth, excited her. It was so lewd, so wicked. Rich was panting as he plunged his cock into her mouth, and Roxie was breathing noisily through her nose. His swollen cockhead was so smooth and tasty, and she felt as if her flesh was shivering from hot flashes. The way her cunt was reacting was a pleasant delight, the lips swelling, her clit bulging, hot juices seeping down to the crack of her ass. "Oh, Mom, you make my cock so fucking hard!" Rich gasped. "You make my cock hard and my balls hot! Ooooh, Mom, suck my cock! Suck my cock with your hot, wet mouth!" Clutching the cheeks of his ass, squeezing them, she closed her lips as tightly as she could around the throbbing shaft of his cock, wanting to cry out to him, to urge him to fuck her mouth. But that would mean releasing his cock, and she didn't want to stop sucking his hard, sweet cock. It seemed to be swelling in her mouth, doubling in size, the heat becoming more pronounced. It became so hard that she was sure it had become a steel beam. She ran her tongue swiftly over his dripping piss-hole each time he withdrew, sucking up the juices, then letting her tongue slide along the shaft as he pushed inward. Each time she felt the head of his cock touch the back of her throat, she thought she would come, her cunt oozing more juice and her clit becoming harder. Roxie began to pump and gyrate her hips. The feel of an approaching orgasm was very strong between her satiny thighs. She began to moan and whine around his cock, holding his pumping ass tighter. As he pulled his cock back, she tried to hold it inside her mouth. But Rich began pumping excitedly, his cock almost leaving her clenched lips before it plunged back in to her throat. Roxie gave muffled cries of rapture. She was so excited to suck on her son's cock that her cunt was on fire. She was acutely aware of the faster speed, of the hotter friction, of the increased swelling, and of his hot gasps of ecstasy. But she was not aware that he was about to come. She thrust her ass up and down, legs scissoring open and closed, her asscheeks becoming very tight. Her cunthole seemed to expand, then tighten up. As she felt herself about to come, she darted her face back and forth on his cock as Rich plunged in and out of her mouth. She began to squeal, her fingers digging into his ass desperately. "Mom! Ohhhh, Mom! Yes, suck it, Mom!" She felt his body stiffen, his thighs pressing against her head. Sucking in a frenzy, her ass churning, Roxie moaned and sobbed with rapture. Roxie flung her knees outward, her cunt pulsating with wet heat. Ritchy pulled his cock back, but she held on with a tight-lipped suction, refusing to let it go. "Mom!" Rich screamed, panic in his voice. But Roxie paid no attention to him. She was not thinking of anything but the wild tight heat in her cunt, of the clenching of her pussylips, of the rumbling orgasm that was there on the surface. "Mom!" Hot fluids gushed across her tongue. Roxie's eyes flew open, seeing her son's face twisted with agonizing ecstasy. Hot come juice boiled out of his cock in rapid squirts, her mouth filling before she realized that he was coming in her mouth. The taste of his juices, the way it spewed from his cock against her throat, sent Roxie's cunt into a shattering convulsion. She came in hot waves of spasms, clutching the head of her son's cock with tight lips as he spurted over and over into her mouth. Jizz seeped from the corners of her lips, smearing her chin. Chapter 5 Rich pulled his cock from his mother's mouth. Roxie moaned as his limp cock came out with a soft sucking sound. As he settled lightly on her upstanding tits, Roxie swallowed. She looked up at him, almost dazed by what happened, her cheeks glistening with come juice, lips sparkling wetly. Rich gazed down at her, and Roxie looked at him for a long moment, feeling his ass on her naked tits. Then she lowered her gaze to his cock and balls. The tip of her tongue moved from her mouth slowly, then over her lips. She tasted his juices on them, and her eyes seemed to take on a lusty glaze. As her son watched, she stuck her tongue out, trying to lick the jizz off her cheeks. "Ooommm!" she mewled, tasting his juices. "I'm sorry, Mom," Rich said softly. "I didn't mean to come in your mouth." Roxie gazed up at him. Her lips were still swollen, giving her the look of a woman feeling intense passion. She pulled her hands along his thighs, her eyes following them as she caressed his young flesh. "Rich, it was my fault. I should have known it would happen." She glanced up at his face, then back to his thighs. She looked very shy at the moment. "I felt you getting bigger, thicker. And I was very hot, Rich, very, very hot. I've never done that before, never. It's important that you understand that. It's important to me that you are the first one I've ... sucked off." He grinned. "Then it was okay, Mom?" Roxie could not resist a little giggle, squirming her naked ass on the floor. "So far, I love it. You surprised me with what you want to do to me, though." "Then it's okay if I come in your mouth?" Roxie's eyes took on a twinkle as she grinned up at him. "Of course it's okay. In fact, it wasn't so bad." "Wasn't so bad? Mom, you wouldn't turn my cock loose." "Well," she said, flushing shyly. "It was sort of nice, I guess." Rich scooted along her body until he was sitting on her stomach, grabbing her firm tits in both hands. "Nice?" He laughed, squeezing her tits. "Come on, Mom. Admit it--you loved it. I saw how you sucked my cock. You really sucked it, and I mean like you loved every fucking minute of it." "I did not," she replied, slapping at his hands in a playful way. "Bullshit! You love to suck my cock, Mom!" he insisted, pulling on her nipples. "Okay, I did!" she squealed as he twisted her nipple. "Stop pulling on my nipples, you wonderful guy. I loved sucking your cock, okay? There, I admit it. I loved to suck it, and you taste so good. You tasted sweet and hot when you came in my mouth, and guess what? It made me come, too!" "See? I knew you loved to suck my cock, to have me come in your fucking mouth, Mom." She smiled happily. "I guess I do have a fucking mouth, don't I? I guess it's a cocksucking mouth, huh?" Rich squeezed her body between his knees, pressing her tits together, then pushing them apart. He pinched her nipples, pulling on them, stretching them. Roxie cooed and writhed as he played with her body, enjoying it very much. She felt the head of his cock brush beneath her tits. She pulled on his cock, making him gasp. Her other hand curled around his balls, then giggling in wicked pleasure, she gently pulled on them, too. Her son laughed as he kept pulling and twisting her nipples, making her gurgle and writhe as she tugged on his cock and balls. Then he scooted toward her head, his eyes taking on a gleam. "Rich, you're not going to ..." she gasped, staring at the tip of his cock. "Sure I am, Mom," he said, lifting his cock. "You loved it earlier, and I gotta piss again." "But that was ... oh, Ritchy, it's going to be in my face!" Roxie stared at his piss hole. "Watch, Mom. Watch my cock." Piss came out of his cock slowly, hot on her stomach. Roxie drew in her breath, feeling herself become excited again. His hot piss ran over her stomach, then he began to piss harder. She stared at the head of his cock as the stream crept up her body, then between her tits. Rich moved his cock, and sprayed the soft, satiny flesh of her tits, then over her nipples. Roxie dipped her chin, watching her tits become soaked in her son's hot piss. She began to pant softly, and her hands moved to her tits, running over them as he pissed on her. She started cooing as she washed her tits in his hot piss, feeling it run down her neck and over her shoulders. She glanced at his face as she washed her tits. She clamped her thighs together, the pressure upon her cunt and clit bringing a delighted moan from him. Looking back at his cock, she licked her lips slowly. The stream was moving toward her neck, and just as she had thought, he was going to piss in her face. "Rich ..." She felt it burn on her chin, making a feeble attempt to get her face out of the way. His piss moved upward, and Roxie closed her eyes. She moaned softly as her lips burned and stung as he pissed on them. Her cunt was throbbing and swelling as she began to pulsate with wicked passion. "Right in your face, Mom!" Rich laughed excitedly. "I'm pissing in your fucking face, and you love it! I can feel you shaking, Mom! And look how hard your nipples are!" He ran his other hand behind his back and felt her cunt. Roxie spread her thighs so he could get a good feel. "Ahhh, and your cunt, Mom! Oooh, what a hot fucking pussy you have! Don't tell me you don't like it when I piss in your face!" Her dress, bunched at her neck, was now soaked in her son's piss, and she was drenched in it from her ribcage to her forehead. With a moan, she clutched his hips, squirming her ass passionately. Then, with a feverish cry, she moved his hand away from his cock, grasping his prick, then her head lifted, taking the full force of his hot piss into her face. It spattered against her lips and cheeks and nose as she turned her face from side to side. Very slowly, she parted her lips, and tasted his hot piss. A shudder rippled through her, and she stuck out the tip of her tongue, tasting his piss eagerly. "Ahhh, Mom!" Rich gasped, watching her. With a hot cry, Roxie opened her mouth wide and held his cock. Her mouth was filled, overflowing, piss running down her chin and over her cheeks. The hot taste sent a shivering excitement through her. With a liquid gurgle, Roxie thrust her ass upward as her son stabbed his fingers up her cunt. Wildly, she began to swallow, gulping wetly. Her cunt exploded around her son's buried fingers, and she began to come in tight heat. Her pussy clutched and squeezed his fingers as spasms swept through her. Roxie struggled to push her mouth onto his cock, but the stream was slowing, losing force. When piss dribbled from his cock along her tits and then her stomach, she felt her flesh glowing, her face radiant in glistening wetness. "Mom," Rich said softly as he got to his feet. "You're fun." After he had gone, she lay there, wondering about herself again, why this was happening to her after all these years. She had no answers, and she wasn't sure she wanted answers. Sitting up, she pulled her wet dress over her head. She ran her hands over her body, feeling the wetness of her son's piss on her flesh. She stood up, her legs weak and shaky. Picking up her dress, she walked slowly down the hall. Passing the bathroom just as her son stepped from the shower, she glanced in. Rich grinned at her, toweling his chest. She looked at his cock and