By Shaman

My name is Debbie. I am thirty-seven now and my nickname is Sweetmom. Thats what my family and friends call me. I am a closet sex alcoholic. My lust for sex started for me when I was twelve. My best friend Eve and I were going through life changes. It seemed that I was always the first, but when Eve caught up she seemed to get the best of it. My breast started to grow first, but when Eve started, hers didnt stop till she was big enough to be noticed by every boy in school. Mine stayed very small. The exception to the rule was my desire for sex. Several weeks after my twelfth birthday I started cramping and soon had my first period. By the time school was out for the summer I was developing this really strong itch in my groin. I massaged my clit often, but it wouldnt go away. I didnt know what an orgasm was.

We met my cousin Mark and several of his friends every day at the local swimming hole. We lazed around for the afternoons, keeping cool and talking. Truth or dare was the topic for part of the afternoon. Many times this became a competition of sorts between the girls and boys. It always led to sexual innuendoes. My pussy always got wet and the itch in my groin would well up and make my face get red. I could feel my heart racing. I was dared to kiss Mark on one of these occasions. When I did our kiss stimulated feelings I had never experienced before. I had a crush on Mark and this solidified it. I wanted to be his girlfriend. I shared my feelings with Eve, but neither of us could explain what was going on. All I knew was that I had to try this again. The next day I had Mark walk me home. I led him the long way along the creek and when the others were gone I asked him to kiss me proper. Mark was 16 and had experience, so when he kissed me proper he gave me the longest, wettest, French kiss ever. I was out of breath when we broke and I could feel my pussy getting wet. We petted for a long time before he told me he should take me home before something else happened. I wanted something else to happen. My groin was burning and I sensed that his fingers could quench the heat there. A week went by with Mark occasionally sneaking off with me. Our sessions were getting longer and hotter, but he always stopped short. Finally I couldnt stand it anymore and took his hand and shoved it into my bikini bottom. I shoved his fingers into the top of my mound at the same time tilting my hips up to meet his fingers. Mark felt the wetness and plunged his longest finger right in. He whispered that this could be dangerous and I told him I didnt care. I whispered for him to make me a woman. I didnt know what to do, but Mark pulled me into his lap. I instinctively straddled him. He instantly found my cunt. I had my first orgasm right then and there. I was panting almost out of breath for minutes. I dropped my hand into his lap and began to massage his crotch. This orgasm had made the fire in my groin get even worse. I had to have more of him. That was my first touch of his manhood. It was growing hard in my fingers. Mark was moaning in my ear. Soon I had another strong orgasm on his fingers and he stopped. Mark left me there still panting. I wanted more. I urged him to come back, but he kept on going. I was a wreck, I was covered in perspiration, my bikini was drenched with my cum, my inner thighs were dripping and my legs felt like rubber. When I was able to compose myself, I slowly walked home. I took to the shower. I was still so hot I friged myself off in the shower dreaming of Mark and did the very same thing in my room before dressing for dinner. I wandered down to our evening meeting place, but Mark never showed.

The next day I went down the block and met Mark at his house. After we talked a while I asked him to take me swimming privately. He looked at me and asked if I really wanted this. I whispered yes. So at 2:00 I met him and we set off to a secluded spot where I learned later he took all his girlfriends. We went in swimming and started to neck in the shallow water. I could hardly wait for him to touch me. I sat in his lap and kissed him passionately. Mark did something he had never done before raising the top of my suit to expose my very small breast. They were small and still are today, but my bright red nipples get so long when they are aroused. I got so hot as he circled his tongue around my nipples for the first time. My groin was aching and so so drenched. No one had ever touched me there but me. I have to admit I massaged them every night hoping to make them bigger. He started kissing my breast and holding my tight nipples between his teeth. It was driving me wild. I wrapped my arms around his head holding him firmly against my chest. His velvet fingers worked my clit as his mouth stayed engaged to my nipples. I was not sure what to do, so I did what seemed natural, I bucked my hips in and out forcing his fingers over every square inch of my pussy. It wasnt long before I screeched out as a wave of electricity reverberated through my body. I went limp in Marks lap. He took me to shore and landed me on my back. I was hopelessly lost in my orgasm but I felt him removing the bottom to my bathing suit. He took his off too. That was my first look at a mans thing. I opened my eyes and took it in. It looked so big. He moved over me and slowly entered me. He was making small in and out moves with a circular motion. He was only going in a little. I was beginning to come back to life when he went in further and came to a stop against my hymen. He looked at me and asked me again if this was what I wanted. I said yes, make me a woman. He pushed against me until I felt something give and his big cock went very deep inside. It hurt, but I was determined to let Mark have his way with me. After a few minutes I began to feel something growing in my groin. The next thing I remember is this intense orgasm starting on my insides underneath the top of my mound and flowing down to my toes and simultaneously radiating to the top of my head. I arched my back and screeched again. Mark began to pump harder and just as the electricity subsided Mark breathed hard and in one motion pulled out and sprayed his cum all over my belly. In that instant I felt so womanly. I was so satisfied. I pulled mysef up into his lap and kissed him as we cooled down.

