Jamie Gets A Tutor and More 6 to 10

By Captain J

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Jamie Gets a Tutor and More Part 6
(A Puericil™ and Little Boys Shouldn’t Be So Modest Story)
By Captain J
Cindy sat on the sand watching a naked Jamie happily playing in the ocean and just couldn’t get over what a beautiful small body he had, that in addition to wonderful personality had her longing that she could have him for her own, but knew the best she’d get for now was her ‘Big Sister’ role with the boy.
After he’d been in the water for 45 minutes, she called to him and just smiled as he quickly came out of the water and ran to her, with a big smile on his face. “Let’s get you cleaned up before Pam comes,” she suggested and he just turned beside her and started walking towards his house. She still smiled as she compared his reactions and attitude to her own brothers. They would have whined and complained that they wanted to swim longer, but Jamie wasn’t like that at all. He immediately followed any suggestion or order given by her or Pam and never complained when they ended whatever he’d been doing.
Inside, she stood in the doorway and watched as he sat on the toilet and made sure he was totally empty, then stepped into the shower and washed off the sand, before sitting in the tub and waiting calmly as it filled. Once the water was deep enough, he turned it off and just sat there patiently waiting. Moving over to kneel beside the tub, she had a big smile on her face as she reached for the shampoo to wash his hair. “I just can’t get over what a good boy you are Jamie, you never argue or whine about anything like my brothers do or even some of the boys I babysit.” She said as she was washing his long hair.
“Why would I do that?” he asked looking back over his shoulder at her.
“I don’t know why they do it Jamie, I’m just happy that you never do it.” She said as she started washing his body with her hands.
“OK but I still don’t get why they’d give you problems when you’re just trying to take care of them or help them, that doesn’t make any sense to me at all.”
“Me neither, but that’s how they act. Maybe it’s because I’m their sister or they don’t want a babysitter. Pam says you never do it with her either, so that’s just one more thing to make you special to us.”
“OK but it still doesn’t make sense. Act up enough and then you’d be forced to spank them! Richie learned that the hard way yesterday and I don’t ever want to go there…”
<giggle> “That just proves you’re MUCH smarter than my brother! Richie has always rebelled against me giving him directions or taking care of him. He ends up being reminded with a spanking every few months as a result. You’d think after a couple of times, he’d get the idea that he’s not in charge. Tommy on the other hand is more like you. Oh he’ll whine some, but he rarely needs to be spanked to get his attention.”
<sigh> “I guess since I never had any brothers or sisters I’ve got a different outlook on things Cindy,” he said as he stood to let her wash his legs. “You girls are here helping me and taking good care of me and making that harder for you just isn’t in my makeup I guess. I appreciate how you girls treat me and can’t see any reason to ever make things harder for you to do what you need to.”
“Well believe me when I tell you that both Pam and I prefer how you act with us over my brothers and other boys; our job is so much easier when the boy cooperates. Are you empty back here?” she asked as she washed his rear.
“Yeah, I just decided to make sure I’m empty every day before my bath, so that I don’t forget on days when I get my medicine suppository. If I do it every day, then I won’t mess up.”
“Good then I won’t find anything when I wash you good back there,” she said as her soapy finger slipped inside him washing him inside as well as out. Removing her finger, she turned him to face her and started gently washing his groin, giving his cock particular attention and gently massaging his balls as she washed them. “OK all done, let’s get you rinsed off and out of there.” She announced then took the hand shower and sprayed him all over. “All done, come on out so I can get our clean boy nice and dry,” she said smiling.
Cindy was just finishing drying him, when Pam appeared in the doorway. “Oh darn I missed the best part of the day! Getting to give Jamie his bath is always fun!” she said with a giggle, then walked in and hugged him from behind. “Has Cindy taken good care of you sweetie?”
“Yeah, she has… she’s almost as good as you are at it Pamela…”
“ALMOST? Hey mister, next time I won’t be so gentle with you!” Cindy replied smirking.
“It HAS to be ‘almost’ Cindy, after all Pamela is my girlfriend so SHE has to do everything better if I want her to keep me.” He said with a snicker.
“Good answer Jamie!” Pam said giving him a kiss as a reward.
“OK Jamie, if that’s why I’m ‘almost’ as good, then I can live with that. Good boys like you get some slack in my book.” Then she kissed him also.
“A WIN in a No Win situation!” Jamie said laughing and both girls just laughed with him.
“Pam, I was thinking while Jamie was swimming. You know how Richie objected to his dilator? Well if we had the boys wear them every evening, then they’d get used to them being in there and not see them as being unusual or some form of punishment. If you hadn’t come in when you did, I was thinking about putting Jamie’s in him. He already said he was making it part of his daily bath routine to make sure he was totally empty, so if he’s plugged every day, then that becomes part of the routine too. What do you think?”
“Actually I think it’s a good idea Cindy, especially with your brother. What do you think Jamie?”
“I wouldn’t mind, that thing doesn’t hurt me so if you girls think it’s a good idea,… well it’s up to you when I wear it right?”
“Yes it’s our decision but I want you comfortable with the idea too,” Pam replied. “So if it’s not a problem then we’ll try it for awhile and see how it goes.”
“I don’t mind, like I said it doesn’t hurt and if I wore it more often I guess I’d learn to just ignore it.”
“Then that’s what we’ll do,” Pam ruled. “Get him ready Cindy and I’ll go get it.” She directed.
“OK then Jamie, let’s get you open and receptive shall we?” she said then as he leaned on the counter, she lubed up his rear and gently inserted her finger. By the time Pam came back, she had two moving in and out freely. “You must be getting used to this Jamie you opened much faster than the last time I did this,” she observed.
“Guess I am,” he mumbled as he blushed.
“Now don’t go getting all embarrassed on me Little Brother, this isn’t the first time we’ve done this and probably won’t be the last,” she admonished.
“He just doesn’t want to admit that he LIKES having a girl put her fingers inside him like that Cindy,” Pam said from the doorway. “Boy’s aren’t supposed to like it, so it’s an unconscious reaction to having it done to them. But in actuality, almost all boys like it, because they get their prostate rubbed.” <snicker>
“Now who’s busted Jamie?” Cindy asked with a smirk.
“Me I guess, are you done yet?”
“Yep! He’s all ready Pam, so plug him up!” Cindy said with a snicker and Jamie blushed a little more.
“Relax baby, we’re just having a little fun with you,” Pam advised as she pressed the dildo into him and felt it move smoothly in until it was seated in place.
“I know but it’s just NOT something boys are supposed to like having done to them. Don’t worry, I’m ok with you girls having me on like that.”
Turning him around and pulling him against her, she whispered in his ear, “But you DO like it don’t you Jamie. You like it when I play inside your cute behind…”
“Yeah I do,” he whispered back.
“Good! Now good boys get rewarded,” Pam said in a normal voice and kissed him; then Cindy turned him around and he got kissed again by her. “All done Jamie, now let’s go figure out what we’re having for dinner and let Cindy go home and plug her nasty brothers! Thanks for looking after Jamie for me Cindy it was a big help.”
“No problem Pam, anytime you need me to, just tell me and I’ll take good care of him.” She replied and after giving Jamie a quick kiss was out the door.
Walking him to the kitchen, she opened the fridge and found a package of pork chops. “Why don’t you cook these on the grill and I’ll figure out something to go with them,” she directed. Jamie just nodded and went out and lit the grill then came back for the meat while it heated up. “So what were you too up to in my absence?” she asked.
“Nothing much, we came home a little later than usual, since I went and emptied out my locker in the gym. Then she had fun undressing me like she seems to want to do. After that we just talked some and I went swimming for awhile, and came back in when she told me to. Then she was just finishing up giving me my bath when you came in. Nothing special or unusual really…”
“So what did you two talk about? Anything interesting?”
“It was interesting to me anyway. Mostly about the different perspectives boys and girls, men and women have when looking for a life partner. How women look for different things than men do and why some boys and men actually make it harder on themselves by trying to be what they think women want but actually have it all wrong. Then she explained to me that even though I’m small that I have many of the attributes women look for and that’s why you and she like me regardless of my being small and I guess somewhat submissive. Mostly about how she likes that I give her my full attention when we talk and actually try and understand her perspective and am open to seeing things from a different side. She said most boys don’t do that. That they ‘hear’ but then filter it through their own wants and desires.”
“Did you learn anything you feel was important?”
“Yeah I did, not any really big things, but small things that I just never considered before. Cindy’s a really interesting girl to talk to and I actually felt better about myself after we talked.”
“Good, I’m sure that’s just how she wanted you to feel.” She said pulling him into a hug, “And that’s how I want you to feel when you spend time talking to me too. I want you to feel good about yourself and about how we are together.”
“I do, Pamela, I always feel good when I spend time with you, even when we don’t talk at all. Just being with you makes me happy.”
“That’s all I can ask for Jamie, a happy boyfriend. So boyfriend, your girlfriend is getting hungry so take that meat and get it out there on the grill.”
“Yes Ma’am, whatever you say Ma’am!” giving her a mock salute then dashing out the door to avoid getting a playful swat on the rear as she laughed at him.
After cleaning up from dinner, Jamie dug out his books and homework papers without being told too and Pam just smiled as she watched him open a book and start on his assignments. Getting her own bag, she joined him at the table and neither said anything until he pushed a paper across the table for her to review. Quickly checking it, she found no errors at all, and just smiled and lay it aside. “Excellent Jamie,” she said then returned to her own homework.
When he finished the last assignment, she reviewed it and smiled again. Out of 5 assignments she’d only found one minor error needing correction, and that was an omission rather than a wrong answer. “You did great today Jamie, now let’s close the books and go relax.”
“Yea Me!” he said laughing and holding his arms up in a victory sign. “I couldn’t have improved like this without your help Pamela, I owe you so much for helping me.”
“Then let’s go relax and you can show me how much you appreciate my help with your sweet kisses!” she replied with a snicker.
“Love too,” he replied and taking her hand pulled her up, then led her to ‘her’ chair and guided her into it, then climbed up straddling her body, on his knees putting him slightly higher than her, as he sat facing her; cupped her face in his small hands and started putting his whole body into his ‘thank you’ kisses.
“Wow! I like your thank you kisses Jamie, I’ll have to make sure I earn more of those,” she said as her hands cupped his rear, then started stroking his whole backside from his thighs to his shoulders.
“All you have to do is just keep being you Pamela, I love the way you treat me and as long as you don’t change, you’ll always have earned those kisses and many, many more.” He replied, then lowered his body against her and lay on top of her with his head resting on her left shoulder. “I love you Pamela and you don’t need to do anything more to have any of me you want.”
“I love you too Jamie, you’re the perfect boy for me. You don’t need to change either; I love you just the way you are.”
Both just sat there with him wrapped around her as her hands roamed over his body, both of them enjoying it as they just cuddled without talking. It was only when her fingers toyed with the base of his plug that she spoke again. “You really don’t mind wearing that everyday Jamie?” she softly asked.
“Actually I forgot it was in there, until you starting playing with it,” was the murmured response.
“Well we’ll just keep using it then for awhile anyway. It makes it a whole lot easier if we decide to play with that other toy, since you’ll already be open and receptive.” She advised.
“Are you going to fuck me tonight?”
“Not unless you want me to. I thought we’d save that so it’s something really special for us.”
“Good, I don’t think I could handle that too often, it’s really intense.”
“OK then we’ll save it for special times. But anytime you DO want to do it, just tell me and I’ll make sure you’re a happy boy when we’re done, ok?”
“Deal! But for now I’m very happy just being here getting cuddled.”
Lifting his body and turning him over then repositioning him face up and sideways on her lap, she kissed him deeply; then returned to cuddling him and stroking his body. “I like this position better baby,” she explained, “This way I can see you when we talk and have total access to your sexy body.” She continued as she cupped his balls and gently massaged them.
“Whatever you want dear lady, I belong to you and so does my body.” He said then leaned up and kissed her again. After a few more minutes just laying there totally relaxed in her arms, he asked, “Pamela when will I get the chance to make you feel as good as you make me feel. I dream about you, you know and wonder about what it would be like to see and touch your body and learn how to make you just as happy as you make me. You’ll have to teach me you know, I don’t know how to please a woman. All I know is about the stuff they taught us in Health class on Sex. And that was mostly about anatomy not the HOW of sex.”
“Soon baby but not right now and yes you’ll get to see my body and touch it all over and much more. Don’t worry about it; I’ll be happy to teach you everything you need to know to make us both happy.”
“Soon?” he asked hopefully.
“Soon but we’re going to go slow and do things when we’re both ready. We’ll start with us swimming together, then progress from there, ok?”
“Yeah I can’t wait to see my sexy girlfriend in a bathing suit!”
<laugh> “Is tomorrow soon enough for that?”
“Yeah can’t wait!”
“Then tomorrow we’ll both go swimming.”
“Great!” he said, as he nuzzled into her shoulder his soft breath blowing on her neck as she went back to gently stroking his body all over.
Pam wasn’t surprised when after awhile she noticed that he was soundly asleep. Looking at the clock it was almost 9:00, so she just carried him to bed again and didn’t bother to wake him.
When Janet came home she got the now usual ‘no problems’ report and Pam was soon on her way home.
When Jamie woke the next morning he was surprised to discover that he still had the butt plug in his rear. “Wonder why I didn’t wake with that thing in me? Guess she forgot to take it out, well it didn’t hurt me,” he murmured, then went to the bathroom and took it out as he did his morning routine and washed it off, before returning it to his drawer.
While walking to school he ran into Ricky who was walking slowly with his head down like something was wrong. “Hey Little Brother! How you doing Ricky?” he asked as he walked up to him.
“I’m ok Jamie, mostly…” was the soft reply.
Stopping the boy and turning him to face him, he looked at him and said, “Mostly, implies that something is bothering you. What’s up? If I can help you I will, I hope you know that?”
“It… well it’s kind of personal you know?” the boy said with tears welling up in his eyes.
“And?” Jamie said, then seeing the tears, pulled the boy into a hug. “Talk Ricky, I want to help you and anything you tell me, no matter how personal will be a secret just between us.”
“I…I started wetting the bed again, and Mom says if it doesn’t stop, I’ll have to wear diapers,” he whimpered.
“When did it start happening? Recently?”
“Monday night and again last night; Jamie I haven’t done that in years!”
“Wait you started on the new suppositories on Monday right? Switched from the daily to the Plus version 3 times per week?”
“Then I think I know what caused it Ricky. Remember when we were reading about Puericil on the Net? It said that in a small percentage of cases when dosages were changed, the boy sometimes had temporary problems with wetting at night, but that it goes away when his body adjusts to the new dosage pattern. You went from every day doses to one that’s stronger, but absorbed slower since it’s not given as often, so it’s probably just what they described. Once your body adjusts to the change, it will stop. So if you have to wear a diaper at night for a little while, it’s not your fault and won’t last long.”
“So this will go away on its own?”
“Yeah if I remember right is shouldn’t last more than two weeks.”
“OK well that’s not so bad. But… Jamie did you know I’m staying over at your house Friday night?”
“I guess your Mom hasn’t told you yet then. My mother is working a 12 hour shift Friday night to noon on Saturday. So she talked to your Mom and since we’re doing the swimming thing again Saturday, they agreed that I’d just sleep over at your house so I’d already be there Saturday morning.”
“OK that’s no problem…”
“But what if I have to be diapered?”
“Then you’ll wear a diaper to bed. No big deal. Either Pamela or I can put it on for you, Ricky it’s really NOT a big deal. Lots of boys your age have bedwetting problems for different reasons. Heck I had them when I was 12 for a month or so…”
“You did? Well ok then I won’t worry about it…”
“Good now let’s get to school before we’re both late and in trouble.” He said then turned the boy and led him towards the school with his hand on the smaller boy’s back.
Everything went fine for his first two classes and he was walking to the Art Class when he realized that on Wednesday’s it was a double period class, two hours instead of one. Wondering what would be different he went into the changing room and undressed and put the robe on, then waited. He didn’t have to wait long before he heard the girls entering the room and moving things around and unpacking supplies while they talked. ‘So naked Jamie again’ he heard one of them say. ‘He’s really cute and has such a great body, just wish he was bigger…’ another said ‘He’s on that Puericil drug so he’s growing slower, but yeah his body is almost perfect’ yet another observed, ‘but did you see how big is dick is? I know boys a lot bigger who’d give anything to have that equipment!’ another said, and several girls laughed in response. A minute or two later, the teacher opened the door and seeing him sitting there said, “come on out Jamie, we’ll start with the same pose as Monday for the first hour, then take a break and try a different pose for the remaining time.” Jamie just nodded that he understood and walked over to the platform and took off his robe and then stood with his hand on the pedestal like before and tried to be relaxed in that position.
This time he looked around some using only his eyes, not moving his head, as the girls worked and saw that some of them seemed to be drawing furiously, while others seemed to be just making minor changes to what they’d already done. As before Mrs. Carter moved from girl to girl making suggestions and comments to each as she looked over their work. After 45 minutes she told him to take a break and he stretched his body, trying to get the kinks out from standing in the same position so long, then stepped off the platform. “Can I see their drawings?” he asked the teacher.
“Of course dear, I’m sure the girls would like to hear what you think of their efforts,” she replied then looked at him standing there naked. “Don’t you want to put your robe on?”
“Why bother Mrs. Carter, I’ve been standing here naked both last class and this one, the girls have seen all of me there is, so what’s the point of covering up now?” he asked curious to see what she’d say.
“Well you do have a good point Jamie, I just never considered it like that, most models hurry to cover themselves when their session is done,” she said smiling at him.
Walking over to the end of the row of easels Becky was standing there looking nervous as he moved behind it and looked at the picture. It was just his head and shoulders and only extended down to his mid chest. “That looks really good Becky,” he told the girl, then considered it more. “Is my hair really that long? Guess I’ll need to get a haircut.”
“No it’s not Jamie and don’t you dare cut that beautiful hair! Jamie, I made it a little longer when I drew you and swept it back some from your face for a more dramatic effect. It’s called ‘Artistic License’ Jamie; the artist is allowed to make small changes to enhance the picture. If it was an exact drawing, then why bother drawing at all, just take a photograph!”
“OK well I’m no expert, in fact I don’t know anything about Art, but it looks like a good drawing to me,” he advised the girl.
“Yes it does Jamie, and once she touches up a few minor spots, will get her an ‘A’ for the project.” The teacher advised and Becky smiled even more.
Moving to the next easel it was a full length drawing of him from the side, glancing up towards where he’d been standing on the platform, he saw that that was the angle of view the girl had of him when making it. “This one is mostly good, but my hands are too big,” he murmured to himself. “And my feet don’t have any toes…”
The next drawing he didn’t even recognize as being a human body. It was all angles and shadows and looked like stacked cubes or something. He didn’t say anything , he just moved on to the next one and then another and another, both of which were pretty good, but lacked details of his head and were mostly just drawings of his body. In fact one didn’t even have a head, it was just from the neck down.
When he got to Pamela’s she just stood there smiling at him and he turned to see what she’d done, paused and just said “WOW! That’s fantastic! Cindy said you were good Pamela but I had no idea!” he exclaimed as he looked at the drawing. The background was mostly black or at least dark like heavy shadows, and his body was clear and looked like he was standing near a golden light, like a photograph, his face, hands and feet were clear and in perfect proportion to his body. She’d colored the drawing so that his brown hair was clearly distinguished and you could even see the waves in it where it framed his face. You could see his blue eyes and clearly defined muscles where she’d changed the shading to highlight them. “If my mother sees this, she’s going to want to frame it and hang it in our house,” he observed. “Really, really good and so dramatic!” he added.
“Glad you like it Jamie, I just tried to portray that boy that I know you are…” she replied smiling and glowing with pride that he liked it.
Cindy’s was next and was very good, but didn’t come close to comparing with Pamela’s. “Nice Cindy, you did a good job, you even caught my expression realistically.” He told her.
The next one belonged to a girl named Kathy, but he didn’t know her last name. He looked at it and was a little shocked at what he saw. It was a drawing of nothing but his middle and clearly showed his cock and balls and only a little of the top of his legs and up to just below his navel. “I’m not that big,” he mumbled blushing very red. The girl at least looked a little bit embarrassed over drawing only his sex organs.
Most of the rest were full length drawings of him, and varied as to how well they were done, but none of them came even close to Pamela’s work. One however had him wondering since it was only a drawing of his right hand and lower arm. It showed his body in the background, but really was just his hand. Looking at the teacher questioningly she answered his unasked question, “They can draw any part or all of you Jamie. Their grade is based upon technique, style, drama and if it’s a realistic drawing accuracy.”
“Well it’s interesting to see how the different girls portray me,” he said smiling at the teacher and then all of the girls.
“OK break time is over, let’s get out fresh paper girls and I’ll place our model in a different pose.” The woman directed and Jamie followed her back to the platform. She removed the pedestal and put what looked somewhat like a chase lounge on the platform, except there were no arms rests on it. Put a sheet over the couch like thing, then had him lay on his side, his right arm bent and his head resting on his hand. His left arm was draped over his stomach but just barely touching the cloth below him. Moving his legs so one was on top of the other, she reached in and pulled his balls out so that they hung in front loosely with his cock dangling free.
“Alright Ladies, let’s get started,” she ordered and Jamie just gave a sigh and watched the girls work, making sure not to move his head in the process and trying to remain in the same exact position otherwise. Once or twice he had to push down with the fingers of his left hand when his body started to roll forward from his side. When Mrs. Carter called a halt, he got up, stretched, then went to the room to get dressed.
When he came out, the woman was standing there waiting for him. “Mrs. Carter, if I’m doing that same pose again could you put a pillow or something behind me? That would help me keep my balance on my side. I started to roll a little a couple of times this last hour.” He asked.
“Actually I have some foam blocks we could use Jamie, you could actually lean against them if you wanted. Sorry I didn’t think of that today. With your slim body, it was probably difficult to hold that position.”
“It wasn’t too bad ma’am, I just felt myself starting to roll forward and used my hand to push me back up into position before I moved very much, but something I could lean against would be a big help.”
“I’ll remember to give you some support next time Jamie, you’re so good at holding your pose that I just forget that you’re new to this whole posing for artists routine. Most boys would be fidgeting all over the place, but you do a good job of trying not to move and that’s the hardest part of being a model. I wish you could model for some of my other classes, the kids who are posing, just can’t seem to get the hang of it, but then they are in the class to learn to draw or paint and don’t want to be a model.”
“For what it’s worth, being naked all the time for this class is about all my nerves can handle right now Mrs. Carter. So far all the girls have been really nice about it, but this class is about my limit for now. Maybe after I’ve been doing it longer I’ll change my mind, but not soon anyway.” He responded.
“Well if you change your mind Jamie, I could coordinate your schedule so you’d be free during the right periods, you’d lose your study hall periods, but I could even get you paid for doing it. I do have a budget for models, the problem is finding models who are available.”
“OK well I’ll think about it, but I’ve still got to get past my nerves firing up when I hear comments about my body. I’m not that secure about how I look, being so small compared to other kids. People tell me I look fine, but I just don’t feel that way about myself.”
Placing her hand on his shoulder, “You look more than ‘fine’ Jamie, in truth you’re the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of boys in my life. I’m an expert when it comes to bodies, Jamie and you have nothing to ever be ashamed of young man and I doubt you ever will.”
“Alright, I’ll think about it Mrs. Carter, but right now I’ve got to get some lunch or I’ll miss it altogether.”
“Go Jamie, you need to eat to stay healthy and I’ve held you up long enough. See you Monday dear.”
The rest of his afternoon was normal which for the most part meant boring. He did have a study hall in the afternoon that let him get most of his homework done. Finally he was done for the day and was headed out the front doors when he met up with Pam and then only a few steps further, found Ricky waiting for him too. “Hey Ricky how’d your day go?” he asked giving the smaller boy a friendly pat on the back.
“It was ok Jamie, at least I’m not getting bullied all the time anymore. The teachers are really cracking down on it and that makes school a whole lot better for me.”
“Good, I’m glad to hear that Ricky, I’ve noticed the changes too, schools definitely more enjoyable without worrying if you’re going to be bushwacked.”
“Jamie, my Mom sent me a text message, she got called into work to cover for another nurse that’s sick and wondered if it would be ok for me to hang out at your house until about 8:00? Otherwise, I’m supposed to call either Susan Conners or Cindy Mercer to come and babysit me…”
“Is that ok with you Pamela?” Jamie asked, then explained to Ricky. “Pamela is my tutor and then stays with me until my mother comes home from work, so she’s in charge of things…”
“Sure Jamie, he could join you swimming and do his homework at the same time you do yours, not a problem. Ricky you’re on Puericil-Plus now right?” she asked and the boy nodded. “OK then stop off at your house and get your medicine and your dilator and I’ll give you your medicine at the same time I give Jamie his. This is Wednesday so both of you are due for a new dose.”
“You’d do that for me? You really don’t mind?” Ricky asked surprised.
“Sure why not? It’s no big deal. I’ve got to give Jamie his and doing it for two of you isn’t that much more work.”
“But it goes inside me…” the boy said a little shocked that a teenager would do that.
“Ricky I know exactly where it goes and how to get it there. You don’t have to be a mother or a nurse to know how to give a boy a suppository. I already told you it’s not a big deal to me.”
“OK well if you’re sure it’s ok. I’ll just go home and get the stuff you’ll need and then come directly to Jamie’s house.”
Jamie leaned over and whispered to the boy before he could leave, “Bring a diaper with you too Ricky and we’ll get you diapered before you leave my house, ok?” and the boy nodded he would and then took off down a side street headed for his home.
“What was that about?” Pam asked Jamie.
“He’s just nervous Pamela, I’d guess that the only one who’s ever given him an enema or suppository is his mother and suddenly a teenage girl he doesn’t know all that well, will be having her fingers up his butt. I can sympathize with him, I felt kind of like that the first time you gave me my first dose that way. I was wrong to feel that way of course, since you were so gentle with me but I did feel that way before you did it.”
“OK if that’s all it is, I mean it’s not like I’d hurt him doing it you know…”
“I know that and you know that dear lady, but he doesn’t know that. So he’s just a little nervous. By the way, he’s having bedwetting problems as a result of the change in his medication. The Puericil web page said that sometimes happens to boys when they change dosage, but it temporary. I told him to bring a diaper with him today too, so we can diaper him at our house before he goes home. Also He’ll be at my house Friday evening and sleeping over until Saturday and he may need diapered again, if he’s still doing it and you’ll probably need to give him his medicine on Friday too. Just thought I should warn you, apparently his mother is working a 12 hour shift Friday night, and worked it out with my mother; that’s why he’ll be staying at my house, since he’s going to be there for swimming Saturday morning with me and Cindy’s brothers.”
“None of that’s a problem Jamie, I’ve diapered so many kids it’s almost automatic for me. So swimming on Saturday again like last Saturday? Am I invited?”
“You’re always invited Pamela I thought my mother made that clear last week. You can come to our house anytime you want and don’t need a reason. Just consider it a second home where you’re always welcome and wanted. Especially by the boy who lives there!.”
“Yeah I know ALL about the boy who lives there. He’s a sexy little dude who loves showing off his sexy little body making all the girls want to run their hands all over him and he just loves getting cuddled by any girl he can find.”
“I do not! I only let two girls cuddle and touch me that way. You and Cindy my Honorary Big Sister and she does it with YOUR permission I might add!”
“Hey baby, don’t go getting upset and offended, I’m just teasing you a little. I know you don’t just let anyone cuddle and handle your sexy little body and I’m very happy that it’s so limited. Half the girls in our Art class would just love to have quality time with you like I get.”
“Really? I don’t believe that…”
“True Sweetie! You cause a lot of wet panties when you model for our class.”
“So with Ricky there today, I guess I’m not going to get to see my gorgeous Amazon girlfriend in her swimsuit today am I…”
“Nope, you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow, but you can dream about me in your imagination tonight if that helps…” <snicker>
“No but I want to reserve my charms for my boyfriend alone, at least for the first time he gets to see me in my bikini. That way if he really likes what he sees, we can spend some time playing without interruption.”
“Sounds good to me dear lady, I vote in favor of a private viewing.”
“Good because little Ricky is catching up and we’re almost home…”
Once inside the house Jamie led them to the kitchen and put his backpack on the floor and Ricky did the same. Looking at Pam he asked, “Swimming, Bath, Medicine, Dinner, then Study and relax?”
