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Blanket Disclaimer: I, the author of this story, do not in any way condone,
encourage, or intend to glorify any of the sexual activities contained in this story.
This is a work of fiction only, the product of an overactive imagination and too
much spare time on the part of one who simply loves to write. Keep this kind of
stuff in your head, folks.

Blanket Warning: The stories I write feature sexual acts far outside the
accepted "norm" of society. They quite often feature children, animals, slavery,
incest, and other things that "normal" people will find...lets say, distasteful. If
you are offended by anything of this nature, or if it is illegal to read or possess
such things where you live, then I suggest you close the file right this minute, and
go have yourself a nice cold lemonade (or a hot chocolate if youre already cold).

Safety First: I do try and make my stories as realistic as is plausible. I dont like
stories where every guy has a massive cock and is an unstoppable fucking
machine, or every girl has gargantuan tits and wants to fuck everything in sight. I
keep a bit more realism in my stories. However one thing I loathe is having to
always be safe. It sometimes steals the mood from my own real life encounters,
and so I do away entirely with the need for safety in my stories. In the worlds I
write for, there are no STDs, and pregnancy is not a danger. In the real world,
there are a lot of STDs, and pregnancy is unquestionably there. Always have fun
folks, but when you fuck, do it safely.

And now, on with the show...

My Story, Part 2

(FMM, Fs)
(exh, toy, true, vomit, ws)

Closing Up

I stretched luxuriously to ease the tension in my muscles, leaning back in my chair precariously as I did so. It had been a long shift so far, seven straight hours in this place, and I was eager to close shop and go home. I work in a small independent porn shop as a clerk, renting movies to customers, selling sex toys, and dispensing coins for the video booths we have in back. Its not the greatest job in the world, but its very easy and it pays the bills so I cant really complain. Just now however, I was nearing the end of my final day of the work week and I was ready to go. I was also extremely horny.

One of my favorite things about this job is of course all the sex toys. The movies are nice, but most of them really bore me these days. None of them are filthy; theyre just normal vanilla sex. Vanilla sex can be perfectly fine on its own, but I dont find it very entertaining to watch. If there arent any animals, shit, or piss involved...I just dont get off. But the sex toys, now thats a different story. We have all kinds of dildos and vibrators and butt plugs and lube and beads and everything else a horny girl might need.

Just now I was using a remote control vibrating egg. Its about an inch in diameter, maybe an inch-and-a-half long, all black. It fits very snugly inside me--all warm and cozy there--and the remote control in my hand can send it through a good number of vibration settings. Leaving it up there doing its thing is a wonderful sensation. The most delicious thing about this toy though is just how quiet it is. It thrills me to no end when Im dealing with a customer, smiling and being polite to a person whos entirely oblivious to the fact that Ive got a little black egg buried deep inside me buzzing away.

So there I was nearing the end of a rather boring shift and having worked up a considerable wave of horny that was threatening to drown me if I didnt do something soon. I was just considering grabbing one of our larger dildos and discreetly fucking myself behind the counter (another of my favorite things to do) when the bell on the front door rang. I looked over and saw a man in his late thirties entering the shop. He wasnt the cleanest fellow, wearing a ratty old flannel shirt, a beaten leather belt, and jeans that probably hadnt been washed in months. His hair hung in a mullet and was all greasy, probably hadnt been washed in longer than his pants, and his face was rough with beard.

"Hello!" I chirped as cheerfully as I could muster (Im really not that social). He grunted in response, and I immediately remembered why he was familiar to me. Id seen him a few times before, and the man had never spoken more than six words to me, always in a low mumble. Hed offered to service me once, and Id turned him down, mainly because I simply wasnt horny at the time. I generally dont like fucking people as dirty as him, but if I was horny I wouldnt have turned him down. Well this time I was horny.

He walked over and plunked a wadded, damp five dollar bill on the counter. I knew he wasnt going to bother speaking, so I just quietly took the five and gave him the booth coins he was after. He took his coins and headed towards the back without so much as a grunt, and I watched him go speculatively. Looking around the store, I verified that no one was here, and I checked the security monitor to see if there were any other cars in the parking lot. Everything was quiet. I thought about the dirty guy in the back again, wondering if I really would.

