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Over the years, I've fucked and impregnated over a hundred slavegirls.

I just love to have them around pregnant and horny (even if pregnancy would do nothing for them, they are required to take a small amount of a powerful aphrodisiac every day) so much that every time I want to choose one to torture and fuck they crowd around me, showing their big bellies and pussies hoping I will choose them as fuck toy for the evening.

The one I choose is often fucked thoroughly, I just love to enjoy her big body, her fat cunt, her leaking tits.

A few times, my sexual frenzy is too strong and I get a little carried away, never a good thing for the mother and her children.

But most of the times, they get to bring their children to term. I just love to see them struggle with the pain of the deliver, I could hardly match such a pain if I tried torturing them with all my vast ability on the matter.

So a every month, one or two new children are born.

They of course are mostly females, that's how the 1920's illness left us all: machines to produces new slaves.

And slaves they are, small bundles of joy that I love to violate and fuck as soon as I can without harming myself. Of course their pain is but a problem for me, often adding to my satisfaction.

However, since I've got so many slaves pregnant all the time, a lot of those daughters of mine grow to became old enough to be impregnated themselves.

At that point, I normally assign them to one of my sons. Yes, I have a few sons as well, one per year, at most. With all the sex going on around them, these little rascals become sexually active really early in their life, so, normally at their 7th birthday, I give them a different present: one of their older sisters!

The girl is from that moment on the sole property of the young boy, who can do with her as he prefers. Some show an early predisposition to sadism, and the girl find herself with a hard owner. But most of my sons are just content to use their new slaves as sexual partners, needing experience more than anything else.

And as soon as they feel secure, they are allowed to fuck their own birth mother (if she's still alive) or any other grown woman. I always love to watch the entusiasm with which these young boys fuck the older women: being well used to flat girls, they just love their mother's big breasts and asses and cunts.

So as you can see, we are a large, happy family.

Well, happy for the most part, I cannot speak that the torturees, of course!


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