“Sounds like a plan for the evening Jamie, we’ll go with that.” She responded and as he kicked of his shoes and started unbuttoning his shirt, she stepped over and unbuckled his belt. Looking over to Ricky she saw he had sat on the floor and was taking off his shoes and socks. Between the two of them Jamie was naked in less than a minute and both of them watched as Ricky was blushing while removing his shirt. “Need Help?” Pam asked looking down at the small boy.
“No I can do it,” but then paused before taking his pants off. “I don’t have to go swimming, do I?” very red faced.
Moving over to him, Jamie turned him to face him with both his hands on the small boy’s shoulders. “What’s wrong Ricky, something has you all upset. I know it’s not being naked because you were naked here all day Saturday and even went swimming with me last Friday. So what is it?”
Blushing even more Ricky leaned closer and whispered, “I…I had an accident and the front of my underpants are wet… Does she have to see me like that?”
Pulling the boy against him into a light hug, he rubbed Ricky’s back and softly said “I’ll take care of it.”
“Is there a problem Jamie?” Pam asked watching the boys.
“Just a little one Pamela and its making Ricky embarrassed,” he started then turned Ricky around so that both of them were facing the girl, while he continued to hold the boy in a light hug. “With the change in Ricky’s medication, he’s having a small problem controlling his bladder and wetting at night and apparently leaking a little in the daytime. They explained how that sometimes happens on the Puericil web page, but he’s really embarrassed about it, even though it’s not his fault and not something he can control,” Jamie explained as if he hadn’t already told Pam about it. “Right now he’s embarrassed because he leaked a little into his underwear; but apparently not much, since it hasn’t soaked into his trousers.”
Kneeling on one knee, so that she was lower than Ricky, she looked up and gently rubbed his chest with her hand. “Ricky that’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I read that same information on your medicine and like Jamie said, it happens to some boys and it’s only temporary. Now let’s get you out of those wet underpants, that can’t be very comfortable for you.” She said then unbuckled his belt and quickly lowered his pants and had him step out of them. Sure enough, there was a big wet spot on the front of his underwear. Stripping them down, she removed them then took them to the sink to soak them. Meanwhile, Jamie sat down on the chair behind him and pulled Ricky onto his lap, and was holding the trembling boy.
“It’s ok Ricky,” he softly said as he rested his chin on the smaller boy’s shoulder, while hugging him from behind. “This isn’t a big deal and we’ll take care of things ok?”
“How? Since I’m doing it in the daytime too?” The boy whimpered.
Lifting him and then turning him sideways and sitting him on his right leg while Ricky legs dangled between his open legs, he held him around the shoulders and steadied him there. “We’ll just let your Mom know to pick up some pull-ups on her way home and you can wear them under your clothes in case you leak a little like today. They’re not bulky like diapers, so no one will know you even have them on.” He replied as he wiped a couple of tears from the boys’ cheeks that had leaked out.
“You’d do that?” he shyly asked.
“Sure either I or Pamela can call her cell phone and explain what’s happening and why, that it’s the drug change causing it. Ricky your Mom’s a nurse she knows all about the things drugs can cause. She’ll understand and get you what you need.”
“Jamie, I’m sitting here on your lap and apparently can’t control it, what if I had an accident right now and peed on you… how could you still be my friend if that happened?” he said obviously worried.
<laugh> “Then I wouldn’t care and you’d still be my friend and little brother.”
“You wouldn’t care?” the boy asked like he couldn’t believe it.
<laugh> “No I wouldn’t! Ricky in a few minutes we’re going to go outside and jump into the ocean and as soon as we hit the water, it would all just wash right off. Now you’re not going to pee on me intentionally are you?” he said as he tickled the boy’s ribs a little.
<giggle> “I’d never do that to you on purpose Jamie, I hope you know that!”
“I sure hope not, now let’s go swimming little guy!” and helped him stand up.
“Ricky what’s your mothers phone number and I’ll call her while you guys are swimming,” Pam offered.
“Just use my phone, it’s in my backpack Pam, she’s ‘Mom’ on my contact list; thanks for doing this, I’d be embarrassed to have to tell her I’m having problems in the daytime now too. It was bad enough having a wet bed two nights in a row… you guys are great in explaining it for me.”
“No problem Ricky and like Jamie told you, she’ll understand and get you what you need. Nurses know all about drug reactions and that’s just what this is. Now you too, head outside and I’ll grab your phone and be out in just a minute ok?”
“Yeah thanks.. let’s go Jamie!” the boy said smiling up at him.
Pam dug out Ricky’s phone and watched the boys as Jamie guided Ricky out the door, his arm still around the smaller boy giving him emotional support. ‘He’s going to make a great father!’ she thought smiling as she followed them outside.
Once down near the water, Jamie scooped Ricky up and threw him over his shoulder as the boy squealed and laughed, then waded into the water and when he was waist deep flipped him in front of him, holding him high in the air and then just threw him backwards until the laughing boy crashed into the water sputtering.
Pam sat down laughing as she watched Jamie pick up the boy and put him dangling over his shoulder and smiled as she watched him with seemingly no effort pull him off, lift him and throw him away to land on his back in the water. ‘Guess there’s actually some strength in that wonderful muscle tone’ she mused to herself, then looked up and chuckled as Ricky had swam back to Jamie to get thrown again.
Looking up the number on the contact list she made the call. “Hello Mrs. Couch? Pamela Martin here, no there no problem with Ricky, well not any big one anyway.” She started and she explained what was going on with the woman’s son and what she and Jamie figured was the cause. “He leaked a little into his underwear this afternoon and was really embarrassed about it. No, probably less than half an ounce or so I’d guess, not enough to even soak into his pants. Jamie and I thought if he wore pull-ups during the day under his clothes, that would keep him from being embarrassed especially at school and since their not bulky, no one would have to know he’s wearing them. No he’s fine right now, the boys are both swimming and I’m just sitting here on the beach watching them play in the water, then I’ll give them their baths and their medicine. We’ll have dinner after that and I’ll get them on their homework and we’ll probably just be relaxing by the time you come to pick him up. No, it’s no problem at all for me, I’m here with Jamie all evening anyway, and Ricky’s such a nice sweet boy, it’s no problem looking after him too. Besides the two of them have kind of adopted each other as big and little brothers and they keep each other occupied and out of trouble. Jamie said he told Ricky to bring a diaper, so I’ll probably already have him diapered by the time you come to get him. That way if he has another little leak, it won’t be a problem for him. No he’ll be fine, just get him some pull-ups so he can wear one at school tomorrow and everything will work out fine. This shouldn’t last more than two weeks from what the web page said. OK Thanks Mrs. Couch, see you around 8:00 then. Bye…”
By the time she called the boys out of the water both of them looked a little tired. “OK guys you know the routine, get the sand off, then into the bathroom. Empty front and back and into the tub. I’ll be inside in a few minutes to make sure you’re both clean. Ricky is your medicine and dilator in your backpack?”
“Yeah in a plastic bag in the front pocket,” he said blushing.
“And did you bring a diaper like Jamie suggested?”
“Yeah there’s two in the main part of the bag.” Blushing even more.
Moving over to him and gently placing her hand on his shoulder and giving it a little squeeze. “Ricky there’s nothing for you to be embarrassed about. Do we need to go through the whole ‘it’s not your fault’ explanation again?” She softly told him.
“No I understand, but … well I’m 12 and I shouldn’t be having problems like this now…”
“Would it help if I told you I’ve babysat and diapered boys as old as 16 and 17? I have you know…”
“Yes sometimes even older boys end up in diapers, either from accidents, or being sick or other problems that cause them to lose control. I’ve diapered more boys than I can count and many of them were your age or close to it. It’s no big deal to me, really it’s not!”
“OK then but I still might blush some…”
“Just don’t worry about it Ricky and it won’t cause you to be embarrassed. OK boys use the hose out here to get that heavy sand off, we don’t want to clog up the drain in the bathtub.” She directed and then left them on the patio as Jamie went and turned on the water. The high squeals she heard told her that the water was probably a little colder than the boys expected. Soon two shivering boys passed her in the kitchen on their way to the bathroom.
Pam was in Jamie’s room getting his suppository and butt plug when she heard them across the hallway. “I can’t get myself to poop.” Ricky’s voice quietly whined.
“OK I’ll massage your tummy a little maybe that will help,” she heard Jamie tell the boy.
After a minute or so, “Thanks Jamie that did it!” then heard the toilet flush.
“Good now move out of the way so I can get empty too, just hop in the tub, I’ll be there in a minute.”
Giving the boys some time, she heard the sound of splashing water and some giggles and decided it was time to make her appearance. “Are you guys clean yet?” she asked as she stepped through the open doorway.
“Almost, I just need to finish up on Ricky and we’ll be done,” Jamie replied and she saw the smaller boy calmly standing there as Jamie used his soapy hands stroking all over the boy.
“Are your rear ends good and clean inside and out?” she asked.
“Mine is, I pushed my soapy fingers in as far as I could, but I need to do Ricky still is that ok?”
“Of course Jamie as long as Ricky doesn’t mind you doing it. You ok with that Ricky?”
“Yeah I trust him totally Pam, he’s really gentle with me…”
“Then just hold still little guy an stay relaxed, push out when you feel my fingers at your hole..” Jamie directed.
Ricky gave a little grunt when Jamie’s finger penetrated him and blushed when he saw Pam watching them, but didn’t move as Jamie, worked his finger around and added as second one. “OK Ricky, let’s rinse off then Pamela can give us our medicine.” As he reached for the hand showerhead.
Ricky stepped out of the tub first and Pam gathered him in a big towel and started drying him, he just stood still and let her do what she wanted. Once he was dry, she moved him aside and Jamie came out and Ricky watched as the girl dried him off too. Using the towel she then rubbed their hair and took a big comb and combed it so it would dry in the style they normally wore it. Ricky’s shorter hair was parted on the side and Jamie’s longer hair was parted down the middle so it fell to either side of his face. Once she was satisfied she faced the two boys, “OK boys time for your medicine, who wants to go first?”
“I will Pamela,” Jamie replied, seeing Ricky was looking nervous. Leaning on the counter with his butt out, he waited as she reached for the tube of KY Jelly and lubricated his hole and inserted the thermometer, Pam unwrapped the suppository as she waited until the thermometer had been in long enough and laid it aside. Checking his temperature, she wiped it off and put lube on her fingers, “Just relax Jamie,” she softly told him and started gently opening him. “You must be getting used to this, you opened really fast that time Jamie,” she said as she removed her fingers and lubricated the plug.
“Cindy said the same thing yesterday,” he murmured.
“Well she was right, it took almost 5 minutes to get you open the first couple of times,” she replied as she pushed the pellet up into him as far as she could. Then immediately picked up his plug and started pushing it in. It went in smoothly and was quickly all the way in and seated. Wiping the excess lube, she pronounced him ‘done’. Then as he stood Jamie got his hug and a soft kiss on the cheek.
“OK your turn Ricky,” she said turning to the boy.
“Uh Pam? Could Jamie put mine in? Not that I don’t trust you… you did it really easy with Jamie, but… well I trust him totally not to hurt me… could he do it please?”
“I’ve never done that Ricky. Pamela’s really good at it and very gentle…” Jamie replied.
“Yeah I saw that Jamie, but I’d still rather you did it, if possible…”
Jamie looked over at Pam with a raised eyebrow in question. “I don’t care if you don’t Jamie” was the response. “Either way he gets his medicine…” she responded.
“Are you sure Ricky?” he asked and the boy just nodded.
“OK then let’s take your temperature, Pamela will have to tell me how to do this, I know what it feels like but I’ve never done it…”
“Since he’s smaller it will be easier if you have him lay over your lap Jamie,” Pam suggested.
“OK sport, over my lap then,” Jamie directed and helped Ricky get in position. Pam handed him the tube of lube and he gently applied it until his finger slipped inside the boy. Getting the thermometer from Pam, he inserted it, and then rubbed Ricky’s back as they waited the required time. When she told him to check it, he pulled it out and saw his temperature was normal and was handed the tube of lubricant again. Slipping his now very wet finger back inside, he gently worked around stretching Ricky’s sphincter muscle. “Just stay relaxed Ricky and tell me if I do anything that hurts ok?” he directed.
“OK Jamie, you’re not hurting me at all…” was the response.
“He’s really tight,” Jamie said looking up at Pam.
“So were you the first few times Jamie, and this is only his second time where he needs to be more open for the dilator, before it was just the suppository pellet going inside him so he didn’t need to be open as much. Just keep gently working his sphincter and it will relax.” She responded.
Not much longer, he got the second finger in and soon it was moving freely. Glancing up he saw Pam holding the suppository pellet in front of him. He pulled his fingers out, then quickly inserted it, pushing it in as far as he could reach. When he looked up again, she was holding a white medical dilator already lubricated in front of him. He took it and then gently pressed it against the open hole and it very slowly sank in until it was seated. Taking the toilet paper she held out to him he wiped Ricky’s behind, then gave it a light pat. “All done Ricky, you can get up now.” He announced.
Helping him up, Ricky moved back so Jamie could stand, then looked up at the bigger boy. “Don’t I get a hug and kiss too?” he shyly asked.
“Of course you do little brother,” Jamie said, then pulled the boy against him and said “You were a very good boy Ricky,” he said looking directly into his eyes, then leaned in a little and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek, both boys smiled at each other as Jamie then moved them apart some.
“OK Ricky, I talked to your Mom and she’s going to pick up the pull-ups for you on her way home, but for now, let’s put one of the diapers on you as protection, in case you have another leak this evening,” Pam directed and Ricky just nodded he understood while blushing a little.
Leading him into the living room, she had him lay on the couch and quickly had him diapered in less than a minute. “God that was fast! Mom never did it that fast…” the boy exclaimed.
“Ricky, putting the diaper on doesn’t take long. You were already clean, and cleaning up the kid and then putting on lotion and powder when you take a used one off is what takes all the time.” She replied smiling. “Now before you leave this evening, I’ll take it back off, remove your dilator and powder you to keep you nice and dry, before putting it back on so you can go home ready for bed.” She explained and the small boy just nodded. “OK boys let’s fix some dinner, I don’t know about you guys but I’m hungry lunch at school today really sucked!”
“True and Yeah it did!” were the responses she got from the boys.
After dinner Jamie dug his books out and seeing him do that, Ricky followed suit. Soon all three of them were sitting there doing homework. Pam of course finished first and then picked up the papers from each of the boys and checked them. Giving Ricky a couple of minor corrections and Jamie only one they were soon finished. “All done guys, now let’s go relax,” she directed. Moving to the living room, Jamie turned on the TV and found a movie. Sitting on the floor in front of the couch, he soon had Ricky between his legs leaning back against him. Pam came in and found them sitting there. “Hey no fair, don’t I get to cuddle someone?” she said with a mock look of hurt.
“Move forward Ricky and Pamela can sit behind me and we’ll both get cuddled,” Jamie directed and the boys both moved to let Pam sit behind them. Wrapping her arms around Jamie and resting her chin on his shoulder as she stroked his sides, she just murmured “This is nice…”
Ricky was in front of Jamie and totally limp in his arms and laying back against him. Jamie just gently stroked the boy’s body as they sat there until he realized after about an hour that Ricky was sound asleep. Turning his head he whispered in Pam’s ear, “He’s asleep, has been for awhile I think.”
“About a half hour or so,” she whispered back, “I heard his breathing change…”
“Should we just leave him or put him on my bed?”
“Just leave him unless it’s uncomfortable have him lay against you. I’ll take his diaper off and take his dilator out and re-diaper him in about a half hour or so. His mom should show up not long after that.”
“He’s ok, he’s totally limp and just laying against me, I’m fine with holding him like this…”
“He’s a very lucky little boy to have a caring big brother like you Jamie; you’ll make a great dad someday.” She replied and gave him a kiss on the cheek as he snuggled back against her body.
When Ricky’s mother arrived she found him sound asleep on the couch and wearing a diaper. “Is he ok?” she asked as she saw him laying there.
“He’s fine,” Pamela quietly replied. “This has been a very stressful day for him at least emotionally, between worrying about the bedwetting and then having that leak this afternoon, he’s just wrung out a little. He got his suppository and I just took out the dilator a little while ago, there wasn’t any problem with giving him that. Once I had it out, I checked him and he leaked a couple of drops but not hardly anything really. So I just powdered him and put his diaper back on, so he should be good for the night.”
“OK thanks Pam, I worry so much about him. Between his small size and health problems he had when he was younger, he’s had a difficult life so far. I’m glad you kids identified the cause of the bedwetting as the Puericil, he went through a couple months stretch of wetting when he was 10 but he’s been fine since then. That one was a severe bladder infection and I was worried he might have it again. But if his temperature is normal then it can’t be an infection.”
“It was perfectly normal when he got his medicine today, and he didn’t show any signs of a fever at all today,” Pam replied.
“That’s good, now I just need to get the little guy home and tucked into bed for the night.”
“His bag and clothes are on a chair in the kitchen,” Jamie advised. “If you get them and open the car, I’ll carry him out and put him in the car for you,” he offered.
“Are you sure Jamie? You’re not that much bigger than him, I don’t want you straining yourself,” the woman asked concerned.
“No problem I’ve picked him up a bunch of times while we’ve been playing,” Jamie said smiling, “I’m stronger than I look ma’am.”
“He is,” Pam added patting Jamie on the shoulder. “That muscle tone is very real and he’s strong for his size.” She said grinning.
“OK then if you’re sure, I’ll get his things and meet you out at my car…”
Once he saw the woman go outside, Jamie walked over to Ricky and gripped him below his arms and lifted him, Ricky unconsciously wrapped himself around the bigger boy, his legs around Jamie’s waist and Jamie just smiled as Ricky’s small arms closed around his neck and shoulders. Carrying him like a toddler, Jamie carried him outside and placed him on the car seat, gently unwrapping the boy from his body and noted that Ricky never woke at all.
Pulling Jamie into a hug, the woman kissed his cheek and rubbed his back for a minute, “Thanks Jamie, you’re such a wonderful boy. I’m so happy that Ricky has you for a friend. Pam said you’ve kind of adopted him as a little brother. That’s just so nice of you to do that, it’s something Ricky really needs with no father at home. An older boy to look up to and help him is just what he needs.”
“That’s no problem for me Mrs. Couch; he’s a great kid and fun to have around. He’s welcome here anytime as far as I’m concerned. I never had a brother either, so it’s kind of fun to spend time with him.”
“Well you’re always welcome at our house too Jamie. I know Ricky would like it and I just think it’s great that you would help out a younger boy like you’re doing. That makes you a special boy to me young man.”
“OK well good night Mrs. Couch and I guess I’ll see you either Friday or Saturday…” he replied as he closed the car door after she released her hold on him.
Back inside the house, Jamie got pulled into a tight hug and was soundly kissed. “I’m so proud of you Jamie, you handled everything perfectly today,” Pam told him then kissed him again.
Jamie Gets a Tutor and More Part 7
(A Puericil™ and Little Boys Shouldn’t Be So Modest Story)
By Captain J
Jamie woke up Thursday morning and felt good. He’d slept through the night not waking at all and stood beside his bed stretching. Feeling his butt, he was happy that he’d remembered to take his plug out last night before crawling into bed. Heading to the bathroom he took a quick shower and was surprised when his mother was standing in the bathroom when he stepped back out of the tub holding a towel in her hands.
“That’s me!” She said grinning at him, as she wrapped the towel around him and started drying him.
“OK but why… why are you doing this…”
“Because since I changed hours at work I don’t get to spend much time with my beautiful boy and I’ve always loved giving you baths and drying you off afterwards.”
“Alright, I don’t mind, I’ve always liked how you handle me when you help me with baths. I was just curious, since you’re usually asleep when I get up for school these days…”
“Good because I plan on doing this as much as I can, you’re always already in bed when I come home in the evening and early mornings and weekends are the only chances I get to be with my son. It won’t be that long until you grow up and move out on your own and I plan on making the most of the time we still have together.”
“That’s years away Mom,” he responded.
“Not that many Jamie, next year high school and then it won’t be that long before you graduate and want to go off to college or something. Soon I won’t have my little boy anymore. Time goes by faster than you think… It wasn’t all that long ago to me that my little boy was in diapers and after what seemed like no time at all, he was in school and I only saw him in the evenings. Kids grow up and eventually move out to go make a life of their own Jamie, it happens to everyone.” She said as she combed his hair.
“Well THIS little boy loves his mother and all the things she does for him. So if you want to treat me like a little kid longer, then I’m ok with it,” he replied then gave his mom a tight hug and softly kissed her.
Later as he was eating his breakfast, he thought about what she’d said in the bathroom. “Mom, I probably shouldn’t tell you this because I know what will happen when you see it, but you should ask Pamela to see the drawing she did of me in Art class. It’s so perfect it’s almost like a photograph and very dramatic and artistic. If you got it from her, then you’d always have a picture of your son just the way I am right now.”
“Wonderful! I’ll ask to see it then,” she replied smiling.
Once he’d finished breakfast, he picked up his backpack and after giving his mother another hug and kiss, he headed out the door and off to school.
In homeroom he got another note from Mrs. Carter to come and see her before his first class. Showing it to his teacher, he was excused even before attendance was taken and headed to her office. Seeing she was in, he knocked on the door and was greeted with a smile. “Come in Jamie and have a seat,” she said greeting him.
“How are you today Jamie?” she asked smiling.
“Good… is there some problem?”
“No dear, I just wanted to talk to you some more about what we discussed yesterday and your modeling. Jamie, I’m putting together an Honor’s Class of my very best students, there will be no more than 12 students just like the one you’re in now, but both boys and girls. I’d like to hire you to model for that class and I’d list you as a student so you’d get academic credit for it, and I’ll pay you $25 for each class you model for and it will be on Thursday and Fridays when you normally have study halls. Can I convince you to help me and be the model?”
“Who would be the students? I don’t want someone who’s going to tease me about it since I’m assuming I’ll be nude like the regular class.”
“I can guarantee THAT won’t happen Jamie, these are serious students and all of them very talented. From your class will be Pam, Cindy and Becky. From my other 8th Grade classes; Jane Comer and Kelly Waggoner. From my 7th Grade Classes Bobby Thompson, Grace Smyth, Susan Conners and Mary Brubaker. I have a couple of 6th Graders who are showing real talent and I’d like to include a couple of them also Ricky Couch and Sally Liddell. That’s 11 with one open slot and I’m still debating between two other kids as to which to offer the slot. What do you think?”
“So 9 or 10 girls and 2 boys? When do you have to know my decision and when would we start this?”
“Today if possible on your decision and the first class would be tomorrow if you agree, and it would be the last period on Fridays. So you’d be done for the day. Then starting next week the Friday slot would be a double period. You’d get paid for two classes on Fridays, so you’d make $75 per week for modeling. I already talked to Mr. McFarland and he’d move your Friday Social Studies class to your study hall period on Wednesday morning, so you’d be free both for the last two periods on Friday to model for us. For tomorrow only, it would be a single period, since we’ll have to change all the kids schedules so that they’re free next week. But starting next week, we’d be on the new schedule totally.”
“Can I think about it until at least lunch? Then let you know early this afternoon. I’d like to at least talk to a couple of friends about it before deciding.”
“May I ask who you’d talk to? Not that it makes a difference, I’m just curious.”
“Pamela Martin and Cindy Mercer, they’re my best friends and Pamela tutors me at home every evening and I trust her judgment.” He replied.
“Do you know any of the other kids I listed?”
“Of the other 8th Graders you listed, not well, I see them in classes of course but don’t really know them. Of the 7th Graders I’ve talked to Susan Conners a time or two but don’t know her very well. And of the 6th Graders only Ricky Couch. He lives near me and recently he’s become a friend and kind of a little brother to me. I had no idea he had any talent at Art though.”
“He does, he’s almost on par with the work Becky, Cindy and Pam do even though he’s two years younger. So you’re already familiar with almost half the class then; that should make it easier for you…”
“Somewhat, but I’d still like to talk it over with Pamela and Cindy before making a decision…”
“Good, I’ll be waiting for your answer after Lunch then. Consider is seriously Jamie, besides the money, an Honor’s class on your records is worth 1 ½ times more credit and it would be a definite ‘A’ grade.”
“Ok Mrs. Carter, I’ll let you know one way or the other…” he said rising and heading off to class.
Jamie mulled it over all morning and was sitting in the cafeteria just starting lunch when Pam and Cindy joined him. “Did you hear about the Honor’s Art Class Jamie? I can’t believe I was invited to be in it!” Cindy exclaimed as she sat beside him. “Mrs. Carter said if she could hire a model it would start tomorrow, it’s really exciting!”
“What’s up Jamie, you’re looking kind of pensive…” Pam said as she sat on his other side.
“Just thinking Pamela…”
“About? It seems like something serious…”
“The Honor’s Art Class Cindy’s so excited about… Mrs. Carter wants to hire me as the model for it. I’d get paid to model and be listed as a student and get an Honor’s ‘A’ grade if I do it…”
“Wow that’s great!” Cindy exclaimed.
“But you’re not sure are you Jamie,” Pam offered.
“No, I’d have to be naked 3 more periods per week. That’s 6 hours per week I’d be naked here in school.”
“That shouldn’t be a problem Jamie, all of the kids in the class will be serious students and won’t cause you any problems. Mrs. Carter told me she was being very selective on who would be in the class and only her best would be considered. Besides you look great naked, certainly nothing to be ashamed of on that front.” Cindy advised.
“Is it who’s in the class Jamie?” Pam quietly asked.
“Not really, besides you, Cindy and Becky from your class, the only ones I know are Susan Conners and Ricky Couch. Some of the others I don’t know at all, and the other 8th Graders I just know on sight.”
“Little Ricky would be in the class?” Pam asked surprised.
“Yeah that surprised me too. She said his work is right up there with you, Cindy and Becky. So he must be good. You 3 were clearly the best in your class. Even to me and I don’t know squat about Art.”
“So what do you think you’ll do?” Pam queried.
“I’m considering doing it, the money is good, $75 per week and getting an Honor’s ‘A’ will sure help my academic problems. What do you think Pamela.”
“I think first that it’s your decision Jamie, you’re the one who’d be doing it not me. But I also think she couldn’t find a better model in this school. You’re amazing in how you hold poses. I know how hard that is, I’ve tried doing it and just can’t stay still that long. You’re body is also fantastic as a subject. I know you don’t see yourself that way, but you really do have an amazing body Jamie, being slim and so well toned, your body just gives an artist so much to work with. So if you’re asking for my personal opinion, then I think you should do it.”
“Do you agree Cindy? I trust both your opinions more than anyone else.” He asked.
“Yes I do Jamie and not because I’d be in the class. I agree with everything Pam said. They couldn’t find a better model for that class than you. I’ve tried doing it to and could only hold a pose for about 5 minutes. I don’t know how you do it, but you’re really good at it. Don’t worry about any of the kids making problems for you, between me and Pam we can put the fear of God into them if they even try, but I don’t think that will be necessary the way Mrs. Carter is picking the students. So I say go for it!”
“OK I’ll go tell her then. I guess you girls will be having 3 more periods of Art every week starting tomorrow,” he said giving them a smile.
Walking down the hallway, he was still nervous about it, but he valued the girl’s opinions more than his own, so when he came to the Art office, he had a small smile still on his face. “The answer is yes Mrs. Carter, so I guess you can go ahead and have my schedule changed.” He said leaning in the doorway.
“That’s good since this is your new schedule Jamie,” she said grinning.
“You already had it changed?”
<laugh> “Yes I did, when you told me Pam and Cindy were who you were consulting, I knew I’d get a positive response from you dear. Both those girls are smart and very talented and that you counted them as your ‘best friends’ told me I’d get a ‘yes’ answer, so I just went and had the changes made to your schedule. I must say that Mr. McFarland was surprised that you’re in an Honor’s class after only a week, but then it’s none of his business that you’re the model and not drawing or painting. Did I mention that this is a ‘mixed media’ class? Guess not from your expression. Some will be drawing like your regular class, but all of them have the option to use any media they feel they want to try. So I’d expect some to be doing oil paintings, some watercolors, pastels, charcoal, pencil or pen and ink. One of them may even try sculpture, you never know. But I expect wonderful results from each and every one of the students. Like I said, these are the best students in the school and very serious artists.”
“OK then Mrs. Carter, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.”
“Jamie, tomorrow will be an introductory class, so you won’t need to undress. I’ll be explaining what we’ll be doing and introduce you to those who don’t know you as well as course requirements and my expectations regarding their work. All you have to do tomorrow is just sit there with the rest of them while I go over all the details.”