It was obvious, and inevitable, as my hand went down to my crotch and I began slowly rubbing myself. In a moment I made up my mind. Flicking off my vibrator with the remote, I squatted down and stuck my hand up my medium length black skirt. Brazenly, almost hoping someone would enter the store and see me like this, I fidgeted around under my thong panties until I found the little plastic string of my vibrator, and slowly pulled it out of me. Its always such a pleasure to remove my vibrating egg, and I sighed quietly to myself as I enjoyed the sensation.

My egg removed, I placed it and the remote control in a safe place and headed towards the back of the store. I reached under the counter and snagged a condom from one of the little boxes we have there, looking at my booth indicator as I did to see where he had gone. He was in the darkest hallway in the store, not surprising as thats where most of our customers go first. Passing by the fuse box on my way, I reached over and flipped off the "open" sign.

Nervously I approached the booth with the "occupied" light glowing blue above the door. Id never done anything like this before, and I was as scared as I was horny. My heart was beating a mile a minute and my hands were shaking a little. Ill be honest, this was an extremely stupid thing I was doing and I knew it full well. When I arrived in front of the mans booth, which was a primarily glass door, he looked out to see me there and I think he scowled a bit. Not surprising, considering Im the clerk and people expect me to spoil their fun when I arrive.

He had his hand on his cock and was stroking it half-hard until I arrived, but he started to tuck it back into his pants quickly as soon as he looked at me. I held up my hand nervously.

"No, no, its okay," I stammered, hoping I didnt sound as nervous as I felt. He looked at me with a confused expression, and I swallowed hard before speaking. "I was curious if youre still interested."

It was obvious that he either didnt know what I was talking about or he was suspicious, because his scowl deepened and he turned his head slightly. Taking a deep breath I stepped forward and pushed on the door very slightly. "I wanna suck your cock," I said quietly.

His face went to an unreadable expression as I gently pushed the door inward. He didnt say anything, but I could see his cock start to get thicker and longer as he stepped back as far as he could to make room in the little booth. I trailed my eyes down his stubble, over his ratty flannel shirt, down to his filthy pants from which protruded a good sized cock if I ever saw one. I wondered if I was going to be able to suck him. It wasnt monstrous or anything and Ive certainly had larger, but normally I have things in places other than my throat. Still, I wanted to try it, I wanted to be on my knees in front of this filthy man in this filthy place. It was making me insanely horny.

By the time I reached the ground, dropping my knees on the cum-stained tile floor of the booth, his cock was fairly good sized. It was about eight inches long now, and nearly two inches across (though Im likely overestimating, it just felt like that to me). I shivered a little at the sight of that bulging cock in front of my face. I felt something cold on my knee, and looked down to see I had kneeled right in a little puddle of urine, which explained the smell as I entered. I knew he wasnt the one who had done it; he hadnt been back here long enough for it to be cold yet.

Looking back at the mans crotch I reached up and ran my fingertips across its length gently. It was dark, the head was almost purple, and right below the head it bulged even thicker than the rest of the shaft. It had a little bit of a leftward curve, and I marveled at yet another entirely unique cock in my life. The man grunted and pushed his hips forward, stabbing my mouth with his cock. Apparently he didnt want anything gentle about this, and so I obliged him. Opening my mouth as wide as I could, I shoved my head forward with abandon.

His cock hit the back of my throat and filled my mouth, and as I shoved my head forward I felt it ram down my throat. I only had about half of it in my mouth and it was pushing me to the point of gagging. Shutting my eyes as they began to tear up, I fought my gag reflex as hard as I could and began to twist my head from side to side. I flexed my throat to massage the head of his cock and heard him grunt again much more loudly. I moved my left hand up to stroke what part of his cock I couldnt swallow, and reached my right up to massage his balls through his filthy pants.

