Dirty Sisters 1

Danielle briskly skipped down the stairs, her bouncy movements making her young, budding breasts jiggle a bit in the loose confines of the pink sundress she wore. The dress was one of the few brightly colored dresses that she had recently inherited from her older sister, Jessica, and being a gift from her older sister, Danielle loved it completely and wore it constantly, to her mother's dismay and her father's embarrassed discomfort. It was somehow too big and too small at the same time, an aspect of physics that neither of her parents could understand. It had fit Jessica properly up until she grew out of it, and yet, somehow that just wasn't the case with Danielle, even though they were not too different in height and build - not enough that the parents could see a reason for the dramatic difference in the dress's fit on the younger girl.

The hemline was much too high, just barely covering her panties when she stood straight, and even as she came down the stairs, the slight breeze her movement made the material drift upwards, exposing her crotch and thighs to everyone around. The top was too loose and tended to fall down a little too much, exposing the round mounds of Danielle's developing boobs - usually enough to see the very hint of her pert nipples, though from time to time, depending on her position, her entire breast was exposed to any casual eyes. When she bent over, it was even worse - you could see straight down the front. The waist seemed a bit tight, snuggly hugging her body and clearly showing her waist and hips. The fabric was sheer enough that her underwear could be seen through it, faintly, no matter what color she wore. Fortunately, she was still young enough to be wearing plain white panties, but even those were visible. Dark colors would have been completely obvious.

And in all the time her parents wondered how those sun dresses suddenly seemed so indecent on their thirteen year old daughter when they had looked fine on their sixteen year old daughter, all that time from when they first saw Danielle wearing one of those hand-me-downs, they never once considered - nor would they even think to consider - that the change was done, and done very purposely, by Jessica before handing the cloths over to her sister. Nor would they ever think that Danielle had modeled the dresses, conspired in the alterations, and even helped Jessica make the changes.

Danielle was impossible cute - a doll of a girl, a pleasant, cheerful, and in all ways delightful girl. She was care-free and easy-going. She had the most darling golden curls that bouncy around her pale face as she walked. Her smile was bright and huge, and made her pale-blue eyes sparkle. She was a bit of a waif, almost frail-looking in the thinness of her arms and legs, but her belly held the pleasant curves of 'baby fat' that had yet to go away.

Jessica was a bit darker, having brown, wavy hair and tan skin. Her breasts were much more developed that her sister's, filling out a C-cup and not showing any signs of stopping yet. She was in peak shape from playing soccer on her high-school team. She had been playing the sport since she was six, and was one of the best players in her school.

This evening, as Danielle bounced down the steps, her older sister and parents were watching TV in the living room, all of them having a clear view of her as she came down - and thus having a few good shots of her breasts as the jiggled up out of the low-hanging top, and her panties and the hem of her dress flittered up to her waist. Her mother shook her head and sighed, perturbed by what she saw, but unable to bring herself to tell Danielle she couldn't wear the dresses she adored so much. Jessica smiled, proud of her sister and of her own handiwork in making the dress.

Her father's eyes devoured the girl's body in open lust and hungry desire, but he turned away as she reached the bottom of the staircase - afraid to meet her eyes and embarrassed by the feelings she stirred in him. He had always thought his daughters were very beautiful, and he loved them very much. He had a hard time watching Jessica develop into a woman before his eyes, but she had never so obviously - if unknowingly - displayed her budding body to him, so his lust had been easier to control. Danielle seemed to be flaunting herself before him, teasing him mercilessly with fleeting glimpses of her wondrous self. His physical desire for her disturbed him, but he couldn't help the way he felt. He just did his best to avoid thinking about it.

Danielle skipped into the living room and immediately threw herself into Jess's lap - she had been sitting cross-legged on the loveseat with her mom and now had her sister sitting in the nest of her legs. The two girls were very close, and neither of their parents thought it odd that Danielle would sit in Jess's lap like that - the did it all the time. Jess's arms immediately wrapped around her sister's waist, hugging her in like she was a favored plush animal. Their father, who was sitting in the recliner next to the love seat, tried his hardest to focus on the TV and not on his daughters cuddling right next to him. He was sort of succeeding.