“Thank you Mrs. Carter, I’ll see you tomorrow then…” he replied as he headed for his afternoon classes.
After school Jamie found Pamela and Ricky waiting for him outside. “Hey Ricky, Hi Pamela,” he offered as he walked over to them.
“So the class is on then?” Pam asked, “I assuming so since the School Secretary delivered a new schedule to me this afternoon.”
“Yeah,” Jamie responded.
“You mean the Honor’s Art Class?” Ricky said excitedly. “I’m in it too! I can’t believe I’m in it but I got invited and a new schedule starting next week!”
“That’s the one Ricky. Hey little Brother, how come you never told us you’re talented at Art? I was surprised when Mrs. Carter told me you’d be in it. It surprised Pamela too!”
“Uh… well it just never came up Jamie, It’s been a hobby for mine since I was little. Sorry about that… Wait? Mrs. Carter told you? Does that mean you’re in the class too?”
<laugh> “Yeah kind of… I’m listed as a student, but actually I’m going to be your model…”
“Woah! Now that is so cool! So you’ll be posing and we’re all going to draw or paint pictures of you?”
“Yeah that’s the routine. I stand or sit or lay or whatever, and you guys all work your little buns off trying to make the best picture of me. The teacher said it’s ‘mixed media’ so I guess you guys can work with whatever you want including sculpture from what she said.”
“Wow I can’t wait!”
“OK but from what she said today, tomorrow will just be an introductory class, where she outlines the requirements and expectations. All lecture from what she told me… So the actual posing and Art won’t start until next week.”
“Jamie, if you’re going to be the model, maybe you could pose for your friends away from school, you know Pam, Cindy and Me. That would allow us to have extra time and let us make our work the best possible. You don’t have to do that of course, and it’s your choice. But it could really help us if we had problems…”
“I’ll consider it Ricky, but it wouldn’t be fair to the other kids in the class would it. But if you really needed extra time, I guess I could do that, but not on a regular basis, fair?”
“More than fair Jamie…”
“Now little guy,” Pam said quieter as they’d moved away on the street, “any problems today, you know did you need the pull-ups? How about last night? Still wet?”
“Yeah I was wet again this morning, but not as much as the night before. Today I dribbled a little in the pull-ups but they absorbed it ok and I didn’t even wet enough to have to change them.” Was the quiet response from the blushing boy.
Rubbing the boy on the back Pam interrupted, “Ricky we’ve told you not to be embarrassed, it’s not your fault and you’re not in control of what’s happening…”
“I know Pam, but no matter how much I hear that or even believe it, it’s still embarrassing that it’s happening to me. I’m just glad to have two good friends who understand and are trying to help.”
“We’re here for you Ricky, you know that right?” Jamie said dropping his arm around the small shoulders.
“Yeah I do Jamie and I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know…” as he leaned into the bigger boy’s side as they walked.
When they came to the intersection where Ricky needed to turn for his house he got hugs from both older kids and was soon on his way home.
At Jamie’s house, he dropped his pack inside and looked over at the tall girl. “Is today the day?”
<laugh> “Yes Jamie today you get to see my perfect body in a bikini,” she said with a giggle, now get naked while I go in the bathroom and change.”
Jamie quickly stripped and was waiting when she came back into the room and struck a classic photo model pose for him. Jamie was left speechless, his mouth working like a fish, his eyes sliding up those incredibly long legs, over her flat firm belly, over her firm medium sized breasts to her smiling face, until finally he managed to talk. “Wow Pamela you’re Beautiful! No that’s not enough… I called you a gorgeous Amazon and that’s not even close either! You’re perfect. Incredible!...”
“That’s good enough for me Jamie as long as you like what you see, then we’re both happy,” she said as she moved to him and hugged him, his naked body rubbing skin all the way up, except where a few small triangles of nylon covered her. His face against her naked shoulder was a dream come true as he felt her barely covered breasts pressing softly against his body. “Let’s go swimming,” she said as she moved him back, then turned him to face the doorway and gave him a playful swat on the butt to get the still stunned boy moving.
“I love what I see Pamela, you’re body is perfect!” he replied as her arm slipped around him and she guided him outside and onto the beach.
“That’s all I need to hear baby; that means we’re both happy with each other’s bodies…”
As they approached the water, Pam noticed that Jamie was developing an erection and scooped him up in her arms and carried him into the surf, then dropped in into the water while laughing. When he surfaced sputtering, he swam back to her and was lifted into a hug, wrapping his legs around her waist. “Why’d you do that?” he asked as he slipped his arms around her neck.
“Because my sexy boyfriend was getting an erection,” she said giving him a peck on the lips “and that wouldn’t do, since he’s out here naked on the beach. You need to cool down a little.”
“OK I get the no hard-on thing, but what did you expect when I’m with the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and she’s right there looking so sexy without even trying?”
“I expect you to keep the hard-on’s for when we’re in private and I can take care of them properly.” She replied with a giggle.
“I’ll try but I can’t promise it won’t happen again. Especially when you’re holding me like this and it’s pressing against you like this… <giggle> direct skin contact on it, doesn’t help if I’m trying to be good and keep it soft.”
“Good point,” she said laughing, then pulled his arms from around her neck, lifted him away from her body and threw him 5’ through the air into the water again. Then swam after him and splashed him as they both laughed and played, pushing, shoving, splashing and dunking each other, until Jamie stopped and just treaded water for a minute.
“I surrender, you’re too much girl for me…” he said gasping.
Swimming over to him and wrapping an arm around his chest, as she started swimming sidestroke back to the shore with him in a ‘lifesaving carry hold’. When she got into shallow water, she stood him up and gently hugged him “That’s enough for today, let’s go inside baby,” she said as she released him and guided him from the water and back to the house. There she used the garden hose and sprayed them both before leading him inside to the bathroom, where she sat him on the toilet. Knowing what she expected he made sure he was empty.
Filling the tub, she got in with him and sat him between her legs as she started lovingly washing him. Jamie just leaned back into her body and let her do whatever she wanted, a perfectly contented boy. “This is the best bath ever,” he murmured.
Once he was clean and dry, she said, “Go get your plug and give me a few minutes to get dressed,” she directed as she closed the door behind him as he left. When the door opened again, she was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but very obviously no bra as her breasts jiggled under the thin cloth, and he just stood waiting as she walked over and sat on the closed toilet seat and patted her lap. Knowing she wanted him to lay over her, he did so and quickly felt her fingers probing his rear, until he felt the plug being gently pushed up inside him. Once it was in, she turned him over and cuddled him on her lap giving him serious kisses. “You were a very good boy today Jamie, but you overtaxed yourself in the water. You had me a little worried, with how you were barely staying afloat, that’s why I pulled you towards shore.”
“How did you do that? It felt like you’ve done that before?”
“Yeah I have. That was a sidestroke carry. I took the Red Cross Senior Lifesaving Course last summer, but I’m too young to get my certificate. You have to be 16 to be certified, but I know how to do all the techniques, even though I’m not certified.”
“So I guess you really are our lifeguard, when us boys are swimming aren’t you.”
“Yes I am if it necessary. But from now on, when you get tired like that I’ll expect you to get into shallower water before you get too tired to do it yourself.”
“I will, I promise!”
“Good now let’s get some dinner, swimming makes me hungry.” She said patting his hip.
“Me too!”
 While they were eating she asked, “So you’re doing the modeling?”
“Yeah, but I guess I’d be doing it regardless, she’d already had the Asst. Principle change my schedule when I went to her office to tell her.”
“Yeah… That’s what I thought too” he said with a chuckle. “Then she explained that when I’d told her who I wanted to discuss it with, namely you and Cindy that she knew I’d come back with a ‘yes’ answer; guess she knows you girls better than I do…”
“I think she’s got a pretty good read on you too Jamie. She’s a really smart lady and knew just which of your buttons to push to get you to agree. Both for our class and this new one too.”
“She played me pretty good didn’t she? Well that’s ok, because I really don’t mind posing, as long as the other kids treat me right. I’ve been teased about my size and bullied so long, that I have a hard time dealing with many of the kids at school. But none of the ones she listed as being in the class have ever been mean to me and that went a long way on convincing me. Plus having you, Cindy, and Ricky in the class, means I’ll have some friendly faces.”
“Don’t worry about that Jamie, Mrs. Carter won’t put up with anyone mistreating you. I’ve been taking classes from her since 6th Grade and she’s a no-nonsense lady when it comes to behavior of her students.”
After dinner, Jamie pulled out his homework and started working on it, but because he didn’t have many assignments was done sooner than usual. Pam checked it and found no errors so he got rewarded with a nice kiss that made his toes curl.
“Are we doing anything this evening? With Ricky here tomorrow we won’t be able to play much…” he asked.
“Have something in mind?” she asked smirking.
“Actually I did,” he replied with a big grin. “It’s just too bad you took off your bikini though it would have made it more interesting.”
“And just what did you have in mind in your dirty little dreams?”
“Well today was kind of a special day since I got to see your fantastic body in your bikini, and I was thinking a special day needs a special ending. Would you be up for playing with that other toy of yours while wearing just your bikini?” he said blushing very red faced.
“So you want to watch my boobs bounce while I thoroughly ream out your sexy little behind is that it?” she replied as her hands slid over his shoulders and down his front as she stood behind where he still sat at the table.”
“I hadn’t thought of that, but that would make it really interesting. I was just thinking of seeing all that skin while you fucked me…”
“Oh I think we can arrange for your little fantasy to come true with an added bonus. I won’t even wear the top at all. So you get to see and touch the real thing not just imagine what those little triangles are hiding.” She replied as her hand slipped further down and gave his cock a squeeze.”
“Please tell me you’re not teasing or kidding me… Please I want that bonus so much…” he whimpered as her hand massaged his balls.
“I’d never do that to you baby, now go wait in your bedroom and I’ll be in soon and wear you out!”
“Yes Ma’am, anything you say Pamela I’m all yours!”
“You’re always mine and don’t you ever forget it mister.”
“Never Pamela, go change and I’ll be waiting!”
Jamie was perched on the edge of his bed fidgeting when she walked in wearing nothing but her bikini bottoms and a strap on dildo. “God they’re so perfect” he exclaimed as he looked up at two perfectly shaped breasts, topped by pale pink nipples.
“Glad you like them Jamie, she said sitting down beside him. “Go ahead baby you can touch them just be gentle, ok?”
Reaching over with a trembling hand, he gently cupped her left breast and held it like it was fragile and would break. Putting her hand over his, she rubbed his hand on her breast and he could feel the nipple swell in his palm. “it won’t break Jamie, just rub it and gently squeeze it and play with the nipple a little, you can even kiss it and suck on it if you want…” she said as she pulled his body over her lap and as his head rested in the crook of her arm guided her right breast to his mouth. Jamie didn’t need instruction as his tongue licked her swollen nipple and teased it, then gently sucked it into his mouth and nursed on it. “Oh that’s nice Jamie, you know just how to do that perfectly.” she murmured.
Jamie’s other hand gently massaged her other breast as he continued sucking and Pam started stroking his body, moving him enough so that she could give him direct stimulation on his hardening cock. Once it was hard, she moved down to his balls and massaged them before, reaching between his legs and underneath, and played with his plug some. She just smiled as he continued kissing and sucking on her breast as she noted his body was about as ready as it was going to get. “Hold up baby and lets, get you ready,” she said as she pulled her nipple from his eager mouth and then sat him up and moved out from under him and placed him on his back on his bed with his legs up. Pulling her bikini bottom aside, she inserted the other end of the dildo up into her pussy and readjusted the harness, then leaning over him, brushed his chest with her breasts as she spread his legs wider and leaned in and kissed him soundly. Causing him to moan and even whimper when she pulled back from him. Leaving him breathing hard, she moved back between his legs and removed his plug, then applied a liberal coating of lube to the dildo and lined it up with his open rear. “Ready baby?” she asked and he nodded his head, unable to talk as he watched her breasts sway above him.
Pushing forward, she lifted his rear for a better angle, and was quickly buried all the way inside him as he lay there. Pulling back she heard him groan and just started slowly thrusting in and out, pulling his body to her with each forward thrust. It didn’t take long before he had his first orgasm and she grinned as she saw cum spurt from his cock where it lay untouched on his belly. Not stopping she kept going and watched more cum ooze from it as she milked his prostate and his body spasm as he had yet another orgasm. Pulling out for a second, she rolled his hips over and reentered him pushing his legs up near his chest as he lay on his side. Thrusting firmly again she felt her own orgasm building and sped up her thrusts. When it washed over her, she paused but only for a few seconds. Just long enough to turn him onto his belly and then lift his hips so he was on his elbows and knees. Plunging in again she took him hard until she came again, and knew he’d cum several times from the sounds he made, but hadn’t paid any attention to how many. By the time she caught her breath again she was on top of him as he lay face down, his body still impaled on her toy and he was passed out. Pulling out, she went to the bathroom and got a towel and cleaned him, then just repositioned him on his bed and covered him with his sheet and blanket. Jamie didn’t wake until the next morning and when he did, he found he had sore muscles he didn’t even know he had…
As he came out from his shower his mother was waiting again with a towel in her hands. “Morning Mom,” he greeted her.
“Good morning sweetie, how’s my boy today?”
“I’m good… Glad it’s Friday, this week at school has taken forever to get done.” He said as she started drying him.
“Jamie you’ve got some bruising on your hips? What caused that?” she asked.
Looking down at himself he saw slightly darker areas at the top of his hip bones on both sides and was furiously trying to think of an ‘acceptable’ explanation. “Oh, I didn’t even realize I was bruised? Pamela and I went swimming together yesterday, and we had kind of a splashing war you know? Well at one point she was grabbing me by the middle and lifting me then throwing me away from her to land in the water. She did that a bunch of times. Guess she must have grabbed me harder than I thought…” he offered.
“OK son but tell her not to be so rough with you. I can’t have my little boy all covered in bruises.”
“Mom she didn’t do it intentionally and I’m sure once I tell her about these little bruises, she’ll be much more careful with me. Don’t make a big deal over it. I’m fine. She treats me so good all the time that I don’t want her worrying about it either.”
“Alright I won’t. But make sure she knows about what happened…”
“I will mother and once she knows, she’ll be more careful with me.”
While walking to school he met Pam and told her about the bruises and the explanation he’d given his mother, so they could have their stories straight.
“Oh God Jamie, I’m so sorry! I just got carried away. I’ll make sure that never happens again.” She replied pulling him into a hug.
“Pamela you didn’t do it intentionally so don’t worry about it. I enjoyed our playing more than I can tell you and want to do it again. It’s just we’re going to have to be more careful; especially since I’ll be modeling so much at school from now on. I can’t have bruises when I’m going to be naked for all those art classes.”
“Good point Jamie. Explaining bruises at school could cause real problems. I’ll be really careful with your body from now on!”
“Well at least I don’t have to be naked in class today, so it won’t be a problem.”
Jamie’s day at school went slowly, the only thing unusual was when Mr. Thompson the Social Studies teacher stopped him in the hallway and handed him a piece of paper. “Since you’re missing my class today with your schedule change, this is the homework assignment due next week Jamie,” the man explained. “I’ll expect it to be turned in at the start of class on Wednesday.”
“Yes Sir, thank you Sir, this is the second time they’ve changed my schedule in less than two weeks and I have to carry the latest version with me just to know where I’m supposed to be… I’ll make sure I have the assignment in on time Sir. Thanks for getting it to me so I can stay current…”
“No problem Jamie, you’re not the only student who’s schedules have been changed, there’s been at least 15 or 16 that I know of. I guess it’s all just part of the tighter discipline program we’re implementing, but no one’s really explained it to me.”
“Well the first changes they made on mine were because the Doctor had me removed from gym classes and they had to shift things to make sure I had enough academic classes. This one is because they’re starting a new Honor’s Art Class today and I guess a dozen of us will be in it. So they had to shift schedules to make all of us available to attend at the right times.”
“You’re in an Honor’s Class? Excellent Jamie you should be proud of that and I certainly wouldn’t want to deprive you of attending a class like that. Well done Jamie!” the man said smiling and patted him on the back.
“I’d better get to class Sir, thanks for getting this assignment to me…”
As his final class for the day approached he made his way to the Art Classroom and took a seat on a chair and just waited. Pam arrived next and gave him a quick hug before sitting beside him. Next was Ricky and he joined them all but bouncing on his chair. Cindy and Becky came in together and both smiled when they saw him sitting there, but it was Becky who surprised him, when she came over and gave him a big hug. “You must be our model Jamie, that’s great, I just love drawing you,” she said then pulled back holding him by his biceps and gave both arms a light squeeze as she released him.
“Thanks Becky, yeah I’m the model and I hope your work looks as good as the one you did already, you’re very talented.”
“I’m ok as an artist Jamie and I liked how that one came out. Pam and Cindy are better than me though, I just hope I can improve more with more practice. But with you as the model, well they’ll just have to be good when I’m drawing such a great looking boy!” Jamie rewarded her complements with a light blush.
 Soon all the students were in the room and Jamie looked around trying to put names with faces.
Mrs. Carter then came in and all of them got quiet and took seats. “Welcome to Honor’s Art!” she said smiling at the kids. “Now as you’ve all probably realized already, this is a mixed class with students from all three grades and both sexes. Unlike your regular art classes, this class will be more open both in the media you work with and the style of art you choose to portray. Also unlike most of your classes, this one has a fulltime model, so for the most part you will not be asked to model for the other students. I have in mind a couple of possible scenes where I might ask one or two of you to help out as a secondary subject, but you will have the same model in every class and he will be the primary subject regardless. This will be primarily a combined ‘figure study’ and ‘Life portrayal’ class, with a live nude model to work with. We are very lucky to have a young man who is excellent in his ability to hold poses and has an exceptional body for your subject. With that said, I’d like to introduce to those of you who don’t know him, Jamie Henderson, our model for this class.” She said motioning for him to come forward as the class applauded.
“Now some rules! As you can see Jamie is a fellow student here at the school. I expect every one of you to treat him respectfully and not cause him undue embarrassment. If I hear any rude or crude comments, that student will be out of the class immediately. Jamie has a beautiful body and fine features, so any comments like that in or out of class will be dealt with harshly. When Jamie is posing, you will not distract him, as I said he’s exceptional for his age and experience in holding poses, so don’t do anything to cause him to break position, since all of you need him to remain in the set pose. Causing him to be distracted will be unacceptable and cause you a fail grade for the week. Thank you Jamie, you may have a seat while I cover some other matters,” she said patting him on the back.
“Now students, you have 3 hours of this class each week in addition to your regular classes. Each week will constitute a separate project and be graded separately. You may only extend the time with special permission from me. So if the media you’re working with will take you more than a week to complete the work, make sure you get approval in advance. Work from one week will be due, at the beginning of the next Thursday class. There will be no cameras or cell phones permitted in this class.”
Just then one of the girls held up her hand. “Yes Kelly, you have a question?”
“We can’t take reference photo’s? Why not?” she asked.
 “Only very limited photos and only today! You may take photos of Jamie’s head, hands and feet only and I’d suggest you take multiples from different angles. However no nude photos of his body will be permitted ever! Having details of his face, head, hands and feet will permit you to use your time while he’s modeling to concentrate on his body form, position and general details while he’s here in class, as you’ll already have the reference photos to fill in the fine details when working at home to finish the work.”
“But why?” the girl asked sounding petulant.
“Because Jamie is a minor and we can’t even take the chance of a nude photo of his body getting out of your hands and into circulation. It could not only cause him unjustified embarrassment, but possession of such a photo is illegal! Were you to circulate such a photo to anyone, you could be arrested! So NO NUDE photos will be permitted AM I CLEAR ON THIS?” Artistic drawings, paintings or sculpture of a nude minor are not illegal; photographs ARE illegal! CLEAR?”
“Yes Ma’am,” Kelly responded red faced.
“After today leave your cell phones and cameras in your school locker. If I see one in here, you will be out of the class and if you took a prohibited photo, I’ll personally call the police! No exceptions!”
Jamie sat there and felt much better after the stern lecture; at least he didn’t have to worry about any nude photographs of him getting out in the school. Pamela was right, Mrs. Carter was no-nonsense and ran a tight ship, discipline wise!
The woman continued her lecture talking about various aspects of art media and technique and Jamie let his mind drift, having no idea what she was talking about, until she called his name again. “Jamie, come up here and remove your shirt please,” she directed.
Jamie complied and now stood shirtless before the class. Standing behind him, she placed her hands on his shoulders and felt her gently squeeze them in support. “Now as you can see our model is small in stature, however as at least one class has already discovered, has exceptional muscle tone which give him clearly defined muscle structures allowing for very dramatic effects depending upon lighting. Add his fine facial features and his ability to hold poses, and I’ll be expecting to see some truly wonderful artistic renderings of him as a model. OK class this will be your ONLY opportunity to take reference photos, you have 20 minutes left in the class to accomplish that.” Then speaking directly to Jamie, said “Just take off your shoes and socks and have a seat and let them take their photos dear.” Jamie just nodded and followed her directions and sat in a chair she placed in the middle of the room.
For the next 20 minutes, Jamie was inundated with directions from 11 students who all were either using cameras or their phones to take pictures of him. “Look Left, no turn your whole head Left, Look Right, Head up, Head down, make a fist, point your toes, turn you foot out to the side, hold your hand out so I can get a close-up. He tried to accommodate all of the various requests until finally Mrs. Carter called a halt. “OK that’s it class is over. Remember no cameras or phones after today! I’ll see you folks next week!”
“Can I take one more of your right hand,” a boy asked and Jamie nodded and held his hand as the boy wanted it. “Thanks Jamie, you’re really brave being naked in class like this, I don’t think I could do it,” the boy quietly advised.
“You must be Bobby,” Jamie said looking up at the slightly pudgy boy, “I know Ricky, so that just leaves you, since there’s only two boys.”
“Yeah Bobby Thompson, I’m in the 7th Grade. I really hope to do well in this class Jamie and Mrs. Carter is right about your muscle tone. Wish I looked half that good. Do you work out or something?”
“Not really, well not intentionally anyway. I swim most days, we live right on the beach so it’s easy to just go outside and take a swim after school before doing my homework… Guess that must be a big help keeping me in shape. But I’m not like the jocks. I don’t work out and don’t have huge muscles…”
“Well whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, you look great!” the boy said smiling.
“Thanks Bobby,” he replied as he leaned down and picked up his socks and started putting them back on.
“You ok Jamie,” he heard Pamela ask, “You look kind of dazed…”
“I’m ok, just seeing spots from all the flashes. I’ll be fine in a few minutes…”
“Well I can certainly understand that, it was like being in a room full of those disco strobe lights with all the flashes going off, and they weren’t even pointed at me,” she said as she held his shirt out for him, while he finished putting his shoes on.
Looking around as he buttoned his shirt, the only ones left in the room were himself, Pam, Cindy and Ricky. “Well that was something different,” he told them “I just at least doubled the number of pictures taken of me in my lifetime!” he said laughing.
“Yeah they kinda went crazy,” Cindy observed. “It’s not like your hands and feet are all that different from everyone else’s? OK you do have slim hands, and they look almost like a girl’s except you don’t have long fingernails, but still I wouldn’t need 20 photos of each hand… I was concentrating on your face, head and facial expressions. Your face is very expressive you know, you show your emotions easily and don’t hide them.”
“Well you got some with my ‘annoyed’ look then, because a couple of them REALLY annoyed me.”
<laugh> “Yeah I did Jamie and it was really cute too!” Cindy laughed.
“Hope they realize that, that’s the look they got,” he mumbled the looked up and smiled at his friends, “Let’s go home, I’ve had enough of school this week.”
Cindy hooked her arm through his on his right side and Pam had her arm around his waist as they proceeded from the room with Ricky tagging along behind them. When they got to the front doors of the school, Ricky moved up beside Pam and smiled when her left arm draped over his small shoulders. “Do you have your stuff with you or will you need to stop off at home?” she asked the boy just above a whisper as they walked.
“It’s all in my pack,” was the quiet response.
“Good then we’ll go straight to Jamie’s house.” She said ruffling his hair, before returning her hand to his shoulder.
As they neared her house, Cindy stopped and leaned in and kissed Jamie on the cheek, “I’ll see you guys in the morning when I bring my brothers over,” she advised.
“What time?” Jamie asked.
“About 10 was the plan, is that ok?”
“Sure, I just wanted to make sure Ricky and I are up when you get there…”
“You and Ricky?”
“Yeah he’s sleeping over at my house tonight. His mom’s working a 12 hour shift over night at the hospital, so he’ll be there when you get there. Our mothers set it up earlier in the week.”
“No problem, just curious…”
“OK we’ll see you in the morning then Cindy. Don’t beat on your brothers too much,” he said with a smirk.
“Yeah well, Richie may have red buns tomorrow if he doesn’t get his act together soon…” she replied.
“He’s still acting up? That’s just stupid!”
“Between me and Mom, he’s been spanked three times this week. And if he acts up getting his medicine tonight he’ll get it again…”
“Slow learner…well it’s his butt!” he replied and gave her a pat on the back. “Don’t worry he’ll learn eventually…”
“Yes he will, one way or another,” she said grinning, “Bye guys,” she said moving away and giving them a small wave.
When they arrived at the house, all three took their packs to the kitchen and Pam just turned to the boys. “Same schedule as last time boys, swim, bath, medicine, dinner, homework, and relax; ok with you guys?”
“Yeah fine,” Jamie replied as he started unbuttoning his shirt and kicked off his shoes.
“Good for me too,” Ricky said as he too started unbuttoning his shirt.
“Put your clothes in Jamie’s room and Ricky, are your supplies in the same places?”
“Yes Pam, front pocket and diapers are in the main part.”
“OK I’ll go ahead and dig them out while you guys finish undressing…”
Jamie looked over at Ricky when the boy dropped his pants and saw the pull-ups, “Dry or leak?” he asked.
“A few dribbles but not too bad,” Ricky replied blushing as he pulled them down and took them off.
“It’s ok little guy, don’t worry about it…” he said giving Ricky a hug and rubbing his back as he held him. “How about last night? Still wet?”
“Yeah but like the night before, less than the night before that..”
“So you’re getting better then right? Soon you should be back to normal…” he replied as Ricky leaned into his body, while he held him, his face against Jamie’s chest.
“Hope so…This feels really nice Jamie… I’m so glad you’re my friend…”
“Me too, little guy now let’s find our lifeguard so we can go swim!” he replied moving the boy back.
“She’s standing right behind you Jamie, so you don’t need to do anything but get your cute little buns outside!” she said laughing.
As was now the usual the boys took off running towards the water and played hard together for the next 40 minutes before Pam called them out. When Jamie looked up, he noticed she wasn’t alone, but had three other girls standing with her. Susan and her little sister Patty and Becky from his art class. Ricky noticed too and Jamie could tell the boy was getting nervous about it. “Just act normal Ricky like it’s no big deal, and everything will be fine,” he advised draping an arm over Ricky’s shoulders and guided him up to the group of girls.
“Hi girls,” Jamie said facing the group.
“Yeah Hi,” Ricky said following Jamie’s lead as he stood beside him with Jamie’s arm still around his shoulders.
“Wow! That would make a great picture!” Becky exclaimed.
“What?” Jamie asked looking at the girl.
“You holding Ricky like that. Both of you look really good and it could be called ‘Brothers’ or something like that. I mean it’s like he’s your little brother or something. I watched as you guys came out of the water and that’s what it looked like to me, an older and younger brother together…”
“I agree,” Susan added, “I’d like to draw the two of you together like that, it would be really nice.”
“OK well, I guess that’s because I kind of adopted him that way a week or so ago and we treat each other more like brothers now…” Jamie offered.
“We should suggest it to Mrs. Carter,” Becky said and Jamie noted both Pam and Susan seemed to agree.
“I wouldn’t care, I’m going to be modeling regardless… It would be up to Ricky as to whether he’d agree to do it; not me…” Jamie responded. “What do you think Ricky?”
“I don’t know Jamie, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad doing it with you… I’ve never been naked in front of a class like that… I’m kind of shy you know… and I’d have to see those kids in school…”
“Well at least four of us have already seen you Ricky; Me, Pam, Cindy and now Becky when you’ve been swimming like today and you know Mrs. Carter wouldn’t allow any of the others to tease you or anything,” Susan said smiling at the boy, then added. “Besides, Ricky you’re still a little boy and we all know what little boys look like and you know you really don’t have a reason to be modest about being seen naked. You look really good that way and heck you’re naked right now out here on a public beach where anyone could see you.”