The next day and the next and the next were repeat sessions. After a week my pussy was not hurting anymore and I was enjoying fucking Mark very much. I loved it when we did with me in his lap up to our necks in the water. My orgasm was so intense. Then Mark showed me doggie style. That became my favorite. I just loved the way his big cock feels when he plunges it to the hilt in my small cunt. He can rub on my g-spot and get me off really good. His balls slapping against my cheeks is a real turn on. When he is ready to orgasm he gets so big. I just push back hard and make him cum. When I had my period Mark was like a puppy dog, he fucked me three times that day and every day while I was red. It felt so good to have him spill his cum inside me. I am so much a woman now. I know deep down that he likes other girls, but when we are together he makes me feel all grown up. Besides it is such a turn on to be doing something deviant like fucking your cousin.

We progressed into oral sex about the time that school started in the fall. I liked sucking his cock. I cant get much of it down my throat, but I get him off and drink all of his cum. I like to kneel between his legs on my knees and fuck him with my mouth while he stands there and squeezes his legs together as the spurts shot after shot of cum in my mouth. I open wide and let him watch it disappear into my throat. When I feel him growing larger I slow down and make him surge at me to get off. When I tease him just right, I get more cum to drink. He told me that I was very good. I like to watch his eye roll back in his head as he empties his delectable cum in my mouth. I grab his balls and roll them around in my palms milking him for all the cum he has.

It was during Christmas break that I got my first phone call. Scott called me. He was Marks friend and a varsity football player, why he wanted to see me I didnt understand at first but when I crawled into his car down at the soda shop it didnt take long for me to figure it out. We talked for a while and then began to neck. Scott drove us to the back woods and we climbed into the back seat. We made out and I let him touch me and kiss my tits. He wanted more and finally I gave in. We had a good time in his back seat. I straddled him and fucked up and down on his cock facing him and facing the front of the car till he came. I licked him clean. The next day Mark came by and we went to my bedroom. I confronted him and he admitted telling Scott about me. I knew my reputation was ruined. So I figured what the heck. I craved sex anyway. I kneeled in front of Mark and brought him to a stiff hard. I whirled around and bent over at the waist offering him my drenched pussy. He shoved it in to the hilt and began to pump hard. I looked back at him and asked how he liked fucking the pussy that Scott had. His cock got longer and bigger than ever as he showed me what he thought. I dont know if it was anger at him or pure lust, but I pumped back into him hard and took his cum inside me as I had a good orgasm of my own. I kept slamming him deep inside me as he shot me full of cum. When he realized what her had done, Mark had this look of panic on his face. I told him it would serve him right if he got me pregnant. Scott must have liked our time together, because he hit on me the very next day at school. He drove by the junior high school and found me and Eve walking home. I agreed to meet him at the soda shop at 4:00. By the end of the week I was doing Mark and Scott just about every day. I did Scott after school in the back seat of his car. He would pick me up out front of the junior high and we would find a place to park. I did Mark after dinner either in my room, if my parents were out or some where in the bushes between Marks house and mine. I was having a ball. I discovered that I am quite orgasmic. I loved tiring both of them out. There wasnt any position that I wouldnt use to get them aroused and fucking me hard. I could usually get them off twice before I would let them go. This lasted through the winter and by spring I was seeing several boys pretty regular. Of course my reputation was shot. But I didnt care, I liked being fucked and having so many orgasms as opposed to book learning and reputation. I just couldnt get enough.

