The Adventures of Dan and Cock Socket

Part Fifteen: Finally!

A contented sigh escaped Dan’s throat as he leaned back against the pillows wedged between him and the headboard of his bed. Cock Socket’s head bobbed up and down between his crotch. Her mouth sucked noisily on his long meaty rod and her saliva ran down and coolly coated his churning balls. It had been so long since he’d enjoyed a thorough throat fuck from Cock Socket like this. She’d given him blowjobs, of course, but during the three months since they’d confirmed her pregnancy, on the advice of Dr. Ramirez Dan had treated Cock Socket rather gently to protect the growing fetus.

But today was the day! The second trimester of Cock Socket’s pregnancy started Dan wasn’t sure which one of them was more excited. Dr. Ramirez had informed them that Cock Socket could resume some of her regular routine at the start of the second trimester although they still had to be careful about putting her under too much stress and consequently the baby as well. Cock Socket had circled this date in her pregnancy calendar and Dan had caught her periodically checking it as if to make sure it hadn’t changed.

Dan too had been anxious for the second trimester to start. He hadn’t received a decent morning blowjob during the entire first trimester and had been so gentle when they fucked that it had started to drive him crazy. He knew it was for the best, and had even limited her sexual encounters to him and Griff after explaining to the big man the new pregnancy rules. Griff, at least, could take out any frustrations on Free Anal, and although he’d offered her services to Dan, Dan had declined. He still viewed Free Anal as a poor substitute for his beloved Cock Socket.

So for three long months they’d had to endure uninspired blowjobs with no throating and mostly missionary sex that was so gentle it made him think of Kenny G’s music. It had been so frustrating! But that was all over now. Cock Socket had made it to the second trimester without any complications and gotten the green light from the doctor. Dan had woken up with his dick lodged down his slave’s throat while her outstretched tongue tickled his balls just the way he liked it.

He sighed again and patted her brown hair lovingly. He knew this was only a temporary reprieve. Even though her body had only started to show the slightest hints of pregnancy, her belly would soon start to grow and during the last trimester he’d have to take it easy on her again. Well, he was going to sure enjoy the time they had now.

Cock Socket slowly removed his cock from her mouth and looked down on it cross eyed while letting thick strands of saliva drool from her mouth onto the large mushroomed head. Dan gasped again when she abruptly swallowed his meat whole and took it back down her throat. He loved when she did that, especially the gagging noises she made when she arched her neck to let that last little bit in.

A few seconds later, the hand that had been stroking her hair was holding it in a death grip while Dan bellowed and emptied his long pent up balls straight down her throat. Cock Socket choked and coughed around his large member while it throbbed larger with each spurt of cum from the tip. As the convulsions of his cock lessened, she slowly pulled her mouth off so that only the head remained, and milked the last few drops onto her tongue. She loved the taste of her master’s cum.

“That was wonderful Cock Socket,” Dan said. “You certainly haven’t lost your touch.”

“Thank you sir,” she replied happily.

“I’ve got some work I want to get done early,” he told her. “Bring my breakfast to my office after your work out.”

“Yes sir,” she said obediently.

“You’ll need to pick out some clothes to wear today,” he said absently.

“Are we going out today sir?” she asked a twinge of excitement growing in her belly.

“Yes,” he replied, “to celebrate.” Dan didn’t have to explain to her what they were celebrating. They’d both been waiting for this day.

“Where are we going master? What should I wear?” she asked.

“Now, now,” Dan said with a mock scold, “where we’re going is a surprise. Just wear something that will keep you from getting arrested in public.”

“Yes sir,” she replied.

Dan relaxed in bed for a few moments but Cock Socket, excited about the unknown events of the day, obediently jumped out of bed to head to the workout room. She continued to exercise every day, although her routine had been modified and shortened for the pregnancy and would be modified a few more times as her due date approached. Dan watched her leave and felt his deflated cock twitch as he admired the flawless twin globes of her retreating ass. He made a mental note to make sure he got first dibs for the day on the tight hole that was nestled between them.

