White Stockings, Part 2

By Ebo

This is a running story. I recommend starting from the beginning.

story: Jaime Glossen looked around the Cuarto de la Nina, largely empty of customers now. Only one other customer besides her remained, a poor guy who had had way too many to drink. He was passed out at one of the tables and Tank was in the process of waking him up.

Smiling, she turned back to Annie, who was wiping down the bar, You should have cut him off a long time, ago.

I did, Annie said, shaking her head, he always sneaks his own in. Id be upset but he tips really, really well.

Oh, Jaime said, looking down at her own drink. It was only her second and it was still half full, a moral victory for her.

Hey, I never did thank you, Annie said, pausing with the dish towel in her hand, you know, for setting up my mobile bartending business.

When you say it like that, Jaime said, laughing, you make it sound shady. All I did was give you a legitimate reason for your income. You host parties, get paid for it in cash. It is close enough to the truth to appease my sense of propriety.

Seriously, though, Annie said, smiling at her, thanks. And not just for me. Some of the dancers have been telling me you helped them set up savings accounts, started investing their money for them.

A little uncomfortable, Jaime said, It was the right thing to do. If you knew how, youd have done the same.

True, I would have, the bartender said, still smiling at her, but that doesnt change the fact that you did. Some of the customers take a mild interest in the girls beyond their dancing, go as far as buying them a card on their birthdays, but you Youve become an honorary member of the Cuarto staff. You are like our accountant.

Staff, huh, she said, laughing, does that mean I get an employee discount?

As long as Im bartending, you drink for free, Annie said.

Touched by the gesture, Jaime said, Thank you, Annie.

Just dont tell, Julio.

Okay, she said, laughing.

Eliza tells me it is your birthday, Annie said, putting the last of the liquor bottles away and locking the cabinet.

Did she, Jaime said, groaning, I hoped she wouldnt tell anyone.

Well, Tank and I got you a little something, she said hauling three bottles of champagne from under the bar and setting them on the bar, the good stuff.

What in the world am I going to do with three bottles of champagne?

Well, you see, she said, leaning forward, the girls are throwing you a party. Tank and I are taking off but the Cuarto is staying open late tonight.

A party, Jaime said, blinking in surprise.

It is sure to be a birthday to remember, she said, digging in her pants pocket and putting a key on the bar, tell Eliza to lock up and slide the key under the door when you leave.

Wait, what do you mean it is sure to be a birthday to remember?

The girls have a special way of celebrating the birthdays of favorite patrons, she said, smiling a coy smile as she slipped her purse onto her shoulder, You should feel honored. they dont do it very often. Have fun tonight, Jaime.

What am I getting into?

Youll see, she said, her smile making Jaimes heart race in her breast, Happy birthday.

With that she left, leaving Jaime alone in the bar. Looking around at the empty tables and the stage, she wondered what the girls had planned for her.

The lights, which had been brought up so the janitor could clean the place up a bit, suddenly dimmed and a spotlight shown down on the center of the stage. The music came blaring to life, the throbbing bass notes vibrating her chair.

One of the girls- Min, she thought- came on the PA system, said, Would Ms. Jaime Glossen please report to the center of the stage.

She looked at the stage, at the brilliant spot light shining down. Her heart started racing as she wondered why they wanted her on the stage.

You heard her, another girl said, giggling, stand in the spotlight.

Her legs felt a little wobbly as she made her way to the stage and found the steps that led up onto the wooden runway. The spotlight was relentless and she felt exposed and vulnerable standing there, waiting to see what was about to happen to her.

She wondered if this was how it felt for Eliza, being on stage. Probably a lot worse. At least Jaime wasnt naked with dozens of men staring at her.

Min and another girl named Hanna appeared from backstage carrying a clunky, intricately carved throne. They sat it down behind her with a sigh of relief, rubbing their skinny arms. Apparently, the chair was as heavy as it looked. Still, they grinned at her, posted up on either side of the thing.

Ladies, help Ms. Glossen with her clothes, the girl in the booth said, giggling.

My clothes, she asked, looking at Min.

The girl just grinned at her as the curtain to back stage billowed and a dozen more girls spilled out on to the stage. Jaime gaped at them, all dressed still in their dancing outfits. She knew most of them by name, a few as friends.

Now, they swarmed her and in spite of her protests, made short work of relieving her of her blouse and skirt. In just her bra and panties, she tried to cover up as the girls started giggling and catcalling. Her clothes were passed from girl to girl, finally disappearing from sight.

Spotting Eliza, she said, Come on. Let me have my clothes back.

The girl came to her, stood on her tippy toes to give her a lingering kiss, before saying, You can have them back after your party.

I think Id enjoy myself a little more if I could have them back, now.

Min laughed and said, Dont be shy. You look great.

You do, Hanna said, taking her arm.

Jaime found herself being urged to sit on the throne, felt the velvety seat caress her bare thighs. Even as solid a chair as this picked up the vibrations of the music and it buzzed against her buttocks and thighs.

Her heart was racing in her breast and she looked expectantly from one girl to the next. The night had taken a turn to the crazy and she had a feeling they had a ways to go down this new road they were on.

Eliza came forward and grinned at her, produced a pointy birthday hat with a chin strap, For the birthday girl.

The hat sat cockeyed on her head, the strap under her chin and the girls started singing Happy Birthday to her. She had to smile, thought there was some genuine feeling behind the song. She was a little touched that they cared enough to throw this party for her.

Thank you, ladies, she said, starting to stand. Eliza met her eyes and shook her head. Jaime sat back down.

The crowd dispersed, leaving her alone on the stage. Suddenly there were more than a dozen pairs of eyes on her as she sat half naked at center stage and she felt painfully self conscious in the glare of the spot light. The urge to cover up was hard to fight.

The song changed and one of the girls broke from the crowd, came to the stage. Jaime saw it was the Min. The girl had a huge grin on her face as she sauntered over to Jaime. She stopped just in front of her, leaned in and whispered in her ear, I finally get to give you that lap dance.

Swallowing hard, she watched as the girl straightened up, then began dancing. The little thong and bra set she wore disappeared in a hurry and Jaime couldnt look away from her lithe, young body. Then the girl was sitting on her lap, facing the crowd. She leaned back into Jaime, until she was cheek to cheek with the woman, as she began rubbing her backside against Jaimes lower abdomen. The roll of her hips was delicious and Jaime found herself getting turned on by the girl in her lap.

There were some catcalls from the crowd, the other girls egging her on. Giggling, Min got off her lap, turned to face her. With her hands on the armrests, she wriggled her hips right in front of Jaime, the sway of her body mesmerizing. Then the girls small breasts were in her face, as the girl rubbed them against her. The girl smelled of sweat and the soap she had used in the shower who knew how long ago. The combination was intoxicating and Jaime felt dizzy from inhaling the girl.

The crowd was cheering, Min feeding off their reactions. The girl was back in her lap, her little backside rubbing deliciously against her lower abdomen. She had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. The feel of the girl writhing on her lap had her in a state. She was more than a little aroused, her body responding to the girls dance.

She felt kind of guilty how excited Min was making her. Her eyes found Eliza in the crowd, saw the girl grinning. She noticed Jaime looking at her, smiled and nodded. Jaime realized Eliza was giving her permission to enjoy this.

Just the same, she felt kind of guilty. She and Eliza had been together for almost three months now and their relationship was starting to get serious. She couldnt believe it but she was in love with a thirteen year old girl. As much as she wanted to be ashamed of it, she wasnt. The girl was amazing, so beautiful and vivacious, and for whatever reason she was attracted to Jaime. Eliza made her happier than shed ever been and the girl seemed as happy as she was.