“I get all that Susan and I’m ok out here on the beach, but doing it at school in class is a whole different thing. And you girls will be looking at me closely when you’re doing your drawing, not like now where you’re mostly ignoring that I’m standing here naked…”
“She’s right Ricky you look good for a young boy and have nothing to be embarrassed about being seen naked. I think you should do it if Mrs. Carter approves, because it would make a really great picture with the two of you together.” Pam advised.
“OK I’ll think about it, but Mrs. Carter would have to approve of it and ask me, then I’ll decide.” Ricky told the group of smiling girls.
Pam then took control, “OK boys you know the routine, go get the sand off and take your baths, I’ll be inside in a little while after I finish talking to the girls here.”
“OK come on Ricky, bye girls!” Jamie replied and led the boy away from the group towards the patio.
“I can’t get over how neither of them ever argue with you Pam, Ricky was always reluctant with me when I babysat him.” Susan observed.
“Well Jamie’s always been easy to direct Susan and I’m his tutor not his babysitter, so we have a different relationship. As for Ricky, well he just follows Jamie’s lead and does what his big brother says they should do, which is what I tell them needs to be done. Jamie knows I’m here to teach and help him and that I’m in charge during our sessions and helps me by cooperating.” Pam advised.
“Wish all the boys I babysat acted that way,” Susan retorted.
“You’ve got that right,” Becky agreed. “Sometimes it’s a fight from the start and is a continuing battle all evening…”
“OK girls I get where you’re coming from, but as I said Jamie and I have a different relationship as tutor/student so he knows I’m here to help him. That he cooperates fully is a bonus, but he’d do that anyway. He’s a really nice boy and doesn’t have a problem with a girl being in charge and giving direction.” Now I need to feed those boys dinner so I’d better go figure out what I’m fixing. I’ll see you girls around, ok?”
“Yeah bye Pam, see you around,” the girls responded as they drifted away on down the beach.
Inside the boys were washing each other and enjoying the feel of each other’s hands on their bodies. “So if the teacher asks me too, should I Model with you Jamie?” Ricky asked.
“It’s up to you Ricky, I’m going to be there posing naked regardless…”
“Yeah I get that, but what do you really think?”
Pausing to think before answering, as he stroked Ricky’s body, “I think the girls are right, it could be a really good picture and if it came out like I think it will, I’d like to have one of us together. I’d hang it in my bedroom, so that I’d always remember what a great little brother I’ve got.”
“So would I Jamie, so if she asks, then I’ll do it!”
“Good now let’s get your little butt really clean, Pamela should be in here soon and Ricky this time let her give you your medicine. You can trust her totally not to hurt you and she’s always really gentle!”
“You don’t want to do it?”
“It’s not that Ricky, you kind of hurt her feeling that you didn’t trust her enough last time. She never said it, but I could see it in her eyes. She’s a really nice girl and would never do anything to hurt you, so make her feel good about herself and let her do it.”
“OK I will… I don’t want her to feel bad; she’s so nice to me… I just didn’t think about how she might feel about me wanting you to do it…”
“Good, now relax while I wash you inside a little…”
A couple of minutes later they heard, “You guys ready yet?”
“One minute and then you can dry us if you want,” Jamie replied with his fingers deep inside Ricky’s tight behind noting that Ricky’s cock was hard and pointing straight out.
When he turned off the water and pulled back the shower curtain, the boys saw Pam standing there with a towel in her hands smiling, then she looked down and laughed “Well at least ONE of you is happy to see me,” she said then giggled.
Ricky blushed and started to cover his groin, when she stopped him, taking his hand in hers and helping him step out. “Don’t be embarrassed like that Ricky I’m just teasing a little, besides I like looking at boys all hard like that!”
“You do?” he asked surprised.
“Of course I do! In fact I don’t any girls who don’t like seeing a nice hard one on a boy.”
“Really? I mean I’m so small and…”
“Ricky sweetie, stop! You’re a little boy still and so of course your penis is small, just like the rest of you, but it’s just the right size for your body. And yes girls like seeing boys that way. It amazes us that your bodies are able to do that. Besides, it gives us a little handle to make sure you boys do what we want..” she said with a giggle as she took hold of it and used it to move him in front of her, before releasing it and started to dry him off.
When she finished drying him, she gave his cock a few more strokes, before moving him aside and looking over at Jamie. “Your turn Jamie,” she said smiling as he obediently stood before her to get dried. Once done, she combed their hair and had both standing before her. “OK guys who’s first for your medicine?”
“I’ll go first this time,” Ricky offered and without her saying anything, lay across her lap.
“I guess you must trust me now huh Ricky?” her hand gently stroking his back and gently patting his rear.
“Yes Pam, you’ve been really nice to me and I’ve seen how concerned you are when I have problems lately, so please give me my medicine. I watched you do Jamie and you were really gentle with him so I’d like you to do me this time…”
“I’m glad you feel better about us Ricky. I really like taking care of boys, especially good boys like you and Jamie and I’d never hurt any good boy ever. Now just relax and we’ll take your temperature and get you all done quickly.”
As she lubricated him to put the thermometer in, she looked over to Jamie, “You’re right Jamie he’s really tight;” then gently massaged the boys bottom and said relax “Ricky and let my finger in so I can put the thermometer in.” When she felt him relax, her finger slipped in and she got him lubricated then took his temperature. “Now stay relaxed honey while I open you a little more,” she instructed then slowly and gently worked him until she had two fingers moving freely. Quickly inserting the suppository and then his dilator. “All done Ricky, you can get up now,” she said as she again stroked along his spine and then patted his bottom, before helping him stand. “How was that honey, did I do ok with you?” she asked as she held him by the thighs facing her, her hands stroking along their sides.
“You did really good Pam, it didn’t hurt at all and you were really gentle. Thank you for taking such good care of me.” He replied then leaned forward with his arms around her shoulders and kissed her on the lips softly.
“Good I want you happy Ricky, now come back down here, I want another of your nice kisses,” she replied and he was a smiling boy when he was released. “Do I need to put a diaper on you? Or maybe you could just put your pull-ups back on, they weren’t wet at all from what I saw.”
“They should be dry, I only dribbled a few drops and that was this morning, I’ll just put them back on, but I’ll need a diaper before bedtime,” he advised.
“Ok we’ll do that then,” she said patting his bottom. “They’re in Jamie’s room, so why don’t you go put them on while give Jamie his medicine.” Ricky just nodded and turned to leave the room, when he heard her say, “Your turn Jamie!”
Guiding him to sit on her lap first, she pulled his head close to her, “It was your idea that he let me do that wasn’t it; you told him to right?” she whispered.
“Yeah I didn’t want him so nervous around you Pamela, there wasn’t any reason for it; so I ‘suggested’ he let you do it.” was the whispered reply.
“Good because it bothered me that he seemed a little scared of me. Now he seems more relaxed. Thanks for doing that Jamie…”
“I know it bothered you and his fear was unfounded, that’s why I suggested he let you. You’d never hurt him we both know that…”
“No I wouldn’t now turn over mister so I can play with you cute butt!”
“Yes ma’am whatever you say!” he giggled but made sure he was face down quickly. He had his suppository and plug in place in minimum time as he easily accepted his plug with no resistance to her ministrations.
Jamie Gets a Tutor and More Part 8
(A Puericil™ and Little Boys Shouldn’t Be So Modest Story)
By Captain J
Two naked boys sat at the table after they’d finished their dinner, working on their homework. “I’m going to need a little help with this one Pamela, the Social Studies teacher gave it to me in the hallway this afternoon, since I was missing this week’s class, to attend the Honor’s Art Class this afternoon. It’s due on Wednesday morning, when I have my rescheduled Social Studies class.” He said handing her the paper.
“That’s no problem Jamie; I’ll come over Sunday for an hour or so in the evening and go over it with you so it will be done even before we start the new week. Just read chapter 14 in the text book Sunday and I’ll stop by after dinner about 6:30 or so if that’s ok.” She replied.
“That works for me, but I don’t want you to have to do extra like that…”
“Jamie, it’s really no bother for me. You’re doing so much better, that I feel kind of guilty getting paid to tutor you when I don’t have to do that much. So an extra hour of so just makes me feel like I deserve to get paid.”
Picking up one of Ricky’s papers she read it and then took her pen and made some corrections. “You’ll need to rewrite that one Ricky, you left out a couple of important points,” she said pointing out the corrections she’d made.
“Thanks Pam, Jamie’s so lucky to have you check his work like this. If you weren’t already tutoring him, I’d ask my Mom to have you tutor me…” the boy said as he saw that he really had missed important information in his essay.
A little later, Jamie put down his pen with a big sigh. “I’m done! Are you close Ricky?”
“I just have to finish copying this essay over with the corrections, maybe 10 minutes or so and I want to get it done tonight so I don’t have to worry about it.”
“Then just finish it! We’re not pressed for time, we’re just going to go relax when we’re done here.” Jamie advised rubbing Ricky’s shoulder.
“How about you Pamela?”
“About 30 minutes, I’m not happy with this history paper and I’m going to do it over…”
“OK well I’ll pack up my stuff and leave you two alone to finish up then. I’ll be in the living room ok?”
“Sure go find a decent movie for us to watch together,” she replied.
Jamie went out and plopped down on the floor in front of the couch leaning back against it as he flipped through channels on the TV. Soon Ricky came in and sat in front of him between his legs and leaned back against the bigger boy. “Is this ok?” he quietly asked.
“Yes but,” Jamie started, then just turned the boy, sideways, so his legs draped over Jamie’s right leg which was straight out, and raised his left knee, and had Ricky leaning back against it as he held him with his arm around his slim shoulders, “But this is better, because I can see you.” Then used his thumb and finger and tweaked Ricky’s nose and the boy giggled as He smiled down at the boy who he could feel relax his entire body and leaned his head into Jamie’s shoulder.
“I like this better too,” Ricky murmured as he rubbed his face against Jamie’s bare skin, gave a yawn and his eyes closed with a smile on his face.
Stroking Ricky’s body with his free hand, he patted the boy’s hip and gently stroked above the pull-ups massaging his tiny waist. “You look really tired Ricky, why don’t you just nap a little, I’ll just hold you while you sleep so you don’t have to even move.”
“OK” was the murmured response and Jamie wasn’t surprised when the boy was asleep within minutes.
Pam came in a while later and saw the boys there together. Ricky curled up on Jamie’s lap obviously sound asleep, while Jamie was gently holding him and looking down at the sleeping boy with an expression that just screamed ‘care and love’ to her. Sneaking back out she got her camera and came back and took a picture of them sitting like that. Jamie looked up when the flash went off, saw who it was then put his finger to his lips in the universal ‘quiet’ sign. ‘He’s asleep’ he mouthed soundlessly and Pam just nodded smiling at him.
Putting her camera away she came back and slid in beside Jamie, and moved Ricky’s feet onto her lap, then wrapped her arm around Jamie’s back and leaned close to his ear. “You really have adopted him as your little brother haven’t you. It’s easy to see you really care about him.” She whispered.
“Yeah I have, he’s such a nice little boy and he just tugs at my emotions you know? I just feel like I have to help him all I can and take care of him when he gets scared or nervous or just tired like now. I sometimes forget what it’s like to be his age and how new things can be so exciting or scary. Add to that how he loves being touched and held and well he’s just a lovable little boy and I just have to try and help him all I can.” Was the whispered response.
“Then I’m very happy for both of you, and he’s a very lucky boy to have you as his big brother. He couldn’t find a more caring older boy to ‘adopt’ him. You don’t mind holding him like that?”
“No not at all, it’s nice holding him and makes me feel good that he trusts me and feels totally safe in my arms like this. He couldn’t get more relaxed right now if he wanted to, he’s totally limp and soundly asleep, I doubt he hears anything right now, but I’m not going to make any loud sounds that might wake him, he really does need this nap.”
“He’s full of contradictions Jamie, he tries to act older because he’s around us and we’re older kids. Yet at other times he acts much younger than his age. He looks to you a lot when you’re with him to find out how he should act or respond because he doesn’t have a clue as to what he should do or say. He did it outside today; he looked to you as to how he should act when he saw the girls standing with me; then again when we were talking about him possibly modeling with you, it scared him that he’d be naked in class; but because his big brother didn’t seem to mind the idea, he became receptive to it. Right now he’s more like a toddler, wrapped up in the arms of his big brother, where he feels safe, warm and protected, so he can just ignore the world around him. All of us are like that at times Jamie, even you and me and it’s just part of growing up. Right now you’re exactly what that little boy needs and in a year or two, he’ll be more confident and won’t need you in the same ways. He’ll still look to you for guidance, but he won’t need as much physical contact with you. It’s just how little boys are as they grow up. He’ll transfer his physical desires to some lucky girl because she’ll be getting a loving boy that was guided by the most loving, caring boy I’ve ever met.” She said softly kissing him.
“Well for now anyway, if he needs or wants held, his big brother is more than happy to do that for him and I’ll try really hard never to give him bad advice when he asks for my opinions. Just like I ask my beautiful girlfriend for her advice when I’m not sure what to do.” He replied and gave her a kiss in return.
Looking down, Ricky was sucking on his thumb, and Jamie gently removed his hand from his mouth, stroked his cheek and when he touched the boy’s lips, wasn’t surprised when his mouth opened and he began softly sucking on Jamie’s finger until he removed it and then just cupped the boy’s head and shifted it to a different spot on his shoulder. Ricky never woke or even stirred throughout it all.
“Toddler” Pam silently mouthed and just grinned at him when he nodded he understood.
Jamie and Pam spent the next 90 minutes just sitting together with Ricky asleep on Jamie’s lap. “You should wake him now or he won’t sleep tonight,” she advised and Jamie nodded.
“Ricky,” he said in a normal voice, as he gently shook the boy. “Wake up Ricky,” he said a little louder, then tickled the boy’s ribs. Soon the boys was squirming, “Come on Ricky wake up little guy,” he said as he continued tickling, until he saw his eyes open.
“Stop Jamie!” the boy squealed wiggling on his lap.
“OK Ricky, I’ll stop now that you finally are awake,” he replied as he gently rubbed the boy’s chest, “But you have to stay awake now or you won’t sleep tonight, ok?”
“Yeah ok… Do I have to get up?”
“Yes but only because I need to go to the bathroom, then you can crawl back on my lap again if you want.”
Sitting up then swinging his legs off of the bigger boys leg. He scooted out from him, so that Jamie could get up. Jamie went and relieved himself and came back in and sat beside Pam again.
Ricky was sitting there cross-legged and looked over at Jamie, “You really don’t mind holding me or when I sit on your lap like that do you Jamie,” made as a statement of fact not a question.
“No Ricky I don’t mind holding you or cuddling you a little, in fact I enjoy it. It’s not wrong that you want me to do that for you. It makes me feel good that you trust me enough to feel comfortable with me doing it for you.”
“OK well I like it too, but I thought boys weren’t supposed to like holding or being held by other boys…”
“I see what you’re implying Ricky, but I wouldn’t feel as comfortable doing that with another boy my age or older; unless they were really hurting and needed it. But you’re a little boy Ricky, yeah I know you’re 12 and soon will be a teenager, but you’re not there yet, so it’s a whole different thing with us. Besides, you’re my little brother now and I care about you and if you want or need held or cuddled, well your big brother is fine with doing that.”
“But not another teenager, cause people might think that was a Gay thing right?”
“Yes mostly, but even teenage brothers or really close friends who are teenagers sometimes do that for their brothers for friends, just not usually in public. Everyone needs emotional support at times Ricky and brothers or even really close friends sometimes hold each other to help their friend or brother. Hugging or holding someone who needs it doesn’t always have anything to do with sex. Gay guys or Gay girls do it for sexual reasons in addition to emotional support and that’s a whole different thing.”
“So it’s really ok for me to want you to hold me and even cuddle me like you just did?”
“Certainly it’s ok Ricky, so you don’t need to change unless you want to.” Jamie replied.
“Ricky anyone who sees you two together, will immediately recognize it as a big brother, little brother relationship. Becky and Susan both recognized it out there on the beach, they even named it when Becky wanted to call the pose she was talking about as ‘Brothers’. The way you two interact just screams that kind of relationship! There’s nothing wrong with that, if fact it’s a very good thing that a lot more boys wish they had. There’s nothing that could even remotely be seen as Gay about it. That a young boy like you wants to be held or touched by another older boy doesn’t make it Gay. It’s just emotional support the little boy is getting from his big brother. A very good thing.” Pam advised in her most serious voice.
“Ok well I just didn’t want to cause problems for Jamie if someone saw us together. I really like having him hug me and hold me and I don’t want to stop. I just wanted to make sure he felt ok about it and that it wouldn’t cause him any problems… I really like having him as my big brother, I’ve wanted that for a long time and now that I have it, I want to keep it as long as Jamie’s willing to be my brother.”
“Then get over here little brother, because your big brother feels like cuddling you some more,” Jamie replied grinning and patting the floor in front of him.
Ricky didn’t need any more that than and was quickly between Jamie’s legs leaning back into his body as Jamie’s arms closed around him from behind into a hug. “You good now Ricky?” he asked as he rested his chin on Ricky’s shoulder.
“I’m more than good Jamie, I’m exactly where I want to be…”
“Good little guy. Now here’s the remote control and you’re in front, so find us a movie…” he replied and dropped the device on Ricky’s lap.
At 8:45 Pam turned to the boys. “Ricky I should put you in your night diaper now before Jamie’s Mom comes home. Why don’t you go do your stuff in the bathroom, especially make sure your bladder is empty, then I’ll diaper you and you’ll be good for the night and neither Jamie or his mother will have to do it.”
“OK Pam thanks for thinking of that…” he replied, got up and went to the bathroom. When he came back he’d removed his pull-ups and was carrying a diaper and a bottle of powder. Pam opened the diaper and lay it on the floor and Ricky laid on it. She quickly sprinkled him with powder and rubbed it in, then just as quickly pulled the diaper up and fastened it. Once done she just patted his leg and he sat up and moved back between Jamie’s legs and gave a big sigh when his arms closed around him into a hug from the rear again. “Thanks Pam,” he softly said looking over to the big girl. “You’re so good to me I just have to thank you.”
“Anytime little guy,” she said smiling, then standing up and going to pack her things to prepare to go home for the evening when Jamie’s mother arrived.
It wasn’t long before Jamie’s mother came home and was met at the door by Pam. Everything went fine Janet, the boys are in the living room watching TV and Ricky’s already been diapered so he can go to bed whenever you say. I’m going to take off now if that’s ok because I plan on coming back tomorrow morning so I can be here while all the boys are swimming. Cindy’s older brother has been fighting over using the Puericil-Plus™ mainly because he has to wear the dilator on evenings when he gets his medicine. So she’s been having her brothers wear them every day so they get used to having them in there, Jamie’s had his in every evening this week and from what he tells me he forgets he’s even wearing it. So don’t be surprised if Tommy and Richie are wearing theirs tomorrow when they come here. I was thinking about having Jamie and Ricky wear theirs too, so the other boys see it’s not a big deal. I know Jamie won’t mind and doubt Ricky will; he’ll just do whatever Jamie does. Is that a problem?”
“No, none that I can see anyway. Since you and Cindy will be here I may duck out for a while to pick up some groceries if that’s ok, I’d planned on doing it this morning, but just didn’t get it done. I need to make sure there’s plenty of food here for you and Jamie for dinners and right now we’re running low on produce and fresh foods. Mrs. Mercer is sending over the food for tomorrow, hamburgers and such I understand, so you’ll need to cook them on the grill like last week.”
“None of that’s a problem Janet, at the very least Cindy and I will be here while the boys are, so you just do whatever you need to and we’ll take care of them. I’ll leave now and come back about 9:00am since the boys and Cindy are to come at 10. Goodnight Janet see you in the morning.”
“Night Pam and thanks for taking such good care of the boys.”
Janet when into the living room and saw the boys sitting together, Ricky leaning back into Jamie still. “Hi boys you look comfortable.”
“We are, well I am and Jamie’s not complaining or moving me away…” Ricky said grinning up at the woman.
“We both are Mom, little Ricky here likes sitting like this with his big brother and I sure don’t have a problem with it.”
“Then just stay where you are boys,” she said smiling as she leaned over and gave each a kiss. Then took a seat on the couch above them and reached down and massaged Jamie’s neck and shoulder. He just looked up and smiled at her, then went back to watching the movie on the TV.
When the movie ended at 10:00, she suggested it was a good time for them to go to bed. “You’ll have a big day tomorrow with the other boys coming over, so you’ll need a good night’s sleep. Why don’t you two go to bed because you’ll need to be up and ready by 9:00 so set your alarm clock for 8:15 Jamie.”
“OK Mom, come on Ricky lets go to bed, I didn’t get a nap like you did and I’m tired anyway.” He told the younger boy.
“OK Jamie, I’m still tired too, so I’m not going to fight going to bed now…”
“Good night boys. And for what it’s worth, I won’t be long behind you in going to bed myself.” She advised.
In the bedroom, Jamie threw the covers back and turned to Ricky. “You want the wall or the outside?”
“Well since I’m wearing a diaper and won’t need to get up for the bathroom no matter what, I’ll take the wall, that way if you have to get up you won’t have to crawl over me…” Ricky said plopping down on the bed.
“Works for me,” Jamie replied and turned off the light leaving on a small night light, before crawling in behind Ricky and spooning up to him.
Jamie woke sometime later when he felt a small hand gently stroking his cock. “Ricky?” he whispered.
“Yeah… you’re awake?”
“Am now, what are you doing?”
“Playing a little… is that ok?”
“Yeah if you really want to…”
“Remember last time we slept together and what we did?”
“I want to do that again and you promised to do me this time…”
“You want me to fuck you?”
“Yeah I want it a lot. Jamie ever since I started having this dilator thing in me, I’ve wanted you inside me instead. It rubs me inside and even makes me cum sometimes. I just know you inside me will feel even better.” Was the quiet response.
“Aren’t you worried about the whole Gay thing? I mean after you seemed so concerned about me just holding and cuddling you this evening… I thought…”
“No I’m not Jamie, because it’s just us and our secret. No one has to ever know what we do… Besides I’m not interested in doing those things with other boys, just you. So I don’t think I’m even a little Gay. I love my Big Brother Jamie and I want those things only with him.”
“OK well I’m game, but we have to be really quiet. I’ve still got my plug in, forgot to take it out, so it’ll be easy for you to do me…so why don’t we do that first, then I’ll do you…”
“Jamie I’m still plugged too! Pam forgot to take it our when she diapered me… so you won’t have any problem getting inside me, I’m already open back there.”
“OK let me go get a couple of towels from the bathroom, just in case, we don’t want to make a mess on the bed even by accident.” Getting up Jamie went and got two towels one to put under them and one for cleanup, when he came back, Ricky was sitting up and unhooking the tapes on his diaper. Once he had it off, he laid it aside on the desk and lay back on the bed. Jamie crawled back in beside him and pulled him into a hug. “Are you sure about this Ricky? You can fuck me if you want, that’s no problem, but are you sure about me doing you? You don’t have to if you don’t want to…”
“I’m very sure Jamie, every time I’ve had this dilator in me I’ve cum, heck I did it sitting on the floor with you with Pam sitting right beside us. It was really hard making sure she didn’t see, let me tell you! So I know a real one inside me is going to be awesome! Just one more thing Jamie. Could you teach me to kiss properly? Real kisses, not just little pecks or kisses on the cheek.”
“Yeah I can do that Ricky, I like kissing, it’ll be strange kissing a boy like that, but with you I don’t think that will be a problem.”
“Then kiss me Jamie, I want to do that a lot too.”
Moving over to the boy by the faint light of the night light, Jamie leaned over him and started gently kissing him on the lips, then kissed his way down the side of his neck and came back up to his mouth again, while his hand roamed over Ricky’s body. “Open your mouth and let my tongue in this time he whispered and then gave Ricky a ‘real’ kiss and just continued when Ricky moaned into his mouth as he worked his tongue magic. Kissing his way down Ricky’s neck to his chest, he tongued and sucked as his small nipples while continuing to stroke his small cock and massaging his balls until it was nice and hard. “OK sport, let’s take my plug out and you can have my butt,” he whispered then rolled away, put a towel under him and after removing his plug and setting it on the night stand, used hand lotion to lubricate himself and Ricky’s cock. “Go for it Ricky,” he whispered as he lay face down on the towel.
Ricky climbed on top and was quickly inside him and thrusting but remembering to go slow so there was no noise. “God it’s so hot and tight in there,” he whispered as his head lay against Jamie’s shoulder while he humped his hips. A few minutes later, he said, “I’m gonna cum Jamie…” then grunted and Jamie felt the small member ‘twitch’ inside him. Ricky lay there on top for a couple of minutes catching his breath, before moving off the bigger boy and lay beside him again.
Jamie took the ‘extra’ towel and wiped his butt of the excess hand lotion then put his plug back in so he couldn’t leak by accident. Moving back to Ricky he started kissing him again and stroking his small body. Ricky’s small hand slipped down and stroked Jamie until he was hard. “Do me now Jamie,” he whispered and turned over.
Jamie put the bigger towel down again and had Ricky lay on his side so that both his front and back were over it. Then pulled out Ricky’s dilator and moved Ricky’s legs up so he was curled on his side. Used the lotion on both Ricky and himself, then lined himself up and slowly pushed into him. “Tell me if I’m hurting you Ricky,” he whispered.
“You won’t, you’re almost exactly the same size as that plastic thing Jamie and it’s been in me for hours!”
“I think it’s a little smaller because you’re really, really tight in there Ricky, but god it feels so good the way your insides are gripping me,” he said as he began fucking the boy as gently as he could manage. Not being used to it, Jamie didn’t last long, but there was no doubt that Ricky knew he’d cum, as he felt the hot fluid flood his insides, triggering his own orgasm. Jamie pulled out and like he did to himself, he put Ricky’s plug back in, after wiping him off. Then put his diaper back on and made sure it was on tight to avoid possible leaks if Ricky peed in it.”
Getting up and taking the towels and stuffing them in with the dirty laundry, he got back in bed and pulled Ricky to himself and thoroughly kissed him. “Thanks Ricky that was awesome. I’ve never done that before with anyone and it felt great being inside you like that. Much better than jerking off…”
“Yeah I know and I feel the same about it Jamie, I’d rather have sex with you than rub myself off again. A handjob, not even when someone else has your cock in hand isn’t even close to what your hot butt feels like. And Jamie you made me cum again when you were fucking me, in fact if you’d lasted another minute it would have been twice. I want more of that!”
“So I’ll just have to last longer the next time Ricky that’s all…”
“Glad to hear there WILL be a next time Jamie, I want it too.”
“Good now let’s go back to sleep, that made me a little tired. Just curl up here Ricky I want to hold you close…” he murmured and flipped the covers back over them as Ricky snuggled up against him facing him.”
“Night Jamie and thanks, you’re the best brother ever…”
“Night Ricky I feel that way too,” then gave him another soft kiss before pulling him even closer and they both drifted back off to sleep.
Jamie woke the next morning with both his alarm clock buzzing and a hand shaking his shoulder. “Time to get up boys,” his mother directed. “Come on boys up and at it; go take a shower and then I’ll have your breakfast ready.”
“OK Mom,” then shook Ricky; “Wake up Ricky, time to get up,” he said then pulled the boy up into a sitting position and moved him to the front edge of the bed.
“What…” Ricky grumbled.
“Mom says we have to get up now and go take a shower while she fixes breakfast.”
“OK… give me a sec to get my eyes open…”
Helping him stand, Jamie guided him to the bathroom and removed his diaper and pulled his dilator out then sat him on the toilet. “Do your stuff while I clean our plugs,” he said as he pulled his own out and then washed them both in the sink.
Checking the diaper he said, “Hey Ricky it’s almost totally dry, just a small wet spot, so you’re definitely getting better!”
Once Ricky was done, he used the toilet himself and then turned on the shower and guided the still sleepy boy into it. “Just relax and I’ll wash you,” he told him then proceeded to do just that, then washed himself. He wasn’t surprised to find his mother waiting for them with a towel as he opened the shower curtain. She immediately took charge of Ricky drying him, while Jamie grabbed a towel and dried himself.
“Are you boys both empty and clean in back,” she asked.
“Yeah we both still had our plugs in this morning, Pamela apparently forgot to take Ricky’s out when she diapered him and I forgot to take mine out last night so I took it out before I used the toilet and washed them both. They’re in the sink there why?”