He sighed again, this time reluctantly, as he threw the warm covers off and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He hated leaving the comfortable confines of bed in the morning; briefly he wondered if he was growing soft since Cock Socket had become his slave and started doing almost all of the menial tasks in their day to day lives. He reminded himself of all the responsibility he had now, not just for himself but for Cock Socket and their future child, and decided he wasn’t becoming soft; his attention and priorities had changed. He didn’t regret turning his wife into his slave, even if it added a few grey hairs to his head prematurely.

He took a leisurely shower to wake himself up, and after getting dressed, went to his home office to finish his work. He hadn’t been their five minutes when Cock Socket entered, still sweating a bit from her workout, with his breakfast. Dan took a moment to grope and pinch her breasts and nipples as she set his breakfast down. Cock Socket was used to it and didn’t make a sound beyond a sharp intake of breath.

She stood with head bowed while Dan continued to molest her tits. He pulled hard on one nipple and then the other, enjoying the way they stiffened under his fingers. When they were hard and erect he turned her around and pushed her down so she was bent over his desk next to him. He ran one hand over her bottom while the other reached for his fork. Dan slowly eased his hand down the crack of her ass and then rudely thrust his middle finger into Cock Socket’s pussy with his thumb naturally resting on her rubbery anus. He put pressure on both fingers while he calmly took a few bites of food. Cock Socket said nothing but a few gasps of pleasure burst from her mouth.

“Your pussy is so wet,” he commented. “Did you masturbate?”

“No sir,” she said, her speech punctuated with a few gasps. “I don’t masturbate unless you give me permission.”

Dan grunted satisfaction at her answer. “Then why are you so wet, slut?” he asked moving his finger slowly in and out.

“Because I’ve been imagining what we’re going to do today…wondering…” she said dreamily.

“What have you been imagining?” Dan asked between bites of his breakfast.

“Being exposed in front of strangers and getting fucked by them,” she answered with a shiver.

Dan smiled to himself. “You are such a slut, aren’t you?”

“Yes sir…yes I am,” she answered honestly.

Dan pulled his finger out and dismissed her to take her shower and get dressed. His cock was hardening again at the thought of what he had store for her later in the day.


About an hour later Dan and Cock Socket pulled up to his favorite sex shop in his truck. Cock Socket noted that the place appeared more crowded than she would have thought for late morning on a random weekday.

“Hey Janie!” Dan greeted the young woman behind the counter. Janie was ringing up a customer but waved politely at both Dan and Cock Socket while she finished the transaction. Cock Socket looked around at the large number of men milling around the store. Strangely they didn’t seem very interested in the shelves and were only giving the merchandise on the shelves a casual look.

Dan waited patiently and started browsing the shelves himself with Cock Socket in tow while Janie finished the transaction. Once she was finished, the young woman came out from behind the counter and approached them. “I see the slut’s dressed for today,” she said quietly eyeing Cock Socket up and down. Cock Socket had followed her Master’s orders and put just enough clothes on to avoid arrest for indecency. She wore tight booty shorts and a tank top without bra or panties; she didn’t even own either anymore.

“Yes,” Dan agreed looking Cock Socket up and down as if he hadn’t noticed her attire before. “She follows orders well.” Appraisals like that didn’t make Cock Socket blush anymore but they did make her stomach flutter with excitement, especially when the comments weren’t directed straight to her. She liked being objectified.

“Come on then,” Janie said with a wave of her hand for them to follow. “Some of these guys have been waiting for a while.”

Dan and Cock Socket followed her to the back where the viewing booths were located while the eyes of every man followed them. “I’m glad so many showed up,” Dan commented to Janie.

“I let all of the regulars know,” Janie replied, “and some of them must have told their friends because there’s some guys I don’t recognize.” Janie led them to one of the booths and opened the door with a key. “Dad was a little miffed about the hole,” she said, “but he agreed as long as he gets to go first. Besides, he’ll make a killing on the other booth.”

“How is your dad?” Dan asked.