balls, and gave in to the impulse. Giggling, she stuck her tongue out at him playfully, throwing her dress at him. Rich dodged, laughing. "You silly boy!" She giggled. "Pissing in Mother's face that way! You should be ashamed of yourself!" "I'm not, Mom." "I know you're not, and neither am I." She turned her back to him, jutting out her shapely ass teasingly. "Nice ass, Mom." "Hot ass?" she questioned. "One very hot ass!" He laughed. Roxie spread the cheeks of her ass with her hands. "Yes, it is a hot ass, baby." Rich gazed at her spread asscheeks, seeing her asshole. "Mom, if you wanna get that hot ass kissed, just say so." Roxie stood up, looking over her shoulder at him. "Not until I get cleaned up, you won't." "Then you better hurry!" He giggled, shaking his cock and balls at her. "Ohhh, I will!" she mewled, and skipped into her room. By the time she finished her bath, Rich was sitting on her bed, watching her through the open door. She glanced at him, drying her body with a fluffy towel. Lifting her foot to the rim of the tub, her back toward him, she leaned over, running the towel over her slim legs. She knew he was watching her, looking at her ass. Shivering slightly, she swayed her ass as she leaned over. Rich looked at his mother's ass with excitement swelling inside his naked body. He stood up and moved into the bathroom with her. Roxie looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Can't wait for me, can you?" "Don't move, Mom," he said in a thick voice, dropping to his knees behind her naked body, his hands sliding up her creamy thighs to her hips, over the cheeks of her ass. "Stay just the way you are." "I'm not moving," she whispered. Rich caressed his mother's ass, feeling the backs of her long, slender thighs from knees to ass. Roxie began to breathe faster, and a low whimper came from her as she felt his lips brushing against her thighs. "Ohhh, baby!" she moaned, leaning over with her hands on the rim of the tub. Rich kissed up and down the backs of his mother's thighs. His cock was erecting to full hardness. Roxie saw it between her legs, and she stared hotly as it jerked and throbbed. His lips seared her flesh, making her tingle. She had never been kissed on her thighs before. She squealed softly when her son sucked at her flesh, then dragged his hot, wet tongue up her thighs to the cheeks of her ass. She squealed softly as he sucked at her asscheeks, his tongue swirling. A gasp came from her when her son's tongue slipped along the hot surface of her ass, licking into the crack. Her eyes widened when she felt the tip of his tongue probe the tight pucker of her asshole. "Rich!" she moaned softly. "Oh, my God, baby!" Rich buried his face into his mother's ass, licking wetly and rapidly at her asshole. Roxie squirmed and twisted, pushing her ass into his face, gripping the rim of the tub tightly while standing on one trembling leg. "My ass!" she whimpered. "Honey, that's my ass! Ooooh, baby, that's Mother's asshole you're licking!" He grunted, sucking at her asshole with hot lips and pushing his tongue against the crinkle. "It's your hot ass, Mom! Your hot ass! I wanna lick it ... lick your asshole!" "Oh, God, yes!" she cried, twisting her ass against his face, stretching one hand between her legs to grab his hard cock. "Ooooh, lick it, baby! Ahhh, you make Mother's ass so fucking hot! Lick my ass ... lick Mother's ass!" She braced herself as best she could, squirming her ass against his face as he licked at her clenching asshole. When he pushed his tongue far between her legs and under her ass, dragging it along her cunt, Roxie let out a wail of pleasure. She made a gulping sound as his tongue slipped along the slit of her hairy cunt, then across her fiery asshole, then back again. "Oh, not inside!" she gasped as she felt him press the tip of his tongue hard at her asshole. "Baby, don't stick your tongue inside mother's asshole!" He gripped her hips, pressing his face as hard as he could into the crack of her ass, his tongue wiggling for entrance. Roxie squealed loudly, straining her ass hard into his face. She felt her son's lips burn around the ring of her asshole, his wet tongue making her tingle. "Oooooh, Rich, that's wonderful!" she sobbed. "Ohhh, yes, it's wonderful! Ahhh, lick me, Rich! Lick Mother in the ass, lick me in the hot ass!" But as hard as he tried, he could not thrust his tongue up his mother's asshole. Both of them strained to get it in her ass, but her asshole was just too tight. With his tongue licking and his mouth sucking at the pucker, her cunt was dripping pussy-juice along her inner thigh. "Rich, your cock, baby! Ohhh, your cock, honey! Use your cock!" Overwhelmed with passion, he pulled his face out of her ass, getting to his feet behind her. When she felt his cock rub into the crack of her ass, Roxie began to gasp and move against him. She felt the round, swollen head of his prick pushing at her asshole. Holding her breath, she felt his cock ramming against her asshole. "Mom, my cock is up your ass!" Roxie's eyes widened, her asshole was stretched so widely that she couldn't believe it. She felt her son's cock fill her asshole so full, yet all she felt was wild elation. "Rich, baby ..." Her asshole gripped around his cock, pulling it inward. Rich pushed his cock into her watching the ring of her asshole clutch his cock. The more he shoved into her, the more Roxie wanted. "Do it!" she hissed. "Oh, please, up my ass! Rich, I want you to fuck my ass! Fuck me up the ass, baby! Oooooh, God, fuck Mother in the ass!" With her fingers gripping the rim of the tub, she lowered her foot to the floor, spreading her feet wide apart and pushing her ass to him. Her son clutched her hips and stabbed inward. The depth of his cock into her asshole brought a squeal from her. She felt his balls smash on her hairy cunt, then he was pumping into her asshole vigorously. The friction of his cock inside her shitter brought sobs of amazing ecstasy from her. The pull of his cock made her asshole grip it. "Ohhh, my ass, my ass!" she moaned in rapture. "Ohhh, baby! My ass is on fire! You make Mother's ass so fucking hot! Fuck me, Rich! Fuck me in the ass! Ahhhh, I didn't know ... didn't think this would be so good!" "You're tight, Mom!" he grunted. "And your cock is so fucking big!" He began fucking hard, making fleshy slaps upon her grinding ass. "Ohhh, baby!" Roxie gasped, "Oh, Rich! God, that's wonderful! Oooooh, yes, baby! That's the way to do it! That's the way to fuck Mother! Ahhhh, that's perfect! Fuck me, Rich! Fuck Mother's ass, Mother's hot ass!" Roxie sobbed, her asshole burning and tingling, the quick stabs of his hard, hot cock driving her wild. The sensations she felt in her asshole, the wild ecstasy of feeling it stretched around his throbbing cock, sent her mind reeling. His cock felt so big and thick and long. Yet the rapture was so intense, so beautiful that she knew she would take her son's cock up her asshole time and again. Once more she had discovered an unknown pleasure with her son. "Rich, it makes my tits swell!" she gasped, making an effort to get her ass higher. "This makes my tits so hard and swollen! And my cunt ... I can't believe how hot it makes Mother's cunt. But all the sensation is in my asshole, baby! Oooooh, and what sensation! I love it! Oh, God, do I love that big cock in my ass!" Rich was moaning, listening to her cries of rapture, feeling the squeezing tightness of her asshole around his cock. He watched her naked, uplifted ass dance and churn, feeling the squeezing tightness of her asshole. He felt his balls slap against her juicy cunt, his hands moving in feverish delight over her creamy smooth asscheeks and thighs. He spread his mother's ass open, then pressed the cheeks together around his cock. Roxie was straining, feeling as if her eyes were bulging from her head. She trembled as the pleasure grew, heat sweeping through her nakedness from head to toe. She sobbed, gripping the rim of the tub as she pushed her fiery ass against him as hard as she could. Her son's cock felt as if it went to her throat, filling her body completely. "Rich!" she cried. "This is going to make me come! I don't believe it, but you're going to make Mother come! Ooooh, getting your cock, your hot, hard cock, being fucked in the ass by your sweet cock, is going to make Mother come!" "Your cunt, Mom!" he grunted, ramming hard. "Everything!" she wailed. "Ohhhh, everything is going to come! My cunt, my asshole ... everything!" Rich began to gasp, feeling her asshole clutching his cock tighter as his mother began to tremble. Roxie gritted her teeth, eyes clamped tightly closed. She pushed her hot, naked ass hard onto her son's cock, the ring of her shitter closing about the base of his cock. The pulsations of her orgasm started, and Roxie began to scream. When her orgasm erupted, her mouth opened and her scream became an ear- piercing wail. Her cunt began to throb with tight contractions, making her asshole squeeze his cock in gripping waves. Rich wailed in delight. The orgasm rippling through her seemed to make her asshole suck on his cock, and Rich could not take it any longer. A wild grunt came from him as he spurted hot juices into his mother's asshole. The rapid squirts sent Roxie into a shuddering ecstasy, increasing the power of her overwhelming orgasm. Her legs became weak, threatening to give way. As her asshole filled with the hot spurts of her son's come juice, she was sure she could taste it in her throat. Chapter 6 Turning onto her back and gazing at the ceiling, Roxie was amazed at how good she felt. She didn't feel frustrated. She looked at her son sleeping peacefully at her side. He was so young, yet he knew so much. He seemed to know instinctively what excited her, what made her cunt hot. Looking at his body, she saw where his cock made an appealing lump beneath the sheet. Her cunt began pulsating with the now-familiar feeling of an approaching orgasm. Sliding her hand between her thighs, she rubbed lightly, feeling the soft hair and hot flesh as she stared at his cock. She pressed her palm against her pussy and mewled softly. She swung her exquisite legs over the side of the bed and stood up. Humming softly, she bathed and groomed herself. Wearing a light robe, she brewed coffee, leaning against the sink and still thinking of all that had happened to her in such a short time. She was on her second cup of coffee when her son came in, yawning and stretching, still naked. Roxie grinned at him, her face looking radiant. She watched him pour a glass of milk and swallow it in one gulp. "Is that all you're going to have for breakfast?" she asked. "Somehow I think you're going to need your strength." "I'll eat later, Mom," he replied. "Why the robe?" "I