Jarred from her thoughts, she felt Min take her hands and she found herself cupping her small breasts. Min had her hands covered, wouldnt let her pull away. They were just a handful, fit perfectly in Jaimes, their nipples poking her palms. Feeling guilty or not, she liked the way Min felt, so soft and pliant.

The girl guided her hands down her flanks and onto her hips, held them there as she continued to grind against Jaime. She couldnt hold the moans in, anymore. The girl had to know this was driving her crazy.

The song ended too soon. She was kind of disappointed when Min got off her lap. The girl turned and smiled at Jaime, leaned in and gave her just the briefest of kisses. Just a brushing of her lips against Jaimes. The crowd started cheering and Jaime blushed.

Leaning in, she whispered in Jaimes ear, Happy birthday.

With that, she collected her clothes and sauntered off the stage. Jaimes heart was still racing as she watched the girl sit down at one of the tables. She could still feel her body grinding against hers, the gyrations of her hips.

Hannah appeared at her side with a glass of champagne and Jaime took it. She needed something after a dance like that. Hannah grinned at her as a new song started playing and Jaime forgot about the alcohol for moment. That smile was playful and her eyes full of mischief as Hannahs hips began to sway to the music.

Realizing what was about to happen, what the girls had in mind for her tonight, she had to finish her drink in a hurry. She glanced past Hannah at the gaggle of scantily clad girls, her heart racing. Were they all going to come to the stage to dance for her?

Her attention was jerked back to Hannah as the girl stripped out of her little outfit and climbed onto her lap. She looked down at the naked girl in her lap, couldnt take her eyes off of her. Biting her lip, she tried not to moan as the girl began to move in her lap, to rub her body deliciously against Jaime.

Do you like this, Hannah asked, meeting Jaimes eyes.

Jaime didnt trust herself to speak, nodded instead.

Ive never danced for a woman before, the girl said, grinning, its easy to tell when a man is excited, but women seem a little more difficult.

Swallowing hard, Jaime said, I guess that is true.

It was kind of an inane comment but it was kind of difficult to think with the girl writhing in her lap. Min had had her a horny mess and the teasing roll of Hannahs hips was only making things worse. She had a death grip on the chair arms to keep them off the girls lithe and lean body and she couldnt completely keep her moans in check.

Its getting easier to tell if you are excited or not, Hannah said, grinning playfully at her. She pried Jaimes hands loose of the chair and put them on her hips, slid them up her flanks to her small breasts. Her grin widened when Jaime forgot to breath for a few seconds and she said, Like now. Id say you are pretty excited.

Jaime couldnt deny it.

This song came to an end too soon like the last one and Hannah got off her lap. She gathered her clothing, then followed Mins lead by giving her a little kiss. Jaime watched her walk away, mesmerized by the tick of her backside. Without thinking about it, her hand came up and she touched her lips where the girl had kissed her.

The next hour and a half became a blur of throbbing music, champagne, and tight bodied girls rubbing against her. She was more than a little drunk and it had only a little to do with the alcohol. The parade of young girls that had come to the stage had her so horny she couldnt think straight. It might have been too much of a good thing.

The song changed and she saw Eliza coming to the stage. She sat up straighter, seeing the girl. Eliza smiled at her and she couldnt help but return it. The girl had that effect on her, had a smile that made her heart flutter and her knees feel weak.

God, she loved her so much, even if she hadnt worked up the courage to tell her, yet. She was afraid to, not because she thought the girl wouldnt say it back, but because she might. That spontaneous action of following the girl off the bus that night three months She never would have guessed it would have landed her here, in love with a thirteen year old girl.

The girl began to dance, the sway of her body so graceful and mesmerizing, Jaime couldnt look away. The little top Eliza wore disappeared, was tossed aside as she continued to dance. Smiling at Jaime, the girl pulled her thong down on one side, then smoothed it back into place before repeating the process on the other side. Turning around, Eliza slowly slipped the thong from between her buttocks, then down her long, lovely legs. Stepping out of it, she came to Jaime, sat in her lap.

She kissed Jaime then, but not a friendly peck like Min and Hannah but a sweet lingering kiss that took her breath away and curled her toes. The girls went wild catcalling and clapping like crazy and Jaime started laughing, looked around Eliza at the audience. Her face was hot as she saw all the little girls grinning at her and Eliza.

Eliza said, Dont worry about them.

Jaime kissed her again, but she could still hear the girls. It felt weird, making out with Eliza in front of all of them. For obvious reasons, their relationship was a private thing. This was anything but private.

Elizas hips began to move and she moved until her body was rubbing deliciously against Jaime. While she had restrained herself when the other girls had been doing this, she let herself go. She kissed Elizas shoulder, let her hands slip up her sides to cup her breasts. She could just make out Eliza moaning over the throbbing music and wondered if her own little cries were audible.

Teased right to the edge by the gyrations of girl after girl for the last ninety minutes or so, it didnt take long for an orgasm to stir to life deep inside Jaime. Her eyes widened as she realized she was going to come in front of all the girls in the crowd. She balked but Eliza was really grinding against her and she couldnt stop it from happening. Gasping, she felt the tension build and build inside until she finally lost control. Her cry of ecstasy reached the girls over the throbbing music and they started giggling.

Oh God, Jaime said, gasping for air. She hid behind Elizas shoulder, didnt want the girls to see her like this.

Eliza turned in her lap, put her hand under her chin to lift her face so she could kiss her. Grinning, she said, The girls got you a little worked up, huh?

I cant believe I did that, she said, glancing out at the crowd, how embarrassing!

Then you really arent going to like this next part, Eliza said, giving her one more kiss before getting off her lap.

Whats that mean, Jaime asked.

We danced for you, the girl said, winking at her, now it is your turn to dance for us. We need to be entertained, too.

What? I cant- Jaime said, her eyes widening.

You have to, Min called out, laughing, we have your clothes! Youll have to earn them back.

Jaime looked at Eliza and the girl tried not to grin as she shrugged, Sorry. Its tradition.

I cant do this, Jaime said, looking out at all the grinning faces.

Youll be fine, Eliza said, moving against her. The girl gave her a quick kiss, then a swat on the backside, before saying, Its all in the hips.

Then Eliza was gone and Jaime was alone in the center of the stage. The music started and Jaime had to laugh. It was the song that had been playing when Eliza gave her her first lapdance. Well, the first of four songs, anyway. Hopefully the girl didnt expect her to dance through all four songs.

She began to dance in place, her face even hotter than the overhead spotlight shining down at her. She had never felt so self conscious in her life, so naked and vulnerable. Her hands kept wanting to come up and cover herself.

The girls were giggling and booing good naturedly. Finally, Min called out, Help her out, E.

Eliza came to her and Jaime found herself dancing with the girl. Grinning, the girl spun her out and when she reeled her back in, Jaimes back was pressed against the girl and Eliza had her arms around her from behind. Jaime was laughing as they continued to dance. It wasnt as scary on the stage with Eliza there with her.

The girls hand slipped up to cup her breasts, squeezed them through her bra. She groaned, felt her nipples stiffening under the attention. She closed her eyes, savored the feeling as her hips continued to sway to the music. They sprung open and she gasped in surprise as Eliza pushed the bra up onto the slopes of her breasts and she was suddenly revealed to the giggling throng of girls. They went crazy, giggling and catcalling.

Hey, she said, pulling her bra back into place.

Im going to take it off now, Eliza said, popping the catches in the back, dont stop me. You only live for a little while and this will make a helluva story.

Jaime hesitated, looking out at the crowd. An excited shiver worked through her at the thought of letting Eliza strip her in front of all those young girls. Her hands dropped really without thinking it through and Eliza slipped the bra off her shoulders before she could change her mind. The bra was tossed into the crowd and there was no going back now. She shivered at the eyes on her bare breasts.

