A World Away, Part II
Morning in the Forest
by ‘this guy’

I awoke the next morning to find myself still sitting with my back against the tree-trunk; my wrists still tied together, my cock back in my boxers. I was wearing my hiking boots, but my socks were gone as were my shorts. I glanced to the left: Mre-vha was stuffing the rabbit bones into one of my socks; the other was tucked in behind the knot at the waistband of her "pants" on her right hip, my shorts in the same spot on her left side...

Seeing that I was awake, she smiled at me before standing. Mre-vha pointed at me then put her hands together in a cupped position, brought them to her lips and tilted her head back in a "drinking motion." Assuming she was asking if I was thirty I nodded my head "yes." Standing over me (her feet on either side of my hips) she tilted my head back and pulled my mouth open. While I wasn't entirely sure what Mre-vha was doing, after having seen what she had done to the rabbit the previous night I wasn't about to resist; besides she had taken care of me pretty well so far; well my stomach and balls anyway...

She pulled the crotch of her "pants" to the side exposing her hairless pussy to me for a second time in a matter of hours. Having not been able to see her pussy the previous night for the darkness, I was psyched by the thought. Then, almost immediately disappointed: Mre-vha moved her pussy to my open mouth. Assuming this was her way of forcing me to "go down" on her, I stuck out my tongue and began licking up the length of her slit.

As the tip of my tongue reached the entrance to her fuck hole I got the surprise of my life: she began urinating in my open mouth! I was somewhere between gut-wrenchingly revolted and grateful: the idea of drinking urine was, well, disgusting; but I was thirsty... The combination of my slight fear of Mre-vha my basic survival instincts lead me to quickly swallow down every drop of pungent dark yellow (judging the taste and smell, I have to assume it was a dark yellow color; I couldn't actually see it) urine that she excreted into my open mouth.

All told, I probably swallowed down about three or four ounces...not having seen any streams (or heard any water flowing) I was grateful for the liquid. As suddenly as the stream of urine had begun it ended. Once it had I continued licking the rest of the length of Mre-vha's pussy...stopping at the protruding nubbin of her clit which I gave a tender kiss.

Mre-vha moved her pussy away from my mouth pulled the crotch of her "pants" back over her hairless pussy and helped me to my feet.

I repeated her "drinking motion" (bringing my cupped together hands to my mouth and tilting my head back) before pointing at Mre-vha. Smiling she nodded before squatting down in front of me. Once she had opened her mouth and tilted her head back I positioned the tip of my (surprisingly) soft cock a fraction of an inch away from her open lips and released my bladder. I took a deep breath as the stream of liquid began flowing through the little tube on the underside of my cock. I exhaled the work "wow" as the little hole at the tip of my seventeen-year-old cock opened: releasing a constant stream of warm yellow liquid. I watched in a state of near disbelief as the stream of golden liquid descended between Mre-vha's full lips into her mouth and disappeared as she swallowed it down. For a full four minutes a constant stream of urine poured from the little hole at the end of my cock into her mouth. As the urine stopped flowing from my cock Mre-vha closed her full lips around the head of my cock and sucked the last droplets of the warm yellow liquid out of me.

As she stood Mre-vha licked her lips, before kissing me on mine. Stepping back away from me she tilted her head to the side a bit before grabbing my crotch for a second time. Mre-vha, again, gave my manly parts a firm squeeze. The horny teenager in me wanted more action...and my cock began inflating. My captor/companion/lover smiled a huge smile as her eyes seemed to light-up. Letting go of my crotch she let my manly parts wave in the cool morning breeze for a moment as she lifted my arms up to horizontal and slid her stunning hairless body in: between my arms (still tied together at the wrists) and my body.

Before Mre-vha could pull the crotch of her "pants" to the side I squeezed my forearms together on the sides of her ribcage. She stopped and gave me a quizzical look. I smiled and winked at her before slowly rotating myself around her incredibly body. Once I was directly behind her I stopped and promptly thrust my hips towards her deliciously firm round ass. With my pelvic regions pressed firmly against her ass, I began walking forward; effectively pushing her towards a tree trunk. I stopped a few feet from the tree trunk and leaned forward: pressing my shoulders and chest against Mre-vha's back.

When her back was at a forty-five degree angle, she suddenly understood what I was up to. She leaned forward until her back was nearly horizontal, spread her legs a bit, and pulled the crotch of her "pants" to the side as she guided my fully inflated seventeen-year-old cock to her delicious hairless pussy. I moved my hips forward just enough for the head of my cock to enter her pussy before pausing for a moment. Once Mre-vha's hands were against the trunk of the tree I thrust my hips forward: slamming the entire length of my cock into her pussy in one movement.

Soon I was thrusting my hips back-and-forth as fast as I could: slamming my cock in-and-out of Mre-vha's juicy pussy... I tried to breath as quietly as possible so I could enjoy the quiet squishing of my bare cock slamming in and out of her wet pussy. As I began thinking "this could be the greatest moment of my life," the walls of Mre-vha's pussy began rippling around my cock and the quiet squishing sound was drowned out by her panting...

For the second time in a matter of hours my bare cock was buried inside a girl while she was having an orgasm. And my god did it feel
good: the walls of her pussy were quite literally milking my cock...

A part of me couldn't help but wonder how long Mre-vha's orgasm could actually last. For the first time in my life my curious side won-out over my horny side: I decided to try to hold back my own orgasm as long as I could. I continued to slam my cock in-and-out of her pussy as I began thinking un-sexy thoughts. Amazingly, I managed to thrust my bare cock in-and-out of her hot wet pussy rippling with her female orgasm for a full six minutes before I felt the first signs of my own impending orgasm. Gritting my teeth, I began thinking about vomit: its color, taste, consistency, and the sound it makes coming up. The outrageous repulsiveness of those thoughts bought me another two minutes...all the while Mre-vha's orgasm continued.

Then my butt-cheeks tightened: there was no point in trying to stave off my impending orgasm any longer since it was going to happen with me or without me (or, my thoughts anyway) . I focused on the sensations coming from my pubic regions as my hairy teenage balls drew up under my cock. Half a second later the cum began surging up the little tube on the underside of my cock. I inhaled a deep breath as I jabbed my cock all the way into Mre-vha's pussy. In the same instant that my lower belly pressed up against the firm fleshy globes that were are ass-cheeks the first spurt of my hot, thick, sticky, creamy-white, sperm-laden, teenage cum spewed out of the little hole on the tip of my cock…gushing deep inside Mre-vha's pussy. The milking motion of her pussy walls quickly sucked my first spurt of cum deep into her cervix, providing plenty of space for the second... As I exhaled, the second spurt erupted inside her sucking pussy. Once again I felt cum I had just shot into her pussy quickly whisked away from the tip of my cock... Three more spurts of cum followed the first two...

Mre-vha's orgasm subsided as I squeezed the last of the cum in the little tube on the underside of my cock into her pussy by flexing my cock muscles. "Holy shit: she had been cumming for somewhere between eight and nine minutes," was all I could think. An instant later the obscene slurping sound that accompanied withdrawing my softening cock from her just fucked pussy snapped me back to reality.

We returned to a standing position, I lifted my arms, (still tied together at the wrists) over Mre-vha's head. And, once again she took my right wrist in her left hand and began leading me down the hill.

The story continues in part III, The Forest of the Sloped Spring

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