just put it on," she said. "But I'll take it off if you want. It's just that I'm not used to walking around the house naked." "Mom," Rich said, stepping behind her and shoving his hands beneath her robe to fondle her lovely tits, "you've got to get used to a lot of different things. That was my old mom, and you're my new mom." "I'll take it off," she whispered. "You know I want to make you happy." "You make my cock happy," he said, leaning down and kissing her check. "And you make my balls hot, too." Roxie mewled softly. "Oh, I love to make your balls hot. I wonder if there's such a thing as a happy cunt? If there is, then your mother sure has a happy pussy. I think I have a happy asshole, too." "See what I mean about my new mom?" He laughed. "I'm not sure." "Did you hear what you said, Mom?" For a moment she looked puzzled, then she began to blush. "Oh, that just came out!" She clamped a hand over her mouth and looked up at him shyly. "Sure it did, Mom, and that's nice. I like to hear you talk that way. Yesterday, you only said those words when I had you so hot, but today you say them with no problem." Roxie writhed her ass on the chair, her blush fading. Rich opened her robe, and began to fondle her nipples. She leaned back against his body, eyes closing, as a sensuous heat began to spread through her. "Nice tits, Mom," he said, stretching her tits by pulling on her nipples. "You have prettier tits than most girls my age. In fact, your body is better than most of them." The lips of her cunt swelled, moisture beginning to seep from the slit. Moving a hand behind her chair, then to his leg, she felt his cock stiffening. Wrapping her fingers around it, she began to pump her fist. The position was awkward, but she wanted to feel his cock as he fondled her tits. She felt her palm become slippery with his dripping wetness. "Want a blow job this morning, baby?" she whispered. "Mother will give you a nice blow job if you want." He grinned down at her tilted face, squeezing her tits. "If I can keep playing with your tits, Mom, you can suck my cock." "Mmm, play all you want," she mewled, turning in the chair, her robe parting to show her thighs. Spreading her thighs around his, she turned loose of his cock and watched it stand upright in hardness. Purring softly, she ran her hands behind his ass, fondling his asscheeks as she eyed his cock. Darting her tongue out, she flicked the tip at his piss-hole, tasting his precome hungrily. She looked up at him, cupping his ass. "Play with Mother's tits, baby. Mother is going to suck this beautiful hard-on ... suck your fucking hot balls off!" Rich had to lean down a bit to keep his hands on her tits, as Roxie smeared her face with the juices that were seeping from his piss-hole. Quickly, she wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and caressed it with her tongue. The way he fondled her tits, pulled and twisted her nipples, added to her eagerness to suck him off. Shivering in pleasure, she pushed her mouth down onto his cock, the sliding heat making her lips tingle deliciously. Pushing her tongue hard against his cock, she made her mouth very tight. Rich moaned, his ass trembling in her palms. Roxie purred, sucking upward on his cock. Reaching the tip, she swirled her tongue in wet circles over the smooth head. She sucked on his piss-hole, drawing his sweet juices into her mouth. She sucked so hard that Rich lifted onto his toes, moaning with ecstasy. Roxie shoved her mouth down onto her son's cock, feeling his balls nuzzling against her chin. She breathed deeply, her body trembling with pleasure. As she filled her mouth with his cock, her lips writhing around the base of his cockhead pushed into her throat, she felt her cunt pulsating. She wanted to smash her cunt against him, rub it furiously on his leg as she sucked greedily on his cock, but he wanted to play with her tits. What Rich wanted, she gave him. Bobbing up and down, she sucked and licked. The hard head of his cock in her mouth made her flesh ripple with goosebumps of pleasure. The throb of his cock excited her, the way it tasted and felt inside her mouth and on her tongue. She knew she was pleasing him by the way his ass bunched and tightened in her palms. Sliding her mouth up and down his cock, Roxie felt almost desperate to have him gush into her mouth, to fill it to overflowing with his hot, sweet come juice. Her cunt was so wet that she was sitting in a small puddle of juice. Her clit pushed out in straining hardness, feeling as swollen as his cock. When her son pushed his cock into her mouth as she went down on it, she gripped his ass to hold his prick deep in her mouth for an exciting moment. It almost took her breath away with thrilling pleasure. "Mmmmmm!" she whimpered hotly, bobbing her mouth rapidly on his cock, becoming very greedy. "Oooommmmm!" "Mom! Oh, Mom!" Rich groaned. "You're sucking so hard, Mom! Ooooh, you're gonna suck my fucking balls off, Mom!" "Mmmmm!" she whimpered. She sucked as hard as she could, pulling up on his cock with tight lips, her tongue pressing it to the roof of her mouth. She wanted to suck his cock as best as she could. Ramming down, smashing her hot lips against the base of his prick and into his wiry hair, she twisted her mouth as she sucked upward. "Mom, you're about to get a mouthful!" Rich groaned. "It feels so good, Mom, I hope I don't start pissing!" Roxie gobbled at his cock in a frenzy, wanting to taste his come in her mouth so much that it was all she could think about. Her tongue swirled and licked, her cheeks sucking inward. "I'm gonna come!" Rich shouted. "Ohhh, Mom! I'm gonna come in your cocksucking mouth, your hot, wet, cocksucking mouth!" As soon as he shouted, Roxie tasted the first spurt of his hot come juice. With a squeal, she began to gulp his come juice down, sucking his cock frantically. Her cunt swelled, then it seemed to burst with a rippling orgasm that sent her ass to twisting on the chair. The burning jizz spewed across her tongue and down her throat. She pulled her lips up, wrapping them around the head of his cock, her tongue lapping rapidly at his piss-hole. This time, none of his come juice seeped past her lips. She swallowed it all in a liquid, gulping sound, coming with powerful contractions that made her rub her cunt as hard as she could against the chair. As he finished coming in her mouth, Roxie sucked on his piss-hole as if wanting more of his hot, sweet juices. She cupped his ass tightly, pulling his cock back into her mouth, and holding his cock there as it softened. When she let his cock drop from her mouth, she looked up at him with sparkling eyes. She giggled softly. "Was I better today than yesterday?" "Much better, Mom," he replied huskily. "You almost did what you said you were gonna do--suck my balls off." "My pleasure, baby." She licked his cock with a flick of her tongue. "Any time. But ... I need to fuck now. I came when you did, but Mother's cunt is so hot, so very hot, it needs that wonderful cock in it." He lifted his limp cock, waggling it. "I don't think I can get it in your pussy right now, Mom." "I can take care of that." She grinned lewdly, dragging her tongue along his cock. "Remember what you did to me in the bathroom yesterday? I mean, with my ass?" He nodded. "Well, it felt so good, I want you to know how good it feels, too." "You wanna lick my ass, Mom?" "Look at my cunt," she said, spreading her knees wide. "See how hot and wet it is? I'm so hot, I want to taste your ass, suck and lick your asshole." "I thought you wanted to get fucked!" He laughed. "I will get fucked, Rich. I know I can make your cock hard if I suck your asshole," she murmured, a faint flush creeping on her cheeks at her lewdness. She turned him around and looked hotly at his ass. She moved her hands over his asscheeks, spreading them apart, peering at the pucker of his asshole. She put her hand on the small of his back, pushing gently until he was leaning over, hands on his knees to brace himself. Roxie ran her fingers into the crack of her son's ass, feeling the smoothness and heat of it. She touched his asshole with a fingertip, watching it clench tightly. Moving closer, she licked along the cheek of her son's ass, tasting the smooth flesh. Then she probed his asshole with the tip of her tongue. "Ahhh, Mom!" Rich moaned. "I see why you loved it so much yesterday! Ooooh, lick my ass, Mom! Lick my asshole!" Roxie began to pant as she pressed her lips around her son's asshole, feeling the heat of it. She opened her mouth and began to suck hard, her tongue darting and licking. She held his hips, pulling his ass tightly against her face. Her tongue swirled in circles against his asshole, feeling it clench. But sucking on his asshole wasn't enough for her. She pulled back, gazing at his puckered asshole. "I'm going to stick my tongue in it, baby!" she panted. "I'm going to stick my tongue up your asshole! I want to tongue-fuck your hot asshole!" Rich grabbed the cheeks of his ass, spreading them as wide apart as he could. Mewling in passion, Roxie buried her mouth into his ass again, her tongue pushing at his asshole. She strained, and her tongue penetrated her son's shitter. Rich gasped as she began to thrust her tongue back and forth. Her hand moved past his hip, and she moaned, feeling his cock hardening. She began jacking on his cock as she rammed her tongue in and out of his asshole, making Rich moan and twist in ecstasy. She felt his asshole clench on her tongue, his cock swelling quickly in her jerking hand. "Mom, Mom! Ohhh, Mom!" Rich moaned, pressing his ass hard into her face. "Ahhh, you could make me come this way, too! Ooooh, jerk my cock, Mom! Suck my asshole!" Roxie sucked feverishly as she plunged her tongue in and out of his asshole. His cock became very swollen now. Her hand became slippery with his dripping juices, and her other hand moved up between his legs to grasp his hot balls. His asshole clutched her tongue almost too tightly for her to thrust it in and out. But in her hunger, she plunged it as deep as it would go, her lips smashed around the crinkling pucker. She pulled her tongue out of his ass, then, still clinging to his cock, she turned him around. She lapped at his piss-hole as she looked up at his face. "Now it's hard, baby, and I want it up my cunt." Roxie stood, shifting her ass to the edge of the table, then sitting on it, spreading her legs wide. "Fuck that cunt, Rich! Fuck it right here and fuck it hard!" Rich moved between his mother's legs. Roxie grasped his cock once again and quickly stuffed the swollen head into her pussy. With a low whimper of pleasure, she began to wiggle on the table as her son grabbed her tits, plunging his cock in and out of her cunt swiftly. But she was