Janie shrugged and sighed heavily. “Honestly, he’s been a little weird,” she said. “After the last time you brought your slut in here, he’s been obsessed with getting a peek at my pussy. Right after, he started making little comments here and there about how I should show it to him since he’s already seen it. It was weird and a little annoying but manageable. Then I broke up with my boyfriend and had to move back home which is when it really started. He’s barged into the bathroom on me claiming he didn’t know I was in there, I catch him trying to peek into my bedroom when I’m changing…It’s gotten so ridiculous.”

“Sorry,” Dan said actually feeling a little responsible.

“Yeah, well, it’s not your fault my dad’s a perv,” she responded. “I think he’d fuck me if I gave him the chance,” she said with another exasperated sigh as she ushered Dan and Cock Socket into the small confines of the booth. “How long you guys gonna stay?” she asked Dan.

“I figured I’d give her two hours, or as long as it takes to get through the line of guys. Whichever comes first,” Dan said.

Janie nodded. “I don’t think any of them will last too long,” she told him. “Do you mind if I join you when my break comes in a few minutes?” she asked. “I haven’t been fucked in so long and if I don’t get some dick soon I may give in to my dad’s pressure,” she said with a shudder.

“Sure Janie,” Dan said eying the cute young woman up and down. “We can watch Cock Socket together.”

Janie nodded in agreement. “Just lock the door so no one else comes in,” she instructed Dan. “I’ll knock when I’m on break.” Janie left and closed the door behind her. Dan took a seat on the bench while Cock Socket looked around the small booth confused. A porn movie was playing on a screen in front of the bench.

“Take you clothes off Cock Socket,” her Master commanded, “then get down on your hands and knees. She obeyed, taking her shoes off first. The floor underneath her feet felt dirty and sticky. It only took her a second to remove her shorts and tank top and then she got down on the floor and crawled to her Master.

“See that hole over there?” Dan asked pointing.

Cock Socket looked in the direction his finger pointed. There was indeed a hole cut into the side of the booth. “Yes sir,” she responded.

“Lots of cocks are going to come through that hole for the next two hours. You are to make sure each on gets satisfied. You can use your mouth or your pussy if the cock’s large enough,” Dan instructed her.

“Yes sir,” she said peering through the hole. She could dimly see another booth that looked similar to the one they were in. Cock Socket had heard of glory holes of course, but she had never given them much thought. They were a little tame compared to what her Master usually had her do. Not that the thought of sucking and fucking a bunch of faceless strangers didn’t excite her, but she was a little disappointed at the mundane nature of it.

Her disappointment must have shown on her face. “Don’t worry Cock Socket,” her Master said in an assuring tone, “this is only a warm up. We’ll have plenty of day left after we’re done here.”

Cock Socket’s spirits perked up and she smiled lovingly at her Master before turning back to the hole. A few seconds later she heard a loud thump like the closing of a door and then the familiar sounds of pants being unbuckled as a dark shape moved in front of the hole in the other booth. An erect cock emerged through the hole and Cock Socket wasted no time in swallowing as much of it as she could.

Dan could faintly hear the gasps and groans coming from the other side of the wall as the man he assumed was Rick received the expert attention of Cock Socket’s mouth. Dan’s attention alternated between the monitor showing the porn movie and Cock Socket rocking back and forth as she sucked cock. Dan’s own cock started to surge in his pants as it began to grow and thicken with lust. He wasn’t ready to pull it out yet; he was waiting for Janie to come back.

Cock Socket stopped sucking the cock and turned around. She had to get on her feet and crouch to line her pussy up with the hole, but she was able to manage. Dan watched her eyes close in pleasure as the cock penetrated her. Now the man on the other side of the wall was grunting and Dan could hear Cock Socket’s ass slapping against the wall. Her breasts were swaying heavily under her as she slammed her pussy against the cock poking through the hole.

Cock Socket moaned and held herself against the wall while one hand kneaded her tits and pinched her nipples. Dan knew she wasn’t cumming but she was obviously enjoying whatever was happening. After a few moments she backed away from the wall and turned back around to face the hole getting on her knees at the same time. Her pussy was glistening with more than just her natural lubrication and Dan guessed the man on the other side of the wall had finished inside her.