On my fourteenth birthday, I went down to Marks house after cake and presents at home. Mark and I wandered out back and began to neck. I was really hot that night. I crawled all over him. Mark led me into the garage and we got in the back seat of his dads car. We were at it for half an hour when his dad walked in and caught us. I was in Marks lap bouncing up and down on his big cock. He told us to get out. I was standing there with my shirt open and Mark was trying to get his cock in his pants. Dad sent Mark to his room after slapping him around. His dad gave a lecture about how wrong it was for kin to fuck. Then he pushed me up on the trunk of his car and pulled out his cock and told me to lay over. I did and he stuck his cock deep inside me. He flung it at me real hard and then rolled me over and stuck me hard from the rear. He was working really hard when he blasted me with cum. He told me never to say anything about this otherwise he would ruin me. I walked home with a sore cunt and his cum draining from my pussy. Good thing my period started the next day. He caught me outside the next week and did me again in the garage. I figured out that Marks mom bowled on Wednesday. So after that I always met Mark away from his house on bowling night. A month later I walked in to my house after school and heard funny noises coming from my mothers bedroom. When I peeked in, there he was on top of my mother pounding her with that big cock of his. He had my mothers legs up straight in the air, pulled together where her pussy lips were pushed tight and he was giving her every bit of his strength. I let him see me. After that I had no fear of him. He did my mom a lot. Its a wonder they didnt get caught as much as they fucked each other. Maybe I have my mothers genes. Thats why I like cock so much.

I continued to do all comers through high school. I did Mark and then three guys at once the night of our senior prom. I found a job and moved out. I still did Mark as much as I could. He was working and trying to establish himself too. He always had a steady girlfriend and had to work me in. Unless I had something going on, I always welcomed his big cock at my door any time. I still love the way his balls slap against my butt when he does me from behind. I finally married at age 25. My first husband was a good man and I truly tried to be faithful but after a couple of months I needed more cock than he could give. About that time Tim was drinking most of his paycheck. So I started doing the apartment manager to make sure we had a roof over our heads. It wasnt long after that I divorced Tim and married the apartment manager John. I can never resist Mark. During my first marriage we started meeting at the malt shop and would go off in his big 4 door truck. My pussy would drench me just riding in the seat next to Mark and thinking about what we were about to do. Being married and cheating had raised the bar for me any way. We sucked and fucked for two hours before Mark took me to my car. His cum drained from my pussy all afternoon. I friged myself in the afternoons dreaming of his big hot cock. Mark did me at least twice a week from then on. We always did it in the kitchen. After removing our clothes I would kneel in front of him while he stood at the kitchen counter and I would suck him off. I love the taste of cum in the morning. Mark never disappointed me. He always has a big load for my tongue. Once I drained him good, I would sit on the counter and he would use that long tongue of his to tickle my clit and get me really wet. I cant believe how wet I get. To this day it runs down my thighs like a stream of water and drips off my knees. I pushed Mark against the counter and wrapped my hands around his neck raising myself to straddle him around the waist with my legs on the counter. I pulled up and sat down hard on his cock. I strained hard to pinch my muscles together telling myself he is not going to enter me. But I am so wet he slowly slides in and the feeling is so exhilarating. Some times I have my first orgasm while he is sliding inside me. Then I bounce as hard as I can on his cock. He pulls me hard against his mound and his cock slides in and out of the entrance to my uterus. This brings on such intense spasms that when I orgasm again, I scream and bounce hard on his cock growling for him to fuck me harder. When I regain my composure I lay across the table and he takes me from behind for a while. Mark can last a long time. It seems the longer he goes the harder he gets. I push the table against the wall so that none of his energy in lost. It all goes into fucking me. I try really hard to get him close to orgasm and then hold him there. Just bouncing and pumping hard for a few strokes and then circling my hips with just the head of his cock in my pussy. Then I dive to the bottom really hard and start bouncing again. When he leaves, he is whipped. Thats why I think the two of us have always stayed together all these years. We do each other very well.

I know that my daughter is not Marks, but Im pretty sure that my son is his. He doesnt know any of this. But I know that we were fucking a lot when I became pregnant with my son. A woman just knows when a man does it just right and that day Mark flooded my uterus with his cum I knew I would be pregnant. He has some of Marks features including a large cock. He is fourteen now. He is so unruly. I have been talking to Eve and I think she is going to do my son to try and calm him down.