frustrated because she couldn't get it deep enough. She leaned back, and Rich grabbed her hips. Roxie managed to get her feet on two chairs, and with the added leverage, she began to thrust her ass up and down, her cunt sliding on his cock, smashing her crotch as hard as she could against him. "Ohhh, baby! Ram that cock hard! Fuck Mother's hot, wet cunt! Fuck me, fuck me, Rich! Ooooh, beautiful! So fucking beautiful! Stab that hard cock up Mother's cunt ... smash my fucking hot cunt!" Rich held her thighs, watching in fascination at the frantic way his mother thrust and whipped her ass about, grinding her cunt around his cock. He saw the hairy lips cling to his cock with a tight grip, her distended clit rubbing along the shaft. Roxie arched, twisting her ass in a frenzy, crying out with steamy rapture. She knew she was being lewd, very lewd, and her son was watching her cunt slide on his cock, and she wanted to be seen, to be watched as she fucked him. "See me!" she panted. "Watch my cunt fuck you, Rich! Ooooh, watch Mother's hot, wet, hairy cunt fuck your sweet cock! See Mother's cunt fuck you? Can you see my pussy suck on your hard, hot cock?" "I see it, Mom!" he moaned. "I can see your cunt fuck me! Ohhh, Mom, fuck me! Make me come in your hot cunt, Mom!" Rich stood still. Roxie's hips kept flying, her cunt darting back and forth on his throbbing cock. She whimpered and sobbed as she churned and tossed her ass up and down. The friction was exquisite. She fucked faster, humping onto his cock with cries of ecstasy. Her cunt clung to his cock as she pulled upward, a soft, wet sound coming from their crotches, her clit poking into view, but as she rammed down, her clit seemed to disappear into her cunt as his cock filled her. "Ohhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck!" Roxie panted. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Rich, fuck me! Ahhhhh ... ohhhh, fuck Mother!" Rich began to ram into her cunt, his balls slapping at her grinding ass softly. Roxie began to cry out, her hips gyrating wildly. Sobbing loudly in rapture, Roxie thrust hard against him. "Now, baby!" she shouted. "Oh, come now! Ooooh, my cunt, my hot cunt!" Rich could not hold back. Her cunt was doing things to his cock that made it impossible for him to hold his come juice back. He groaned and pushed hard, then he began to come into her cunt with a gushing force. Roxie screamed as her orgasm increased in intensity, the hairy lips squeezing his cock, pulling the hot spurts of jizz from his balls. She felt his juices running out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. She fell back onto the table, her cunt still being fucked by his cock, the throbbing waves of hot orgasm steaming through her like scalding liquid. Chapter 7 When he pulled his cock out of her cunt, Roxie was too weak to move for some time. She lay on the table, her legs sprawled lewdly apart, her cunt glistening as the lips pulsated gently. Her ass felt soaked in juices, and she enjoyed the wetness. "You're going to spoil me, Rich," she said, still slightly breathless. "Who's gonna get spoiled?" He laughed, looking at her cunt. "I don't know any guy my age getting so much pussy, Mom. If anyone is getting spoiled, it's me." "We can spoil each other." She smiled wickedly at him. "Now, if you'd do one more thing to me, I'll get cleaned up again, and we can see what kind of mischief we can get into today." "What do you want now, Mom?" "I want you to piss on my cunt," she whispered, spreading her pussy wide with her fingers. "Piss on Mother's cunt, and I'll bet I'll come again! Try it, baby! Piss on Mother's cunt!" Rich looked down at his mother. Roxie writhed her hips as she lay with her feet on the two chairs and her knees propped up. Pulling harder at her cunt, spreading it as wide open as she could, her flesh shivered in exhibitionistic pleasure. "See my cunt, baby?" Roxie mewled hotly. "Oh, look at Mother's cunt, Rich! Want to piss on Mother's cunt? Want to hold your sweet, sweet cock and piss all over Mother's hot, hairy pussy?" Rich grinned at her, waggling his cock about. Roxie made a slow grind with her ass, her fingers almost disappearing inside her cunt to spread it wide for him. Her eyes smoldered, the edge of her passion as strong as ever. Clenching the cheeks of her ass, pushing her crotch as high as she could, Roxie slipped her hands lower and spread her asscheeks apart. "Would you rather piss on Mother's asshole?" she asked, her voice husky with anticipation. "You can piss on Mother any fucking place you want to piss on me, Rich! Ooooh, just piss on me! Piss all over Mother! Piss on Mother's cunt, Mother's asshole, Mother's face!" "You're sure getting to be a hot bitch, Mom." He grinned. "A real hot fucking bitch." "Mmmmm, you're fucking right I am!" she groaned, one hand on her ass, the other back on her cunt. "I'm a fucking hot bitch, baby! A real hot fucking bitch cunt!" Her lewdness fascinated Rich. He gazed at her, seeing the crinkle of her asshole, the fiery slit of her cunt, which was surrounded by soft hairs, glistening with the wetness that made it look so slippery and hot. He grabbed his cock, stepping closer to her. He smashed the head of his cock against his mother's clit. Roxie let out a gasp as a rumble of pleasure flooded her body again. She pressed her clit hard against the head of his cock. "Oooooh, you could almost make Mother come again just by doing that!" she panted. "But I want to feel your hot piss on my cunt, baby!" Rich let out a spurt of piss, watching it spew on his mother's clit. Her fingers and her cunt became drenched, and Roxie gasped softly, her chin tucked down as she watched him. Pulling back, his cock now a foot away from her cunt, he began to piss in a strong stream. The stinging hot spray upon the sensitive lips of her cunt and clit caused Roxie to jerk her ass upward. He pissed hard on her cunt, soaking her inner thighs and her hand, matting her pussy hair to her flesh. She felt it running along the crack of her ass, and her asshole responded with a tight, hot clench. "Ooooh, yes, baby, baby!" she panted. "Ahhh ... oooooh, yes! Piss on Mother's cunt, Rich! Oh. God, yes! Squirt your hot piss all over Mother's fucking hot cunt!" Rich sprayed her crotch copiously, her inner thighs gleaming in his piss now. Her cunt throbbed as his hot piss drenched it, and her hand flew to her tits, darting from one to the other, pulling and twisting on her nipples. "My tits!" she screamed. "Piss on Mother's tits, too!" Rich lifted his cock, pissing up her stomach. Roxie squeezed her tits together, nipples almost touching each other. He pissed on her nipples, making them sting. She felt his piss spatter her chin, then her lips. With a moan, she opened her mouth as wide as possible, and Rich, giggling lewdly, lifted his cock and pushed his hips forward, his piss flying high and right into her open mouth. Roxie gurgled wetly, trying to swallow, her hips gyrating as if she were getting fucked again. Her hands darted swiftly back to her cunt, and she rammed her fingers deep into it, agitating her clit with her free hand. A scream came from her, her cunt exploding into another strong orgasm. The steam slowed and lost force, dribbling down her body until he sent one final gush on her navel. Roxie placed her fingers on her cunt, the slit throbbing in visible pulsations around them. As her orgasm began to fade, she let her ass down, her fingers pulling from her cunt slowly and dragging through her piss-soaked pussy hair. She lay on the table wantonly, arms flung outward, legs still apart, breathing heavily. "See, you did it to me again," she sighed softly. "You made Mother come again. I knew you would. Oh, Rich ... you're so sweet to me!" "You're pretty sweet to me, too, Mom." He smiled. "You did say something about getting into mischief, didn't you?" Sitting up on the edge of the table, she smiled. "Well, maybe mischief isn't the right word. Honey, I would love it if you would ... well, took me out of the house and ... you know, made me do something." Rich stared at her, at first not comprehending. Then he grinned, his eyes becoming bright and sparkling. "Mom, you wanna show your cunt to people?" Roxie giggled nervously. "I think so, but I don't have the nerve, Rich. I need you to make me do it." "Me? Mom, if that's what you want me to do, just do it." "I can't by myself," she said softly, lowering her gaze and blushing. Rich stared at his mother for a long time. "If you don't want to, it's okay," she whispered. "I'd understand, honey. You don't want a mother that exposes her cunt to people." "I don't? Who said so, Mom?" She lifted her gaze to his face. "Do you wanna fuck anyone else, Mom?" She shook her head. "No, only you." "I'm glad you said that," he replied. "I think I'd get jealous if you did. I might feel very jealous if you even wanted to fuck someone else, Mom." "I don't, Rich," she assured him. "You do more than enough for me. I need your cock, not someone else's. It wouldn't be the same." "Okay, we'll do that," he said, grinning. "You better clean up now." After her bath, Rich watched her dress, and Roxie had to search for something appropriate to wear, something that would make it easy for her to expose herself. Her panties were very tight, very sheer, so the hair of her cunt was exposed through them. She pulled on nylons, then she selected a white, sleeveless blouse. She also went braless. The only skirt she could find was a very tight one, discarded a few years ago when she had added an inch to her hips. It hung just above her knees. "Maybe a wider skirt. One that flares out." "You're fine, Mom," Rich said. "I can see the shape of your ass in that skirt, and your legs. You're beautiful." She kissed him. "Thank you." "I hope none of my friends see us," he said as they got into the car. "Why?" she asked. "Mom, they'd tease the shit out of me." She giggled. "I'll make sure it's accidental, honey." "They'd still tease me about seeing your cunt." "It would make me hot, knowing some of your little friends saw my pussy," she said, giggling wantonly. "I bet it would!" He laughed, scooting close to her and darting his hand between her thighs. "It might make me hot, too." "If you don't stop feeling me up, I won't be able to drive." She squirmed against his fingers. "But, Mom, you have such a feelable cunt!" "Not to mention kissable and fuckable?" "Oh, all that, Mom! Most definitely all that!" She gave his balls a squeeze as she got the car moving. Roxie's cunt pulsated with wet anticipation. She pulled into a shopping mall parking area. Crowds of shoppers were everywhere. People were going to and from their cars, and Roxie sat nervously, watching them. "Well?" she said, gripping the wheel. "Do