I sucked his cock for about a minute like this, fighting the urge to pull back for air and just sucking for all I was worth. Eventually I couldnt stand it any longer, and I pulled my mouth off his cock long enough to desperately take a couple gulps of air. This was incredible to me; here I was with my knees in piss on a cum-stained floor, sucking the filthy cock of a dirty stranger in a public place. I was burning up. I almost dove forward onto his cock again, ramming my head back and forth on it as the stranger grunted some more. Then an idea struck me, and I decided Id go for broke. With a slow, hard suck I pulled my mouth off his cock and looked up at him.

"Um..." I almost lost my nerve, but continued on. "Can you piss?" I asked. His face bunched up for a second and I thought he was going to leave or hit me or something, but then he nodded and grunted. I almost came right then. He seemed to be focusing then, and I could see his cock twitching, so I quickly placed my mouth over the head and looked up at him waiting for my hot treat. I waited for several long moments as the man grunted, and finally he just shook his head and mumbled "no." Sighing inwardly, I went back to sucking his cock. One hand kept massaging his balls while the other stroked his shaft and I choked myself on the head.

Suddenly I heard a noise behind me, and immediately went into a panic. My mind for some reason decided that my boss was standing behind me, I dont know why, and so I pulled my mouth off that cock like it was on fire. I turned my head to see not my boss, but a guy I didnt recognize with a large protruding belly. The sound I had heard was his zipper as he arrived to see me sucking cock, and he was in the process of pulling out his own. It was already hard, and looked just under five inches or so. My filthy mind went into overdrive as the adrenaline of my momentary panic surged through me, and I immediately wanted this man as well.

The man in the booth was tired of letting his cock dry however, and he grabbed my head in both hands painfully. I only barely got my mouth back open in time as he pulled me forward onto his cock. He shoved hard and rammed his cock even further down my throat than it had been before. I almost threw up, I know it, I could feel the bile rush up my throat almost immediately, but it never made it anywhere. My throat burned, both from the effort of trying not to throw up and from this giant cock being rammed down it.

Reaching down I quickly pulled up my skirt and held it around my waist, jutting my ass out towards the man behind me and smacking it for him in invitation. Since I was only wearing my black thong panties, my ass cheeks were readily visible to him as I shook from the effort of sucking the booth mans cock. I heard him say something, and he walked away for a minute. I wasnt really very aware of his actions until I felt an arm around my waist and he picked me up bodily and slid one of the booth stools underneath me. He laid me like that, my torso horizontal and mouth still on the giant cock, my bare ass sticking out for his pleasure.

My lungs were on fire now, and I slapped the booth mans thigh desperately hoping he would give me some air. He was nice enough at that, pulling out of my mouth but not letting go of my head. In fact he wrapped his fingers in my blue dyed hair as I gasped and choked, trying not to vomit. I wanted to vomit, believe me it would have made me even hornier, but I dont think the man would have liked it. He might have, but I wasnt going to take the chance and get beaten.

Even as the booth man was giving me some air, the man in the hallway was spreading my legs a little. I felt him pull my thong to the side and say something that I still couldnt make out. It was only when I felt him begin to push against me that I remembered the condom.

"Wait!" I choked, and I didnt feel the man slow down for even a second. The booth man was pushing his cock against my mouth again by that point, and I didnt have another opportunity to speak. So, mouth full of cock, I simply waved the little condom package as best I could at the man trying to enter me from behind. He apparently caught on, because he grabbed it and I know I heard him cuss. He hesitated for a moment, I think he was debating whether or not to use it, and finally he pulled back. I focused on the booth mans cock again, massaging it as I sucked.

He gave me some air again, apparently deciding that he wanted me conscious for this, and as he did I whispered that I wanted him to fuck my face. He grunted and shoved his cock back in my face, grabbing my hair painfully and fucking my head like it was one of the toys in the counter up front. By that time the man behind me had finally managed to get his condom on...I sure hoped he did, anyway...and I felt him push against me again.

With a couple tries, he pushed inside me and I felt the cock head burst into my body like a train. It wasnt nearly the biggest Ive had, but it was a nice piece of meat warm inside me and much better than the vibrating egg. He pushed for all he was worth and buried his cock to the hilt; I wiggled my ass for him. Now I was a happy, happy little slut. The man in the hallway began pushing in and out slowly, getting used to things, and within only a few moments he was pounding in and out of me with a good rhythm, I could feel his fat belly on top of my ass. At the same time, the booth man had given me another few gulps of air and was now fucking my head forcefully and painfully with his giant cock. I moaned in pleasure even as I gagged, and I heard the booth man grunt as I moaned on his cock.