When I was pregnant I was so so horny. I was doing Mark all the time, fucking my husband John every day and about to wear out my vibrator. I was working at the diner and there was this cook that kept hitting on me. When I told him I was pregnant his eyes sparkled. I knew then I had to do him. Tommy followed me home after the morning shift. He was well built, in his forties and when he removed his clothes, he had lots of tattoos. I like tattoos and the woman on his chest really turned me on. She was like one of those world war dames you used to see on the side of an airplane. She had dark hair and wore a red dress, nice cleavage and red lips. His cock was not tattooed, but he sure tattooed me. I was about 4 months along the first time I invited him home. My stomach was pooching just a little. He ran his fingers lightly all over my stomach. He got so hard kneeling in front of me and just touching. He stood on his knees in front of me and kissed my tiny breast and rubbed my tummy. I got so so drenched having him work my body with his fingers. He took both of his thumbs and gently worked them into my pussy while I stood there resisting him. He was the oldest man that I had ever experienced. He was very good. He lasted forever. I think I had four orgasms before he unloaded inside me for the first time. He liked to do me in his lap. I faced into him and rode his stiff cock, pumping my hips back and forth driving the head of his cock deep and against my g-spot. He watched my swollen body undulate as I fucked him. I have to say he was a very sexy lover. Controlled and deliberate. He knew just exactly what and when to do things to set me off. Every time I had an orgasm I was riding hard on his cock, breathing hard, screaming and growling for him to take me deeper with his cock. He usually found a way and I just melted on his manhood. As my belly got bigger his cock did too. He always made me feel special and so so horny I would do anything to get his cock in my pregnant pussy. By the time he left I would have had several orgasms and be almost comatose with satisfaction. The last time I fucked him I was a week away from my due date. I was so swollen and he touched me so gently and made me feel so good. My little tits were so sore, but he embraced them and had me shoving them in his mouth for his kisses in no time. He turned the pain into lust. My big belly was rubbing all over the red dressed woman on his chest as he embraced my nipples with his tongue. I mounted that stiff cock of his and had my way with him. It felt so good when he entered me. I used the extra weight to my advantage plunging his cock hard against my swollen uterus. He held my belly in his hands and embraced my baby with his touch. He really had me wound up and I orgasmed as he spilled his cum deep inside me. I lunged down hard on his stiff cock and took him very deep. I thought I was going to break my water he was so far inside me. Tommy left town while I was off on leave. I miss him.

My daughter is now married to Bud. Several weeks ago we had a party at my house and every one was so druck that they passed out except Bud and I. Before the others passed out, Bud was talking to China my daughter about having Duke their dog fuck her. I was getting hot from the conversation and Bud knew it. When the others went comatose, he whispered that he had the hots for me. We traded innuendos, and eventually went out to his truck for some privacy. Bud had already opened my shirt and kissed my small tits hard in the kitchen. My nipples were so erect they stuck out through my shirt. I got in his lap and we kissed. He had his hands all over my spectacular ass and my cut off jean shorts were drenched with my juices. I unbuckled his pants and stroked his cock hard. I got down in the seat and pressed my face against his belly as I took the last of his cock in my mouth. I slid up and down with my mouth as I sucked hard on his cock. He threw his head back and sighed deeply. He said, you sure are better than China at this. I grated my teeth across his cock as I raised off and gave him a big wet kiss. I pulled my shorts aside as I looked him in the eye and asked him if he wanted to fuck me where his wife had come from. I got my answer as he shoved the head of his cock inside my swollen lips. I just relaxed and let my weight drive me hard on his cock. I started to bounce as he guided me with his big hands up and down. I turned around facing the windshield and kept bouncing. He pulled me down hard and shoved up with his hips. I threw my hips forward driving his cock against my g-spot. The intense stroke hit me just perfectly and I came all over his cock. I went limp and he continued to pump me till he filled me with cum.

