Adventures in Big Cock Lust: Part 2

by Ben Erato

(M+F, M+g, cons, swing, pedo, preteen, Mdom, sm, inter, size, rough, va, creampie)

Warning: This writing contains graphic descriptions of sex, including descriptions of adults engaged in sexual acts with minors. It is meant to be read by sane, mature adults who find this type of fiction entertaining and have no trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy.
If you do not fit this description, or are under eighteen ... READ NO FURTHER!

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Part 2: Little Sheena's Cream Pie Treat for Daddy

Darin's other "object of desire" was Sheena, his precocious eight-year old cousin we had seen him with that first day. Sheena had a crush on him and was always trying to get him to have sex. A year ago he had her alone at his house and had gotten her to jack him off, and played with her tiny bald pussy which he described in detail for us. During this encounter, she had confessed to him that her single dad molested her and had taught her quite a few skills that she wanted to show off to Darin.

This, more than anything fired all our imaginations and Andrea's intense interest in all the details and her arousal was a clear indication that she too had been molested although she had never talked about it. Now she had two roles to play, cock tease Michelle, and baby cunt Sheena.

"Yeah, fuck the little whore's cunt!" she blurted out uncharacteristically one day when we were giving it to her as she played at being Sheena.

The thought of that little slut's pussy being impaled on Darin's fat cock became our obsessive fantasy. Andrea played little girl dress-up and would pucker her mouth tight so that Darin could fuck the little girl mouth she made. Andrea came again and again when we would make her "suck Darin's cum from little whore Sheena's bald cunt"

The stage was set to make our fantasies come true when Sheena's dad was going away for a few days on a business trip and Sheena was as usual, to stay with her Aunt Michelle and Darin. It was the summer holidays and Sheena tagged along with Darin to the beach while his mom went to jazz concerts and entertained her students.

Darin had already primed the little wench with sexual suggestions, so when he brought her around to our apartment she was ready to have her boyfriend to herself at last. We had never talked about how we would seduce her for a foursome, but as it turned out, it was effortless because the little minx was quite experienced sexually and readily opened up when she saw that Darin was not hiding anything from us.

Andrea struck an instant bond with her when they were first introduced, and soon they were off to the bedroom to put on makeup and tryout Andrea's old sexy T-shirts and other hand me downs. Darin and I smoked a joint while we listened to the giggles from the bedroom.

"Think she''ll play?" I asked

"Yeah dude, the slut is dying to be grown up. She really thinks she can be my steady girlfriend. She'll do anything I tell her to!" he bragged

"What if she spills to her dad? We'll be in big trouble for doing a minor." I said

"Not as much trouble as him!" laughed Darin "Anyway, he gets off on it, dude, Sheena told me he shares her with his friends!"

Sheena and Andrea walked in hand in hand. Andrea had transformed the little girl into a miniature bimbo, with a cut off Playboy bunny T-shirt that showed her slim white midriff, and hip-hugger spandex miniskirt that was a good fit without being stretched. She had on Andrea's too big high heels and some dumb madonna lace gloves from the eighties with a matching lace purse hanging from her wrist. Her little pixie face was over made up, with foundation, rouge, mascara, and light pink lipstick. The little darling was beaming with excitement at being allowed to be dressed like a grown up and looked eagerly at Darin to see whether she were having the effect she hoped. With her cute pageboy haircut, she did look pretty hot.

Darin and I both whistled as she did a turn.

"You're hot, Sheena" "Really sexy for a little girl!"

Darin held his arms out, and she ran and hugged him. They made out with each other for a bit, Darin giving us a wink over her shoulder and motioning for us to leave. Andrea and I went into the kitchen to get some beer. When we peeked in a while later, Darin had her in his lap with her back to him with her T-shirt off, her legs outside his, nibbling on her ears as he stroked her pussy over the miniskirt. She gave a start when we walked in, but Darin whispered something in her ear, and she looked at us with a guilty grin

"You guys make a great couple" Andrea said and Sheena beamed

"Don't mind us" I said and Andrea and I sat on the other couch facing slightly away and turned on the TV.

"Hey dude, lets watch some porn, Sheena's loves it too" "Want to?" he asked her, tousling her hair.

"Ooh, yeah," "I've seen lots before!" said Sheena

"All right then, here we go" I said, putting in a DVD from our growing face fucking collection. For the next ten minutes we watched the action, hearing sighs and whispers from Darin and Sheena when the teen slut on the screen was presented with two big cocks which she looked at in awe. She was coerced into taking their cocks deeper and deeper as the two men took turns feeding her mouth.