Kind of exciting, isnt it, Eliza said, from behind her.

Mortifying, dont you mean, Jaime said.

You have nothing to be shy of, the girl said, her hands roaming over Jaimes stomach and up to her breasts, you have an incredible body.

Eliza suddenly turned her, so her back was to the crowd. Sinking into a squat in front of Jaime, the girl continued to dance at this new level, let her hands slip up and down the womans thighs. Finally, they ended up on her hips and the fingers hooked into the waistband of Jaimes panties. Sensing what the girl was about to do, her hands went to her face. She knew it was coming but she still gasped when the girl raked her panties down around her ankles, revealing her to the probing eyes of the girls in the crowd. Her face still covered, she let Eliza help her step out of them. She didnt see it happen but she was sure her underwear was flung into the crowd like her bra had been.

She felt Eliza move against her, lowered her hands to see the girl grinning at her. The grin made her nervous and she returned it with a shaky one of her own. Then the girl turned her and she stood naked at center stage. Her face was on fire as the group erupted into a roar of applause and catcalls. She felt a giggle well up inside of her and she couldnt hold it in. This was embarrassing and thrilling and so wrong it was exciting.

See, Eliza said, hugging her from behind, a standing ovation.

Oh God, Jaime said, laughing and shaking her head, how long is this song?

It is almost over, Eliza said, laughing, so you better wow the crowd before you get stuck up here for another song.

Jaime laughed, Im probably going to traumatize these poor girls.

She danced with Eliza until the song ended. The girl took her hand and made her take a bow. The screaming and applause from the crowd made her blush even brighter, something she didnt know was possible.

Encore, encore, Hannah called from her table, laughing.

Sorry ladies, Eliza said, wrapping Jaime up in her arms, she is all mine.

Jaime found herself being led backstage in a hail of playful boos from the girls. Eliza led her through the dressing area to an office in the back. Looking around, Jaime thought it must be the managers office. Julios. What they were doing in her, Jaime wasnt sure. Eliza steered them toward the couch and Jaime sat down, with the girl in her lap. Are you mad about the dance, Eliza asked, meeting her eyes.

No, Jaime said, blushing, a little embarrassed. Maybe a little turned on, but not mad.

Good, Eliza said, kissing her, the girls just wanted to have some fun with you.

I know, Jaime said, hugging her close, Thanks for this. My birthday gift.

Oh, this wasnt my idea, Eliza said, grinning at her, the girls wanted to throw you a party, so I let them. They love you like I do. Well, not exactly like I do.

Jaime blinked in surprise, her eyes widening. Hopeful and scared at the same time, she asked, You love me?

Eliza took a deep breath and gave her a nervous smile, Yeah. I love you.

Smiling warmly at the girl, Jaime said, I love you, too.

The girl laughed and said, Romantic, right? The backoffice of a strip club?

Jaime laughed, gave the Eliza a deep kiss. Pulling back, she looked into Elizas limpid brown eyes, saw the affection in them. She smiled at the girl, said, I love you so much. Have for a while now but I was afraid to say it.

Afraid I didnt love you back?

Afraid that you did, Jaime said, with a nervous laugh.

Me loving you is scary?

No. It is the least scary thing. Ive never been with anyone like you before. Feels a little strange how easy our relationship is. Do you know what I mean?

Grinning, Eliza said, We do make a cute couple.

Laughing, Jaime kissed the girl, said, We do, but thats not what I meant.

Eliza smiled at her and said, I know.

Listen, Im drunk and just being stupid, Jaime said, with a nervous laugh.

I know our relationship is unconventional, but Eliza said, pausing when Jaime laughed at the word unconventional to grin at her before continuing, I feel safe with you. Comfortable. I havent felt that way in long time, not since my dad died.

Jaime hugged the girl, squeezed her tight.

Its more than that though, Eliza said, putting her arms around Jaimes neck, when you look at me I dont know, it just makes my heart race. I dance naked for money so youd think Id be used to people looking at me but you It makes me feel Different. I cant explain the difference; all I know is I love the way you look at me.

The girls words caught Jaime off guard and she felt tears sting her eyes. She kissed the girl deeply as they spilled down her cheeks.

Then there is the sex Wow, the girl said, grinning when she startled a laugh from Jaime.

Jesus, Eliza, Jaime said, shaking her head.

I guess what Im saying is, Eliza said, looking into her eyes, Im glad you got off the bus.

Her heart pitter pattering in her chest, Jaime smiled at Eliza and said, So am I.

Eliza kissed her, turning in her lap until she faced her. Jaime opened her legs a little more and their bodies nested together. Breaking the kiss, Eliza looked down at the union. She was grinning when she looked back up at Jaime. She straightened up and her grin widened as their bodies fit together perfectly. The first roll of her hips brought a moan to Jaimes lips and the second forced it from her slack mouth. Jaime watched the sensual flex of Elizas body, fascinated by the jungle cat like grace of her movements.

She couldnt keep her hands off the girl, thrilling at all the smooth ebony skin under her fingertips. The girl moaned and sighed at her touch, her back arching. Jaime could feel the girls excitement thrumming through her tight body. It fueled her own and she felt herself becoming more and more aroused.

I cant believe we are doing this here, Jaime said, looking around the office and laughing.

Dont worry, Eliza said, around a moan, I Lysoled the couch earlier.

Still laughing, Jaime gave the girl a funny look and said, Thats not what I meant Did you really Lysol the couch?

Yeah, Eliza said, grinning sheepishly, I thought we might need it.

Good call, Jaime said, shaking her head.

Just dont tell Julio, Eliza said, leaning in to kiss her.

Thats the second time someone has told me that tonight, Jaime thought, grinning.

The meeting of their bodies was sending waves of pleasure crashing into her, forcing little cries of ecstasy from her. They mingled with Elizas, became one in the quiet of the office. It was peaceful- the quiet- after the throbbing music out in the bar area. It was their own private little space, a bubble. The party outside was forgotten and they reveled in each others body. They had no distractions but each other.

Jaime heard Elizas cries change and the roll of her hips became more urgent. She thought the girl was going to come and she felt tension enter her own body. She met Elizas eyes and the girl bit her lip and nodded. Jaime managed a smile before losing it to a moan. She put her hands on the girls hips as she started to lose control of her movements, wanted to help her finish. Eliza put her hands over Jaimes and their fingers intertwined. Her grip was almost painful as she pushed them both closer and closer to release.

Eliza climaxed hard, crying out in ecstasy as her body went crazy. That cry sent Jaime over the edge and she joined the girl in orgasmic bliss. She clung to the girl, held her tight against her as she trembled and gasped for breath. Eliza hugged her back. They stayed like that awhile, in no rush to untangle their bodies.

I think we keep getting better at that, Eliza said, smiling at her.

Grinning, Jaime said, It was pretty amazing to start with. Im not sure I could handle it if got much better than this.

Laughing, Eliza gave her a kiss. When she finally pulled back, Jaime drank her in and thought, even disheveled after a night of dancing and their love making, Eliza was so beautiful. With her flawless ebony skin; an infectious smile; and big, expressive brown eyes; her raven black hair now clinging to her damp forehead. Jaime felt her heart swell with love for the girl.

What, the girl asked, catching her looking at her.

Nothing. Just thinking how beautiful you are, Jaime said, smiling at her.

Mmm Eliza said, grinning as she leaned in for a kiss, I think you are hot, too.

Will you still want me when Im old and wrinkled?

Old and wrinkled, huh?

I have about a twenty year head start on you, Jaime said, her smile slipping at that thought. She was more than twice the girls age. It wasnt exactly a new thought for her but it bothered her every time it came up.

Ive seen the picture of your mom, Eliza said, grinning playfully, she is still a good looking woman.