“Because we’ll put them back in for today. All of you boys will be wearing your plugs.”
“Why are we doing that? We’ve never done it before?”
“Mostly to help out Cindy. She’s got both her brothers wearing them every day to convince apparently her older brother that it’s not as big a deal as he’s making it. So you two will wear yours today to help her with that.”
“OK well it doesn’t hurt to wear it so I don’t mind that much. Heck I forgot it was even in me when I went to bed last night, did the same thing one other night this week… But we’ll be on the beach? What if someone sees them?”
“Then we just explain that all you boys are on Puericil and that they are medical devices to hold the medicine in place as part of your treatment. They don’t need to know you’re not getting a suppository today and it’s none of their business anyway.”
“Actually that’s what Pamela told Cindy when she found me wearing it the first time and she accepted that explanation without any question. It was only later that she found out about the Puericil-Plus treatments and what was involved. That was the day in between my first two treatments and Pamela was just trying my plug to make sure it wouldn’t hurt me, so I didn’t have any medicine in me right then.” He said with a shrug of his shoulders.
“So if someone sees them and asks you know what to tell them.”
“Right, well we’re both still loose, so let’s put them back in while we’re still open,” he suggested and picked up his own plug, lubricated it then slowly put it back into himself. “Turn around Ricky I guess we’re plugged for the day,” as he lubricated the white dilator and then gently put it back in Ricky’s rear end. “OK Mom we’re both plugged and good to go I guess.”
“Good I’ve got breakfast ready and Pam should be here in about 15 minutes, so out to the kitchen before your breakfast is cold.”
“Right, come on Ricky,” he replied and guided him out into the hall.
“Is she always like that?” Ricky whispered as they walked.
“Not always, but recently she meets me after I shower to dry me in the mornings. She doesn’t see me that much now that she works afternoons, so if she wants to mother me some, I just go with it, why?”
“Because my Mom’s like that too. I guess it’s just a ‘Mother’ thing…”
“Probably… regardless I just do what she wants and everything works better that way…”
The boys were just finishing their breakfast when Pam arrived and quickly gave each a hug and kiss, then poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down beside Jamie, her arm slipping around his waist as he sat finishing the last few bites of his toast.
“So you guys all ready for another big day of swimming?” she asked as her hand traced along Jamie’s spine.
“Yeah but it’ll be different,” Jamie replied.
“What do you mean Jamie? You’ll just swim with the other guys and we’ll have a little cookout like last time…”
Blushing he looked at her before replying. “We didn’t have plugs up our butts last time. What if someone sees them? I know mine’s not that noticeable since it’s flesh colored, but the other guys all have white one’s that are clearly visible! That could be really embarrassing for us.”
“We just explain that they’re ‘medical devices’ like I did with Cindy that one time…”
“Yeah Mom said the same thing but it’s still gonna be really awkward and embarrassing…”
“Just let me handle it and everything will be fine Jamie…”
“OK but it really sucks that we have to this just because Richie can’t seem to cooperate with his mother and sister. What’s his problem? I just don’t understand why he’s acting like that.”
Moving her hand up and massaging his neck as she responded Pam said, “I don’t understand it either Jamie, but he’s been fighting them over everything ever since they started him on Puericil. Cindy said they upped his dosage with the suppositories, he’s getting almost double what you other boys are getting and he’s still acting out. His mother is really concerned about it. Apparently if they increase it more, he’ll become totally incontinent but it will knock all the aggression and resistance out of him. She’s reluctant to do that, but today’s his last chance…”
“What does that mean Pam?” Ricky asked.
“It means he’d lose all control of his bladder and bowels Ricky, he’d end up having to be diapered 24/7 as long as he’s on that heavy a dose of medicine. But he’d become almost totally passive. Basically, he’d be like a big baby with no control over his bathroom needs at all.”
“Now THAT would really suck! I hate it that I’m having the small problem I’ve got now, but even my night problem is getting better. I’d really hate having to be diapered all the time and from what you said he’d poop in them too! That would be even worse. At least I’m just wetting…”
“So you were almost dry last night? That’s good to hear Ricky. We told you it was temporary and it seems your body is adjusting,” she replied.
“Yeah, Jamie checked my diaper when it took it off this morning and there was only a small wet spot, I probably could have just worn pull-ups.”
“Good soon you won’t need them at all Ricky, I’m happy for you…”
“Thanks Pam, I’ll be glad to get rid of them.”
The three kids were still sitting at the table talking when Cindy and her brothers arrived. Cindy and Richie were carrying grocery bags and Tommy had a 12 pack of Coke in his hands. “Hi guys!” Cindy greeted them, then told her brothers to put the stuff on the counter as she set her bag there herself. “Which one has the meat Richie, it needs to go in the fridge?” she asked her red faced brother.
“This one,” he replied, handing her the plastic bag he was carrying in his left hand.
“OK I’ll take it then, just put the other one on the counter…” Once she’d put the food away making sure the meat and drinks were in the fridge, she turned to her brother. “Lose the shorts guys you’re over dressed!” Tommy immediately stripped and sat down beside Ricky. Richie hesitated, blushed more but took them off.
“I’ll just stand here…” he quietly said.
“What’s wrong with him?” Ricky asked.
“He’s probably still sore,” Cindy replied. “He got spanked again last night and a few more swats this morning from Mom, when he didn’t want to put his dilator back in after his shower.” Causing the older boy to turn redder and drop his head in shame.
The girls and three of the boys sat and talked, while Richie stood quietly against the wall. Finally Pam turned to the boys and said, “Ready for a swim? Then we can fix lunch and you can have another swim this afternoon before you boys have to leave for dinner.”
“Yeah! The three at the table responded.
“OK guys go get wet!” she said smiling at them.
The 3 youngest raced out the door towards the water, followed more slowly by the oldest. They played hard in the surf for a while before Jamie noticed that Richie wasn’t playing anymore, rather he was looking back at the beach. Following his line of sight, he saw Pamela and Cindy sitting together, with his Mother and a group of girls were standing there talking to them. Looking closer he recognized Becky and Susan, and thought one of the others was a girl named Jane from their Art class, the other was from the class too, but he didn’t remember her name but thought she was from Susan’s grade and was Grace or Mary but he couldn’t place her name with the face.
Richie saw that Jamie seemed to recognize the girls and asked “Who are they Jamie?”
“Girls from the Honor’s Art Class Richie, all of them were there in the class yesterday anyway. There’s Pamela and your sister of course; the blond is Jane Comer and the girl with brown hair is Becky Jones they’re in my grade; you know Susan Conners and the other girl is either Grace or Mary and I don’t remember the last names, but she’s definitely from the class. She’s the same age as your sister but I don’t know her, I just recognized that she was in the class yesterday…”
“So they’re what? Hanging around to see us naked? This really sucks!”
“No I don’t think so. Becky and Susan ran into us here on the beach when Ricky and I were swimming, they’d just been walking along the beach and saw Pamela sitting there and stopped to talk to her. They didn’t pay much attention to Ricky or I at all. We talked to them some when we got out, no big deal. Becky seems nice, just shy and Susan was just her normal self you know… I’d guess they’re talking about the Art class and the projects they plan on doing. I know Pamela, your Sister and Becky are really good artists, so I’m guessing that’s what they’re doing.”
“It still sucks! They shouldn’t see us naked out here!”
“I don’t understand why you’re so upset Richie, girls see naked boys here on the beach all the time, it’s no big deal? I swim naked here almost every day and neither Ricky or Tommy seem to have a problem with it?”
“Well it’s ok for Ricky and Tommy, they’re little boys and even you shouldn’t have a problem since you’re so small, you look younger too. But I’m a teenager, I’m 16 damn it and I shouldn’t have to be naked in front of girls so much, especially girls younger than me! It’s embarrassing why can’t they understand that?”
“OK well I can see where you’re coming from and I hope you don’t get offended but you don’t look like you’re 16 Richie. Yeah you’re taller than us, but body wise you look younger too. So it shouldn’t be that big a deal…”
“It’s these fucking drugs they make us take Jamie. I looked older until they started making me take them and then I lost my pubes and even lost the muscles I’d worked so hard to get. Now I look more like 13 or 14 instead of an older teenager. I hate it!”
“Yeah I know what the drugs do Richie, I looked them up on the Net. But what can we do? They make us take them and we just have to live with the effects… at least until we’re adults and have a choice in the whole thing…”
“Well I’m not taking them anymore! I hate all this shit!” he said and pulled his dilator out and threw it away in the water. “And I’m not wearing THAT fucking thing either!” he said then swam away from the other boys.
“Oh shit,” Jamie mumbled as he saw the dilator floating on the water as it washed towards the shore. “He’s really going to get it now…”
“Ricky, Tommy, come with me,” Jamie directed and then walked with them up towards the group of girls and noticed that the group now included Richie’s mother.
Seeing the boys approach, Pam stood up. “Is there a problem boys?” She asked.
“Yes Pamela, but I’ll need to tell Mrs. Mercer.” Moving over near the woman, he addressed her directly. “Mrs. Mercer Richie’s really mad and says he won’t take his Puericil anymore and he took out his dilator and threw it away in the water. I guess he doesn’t know it floats, because it washed up down on the shore. I know he’ll probably get another spanking for doing that, and well I don’t want to watch that and I don’t think Tommy or Ricky need to see it either, so I’d like to take them inside the house while you deal with him.”
“Yes he definitely will Jamie, he’s on his last chance and was warned what would happen if he acted up today. And yes you may take the other boys inside. You three are good boys and don’t need to watch him get punished. Thank you for looking out for the younger boys. Go ahead inside boys, while I deal with a recalcitrant boy.”
“Come on guys let’s go inside,” Jamie gently said as he wrapped an arm around each of the two smaller boys and guided them inside the house. Looking back as he closed the patio door, he saw the entire group of women and girls headed towards where Richie was still down at the water.
As he guided the boys to his room, Tommy looked up and him and said, “he’s really going to get it this time isn’t he Jamie?”
“Yeah I’m afraid so Tommy. If you ever get one of those ‘Last Chance’ warnings, you’d better listen and change your behavior. Parents don’t give them lightly and when they do, the consequences are really bad.”
Ricky was trembling and holding onto Jamie tightly into his side when they arrived at his room. “It’s ok Ricky no one’s going to hurt you,” he said rubbing the boy’s back. “Richie’s the one who’s in trouble, not any of us…” he said assuring the boy.
“I know Jamie, but just thinking about him getting a beating scares me, could you hold me for awhile? I really need you to do that right now,” was the soft response.
“Me too,” Tommy said from his other side as the boy pressed against him. “Jamie thanks for getting us out of there; I know how bad it’s going to be and I didn’t want to watch it. Could you hold me too? I need it too…”
“Sure guys let’s climb up on my bed and I’ll hold both of you as long as you need me too.” Then got on the bed and quickly had a boy on either side with their arms wrapped around him cuddling into his body as tightly as they could. He just sat there with an arm around each of them, gently stroking them offering what comfort he could. They could hear yelling outside, but couldn’t understand what the words were then heard the loud smacks of the spanking and the resulting screams of pain from the boy getting spanked. Both the smaller boys pulled themselves even tighter into his sides until the noise finally stopped outside. A little while later he felt their grips on his body loosen, he looked down and noticed both boys were asleep and just continued holding and stroking them.
He stayed there holding them for a long time, until he looked up and saw Pam standing in the doorway, then untangled himself from the boys and repositioned them laying side by side and covered them. He smiled when he looked down and saw the boys move closer to each other and ended up with their bodies intertwined cuddling together.
“They ok?” she asked.
“They are now, both of them were scared and terrified of what was going to happen to Richie. I needed to get them away from all that. They don’t need to see another boy get punished. I don’t either for what it’s worth. So what happens now?”
“Mrs. Mercer took Richie home and he won’t be sitting anytime soon comfortably, she really wailed on him, I’m guessing he got 100 spanks with a hairbrush. She’s also taking him to a doctor and having his dosage upped to the maximum safe level. So he’s even going to be less happy, since he’ll end up in diapers 24/7, even at school! He knows he’ll be in diapers and that all but broke him.”
“That’s really going to suck,” how can he go to school in diapers?”
“The school nurse can change him at school, but since his mother works, either Cindy or someone else will have to change him at home. He’s being grounded permanently so he won’t be going anywhere else. Some of the girls who were here volunteered to come help babysit him if necessary and that just made him cry harder since all of us are younger than him. He’s going to be a very unhappy boy for some time…”
“Well he brought this all on himself, so he gets what he gets,” Jamie observed and Pam just nodded in agreement. “What should we do about the other two?” he asked indicating the sleeping boys.
“Let them sleep for awhile. This was all emotional for them and the nap will help them. We’ll wake them once Cindy and I fix lunch and you 3 can swim or play more this afternoon if you want. Just so you know Becky, Susan and Mary asked to hang around today, so they’ll be here for lunch and probably while you guys swim or play this afternoon. Are you ok with that?”
“I guess Jane must have left already… but no I won’t mind being naked and I doubt Tommy or Ricky will care…”
“Yes Jane left a little while ago. She’s babysitting two 6 year old twins this afternoon and had to leave to go take care of them.”
“Can we take our plugs out? The girls don’t need to see us wearing them…”
<giggle> “Well it’s too late for that Jamie, they’ve already seen them, well, at least they noticed them in the other boys, since the white base kind of stands out, and your mother explained they were medical devices and you were wearing them as part of your treatments. But yes you can take them out. There’s no need for you guys to wear them this afternoon.”
“OK well at least they’ve already got the explanation. I don’t mind the girls seeing me naked but I’d just as soon not have girls I don’t know very well seeing me with a plug in my butt.”
“So you’ll really be ok being naked with the girls; that’s a change..”
“Pamela, all of them but one, have seen me naked already? Mary, if that’s her name, is the only one who hasn’t until today and she’ll be seeing me naked at least 3 hours per week in Art class, so I might as well get comfortable around her.”
“You recognized her then good. Yes her name is Mary Brubaker and she’s a friend of Susan’s and they’re both in the same class at school and of course she’s in our Honor’s Art class so yes she’ll be seeing a lot of my cute naked boyfriend.”
“Yeah I recognized her face and knew she was in the same grade as Susan, but didn’t know which 7th grader she was. I only remembered that one was named Grace and the other Mary but not which was which… The other 6th grader in addition to Ricky is a girl named Sally I think… and the others in the class are that boy Bobby Thompson and Kelly Waggoner. Kelly is the only one to really annoy me so far.”
“How so? You don’t know her at all from what I know…”
“No I don’t except to see her around. It was her whole attitude about the photographs that really annoyed me; like she had some right to take photos of me naked all she wanted. And was upset that they wouldn’t be allowed. Then when she was allowed to take some photos, she was the most demanding about how she wanted me for the ones she was allowed to take. Most of the kids, either just shot pics when I was in a position near how they wanted in response to someone else’s request, or moved themselves around me to get the angle they wanted. Kelly just gave orders, one right after another and got upset if I didn’t immediately move how she wanted me to. Just entirely too bossy and self centered for me…”
“Yeah I saw her attitude about naked photographs and so did Mrs. Carter. She’ll be watching that girl like a hawk and she’d better not take any or Mrs. Carter will come down on her hard!”
“Good because from her attitude so far, I don’t like her and certainly don’t trust her.”
“Let’s leave the boys and go out with the girls Jamie, it won’t be long before we start lunch…”
“OK, I’ll just pull the door closed and we’ll let them sleep… give me a minute to get my plug out and clean it and I’ll come join you.”
The five girls were sitting on the patio at the table when Jamie came outside to join them so he took a chair off to the side. “Where’s Mom?” he asked looking at Pamela.
“Went to the store to get some groceries…” she responded.
“OK just wondering…”
“You ok Jamie?” Becky asked. “I was worried about you, you didn’t look to good when you went inside.”
“I’m fine Becky, thanks for asking. I was worried about the younger boys when we went in. They knew what was going to happen with Richie and were a little scared. They just didn’t need to see him get punished so I decided to get them away from it all. They’re sleeping right now, it was pretty intense emotionally for them.”
“Good Jamie and I’m glad you got them away like that. Richie was being a total ass and well he won’t be sitting on his ass for awhile <giggle>.”
<chuckle> “Guess not, he was really howling, we could hear it through the wall, so he’ll be feeling it for awhile. So what were you girls up to today? I didn’t expect to see you here until I saw you up near Pamela, Cindy and my Mom? Not that it matters, it’s a public beach after all, just curious…”
“Just out for a walk on the beach… nothing special really. You never know who you’ll run into down here on the beach… Lots of cute guys… and if nothing else it’s nice to just wander around and get your toes wet in the surf…”
“So looking for boys?” he teased.
“Yep and found a really cute one too!” Becky replied with a snicker.
“Good I’ll have to let Ricky know you think he’s cute then,” he snickered back.
“I wasn’t talking about Ricky, but he IS a really cute little boy Jamie and very lucky to have a big brother like you. He just glows when he’s around you… Well I guess I can see why you’re so comfortable modeling for our classes…”
“What? Why do you think that?” he asked.
“Jamie, you’re sitting there naked totally relaxed talking to me like it’s absolutely normal. I don’t know any other boys our age who’d do that… Most of them would be nervous wrecks! Or at the very least embarrassed about being naked and seen by us girls.”
“What can I say Becky. You’ve already seen all there is to see of me. Both here on the beach twice and for 3 hours in class this week. You’ve been nice to me every time, so why should I get embarrassed now? Actually I forgot I was nude right now, until you mentioned it. It is kind of strange to be naked here with 4 girls wearing clothes though…” Then faced one of the other girls, “So Mary, nice to actually meet you, are you looking forward to the Honor’s Art Class?”
“Yeah Hi Jamie, nice meeting you too,” she replied blushing realizing she’d been caught staring at his naked body. “But yes I’m really excited about the class and everyone said you’d be great as a model and now I can see what they were talking about. You look really good!”
“Well thanks for that Mary, but I don’t see myself that way. I’m just the way I am physically and can’t do much to change how I look right now, so what you see is what you get… Have you been doing this art thing long?”
“This is my 3rd year of formal classes, but we never worked with figure studies before. Up till now it’s been drawing or painting still life objects or portrait type work. This is a whole different aspect of Art for me this year…”
“So you’re in the other 7th grade class right? Who does your modeling for it?”
“We each take a turn as the model Jamie and it’s really hard and a little embarrassing even though we’re only doing portraiture. I don’t have much of a figure and I’m kind of plain compared to other girls, I’m just not comfortable having people look at me that close. I don’t know how you can be so calm about doing it naked and in a mixed class no less.”
“First, you look fine Mary, yes there are girls who the expectations put out there by the advertising companies say have more ‘ideal’ figures. But all of that’s bull! Boys want more than a pretty face and big breasts. Most of us would much rather be with the ‘plain Janie’ girls who show us they actually care about us. If the girl shows us that they care about us, we disregard almost all physical aspects about the girl. Looks may attract us a little at the start, but it’s how the girl treats us that determines whether we’ll stay with them for the long run.”
“Is that really true about boys Jamie?” she asked.
“Yes Mary it is. Yes I know you hear boys talk about how some girl has ‘great legs’ or ‘big breasts’ or how they’d love to date so and so because she’s so ‘hot’. But most of the ‘advertising model types’ are so self-centered that they almost never get more than one date, because it’s all about ‘them’ and the boy has to be equally attractive, or they don’t want to be seen together with them. No, when a boy is looking for a long term girlfriend or mate. He’s going to be all about how the girl treats him and the good feeling he gets when he finds the girl that shows him love, care and concern; everything else is secondary after that.”
“If you say so Jamie, I’ll have to believe it, because everyone who knows you says you never lie about anything. I still can’t believe how casual and calm you are modeling nude for classes though.”
“Actually I wasn’t all that calm when I started doing it for the class. I’ve been swimming here on the beach many times and never had a problem but doing it in a classroom really had me nervous. As to why I ended up doing it, well that’s a whole different story, but Mrs. Carter convinced me to model for the one 8th Grade class and I was a nervous wreck that first time. Then I saw how serious the students were and no one teased me or anything and well I just decided to ignore that I was naked and do my best to hold the pose she put me in. Then it got easier the next time and now I’m mostly comfortable in the classroom.”
“I saw you were nervous that first class Jamie and so did the other girls, then after about the first 15 minutes or so, you seemed to relax and were fine after that. You did really well and you’ve gotten better each time. We’re all really proud of you for being so casual about it now. You really surprised me that second day, when you didn’t bother to cover up during the break and then looked at our drawings. You made me feel really good when you complemented what I’d done and that made my whole day.” Becky interjected.
“That’s about the time I decided to ignore that I was naked Becky, and yeah it got easier after that. As to covering up? Like I told Mrs. Carter, at that point why bother, you’d all been looking at me for over two hours at that point and seen everything there is to see. It didn’t make sense to get all modest at that point.”
“OK well if you’re as relaxed as you are right now in our new class, then I look forward to drawing you Jamie, you really do look good and Mrs. Carter was right about your muscle tone and body structure, every time you move, different muscles standout and just beg to be highlighted.” Mary replied with a small blush.
“Regardless, I’ll be there Mary and hopefully not nervous. If you guys are as serious about your art as the other class then I won’t have a problem modeling for you. Hey Pamela are we getting near lunch yet, I’m getting hungry?”
“Yes Jamie, why don’t you light the grill and I’ll go get the meat. Then the girls can help getting the other stuff out while you cook it ok?”
“Works for me,” he replied and got up to go get out the charcoal to get the grill going.
“Cindy, why don’t you go wake the other boys so they’ll be awake for lunch,” Pam suggested and the girl just nodded and left to go get them. Before she went inside, Pam stopped her and whispered in her ear, “Take their plugs out Cindy, they don’t need to wear them this afternoon, that’s why Jamie’s not wearing his right now.” And got another nod that she understood.
As Jamie was getting the grill lit, Becky, Susan and Mary were still sitting at the table talking quietly among themselves. Jamie ignored them until he heard one of them say, “God what a cute body, just look at those tight buns, see how they dimple when he moves?” Then the voices dropped below his hearing again and he was glad his back was to them as he blushed very red.
It wasn’t long before the other boys joined them on the patio, still looking sleepy. Ricky came over where Jamie was standing by the grill and gave him a hug. Then went over and plopped down on a lounger. Tommy had watched Ricky and decided to do the same. “Thanks again Jamie,” he softly said as he hugged the bigger boy around the waist, then stepped back and went and sat beside Ricky as the two shared the lounger.
“What are we having?” Tommy asked.
“Hamburgers, potato salad and a fruit salad,“ his sister said as she carried the meat and buns out and put them on the work table beside the grill. “Here you go Jamie, do you need anything else?”
“Yeah I need one of those long handled spatulas from the kitchen,” he replied and she just turned and went to get it while he was placing patties on the grill. She came back with it and handed it to him, “Anything else?”
“Not yet, but plates to put the sandwiches on when the burgers are done…”
“I’ll go get them and bring them out too,” she replied and started heading back inside again. “Just bring a platter Cindy and I’ll put them all on it. The individual plates can go on the table and everyone can grab their burgers from the platter.” And she nodded and went inside.
It wasn’t long before all the kids had a plate full of food and were scattered around the patio eating their lunch. Jamie ended up sitting between Becky and Mary as the girls attempted to get to know him better and he learned more about them in the process.
Finally Mary just sighed and touching him on the arm said, “Jamie I still can’t get over how you seem so comfortable sitting here naked with us, how do you do it?”
“I just ignore it Mary, as long as no one says anything about it, I just don’t pay attention to it. To me we’re just three classmates and hopefully friends sitting here talking. No different than if we were sitting together in the school cafeteria having lunch together. We’re not doing anything to bring my attention to how any of us are dressed or not… so until you mentioned it again, I wasn’t even considering it or even thinking about it. Does that make sense to you?”
“I think so; I mean we are just doing something normal. So since there’s no sexual element involved you can ignore it. Is that what you mean?” she asked.
“Pretty much that’s it. If we were sitting here like this and I was dressed it wouldn’t be any different to me. It’s only when someone points out the difference that I’m forced to think about it. Look over at Tommy and Ricky with Susan, Cindy and Pamela. Do they look like the boys being naked bothers them? No they look like they’re having a normal conversation, yet the boys are naked and the girls are dressed. It’s the same with you girls and me. Unless the situation is sexual in nature or someone points out the difference, we can just ignore it. Clear?”
“Yeah but I don’t think I could do it myself. I’m too shy about my body…”
“You could if no one treated you differently because you’re naked. That seems to be the key with me anyway. I’ve always been shy too; because I’m so small compared to the other guys in my grade, heck I’m smaller than some of the 6th graders! But as long as no one makes an issue about me being undressed and don’t tease me, I’m ok now.”
“Then I won’t bring it up anymore so you can ignore it. It’s just not something I’m used to seeing with a teenager and I was curious about how you deal with it, that’s all.”
“Good now tell me all about Mary Brubaker, my new friend. What kind of things does she like? Any favorite classes in school other than Art which she’s apparently very good at or she wouldn’t be in the honor’s class?”
Jamie Gets a Tutor and More Part 9
(A Puericil™ and Little Boys Shouldn’t Be So Modest Story)
By Captain J
After lunch the girls were cleaning up the remains while the boys got out Jamie’s soccer ball and were on the beach kicking it back and forth. Soon the girls sat together watching them and quietly talked. Becky watched them and then turned to the other girls, “Those boys are so beautiful playing naked like that aren’t they? I just can’t get over how natural they look that way. And Jamie, wow what a body and with his long hair and fine features, he’s almost too pretty to be a boy.” She observed.
“Yeah he is Becky, but he’s also ALL BOY, just a very pretty one. Tommy and Ricky are real cute too, I just wish they were older and bigger. I’d snap up either in a heartbeat!” Mary said grinning at the other girls.
“Just so you two know,” Cindy said facing the girls, “Jamie’s already taken. Pam here’s got him locked up and if you mess with her boyfriend, she’ll clean your clocks! I’m his Honorary Big Sister and I’d help her take you out.”
“Woah girl, we could see he’s taken, he looks to Pam for approval constantly! We’re not going to do anything to mess that up! She’s one lucky girl and we just wish he was available, but since he’s not, then we’ll just settle for being his friend if he lets us.” Becky responded.
“He will as long as you treat him right. Jamie is probably the most loving and caring boy I’ve ever met and he treats all his friends really well. Treat him right and you couldn’t ask for a better friend.” Cindy advised.
“Did you notice how protective he is of the younger boys Mary, especially Ricky? I saw it yesterday here on the beach and it just screamed ‘Big Brother’ to me. When I asked him about it he told me he’d adopted Ricky that way. He didn’t need to confirm it verbally it was totally obvious to anyone. Now he’s seemed to have pulled in Tommy that way too. He’s a much better role model for Tommy than Richie…” Becky observed.
“Yes he is,” Cindy agreed, “And I’m going to ask Mom to encourage it. Richie has been such a pain in the butt for the past year, that Tommy needs a different boy to look to and Jamie would be perfect. I loved how he got the younger boys inside when Richie was going to get punished and they appreciated it too. His concern for the little guys was obvious! Did you notice how both hugged him in thanks when they came back out? That tells me more than anything that he’s a good mentor for them.”
“That’s just Jamie being Jamie girls. He worries about how other people feel. He’s even been concerned about Richie, but realizes that it’s something out of his control and lets the responsible people deal with it. So he tries to help those who are affected but outside of the direct problem. So he looked after the younger boys and left Richie to deal with his own problems. That’s just how Jamie is…” Pam advised them.
A short time later, the boys moved back down to the water and were swimming and playing in the surf. The girls watched them for awhile until Becky, Susan and Mary decided to leave. The girls went down near the water and said good bye to the boys, and Jamie came out of the water and greeted them. “I’ll see you girls in class if not before,” he said smiling. I’d like to give my new friends a hug, but I’d get you all wet,” he added grinning.
“Well I don’t know about Susan and Mary but I’d love a hug from you Jamie, so get me wet if you have to I won’t care,” she said with her arms extended out to him.
“Love too,” he replied and stepped into her arms trying to stay back and not get her wet, but she wasn’t having that and pulled him against, hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“Thanks for considering me a friend Jamie,” she said rubbing his lower back before releasing him.
“I don’t mind either Jamie,” Mary said hugging him from behind and kissing him over his shoulder.
“Well now that the other girls have you mostly dry, I’ll take one too” Susan said as she took him from Mary and hugged him from the front and gave him another kiss. “Bye Jamie,” she said releasing him with a pat on the behind. “See you around…”
“Yeah see you around Susan, say hi to your sister for me… Bye girls!” he said smiling as he ran back into the water and joined the boys again.