"What are we watching?" Danielle asked, having come down right in the middle of a commercial break.

"Some movie that happened to be on," Jess explained. "It's good."


Danielle sat quietly, shifting a little in her seat to get comfortable. Wiggling her ass down in the space between Jess's legs until his round little rump was pressed up against Jess's crotch. Jess was wearing an old t-shirt and a very small pair of gym shorts - they barely covered her ass, and were so thin they often seemed like they were about to evaporate right off of her. Danielle's dress had risen up a bit, and her panties were pressed up against Jess's shorts - Danielle could tell from the way the contact felt that her sister wasn't wearing underwear.

"Comfy?" Jess asked, peering down at her sister, her voice implying that she wasn't.

"Yes, quite," Danielle replied, nodding for emphasis and keeping her eyes locked on the screen. If Jessica wanted her to move, she never said anything more about it.

They sat there for nearly half an hour, watching the movie with their parents, neither one saying much or moving except then an the occasional shift of weight. That was long enough for Danielle. Since she had gotten up this morning, she had felt the building pressure deep inside of her, but she had held it in. Jessica had been at her game this morning, then at the victory celebration this afternoon, and there had been no time alone before or after dinner.

And as she sat there, waiting for bedtime, the pressure was just building more and more, and now she was just boiling over. She had thought she could hold it, but after four days of not going, there was just too much inside of her and her bowels begged to be free of their cargo. Without any out word sign or show, Danielle relaxed and gave a gentle push.

Her young anus slowly parted, puckering up like a virgin's lips ready to receive their first kiss. And that kiss was warm and gentle and sweet, sending a slight shiver through Danielle's body, just as always. She felt the comforting warmth engulf the soft skin of her bum as the first, thick head of the slithering beast emerged from her whole and caress smooth globes as it wormed out and into the tight confines of her underwear. There was little room for the turd to go, her ass was pressed against her sister's crotch after all, and this first thick piece slid straight out, pressing hard against the fabric. It kept straining, pushing harder and harder against the impenetrable barrier with mounting force as the poo constricted on itself, becoming thicker and fatting and spanning out in all directions.

The hot flow through her tight anal passage felt remarkable. Danielle had always loved the feeling of her dirty waste pushing wide her ass and breaking free of her rectum, but it was so much better when it didn't just fall away in a hollow, intimateless splash. She felt full and stretched and relieved as her bowels emptied, and her poo was warm and satisfyingly squishy as it smashed against her panties and filled empty space.

She was straining now to push the shit out - there was so little room for it to go without assistance, and she needed to push to keep the rush going out of her. She never made a sound and never showed her effort on her face, but she was pressing down for all she was worth, packing her underwear a dull with the dense mess as she could.

Jessica was not unaware of Danielle's activities, not for a second - though she was taken completely by surprise when that first thick chuck pressed hard into her clit through the thin fabric of her shorts and her sister's underwear. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning with that shocking touch. It was so hard and warm and thrust right into her, right where she liked it. Since then, she had felt the hot mush expanding, filling out her sister's once-white panties, and spreading out where it could. The heat against her skin felt tremendous, and she wished that she wasn't wearing her shorts at all and that her sister was pantieless. But then again, feeling her sister shit in her panties while sitting in her lap - that was so hot!

Jess could feel how much was mounting, and judging by the pressing she was feeling against her cunt, she knew Dannielle was pushing hard. Her pussy was wet and the fabric of her shorts was quickly getting drenched by the juices. She shifted a bit, humping Danielle's ass with her crotch. It was a small movement, but it did the deed. While it only looked like she was shifting in her seat trying to get more comfortable, Jess was smearing Danielle's poo inside her panties, smushing it together and spreading it all across Danielle's soft ass cheeks. Soon, every inch of Danielle's bum was covered in her poo and there was again room for her flow to continue easily from her ass. In the process, Jess's soaked shorts had moistened Danielle's panties with her streaming cunt-juice.

Danielle looked back at her sister, smiling happily at her, a silent thanks for making room in her underwear for more and for coating her ass with her filthy, dirty poo. Jess grinned back, expressing her own delight at the situation.