For what seemed like many minutes this went on. I lay forward on the booth stool, my ass hanging out being pounded by a fat man whose face Id barely even seen, and my head being fucked like a toy by a large filthy man who was probably rather dangerous in a mentally unbalanced kind of way. I paid attention to every last second of it, enjoying the sounds and the degradation of it all as these two men used me. Then suddenly the booth man began to pant and grunt with increased force and frequency as his thrusts in my face continued. I desperately wanted to tell him to cum on me not in me, as I still dont know if he had anything I should worry about...like I said this was a very stupid idea.

With a large grunt the booth man suddenly pulled my head hard onto his cock and I felt him cumming right down my throat. I ignored my minds screams of panic and just enjoyed the moment; if it had to be, I wanted to enjoy it. I felt him load my stomach full of cum for several long moments, my lungs burning and my throat searing even as his filthy orgasm almost drove me to cum myself. His cock began to shrink finally, giving my throat some relief, and I milked it for all the cum it was worth. For a few more moments things lasted like this, with me milking the booth mans deflated cock as the man in the hallway pounded away.

Finally the fat man began to pant as well and I felt him pick up speed, slapping against my ass with abandon as he rammed as deeply as he could. Then in a rush he came as well, ramming up against me one last time and holding very still as he grunted and cussed. He leaned forward and seemed about to collapse on top of me, but he only put a hand on my back to steady himself for a few moments. Everyone was silent for a few moments.

I was still shockingly horny though, as I had yet to cum. I didnt mind at all, in fact I was enjoying being used without regard, it was making me even hornier. Looking up at the booth man, I cleared my throat before speaking.

"Now can you?" I asked, my voice raw. He made another weird face, but he pushed his cock back in my mouth and began grunting. The man behind me didnt say anything as the booth man finally began to piss down my throat. I moaned as I felt the hot acrid piss explode in my mouth and started swallowing for all I was worth. It wasnt enough though, and it was hard to swallow at that angle, so I quickly felt some dribbling out of my mouth, down my chin and onto the floor below.

"What the fuck!" the man in the hallway exclaimed, and yanked his cock out of me suddenly. I could hear him zipping up as he walked away quickly. "Fucking disgusting!" he was saying as he left, but I didnt care. I moaned some more even as I swallowed, savoring the last drops of the booth mans piss as he emptied his bladder down my throat. As he emptied himself, I slid back off the stool and sat on the floor bare-assed, a filthy place to sit if ever there was one, and looked up at the booth man. I was still panting from my ordeal, and my throat was throbbing, but I licked my lips and looked him in the eyes with a smile.

"Got any more?" I asked quietly. He didnt apparently, since he just grunted and then stepped over me to walk away. I heard the back door of the store open and close a few moments later, and then everything was silent. Sighing in lustful joy, I refused to let myself cum just yet. Instead I got up and straightened myself out as best I could, then went about closing the store. I didnt bother to clean anything up; I just put away the days money, locked up, and left.

Waiting for the bus in the dark was interminable. It only took a few minutes, but I was horny and I wanted to get home and have a good cum. I wrapped my arms around myself, hugging my leather trench coat to my body and enjoying the heightened sensations of everything that I always get when Im really horny. I could feel every nerve in my body, and the leather hugging me through my thin clothing was exquisite. Of course it was then that I remembered that Id left my little egg vibrator at work. Cursing, I considered going back to get it. I decided not to though, since I didnt want to miss my bus, and my safe spot should keep it hidden until I work again tonight.

I finally saw the bright lights of the bus approaching, and I smiled at the driver as I boarded and paid. There was only one other person on the bus, a guy who looked about my age. He wasnt bad looking, and I decided to sit near him on the back of the bus. I sat down across from him on one of the seats that sit sideways, and gave him a half smile. He smiled back, and we rode in silence for some time while exchanging awkward glances.

