Unfair To Girls - Laia's Letter 4

By Sofia
[email protected]

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Unfair To Girls - Laia's Letter IV

A letter to the advice column "Unfair To Girls!" in the monthly magazine Teen Miss published for girls six to twenty. The letters are usually from girls who protest and complain about things they don't like generally about lack of privacy and that (frequently younger) boys are in charge. A Puericil-G story!
This story contains scenes of spanking and domination of a young teen.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The fictitious drug Puericil-G is described at puericilInfo.htm.
This work is copyright by the authors and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.
The authors would appreciate your comments. pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to e-mail.
Unfair To Girls
Letter by: [email protected]
If you enjoyed the letter, feel free to write a response.

Laia (15)
Dear Unfair to girls;
Six months since I started taking the Puericil-G and now I can see how mean I was to everyone. My aunt, my cousins, all those school boys and girls I bullied and talked bad about, even with my mom before she left. I’m sorry.
I am writing this letter with a double purpose, first, to thank your magazine for all the help during the first months, it was hard at first, all the transition, going from being a mean bitch to a better girl. And second, our English teacher asked us to write and expose a story about something that has changed our lives. Well, Puericil-G changed mine.
I think a good start is to say some of the things I’ve done wrong.
I lied to mom often, made her feel guilty and used any situation for my own benefit.
I used to cheat at tests, forced some of my classmates into sharing their homework so I could copy, I did the same on tests, so I would keep my grades high when I didn’t deserve those.
I made other girls feel bad about their bodies, criticising their flaws and ignoring their merits, I would never compliment anyone unless I needed something from them.
I was mean to boys, if they asked to date me I rejected them in the meanest way, in public causing them shame and embarrassment.
In my old school, I was a bully, I was 12 when I pulled down George's pants down exposing his cartoon briefs to everyone in the playground. I made him think I was in love with him, and then, made a show of my rejection
My old neighbor, Peter, I told everyone he was a pervert who tried to spy me when I was changing in my room.
I used to tease boys and man, that made me feel important, letting them have a glimpse of my underwear or cleavage and enjoyed the attention I got from them.
Again, I lied to my aunt and cousins, I was lazy and didn’t help at home. I hurt my cousins on purpose, especially their balls, squeezing and pinching them, but not only those, also the rest of their bodies. I made them wet their beds and hid their homework trying to cause them trouble.
Once in this new school, I failed to my new classmates. I spread rumors, I said that Martha was lesbian and that another of my classmates, Sandra was dating with one of the teachers, Mr. Henderson.
I said that I had seen Oscar’s cock and that it was tiny. I tried other to believe that I was mature and sexually active while the truth is that I’ve only seen a cock, a small one, and only kissed a couple of boys.
I’m sorry for each one of those things, and for plenty of things I don’t have time to explain.
But I’ve changed.
Some of you know about my life at home, like the ones who have brothers or sisters who go to the same class that my cousins, I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors.
At home, I’m often wearing only a pair of panties and a shirt, not always, sometimes, if I’ve been especially bad I’m only in panties. Clothes are a reward now, not that I care too much. I would love to spend all the day at home and naked, that freedom is great, also, that helps me to remember that my body is not something to use for my own benefit. I’m just a little girl, little girls don’t need privacy, I don’t need privacy, but I need strict control.
At first, it was difficult, the first times my cousins brought friends at home I feel like I wanted to die, I was embarrassed. Then I learned that they had stopped bringing friends home once I moved to live with them, it was my fault, they were afraid I would embarrass them, so, once I thought about it, it was fair that I felt the same embarrassment.
So now, when my cousin’s friends are at home I try to be nice, no matter what I’m wearing, I serve them drinks and snacks, I smile them and talk only nice words.
Of course, they watch me, the times I’m shirtless they can’t move their eyes away from my breasts, butt or even my kitty if it’s exposed. It’s fine, they’re just curious, is normal for boys to be curious about girl’s body. They are never mean to me, not even when my cousins spank me and I have to stay in the corner with my panties down my knees.
They are willing to help too, with my baths, for example, they all want to bath me so at least, once a week my cousins are free from that job and let their friends take care of me.
They enjoy washing me, I know that sometimes they tease me spending more time playing with my “boobies” that’s how they call my breasts, they love my nipples and make them getting hard and kiss them.
Each boy has a favorite part, some likes to play with my kitty, others with my boobies, even a few seem interested in what’s in between my buttocks. It’s a bit stressing feeling all those hands and lips over me, but they seem to enjoy it and I like to see them happy. That’s another thing that has changed, I enjoy watching others having fun.
When they spend the night at home, they help with the diapers, my massages, or even with my daily dose of Puericil. At first, I had it on the pill form, but I had to go to the doctor because I had some soreness in my mouth, I went with my cousins.
As usual, the doctor did a general check. He found my nipples were getting more and more sensitive instead of the usual effects of the drug, but that didn’t seem to worry him that much.
Then, he examined my mouth in detail and said that the pills were causing a bad reaction with one of the components of Puericil-G formula. Suppositories had some different components, and with a bit of luck, the one causing me that allergy would be the ones that changed.
The Doctor asked me to lie down and on my side, then, showed my cousins the best position and the right way to apply them. Keeping my buttocks spread he rubbed the suppository around my back-hole for a while, he said that it was to make it melt a bit so it would slip inside easily.
Then, I felt the pressure, it was the suppository, followed by the doctor’s finger, he said how deep it had to go, and then, kept everything inside for some seconds. Finally, he pulled out his finger and pushed my buttocks together for a couple of minutes.