Danielle, her attention returning to the movie, let the shit continue to spread her ass canal and invade her undies. She had a bit more room after Jess had shifted, and though he regretted that her ass was not directly on her elder sister's cunt anymore, she did enjoy the feel of the heavy bulge that was growing in her panties. The first turd finally ended, and her ass closed up, but Danielle knew it wasn't over. She bit her inner lip to keep from making noise or showing any hint of stain, but she bore down with more force.

Her anus opened up and quickly spit out two soft, wet turbs, that joined the mess in her panties. These were much more moist and, having landed directly on her ass cheeks after their explosive expulsion, felt like two giant, slimy slugs against her skin.

She strained again, and another, harder, thicker piece pushed against the inside of her sphincter. She wasn't sure she could release suck a monster without alerting her parents, but the hands around her waist, hugging her tighter into her sister's chest and pressing her back into the soft pillow's of Jess's tits, the hard nipples poking against her skin, gave her the determination to try.

She pushed again, felt her ass open, only to close again as her muscles relaxed and she lot grip on it. She bore down again and then again, each time feeling the tip closer and closer to breaching. One of Jess's hands was rubbing her tummy, the other was a bit lower, caressing the mound just above her pussy, pushing a bit on her intestines as if trying to squeeze the turd from her body like toothpaste from the bottle.

With one last, great strain, her asshole stretched out impossible wide, stinging for a second as the round, blunt head of the chunk of poop pushed its way out. Jessica sucked in a hard breath right in Danielle's ear, a sound of shock and surprise. Jess's hips rose to meet this new piece as it emerged, and once more she found herself wishing they were both naked so she could feel this against her skin, maybe even take it inside of her even as it left her sister.

Jess's waist pushed the turd, and as thick and sturdy as it was, it actually moved back into Danielle's laboring asshole. Jess eased back, and the natural motion of the poo returned, bring it out again. And then she humped back, pushing the thick thing back inside her sister.

Danielle was again biting the inside of her mouth, her eyes not even able to focus on the TV anymore as her sister fucked her ass with her own emerging turd. She sat there for a good five minutes, letting the poo slowly ease out of her gapping ass, only to have Jess push it right back in before it was out completely. It was like being fucked up the ass by a strap-on, only better because it was her owe poo and not a hunk of cold, lifeless rubber or plastic. This was organic and real and dirty, which got her juices flowing and her body hot and flushed.

When Jess finally let the poo empty from her younger sister's ass, her shorts were soaked right through, with barely a dry spot at all. Danielle's panties seemed just as saturated, and no doubt there was a huge wet spot on the couch. Danielle's shit had probably stained through her panties and was covering her shorts. She was wondering how they would be able to get up and leave without there parent's noticing something. She was surprised her mother had yet to comment on the smell.

Danielle made the first more, and without even a warning to Jess, she leapt out of her sister's lap. The bulge in the back was huge and raised the hemline of her dress to just above her crotch, making her now-brown panties very visible from the back. And the spring from her sister's lap not only got her breasts bouncing out of her dress for a few jiggles, but the motion nearly caused the great weight in her panties to cause garment to fall right down to the floor.

"I'm tired," she said, stretching her arms above her head, which caused her dress to rise up even more. "I'm turning in."

Jess couldn't help but stare at the huge brown bulge as the dress rose up to reveal it completely and then fell to conceal most of it. She was glad that the lights had been turned off for the movie, or else her sister could have gotten in real trouble - and probably her too for letting it happen in her lap no less!

Her mother's eyes were locked on the TV screen, even when Danielle leaned over to give her a kiss goodnight. Her father, it seemed, was more interested in Danielle's tits and trying to see if they popped out of her top again. Neither one noticed the lump distending from Danielle's panties, though Jess couldn't take hers eyes off of it. Her mind seemed lost until the moment Danielle was out of her sight upstairs.

She faked a yawn then, and stretched out her arms. "I better turn in too. Feeling sleepy - might as well get ready for bed while the light's on." Jess got up, kissed her parents goodnight, and then followed Danielle up to the room they shared. There was still some fun to be had tonight.

Dirty Sisters 2


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