it, Mom," he urged. Roxie glanced at the front of her son's pants and saw his cock stiff against them. She smiled. "You're getting a hard-on I see. You must be enjoying this." He nodded. "Then get out and stand at the back of the car. You can see what I'm going to show, too." When her son stood at the rear of the car, she waited until a man approached the rear of the car parked beside theirs. She flung the door open wide, took a deep breath, then thrust her left foot from the car. Her skirt hiked up to her hips, and the man stopped quickly, eyes widening as he stared up her long legs. Roxie noticed the wide grin on her son's face as she pretended to reach into the car. Her leg lifted. She heard the man gasp. The man nudged Rich. "Hey, kid, is that a nice one or is that nice one?" "Nice cunt," Rich replied. "Yeah, a real nice cunt," he man agreed. Flushing furiously, Roxie pulled her foot back into the car. She sat, her cunt getting wetter, ready to come in her panties. She didn't notice the man get into his car, then look at her with a grin as he backed out. She looked at Rich when he got back into the car, her face flushed. "Did he see?" she whispered. "Yeah, he saw, Mom!" Rich laughed. "We saw your cunt. We saw through your panties. Boy, that was great, Mom!" "I almost came!" she gasped. "I still feel like I might come!" She grabbed her son's bulging cock, squeezing it, not caring if anyone saw her doing it. "Ohhh, Rich, let me suck you now!" she moaned, working at his fly. "I want your cock in my mouth now, baby! Ooooh, I have to suck your cock now!" Rich looked around as his mother leaned over his crotch, gobbling up his cock and sucking in a frenzy as her cunt bubbled with wet heat. Holding his cock as tight as she could between her lips, she slipped her mouth up and down the shaft, from the base to the swollen head, moaning and whimpering with almost mindless ecstasy. As she sucked her son's cock, she imagined people looking at her, watching her suck Rich's hot, hard cock. She squirmed her ass. Rich rested a hand on top of his mother's head, watching her long legs and the edges of her panties as her tight skirt clung to her hips. Gulping in soft, wet sounds, Roxie smashed her lips against the open fly of her son's pants, her lips tight and hot, her mouth sucking in greed, tongue swirling. She swallowed his seeping juices, sliding her tongue across his piss-hole feverishly. Lifting up, she jacked his cock with a tight fist, moaning as her lips brushed against his dripping piss-hole. "Ohhh, Rich, come for me! Come for Mother! Oooh, come in Mother's mouth, baby! I want to eat your hard cock up!" Rich pushed at her head, and Roxie want down on his cock again. Sliding a hand underneath his ass, she squeezed his asscheek as she bobbed up and down, becoming more and more frantic. Rich began to groan and arch his hips, pushing his cock into his mother's hot, wet mouth. Roxie whimpered, sucking his cock as fast and hard as she could move her head. Her throat burned, her tongue tingling, her lips fiery as she clamped them around his cock. "Mom! Ohhh, Mom! I'm gonna come, Mom! I'm gonna come in your hot mouth! Ohhh ... oh, Mom!" Roxie squeezed his ass, urging him upward, burying his pulsating cock as far into her mouth as she could. When he squirted, the hot juices splashing at the back of her throat, Roxie let out a muffled, wet gurgle, her cunt overwhelmed by a hot orgasm. Swallowing as fast as she could as his cock gushed in quick spurts, she darted her hand to her cunt. Smashing her hand hard against her pussy, she strained her hips, the spasms of her orgasm increasing with strength. She came long and hard as her son spurted jizz down her gulping throat. Lifting her head, licking at her lips, she sat up, not bothering to pull her skirt down. "God, what a nice hot load that was!" she mewled, fondling his cock. "Mmmmm, I came, too!" "Got your panties wet, huh, Mom?" He grinned, looking at her nyloned legs. Roxie writhed her ass on the car seat, giggling as she looked around. "I wonder if anyone saw us ... saw me with your cock in my mouth." "Mom, you want someone to watch you suck me off?" he asked, sliding his hand along the satiny flesh of her thigh. "Only by accident," she replied quickly. "I could never do it if I knew they were watching. I couldn't see them." He slipped his hand to her crotch, rubbing gently at the wetness of her panties. "I could get one of my friends to peek in the window," he said, his lips close to her neck. Roxie pushed him away gently. "Not if I know about it, you won't." "I wouldn't tell you." "No, Rich. If you did that, the next time you would want your friend to fuck me. I want to keep this between us. It's you I want, not just fucking." She stuffed his cock back into his pants. "I wouldn't feel the same with someone else." "I'd make sure they left you alone," he promised. "Forget it," she said firmly, driving out of the parking lot. "If we're ever seen, it isn't going to be by arrangement." He sat close to her as they drove home, draping an arm over her shoulder and fondling her tit. "Mmmm, keep doing that, baby," she purred. "And if that cock gets hard, you have to use it when we get home." "Where, Mom?" he asked, pulling and pinching her nipples. "Where do I have to use it?" She flashed an impish grin at him. "Anyplace you want." Chapter 8 Roxie pulled into the garage, pushing the button on the controls to lower the door. She sat in the car as her son pulled her blouse down off her shoulders, exposing her tits. Leaning back, she closed her eyes and enjoyed his fondling hands, her hands resting on his prick, feeling his cock swell and throb. Rich leaned over and pulled a nipple into his mouth, sucking at it. She rubbed and squeezed his cock through his pants, feeling her cunt pulsate, her panties still wet. She pictured her son and the man watching her, and she pressed her cunt to Rich's cupping hand. She worked on his pants, opening them and getting his cock out. Gripping his cock hard, she pumped as he sucked strongly on her nipple. "Put your hand in my panties," she gasped. "Baby, push your hand inside Mother's panties. Play with Mother's cunt, Rich." She gasped in pleasure as he rubbed up and down on her hairy cunt, thrusting her legs wide apart. She felt cramped in the car, but this was how she wanted it. Her fist jerked up and down vigorously on his cock as he sucked her tit and felt her pussy. When she felt him move a finger into her cunt, a pleading whine came from her. "Oh, baby, now!" she whimpered. "Please, now, Rich!" He lifted his head. "Here? In the garage, Mom?" "Please!" she moaned. Pulling his hand from her panties, Rich smiled. "You gotta take everything off, Mom. I mean everything." "You, too," she said feverishly, jerking at her blouse. She watched him hotly as he undressed, dropping his clothing out the window of the car. Roxie removed her blouse, unzipping her tight skirt and pushing it off. When she started to remove her panties, he stopped her. "I wanna take your panties off, Mom," he said hoarsely. She watched him get out of the car, his cock pointing stiffly. He came around the car and to her side. He opened the door, and Roxie turned toward him. She shivered as he moved his hands up her nyloned thighs over her creamy flesh to her hips. When he began to tug her panties down, she lifted her ass, lying across the seat. "Ahhh, Mom! Oh, I like your cunt!" Roxie's legs felt weak as he parted them, her ass hanging over the edge of the seat. She closed her eyes dreamily as he began licking along her nylons, his tongue hot and wet as it reached her naked flesh. She began cooing softly as he lapped along the satiny flesh to her cunt, then along the edges of her pussy slit. She shoved her hands to her cunt, spreading it and arching her hips to him. His tongue moved across her clit, bringing a sharp gasp of delight from her. Rich swished his tongue in hot circles over his mother's clit, stroking her hips and thighs, her quivering stomach, up to squeeze her straining tits. He licked swiftly at her stiff clit for a moment, making Roxie cry out in ecstasy. Then he began licking her cunt, dragging his tongue up and down the wet, hot slit, from the crack of his mother's ass to the tip of her clit. Panting in passion, Roxie pulled at the swollen lips of her cunt, opening her pussy-hole as wide as she could. Rich darted his tongue in, probing at the hot, wet inner flesh. Roxie gasped loudly, shoving her steamy pussy hard into her son's face. "Ahhhh, Rich!" she sobbed, pumping her ass up and down, smearing his mouth wetly. "Ooooh, baby! Oh, yes!" "Hot, Mom!" he moaned into her cunt, pushing his hand beneath her bunching asscheeks. "Hot, wet cunt, Mom! Mmmmmmm, tasty pussy, Mom!" "Suck it!" she wailed, grinding her cunt into his face. "Oh, suck Mother! Suck Mother's cunt! Ooooh, baby, lick my cunt! Eat Mother's hot cunt! Suck the pussy juice out of Mother's hairy, hot cunt!" Rich pushed his tongue into her pussy, then began to stab back and forth. Roxie sobbed. Her hands were on his tits, squeezing and twisting them passionately. She thrilled to the way he held and squeezed her ass tightly as he tongue-fucked her. Lifting her knees and pulling them back, her ass raising upward, she hugged them to her tits. Rich pulled back, gazing at his mother's exposed crotch. He watched her asshole pucker, the swollen lips of her cunt pulsate. With a groan of eagerness, he began to lap up and down again at her crotch, over her asshole and cunt, tongue swirling. He licked at the inside surface of his mother's asscheeks, darted his tongue against her fiery asshole, then licking at her cunt again. Roxie's mind spun with erotic heat, her hips twisting. She held her knees tight against her tingling tits. The way he licked her asshole and cunt made her gasp. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at the same time, yet always centered on her asshole and cunt. Her flesh became fiery hot. Her clit seemed more swollen, more stiff, than ever before. That she was very juicy was obvious by the wet sounds his lips and tongue made. Her moans become louder and sharper as her son tongue-stroked into the satiny flesh of her fiery pussy. Her hips began to jerk uncontrollably, her cunt smacking into his face. Sliding her hands down to her ass and cunt, she spread her crotch as wide open as she could. "Lick it all!" she cried. "Ohhhh, lick Mother's hot ass, right in my fucking hot asshole! Suck my wet cunt ... lick my hot asshole and hot cunt!" Rich thrust his tongue deep into her cunt, then yanked back and plunged it up his mother's asshole. Roxie churned and sobbed. With his tongue moving from her cunt to her asshole, she felt that her son was tongue-fucking into her cunt and asshole at the same time. She felt as if she had a slit from her stomach to the base of her spine, and it was being stuffed over and over by his tongue. Her stomach began to tighten, and she screamed as her cunt steamed with fiery heat, ready to explode with intense orgasm. It felt as if her clit was swelling, expanding, with such heat that it was driving her out of her mind. Suddenly her cunt clutched, clenching in throbbing tightness as she came. Rich began to ram his tongue in and out of her cunt and asshole with quick motions, fucking into her as she came in shaking rapture. Roxie shot her feet into the air, pushing at the roof of the car as her cunt and asshole covered her son's sucking mouth. She gripped the insides of her thighs, crying out in frantic delight. She kept coming for a long time, over and over, her cunt aching with strong pulsations. Roxie was still coming when her son pulled away from her cunt and ass, his cock jerking with raging hardness. Before she knew it, he had rammed his cock into her cunt. The sudden penetration of her spasming pussy brought a wild cry of delight from her. His cock seemed to intensify the already overwhelming sensations she was feeling. The depth of his penetration made her gasp. Her head was flung back on the seat as she arched as hard as she could onto his cock. "Fuck me!" she sobbed in a choking voice. "Oh, my God! Fuck me, Rich! My cunt ... oh, my cunt is on fire!" Grabbing her hips, he rammed into his mother's pussy with quick, hard lunges, his crotch smacking against the swollen lips of her cunt in a fleshy sound. Roxie began to churn and gyrate lewdly, grinding her ass at his thighs as his cock created a searing, wonderful heat inside her clutching cunt. Humping furiously, her hands clawing at her tits, Roxie began to scream. The friction of her son's cock pulling against the grip of her pussy sent chills of ecstasy racing through her heated flesh. Pushing her feet at the roof of the car as hard as she could, Roxie went out of her mind with delirious rapture. Her cunt, even though it was going through contractions, felt so sensitive that she could hardly stand it. Her hips churned and gyrated, screams bursting from her. The pull of his cock when he withdrew made her feel as if it was pulling her cunt inside out. When he plunged into her, it made her choke as if he was ramming his cock all the way to her throat. As he moved his cock back and forth, she burst into orgasm again. Screaming, Roxie arched and rammed her ass against him. Rich, panting heavily, holding her shaking hips, kept plunging into her pussy with relentless strength. "Rich! Baby!" she sobbed agonizingly. "Oh, I can't take any more right now! Ohhh, my cunt, Rich! Please ... wait!" The fucking seemed to be killing her, yet it was such ecstasy that she wanted more and more. Rich kept fucking, and she kept shrieking. Then, suddenly, he yanked his cock out of her cunt. There was an immediate relief, her cunt feeling empty and cooling. But then Roxie let out a sharp yelp as her son plunged his cock up her asshole without warning. He began to fuck her ass with quick strokes. Roxie wailed as his cock filled her asshole, the grip of her ass-ring almost too tight for his cock. "In your ass, Mom!" Rich grunted, smashing into her. "I'm fucking your ass! In your hot, tight asshole, Mom!" "I know!" she choked, her head twisting in a frenzy from side to side as she tried to wrap one leg around the steering wheel and the other over the back of the seat. "I know what you're fucking, baby! Ooooohhh, my asshole ... it's burning up!" Gazing down between her nyloned thighs, Rich could see the clasp of her asshole on his cock, see the pulsations of her hairy cunt. Juices dripped out of her pussy and over the shaft of his cock, making it very slippery. If it weren't for her juices, his cock would have had trouble sliding into her ass because she was so tight at the moment. His cock felt twice the normal size as he rammed in a relentless thrust up her ass. Her eyes opened and closed, faded in fantastic, dreamy passion. She gripped the edge of the car seat. With her head thrown back, neck taut, Roxie was unaware of anything but the exquisite sensations her son's cock was giving her. "Fuck ... fuck me!" she babbled. "Ohhh, fuck Mother ... right up the ass! Ahhh, your cock is so hard in Mother's ass! I love it, Rich! Ohhh, I love it so fucking much!" The wild lunges of his cock set her off again, and she began to come in fiery waves of orgasms, her cunt aching. Her asshole began to suck at his cock as it flexed and clenched, and Rich began grunting. His balls slapped at her ass, feeling full and hot. Gritting his teeth, he pushed as deep as he could into his mother's asshole, his body shaking, then going rigid. Roxie felt the hot spurt of his come juice into her asshole at the same time that she heard him cry out. "I want it!" she sobbed, jerking her ass back. "Mom, wait!" Rich cried frantically. But Roxie pulled off his cock and moved as fast as she could in the cramped space. She turned as her son spurted into the car, catching the head of his cock with her lips, gulping at the squirts of hot come juice, her hands clutching his ass, lips smashed to the base of his prick. She gulped greedily, moaning huskily. "Oh, Mom!" Rich gasped as she sucked his juices down her throat. "Mom ... Mom!" When she knew he was finished, she sat back on her heels, grinning wantonly, licking her swollen lips. "I wanted it in my mouth, honey. I wanted you to come in my mouth so much right then." He grinned. "You got it up the ass, too." "Ooooh, I know!" She giggled lewdly. "Up my ass and in my mouth." "We missed your cunt!" He laughed, tweaking her nipple. "Next time, my cunt, asshole, and then my mouth." "You think we can do that?" he asked, eyes shining. "We can sure try, can't we?" Roxie purred, giving his balls a gentle squeeze. She pushed him back and slid out of the car, sitting on the floor of the garage, looking up at him. "Honey, piss in my face now." "You never get enough, do you, Mom?" He grinned, spreading his feet and holding his cock, aiming it at her face. "Of you?" She grinned, cupping her tits and lifting them. "Never enough of your wonderful sweet cock, baby. I'll never get enough of you. Mmmm, piss in Mother's face!" Rich looked down at her. Her nipples were tilted upward, then he gazed at the curls of her cunt. Her pussy gleamed with wetness. Roxie gazed at his expression, watching his eyes. "Do you like me? Do I look good enough for you, honey?" "Beautiful!" he whispered. "The most beautiful woman in the world, Mom. The most beautiful, hottest, hungriest woman in the fucking world!" "And all for you," she murmured, writhing her hips. "It's all for you, for anything you want of me." Rich pushed his hips forward, lifting his cock. Roxie gazed at the head of his prick, at his piss-hole. She began to breathe faster. She loved the way his balls looked, so full, so hot. She licked her lips, pushing her tits together tighter. "Ahhhh!" Rich sighed, squirting piss over her tits. Roxie gasped, the feel of his hot piss on her tits and hands taking her breath away. She looked down at her tits, seeing his piss pool in the tight cleavage she made. "My nipples!" she mewled. She moaned as his hot piss made her nipples tingle. Rich lowered his cock, pissing on his mother's stomach, then into the soft hair of her cunt. Roxie ran her fingers through the hair of her pussy, then up her stomach again to her tits. Tilting her face upward, her lips looking swollen with passion, she watched the head of his cock as he lifted his prick, his hot piss climbing back up her flesh to her tits, then onto her neck. "Mmmmm, in my face!" she moaned. "Piss in Mother's face!" Rich sprayed her face. Roxie closed her eyes, purring, as he rained his hot piss over her. It stung her lips and chin, her nose. Her lips parted slightly, and Roxie tasted her son's piss. As his hot piss splashed over her tongue, she held her mouth wide open. Rich pissed into his mother's mouth, watching it fill, then flow over her cheeks and down her body. Roxie whimpered as hot piss flooded her mouth, her cunt throbbing with wet heat, her clit straining again. Every inch of her flesh from her face to her cunt was drenched in her son's piss. "Hot bitch! Hot fucking bitch!" "Mmmmmm!" she moaned, thrusting her tongue out to feel his piss spurt on it. Her hips lifted from the floor of the garage as she felt herself about to come again. Her hands moved to her cunt, fingers smashing the soft, hairy lips hard around her bulging clit. As her orgasm swelled to bursting, she felt the force of his piss weaken. Moaning, about to come, Roxie sat up, then closed her lips around the head of her son's cock. He stopped pissing momentarily, then started again. Roxie let out a wet wail, her cunt convulsing in tight spasms. She began to suck at her son's cock, swallowing his hot piss hungrily. Her tongue flicked at his piss-slit, making Rich gasp as he watched her mouth holding his cock so tightly. As her orgasm faded, she opened her eyes and looked up at him, her lips clamped about the head of his cock. Her eyes twinkled as she licked the final beads of piss from his cock. Chapter 9 Roxie sang and danced as she went about her housework. She had never felt so happy in years. She paused, looking out the window at her son who was digging up the flower bed. His back gleamed with sweat, and his young muscles rippled. She found her hips swaying, a smile on her face. There was a dull, aching throb in her asshole, but it was a delicious feeling. Rich had fucked her in the ass the night before until she could take no more. Her asshole wasn't sore, but ached pleasantly. Turning back to her housework, she fantasized about fucking her son while being observed by others. To be seen while fucking her son, or sucking his sweet cock, was a wild turn-on for her. She put the vacuum cleaner away, then with a giggle, she removed her house-dress. In her panties, she walked to the patio door and saw her son resting on a lounge chair, his legs spread over the sides. She looked at his crotch, and she giggled when she saw the bulge of his crotch under his ragged cut-off jeans. Roxie knew it was chancy, but to fuck her son on the patio in the middle of the afternoon was exciting to her. The fence was over six feet high, but there were knotholes everywhere, and anyone could peak into their yard. But that made it more exciting for Roxie. Sliding the doors open, Roxie stood there for a moment. "Need anything I can provide?" Rich grinned at her. "Mom, you mean you're gonna come out here in those panties? You might as well not have them on." She looked pointedly at his crotch. "It's no different than you sitting there with