The process wasn’t nice, and the first time my cousins applied it I was feeling uncomfortable, if you think that was a silly thought, they washed my butt daily, so, that wasn’t different. As always, I slowly got used, and now, is totally natural for me.
Also, little boys and girls don’t take pills, so now I think suppositories are better for me.
I’ve learned to be humble, wearing diapers or training panties helps, Miss Jennifer, changes me when I’m at school.It’s one of the effects of the drug I’m into, I can’t control my bladder, so during tests periods, or whenever I’m feeling nervous about something, I have to wear those. Some of the girls are aware of it, you’ve seen us in the bathroom, but instead of being mean and making jokes of me, everyone that knew about acted nice and helpful like checking my diapers from time to time to see if they’re wet.
I have not sexual impulses or desires, yes, my nipples react even to the slightest touch, but that’s all I’ve got.
Once a week I have my supervised masturbation session, my cousins watch and supervise me until I cum, and each time is getting more difficult, my body doesn’t react the same way it used to, they often record those sessions so they can show the videos to the doctor, that’s important so he can follow my changes.
Those are not the only videos they take, they have plenty of videos and images of me. They say that it’s a kind of diary of my changes, I trust them, and until now I don’t know about anybody else watching those videos, I think is perfectly fine, they take care of me day after day, and I know  I can trust  them, they’re mature and act like any other adult.
I don’t wear bras anymore, well maybe I still need them, but I see all those little girls without any bra and I want to be like them. It’s uncomfortable at PE, I feel my boobies bouncing but it’s a small payment for the freedom. Anyway, my breasts are getting smaller, and someday I won’t really need a bra anymore, I’m wishing this day to come really soon. I was proud of my breasts, too much, and I think those were one of the reasons a was mean with other girls. I think that losing them would be a karmic experience.
Being a little girl makes things easier, I know I have to do as told. I don’t need to think about what to do or what to dress, my cousins or aunt shop for my clothes and make all the decisions if they’re not around Miss Jennifer or Miss Samantha takes them. I don’t have a word and is great.
The only thing that keeps annoying me is my pubes, they’re still there, forcing me to remember my old me, I shave them, and wish they won’t grow again soon. At least, they’re blonde and don’t have many and the ones I have are thin. Not so bad, but still annoying.
Miss Samantha, or Mistress Samantha, since she wants us to call her that, is also nice on her own way she loves to spend time with her brother and me, so we often spend time on her room.
Daniel and I are always naked in her room, I think that’s worse for her brother than for me since she often brings a few girlfriends home.
I feel better with my cousins than with her and her friends, I feel judged and they often try to compare my body with theirs, that’s unfair, I’m a little girl and they’re growing up as fine girls. I know is not their fault, boys and girls are different, at least, I know that Samantha, even when she’s a bit mean, loves us a lot.
She likes to play dress up games, sometimes makes us exchange clothes, so I wear Daniel briefs while he wears my panties, Daniel blushes deep at those times. He can hear the girls giggling when they watch his little bulge inside my panties.
Another thing they like is making us touch each other, they say that it’s so we know our bodies better, I don’t mind when he touches me, I’m used, plenty of boys take care of my  private needs, but touching him is different, I don’t know how he feels, half embarrassed and half excited, the worst it to know that I’m making him feel awkward, like when he reaches what Miss Samantha calls dry orgasm.
I have plenty of stories but I don’t think that’s the right moment to explain all of them if you have questions just stop me around and I’ll be happy to answer all of them.
 I think is time to finish this text.
Since I started to take Puericil-G my life has improved, not only mine but everybody around me is happier.
My teachers, classmates, aunt, cousins, everyone is happier now than before, I am also happy, free from any responsibility. I don’t have to make any choice or make decisions, I’m totally free to be a little girl...
Even my mom is happier, she’s now settled in a new country and meet a cool guy, they’re planning to get married, so soon I will have three stepbrothers, one stepsister and plenty of new cousins.
She wants me to move with them this summer and says that everyone is willing to meet me. Months ago I would have been terrified, not now, I will do as told, go where I’m told to go and try to be the best girl I can.
Now is clear when I’m doing something wrong because I end with a red bottom, it’s clear when I do things right because I’m complimented and everybody smiles and is nice to me. I only needed to do one last thing, to tell everyone about my new life, to tell my classmates and teachers.
Secrets are bad, and keeping one made me feel miserable, so here I am. In front of each one of you. apologizing and confessing everything. No more secrets, from now on I’m only a little girl.


Response by
Paul D. Baker, Ph.D.
(written by Red Rover): [email protected]

Dear Laia,

I am glad to see that you have accepted being a “little girl” for now. Growing up is hard work and you had some real problems the first time you tried it.  Now that you have decided to be a little girl for a while longer, you can ease into growing up and take each step when you feel ready to, not when your friends and classmates think it is time.  It’s not always going to be easy and I am sure there will be times when you get discouraged.  But you have a very long life ahead of you and what matters now will not seem as important ten or twenty years form now. 

You will have a chance to start over again with your new family. Your new siblings will just know you as a little girl and won’t have all those memories of the problems you had in the past.  I am sure your parents will explain things to them and that they will come to know and love you for what you are.
Good luck to you in your new home. Feel free to drop us a line now and then to let you know how you are doing.  I would be interested in how you relate to your new brothers and sister. How old are they?  Just send me a note or email to the magazine if you have anything you want o talk about
Paul D. Baker, Ph.D.



(End of File)

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