Yeah but my aunts on my dads side are a mess, Jaime said, laughing when the girl gave her a look.

Well, Ill still love you even if you are a mess, Eliza said.


Yeah, the girl said, kissing her.

Good, because Ive been thinking about giving up exercising. Maybe buy some mom jeans and let my ass get fat.

Oh God, Eliza said, laughing.

Would you still love me in mom jeans?

Yes, Id still love you in mom jeans.

You are hopelessly in love with me, huh, Jaime teased, grinning playfully at her.

The girl sobered a bit, said, Yes.

Jaimes heart skipped a beat and she hugged the girl to her fiercely, I love you, too. So much. So much.

There was a knock at the door and someone called through it, Are you two done, yet? There is a party out here!

Yeah, quit fooling around in there, Hannah said, giggling, you two can do that when you get home!

Laughing, Eliza called out, Well be out in a minute.

Someone started knocking on the door, didnt seem to intend to stop. Eliza was laughing as she got off Jaimes lap and went to the door, opened it. Hannah grinned at her, looked past her at Jaime.

You all totally did it, Hannah said, giggling.

Well be out in a minute, Eliza said, shaking her head.

Better hurry. The champagne is almost gone.

Okay, Eliza said, laughing.

Hannah started to turn away but was giggling as she turned back, said, Oh God! I almost forgot. You have to come see Min and Tiffany!

Why, Eliza said, glancing at Jaime.

Jaime got up and came to her side, looked expectantly at Hannah. The girl just grinned and weaved her way back to the front of the bar. Jaime glanced at Eliza, who just shrugged. Shrugging herself, she looked down at herself. Eliza saw it, laughed.

Its not funny, Jaime said, laughing anyway.

Come on, Eliza said, taking her hand, its too late to be shy now.

Jaime let herself be lead back to the bar proper, shaking her head. Not for the first time, she could believe how far out of hand the night had gotten. There was a bar full of naked, under aged girls drinking champagne and she was just as nude as they were. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, indecent exposure, sex with a minor The list of crimes she was committing was getting longer by the minute. If the cops should show up, shed be so hosed.

Hannah saw them, grinned as she nodded toward the corner. Jaime followed her eyes and saw Min and another girl- Tiffany, apparently- making out at one of the tables. Not just kissing but seriously going at it. Their hands were all over each other. Even as Jaime watched, Mins hand slipped between Tiffanys thighs.

Wow, Eliza said, stunned.

They were inspired by your little dance, Hannah said, giggling.

They definitely look very Inspired, Jaime said, forcing herself to look away.

Hannah giggled again, then called out, Hey, Min. The office is empty.

Min looked up, saw everyone watching them. Her face turned red and she snatched her hand from between Tiffanys thighs in a hurry. Tiffany didnt embarrass as easily and she kissed the blushing girl. Standing up, she offered her hand to Min. The Asian girl looked at the hand, then at the crowd of girls on looking. She took the hand, let Tiffany lead her backstage. She was blushing and giggling as the girls started catcalling.

Well, thats new, Eliza said, laughing.

Just when you think the night cant get any crazier, Jaime said, shaking her head and grinning.

Oh, its still early, Eliza said, winking at her.

Jaime opened her eyes and immediately wished she hadnt. Apparently the sun was up and the glare felt like a kick to the head. She didnt drink champagne very often and now she remembered why.

When she managed to keep them open without grimacing, she looked around. Frowning, she realized she didnt know where she was. She glanced over her shoulder, saw Eliza sprawled out beside her, then realized this must be her room. She was at Elizas apartment. In all the three months they had been together, shed never been here before.

Try as she might, she couldnt remember how she had ended up here. The champagne had gone down a little too easy and parts of the night were a little hazy. One of those blank spots apparently was the cab ride here.

She sat up on the edge of the bed, looked down at herself. She snorted when she saw she was naked, which is how she had spent most of the night and morning. Blinking, she hoped she got her clothes back at some point during the party. At least for the ride here, if nothing else. Sadly, she couldnt be sure.

The need to pee was a pressing issue, so she got up to find her clothes. Looking around the room, she didnt spot them and, again, she hoped there was a logical explanation for their absence that didnt involve a naked cab ride. She really didnt want to end up on the internet. After a few minutes of looking, she gave up. Pulling a sheet off the bed, she wrapped up in it and left the bedroom. The apartment was completely foreign to her and she didnt have the slightest idea where the bathroom was. She frowned, didnt want to just start opening doors looking for it. Eliza had roommates, after all. A couple of those doors lead to their bedrooms.


Jaime turned around and saw Min coming out of one of the rooms. She was dressed in just a pair of panties and her hair was a mess of tangles. The poor kid looked as rough as Jaime felt, maybe even more so. Jaime gave her a sympathetic smile.

Morning, she said, then, Um, wheres the bathroom?

Second door on the left, Min said, then with a sheepish grin, sorry about throwing up on you last night.

Is that why my clothes are missing, Jaime asked, sighing with relief when the girl nodded, oh good.

They are in the dryer. Eliza washed them for you before you all went to bed, Min said, then gave Jaime an amused look, you didnt know where your clothes were?

Um, no, Jaime said, grinning sheepishly, Im just glad I wasnt naked in the cab.

We ended up calling Tank, Min said, laughing, he gave everyone a ride home. We were all crammed into his van like sardines.

Oh, Jaime said, shaking her head. It stirred up her headache but also shook loose a memory of riding in the van, Eliza in her lap and Min asleep beside her, the girls head on her shoulder.

Crazy night, right, Min said, laughing.

Pretty crazy, Jaime agreed, then, second door on the left?


Jaime found the bathroom, closed the door behind herself, and dropped her sheet. After relieving the pressure on her bladder, she looked at her reflection in the mirror above the sink and wished she hadnt. She hadnt partied like that since college, drinking and dancing until four in the morning. She didnt remember it hurting so bad when she was younger.

You are a mess, she told her reflection, a faint smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

Wrapping up in her sheet, again, Jaime left the bathroom. Min saw her and waved her over. Jaime saw her clothes sitting on the island in the kitchen beside a cup of steaming coffee. She could smell the brew even before she made it to the kitchen and her mouth started watering.

Um, I think I ruined you skirt, Min said, blushing.

Smiling at her, Jaime said, It happens.

Sorry about it, though.

Its okay, Jaime said, picking up her clothes.

I made you some coffee, Min said, sipping a cup of her own.

Thanks. I need it.

With her freshly laundered clothes and her mug, Jaime went back to Elizas room. The girl stirred, opened her eyes. Seeing Jaime wrapped in a sheet, she laughed. Yawning, she rolled onto her side to watch as Jaime set the coffee and clothes down and dropped the sheet. The girl smiled at her, her eyes roaming over Jaimes body. She was going to get dressed but the way the girl was looking at her made her reconsider. She crawled back into bed instead and the girl moved against her.

So this is your apartment, Jaime said, smiling at the girl.

Yeah, she said, then laughed, youve never been here before. I had forgotten that.

Its a nice apartment, Jaime said, truthfully. When Eliza had said she lived rent free because she was a dancer at the Cuarto, she had pictured a completely different place than this, a seedy little place with twice as many cockroaches to people. Instead, this was an attractive little apartment that could have pulled a pretty penny in rent.

I like it.

I was a little surprised by the decor, Jaime said, grinning at her, pretty mature for an apartment of three young girls.

There is something Comforting about a clean house, Eliza said, shrugging, Min, me and Tiffany We are all orphans. Keeping the house like our parents would have wanted it I dont know It just makes it feel more like home.

Oh, Jaime said, squeezing the girl a little tighter.