your balls showing." He glanced at his crotch. "Oh, that's not so bad." "I think it's fantastic, honey." She grinned wickedly. "Want me to take my panties off and come out naked?" "Later," he said. "I kinda like seeing you going around in panties, Mom. You look ready to eat. I mean, for me to eat." Roxie stepped to him, touching his balls beneath the frayed edges of his shorts. "Your balls look ready to eat, too," she said softly, sitting in a folding chair, facing him. "You're ready, honey. That must be hard work." "Almost as hard as keeping you satisfied, Mom." Roxie frowned. "Am I too much for you, Rich?" "That was a joke, Mom," he assured her quickly. She looked at him, hoping that he was telling her the truth. She saw he had been joking when his cock started pushing at the front of his shorts. "You know, baby, you've got my asshole throbbing." "Too much cock last night, Mom?" "Never too much cock," she mewled, caressing her thighs, watching the head of his cock appear from the leg-hole of his shorts. "I mean my asshole is throbbing in a nice way. Throbbing because you fucked it so much last night." "Open your legs, Mom." Roxie uncrossed her knees, spreading them apart. Rich gazed at the stretching of her panties, the soft hair exposed along the edges of the crotch band. "You don't care if you're seen, Mom?" She shook her head, eyes glazing. "I don't either." Rich pulled his shorts to one side, his cock lurching free with hardness. "Oh, God, that's beautiful!" Roxie sighed, pushing a hand into her panties and rubbing at her cunt. Rich watched her hand make her panties bulge. "Mom, you can take your panties off now." Without hesitation, Roxie lifted her ass from the chair and peeled her panties down and off. She tossed them at him playfully, and they draped over his cock. She giggled. "Your cock is wearing Mother's panties." "My cock is gonna be wearing your cunt in a minute, Mom." "Oh, you don't like Mother's mouth anymore?" she teased, licking her lips lewdly. "Oh, it'll take that hot mouth, too." "And Mother's asshole?" "Wherever you want to get fucked, Mom." He watched her pull up on her cunt, wetness glistening on the puffy slit. "Mmmmm, everywhere!" she mewled. "You decide," he said, stroking his cock as he watched her. "Well, I could suck that sweet thing, give you a nice blow job," she said in pretended indecision. "That would be wonderful. But then it feels so good in my ass, or my cunt. Honey, it's so hard to decide." "It's hard, all right, Mom," he said, the head of his cock appearing from his tight fist. "I could jack you off," she teased. "Not that, Mom. I stopped jacking off the day you fucked me." "I'm glad. I want that juice on me or in me." "Wanna sit on my cock, Mom?" "Ohhh, what a wicked suggestion!" "Then I guess I'll have to jack off again," he teased, pumping his cock. "Don't you dare!" she exclaimed, getting to her feet. "I'll sit on it. Oh, yes, Mother will sit on that hard cock!" She opened his shorts, then pulled them down. She gazed down at his cock for a hot moment. Then she turned her back to him, squatting above his cock. Reaching between her thighs, grasping his cock, she positioned the swollen head between the lips of her hairy cunt, then eased down onto it. "Ooooh, so good!" she moaned as her cunt stretched around his prick. Rich watched her as she settled on his cock. She sat still, shivering with the fullness. She turned and gazed at his face, her hands on her knees. Her cunt clamped wetly around his cock, squeezing it. "Feel what my cunt is doing to your cock?" "Ahhh, yes, Mom!" She rocked back and forth, feeling his cock throb inside her cunt. Her eyes steamed as she began to lift and lower her ass, the muscles of her thighs tightening. Rich could see his cock slide in her cunt, soft hairs clinging to the wetness of his cockshaft. He placed a hand on her asscheek, cupping it as he kept caressing her thigh. "Can you see your cock in Mother's cunt?" she asked, gasping softly. He nodded. Roxie kept lifting and lowering her ass, her cunt sliding on his hard throbbing cock. She could feel the head of his cock with the sensitive tissues inside her cunt, the swollen lips tingling. Her legs strained, tiring with movement. "Let me turn around some more ..." She twisted around on his cock, bringing her feet up and facing his feet, her back to him. "There, now you can watch my cunt fuck your cock better." Rich saw his mother's cunt cling to the head of his cock, then push down. Her asshole clenched and flexed, and her soft cries of ecstasy made him lift his ass as she came down on his cock. "Do you think anyone is peeking at us?" Roxie gasped. "I-I don't know," he grunted, staring at her ass as she moved it up and down. "Ooooh, that would be nice!" Roxie whimpered, her ass moving faster. "Someone watching me fuck you out here!" "I'm watching you fuck me, Mom!" "Ohhh, yes, baby!" "I see your asshole!" "Look at Mother's asshole!" "See your cunt ... your asshole!" "Yes, baby! Yes!" Roxie pounded up and down, making fleshy sounds as her ass smacked against him. Her cunt pulsated wetly, clinging to his cock tightly. The pull and push on the fiery lips of her pussy sent her into rapture. She closed her eyes, imagining someone watching through the knotholes of the fence. She spread her knees wide, hoping someone could see her hairy cunt fucking her son's cock. Rich was holding her ass now, his fingers digging into her flesh, staring at the up-and-down movement, seeing his mother's asshole pucker as her cunt gripped his cock. He shoved his hips up each time she rammed down. Gasping, panting with excitement, Roxie twisted and churned lewdly, her emotions soaring. Her son's cock felt big, thick and long inside her cunt. Feverishly she began to fondle his balls, cupping them. She was swiftly approaching orgasm, her cunt bubbling in a thrilling manner. As her orgasm swelled, she gave a soft cry releasing his balls and leaning over his knees, her fingers clutching the sides of the lounge chair. She began to bounce her naked ass up and down in a frenzy, sobbing loudly. She whipped her ass from side to side. "Rich, I'm about to come!" she screeched. With a powerful lunge, Roxie thrust her cunt down on her son's cock, her body shuddering, then going stiff. Rich, feeling the increased tightness of his mother's cunt, let out a husky grunt, then began to spurt jizz into her pussy as she came. The hot juices flooding into her cunt made Roxie wail, her ass jerking as she pressed hard onto his cock. Her head lifted, the exquisite strain showing on her face. The contractions weakened and slowed, then she began to sob softly as she sat on his cock, feeling it soften inside her pussy. "Mom, what's wrong?" Rich asked, concerned. Roxie lifted her cunt off his cock, turning to face him, her knees straddling his feet. "It's just that I'm so happy with you. Haven't you ever heard of crying with happiness?" He shook his head. "As long as you're okay, that's all that matters." "See, your concern makes me happy, too." She dipped her head and lapped at his balls, then along the cunt-wet shaft of his drooping cock. "Rich, can you come again?" "Mom, are you gonna suck me off again?" "You don't want me to? I thought you loved it when I gave you a blow job." "I do love it, Mom. I didn't mean anything by that." Roxie licked his wet cock, tasting her pussy juices on it. She lifted her ass in the air as she ran her tongue through the hairs at the base of his cock, then to his balls again. She sucked his balls tenderly. Burying her face into his crotch, she inhaled the sweaty scent of him. Breathing deeply, she sucked at his balls, her hands sliding up and down his thighs. She knew he was watching her, watching her mouth. "Mmmmmm!" she purred, sliding her lips off his balls and along the side of his cock to the head. She ran the tip of her tongue across the smooth head, lapping at his piss-hole. "Ahhhh! Ooooh!" She pulled his cock into her mouth, her tongue licking. She felt his cock starting to swell again. Purring in pleasure, Roxie began to bob her face, sucking her son's cock. Her uplifted ass twisted sensuously, pointed toward the fence, and once again she began to imagine someone watching her. To be seen with her mouth full of her son's cock was even more exciting than being seen with it in her cunt. Maybe because it was so much more wicked. Roxie knew it was so exciting to imagine someone watching her give Rich a blow job. She felt a tingle in her cunt, then she realized she was pissing. A hot stream of piss gushed out of her cunt. Her eyes widened, staring up at her son's face as if she was confused about what was happening. "Go ahead, Mom!" Rich urged hotly, "Do it! Piss if you gotta piss!" Roxie had no choice. The harder she tried to stop, the stronger the stream became. Flushing with embarrassment, she began to suck frantically on his cock. Gobbling his cock, her lips moving up and down his cock, Roxie whimpered in embarrassment, yet feeling so wanton. To suck her son's cock as she pissed uncontrollably sent rippling thrills through her. The distinct sensation that she was about to come was very strong. She sucked in a frenzy, desperate to have her son squirt into her mouth as her cunt exploded. Her tongue whipped around hotly, her lips as tight as she could get them. Rich was moaning and twisting, the suction of his mother's mouth making his balls tighten up. He cupped her cheeks, holding her face still, then began to pump in and out of her mouth vigorously. Roxie moaned in delight as the head of his cock fucked into her throat, then pulled back to her lips. "There, Mom!" Rich gasped, spraying her mouth with hot come juice. Roxie let out a muffled, wet squeal, then swallowed desperately as her cunt exploded. She was coming and pissing in spurts, gulping down the flood of hot come juice that her son spewed into her throat. She finished coming and pissing as his cock softened. After running her tongue over his pisshole, she sat back, looking down between her thighs. Her cunt hair was damp with piss, as were the insides of her thighs. "Taste it, Mom," Rich suggested. Roxie hesitated, then ran her hand along her piss-wet thigh. She licked her palm. "I guess you meant it when you told me you'd do anything I wanted you to do, huh?" "I did, and you knew it before," she said. "Just checking!" He laughed. "I don't know when you'll change your mind." Standing at the side of the lounge chair, she picked up her panties and his shorts. "You want to put these back on?" He shook his head. "I like you out here naked, Mom. So I guess I'll stay naked, too." Giggling softly, she waggled her naked ass at him. "We can have dinner out here, naked, tonight, if you'd like?" "Good idea, Mom." "But right now, let's have