Cock Socket waited eagerly while the door to the other booth thumped open and close again. Another cock pushed its way through the hole to be swallowed by her hungry mouth. Dan watched Cock Socket make the cock disappear and smiled. He had missed days like this although this one was a little different. During most of their adventures, Cock Socket was turned into nothing more than a group of holes for men to get off into. It was rare that she had as much freedom as he was giving her on this occasion. It was still enjoyable to watch for him though.

Cock Socket made quick work of several guys with her mouth and pussy. Her cunt glistened with cum in the dim light from the video screen and her face was covered in globs from guys that had unexpectedly shot off early. Dan’s cock ached in his jeans and just when he thought he was going to have to pull it out and relieve the pressure a quick knock echoed from the door to their booth and Janie’s familiar voice call out “It’s me!”

Cock Socket was occupied sucking some guy’s cock so Dan got up and cracked open the door. Janie quickly slipped inside, her face all smiles, without letting the door open too far and locked it behind her. “Wow, Cock Socket sure is going through ‘em!” she exclaimed as her eyes slid to the naked woman sucking cock on the floor. “I bet she’s gone through half the guys that were waiting when you got here, but don’t worry, more keep showing up,” she informed Dan.

Her attention switched to Dan who was regarding her with a wide grin. “I’ve been wet thinking about this monster all morning,” Janie said rubbing her hand along the bulge in the front of Dan’s jeans. “Pull your pants down and sit on the bench and I’ll ride you,” she suggested.

“Sure thing,” Dan replied.

“Sorry if I seem a little rushed,” Janie apologized, “but my dad seemed annoyed and jealous and I have a feeling if I’m a late getting back out there he’ll wind up banging on the door.”

“No problem,” Dan assured her as he unbuckled his pants. “Neither one of us is looking for romance.” He slid his pants down to his knees and then carefully sat back on the bench seat.

“Speak for yourself,” Janie said after a sharp intake of breath when Dan’s big cock sprang into view. She quickly shed her own jeans and panties and the next thing Dan knew she was hovering over his cock with her hands on his shoulders and her face intimately close to his. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment since the first time you guys came in here,” she confessed quietly. “In all honesty, you’re the reason I broke up with my boyfriend. I couldn’t get the thought of your big cock out of my mind and kept comparing his to yours. He couldn’t measure up.”

Dan was shocked and flattered by her words, but he wasn’t looking for any kind of relationship. Before he could say anything, Janie had reached behind her and aimed his rampant cock as she sank herself down. Dan moaned out loud as his cockhead was lodged in her warm wet, but very tight, snatch. Dan forgot what he was going to say and let Janie try to stuff as much of his cock inside her as she could.

She only managed to get about an inch of his length on the first try, by the young woman was determined and kept bouncing up and down while Dan held her slim hips. After the initial rush of sensation, Dan started to regain his senses but didn’t want to spoil their fun with the conversation they obviously needed to have. His little head decided it could wait until later.

He grabbed one of her bouncing tits and mauled it with his hand. He stole a glance over at Cock Socket and found her eyes glued to them with a hint of jealousy. Cock Socket only got jealous if she thought he might develop feelings for someone else. Janie’s words must have hit a nerve. He’d have to assure her later that it was just a fuck, that it meant nothing more to him than using Free Anal to get off.

He did have to admit that Janie’s pussy felt great gripping his cock. She was tight in a way that Cock Socket wasn’t. He found her to be cute more than beautiful but very attractive in her own way, but she couldn’t compare with his slave. Janie lacked Cock Socket’s womanly curves but her slim figure no doubt attracted many of the sex shop’s patrons. Her breast fit easily in his hand and he squeezed it hard bringing a cry of pain and pleasure from Janie. Her cry changed to a low moan when he pulled her small nipple making it extend from her tit.

He held her nipple tight between his thumb and forefinger squeezing hard as he pulled. She stopped moving up and down on his cock and the noises stopped coming from her mouth. Her eyes scrunched and out mouth opened wide in a soundless large ‘O’. Janie’s fingernails dug into Dan’s sides painfully as her legs started to shake. She remained still for several seconds, her only movement her pulsing cunt squeezing his thick cock as she came.