We love our little apartment, are proud of it. All the furniture This place was un-furnished when we moved in. We bought all of the furniture- mostly second hand, but in good condition. We made a home of the place.

Not for the first time, the girl had amazed her. Eliza had a determination, an intelligence, and a strength that Jaime found incredible. She was simply amazing, had a spirit that was brighter than the sun.

It is a wonderful apartment, Jaime said, lightly kissing her, probably better decorated than my house.

Thanks, Eliza said, smiling.

Something the girl had said finally sank in, Wait, Tiffany is your other roommate?


That could be awkward for Min and her, Jaime said, laughing, after what happened last night.

Eliza grinned and said, Judging by the sounds coming out of Mins room this morning, they are getting along just fine.

Yeah but will they feel the same when the alcohol is out of their system?

I think so, Eliza said, making Jaime give her a curious look, theres been tension between them for a while now. They just finally did something about it last night.

Oh, Jaime said.

Speaking of which, Eliza said, grinning as her hand slipped up Jaimes stomach to cup one of her breasts, we have some time to kill until seven.

Sighing, Jaime asked, What happens at seven?

Eliza grinned at her, said, I cant tell you. It is a surprise.

Come on. Are you really going to keep me in suspense for Jaime said, looking around for a clock. Her eyes widened when she saw the alarm clock and she said, Jesus! Is this thing right? Is it really three in the afternoon?

Considering we were still at the club at three in the morning Yeah, its right, Eliza said, laughing at her reaction.

That still leaves four hours of anticipation, Jaime said, around a moan. Elizas hand was still on her breast, teasing her.

Im sure I can find ways to distract you, Eliza said, giving her a quick kiss, until it is time to go.

Go? Are we going somewhere, Jaime asked, raising her eyebrows questioningly.

Eliza just grinned at her, then kissed her, again. There was nothing quick about this kiss. It was slow and sweet and the girl succeeded in making her forget about the surprise. When their lips finally parted and Eliza smiled playfully at her, Jaime let the girl roll her onto her back. The girl moved atop her, met Jaimes lips with hers one more time before moving lower. Jaime shivered each time the girls lips brushed her skin. She was tingling all over from those moist kisses.

Eliza gently spread Jaimes legs wide, smiled up at Jaime as she lowered her mouth to her bud. Jaime was more than a little turned on and that first caress of Elizas tongue drew a moan from her. What Eliza had said about Tiffany and Min popped in her head at the most inopportune time and she rolled her eyes toward the door. She bit her lip to keep quiet.

That was one good thing about doing this at her house, instead of here No roommates.

Eliza wasnt making it easy for her and it was getting more difficult to hold back the cries that wanted to escape her by the second. One of them slipped by before she could corral it and she glanced at the door, again.

The girl saw her, laughed and said, Dont worry about them.

Jaime gave her an embarrassed smile. The girl winked at her, then slipped two fingers in her mouth to wet them with saliva. Jaime sighed as the girl teased the sensitive opening of her vagina, tracing around it with her fingers before easing them inside. As those fingers found her g-spot, that magic little button that made her body go crazy every time Eliza touched it, she gave up on holding her voice. It had been a losing battle, anyway.

When Elizas mouth returned to her, the feel of her hot tongue caressing her bud and the delicious come hither motions of Elizas fingers as the rubbed against her magic button kind of melded into one intense sensation that had her writhing on her back and clutching at the sheets.

Oh God, Jaime said, in a drawn out moan. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the wonderful things happening to her. After three months together Eliza knew just how to drive her wild, knew what she liked.

She felt the first stirrings of an orgasm and her eyes sprang open. She looked urgently at Eliza but the girl already knew, worked harder to finish her off. Jaime couldnt breathe as her body gathered tension unto itself. Her stomach muscles tightened, nearly pulled her into a ball as it built and built inside. Her knees closed on the girls head and her hips bucked against her mouth. She needed to scream her ecstasy but she couldnt get the breath out. Then she climaxed, all the tension coiled in her releasing at once. It knocked her backwards and she lay on her back, trembling all over and gasping for breath. The tension gone, she was as limp as a wet rag.

Eliza was grinning at her, said, That should make Tiffany and Min jealous.

Holy shit, Jaime said, laughing.

Wiping her wet mouth with the back of her hand, Eliza crawled up and gave Jaime a kiss. Jaime pulled the teenager down atop her, let her hands roam over her back and buttocks as their tongues twined. The girls skin was so soft and perfect and Jaime thrilled to the feel of it under her fingertips.

The girl giggled when Jaime suddenly rolled them. From her back, Eliza grinned up at her, her big brown eyes shining with excitement. She bit her lip as Jaime kissed her neck, just under her jawline. Jaime took her time working her way down the girl, enjoying every deep brown inch of her body. She listened to the girls breathing change, to the soft sighs and moans and knew she was ready for her to move even lower.

Stretching out on her stomach between the girls spread thighs, she lowered her mouth to her girlhood. She tasted the salty sweat on her bud, breathed in the musky scent of her excitement. Eliza moaned as Jaimes tongue teased her young body. Her hips began to undulate against Jaimes mouth.

Jaime let her hands slide up the girls supine body, over her taut stomach to her small breasts. She cupped them, kneaded them until she felt their dark nipples stiffen against her palms and Eliza groaned. The girls back arched off the bed, pushing her breasts against Jaimes hands. Grinning, Jaime teased them until the girl couldnt take it any more, her moans growing louder and louder.

She offered her hands to the girl and Eliza took them, squeezed them in a death grip as her body began to writhe under Jaimes tongue. Deprived of her hands, Jaime had a hard time controlling the girls thrashing body, could barely keep her mouth to her girlhood but Eliza didnt seem to notice. Her cries were getting sharper, her face pinched in ecstasy.

That feels so good, Eliza sighed, her head tossing listlessly. Jaime had to smile, rolling her eyes up at the girl. Eliza saw her, returned the smile. She met Jaimes gaze, didnt look away as the woman continued to tease her with her tongue.

Jaime saw those beautiful eyes widen, heard the urgency in Elizas cries. She thought the girl was going to come, sensed it building up inside her young body. Elizas body grew spastic but Jaime pushed through, had the girl right on the edge. Then the girl stiffened and cried out, tumbling over into ecstasy. Jaime pulled back to watch the girl tremble as her orgasm had its way with her.

Brushing her hair out of her face, Eliza gave Jaime a sated smile, said, That was I dont know what that was. I cant feel my toes.

Jaime laughed and crawled up to give her a kiss, then sprawled out beside her. She sighed when Eliza molded against her side, rested her head on Jaimes shoulder and threw one leg across her thighs.

Lets grab a shower, then something light to eat, Eliza said, eventually.

Why light? Im starving, Jaime asked, making no move to get up.

Dont want to ruin our appetite for later, the girl said, grinning at her.

So this surprise involves food, Jaime said.

Maybe, Eliza said, winking at her, youll just have to wait until Annie picks up at seven to find out.

Annie is picking us up?

Yeah, Eliza said, sitting up, she offered after she helped me pick out your gifts.

My gifts?

Eliza got off the bed, held out her hand, and said, Come on. Come shower with me.

Jaime looked at her for a long second, then just laughed and shook her head. If what Eliza had in mind was half as fun as last night, her surprise would be amazing, so Jaime decided to just go with it. She started to reach for her clothes but Eliza stopped her by laughing. Jaime looked at her, raised her eyebrows questioningly.

You dont have anything my roommates havent already seen. Literally, Eliza said, holding out her hand, again, so it would be a waste of time putting clothes on, just to take them back off, again. Laughing and shaking her head, Jaime took the girls hand and let her lead her to the bathroom. She was glad none of Elizas roommates were there to see her. Eliza found them some towels while Jaime got the water started in the shower stall. When she had the temperature just right, she stepped into the stall, moved to the back so Eliza could join her. The cube was big enough that they werent forced to be right up on top of each other. Not forced but they couldnt have slid a playing card between them if they tried. The hot water felt incredible as it cascaded over them. They stood under the spray as they kissed and held each other.