When we finally turned and looked, Sheena was on her haunches freeing Darin's cock from his baggy shorts. Andrea and I were transfixed at the sexy sight of this little cutie shafting Darin's monster with her little fingers that didn't even manage to circle half his girth. The incongruous proportions were straight from our deepest fantasies, the very effect we had often sought to create with those large dildos in Andrea's delicate hands, except this was the real thing.

Darin reached down and pinched Sheena's pink lipsticked mouth open and proceeded to fit his head in. With her jaws stretched wide open he managed to get more than half his cock in her mouth. The sight of her childish face skewered at the end of that curved tool was truly arousing. The little slut knew what she was doing, though. She ran her tongue around the head, moaning "Mmmm!" as she had been taught to do, while jacking the cock slowly with both her hands.

"Look, look" Darin said, pulling her off and turning her head to the TV screen. The two black dicks were both in the teen girl's mouth at the same time, her lips stretched into a bizarre shape.

"Ever done that?"

"No, but dad always talks about me doing it to him and his friend" she said

"Andrea can teach you- she's real good at it" said Darin

"Come and watch sweetie, I'll show you how to make daddy and his friends happy" said Andrea going over to the couch and beckoning me over.

Sheena didn't look too happy about sharing Darin but she didn't quite know how to protest and was soon absorbed by Andrea's prowess at fellatio as she fit both Darin and me into her mouth.

"My turn now" said Sheena and tried in vain to imitate Andrea, ending up going back and forth between our cocks as we stood on either side of her. Andrea was behind her, hugging her little body, and whispering in her ear.

"That's it, that's how a good cum slut makes cocks happy. Did your daddy teach you all about cum? Want me to show you how to make it shoot?" she whispered

"I already know how to be a cum slut," said the little minx proudly, pouting her bruised lips, "Darin said I was the best!"

"Do you like cum, sweetie? I just love cocks and cum! Don't you? Does your daddy cum as much as Darin? Does he cum on your face a lot?"

"Uh huh, He doesn't cum as much as Darin I don't think, but it's hard to tell 'cause he always licks it off my face right away. He says that good dads always clean the cum off their little girls. He always pretends it's his friend Tom's cum."

"Is Tom a black man sweetie?" Andrea's voice was quavering. She usually never talked like this, but something about the little girl had set her off.

"Yeah. He's my dads best friend, he only loves little girls that's why my dad says he is a special friend. He tells my dad about all his experiences and shows him videos."

Andrea could not stop with the leading questions, and Sheena was working herself into some lewd state that was obviously very familiar to her, talking about cocks and cum, her little face screwed up in a very adult slut manner when she used the nasty terms she had learnt.

Her dad had done a good job. The little cunt had plenty of training, been shown lots of porn to educate her and had been turned into a true whore at heart. Darin and I were getting off on the talk and the nasty sight of her tugging at our dicks and looking into our eyes alternately as she answered Andrea's questions with enthusiasm.

"Have you seen Tom's cock honey?" "Of course, I make him cum on my face so dad can lick it off. Its really big!" she volunteered

"Bigger than Darin's?"

"Oh yeah, much, much bigger" she bragged "But I still like Darin's the best" she said looking up at him with a childish smile

"Show me how much bigger" said Andrea

Sheena held Darin in one hand and indicated with the other holding her hand away from his tip by three inches.

"No way! You're lying!" laughed Andrea

"I swear! I'll show you pictures if you don't believe me. My dad takes pictures, and video too" She piped, "Uncle Tom cums lots and lots on my face and pussy for daddy to video... Then daddy licks it off and shares it with me."

"Oooh! You're such a sexy little darling! Has Tom fucked you too?"

"No. Only my dad and some of his friends. Tom's wont fit. Daddy says I am almost ready though. He has been practicing me since I was 6. He buys me dildos. ... a bigger one every month. Now I can take the one he calls Black Beast- it's the biggest, it doesn't even hurt anymore!" she bragged.

We all sucked in our breaths in mock awe.

"Do you like getting fucked by dildos, honey? Does it make you cum?"

"Mmmm, I love Black Beast, I cum even though it hurts a bit. Daddy taught me to like pain in my pussy. He showed me how all the grown ups in the movies had to like pain for their masters to really love them."

We all gasped. "No shit!" I said, "You think you can fuck Darin's big cock Sheena?"

"Of course, silly. Darin doesn't believe me either. But I can. Wanna see?"

I was overcome with lust for the little precocious whore. Our fantasy was about to be enacted. I picked her up by her armpits and carried her on one hip, hugging her to me, my fingers cupping her sexy little cheeks.