About 3:00 Ricky’s mother showed up to retrieve her son. Walking down to the water where the boys were still playing she called to him. “Come on in Ricky, time to go home,” she said and all three boys came out of the water.
“Hi Mom,” Ricky said bouncing on the balls of his feet. Jamie watched boy and saw his little pecker flopping about as the boy bounced and grinned.
“Hi Mrs. Couch, all Ricky’s stuff is in my room, should I get it for you?”
“That would be helpful Jamie thank you. I’ve got a big beach towel on the seat of the car, so my little guy doesn’t need to get dressed to go home but we do need to leave soon. Did you boys have fun?”
“Yes ma’am and Ricky’s wetting problem is much better. He barely needed his pull-ups yesterday and only dribbled a little last night, so hopefully he’ll be well soon. Come on Ricky help me pack up your stuff,” he directed and then with an arm around his shoulders started walking him up towards the house.”
“You come on too Tommy,” his sister ordered, “We need to head home too,” she said then wrapped her arm around her little brothers neck and walked him with the other boys. “Let’s rinse you off first though and you can put your shorts back on.”
All three boys stopped on the patio and got sprayed by the hose before moving into the house. Jamie and Ricky packed up Ricky’s stuff quickly and before leaving the room, Ricky hugged the bigger boy and gave him a kiss. “Thanks for putting up with me Jamie, I had lots of fun and hope we can do all of it again, especially the sleepover.” And kissed Jamie again. It was clear to Jamie that the word ‘sleepover’ meant their sex play at night.
“Me too little brother, now your Mom is waiting so we’d better get out there…” he said and resting his hand on Ricky’s shoulder, walked him back out of the room.
In the living room, Cindy and Tommy waited for them and Tommy gave both boys hugs before thanking them for letting him play with them. “You’re always going to be welcome here Tommy, just talk your sister into letting you visit ok?” Jamie said as he gave the boy another hug.
“That won’t be hard, Jamie, she loves spending time with you and Pam. See you around guys,” he said as he and his sister followed a still naked Ricky and his mother outside to their car.
“Want a ride kids?” the woman offered, “It’s no problem to drop you off at home?”
“If you really don’t mind,” Cindy responded and then both climbed into the backseat of the car and waved to Jamie and Pam standing in the doorway.
Once the car pulled away, they moved inside and Pam just said “Bathroom, you smell like seaweed!” and Jamie just headed in that direction. Pam followed him and just smiled to herself as she stood in the doorway and watched him use the toilet then filled the bathtub and climbed in and waited. “What? no I can do this myself spiel Jamie?” she smirked.
“You’ll never hear that line from me ever again Pamela, I like your baths too much…” he replied grinning.
“I thought it was something like that, so just relax and I’ll get you squeaky clean.” She replied reaching for the shampoo. “Jamie? Cindy pointed something out about you to me that I never noticed because I just wasn’t paying close attention it guess…”
“What’s that? Nothing bad I hope…”
“No, nothing like that. She just pointed out that you always call me ‘Pamela’ never ‘Pam’ like the other kids do. You always use my full given name. Why do you do that?”
Pausing to think before answering, “Several reasons Pamela. First, I like the way your name sounds when I say it. Second, it’s more respectful to use your full name rather than a shortened version and I want you to always know that I love you and respect you. And lastly, you’ve never given me permission to use your nickname so I don’t, that shows a lack of respect too. That’s why I don’t call you pet type names either; I’ve called you ‘dear lady’ but that’s about the only name I’ve used except your real name. I hope you don’t feel I don’t love you because I don’t use pet or nick names… Because I love you more than I can say.” Was the softly quiet response.
Dropping the shampoo bottle and grabbing him around the shoulders, she tilted him back and thoroughly kissed him. “Baby you can call me anything you want. Real name, nickname, pet name if you think of one you like. I love you just as much and I want you happy about how we are together and no name is going to change how much I love you, well maybe just one would.”
“You really don’t mind? Wait what name can’t I use?” he asked.
“ OK there is one name that is off limits and it’s because I have an Aunt that called me it when I was little and I’ve always hated it. Don’t call me ‘Pammy’ and we’ll always be good!”
<giggle> “OK I won’t EVER call you Pammy, <giggle> it sounds like a baby name and I understand why you hate it.”
“Say it again mister and you’ll find out how hard I spank. Off limits, means just that! OFF LIMITS! Got it?”
“Never going to happen Pamela, I’ve already erased it from my brain!”
“Good now let’s get you clean!” and started washing him as he relaxed in her care.
Pam left soon after his bath and Jamie spent a quiet dinner with his mother. After cleaning up the dishes, he got his text book and was reading it in the living room, when his mother came in and sat beside him. “What are you reading honey?”
“My Social Studies Textbook Mom, I need to read a chapter in order to do the homework assignment since I missed the class this week. Pamela said she’d come over after dinner tomorrow to discuss it with me and check my homework to make sure it’s correct.”
“Why did you miss a class? This is the first I’ve heard about it?”
“Because they changed my schedule again. Wait you don’t know about that do you… It just happened Thursday and the change started for me on Friday as well as a dozen other kids. But most of the changes take effect next week…”
“So why the change?”
“An Honor’s Art Class. They changed my schedule so I could participate in it…”
“An Honor’s class? But you’ve never taken art before at all?”
“No I haven’t, guess I’d better explain. Mrs. Carter, the Art teacher put together an Honor’s class of her best students from all three years of a dozen students. She called me in on Thursday and asked me to participate as the model for the class. We talked about it and she said I’d be registered as a student in the class for academic credit and that I’d get another ‘A’ if I did it. She’s also going to pay me for modeling, $25 per class period and since its 3 periods per week, 1 on Thursdays and 2 on Fridays I get paid $75 per week for modeling. She needed an answer by Thursday afternoon so I told her I needed to think about it and discuss it with Pamela and Cindy before I made a decision. Both of them would be in the class, oh and surprisingly Ricky is too! Anyway, I talked it over with them and both thought I should do it, so I agreed. So now I’m in an Honor’s Art class, but since one of the class periods was the same as my Social Studies class on Fridays, they had to move me to a class on Wednesdays when I had a study hall.”
“So for modeling you get credit, an ‘A’ grade and paid on top of it? Sounds like a pretty good deal. Are you still in the other Art class?”
“Yes, and I’m the model for it too, I get an ‘A’ for it, but don’t get paid otherwise…”
“Well I must say I’m surprised, here you are getting two ‘A’s’ in a subject you’ve never taken before and even getting paid for one of them. How did you finagle that?”
“I didn’t do anything Mom, she just kept going on and on about how I was a perfect model, that I had a good body for it and most important that I could hold poses without moving. She said it’s really hard to find good models and well she made the offers and I accepted.” He said with a shrug.
“And you don’t mind being naked in class like that?”
“I was nervous the first time, but then all the students were girls. But once I saw how serious they were about their drawing, and no one teased me or made rude comments, then I just relaxed and now I’m mostly comfortable with it. This new class is still mostly girls but has 2 boys in it also; Ricky and another boy. But after meeting them on Friday, they all seem like serious students and I think it will be fine. Mrs. Carter was very selective about who she let in the class and is a no nonsense teacher, and after her presentation on Friday as to what she expects of the class, I actually feel pretty good about modeling for them.”
“Then I have no problem with you doing it Jamie.”
Jamie went back to his reading and when he finished he sat down and worked on the homework assignment until it was finished. Then spent the rest of the evening sitting curled up with him mother as they watched TV together.
Sunday was a quiet day until just after lunch when the doorbell rang. Jamie answered it and found Cindy and Tommy standing there. “Can we hang out here this afternoon Jamie? It’s like a war zone at our house today and I needed to get Tommy away for awhile.” Cindy asked.
“Sure why not? Come on in… How you doing Tommy are you ok?”
“Yeah I’m fine Jamie but all the yelling and screaming at home was driving me nuts…”
“So what’s happening to cause all that?” Jamie asked looking to Cindy.
“Richie of course, Mom took him straight to the doctor when they left here yesterday and they gave him a shot, you know an injection of the drug in the hip which pretty much knocked him out. Then the doctor prescribed both the daily doses either by pills or suppositories plus the 3 times per week doses of Puericil-Plus, so Richie is on a double dose now and that’s the maximum you can take without permanent effects. Anyway, Richie wet his bed last night and when Mom was giving him his bath this morning he was yelling that he wouldn’t take the drug anymore. So as you’d expect he got spanked by her and when Dad heard the commotion, he spanked him again, and then shoved one of the daily suppositories up his butt and put his dilator in. Then Mom diapered him and told him he’d be in diapers full time until he learned to behave himself, that only Mom, Me, Dad or a babysitter would change him when he needed it but that he wasn’t allowed to change his own diapers. So of course he argued more and Dad spanked him again… That pretty much sums up this morning at our house… If he’s not crying , he’s yelling or getting spanked. Like I said kind of a war zone right now as Mom and Dad enforce control over him.”
“OK well I can see why you wanted to get away for awhile… Cindy could you watch us so Tommy and I can take a swim? Mom’s doing laundry and will be tied up doing that for awhile.”
“Sure Jamie, that’s no problem. Want to swim with Jamie little brother?” Tommy didn’t say anything, just stripped himself naked and stood there grinning. “Well I guess that answers that question! Ok guys go swim, I’ll follow you out and watch for you.” She said as Tommy grabbed Jamie’s hand and headed for the patio doors.
The boys headed into the water and swam and splashed around for awhile, until Tommy stopped and was standing shoulder deep in water, with Jamie in front of him. “Jamie what does ‘castrate’ mean?” he quietly asked.
“Why would you ask that Tommy?”
“Because Richie keeps yelling that they are castrating him. I don’t know what that even means!”
“Ok, do you understand what it means when people take their pet to a Vet to have them neutered?”
“Yeah it means they can’t make babies after it’s done. Is that what Richie is saying?”
“Kind of, usually the Vet Does it surgically, you know cuts the balls off of boy animals or takes out the parts a girl animal needs to make babies. But it can also be done with chemicals. It kills the parts needed to make babies. That’s why they call it neutered. They don’t have any active sex parts anymore so sexually they are ‘neutral’ no longer boy or girl.”
“So Richie is saying they’re making him neutered, when he says they’re castrating him?”
“Yeah but Puericil doesn’t do that, it just retards the growth of your sex organs so they grow slower and it reduces your desire for sex. It’s not permanent like castration.”
“OH… ok if that’s what he’s complaining about then I guess I know why he’s fought against it ever since we started taking it. He used to jerk-off all the time sometimes 7 or 8 times per day. In fact the reason both of us are taking it was because Mom heard him trying to talk me into doing it for him one day. The next morning we were in the doctor’s office getting Puericil prescribed for us. Ever since we started taking it, he doesn’t get hard much, neither do I but I never got hard very often before. For the last month or so he only manages to jerk-off maybe once or twice a week at most. And he says it doesn’t feel as good as it used to. So I guess that’s why he’s so upset.”
“That makes sense Tommy, going from 7 or 8 times per day to once or twice per week is a drastic drop and probably why he feels he’s being castrated. He’s not actually being castrated but in his mind he must feel that way. Anyway, once he’s off the drug, he’ll go back to his horny self. But since they’ve upped the dosage, he’ll have even less sex drive now than he had before…”
“Do you think it would help if I explained it to him like you did?”
“Probably not, he won’t believe you. I’d suggest you get on the Puericil web page and print out the part on drug effects on sex drive and development. Highlight the parts on the effect of various doses and the part where it says it goes away and the boy returns to normal when they’re off it permanently. Stopping taking the drug for a short while won’t make him go back to normal only stopping for a long time, since some stays in his system for several months after stopping. Just leave it where he can find it. Besides, if he’d quit acting up like he has, they’d put him back on the normal dose, which is better than where he’s at taking double. I doubt he’ll get hard at all when on the double dose. If he stays on the double dose for a long time, it might become permanent at least in a small percentage of cases. I can guarantee he doesn’t want to take that chance!”
“OK I’ll do that then,” the boy replied, then grinned and splashed Jamie right in the face. And the splashing war was back on.
Twenty minutes later Jamie was getting tired and could see Tommy was too. “Let’s get out and rest Tommy, I’m getting tired,” he offered trying to not make it sound like an order.
“Me too,” Tommy replied, glad Jamie suggested it. “We can sit up on the patio and just rest some…”
Wrapping an arm around Tommy’s shoulders, Jamie walked him out of the water and up to where Cindy was sitting. “We’re done for now Cindy, we’re just going to rest on the patio for awhile.” Jamie said smiling, then patted Tommy on the back, “The little guy here wore me out,” he said getting a grin from the younger boy.
“OK boys just rinse off and relax then, you don’t want that salt to dry on you…” she admonished.
“Right!” Jamie said as he offered Cindy a hand up and the three walked off the beach together. After spraying themselves down with the hose, Jamie plopped onto the wide lounger and looked up to see Tommy standing over him.
“I can sit with you Jamie,” he asked his eyes almost begging.
“Sure Tommy there’s lots of room,” and scooted over to give Tommy a space. Tommy curled into his side and Jamie just draped an arm over him and down onto his chest. “This ok?” he asked looking down.
“Yeah almost as good as yesterday…” he replied laying his head on Jamie’s shoulder and then wiggling a little to get more contact, then held Jamie’s hand where it rested on his chest. “Now it’s perfect,” he murmured with a sigh.
Jamie wasn’t surprised when he looked down a little while later to note Tommy was asleep. Looking over at Cindy she was just sitting there grinning at them, and gave him a ‘thumbs up’ sign with her hand and he grinned back. Jamie decided to just soak up some sun and leaned his head back and closed his eyes.
When he felt a hand on his shoulder, he opened his eyes and looked up to see Cindy standing beside him. “Sorry for waking you but it’s 4:00 I’ll need to take him home soon.”
“I wasn’t sleeping, just soaking up some sun. But ok I’ll wake him up.”
“Right! How about I give you guys a bath, then you’ll both be clean for the evening…”
“OK no problem for me.” Moving his hand and patting Tommy’s chest. “Wake up Tommy, Cindy needs to give us a bath, so you can go home for dinner,” he said loudly, but Tommy didn’t respond until he reached down and tweaked his nipple, giving it a little pinch. “Up Tommy, bath time!”
“Ouch! I was waking up you didn’t have to do that!”
“You need to wake up faster next time then. Now get up, your sister is getting antsy,” he said giving her a wink that he was kidding.
“Yes I am Tommy, let’s go,” she mock sternly directed.
“Come on Tommy move it, we don’t want her mad at us, she spanks hard, I’ve seen her do it!”
“Yeah she does and I don’t want that either,” was the groggy response but Tommy was moving quicker now.
Helping Tommy up, he led him to the bathroom, and they both got in the tub together as it filled. Jamie started washing Tommy and smiled when he felt Cindy start washing him. With both of them working at it both boys were quickly clean and Jamie guided Tommy into his sister’s waiting hands where she immediately started drying him. Once Tommy was dry, she told him to go get dressed, then turned to Jamie and started drying him. “You could have dried yourself while I did him you know…”
“Yeah but then I’d miss how good it feels when my Big Sister does it,” he replied as her hand cupped his balls and gave them a gentle squeeze, then stroked his cock gently.
“And Big Sis would miss getting to handle her favorite little brother right? Glad you waited Jamie, you’ve been a really, really good boy today in distracting and taking good care of Tommy, thanks for being so good to him.” Then kissed him softly on the mouth.
“Any time Cindy and I really mean that. He’s a nice kid and I enjoy spending time with him.”
“Well until things settle down at home, I may have to take you up on that Jamie, Tommy doesn’t need to be in the middle of all the fighting going on. So if it gets bad again, I may show up on your doorstep again with him.”
“If you do then I’ll look after him, no problem.”
“Thanks Jamie that will be a big help,” then gave him another kiss. “I’d better go now,” she said releasing him and moving away.
Soon they were gone and Jamie was in the kitchen helping his mother fix dinner. “I saw you on the patio with Tommy and Cindy filled me in on what’s going on at their house. You did a good job helping with him Jamie, I’m very proud of you, both with Tommy and how you are with Ricky. You’re a natural at looking after young boys and will make a great Dad for some lucky kids.”
“Not for a long time Mom, I’m way too young to be thinking about having kids of my own…”
“Not that far away young man… we already had this discussion. Moves out on his own, finds the right girl, gets married and kids usually aren’t that far behind…”
“Years Mom; besides you’re too young to be a Grandmother!”
“Well I’ll have to agree on that one Jamie, I AM too young to be a Grandmother so don’t rush it!”
Pam stopped by that evening and checked Jamie’s homework and smiled when she found no corrections needed. Jamie filled her in on what was happening with Richie and both of them agreed to just stay out of it all. “If Cindy asks you to take Tommy, just do it Jamie; she’s going to have her hands full dealing with Richie no matter what. If he’s fulltime in diapers, she’ll spend a lot time just babysitting him and he won’t be a cooperative baby.”
“I’d do that anyway Pamela, I like Tommy and spending time with him isn’t a bother. He’s almost like Ricky in the way he looks to me; and well I just couldn’t disappoint him when he needs help. Cindy’s been so good to me that I’d have a hard time refusing her in almost any request for help she made of me, I hope you realize that.”
“I do Jamie and it’s just the way you should view the situation. Until this all shakes out, Cindy and Tommy get whatever help they need.”
“Exactly what I had in mind,” he replied.
“Good boy, I’ll see you at school in the morning. Goodnight Jamie,” she said after giving him a quick hug and kiss.
“Goodnight Pamela, thanks for checking my assignment. Glad I got it right. Now I don’t have to worry about it at all.”
Jamie smiled the next morning when he found his mother waiting with a towel in hand as he stepped out of the shower. “Good morning baby,” she murmured as she began drying him off. Jamie just stood still and let her do as she wanted. As she combed his hair, she talked again, “You’re modeling in class today aren’t you? Can’t have my boy dirty when he’s modeling.”
“Yes Mother, one hour on Mondays, two on Wednesdays, One on Thursdays and Two on Fridays, that’s my modeling schedule.”
“So Tuesday is the only day you don’t get naked at school and model? How did she miss having a session on Tuesdays?” she said with a chuckle.
“No empty class periods left in my schedule to rearrange at least none that I know of that match up with her classes,” he responded laughing, “Believe me Mom, if she could find a way to do it, I’d be modeling in almost every one of her classes.”
“She must think very highly of you as a model to go to all the trouble of rearranging your schedule, so I expect you to give her your best effort. She’s taking care of your poor grade point average with those ‘A’s’ she’s awarding you for modeling and Pam is getting you up to speed otherwise, so I’m not as worried about your academic standing now. Just keep working hard and you’ll do well this year.”
“I will mother, with the crackdown on the bullies and doing better in my classes I actually like going to school now. That wasn’t the case at the beginning of the year.”
“Good now get dressed and I’ll have your breakfast on the table by the time you get there.”
As he sat eating his breakfast, his mother sat across from him drinking coffee. “I think I’ll have to get up earlier from now on,” she said while watching him.
“What? Why?” he said between bites.
“So that I can give you your morning bath personally. Drying you is nice, but washing you is much better and it’ll give me more close contact with my beautiful son.”
“You don’t have to do that Mom….”
“I know but I want to Jamie, I love holding you and handling your body. It lets me fulfill all my mothering instincts.”
“Then get up and wash me if that’s what you want, I won’t mind, I hope you realize that. I’ve always loved the way you handle me that way. I love you Mom and I want you to do what makes you happy.”
“OK I will! Starting tomorrow, fill the tub instead of taking a shower and your mother will be there to make sure you’re good and clean at the start of the day.”
“No problem…”
Soon Jamie was off to school and this time walked alone, not seeing either Pamela or Ricky. His first two classes when quickly and he even felt good about a pop quiz in History class. As third period arrived he headed to the Art area and went directly to the changing room and undressed. Not bothering with the robe at all, he stepped out when he heard the teacher in the room. He saw the couch like lounger still on the platform and walked over to it. “Same position as last time?” he asked but she shook her head ‘No’ so he just stood there waiting.
Moving the lounger off the platform, she put a large black cube in its place, and had him sit on the front of it. His legs mostly to the right, but the left leg parted some. Put his left hand on the edge of the cube, his right draped across his right leg, touching his left knee and had him turn his shoulders to the left. He was told to look to his left over his shoulder where light was coming in from the windows. Looking down at himself for a second, he realized his cock was visible just above his left leg, but except when viewed from the right side, was mostly hidden as were his balls, the lighting would create shadows on his right side. Resuming the head turned position she wanted he waited while she addressed the class.
“OK ladies, today we’ll continue with Jamie in a different position from where we ended the last class. He’ll hold that pose today, and for both periods Wednesday, I’d suggest you get your drawings as to major body mass today as well as shadow effect, since the light is almost perfect. You can add details later if you need to. But Wednesday is the last day he’ll be in this pose. Proceed!”
“Mrs. Carter, why did you change the pose? I wasn’t done with that reclining one…” one of the girls asked.
“Because I didn’t like it. So just scrap what you drew of it unless you’ve completed it or you can just put it aside. The lighting was all wrong for the pose and didn’t show the details I was looking for. I’m sorry for changing things, but Jamie is such an outstanding model, I just felt it wouldn’t do him justice.”
For the next hour, Jamie sat there watching out the window and using only his eyes occasionally watched the girls all working furiously as they alternated looking up and him and then quickly sketching on their easels. At the end of the hour, the teacher just clapped her hands once and said “That’s all girls, thank you Jamie, you’re done.” Then she ignored him as he got up and went to go get dressed, while she was checking the girls work product.
Pamela, Cindy and Becky were all waiting for him as he came out from dressing and walked with him to the cafeteria. “You did really good today Jamie,” Becky offered.
“Actually I was kind of bored, but you girls were sure drawing furiously.” He replied.
“That’s because we needed to get the major portion done while the light was the same. Unless the sun is in the same position and intensity Wednesday, it won’t look the same.” Cindy advised.
“Well at least we have Jamie to model for us, the other 8th grade class students are all complaining that they don’t have a designated model like we do and have to model for each other.” Becky told them.
“Don’t tell me, it’s Kelly Waggoner who’s complaining the loudest right?” Jamie asked.
“Right in one! How did you know?” Cindy asked.
“Because it fits her otherwise annoying personality,” Jamie grumbled and Pam started laughing.
“I take it Jamie doesn’t like Kelly?” Becky asked looking at Pam.
“No, she’s the only one who managed to annoy him Friday in the Honors Class and I’d have to agree with his assessment of her behavior. Way too bossy and too self centered!” she replied.
As Jamie sat with the girls eating lunch, Ricky came over with his tray. “Can I sit with you today? I know you’re all 8th graders and I’m only in 6th but I need to talk to you about Art Classes.”
“Sure Ricky we don’t care about that whole grade thing, you’re our friend and welcome to have lunch with us anytime.” Pam said smiling at the boy.
“Oh Good, most of the older kids don’t want to have anything to do with us younger ones…”
“Forget it Ricky, you’re in Honor’s class with us, way ahead of the other kids, so you get special dispensation. Besides like I said you’re our friend so that wipes out all objections anyone could have.” Pam advised as he sat beside her.
“So what’s the big question little brother? It must be important if it couldn’t wait until this afternoon?” Jamie asked.
“I need advice. Mrs. Carter called me in this morning and wants me to model for one of her classes, not the Honor’s class, but she said she might ask me to do one pose for it with you Jamie. It’s the 8th grade class you’re not modeling for… and she needs an answer today if possible.”
“Oh my, this is all my fault!” Pam responded.
“What? How could it be your fault?” Jamie asked.
“OK, well I showed her two pictures I took of you two boys together before classes this morning. You remember when we talked about the ‘brothers’ pose on the beach? One was of the two of you on the beach and you were standing side by side, you had your arm around Ricky’s shoulders and your left foot up on a rock, so your one leg was bent some. You were pointing at something and talking, but Ricky wasn’t looking at what you were pointing at, instead he was looking up at you and his total concentration was on his ‘big brother’. The other was the one I shot in the living room of you holding Ricky while he was asleep. You were looking down at him and your expression just screamed that you cared very much for the boy sleeping in your arms… She thought they were both fantastic and said Ricky could be a very interesting model if he could hold poses… THAT’s why it’s all my fault… Sorry guys I was thinking of you two posing for the Honor’s Class since she’d said she was thinking of having one or two scenes with two subjects.”
“Didn’t she ask how you had pictures of us naked?” Jamie asked.
“Yes she did, but actually you were the only one you guys naked Jamie; and that was the one on the beach. In the other one, Ricky had on those pull-ups and you were naked but covered up by his body. She said the beach photo qualifies as a ‘naturist’ picture since it was a public place, it wouldn’t be illegal no matter what, but not to let it get out of my control. Both were still on the memory card in my camera and I’ve never showed them to anyone before her and I wouldn’t anyway.”
“Pamela you can have all the naked pictures of me you want, same with Cindy and you too Becky, I trust you girls not to misuse them or distribute them where I’d be embarrassed by them. I just don’t want someone like Kelly having any. I don’t trust her at all!” Jamie replied.
“I feel the same girls, if you want pictures of me you’re welcome to take all you want if Jamie trusts you then I do too. “ Ricky added. “So what do you think about me modeling for that class Jamie? I don’t know what to tell her?”
“Well to answer you Ricky you need to consider two questions yourself. First will you be comfortable being naked 3 hours per week in front of 12 older girls? Second can you stay almost perfectly still for about 45 minutes without moving? So far the poses she’d had me take weren’t any strain to hold, I was mostly pretty relaxed while holding them. But you’re not me so you’d have to answer that yourself.” He explained.
“Yeah she said pretty much the same thing Jamie. I’m ok with being naked, heck I’m just a little boy and they’re all older than me and have no interest in me other than drawing my picture. Besides swimming naked on the beach, like we do has pretty much gotten me over being shy about being seen that way. It’s the whole staying perfectly still thing I’m not sure about. I think I can do it, but I’m not sure… “
“Is she offering anything to you for doing it Ricky? She’s giving Jamie a guaranteed ‘A’ grade for modeling, so she should offer you something too.” Cindy advised.
“Yeah she said she’d give me an ‘A’ grade for my regular class if I’d model for the 8th grade class. That’s kind of neat.”
“OK then if the being nude doesn’t bother you, then the only question is the posing,” Jamie offered. “So try this in your next class. Sit at your desk with one hand on the desk and the other on your knee, have one foot flat on the floor and the other turned to the outside. Look directly at the board and don’t move your head, you can follow the teacher with your eyes only. If you can hold that position for the entire class without moving, then you can hold a pose.”
“What if the teacher asks a question?” Ricky wondered.
“Answer it but don’t move your body otherwise unless they make you get up and go to the front of the class; that won’t count.”
“So if I can do that then I can pose?”
“Yep 45 minutes seems to be the normal time you’d have to hold. Double classes have a break, then you’d have to do another 45 minutes…”
“OK I’ll try that and if I can do it, then I think I’ll tell her yes to posing.” Ricky decided. “Since you’ll be in a different school next year, maybe I can model more next year. She said if I work out she’ll even arrange to get me paid for doing it in the future!”
“Just one thing Ricky, make sure she reminds any students you model for about her no nude photographs rule! No cameras or cell phones in the classroom! You don’t know where pictures like that could end up. You don’t want pictures of you like that on the internet and they could end up there if someone took them and wanted to embarrass you! That’s important Ricky, make sure she enforces her rule on it!” Jamie sternly told him.
“Yeah that could be bad. I’ll make sure to remind her of it! Thanks Jamie, I’ll let you know if I end up modeling. She’ll have to change my schedule again to do it, so it wouldn’t start until Thursday at the earliest, and then it would be Tuesdays for an hour and two hours on Thursdays.”
“Your decision either way Ricky, I’m not going to tell you to do it or not. It’s totally up to you because you’re the one who’d be doing it!”
“Do you girls agree? I value your opinions too?” Ricky asked.
“I agree with what Jamie told you Ricky, but it’s your decision,” Pam advised and Cindy and Becky nodded agreement with her.
“So the big question is can I hold a pose then. Well only way to find out is to try what Jamie suggested during my History class, since that’s next on my schedule…” Ricky said smiling and then started eating his lunch.
Jamie’s afternoon went by as normal and Ricky told him in the hallway as they passed that he’d agreed to do the modeling. “I was a little stiff, but after moving around for a minute I was back to normal. It was harder than I thought Jamie, but I really think I can do it, so I told her yes and she’s having my schedule changed so I can start on Thursday.”