Eventually, Eliza let Jaime go, reached for a bottle of body wash. Jaime watched as the girl squirted a healthy puddle into one hand and then put the bottle up. The girl worked the soap into a lather, then grinned at Jaime. Her slick hands found Jaimes body and she shivered at the cool touch. She sighed as the girl began to wash her. Eliza took her time, her hands lingering on Jaimes body much longer than needed. Jaime was a little turned on by the look on her face, the faint smile that tugged at her lips as she explored every inch of Jaimes body.

Jaime remembered the girl talking at the club about liking the way Jaime looked at her. She liked the way the girl was looking at her now. The girls limpid brown eyes lingered on her naked body and Jaime could almost feel her excitement. It made her shiver, the heat of her gaze. It made her feel sexy, desirable.

When the girl was done, Jaime turned into the water, let it sluice away the soap from her body. The girl molded to her back, her arms slipping around Jaimes waist. Jaime smiled, finished rinsing off before turning into the girl. She kissed Eliza, let it linger awhile before finally breaking it.

She picked up the soap, smiling at Eliza. The girl bit her lip and her eyes flashed with interest as Jaime followed the girls lead, pouring soap into her hand instead of picking up the shower puff. Her hands all lathered up, she sank into a squat before the girl, started with her ankles and started working higher. She loved how the girl felt under her fingertips and she thrilled to the feel of her young body. She loved everything about it, from her long legs to her round backside, from her narrow hips to her flat stomach, from her small breasts to her graceful neck. What she loved most was her ebony skin, the same shade of brown as rich coffee with just a splash of cream.

The shower was running long and they finally had to get out. They were grinning at each other as they dried off. Jaime wrapped her towel around her naked body, tucked the ends between her breasts to hold it up. Eliza did the same and they headed to the kitchen for something to eat. As they entered the living room, they saw Min and Tiffany sitting very close on the couch, smiling at each other. Jaime grinned, thought maybe Eliza was right about her roommates.

In the kitchen, they had some cereal, sitting at the island. As she chewed, she wondered what the girl had planned for her. She thought she might know and the idea appealed to her and scared her more than a little at same time.

With their bowls rinsed and in the dishwasher, they headed back to Elizas room. As they passed through the living room, Jaime saw that smiling at each other had become some pretty intense kissing. Grinning, she wondered if the two girls would even make it to one of their rooms before things got carried away.

Jaime dropped her wet towel and sat on the edge of Elizas bed. The girl went to her closet, came out with a large gift bag. She was grinning as she handed it to Jaime. Looking from the gift to the girl, then back, Jaime felt her heart begin to beat faster. With a deep breath, she pulled the colorful tissue paper out and reached into the bag. The first thing her fingers touched was silky against her skin, soft. Pulling it out and holding it up, she saw it was a slinky black dress, elegant and beautiful. She glanced at Eliza, raised her eyebrows questioningly. The girl just grinned at her, nodded at the bag. Setting the dress beside her on the bed, Jaime pulled out the rest of the bags contents and saw a theme to her gifts. It was a pair of high heels that would go very nicely with her dress.

The dress The shoes The gifts kind of confirmed her suspicions she had had in the kitchen. Her heart was beating faster as she looked down at the dress.

Do you like it, Eliza asked, sitting beside her.

It is beautiful, Jaime said, smiling at the girl, thank you, Eliza.

Try it on. Ive been dying to see you in it, the girl said, kissing her lightly.

Jaime slipped into the dress and stepped into the shoes. The girls eyes widened at the sight of her and she smiled at the reaction. Jaime turned to the girls mirror, looked herself in the new dress. Her smile widened at her reflection.

You look Wow! I mean, WOW!

It is a lovely dress, Jaime said, then turned to face the girl, is this for what I think it is for?

The girl looked nervous, said, I know we talked about this, about people seeing us together in public, but I wanted to do something nice for your birthday. Just the two of us.

Jaime smiled warmly at the girl, went to the bed to sit beside her. Taking the girls hand, she said, Im sorry our relationship is

Eliza smiled at her and said, Perfect?

You think our relationship is perfect?

Dont you, the girl fired back at her.

I have no complaints, Jaime said, smiling warmly at the girl, then sighed, but sometimes I feel Im cheating you.

The girl gave her a sour look and said, What have you cheated me of?

Jaime looked at the girl for a long moment, then laughed and shook her head, Maybe its my guilty conscience or Im just over thinking things. I have a bad habit of doing that. Psych myself right out of doing something.

Well, I dont feel cheated, Eliza said, meeting her eyes, I feel Loved.

Oh, you are definitely that, Jaime said, hugging the girl close.

Good, the girl said, grinning at her, then youll forgive me for making us dinner reservations at Paulies Italiano.

Jaime smiled at her and said, Its a date.

Can I help you ladies, the hostess asked, smiling as they entered the restaurant.

Reservations for Glossen, Eliza said.

Ah yes, the woman said, looking from Jaime to Eliza. Her eyebrows lifted just a little as she took in how they were dressed.

Jaimes heart stopped beating and she couldnt breath. The woman knew. She had taken just one look at them and knew this was a date. She wanted to flee, would have if not rooted to her spot in fear.

Smiling at the host, Eliza said, Its her birthday.

The host smiled at Jaime, said, Really? Well, happy birthday!

Thank you, Jaime said, wondering if her voice sounded as shaky to the hostess as it did to her own ears.

Let me show you two your table, the hostess said, grabbing some menus and leading them to their table. As they sat down, the woman put menus in front of them, then said, You both look lovely tonight. I hope you enjoy your meal. And again, happy birthday.

Jaime gave her a smile and then the woman was gone. She still couldnt relax, sat stiffly in her chair. Her eyes kept drifting around the crowded restaurant and she swore people were looking at them.

You are being paranoid, Eliza said, amused.

Jaime looked at her, saw the girl smiling and she relaxed some. She gave Eliza a sheepish grin, leaned forward to say, Im sorry.

Nobody knows we are on a date. They are just staring because you look amazing in that dress, Eliza said, grinning at her, I think every guys head in here was on a swivel as you walked by. Hell, I think the hostess might even have been a little flustered. What, Jaime said, laughing. Oh, come on, Eliza said, grinning at her, the girl was trying to catch your eye the whole time she was seating us.


You were too busy being paranoid to notice, I guess, Eliza said and Jaime laughed.

Their server showed up, introduced himself, then took their drink orders. When he was gone, Jaime opened her menu. Her eyes widened at the prices and she glanced at Eliza. The girl saw her looking, smiled.

This is too expensive, Jaime said, leaning forward, I cant let you pay for this.

You only get one birthday a year, so I can afford to splurge a little, Eliza said, smiling.

Laughing, Jaime said, You dont have to impress me with an expensive dinner. You already got me in the sack.

It was about that time that their server returned with their drinks. Jaimes face colored but the guy didnt seem to have overheard them. Either that or he was the least judgmental person on the planet. Or, maybe, had the best poker face. Whatever the case, he took their food orders and left.

Jaime to put her hand over her mouth, looked at Eliza. The girl was laughing at her and her face got even hotter.

Do you think he heard me, Jaime asked, nervously.

I dont think so, Eliza said, grinning.

Oh God, she said, laughing, my heart is pounding right now. Look at my hands. They are shaking.

You are okay, the girl said, smiling reassuringly at her.

Im going to use the bathroom, Jaime said, sighing, get my face to stop burning.