Finally, Janie fell forward and collapsed into his chest still impaled on his erect meat. She was breathing but she wasn’t responsive when Dan tried to rouse her. He’d never had a woman pass out on him before and he wasn’t sure what to do. His cock was throbbing in unquenched satisfaction inside her still tight pussy and Dan started to get frustrated. He looked over at Cock Socket, who was facing the wall again sucking another cock. The plump globes of her perfect backside called to him and he knew what he wanted to do.

With a little effort, he lifted the unmoving woman off his lap and propped her up on the bench beside him. He kicked his pants off the rest of the way and stood in his socks and shoes with his cock bobbing angrily in front of him. Cock Socket turned to look at him questioningly while he kicked off his pants and smirked when she saw the Janie sitting unconsciously by herself on the bench. She went back to the cock in front of her after watching her master stroke his cock in preparation for a few seconds.

Cock Socket squealed in delight when Dan forcefully grabbed her by the hips. He looked at her cum soaked gash and thighs with a grunt of satisfaction but it wasn’t her pussy that he was interested in. He ran his hands the short distance from her waist to her butt cheeks, and with a hand on each cheek spread them wide as he pushed forward causing Cock Socket to gag momentarily on the dick that was currently filling her throat.

The gagging didn’t last long, however, and Cock Socket happily resumed letting the cock poking through the hole slide in and out of her mouth and throat. Dan looked down at the crinkled skin of her anus and ran one of his thumbs over the rubbery flesh. Per his instructions, Cock Socket always kept herself clean and ready but Dan was a little worried about hurting her, not about the pain but about causing tears around her anus which could ruin what he had planned later. Not concerned enough to keep him from fucking her ass, however. It was kind of ironic that he was inside an adult shop and didn’t have any lube, but he also didn’t want to stop and get some or wait for Janie to recover enough to get it for him.

Before she got pregnant, when Cock Socket was getting fucked up the ass regularly, Dan wouldn’t have even worried about it. When her ass was getting well used he often stuffed his cock up her backdoor without any lube, not that it wasn’t always a tight fit. It had been months since her ass had been violated in any manner though and it would undoubtedly be much tighter than usual. He wasn’t above using the cum running from her pussy as lube, but he didn’t feel like it this time. Instead, he worked his tongue around in his mouth for a second and then let a thick stream of spit run from his mouth to the top of the crack of her ass.

The clear liquid started running down the crack toward her puckered anus. He held his engorged cock right below the tight hole and as the stream of spittle flowed into the recessed hole he powered his cock forward with a loud groan of release. “Aaaaaahhhhhh!”

Cock Socket was pressed forward against the wall again, this time a lot harder, and struggled for a moment to breathe as she choked on the anonymous cock in her mouth. In a sudden moment of panic, Cock Socket pulled her mouth all the way off of the cock and hung head down gulping in a few mouthfuls of air. Dan released his tight grip on her waist with one hand and grabbed her by the hair to lift her head up.

“Apologize,” Dan demanded, “and then get his cock back in your fucking mouth.” He punctuated his command with a hard thrust into her tightly gripping asshole.

“Aaahhh…aaahhh…I’m…sorry,” she moaned loudly at the hole. “I’ll put your cock back…back in my mouth,” she promised the unseen man.

If the man said anything Dan didn’t hear it; his blood was pounding in his ears too loudly for him to make out much more than Cock Socket’s moans and the sound of their flesh slapping together as he started to pound her ass hard. Dan had let go of her head as soon as her mouth was back on the other man’s cock so he could use both hands to pull her back onto his own large member forcefully. After a few seconds, Cock Socket held her head still and Dan could tell she was swallowing the man’s seed. When he finished, she cleaned his cock dutifully as a good slave should.

“Apologize for not letting him have your pussy, and explain why,” Dan demanded through a series of grunts before the spent cock disappeared through the hole.