“Good luck Ricky, let me know if you have any problems…” he replied and they both hurried off to their next classes.
After school he found Tommy waiting for him outside. “Hey Tommy! Are you waiting for me?”
“Yeah I am Jamie… Cindy told me to go home with you if that’s ok… She’ll come get me later when Mom gets home from work.”
“So I’m guessing she’s expecting problems with Richie right? No matter, you’re welcome to hang out at my house anytime Tommy, I already told you that.” He replied.
“I know you did Jamie, but I still felt like I needed to ask and not just assume it was ok…”
“It will always be ok Tommy. We’re friends and that means I like spending time with you and I hope you feel the same way. Come on let’s start walking…” then guided the boy away from the school.
“I really do Jamie you’re a really nice guy, much better than my brother ever was, even before all this started. I sometimes wish YOU were my older brother and not Richie. You’re much nicer to me and don’t treat me like a little kid. Sometimes, he’s so aggravating when he acts like I’m still 6 years old instead of 12. It really pisses me off when he does that!”
“Well you’re not 6 so I don’t ever plan on treating you that way, unless you ask me too. Truthfully Tommy, there are times when even I enjoy being treated like a little kid, but they are special situations… I like getting cuddled like a little kid sometimes and that’s usually when I feel that way. I just don’t like being talked down to like a little kid, that one like you said ‘pisses me off’.”
“I feel that way too sometime Jamie; so if I ask you to cuddle me some that’s ok with you?”
“Of course it is Tommy, and I’d love to do that for you if you ask. I do it for Ricky sometimes when he wants it, and enjoy doing it for him. You’re my friend just like he is, so if you want or need that then, I’ll be there for you. Friends do things like that for each other Tommy. You and Ricky both seemed to need it Saturday when Richie was getting punished and I sure had no problem cuddling both of you. ”
“Yeah you did and it felt really good too. So can we swim today? I need a little distraction, school was the pits today…”
“Sure Pamela will be there to watch out for us and I usually swim before lessons or dinner anyway, it’s kind of part of my daily routine. No problem at all.”
“Cool, wish I could do it every day. I only get to do it once a week or so. Lately only when we’ve been coming over on Saturdays…”
“OK well we’ll see if we can’t get you more time swimming then, sound good?
“Sounds Great! Thanks Jamie!”
When they arrived at his house, Jamie led Tommy inside and put his pack on the floor in the kitchen and indicated for Tommy to do the same; then started removing his shirt. Tommy stood there watching the older boy his mouth hanging open. “What? You can’t go swimming with your clothes on Tommy,” he said grinning at the small boy.
“Yeah… I was just surprised you were getting undressed here in the kitchen… I’d have thought you’d go to your bedroom or something…”
“I’ll take them in there when I’m finished undressing, but what difference does it make where I undress? Either way I’ll be naked here in the kitchen eventually. Besides if we’re already naked when Pamela gets here, she’ll automatically know we want to go swimming… So get naked young man!”
“Hadn’t thought of it that way,” Tommy mumbled to himself and started undressing himself, putting his clothes on one of the chairs. Jamie was already naked and carried his clothes from the room when Tommy was finishing. Just then the front door opened and Pam cam walking in.
“Hi Tommy, where’s Jamie?” she asked smiling at the boy.
“Took his clothes to his room. It’s ok to get undressed here isn’t it?” sounding unsure.
“Of course it is Tommy. I assume you guys want to take a dip and swim first?”
“Yeah that was the plan if that’s ok. Jamie said you have to watch us…”
“Yes his mother doesn’t allow him to swim without supervision, so I’m the lifeguard, just like on Saturdays.”
“OH well that makes sense then…”
“Jamie I’m here!” she called out, looking back the hallway.
“Just a minute Pamela, I’m just putting my school clothes in the laundry.” He replied.
“No problem Jamie!” she responded.
Just a few seconds later Jamie came walking in and got a quick hug from Pam. “OK Tommy our Lifeguard is here, let’s go get wet!” he said grinning and with his hand on the boy’s back gently and pushed him towards the door and quickly through it, as Pam followed behind them smiling at the two naked boys and enjoying the view of their tight little buns as they walked.
For the next half hour the boys played in the surf while Pam sat on the beach watching them. They came out for a while and joined her sitting on the sand as they caught their breath. “You had enough?” she asked looking at the boys.
“No just taking a short break,” Jamie responded
“Whatever, it’s no problem for me either way,” she said rubbing his shoulder to brush some sand off.
A few minutes later the boys were back in the water and diving in the waves and splashing each other. When he noticed Tommy getting tired he pulled Tommy into his side and just said, “I think that’s enough for today Tommy,” then led him from the water and plopped down beside Pam on the sand again.
“We’re done, just need to rest a few minutes,” he advised the girl as he sat there with his arm still around Tommy’s shoulders. “He wore me out again just like on Sunday.” He said giving her a wink.
“Catch your breath, we’re in no big hurry,” she replied smiling at the boys.
“There’s Susan, and I think that’s Sally Liddell with her,” Tommy advised looking up the beach to his left.
“Do you know her Tommy?” Jamie asked.
“She’s in a bunch of my classes, but not really… why Jamie?”
“She’s in the Honor’s Art Class with us, Ricky and your sister. I’ve only seen her once, in class last Friday but haven’t talked to her. Actually both girls are in our class because Susan is too.”
“Ricky and Sally are in a class with 8th Graders? Wow I didn’t know that and Susan too?”
“Yep all of us are in the same Art class.”
Just then the girls arrived near them, “Hello girls, out for a walk?” Jamie greeted them.
“Hi Jamie!” Susan called in reply and started moving closer. “Hi Pam and Tommy!” she said as they got nearer.
“Tommy Mercer?” Sally said seeing the naked boys sitting there. “Oh Hi Pam and Jamie, didn’t mean to ignore you but I wasn’t expecting Tommy to be sitting here…”
“Yeah Hi Sally… I’m just here having a swim with Jamie, we and some other guys swim together every Saturday and I’m just getting a chance to do it on a weekday… We just finished and are resting a little..” Tommy replied blushing some.
“Hey Tommy don’t get all embarrassed, naked boys here on the beach is the usual thing. Beside’s it’s nice that you can get some extra swimming in, it’s good for you to keep you in shape without really working on it. Just look at what it does for Jamie? He’s got muscle tone most boys would die for!” she said smiling at her classmate.
“Yeah he is in good shape, I’m not even close to being like him though…” was the quiet response.
“Then you should swim more often. After all it sure works for Jamie.” She replied and reached down and gave Tommy a pat on the back. “Don’t worry about it Tommy, you’re still a little guy with lots of growing to do yet. You look fine just the way you are.” Then turned to Jamie and addressed him.
“Hi Jamie, I’m Sally Liddell, I’m in the Honor’s Art class, in case you didn’t recognize me, we didn’t get a chance to talk on Friday, but I’m really looking forward to that class. I still can’t believe that Ricky and I got in, we’re only in 6th grade and all the other kids are older than us.”
“Hi Sally, I did recognize your face, but didn’t know your name, Tommy supplied that for me. I’m still trying to associate names with faces in that class, since I only knew a couple of you. You and Ricky are the only 6th grade students, so both of you must be really talented to be invited, there’s also only 5 from the 7th grade, including Susan there and she’s the only one I’d met before Friday. I met Mary here over the weekend but I don’t know Grace or Bobby Thompson at all. The 8th graders I at least know on sight and a couple of them are friends. I hope we can be friends too, since we’ll be seeing a lot of each other in that class.” He replied as he stretched out some while sitting there.
“I hope so too Jamie, you’re really a nice guy, everyone says the same thing about you. So you must live near here if you swim here so much.”
“Right back over the dune, we live in one of the Condo’s back there. I’m swimming more often now, since Pamela’s here as my tutor on weekdays, Mom won’t let me swim alone without someone to watch out for me and Pamela’s willing to do that so I get to swim most days now.”
“Sounds like a good deal Jamie, my parents are the same way about swimming alone. So Pam tutors you?”
“Yeah, I was having some problems academically at the start of the year and needed help. Mom found Pamela and hired her as my tutor and she works with me on weekdays after school for a few hours. It’s really helped me a lot. She’s the top student in our class and scary smart. I’m really lucky to have her helping me.” He replied giving Pam a pat on the arm and a big smile.
“Jamie you’re a good student when you put your mind to it, you just needed someone to make you focus on your work. I’m not doing that much,” Pam said patting him on the back.
“Regardless, I feel much better about my studies now thanks to you Pamela.” He replied as he stretched out more.
Sally looked at Jamie as he lay there his body stretched out as he leaned back on his elbows while talking to them. “Wow I can see now what Mrs. Carter was talking about when she said you’d be a great model Jamie, you look great!”
“Thanks Sally, but I don’t see myself that way. I’m just the way I am; what you see is what you get. That you Artist types think I’m a good subject for your Art, is just a bonus…”
“Ok well you look good, and I can’t wait to draw you.”
Turning to Pam, he said, “We should probably go get cleaned up, I’ve got some homework I’m going to need you to check for me Pamela and we’ve already been out here longer than normal.”
“Yes you have Jamie, so it’s time for me to be the nasty, slave driving tutor. Up boys and go get cleaned up so we can get on your homework! Sorry girls but I do have a job to do and the boys aren’t doing what I’m getting paid for.” She said smiling at the girls.
“Understood Pam,” Susan replied, “We’ll just let you get to it then. Bye guys don’t let her be too hard on you!” she said with a giggle.
“Yeah bye boys,” Sally said with a wave as the boys got up. “See you in class Jamie and Pam!”
“Bye girls,” Jamie responded with a wave as he turned to head home.
Once the girls were out of hearing range he wrapped an arm around Pam’s waist. “Thanks for getting us out of there before we started the whole discussion about my body again. I’m just not comfortable with it Pamela, I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but I do.” He quietly told her.
“I know you’re not Jamie and understood what you were asking for when you made that homework comment so I just jumped on it like I knew you wanted me to.”
“I did and thanks for doing it. How about you Tommy are you ok. You looked kind of nervous about Sally seeing you naked?”
“I’m ok now Jamie, but when they first came up, my tummy was doing flip flops. Thanks for taking over the conversation it gave me time to settle down some.”
“Tommy it really shouldn’t bother you like that, after all Little Boys Like You Shouldn’t Be So Modest, I’m sure you’ve heard that many times. You have nothing to be embarrassed about being seen naked so you shouldn’t feel that way when a girl sees you. You’re just a naked little boy to her and it’s not as big a deal as you boys seem to make it. Besides, didn’t she say you looked good? She did! So just get over the whole thing about girls seeing you.” Pam admonished.
“I know Pam, I hear that all the time from Mom and Cindy, but it’s not the same for us when we’re there totally naked in front of girls wearing clothes, no matter what you girls and women tell us. It’s us that’s there naked being looked at.”
“Just ignore that you’re naked Tommy. Act normal and they’ll treat you like normal. No big deal.” She advised. “It’s you boys who make it into something, by getting nervous about it, we girls just ignore it for the most part. We see boys naked all the time and to us it’s not a big deal.”
“I’ll try harder Pam that’s all I can promise…”
“Good now rinse off the sand and I’ll go fill the bathtub for you boys.” She responded.
“You heard her,” Jamie said patting Tommy on the back as he reached for the garden hose, “Get ready for the cold water,” then laughed as Tommy squealed when he sprayed him. But soon Tommy got his payback when it was his turn to spray Jamie.
Soon two shivering boys climbed into the hot bath water and relaxed as they enjoyed the loving feel of Pam’s hands as she carefully washed their bodies. When she finished, they were both sporting big smiles as she dried them and gave each a big hug and kiss as she finished.
They were just finishing their homework when Cindy arrived to pick up Tommy. “Hi Sis, is it finally quiet at home?” he asked.
“You wish! Richie is still acting up and I had to spank him when I changed his diaper. Then he got it again from Mom when I told her I’d had to do it, for not obeying me. He’ll probably get it again at least once tonight, if he acts up with either Mom or Dad…”
“Darn… Uh Jamie is there any possible way for me to sleep here tonight? I haven’t slept well for two nights now, because Richie and I share a bedroom, and he keeps me up half the night, crying, moaning or complaining… I need a good night’s sleep, I almost fell asleep in class twice today…”
“I don’t see why not as long as your parents approve Tommy. You’d have to share a bed with me though, we don’t have any spare beds. Do you think they’ll give permission Cindy?” Jamie replied.
“I’m sure they will Jamie, hang on let me call them,” and pulled out her cell phone.
Explaining the situation to her mother, she hung up and turned to the boys smiling. “You’re good to go Tommy. I’m supposed to bring your dirty clothes home and bring you some clean ones for school tomorrow. That is as long as Jamie’s mother is ok with it.”
“She is Cindy, she already told me I was to help however needed until things settle out at your house, letting Tommy sleepover is an easy way to help out. It’s no different than when Ricky stayed overnight last Friday.” Jamie ruled.
“OK then give me your clothes Tommy and I’ll go trade them for clean ones for you to wear tomorrow,” Cindy directed and Tommy went to gather up all his clothes, pausing only to empty his pockets and take his belt out of his pants. Handing them over to his sister, she was quickly out the door.
30 Minutes later she was back with clean clothes and a small paper bag. “What’s that? Tommy asked.”
“Your medicine and dilator, today’s a medicine day Tommy did you forget?”
“We both did Cindy. I forgot too.” Jamie replied for both of them.
“Don’t worry Jamie, I didn’t forget, I was just waiting until Tommy left before giving you yours. Now, we’ll just give you both your medicine together,” Pam advised.
“So! Both of you into the bathroom and Pam and I will get you fixed up.” Cindy directed and ten minutes later, both boys were back out with their behinds stuffed with medicine and plugs in place.
Jamie Gets a Tutor and More Part 10
(A Puericil™ and Little Boys Shouldn’t Be So Modest Story)
By Captain J
Jamie and Tommy remained naked through dinner and since both had finished their homework, they retired to the living room after they finished cleaning up the dishes from dinner. Pam was sitting in her favorite chair reading when the boys came in and just nodded when Jamie asked if they could watch TV.
Jamie sat on the couch and Tommy plopped down beside him. He let Tommy pick the show to watch and just leaned back and relaxed. A few minutes later he felt Tommy leaning into him, and then just turned on the couch, opened his legs and put Tommy between them leaning with his back to his own chest and loosely draped his arms over Tommy’s shoulders. Tommy just looked up and smiled at the bigger boy and then relaxed even more as he snuggled back against him. Neither of them felt the need to say anything, they both felt comfortable right then.
At about 9:00 Pam came over to the boys and touched Jamie’s shoulder and whispered “He’s asleep isn’t he?”
Jamie nodded and whispered back “For almost an hour now…”
“Why don’t you just take him to bed then, you look a little tired yourself.” She suggested.
Jamie just nodded again and wiggled out from under Tommy, picked him up and carried him back to his bedroom. Pam followed and turned back the covers so Jamie could lay the boy down. Then after Tommy was in bed, gave Jamie a tight hug and loving kiss and said ‘good night’ as she watched Jamie crawl into bed and cover them. Turning off the light, she smiled as she saw Jamie snuggling up against Tommy’s back as she closed the door.
Janet came home on time and Pam told her that Tommy was sleeping over with Jamie and that both were already asleep. Explaining what was happening at the Mercer house. “That’s no problem Pam as long as the boys don’t mind sharing a bed.”
“They don’t Janet, both are comfortable together. I think Jamie’s got another new little brother from the way they behave together.”
“Well if Tommy’s not getting enough sleep at home, I’ll just call his mother and offer to let him stay here for a few days until they get Richie sorted out. Will that interfere with tutoring Jamie?”
“No mostly now it’s just going over his completed homework and making corrections where necessary and discussing with him why they were needed. Tommy did his homework at the same time as Jamie and didn’t cause any interruptions with Jamie completing his work. I don’t see any problems with him being here every day. He’s a quiet and sweet little boy and no bother at all.”
“Then plan on him being here for a few days because that little boy doesn’t need to be in the middle of all the drama at his house going on right now. So I’m going to invite him to stay with Jamie.”
“Good call and I agree totally.” Pam advised, then said her goodbyes and was soon gone.
Jamie only woke once during the night and realized that Tommy was pressed up tightly against him trembling and making a small whimpering sound. “Easy, Tommy, it’s just a bad dream, everything’s fine and you’re safe,” he quietly cooed to the boy as he stroked his body and hugged him tightly. Tommy settled down immediately and both were quickly back into a sound sleep.
Tommy was laying half over top of him his head on Jamie’s chest, when the alarm clock woke him in the morning. Gently stroking Tommy’s back and massaging his neck he gently shook him and Tommy slowly woke. “Time to get up Tommy,” he quietly said giving him a kiss on the forehead and a pat on the bottom.
“OK Jamie…” he responded yawning as he rolled onto his back beside the bigger boy. “That’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages…” he mumbled.
“Good now let’s get up and go take our bath and get ready. Mom will have breakfast ready soon.”
Arriving in the bathroom, Jamie realized both still had their plugs in and quickly took them out and was washing them when his mother appeared in the doorway. “We forgot to take them out,” he explained to his mother with a shrug of his shoulders, when she noticed what he was washing.
“No problem honey, go ahead and take your showers, and I’ll get you dry. Breakfast will be ready in about 20 minutes, so don’t dally around.”
“Yes mother, I can dry us, you don’t need to do it today unless you really want to…”
“OK we’ll do that then and I’ll expect you two in the kitchen and dressed for school in no more than 20 minutes.”
“We’ll be there…”
Over breakfast, the woman asked, “Did you boys sleep ok?”
“Fine for me Mom,” Jamie responded.
“Best I’ve slept in weeks, especially compared to the last couple of nights. Richie’s kept me up most of the night ever since Saturday,” Tommy replied.
“About that Tommy, I talked to your mother last night and you’ll be sleeping here for a few days at least until they get Richie sorted out. She didn’t realize he was keeping you from sleeping. So if you two boys don’t have a problem with sharing a bed, then you’ll be sleeping with Jamie.”
“I don’t have any problem with it Mom, Tommy doesn’t hardly move at all one he’s asleep. No bother for me.”
“I sure don’t mind Mrs. Henderson, it’s nice and warm sleeping with Jamie. Makes me feel safe and protected and like I said I slept better last night than in weeks. Thanks for letting me stay here for awhile.”
“Then it’s settled! Now just so you know what’s going on Tommy, your parents and the doctor have pulled Richie out of school for awhile. He’s in no condition to learn the way he’s been behaving. Your mother is taking vacation to look after him in the daytime for a couple of weeks and isn’t happy about having to do that I might add. She’ll have some clothes packed for you today and you boys will need to swing by your house on the way home from school and pick them up so you’ll have clean clothes to wear. Cindy will probably stop by to make sure you’d got everything you need, but will be mostly helping your mother take care of Richie. So it’ll be you boys and Pam here every afternoon and evening and I expect both of you to fully cooperate with anything she tells you. She’ll be in charge just like she is with Jamie and I expect to not hear of any problems.”
“I’ll be good Mrs. Henderson, I just really appreciate getting away from all that at home for awhile, you’ll get no problems from me,” Tommy replied seriously.
“Me neither Mom, we’ll both be good and do what Pamela tells us just like always.” Was Jamie’s response.
“Good now finish up quickly or you’ll be late for school.” She directed as she stood to get another cup of coffee for herself.
As they walked to school Tommy looked over at Jamie, “Is she always ‘All Business’ like that?”
<laugh> “No Tommy she’s not. She’s not a ‘morning person’ and tends to be that way until she’s had at least 2 cups of coffee. Then she gets fully awake and she’s really a nice mom unless you break her rules. Then she’s hard as nails when it comes to discipline, but that’s really rare, since I make sure I’m always on the right side of her rules. I wouldn’t trade her for another mother ever, she’s really loving and easy to get along with.”
“OK I was just wondering, my Mom tends to in that ‘All Business’ mode most of the time. I guess it’s because all day long she’s a manager at work and it just carries over to at home. Cindy is more of a mother to me at times than Mom is.”
“Cindy is a really nice girl and from what I’ve seen a really good sister. She’s kind of taken on an honorary big sister role with me and I really like how she treats me. You’re lucky to have her as your real sister.” Jamie offered.
“I don’t know about other sisters, but Cindy’s always been really good to me ever since we were little. She gives me my baths, always has really, and I like the way she handles me. She even used to be the one to change my diapers and was much better than Mom at it. She always made me feel good about her doing it. Mom just kind of rushed through it like it was a bother. Cindy loves to cuddle with me too and she’s really good at it. So yeah I’m lucky to have her as my sister.”
“Yes you are little guy so don’t do anything to mess that relationship up. She loves you and will do anything she can to keep you happy. That’s special and I wish I’d always had a sister like her. I’m just happy that she’s even an honorary big sister for me.”
“But you’re both the same age? How can she be a big sister?”
“Age doesn’t have anything to do with it Tommy. Girls mature faster than we boys do and are more grown up both physically and mentally. That’s why girls are almost always the babysitters for boys, even boys older than them. They’re more mature and responsible, so they’re almost always in charge of us, just like Pamela will be in charge of both of us while you’re stay with me. Cindy can be a big sister to me because she’s more mature and she’s given me really good advice when I needed it. And like you she takes good care of me physically when we’re alone and she’s in charge of me. So it’s easy for me to accept her in that big sister role.”
“When was she in charge of you, I didn’t know she ever was…”
“OK well the first day, was that day I got hurt at school, you know the day your Dad came and tore into the school staff. Mom and Cindy brought me home to take care of me and when my Mom had to leave for work, Cindy took care of me for the afternoon. She’s been in charge of me a few other times, like when Pamela was going to be late getting here last week and asked Cindy to look after me until she got there, or when Pamela asked her to give me a bath while she was busy doing something else. It’s not like she was in charge of me for any extended time, just here and there kind of thing. The point is that every time she’s always been really nice and took good care of me.”
“That sounds like my sister. If she likes you and you behave for her, you couldn’t ask for a more loving and caring sister.”
“Exactly! That’s why I said don’t mess it up. I doubt Richie is feeling like that about her right now…”
“No he’s not and he’s been fighting against her for years, ever since Mom started putting her in charge of us. But that’s his problem. I never had any problem with her being in charge of me.”
Just then they were approaching the school building, so with a pat on the back, for Tommy, they split up and started for their homerooms before the first classes of the day.
Jamie was sitting at lunch with Pam when Cindy and Becky joined them followed soon by Ricky.
Looking over at the smallest boy Becky said, “I guess you must have accepted the modeling job Ricky since Kelly Waggoner was bragging that her class now has a new fulltime model starting on Thursday.”
“Yes I did Becky, but who’s this Kelly person and why would she brag about them having a model?” Ricky asked.
“A snotty brat that almost nobody likes Ricky. She’s real bossy too, so don’t let her push you around, you work for Mrs. Carter and take directions only from her, not any of the students and especially not Kelly, understand?” Cindy advised.
“And don’t let her bully you into doing anything outside of class either Ricky. With her attitude I wouldn’t be surprised if she tried something. You’re a model only in the classroom and you should never model alone for her, even if she offers to pay you. I don’t trust her and neither does Jamie!” Pam added.
“I agree with all of that Ricky, just don’t trust her and don’t let her bully you into doing anything.” Was Jamie’s ruling.
“Got it, thanks guys, that sounds like good advice and I’ll do just what you said.” Ricky replied with a nod to the group.
“So how did it go with Tommy last night?” Cindy asked Jamie.
“No problems at all Cindy, we just sat and watched TV after dinner and he fell asleep about 8:00, he was really exhausted. I took him to bed about 9 and he never stirred until I woke him this morning. He told us he hadn’t been sleeping well for the past couple of nights and the way he was out of it last night, I believe him. He got a good night’s sleep and seemed good this morning.”
“Tommy’s staying with you Jamie?” Ricky asked.
“Yeah for a couple of days, with all the hassle Richie is causing at home, he’s staying with me for a couple of days until things settle down at home. He shares a room with Richie and apparently Richie has been keeping him up half the night for the past couple of nights and needed to get away for awhile. So my Mom arranged it with his mom.”
“But he’s doing ok otherwise? He’s my friend and I’ll help if I can, He could sleep at my house to if he wanted, I know my mother wouldn’t mind at all and my beds bigger than yours Jamie.” Ricky offered concerned.
“Yeah he’s ok otherwise Ricky, he just needed somewhere he could get some sleep… he had trouble staying awake in class yesterday and staying at my house fixes that. But I’ll let him know about your house being an option so he has a choice.”
“Just keep being his friend and let him know you care, that’s all he needs right now Ricky,” Cindy said giving the younger boy a little hug. “I’ll let my mom know about your offer too; if this goes on longer than a few days he may take you up on it, so we aren’t imposing on Jamie so much. But both our mothers would have to approve.”
“I’ll always do that Cindy I really like him. He’s always been my friend and we’ve always looked out for each other, especially against the bullies here at school.”
“Good and I’m sure he feels the same way about you Ricky, both of you are nice boys and good kids.”
“Well folks sorry to duck out, but it’s off to Math for me and I’m not looking forward to it. At least I understand it now thanks to Pamela, but it’s not my favorite class,” Jamie said with a sigh.
“Not mine either Jamie, you have my sympathy. But I don’t have it until Thursday.” Becky offered.
Giving the group a wave, Jamie set off down the hallway as the others headed to their next classes.
After school Jamie met up with Pam, Cindy and Tommy outside and all of them walked together to the Mercer house. Just inside the doorway, two of them waited, while Cindy and Tommy went to get the suitcase his mother had packed for him. While standing there, they suddenly heard yelling at the back of the house and then the clear sound of a hard spanking in process and a teenage boy was again on the receiving end of a painful lesson.
“Welcome to the drama,” Cindy said as she carried Tommy’s suitcase and Jamie took it from her. “Apparently he’s a very slow learner,” she said with a sigh. “I should feel sorry for him but honestly at this point I don’t. He’s being bull headed and is getting what he deserves. He’ll break long before Mom or Dad will!”
“OK well if you need some time away, just come over and spend some time at my house Cindy, you’re always welcome, just like Tommy is,” Jamie offered. “OK short stuff, let’s head home and maybe we can convince my nasty, slave driving tutor to let us swim before she makes us study and do our homework!” he said with a snicker.
“Hey you.” She said punching his arm lightly, “I can call myself those names, but YOU are not allowed to do that; UNLESS you want to find out just how much I can live up to that description. Understand?” she said sternly.
Dropping to his knees, he held his hands as if praying. “Please forgive me oh great wise and beautiful Amazon Goddess tutor, your humble servant begs your forgiveness for my transgression…”
“Better, but you need to work on your sincerity and that smirking expression definitely needs work if you want to be believable. Now let’s get going!” she replied laughing.
Arriving home, Jamie took the suitcase to his room and immediately started undressing. Tommy had followed him and began undressing when he saw Jamie stripping. “Are you naked at home all the time now, it sure seems that way?” the young boy asked.
“Pretty much Tommy, since I’m swimming most days right after getting home from school, I just stay naked the rest of the evening. Unless I have some reason to get dressed and that’s kind of rare lately. Pamela doesn’t mind and neither does my Mom, in fact Mom likes that there’s less laundry to wash. So yeah I’m mostly naked at home anymore.”
“I was just curious, my mother never minded either and we were mostly naked at our house, so I’m used to it but from what I hear most boys aren’t like that. Their mothers want them dressed all the time in the house…”
“I’ve heard that too, but from what I’ve seen it’s not true Tommy. Yeah they want them dressed if guests are there, unless it’s other young boys. But most moms don’t care if their boys are naked or not; look how many are naked on the beach? And women and girls are always telling us we have no reason to me modest about our bodies. So I think more are nude at home than admit it.”
“That’s a whole lot easier to believe for me too. Maybe the boys just don’t want people to know they hang out starkers at home?”
“That’s probably it Tommy. Now let’s go swimming!”
Walking out to the kitchen, Jamie turned to the girl, “We’re ready when you are Pamela, can we go?”
“Get to it boys, I’ll be right behind you,” she replied smiling.
Running out the door laughing, they ran right past a group of 6 girls walking along the beach, running behind them so most didn’t see them go by until they were past them and dove right into the surf. They didn’t even pay any attention to the girls, until they heard one of them yell to the others, “Hey those boys were naked! So what?” another asked and then they all continued walking along the beach.