Okay, Eliza said.

Jaime found the restroom, closed herself in one of the stalls. Putting her back to the door, she took a few deep breaths. She shook her head and started grinning, then laughing. She had to put her hand over her mouth to keep it in. After a moment, it trailed off and she felt better. Shaking off the last of the nervous jitters, she left the stall. Looking at her reflection in the mirror above the sinks, she saw she was smiling.

I AM okay, Jaime told her reflection, then left the bathroom.

Eliza grinned at her when she sat back down and she gave the girl a sheepish grin, said, Im better now.

They talked about what was happening at Elizas school, about Jaimes newest account at work. Just small talk to fill the time until their food arrived, but Jaime was having fun. She was relaxed enough now to enjoy herself, wasnt constantly looking around the restaurant. She found she much rather look at the beautiful girl across from her.

The food arrived and it was delicious. Jaime had never been here before and hadnt known what to expect but it was well worth the pricetag. She and Eliza both ate with relish, sharing some of their dishes. The only conversation was about how wonderful the food was.

After desert, their server brought their check by the table. Jaime reached for it and Eliza swatted her fingers, gave her a stern look. Jaime held up her hands, grinning. Eliza fished some money from her purse and put it in the folder.

I texted Annie, Eliza said, grinning, shell be outside in fifteen.

We need to get her something, Jaime said, smiling, you know, for doing this.

I tried, Eliza said, shaking her head and laughing, she wouldnt let me.


Whats in the bag, Jaime asked, once they were inside her house. Annie had just dropped them off outside and had left after wishing Jaime a happy birthday. Eliza had fished another gift bag from Annies trunk before she pulled away.

The other part of your gift, Eliza said, grinning.

Theres more, Jaime asked, shaking her head, Youve already spent too much on me.

Fine, Eliza said, winking at her, these are for me, then.

Oh, Jaime asked, suddenly intrigued by the gift bag.

Give me ten minutes, then join me, Eliza said, smiling playfully as she turned on her heels and headed down the hallway to Jaimes bedroom.

That smile had Jaimes mind racing and she wasnt sure she could wait ten minutes. She glanced at the clock on the microwave, tried to will the numerals to change faster. It didnt work; if anything, they seemed to take even longer to progress.

She made it to about eight and a half before she couldnt wait any longer; the anticipation and curiosity were killing her. Her heart was racing as she headed down the hallway. At the end, she knocked on the half closed door.

That was an awfully fast ten minutes, the girl said, laughing.

Are you ready, Jaime asked, grinning.

Yeah, you can come it, Eliza said, opening the door.

Jaime couldnt move, rooted to her spot by the sight of Eliza standing there in the open doorway. Gone were the cute dress and low heels she had been wearing and instead she wore a clingy white bustier and matching stockings and a lace ribbon choker around her neck. The gauzy white material of the lingerie contrasted with her dark complexion in a way that Jaime found incredibly sexy.

You like it, Eliza asked, looking down at herself.

You You look Amazing, Jaime managed to say, still unable to look away from the girl.

I had hoped you liked it, Eliza said, grinning brightly.

Swallowing hard, Jaime said, I love it.

Then dont just stand there, Eliza said, grinning playfully at her.

Jaime stepped into the room and pulled the girl against her, kissed her deeply. Eliza was giggling when she pulled back. She took Jaimes hand and led her to the bed. Crawling onto the bed, Jaime bumped something with her knee and tore her eyes away from the girl long enough to look down. Her eyes widened in surprise and she picked up the object. She looked at it, then at Eliza. The girl was smiling shyly at her.

I was wondering, Eliza said, nervously, if youd like to try something new.

Where in the world did you get this, Jaime asked, looking down at the thing in her hand. It was a dildo, the sort that could inserted into a harness, which it had been.

Amazon dot com, Eliza said, giggling.

You bought a strapon from Amazon, Jaime asked, laughing.

Yeah, the girl said, grinning, they dont ask a lot of questions, ship discreetly to your door.

Wow, Jaime said, shaking her head.

I hope it is okay, Eliza said, sitting on the bed beside her, it was my first time buying a sex toy.

You are thirteen and youve never bought a sex toy before, Jaime said, laughing, weird. I think I was when I was three my first time.

Anyway, Eliza said, laughing at her own expense, there were so many options, colors, sizes. It was a little intimidating.

It looks fine, Jaime said, then, you know I already have one of these. It is in my underwear drawer.

Oh, Eliza said, then took a deep breath, well, I wanted a certain one One small enough for me to use. Both the panty and the you know.

It was Jaimes turn to say, Oh.

I mean if you Eliza said, then trailed off.

Are you sure about this, Jaime asked, meeting the girls eyes, this is a big step. No going back.

Ive thought it through, the girl said, then with sheepish grin, you know me. Not very impulsive.

Jaime gave her a smile, took her hand.

Eliza met her eyes and said, I want it to be you.

Okay, but it doesnt have to be tonight, Jaime said, squeezing her hand, there is no pressure. Itll happen when it happens.

The girl laughed and tucked her hair behind her ear shyly, said, I dont want to wait. The thing came in the mail like a week ago and waiting for tonight has been torture.

The line startled a laugh from Jaime and she gaped at the girl. Embarrassed, Eliza looked down at her hands in her lap.

Sorry, I shouldnt have laughed, Jaime said, putting a finger under the girls chin to make her look up. She gave Eliza a sheepish grin, then lightly kissed her.

Its okay. I think I embarrassed myself more than anything, Eliza said, laughing.

Jaime kissed her, again. This time Eliza didnt let her pull away, teased her into a much deeper kiss than she had intended. The girls excitement stirred her own and Jaime felt herself becoming aroused. When Jaime finally pulled back, Eliza was looking expectantly at her, her big brown eyes shining.

Jaime smiled at her and said, Why dont you try on your new harness?

The girl giggled as Jaime got to her feet. She stepped out of her heels, then unzipped the zipper on the side of her dress. Shimmying out of it, she watched the girl fiddling with the strapon. Naked, Jaime went to her dresser and opened her unmentionables drawer. Moving her panties and bras aside, she smiled and pulled out what she had been looking for. It had been a while since shed had cause to wear it but this seemed like the perfect time.

It was a sheer black teddy and she knew it clung to her body perfectly from past experience. She slipped into it, adjusted it into place. Seeing the attached garters, she decided to add a pair of stockings to the outfit. She closed the drawer and leaned against the dresser so she could roll them onto her long legs.

Glancing toward the bed, Jaime saw Eliza had the strapon about half way in place but had paused in fastening the second strap to watch her get dressed. The smile the girl favored her with as she walked back to the bed sent a shiver of excitement through her. Sitting on the bed beside Eliza, she reached out and helped her with the strap. The panty barely fit, was down to the last hole. She grinned when the girl looked down and finally remembered what she had been doing.

Wow, Eliza said, looking at her, again.

Jaime grinned at her and gave her a deep, lingering kiss. Her hand found the slim shaft of the dildo and Eliza gasped as Jaime gently tugged on it. It put pressure on the girls clit, made her sigh as Jaime kept doing it.

Finally breaking the kiss, Jaime stretched out on her back, opened her legs wide, and moved the teddies crotch to one side. Eliza moved between them, grinning as she moved into position. Propping up on her elbows, Jaime helped the girl line up with the opening of her vagina. The girl pushed her hips forward and the dildo was inside of Jaime. She moaned as it rubbed deliciously inside of her. She grinned at Eliza, wrapped her legs around the girls hips, her ankles locking behind her.

The dildo was on the small size, about four inches in length but it still felt incredible as Eliza tried a few things. Since it was so small, Eliza could just press right up against her and make little movements with her hips. Jaime loved how it felt, the intimacy of their bodies meeting. Every little movement sent shivers of pleasure working through her.