“I’m…sss…sssorry,” Cock Socket managed gasping, “for not offering you my…my… pusssssy.” She had to pause for a second, “My m...m…m…master is using my asshole right now…oooohhhhh.”

A few seconds after the limp cock left, a new hard one was poking through the wall and Cock Socket brought her mouth back to work. Even after three months of little activity, Dan was pleased to see that she hadn’t lost any of her skill or fervor for cock, and her ass felt tighter than it had in a long time along the length of his rod.

He got the feeling of being watched and caught Janie moving slightly out of the corner of his eye. He turned to look at her for a quick second. She was watching him sodomize Cock Socket intently with her hand at the apex of her crossed legs. He couldn’t see her hand but the movement of her arm made it clear what she was doing.

Cock Socket serviced three more cock through the glory hole in succession. Dan made her repeat her apology to each man after they finished cumming in her hungry mouth. A few seconds after she swallowed the next cock Dan grunted in satisfaction as he emptied his balls into her grasping rectum. He pulled his softening thick member from her tight back passage with a satisfying ‘plop’ and eased himself back and up off the ground.

He took a seat next to Janie on the bench who was airing out her well satisfied pussy with her legs slightly parted. She had cum two more times watching Dan fuck Cock Socket’s ass and was just recovering a bit before returning to work. “Man you guys are hot!” she said with her eyes glued on Dan’s now limp meat as it rested against his thigh. She was amazed at how thick and long it still looked in its flaccid state. “It’s gonna take me a while to get used to that thing,” she said, “but I promise not to pass out next time.”

“Look, Janie…” Dan started but she cut him off.

“Don’t say it. I know you’re not looking for a girlfriend,” she said. “I’m not proposing that...not exactly.”

“What are you proposing?” Dan asked trying not to roll his eyes.

“Cock Socket is pregnant and in a few more months she’s not going to be available for you to…uh…use like this,” she began gesturing to Cock Socket as she was backing her ass up to the wall to get the stiff cock poking through up her greedy cunt. “Train me to fill in for her,” Janie begged. “I promise I’ll do whatever you say and if after Cock Socket’s fully recovered you want me to leave, I leave. No questions asked, and no complaints.”

Dan didn’t respond for several seconds as he weighed his options. Taking on Janie might hurt Cock Socket’s feelings and as her master he knew it was his job to protect her from emotional strains like that. He also knew he could reason with her, and she knew how much he had suffered the last three months. Besides, he was beginning to wonder what it would feel like to fuck her tight little ass; her pussy had been almost as tight as Cock Socket’s asshole.

Janie took Dan’s silence as a good sign since she assumed his initial reaction was to say no and now she had gotten him to the point of indecision so she forged ahead with a different tact. “I really need to get away from here, from my dad. It’s gotten so weird and I’m afraid of what he might do. Please…” she pleaded.

Dan’s objections wilted and something about her plea made his cock lurch against his leg. He looked over at Cock Socket who was obliviously enjoying another cock and made the decision. “Okay, but for now it will be training only,” Dan told her. “I will make no promises about the future.” They exchanged cell numbers and then Janie had to get dressed and back to work.

The line started to thin out and Cock Socket was waiting longer and longer between dicks. Eventually, after about a five minute wait with no cock poking through the wall, Dan ordered Cock Socket to put her shorts and top back on and he put his pants back on.

The store was fairly empty when they made their way back through. They thanked Janie and her dad on the way out. Her dad acted very cordial so Dan assumed Janie hadn’t told him the news yet. He sent a quick text before getting in the car and then they were off to their next stop.

“Are you feeling okay?” Dan asked Cock Socket while they drove. “I just want to make sure everything’s all right with you and the baby before we get where we’re going.”

“Yes sir,” she responded with a sigh.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“It’s just that the sex shop wasn’t…” she started then stopped.

“Wasn’t what?” he asked.

“It wasn’t very exciting for me,” she said. “The sex wasn’t very exciting. I had fun but it was rather mundane compared to what I’m used to.”

“I know, Cock Socket,” Dan said. “I wanted you to get warmed up a little first,” he explained. “I promise our next stop will be more what you’re used to, but keep in mind it’s still designed to keep you and the baby out of distress.”