“Guess they missed the show!” Tommy said laughing as he swam over beside Jamie.
“Yeah they did, only one of them even looked as we ran past them…” he chuckled, then dunked Tommy with one hand.
“Hey Jamie I was being nice! Guess you want a war,” and started splashing the bigger boy as he giggled that the first splash hit Jamie right in the face with his mouth open causing him to sputter.
Jamie swam after him then caught him and squealing dunked him again then pulled him up and lifted him high before tossing him into a wave. Tommy just swam back and said “Do that again, not the dunking, but the throwing that was fun!” So Jamie tossed him about another 20 times before Jamie decided to stop.
“That resembles work too much!” Jamie said breathing hard as Tommy swam back to him.
“OK we’ll stop then I don’t want you getting too tired Jamie.” Tommy said as he hugged him. “It was a lot of fun though.”
“Yeah it was Tommy, but I’m no jock, so lifting you that many times is something I’m not used to.”
“Then let’s go sit with Pam and rest some, you know give you a little breather…”
“OK Tommy good idea,” and they started for the shore.
When the boys plopped down beside her after only 15 minutes she just looked at them questioningly.
“I tired him out,” Tommy said grinning.
Pam then just looked at Jamie with a raised eyebrow and he answered, “Yeah he really did this time,” with a sigh. “Lifting him up high like that and chucking him away degenerated into actual work!”
<laugh> “Then I hope you’ll remember it the next time and not get so carried away.” She responded.
“Yeah I can guarantee I’ll remember..”
“Good so rest some and we can either call a halt or you can go back in, but rest first.”
“Yes ma’am.”
They were still sitting there when Tommy saw the girls off in the distance headed back in their direction. “Jamie we either need to go back in the water or go inside that group of girls are coming back and I don’t want them gawking at me.”
“Do you know them?”
“Yeah they’re all in my class at school and a bunch of gossips and not very nice. Two of them like to bully smaller kids and Ricky and I have been favorite targets of them. I just don’t want to deal with them.”
“Then let’s go inside Tommy, no sense putting yourself in a confrontation if we don’t have too.” Jamie decided. “We’re going in Pamela,” he said and pulled Tommy up, she just nodded she understood but stayed on the beach.
“Hey where did those boys go, we wanted to see them naked?” one of the young girls asked Pam as they approached her.
“They went inside, choosing not to deal with some idiots!” Pam sternly replied.
“What do you mean?”
“They recognized you from school and knew that two of you at least are idiots and bullies that would try to tease them and humiliate them rather than be respectful. So they chose not to deal with you at all!”
“Listen girls, if you ever want a boyfriend you need to get a clue and treat boys better. It’s because of your attitude that there are no naked boys on the beach right now, even though they’d rather be out here swimming and that pisses me off, because I like to watch them out here too.”
“But we want to see them,” one of them whined.
“Too bad you scared them off! Listen you little bitches! Us women have spent years teaching boys that they have no reason for modesty out here on the beach and that girls and women wouldn’t tease or humiliate them and what happens? Some stupid little girls want to tease them and make a practice of being bullies and ruin it for the rest of us. Boys don’t date girls who bully them! They don’t like girls who humiliate them! Learn it quick or you’re going to be very lonely when you get older, because THEY won’t forget how you treat them now!”
“We’re sorry,” another whined.
 “I’m not the one you need to apologize to missy. You need to treat all the boys at school nicely or believe me they won’t have anything to do with you. They’ll see how you treat other boys and pass the word that you’re nothing but a self-centered bitch and none will ever want to be with you. So get a clue and change your ways! For now you’re not going to see any boys so just leave or I just might start kicking your little asses off this beach!”
“You can’t do that!”
Standing and towering over the younger girl she just looked down and said, “Can’t I? Want to try me? Now Go!”
“Shit let’s get out of here Judy!” another said pulling the girl away and all of them took off quickly.
“What happened we saw you talking to them Pamela?”
“I just gave then a small attitude adjustment Jamie, nothing much…”
“How did you do that?” Tommy asked.
“Explained the facts of life to them that’s all. I just told them that if they ever want a boyfriend they needed to change their behavior towards boys. That boys don’t like girls that tease, bully or humiliate them and that boys let other boys know how girls treat them. So they’d better change how they treat boys or they’re going to be really lonely.”
“I doubt Judy Conway agreed, she’s the worst of that bunch!” Tommy replied with a sigh. “I hate her and Connie Rivers, they’re the worst of all of the girls in our class. I know boys have complained to the teachers about them but nothing’s been done. They’re still there and still just as nasty as ever, just more careful not to be seen when they bully us and not just boys, they do it to girls too.”
“Judy huh? She was the mouthy little blond that wanted to challenge me when I told them to leave, until I stood up and used my big size. <giggle> I think she peed her panties when I stood looking down at her and asked whether she really wanted to test whether I could make them leave or not!”
“Yeah that sounds like her. Her family’s got lots of money and she thinks she can do whatever she wants that her rich daddy will always get her out of any trouble she gets into. So far it seems she’s right about her Dad always getting her out of trouble…”
“Don’t worry Tommy, I know her type. Sooner or later she’ll get a reality check when Daddy’s money WON’T get her nasty little butt out of trouble and then she’ll have to change or it will just get worse for her each time after that.” Pam said patting his back. “No matter how tough she thinks she is, there’s always someone out there who’s stronger and tougher and her type falls hard when they run into them.”
“Hope she runs into them soon then, I can’t stand even being in the same room with the stuck-up little ‘Princess’!”
“She will Tommy, they always do sooner or later and she won’t like the results. Enough about her though, you boys need to get clean so into the bathroom with you!” was the gentle response and both boys just nodded and headed that direction.
Pam just had to smile when she entered the bathroom and found Tommy calmly standing while Jamie was washing his body with his soapy hands. Tommy was obviously enjoying the attention wasn’t doing anything that might make Jamie stop. “Need help?” she asked.
“No Jamie’s doing at great job,” Tommy replied grinning.
“But has he washed himself really good?” she asked.
“I think so but he likes it when you wash him, and I don’t think he’d complain if you made sure he was really clean,” Tommy said grinning at the big girl.
“Well since he can’t seem to answer for himself, I’ll just do that then Tommy,” and soaping up her hands proceeded to start washing Jamie and just smiled as she felt him press his body into her hands.
Once they were done and rinsed off, she dried each of them lovingly and gave each a tight hug and kiss. “I just love dealing with good boys like you two,” she told them as she stood there hugging both of them at once, one in each arm. “Are you guys getting hungry yet?”
“Yeah a little, lunch at school was the pits again,” Jamie responded.
“OK I’ll go see what we can have for dinner. Where are your dilators Jamie? I assume Tommy’s is in his suitcase.”
“Do we need to wear them Pam?” Tommy asked looking up at her.
“I’d like you to Tommy, if you wear them every day on weekdays then having them in is the usual thing and they won’t bother you so much on the days you have to have them in for you medicine. It doesn’t hurt to wear it does it? I know Jamie’s told me his doesn’t and he even forgets to take it out at night sometime, forgetting it’s even there.”
“No it doesn’t hurt any, and I forget it’s there sometime too. I’ll go find mine then, we’re already clean inside so it won’t take long to put them in…”
“I’ll need to get mine too Pamela, unless you have to do it, I can get us plugged easy enough, why don’t you go see about dinner, I really am kind of hungry. It won’t take long and then we’ll come help.” Jamie replied.
“You don’t need help putting it in Jamie?”
“No, it’s actually easier to do it myself. I just lube it up good and my hole and then push it in. Since I control it, I relax almost automatically as I push it in. Since I’m controlling the pressure, it just slides in no problem at all.”
“OK then you get you boys plugged and I’ll go start on dinner. You really are a good boy Jamie” she said giving him another kiss.
“I’m just trying to make things as easy as I can for you Pamela, I don’t want you to have to work hard taking care of us, it’s just not necessary. Tommy’s easy to take care of and I don’t want you to have to bother doing things for us when we should be helping you.” That earned him another hug and kiss from the smiling girl before she left him to go get his plug.
“Found it!” Tommy said as Jamie walked over to his dresser to get his from the drawer.
“Take it to the bathroom and I’ll be there in a minute Tommy,” Jamie directed as he opened his drawer.
When he returned to the bathroom and got the KY Lubricant out of the cabinet, his thoughts were interrupted by Tommy. “Hey Jamie, why does your plug look like a cock and it’s a little longer too? All of us have ones that are white soft plastic like stuff?”
<sigh> “Because it’s actually an Adult Sex Toy and not a Medical Device like yours Tommy. When Pam first told my Mom about the Puericil-Plus and how it had to be administered and that her fingers weren’t long enough to get the suppository in far enough, well Mom gave her this toy to use. Its soft silicone rubber and the right size, so she’s just used it with me since I started taking the drug that way. Neither Mom nor Pamela could see any reason to spend money for one like yours, when this works fine and does the same thing and she already had it.”
“Why would your Mom have something like that Jamie?”
“I don’t know, didn’t ask and actually don’t want to know Tommy. I assume since it’s a sex toy that it’s a girl and woman thing and none of my business.” Jamie said blushing.
“Right I won’t ask again then Jamie. <giggle> “So you spend all evening with a 6” cock in your ass?”
“Yeah I do and I don’t want to hear about it mister!”
“Right, I won’t mention it again! Just teasing a little, it IS kind of funny you know…”
“Yeah it is, but I don’t want to think about it like that, now let’s get you plugged so we can go eat dinner!”
Jamie sat on the closed toilet and without even saying anything; Tommy was quickly across his lap his little butt in the perfect position. Jamie applied some lube around his hole and then on his fingers and when he pressed at the little pink ring it opened immediately and Jamie had two fingers inside in seconds. “Wow you open really easy Tommy, I had to work several minutes to do that with Ricky,” he said as his fingers gently moved in and out and heard a moan as he realized he was rubbing Tommy’s prostate.
“I’ll tell you about it later, when we’re totally alone Jamie, but yeah I open easy because I’m used to being penetrated back there. I just don’t want to talk about right now ok?
“OK later then, just stay relaxed and I’ll put your dilator in,” Jamie replied and quickly had it seated in place. “All done Tommy, you can get up.” Tommy stood and gave Jamie a hug and kissed his cheek.
“Thanks Jamie you were really gentle.”
“No problem, give me a second and I’ll have mine in and we’ll be done.”
Tommy watched as Jamie greased up his toy and then put one foot on the toilet seat, reached under himself and applied a little to his hole and then just gently pushed it up inside himself. “All done” he said as he looked over at the boy watching him, “It’s actually easier when I do it myself,” he said shrugging his shoulders.
“Whatever works,” Tommy replied and both took turns washing their hands before heading to the kitchen.
“That didn’t take long,” Pam commented as they joined her in the kitchen.
“We’re used to it Pamela so it gets easier each time, just relax and it slides right in, not difficult,” Jamie explained. “So what can we do to help?”
“Not much honey, one of you can set the table for us and the other make three fresh salads and get out the dressing. I found some fully cooked chicken breasts and have them in the oven and there’s some macaroni salad, so I just thought we’d go with the chicken, macaroni salad and a green salad if that’s ok and there’s Ice Cream for dessert. Once the chicken heats up we can eat. Is that ok?”
“Works for me and a lot better than what we had at school,” Jamie replied.
“Yeah sounds good,” Tommy added.
After dinner they all started on homework and were done in about 2 hours including review and corrections. Packing up their work and supplies, they retired to the living room. Jamie noticed Pamela was carrying a hardback book. “Is that the same book you were reading last night? What is it?” he asked.

“Just a novel for fun. Nothing special, I read two or three books a week.” She replied.
“Just curious, is it any good?”
“I think so… it’s kind of a mystery story, you know a ‘who done it’ type.”
“Will it bother you if we watch TV again?”
“No you boys can do whatever you want, play games, watch TV whatever…”
“Ok thanks Pamela,” Jamie responded, then turned to Tommy.
“TV like last night,” Tommy replied before Jamie could even get the question out.
“OK you pick it,” he said tossing Tommy the remote control and plopped down on the couch.
Tommy stood there and turned on the TV, then flipped channels until he found the movie he was searching for, then turned to the couch and looked at Jamie, “Like last night,” he softly said and Jamie swung his body around long ways on the couch and opened his legs. Tommy crawled between them and lay back against him with a big sigh, “Perfect,” he mumbled as Jamie’s arms draped over his shoulders and one hand gently rubbed his chest.
At 9:00 Jamie noticed Tommy nodding off and just patted him on the tummy. “Let’s go to bed Tommy you’re sitting here fighting going to sleep.”
“I won’t argue Jamie, I’m tired…” was the response.
Turning off the TV, Jamie got them up and just advised Pam that they were going to bed and got a nod as she looked up from her book, “OK good night boys,” was all she said before returning to reading.
“Bathroom first,” Jamie directed and led Tommy that direction. Once there he pulled out their plugs and washed them while Tommy took care of business, then emptied himself, and washed up before they crossed to his room and after turning off the lights, curled up together in bed. Tommy curled up against his front and they lay there together facing each other.
“Are you going to explain now?” Jamie whispered.
“Yeah I will… Jamie, I’ve never told anyone about this before and it was supposed to be secret. But I want you to know… Jamie, I’m easy to open back there, because I’ve been doing boy sex for years, since I was about 8. I’ve done just about everything two boys can do together…”
“You have?.... How? What?”
“Everything… handjobs, blowjobs, and lots of fucking… with Richie… we started playing when he found about sex and well he taught me. Mostly it’s been me giving him handjobs and blowjobs, until a couple of years ago, then he started fucking me and Jamie I really like it. When he rubbed me inside with his cock it felt great and I love feeling that. At first it was only a couple times per week, and he was always gentle and loving with me. Then about a year ago he started demanding I do something every day. When I didn’t want to he started getting rough with me and I hated when he did that. That’s what was happening when Mom overheard us. I didn’t want to and he was arguing with me about it. And well we were on Puericil the very next day.”
“I don’t know what to say Tommy. It’s one thing if two boys who like each other and want to play like that and make each other feel good. It’s totally different if you’re forced to do those things; that’s just not right. He shouldn’t have been doing that with you when you were so young either.”
“It was ok Jamie, he didn’t force me to do anything until a year ago. It was fun to play with him like that and I could see how good it made him feel when I did things for him. I loved him Jamie and it made me feel good to make my brother feel good and be happy. It was only when he started demanding that I do those things that I didn’t like it, especially when he got rough about it.”
“I’m sorry he treated you that way Tommy, no boy should have to be forced like that. Have you played like that with other boys?”
“Not really… Jamie you know Ricky is my best friend right? Ok we’ve played a little, but not much more kind of like experimenting you know. Ricky just found out about sex this year really and was curious about it. So I taught him how to jerk-off and make himself feel good, then we did it for each other and that was cool for both of us. I gave him a blowjob, but he was too scared to do it for me but does want to try it sometime. That’s all we’ve done and he’s the only one I’ve played with like that.”
“That’s not unusual for two boys like you and Ricky to play a little like that Tommy. I’ve never done that, but I know lots of boys do it, and it’s not a big deal it’s just them learning about sex and their own bodies. Just don’t force Ricky to do anything he doesn’t want to. He’s a really sweet boy and doesn’t deserve that.”
“I’d never force him to do anything Jamie, he’s my best friend in the world and I’d never hurt him or even ever make if feel bad intentionally. Since he’s learned about sex though he wants to try things, and I’m only telling you this because he might ask you to do things with him. Once we started wearing our dilators last week he discovered about how it feels when his prostate gets rubbed and asked me about it. He told me when he sits a certain way, it presses right on it and makes him cum, and he loves the way that feels. So don’t be surprised if he asks you to have sex with him. He loves you and trusts you totally and you’re big enough down there to make it feel good for him. I’m not big enough to rub him inside with my dick, so he might ask you to do it. Actually I’d like you do that for me too if you’re willing, you’re as big as our dilators so I know you could rub me good inside. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but I really like how you treat me and I trust you totally just like Ricky does, so I’m willing if you are.”
<sigh> “Tommy since you’re being totally honest with me I owe you the same honesty. Ricky has already asked me to do that and we did it last Friday when he slept over here. But he’s also done that to me twice. The week before on Saturday when we took a nap together, I woke up and he was inside my butt and we talked about it; he was scared it happened; he didn’t mean for that to happen but told me how good it felt for him to be in me like that. So I just let him do it intentionally. It didn’t do anything for me but it made him happy. He’s so small it was like having a small finger in me, that’s all I felt. Then Friday night I let him do it again, and then I did him and he was right it was awesome being inside him like that. But that’s all we’ve done except for cuddling and some kissing. Other than with Ricky I’ve never done anything with another boy.”
“Would it be ok if I let Ricky know that I know about you two playing? I don’t want to keep secrets from him if I don’t have to Jamie, if I don’t tell him, and he finds out, it could spoil our friendship?”
“Yes you can tell him and I’ll tell him we talked like this Tommy, I don’t want to mess up my friendship with him either. We both care about him and don’t want him hurt or feeling bad.”
“So big guy now for the big question could I talk you into fucking me tonight and making me a happy little boy?” he asked with a snicker.
“I don’t think that you’ll have to work hard to convince me Tommy, I want you happy about being with me. Just a couple of things though. No one ever knows about us doing things except us and Ricky and we’re going to have to wait until my mother is home, in bed and asleep and we have to be very quiet so we don’t wake her. The only other problem is me getting hard, I have to work at it to get a boner ever since they put me on this drug. It’s one of the side effects of it and the only thing I really hate about it.”
“Which is why my brother hates it so much… No problem on any of that Jamie, I can get you hard. I’ll just suck you until you have a good hard-on it always works. I can’t wait to feel you inside me, I love that more than anything, rub me good inside and I’ll be a happy boy. We should just go to sleep for now and when one of us wakes up, wake the other and we’ll have some fun, ok?”
“Sounds good Tommy, we can’t do anything for a couple of hours at least. Mom should be coming home about now and we have to give her plenty of time to be in bed and asleep so she won’t look in on us. I figure she’ll do that at least once before going to bed herself.”
“Yeah my mom does that every night too, I guess it’s a mother thing. Open the door to make sure we’re in bed and asleep. Like we’d be somewhere else after going to bed?...”
“You’re right all mothers do that… so let’s go to sleep for awhile so she sees nothing wrong in here…”
“Right good night Jamie and I’ll wake you if I wake up first because I really want this…”
“Good night Tommy and I’ll do the same…” he replied, then gave Tommy a soft kiss on the mouth.
“We need to do more of that too Jamie, Richie never kissed me like that and I want more of that.”
<giggle> “We will, I really like kissing someone I care about, now go to sleep!”
Out in the living room, Janet had just arrived, “How are the boys Pam? Any Problems?”
“Asleep now Janet, they went to bed at 9 and I think talked for awhile, but it’s been quiet in there for the past half hour or so. As to them otherwise, they were perfect little boys today and were even volunteering to do things or making sure they did what I wanted without me even having to ask. I couldn’t ask for two better behaved boys to look after.”
“Is Tommy handling things ok? I worry how the problems with his brother might affect him.”
“Having gotten a good night’s sleep, he seems fine Janet. Ricky also offered to let him stay with him if this goes for an extended time. They’re best friends and have been for a long time, I gather and that sounds like a viable option for him. Apparently they’ve had sleepovers before so both boys are fine with doing that. Ricky said his mother wouldn’t have any problem with it.”
“Yes well that’s an option, but Mary is a single parent too and there wouldn’t be anyone there to look after them if she has to work evenings or nights which sometimes happens with her job as a nurse. That’s how Ricky ended up here last Friday night.”
“OK if that happened, I could always take Jamie over there and stay with them like I do here, or just have all three of them here. The boys cuddle up so tightly when they sleep all three could fit on one bed with no problem at all and I doubt any of them would object at least for one night.”
“You don’t think Jamie would object?”
<laugh>”No he sat with Tommy cuddled up to him all evening both yesterday and this evening and does the same thing with Ricky when they’re here together. He’s the best big brother to both of those boys they could ever ask for. He’d have no problem with it. Those little boys love Jamie and he really cares about them too.”
“Guess it shouldn’t be a problem then, you did tell me he had both of them cuddled with him Saturday when Richie was out here getting spanked, and both of the little ones were sound asleep against him when you went to tell him it was all over. So it’s obvious he’d be ok with it at least on a short term basis.”
“He did and all three of them were happy he took care of them like that. Both of the little guys hugged him and thanked him for taking care of them when they woke up and came out later.”
“OK so I’ll talk to Mary and Tommy’s mom and we can work out a schedule if necessary. It all depends on Richie at this point and when they get him under control. Tommy’s just having to deal with the fallout from his brother’s problem. Is Cindy taking all this ok? I worry about how it’s affecting her too?”
“She seems to be handling it ok. Obviously she’s not happy with Richie and was worried more about Tommy than herself. I told her if things get to loud at home to come over here and do her homework here with the boys and me or just come here for the evening if she needs a break. Her mother and father are handling Richie, she’s just helping out some but it’s mostly her parents who are handling it all. She just has to listen to it and as she calls it the ‘drama’ gets loud at times.”
“That’s fine Pam, she can spend all the time she wants here, just like you; she has an open invitation to treat this place like home. She’s both good to and for the boys and a very nice girl, so she’ll always be welcome here. I’ll let her mother know that too, when I talk to her. In fact come to think of it; Cindy could babysit Ricky and Tommy at Mary’s house if needed so that’s another option for all of them.”
“Just let me know what you women work out and any of its fine with me. I’m flexible; I just need to know the game plan we’re working from. Now that we’ve talked out the current situation, I think I’ll head home.” She said rising and putting her book in her pack.
“Alright thanks for your assessments Pam and I’ll see you tomorrow,” the woman said as the girl headed for the door to leave. “Bye Pam, good night dear…”
After taking a shower, Janet checked on the boys then made her way to bed and was soon sound asleep.
Sometime later, Jamie woke with the feel of a warm wet mouth gently sucking on his cock. “Tommy?” he whispered.
<giggle> “Expecting someone else to be sucking you like this?” was the whispered back.
“No and that feels wonderful!”
“Glad you like it because I like doing it, you taste good… Just relax I’ve almost got you ready.”
“Whatever… you’re not going to hear me complain,” he replied as he felt Tommy take him in his mouth again and that wonderful tongue swirl around the head of his cock giving him sensations like he’d never felt before.
A couple of minutes later Tommy sat up and grabbed the hand lotion from the night stand, “Just lay still and I’ll do everything, I want to ride you, I love doing that, because I can control where you’re touching me inside,” Tommy advised quietly.
“Do whatever you want Tommy you know more about this than me…”
“Only because I’ve had lots of practice, now shut up and let me have fun!”
“Go for it Tommy, whatever you want…”
A few seconds later Jamie felt Tommy’s hand stroking his cock with a coating of hand lotion, then felt him straddle his body and shortly after that, his cock rubbing against Tommy’s boy hole. Then Tommy pressed down and Jamie groaned as he felt the boy slowly slide down his cock until their bodies met when he was all the way inside. Tommy moaned too, and whispered, “Even better than I hoped for Jamie, you’re the perfect size for me. Not too big, not too small, perfect,” he mumbled.
Tommy started moving, mostly rocking back and forward and Jamie just lay there enjoying the feel of the hot boy flesh encasing his cock as the boy’s insides griped him tightly and rubbed him as he moved on him. “I’m gonna cum Jamie, hold on…” Tommy whimpered and Jamie felt Tommy’s passage grip him even harder, then he felt Tommy’s whole body jerk above him as the boy groaned and some liquid dribbled onto his tummy as Tommy shook from his orgasm. Tommy paused a few seconds then started moving again and it didn’t take long for Jamie to feel his own body responding and all he could get out was ‘don’t stop’ then he flooded Tommy’s insides with his own cum and Tommy kept moving milking him until he felt Jamie go soft inside him. Then lifted himself from him and lay on top of him both breathing hard.
Jamie pulled him higher and kissed him soundly and Tommy quickly learned how to respond with his own kisses. “Thanks Tommy that was the best ever.” He whispered between kisses.
“Great for me too Jamie, much better than with Richie… I want more of that whenever we can get together… hang on and I’ll wipe us off. I shot cum all over you… I got a towel from the bathroom before we started…”
“Always prepared like a boy scout huh? Good thinking Tommy,” he said with a quiet giggle.
“Always…Jamie,” the boy said as Jamie felt the towel wiping his stomach. Tommy wiped himself, got off took the towel to the laundry basket, them came back and climbed back into bed and cuddled as close to Jamie as he could possibly get. “Thanks Jamie I needed that… now we can go back to sleep…”
“Good night Tommy,” he whispered, then kissed the boy again and closed his eyes to go back to sleep.
The boys bodies were still tangled together when the alarm clock went off waking them. Jamie untangled his limbs and turned to the edge of the bed, when his mother opened the door. “Oh good you’re awake,” she said as he sat there rubbing his eyes to clear them.
“Yeah the alarm clock just went off…” he mumbled.
“Go take your showers and get dressed and I’ll have breakfast ready when you get there.” she advised.
“We’ll be there soon Mom…” he mumbled back, as she left. Turning to Tommy he flipped back the covers and gave him a playful sway on the butt. “Wake up Tommy, we have to go shower!”
“Yeah ok Jamie, let me get my eyes open,” he grumbled.
In the bathroom Jamie sat on the toilet taking care of business when he looked up at Tommy standing waiting. “Hang on, come over here a second Tommy,” he directed. Tommy stepped closer and Jamie reached out and holding him by the hips turned him around and his hand gently rubbed the boy’s behind. “yeah it’s what I thought?” he mumbled.
“What?” Tommy asked.
“Dried cum on your butt,” was whispered reply. “You either didn’t wipe good enough or leaked after you wiped, but you had dried cum on you… we’ll have to be more careful!” he quietly told the boy.
“Yeah can’t have evidence…Sorry Jamie…”
“No problem as long as Mom doesn’t see it…”
Quickly in the shower both boys washed each other and carefully checked each other to make sure all evidence was gone. Drying each other, and taking care of other business, they headed back to the bedroom and were soon dressed and headed to the kitchen where his mother waited with their breakfast. “Good morning boys,” she greeted them and gave each a hug and kiss, “did you boys sleep well?”
“Yes,” Jamie replied.
“Yes Mrs. Henderson thank you, I like sleeping with Jamie I don’t wake at all…”
“Good! Now eat up, growing boys need food.” She directed as she refilled her coffee and joined them. “You’re modeling today aren’t you Jamie?”
“Yes Mom two periods this morning just before lunch.”
“Is that difficult for you? I’ve always heard it was hard to hold still for a long time like that?”
“Not so far anyway. The poses she’s had me take weren’t any strain, kind of relaxed really. I just have to concentrate on staying still and ignoring what’s going on around me. But it’s not that difficult.”
“OK well I did ask Pam about that drawing you mentioned and she’s going to bring it over and show it to me since Its been graded. If it’s as nice as you said, I plan on buying it from her.”
“I figured you would and you’ll like it, she did a great job on it, she’s really talented.”
“I can’t wait to see it, if you think it’s good, it must be exceptional given how shy you’ve always been. You don’t even like most photographs of you…”
“Just believe me Mom, you’ll like it, I do and I think it looks better than I do in real life.”
“Good, now off to school boys and try to have an uneventful day…”
As the boys walked to school Tommy bumped into Jamie’s shoulder grinning. “Today confirms it.”
“Your mother needs that second cup of coffee to loosen up from her ‘business’ mode,” he replied with a giggle. “That’s not a bad thing just kind of interesting…”
“She’s always been like that so it’s nothing new to me. I told you that’s how she is and now you have to believe me.”
“Yep, I believe it. So what was all that about modeling?”
“I model for my Art class, no big deal. Your sister is in both of the ones I’m in, so is Pamela but I thought you knew that?”
“I knew you were in those classes, but I just assumed you were drawing or painting like Cindy, I didn’t know you were modeling for them…”
“OK well I’m the model the other students draw, paint or whatever, and in exchange I get an ‘A’ for the class. Ricky will be doing it too, for the other 8th grade class starting tomorrow.”
“So what you just pose for them and they do all the work and you get an ‘A’? Sweet deal!”
“Yes, but I pose nude Tommy, that’s why I get the grade. So far all of them have been nice to me, but it could have turned out differently, if there were girls like you saw on the beach yesterday. Fortunately none of them are like that, at least so far…”
“Well good luck with it Jamie, hope it keeps going good for you.”
“Yeah I hope so too!”



(End of File)

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