"You're beautiful baby. Such a beautiful little slut, to be able to take such big cocks at your age"

I kissed Sheena, and she kissed me back, giving me her tongue, putting her arms around my neck and grabbing a bunch of hair at the back of my head. Andrea undressed her as I held her pulling her T-shirt and skirt over her head. Her body felt fantastic, my first feel of little plump ass and puny chest making me feel powerful. I soul kissed with the eager eight-year old, exploring her bald mini cunt.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Darin had stripped, and Andrea was doing her usual prep of Darin's cock from behind, whispering in his ear. She made him lie back on the couch, legs spread and went down on his cock to the root staying till his cock grew to full hardness. When she came back up, she let her drool coat his fully erect cock and said,

"Okay lets see if our teenie slut can take this!"

My tongue still in Sheena's little painted mouth, I lowered her on to Darin's cock as Andrea guided it into the little cutie's pussy. To our amazement, the enormous head parted her cunt lips and entered quite easily. Sheena's twisted smile and expression showed her pride at proving her ability. Darin looked a little uncomfortable at the tightness around his pulsing cock, but as she worked herself up and down like a pro, feet on his thighs, he entered her deeper where there was more room for his knob. He grunted with the relief.

The sight was incredible. Andrea and I were kneeling, our faces close to the union, stroking the little child's torso and Darin's muscular thighs. He leaned her back against himself to give us a better view. And what a view it was! The little cunt's waist was less than half the width of Darin's, and here she was taking a good nine inches inside. I ran my hand over her belly pressing to see whether I could feel Darin inside her and sure enough there was a noticeable bulge halfway up her tummy defining Darin's meaty club. I pointed it out to Andrea, and she gasped, "Oh my God" "Oh my God"

"This baby cunt can take a cock for sure!" I said.

"Can you feel this dude?" I asked Darin patting the bulge in her belly.

"Sure can, dude, the bitch is well fucked. Here, let me go deeper" Grabbing her by the thighs he angled her differently and pushed her down on himself.

Now only about an inch remained in sight. Sheena was panting, her eyes rolling back in their sockets as she felt the familiar pleasure of being stuffed, only this felt so much better than rubber.

The little horny slut was in throes. "Mmmm! See, I told you Darin, I can take your big cock. Will you let me be your girlfriend now?" "Mmmm! Oh! Fuck me good Darin," she said in a childlike squeak.

Then in another monotone she added "Oh yeah use my baby cunt. Fuck me hard. Fill me with cum so my daddy can li..." She was babbling, losing herself in some trance like state, jabbering stuff she had been taught to say while having those dildos shoved in her cunt by daddy.

Darin's strokes were getting fuller now- a proper, deep fucking, and getting rougher with each stroke. Sheena was tossing her bobbed hair around, her face a mask as she tried to find an orgasm through the discomfort of a brutal fucking.

Andrea's hand went under Sheena's ass, while her other hand was at the little girls glistening bald cunt and Darin's balls, spreading the wetness and strumming her fingers on the little child's prominent clit.

"Lets make this baby whore airtight!" she said looking at me.

I stood up and fed my cock to Sheena's bobbing head and as soon as it was in her mouth, I lunged forward, burying it till it slipped down her tight throat. It was shocking that she did not gag. She just whined, either from Andrea's finger in her ass or from my cock in her throat.

"Fuck the cunt hard, master! Really give it to her, use her as a cum dump, just as her daddy trained her to be. He'll love sucking the load from his sweet baby's pussy." Andrea panted, fisting Darin's cock and banging against the little girls stuffed pussy.

The mention of Sheena's dad reminded me I was planning to make him a video of his baby's fucking to show our goodwill. I hopped off, and quickly got my DVcam from the bedroom. I put in a new tape and set it up on a tripod, making sure the remote would center the zoom on Sheena's little cunt. I started it and started taping the action on the couch.

Darin was speed fucking the half delirious tot, while Andrea had reached behind Sheena, and was vigorously plunging her finger in the child's ass, hissing "Nasty little whore, cock loving baby cunt slut, black mans cum dump, daddy's dildo slave bitch loves getting fucked by huge cocks!"

With a roar, Darin came, grabbing his little bitch by the hips and slamming her down on his huge fuck stick, lifting her up ten inches and slapping her down again on his groin, hurting her insides. Like the large rubber cocks she had learned to love, Darin's spurting cock was sending her over the edge. Like a rag doll, she was jerked around by his powerful thrusts as he came.

"I'm cum...mminnng.. I'm cum...minnnngg" wailed Sheena grabbing her crotch with both hands as if she was hopping for a pee.

As their orgasms began to subside Sheena fell back against Darin's chest, her eyes closed in a faint, her pretty little face all caked with slutty makeup, her smeared mascara making her look like a real child whore.