Cock Socket nodded in understanding. She was intent on the streets trying to figure out where they were headed. She got really confused when they pulled up to a retirement community. She was actually a little nervous when she got out of the car. She hadn’t really cleaned up after the sex shop and her face and thighs were covered in dried crusty cum that would be obvious to anyone that got close enough to notice.

Dan could see the hesitation in her step as he started to lead her to the lobby. “Don’t worry,” he assured her. “This isn’t really an old folks home with doctors and nurses,” he told her. “It’s just a community where retired people who don’t want the burden of owning and keeping up their own homes live. Most of them are quite independent.”

Cock Socket listened to her master but she was still nervous when they entered the lobby. She relaxed a little when she saw Griff’s familiar form pacing the lobby back and forth while bent over his phone. Dan called to him and then big man looked up and his face broke into a big smile. “Am I glad to see you,” he said loudly as he crossed over to them. “The guys are getting a little impatient,” he said more quietly to Dan when he was closer. “I told the staff that I was throwing a party for my uncle that might get a little loud so they’d be forewarned and less inclined to investigate if they hear something.” Dan nodded as Griff led them off with a wave to the two women behind the front desk. Both of them stared at Cock Socket with looks of disbelief and shakes of their head.

“Cock Socket,” Dan said as they walked, “I brought you here to do a little community service.”

“Community service?” she asked bewildered imagining cleaning rooms or doing other menial tasks.

“Yeah,” Griff chuckled, “serving up pussy to those that served our country.”

Dan laughed a little with Griff as they made their way through the warren of hallways until they finally reached their destination. “These guys all took a little blue pill as soon as you texted me so they’re getting a bit anxious.” Griff opened the door in front of them without knocking and Cock Socket was surprised to see that the beyond the door was a little apartment. It was only a little larger than a hotel suite but it had a separate living room, dining room, and small kitchen and a hall that she expected led to a bedroom and bathroom. There were five older gentlemen in uniforms milling about the living and dining rooms, two of them in wheelchairs and another missing one of his arms.

Griff walked up to a black man in a wheelchair and steered him toward Dan and Cock Socket. The old man was missing his right leg from just below the knee down but otherwise seemed full of life and vigor. “Dan, Cock Socket, I’d like you to meet my uncle Frank and his dirty crew of Vietnam vets,” Griff said in introduction. “Uncle Frank, guys,” he said louder, “this is Dan, and the much anticipated Cock Socket.”

“Woooweee boy,” Frank said, “you weren’t lyin’ about her bein’ a knockout.”

“I told you, Uncle Frank,” Griff said slapping the old man’s shoulder. “Frank and his buddies have been getting together once a month since he moved here two years ago and found out there were other vets living here,” he explained to Dan and Cock Socket. “None of them knew each other before then, but they’ve become good friends since.”

Dan took Frank’s hand and shook it. “When Griff told me about your group I thought the least I could do was help liven up one of your get-togethers,” he explained to the old vet.

“Well I’m mighty glad you came,” he replied, “and doubly glad you brought the lovely lady with you.”

“She’s no lady,” Dan said with a laugh. “In fact she needs to clean up from our last stop,” Dan told him. “Do you mind if she uses your rest room?”

“Naw,” the old man said, “I’ll show her the way.”

He put his hands on the wheels of his chair. “Follow me, girlie,” he said to Cock Socket. She followed him obediently down the hall while Dan and Griff went to mix with the other vets. It seemed like rank didn’t mean much to any of them at this stage of life as two of them were officers and the other three enlisted men. The other man in the wheelchair was Stan, a former army captain who had lost the use of his legs after taking a couple rounds to the back. The man with one arm was Jim a former combat medic who lost his arm when a mine went off near him while he was giving aid to a fellow soldier. Greg and Jason rounded out the group. Greg, also black, had been what he described as a basic enlisted grunt on the ground while Jason had been a First Lieutenant in the Air Force flying air support.