I was still horny, and feeling particularly brazen and filthy, so I did something that I never in my life thought Id have the courage to actually do. Giving up the awkward glances I forced myself to stare directly at him, and he looked back at me in response. I looked him directly in the eyes, and I shit myself right there in front of him. My heart was pounding so loud that I couldnt even hear the bus as I pushed out my shit right in front of that guy. I think he could tell I was straining, since he gave me kind of a funny look. I even let my bladder go, feeling warm piss gush out and pool up underneath me inside my coat.

Since I was still wrapped up in my coat, he obviously couldnt see what I was doing but it still thrilled me. I wanted to moan, but I was too terrified so I just kept silent. He started to fidget, probably wondering why I was staring at him like that, and so I finally looked away. I couldnt believe what I had just done, and I began to desperately hope that his stop would come before mine. We rode in silence still, but I couldnt even glance at him anymore I was too terrified. I was still horny as all hell and thrilled at what I had done, but I was also so fucking scared that he would find out what Id done and...I dont know, make the driver kick me off, or attack me, or I dont know what.

To my shame, my stop began to approach quickly and the guy wasnt moving at all. I finally realized that I was going to have to stand up in front of him and get off the bus. I began to imagine the lump of shit falling right between my legs right in front of him, and I didnt know what I was going to do. Way too soon the bus stop arrived and I pulled the cord and the bus came to a stop and, almost in a daze, I stood up expecting everything to go wrong. But it didnt.

My shit stuck to my ass when I stood, or my thong held it in place or something, but nothing dribbled out in front of the guy. I could feel it though, especially my piss rushing quickly down my legs and probably the inside of my coat, and so I hurried. I didnt even glance in the guys direction as I got off the bus and hurried away, since I could feel the shit begin to come loose as I went down the bus steps. As I walked towards my apartment and the bus sped away, I finally felt the shit come loose. It slid down my bare legs as I walked, and finally landed on the ground where it stayed as I kept going.

Now I was beyond horny, and I just had to fucking cum. My piss was running down my legs and it was really cold now, and I was burning up I was so horny. I hurried to my apartment and opened the door and shut it behind me as fast as I could. Not even bothering to do anything else I rushed to my bedroom and grabbed my favorite dildo. Crawling up on my bed the only clothing I removed was my coat, flinging it on a chair as I fell onto my mattress. I use a vinyl sheet underneath my bedding because Im so filthy, so there was no hesitation.

I immediately put the dildo on the bed and shoved my face down on it. I rammed it up my throat and fucked my head down on it again and again. My hand was already up inside my skirt and working away furiously, and suddenly I felt the puke coming. I welcomed it and let it gush out all over my dildo, my hand, and my bed. This was only the third time in my life I had ever done anything sexually with vomit, and it was the filthiest. I puked pure piss and cum in a weird mixture that looked and smelled so foul I immediately felt more puke build up. I dove down on the puke-covered dildo once again and vomited a second time, the vomit burst out around the dildo in my mouth.

It was right then, with my head buried on a vomit-covered dildo, that I finally came. I screamed as soon as I was done puking, moaning onto the filthy dildo as my body shuddered. It seemed to last forever, and it was one of the most intense orgasms of my entire life. Finally, way too soon I feel, I was done. I collapsed right there, in a puddle of piss-and-cum vomit, and went to sleep.

All that began about twelve hours ago at the time of this writing. Ive had a good nights sleep now, as well as a nice hot shower, and I feel damn good. Im pretty sure now that the guy who fucked me used the condom I gave him, since I never did feel any cum dripping out of me. I also suspect that my vomiting did the trick and got the booth guys cum out, so I dont think I have to worry about that. Still, considering the filthy and unsafe nature of the episode, I think Ill go get checked out soon. I still cant believe what I did, and I mean that in both a good and bad way. I figured you would enjoy it, though. I know I did.

Author: X
This story is X, 2005
Email: [email protected]
Comments: All are welcome! In fact, if you like my work, please feel free to add
me to your Yahoo! Friends list. You never know who youll meet online!

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