The next day he called me on his way home from the night shift. He stopped by and we went after each other like two cats in heat. Bud peeled me like a grape and had my shirt open kissing and fondling my tits. I went crazy on his cock. First with my fingers, then my mouth and finally my fine tight pussy. I pushed him down on the floor and sat on his face. I keep my pussy shaved and I tried to suffocate him with my swollen lips. He ate me good. He turned the tables on me pumping me from behind. He pulled out and his big Shepard Duke stuck his wet nose in my cunt. Bud whispered that Duke was next. At first I flinched, but the longer he went at me the deeper his tongue went inside my cunt the better it felt. I had an intense orgasm on his tongue. Bud called me a slut, but at that moment I could have cared less. I was reeling with the intense pleasure that the roughness of his tongue was giving the inside on my vagina. A week later Bud brought Duke back. We were going at it pretty good when Bud put me on my knees, grabbed me by the hair and stuck his cock in my mouth. Bud treats me like the slut I am. I love it. It makes me get so wet when he calls me names. I was bent over on all fours and Duke stuck his nose in my pussy again. That cold nose turned into a hot hot tongue and I found myself sucking Bud and screaming for Duke to get his tongue in deeper. The next thing I knew was his front paws locked around my waist and he stuck a hard doggie cock in my pussy. I tried to get away, but they had me. I was trapped between Buds cock in my throat and Dukes big doggie dick stuck in my pussy. Duke was so fast. He pumped harder and faster than I had ever been driven. The strength radiating through his paws told me I was in for a ride. I could hear his claws scratching for more traction every time he threw his body into me. I couldnt pull off Bud. Duke was forcing me to bob on Buds cock. Duke was intense to say the least. I felt something slapping me on the ass and the next thing this big ball slipped inside. Duke was moving so fast it popped in and out of me several times before he held tight against me until he was lodged. My pussy was so stretched. That ball grew several times bigger. Then I was tied. Bud said would you look at that, old Duke has tied his bitch. Duke started at me again and I just held on to Bud till I felt his cum spurting down my throat. Duke was arched up pumping his hot cum inside me. I was getting such a tight feeling in my belly. Just like you feel when your pregnant. Duke just kept pumping for a long time. I was lost in orgasm after orgasm. I couldnt breathe. Its a wonder I didnt pass out. There I was on all fours with Duke stuck inside me for most of an hour. Bud was sitting on the couch drinking a beer watching Duke flood my pussy with cum. He kept calling me a dog slut, Dukes bitch. All it did was turn me on more. When he finally pulled out, Bud mounted me and finished me with his own version of fucking his bitch. He poured his cum right on top of the filling that Duke had given me. When Bud pulled out he filled the palm of his hand with cum draining out of my pussy and fed it to me. He called me Dukes bitch. My thought exactly! When they left I was still on a fours with cum drooling down my thighs. I told him to bring Duke with him tomorrow.

The next morning Bud and his friend Sam showed up. I thought they had just dropped by on their way home. But I knew better when Bud pulled me into him and Sam put his hands on my ass. An hour later we were in a pile on the living room rug. I had cum all over my face and we were catching our breath. Thats when Bud opened the back door and in comes Duke and another male dog. I greeted Duke with a kiss and he licked my face clean and went for my snatch. I pushed him back, but he came right back. The other dog was not to be out done, so I had two of them competing for my juices. I lay back on the floor and raised my hips to they could get at me. Their unrelenting tongues had me in a state of lust quickly. Bud and Sam just watched. I move to the couch and slid up onto the cushions. I had never done this before, but I thought missionary style would work. The two dogs followed me with their tongues disappearing into my pussy. I gestured for Duke to come up on me, which he did. I got him between my legs and raised my pussy to his sheath. When he felt my body close his hips drove forward instinctively and on the third try landed his hot cock in my waiting pussy. He moved up burying his entire length inside me and pumped hard. The other dog whimpered and danced around. He could smell my sex and he wanted what Duke was getting. I let Duke have me for several minutes and then pushed him off. The other dog jumped in position and after a bumpy start slammed me with his big cock and had his way with me. They traded places for most of half an hour, each time getting more and more intense with their pumping. I finally rolled over and let them get me doggie style. The Dane tied me first. This guy had a big cock and a knot the size of a grapefruit. He filled me with his cum for several minutes. He finally pulled out and cum drained down my thighs. Duke was on me in a flash and jammed his cock in and tied me. He stayed with me through another orgasm before finally pulling free. I was soaked in cum from both of them. Both men did me again as I stayed on all fours leaving their jism in my belly as well. I was wobbling on my knees when they left. That was my first foursome. I liked those doggie dicks. I cleaned up and slept soundly the rest of the day. That afternoon Mark came by. He couldnt believe that I did those dogs. Mark was extra big when he shoved me full of his swollen cock. I enjoyed him for the afternoon having several more orgasms. That night I rode my husband for all he had. Making my little tits bounce up and down as I pummeled his cock. I ground around on his mound as he shot me with cum. The next day I was really sore. But a satisfying pain.

Im now back working at the diner and I am trying to make it with this 50-ish business man that comes in several times a week. I think I have him hooked. Well see.

So would you call me Sweetmom or Slutmom?

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