Watching the flex of the girls body, Jaime couldnt believe this was really happening. Then again, she felt that way about most of her relationship with Eliza. It just seemed too good to be true most days.

Elizas pace slowly quickened, each roll of her hips burying the dildo to the hilt inside of Jaime. Each time it bit deep, it forced a moan from her slack mouth. Eliza was grinning at her, her eyes flashing. Jaime tried to smile back but another moan would let her and her face screwed up in pleasure.

Leaning in, Eliza gave her a kiss. Jaime put her hand on the back of the girls neck, didnt let her pull away. Elizas tongue was in her mouth, caressing her own. Meanwhile, her hips kept rolling forward, the dildo moving inside of Jaime. Her own hips began to move on their own, meeting the girl counter thrust for thrust. Her legs never slipped from around the girl.

Eliza hunched her back and suddenly Jaimes nipple was in her mouth. She groaned as Elizas tongue teased it until it ached sweetly. Then the girls hand was on her other breast and her back arched. Her cries of pleasure were getting louder, sharper.

The girl was breathing heavy from her efforts, a light sheen of sweat breaking out on her body. She was sighing, the strapon rubbing deliciously against her young bud. It didnt compare to what Jaime was feeling but she thought Eliza might be feeling good, herself. Jaime slid her hands over her bustier covered stomach, up to cup her jiggling breasts. Eliza moaned as Jaime kneaded them through the lacy cups. Her back arched, pressing her breasts more fully into Jaimes hands.

Jaime let her hands roam over the girl, loved the silky sheer feel of the bustier under her fingertips. She looked so sexy in the clingy white material, Jaime couldnt keep her hands off of her.

Elizas pace had quickened, again, each thrust coming faster. Jaimes fingers dug into the meat of the girls shoulders as she clung to her for dear life. She didnt have nails but she was still leaving marks on her skin. Eliza didnt seem to mind, was grinning down at her.

That smile got to her and she felt an orgasm stir to life deep inside of her. Her eyes widened and she looked at the girl. Eliza saw her urgency, thrust into her hard once, twice, three times. The third one made her cry out, her body going crazy as she came. Jaime pulled the girl down atop her, wrapped her arms around Elizas neck and kissed her deeply. The girl moved her hips slowly, letting the dildo move inside Jaimes still sensitive sex. Every little movement made her moan, kept the wonderful sensations awash in her body coming.

Eventually, Jaime released the girl, opening both her arms and her legs. The girl eased out of her, then stretched out on the bed beside of her. She unfastened the straps to the harness, slipped out of it. She was grinning nervously when she held it out to Jaime.

Are you sure, Jaime asked, taking it from her.

After that, Eliza said, her grin becoming playful, how could I not want to?

Alright, she said, rolling off the bed. She slipped into the strapon, adjusted it until it fit comfortably. Giving it an experimental tug, she nodded. It fit perfectly. Going back to her dresser, she found a little bottle of lube in her unmentionables drawer. Returning with it to the bed, she showed it to Eliza.

Whats that for, the girl asked, as Jaime squeezed some onto the dildo and worked it in.

Lubrication, Jaime said, smiling at her, it should make things a little more comfortable for you.

That sounds like a good thing, Eliza said, chewing on her lower lip.

A very good thing, she said, patting the girls thigh.

Eliza sprawled on her back and Jaime helped her slip out of the tiny thong that went with the bustier. Looking at it she asked, Did you make this bustier or did you get it on Amazon, too?

The girl grinned and said, On another website, actually. Apparently Asian sizes arent the same as the U.S., much smaller. I was able to pick this up along with a few other outfits and they all fit perfectly.

Oh, Jaime said, raising her eyebrows questioning at the mention of other outfits.

Eliza just winked at her. It got Jaimes imagination going and she had to grin at the mental images that came to mind.

She was still grinning as she moved between the girls legs. Eliza propped up on her elbows, looking nervously at the dildo jutting out from Jaimes lower abdomen. She was biting her lower lip when she looked back up at Jaime. The grin became a tender smile and Eliza relaxed some at the sight of it.

Does it hurt, Eliza asked.

It can, Jaime said, then said, just keep relaxed. If you clench up, itll hurt more.

Relaxed, right, the girl said, laughing and shaking her head.

Eliza, Jaime said, waited for the girl to meet her eyes. The girl saw what she needed to see In Jaimes eyes and nodded.

Jaime used her fingers to tease the girls tender bud, didnt let up until the girl was moaning and sighing. When she thought the girl was ready, she gave her a quick kiss, then lined the dildo up with the opening of Elizas girlhood. The girl gasped as the cool lube touched her hot skin and she shivered. Jaime offered her hand and Eliza took it, grateful. She put a little pressure on the dildo and she heard Eliza hiss as her maidenhead gave way. Then the dildo was inside of Eliza and the girl gaped at it sticking out of her. She was grinning when she looked back up at Jaime.

That was the hard part, Love, Jaime said, not moving. She wanted the girl to get a feel for the dildo before she started thrusting.

It stings a little but its okay, Eliza said, then laughed, its feels bigger than I expected, though.

Too big?

No, Eliza laughed, looking down, again, just be gentle.

Always, Jaime said, smiling reassuringly at her, ready for this?

Biting her lip, the girl nodded. Squeezing her hand, Jaime pulled back a little, then rolled her hips forward. Eliza gasped as the length of the dildo slipped into her and she let out a giggle that was half a moan. Her eyes were big as dinner plates.


Yeah, Eliza said, grinning.

Jaime moved her hips, listening to the girls breathing and little sounds of enjoyment and took her cues from them. Very slow at first, her pace quickened as Eliza became more excited. Soon Eliza was rolling her hips up to meet her thrusts, greedy to have all of the dildo inside of her.

After a few minutes, Jaime slipped from the girl, urged the girl to her hands and knees. Eliza looked at Jaime over her shoulder as the woman moved behind her. Jaime winked at her, eased the dildo back into her slick core. Eliza moaned as it slid deeper than before. Jaimes hands fell on the girls hips as she began to thrust and Elizas hand covered hers. The girl squeezed them as the dildo rubbed against her inside.

That feels so good, Eliza moaned. Jaime pulled her up, wrapped her arms around the girl from behind. Her hands found Elizas breasts and she teased her dark nipples until they stiffened, jutted skyward. Eliza moaned as Jaime cupped her breasts, still thrusting. The dueling sensations had the girl a mess and she thought she might come.

Jaime eased out of her, making the girl look at her in surprise. She only winked, then stretched out on her back. With her fingers, she pushed the dildo until it stood straight up. Grinning, Eliza got the idea, threw a leg across her hips to straddle her. Jaime helped the girl to ease down onto the dildo. The girls face screwed up in pleasure as she began to move up and down on it. With her thumb, Jaime teased the girls bud. Her free hand ran over Elizas nylon and laced covered thighs and stomach.

Jaime loved the flex of her body as she strained toward release. She looked so irresistible in her white lingerie, her young body like a pneumatic machine.

It didnt take long for the girl to lose her grace, her hips jerking spastically as she neared her climax. Jaime thrust up into her from her back, helped the girl finish. Eliza cried out as she came, stiffening atop Jaime.

Holy shit, Eliza said, with a breathless laugh.

Pretty amazing, huh, Jaime said, still caressing her thighs and stomach. Eliza eased off the dildo, gasping as it rubbed her still very sensitive insides. She stretched out beside Jaime, molded against her.

Amazing, the girl agreed and Jaime kissed her. The girl snuggled even tighter against, said,Perfect.

I love you, Jaime said, smiling at the girl.

Eliza returned the smile warmly, said, I love you, too. Happy Birthday!

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