I zoomed in slowly, to catch Darin's buried cock flexing spasmodically in the child's stuffed pussy, then panned up up to her navel to show Darin's bulge pulsing, clearly visible through her skinny belly. I knew her dad would get a thrill seeing that! I went back down, in time to catch Darin lifting her up by her skinny hips to extract his still hard cock slowly from her clinging pussy. After the shocking length emerged, the huge head finally pulled out with difficulty from the sucking lips, and the semi-hard cock dropped out. Darin gently set her ass down at the base of his cock and grabbing her ankles, pulled her legs back and up, so I could get a clear shot of the gaping hole his cock had left.

What a sexy sight! Her stretched cunt muscles had temporarily lost their elasticity, and you could see deep into her preteen gash, with the thick white cum welling up slowly.

"Oh baby! that is so hot! Daddy's gonna be so proud of you!" I said zooming out to include her tired, beaming face as she tried to look. "Now give your wonderful daddy a big smile, and say thank you for getting your little pussy ready for Darin."

Sheena grinned as she looked into the lens and blew him a kiss. "Thank you daddy!" she said and then, making a naughty open mouthed 'O' she moved her fingers to her oozing pussy and sqeezed the glistening labia together, forcing out a big wad of white cream.

What a nasty little fuck toy daddy had trained her to be! It was all too much, I went over to Sheena and started jacking off at her saucy face as she manipulated the load out from her gaping cunt. In no time at all, I shot a violent load of cum, scooting up onto the couch to get the squirts squarely on Sheena's immature face, then moved down to cover her pussy with more globs, finally sliding my spurting cock easily into the little whore's sloppy cunt. I fucked her slimy tightness, adding a few more spurts to Darin's monster load.

Drained, I collapsed to the floor, and lay spent, watching the vision, through her daddy's eyes, of that precocious little pixie face with cum dripping off it and the obscene mess of sperm that dripped and drooled from her child cunt onto Darin's cock.

We had all cum except for Andrea who was patiently waiting for her cream pie treat, working her clit and nipples, mouthing obscenities to herself in a constant stream.

"Go get it, cum whore! I said to Andrea.

Crawling low and rising up between Darin's knees, Andrea dived in, starting slowly, with noisy kisses to both their glistening genitals.

I turned the camera off and took out the tape, labelling it "Sheena's Treat for Daddy" and put it in the lace purse Andrea had given Sheena. That done, I went to the bedroom and got Andrea's chained nipple clamps, a 16 inch dildo and a studded paddle to give her the daily requirement of abuse as she reveled in the results of the young lovers' coupling.

The next half hour was spent with Sheena and Darin torturing Andrea's hanging tits by pulling on the chains attached to the nipple clamps, with the giant dildo wagging obscenely from her slick cunt while I reddened her luscious white ass cheeks mercilessly with the paddle, until she was screeching in pain and lust.

She alternated between devouring Darin's spent semi hard cock and balls slavishly, and coating her face with the sticky cum from the little child's glistening wet cunt. She sucked noisily to get more and more of the huge load that had been deposited by Darin and me, showing us each extraction on her outstretched tongue before swallowing it.

I whacked her lily white cheeks and had the dildo plunged three quarters of the way into her stretched cunt. Darin and Sheena too had recovered from their fuck, and we all now put our energies into hurling abuse at Andrea and calling her the filthiest names we could think of as she moaned her way to a giant orgasm.

"I'm gonna tell uncle Tom about how much you love cum and cocks. Then when he fucks me he'll make you suck his big cums from my pussy." - this from Sheena!

"That's all you're good for you worthless cunt, to suck men's cum from little pussies that are much better for fucking than your big dildo swallowing whore's cunt." growled Darin.

"Do it good or else we'll rip those bitch nipples off your slutty tits, you cum whore. Shake that nasty whore ass and beg for a good beating from your owners you slave cunt pig! Thank this beautiful fresh baby whore for letting you worship her hole. Go on!... beg to suck horse cock loads from her lovely baby cunt!"

"UUnnnhhh! Oh yes! horse loads... baby cunt... pleaaase!"

"Shameless whore!" Darin had her head pinned to the floor with his foot on her head. With his other foot, he had trapped her nipples between his toes and was pulling her tit out cruelly.

Pulling the dildo out of her pretty, gaping hole, I switched to whacking her ass and cunt with the heavy rubber. When I had it landing with loud wet thwacks on her exposed cunt, really hurting her, Andrea cried out in pain and was immediately launched into a shuddering orgasm. I thrust the dildo back in her cunt as the squirts sprayed out and her legs snapped open and shut, her whole body jerking violently.

We were all exhausted and spent the afternoon laying in a happy tangle and making plans for the coming days.

© 2006 Ben Erato

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