something cold to drink." Roxie entered the house, feeling her son gaze at her naked ass and legs. She mixed lemonade for them, singing softly. Chapter 10 Both of them were freshly showered, sitting at the patio table, the remains of their dinner before them. They were naked. It was dim, but they could still be seen by someone. It was a warm night, and Roxie was quite comfortable without clothing. She enjoyed being nude with her son. She loved the way he watched the subtle movement of her tits when she moved her arms about. She enjoyed his gaze following her body when she stood, gazing at her shapely ass and the curls of her cunt, her smooth legs. Rich told his mother about looking at succulent young girls, becoming so aroused that he could hardly stand it. Then he delighted her when he confessed about fantasizing about her in the past few weeks. Then they talked of the things they had done, and Roxie confessed she had learned more about herself. Listening to her son, Roxie was amazed at his erotic imagination. It excited her to hear the things he fantasized about. By the time dinner was over, his cock was very stiff. Roxie shoved her hand between his thighs, gripping it and stroking. Rich placed his arm over her shoulder, fondling her tit with one hand, feeling her fiery cunt with the other as they talked in quiet, but excited voices. His cock throbbed hotly in her hand, and her cunt was making soft, wet sounds as he penetrated it with a finger, rubbing her pulsating clit. Roxie ran her tongue into his ear, whispering: "Want to fuck me in the front yard?" He squeezed her tit. "Mom, do you think it's dark enough. There's a street light, you know." "I don't care," she purred hotly, caressing his cock. "I want to be fucked in the yard, honey. I can pretend to be a teenage girl, your date, and you get so hot you can't wait to get into my panties, and I have to fuck you anyplace we can. I want to pretend I'm a hot little teenage girl for you." His cock jerked, juices seeping along the shaft, making it feel very slippery. The idea of her pretending to be his date was exciting to Rich. Roxie stood, rubbing her cunt against his bare shoulder. She spread her thighs, pressing the wet slit of her pussy against his shoulder, pulling his face to her stomach. Rich licked at her flesh, his hand holding her firm, swelling ass, looking up at her. "Come on, baby," she said softly. "Fuck Mother in the front yard." Clutching him by his hard cock, Roxie led her son through the house. It required little urging because he was steaming with desire, as hot and eager as his mother was. Opening the door, Roxie looked out. The yard was in dim light from the street lamp, and it was surrounded by a two-foot high hedge. A car passed, and they waited until it was out of the sight. Then, giggling in wicked pleasure, they ran across the yard. Rich was delighted to see his mother's ass gleam in the dim light. She fell onto her back near the hedge, kicking her long legs into the air and spreading them wide open. Rich stood looking down at her as he pumped his cock slowly. "Come on, you nut!" She laughed. "You want someone to see you playing with your cock?" "I thought that was the idea, Mom." "The idea was for you to fuck me out here, not jack off." Rich giggled. "You're right, Mom. I'd be crazy to jack off when there's such a hot cunt waiting for my cock, huh?" "That's right," she purred, holding her uplifted legs wide apart. "If you want to jack off on Mother, you can do it, but not right now. Right now you have to fuck me, baby! Later, you can come in my face if you want, but I want that cock in my cunt now!" "Turn over, Mom," he said huskily. "Stick your ass in the air." "Oooooh, yes!" she moaned, rolling onto her stomach and pulling her knees up, jutting her creamy ass high. "I love it this way, Ritchy! I love to have you fuck me this way! You can go so deep!" Rich dropped to his knees behind her ass, feeling her ass. He dragged his palm along her cunt, then pushed his cock to the slit. Roxie held her breath as her son pushed his throbbing hard cock into her cunt. She felt the ridges of the shaft as he thrust it deep, smashing his balls against her. Her tits rested on the soft grass as she moaned in anticipation of the hot friction. She twisted her naked ass against his body, her fingers digging at the grass. Rich held stiff, his cock buried, feeling the flexing grip of his mother's cunt pull on it. Her pussy felt widely spread around his cock, yet it clung to his prick with beautiful tightness. She trembled as he ran his hands up and down her thighs, over her ass. Roxie sighed when her son pulled his cock back until only the swollen head was inside her cunt, then slowly pushed it into her again, her sigh turning to a gasp of delight. She held still as her son slowly worked his cock in and out, making her shiver and shake. She moved her uplifted ass in a grinding, screwing motion. Her clit rubbed at the shaft of his cock, thrilling her. Each time he pushed deep into her, he paused, and Roxie moaned when she felt his cock jerking so deeply in her. Her hairy cunt caressed his cock, her cunt-lips nibbling at the shaft as he kept slowly fucking into her. "Mmmm, nice, Rich!" "Tight, hot cunt and pretty ass." "Hard cock--my hard cock!" "My mother, hot piece of ass." "Ohhhh, fuck your hot mother's pretty ass!" Rich giggled. "My mother, the cocksucker!" Rich pulled his cock back, then thrust into her cunt quickly, taking her breath away. "You like that, Mom!" "I love that!" she squealed. "Ohhhh, I love that very much!" Rich plunged in and out of her cunt swiftly a number of times, making Roxie sob in pleasure, the fleshy slaps against her naked ass sounding very lewd. "Harder!" she begged. "Ohhh, harder!" Rich fucked her as hard as he could. The smashing against her cunt-lips made her cry out with ecstasy. The harder he rammed into her cunt, the better it felt to her. His cock seemed thicker, longer, harder, when he fucked so violently. It sent exquisite rippling thrills through her, thrills that made her breathless. With each powerful plunge of his cock, she scooted forward. She spread her knees wider, thrusting her naked ass as high as she could, trying to expand her cunt-hole for his hard prick, wishing she could get his hot balls inside her, too. "Fuck me like that!" she panted. Rich plunged in and out of her pussy, gripping her swaying hips with tight hands, watching her ass grind in the dim light. Her cunt seemed hotter and wetter and tighter than ever, her mind reeling with erotic rapture. Her clit felt as big as his cock, bulging in almost painful hardness, pulsating deliciously against the shaft of her son's cock. There was an orgasm swelling already, and she knew it was useless to try and drag the sensation out. "Rich ... I'm going to come already!" she gasped. Rich rammed in and out of his mother's cunt as fast as he could, grunting in effort. He felt her cunt grab at his cock with fiery tightness, felt the rippling pulsations of it close firmly on his prick. The pull of her cunt on his cock made his balls hard and tight. "Rich! Ohhhh, baby!" The convulsions exploded, making her press her naked ass hard against him, his cock buried completely inside her now-contracting cunt. She sobbed with wild ecstasy as she came, her fingers digging into the grass, tearing out clumps. When Roxie thought she would come forever, her spasms lost strength, and by the time they faded away, she felt weak, very weak. But her cunt was demanding more, still closing about her son's cock, clasping it like a squeezing fist. "More!" she whimpered. "Please, give me more, Rich! I need more and more, baby! Ooooh, fuck me again! Fuck Mother again, and squirt your hot come juice up my cunt this time!" Rich had little choice. He plunged in and out, his grunts becoming louder. Once again Roxie twisted her hot ass against him, grinding in lewd, churning motions. The friction of her son's cock along the clinging lips of her cunt made her tingle again, and she whipped her ass about in wild gyrations of passion. "Fuck me!" Roxie wailed. "Fuck the piss out of Mother! Oooooh, fuck me, baby! Ahhhh, my cunt ... my cunt is on fire, Rich!" Rich began to gasp and choke, pounding frantically against her ass, his cock plunging deep. The sound of a car approaching caused him to pause, but Roxie kept grinding and thrusting her ass back and forth. As the car passed by, she screamed as loud as she could. "Fuck me! Fuck my cunt!" She began to come in powerful waves of orgasm, stronger and tighter than before. Rich could not take the powerful suction of his mother's cunt, and he fucked into her cunt as far as he could. With a yelp, he sent steaming juice into his mother's clasping cunt, spurting over and over. Roxie screamed again, an agonizing sound of mindless rapture, her cunt burning as he flooded it in rapid spurts. It felt as if the lips of her hairy cunt were sucking his cock, sucking it the way she did with her mouth and tongue. It felt as if his mother's cunt was pulling his juices out of his throbbing balls. He screamed with ecstasy, pulling her naked ass as tight as he could against his shaking body. When she finished coming, Roxie couldn't believe the weakness that swept over her, the wonderful feeling she felt. Her knees splayed outward as she slowly lowered her naked body to the soft grass, gasping. Ritchy was still on his knees between her legs, barely able to watch her naked ass clench and flex in the dim light. "Ooooh! Mmmmm!" Roxie purred over and over. The sudden hot splash upon her naked ass took her breath away. She lifted her ass slightly, feeling it become drenched as her son pissed on the lovely cheeks of her ass. "Oh, that's wonderful, Rich!" she moaned. "Piss on me ... piss on my hot ass, baby!" "Turn over, Mom! I'll piss on your cunt and tits, too!" Roxie rolled over eagerly, spreading her legs so he could piss on her fiery cunt. She looked up at his face, seeing his excitement in the dim light. "You do like to piss on Mother, don't you?" she moaned. "Yeah, Mom," he answered, spraying hot piss along her thigh to her cunt, matting the thick hair to her flesh. He stood up. Roxie parted her legs widely, gazing at his cock as he began pissing on her cunt, up her body to her tits, then into her face. Roxie started writhing as he pissed hard over her. She began to come again, her cunt arching high, fingers spreading it wide apart to feel the hot sting of piss on the inner flesh. While her son stood above her, pissing on her, she came in strong waves of shattering ecstasy, and when her son began to piss on her face, she opened her mouth. She was already dreaming of having many more piss sessions. The End

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