Griff also explained to him that Frank had been on the ground and had lost his leg after getting an infection from a bullet wound. As Griff was talking about Frank, Dan realized that he and Cock Socket had been gone for quite a while. He knew it might take Cock Socket some time to clean up but he had expected Frank to return quickly. He got up and excused himself and headed down the hall.

The lights in the hall were off but he could see the bathroom door was open and dark beyond as well. A sliver of light was coming from a crack in the bedroom door and he could hear Frank’s faint moans as he quietly approached. He silently put his eye to the crack and saw Frank sitting naked on the bed leaning back with his arms propping him up. Cock Socket was also naked and kneeling on the ground with her head bobbing up and down between his thighs. Dan was impressed at the size of Frank’s arms and chest for a man in his late sixties. He would have looked good for a man in his thirties.

Frank was alternating between throwing his head back and moaning, and intently watching Cock Socket work his cock with her mouth and one hand. Dan couldn’t see it but he imagined the man’s dick must at least be as long as his nephew’s.

Frank said something that Dan couldn’t hear and Cock Socket stopped sucking and allowed him to scoot back on the bed then crawled up after him. Dan looked on as Cock Socket lifted Frank’s enormous meat so it stood straight up. She had to kneel on one knee with one foot down in order to get high enough to line his long dick up with her pussy. Once she had it in the right position, she eagerly lowered herself down his massive pipe.

Dan watched Cock Socket’s exquisite ass rise and fall over Griff’s uncle’s lap for a few minutes and then decided to leave them in peace. This was set up for Cock Socket after all. It had taken him quite awhile to figure out a way to get Cock Socket all of the dick her deprived pussy was craving without stressing the baby growing inside her. Then when Griff had been talking about visiting his uncle he had come up with this idea; men who would appreciate good young pussy but at the same time wouldn’t be too aggressive due to their age, and the little blue pill would keep them at attention long enough to completely satisfy Cock Socket for the day.

Dan went back to the living room and gave Griff a quick nod to let him know that Cock Socket and Frank had started. With the bedroom door cracked open it soon became obvious to everyone, even Jason who was hard of hearing. The mood in the small apartment lightened and the next thing Dan knew he was making a beer run by himself; Dan thought it might make it easier for the guys if he wasn’t around for a bit and Griff stayed behind in case Cock Socket needed to see a friendly face.

When he returned, after getting lost twice walking through the endless hallways, Frank was dressed and back in the living room talking energetically but unlike a young guy wasn’t bragging about what he’d done with Cock Socket. Jason was missing from the living room and judging from the noises coming from the bedroom he was enjoying himself immensely. Apparently the old guys had come to the decision that the door was going to stay at least partially open for the rest of the day. From the talk going around the room Dan learned that Greg had had a turn after Frank.

After Jason came out, fully dressed, Jim sauntered down the hallway without any fanfare and Dan realized what order these men who no longer cared about age or rank were going in. He briefly wondered if Stan always went last for everything the old vets had take turns for, or if they occasionally went in the reverse order.

Griff and Dan kept everyone not back in the bedroom supplied with beer and snacks listening to all the old vets’ stories. After Stan came out, Frank rolled himself back to the bedroom again. Dan shook his head with a wide smile and marveled at the effects of modern medicine. Each of the old guys took a second turn with Cock Socket and Frank and Jason both managed to get it up a third time.

After the guys were all finished, Cock Socket cleaned herself up and put her shorts and tank top back on. She came out to the living room for the first time since she had gone to the bathroom shortly after their arrival. She was tired and well satisfied, but Dan made her stay to have one beer. They eventually said their goodbyes and were on their way.

“So how was that?” Dan asked while they were driving home. The sun was just beginning to set and the interior of the car was dark enough that he couldn’t see the satisfied smile spread across her face.

“Much better than the glory hole, master,” she confessed. “Frank had such a large cock, and Jason had just the right amount of vigor.”

“I thought you would enjoy it,” he said reaching over and taking her hand. “We have a few months of this so we’ll try to get as much in as we can before your belly gets too big.”

“Yes master,” Cock Socket agreed happily.

Chapter 16

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